Ubercross Abecedaria Y


Y1. Creatively overcooked

Y5. Old French coins

Y9. Incipient alums, abbreviated

Y13. Battle of ___ Jima

Y16. Relatives of eclogues

Y20. “Him ___! Needs of the many versus needs of the one!”

Y24. Fighter plane, spelled out

Y28. They’re served in a blanket

Y32. Stowe equipment

Y36. Exam for doc wannabes

Y40. Cry out for, maybe

Y44. Extol the virtues of

Y48. “Stuck ___” (Lionel Richie hit of 1984)

Y53. Parts of French doors

Y55. Fitting question

Y58. When Hamlet meets the ghost

Y59. Navy equivalents of SFCs

Y63. Hebrew letter similar to alef

Y64. Babi ___

Y67. Bitter substance in the yellow rind of a widely-used balm

Y69. So’s partner

Y73. Lean hard on

Y74. Dollar bill word

Y78. “Our House” songwriter

Y79. Ballerina’s movement

Y83. Brand of taco sauce and shells

Y86. Birth-announcement phrase

Y89. Small inhalations of liquid

Y93. Immediate, slangily

Y94. “___ Angel” (Gregg Allman song that sounds like Springsteen)

Y98. “It’s her ___!” (love triangle’s end, perhaps)

Y99. Coll. near Phoenix

Y102. “___ journée!”

Y103. “If ___ a nickel for every…”

Y107. Way of saying “I see” that you can maybe get away with if you’re Chinese yourself and mocking white stereotypes, but otherwise, I wouldn’t try it

Y108. Ending with rain or snow

Y112. Aussie actress Watts

Y113. After all this time

Y114. You don’t need a prescription for it

Y119. Roman world

Y120. Lost freshness

Y122. Area barely separated from the chancel

Y123. Bible-thumping, perhaps

Y125. An eye-popping amount

Y126. Check off one’s Christmas list, e.g.

Y127. Finished coming to

Y129. Bon ___

Y130. Two-paneled paintings

Y132. One-slam laundry machine

Y136. Baseball All-Stars Glaus and Tulowitzki

Y137. With “the,” first of two Soviet-Finnish conflicts

Y139. Authoritative restriction

Y140. “God and the universe are one” believer

Y142. TV closeup

Y144. Death, to Ol’ Blue Eyes

Y147. Spiced mixed drink such as tea, rum, and honey

Y149. Some navy officers (abbr.)

Y150. Musical motif, to Verdi

Y151. “You can’t be serious!”

Y153. “That’s the way the cookie crumbles”

Y156. Finishes more books than

Y158. Return to country of birth

Y159. Stingy with one’s image and shunning the spotlight

Y161. “And they say / ‘Do you need me?’ / ‘Do you think I'm pretty?’ / ‘Do I make you feel like cheating?’ / And I'm like, ‘No, not really’” singer

Y164. Dangerous throng

Y165. Envisioned apocalypses

Y166. More uptight

Y167. Catherine’s husband in Wuthering Heights

Y169. Solemn conclusion?

Y171. Sit right at, as a bar

Y172. Preventing

Y173. Tesla of the Tesla coil

Y175. (Star-)indicating [this weird construction is almost synonymous if you strike its first hyphenated letter]

Y177. Mother of Dragons

Y178. Lonesome tree

Y180. Should come any minute now

Y181. Magical mom Molly who’ll yell herself hoarse at her boys before politely greeting their friend

Y182. Bothersome person

Y183. Brynner of The King and I

Y186. Terrible influence

Y188. Jerry’s car in Seinfeld

Y190. Like many tuna sandwiches

Y192. A big can of can-do

Y193. "[we haven't figured this out yet]"

Y194. Slightly scary pathway in the big city

Y195. Bare the teeth mirthfully

Y196. Gotham’s WQXR parent

Y199. Knock out of shape

Y200. More than sporadically

Y203. “The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)” comedy duo

Y204. -oid relative

Y206. “___ Come” (BTS)

Y207. Bucolic poetry

Y209. “This tweet is hilarious!”

Y210. “Just ___’s throw away”

Y212. Video store section

Y213. Wests’ bridge partners

Y218. Antihero who spends his first film trying to get his face fixed

Y226. Nvmber of degrees in two fvll v-tvrns

Y231. Movie pioneer

Y233. Some court hearings

Y235. Org. chaired by the US President

Y236. Bright, pulpy fruit

Y238. Snapper’s selection

Y239. 30 Rock character with the same first name as its actor

Y240. Chain that sells furniture and seafood

Y241. Hammett character portrayed by Skippy

Y242. Student’s declaration, maybe

Y244. Center of a marked success?

