Ubercross Abecedaria Z


Z1. ___-text: what you see with a mouseover or broken image link

Z4. Nonbelligerent mil. area

Z7. Meds checker, briefly

Z10. Monaco, for one

Z19. Ending with brain or brawn

Z23. Game for three

Z27. Smoke-filled venue, often

Z35. Press it to fix a spreadsheet with a stylus

Z42. Repressed with difficulty

Z49. Pizzeria’s point person

Z57. Platform bought by Facebook for $19 billion

Z65. Shepherds’ charges, or submissive sorts

Z73. Patterns of experience, in psychology

Z81. “And one more thing”

Z85. Negative correlatives

Z87. Proof of innocence

Z89. Islamic weight

Z91. Stretchy and likely artificial

Z93. Bk. labeled Literature of the World with samples, most likely

Z94. Something to do to a shoulder or the brakes

Z96. Make arrangements for one’s fast break

Z98. Savory starters

Z101. Showing the faintest resemblance to

Z106. Within reach, as a goal

Z108. “Well, consider…”

Z110. Totally, as with “stuffed” or “schnockered”

Z112. Audible offerings

Z114. Kind of guerrilla strategy

Z116. Udder part

Z117. “I’m being real with you here!”

Z118. On the Waterfront quote I keep thinking is from Rocky

Z121. Usefulness per se, as in a pull quote

Z124. MIT Chapel architect

Z125. Essentially done, with results about to be declared

Z127. Process of becoming charged

Z128. Broadway play that criticized Vietnam

Z129. “You got it, Admiral”

Z130. Biscuit

Z132. Writer’s distortion of grammar, say

Z134. When the hike may start?

Z135. Changing it is like making a camera squint

Z137. “Checkmate, loser!”

Z138. Napster peer

Z139. Lead Nazi-hunter in Inglorious Basterds

Z140. Otologists

Z142. “You don’t need to remind me!”

Z144. Sell at a pawnshop

Z145. Making very very angry, or offering perfume to calm anger with

Z146. Like the Clean Air Act

Z148. They need to be good with pistols, épées, and horses

Z150. Visibly unbalanced?

Z152. Whinnies

Z153. Mykonos liqueur

Z154. Descartes’ deed

Z155. Kind of global confusion

Z156. Like most Thor-worshippers

Z157. In that place

Z158. Self-images

Z159. Pearls Before Swine specialty

Z160. 1968 200-meter run gold medalist Tommie

Z161. Less than average tide

Z162. Captain Hook’s sidekick

Z163. Terrier type

Z164. Close off

Z165. Jocks and joggers, for short

Z166. Kendrick Lamar conscious hip-hop album

Z167. Rocks with metal

Z168. The previous meeting, informally

Z169. The EE Football Team, as they were nicknamed when I started making this puzzle

Z170. Get the midnight munchies

Z171. Powerful men in the Middle East

Z172. Oil leakage

Z174. Dist.

Z175. QB targets

Z176. It’s heard at choir practice

Z179. Fish that resembles an alligator

Z180. Ugly beast through and through

Z181. Hail ___…

Z182. Not-so-new workers

Z187. Emulate a jaeger

Z188. Soupy sounds?

Z193. Cloak-wearing Star Wars race

Z197. “What dish o’ poison ___ dressed him!” (Twelfth Night)

Z203. Caliphate commander

Z207. Pixar output, briefly

Z209. The three in an inning?

Z212. Aussie marsupial, for short

Z215. Over-the-hill boxer

Z222. Diva Carey

Z228. Calculator components, for short

Z231. Far from specific

Z236. Radioactivity unit

Z240. Neurotic toon pooch

Z243. Sty : hogs :: ___ : horses

Z249. Can. divisions

Z254. Hawaiian fish, on some menus

Z256. This moment in Madrid

Z261. Koranic chapter (var.)

Z262. (The) Big Lebowski

Z266. Rubik’s puzzle

Z269. Prefix appealing to US buyers

Z270. Slangy starting point

Z271. Backboard for baroques

Z272. Writer of animal stories

Z273. Business’s repository of technical knowledge

Z274. Drew Carey’s TV nemesis

Z275. Word to a baby

Z277. Suffix with pageant or ballad

Z278. Completely burnt up

Z279. Into actuality, to Agrippina

Z280. Report of discovery

Z281. Soothing succulent

Z282. “With the stroke of ___…”

Z283. Silent screen vamp Bara

Z285. “Be serious, now”

Z286. Chow down on

Z287. Gray of Silver Spoons

Z288. Morning break time, perhaps

Z289. “Both Hands” songstress DiFranco

Z290. Transuded

Z291. Pirates’ favorite letters?

Z292. Fraternal org. that became unisex in 1995

Z293. Wakened

Z294. Parable of a motivation gap between canines?

