Ubercross Abecedaria U



U1. Firm finish?

U4. “Are you for real?!”

U8. ___ Girl (Betty Grable film title, and Betty Grable title)

U13. “Diamonds are a Girl’s ___ Friend”

U17. “America’s Cowboy” radio host

U21. A Summer Place actor Richard

U25. “I’m leavin’ on ___ plane…”

U29. A.U.S. noncom

U33. Baby, so to speak

U37. “American Top 40” deejay Casey

U42. More disgusting

U48. Apocrypha bk.

U52. ‘02 Saturn SUV

U53. Burst of activity

U59. “Table d’___” (“prix fixe”)

U60. Billboard employees, for short

U63. “I’d do ___ New York minute!”

U64. “To write is human, to ___ divine” (Stephen King)

U68. “Lonely” square in a crossword

U69. “I don’t care ___”

U73. Anika ___ Rose of Dreamgirls

U74. “Boy, this place is ___!”

U78. “Deck the Halls” end

U79. “Oh, go on!”

U83. 2021 film about sea monsters and autism

U84. Airmen’s homes (abbr.)

U88. “America’s FLAVORite Frozen Beverage since 1967”

U89. Accounting firm of much note

U93. Friends in high places, so to speak

U94. Steadily slackens

U98. Treat badly

U99. “Big Brown”

U102. Present at birth

U103. Aide

U106. “___ barrel roll!”

U109. Ad ___ voce (in unison)

U112. Philip known for war movie roles

U113. Australian sheepdog

U114. Champagne department

U115. A Christmas Carol comment

U116. U.S. Open champ who lost to Federer in the 2017 Wimbledon final

U117. “... on the ___ prairie”

U118. Dark Side of the Moon/Wizard of Oz cue

U119. “Khaki” source

U120. “A City for All Seasons,” for short

U121. Fantasia frames

U122. “... and to ___ good night!”

U123. Commedia dell’___

U124. “All right already!”

U125. “Bics” header

U126. “…Health…is a ___ best Wealth” (Franklin)

U127. British “oo-la-la”

U128. ___ Gift to Be Simple

U129. “...___ like Christmas”

U130. “Distasteful” desert plant?

U131. 1970s German band heard on the Kill Bill soundtrack

U132. “Age ___ beauty”

U133. Desperate measures

U135. “Absolument pas!”

U136. Like Oreos if they were more about protein-packed legumes

U139. Place to get some color

U142. Amphibian named for its bright, sometimes orange and black coloring

U145. Shrugs and head-shakes, e.g.

U150. Active Philippine volcano

U151. Fashion Police panelist Leakes

U152. B.J. and the ___

U153. They can clarify an author’s text

U156. Cartoon set at the turn of the 31st century

U159. It’s joked that their nation is so polite because these birds absorbed all the aggression into themselves

U162. Power, Pasta, & Politics author

U164. Seamless transition in film

U166. 1980 feet

U167. Attacked eagerly

U168. Count

U169. Bounty landfall

U170. It typically lasts less than three microseconds

U171. To a relative few

U172. At least five in six Muslims are this

U174. Inhibited

U177. “For example…”

U178. Driving Miss Daisy Pulitzer-winning dramatist Alfred, 1988

U179. Epithet for a computer whiz

U180. Group of football blockers, in brief

U181. “Alice” singer Lavigne

U182. Odysseus’ comrade-in-arms

U183. Not any, at any time

U184. “Nonvirtual” initialism added to the OED in 2016

U185. Fantastic Four co-creator

U186. Border; fringe

U187. Alpha male, e.g.

U188. What Tom Cruise still insists on doing

U189. Baptists’ benches

U190. “Drink” for the overly critical

U191. “A ___ full of cigars…”

U192. Beetle seen in hieroglyphs

U194. “If your enemy is hungry, give him food to ___” (Prov 25:21)

U196. 300-mile river of France

U197. Cute kitty, or its cute widdle face

U198. Snowbirds’ destination

U199. Add pitch to a roof?

U200. “Clear everything” button

U201. Cryptographers

U202. “Gimme ___!” (Elon cheer’s start, possibly)

U203. Prince Valiant character

U204. She tells her kid not to worry about those ads comparing him to a Mac

U207. “Fi” front

U209. ‘50s Davis Cup player

U210. 1,000 bucks

U212. “Let___then, you and I” (T.S. Eliot)

U213. “... or not ___”

U214. “Sure, go ahead”

U217. Back in the day, it published Dungeon Master’s Guide

U218. Classic Beetles, e.g.

U221. Clue choices

U222. Inarguable base-clearer in between the first and last one

U246. “Should we refer to the tear informally rather than use more scientific terminology?”

U258. “...___ handsome does”

U261. Acerbated

U263. “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it” plan, briefly

U264. Ready to kill

U266. High-tech designer, for short

U267. “One man’s ___ is another man’s Persian”

U268. Attachment on an obi

U270. Alluvial deposits that care only for their own interests

U282. Strings player in a band that’s all about the vocals and drums

U305. “15 minutes could save you 15 percent” company

U307. “... as old as yonder ___” (James Joyce)

U308. Country that don’t talk so good

U309. “Chicago will permit its transit riders to have a quick shared drink in honor of a single event...but no more than that; two is over the line”

U310. Cigar factory dryer

U311. “... and a ___ giveth ear to a naughty tongue” (Pr 17:4)

U312. Area outside the city, briefly

U314. Characters in several Shakespeare plays, by city of origin

U315. ““The ___ the limit!”

U316. Very hard turns

U317. “Ammunition” for a carpenter’s gun

U318. Ongoing subplot focusing on the main character’s early development

U319. Adds to simmering, separate soups for French cheese-lovers (groups A, B, and C)

U320. Bridge positions

U321. “Aka” kin

U324. Imagined a time of unquestioned government support for the church

U326. Sound of comprehension

U328. Bleak House girl and others

U330. Tongue-poking-slightly-out expression, especially on a cat

U332. Blends

U333. Prefix meaning “complete”

U334. Saint of Kyiv

U335. 60 Minutes home

U336. “This ‘study’ of Chron’s disease is EMBARRASSING!! I question your very MEMBERSHIP in this field of medicine, clown!”

U338. Knoxville campus

U339. “Pearl of the South” city

U340. Arafura Sea island with its letters hiding in order (but not consecutively) in “Arafura”

U341. ND, or “charred” without the e’s

U342. Sucesfuly pedle

U343. “C’est excitant!”

U344. Mysteries more disturbing

U345. “Big deal!”

U346. Comix Zone publisher

U347. A6, A7, and A8

U349. “A Queens Story” rapper

U350. Have for lunch

U351. Advanced degrees?

U352. “___ fratres” (pray, brethren, in Latin)

U353. What your spouse tells you when you can’t figure out why her secondary avatar is singing “Unstoppable” and releasing an album called Reasonable Woman

U354. The second anonymous creator of a draft

U355. Carmakers’ union Joe Biden stood with

U356. Million-year peak

U357. “You look ___-velous! Let’s play ___ jongg!”

U358. “... a thousand ___ no!”

U359. “Aw, ___ lost!”

U360. Start of a stepquote that begins the back half of the alphabet (see U361-Down)

U362. Instruction in a robot’s programming if it ever concludes that it has broken the law

U365. ___ lance: spearhead (literally, “iron in the lance,” in France)

U366. Obnoxious brat’s aircraft tracker

U367. Immortalized vessel of rhyme

U368. Actor Wong and a Doonesbury veteran

U370. “Blame It on the Bossa ___”

U372. Three Sisters character

U374. Decide one will

U375. Feng ___ for Dummies (how-to guide)

U376. “Angle” or “cycle” opening

U377. “Not ___ the answers inside the U are wacky”

U378. The lever over there

U380. Extravaganzaa

U381. “Air rushing out the FLOWER container? Uh...that not good”

U383. Slumdog Millionaire costume part

U384. “Well, at least I know there’s ___ in ‘grammar’“

U385. “... and so do ___” (Twelfth Night)

U386. Guy who makes disgusted noises (possibly at having to clue “antique pitcher” again)

U387. She’ll let you borrow her 5-7-5 verse

U388. Emulates the birds and the bees

U389. “The movie’s main characters were badly injured and scattered, last we saw them...they must be in ___ are the only words they keep hearing! That word means ‘ASAP’ in a hospital”

U390. Logical opening?

U391. Arranged in whorls

U394. “Everybody’s ___ It Now”

U395. “I’ve had enough of your big talk”

U399. Atomic particle

U400. Barely there phone signal

U404. “Don’t make assum___ons!”

U405. Get in one of the giant flying shoes and take off

U406. Humong

U407. Life story that’s caved in under pressure from questioning

U408. High-performing server?

U409. “Nine” starter

U411. “Eggless eggs” ingredient

U412. Lightweight wood used for models

U414. Declaration of maleness to a Prozac pill

U416. Don Quix add-on

U417. Elfin buddy

U418. Some representation

U419. “They made him aware”

U421. “Lymph” attachment

U423. Booze unit invoked in a pirate shanty

U424. “Die ___ ohne Schatten” (Strauss opera)

U425. Fill, as with light

U426. SNL’s Davidson

U428. Period where every major city and some minor ones had broadcasting HQs that got attention, before YouTube was a thing

U430. ___-Therese, QC

U431. Burglar-alarm siren from Toyota hybrids

U432. Reason none of you suspect I’m mostly bald, ha ha ha!

U433. “…egregiously an ___: (Iago)

U434. Bookstore section, briefly

U435. With “c,” look after a museum and plan displays

U436. Ended the reign of security-cam surveillance

U437. esroh dlO

U438. One who took care of the composer of Bolero, or a demand that a goat untangle its wool?

U439. Civ__ __rvant

U440. “___ youth, I...”

U441. “Black” day in the stock market crash of ‘29

U442. “Kama” follower

U444. NCIS: Los Angeles actress

U445. Applications for a painting job?

U446. “... provoked with raging ___” (Shakespeare)

U447. “That’s enough out of you!”

U448. Female the/male the, in Mexico

U449. Count Evillo’s structure that brings hydroelectric power to his people...and hydroelectric PAIN to his PRISONERS, nyahahahaha!

U450. Thrt-sx nchs

U451. Announcement of my thespian career to Nevis’ sister island

U452. 5280 feet as measured online

U453. “Beyond the ___ lies Italy”

U454. Sign of fall

U455. Come back for the sequel

U457. Male progeny’s fellow millennials

U459. Territory of superspy Jason

U460. Clip the edges off the twenty-second letter, as when designing a logo

U461. “Morning in America” pres.

U462. “Buy It Now” Web site

U464. A cold, old style.

U466. Buttons, thread, etc.

U467. Champion figure skater Yuzuru

U468. ___ pro quo

U469. A Gabor, when doubled

U470. The U.S. capital, as Dorothy’s aunt remembers it

U472. With “the,” what happens after everyone hears the cock-a-doodle-doo

U474. Radically de-beautifies

U475. “___ you coming home?”

U476. “In ___ of flowers”

U477. “General” of Chinese cuisine

U478. Happy a la Heloise

U479. 21 ___ (Shaquille O’Neal’s shoe size)

U481. Frank Abagnale, Jr. as imagined by the director of Catch Me If You Can

U485. Noise from a tiny dog

U486. “I Was Made For Dancin’“ singer Garrett

U488. “Glob” or “nod” ending

U489. Cassia plants

U491. “A Thing ___” (Beach Boys song)

U492. A great number

U493. “Big ‘___” (Al Bundy’s favorite magazine)

U494. They can be high or low in cards

U495. Business abbr. for 10:00, 11:00, 12:00 etc.

U497. Gru’s crew’s small video-game console that loosely echoes their name

U501. Little isle

U502. Merkel’s one

U503. “About when” inits.

U504. Treat as not “one of us”

U506. With “The,” flattering nickname for the Bruins’ school that implies it teaches future “Hollywood royalty”

U509. Sudden bulletin about Easy-Off

U510. Cool egg shape, as seen in trendy glasses and earrings

U514. An Inconvenient Truth subj.

U515. Part of ASAP (abbr.)

U517. Zero evidence

U520. Circuit for long drives?

U522. “... who only stand and ___” (Milton)

U523. Jeopardy! ans.

U524. Tree in space, like a cosmelm or galactash

U528. Is too far out in th’sticks to attract great basketball players, I reckon

U529. Dead bird once capable of speech, as described on Monty Python

U531. “At Large” Wanda

U534. “(___ Was a) Hotel Detective” (They Might Be Giants)

U535. ___ red light: went when you shouldn’t have

U536. Everybody, in Dusseldorf

U538. Capable of walking unnoticed to a second-story window without stairs, say

U539. Without natural ebb or flow

U540. Fantasia reveler

U542. “Deutschland ___ Alles”

U544. Steve Martin catch phrase

U548. I Am ___ (Jenner’s E! show)

U549. “Aww” evoker

U550. With “the,” what the villain team Double Trouble might rename themselves if they got a third member

U552. Buck from a barber/braider

U553. Butte, canne, hinde ende

U554. What you yuth to thee

U555. “I Will ___ You a New Life” (Everclear)

U556. Chain of Command author

U559. 72, at the Masters

U561. Fumbling magician sometimes helpful to He-Man

U564. Informally, one who keeps trusted news programmes trustworthy in London

U565. Lyricist Sammy and wife Tita

U567. P ___ (Charmin maker)

U568. “You can do it” genre

U569. Accurately pitched

U571. They’re strangely one-sided

U572. Cager Malone and actor Malden

U573. Baking chambers

U574. Casa compartment

U575. “‘s’Lane of the Daily Planet”

U578. Really stupid finback whale

U579. Key that lowers the volume on my keyboard

U581. Not fancifu or hypothetica

U583. Court adversaries

U585. “Battle it out” quintet

U586. Answer to the question “What’s the organization that went to war with Israel in 2023?”

U590. “Mr. Danson, this is Ms. de Armas,” in Hollywood

U594. Concubines’ confines, in classical Arabia

U595. Concept of a Morse-code bit to go with “dah”

U598. Part of a task before the IInd or IIIrd

U599. Banned weatherproofer (abbr.)

U601. Delivers a shock to

U603. Continued to tap the ball until it went in the hole

U604. “Mea ___”

U605. AOL is one

U606. Shuperpower where Shou En-Lai sherved

U608. Surprised-sounding casual greetings

U612. Fermentation dregs

U613. Act like the Tin Man trying to fit in at a wine tasting

U616. Titanic tussle ‘tween transmitting truckers

U620. Downton Abbey neckwear

U621. “Cogito, ego ___”

U622. So much arable soil you could write an Iliad about it

U624. Not quite a stench or odor

U628. “Land of Milk and Honey” as rendered pointillistically with spherical vegetables

U631. Cover your head with a sweater attachment, in slang I just made up

U632. Potts in Marvel movies

U635. Changed one’s mind, in printing

U638. 1870 surrender site

U639. Hybrid fruit

U641. “I’m with ___” (T-shirt phrase)

U645. Would be considered a borderline case

U647. Pro beautician’s powder-flattening tool

U651. Afflicted lung cells

U654. Our opinion-gathering exercise

U655. Be Cool actress Thurman

U656. “Touche” elicitor

U657. Kubla Khan’s (or Charles Foster Kane’s) fuel company

U659. Isn’t always off work right at 5 PM

U664. _outh _tlantic _cean

U665. Containing water

U667. Auditory canal termini

U670. Chic shop

U672. Aida, for one

U673. _ndangered _pecies _ct

U675. Burst of hayfever in which a hydrogen isotope expels all its neutrons

U680. Honey-producing aisle in a clothing superstore (buy your honey-based earrings here!)

U681. All stretched out

U683. “18 Days” band Saving ___

U684. Movers and shakers among a South African Bantu group

U686. Confused...and that’s an understatement!

U687. Home theater component made of cheap material

U692. Morning sight over the Atlantic, to East Coasters

U693. “Lanka” front

U694. Dress to the nines

U697. Reversals of position

U699. 1805 Napoleonic victory site

U700. Deutsch marks?

U701. Text God sent Eve shortly before Cain was conceived

U705. Magical princess headwear that clears smog and decontaminates water

U706. Employed someone with a degree

U707. “Plaid” and “spunk” derive from it

U708. Monk whose name could be a transcription of Porky Pig’s stutter

U709. Situation resulting in fragmented dreams, maybe

U710. Realize the water’s overflowing all over outdoors

U711. Sandwich cookie made from wine-stopping material

U712. “Cul-de-” closer

U713. The PowerScore ___ Logic Games Bible (prep book)

U715. 3-mvm. musical piece

U717. “... hopes and fears of all the ___”

U718. “Sorry, I’ve got ___ in the matter”

U719. Heart & Soul one-hit wonder T’___

U720. Bad thing to drop in public

U721. “___ what I mean?”

U722. Adjusted loan for an Alpine sled

U724. Plot of a movie where Holland as Spider-Man puts one over on Gwyneth Paltrow’s Pepper Potts in her super-suit

U725. Sign you got a single call while you were out

U726. “Chatt’ring” birds in Shakespeare

U727. “Check your ___ at the door” (Quincy Jones’ instruction)

U728. Boss to toss

U729. Queasiness, but not from eating out

U730. Sphinx or pyramids as rendered by surrealist Jean

U731. Abbr. for the most extreme

U732. “And ___ precious crown upon thy head” (Shakespeare)

U733. “Hollywood Blacklist” org.

U735. Airport NNW of JFK

U736. “By yesterday!”

