Ubercross Abecedaria V


V1. Global gp. once headed by Pascal Lamy

V4. Dan revered in Miami

V10. Icon of the underdog

V13. Lizard’s tail?

V17. “As far across as my hands are apart”

V24. Birds known for forcing others to adopt their young

V31. Extremely arid

V38. Words said frequently (if not so earnestly) by some celebrities

V41. ___ Boot

V44. Cash dispenser

V47. Ernie Banks, notably

V50. Was within popcorn-sharing distance, perhaps

V57. Don’t go it alone

V64. What’s coming

V71. Triumphant cries

V78. Toddler chow

V81. Marx man?

V84. Hawkeye Pierce portrayer

V87. Twinings product

V90. Mollusks seen in Subnautica

V92. Stylish boot

V94. Some franc spenders

V95. Ex-treem

V100. Genre for The Sundays’ “Wild Horses” and Conan Grey’s “Generation Why”

V103. Begin the journey to

V105. Party-hardy people

V107. It needed adjusting for 1960s viewers

V109. Imitate Julia Mancuso on the slopes

V111. Indian wrap

V112. Home theater component, maybe

V116. Eponymous William’s birthplace

V117. Instructions to solve the meta in this puzzle

V130. 2007 purchaser of Applebee’s

V131. Guest-star for a bit

V133. Comment after a song gets you crying

V134. The “I” in IBM (abbr.)

V135. Metropolitan thrush

V136. Safely secured

V137. Upper echelon of major combat

V138. Tetley competitor

V139. “What’s the ___ of worrying?”

V140. Seemingly the sole clerk of a 24-hour store

V141. Natives known as Long Tails

V142. When the lights dim

V143. Getting a gusher

V144. Peace Prize winner Yousafzai

V145. Olympics org.

V146. “___ roll!” (bettor’s cry)

V147. Paris path

V148. Julian of journalism

V149. Spirits that go after sleepers

V150. Holes to Hell

V152. Start of a legal conclusion?

V153. Utters discouraging words

V154. Two teaspoons or two tablets, say

V155. USMC officer

V156. Where some figures are made

V157. Aladdin’s servant (var.)

V158. Nation estab. in 1948

V159. Unified

V161. Watchable Web journals

V163. One scandal that harms a reputation

V164. The Wizard of Menlo Park’s initials

V166. Couturier initials

V167. “___ remember it…”

V168. Lousy egg?

V170. “But there ___ joy in Mudville…”

V171. Issy-___-Moulineaux, France

V172. Carb-watcher

V173. Gun less damaging than the bullet-loading kind

V174. Ballet boy

V175. Aspirin and ibuprofen, for example, in pharmacy parlance

V176. ___-crazy (restless)

V177. Curly ethnic hairstyle, colloquially

V180. Touch-and-go game

V181. “___ ‘em” (dog command)

V183. 2010’s less memorable AI

V186. Kept under wraps

V187. “Ladies?” alternative

V188. Spot between hills

V189. Royal retinue

V194. Org. in the movie Concussion (which more people should’ve seen)

V196. Yeti land

V198. Parking lot sign

V200. Is suffering from, as a cold

V201. ___ Married the Anti-Fan

V202. Outfit for a baby

V206. Race met by the Time Traveller

V207. Like a shot that hits a moving target

V216. Instagram and TikTok

V220. Prominent celeb in a popular filmmaking community

V233. Magna ___ laude

V235. Not-so-great airport gift for the allergic

V237. Traveled like Johnny Appleseed

V239. Damon and Drudge

V240. Other choice that’s practical

V245. Greek philosopher

V247. Common symbol in hieroglyphics

V248. “Reading well is one of the great pleasures that solitude can afford you” critic Harold

V251. Knee injury site, briefly

V252. New look for the office, e.g.

V265. Help! is one

V269. Backup in case of early failure

V277. Actor Kilmer et al.

V278. Element with the symbol Hg (abbr.)

V279. Dug in under enemy artillery

V280. Negative before “a”

V281. Sell short

V282. They make cookies, sometimes in their own image

V285. Make paste

V286. Eating only certain things

V287. Classic Tetris alternative

V288. She played Hayley Dunphy on Modern Family

V291. “Mentally unfit for service”

V294. Unlikely to wake anytime soon

V295. Service designation

V296. Pots, skillets, and kettles, e.g.