Z300. “I need to ship enough alcohol to stock a fraternity for a whole season”?

Z305. Dance setlist?

Z313. Deer fellows

Z314. Hipster’s exclamation

Z315. Bladder trouble, for short

Z316. Visit on vacation

Z317. Do taxes, take out the trash, eat healthily, e.g.

Z318. Guitar, old style

Z319. Influential cliques

Z320. Lamb-in-a-pita food

Z321. Types of rhododendrons

Z323. Online finance firm

Z324. Exotic honeymoon, perhaps

Z325. Tends to a minor issue?

Z326. 1/6 goal, e.g.

Z327. Karate derivative

Z329. “Here Comes Santa Claus” singer Gene

Z330. “Later,” in Leeds

Z331. Technique common among people who’d call themselves “assigned male at birth”

Z332. Scandinavian king

Z333. Feminine title (abbr.)

Z334. Takes off

Z335. Blondes’ promoter

Z336. Destination proclamation

Z339. You need only scrape the surface to get it

Z342. In a way that’s just embarrassing to think about

Z344. Thou, to Therese

Z345. “Superman (It’s Not ___)”

Z346. Talks with so. Little. Interest.

Z347. Cuts back

Z348. Mobile-to-Cleveland dir.

Z349. Start to charge?

Z350. Days ___ Lives

Z351. Cheese units

Z354. Positive response to “Are you okay?”

Z356. Savings counterpart

Z357. Tax collectors in Anglo-Saxon England

Z358. A college at Oxford

Z359. The last word in fashion

Z360. ___ Bernina (highest peak in the Eastern Alps)

Z361. College subj.

Z362. Immature herring

Z363. Only Baum book printed with colored pages, with The

Z365. Accent sound?

Z366. Phrase of agreement after “Yes, she is…”

Z367. ___ Fell Pike (England’s highest point)

Z368. RR terminal

Z369. Corrosion-resistant alloy of nickel, copper, iron and manganese

Z370. Not previously seen

Z371. Daily double and trifecta

Z372. Movie in which Arnold Schwarzenegger gets pregnant

Z373. “Well, what do we have here!”

Z374. False move

Z376. Vertically challenged

Z377. Hawaiian coffee beans

Z378. Sexual drive

Z380. It’s a gas on Broadway

Z381. Couple’s milestone, for short

Z382. Aids an arsonist

Z383. Small-strip aircraft acronym

Z384. Get clobbered

Z386. Give a smack?

Z387. Like a typical day in LA

Z388. Barbarian of old

Z389. Shortening of a sort

Z390. Campaign setting for Moshe Dayan

Z392. Done, quickly?

Z393. Gauzy fabrics

Z396. Secure by impalement again

Z397. ___ The Millers (2013 film)

Z398. Hitler’s course

Z399. There’s no place like it

Z400. Pen with a hexagonal body

Z401. Cinema sound system

Z402. Statue or cup

Z403. Diving gear

Z404. Oscar winner for Michael Clayton

Z405. Utterly ruin

Z406. Salted-bred morsel

Z408. Exclamation Captain Hook, surprisingly, never used

Z409. Brynner of Anastasia

Z410. Mao Zedong confederate Biao

Z411. Lamented, with “for”

Z412. Charles __ the Hunt (classic painting of a royal)

Z413. Reaction source

Z414. Humber feeder

Z415. Hear the case again

Z416. ___ II Men

Z417. ___ faineants

Z418. Copter features

Z419. Gets off the ground

Z420. “Ah…ah…AH…” follower

Z421. Bowl over

Z422. End ___

Z423. Representative Linda or mad scientist Rick

Z425. Quantity of paper

Z426. Field boundaries

Z427. Metric increments

Z428. Smokey ___ (Broadway hit locale)

Z429. Tallow sources

Z430. “And how ___ the wise man? As the fool” (Ecclesiastes 2:16)

Z431. Thinks a lot of

Z433. Flying mammal

Z434. Poetic contraction

Z435. Pop culture collectibles

Z438. Piece of intimate wear

Z439. “Vertigo” lead singer

Z440. Dip ___ in: prepare to swim

Z441. “Dang skippy”

Z442. Then, to Macron

Z443. Staffs a show

Z444. Scorpions song “No Pain No ___”

Z445. Big name in online merchandising

Z446. Selfies, in a few words?

Z447. Cap that originated in Morocco

Z448. Ending for a human or planet?

