Ubercross Abecedaria W


W1. Legal certifiers (abbr.)

W4. Parting words

W8. “So true, huh?”

W14. Smooch, in texts

W18. One cleansed by Jesus

W23. “Does loyalty mean nothing anymore?”

W27. Standing O, say

W31. Much more than fond

W35. HS support groups

W39. “The savage mountain”

W43. Alexander or Vera of fashion

W47. Research into a political foe’s weaknesses, in slang

W51. Listen to one’s gut?

W52. Three-terminal power component

W57. Sofia Vergara’s home nation

W61. Where diameter lines cross

W66. “Stressed was ___ saw desserts”

W68. Often cranky

W72. Cash America establishment

W76. Elliot who released the album Don’t Call Me Mama Anymore

W80. The “E” in ER (abbr.)

W81. “Eri tu,” but not “Eres Tu”

W85. Beachcombing aerial hunters (var.)

W86. Purrers

W90. Elton John/Tim Rice collaboration

W91. Taxperts

W95. All fired up

W97. Stephen of Underworld: Awakening

W100. Tyler, the Creator album about unrequited love

W101. “I am so tragic”

W105. Ho or Ngo, for short

W106. Stumped

W113. Half of hex-

W114. Joe Manchin, Steve Harvey, and Jennifer Garner, in terms of where they grew up

W116. Twinsies

W118. Like yards and gallons

W119. Quasi-Cartesian subjectivity

W123. Just slightly

W124. Less formal “yours” in Les Pyrénées-Orientales

W125. Pots and vases in art class, e.g.

W127. Bead that may come from a cone snail

W129. Call for Geraldine?

W130. One who bails when it hails

W133. Unintentional disaster

W135. Some ways on Waze (abbr.)

W136. Alley’s love

W137. Checks one’s arithmetic

W138. Abundance

W140. Corporeal

W142. Changes in how property is handled

W143. Killer of Adonis, in myth

W145. Food plants for many caterpillars

W148. Having one’s luster dimmed

W150. Bore measures, in Bristol

W152. Somehow even worse

W154. 87 octane

W155. Gentle little nibble

W156. Nurse, as a latte

W157. Talk about heaven, perhaps (abbr.)

W158. African reedbucks

W160. Twitter feeds within websites

W165. Up from sleep

W167. Ultra-wide shoe width

W168. Hack of baseball

W170. Enter data again

W171. Trial figures, for short

W172. Request upon leaving?

W173. Property donor

W174. “Star Wars”

W175. Its last build was El Capitan

W176. Noms de guerre or de plume

W177. Volstead antis

W178. More frilly

W179. Rambling ones

W180. “Why won’t this thing work?!”

W181. Recent

W182. Benevolent Chinese spirits

W185. Rollers in a saw

W187. Thunderace cycles, e.g.

W190. Moonball, e.g.

W192. “Week Without Violence” org.

W195. “Until we meet again!”

W197. Market line?

W198. Flavor in some fried rice

W201. Beethoven’s “Minuet ___”

W203. Grumbler’s tale

W204. Massachusetts college or actress Lena

W205. Poker holdings

W207. Answering an invite

W209. Turn-of-the-century first family of Britain (a royalist blares his disappointment in this clue)*

W210. ___-Bulls Pretzels

W213. Get the anti-perspirant working at the poker table*

W214. “___ deadhead sticker on a Cadillac…”

W219. Woof crosser

W223. Its flag shows the Big Dipper

W225. Long lunch?

W228. The ancient land of Seir

W230. Chafed places

W233. Fieri facias and habeas corpus

W234. Kind of engine

W235. Not permanent, as ink

W243. Like the world’s biggest salt flats

W251. Impress the audience

W253. When bars close in Boston

W255. Gas stations that sound like they offer another kind of fill-up

W257. Scoreboard postings

W258. Daughter of Oceanus

W259. Complained

W260. Ragtime pianist Joe “Fingers” who played with “The Car-Hops”*

W264. It was once yours?

W269. Sounds of wonderment drawn by wizardry, say

W270. Render useless

W271. Former Knuckles the Echidna consoles

W272. In any case

W273. What your right pointer finger is usually in position to type

W275. Like the movies Goosebumps and Pan

W276. Librarian whose spelling system would make him Melvil Dewy*

W278. Online health-info site

W280. Hero chaser?

W281. Org. engaged in pier review?

W282. Option from a list

W283. Great riches

W284. Nero’s friend and enemy

W286. Doc Savage portrayer Ron in 2020 news due to family tragedy

W287. Power cord?