Y245. Insane City author and humorist Dave

Y247. Acuff or Orbison

Y248. Crete-born Spanish painter El ___

Y249. Nervousness golfers feel while putting, with “the”

Y250. Member of a certain Jewish sect

Y255. Freaking out, say

Y263. Avoid responsibility

Y268. Dance maneuver

Y269. Put ___ to: End

Y270. Pizarro’s quest

Y271. John Lennon song with the lyric “my love will turn you on”

Y273. King after Khalid

Y275. Not so cheap (var.)

Y277. Brynner of The Magic Christian

Y278. Leftorium owner Flanders

Y280. Sowing needs

Y281. Get the dough ready

Y282. ___ while (linger)

Y284. Eye swellings

Y286. Shutout score

Y287. That Fawkes fellow

Y289. Alternative to Patty

Y290. According to the Piano Man, he’s still in the Navy and probably will be for life

Y291. (Have) eschewed

Y292. Couldn’t abide

Y293. Bit of land in l’oceano

Y294. Beer outlet

Y295. Gps. that assist putting out conflagrations

Y296. Why are math books so anxious? ___

Y300. Excellence in art objects

Y302. Thailand, once

Y304. Chicken, in Chihuahua

Y306. Nursery rhyme boy who “stole a pig, and away he run”

Y308. Not external, ocularly

Y309. “Gimme Three Steps” band

Y312. Garden plant with showy leaves

Y314. Wild West terr.

Y315. “I do not choose ___” (declining to try for office)

Y317. Beer flavorer

Y318. Manhattan’s Little ___

Y320. Police called a husband and told him, “Sir, we got this number from your wife’s contacts. I’m afraid she’s been found dead in a ditch.” The husband replied, “I’m on my way” and drove there. As soon as he got there, they arrested him. Why? ___ (For all these riddles, assume a fair and just police department.)

Y323. Jewish tchr.


Y327. ___-than-thou

Y328. Make ___ of coffee: get the day started, maybe

Y329. Nickname for Clemenceau, with “Le”

Y330. Bank for farmers

Y332. Title character in a Nikos Kazantzakis book

Y334. Weight loss retreat, perhaps

Y335. It’s got a scrum

Y337. Comic follower

Y338. Two-time US Open champion

Y339. “___ BORED!” (lolcat’s ungrammatical complaint)

Y340. Shire in Hollywood

Y342. Sometimes-illegal turns, in slang

Y343. Without exception

Y345. All but one of the Guardians of the Galaxy

Y346. Look like a sourpuss

Y347. December adjective

Y348. Roberts of A View to a Kill

Y349. Softball action

Y350. Native salt

Y351. River in England’s North Somerset

Y353. “The ___ the leader must ring with the voices of the people” (Woodrow Wilson)

Y356. Becomes irate

Y358. “___ frog” (part of a brew in “Macbeth”)

Y361. Hillside landscaping effects

Y363. Metamorphoses creator

Y365. Video game princess

Y367. Capital of Cape Verde, from the Portuguese for “beach”

Y369. Former test pilot Chuck

Y370. Sunroof view

Y371. Instigator

Y372. Bottle opener’s surprise

Y374. Presidential adviser

Y376. Pennsylvania’s is 360 mi. long

Y377. Some blood bank technicians

Y378. Way to go, in Paris

Y380. Neeson action trilogy

Y381. Beaut of a butte?

Y382. Tote (var.)

Y383. Windsurfing, e.g.

Y385. More unruffled

Y386. “___ on a true story”

Y388. Major League actress Rene

Y389. Aleppo, to natives

Y391. Auctions

Y394. Historical novelist Seton

Y396. Hard thing to pass?

Y399. Mother’s order to child

Y401. Marching band section

Y402. Rhythmic pattern

Y404. Lousy golf shot

Y406. Harsh critic’s “drink”

Y408. Lost contact with the road

Y410. Reluctant or enthusiastic affirmative

Y411. Agree on fundamentals

Y413. Best dramatic actress Tony winner of 1948, 1978, and 1983 Jessica

Y414. “Woo-hoo!”

Y415. Auditioner after catching a break

Y416. “Dynamite” performers

Y419. Easy score, in basketball

Y421. Guitarist with a signature top hat

Y422. Bochco court series

Y424. From herself, in court

Y426. Ending passage

Y427. More arduous

Y429. Thing about cats that needs changing

Y430. Letter before India

Y431. Express distress

Y432. Big Bang energy

Y434. Tree bearing strobiles

Y436. Some choral ensembles

Y437. Full of stains

Y438. What follows “forever and ever”

Y439. Apple alternative, in body shapes

Y440. Natural Light and Blue Moon

Y441. Speaks bombastically

Y442. Mary Wells classic

Y443. 1960s-’80s Brit. sports car

Y446. “Sweet thing”

Y447. Hast permission

Y448. Restaurant franchise

Y450. Sci-fi writers teach classes in building one

Y452. Had come down with something

Y454. Where ewers are used

Y457. Org. at 11 Wall St.