V297. FDR and Truman, fraternally

V298. Krazy of the komiks

V300. Starship commander’s command when outgunned

V302. Stops following what’s being said

V304. Japanese salad ingredients

V305. Injured sneakily on the ice

V306. Good, as an objection

V307. Pillages

V308. Beach guard

V310. Myopic cartoon Mister

V311. Vegetarian no-no

V313. Nykvist and Foyn

V314. Sidora from The Real Housewives of Atlanta

V315. Six feet or more, in 2021

V316. Defacement

V318. Honda SUV

V319. Grow less severe

V321. McConnell or McCain (abbr.)

V322. A Slinky “walks” down them

V323. When doubled, Easter Island spirits whose name inspired a Crash Bandicoot character

V324. C has one

V325. Boggs of baseball

V326. Lab maze solver

V327. Young at Rock ‘N’ Roll High School

V328. Safe place

V329. British stoolies

V330. Pass, but not with flying colors

V331. Stairway to Heaven star David

V333. “___ for the day” (“Can’t wait”)

V335. Having roof extensions

V337. Won at musical chairs

V338. Dockers’ union

V339. “Use ___ lose it”

V340. Latin initialisms found in many clues here

V341. They used to get burned a lot more

V343. Whence the Andrews Sisters’ “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy”

V344. Feel upset just thinking about

V345. Essential for an investigator

V347. Biblical older sister with a role in The Prince of Egypt

V349. Committed to

V353. High school health topic

V355. How to ___ Book (Adler)

V360. “You ain’t” rejoinder

V363. Temple in Thailand

V365. Tenth-___ black belt

V366. Slowly diminishes

V367. Loses old skin

V368. Rubber-based paint

V369. Old workhorse walking up a brae

V371. Modern pentathlon blades

V373. Mary Quant creations

V375. Sea for Debussy

V377. Program design/hardware/algorithms coll. class

V378. Start doing the dishes, in a way

V380. ___ clock shadow

V384. Peel out like a bat out of hell

V386. Maker of Dibs

V388. House alternative

V389. Headlight, in slang

V390. Having three parts

V392. It also rises, according to Hemingway

V393. Jacket-sleeve text

V395. Virus named for a river

V397. Greatest hits comp with “Evil Woman”

V398. Cathodes’ opposites

V400. Navy personnel

V401. 2007 installment in a horror series

V402. Michelangelo work

V403. Airline for many a vacationing stoner

V406. Lighting unit

V408. Texas county whose seat is Paris

V410. Delivered

V412. Some cameras or copiers

V414. Apprehension

V415. He played Han in Solo

V416. Useful for correcting farsightedness

V417. Prepped to cool one’s drink in a hotel room, say

V419. Wide, scarflike necktie

V420. Smoothed wood

V421. Nadya Suleman, in 2009 headlines

V423. Site of the Garden of Relaxation

V425. Lets visit

V427. What 7 may stand for

V428. Confessional confession

V429. “Blue” singer LeAnn

V430. Quadrennial quarry

V431. Pill used in alternative “orthomolecular” medicine

V433. One who takes orders from a cap’n

V435. With small rocks in its road materials

V438. Four-time presidential candidate Ralph

V440. Baits a shark

V441. Movie that introduces a character by having him fight a tiger

V442. Tabloid TV debut of 2007

V444. Lack of it killed Padme

V446. Spider-Man’s girlfriend Stacy

V448. River across the Lake of Brienz (var.)

V449. Forward thinkers

V450. Xes’ opponents

V452. Memento affliction

V454. “Judy’s smile was ___” (from “Judy’s Turn to Cry”)

V456. Get close to

V458. “Am ___ fat for this dress?”

V459. Extreme sportswoman who conquers claustrophobia and aquaphobia, and all I have to say is, BETTER HER THAN ME

V461. Honda motor scooter

V462. Bad moon rising, for one

V463. Collations

V465. Kindergartener’s recitation

V466. Talks tediously

V468. Head honcho in Mexico?

V470. Broadcast journalist Marvin

V472. “Great” Egyptian monument

V474. Actress Liu

V475. Entranceway fasteners

V478. Technology beset by piracy in the early 1980s

V479. Total of weaponry

V483. School starters?

V484. Harvey Dent, alias Two-Face, is one

V486. Accruing fines, maybe

V488. Polytheist of sorts

V490. Threepio’s creator

V491. Like some books or cars

V492. Bring about, as labor

V493. Ltr. or no.

V494. UFO, many speculate

V496. Name-dropper’s shortcut?