W288. Firth of fame

W289. Discrediting reports

W290. Barrel workers

W291. ___ debt of gratitude

W292. Film parts

W293. Number of leches in a certain cake on a tray*

W294. Fell, in a way

W295. He’s disloyal in his very heart

W298. Daughter of Laban, in the Bible

W300. Has become

W302. Differences in concentric circs.

W304. Often-dystopian conflict

W306. Show hostility to, as a dog might a mail carrier

W308. Sell items that appeal to one’s bravery?

W310. Less-tasty part of a cow

W312. Valhalla man

W313. Alexander and others

W314. Available to drink

W315. Break in the Cold War

W316. Summit under cloud cover?

W318. Stadium ticket word

W320. “Coke is it” v. “The choice of a new generation,” e.g.

W323. More robust

W324. Wattlebird

W325. ABC show similar to Trading Spouses

W329. Home to many Greeks

W331. Petroleum byproduct

W333. Letter from Tel Aviv?

W335. The Hobbit dragon

W336. Like gazpacho

W337. Pennsylvanian, e.g.

W338. Liberates (of)

W340. Irish and others

W341. Cartoonist who would probably use a dodo for Democrats and a rabid wolf for Republicans if alive today

W342. Diaper contents, euphemistically

W344. Square dancer’s glides

W346. Quality that makes a thing itself

W350. Seoul GI

W351. Jerry-built

W352. “Peace” by Depeche Mode, e.g.*

W354. Till the soil again

W355. Twelve-year school, briefly

W356. Designators

W358. “That show comes ___ 8” (pre-streaming talk)

W359. States boldly

W361. Conservative complaint

W363. Of a Frankish people

W364. Prophet with a cheating wife

W366. “Trust ___” (Jungle Book song)

W367. Mr. Cool’s antithesis

W369. What a lead-in leads up to

W370. Anime hero who uses the same name when male or female

W371. Sneaky chuckles

W372. Words of woe

W373. Hot stars

W374. Reminder

W375. One may need your SSN

W377. Crimson Tide HQ

W378. Monotheist’s precept

W380. ___ est percipi (“To be is to be perceived,” George Berkeley)

W381. Was admitted

W382. Ukrainian staple

W383. Use well

W385. Available for viewing

W387. Give a seat

W389. Fry cook’s need

W391. Stable spot

W393. Insert surreptitiously

W395. Rifle range: Fr.

W396. Meals with matzo

W398. Gambling game for the masses

W399. Rhyming-titled film that was Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s debut

W400. “…but that price is open to negotiation,” for short

W401. Shrill piping notes

W402. Preparations

W403. “I guess that works”

W404. Yucatan Indians

W405. New ___, Connecticut

W406. Nomad

W408. Doff one’s chapeau

W409. Exposed to the public

W410. Rendering crisp audio

W413. Sandwich meat…or is that just a big lie?

W415. Was triumphant in the end

W417. Oinker who’s had a litter or two

W419. Intestine region

W421. Certain dumpster divers

W423. Literary devices

W424. Where the joke may be, if its target is unclear

W425. Has more than a hunch

W426. Fussbudgets

W428. Ill-tempered

W429. ___ citizen

W430. Rachel’s firstborn, in the Bible

W431. Develop like wine, not milk

W433. Its flag has a sword-wielding lion

W437. “The Boy with the Bread” in YA lit

W438. Find an application for

W439. Little crawler sometimes called a roly-poly

W440. “That burned my hands!”

W442. Crime kingpin

W444. Sprinkle

W446. Tak3n star Liam

W448. External drive brand

W450. Muffet-to-tuffet words

W451. Former bank option, for short

W452. Members of Troglodytes troglodytes

W454. Fifth hunk in a firefighter’s calendar

W456. Eight-year Attorney General

W458. Currently

W459. Camp conveyance

W460. Like a nocturnal bird

W461. Brilliantly colored salamanders

W462. In ___ way: immoderately

W464. Morrow and Damone

W467. What this puzzle’s published without

W468. College info session host

W469. Iran money

W472. “You ___!” (Ren’s insult)

W473. Abolitionist author Harriet Beacher

W474. Decorated soldier

W477. Everything

W479. 69, usually

W481. Sports comeback

W483. Spam alternative

W484. Annette Hope Billings’ ___ Full of Hope

W485. Back side of several words for crime*

W486. Trigonometric term

W487. Belgian border river

W488. Posed for a new photo

W489. Site of Mayfair’s most popular board game

W490. Losing rolls

W491. Longtime rival of Japan

W492. Problem of spreading spots?