Y459. Suddenly strike

Y461. Nabisco cookies

Y463. Emotional centers

Y467. Tossed a ball back and forth

Y469. Obama rival once considered too plutocratic to be president

Y470. Long take, in film

Y471. Burpee product

Y473. Inventor dubbed “the patron saint of modern electricity”

Y474. Quickly attach, as a top to a bottle

Y475. Country whose name can be typed with just one keyboard row

Y476. Whodunit necessities

Y477. Front for metric or bar

Y478. Ushered again

Y480. Security concern

Y482. News article intros

Y484. Suit card

Y485. Needing kneading

Y487. Last mo. of summer

Y489. What the poet, who didn’t know it, did?

Y491. Rapidity

Y492. Alternative reader

Y494. Mind reader?

Y495. Inspector in Agatha Christie stories

Y497. To-remember-me-by

Y498. Apparent ease

Y499. Beginner’s lessons

Y500. Certain thick-piled rugs

Y501. A sea lion is one

Y502. Three score

Y503. Prank instigators

Y504. Drill or drain-cleaner

Y505. American actor and dramatist

Y506. Had the ability

Y509. “It’s awful to think about”

Y511. Cry of woe

Y513. Go ___ for: defend

Y515. React to a public scene, maybe

Y517. Plenty of bread

Y519. Muralist Diego

Y521. Contactless pucker and smack

Y523. Escapees from Pandora’s Box

Y524. Follower of upsilon

Y525. Alloy containing carbon

Y527. Put forth effort

Y528. Coburg canine

Y529. “Gotta be one of us”

Y531. “Oh, hey, that’s GREAT!”

Y533. Half an EPA rating

Y534. Natasha’s negatives

Y535. Like a rodent-infested building

Y536. Springsteen’s “The Last Carnival” or Rascal Flatts’ “Why”

Y537. Doesn’t follow the party line

Y538. Seven Days in ___

Y539. Concept, as a prefix (what a concept)

Y540. Protagonist on The Rookie or The Wire

Y542. How male stars get addressed in Mexico

Y544. Aimed at a small demographic

Y546. Fleeting desires

Y548. Millard Fillmore, partywise

Y550. “___ explain?”

Y552. Sacks in war

Y553. “I’m ___ wit’s end!”

Y554. Bunsen burners

Y556. Controversial 1990s treaty acronym

Y558. Lose momentum

Y560. Styptic pencil targets

Y561. A lift will get you to a new one

Y562. Direction on a door

Y563. “Looks good enough ___”

Y564. Base brass

Y565. “You’ll ___ disadvantage playing tennis against a veteran”

Y566. Puts on the pounds

Y567. Stuff to gobble

Y569. Vietnamese coin

Y570. Why did the little girl tiptoe past the medicine cabinet? She ___

Y576. Do the bomb squad’s job

Y578. Be snoopy

Y579. Source of dog distress

Y580. Code that compliments its decoder for being smarter than the coder

Y587. Membrane, to an anatomist

Y589. Viking gains, for short

Y590. Two-door models

Y591. Why did the investor sink all his money into Ireland? He misunderstood when he heard ___

Y596. Turner who played Diane in Diane

Y597. Piqued period

Y598. Religious title with roots in a British appointment

Y599. Rub one’s nose in the dirt

Y600. The last word

Y601. Stringed item

Y602. Part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex

Y603. Mired in self-pity (var.)

Y605. “That was one great show! Four stars!”

Y607. Energy type

Y608. Tranquil rest

Y609. Dum-dums

Y610. Distinctive flair

Y611. Modern abbr. that precedes old news

Y613. Ham-handed

Y614. Velvety plant

Y615. Menial assistant

Y616. Bad things

Y617. Alphabetizes, e.g.

Y618. Some suit jacket sizes

Y619. Pisa preposition

Y620. Full of holes, as cheese

Y621. Boxer Cruz

Y622. Tool to do the creeper, the sleeper, or rock the baby

Y624. Borneo ape, briefly

Y626. Groundbreaking achievements for Whoopi Goldberg and Helen Hayes

Y628. Fasten down again, as a tent

Y630. Insult or dance moves

Y632. “Stay out of this!”

Y634. Cookout treats

Y636. Bow like a girl

Y637. Further up the trail

Y639. They follow ars

Y640. Original version of The Office’s Scott, or fellow who gets told “They’re good dogs” online

Y641. End of a Rugby game

Y643. A little too “polite,” you know?

Y644. Casino Royale Bond girl Vesper

Y645. Gulps greedily

Y646. Stock market transaction

Y647. Secures, as a wound

Y648. Nile ruins

Y649. “___ alternative, may I suggest…”

Y650. Olympian Raisman

Y651. “Woodstock” quartet, initially

Y652. Scolds severely

Y655. Hi-tech outfits

Y657. Greet someone, informally

Y659. Great Lakes Native Americans

Y661. One of the Inner Hebrides

Y663. Alpine air?