Z449. Group attaining power via bullets, not ballots

Z450. Makes clogged

Z451. Pin for men

Z452. Company that totally marketing e-cigs to teens and paid for it

Z453. Big balls

Z454. Shipping areas

Z455. Declarations in a popular Mattel card game

Z456. Wire wraps

Z458. African talisman

Z459. Patch up, perhaps

Z460. Jackson 5 tune “simple as do re mi”

Z461. Santa ___ (neighbor of Lompoc, California)

Z462. “Wrestling Observer” Dave

Z465. ___-memes (ourselves, if we are French)

Z466. Curriculum item (abbr.)

Z468. Farewell to Caesar?

Z469. You need to change them smoothly on your way to work

Z470. Radar ping

Z471. Agent of evil

Z472. Brannigan who parodies Captain Kirk

Z473. Achieve artfully

Z475. Maker of “2 in 1” pet products

Z476. Getting mad at the news from 6-7 and relaxing with the family from 7-9, e.g.

Z479. Mannequin section

Z480. Exhibits in abundance, as confidence

Z481. Hill workers

Z482. Large weight

Z483. The Admiral Benbow ___

Z484. Tofu base

Z485. “Sacre bleu!”

Z488. Sheep shouts

Z489. Five fluid ounces

Z490. Rah, in Renteria

Z491. Broadway bigwig (abbr.)

Z492. Gasoline, kerosene, etc.

Z494. Allergists’ discipline

Z495. Spelling in TV production

Z496. Prancing mythical deity

Z497. Satirization

Z498. Voight et al.

Z499. Kingdom Hearts baddie

Z500. “You Know I’m ___” (Ice Cube)

Z501. Iberian ladies

Z502. Closet supply

Z503. “Does ___ any better than this?”

Z504. Janet of Clinton’s Cabinet

Z505. Arguments for theses

Z507. Grunt after impact

Z508. Little pinion

Z510. Wallow in disappointment

Z511. “I think that’s stupid!”

Z512. AT&T or AOL

Z513. Release a crew

Z514. Spices

Z515. Electronic surveillance gp.

Z516. Handsfree arcade game, for short

Z519. Narcotic

Z520. Fictional creator of The Girlie Show on 30 Rock

Z522. Spectrometer feature

Z523. Elton John song about a beloved brother with PTSD

Z524. Yellow in white?

Z525. Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” album

Z527. Women’s group often numbering thirteen

Z528. Long and Lewis

Z529. Spoke effusively

Z531. CXVI × X

Z532. Old methods of conflict resolution

Z533. “Remind me: how does this work, ___?”

Z534. 1996 family movie with a 2021 sequel

Z536. Organ that can hear an organ

Z537. Really little

Z538. Unnerves

Z541. Caribbean and Caspian

Z542. Designer of America’s flag

Z543. Private car?

Z544. “Can you put an address on that?”

Z546. Offered for feedback

Z547. Spoken, like some agreements

Z548. Star of a Wheaties box, when she went by Bruce

Z549. Weighted to immobility

Z550. First of three consecutive Greek letters that rhyme

Z551. Speaks irreverently?

Z552. Some minors have fake ones

Z553. Vinegar dispenser

Z554. Breed of shorthaired cat

Z555. More crude and vulgar

Z557. Well-known hill climber

Z558. Hurdy-___

Z559. Muscle fiber

Z560. ___ off (foists upon)

Z561. What Rosie the Riveter exposed

Z563. Full of words people can’t take back, e.g.

Z564. Avatar or date

Z565. Kool-___ drinkers: fanatical believers

Z566. Pound repeatedly

Z567. Winter warmer

Z570. First two words of some political yard signs

Z571. Army div. officer

Z572. Gilda of the original SNL cast

Z575. Socialism’s founder

Z576. Touchwood

Z577. Not exactly thoroughbreds

Z578. Swerves at least twice

Z580. Oddly whimsical

Z581. Grammy-winning Erykah

Z582. Well maintained

Z584. Bedroom slipper

Z585. Mender of boots

Z586. Broadcast channel, e.g.

Z587. Kind of pipe or pigeon

Z588. Stape (née Brown) on Coronation Street

Z589. Numerical suffixes

Z590. Transfusion amount

Z591. Fall evidence on a snowy slope

Z594. Part of a shoe

Z595. 1970s Ford

Z596. Dangerous cargo, for short

Z600. Ending with transform

Z601. Others, in Orizaba

Z604. “(All systems) optimal”

Z605. Californian wine region

Z606. “Behind Blue Eyes” band, to fans

Z607. Scariest part of a wolf

Z608. (The) entertainment industry, informally

Z609. Light units (abbr.)

Z610. March master John Philip ___

Z611. News summary, for short

Z612. Those who put you in your place?

Z613. Bed with bugs?

Z614. With “a,” what an objectified person feels like

Z616. Mille ___ (part of Quebec with a rhyming name)

Z617. Jeopardy “Pick me!” machines

Z619. Publisher ___-Davis

Z620. Professor’s deg.