V498. Where my dreams of drawing my own comics died

V500. Go from here to there

V501. “I should remember this later, IMHO”

V502. Acetic and nitric

V504. Affectedly dainty, to a Brit

V506. Source of certain beans

V507. Retort to an accusation

V512. Venezuelan coin

V513. Leading one to smell a rat

V514. Modern monitors, briefly

V516. Vernal occasions

V522. The “bad” cholesterol (abbr.)

V523. Greek god of shepherds and flocks

V524. Singing collectives

V525. Shadowy genre

V526. Garment worn with a pendant, often

V527. Aluminum silicates

V529. Aircraft that doesn’t taxi (abbr.)

V531. Cried out, as in pain

V533. Ingredient de l’eau de mer

V534. Trans-Canada Hwy. measures

V535. Take life-improving action

V541. Failing in one’s soul

V544. Drug cases

V545. Old metal utensils

V546. Chevy of 2004-2011

V547. Shrubby plant

V549. Airport west of OAK

V551. Rough sketch

V552. Doctor’s order

V554. Centennial number

V555. “Why should ___?”

V558. Meat-yielding calves

V560. Study of voting, paying taxes and such

V561. Plant, vegetable, or herb

V562. Very bright group

V563. C.W. who wrote Gods, Graves, and Scholars

V565. Know, in Nice

V567. Bag name

V569. Fiddler on the Roof milkman

V571. Countdown host Olbermann

V573. Starship Enterprise letters

V574. Checks, as checks

V576. PV=nRTPV=nRT

Attacking all over the place

V577. “Yeah, I get high ___” (Def Leppard lyric)

V578. Place to wash up

V579. “There’s ___here!” (When things start going wrong in Monsters Inc.)

V580. Faculty-meeting presider, maybe

V581. “Wait just a ___”

V582. Child’s counting word

V584. On Chesil Beach novelist Ia

V588. Packer of old

V589. Countless ages

V590. “Good evening, ___ madam…” (old-school telemarketing)

V591. Set of digits on a driver’s lic., e.g.

V592. Post the URL again

V593. Irish poet Aubrey de

V594. Skimpy skirts

V595. Heath and Eden (abbr.)

V598. Nine-to-five string

V600. “Why do birds suddenly appear every time you are ___?”

V602. English resort

V604. Like cuisine that includes pakoras, paapad, jalebi, and gulabjamun

V605. Terrorist Bin Laden

V606. Make loving sounds

V607. Times long past

V608. Whaleboat paddle

V609. Comedian Wilson who played Geraldine

V610. Loan payment, for short

V611. 2018 Masters champion Patrick

V612. Provokes

V613. Blows up with explosives

V615. Business involving clicking

V618. Amass, as a tab

V620. Perle that once gleamed in Washington

V622. Emotional need, for most

V624. Clergyman’s title (abbr.)

V625. Lack the courage to

V626. “Wow…HOT!”

V628. City near Phoenix

V630. Coldplay hit that won the 2009 Song of the Year Grammy

V633. Nickelodeon toon tot

V635. Mum’s mum

V636. “Jenny Lind” (kind of furniture for sleeping with wooden, cylindrical parts)

V638. N.Y. Ranger, e.g.

V639. French writer-director

V640. Bronze or beige

V642. Poet mentioned in Inferno

V643. Big Apple’s “bravest,” briefly

V644. Wimbledon org.

V645. Michelle and Barack’s elder daughter

V646. Common listing of award finalists

V649. “A ___ sante”

V651. “Are you ___ not?” (“Joining us?”)

V652. Profits on rental properties, for short

V653. Ending with pay

V655. German’s “Good day”

V657. Clear the surface

V658. Tudyk and Harris of Star Wars

V659. Old term for kinetic energy meaning “life force”

V661. Lassie or Bluey

V662. Tzara’s movement

V664. Nash work, typically

V666. Cry of feigned innocence

V667. Colleen’s land

V668. Alsace assents

V669. Quantification of the will of the people

V670. Backs up another time, as computer data

V672. The Dust Which Is God writer William Rose

V674. High pts.

V675. Stallone’s Balboa movie, as it’s not actually called

V677. “___ got to admit…”

V679. Three scruples

V680. Pit crew gear

V682. Valuable comic art

V685. Didn’t conceal one’s smugness

V686. Dovetail (with)

V687. Uncultured people

V688. Supplying with a fresh worm, e.g.