W495. Amphigoric

W497. Marine route

W498. Henley who drew praise for playing “Red Leader” in two films 39 years apart*

W500. First to be called up

W501. Not showing emotion

W502. Turn stale

W503. Expose in verse?

W504. Norwegian tale

W506. Was (for Halloween)

W509. “On the wagon”

W511. Healthy-looking

W513. “___ May Think” (Paper that predicted the internet)

W514. Frequent USD conversion

W515. Cheapside steed

W516. Hotel’s hot spot

W519. Suffix meaning “lizard”

W521. Letters before Missouri or Arizona

W522. It has kite-shaped faces

W523. Reef made of skeletons

W524. Racetrack markings

W525. Contract winner

W527. Peter Pan predator

W528. Gangsta rap pioneer

W529. Unconfident comment

W531. Harry Potter’s professor of divination Trelawney

W532. “What ___ thinking?”

W533. They protect corp. secrets

W534. R&Bers Tony! ___! Tone!*

W535. Russian playwright

W536. Home improvement tools

W539. Does a desk job

W541. Prove victorious in

W543. Gobsmacked

W545. Results of some end runs, briefly

W546. Coll. in the “Little Apple” Manhattan

W548. Abode of the gods, in Homer

W550. “But…still!”

W552. Tavern overstayer

W553. GoT character who talks like a Pokémon

W554. Recedes

W555. Carvey and Gould of stand-up

W556. Concerning evolution

W558. Mike site

W560. Thin Man dog

W561. No room to swing ___ [my pet is staring at me as I write this one]

W562. The usual amts.

W563. Three Oscar nominations and one win in three consecutive, turn-of-the-century years?

W568. Phishing target (abbr.)

W569. Comic cries

W572. Clog buster

W574. Not standing

W576. Mailed?

W578. With less hair and less noise?

W583. Knocked their socks off

W585. It’s straight from the heart

W586. She saves Frodo

W587. Lennon bandmate

W589. Some Stargate SG-1 characters, in brief

W590. Round Table wimp?

W594. Tetragrammaton consonants

W595. ___ Haw (rustic TV show)

W596. Abbr. in personal ads

W599. Part of our armed forces (abbr.)

W600. Minitrident

W601. Nutty Knotts

W604. Focused (on)

W606. Iota neighbor

W608. Mawkishness

W610. Labor gp. founded in 1900

W611. Signature for #43

W615. Anita Baker’s first hit

W616. Color theory?

W621. Salt-___ (rap trio)

W622. The granddaddy of all curses, euphemistically

W623. Worth no points, say

W624. Look daggers (at)

W625. Incidentally online?

W627. Sch. for Mountaineers

W628. Cease to exist, old-style

W629. Food stamp system, briefly

W632. Former part of Indonesia (abbr.)

W633. Gov’t agents

W634. Soils a diaper

W636. Violinist Laredo

W638. Informal meeting

W641. Invaded someone’s privacy

W643. Vivien or Janet

W645. Sartorial trademark for A$AP Ferg

W648. Inc., e.g., briefly

W649. Must give

W650. Rotate rapidly

W651. Raines and Cinders

W653. Lover of Italian opera?

W654. Go “boohoo”

W655. Musician left out of the new Muppet Babies

W657. Enfolds

W658. Have ___ (argue)

W659. Prettied (up)

W662. Nincompoops

W665. 24/7 business

W667. Main house-to-barn connections

W669. They’re often grad students

W670. It’s named for the promos it’ll add where you wouldn’t normally see them*

W671. Door parts

W672. Was in store

W674. Injun Joe creator

W676. Jam-pack

W679. Says “Bah!” or “Ah!”

W682. France’s ___ Re

W683. They’re one thing Zeus reigns over*

W684. They’re said with a flourish

W686. Explosion from the nostrils

W688. Classic film actor who said, “Start every day off with a smile and get it over with”

W691. Untamed one?