U737. Acronymic sandwiches

U738. “___ Transform Entertainment” (Celebrate the Century stamp for the 1970s)

U739. Chicago Hope work areas, briefly

U740. One of the world’s most influential sinners

U741. Question to measure your behavior against that of a fruity frozen treat

U742. Tw__ __ers: near-doubles, sometimes

U743. A Bug’s Life bugs

U744. $ from a bank

U745. Very quick boxing match between Muhammad and Jim, who used his famous puppets as gloves

U750. Sportscaster Gowdy notices the “crossed-out” red circle on my shirt

U751. Financial penalty for being nosey

U752. “___ generis” (one of a kind)

U754. Be dark and threatening, as the weather or sky

U756. Airport-to-hotel minibuses

U759. Alternative to quinoa

U762. Aka “The Miners”

U763. “Son of” in Arabic

U764. Rehearse for Anna Karenina and practice enunciating a challenging character name

U766. Three things that get overheated as you transform into a werewolf

U767. Spotting some spot to parallel park

U772. Bib. book

U773. Don’t do it!

U775. H-Hamas r-rival

U776. Curved top that can help your telescope _uto_ocus

U777. Suspend relaxing areas between two treetops

U778. Chestnut-colored gem

U779. “I Feel for You” singer

U780. Fills fully

U782. Bear, in old Rome

U783. 100-cent coins

U784. 60 Minutes part-time correspondent, once

U785. Bemoans

U787. Mineral element in small stringed instrument

U788. Potato-and-pea pastries enjoyed by an ex-prisoner

U789. “Moos” channel that airs programs like Steak of the Union and competes with Chicken MSNBC and Bear Fox

U790. Scoreless score

U791. Tarzan monogram

U794. Focus, as on a cinematic detail

U797. Rgulation ppearing n sme crporate chrters

U798. Beverage at the end of the spect___?

U799. Homophone of the section’s theme letter

U801. Oaty cereal shaped like percussion instruments

U802. Continuing story with mitochondrial characters

U803. “Ad hoc,” e.g.

U805. About to bloom

U807. “Out of many, one”

U813. Cigars

U814. “Cooked” in Italian

U815. Lamb and beef, rabbit, pigeon, chicken, duck, and offal...no sphinx haunch or pyramid tritips, though

U817. Simpsons dialogue where a Christian woman named for a saintly virtue introduces herself to neighbor Ned

U818. Slvt lk Pvlv’s dg

U819. Missing vowels in “Mxcn” and “dcml”

U820. Sea creature hiding in “sea a___ne”

U821. “How ___ do?”

U823. “Adios ___!”

U824. Guns, see?

U825. Add on to “Han,” “can,” “nee” and “bun”

U826. Jewish word found in “au___ccination”

U828. Headline stating that “Of all the Klingon actors, Michael has the most notable forehead protrusions”

U829. Nickname in both Back to the Future and Space Jam

U830. _erm _f _ffice

U831. Tapere candl par

U832. “Hitchin’ ___” (1970 hit song)

U833. Award for cartoonists

U835. Appraises

U836. Attach again, as a poster that’s falling off the wall

U837. Remove ID from, as a Facebook picture

U838. Os___porosis

U839. Consol___tion: getting it all together

U840. Australian address pt. that looks like some confusing directions

U842. Worker insects that work for the cigarette industry

U843. Blue or bird

U844. Batch of songs

U845. A light blue, pink and white one represents the trans community

U846. “Can we get some air conditioning in here?”

U847. “Shake to Shuffle” devices

U848. Consumed the pavement...probably not literally

U850. “After eating that apple, I suddenly realize how COLD Eden is!”

U852. Burst of speed reminiscent of skiing great Hermann

U853. Quite revealing skirt

U854. Fashionable Taylor

U855. “Dido and ___” (Purcell opera)

U857. Action preceders

U860. “A blessing that is of no advantage to us excepting when we part with it,” according to Ambrose Bierce

U861. “___ Porgie”

U863. Any main character in 1939’s Calling All Curs

U864. Cooch

U865. Victory you may have a hard time accepting (or “taking”), for short

U867. What the answer always is if you see “Norwegian city” in the clue, idiot

U868. Gangsters, slangily, addressing “gangsta,” briefly

U870. Backside blemishes

U871. ___Vice

U872. “Gee.” “No, ___” (1970s-1980s ad slogan…didn’t have to work too hard back then, did they?)

U873. Momentary fantasy about Abel or Babel

U878. Tuber planted in the AD period

U879. They’re proud and male at Brown and Yale

U880. Critic Ebert, to friends, maybe? I dunno, we never got that close

U881. Cmnchs, Wrnglrs, r Chrks

U884. 1982 title role for R. Williams

U885. “Empire Builder” stop, briefly

U886. “Poison” plant

U889. Does blanket stitches

U891. “Arizona” letters

U892. 1,000-kilogram weights

U893. Literally just the answer for U839-Across, because this is the crazy section and we do whatever we want here

U896. Homophone for a letter that’s the opposite of a homophone of this section’s theme letter

U897. Tenth in a series of tech versions

U899. Alien version of golfer Ernie

U900. Reasoner who’s reached the limits of his patience

U904. #10, e.g. (abbr.)

U905. Annie Oakleys (abbr.)

U906. Disney short where a princess compensates for her lack of powers by training to be a marine

U909. Strap for a bit on a classic shirt’s alligator

U912. Bedroom piece

U914. Agassi shot

U916. AWACS landing sight

U918. Detroit’s contribution to mag. revenues

U921. 15th cen. pope

U923. “Ain’t that interesting!”

U924. “... and Mary ___ Retton as Tiny Tim!” (Scrooged line)

U925. Hip-length tops

U928. Measure of weight supported by twine

U931. Mistake-prone creature like Kuzco in The Emperor’s New Groove

U933. “Nay” and “uh-uh”

U935. “Aisle” or “window” selection

U936. Splendor, to Mary Poppins

U948. “Adios”

U951. Bee elements

U953. “The ___ Sea”

U954. Certain intl. delegate

U955. Acronym for stockbrokers

U956. “Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness,” per Keats

U960. Cold War update of Matthew 26:52

U973. “Bounce”

U974. “Darkest” country from which Paddington Bear comes

U975. Recomb___t DNA

U976. They’re unbiased in their assessment of odors

U977. Metal leavings on a campus dating back to 1440

U978. The horny mood that drives some Marvel characters to “make more mutants”

U979. “Closed captioned for the hearing im___red”

U980. Like some dollars on currency exch. boards

U981. “Billy the ___”

U983. A step up

U985. Coll. in Houston

U986. ‘Micro’ symbols

U987. “Aloha” accompaniments

U988. “... ‘twas ___ a dream of thee” (Donne)

U989. “A ___ tardi” (“See you later,” in Italy)

U990. Ti syas “EMOCLEW”

U991. Plot twist that might lead the American military to invade the land of Genesis 1

U992. “Hhhhmmmmmmmmmmmm,” onscreen

U993. Talk radio reformatted to FM or SiriusXM

U994. Windows and Android, e.g.

U995. Abbr. on a bottle of Courvoisier

U996. “Baked” side dish, slangily

U997. Nt mch t ll

U998. Long-necked animal emoji, briefly

U999. Promos for heart-healthy exercises

U1000. “We don’t yet know who’s filling that jail cell bed,” briefly

U1001. Every, to a pharmacist

U1002. “___ I but known!”

U1003. “Oops” preceder

U1005. Bangalore belief

U1008. Franco- ___ War

U1011. Actions on heartstrings

U1012. “Echoes” singer Williams

U1013. _ast _os _ngeles

U1014. Quirky government group

U1015. First and last letter in a word for “boob” (but it’s not B)

U1016. Creepy ob/gyn, e.g.

U1017. Pi___ple slices

U1018. “‘Neath the ___” (Yale song)

U1019. Green card org.

U1020. N___y-gr___y: l___le stuff

U1021. Give a big British kiss to would-be lawyers’ tests

U1022. Penultimate letter that looks like it’s up to something

U1023. Stinky way felines communicate their anxiety to their owners

U1024. Deoxyribonuc___c acid

U1025. 120-pound Australians

U1027. “Diga Diga Doo” trio

U1029. xkcd cartoonist Randall

U1030. “Fix” what your dog will tell you wasn’t broken

U1031. Wrestler Rollins

U1032. “All Things Must ___” (George Harrison)

U1033. Crossword remarker Parker

U1034. Get a certain food preservative ready before having food to preserve

U1035. Piece of advice for surviving Capitol Hill

U1036. Ursines chorused, as when talking about Goldilocks

U1037. “Com” ending

U1038. Fight Club agent

U1039. 60 Minutes producer Hewitt

U1041. Brezhnev’s nation, once

U1044. Slow periods in COVID-protection production

U1045. Eight-point star on a U.S./Russ./Jap./Eur./Can. orbiter

U1050. Place to exercise heels and toes

U1051. L___ while you ___: do on-the-job training

U1052. Badtz-___ (Sanrio character)

U1053. Almost boil

U1055. “I’d advise against it, but hey, I don’t have to deal with the consequences”

U1059. Balls fielded by the catcher, perhaps

U1060. “...my baby smiles ___”

U1061. Boston and Cambridge cops, briefly

U1063. Regulate student athletics among about 1,100 schools in the U.S. and Canada

U1064. Oak or elm reborn

U1069. Bad way to pay raffle organizers

U1070. GO T_ __L (Monopoly directive)

U1072. “... more, ___ merrier!”

U1075. “___ We Trust”

U1078. _hronology _f the _ncient _ear _ast

U1079. Gp. that used to be about responsible lightsaber ownership, but these days I suspect they’re secretly Sith

U1080. Whitewater special prosecutor not interested

U1081. Purebred chocolate dog (no ersatz breed)

U1082. Deep-fat ___r

U1083. “I’m with you, Reverend!” shouts

U1085. Accroaches

U1088. 1996 Tom Arnold movie, with “The”

U1089. “Absolutely!”

U1091. “It ain’t got a backseat or ___ window” (“Surf City” lyric)

U1092. Oenophile’s classification

U1093. Heartbreaking backstory, especially for Jim, for The Office Reunion Special

U1094. Mocking headstone marker (“LOL, you’re dead”)

U1095. Gulf War missiles making out in public, ew

U1096. “Meatballs” on a circuit diagram

U1098. “Applesauce!”

U1100. “Do ___ alarmed”

U1101. URL ender for the Kremlin, URL ender for the White House

U1102. “Don’t talk about Star Wars” contracts, for short

U1103. Uncertain answer to “Hey, T-Bob, what do you think the mornin’ sun’s doin’?”

U1104. What to assume if you see Einstein’s equation written as B = yp2 and the second law of thermodynamics written as X = yz

U1105. Vassal’s venue

U1106. More of stepquote

U1107. Agonies

U1110. “Power” break

U1111. Hunt for, as game

U1113. Characterized by clutter

U1114. The Commitments’ “___ Little Tenderness”

U1115. Old “-80” computer owned by building manager

U1116. Single item placed inside manuscript gap

U1117. “The wedding cake was falling apart, it was so upsetting, I was shedding tiers,” e.g.

U1118. “You sa_ ___ _ friend, but I think you’re cheating with him!”

U1119. Advantageous

U1120. “Aw, mom!” sound

U1121. Francis of Ass___ ___hed for followers, and got them!

U1123. Goalpost-shaped letters created by Elsa

U1124. Bi___gradable

U1125. Do some of a colorist’s job on, without a colorist’s tools

U1126. Te___sterone

U1128. Holy snake who blessed Cleopatra while killing her, briefly

U1129. Pal at the Native American stomping grounds

U1131. Gets lubed

U1133. Blunt

U1136. Casually plays, in a way

U1138. The Bourne Identity author

U1140. Lit-up letters for the northwestmost of the U.S. lower 48

U1142. Notes after doses but before mises, fases, and soses

U1143. Utter disappointment

U1144. “Come on come on, move!”

U1145. C___lytic converter

U1147. American IM service from back in the day

U1148. Charged particle, just FYI

U1149. “Whistle While You Work,” et al.

U1150. “Frankenfood” item, for short

U1151. Note hit by old plane’s sonic boom

U1152. A___ity: emotion motivating Gero___ attacks

U1153. Exclamation from Roxanne after realizing what her truest love has done (it’s set in France, remember)

U1156. “___ me, Mario!”

U1157. Fusion of two words meaning “tenet” that could become one or the other if you deleted one letter

U1158. “If you don’t like the effects, don’t produce the ___” (Funkadelic)

U1160. “The ___ With No Beer”

U1162. The ___ of Black Folk (iconic W.E.B. Du Bois work)

U1164. Dross

U1165. “...hop off the bus, ___”

U1166. A Dandy in ___

U1169. He wrote Discourse on the Existence of God

U1170. Moisture descriptor sometimes jokingly added to “Zona”

U1171. Immune system agents nobody thinks about

U1174. Shouted instruction when moving a sofa in an old sitcom

U1175. Casual greeting to a theater greeter

U1176. ST: ___ (1990s sci-fi series, to fans)

U1177. Carafe ___ (French restaurant order)

U1178. Cold War news org. run by American spies in Russia (think ITAR-___)

U1180. Dis while playing mind games

U1181. He came between GWB and DJT

U1182. Gender-swapped heroine who rescues Prince Peach

U1183. They’re between New Yorks and New Hampshires (abbr.)

U1185. “110-44” mmedium

U1186. Vi_-_-_is

U1187. _merald _reen _nail

U1188. Army HQ bigwig

U1190. “Apostle to the Gentiles”

U1193. A Boy Named ___

U1194. Biol. suffix meaning ‘little’

U1195. “Ditat ___” (Arizona’s motto)

U1197. A DDS may tie one on

U1198. Prefix for “man” used irrespective of gender

U1199. Add-on to cord or part

U1201. W___d Wide Web

U1202. Intellec___l property

U1203. American wind-powered canvas

U1204. _enovo _ystem _ (server brand)

U1206. Consonantless crosswordese cookie

U1207. Stat comparing *b*ankroll to *e*arnings

U1208. Tom Hanks title character

U1210. “...words of wisdom, let ___”

U1211. Headline covering what pranksters did to the now-HOLLYWOD sign

U1212. Medical assts. fresh out of school

U1213. De rig___r: standard

U1214. Answer to “What Linux predecessor sounds ‘novel’ and uses an animal name?”

U1215. ___n-___q War

U1216. ___ Was Pretty (TV series)

U1217. To ___ (somewhat)

U1219. 62 Natural Ways to Beat Jet ___ (advice book)

U1220. “...est ___ la table”

U1222. Name for the Mediterranean in the Bible, or large body of water in Legend of Zelda

U1225. Gautama follower.

U1228. “Bean limousine”

U1229. “Les ___”

U1230. Show covering the music scene of its eponymous capital

U1232. “Where’s ___?” (comment on the curious omission of a Star Wars main character from early toy marketing, thanks to Disney “sci-fi is for boys” logic)

U1233. Aiming for a Ph.D.

U1234. Opponent with patches or spots

U1235. Vowels missing from “pñts”

U1236. Tra___ormers: Revenge of the Fallen

U1237. Puts more in the tank

U1238. Built well, as a body

U1239. A leveler

U1240. “‘It was me, esteemed superior,’ said yours truly, wagging my head to indicate agreement,” after edits

U1242. Attending physician of a TV prison named for a fantasyland (Gloria Nathan was the one viewers saw most)

U1243. Shipped over accomplished tough guys, for short

U1244. Animated Nickelodeon series featuring a boy in a green sweater vest

U1246. “Actually, that is true about me!”

U1247. “Down under” fowl

U1248. “Boola Boola” belters

U1250. “All clear”

U1251. Left the field behind

U1252. Defendant at law

U1253. “Buckle Up, Dummies” ad, e.g.

U1254. “Can ___ ‘what what’?”

U1256. “Collapsed in Sunbeams” singer Parks or “City of New Orleans” singer Guthrie

U1257. Chihuahua noises from a big brass instrument

U1258. Russian republic known for “throat singing” and starting with a three-letter alphabet string

U1260. Where desert track racers stop to get their mounts watered and oiled by their crew

U1261. “His air ___ broke...” (“Rock Lobster” line)

U1262. Abandon.

U1263. “Wow, that’s fast fast fast FAST!”

U1268. End of “ccoocckkeerr ssppaanni”

U1269. Changes the distribution of plastic wallet-fillers for bank customers

U1276. “... when the lights ___ out?”

U1278. “Bejabbers!”

U1280. Nafea Faa Ipoipo painter

U1282. All My Children, for one

U1283. Baseball biggie Bowie

U1284. Enjoys his imaginary good fortune

U1291. First word in classic Star Trek intros

U1292. Trope that a genre work can’t do without

U1296. “Amo, ___, I Love a Lass”

U1297. “Asthma-hound” chihuahua of animation

U1298. Million-year period’s balloon pilots as rendered by artist Jean (or is it Hans?)

U1299. Word that, despite appearances, is not short for “neurodivergent-y”

U1300. Anglers banging their pots as loud as they can

U1301. “___ happy for you!”

U1302. Cold liquid?

U1305. Found inner strength (3,4)

U1306. Ab exercises

U1308. “Let ___” (song written by Paul McCartney - no, not that one)

U1309. Cheap-beer periods that honor those who gave their all for a cause

U1310. TV’s Dillon and LeBlanc

U1311. Varying a lot from installment to installment, as a TV series

U1312. “... Queen o’ the ___”

U1313. “1 see your ___”

U1315. “Don’t forgive, Circe! Or...Cersei? Sersi? Oh, heck, there are a SERIES of three fantasy characters whose names are pronounced the same, so I’ll just spell your name to anagram SERIES! And if that annoys you, you SHOULD be annoyed!”

U1316. “Boo-o-o-o-o!”