V690. Ballet jumps

V692. Rain drain

V694. Roses? No, the blue ones

V695. Supervised

V698. Draw a bead on

V699. Steinfuls

V700. Animation characters

V701. Colombian cowboy

V703. Question re origin

V705. Political ones can be attacks

V707. Secret-agent teddy bear with a palindromic name

V709. Former Dodger Hodges, and others

V711. Pasión

V713. Composer Ilyich Tchaikovsky

V715. Informative station, redundantly expressed

V716. Buddhist teachings

V717. Program note

V718. Refrains from

V719. Ancient tool, say

V720. Girlish Italian suffixes

V722. Cape Cod feature

V724. Beowulf, for one

V726. Emmanuelle actress Kristel

V727. Water-softening agent

V728. Tribe also called the Wyandot

V729. They’re more popular in the Amazon aftermarket than with soldiers

V730. Popular thermoplastic synthetics

V731. “Bond girl” and Knives Out star de Arnas

V734. Escape from bondage, briefly

V735. Laughable

V737. Hardly a palace

V738. Lava source known locally as Mongibello

V739. It sounds dull

V741. Allman Brothers album ___ Peach

V743. High boot

V745. Former TV psychic Miss

V746. Alike, to Andre

V747. Sea ___ (truffle topping)

V748. Jupiter, in an interjection

V749. Bright light

V750. One of Saudi Arabia’s most tourist-friendly spots

V751. Be a supplier for

V753. Word with home or bed

V755. Combination in the card game bezique

V757. Where “tiger cub economies” are

V758. Key with one flat (abbr.)

V759. “Timber!” shouter

V760. Incandescent wire (abbr.)

V761. Web spiders, e.g.

V762. Where undeliverables are delivered, for short

V763. Pigmented layer

V765. UN nuclear watchdog

V766. “How Sweet ___” (James Taylor)

V767. “It’s ___ the other!”

V768. Ball-throwing lawn game

V770. Sushi staple

V774. Bacchanalian cry

V776. Strike lightly, as a windowpane

V780. Where Cromwell once resided

V781. Mule feature

V782. Democratic enterprises

V783. Fowl poles?

V784. Dana of Body of Proof

V786. Matches timewise, informally

V788. Organism’s body

V790. Spot for reeds

V791. Counting rhyme start

V794. Ziegfeld et al.

V795. Home to the world’s tallest waterfall

V798. Salutes in World War II movies

V799. Children of Japanese immigrants

V801. Like a required course, maybe

V802. Head trauma trouble, for short

V803. Optometrists, casually

V805. Spicy parts of a Super Bowl spread

V808. Wet-blanket retort to “let’s do it!”

V811. 2003 Chrysler model with convertible variant

V813. Jet set, e.g.

V814. Red corundums

V815. 45 or 78, e.g.

V818. The ___ Spring (Stravinsky)

V820. “Supervision” preceder

V822. Lost and X-Files

V824. Violent breakdown in relations

V827. Not expecting expansion from

V829. Levy on polluters, e.g.

V830. The 3500 boasts best-in-class standard gas horsepower

V831. “But then again…”

V833. Rob Roy rebuff

V834. The J. and K. in J.K. Rowling (abbr.)

V835. ___ monster of the desert

V836. Blue October demand

V838. Vacation destination

V839. Babyish nonsense

V842. Farmers’ John

V843. Coastal birds

V844. Stellar object shaped like a spiral

V845. “You can ___ horse to water…”

V847. Convert chips to money

V849. Blazing Saddles, for one

V851. “Don’t be a hog!”

V852. Only African American to win an Oscar, Tony, and Emmy for acting

V854. Went to a wild dance party

V857. Structure having piles

V858. Auto-engine category

V859. Madame of Vietnam

V860. Ready to party

V862. ___ Beach (former home of Dodgertown)

V863. Ending after Chin or Taiwan

V864. Online ID nos.

V866. Cop making a traffic stop?

V868. Be inconsistent

V869. It may have a pet name

V871. Architect John with a namesake London museum

V872. 1997 role for Fonda

V873. Spanish singer who often appears on RuPaul’s Drag Race

V874. Movie critics, sometimes

V875. Mythical creatures from Australia

V877. Pope canonized in 936

V879. Absorb, as gravy

V881. ___’acte (1924 Dada film)

V882. Tried something new

V883. Lindsay’s family

V884. Rock’s ___ the Hoople

V885. Sabado o domingo

V886. Registered corp. symbols

V887. Org. that turned 50 in 2008, ironically

V888. Distinguishing emblem

V891. “I ___ emotional” (Whitney Houston lyric)

V893. It may have a footed base

V895. Madison, Lincoln, or Jackson

V897. Yelper’s revenge

V901. Sonic Mania company

V902. Long-running PBS film showcase

V903. Sauce in a boat

V904. Deep in thought

V905. Careers or callings

V907. Snowden’s ex-employer (but don’t ask them for a reference)

V909. Golfed perfectly (or, with a hyphen, unmitigated)

V911. Edwards of vaudeville days

V912. RPG spell’s metric

V913. There were fifty-seven to impeach Trump

V914. Be contingent

V915. Good sign

V916. Something taken before swinging?