Z621. Santa’s little helper

Z622. Zhang in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Memoirs of a Geisha

Z623. Place of imprisonment in book and film

Z624. Combat area

Z625. Either of two arm muscles

Z626. George Gershwin’s “Tee-___-Um-Bum-Bo”

Z627. T.J. Hooker actor Adrian

Z628. Sitar expert Shankar

Z629. Chachi’s sitcom cousin

Z630. Moselle’s capital

Z631. Did a decorator’s job

Z633. Settles down

Z634. Mark up, maybe

Z635. Backup oxen for tough jobs, e.g.

Z636. Singer Cohn

Z637. Writer who went through Hell for his masterpiece

Z638. Add a burst of sparkle

Z639. Errr…hero?…of A Clockwork Orange

Z640. Town-level, for short

Z641. “This ___ test”

Z642. Merlin, supposedly

Z643. Home of The Sopranos

Z644. Wall Street optimist

Z646. Apartment off the ground floor

Z647. Blood line?

Z648. First dynasty to unify China

Z649. “How delightful!”

Z651. Vision of sugar plums dancing in one’s head, e.g.

Z652. Like a game where one’s gain is always someone else’s loss

Z654. With Z2877-Across, a self-descriptive statement?

Z672. Vast frozen expanses

Z674. Loudly confronts

Z675. Handyman

Z677. Name that means “sea strength” (and rhymes with “gale”)

Z678. Footlong blood vessels

Z679. Return of the Jedi’s green-skinned dancer

Z680. Doing a Madoff

Z681. Checks one’s age

Z682. Down-times

Z683. Bring back to the team

Z684. Nocturnal flutterers

Z685. Not stale, as chips

Z686. Talk ___ (Pedro Almodovar film)

Z687. Chimpanzee psychologist played by Kim Hunter in Planet of the Apes

Z688. One of Bugs’s antagonizers, familiarly

Z689. “Am ___ job?” (careerist’s question)

Z690. Directional sign

Z691. Puts in the microwave

Z692. “Are You the ___?” (cult MTV show)

Z693. Tony Stark’s car brand (you’d think he’d just build his own)

Z694. “Crazy Jane Talks with the Bishop” poet

Z695. Come to terms

Z696. “NO RIGHT TURN ___”

Z697. Atlanta Braves’ div.

Z698. Intro, in journalese

Z699. Fasten, in a way

Z700. Baja blue

Z701. Guerra opposite

Z702. Land in the Seine

Z703. 1980s’ supermodel’s supermodel Crawford

Z704. Plays a jazz offshoot developed in the 1940s

Z705. Mount St. ___

Z706. Tranquility, for one

Z707. Something a commercial printer might suggest

Z709. ___ fide: real

Z710. Steam room alternative

Z712. ABBA’s “___ the Music Speak”

Z713. Briskness

Z714. Les Mille et ___ Nuits

Z715. The C programming language was developed for it

Z716. Really, really old

Z717. Highly risk-tolerant

Z718. It may involve repeated “deliver me” statements

Z720. De ___: anew

Z723. Publication that’s featured Wonder Woman on its cover four times

Z727. Arrow application

Z728. Dundee lad

Z729. Region that may have a smog problem

Z731. States subject to swings

Z732. Italian lager brewer

Z733. Concupiscence

Z734. Entryway instruction

Z735. Oozing testosterone

Z736. Barq’s competitor

Z737. Hosp. scans

Z738. The “/” in “km/h”

Z739. Last of a sequence

Z740. Lyrical lines

Z741. Novel originally published under the pseudonymous byline Currer Bell

Z744. Suppl.

Z745. Clicker

Z746. Defense tactic developed for the Miami Dolphins in 1971

Z748. 1.5-turn on the rink

Z749. End of été vacation

Z750. Stir-fry pans

Z751. 2013 Best Animated Feature

Z752. TV adman’s award

Z753. [Snore!]

Z754. Place to take notes in biology?

Z755. Dental office simulation

Z756. Performed the action previously discussed

Z757. Absolute authority, old-Russia-style

Z759. Part of the “Gaelic Green Tongue” project

Z760. Like a hoyden

Z761. Ten make a buck

Z762. Pond denizen

Z763. One-hour photo booth, e.g.

Z765. Pretty much all surface, for short

Z766. Revolutionary 1968 month in Paris

Z767. ___-starter

Z768. Refs’ ring decisions

Z769. Her maiden name is Bouvier

Z770. Subatomic particle

Z771. “___ by with a little help from my friends”

Z772. Part of a gym set?