U1317. George Harrison and John Lennon, who both learned the art of riding on wheeled boards (Paul tried it once and fell over, and Ringo never tried it as far as anyone knows)

U1318. Circu___ar: orbiting the moon

U1319. ‘Taint souf

U1321. Fortune seller

U1324. “___ yer old man!”

U1325. A good while back

U1327. A Momentary ___ of Reason (1987 Pink Floyd album)

U1328. “_ ___inate the Ubercross Abecedaria for the Nobel Prize for Literature”: Voter expressing a good and correct opinion

U1329. Flying fish, e.g.

U1331. 28 and 38, initially

U1332. Blood clots found on Acela trains

U1333. “In conclusion,” in France

U1336. “Er” relatives

U1337. Correcting the spelling on a battlefield identification attached to an underskirt

U1342. Water-surrounded territory owned by Homer’s peer who wrote the Theogony (this is fictional: actually, we know he hated sea travel and only visited one such territory, Euboea, in his entire life)

U1343. Down-up-down-up squiggle on a brain scan

U1345. “... and pulled ___ plum”

U1346. Fails to notice

U1349. Stabilized

U1351. “Ad ___ omnes” (“All to a man”)

U1352. Palindromic snippet found in bl___ __cré (French pearl white)

U1353. “Greenskeeper consumed those greens,” in response to “What happened to that salad you were making near your garden?”

U1355. One who facilitates communication between the witch doctor and new employees

U1360. Stargate ___ (sci-fi show starring Richard Dean Anderson)

U1361. Bird calls.

U1364. Starting letters for noble gas element 54

U1365. “Type A, B, ___ AB?”

U1366. Near cranky codgers, if not actually atop them

U1370. “Every time I see a photograph of ___ wonder how a man who spent his whole life tête-à-tête with sex can look that gloomy” (Raymond Loewy)

U1371. Small sample

U1372. ‘40s Bikini blast

U1374. Outdoor entry locale

U1376. Events with steak-holders?

U1377. Dirty films

U1378. Athena’s mom, Jupiter’s moon, and a personal pronoun followed by a quaint contraction

U1379. If I’m being ent___ _onest, this answer’s letters are in reverese

U1380. Bigoted juror’s removal

U1384. ___onv___ible: impossibly stubborn

U1385. _icked _p _n: detected

U1386. “Brook” fish

U1388. 28 Walk proudly

U1389. Sesqui___alian

U1390. Operatio__ _esearch

U1391. Instruction to the Shakespearean Fairy Queen to blacken and humiliate a Shakespearean Duke

U1392. “Oh, ___ety-___-___-___” (too much talk)

U1395. Broadcast channel for canoe racing

U1396. Crucial part that distinguishes the 18th letter from a “K”

U1397. “A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kick boxing” comedian Philips

U1399. Valve stem that keeps you from getting flats (though it sounds like a racing-inspired musical genre…)

U1400. Certain starlets

U1401. “Are those chocolate-covered ants?”

U1402. Short name for a co. that makes networked speakers

U1403. Calculator readout that’s good, but not great, for short

U1404. Writers Ellis and Snow, or gp. that monitors parental abuse

U1407. Advocate for the common masses

U1408. Monkey noise found in b___mark

U1409. Pronoun used after trademarking myself

U1410. Advances

U1411. “L’___ del Cairo” (Mozart opera)

U1412. “Plop myself into a chair”

U1414. Well-admired neighborhood housing the United Nations

U1415. Somnam___sm (sleepwalking)

U1416. Penny Arcade protagonist Tycho named for an astronomer

U1417. “Is it spelled ‘bourgeoisie’? ‘Bourgeoise’?”

U1418. “Twinkle, twinkle, little star”

U1422. Nation with blue, black, and white stripes for its flag

U1423. Fights the glare

U1424. “History has rendered its verdict”

U1428. First hopping amphibian in the experiment, before B and C

U1429. Car___gist: heart doctor

U1430. Studi_ ___rtment

U1432. Blurts out the name of the Skipper’s “little buddy”

U1434. Jyn, memorable p___nality of Rogue One

U1435. ‘eadgear

U1436. Coyote ___ (2000 Piper Perabo film)

U1437. Wheelchair-friendly areas for gourmet coffee

U1441. Fashion style fusing artsy New York chic and Victorian-cum-Japanese dresses

U1443. U___tainty principle

U1444. Showng concern

U1445. “Any fool knows that!”

U1446. ___ Dimittis (hymn)

U1448. Artful nicknames

U1450. A seminomadic Muslim

U1451. Stretch of rd. with many an exit

U1452. Outreach from the “Wasted on the Way Band,” for short

U1453. Letters found m___y through “m___y”

U1454. Traps, like a spider’s prey

U1456. Increased shakes (this one’s kind of a medical downer, sorry)

U1460. “Forbidden” cologne brand

U1462. Three Men and a Baby prop

U1463. Render a classic boy band in body ink

U1464. Amb___lent

U1465. Birdcall-o

U1466. Single Atlanta-based film channel

U1467. NYC trains

U1468. Attachment that makes “foot” and “toot” into synonyms

U1469. For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is ___

U1471. A Passage to India title

U1474. Baywatch undertakings

U1475. Say impetuously

U1477. Primatologist Fossey

U1478. Ov__ _nd ov__ _gain: repeatedly

U1479. “Waas iiist ___?”

U1480. Mil. base named for German “true”

U1481. Pla’d the market, provi’d with capital

U1482. Bo__ _utters (or maj.’s superior)

U1483. Traditional still-life subject, fashioned in three dimensions

U1484. “Thus weary of the world, away she ___” (Shakespeare)

U1485. “There has never yet been a man in our history who ___ life of ease whose name is worth remembering” (Teddy Roosevelt

U1486. “Fashion mogul Tahari, here’s the US media watchdog”

U1487. “America’s longest-lasting car” that sounds like a river

U1488. Ext. lead-in

U1489. Young ewe found in “ca___orical imperative”

U1490. Greeting heard in Honolulu health and fitness centers

U1492. (Lack of) feature in a “tires only” offer

U1494. Convert’d to a blog feed

U1497. Act the harpist

U1499. Chrome extension

U1502. “Elevator” for Norman

U1503. ‘58-’60 Thunderbird nickname, ___ Bird

U1505. Eye-roll-inducing

U1506. |Cassette successor|

U1508. Missing letters in “b_rning _he candle at _oth e_d_”

U1509. Made one’s pal’s diet

U1511. Internet initialism for “_ou’re _idding _e” (Wait, it’s not? _ou’re _idding _e)

U1512. Yppahnu

U1513. Dekoocnu

U1514. “Actress Dennings: a British conservative?” [This headline is false]

U1515. Auntie’s mates

U1516. “Be there in ___”

U1517. Forbids the 2022 Cate Blanchett film

U1518. Suffix denoting a collection, except when attached to “Louis”

U1520. Obviously and completely the thing being discussed

U1521. “Chicks are all grown up now! Anyone who wants this old shelter we raised ‘em in, have at it!”

U1522. Boloper or msistep, like acicdentlaly breaking up double lteters within a word

U1523. Clear-thinking

U1525. Aunt ___ Cope Book

U1527. Searches for anew

U1530. Afflict severely

U1532. Float ___ (finance)

U1533. Bruins athlete, e.g.

U1534. State island?

U1535. Sound of alarm from a telepath (that’s not a good sign, right?)

U1536. Standing atop an old “off-color” directory, for short

U1538. “Al-TERRR-natively..”

U1539. “Not much, Arsenal, Liverpool, and Chelsea”

U1540. “...neither ___ you up a standing image” (Lev. 26:1)

U1541. Attached to “Steel,” it’s a Hefty trash bag

U1542. “Does ___ss confusing?” (simple question about life to which there isn’t a simple answer)

U1543. Remove the purple monster from McDonald’s ad photos

U1547. Elaborate plan to increase use of the Latin “was” in casual conversation

U1549. Answer to “You’re crazy, no one would ever write that many weird clues for a puzzle”

U1550. Ic___n: twenty-sided die

U1551. “... or ___ she?”

U1553. Diarrhea, euphemistically

U1555. Brunei bigwigs

U1556. Italian family

U1557. Three-quarters-circle filled with illuminated gas

U1558. Src. of power for a non-gas car [first write the acronym for the car, then repeat the part of the acronym that’s the power source]

U1559. Invokes the name of actor LaBoeuf

U1560. “Prospera” in intellectual property available to anyone

U1564. Singer Kenny’s modernization

U1565. “Da Crime Family” rap trio

U1566. “...had just settled ___ for a long winter’s nap”

U1568. Genuine indcuction to an online group

U1569. Access point via a mutually beneficia relationship

U1570. Putin staffer who keeps reading the US’s most firmly capitalist paper

U1571. Perceive the pattern of this puzzle section

U1572. Healthy beverage (if you don’t add sugar) with a little off the top?

U1573. Completely confident

U1575. Antique Louisville Slugger or derogatory name for grandma

U1576. Delivers an old standard, perhaps

U1577. “Do you bite your thumb ___, sir?” (Romeo and Juliet”

U1578. “Elevate everything” co. as found in our nat.’s cap.

U1579. Ecaps ssecnirp fo mlif

U1580. Closest spot to stop for the night

U1581. Advice to a 1980s princess that she couldn’t completely follow

U1582. Ice cream unit sponsored by the org. least likely to sponsor ice cream

U1583. Class of antidepressants (abbr.)

U1586. “Cero” follower

U1587. Rugby battle for a banned pesticide

U1589. Stage instruction for a conductor who’s slicking up his wand

U1590. Game of hopscotch played in the closest French town to England

U1591. Deals with a plus one?

U1592. Metric speed measurement per a certain football blocker, for short

U1593. Considerable distance

U1597. Antibacterial drug

U1598. Move, as a plant

U1599. Not comfortable with

U1603. “Uh, letter-shaped building add-ons”

U1604. Fictional college where gun nuts indoctrinate students

U1605. Creature that’s half horse and half amphibian grub-eater, with leathery skin on both halves

U1607. “All of us block-based toys need to work together!”

U1608. Mislead Judy Garland’s studio

U1609. Canton in Norway

U1610. “Always Comfortable” brand

U1613. Cause of much destruction and of thinking oneself a god

U1614. Goddess of destruction

U1615. Diss track co-authored by MC Hammer and Austin Powers

U1616. Kryptonite, e.g.

U1617. Major talent-rep org.

U1618. Cry of betrayal cut off early because the speaker got stabbed again

U1619. Regg__ ___istani: musician like Arooj Aftab

U1621. Where a ewe-o may graze-o

U1622. Protrude forcefully

U1624. Directors with distinctive styles

U1626. Lacking coverage

U1627. Concerning: the infinitive preposition

U1628. Qua___d: disagreed loudly

U1629. C___emplation: quiet thinking

U1630. Foott soldierr

U1631. Damond locaton

U1632. Private’s commanding officer has private debts

U1633. Pluralized singulars?

U1634. “That’s ___ in ‘electroencephalography’“

U1635. “Danke!” antecedent, often

U1637. “Action!” followers

U1638. “Strt rnnng: ‘m gng t thrw ths ftbll rll fr!”

U1640. “Ready, set...” follower, if you’re in an art history class with a punning professor

U1642. Tool to sharpen the wings of planes in midair

U1643. “Cough up,” in poker

U1644. _ing _eorge’s _ar (precedent to the American Revolution)

U1645. “I’m not too impressed by that loss,” briefly

U1647. A hyperbola has two

U1648. Cause-of-death determinations

U1650. Able to be seen

U1653. Abbr. on a pill bottle

U1654. Apprentices

U1656. Josie’s band, or the animals they sometimes impersonate onstage

U1658. ___ Kni___

U1659. Shrt’s g-wth, ftn

U1660. Hspnc-mrcn

U1661. Like a chicken with its he__ __t off

U1663. Name with a 1234 123 pattern taken by someone who enjoys subverting the gender binary

U1664. Heavy metal that inspired a rush

U1665. t’s rghl th sz f 1,000,000 ns nd/r zrs

U1666. Escorts to ones seat, casually

U1667. ___ in Icarus (1979 French thriller)

U1668. Commodities exchan__ ___ter

U1670. Elevate a 1990s medical drama

U1672. Epastrye eoftene ethrowne eintoe efacese, eate eleaste eine ecomedye

U1673. Word to the wise about Nashville’s state abbr.

U1674. Job for a future Pres., often

U1675. “What ___ switched places with another moon, or with Venus?” (common speculation about the densest satellite we’ve observed in the solar system)

U1676. Line 32 items on 1040 forms

U1677. Ship named for a wedding vow

U1678. A bride and groom may be on the top one

U1680. Transaction discussed during Freudian retail therapy?

U1685. 1984 Deighton novel

U1686. Vid__ ___surements: length of recording, aspect ratio, etc.

U1687. “___ le football!”

U1688. How Khepri/Atum was more commonly known in the Egyptian pantheon

U1689. “You’re No Good” ‘90s band, for short

U1690. Phone program labeled with this puzzle creator’s initials

U1692. Not youuus or the-e-ems

U1693. Where to find The Persistence of Memory and Starry Night

U1694. Bacte___ __ting plastic: hope for pollution alleviation

U1695. “... on the light fantastic ___”

U1696. “...twice, shame ___”

U1697. Take a look at his and my reproductive organs (not his and my genders, that’s more of an abstract thing)

U1700. xpss th ddrss f

U1701. Places on Vietnam’s continent where its popular dish is consumed

U1703. ___ late husband: David Bowie

U1704. Wht spk ldr thn wrds

U1705. Tapple tor tmountain tfrom Tjapan

U1706. Ass

U1709. “A scorcher today” response

U1710. At a high volume

U1711. “___ goes there?”

U1713. ___ The Face Shop or ___ The Crème Shop (popular beauty brand “crossing over” with its sub-brands...I think the last letter is supposed to signify multiplication? Are they multiplying their beauty powers? I don’t totally get it)

U1714. Juvenil_ ___inquent

U1715. Inst. of higher learning named for a bullfighter’s cloak

U1717. Keep some grassy dirt from its destination

U1719. Aba___nment

U1720. Keep soldiers company during mealtimes

U1722. “BB4N”

U1724. Australian boots

U1725. Emotional damage suffered by one whom everyone else envies, looks up to, or fantasizes about

U1727. Insult-tributes for a butcher, but more punnily

U1731. “___ is displaying on your clock instead of PM...it’s too early, go back to bed”

U1732. Iintroductiions to the stock market

U1733. Junk email sender

U1737. Conclusion to the words of another?

U1739. Sweeney Todd food item

U1743. Coitus. Therefore...

U1744. Uncs and cuzzes, for short

U1745. They check to make sure printers’ rulers are accurate, properly labeled, and use correct grammar

U1750. Noshes near rice sources

U1751. “Oh, very funny!”

U1752. “But I must also feel ___ a man” (Macduff)

U1753. My reaction when a crossword constructor tells me INEFFABILITY is one of their theme answers and they say they didn’t just “use a synonym”

U1761. Depraved pleasure-seaker

U1764. “No, sirree!”

U1765. Eight of their names are featured in this puzzle

U1767. On a quest to improve the nation’s roads, airways, and shipping, as well as oneself

U1776. “I got ___ the crack of noon”

U1777. “ ___ pig” (Charlotte’s Web message)

U1778. Musician Yoko lost on the water

U1779. Barge into the headquarters of a TV-viewership tracker

U1780. Good call for help in Italian

U1781. Once in a bl__ _oon

U1782. The Thiinniing actress Mariie Johnson

U1783. Four-fifths of a nosh

U1784. “Cruellest month” agcy.

U1785. Conjectures

U1788. “Fluffy” threesome

U1789. “Anything goes!”

U1791. “All applicants welcome!” letters

U1792. Approach to releasing classic records, in brief

U1793. Enfa__ __rrible

U1794. “Get out! For your own safety, go!”

U1795. One of a number of parasites

U1796. Assistants who help with discrimination against older workers (hopefully combating it, not enforcing it)

U1797. “Your Buckeye State,” to Caesar

U1798. Accelerates

U1799. A H.S. dropout may earn one

U1800. T-shirts that display non-Java, non-Python code

U1802. Market the “Like a Boy” singer as an add-on to an existing music purchase

U1803. Follow up to “An F and a T are letters composed entirely of right angles in sans-serif form...”

U1804. Yrruf rewoem

U1805. “Am ___ good at this?”

U1806. Gobi Desert inhabitant of long ago

U1808. “Average” fellow

U1810. Final act for some samurais

U1812. Infinitely smaller

U1813. “Hmm, the oven was on. Did ___ didn’t...”

U1814. Caveman talk from the magical Mr. Weasley

U1815. Sahar_ ___is: bit of desert relief near Egypt

U1816. “Depend” end

U1817. Menagerie refuge for Orioles, Bluejays, Rays, and Tigers

U1818. Trillions of face-up bodies

U1819. They did enough good to get special recognition from the Church, but did they have to complain so much along the way? (abbr.)

U1820. “Ash Wednesday” monogram

U1821. “Cyan” finish

U1823. Quick writing from “The Heart of Northeast Nevada”

U1825. Using few words, no illumination

U1826. Go get our male parent

U1827. Ar_ __co (style)

U1828. “The four-year deg. school named because it’s a burden to graduate”

U1830. Cu__ __rvice: important pandemic amenity

U1831. “Elbow,” in Latin

U1833. Clear winner

U1837. 2% of the world’s human blood (abbr.)

U1838. One who gets older, unlike us immortals

U1839. “It brought tears to Greg’s eyes” (using only his initial)

U1840. _ew _ork _ntellectual

U1841. Mouselike insectivore as a bank mascot

U1842. Condition under which a self-declared villain might be interested in a 19th birthday party (or any activity, really)

U1843. Vampire-stabbing implement whose owner is named for life force (or a crosslike letter, both of which are appropriate)

U1844. 10 Items or Less channel

U1847. “All together, musicians!”