V919. Nam neighbor, with “the”

V921. Every May, say

V925. Singleness of purpose

V926. Comic Jon

V927. Fruit found in bars

V928. They’re slow on mountain rds.

V929. Book in which God says, “I despise your religious festivals”

V930. Like myself

V931. Eye the appealing, unappealingly

V933. One in the chips

V935. Daily Hollywood publication

V937. Jousting needs

V938. “Chocolate Rain,” “8 flips in the air,” and “David After Dentist”

V940. Quite a lot

V942. 20-year-old game franchise from Japan

V944. Kettle’s accuser

V945. Mobile vs. desktop experiences, e.g.

V946. Capital of “Free France”

V947. What the V stands for, in chem class

V948. LeBron James, notably, for short

V949. One dumbbell curl, e.g.

V950. It’s important to be him, according to Wilde

V952. Opera headliners

V953. Just narrower than F

V954. Last quiet bit of resonance

V955. Out of tune

V957. Pushes off course

V959. “Get ___!” (boss’s order)

V961. Old-fashioned kind of party

V963. Lapidary specimen

V964. Number of pipers of song

V965. Playground item that’s no fun for one

V966. Classic chatrooms

V967. Stephen King title city

V969. “That’s as well ___ if I had…” (Swift)

V971. Chavez is one in Los Angeles

V972. “Oh, yes, please spill”

V974. Slightly short

V976. Dangerous, as an ancient wolf

V977. Hearty bowlful often topped with tortilla chips

V979. Coll. course teaching political ideologies

V981. Diaper woe

V982. Work-related malady (abbr.)

V983. Trail behind an airplane

V984. Daughter of Harmonia

V986. Co-founder of MGM

V987. It has wings but can’t take wing

V988. Burden or responsibility

V991. Start of some words with “twenty” in their meaning

V993. Like most M-rated video games

V995. Down comforter

V996. Address to a bloke

V997. Ransacks and robs

V998. Kind of pole in the swamp?

V1001. Russian ballet company renamed in 1991

V1003. St. Stephen, e.g.

V1005. Singer Gaye et al.

V1006. Where you step to make way

V1007. Where Hercule Poirot investigate a haunting

V1008. Remain through the seasons

V1010. Web-dev language in Facebook’s infrastructure

V1011. Consequently

V1012. AV device

V1013. Good violin

V1015. U. S. tennis org.

V1016. He wrote Cat’s Cradle

V1018. Abbr. for Harry Reid

V1019. California’s fashion monogram

V1020. LensCrafters rival

V1022. Aphrodite’s lover

V1024. Sighs of delight

V1026. Bits of scat


V1027. Bird-related prefix

V1028. Lasting forever

V1029. Marilyn Monroe, at birth

V1030. Actor Luke of Captain America and 13 Reasons Why

V1032. “Head” of the Northern Cross

V1034. Era in Japan that ended in 2019

V1036. Sue Grafton’s ___ for Lawless

V1037. Pro___

V1038. Miniature version

V1039. Equine gaits

V1040. Heartbreak

V1042. Indianapolis-to-Muncie dir.

V1043. Louvre looker

V1045. Intermediate material found when making bright paper

V1047. Like some football kicks

V1048. Bullet train technology

V1050. Lois Griffin or Marge Simpson

V1052. “Two options here”

V1054. Having more and stiffer hairs

V1058. Plays on the regrets of

V1062. Tweaked for the better

V1064. Words, briefly

V1065. Convivial one

V1067. “Eat! Eat! Before it gets cold!”

