Ubercross Abecedaria X


X1. First-bite-of-cheesecake feeling

X6. Acadia National Park setting

X11. Thin tablet

X18. Flex finisher

X22. Bezzie

X25. She may act aloof, but she loves you, really…MEOW, FEED HER, HUMAN*

X28. Abbr. on some emails

X31. Siam ender

X34. Number of trailers you can tow in California*

X37. She was “Rosebud” in the White House

X42. Do pretty well gradewise

X47. Sleep stages

X51. Fruitful

X56. Wash out to sea

X59. Actress Summer of The Cape

X63. Treats dismissively, with “at”

X69. The other team (abbr.)

X73. Mills College stat

X76. A unit of mountains*

X77. Separate roasts from toasts, e.g.*

X79. Break new ground?

X81. Related to the end of the intestine

X82. “The greatest” boxer

X83. The Good Place showrunner Michael (not to be confused with its Architect Michael…or is he?)

X85. Quiet, classically

X88. Suffix with hetero- or ortho-

X89. ___ cava (path to the heart)

X91. Finishing moves on many holes

X94. Lovecraft’s fishy humanoids

X97. Logging-crew reality show

X98. Inclined to seek God in the heaviest burden and the juiciest orange*

X101. Alphabet (abbr.)

X105. Model Carangi

X106. German writer

X108. TV presenter Schofield

X109. Bullish

X111. “Now what about that don’t sound like me?”

X114. Ali slogan

X119. Question in Matthew

X120. Able to do all important things most people can do

X123. Double ___ (“enter end,” e.g.)*

X124. Request from a cameraperson on a reality show

X125. (What the) dickens(?!)

X126. Challenger’s announcement at a pickup game

X127. Organization responsible for Constitution Week

X133. Failed to “flee from sexual immorality,” per Corinthians

X134. When we visualize this stage of life, it’s like someone throws a hollow ball at us*

X135. Pull at the earth’s surface, briefly (without it, we’d be gone!)*

X136. Campbell who’s so far starred in an even five franchise movies*

X137. Save only

X140. Grows apace

X141. General Rommel, as his mythologizers call him

X143. Key numbers in IRS forms

X145. Dallas star Larry

X147. Constellation that may contain the largest star known

X148. Nonstop self-promotion

X149. Gained control of

X150. Skateboarding, snowboarding, and street luging, e.g.

X151. Relocation pro

X154. “LMAO u killed me with LOLs”

X155. Sanctions

X156. Gadgets mimicking lung-sac function*

X157. Stallone and others

X158. Rd.

X159. Get a hold of

X161. Retired servicemen’s gp.

X162. Alvin’s desire, in song

X164. Plague

X166. Make unusable

X167. “A never-before-seen reaction, there! Did I hit ___?”*

X168. Monty Python member

X169. Feathery wrap

X170. Students’ insurance if asked for proof at a bar*

X171. Capital city near the Pacific

X173. Some NFL highlights

X175. Frog, in Toledo

X176. Hangs together

X177. Endings for prank and Team

X178. So I Married ___ Murderer

X179. Former Americans, say

X182. Movie with Dustin as Dorothy

X184. Adler of the Sherlock stories

X185. ___ of My Soul (Isabel Allende novel)

X187. Jags of the 1960s and ‘70s

X189. Gets a dose of accomplishment endorphins with*

X190. The Beatles’ “___, There and Everywhere”

X191. First words of the title of Sue Grafton’s as-yet-unwritten 24th Kinsey Millhone mystery

X192. Panasonic purchase of 2010

X193. Vintage records

X194. Sight attachment

X195. Ambulances’ hosp. destinations

X196. Lashi, to Lashi

X197. Sourfaced

X198. Cantina offering

X203. “Gotta deal with an IRL distraction”

X206. Film-rating gp.

X210. Crop’s security staff

X216. Melanie Griffith’s actress mom

X220. Medium Emily Dickinson would mope with*

X223. Rubber-stamped

X225. His clock tended to have a melting dial*

X228. Environment

X230. Insects’ nests

X231. It acts*

X235. Separate

X238. God of arms*

X240. Like Macs

X245. Sends forth

X253. Sofia, to Spaniards

X258. You may play it or score it

X260. Beauty chain that sells ColourPop products

X261. “…if we ___ master the opportunities of the New Frontier” (JFK, starting to orate soon after inauguration)*

X262. Hoppy beer, briefly

X263. Blackbeard’s “Bah!”

X264. Hearkened, old-style

X265. Radio problem

X269. Like the first time

X272. Buenos Aires nat.