U1850. Barely audible when near

U1852. He’ll use your three wishes to get you the perfect vacay

U1854. Morning-set storyline, for short

U1855. Shoe backing shaped like two stacked rectangles with rounded edges

U1857. “The world we live ___ unpredictable”

U1858. Wilbur’s pal

U1859. Barnaby ___

U1861. An Asian Speaks author

U1862. Almost ready to be a butterfly

U1863. ___ Wednesday

U1864. “___ Runner” (1982 Harrison Ford film)

U1865. “And your little dog, too” dog

U1866. “FourFiveSeconds” singer, to her fans

U1867. Processing basis for NYC buses

U1869. Robotic life that has no interest in mating with humans, which probably beats the alternative

U1870. Start putting metaphorical “desert relief areas” into law

U1871. “Me not legitimate” rejoinder

U1872. 19th c. mathemetician George

U1874. Showrunner Michael who gave us Eleanor and Chidi

U1875. Quaker packaging that’s fully intact

U1877. Non-robotic zits

U1878. She gave birth to singer Don

U1879. “___ clogged I can’t hear” (common medical googling)

U1880. Crimonology divisino that’s not part of the main operation

U1882. Ancient tools that worked like decoder rings

U1885. “___ du lieber Augustin!”

U1887. “A Christmas Carol” boy

U1888. “Fast cash” site

U1889. Grappling martial art

U1891. Terse editing advice for “This can’t go on, can’t continue...it has no future”

U1893. On the ___ (legit)

U1894. Choulder-based chow of indifference

U1895. Hybrid fantasy giant guarding swamp trees

U1896. Tries to add to a transaction even though it’s full of chinks and cracks

U1898. “Clippers beat Lakers,” e.g.

U1899. Dumb and Dumberer actress Cheri

U1900. Showing a preference for tangledness against being neatly combed

U1901. Period of disharmony between clans

U1902. Tweet or public appearance, say

U1903. Where it’s comin’ if I yell, “Look out!”

U1904. Cryptogrammatic substitution that would lead you to see “M’g” and “M’l” in a finished puzzle

U1905. French word meaning “___tyard”

U1907. Bogged down

U1909. Goat’s ___ Soup (Rolling Stones album)

U1911. 1970s exile

U1913. Card position

U1914. Italian painting and sculpture?

U1916. Google logo found on carpet

U1917. Back-talkr

U1918. An η that’s starting to sprout serifs but isn’t yet a fully adult capital letter

U1919. “Once of Marsha,” only without vowels?? Is this anything??? Do enough of these clues and you start to worry about getting completely divorced from reality

U1920. Not just one cheapo cookware container

U1921. A real lulu

U1922. “___ are not endorsements”

U1923. Actress Gilbert who’s more temperamental these days

U1924. W. Smith TV title role

U1925. It joins the Rhone at Lyon

U1926. Beachhwear thhat shhows one’s chheeks

U1928. “Thread beginner now popular”

U1929. Kontainer for ice kream

U1930. Ban Ki-moon and others (abbr.)

U1931. Beta Kappa head

U1933. Colorful Hawaiian dresses

U1935. Sneakily snarky

U1936. Cage fighting, for short

U1937. Push t__ __velope

U1938. One Hawaiian dish

U1939. Snarling article no longer fit to be used in domestic sentences

U1940. Xprmnt n lvng crtrs (if you think such experimentation is monstrous)

U1941. Affectionate call out to actor Liotta

U1942. Messed up Rhett Butler’s famous last line by substituting a slang term for money for its first word

U1943. Like a whiz kid

U1944. Yellow ochers

U1945. French “Let the Metz resident (do whatever)” or French-English “Stop keeping the clutter out”

U1946. Girl of the fam + usual Father’s Day gifts

U1948. Where Ringo might go

U1949. Think all that killing and fighting is totally groovy, man

U1950. _hyming-_ased _ouble _ntendre

U1951. San Fran, Cali, made even shorter

U1952. “Allons, ___ enfants... “

U1953. “Comme ci, comme ca”

U1955. “Family Circus” cartoonist

U1956. A.C. capacity

U1957. Angled (abbr.)

U1958. Karl M___’_ theory of value

U1959. Denial from an avant-garde early-2000s hip-hop artist

U1960. Treated with director Judd’s trademark humor (“Judd’d” just looks wrong)

U1962. “_es, _our _onor”

U1963. Interstellar fleet so vast you could consider it a sea

U1964. Mexican mini-treats

U1965. “... and the ___ shall be first” (Matthew)

U1967. 11 in. of wire, as distributed by Grace Hopper

U1968. Zone of existence that’s neither here nor there, limbo

U1970. “Capone donated central heating and cooling”

U1972. Pimple as punishment for eating from the Tree of Knowledge

U1973. Igneous rock maker

U1975. Big crop in Iowa

U1977. Barbarians at the Gate: The Fall of ___ Nabisco (1990 bestseller)

U1979. Abounding

U1981. “Ahhh, c’mere, you big ___!”

U1982. Anything very puzzling.

U1983. “Dole” addition

U1984. Aquatic team

U1985. Rule against playing a checkers-like game

U1986. Floral band around the avatar of Vishnu’s neck

U1988. “Sorry, Ketchum, my heart belongs to another”

U1989. Tool for frying up fish eggs inside a whale belly, named for the guy who was forced to invent it (no, not Gepetto)

U1990. Aeneid character

U1991. “From knowledge, sea power” org.

U1992. Palindrome using initials to describe an oceanbound one-time presidential candidate

U1993. Cutesy candy-heart message designed for Wii fans

U1994. Buzzing ghost pointing you to flowers after the previous thirty-nine already appeared

U1999. Disgraceful paper named for a text-message refusal

U2000. “Jesus Chrst s ___!” (Easter benedcton)

U2001. Barefoot in the Park director

U2003. Alg. or geog.

U2005. “Full of” suffix

U2006. The Bureau and the ___ (2002 Times best seller by David A. Vise)

U2007. Hindu god of death found in M. Night Sh___lan

U2008. F’ternize, m’gle, s’mooze

U2009. Porridges Goldilocks ended up eating in the version of the story where she’s a badass killer

U2013. Wid___ ___eavement (post-husband grief)

U2014. Autonomou_ ___l network

U2015. “___ arigato”

U2016. “___ trabajo” (“Good job”)

U2017. Strp f cmptr cns

U2018. Digestive juice found on a docking locale (expelled by the seasick, maybe)

U2020. Books, movies, et cetera, with their endings disclosed

U2021. Set of numbers formatted differently overseas

U2022. Relatives, er...

U2024. “A bun in the oven”‘s oven

U2026. “Chicken noodle” course

U2028. “Always said you were a youthquaker, ___” (The Cult)

U2029. “House of Bush, House of ___: The Secret Relationship Between the World’s Two Most Powerful Dynasties”

U2030. Flaw the appearance of wood-cutting tool

U2031. Not worth ___ (having no value, especially since they use euros now)

U2032. Publisher of a “400 list” with his skeleton entirely removed (wacky image or “eat the rich” statement? You be the judge)

U2033. Saudi king until 2005, rendered as a red Muppet

U2036. _tandard _odel of _article _hysics

U2037. Brazilian trees

U2038. Adds as an additional recipient, in email

U2039. Vowel pattern repeated in “liberal cinema”

U2040. Respite from a cold road trip with a sunrise logo

U2043. Charted graphic showing either the rise and fall of garbage disposal or the arc of items hurled into the distance

U2044. Juice pt., reabbreviated

U2046. Style like that of a popular jeans source but all “neo” and modern

U2048. Cliff-hanger?

U2050. Duration

U2052. Make a play on words about one of the oldest cities (with the shortest name) ever

U2053. Acronym for “Really New York Times now”

U2054. Flowering plant near a resting couch

U2055. “The Second Coming” poet, or at least the version of him observed by me

U2058. Baby-food palindrome that isn’t BOOB

U2059. Donestic critter

U2060. Acne memento

U2062. Gv fnncl bckng

U2063. Community of narrators in brief

U2064. Bodybuilder’s back muscle

U2065. Hemidemise___uaver

U2067. Craziest last

U2068. The Book of Is___h (palindrome)

U2070. _annibal _rossing _he _lps

U2071. Connected to the main utility network, as power

U2073. Alice in Wonderland pastry

U2074. “Buy U a Drank (Shawty Snappin’)” rapper

U2076. “Beautiful Freak” band

U2077. “I have a dream” speaker, looking pale (briefly)

U2078. With “et,” tragic figure known for indesciveness

U2079. Word after “padded” or “nursing”

U2080. Furies tasked with the revenge hit

U2081. “What the Sa_ __ll is goin’ on here??”

U2082. Accou___ payable

U2083. One plc. to stop for a breather

U2085. Squa__ _oot

U2087. “...___ the frumious Bandersnatch!” (Carroll)

U2090. “Land of the sun” native

U2091. Entertainment genre or country abbr.

U2092. As subversion of the expected order go, her/him is similar... ___

U2094. Author/animator/actor Willems left out of the final movie

U2096. Sexual desires that keep changing focus

U2097. Battuta, Sina, Khaldun and Saud

U2098. “Craft beer doing well in the market”

U2100. Get simmer, as susk skies so

U2102. “I have just made a small error”

U2105. Female deer inexplicably part of a lion’s home area

U2106. _o _our _linical _reast _xams!

U2107. Uncooked meats, slangily

U2109. Clothing visually similar to another outfit

U2110. “Yes, senorita, that is strange”

U2112. Lower left-hand quadrant in a territorial diagram seen through the Oculus Rift, for short

U2114. This answer is near the end of the U section’s 79th one

U2116. “...___ penny earned”

U2117. Carbon-copy paper

U2119. Often-grilled tuna

U2120. It develops a kick

U2125. ___ y (start of an algebra problem)

U2126. Where awnline awthors write about things like crawsswords

U2128. Branded name that tries to make a nicotine cloud sound cute

U2130. Chunk of bread carved to resemble supermodel Carangi

U2133. Architectural ornament

U2134. Question asked when someone tells you to write something down on a block of paper you can’t see

U2136. One who uses all the cooking spray before anyone else gets the chance

U2137. Divided 50/50

U2140. Beginning of an ode to the days of Stalin and Khruschev

U2141. Redundant time period smaller than a century

U2145. Crispy sandwich, briefly

U2147. “Thwack!” and “Grrr...” e.g.

U2149. L&O role, often

U2150. Bench press muscle

U2151. “What should we classify a robo-scarab as?” (Is it a...)

U2152. “Aah!” accompanier

U2155. Sniffers at a Vietnam war memorial

U2159. Barones ande earles

U2161. Repeat the claims of the Space Invaders manufacturer

U2164. Not just slender, but slender enough to model for a noted clothing catalog

U2167. Snaky fish making its home alongside bark beetles (it’s evolved to breathe air, just go with it)

U2168. Act too much like people on a corny cornpone TV show

U2172. __der-man, __der-man, does whatever a ___der can

U2175. Shallot-scented admission of a textual mistake

U2176. 1002 live tobor

U2177. 120 yards, for a football field

U2178. Drop Dead Fred star Mayall

U2179. Limerick about a largely one-way relationship that involves the theme letter of this section

U2203. “Jan. 1 through now” column

U2204. Apt to mope

U2206. Appropriate but unappetizing monogram for Wrigley’s

U2207. “Participate, Burundi tribesman!”

U2208. Looks at the Big Apple rendered in op-art line patterns

U2209. A couple of notes for Jacob’s brother?

U2210. Eh devol Lehcar (ebyam a elttil oot hcum)

U2211. Area that curves left, then right, then left again

U2212. Imniature emmory nuits

U2213. Sea eagles’ civil drink engagements

U2214. Haunted those surroundings ever after

U2215. Popular to devoted streaming addict

U2216. Tuna me__ __ndwich

U2217. “Don’t bother”

U2220. “... and all the rest”

U2221. “Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You’re my only hope,” e.g.

U2222. Enjoys some below-ankle meat

U2223. Chef’s yeasty creation for an illicit dinner party

U2224. In the middle of a gold-rich African republic

U2227. Huge debate over the surface of a poo

U2230. Coin found in a Canadian karate school

U2232. Smart fellow who knew he could eat no fat and thus decided to date women who preferred it

U2233. Hymn to one fixed WWII battle zone

U2234. “What I look forward ___ continued immaturity followed by death” (Dave Barry)

U2235. “___ note to follow...”

U2236. “Dead man’s hand” game

U2239. Bre___ _ew ground: is a pioneer

U2240. Chevy Tahoe or Dodge Durango hitting the top 40

U2241. Answer to “Hey, what beauty companies are doing better now that door-to-door sales aren’t so much a thing anymore?”

U2242. A little bit God, to Sartre

U2244. Clio, e.g.

U2247. Short fantasy creature found on the casing of a popular tablet

U2248. “Actress Tierney? That is correct, my commanding officer”

U2250. Eye that sees well, in French (the adjective comes first in this phrase, unlike what’s usual in French)

U2251. Font inspired by Mother Earth

U2252. Dependable when kept off the grill

U2253. _ole _laying _attle _ystem

U2254. Aloha State feasts

U2256. “Button yer lip”

U2258. Agcy. that rates roasts

U2260. Bostonian beverage, arranged in rows

U2261. Drops sets of vowel tiles all over the floor

U2266. Vowelless “title guest” (you deserve a few easy ones)

U2267. “It’s easy, Batman’s sidekick”...unless the clue should be “women who dominate the manufacture of light racing boats”

U2270. “Just so you know, we’re on L.A. time”

U2271. Crimson-roofed conveyance in Cornwall

U2276. Part of the story where a guy quests to get a heart and learns he had one all along

U2277. Ope__ __asses

U2278. The Phoenix and the ___

U2279. “99 and 44/100% ___” (old slogan)

U2280. Simple English degree, for example

U2281. Ocean-based fighting force more prone to using jetskis with mounted machine guns, painting their aircraft carriers mauve, calling their admirals “Adelaide,” et cetera

U2282. You really pissed off the “Tortoise and the Hare” storyteller

U2286. 25-min. record that’s nothing but chihuahua noises

U2288. New college student struggling to carry all her books, e.g.

U2289. “Awww, they just love either so much, you know it’s going to work out!”-type reasoning

U2290. They play movies and cool your house, in brief

U2291. Robots from Minnesota and Montana

U2294. Follow the behavior patterns of those responsible for college students (briefly)

U2295. Time periods, weirdly pluralized

U2296. “... if I tell thee ___, spit in my face” (Falstaff)

U2297. “Because 7 ___ 9”

U2300. ___ Kapital

U2301. “Egg” misspelled with a note that indicates “this is how they spelled it”

U2303. Vitriol from the most popular diphthong

U2304. Place for couples’ post-lunch naps

U2307. “Help, Mr. Bundy!”

U2309. Slathers animal fat on a mercury alloy

U2312. Actress Meryl’s failed attempt to cash in on the early internet mania

U2314. Tesla or Volt’s conditional

U2315. Attending professional help for stressed-out woodwinds players

U2318. Helper for a prof at a venerable English college

U2319. S___ _rials (they involved witchcraft accusations)

U2320. “Give the devil his ___”

U2321. Breed of Mabel the “support raptor” in Helen Macdonald’s “H is for Hawk,” informally

U2324. Holster holder

U2326. North American F___ __ade Agreement

U2327. Briefly, answer to “By default, what TV series’s now a prequel to Picard?”

U2328. Eninimef nuonorp

U2329. Sic ‘im, and ‘im too, with hooting nocturnal birds

U2330. Sportsman Johnson or Cobb’s version of an org. for therapists

U2332. “Alien with light-up finger...not too bright actually”

U2334. Project images of Chairman Zedong

U2335. Crankcase bases that collect the pre-Big Bang fundamental substance of the universe

U2337. Online Q&A from a “forbidden”-sounding cologne

U2338. Mil. installation whose name suggests a great pilot

U2339. Mil. installation with a circular design, creamy white walls, and strange floral patterns on its black, sugary roof

U2340. Not atop

U2341. Follower of boo

U2342. Celebratory poems, fo’ shizzle

U2343. Ring of dainty fabric

U2344. Comparatively bulky

U2346. “A Sunday Kind of Love” singer James

U2347. Movie-rating org. located inside a trauma ward

U2349. Town that seems named for the Egyptian god of pleasure (or nicknamed for the Little Mermaid crab) found between VT and RI

U2350. “Yes, I am” in Portuguese

U2354. Vowel pattern in “medical seminar”

U2355. Rages from a Biblical heroine

U2358. Big name in comics

U2360. “It’s such an implausible tragedy”

U2363. Works of art by a famous “El”

U2364. Arid refuges’ greatest English football team

U2368. Letters after Senator Judd Gregg’s name

U2369. He’s really into twine

U2373. Huge conflict over av photos

U2374. Candy brand Superman’s enemy marketed with his initials to try to improve his image (it didn’t work, especially when the lime-green suckers were found to contain radiation)

U2375. “Anywhere, Anytime” sloganeer

U2376. 1973 film about snakes

U2380. Start of a civilized letter requesting fewer hairballs and less litter scattered across the floor

U2382. AOC’s gp. (lefter than just the DNC)

U2383. Dell products fashioned in a way that reminds me of how she looked

U2384. Shatterproo_ __ass

U2385. Refuse from an alien life-saving area, for short (turns out they have redundant organs!)