W693. Found oneself afflicted

W694. Show submission

W695. Cash register part

W697. Black-and-white box used in modern scanning

W698. Unscrupulous

W700. Chorus while standing up in the pews

W703. Roads of Rome

W704. Prevented a shutout, say

W705. Stretch out, as metal or time

W707. Pointers

W710. Say “My place is on the third floor” and maybe sway your posture a little

W712. Car wheel securer

W713. Digital repositories on which my first five years or so of professional writing are stored

W714. Request in a Chinese restaurant

W715. 70s pres. monogram

W718. Commercia ___ (arrangements between enemy states)

W720. Picador’s victim

W721. Founds

W722. Join the game as a replacement

W723. “Come on…be good, kids”

W725. Port feature

W726. Not so quick on the uptake

W728. Loopy AI in The Good Place

W729. Kind of role

W731. Word shouted by Ross on Friends while trapped between a couch and a wall

W732. Statistician’s calculation

W733. Football plays

W734. What you might need after falling into a toe ditch*

W737. They’re taken at trials

W739. Not a secret

W741. Class before a class, briefly

W744. Subject to a ribbing

W745. Country where Haagen-Dazs HQ is

W746. Great Plains natives

W747. Showing evidence of gym time

W749. Quires and quires

W751. Stick in a pack

W752. Took down, in Dover

W753. Talks the ear off

W755. Peculiar

W756. Old-school net surfer

W757. It ended at 11:00 on 11/11/18

W759. Many Renoirs

W761. Bossies

W762. Cry in a dogfight

W763. It’ll alleve pain*

W764. Does harm to

W766. Ho Chi of politics

W767. Notorious lad mag until 2015

W770. Virtual human companion

W773. “It’s ___ to the finish”

W775. Make furrows in.

W777. Pixel-density no.

W778. Former site with the former tagline “What are you doing?”

W780. Be of interest to

W782. Outburst after a nefarious plan is hatched

W784. Stats for newborns

W785. One rowing from the front

W786. Prideless

W787. Flipped, to investors

W789. Hemoglobin-filled corpuscle (abbr.)

W792. It makes one sound like a pig

W794. Leader of the flock

W796. Track-and-field events

W797. Previously, up to this point

W798. Realized the truth of

W801. ___ minor (myrtle)

W802. Trips of el sol

W804. England’s first poet laureate

W806. She’s flirtatious and extremely online

W808. Modern alternative to a newspaper strip

W810. Org. that X-rays shoes

W812. “Seeing ___ that all these things shall be dissolved”

W813. Separation of chaff from grain

W815. Little quarrel

W816. Army members, for short

W819. “Give me one example”

W821. Items I stared at compulsively as a young man, but now that I’m married and sophisticated, I can visualize them without…without…anyway, they’re, you know, thingies

W822. He adapted a Wells work to radio*

W823. 1970 Nobel physicist Louis (kneel before him!)*

W824. Ancient Italian language

W826. Lorelei, e.g.

W830. Constricting band

W831. Factor in ad valorem tax, e.g.*

W832. Wraps around

W833. Assembly-line product in classroom examples

W834. Mayo preceder

W836. Obstacle race near lumber yards

W838. Melodramatic

W841. Objects intuited but not seen

W842. More beefcakey

W844. They’re a bit narrower and deeper than soup plates

W846. Overly trusting

W848. Dodgers’ game?

W849. His last “best film of the year” vote went to Argo

W851. Add cash to a card

W852. Stewart’s “Vertigo” co-star

W853. Common flashlight fillers

W855. Disappearing act?

W856. Virtual filer

W857. Martin partner, once

W860. Proven statements

W861. Exhalations of discovery

W862. Game that helps you play pilot, for short

W864. My wife was worried I had this, but I’m just a loud snorer

W866. In want of

W869. It makes a whistling tea kettle whistle

W871. Chemist’s table salt

W872. Product’s ultimate purpose

W873. ___ Doggfather (1990s rap album)

W874. Waiters carry them

W875. “…___ the L I C I O U S” (“Fergalicious” lyric)

W877. Go for first

W878. Tat-tat start

W879. Process coffee beans

W880. Entered like a thief

W882. Cellular system structure

W883. Unflattering follow-up to “pharma” and “tech”

W884. Sushi bar purchases

W886. Impressive part on an elk

W887. “___ over when she laid down on your couch?” (Taylor Swift)

W889. Blueprint notation

W890. What the “w/” stands for

W891. Dance Around the Golden Calf painter Nolde

W892. Little charger?

W893. Ground grippers

W895. Lady of Las Palmas

W897. Close to and well-liked by

W901. “Harsh, girl!”

W902. Are in the future

W904. Native Latvians

W906. Inability to read due to brain trouble

W908. Iced tea garnish

W912. Breakfast cereal magnate

W913. Try to be where danger isn’t*

W914. Chaney and Fuller

W916. What auditioners roll the dice on*

W918. Scum unit

W919. Pork preparer and chain founder Bob

W920. Classic jazz combo

W921. Working title of Dorothy Meets the Blob?