Z774. “True Colors” singer Lauper

Z776. Gin flavoring fruit

Z777. Planetarium reaction

Z778. Gets vertical

Z779. Female college student, if the speaker is, like, seventy-nine

Z780. Eyebrow-raisers

Z782. Indicates (well or ill)

Z783. Theist of India, perhaps

Z784. Sandburg’s metaphorical fog carrier

Z785. Hi on the high seas?

Z786. Swing a thurible

Z787. Circuit components

Z788. It comes before a one

Z789. Ahmed of Rogue One

Z790. Stat-generating fig.

Z791. Switch off, as a light

Z792. Marble flooring material

Z795. Big pipe

Z796. Hispaniola people

Z797. Blowhard

Z799. Ethiopian cash

Z800. Co. purchased by Wizards of the Coast

Z801. Instant message option

Z802. Stats gathered when planning proposals

Z804. Chopin’s lover

Z805. Novelist Oldenbourg

Z806. Apt. coolers

Z807. Some citrus-flavored alcoholic coolers

Z808. Main language of the Holy Roman Empire

Z810. Like shellfish

Z811. Demon movie of 1977 or Michael Douglas spy thriller of 2006

Z813. Big deal

Z814. Paul who bridged Impressionism and Cubism

Z816. Devices that let us hear TV interviews

Z817. “Oh, boy, pumpkin pie!”

Z818. Two-fifths of MCCLV

Z819. Communicate with a deaf person

Z820. Clayburgh and Ireland

Z821. Earl of 1970s agriculture

Z822. Pricey hors d’oeuvres toppers

Z823. Short-vowel mark

Z824. Danish islands in the Atlantic

Z826. What a volt sends through an ohm

Z827. Ceased

Z828. Jutland native, e.g.

Z829. Get arranged into a molecular ring

Z831. David and Venus de Milo

Z832. Call ___ (spark a memory of)

Z833. “Fair” female

Z834. If things don’t change

Z836. Juke box offerings

Z837. About 22 lbs.

Z839. Dorm event planners, briefly

Z840. Limerick neighbor

Z841. Salon option

Z844. Speak ill of

Z845. Uses a beeper

Z846. Vague impressions

Z848. 2002 and 2003 US Open doubles champ Paola

Z849. “I’m Just ___ “ (Schoolhouse Rock classic)

Z850. Whom cops may collar

Z853. Motorola phone that was huge before smartphones were a thing

Z854. Blind burrower

Z855. Passion, informally

Z856. Light, in La Paz

Z857. Clay whose “Measure of a Man” went multiplatinum

Z858. Intersecting vaults’ edge

Z859. Kind of division or tank

Z860. Funnywomen Sedaris, Schumer, and Poehler

Z861. Vatican head from 847-855

Z862. Mlles., across the border

Z863. Instagram greyhound whose name recalls a different social-media platform

Z864. Request you may make when someone else is struggling with a task

Z866. Grease-trap stuff

Z867. Horn for a Muppet named Zoot

Z868. Citrus satisfier

Z869. Soft slip-ons

Z870. Native of a -stan bordered by five other -stans

Z871. Swanky display that’d have two “z’s” if I were composing this grid when I composed these clues

Z872. Did the right thing?

Z873. Outgo

Z874. Nintendo’s The Legend of ___

Z875. Go for

Z876. 1978 horror sequel subtitle

Z879. Sperm or Star Wars music

Z880. Cut to smoothness, as hair

Z882. “Liar!” in a playground

Z883. Alligator and Seckel

Z884. Produce purchase

Z886. Next-to-last Greek letters

Z887. “Werewolves of London” rock singer Warren

Z888. “What ___!” (“We cleaned up!”)

Z889. Brief ending?

Z890. Half a sch. year

Z891. Morning ___ (radio format)

Z892. “Arf!” or “Woof!”

Z893. Get the maximum use from

Z896. Graphic novel subtitled “A Survivor’s Tale” that won a Pulitzer in 1992

Z897. Like Babe Ruth’s audience

Z898. Without stain

Z900. Soviet contraband literature

Z904. Abscond with, archaically

Z905. Get fully ready

Z906. Orange impression

Z907. American Theatre Wing award

Z908. Campaign finance regulation org.

Z909. Caucasian goat

Z910. First editor of the magazine George

Z911. Change course

Z912. Showed a general direction

Z913. “One Night in Bangkok” singer Murray…or kind of singer

Z914. Space aliens’ native soils

Z916. Princess Anne’s daughter

Z917. Gardened to help plants breathe

Z919. With “out,” wallows in some traditional guy things with the fellas

Z920. “Panic Zone” group

Z921. Golfer Gary Player’s homeland (abbr.)

Z922. Heaven-ly music maker

Z923. Biased viewpoint

Z924. Deodar or baobab

Z925. Noteworthy ages

Z926. Saber-toothed Ice Age squirrel

Z927. ___ Z (short-lived NBC sitcom)

Z928. Mathematical proof letters

Z929. Pielets

Z930. Pointed to in a lineup

Z931. Phone opener?