X273. “Calm down, Ms. Back-Seat Driver”

X276. Gadget that anagrams “phoenix” and I just think that’s neat*

X281. Brazilian dances resembling polkas

X285. Stuff in a barrel, maybe

X287. What fans of losing teams must wait for

X291. Protest ploys

X294. Party of Cool Britannia

X295. From nothing

X296. ___ me: so far as I’m concerned*

X297. Least particles

X298. They may boast of nautical miles traveled*

X300. Signoff tweet matched to X300-Across by Anagramatron (a tweet analyzer bot with a human editor)

X305. Cheap intro?

X306. Spending, with “out”

X307. Play a mandolin

X309. Group in feminist writing

X311. [Facepalm]

X312. State of society without one aim*

X313. “Feelin’ Alright?” writer Dave

X314. ___ impulse: just do

X315. “I Try” singer featured in Spider-Man

X316. Stoll of The Strain and House of Cards

X317. Tweet matched to X255-Down by Anagramatron; together, they sound a binge-watcher’s lament

X320. Le’s, across the Pyrenees*

X321. Paris’s ___-Chapelle church

X322. Ref. book

X323. Powerful psychedelic

X324. Words often cut before “to”

X325. “___ humanity!”

X326. Go places it shouldn’t, as liquid (you’ll be glad I didn’t include the anagram for this one)

X328. Hot ‘80s sneaker brand

X329. Asia the continent equals Asia the continent…not Asia, Tennessee*

X330. “Rudolph, das kleine Rentier mit __ roten Nase dran” (literally, Rudolph the Tiny Reindeer with the Red Nose on Him”)*

X331. Greek letter with a line at the middle*

X332. Paolini creation with orange breath*

X334. Source of Siamese supplies

X335. Thermos lunches

X336. Sort of duck

X337. Giant perissodactyls

X339. Jenny the “Swedish Nightingale”

X340. Can’t pay up

X341. It’s shy of a treaty

X342. Conductor Maazel

X343. Part of many a texting request

X344. Calendario unit

X345. Near-synonym to its anagram but focused on the hiring policy for the position, not that of the whole company

X346. Net difference before a deuce?*

X348. Glasses, in old ads

X349. Piece of aerobics gear

X351. Soldiers’ pits

X354. Like a razor blade

X357. Believer in rule by the informed public

X359. Returning from seeming death

X361. Drink with vitamin C

X363. Shady crypto ex-operation, but I repeat myself

X364. My colleagues at Camp Sea Gull, lo those many years ago, for short

X365. Tony timers

X366. National park in Tanzania

X367. Charge less than is one’s due as the government

X369. There are more numbers after this, I’m pretty sure*

X370. Shakespearean actors, at times

X371. Maintains order over

X373. Marc Antony’s love, for short

X374. Certain Monopoly tokens

X376. Far from just one

X377. Research group

X379. Hershey toffee bar

X380. College kids’ meetup spot

X382. “Is it anything I do ___?”

X383. Put down

X385. Wide-angle lens

X386. Submission to a record label, once

X387. Yells “Liars!,” e.g.*

X389. ___ service (long, hard work)

X391. Cruz known as “The Queen of Salsa”

X392. “This is you,” to Thérèse

X393. Vivacities that persist*

X394. It once meant “odd”

X395. Like some gems

X396. Red letters?

X397. One is over thirty quadrillion seconds long*

X398. Cold war threat

X399. Its secondary, rarely used definition is “An air, a melody”*

X400. TEN ___ (married couple’s property co-ownership)*

X401. Deacons’ vestments

X404. CPU attachment, once

X405. “___ pro omnibus, omnes pro uno”

X407. Stuffed grape-leaf dish

X409. Hatcher of TV

X411. Life force

X412. Riddle-ending question

X416. Waved rainbows?

X420. Sound from the bullpen

X421. Signals the end of the day on base

X425. Mazda rival

X428. Joe DiMaggio and Mickey Mantle, abbreviated

X429. Jay-Z output

X430. Gamgee portrayer (it’s an awesome performance)*

X431. Measures of baseness?

X432. MTV video show, until 2008

X433. Me and no one else

X436. First word of a Carroll work

X437. Square ___ (Final Fantasy game company)

X439. Yom ___ (Jewish holiday)

X440. With its anagram at X443-Across, “How ‘bout NOW?”

X443. See X440-Across

X446. He’d often pose a moral*

X450. It sleeps two (or one sleep-thrasher)

X453. School no-brainer

X454. Gamers tend to use it often*

X456. Years are part of one*

X457. Spy, at times

X458. Pelvis parts

X459. Anti-clog device

X463. Deleted, briefly

X466. Palestine Liberation Organization faction

X467. Livestock lineages

X468. Leave alone

X470. Snowshoe hare chaser

X472. River of France and Belgium

X473. The pizzeria in Do the Right Thing

X474. Bill time (abbr.)