V1069. Entr’acte

V1071. 1982 film set in cyberspace

V1073. Viewed, as a horror franchise

V1074. Jewish steam bath

V1077. Tiant of baseball

V1078. ___ the day (was sorry)

V1080. Mean-minus-mean measuring methods

V1082. Scornful glance

V1083. Rapper with the #1 album “Hip Hop Is Dead”

V1084. “It’s probable…”

V1085. Some wireless consoles

V1086. Pretend not to notice

V1088. Textile apparatus

V1089. Comedian with the 2016 memoir Born a Crime

V1091. Painted, like cast iron

V1092. Central point

V1093. Know one’s way around the business

V1095. Composer Franck

V1097. Communicational

V1098. Flibberti-gibbety

V1099. “Oh, well, that’s the game…”

V1102. Splash softly against

V1103. British candy bar that, with its first letter changed, becomes an American candy bar

V1104. Michael who portrayed Alfred in several Bat-films

V1105. Color of some spirits

V1107. Maple stuff

V1108. Vaulted areas

V1111. Pitchfork-shaped letters

V1112. “Get ___ Ya-Ya’s Out!” (Rolling Stones concert album)

V1113. Some action takes place here, but the skipper’s less likely to focus on it

V1116. While ignoring cries of “There’s no point to that!,” e.g.

V1118. Star ___ (big name in exercise machines)

V1120. Praise from a choir

V1121. Midmorn

V1122. Adjunct of cold cuts

V1124. Holy Jewish scroll

V1126. (The) good ol’ wifey

V1127. Dorothy who was blown in on one

V1128. Truly one’s own worst enemy

V1130. Like an eighteen-year-old driving stick to school, often

V1133. Accts. payable receipt

V1134. Like many a head-turner

V1136. Most widely prescribed class of antidepressant

V1139. Parisian pronoun

V1140. Ward’s son

V1141. Proposition in logic

V1143. Nothing Records flagship band, to fans

V1144. Eastern VIPs

V1146. X-ray, perhaps

V1147. Concert cry

V1148. Parts of arms

V1149. Salad spheroids

V1151. Motel sign

V1154. A thumbs-up

V1155. Bobbleheaded avatars

V1156. Recording and editing setups, for short

V1157. Investment available from 1941 to 1980

V1158. Mountain climber’s aid

V1159. Black-and-white Antarctic whale

V1160. Deputy exec.

V1162. Place for a stroll

V1164. Smartwatches interfacing with GPS, e.g.

V1165. Showery mo.

V1166. Chews and swallows

V1167. Bleu who sang “I Don’t Dance”

V1168. “___ as the ocean”

V1171. Ancient porch

V1172. Folkie Fineman or synth-pop Ramirez

V1173. Application form abbr.

V1175. The Dark Crystal role

V1176. Verb that reverses to a synonym of itself

V1177. Flights’ heights (abbr.)

V1178. Sculpted, as muscles

V1179. Comedian Hart, casually

V1182. Lesser Sunda Island

V1183. Picture presentation

V1185. Thousands of lbs.

V1186. Tangent of 45 degrees

V1187. Have to return

V1188. First year of Spanish king Philip II’s rule

V1189. Hardly stiff

V1191. Berlin “bahs”

V1194. Shout when the murderer’s face is revealed to their next victim…but not yet to the audience

V1196. Blister or sac

V1198. Extended short story

V1200. Traffic lane you need passengers to use

V1201. Lead-in with car or system

V1202. Augustine’s De Civitate ___

V1203. Patriotic gp.

V1205. Employee IDs

V1207. Ending for harp or bassoon

V1208. Try to pass the bar?

V1210. Christ’s following?

V1212. View of a sort

V1215. Missouri or Colorado

V1216. Be one of the gang

V1218. Girlfriend, to Luis Miguel

V1220. “We’re on the same page now!”

V1223. Actress Redgrave

V1226. Trade collective the UK struggled to join in the 1960s

V1227. Trombone part

V1228. Consider the worst-case scenario and go ahead

V1230. Make sure of

V1231. Turkish moneys (abbr.)

V1233. Where a Nintendo might be hooked up

V1234. Mosque VIP

V1235. Acknowledge as an author

V1236. Filmmaker Riefenstahl

V1238. Pensioner’s age in old Rome?