Z932. Runs with a style, such as old-school

Z934. Guts author with a new graphic novel due 2025

Z935. Ornament in many homes come December

Z938. Cry openly

Z939. Giant bat of Japanese sci-fi

Z940. ___ nous (confidentially)

Z941. Fun or deadly things, depending on how one looks at the world

Z942. CIA ally

Z943. Superman II’s and Man of Steel’s villainous general

Z944. Graven image

Z945. Political cartoonist Jeff

Z948. Plants listening devices

Z949. Epigrammatic tale

Z950. Former harasser of enemy shipping

Z952. Lacking stimulation

Z953. McGregor of Moulin Rouge

Z954. Côte d’___ (French Riviera)

Z956. Popular ending?

Z957. Classical beginning

Z958. Hazing spot

Z959. “Mexico City Blues” poet

Z960. Important part of mayo

Z961. Sign on a ticket booth

Z962. Congregational rather than clerical

Z963. “How’s that again?” syllables

Z964. Uncultivated

Z965. Party tray

Z967. Start of a dr.’s day

Z968. Less rational

Z970. Horatio who played cartoonist Jasper Hahn on SNL

Z971. Builder of Pioneer 10 and 11 spacecraft

Z972. “Another thing…”

Z973. Stagnant water resident

Z974. Those ladies, in Lyons

Z975. Playwright Christopher’s kin

Z976. Attaches firmly

Z977. Apple family

Z978. Ford or Winkler

Z979. Nintendo avatars

Z980. “Well, whoop-___-doo!”

Z981. More eccentric

Z983. Spinnaker’s cousin

Z984. 78 or 33 1/3

Z985. Beat, in what may’ve been an unannounced competition

Z986. Greek Mercury

Z988. The Prime of Miss Jean ___ (1969)

Z990. Gp. with the motto “To serve, not to be served”

Z991. Harvey Danger song “Flagpole ___”

Z992. Plural ending?

Z993. They’re found under the backs of necks

Z995. Street haunted by Freddy Krueger

Z996. Star Trek actress Ryan

Z997. 401(k) cousin (abbr.)

Z998. ___ Saturn (game system)

Z1000. Whimsical suffix with “call” and “jeez”

Z1001. “Santa Claus has the right idea—visit people only once ___” (Victor Borge)

Z1002. Much (of)

Z1003. Edward who founded an “old tyme” beverage company

Z1004. Prohibition’s beginning?

Z1005. Linguistic phenomenon seen in “Legen--wait for it--dary!”

Z1006. A typical malt liquor bottle holds 40 (abbr.)

Z1007. Ça ___ (here and there)

Z1009. “I swear it’s true, I swear on this dark, quasi-Egyptian icon!”?

Z1015. “You’d think dance parties where everyone could be the DJ would be popular, but no”?

Z1022. What follows a full accounting of the alphabet

Z1030. How some descending lists are sorted

Z1033. Apra or Alberni

Z1034. Forever, poetically

Z1035. Genius 8000 toothbrushes

Z1036. “I am once again asking for your support” politician, familiarly

Z1037. Barista’s preparation

Z1038. 1911-founded co. on the NASDAQ

Z1039. Dispenses

Z1040. Bolt with eight Olympic golds

Z1041. Less wavering

Z1042. Plays demanding jazz

Z1043. Hootie & the Blowfish’s “___ Her Cry”

Z1044. Fast-forward, as through the ads

Z1045. Jug that looks like a dude

Z1046. Mango tango smoothie server

Z1048. HS proficiency exam

Z1049. “Gentleness doesn’t get work done unless you happen to be ___ laying eggs” (Coco Chanel)

Z1050. ___ left (fly out, maybe)

Z1051. Fasti poet

Z1052. Kind of frau

Z1053. Mini, Nano, and Shuffle

Z1054. Linguist-activist-author Chomsky

Z1055. ___ Franchise Boyz

Z1058. Topping made in a mortar

Z1059. Provoke

Z1060. Hearing-test components

Z1061. Overwhelming hindrance

Z1062. Winter coatings

Z1063. Boudoir furniture

Z1064. Hallucinatory tab

Z1065. 1999 Cronenberg VR thriller

Z1066. Makes horizontal

Z1068. Enclosures with lids

Z1069. Longspurs and linnets

Z1071. Cries of intellectual victory

Z1072. Start of a nursery-rhyme chant

Z1073. Reportorial question

Z1074. Ark units

Z1075. Musical buzzer

Z1076. Equivalent, in France

Z1077. Jeb Stuart’s men, for short

Z1078. Makeup of a layer with a “hole”

