If you'd like a bespoke giant crossword that follows the rules as observed by the New York Times and other major U.S. markets, you've come to the right place!

I've created thirty grids for public consumption in the Ubercross format, 125 squares by 125 squares. These individual artworks can be based on simple designs or photographs, at the buyer's request. These puzzles can also include up to 50 requested answers or spotlight a topic of your choice. While 125x125 is the standard size, this too can be adjusted, though anything larger would require a modified price.

Usual turnaround time is one month. I will let buyers know promptly if any backlogs develop. Previews of the grid art will be sent before prior delivery.

I have more practice developing super-sized crosswords than anyone else in the world. Unlike simple computer-generated creations, mine feature 100% checked squares; the customized crosswords also include no two-letter answers and no exact duplicate answers (unless those are your request, of course). However, this standard is not easy to meet, so these custom crosswords are priced for serious buyers only. A full puzzle with solvable grid, clues, and answers costs $1495, a filled-in grid (with no clues) costs $995, and grid art only costs $495. You can email me to discuss specifics or use the purchase buttons below:

Full crossword:

Filled-in crossword (no clues):

Full crossword:

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