V1239. ___ gin (liqueur type)

V1241. Slangy retort to “This you?” when someone holds up a picture of someone else

V1243. “___ a stranger”

V1244. It sells razors and erasers

V1245. Mocking imitations

V1246. What made Halloween parties the scariest part of Halloween last year

V1247. Devastated

V1249. Opposite of “fades”

V1251. More at home with app code and screen time

V1252. Avenged, with “on”

V1255. Highland games attire

V1257. ___ Park, New Jersey

V1258. Classic Morris Motors cars

V1259. Marie Saint of On the Waterfront and North by Northwest

V1260. Actress Farmiga

V1261. Inst. with a weekly Big Picture Science radio program

V1263. “Ol’ buddy, ol’” follower

V1264. “Pain says you can’t…___ says you can” campaigner

V1266. Asphalt

V1267. Destry Spielberg’s middle (hidden in this clue, actually) name

V1268. Southernmost cross-country US highway

V1270. Twice DXXX

V1271. Secretary of state under Carter

V1272. Total patient care

V1273. Battleship barrage

V1275. Search for nirvana

V1276. The Craft focus

V1277. Tranquilizers

V1279. Beak kin

V1281. Old, to a teen

V1282. “But despite that…”

V1283. Substitute for every conjugation of “not be”

V1284. Upper bodies

V1285. “Are you sure that’s not within my capabilities?”

V1287. Extremely mad

V1289. Car brand or its founder’s name translated to Latin

V1291. Belly part

V1295. Spanish province

V1296. Dispense

V1297. Double-feature fodder, often

V1298. Involving only main features

V1300. The NSA’s headquarters

V1302. Name taken to replace “Solo”

V1303. Hollywood-lunch agendas

V1306. What lurks beneath Chuck Norris’ beard, by legend

V1307. Legal scholar Guinier et al.

V1308. Star Trek’s Mr. Chekov’s first name

V1309. Elton John song about a failed father

V1311. Deadly nerve gas

V1313. Power efficiency improver

V1314. Jungle swinger

V1315. Economic rule-setter

V1318. Bunk up

V1319. Passive protests

V1321. Mold for setting concrete

V1323. Israeli tennis player Dudi

V1324. Average amount

V1325. Former NFL commissioner Rozelle

V1326. Windows 95, Windows NT, e.g.

V1328. Emulate a dad-to-be

V1329. Hayes of Bill and Ted Face the Music and One-Minute Time Machine

V1330. Exclusive date

V1333. Type of tire (abbr.)

V1334. Not even once, to Nietzsche

V1335. Org. formed to regulate US railroads

V1336. Labor Day baby

V1337. Diamonds, e.g.

V1338. Boxer in Louis’s day

V1340. Chunk or hunk

V1342. Write down anew, captain-style

V1344. French pronoun that sounds like a fish

V1345. Berlin’s “___ This a Lovely Day…”

V1346. Golfer Steinhauer

V1348. Prefix with -poly

V1349. Klaatu portrayer in The Day the Earth Stood Still

V1350. College interviewees, briefly

V1351. In one’s mind’s eye

V1353. Han Solo’s love

V1355. 56, in Roman numerals

V1356. Looks up to

V1358. Canon competitor

V1359. Abu Dhabi’s letters

V1360. Dementieva of the WTA

V1362. Close to, classically

V1364. Does some acting without much thinking?

V1367. What’s black and white and red all over at the pet store?

V1369. Rum-based liqueur

V1371. “Dear” followers

V1372. Weak at the knees

V1374. CBers’ equivalent to a telegram’s “stop”

V1376. Some geometry class lines

V1378. Aphrodite, Cupid, Hathor, and Freyja

V1380. “___ lot going on at the moment” (innocuous statement that Taylor Swift uses as code before a big release)

V1381. Galaxy Tab competitor

V1382. Word with put or gun

V1383. King James-y suffix

V1384. New, to Neruda

V1386. Patron of Wales

V1388. “He never ___ to amaze me”

V1389. Cops a look

V1390. Comparable to a rose

V1392. Where informed data comes from

V1394. Rhyme scheme of Elizabeth Bishop’s “—Even losing you (the joking voice, a gesture / I love) I shan’t have lied. It’s evident / the art of losing’s not too hard to master / though it may look like (Write it!) like disaster.” [There’s a slant rhyme in there.]

V1396. “No going back now,” as Caesar put it

V1398. 23AndMe scientist’s workspace

V1399. NBA announcer Albert

V1400. True believer

V1402. Concert scream

V1404. Material lining the Batsuit (those bullets can’t miss every time)

V1405. God, in some translations

V1406. Transferred information using a lot of hot air, as to suits

V1408. Spring forward or fall back

V1410. Withered old woman

V1412. One way to do a crossword

V1414. Corrida figure

V1415. Centennial, e.g.