Z1079. Rare grandfather clock numeral

Z1080. Suspect, to a cop

Z1081. Burning desire

Z1082. Trail the pack

Z1084. Apple’s apple and others

Z1085. Words of protest

Z1086. Spaded

Z1087. Mantric syllables

Z1088. No. that Bloomberg’s soda ban would have limited

Z1089. Worst possible, as a review

Z1092. Risotto ingredient

Z1093. Like Legolas

Z1094. Antarctic environmental concern

Z1096. Harriet’s husband

Z1097. Friendlier sound than Merv Griffin shouting “NO!” at you

Z1098. Reach for the stars

Z1099. Shih ___

Z1100. Pouty actress Renee

Z1106. Wrestling style

Z1110. “Savvy?”

Z1115. Tech news website

Z1120. “Yes We Can” leader

Z1125. Going by in the morning?

Z1129. Putting on, as a theatrical production

Z1136. 10-digit book IDs

Z1137. Spanish artist Francisco

Z1138. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt actor

Z1140. Averred

Z1141. Big Apple opera lover’s destination, with “the”

Z1142. Word before “bag” or “sick bag” in travel

Z1143. What you might do after you put your hands together

Z1144. Not so staid

Z1145. Scandinavian name

Z1146. Walk with too little stiffness?

Z1147. French writer Madame de

Z1148. Filmic master criminal Keyser

Z1149. Done to death

Z1150. Akkadian mother of gods

Z1153. Ventura (Pet Detective)

Z1154. “Hold the rocks”

Z1155. Mrs. Capp and the Progressive girl

Z1156. “School’s Out” singer Cooper

Z1157. Leatherneck’s yell

Z1158. Le Louvre, for one

Z1159. Keister

Z1160. Spanish clan

Z1161. Famed parade sponsor

Z1162. Band with the 2001 hit “Clint Eastwood”

Z1164. QB or RB successes

Z1165. Lancaster of From Here to Eternity

Z1166. Forest Gump and Pinocchio director Robert

Z1169. Over 24 hours

Z1170. Repeat New York City Marathon winner Grete

Z1171. Potato gun

Z1173. Ragged edges

Z1174. Keep from littering

Z1175. Birds that are rarely black

Z1176. Ma place

Z1177. “Oh, no, this won’t ___ all”

Z1179. Trough fare

Z1180. New UN member of 1992

Z1182. Killing the tissue of

Z1184. Annoying

Z1186. Pipes in church

Z1187. Pay through the mail

Z1188. Scrolled reading material

Z1190. Prefix meaning “one billionth”

Z1191. Rowing machine target, for short

Z1192. UPS rival

Z1193. Like many basements

Z1194. Fall Out Boy bassist Pete

Z1195. Writer/illustrator Silverstein

Z1196. First-rate

Z1197. Elevator background

Z1198. Pizza ingredient?

Z1199. Name in optical instruments

Z1200. Aid in catalysis

Z1201. Intro to red or structure

Z1203. Maria von ___

Z1205. Throw out in every direction, as particles

Z1206. Spiffs up the wingtips

Z1208. Nabakov novel

Z1209. “The way of all ___”

Z1211. “___ out, kitty?”

Z1212. “OMG, I’m cracking up!”

Z1213. Lamon Bay locale

Z1214. Wines and/or dines

Z1215. Like telemarketers’ headsets

Z1216. Blue’s Clues watchers

Z1217. Senator Bob

Z1220. Plays for a sap

Z1221. Crowd reduced to baser impulses

Z1222. Give full-throated support (for a cause)

Z1224. Bloody and Typhoid

Z1225. Teens might try to cover them up

Z1226. Choir choices

Z1227. iPods in landfills

Z1228. Charles Schwab competitor

Z1230. Goofballs, e.g.

Z1232. Hewing tool

Z1234. “I’m fine, you ___ have worried”

Z1236. Some ‘60s sports cars

Z1238. Mystic board

Z1240. They come last (but not in our hearts!)

Z1241. “Change takes courage” politician, as she’s abbreviated

Z1242. Athena’s mother

Z1243. Cuban TV legend Desi

Z1244. Overrun, in a troublesome way

Z1245. Texter’s “alternatively”

Z1246. In-house PC linkup

Z1247. “Until” in German “Until we meet again”

Z1248. Notorious mistress Montez

Z1249. Casts off clothing from

Z1250. Have a hero here

Z1251. How to ___ Square Knot (Boy Scouts lesson)