U2387. Video game where you find flowers and make honey

U2389. Installments of a program that’s like a familar soap opera, but more intestine-focused

U2390. Cheer for a record-setting Yankee slugger

U2391. Screw-up from a certain airline

U2392. Rad___ctivity

U2393. Our romantic focus

U2395. M___uetoast

U2396. “___ Comedy Writers Construct a Sketch” (Actually interesting headline to an article I’d read whether or not it came from NBC.com)

U2397. Custom barcode affixed to a box, e.g.

U2400. “All the Things She Said” Russian duo

U2402. Anti-Putin-getting-to-conquer-any-territory-he-wants, briefly

U2404. Glee gotten from “Good Grips”

U2405. Weird palindromic laugh

U2406. Sing the praises of a self-assembly furniture store

U2407. Bar money owed by bro or sis

U2409. Lead role from the alternate universe where The Untouchables starred Shakespearean actor Laurence

U2410. My internal corruption

U2411. Redistribute candies in a bowl, without taking them out of the bowl

U2412. Mind-bl___ng

U2413. Version of a foot-stomping game based on “Walk Like An Egyptian (God of the Dead)”

U2415. Regret Gabrielle’s friend and mentor

U2416. “B’rith” preceder

U2417. Motorhead?

U2420. @#$@% beam of light

U2424. Dsncntvz

U2425. Peaks for actor Zachary or jeanmaker Strauss

U2427. “I know they refused, but how’d they sound when they did? Like a Scotsman? Like a Clueless-era teenager?”

U2431. Causing rust, or causing rust to the ear specifically

U2432. Tissues experiencable from a distance

U2435. Make the soda lobby feel heard at least

U2436. Injured baseball players go on them, for short

U2437. Special occasion to compose sonnets about the Rachel or sestinas about the fade

U2441. Make the most of the moment

U2445. Vertical, unusually

U2446. Meeting all the requirements for the job

U2447. Precipitation near a mil.-insurance group’s headquarters

U2448. Abbr. after a page no. in a citation

U2450. Sire of a prehistoric Greek

U2452. “My efforts in the kitchen are...efforts”

U2455. Boosts sound and belongs to the ill-treated daughter on Family Guy

U2456. Passageway where six gods reside, or student dorm sponsored by a music streamer

U2458. Co. named for promoting free-market capitalism

U2460. Elem. in the swimming pool that identifies as young and male

U2461. Hawaiian dance where people are hoping to get “lei’d”

U2462. “Ze life,” in French

U2463. Accompanist

U2464. Agence France-Presse subscriber

U2465. Gas___intestinal

U2466. Spanish name for a Mexican dish suggesting it’s hot beyond all sanity

U2467. Ripping off a 1957 film about POWs being forced to work for the enemy

U2474. Likely Sesame Street full-episode watcher

U2475. Although this fact sounds delightful on its face, it created a road-infrastructure issue that the Scarecrow had to deal with after the Wizard and Dorothy left

U2481. “3-D exams present the same exact results”

U2482. Precedes S in the alphabet

U2483. Activity of the Sirens

U2484. Compression sleeve or gauntlet’s neighboring armor

U2485. Boyfriend doc, for short

U2487. My reaction when we’re playing football and nobody’s covering me

U2488. “Feliz ___ Nuevo!” (cry on el 1 de enero)

U2489. “We stand by our complete coverage...and guv, you’ll stand on it!,” e.g.

U2490. Greeting from Crocodile Dundee to actress Tea

U2491. Supporting another’s vote as they never had before and never would again

U2495. Gradually, and so painfully, turning into a Smurf

U2498. ___ it the same: each sees it a little differently

U2499. Prod the Garden of Earthly Delights (as about this “Tree of Knowledge” thing)

U2500. DVD player brand from a Dell rival

U2501. Eisenhower’s WWII directive

U2502. Brk fr lmntr schlrs

U2503. “Bai 4 now”

U2504. Asp gasp

U2506. Strai___cketed

U2507. Eighteen-wheeler driven by beast men

U2508. Cholesterol type, for short

U2509. Hypothetical TV spinoff from Sex and the City or Zootopia (based on a character name used in both properties)

U2510. Long spiel you’ll get from me if you ask why I don’t have a smart home or use social media more

U2512. Yells, “STRAIGHTEN UP, PAWNS! Rooks, stay on your spaces! I DON’T WANT TO SEE ANY SHENANIGANS, KNIGHTS!”

U2516. “Hi, my phone has been ___ thief has managed to hack my Apple ID and log into my account” (anonymous Apple discussion)

U2517. Concepts for “Welcome” signs to be displayed online, as if underneath users’ online “doors”

U2518. _veryone _ucks _ere (this is a real acronym, you’ll find it on Reddit in the “Am I The Asshole” threads)

U2519. Rasta god, as expressed in the form of 1980s game systems

U2520. Co___ge cheese

U2521. “Adventure in Moving” sloganeer

U2522. “Another Brick in the ___” (Pink Floyd tune)

U2526. “In ___” (in position)

U2527. Munc___sen syndrome by proxy

U2528. What you may do in response to a hilarious joke while you’re sipping Mtn Dew

U2529. Slight touch

U2530. Algerian ruler’s army, in 1820

U2531. _he _omics _ournal (noted publication of graphic-literature reporting)

U2532. Rad__ _utton

U2533. Nickname for Swift, especially when doubled

U2535. Device that’s part Grindr and part wildlife detector, seemingly a result of someone misunderstanding homosexual slang

U2536. _esponse _o _ntervention

U2537. Cro__-_xamination

U2538. Di___tive system

U2539. Pip on a rectangular solid

U2540. “The Sacred Wood” author’s monogram

U2541. Industrious insect with “chain rosette” spots recalling a big cat’s

U2542. “When 2 ___ Love” (track from Prince’s “Lovesexy” album)

U2543. “Action!” places

U2544. 700-mile Congolese river

U2548. “...but ___ forever” (Tennyson)

U2550. Ask for loaned money

U2551. Traditionally shaped record that radiates energy, for short

U2553. Hateful guy scheming for the downfall of an economically united continent like it’s his personal Othello

U2554. Sh___-__ed owls

U2556. Neuter’d

U2557. Bathroom container to determine acidity

U2559. Title in a poly triad, for short

U2560. Chaen letter or work complaent that leaves no paper trael (just an electronic one)

U2561. Francis Fo__ _oppola

U2562. Itt tooppss a jaarr

U2563. _ff _he _anax

U2564. Possible response to “But you already have it”

U2565. Once-over giver

U2567. “Wink and “fink” letter bank, alphabetized

U2569. Not ___ this world: doomed soon

U2570. _atrix _its _he _ilver _creen!

U2572. Group’s insect mascot

U2573. Rapper where you drop off your mail, for short

U2574. 17th-century Tokyo

U2575. 1990s Olympian Kerri

U2576. Large plantings outside office buildings or more modest ones on a windowsill

U2578. Fght n Wst Sd Str, r thndr snd

U2579. Psychoanalyst Jung inexplicably performing with Beantown music makers

U2580. Book of Ruth character

U2581. Just as the 1949-founded defense pact would do it

U2582. Split two dance musicians apart

U2587. “Nothing special, just my usual sandwich filler,” for short

U2588. “Wile E. C___te, Super Genius”

U2589. French “he/his”

U2590. Bras_ __ng

U2591. _eep _eural _etwork _nfrastructure

U2592. Agreement with for the temporary use of Big D property

U2596. What this is written in

U2597. _nternet “_agle _ye” _earch _ngine

U2598. Manlike fantasy creature’s manlike real-life pet

U2599. Where four and twenty blackbirds are baked in, in rhyme

U2600. Getting groovier

U2602. Position on naval warfare?

U2603. ER venue

U2605. Vowel pattern in “fibular stimulant”

U2606. Weird way to cheer for the Rams

U2607. Ferber and Krabappel

U2608. Cover comedian Notaro in yellow metal plating

U2609. Tries immunizing the seasonal virus against people instead of the other way around

U2610. Pastel de ___ (yummy egg custard in a pastry shell)...or ma_-__-_rms

U2611. Air Music composer Rorem

U2612. Note matchup if you’re in the key of G

U2613. Direction in a Bonn railway station

U2614. Medi_ ___nt: big attraction for journalists

U2615. Carry a debt to the Black Widow actress

U2616. Quick note for when an object has a high _pecific _ravity

U2617. Doily fabric that looks...cross-stitched?

U2618. Airplane wing supporter covered in fabric dye

U2619. Meas. that’s higher-freq. than microwaves but lower than infrared

U2620. ‘90s post-rock band ___ de Sac

U2621. Bikers’ security blankets (just don’t YouTube how fast thieves can cut them)

U2622. Annoying person

U2624. Strghtnd p

U2626. “To crush McDonalds” or “to make ‘Whopper’ a household name,” e.g.

U2627. Buttons pressed alongside CCttrrlls and AAlltts

U2629. _alai _ama’s _pt-_n _mail

U2630. Never started/stops

U2632. “_ere _t _omes _gain!”

U2634. Most are graphical nowadays, for short

U2635. Norwegian actress Julie with a palindromic last name

U2637. Rubidium-xenon compound symbol

U2638. Putdown that compares somebody to a crusty Old-West lawman

U2640. Aliq___ __visor

U2641. Mythical witch who stockpiles gas and oil

U2643. Make music out of your personal pronoun

U2644. “___ of little faith”

U2645. A N.Y. city

U2647. Buyer of Star Trek weapon has zapped cur (9)

U2651. David Bowie’s rock genre, informally

U2652. Put the wishbone-shaped letters into recycling

U2653. “The giant bird is martial-arts actor Bruce”

U2654. North Dakota town named for the shape of its center road (“SENDS” anagram)

U2655. Alphabetically first mo.

U2656. Mattress company located in the sysadmin div.

U2657. ___ Married an Anti-Fan (TV series...this one is real!)

U2658. Possible clue for “PLAYS COPS AND ROBBERS”

U2666. “Perfect!”, NASA-style

U2667. “Myself, game field one”

U2668. Alternative to SJC and OAK

U2669. Stooges’ “leader” Howard, available in two sizes (M and XL are sold ont)

U2670. Decides someone with an M.D.

U2671. Greeting aimed at Michael Jordan

U2672. Abu ___, first Muslim caliph

U2673. Pristine

U2678. “Any problem with that?”

U2679. “Rosy-fingered” Greek goddess

U2681. Zimple and painlezz

U2683. It’s like a gag made of paper instead of cloth, briefly

U2684. Principle stating that in a cereal party mix, some people will complain about the cereal’s presence and some will complain about the presence of every ingredient except the cereal

U2686. Hypervent___ting

U2687. Republic o_ ___rra Leone

U2688. “Ah, I see, ‘tread heavily’“

U2689. L___-of-center

U2690. Casual greeting to actress Clarke, like we’ve known each other for ages

U2691. G___rointestinal

U2692. Divine colon cleanse

U2693. Q

U2694. Camera owned by an old Muscovite state

U2695. Pstpns

U2697. A___querque

U2698. Claustrophobic biotests for college bros

U2700. Lip-sy___

U2701. Je n_ ___s quoi

U2702. “A” in French class

U2703. Bribe money

U2704. Ache

U2705. Black Widow, to friends

U2706. Vacuum cleaner noises

U2707. Gt vrnthsstc

U2708. “You’re playing for wine? I’d love some secco”

U2709. “Nay” and “nah”

U2710. “Thu___ __wn! One star!”

U2711. Gidget actress Sandra, once she became a grandma

U2712. Coff__ _rn

U2713. Equally hesit(ant)

U2714. The Matrix 4 role

U2715. Macroeconomic figs. calculated starting Jan. 1

U2716. Postmod___ism

U2717. What thou eatest

U2718. Mukbang star, or (speaking of eating) jum__ __ng-size

U2719. Cop’s rank (abbr.)

U2720. Easter sugar puff hosting a roast

U2721. T’s mr lk 2% mlk thn whl mlk

U2722. USNA, e.g.

U2723. 98.6,101, etc.

U2724. “... Down-East Merchant” autobiographer

U2725. Aid to navigators

U2726. Calcutta misters

U2728. About 60% of the world’s wetlands

U2730. “Are biracial Latin Americans,” to the Louisiana French

U2732. QB targets who aren’t feeling so hot

U2734. Reason your car may not start

U2735. Baseness-calculating phone program

U2737. Introduction between chanteuses Cyrus and Oslin

U2738. ___ Rosenkavalier (Wagner opera)

U2739. Religious breakaway group that’s totally in right now

U2740. What Mulan and Awkwafina is Norma from Queens actor Wong heard on his wedding day, I imagine (all the best to him and Richert Schnorr)

U2742. Kind of recording that’d make some people nostalgic for the 1990s

U2743. “It belongs to my wife,” as Peter Griffin might mutter if he were very tired

U2745. St. names inspired by old Kurosawa movies

U2747. Broadcast rating for (u)nderdeveloped (a)ssholes

U2748. Amerind shoes

U2749. (missing clue)

U2750. $ code


U2754. Show where a tyrant tries to soften his image by talking about cool vehicles

U2761. From right to left, “You want it on the rocks?”

U2762. Gallic “gold, you”

U2764. Put a lot more water on the world map

U2766. Jekyll alter ego portrayed by the sort of actor who goes, “And now I’m evil! EVIL!!! EEEEEEVIIIIIIL!”

U2767. Concern about a food-catching cloth

U2768. Taking too many steroids before a race, for short

U2769. “Remember...” text exchanged between a couple, e.g.

U2776. “5 Years Time” ___ & the Whale

U2777. “Dirty dog”

U2778. “...___ her curds and whey”

U2783. Bob Hope venue

U2786. Discs containing big multi-movie epics

U2787. GPS direction to wait around while two sets of traffic become one overhead

U2788. Prepares flour, as for baking

U2789. “Kühn von Burgsdorff and Nykvvist? Gross!”

U2791. Refuse to go with the flow

U2795. Wee laddie camper

U2796. Town near Schenectady named for outdoor kissing, for short

U2797. “It’s not my place to lay down restrictions here”

U2798. “Looking for something casual” responses...or feedback to people questioning wiretapping, e.g.

U2799. “Don’t junk it, ___ it!”

U2801. Anatomical hangers

U2807. List with omelets and mimosas, often

U2809. Rough crook

U2811. Say, “You know, that ‘old sport’ catchphrase is as fakey as the idea that Daisy’s ever gonna love you”

U2814. Nocturnal bird well-adapted to seeing through low mist

U2815. Pronounced “for” more like a “Suthuhnuh” would

U2817. Char___ horse

U2818. Doth justice to ye artistic spirit

U2820. Dog and cat supply store on a moon of Saturn

U2821. Personal pronouns that didn’t emerge from nature

U2823. _oo _uch _nformation (complaint when someone is telling you about cleaning lion and elephant poop on the job)

U2824. “But let’s consider alternative 18...” [use the 18th letter]

U2825. Microbrew getting flavor from a “Dutch” tree

U2826. Piece of paper to track national contests that could involve the Toronto FC or LA Galaxy

U2828. “Three up, three down” results

U2829. Brain-teasers

U2831. Star Wars character Calrissian

U2832. Agraffe

U2834. “Aha moment” sound effect

U2836. Positively damp with concepts

U2837. Tntlzs

U2838. “You’re named after the first guy; now meet someone who’s named for being third!”

U2840. ___f-___ection

U2841. Groups organized to handle short-term problems

U2843. Kinky stuff involving parental role-play (I make no judgment)

U2844. “Mildew seemingly active, over”

U2845. “This!,” to Trajan

U2846. Smuggled that most precious of metals

U2849. Bhnd clsd drs

U2850. Caveat to “Polygamy never got much of a foothold in the United States”

U2851. “___ of Steel” (exercise video)

U2852. Camille author Alexandre

U2853. -plasty prefix

U2854. Accrued

U2856. Brain cell

U2858. “... learn Latin as an honour, and Greek as a ___” (Churchill)

U2861. Chances your computer film file is using Sony/Panasonic camcorders’ format

U2863. Inflate the price of yang’s opposite at auction

U2864. Congregation head whose advice is unsettlingly spontaneous

U2868. Holiday season full of brown, cute, weasel-like creatures

U2872. Outdo corporate honchos, but just by a little

U2874. Units equal to 1/10th the amount of ink in a writing implement

U2875. Peter and the Wolf bird

U2877. “On that you can ___” (“As Time Goes By” lyric)

U2878. “... yes I said yes I will Yes” source

U2880. 160, once

U2882. “3:10 to ___”

U2884. Copies over, as a soundtrack

U2887. “What’s with all the nosy questions, outdoor quarters??”

U2897. Street cred that, by its very nature, can’t be challenged

U2905. “I’m afraid my epic about the penny swallowed by Dorothy’s dog will nevver be completed”

U2915. Alaska natives

U2917. “Buena Vista Social Club” setting

U2918. “Agua”, to Pierre

U2919. Acts

U2924. The Interpretation of Dreams author

U2928. Cartoony anatomical shift on Popeye just after he eats his spinach

U2929. B’___ B’rith

U2930. Russian Orthodox-style roofs sponsored by a water company

U2931. ___ K___ B’G___

U2932. Rodeo training device in awe of real performers

U2933. Die and decompose, per Genesis

U2936. Tipping points for seesaws

U2941. “Land of the morning calm”

U2942. “... this ___ of York” (Shakespeare)

U2944. Affaire d’honneur

U2945. Immune to the glamor of Hollywood personalities

U2949. He may be a medical expert, but his scrubs look mighty skimpy, and is he wearing anything underneath them?

U2950. Je_-__iing

U2951. Ignores one small but fatal flaw in one’s own Scrabble strategy

U2952. Odd conclusion?