V1417. Political advice of a sort

V1418. Looking even deader

V1420. Egg container

V1422. Certain sequels, informally

V1424. Ender like -ettes

V1425. Go “WAHHHHHH”

V1426. The best-known Louis

V1427. Anatomical vessel

V1429. Kind of rug

V1431. Flagstones

V1432. Singer and former American Idol judge, familiarly

V1435. Wife of Paris, in myth

V1436. Many a shot in the arm, for short?

V1437. Theatrical dud

V1438. Enrapture

V1439. Med for cold sores

V1441. Sitting Bull, for one

V1443. Kind of leather

V1444. Certain words (abbr.)

V1445. Dish for Robin Hood

V1446. The curly type is underserved by French salons

V1447. MMXX/V

V1449. Dave’s pal in educational products

V1450. Words after count or let

V1451. “He ___ a God of the dead…”

V1453. When fasting is forbidden

V1454. Game shows’ Griffin

V1455. One planning an overhaul

V1460. Projecting tooth

V1462. “Right you ___!”

V1463. Bob Seger’s street

V1464. Wheat-based Japanese noodles

V1465. World Wide Web fan

V1467. Appendages

V1468. Lessen or release

V1469. Subservient ones

V1471. What a cranial nerve serves

V1473. Beach lotion numbers, briefly

V1479. Plantation drink

V1480. Sat ___ (GPS, to a Brit)

V1482. Big source of coal (abbr.)

V1484. Show whose host walked away due to too many fatal relapses

V1488. Carbohydrates’ suffix

V1490. Pitch ___-hitter: do well on the mound

V1491. Tiny locator beacon

V1493. “Wish you ___ here!”

V1494. Old-fashioned cry of despair

V1495. “Checkmate, sucker!”

V1497. Kimono-clad hostesses

V1499. The first 25 days of December, usually

V1501. Mars’ neighbor

V1503. Very, to Thierry

V1504. Pull quote

V1507. Levy included in the price

V1508. Humble on the brae

V1510. Mare’s mate

V1511. Pt. of EMS

V1514. Romantic way to walk

V1515. Festival showings, perhaps

V1516. The Bachelor part two?

V1517. Cygnet’s papa

V1518. Certain pronouns

V1519. Wine vat sediment

V1520. 11 on calendars

V1521. “___ Time” (Queen Latifah tune)

V1522. Kind of shooter

V1523. Time unit

V1524. Made a diagonal cross

V1525. Heart-healthy, probably

V1528. Ending for acro- or homo-

V1530. One who rants about those @#$% millennials

V1531. Landlord e.g.

V1532. Nun’s headdress

V1534. Restaurant figure

V1535. “___ gehts?”

V1536. Dilbert’s “AUGH!”

V1537. Bowl men

V1539. Germanic law code

V1541. Firm-name ending

V1543. Issues in the News broadcaster (abbr.)

V1544. Longer stanzas

V1545. Aqua ___ (after-shave brand)

V1546. Add zing to

V1547. Jacked

V1549. Computerized photo

V1551. Bill (abbr.)

V1553. Darker than turquoise

V1555. To you, to Iulius

V1557. Spanish hero El ___

V1559. Timetable list (abbr.)

V1560. Little bits (monovocalic var.)

V1562. Boxers’ or workmen’s protection

V1565. Affleck’s Academy Award-winner

V1566. Low-tech word processor

V1567. Debate position

V1568. Grenoble girlfriends

V1569. ___ Penh, Cambodia

V1570. NBA Hall-of-Famer Holman

V1571. Ultimatum close

V1572. Star Trek IV director

V1574. “I am the monarch of the sea, The ruler of the Queen’s ___”

V1576. Curious fellow in Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood and sometimes Daniel Tiger’s

V1578. Comes from

V1579. Match named for a goddess of the hearth

V1580. Wimp’s cry

V1581. STD distinct from, but caused by a strain of, chlamydia

V1583. Ashanti language

V1584. Sharp, quick humor

V1586. ___ Poetica (Homer)

V1588. Newborn’s bed

V1590. Tangy hot sauce

V1592. Dress(up)

V1593. “WHYYYYY?” [clutches hair]

V1594. Could be correct, as a crossword answer

V1595. Lead-in to meter and tude

V1596. Store that used to sell the drug andro

V1598. Like any channel between 30 and 300 MHz

V1599. USA airing, e.g.

V1601. Earlier in Arles

V1602. Need no help

V1603. Wireless mouse batteries

V1605. NASA spacewalks

V1606. Visibility, in product names

V1607. Neckline cut

V1609. Routh, Welling, and Cavill’s predecessor

V1611. Spot for a warm pie

V1612. Thrush