X475. Level of plain sight

X477. “If one of these two, but not both”

X478. 1/2-days

X480. Suffix for puppet or profit activity

X481. Rat voiced by Patton Oswalt in Ratatouille

X483. Over, as an oeuvre

X484. What an insightful person sees within*

X485. The feeling of not being dependent on Twitter, e.g.

X486. Acting as one with the leading part*

X488. Draw in with reassurances

X490. UK machine gun

X492. Cite as one’s own awesome accomplishment

X494. Running, in a way

X495. Couple, in gossip

X496. Modern Maturity publisher (abbr.)

X497. Tighten, perhaps

X498. Kitchen item

X499. “Mariage” (sic) or “Chanson” follower

X500. Transitions slowly

X502. Commercial lead-in to Clean

X503. Brans’ storage, at times*

X505. One on it may be out of it

X506. QB pursuers

X509. Has lunch in the park

X512. “For the ___ time.”

X514. Mideast king

X516. Devon ___ (large-eared cat)

X517. Brand, perhaps

X518. Transaction venerated for its fairness*

X520. Confusing situations

X522. Set crowd, maybe

X524. Conflict-ending line in Blade Runner, even though it sounds like it could be a threat

X526. Woodpile covering

X527. Point in the pen bin*

X528. Reason for damage control

X529. Absence of calm or quiet*

X531. Epicurean avocation

X532. Refuses to consider

X533. “___ being Brand” (Cummings poem)

X536. “Lord, is ___?” (Biblical question)

X537. Forms of conduct

X539. Jekyll creator’s initials

X541. English New Wave band led by Andy Partridge

X542. How Yvette says “Yes”

X544. Polished

X546. “I’ll take Triple Axel Jumps for $400, ___”*

X548. Delights

X550. Londoner from a fashionable district

X551. Like the group after a round of musical chairs

X553. Makes longer

X554. It’s about 11 days earlier each year

X555. Leaves ashore

X557. Copier brand a choir of people will tell you is better than Xerox*

X558. Strawberry or cannabis fruit (var.)

X559. Mad Men characters, often

X561. B-F link

X562. Sharansky of Israel

X565. Cat-in-a-box-of-wrapping-paper activity*

X567. Suffix with photo or phylo

X570. Where a hammer and anvil are*

X571. Kicks one’s seat, def*

X574. What drummers have

X576. Kondo who finds clutter a mire*

X578. Switch or smash ender

X580. Contracted adverb

X581. 1987 Best Actress winner who had hella Twitter game

X582. Some Zs

X583. Photos, amusingly

X585. Montevideo Mrs.

X586. Kazakh-Uzbek lake area

X587. Make a valiant effort

X588. Bearing a heavy load

X589. Visually impairs

X590. Humbert’s adored

X591. Smallest of fifty

X594. One of the oldest Christian communities in the Middle East

X595. Cuban base, familiarly

X596. Filches

X598. Modulus equal to its anagram at X600-Across

X600. Modulus equal to its anagram at X598-Across

X604. They might get folks down

X608. Patrick Ewing, in college

X611. Avid singer with an ego*

X614. Chains player in “Monster Mash”

X616. Namesakes of Italian star

X618. European neighbor

X621. Heat between rivals*

X623. Hoppy brews, briefly

X627. She collaborated with Parton on “Seasons”

X630. Ditka and Shanahan

X631. Group including Martin Luther King, Jr., and John Lewis

X632. F. ___ Fitzgerald

X633. Fvll deck plvs one

X635. So, so many (of)

X636. “…___ thousand times…” (this quote is bracketed by a repeated word on both sides)

X637. Snare’s kit-mate

X638. Take the whammy off

X639. Spoon through trash, e.g.*

X641. Where men can go, but women usually can’t

X642. Club selection factor

X643. Targets of plaintiffs’ ire*

X644. Colleague of Ruth and Clarence

X645. Flirty girl

X647. Just short of C

X648. Homework assignment for sch.

X649. Eye that might have eau

X650. Early Sally Field character

X651. Fled

X653. Environmentally sound

X654. Feeling ___ through seven mattresses: proof of a princess?