W924. Hotel with a façade and interior design plugging its sponsors?

W925. “Come again?”

W928. Facelift

W930. Daryl of Kill Bill

W931. “Those movies where comedian Tyler wonders why he took a wife are popular: I recommend another sequel”?

W935. Superhero Bruce with some of his punching sound effects?

W938. Hidden from sight

W939. Specter

W940. Hang above, ominously

W942. Tally of reactions to a baby’s cuteness?

W944. Follow-up to “Thailand has embraced democracy; Vietnam hasn’t”?  

W947. “When ___ eat?”

W948. “Nothing ___ importance”

W950. Meg and Paul, for two

W951. Some toothbrushes

W952. “Rules are rules”

W954. 1968 Creedence Clearwater Revival hit

W956. Home of Carthage College

W960. Blue flags, e.g.

W961. Singer Lambert

W962. Just painted

W963. Whilom spy gp.

W964. “___ From Muskogee” (1969 Merl Haggard hit)

W965. “This ___: To dwell in the Lord’s house all the days of my life” (Psalm 27)

W966. Behindness on rent

W969. Small slit

W970. Popular blogging platform

W971. Agitated state

W973. Three, in Tours

W974. Immunologist Salk

W975. Blog feed, for short

W976. Biters in Europe and Egypt

W980. Influential figure’s heyday

W981. Farewells from a tyke

W982. “Let’s think through where this leads us”

W984. Big boo-boos

W987. Sign to

W988. “Oh, ___!” (slangy “Uh-oh”)

W989. Furry friend of Chewbacca

W990. “___ Nui”

W991. ALCS and NLCS mos.

W993. Setting of Canyonlands National Park

W995. General ___ chicken (Chinese entree)

W996. Sullenly

W997. Appraising

W999. Dabbling duck with a steep forehead (var.)

W1000. Old sheriff’s badge

W1002. “Almost spilled that!”

W1003. “Easy now, big fella!”

W1006. Ubuntu, e.g. (abbr.)

W1007. Red Hot Chili Peppers love song

W1009. Toboggan, for example

W1010. She’s coming out

W1012. Ring ruling, briefly

W1014. Really just legal opinions by Islamic authorities

W1016. Oscar winner Meryl for The Iron Lady

W1018. Their ammo’s harmless

W1020. Ones behind bars

W1021. State of going with the flow

W1022. High School Confidential Mamie Van

W1024. “Just a ___ like one of us” (Joan Osborne line)

W1026. Flattery-based cons

W1028. Short section of track

W1029. Drums of African origin

W1030. Saison chaude

W1033. Bright bird

W1034. USAF refugee

W1036. Fox of Back to the Future

W1039. National auto body repair chain

W1043. Chopper blade

W1044. Encyclopedically

W1045. Outlet, e.g.

W1047. Campaigns against drugs and poverty, metaphorically

W1049. Ski report highlight

W1052. He heard every word of the grift

W1055. 1930s home run king

W1056. Chilled sounds

W1057. “No! Not ___ the world”

W1058. Family Guy tot who says, “Laugh and cry” in the opening song, not “Effin’ cry,” seriously, Dave, get your ears checked

W1060. Old draft classification

W1062. It has a Union (abbr.)

W1063. Showy kind of patriotism

W1066. Frost or ice, e.g.

W1068. Simple Lionel train layout

W1069. Device amplifying electromagnetic waves

W1072. Love letter abbr.

W1074. Soap actress González

W1075. “___ and answered”

W1080. The Jungle novelist Sinclair

W1081. Meticulous and type A

W1082. Powerfully built dog

W1083. Local resident, to a collegian

W1084. “To recap…”

W1086. Any way you can

W1088. Stagnation or stability

W1089. “Ohhh…sure!”

W1091. Tampax competitor

W1092. Caught visiting

W1094. Old-fashioned virtue.

W1096. R.V. park hookup option

W1097. Angora wool fabrics

W1098. Roost, so to speak

W1099. Openly declared

W1101. Give ___: make an odd statement to hide a reference to*

W1103. Siberian river

W1104. Glass Onion and Antebellum star Janelle

W1105. “I ___ old friend of ours today” (Sheena Easton lyric)

W1106. Sign that might show a “slipping and falling guy” emoji

W1108. Guiding principles

W1109. Shake your butt down to the dance floor

W1111. Small sample, as of alcohol

W1113. Dutch for “untouched”

W1114. Amts. specified by nutritionists

W1115. Automobile, informally

W1116. Plasmas, e.g.