U2953. “Baby batter” part of your daytime-TV performance

U2954. Troublesome

U2957. ‘Favorites’ folder’s contents

U2958. “___ favor!”

U2959. Beyond repair

U2960. Harry Potter actress Staunton

U2962. “...and fill my ___ again” (Peter, Paul & Mary line)

U2964. “...___ the dreadful thunder / Doth rend the region” (Hamlet)

U2966. “Be quiet!”

U2970. Watch chain gifted to me for my work for an intercompany partnership

U2972. He’s generous with playful words but stingy with everything else

U2974. Kyrgyzstan neighbor with enterprising online business

U2975. Quite undecided

U2979. Bad thing to be in

U2980. ‘50s Middle East initials

U2981. “As American as apple pie,” for example

U2982. Nautical tie.

U2985. 10 jiao

U2987. Green ___: Eastern range

U2988. “...___ and buts were candy and nuts”

U2991. “Those boys are good pals to us...too bad they’ll never think of us as romantic prospects”

U2995. Weird, Dali-style paintings

U2996. Twenty to thirty-two fluid ounces, each (that’s a lot of aspartame and acesulfame K...)

U3000. 45 spinners

U3003. Didn’t delete

U3004. Area meas.

U3005. Lothario’s arsenal, say

U3007. “... a pocket full of ___”

U3008. Bean ___

U3010. A pig has it, not us

U3013. Antique dealer’s concerns

U3014. Brine: Prefix

U3016. Army fare, for short

U3019. Acts as costume designer on Milk or I Am Sam

U3020. That “I am SO HIGH right now” expression, you know the one

U3021. Time for an after-lunch cocoa-and-hot-tub meetup

U3022. “Cinque” follower

U3025. “Representing Music” org.

U3026. Thin ___

U3027. Braid.

U3029. 66 Town SE of Paris

U3030. “Baby, I Love Your ___”

U3031. 1911 physics Nobelist

U3035. Underground layers of water

U3038. Like feathers prior to molting

U3041. “...___ be expected”

U3042. “___ appetito!”

U3043. ___-weensy

U3046. 1992 Bridget Fonda thriller

U3049. Non-alcoholic, non-sugary drink from Stark Industries

U3050. “Hey, BAKING area!”

U3051. Not localized

U3052. ‘70s Chinese leader

U3055. Digital book, e.g.

U3057. Exuding moisture

U3058. Amateurs

U3059. “Three o’clock is always too late or too early...” literary source

U3061. Brings up

U3063. “Buffalo soldier, dreadlock ___” (Bob Marley line)

U3068. “The most-played, most-imitated, most influential puzzler of all time,” per the video game website IGN

U3070. Certain type of auto insurance (2,5)

U3072. Dry sherry of Spain

U3075. Arrival arrivals, briefly

U3076. Social-media site favored by the Lockhorns

U3077. “I ___ booboo”

U3078. DIY movers

U3082. “Absolutely not”

U3085. Portraits in the WH

U3086. ___-O-Matic (maker of sports games)

U3090. Almost hails

U3093. After-bath items

U3094. Decompress, as a computer file

U3096. As Good as It Gets condition, briefly

U3097. First family after the Roosevelts

U3099. 2004 All-Star Game MVP

U3100. Accumulate

U3101. Gets back

U3104. Annual literary awards

U3106. Brand for weight-watchers

U3108. 31 trillion seconds

U3110. Disapproving emoji

U3112. “Once ___ twice shy”

U3113. “___ go bragh!”

U3114. “Hey, watch where you’re going!” oaf

U3120. “Song of Hiawatha” tribe

U3126. Bausch & Lomb brand

U3127. Dirty old men

U3128. Green, in a way

U3130. “Bill me later” note

U3132. Carded a 72 at Augusta, e.g.

U3133. 2015 Adam Sandler movie that got an epic ten-minute review/rant from “MovieBob Reviews” on YouTube

U3134. Low-to-high swings

U3137. Letters From ___ Jima

U3138. 1956 jazz album “The ___ Thelonious Monk”

U3140. Look Back in Anger actress Claire

U3142. It may be used in croutons or onion soup

U3145. Calif. campus 16 mi. N of Tijuana

U3147. “Bard of the Litigious Age”

U3148. Affording no hope

U3150. Contacting via the Net

U3152. Students of bodies

U3157. Hollywood power broker’s uniform

U3161. “Assuming the prior statement is true…” (a bit old-fashionedly)

U3163. “... the Lord sendeth ___ upon the earth” (I Kings 17:14)

U3165. Dawdled

U3166. Big Love setting

U3168. Schwinn sounder

U3170. American Psycho novelist Bret Easton

U3171. Disfigure

U3172. Christopher Robin baby

U3173. American Horror Story: Freak Show enclosure

U3175. “ “

U3178. “The principal’s classroom”

U3180. Olympics chant

U3183. Conscienceless

U3185. President with an office in the Palacio de la Revolucion

U3186. Information, slangily

U3187. Fluffy sky sight

U3189. Expression of confidence in the listener

U3191. Chicken ___

U3193. “Away with you!”‘

U3196. “4,” sometimes (abbr.)

U3197. Honorary title

U3199. A real jerk

U3200. “Noodles & Company” offering

U3202. Aquatic exhibit in Lisbon

U3204. Alder’s tassel

U3205. Casino Royale role

U3207. Ottoman sultan.

U3208. American Idol contestant Skylar

U3210. Hilarious

U3212. “Chica amistosa”

U3214. Annoyed

U3215. “Variety” guffaw

U3217. “Baby ___” (Deborah Allen hit song)

U3218. Breakfast for the home folks?

U3220. Cannery Row brothel owner

U3222. Astronomical prefix

U3223. “Always in Season” dessert company

U3225. Absolutely resolute

U3226. “... the ___ gift” (Browning)

U3227. “... yellow brick ___”

U3228. Ernest Saves Christmas character

U3229. Death Row Records co-founder Knight

U3230. Alive setting

U3231. The Simple Solution to Rubik’s ___

U3232. “Coat holders” (abbr.

U3233. “Towel” and “kitchen” endings

U3234. Adder’s warning

U3235. Alternative to “stamped”

U3236. Cleanses

U3237. Fiddler on the Roof character

U3238. Jungle Book tiger Khan

U3239. Arrested Development setting, jocularly

U3240. Ex-senator Sam of Georgia and others

U3241. “Lago” liquid

U3242. ___ Zagora (Bulgarian city)

U3243. ___ out (used frugally)

U3244. And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street author

U3245. & 23 Went too far

U3246. “ ___ bleu!”

U3247. 15 divs. on old maps

U3248. “...___ vincit omnia” (Chaucer)

U3249. “Babe” band

U3250. “... what ___ thou?” (Amos 7:8)

U3251. Descendant

U3252. Afflictions known technically as hordeola

U3253. Bad, as milk or a mood

U3254. Agent ___ Banks

U3255. “Maching birds”

U3256. “Aw, man!”



U1. “___ to be alone” (words attributed to Greta Garbo)

U2. “I don’t THINK so!”

U3. Blue Dog Democrat’s professed ideology

U4. “Attack!”

U5. After-dinner option

U6. The Sting locale (abbr.)

U7. “... on a ___-know basis”

U8. Banjoist

U9. “... but as ___, it ain’t” (Carroll)

U10. “...___ nisi bonum”

U11. “Friendly skies” flier

U12. “... enemies closer” actor

U13. Five Guys order

U14. “...yada yada yada”

U15. Doesn’t give enough

U16. A turtleneck partially covers it

U17. Rhapsody ___

U18. Barnyard animals, to the young ‘uns

U19. Cold, as a kayoed boxer

U20. “... king of ___, I am”

U21. 36 Up

U22. “Father of Modern Science”

U23. Admixture

U24. A piece of it is often dipped in raita

U25. “... all, all ___” (Coleridge

U26. Artful dodge

U27. “Micro” and “macro” subject, for short

U28. Goes crosstown, maybe

U29. A Brief History of ___

U30. A bunch

U31. Strokes of brilliance

U32. Guinea pigs

U33. They may be sailed uncharted

U34. Big IT company

U35. “Boom bah” preceder

U36. Bureaucratic bungles

U37. Aboriginal craft

U38. Aladdin character who’s transformed into an elephant

U39. Aid

U40. Its second note is F#

U41. “Do you really ___?”

U42. CSI evidence

U43. Babe’s outfit

U44. Insincere

U45. The 7 Faces of Doctor ___

U46. “The market is calling” sloganeer

U47. Attract, as customers

U48. A ___ of Honor (1995)

U49. Not this way

U50. Chasing ___: A Motorcycle Journey in Search of the Guevara Legend

U51. 182 Skylane maker

U53. Rapper with the 1995 hit “I Wish”

U54. Abbreviation in theater ads

U55. Dumbledore’s first name

U56. Action at the wire

U57. Uris book, “___ Pass”

U58. Avalon author

U60. A Horrible Experience of Unbearable Length author

U61. 1880s Bay State pol Henry

U62. “All ___ Up” (Presley tune)

U64. 1985 Kate Nelligan title role

U65. Quiz Show figure Charles Van ___

U66. “Below” as a prefix

U67. Monster, in combinations

U69. Coq ___

U70. Grace Under Fire star Butler

U71. Beasts of No Nation star Elba

U72. “... three men in a ___”

U74. American Honda Motor Corporation product

U75. “The quality goes in before the name goes on” manufacturer

U76. Baked potato rub

U77. 1987 Nobel Peace Prize winner

U79. 22 Jump Street star Channing

U80. Aid in getting a date?

U81. Gets to one’s feet

U82. Message transmitted by reflected sunlight

U84. Limerick pattern

U85. Self-correcting circuit

U86. “Beer Barrel Polka” beer

U87. Some allergic reactions

U89. 114-chapter book

U90. “Bad guy” followers

U91. “... all ___ are created equal”

U92. Work together on a big puzzle (it can be fun!)

U94. “All gone,” for a tot

U95. Publishing promo phrase

U96. “Clown Prince of Denmark”

U97. Delphine author

U99. “___ Milk Wood” (Thomas)

U100. “Black-eyed” edible

U101. “... a spoonful of ___ makes...”

U103. 13 Days to Glory subject

U104. Broke

U105. 18th Hebrew letter

U106. “The Night They ___ Old Dixie Down”

U107. A Plains tribe

U108. ___ Weeks (classic Van Morrison album)

U109. What the U in this section stands for

U110. “Adjective” or “adverb,” e.g.

U111. Put in the pot

U134. Damien: ___ II

U137. ___ of Endearment

U138. 8 x 10 or 11 x 14 (Abbr.)

U140. “___ don’t say!”

U141. “Bracketology” stat that’s heavily influenced by strength of schedule

U143. Stamp adhesive

U144. “From ___ 60 in...”

U146. 1960s Madame

U147. “MTV Unplugged” lack

U148. 35 ___ Town (2015 Toby Keith album)

U149. Hopelessly stuck

U154. “Call on me! Call on me!”

U155. Parks and Rec night, once

U157. “Sit, ___, sit”

U158. “Have we ___ before?”

U160. 50 Shades of Grey heroine

U161. All About ___

U163. Back to the Future inventor, familiarly

U165. “Glorious” beginning

U172. Sweetener sometimes used as a pet name

U173. Beaten down

U175. Actress Mary and family

U176. “The Way,” in China (var.)

U191. Iliad queen

U192. Amatis’ kin

U193. Bandit-faced critters

U195. Highly hectic

U204. “Arroz con ___”

U205. Phrase on collaboration attributed to Henry Ford

U206. Humdrum McDonald’s meal

U208. Noguchi of fuckyournoguchicoffeetable.tumblr.com

U211. Apprehend

U215. “Keep talking,” in Shakespeare

U216. Add one’s two cents

U217. “Country Club” singer Travis

U218. Roughly 7.6923%, fractionally

U219. Plato’s thoughts on what motivates much discourse

U220. “Aaaaaand ___” (stereotypical cut-off for an actor)

U221. “... shall ___ the whirlwind” (Hos. 8:7

U223. Make a certain lasso out of thinner twine

U224. Couldn’t get enough of overflowing happiness

U225. Location unknown, as a soldier

U226. Box-office failure

U227. Where Goliath died

U228. “Lord! The FBI are here!”

U229. Reasons to arrest aliens, including abduction, probing without consent, entering restricted airspace, and general espionage

U230. No longer covering owl parrots

U231. Kazakhstan puts a lot of it the market

U232. Volt somehow built from desert terrain reforged into transparent material

U233. Tst fr wld-b gnclgsts

U234. “My name’s not Sand Dollar yet, I’m still a little guy!” follow-up (used one of the answer words in the clue because we’re breaking all the rules here)

U235. “Get cozy, bro!”

U236. Put holes into all the pieces of concrete

U237. French “the,” or French “the’s”

U238. Ax_ ___dorant

U239. “His vacation day’s getting used today”

U240. “He’s just sittin’ there like a bump ___”

U241. ANTM host Ora who’s seein’ me romantically at th’ranch, y’all

U242. Listicle about the worst riders on the Chicago trains

U243. Moon trenches found in sh___t

U244. Voice of America gp. found in enth___sm

U245. Org. providing medical care to Brits

U246. The “me” syllable, next-to-last in the name of Shakespeare’s romantic hero

U247. When destinations should be reached if vehicles drift using only current momentum, briefly

U248. End of the ultimate dick-measuring contest

U249. “Amusing animal swimmers, meet amusing comedian Silverman”

U250. Blast with a fresh round of loudness

U251. “And how ___?” (How did Elsa’s sister do?)

U252. Lies concealed by a plastic plaything

U253. One way to get to the top

U254. Competed on The Voice

U255. Oat, grain, fruit, and nut all fused into a single particle

U256. Fresh layer of caustic irony

U257. “Tree’s just not the same as that other kind of tree”

U259. “... exclaim ___ drove out of sight”

U260. Blunder

U262. Cavalry units

U265. “Rooster Cogburn” heroine

U268. “To sum up...”

U269. Apollo 11 org.

U270. “Get on out of here, Tim Cook’s company and all your iWhatevers!”

U271. “Like the Maple Leafs and Blackhawks? Not that impressive”

U272. They’re on A-lists for making jar tops

U273. “Go ___ kite!”

U274. Worshipped cylinder with a cardboard center, in brief

U275. Closed-up sword handle

U276. “Compared to hic and haec, the third in the set is coolly distant”

U277. With the purpose of memorizing a lot quickly

U278. “My first move: cite courtyards”

U279. Actors who once starred on a 1986-1994 Bochco legal drama

U280. “He’s got great model railroads; you should borrow them!”

U281. “Move, Mel, other giants want to sit here too”

U282. Haifa’s loc.

U283. Wreck-checking agcy.

U284. With “con,” hotel liaison

U285. Characteristic of the Big Easy

U286. Unofficial DVD sure to go over well with “pervy hobbit fanciers” (double abbr.)

U287. Having the same organs of hearing as the “1000 Forms of Fear” singer

U288. Elusive repository in brain research

U289. Cotton swab shaped like a soda can opener

U290. Virt___oship (extreme proficiency)

U291. “You guys too! You are bad friends!” (first draft of Caesar’s last words in Shakespeare)

U292. Hot-tempered rep of a drag-racing org.

U293. Gives some iniquity by means of a gardening tool

U294. Vowels to fill into the phrase “lk nw”

U295. The Japanese script found in Virgil’s epic poem (or its translation at any rate)

U296. “Record should be classified in the folder with the ‘recent acquisition’ label”

U297. Periods after which the board game also called weiqi will no longer be available

U298. Bunnies at home on an Austin campus, for short

U299. Beach sand-and-water containers that are each precisely equal in volume and shape

U300. City in Ohio or Spain

U301. “Crazy like ___”

U302. Oscar-nominated doc about a justice

U303. Scanner and accessories that can cost hospitals over a million dollars

U304. “This LLM stuff? Hilarious!”

U306. “Ask the man who ___ one”

U313. Besmear

U315. “...in front of a live ___ audience”

U322. “The Sign” band

U323. Start driving to, as on a road trip

U325. Wildly amused online response to “Hey, who ended up ruining Falstaff anyway?”

U327. Act as a go-between

U329. Redeemers.

U331. Hamilton prop

U333. “C’mon son”

U334. Away for a break

U335. Folksy

U337. Grimy relative in an Addams Family type sitcom

U338. “A Different Read on Life” magazine

U348. Agoraphobe

U350. Brushes aside

U361. Continuation of the stepquote, which peters out before V (see U360-Across)

U363. “Can’t find any, Saint-Laurent”

U364. Soccer legend built in effigy out of curly, crunchy corn chips

U366. What to say to your commanding naval officer when he asks, “What are these SF stories where the Earth is mostly overrun by water? They seem like they’re in the future but somehow it’s the present?”

U369. Do a surgeon’s task

U371. “Here’s what happened next...”

U373. 1-A or 3-B, perh.

U374. “Sounds exciting,” sarcastically

U375. Aerosol

U376. Fodor’s guide buyer

U379. Bits where Zeus’s wife gets to sing by herself

U381. Chiwere speaker blowing up on social media

U382. “¡Vaya! ¡Tengo 100!”

U383. “Say You, ___” (Oscar-winning Lionel Richie song)

U385. “ ___ cost you!”

U391. Great Carolingian king, on regnal lists

U392. 2008 campaign slogan

U393. Ben-Hur racers

U396. “... grow too ___ dream”

U397. African mammal that eats ants, termites, and cucumbers

U398. “I’m ___ for you...” (Rolling Stones line)

U401. Soldier dos

U402. “From my perspective...”