X655. Morales who got killed off after a season of Ozark

X656. Ginza fashion accessories

X657. Checks until checks feel redundant

X659. Words with “disco,” “Dillinger,” and “a doornail”

X660. Inclined to think things through

X662. Pipes in with

X663. Law to raise pension standards

X664. Tel. standard*

X665. FSU player, to fans

X667. Mugs by the fire

X670. Hardest to handle

X673. Fixes junior’s laces

X676. Genesis shipbuilder

X678. Sierra or Yukon

X679. Run in long strides

X680. Muscle mag cover story, perhaps

X682. Bacchanalian

X684. Make known, as a feeling

X686. Record label that popularized Southern soul

X687. Fish for bagels

X688. Long periods of relatively little conflict

X689. Ex-name for “lumberjacks”*

X690. Maples and Gibbs

X691. Safeway rival

X692. Wranglers’ rivals

X693. Abbr. after Pennsylvania

X694. Where to slide some sliders*

X695. World ___

X698. Bug zapper alternative

X702. Had some face time, in a way

X704. Carter’s discovery

X705. “Guilt is a timorous thing ___ preparation” (Samuel Taylor Coleridge)

X707. Surveyor’s helpers

X709. Candace Parker was its 2008 MVP

X711. Prefix for wig or winkle

X713. Blood bank breakdown

X714. Brief alternative?

X716. Its second ed. contains about 59 million words

X717. Everybody else

X719. “Red ___ for a Blue Lady” (Wayne Newton)

X720. “Giving You the Best That I Got” singer Baker

X721. It’s said they get richer, unless we eat them

X723. Score few duffers achieve

X725. Stimulants that may roam as borne by the wind*

X728. Prefix with moron

X729. Part of a coach’s chalk-talk diagram

X730. 1976 film with a radical population-control idea

X732. Olympic discus great

X734. Drink aimed at dieting males

X737. Uber alternative in urban areas

X739. Seven-year-old on many an off-road adventure*

X741. Wordbooks

X745. Magnifying glass, e.g.

X749. French possessive

X750. Circuit diagrams

X755. Francois’s farewells

X758. A liar’s are on fire, so they say

X759. Rabbit with right-angled ears.

X760. Cry for attention

X761. End of a long act

X762. Believer

X764. Bandman Brown

X766. Head shots, at times (abbr.)

X767. Lieutenant James E. Carter, Jr., ___

X768. It makes money’s growth accelerate over time (and see X771-Across)

X771. One who considers their own anagram at X768-Across

X775. New Mexico river

X776. Applies, as perfume

X777. Boog Powell, regarding his old baseball career

X778. Alternative to Keds

X779. Shade of yellow

X780. Wives, in Germany

X781. ___ exercise (method for combatting urinary incontinence and reducing premature ejaculation)

X782. Opp. of width

X784. A quarter of dodici

X785. Location of our consciousness

X786. It codes for proteins

X788. Place of business (abbr.)

X789. “___ enacted by the General Assembly…”

X791. Flatbreads with ghee

X792. Hasta ___

X793. Play by Oscar Wilde that’s the title of several paintings

X795. Line online

X796. Elephant who named his capital after his queen

X798. Club with a lot of mass?*

X799. Skater Midori and judge Lance

X800. Part of Madonna’s curriculum vitae*

X803. Sub for a kids’ carpool*

X806. Visual (arts)

X808. Particle of cosmic radiation

X809. Gavin Rossdale’s “The Skin ___”

X810. Written in quatrains, e.g.

X811. Elvis Costello’s “My ___ True”

X812. Kitchen clocks

X813. 1980s-’90s “Did I do that?” TV nerd

X815. Right-hand pages

X816. “Eeeewwwww!”

X817. React to an awesome splash page*

X818. “It awes us ___ are, though you and I may get used to it one day”*

X820. One of the senses

X822. Big-brimmed bonnet

X825. Weather-affecting winds

X828. Ron nicknamed “The Penguin”

X829. Amen-Ra’s wife

X832. Cat scratch sources

X834. Marked by a local body or bodies of water

X836. Pan handler?

X838. 1950s movie monster destroyed at Mount Aso

X839. Young rascal

X840. One no longer in the big leagues

X841. Valued, as a colleague

X843. Adjusted to the state of, as volume*

X844. Certain Polynesian

X846. Sum’s bottom line

X847. Org. behind the National Cryptologic Museum

X848. Driver’s req.

X850. Establish a new foothold

X851. Like Nita Strauss, re: the establishment*

X852. Forum disclaimer

X853. Stellar-travel set*

X855. Tech billionaire Peter who wrote “I no longer believe freedom and democracy are compatible,” which seems like a problematic view from a guy with his influence on Facebook

X857. Least anagrammable Teletubby

X859. Scottish area where many Gaelic tales are told*

X860. Explore

X862. Kitchen sponge go-with

X864. You’ll get a hospital bed if it works on you; if it doesn’t, well…*

X866. Adjective in Peruvian history books

X867. Starting Harvard law students

X868. Sward

X869. It’s usually seen via a microscope and a beam of light (var.)*

X870. More insolent

X871. ___ the Short (Charlemagne’s father)

X872. Buying info

X873. Reverend’s counterpart

X874. Perfect starter?