Y664. Specialized vocabularies

Y665. Use over, as tea leaves

Y667. Hip-hop greetings

Y668. Gil Blas writer

Y669. Certain works of art

Y670. Counting-out word

Y671. Directors Burton and Robbins

Y672. Arctic attire

Y673. Dehydrated plum

Y674. Give, as a price

Y675. Liberal side

Y677. Rumble seat’s spot

Y679. Cards that improve a hand, usually used with reference to a hand that is not currently the best hand

Y680. Smirnoffs’ alternatives

Y683. Author of many jockey detective stories

Y686. Inhaled to calm oneself, perhaps

Y689. Mudlike and flowing

Y691. ubercross.com, e.g.

Y692. R&B singer born Thomas Callaway

Y693. Perform well, slangily

Y694. Photog’s original

Y696. Comedian Notaro

Y697. Shallow crossing

Y699. Gave out some jokers

Y700. Backed-up, in a way

Y701. Airer of Sharknado and Sharknado 2: The Second One

Y702. One who turns info into insight

Y704. Fleeing the scene

Y706. Roman and American symbols

Y710. Since, in Scotland

Y711. Cable channel for film fans

Y712. Wisdom deified

Y714. Old-time actresses Allgood and Haden

Y715. Troy’s region

Y717. Being of service

Y718. Leather belt not worn

Y720. Best mate o’ mine

Y722. Arab VIP

Y724. It contains no water vapor

Y726. Location of the 17th season of“Survivor

Y728. Noted kneeler on the football field, for different reasons than Kaepernick

Y730. Participates in a business meeting, maybe

Y732. Sextet represented in almost all English words

Y734. Ran like mad

Y735. Sportstars Beatrix (golf) and Waite (baseball)

Y736. Flying insect appropriate to this section

Y737. Speckled stallions

Y738. 4 realz

Y739. Sildenafil ___: Viagra

Y740. Tomorrow is a new one

Y742. Sounds after discovering a turd in the punchbowl

Y745. Mezzanine

Y747. ___ 1/2 (anime series of note)

Y749. Pertinent, to law

Y751. It has a Sunni side?

Y753. Spanish navigator Juan Diaz de ___

Y755. Tinder consideration

Y757. Pesticide tester

Y759. Warning of approaching sleepiness

Y760. “And what is ___ as a day in June? Then, if ever, come perfect days” (Lowell)

Y761. Residents of Muscat

Y763. Subsistence-level worker

Y764. Medical tubes

Y765. Chipmunk who once wore a Hawaiian shirt

Y766. Argentinian atmospheres

Y767. Bush-nominated Supreme Court justice

Y768. Spot-stained, as wood

Y769. Goobers

Y770. Cool or tough type?

Y771. Bonnie’s bank-robbing beau

Y773. Give a once-over

Y774. “TFW ___-called friend gets busted lying to you”

Y775. Conquered

Y777. LA Law Emmy winner Jimmy

Y779. Young woman sticking out her tongue on TikTok, maybe

Y781. Glacial ice form

Y783. “Super Bass” singer Nicki

Y785. Old Magna Doodle maker

Y787. Bee batteries?

Y789. Star Trek spin-off, briefly

Y790. By the same token

Y791. Angle toward the sky

Y792. Bow material

Y793. What campfires provide

Y794. ___ Jr. (Pixar’s first film, featuring the lamps now used in their logo)

Y795. Digital library used by many academics

Y796. Heels alternative

Y797. Hardly mute

Y798. Fedora’s outer edges

Y799. Co-creator of Curious George

Y800. “Hold on,” in texts

Y801. Cyborg catchphrase

Y802. H in Heraklion

Y803. Take a ride back?

Y805. iPods available in 1GB versions

Y807. Fighting with no end in sight

Y809. The Cherry Orchard writer Chekhov

Y811. Give more weaponry to

Y813. Organ transplant need

Y815. Many an ‘80s Chrysler

Y817. Credits follow it

Y819. Adopted son of King Polybus

Y820. Substituting for, in poetry

Y822. Round numbers?

Y823. Hebrew month

Y824. “Eff you, man!”

Y825. R&B singer with the 2003 hit “4Ever”

Y826. Compound used as antiseptic

Y827. Tchaikovsky, transliterally

Y828. Kierkegaard the philosopher

Y829. Strikes out, in baseball lingo

Y830. Law & Order: ___ (Ice-T drama)

Y831. Cool air shaft

Y834. There once was a recluse who never left their home. One day they couldn’t stand it anymore and got a little crazy, talking to the walls, but the walls told them to settle down, turn off the lights, and go to bed. So they did. The next morning, they woke to find they had killed seven people. Why? They ___

Y838. Why does Europe sound like my KFC order? It ___

Y843. Depardieu of Green Card

Y845. “…___ put it more straightforwardly, you’re screwed”