U403. Goes by again

U410. “Mi casa ___ casa”

U413. Correo ___ (words on foreign correspondence)

U415. Show-recording device that was delicious (urrrp)

U417. Ribbiters who meet to discuss the international fly economy

U418. Real plant that sounds like a source of flying French fries

U420. Deliver, as punishment

U422. “Blood hath been shed ___” (Macbeth)

U424. Chafing-dish dish

U425. m, kg, A, K, mol, s, and cd

U427. One with more experience at the job

U429. “I agree wholeheartedly, baking pan!”

U431. What hogs get for notable mil. service

U432. Bombay-born maestro

U443. Baum character

U445. Billiard bounces

U453. Andy Capp quaffs

U456. Like the Riddler’s deadly puzzles (and probably this one too, if I’m honest with myself)

U458. Name for a channel that’s the first two-digit number where you can find The Idol

U459. ˈsʌklɪŋ saɪt

U460. Life hacks, e.g.

U463. Agreements with qualifiers

U465. “That Girl” Thomas

U467. Egyptian for “be at peace”

U468. Show fear of

U471. Baarraacks beed

U473. First letter of some wrongs that are often counted as seven

U474. Opens, as a manhole

U475. No-see-um that makes its home on a machine that would normally smack insects away at high speeds

U480. _etter

U482. Lined with magic conductance

U483. Prosecutor you’d love to have a beer with, maaaan

U484. Brokeback Mountain hero or The Boys creator Garth

U485. Feminine principles

U487. Bug zapper ancestor

U490. An anagram for leaps

U492. “Legend ___ that... “

U494. Distilled water

U496. Sarcastic “ha’s”

U498. Domi__ ___es (the rectangular solids you arrange)

U499. Dodgeball class for educational helpers, for short

U500. Eighth Grade star Fisher, or minstr___s

U501. Of the hatchet

U504. Job Hazard Analysis publisher

U505. “... ‘tis of ___”

U507. Felines found in wine country

U508. ‘eavenly ‘eadgear

U510. Tennis star Mandlikova

U511. Ivy-covered

U512. Make 3.14 greater

U513. Perfectly acceptable

U516. Advisory bodies

U518. “From Peru to ___ hear the power of Babylon” (Philippine island name-dropped in Enya’s “Orinoco Flow”)

U519. Auditorium signs.

U520. Add, as weight

U521. “Jai ___ deva om” (“Across the Universe” refrain)

U522. The Iliad or Dulce et Decorum est

U524. Also, in Alsace

U525. Ayatollahs’ predecessors

U526. “I’m not going ___ to you...”

U527. A bunch of dope

U529. “AW___ME!”

U530. Special hairpieces for those who want business up top, party in the back

U532. Once Upon an American Dream: The Story of ___ Disneyland

U533. Alphabetizing, e.g. (abbr.)

U537. Active (since it has no “in” prefix)

U539. Poet’s first name that’s a letter bank for HEELLESS

U541. Perfume staples

U543. Big chunk of a drug company’s budget

U545. “Aren’t you clever”

U546. “...with their tongues they have ___ deceit” (Romans 3:13)

U547. “Choice beef” abbreviation

U548. Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz and Isaac Newton’s invention

U549. Contract type

U551. Sounds of intrigue or pleasure

U553. Beltmaker’s puncturing tool

U557. Became disenchanted with

U558. Most modest

U560. Divs. focused on signing for the hearing impaired

U562. “Share My Life” singer or li__-_inded

U563. Complimentary compositions

U565. “Arrividerci, capisce?”

U566. Making ___ in: working toward resolving

U570. Debris

U572. Citrus fruits roughly the size of a large olive

U576. “If ___ nickel for eery...”

U577. One in two?

U579. Courier or Helvetica

U580. “...___ an ill cook that cannot lick his own fingers” (Romeo and Juliet)

U582. Spaghettini with smoked snakelike fish

U583. Kitchen hot spot

U584. Devil dog

U586. Spell-caster

U587. “She’s just ___ imitation of her”

U588. Eightieth of a teaspoon...or opposite of a maxim?

U589. Powdery starch, powerfully mad

U591. “Sculpture and dance, like the way you danced your sculpted body, Muhammad!”

U592. Tidiness (with odd suffix use)

U593. The Big Bang Theory’s Fowler has grown up

U595. How to place a private call to a pre-cell-phone Army barracks

U596. Mighty trees planted by Japanese upon their immigration

U597. She has two Mr.’s

U598. “The Community and Masked Singer actor will be here in just a bit”

U600. ‘58 world’s fair site

U602. “Souvenir” picked up in Amsterdam’s red-light district (abbr.)

U604. “___ bono?” (for whose benefit?)

U605. A human, vis-a-vis an ape

U607. Grandma or great-uncle, often

U609. “This isn’t just addressed to Exxon and Texaco”

U610. Just not able to forgive falsifying one’s gender, even if it did save the empire

U611. Broccoli blossom that’s adopted

U613. Take songwriter Janelle to court...or, if that’s not feasible, one of her relatives

U614. Targeted strikes in the Mission: Impossible series

U615. Bug from a hill predisposed to seek out baked taro root

U616. “You have to carry on, Ms. Mouse. For Mickey, for Walt...you have to carry on”

U617. ___ smile (grin)

U618. Not much fun

U619. Doaping skandal tarrget, in4mal-e

U623. Memoir of working with The Simpsons’ Groening

U625. Bad friend whose posts are still on my feed

U626. Hot new term for someone with nurturing protagonist energy, a la Marge Simpson or Lorelai Gilmore

U627. How actress Holmes begins a hocus-pocus phrase

U628. Panacea, literally “potion of all” in Latin (one of those words only adds one letter to be translated to English)

U629. Repeat what Mann and McPherson say

U630. Got perfect scores on a couple of tests, on average

U631. Baby pic acquired by rays that do a near-u-turn

U632. Pari ___ (at an equal rate)

U633. “No one gets more of anything than anyone” arrangement

U634. Adding the Oxford comma, e.g.

U636. It’s east of an icy Danish territory

U637. “___ noted!”

U639. Brawnless

U640. M*A*S*H ranks

U642. Remote feature

U643. The 21st century

U644. 10 cc’s and others

U646. Sunrise to sunset for Brat Packer Emilio

U648. Talking wolf’s rhyming howl upon discovering scat

U649. How the hero of Atlantis handles it when he has to go off-script

U650. “If ‘push’ is male...” conclusion

U651. List of food choices written by hand

U652. Period where we honor a food box stat.

U653. Physical copies of later Assassin’s Creed games (with the protagonist who caught on in II)

U654. “Carves” boardwalk refreshments

U656. Baywatch beauty

U658. Freeze out that completely

U660. Kid’s golf shoe (maybe for mini-golf?)

U661. Spelling of “stub”

U662. Gilmore Girls character, except now she’s a clumsy idiot

U663. Letter made out of stockings labeling a dorm authority’s door

U664. Where the priest tells kids a quick narrative before sending them off to Sunday school

U666. Like some naval missiles

U668. Arrested Development actress Whitman

U669. Kia Sportage or Toyota RAV4

U670. People waiting to ride together

U671. “...___ mouse?”

U672. “From my books ___ of sorrow” (Poe)

U674. Email command similar to “attach file”

U676. Spaceship Earth modeled in Chinese pork

U677. Greatest possible zits

U678. Hammer or wrench owned by the knight who bore the name of the Egyptian sun god

U679. Aquatic nymphs who are laughably inexperienced gamers

U680. She ends up marrying Harry P.

U682. Julia Roberts role in the Ocean’s movies

U685. Eye care for athletes vulnerable to concussions

U688. One who’s not great at sharing

U689. Droll aside, to use an internet acronym

U690. Thinking machine housed in a Native American-style tent

U691. Cast one’s ballot for a more shareholder-protective kind of structure

U695. “Girl, You’ll Be a Woman Soon” coverers ___ Overkill

U696. “Don’t text and drive” spots, e.g., for short

U697. Arguably biased, briefly

U698. “God hath shewed Pharaoh what he is about ___” (Gen 41:25)

U701. “The pet doctor’s tale is tragic”

U702. HQ in the UAE for a hundred-year-old company now best known for its energy and aerospace work

U703. 1040 figure that goes up and down like the height of a child’s toy

U704. Giant record

U706. The general public observing an automobile being put through its paces

U711. Christmas film named for one of its two women lovers

U714. Degree of strain

U716. Arizona Memorial site

U719. “=“ key sharer

U720. Addictive wiki of storytelling devices

U723. Worthwh___ss: quality of time well spent

U734. “...and they could not ___ him” (Matt 17:16)

U737. 1812 Overture sound

U745. Funny bit involving a “calling all cars” announcement

U746. Piece of armor shaped like a square with a missing smaller square cut out of it

U747. “It’s getting closer to bedtime,” as spoken in the first person by time itself

U748. ___-wowsie: cutesy-wutesy words that couples exchange at the altar cuz they’re so in WUV, yes they are, yes they are!

U749. Tunnel workers’ grand reorganization

U751. Science-based echo control in a concert arena

U753. Conceptually

U755. Comeback

U757. Joy of Cooking abbr.

U758. American bulrush

U760. “The ___ rim dips... “ (Coleridge)

U761. “Grand” wine classification

U762. In the air

U763. Affix using heat

U765. “Dancing, twerking, even waving my arms...that’s all out of my range of activity”

U767. Convincing argument in a voice that sounds like an overplayed record

U768. Casual talk

U769. _tility/___ephone __mpany

U770. Like Esmeralda’s troupe in The Hunchback of Notre Dame

U771. Hair glop marketing with a little ghost mascot, because its name is what ghosts say

U773. “When Adam delved and Eve ___... “

U774. “___ surgeon” (The Good Doctor)

U779. The Day The Earth Stood Still alien

U781. Act in place of

U784. Anticipate the actions of

U786. Best in counsel

U792. “... always ___ at the top”

U793. “___ digress”

U795. “Later”

U796. Punky piercings

U800. Always foliage growing underwater off the Braz.-Uru. coast

U802. Renounce any claim to certain Australian natives

U804. “This ___ Was Mine” (South Pacific song)

U806. “Bones” preceder

U808. “...and one ___ for a burnt offering” (Lev.16:5)

U809. “Promoting decent work for all” agcy.

U810. “Sticky” sweet

U811. Abu Dhabi et al.

U812. Animal Farm locale

U813. “Ad astra ___ aspera”

U814. Clip

U816. Long-armed b-ball players, especially when they’re trying to block a shot

U818. “Account now more overdrawn”

U821. Cheap read from the early days of print

U822. In a foreboding manner

U827. “Don’t let this injjustice stand, Copenhagen airline!”

U829. Self-aggrandizement to clothier Christian (he’s not impressed)

U834. 13th Greek letters

U836. “()” band Sigur ___

U841. “You and me are slips of paper marked with the infinitive for ‘is’“

U843. Roman who believes the gods don’t take interest in human affairs

U849. Winter Palace royal

U850. Chopping witty dialogue into small bits

U851. Old sayings from auditory organs

U853. 2564

U856. Antagonists in Scooby-Doo cartoons

U858. “Evangile” writer

U859. “Pretty. Freaking powerful.” computer

U861. “Get a ___ on it!”

U862. K-pop star with U-KISS (now retired)

U863. Barley brews

U866. Limited subscription that gets you the Sun. crossword only (double abbr.)

U868. “Da-DUM” word or phrase that has to do with bearing children

U869. Collects evidence

U870. Angler’s catch, often

U874. Fake IDs

U875. Popular baby sleepwear, as it needs no buttonholes or zippers

U876. Chip’s partner, lured deceptively

U877. Actress Gretchen (or episte___ogical)

U879. Apt scarf for a herpetologist

U881. Flag Day mo.

U882. Break up into distrustful factions in advance

U883. Hearty brew flavored with seeds and marbly bread

U887. “Did you hear about the new pirate movie? It’s rated ___”

U888. Guarded

U889. Posse members

U890. “___ only as directed”

U893. Breathe in spray deodorant

U894. What the bad guys probably say while shooting at the police detective turned vigilante in a 2001 first-person shooter (they didn’t get much dialogue until the 2008 movie)

U895. Suffix for leg or fall

U898. Notate quickly

U900. Beau for a lass

U901. “Does a guy have to kidnap somebody to get things going around here, or what?”

U902. Italian clothes designer, as some would address him in Japan

U903. Edit out the initialized swearing

U905. Honey meas.

U907. Do just as well as the third letter

U908. Pacifi_ ___ndard Time

U909. Periods of Apple tablet development

U910. Letters’ numbers?

U911. Games for the Wolfpacks, succinctly

U912. Duty on doody...the spoken kind, that is

U913. Really stupid sundae topping

U915. Assembles

U917. “The”-rhyming dude

U919. “Life is short -- eat ___ first”

U920. 22 Urban eyesore

U921. “___ It Up” (1978 Elvis Costello hit)

U922. Stored after cremation, say

U923. “No pain, no ___!”

U924. Chortles

U926. State the belief I hold

U927. Sudden descent

U928. Press the doorbell with lust for the person inside

U929. _merican _orse _how _ssociation

U930. Much-memed frog (by both sides of the political aisle) rendered in a sandwich shop

U931. Communication text-generators use to talk to each other (should we be worried about that? Probably) (_arge _anguage _odel _anguage)

U932. Gent___nlike

U934. Cans on a Pep Boys shelf bearing the phrase “The Racer’s Edge”

U936. “Absolutamente!”

U937. Little long-u noise made by oily female sib

U938. Euphemism for sexual desire

U939. ___ertainm___

U940. Great genius among headless, limbless bodies

U941. Brings candidates in, as to a hall of fame

U942. Micromanagers demanding all measurements be taken, all DNA swabs be used, all photographs be taken and given scale, all blood be analyzed...

U943. Top medals ironically awarded to those who’ve fought most for the environment

U944. Smugly look through objects, as Superman might (he can get snarky, when Luthor provokes him)

U945. “Clear material doesn’t get any trouble from me”

U946. Close enough to spy on people enjoying some “me time”

U947. Source of much military destruction, or bad movies like you and me

U948. Diagrams

U949. Soybean appetizer

U950. Bears

U952. Biblical locality

U955. “...suddenly appear / Every time you are ___?”

U957. “Breaking” news stories

U958. Bad atmospheres

U959. Baby’s room

U961. Concealed lyrics for hip-hop songs

U962. More well-traveled vibe

U963. “Actor Neeson ruler over all” headline

U964. Singular obsession

U965. “You may be in a country foreign to you, but for what it’s worth..my heart’s in your hands”

U966. Flavors my palate’s already tried

U967. Historical objects associated with an Arab leader

U968. “Toss the ball to me, one-eyes!”

U969. “Prodigal ___” (Rolling Stones)

U970. “My vision: a refreshment stand like kids used to set up at summer...selling multiple flavors and founding a drink selling EMPIRE big enough to inspire a CINEMATIC UNIVERSE!”

U971. Flint and quart most full of element Pb

U972. Best Female Athlete, for one

U982. Punches out material on a machine

U984. “New” homophone

U987. “...neither ___ one to another” (Lev. 19:11)

U988. Thicker part, as of a tool or weapon

U1004. Fog metaphor

U1006. Abbr. after “Moynihan”

U1007. Bolivian Indian

U1009. “Apologia Pro Vita ___”

U1010. 1904 world’s fair city (abbr.)

U1011. Flimsey

U1026. Phrase said while showing off one’s arms at the beach

U1028. Devour through a straw

U1031. Army-Navy store stock

U1032. “The Little Drummer Boy” refrain

U1039. “Correct answer!” sound

U1040. “...___ before the deadline”

U1042. Rd. named for its frequent blizzards

U1043. New lease on life

U1045. What you say to your perfect self-image when he/she/they doubt you’re being serious

U1046. “Like a Rock” and “Against the Wind” singer

U1047. Word you can use in any sentence, prompting someone to ask “What’s ___?” and then you can say “I dunno, what’s ___ with YOU?” (it’s hilarious)

U1048. It abbreviates “ikin” in Star Wars

U1049. Robotic intelligences quietly governing Uruguay

U1051. Get bubbly, literally or figuratively

U1054. “___ & the Women” (Richard Gere film)

U1056. “Ain’t We Got ___?”

U1057. “Kick it ___ notch” (Emeril)

U1058. “Tuck” partner

U1059. 0.252 calories (abbr.)

U1062. With a Southern dialect

U1064. Minstrel’s musical highlights collection

U1065. Orange skins

U1066. Aziz Ansari’s alma mater

U1067. Hugely particular about online interactions

U1068. Question when an orange sunflower relative walks into the bar

U1070. Header for an email full of notes in reply to one’s notes

U1071. Pope from the future (using two Bible-book names, and six namesakes down from the last pope who did so)

U1073. “... I have but one life...” speaker Nathan

U1074. “Baa-a-ad” mothers?

U1076. Winning ticket in 2008 (see letters 1-3)

U1077. Dramatic outcome

U1078. Fry up in cottonseed oil

U1084. Aftershock, for one

U1086. A ___ Named Scooby-Doo

U1087. “All seats have been sold” sign

U1089. 14-18 wk. span

U1090. “Alas!” relatives

U1091. “It’s ___!” (“Don’t miss it!”)

U1097. Torture-porn double feature, or “spotted biker’s stop”

U1098. Do much better than.

U1099. Action film employee

U1108. “Bierhaus” need

U1109. “...should come ___ surprise”

U1111. “Piece of the Rock” co.