Z1252. Cookout, briefly

Z1253. Rms. good for quick meals

Z1254. Awful dancer Elaine

Z1255. Springs forth

Z1258. Sincere act, in Hindu

Z1260. “Tale of the tape” statistic

Z1262. Computer magnate Michael

Z1264. He comes to court

Z1266. Like karaoke performances

Z1268. Keep in hiding

Z1270. Seasons, as pasta water

Z1272. Bad news for an Uber driver

Z1273. Gratings

Z1274. To an extent

Z1275. Choice on a transistor

Z1276. “B2H,” “agile,” and “pivot,” in early-2020s businessspeak

Z1279. Strong feeling

Z1280. Nissan competitor

Z1281. Spinoff Nabisco cookies

Z1283. Greek name for a raven-fed prophet

Z1284. Strong-language indicator

Z1285. Affect

Z1286. “No CPR” order

Z1287. Ape-man of fiction

Z1288. Squeeze in an appointment (for)

Z1290. Lifeless

Z1292. UK monarch, for short

Z1294. “Remain on the string,” in musical notation

Z1296. Houston and Walton

Z1298. “Velcro Fly” band

Z1300. First last name tag

Z1301. ___ Amidala, Star Wars queen

Z1302. Kshatriyas, for one

Z1303. Cause of Chilean droughts

Z1304. Shahs’ land

Z1305. Actress Roxana

Z1306. It has a dog breed database

Z1307. Plane mover, briefly

Z1308. Cunning ways

Z1309. “…and pretty maids all in ___”

Z1310. Holy Land

Z1311. Ride a lot

Z1312. Big name in the Harlem Renaissance

Z1313. Sickly Mrs. Frome

Z1314. Best of its kind

Z1316. Gets the family back together

Z1318. Aggravated one’s condition?

Z1319. Reach competitor

Z1321. “Great story…was she ___ person?”

Z1323. Components of many tips

Z1325. She made her son Achilles nigh-invulnerable

Z1327. River in Corsica

Z1329. Post delivery aid

Z1331. White House reception

Z1332. Madoff’s crime

Z1334. Video meant to get you atingle

Z1335. ___ Bay (New England site)

Z1338. ___ plaid

Z1339. A Streetcar ___ Desire

Z1340. Specialized firer

Z1342. Grandma of art

Z1343. Cadaverous

Z1344. “Dad-gum it!”

Z1345. “You busy?”

Z1347. Pyramid builder

Z1348. It may be belted

Z1350. Talk show from 2003 to 2022

Z1352. What the Billboard Hot 100’s #1 featured, after August 27, 2022 (with Nicki Minaj’s “Super Freaky Girl”) until at least November 27, 2023

Z1354. Bad last name for an ailurophobe

Z1356. You Me at Six and Weezer’s genre

Z1358. Welcoming for a nap

Z1360. Its competitors balance on a floating log

Z1361. Ladyfingers, e.g.

Z1362. Fluid-filled formations

Z1363. Chevy sportsters

Z1364. Cousin of a crocus

Z1365. Yuletide dinner slice

Z1366. Peace-keeping bodies, some argue (abbr.)

Z1367. Dust Bowl dream

Z1368. Semiconscious

Z1369. “Sea” once named for its many islands

Z1370. They’ll keep you well above the neck

Z1371. Went wide-eyed and wide-mouthed

Z1372. Computer or fan-culture junkie

Z1373. Deck crew foremen, for short

Z1374. Demolish in online competition

Z1375. Stadiium decks

Z1377. Bird in The Lion King

Z1378. Olympics-holding nations

Z1380. One-time flight attendant, in slang

Z1382. Members of NSDAP

Z1384. Machine worked by Rumpelstiltskin

Z1386. Toyota Camry ___

Z1388. ___ line (conform)

Z1390. Alternate spelling of a word (abbr.)

Z1391. Fixes beans

Z1392. Lending at high interest

Z1393. Drag strip participant

Z1394. Targets of PIN-stealing cameras

Z1395. Bouts of otalgia

Z1398. Title for Edna Everage

Z1399. Not exactly Einsteins

Z1400. In need of water

Z1402. Line through the origin in spherical coordinates

Z1403. Rules out

Z1404. Shakes hands with, maybe

Z1405. Peanuts shout

Z1407. Winglike

Z1409. Name before Schwab or Paul

Z1410. “The War of the Worlds” broadcast, notably

Z1413. Town’s welcome sign abbr.

Z1415. Not apt to snap

Z1417. “Choose one of two”

Z1419. Church-music publisher

Z1421. Capital south of Vienna

Z1423. Takes care of trays

Z1424. Nastily sarcastic

Z1425. “I wasn’t the only one?!”

Z1426. Black Sabbath’s Osbourne

Z1427. Naval group (abbr.)

Z1428. Line in a tic-tac-toe thwarting

Z1429. Beltway VIPs

Z1430. Day at the movies?

Z1431. Actor Lamar Shepherd

Z1432. Site for a night out

Z1433. Like acid in some disinfectants

Z1434. Gin drink