Y846. Had a cross expression

Y848. Heroine’s name in The Last of the Mohicans, EastEnders, and Mass Effect

Y850. Speckle in 3-D

Y851. Why is a riddle like a pencil? It’s ___

Y855. Why did the chicken cross the playground? To ___

Y859. Sicilian spouter

Y862. Hit this and F4 to close a window

Y863. Slangy agreement, as in Fargo

Y865. Kid’s testing-their-limits question

Y866. Twin of He-Man

Y867. Speaks like the deaf

Y868. “___ Is A Gun” (Tyler, the Creator)

Y869. Fall into ruin

Y870. Cardiologist’s request

Y871. Michelle of Crazy Rich Asians


Y874. Namesakes of Y273-Across

Y876. Even more vast

Y877. One using Juuls

Y878. Mobil stations overseas

Y879. Snakes with painlessly lethal venom

Y880. Genghis Khan follower

Y881. Urban abodes, for short

Y882. Ltr. after-afterthoughts

Y883. Makes really weird faces

Y884. Funny enough to reduce you to owlspeak

Y885. TV host Banks

Y886. Little john?

Y887. Spanish “okay”

Y888. Dragon’s exhalation

Y890. Catch, in England

Y892. Word with office or shark

Y894. What carpe means

Y896. Support

Y898. Grinch’s complaint

Y900. Fidget toy with bubbles

Y902. It’s bowed

Y904. Sylvesters, as they're sometimes nicknamed

Y906. Snow-day ride

Y907. Sitcom set in Fort Courage

Y909. Vegas opening act?

Y910. Betray anxiety

Y911. End of the road?

Y912. “But he that entereth ___ the door is the shepherd…” (John: 10:2)

Y913. Make progress on, with an icepick

Y914. Fire, to Nero

Y915. Bad way to play

Y916. ___ cavae

Y917. Slams those hands together

Y918. Generation ___

Y919. Alternative to oat or almond

Y920. Cowboy Hall of Fame st.

Y921. WSJ competitor

Y922. Of a period

Y924. Betray irritability

Y926. Chemical from shrooms

Y928. What you hope to get out of a joke

Y929. Thai coins

Y931. Like the design of Zaha Hadid’s World Cup Stadium

Y933. Belle of the West

Y935. Angel-holding-up-atom award

Y937. Cal. airport code

Y938. Exuberant compliment

Y940. Part of a shoe insert

Y941. Oater moniker

Y942. Offers a “furthermore”

Y943. Fair basis for promotion

Y944. Lend-Lease Act provision

Y945. Printer’s measures

Y946. ___, crackle, pop

Y947. Delta capital

Y948. Pennsylvania port

Y949. Rich source of antioxidants

Y950. Google-fu for site designers, for short

Y951. ___ Jury (Spillane best seller)

Y953. Word parts (abbr.)

Y955. Rat poison

Y958. Enlighten

Y961. Like polynomials that begin with “x4,” not “3z4” or 2.75x3

Y963. Crowd-pleaser

Y966. Sci-fi author Stephenson

Y968. Contemptuous countenance

Y970. Orange juice quality

Y972. Splash aftermath?

Y973. Light ___: weightless

Y975. Plates with a metal

Y976. Without a smooth gradient

Y978. Copacetic

Y979. Tim and Whitelaw

Y981. He’s hiding something and I don’t know what

Y983. It’s like Oct. in the other hemisphere

Y984. Apostrophized hand

Y985. They fear shivers

Y988. Authoritative imposition

Y989. These women of Argentina

Y991. Unmemorized remark

Y993. Cries of pride

Y995. Hebrew festival

Y996. “Fiddle-___!”

Y998. Christmas presents, slangily

Y1000. Cyberletters

Y1002. Violent alter ego

Y1003. Zoe’s best friend

Y1004. L’___-deux-guerres (era the French would enter after World War I)*

Y1005. “AUGGGH” prompter that could be physical or mental

Y1006. Chelsea joints

Y1007. Poem of curses by a now-landless farmer

Y1008. Rocker Bill

Y1009. Brand associated with Everyday Knee Highs

Y1010. Goofballish

Y1011. Judging Amy’s Tyne

Y1012. Emblem of French kings

Y1015. Surveying tool using a letter-shaped support

Y1016. Word after hearing or financial

Y1018. A.A.

Y1020. “What are we holding on ___?” (Lead-in to LOTR’s most rousing moment)

Y1022. Frisbeelike medium you can put shows on

Y1024. Person who might ask “Did you hear…?”

Y1026. Pertaining to kidneys

Y1028. “Later, loser!”

Y1031. 1977 film described by Leonard Maltin as “For undiscriminating action fans whose idea of entertainment is watching Bo [Derek] getting her leg bitten off”

Y1032. He drove Green Hornet’s Black Beauty

Y1033. Relaxes, with “back”

Y1034. Summer snacks

Y1035. Flour factories

Y1037. Dre was featured on his “California Love”

Y1038. Sandcastle builders’ tools

Y1039. Father of Charlemagne

Y1040. Decocts, e.g.