X876. Put into flame

X878. Christ Stopped at ___ (Primo Levi)

X879. Haunted-house inmate

X880. Opera singer Terfel

X881. Not free on board

X884. When the first break of the day feels meant to be*

X886. Pig of kiddie TV

X888. Opening for an act

X890. Ways of reasoning

X892. Where Buzz Lightyear is invited at one point in Toy Story

X894. What a reader may read

X896. Body scanner org.

X897. Easily swindled sort

X899. Water-to-wine site

X901. Src. of more accountability in accounting*

X902. Trunk without roots*

X903. Lewis featured in every main ad for Billions*

X904. Puffins or Puffed Wheat

X905. Species Bradley Cooper has played second most often

X907. “Consider this done”

X909. Socks sound

X910. Lead-in to “phase”

X912. A cold can mean tons of it*

X913. League of the links (abbr.)

X915. With its anagram at X921-Across, lightly edited quote from Antony in Julius Caesar

X921. See X915-Across

X926. Off-putting fish?

X930. Unusual collection

X933. Truck’s body protection

X937. VH-1 alternative

X940. Stunted ear of corn

X941. Spot where a long bone grows

X942. Boooring

X943. Audience members clap, nod for his “Fanfare”*

X944. How “c’mon” is usually said

X946. Like a transient triumph

X950. It’s for people who don’t do Windows

X951. Ready for sex, in short

X953. Less polished

X954. “___che macchiavi quell’anima…”

X955. Gently enter

X957. Main character of A Different World’s first season who basically vanished from it by its last

X958. “Baby Beluga” singer

X959. "Got it, fella?"

X961. Concept from your own mind that wasn’t just AI-ed (could an AI do that anagram? Of course not)*

X962. AOL entertainment offering

X963. Good Christmas gift for many a fan

X964. Zune power sources

X965. Largest city and former capital of Nigeria

X966. Treasured clay disks

X968. Seasoning for une omelette

X969. Colonial news source

X970. It may follow a dot

X971. Palindromic 1998 Busta Rhymes album

X972. It’s not necessarily the real worth

X973. Stops a stealer

X974. Opposite of mala

X975. Fierce Hawaiian shark

X976. Icy mass

X978. Give muskets and bayonets, say

X980. Fifth-century pope with the epithet “the Great”

X982. British painter of horses

X985. Treasury secretary through most of the Twenties

X987. Deep sleeps

X989. Like leaves

X992. Last name in detective fiction

X994. Boston’s are Red

X995. Real waste of space in “___ Had to Die”*

X996. “Each Dawn ___” (Cagney movie)

X997. Chromosomes of someone with Klinefelter syndrome

X998. Massachusetts music festival locale

X999. “This is so frustrating!”

X1000. The Parthenon has two, in classical Greek

X1001. Asked too many questions

X1002. Relying on flow

X1004. Of a gap or interruption

X1005. Halo blight, for a bean*

X1006. Is easing onto the roster with maturity*

X1008. State of Ukraine broadcaster

X1009. Lone Star cuisine

X1011. Remove

X1013. Jewel-thief’s outlet

X1015. The genderqueer

X1017. Glitzed (up)

X1019. Egg touter of fiction

X1021. “Thou canst not then be false to ___” (Polonius)

X1023. Susan ___ James

X1025. Places for pedestrians to be alert, informally

X1027. Entertainment awards acronym

X1031. Sew with an egg

X1034. Relationship complications

X1036. Ecclesiastical laws

X1037. Component of some printers

X1039. Took ___: had an active role

X1040. Like a cheerleader after a big game, maybe

X1041. High-school physics prop

X1043. Epic, like a fifty-player game*

X1044. Support by proxy (var.)

X1045. Schubert specialties

X1047. Somewhere nearby

X1048. Break ___ (split)

X1050. ___ home: out

X1052. Kind of pass still valid after Brexit

X1054. Tricky; elusive

X1056. Ginzburg on many a fashion site*

X1057. Deemed worthy of a higher premium due to greater risk

X1059. Works on a bone

X1061. Spielberg film about road rage

X1062. School district higher-up, informally

X1063. Maker of the GROGGY wine opener

X1064. Latin that becomes English when you add “gard to”

X1065. English assignment, maybe

X1066. Ran past the scheduled time

X1067. Last word in ice cream?