W1119. Tritt of C&W

W1121. Waves at the beach

W1122. Chapeaux locales

W1123. Full of bogs

W1124. Intense

W1125. Subscriber’s action

W1127. Gabber’s gift

W1129. Mil. program for teen would-be soldiers

W1130. Tiny bit

W1131. Deprive Scorsese of benefits?

W1133. Swiss commune

W1135. LA shakes

W1137. Land of the Midnight Sun

W1140. “My cry rings out, betraying my nervous hesitation”?

W1144. Whatever will replace 2021’s most popular programming language? (I wrote this clue in 2021: turns out the answer was JavaScript)

W1146. Pittsburgh players under observation?

W1151. Come into possession of

W1153. Rock singer?

W1154. Interdiction

W1155. Milk cartons in a given aisle?

W1157. In armed conflict

W1158. Tramping in mud

W1159. Right-___ law (Taft-Hartley Act provision)

W1162. Prepared for the anthem, say

W1163. For a price, she’ll set you up with a hawt bod(?)*

W1167. Piglike in behavior

W1171. NBA legend Ming

W1172. Hammer-___ (guitar playing techniques)

W1174. Kind of ball game

W1175. Trademarks

W1176. Capricious notions

W1177. Showed up

W1181. Covers with chimney grime

W1182. Camp David pact signer

W1183. Healing technique that’s Japanese for “universal life energy”

W1184. Florida player trying to buck a bad rep at this writing*

W1185. Intl. treaty subject

W1186. “Oh, I’ll get that”

W1190. Each other’s fave peeps

W1194. Old slangy word of enthusiasm

W1195. Minor alterations

W1199. In a crude manner

W1200. Mo. of a Russian revolution

W1201. “He was not of ___ but for all time!” (Jonson on Shakespeare)

W1202. Age

W1203. Unusual peep show?

W1204. Would welcome an exit strategy

W1206. Sounds like leaves under little cat feet

W1209. Ed’s bud known as “Double D”*

W1210. “___ out?” (dealer’s query)

W1211. Walk, pace, etc.

W1212. Hellman’s alternative

W1214. Dunn, Ephron, and Roberts

W1216. Became a donor

W1217. Reliable Sources channel

W1218. Sugar servings

W1220. Certain photo prints

W1221. “She Bee Stingin’“ boxer Ali

W1223. Comes around

W1225. Football Hall-of-Famer Merlin

W1226. Make like a bunny

W1227. They’re depicted on New Zealand dollars

W1230. Biblical name

W1231. “___ the time!”

W1232. By mail

W1233. Puerto Rico hrs.

W1234. Home to the Woody Guthrie Center

W1236. Thine, in Torino

W1237. Like a flushing toilet’s water

W1240. It may be dragged and dropped

W1241. El Nino feature?

W1242. Saint and mystic of Spain

W1243. Weakened, in gaming slang

W1245. Mos Def collaborator Kweli

W1247. Bulletins and such

W1249. Small skillet

W1252. Coldplay’s “Viva la Vida” producer Brian

W1253. Speak, as an opinion

W1254. Linotype machine partners (abbr.)

W1255. Become hardened

W1257. Game’s trail

W1259. Mad state

W1260. Take ___: read some social cues

W1262. Main thrust

W1263. “Just gotta finish this real quick”

W1266. Activation phrase for an iPhone user

W1267. Mother in The Family Circus, or thing you take when accepting defeat

W1269. Art of piano?

W1271. One with a place of honor

W1273. Mon. ___ Fri.

W1274. Seismologist’s concern

W1275. Ball game with roots in Ancient Rome (var.)

W1276. 20 ___ = 1 oz. troy

W1278. Taito and Namco rival

W1280. Bigfoot relatives

W1282. “Great public schools for every student” org.

W1283. “Well, point one…”

W1285. Herbaceous plants that lead to beers

W1286. Owl’s question?

W1287. Relegated to outsider status

W1289. High-end sets of wheels

W1292. Sometime plural of “nix”

W1293. 91, to Nero

W1294. New York’s first luxury hotel

W1295. NBC show that’s 72 years old in 2023

W1296. Chastain-Malkovich rogue-spy thriller

W1298. Folkloric, impish fairy that might get you to drop trou*

W1300. More ticked

W1302. Nonstandard product-tracking no.