Y1041. “…which nobody can ___!”

Y1042. FTW or WTF, e.g.

Y1043. Where Barnum’s Wild Men allegedly hailed from

Y1044. Performing artists’ contest reality show, for short

Y1046. Myanmar’s monetary unit

Y1047. Word before Alamos or Angeles

Y1049. Highway caution

Y1051. Fans of fire

Y1053. Pocatello’s state

Y1055. Explanatory bit of Latin

Y1057. Anheuser-Busch rival

Y1059. Notepad alternative

Y1060. “Make ___!” (officer’s order)

Y1062. Give voice to

Y1063. Charon’s payment

Y1064. Cab alternative

Y1065. One of Harry’s Simpsons voices

Y1066. Emulate a pachyderm, in a way

Y1067. Amundsen, the first person to reach the South Pole

Y1068. Brighton buddy

Y1069. Becomes vapid

Y1070. Units of pressure

Y1071. One of Palpatine’s secret soldiers

Y1072. Abrupt small movement

Y1073. “___ Mormon walks into a bar…”

Y1074. Room you never clean

Y1075. “Brown”

Y1078. Military tech development agcy.

Y1081. Shrewdly sensitive

Y1084. Polish language

Y1086. Pop-___ (breakfast goodies)

Y1088. Chance’s partner

Y1090. Gave affirmative replies (var.)

Y1092. Not nearer

Y1094. Problem kids, less politely

Y1096. Herbert Hoover’s home

Y1098. Books of public records

Y1100. “___ wouldn’t say that…”

Y1102. Loyalist to the early, early Web, perhaps

Y1104. Amp (up), as an engine

Y1105. Untold millennia

Y1106. Hamilton honors

Y1107. Ma’s sis

Y1108. Not done

Y1109. Alternative to humming?

Y1110. Passes by

Y1111. Abstaining

Y1114. ___ d’Hermes (men’s cologne)

Y1116. “If do right, no can defense” speaker

Y1118. Linger in the hot sun

Y1119. Complain, complain, complain

Y1121. A woman was just doing her job when her suit got torn. She had to stop work and fix it immediately or she would die. Why? She was an ___

Y1123. Why did the woman in the last question not like the restaurant near her workplace? ___

Y1126. Why don’t shrimps support good causes? ___

Y1130. The present time?

Y1131. ___ Xer

Y1132. Hubbard of Dianetics

Y1133. Why do birds fly south for the winter? ___

Y1136. Why will we never see the end of the world? ___

Y1138. Why did the picture go to jail? It ___

Y1140. Proof goof

Y1141. Sput or beat ender

Y1143. Prepared for a shock

Y1144. Caught, like fish

Y1145. Father of Greek tragedy

Y1148. Donne deed?

Y1149. Flurry of activity

Y1151. U-turn from most

Y1152. Military Muslim title

Y1154. Cowboy’s holler

Y1155. Philosophic idealist

Y1156. Gov. gp. whose first cases came from airline stew

Y1158. Actress who delivered the last line of the nonology

Y1161. Nephew of Donald Duck

Y1162. Request before a snap

Y1163. Cuts the cheese

Y1164. With indignation

Y1165. King of television talk

Y1166. While-___ (repair shop sign)

Y1168. Waiter’s convenience

Y1169. Hero with a Thousand Faces, e.g.

Y1171. “There ___ be a law!”

Y1172. Word-for-word reference?

Y1173. Slumberer’s rumbles

Y1174. Letters next to bars

Y1176. Blackberries and Palm Pilots, in brief

Y1178. Take ___ at

Y1180. John Jacob IV who died on the Titanic

Y1182. Bitty branch

Y1184. “I have to hear the words”

Y1186. Wyatt of People of Earth

Y1188. Dangerous charger

Y1190. Higher power?

Y1191. Jobs platform

Y1192. What we ogle

Y1193. Strung item

Y1194. “We’re ___ see the wizard…”

Y1195. Oasis “Put Yer ___ Where Yer Mouth Is”

Y1196. Doonesbury cartoonist Trudeau

Y1197. Sending a duplicate, for short

Y1198. Edible seed

Y1199. Mao’s designated successor

Y1200. Brown’s beagle

Y1201. Go through with

Y1202. Stayed away from

Y1203. ___ the piper

Y1204. Shelters

Y1206. Not seriously hurt or anything

Y1208. “___ little, there…”

Y1210. Place for a concubine

Y1212. It’s read on Saturdays

Y1214. Nation, to use an old capitalist metaphor

Y1217. Substantial, as a sum

Y1219. Some railroad employees

Y1223. Tubers rich in beta carotene

Y1224. “Well, blow me down!”

Y1226. Cute bear

Y1227. Mails off

Y1228. Nouveau-riche sparkle

Y1229. Theresa May, for one

Y1230. Person you don’t know

Y1232. Edits to be without

Y1233. ___ Rite (shoe brand for children)

Y1234. Agnus ___ (Mass prayer)

Y1235. “___ if I can help it!”