X1068. Cherrylike hues

X1069. Of stone

X1070. Ordered, archaically

X1071. Partner of frankincense

X1072. Stations with unique crossed letters

X1073. Delta Shuttle stop in NYC

X1074. Prison uprising of 1971

X1076. With its anagram at X1079-Across, “Whatever it was, it freaked us out”

X1079. See X1076-Across

X1083. Sex drive (straightforward anagram of X1084-Across)

X1084. Sex drive (colorful anagram of X1083-Across)

X1086. “That so?”‘ reply

X1088. Switz. neighbor

X1089. Revolutionary on a T-shirt

X1090. She was, to Caesar

X1091. Really dry

X1092. “Think big” film sloganeer

X1094. Raises, as stakes

X1095. Atlanta coll.

X1097. "We can settle up later"

X1098. With “up for the director,” act RIGHT AT HIM*

X1099. Will listing

X1101. Censor-pixels keep this area lo-res*

X1102. Marlowe protag.

X1103. NFL game extenders

X1105. Interplanetary dictator in Scientology whom we’re not supposed to talk about

X1107. Yellowish brown

X1108. Perceived to be, in a sense*

X1110. Secure to

X1111. Barcelona man’s title

X1113. They work in shafts

X1115. P. Keaton and Dunphy of “Family” sitcoms

X1117. Legal tag

X1118. Like some autumn lawns

X1120. Overspending safety net, for short

X1121. Used a light beam on, in a way that leads to surgical improvement*

X1122. Gem sources

X1124. Refraction device

X1125. Give great pleasure

X1127. They might use a cistern as a pee vat*

X1129. First razor with a twin-blade cartridge

X1130. Joe in Paris, or where to put it in your face*

X1131. Pick on, in a way

X1134. Franklin’s faith


City network

X1141. Age group

X1143. He dies in Hamlet (sure, that narrows it down)

X1146. Like niter*

X1148. Peter and Claudius

X1150. Concrete-walled establishment with free samples and cheap hot dogs

X1152. Coerce for cash

X1154. “OMG, stop with the details already!”

X1156. “Never ___ Up” (Aaliyah song)

X1157. Mom’s X + Dad’s Y

X1158. ___-Loompa (Wonka worker)

X1159. Stirring

X1160. Max of video game fame

X1161. Color-mixing board

X1162. In second, e.g.

X1163. Chips and popcorn, in commercialese

X1164. Like un- and -tion

X1168. Edict of the tsar

X1170. Hiking cue, often

X1171. One of the stonecrops

X1172. Improper way to write 59 in Roman numerals

X1174. Discourage

X1176. Elysia

X1178. Halle Bailey role

X1180. Rich deposits

X1182. Utterly

X1183. Good nickname for a cook?

X1184. What x is in a + b + c = a * b * c = x*

X1186. Made a mom-to-be, usually

X1189. Fourth US president to win a Nobel Peace Prize

X1190. Rook rectangles

X1191. Criminology study, for short

X1192. Will whose characters often natter on about their self-image*

X1193. Cajolery

X1195. D&D and similar campaign pursuits

X1196. “Hip-hop on a higher level” magazine

X1197. Alternative to Facebook, once

X1198. A person without any taste?

X1199. Attacked with clubs and such

X1200. Certain resident of the Arabian Peninsula

X1201. Pudgy president

X1203. Toss, as confetti

X1205. Way to organize all your ducks?

X1207. CIX + II*

X1208. Certain property holder

X1210. Understands the point of

X1212. Internet feed

X1214. “I’m broke ___ it’s ___”

X1216. It may be “bon”

X1217. Arguing as usual

X1218. Attention-getting, upon reflection

X1219. Deficit-reducing, e.g.

X1220. Certain fraternity chapter

X1221. Now paying only for buck acts, e.g.*

X1224. Authorizing

X1225. “Heads up, golfers!”

X1226. Inter ___ (among other things)

X1227. Coming-out announcement

X1228. Borneo ape whose “long call” is more of a groan*

X1229. CDC worry

X1231. Borrowed from, for short

X1233. With its anagram at X1238-Across, was angrily “apathetic”

X1238. See X1233-Across (author: me!)

X1243. Device that’s led to less risk-taking by roadsters*

X1245. Donation location

X1247. Falsely accuse to bring the law onto

X1248. Resoundin’ yell

X1250. Photosynthesis site

X1251. Boost in power

X1252. Statement of confident contemplation

X1253. Pass through

X1255. Level of fame everyone else tails behind*

X1256. Dangerous African insect

X1258. Anagrams are one kind of this

X1262. Arab Spring year

X1264. Old Greek theater

X1265. Norse death goddess

X1266. Least common of the eight compass pts., in crosswords

X1267. “Star Wars” was meant as a dis for it*

X1269. The present, in Peru

X1270. Immunologists’ preparation

X1271. Three battalions (abbr.)

X1273. Bible translation, e.g. (abbr.)