W1303. “___ your chance!”

W1304. MBA or MD, e.g.

W1305. Ash receptacles

W1306. Tool used for making baseball bats

W1307. Lords’ lands

W1309. Deer dudes

W1311. Sound from a psi who’s picking up others’ gloom*

W1312. Internal fat remover

W1313. ___ of My Soul (story of the first woman conquistador)

W1314. Futurama character who curses in Cantonese

W1315. Get on the exchange

W1316. Gleason’s “And away ___!”

W1317. Acrobat might be used for it (abbr.)

W1318. Baseball’s Al, AKA the Hebrew Hammer

W1320. Jason of Knocked Up

W1321. Most extreme degree

W1322. SW corner key

W1323. It may be protected by a tiny dam

W1326. Containing carbamide

W1327. Reporter’s word

W1328. Like singles

W1330. Handled without care

W1332. Wishful (that)

W1334. Didn’t, previously, with “to”

W1336. Makes weary from overuse

W1337. Holds onto, despite circumstances

W1339. Scrappy-Doo’s uncle, to Shaggy

W1341. Romeo and Juliet actor Milo

W1343. Four o’clock, to some

W1345. Hooded garments

W1346. Frodo’s home, with “the”

W1347. Japanese salad herbs.

W1349. Produce cross words?

W1351. Spanish shawls

W1355. Decimal fig. for elements

W1357. “Not too much, laddie, just ___ bit o’ Scotch”

W1358. Strong suits

W1359. William ___ + Co. (brokerage)

W1360. Acquire knowledge

W1361. “Pass the Pabst”

W1363. Looks fabulous, in slang

W1365. Less phony

W1366. One out?

W1369. Sprigs

W1370. Like certain nail polish or old TV

W1372. Church calendars

W1374. News anchor Paul

W1378. Pre-req for some HS classes

W1379. Bulgaria’s largest city

W1380. Man behind the counter?

W1381. Pokémon trainer who comes on too strong

W1383. Of Old Norse poems

W1385. Passed on the trail

W1386. River in China

W1387. Farrow of The Purple Rose of Cairo

W1388. One who just lost a parent?

W1390. Soap for cleaning sheep?

W1391. The ___ of San Francisco (early Michael Douglas series)

W1393. Pedometer’s measurement

W1395. Common French verb

W1396. Irish mountain shadowing Irish poet Thomas?

W1398. Totally into the Christmas spirit?

W1400. Grim choice between food and drugs?

W1402. Sometime Flash Wally

W1403. Sioux home

W1404. Graham, Washington, and Stewart

W1405. Was outcompeting hockey legend Bobby?

W1407. Showed disinterest?

W1409. Spike Lee’s alma mater

W1410. Protector of the Enchanted Forest

W1412. A-Rod and J-Lo’s daughter

W1413. Household spirits

W1414. Reading of 0 or 360

W1416. Sites of auto dents

W1418. Rock site?

W1420. Staind song that sounds like it could be about sushi?

W1421. Caitlyn Jenner’s son, or actor Adrien

W1422. Chain that once owned MGM but never recovered from its lows in the early 2000s*

W1423. Some TV spots, briefly

W1424. Opposite of legato, in mus.

W1426. Frenemy to Sherlock

W1427. Payment app that’s owned by PayPal

W1428. “Far” from Scotland?

W1429. Steinbrenner, for one

W1430. Angela of Soul or Joshua of “Lie, Lie, Lie”

W1431. Mensa member, figuratively

W1433. Make even slicker

W1434. Tanqueray and Bombay, to name two

W1435. They move real estate, for short

W1436. Drinks said to be good for what ails ya*

W1437. Eyeball, online

W1439. “___ hell”

W1440. WWW-based market for hotels, flights, and tickets and reservations

W1441. French king or Star Trek character

W1442. GM purchase of ‘89

W1444. Paleontologist’s workplace

W1446. Lifts at the gym

W1447. “Congress shall make ___ respecting…”

W1448. Instructables rival of old

W1449. Pits within pits

W1454. What Horton heard

W1456. Aristotle Onassis, e.g.

W1458. “Ich ___,” phrase on older tuppence

W1459. Mom’s reaction to “Mom, I’m going into professional crossword-making”

W1461. Use soap and water

W1462. Salary plus bonuses, for short

W1463. 1200, in old Rome

W1464. Come down, as an eagle

W1466. Like some reasoning

W1468. Humorist Mort who wrote jokes for Kennedy

W1469. “The Sweetest Taboo” singer

W1470. Master baiters?