Y1237. Abbr. on a cough syrup bottle

Y1238. All shaking and stuff

Y1240. Dictatum ___ (as previously stated)

Y1242. Box-set inclusions

Y1244. Happen time and again

Y1246. Cicero, e.g.

Y1248. “The more I ___ the representatives of the people, the more I admire my dogs” (Alphonse de Lamartine)

Y1249. ___ Circus (old Vatican area)

Y1251. Phobos or Deimos, for Mars

Y1253. 1923 Nobelist in literature

Y1254. Sugar or candy

Y1255. Medicare section

Y1256. Beer-flavored La Croix, to its critics

Y1257. Screenwriter Southern

Y1258. Show the way

Y1259. Cristofori made the first one in 1709

Y1260. Screenwriter Diablo of Juno and The United States of Tara

Y1261. No Limit Records rap mogul

Y1263. “Do you want to ___ a reminder?”

Y1264. Acronym promoting DIY cigarette assembly

Y1265. Certain PO delivery

Y1266. Tampa conventioneers of Aug. 2012

Y1268. “I finally get it!”

Y1270. Haul off

Y1272. Start of Popeye’s credo, precisely

Y1274. Having booty

Y1276. Seat of authority, to Marx

Y1278. Fix a chewed-up football field

Y1280. Regard as material

Y1282. In a carol, he had “no gift to bring”

Y1285. Broadcaster streaming with “All Access”

Y1286. Casual greeting inquiring after one’s welfare

Y1288. Shore of Bio-Dome

Y1289. “___ be awesome!”

Y1290. “…for the red, white, and blue, where there’s never a ___ or brag” [CITATION NEEDED]

Y1291. Swing for the fences

Y1292. 1776 won one in 1969

Y1293. Asian peaks

Y1295. Amenho___, ancient Egyptian ruler

Y1296. Guide to abandoned buildings and other terra incognita within cities, for short

Y1297. Sounded like a spinning wheel

Y1300. Letters on Chicago caps

Y1301. Broadcasters panic when it’s dead

Y1302. ___ in kangaroo (spelling aid)

Y1304. Madagascarian mates

Y1306. Having a specified goal

Y1308. Words from one who’d rather not call?

Y1310. Tiny Toyota

Y1312. Old blades

Y1314. “___ you loud and clear!”

Y1315. With the purpose of

Y1317. ___ of Maine

Y1318. Suspiciously friendly

Y1319. ___ profit

Y1320. Eye-rollingly old-fashioned

Y1321. David of Talking Heads

Y1322. A Nightmare ___ Street (1984 horror flick)

Y1323. They used to be banned from Olympic competition

Y1324. Par. and Per. neighbor

Y1325. Forest inhabitant

Y1326. Widely-known tranq

Y1328. Alternative route

Y1330. The Big Bang Theory setting

Y1332. Ram, in Ramsgate

Y1333. Wrecking-ball alternative

Y1334. Site with a Daily Deals section

Y1336. Mount southwest of Messina

Y1338. Tabula ___: clean slate

Y1339. Pork recipe

Y1341. Bungo or Rob Roy

Y1343. Marsh ducks

Y1345. Prefix with “forming” meaning “making habitable”

Y1347. Martha Stewart makes them with basil leaves

Y1349. “___ day…”

Y1350. Exam discontinued in 2021

Y1351. Default-restoring button

Y1352. Something said in an “argument party”

Y1353. Relinquished

Y1354. Anniversary, e.g.

Y1355. Make connections

Y1356. “Listen up,” long ago

Y1357. Giants receiver Hilliard

Y1358. Before, antiquatedly

Y1359. “Who knows”

Y1362. Third-degree?

Y1363. Genetic messenger

Y1364. It may get a boost

Y1365. Cards for divination

Y1367. Why did the jelly roll? Because she saw the apple ___

Y1369. A bus driver was heading up a one-way street against the flow of traffic. He passed a cop car and the policeman clearly saw him but did nothing. Why? The driver was ___

Y1371. Why was the child who ate beans surprised when his parents needed to pull into the filling station? Because he already ___

Y1373. “I bet you I can jump higher than that house,” your neighbor says. You’d be a fool to take that bet. Why? ___

Y1376. Why is a raven like a writing desk? ___

Y1379. A man rode into town on Friday. He did not want to stay long, but he knew he could only leave on Friday. Why? Friday was ___

Y1381. Two cars crashed into each other. The drivers were both fine, but the more badly damaged car had one dead passenger. Yet no one was charged with manslaughter. Why? The car that was worse off was ___

Y1383. Why did the mayo-and-ketchup mix yell at the customers to stop looking at it? Because it was ___

Y1385. Infested, in a way

Y1386. Souchong or oolong

Y1387. Loosening of fibers

Y1388. A locksmith may replace them

Y1389. Miner’s goal

Y1390. Alternative to Ben & Jerry’s

Y1391. Wd. history

Y1393. Computer display showing how output will appear

Y1395. Leader in academic circles?