X1275. Use, as a chaise lounge

X1276. Uses a swizzle stick

X1277. Axle-spin skate trick*

X1278. Violates, as an agreement

X1282. Tip sellers

X1283. Packaged

X1285. Not as iffy

X1286. Tiny unit that’s .00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% the energy released in a supernova

X1287. Letter-shaped metal bar

X1288. Man, to Brutus

X1291. Straight as ___

X1292. Pottery of the Netherlands

X1297. Like reference books

X1301. Did a doggie trick

X1303. Railroad network (abbr.)

X1305. Helios’ sister

X1307. ___-garde

X1311. Skier’s challenge

X1313. One’s ‘hood, for short

X1314. Whirling waters

X1317. Mark for alcohol

X1318. Disney heroine who seeks to restore the heart of Te Fiti

X1319. Let Us Now Praise Famous Men author James

X1320. Gets points playing

X1321. Close ___: get that customer

X1322. States of harmony

X1323. “Count to ten, take a breath…”

X1324. Anticipates with confidence

X1328. John Clayton’s other name

X1331. Leave a check for repairs and a note of apology, say*

X1333. People of what’s now California and Mexico

X1334. “And a few more”

X1335. Swab go-with

X1336. Classic fistfight sound effect

X1338. Where Kim is a common surname

X1340. Mother ___ (1979 Nobel Peace Prize recipient)

X1343. Have a feral or uncontained moment, as tempers*

X1345. Hop kilns

X1347. Bug to step on*

X1349. Chocolate-dipped dried grape

X1351. Ginormous

X1352. Willingness to break out of one’s style lane*

X1353. Heredity hierarchy that allegedly keeps its acmes at the top*

X1354. Post-hardcore band with an abrasive name

X1355. Minuteman’s hat

X1356. Cruise role in Vanilla Sky

X1357. Word with will or wind

X1358. Emotionally gray

X1359. Islamic commanders (var.)

X1360. Swab the deck again

X1361. State équivalents*

X1362. Overcoat with unseamed sleeves

X1363. Extended relation?

X1364. Watched closely

X1366. With its anagram at X1370-Across, notes on costume design in a Tarantino film

X1370. See X1366-Across

X1373. In English, what you are if you have its anagram at X1375-Across

X1375. In French, what you have if you are its anagram at X1373-Across

X1377. Like about 1 in 12 American homes

X1379. Metrosexual, perhaps

X1380. Aids for camp chefs

X1382. Pulls gently (doesn’t go nuts and yank or anything)*

X1383. Time machine on Doctor Who

X1385. Comic’s reward

X1386. Compete to run across an acre, say*

X1387. Trotwood who took in David Copperfield

X1388. Typographic term for a textual “equator”

X1389. Mantelpiece pieces

X1390. 144-tile game

X1392. Racing helmsmen

X1394. Echo that action

X1395. Milk-and-yolk drink

X1396. Campaigning against DDE left him at sea*

X1398. Flora in Road Runner cartoons

X1399. Empire State resident, for short

X1400. Quilter’s gathering

X1401. Tiny opening

X1403. Libations from a barrel

X1405. Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation heroine Faust

X1406. It stayed on the rim of Earth’s gravity*

X1407. Hogarth’s progress maker

X1408. Remove identification from, as a Facebook photo

X1409. Rhone wine

X1410. Libya’s last king

X1411. Funny papers, slangily

X1412. 1969’s “giant leap for mankind”

X1414. It can be black or green

X1415. Longstocking of literature

X1418. Releases one’s grip on

X1421. Spaniard’s thirst

X1423. Hermaphroditic land animal

X1425. Recording studio work

X1428. Seven bones down low

X1430. Dumbledore’s double agent

X1433. Deliver some notes?

X1435. Oldest UN gp.

X1436. Less fictitious

X1437. Cain’s sin (that led to his other, showier sin)

X1438. They dog your steps

X1440. Campstove fuel

X1441. Like some gout

X1442. NJ army outpost

X1443. Marlins, on scoreboards

X1444. They’re arguable

X1448. It is let in on all your mass marketing*

X1450. One hundred points, to a jeweler

X1451. Makes worse

X1455. Website for divorce and breakup consolation called a “place to go when it’s time to leave”

X1459. “…___ the queen of England!”

X1461. The Irishman star in ironed pajamas*

X1462. Showed extreme disrespect toward

X1464. Growl like a mad dog

X1466. Had dinner at a friend’s

X1468. Lab series?

X1469. Full of protuberances; jagged

X1471. Army rank (abbr.)