W1473. Guthrie and namesakes

W1474. Wilbur work

W1475. Mideast weight

W1477. Hypnotist’s command

W1480. God of poetry not yet seen in the Thor movies

W1481. Dict. equivalents

W1482. It has a crosspiece for a head

W1483. Exhibit lachrymosity

W1484. Tended to dawdle

W1486. Assured, with “up”

W1488. Manfred and Aimee

W1490. Sign on a score

W1492. “___, dearest Emma! the rose is full blown” (Keats)

W1493. Bends with the breeze

W1495. “It’s ___ good cause”

W1496. Gov’t agency headed by Charles Jeffress

W1498. Chemist’s object named for a volcano

W1500. Returns from avatar-death

W1504. Prayer joint

W1505. The Cryptologic Museum holds its artifacts

W1506. More relaxed

W1507. Victimizes, with “upon”

W1508. Get out of Her Majesty’s Service

W1509. Not yet possessed

W1511. France’s ___ Niortaise River

W1513. Number in Nicaragua

W1514. Garden tool you can lean on

W1515. Effrontery

W1516. “___ pronounce…”

W1517. It keeps grass even

W1519. Know, to Shakespeare

W1521. Puts in a warehouse

W1523. Prefix with -prene

W1524. Melted frosts

W1525. Close-call cries

W1526. Relating to the palm of the hand

W1527. ___ count (blood-test measure)

W1529. Acoustic measures

W1531. Unsmiling

W1532. Baste, e.g.

W1533. Econ. stat

W1534. Sports assn. headquartered near Disney World

W1535. Actor Jason of Star Trek: Discovery

W1537. 1973 hit subtitled “Touch the Wind”

W1538. Clamored for Fancy Feast, say

W1540. Combined area?

W1542. Packing abbr.

W1543. Sty residents, to an urban Londoner

W1544. XXW, in shoes

W1545. Market-watching cable channel

W1546. Pixar followed this up with Up

W1547. Barbecue brand

W1549. “___ lay me down…”

W1551. Formula One auto engine

W1552. ___ de joie (“rat-a-tat-tat”)

W1553. Naut. heading

W1554. Montez in Arabian Nights

W1555. Model Kloss

W1556. Words beginning a concession

W1558. Prefix for a hard, glassy mineral

W1561. “___-hoo!” (“You there!”)*

W1562. Easily changeable locks

W1564. “I wish you the best”

W1567. Pitching coach’s source of stress

W1571. Necklace decoration

W1572. Places for organ repairs, briefly

W1574. Contemptuous responses

W1576. Half-French, humorous expression of disappointment

W1578. One enlarging pictures, say

W1580. O’Neill issue

W1581. Don’t expect too much of yourself

W1582. ___ in stone

W1584. Star Wars villains

W1586. Summoning ringer

W1588. Eye-shaped window

W1590. Mighty Mouse foe, ___ Harry

W1591. Garfield’s “owner”

W1592. Having ___ hair day

W1594. Place for people to be themselves

W1598. “Never available before!”

W1601. Department or river in southern France

W1602. Modifier with an old-fashioned attempt at gender neutrality

W1603. Director Fritz

W1604. “Old” conservative sort

W1605. Give strength to

W1607. Esperanto forerunner

W1609. Amtrak stop (abbr.)

W1610. Brief time, in brief

W1611. “Great work(, girl)!”

W1612. Ocean named for an imaginary continent (abbr.)

W1613. Military sleuths (abbr.)

W1614. Stopped before it started

W1615. “Table ___ four…”*

W1617. Pope from 440 to 461

W1619. What to do with a tye*

W1620. Maker of life-and-death decisions, briefly

W1622. Like strategies that involve a change of direction

W1623. Rival composer of Mozart

W1624. Software menu option

W1626. Cartman, by birth

W1628. Where Yankee Doodle stuck a feather

W1629. Treating kindly

W1630. Retailing in

W1631. Pollinator on flowers you can’t drive to?

W1632. Entry points after shedding werewolves invade the subway?

W1635. Go through the first part of a washer’s cycle?

W1637. Book, in Brittany

W1638. Housing survey by Fannie?

W1640. Seasoning that doubles as coloring?

W1643. Crab-cake discards from the Pine Tree State?

W1646. Gin order heard at Homer’s bar?

W1648. Acknowledge guilt of

W1649. Fatigued