Y1396. Actor Romero of Passport to Danger and The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes

Y1398. Lead-in to china, tools, and wheels

Y1400. Big name in thesauruses

Y1401. “If deflation is overstated, then ___ is the real growth rate” (The Economist)

Y1402. Overseas love

Y1403. Of sound quality

Y1405. Stock market figures

Y1406. Word with Old or morning

Y1407. “If ___ catch you doing that again…”

Y1408. Show with “Baba O’Riley” as its theme

Y1409. ___ fours

Y1411. Naif in Sweeney Todd

Y1412. Obscured by mysterious lighting

Y1414. Maker of the laptop my wife and I use to Zoom

Y1415. Real estate units

Y1416. Book before Esth.

Y1417. This year’s grad, two years ago

Y1419. Wee shout

Y1420. “We ___ Love” (Merrie Melodies)

Y1422. Principal constituent

Y1423. Not online, briefly

Y1425. Approvals

Y1427. Where post-bar-mitzvah athletes have often hung out

Y1429. Open-source operating system

Y1431. Cocoa-coffee blend

Y1433. ___ as a peacock

Y1435. Nike competitor

Y1437. Cent. American country spotlit in the Reagan era

Y1438. Yielding to gravity

Y1439. “___ minute, Mr. Postman”

Y1440. Dental restoration

Y1441. Scintillated

Y1442. Quite white

Y1443. Battle of Long Island victor William

Y1444. Mamma ___! Here We Go Again

Y1445. It may be set to capture the game?

Y1447. 2009 Sacha Baron Cohen film

Y1448. La.-to-Ill. dir.

Y1449. ___ cow (emulates Homer Simpson)

Y1450. Macintosh laptop

Y1452. Escort into the hall of the slain

Y1454. Disaster area priority

Y1455. “You cannot save people, you can only love them” author Nin

Y1457. Meme frog that got politically charged for a while

Y1459. Like some chemical solutions

Y1461. GPA fattener

Y1463. Onslaught

Y1465. Sailing

Y1467. Consuming the rainbow, e.g.

Y1470. Noticeably bored

Y1471. Singer Bailey who stars in grown-ish

Y1472. Drama writer-artist Telgemeier

Y1473. Stimulus payment

Y1474. Head of a PIN (abbr.)?

Y1475. Statements in a court case

Y1477. One using binoculars

Y1478. Songs’ relative prominences

Y1480. Response to poor service

Y1481. Sealy mattress alternatives

Y1483. Earth-shaking

Y1484. Short-haired cat breed

Y1485. “Lust for Life” punk rocker

Y1487. Dangerous dosages

Y1489. Webcam-watcher, say

Y1491. Supermarket sections

Y1493. “How to Open ___” (beginner’s Comp Sci topic)

Y1495. Dessert portion

Y1497. Pause for a rest

Y1498. Austrian painter

Y1499. French or Italian might be found on it

Y1500. Blot with a tissue, perhaps

Y1501. “I’ll do it, I’m better at it”

Y1502. “Keep it quiet!”

Y1503. Former mayor Giuliani

Y1504. The best policy, so they say

Y1506. Go to Stowe

Y1507. Love in music, or Elliot’s sister in Mr. Robot

Y1508. Whispered word in “The Raven”

Y1509. Inflections

Y1511. “Thanks ___ God”

Y1512. Tossed Scott around

Y1514. Number of mousquetaires

Y1515. Household ornament

Y1517. Arizona City, today

Y1519. “Casey ___ Bat”

Y1521. One of Rome’s founders

Y1523. Famous query in Matthew 26

Y1525. Baltic port

Y1527. Explorer Johnson

Y1528. “feel something” and “THAT BITCH” singer Miller

Y1529. “Good ___, Miss Molly”

Y1530. Osteoarthritis aid

Y1531. West of rap music

Y1532. Jockeying (for)

Y1533. With a full plate

Y1534. ___-ha: stink

Y1535. Chichen Itza natives

Y1537. Low, weak spots for athletes

Y1539. Perfumes and liqueurs

Y1540. Windows/Xbox game meaning “shooter”

Y1541. Gets very successful, very fast

Y1545. Zipped by

Y1547. Comic strip created by Greg Evans

Y1548. Before the procedure, informally

Y1550. Great source of humor

Y1553. Liquefy to unify

Y1556. Beverage and medicine whose active ingredient is ephedrine

Y1559. “Get rich quick” promise

Y1561. One who shimmies and undulates

Y1563. Ancient exiled Israelites

Y1565. Cozy hotel alternative

Y1567. Makes a cricket play

Y1569. Thesaurus entry

Y1571. With The, program once self-described as “fake news”

Y1575. Freddy, youngest goal scorer in MLS

Y1576. Is still on the water