X1472. Just more than never

X1473. Left open-mouthed

X1474. Above-the-elbow bands

X1476. Verbalized amazement

X1477. ___ Centauri

X1481. Where pros play

X1484. Comic-strip manchild who dodged Sadie Hawkins

X1485. Friends, to Flavius

X1486. Hit lightly with a finger

X1487. XXXIX × X

X1488. Dry stalk [worth 14 points in Scrabble]

X1489. Not much, as of paint

X1491. Kind of community in an intermediate stage

X1493. More than enough, usually

X1494. A little more lit

X1496. Britney’s “Oops!…___ It Again”

X1498. “To know my deed, ___ best not know myself” (Macbeth)

X1499. If You Knew ___… (Quatro album)

X1501. Sacred bird of Egyptian hieroglyphics

X1502. Lack of pressure

X1503. English mil. medal

X1504. Cheongsam features

X1505. Like the air she exhales after a longer smoke*

X1506. “The East ___” (1960s Chinese anthem)

X1507. Longshoreman’s workplace

X1508. “Last name” covering the end of a spectrum

X1509. Earl Grey alternative

X1510. Bobby who lost to a King

X1511. Kingdoms, to Caesars

X1512. Asian-American basketball sensation Jeremy

X1513. Like oceanic islands, poetically

X1515. King Arthur’s father Pendragon

X1516. Motor attachment?

X1517. Tree bearing pods

X1519. Root cause of much American strife (and anagram for X1522-Across)

X1522. Times of American strife (and anagram for X1519-Across)

X1527. Tasty pre-meal liver dish, say, and anagram of X1404-Down

X1529. On and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and

X1531. Mesa tribe

X1532. Crafty to the max

X1533. This veggie is hard to chew unsliced*

X1535. Skin rash

X1536. Shakespeare said a quart of it was “a dish for a king”

X1537. Perfect poker player’s comment?

X1538. Attachment on some mufflers

X1540. Marco Rubio or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

X1542. ___ de Flandres (stoneware)

X1543. Franken Berry contemporary

X1545. Part of an insect’s body that holds the legs

X1547. Mr. Silverstein

X1548. “As ___ On TV”

X1549. Rocker’s job

X1551. Walesa of Poland

X1552. Sandwich ingredient for many?

X1553. “The Aba ___ Honeymoon,” 1914 hit song

X1555. Remove the rind from, as a pear*

X1556. Saint Petersburg’s former name

X1558. Places to get screwdrivers

X1560. Best conditions

X1562. Kind of fighting uniform

X1563. Excise on some out-of-state purchases

X1564. Clumps of sugar on a stick

X1566. It helps one battle mental difficulties, sirs*

X1567. Lesser-known citrus just a bit bigger than a pea (mew!)*

X1568. First Marvel Cinematic Universe villain

X1570. Taking it ___ notch

X1571. Macroinvertebrate sampler

X1573. Imam’s religion

X1576. Showing a lot of skin, perhaps

X1578. Paragon

X1581. Like characters in RED (it stands for Retired, Extremely Dangerous)

X1582. “We kid, but seriously…”

X1585. Penn State’s ___ Hall

X1586. Agcy. that lit up farmhouses in an earlier era*

X1587. Fastening pin

X1588. Sequence of words that’s a letter bank for “anagram”

X1589. Insolently, proudly uneducated

X1591. Title word of a song from Mozart’s “Requiem”

X1592. Tear site worth crying over

X1593. Rouse from sleep

X1595. Thrill, as when you exert a Hail Mary*

X1600. Lifelike Oz traveler

X1606. Start for a comp sci career, sometimes

X1610. Like sulfur dioxide or carbon monoxide

X1612. The Bar-Kays’ “Shake Your ___ to the Funk”

X1614. What the ghost says

X1615. Etymonline alternatives in print form

X1617. He’s neither Harry nor Hermione*

X1618. “You’re lookin’ at your guy”

X1619. Extras (abbr.)

X1620. Kukicha

X1623. “See you,” to the new boy*

X1625. Approving

X1627. Axe-visit papers*

X1631. Arcade bonus

X1637. They release the hounds

X1643. Mar with a head-on collision*

X1644. Pre-Socratic philosopher

X1645. Gibbons and us

X1646. Organes visuels

X1647. George F. Kennan’s pseudonym

X1649. Tank swimmer

X1651. Good way to be in France*

X1653. Like the innermost coat of an organ

X1656. Sweetie pie

X1657. Deep blue

X1658. Burns’s “On the ___ and Far Away”

X1659. Path for a car making a turn*

X1660. Abbr. seen in Dear Mark Twain: Letters from His Readers

X1662. ___ impasse

X1663. Harvard’s Sissela and Derek, whose names sound like something you’ll fill in here

X1666. Pre-fax communiques