U1112. “‘Tis paid with sighs a plenty, and sold for endless ___” (Housman)

U1122. “Yes, sir...years,” in the Yucatan

U1124. “Brownish-yellow? Watch this”

U1127. Make more raucous noise than with the audience of

U1129. Series of smart investments from an arena back when it was the home of the Indianapolis Colts

U1130. “You need a hard ___ of reality”

U1132. “A new ___ on life”

U1134. ‘Madame’ of wax

U1135. Anti-strike law circumvention

U1136. Be extravagant

U1137. Bargain adroitly

U1139. Acclaims

U1140. Glee actress Rivera

U1141. They didn’t have training, but they tried as hard as could be expected

U1143. Bit of roadway maneuvering that adds up to 360 degrees

U1146. Attack Columbus’ second ship

U1148. Slang for “Feels like my life is going through a chain reaction,” adjectivizing a noun that’s known for illustrating chain reactions

U1154. Form of “be” for I/she

U1155. “Can you imitate our speech and mannerisms?”

U1158. Chronicles of Narnia writer

U1159. Iliad commander

U1161. 8 Heads in a Duffel ___ (1997)

U1163. White species of “urchins” whose name could also describe a lot of oceanic creatures in their earliest stage

U1164. Overpowers by force

U1165. “My ___ tells me...”

U1167. “Top of the morning,” et al.

U1168. Bathers painter

U1172. A gallon’s 16

U1173. Plural endings

U1177. “Compact” follower

U1179. Nonverbal Peanuts sound clip from an angry dog

U1181. Spot between a scavenging bird’s wing and body

U1184. Introduction to TV title star Goodman of TV title star Lasso that sounds like a kind of pretzel

U1186. Feeling nostalgic as America’s debt stops increasing

U1189. Aromatic cocktail

U1191. “Mentalist” Geller

U1192. “ ___ It Be” (Beatles hit)

U1195. Goa, Daman and ___

U1196. “Alea iacta ___” (“The die is cast”)

U1197. “___ on!” (“Come and get it!”)

U1200. She’s unsupervised while her parents are at work: that’s the most important thing

U1202. What I keep saying to my screen every time Cate Blanchett’s musical genius prepares to do something she shouldn’t

U1205. Bellyaches for Charles as an infant...they weren’t as bad as they could have been for his parents, because his mutant psychic powers didn’t kick in until later

U1207. Asks for a mixture like a donkey

U1209. “Blood and Sand” accolades

U1218. Figures used to define success in business

U1221. “But of course!”

U1223. “...___ with adder fight” (Wilde)

U1224. “Mr. ___, I’m ready for inspection” (Selena Gomez lyric)

U1226. “One for the road” offense, briefly

U1227. “Angel”

U1228. Certain vegetable container

U1231. Is grime or tears or somethin’, not eye makeup

U1241. Mornings on private communication channels, for short

U1242. “All the dew,” in Latin (“dew” inspired the English word for fish eggs)

U1245. Talks fast and a litttle too smoothly (verb I just derived from an adjective)

U1246. “She may do all the tomb raiding, but who do you think monitors her schedule, sets up meetings with buyers, handles her video game license? That’s all me!”, briefly

U1249. “Always” rockers that spit?

U1252. Certain cosmetics

U1255. “With a code-name inspired by ‘what makes green’“

U1256. Extended cry of discovery

U1259. Ships’ bodies built in the former capital of India

U1260. To scream, in Seychelles (ROT13 for “pever”)

U1264. Words to a cultish hymn

U1265. Y-axis in your vicinity

U1266. Market for embryos-to-be

U1267. Failed Apple musical mascot (she loves downloading songs!)

U1269. Tutor of the sen. who later said “Suppose God is Black”

U1270. “With purp___, _ _eel, we can do anything”

U1271. Guy with a name meaning “steal” who works at a gp. that’ll confiscate any big fluid containers

U1272. Be passive and let the teacher teach

U1273. Last step in disconnecting two space vehicles

U1274. “CVS and Rite Aid don’t need paper money or paper bags”

U1275. Nine-digit IDs, ripped to bits

U1277. “Linzer” pastry

U1279. “My Life” singer Iris

U1281. “... further ___...”

U1282. “Altered ___ “

U1283. A Walk in the Clouds star Reeves

U1284. What did the cochlea say when overcome by emotion?

U1285. Fifth-century one-time invader now given permission

U1286. Noble leaders-to-be, cleaning and unwrinkling their own robes

U1287. “This Apple alternative is kind of tacky, really”

U1288. Hairstyle for one who fences in the Olympics

U1289. The singer Grande, who I’m secretly dating!

U1290. Golf ball balancer with DON’T DO DRUGS engraved on its hilt, in brief

U1292. “Ah, those tidy stories with morals, just like the tortoise-and-the-hare guy used to tell!”

U1293. “Isao can’t swing a club!” trash-talk

U1294. Entryways with four S-shaped curves, or S-shaped curves that include a tropical-fish motif

U1295. Orderly assortment kept by Hamlet’s ex (as of imaginary rosemary, pansies, fennel, and daisies)

U1303. “___ the Dinosaur” (pioneering cartoon short)

U1304. Bannister and Coe, e.g.

U1306. Formed by erosion

U1307. Billboard editions

U1313. 99 of the 101 Dalmatians

U1314. “___ flowers”

U1317. Sequence, in Paris (or minus its last letter in English)

U1320. Charged a criminal?

U1322. “Leave your four-footed friends behind!”

U1323. This is what it sounds like when doves cry

U1325. Although

U1326. Actress Close and bandleader Miller

U1327. “Aren’t I the ___ one?!”

U1330. “Logical” in _ogical _nit _umber

U1334. Faces a pitcher

U1335. “Ape”

U1337. Absolve the original sin of chicks-to-be in ovo

U1338. Carefully ratcheted down wild delight

U1339. Accusing without delay, like one really should do to obvious criminals especially when they threaten our government, I mean duh

U1340. Cry from someone raising their glass to honor some Canada Goose covering

U1341. Grew increasingly irritated while decorating a cake

U1342. Camper’s bedding that looks nicer

U1344. Clothespinners’ motto

U1347. Icelandic coins

U1348. Amanuensis.

U1349. French financial house

U1350. Bickers

U1352. Army E-3 working the dawn shift

U1354. “Whatever it takes, we need to use the pontiff from 150 AD”

U1355. Fasteners shaped like the Washington Monument

U1356. Supporting what I consider perfection

U1357. Quietly remove social outcasts

U1358. Using workers outside the country to run your spelling contest

U1359. “Total lack of income dries up flow of univ. aides”

U1362. Based on the Parallel Postulate

U1363. “Don’t come any closer!”

U1367. Rose Bowl candidates enjoying a drunken party

U1368. Comedian Vulcano on the line of scrimmage, briefly

U1369. Mosaicist or glassblower who’s been at it five or six months

U1373. “... good-will ___!” (Longfellow)

U1375. Citizen Kane inspiration

U1376. Creamy seafood soup

U1377. Any number like pi

U1381. Stovetop utensils, along with a cypher

U1382. Czech reformer Jan’s camper (in this timeline, he used it to escape being martyred

U1383. What a software framework’s chimes may have in common with Beethoven’s 2nd

U1386. “Ouch!”

U1387. Fees for Perry Mason.

U1392. Critters that incubated in a Christmas burner

U1393. Coin from Brazil that commemorates U.S. Justice Samuel

U1394. Sink, microwave oven, fridge...whatever it was that slipped my mind

U1398. “And so much bad in the best ___... “

U1401. Accommodation for some state park campers

U1404. “Plot twist: Fluffy is competitor”

U1405. Groped at some shampoo

U1406. Ghostly bird found on the quarter

U1413. Headsalts, in Le Havre

U1414. Author White of Charlotte’s Web and geneticist Ford

U1415. Pork product with a brand name that means “good” in Italian

U1418. Bevs of summer

U1419. Batted gently

U1420. Cinnamon-covered snack

U1421. “They ___ not the bones till the morrow” (Zep 3:3)

U1424. De ___

U1425. Red wine from Australia or South Africa

U1426. “Pick ME to do it!!!”

U1427. Big Apple initialism

U1431. Wants to be in casual wear all day every day

U1433. “Cm bck nd gv s nthr sng!”

U1434. Ornamental condition, Frenchly

U1436. Daily Bruin publisher

U1438. Bread baked at sea (its “hard” version is more biscuity)

U1439. The L.A. and San Fran cross-dressing scene

U1440. Say “I’m...sorry. Sorry and AMAZED!”

U1441. Stunt driving, but on the ocean

U1442. Her first name means “beloved,” her last name means “ask me about my distant relative, the No Doubt singer Gwen”

U1447. “A Song for the Lonely” singer

U1449. “Abolish ___,” immigration rallying cry on the left

U1450. City of Japan.

U1454. Weak, corrupt contestant

U1455. Type of instrument that goes unaccompanied on date night

U1457. Magic 8-ball’s response to the college asking “Will the Buckeyes win it all this year?”

U1458. Legal-exam-related feat

U1459. “Good going, vermin!”

U1461. Chernobyl setting

U1470. “Drows’d with the ___ of poppies... “ (Keats)

U1472. “A likely story!”

U1473. Haiku poet Matsuo ___

U1475. “A Red, Red Rose” poet

U1476. Arrives later

U1477. “It” in “Don’t let it hit ya where the good Lord split ya!”

U1491. German version of the “Rebel yell” (that’s more unnervingly honest about where ‘Rebel’ comes from)

U1493. “Turning hosers to stone, eh?”, e.g.

U1495. “Don’t wait to give him or me your sickest burns!”

U1496. Outraged tech community

U1498. Candidate for “What’s My Line?”

U1500. “Smokin’ Banana ___” (Dead Milkmen)

U1501. “... baked in ___”

U1503. “I thought ___!” (“My feeling exactly!”)

U1504. ‘60s British fashion designer

U1505. Big shots

U1506. “Ghost pepper flavor,” “non-dairy,” or “non-melting,” e.g.

U1507. Will-they-or-won’t-they between two gays who haven’t admitted their orientations

U1508. Recording Masterpiece Theatre and Best Foreign-Film Oscar winners in the 1980s

U1510. Smash song about getting your starting degree as a songwriter

U1519. Body of water named for the way all the cops get summoned to it, briefly

U1520. Pseudonym Alan, or a newly minted metal tool

U1524. Be a great mason

U1526. Capital of Tasmania (anagram of ATHROB)

U1528. Coleridge’s “___ Khan”

U1529. A big mess

U1530. Having fewer doubts

U1531. Bridle path sounds

U1532. “Don’t make such ___!”

U1533. Ten-year-old moles

U1537. TV offering

U1538. Raw material my body comprised, before the forging

U1544. Briefly, big Apple cops that are all also Army grunts (this one feels too believable, I made myself sad)

U1545. Steal FROM a pair of caramel candy bars

U1546. Burned-up e-waste

U1548. Sci-fi writer Wells implies what’s been stated would be the worst possible option

U1552. Adam Ruins Everything network

U1554. Adjective often used to describe models like Karolina Kurkova

U1555. Guided by strict principles

U1556. Amazes

U1559. Without moral resolution, (but) with full image resolution

U1561. Not at all characteristic of poet Nash

U1562. Having peepers similar to those of the “Disco” dude on The Simpsons

U1563. Margarine branded with a compass dir. opposite WbS

U1566. “Bunnies” under the bed

U1567. “...___ penny, two...”

U1574. “...___, lama sabachthani?” (Mark)

U1577. Slumdog Millionaire co-star ___ Kapoor

U1584. “___ of Spring”

U1585. “... the ___ of March!”

U1588. Cancun coin with “CCCP” plane engraved on its backside

U1590. Creating more corrupt local cops, briefly

U1593. “Free” gym gear (abbr.)

U1594. “...spinnin’ till ___ the ground” (“Cowboy Song” lyric)

U1595. “Die ___ Pintos,” Weber-Mahler opera

U1596. Spindly lead-in

U1599. As one (Fr.)

U1600. “I Want a New ___” (Huey Lewis and the News)

U1601. “1-2-3, 1-2-3,” e.g.

U1602. “ ___ bodkins!”

U1606. Collecting the heads of altar soprani

U1608. Condiment inexplicable available in the British lavatory

U1611. Baseball or basketball

U1612. “You are ___ for street repairs” (Community Chest card in Monopoly)

U1620. “Let’s reenact that end-of-World-War-II photo, honey”

U1623. A must for heatburn

U1625. Be Psychic Now!: Fast, Easy, Sensible ___ System - Even Works for Skeptics

U1626. “Daisy” lead-in

U1628. Go right back to wearing terrain away

U1635. Overly offended, to use a word that may offend some more

U1636. Atoms of different masses

U1639. Hypothetical Earth surface worn at the side of the head

U1641. Oozy boil fluid from a curse

U1643. Re-spelling?

U1646. Anxious discomforts from selling items at below cost

U1649. Big box of incontinence meds

U1651. “Chutney Squishee” seller on The Simpsons

U1652. “Buy one, get one free” offer, e.g.

U1654. Academia designations

U1655. “Fly the Friendly Skies” co.

U1657. Add fermenting agent to toy bricks

U1659. The giant woodsman has no idea what to do...Babe’s confused too

U1662. Outshine the Tobey Maguire-Andrew Garfield-Tom Holland Spider-movie’s box-office performance

U1664. Did impressive work as an infielder, for short

U1665. Get nostalgic for the days when one fashioned trinkets from printable base designs

U1669. Area of an Italian city near Slovenia whose populace eschews clothing

U1671. Reply with a single letter (plus question mark) that implies disbelief the speaker could possibly do the thing they’re describing

U1673. Unnecessary clarification after “I’m playing Juliet in Romeo and Juliet”

U1679. “Arrivederci, ___”

U1681. “1-2-3” singer Barry

U1682. Fairy mound of Irish folklore

U1683. American Pastoral Pulitzer-winning author

U1684. “Good morrow, cousin,” for Romeo

U1685. Annual DC speech

U1691. Devices to cool your drinks that produce smaller and messier cubes

U1693. ___-___sion: while the therapy hour is going on

U1694. Keeps torchbearers (or chain-forgers?) around

U1696. “Yeses,” overseas

U1698. Held onto a cable journalists’ van’s roof as it drove

U1699. Sect. of a grain repository

U1701. Pulling the potato skins out of the feed we eat...we may be pigs, but we don’t have to be pigs, right?

U1702. Road entry points designated with ‘the ram’ (not ‘ramming’)

U1703. Answer to “What does it mean, ‘the dove rests atop shelter meant to house doves’?”

U1707. “Snug as ___ in a rug”

U1708. “No distractions!”

U1711. “The Pied Piper of Hamelin” river

U1712. “Cured” cold cuts

U1716. Close to a classic play from centuries past

U1717. An octet of drys

U1718. Duck with an insertable power source

U1720. Like maney beaches

U1721. Metaphor for numbers studies, derived from the calculations involved in rationing the men’s room water supply

U1723. “Baby, ___ of Luck” (Sam Cooke)

U1726. Trapeze-artist breastfeeder (it gives the milk a little fizz!)

U1727. Versions of singer Edith portraying physicist Marie, using her abbreviated French title

U1728. Beyond good and evil in every scenario

U1729. Shoots eaten by gorillas

U1730. “That’s awful, horn-nose!”

U1733. “Shield” theorized in 1984

U1734. Courtroom crime.

U1735. Doctrine of unlimited power

U1736. 2012 Nobel Peace Prize recipient, informally

U1738. “Weird Al” Yankovic cult movie

U1739. Wild combat

U1740. Too young for Freud’s most famous complex to kick in

U1741. “Hmm, can’t remember”

U1742. “-ish” alternative

U1746. Trax driving near through a Rhone town in a famous painting

U1747. Employing software in ways its creators didn’t intend (I can see Steve Jobs saying “Heathens!” and only sort of joking as he says it)

U1748. “Holy heck! Lewdness!”

U1749. “The Battle of ___ ___ the tension of World War I for the Allies, putting the Germans on the defensive for the rest of the conflict”

U1750. Puts Conestoga wagon users into oil on canvas

U1753. Entry in an auditioners’ catalogue

U1754. Like a road half-covered in wood

U1755. “Keep up that dancin’, ‘open sesame’ guy!”

U1756. Green rings in some plants

U1757. It stands for “Night” on NBC

U1758. Best pals, pals for life but that’s all, covered in lubricant (cough cough)

U1759. Foot-drying cloth that tells a few jokes to warm people up for the first speaker

U1760. Marries a sandwich

U1762. “College Football Live” channel

U1763. Pan’s Labyrinth setting

U1765. “Dead men tell no tales,” e.g.

U1766. Starsky and ___

U1768. Nursing some pre-meal bread

U1769. Don’t fit the profile of the most common protozoans

U1770. Animal population at that point in time

U1771. Exercise establishments with three-branch structures at 90-or-180-degree angles from each other

U1772. Gradually elevate

U1773. “We’re ready to start pulling out that black gold!”

U1774. Slow news day’s headline, with the subtitle: The “Hey Ya!” duo doing well at golf

U1775. Food fish about which people joke, “How does it smell? ...Terrible”

U1786. Ancient court official who got his job because he could be trusted around women

U1787. “___ Utah!” (license plate phrase)

U1789. Medical Investigation org.

U1790. Having been sworn in

U1801. Widely-shared image of a Greek marketplace

U1807. Betting parlor in outer space, under a star that prevents Kryptonians from using their powers to cheat

U1809. Imperils

U1811. “Infield fly rule” caller

U1812. 1,150

U1813. Totally disorganized

U1814. Wise, rather than wise-ass, comment

U1819. Sleep won’t generally involve motion or agitation...so ___?

U1821. “... but thinking makes ___” (Hamlet)

U1822. Air carrier

U1824. “Be in med(ical),” in Mexico

U1829. Image showing a generic full-face pic and some lines signifing names and numbers, maybe (as opposed to the image for a password, which would have no pic)

U1832. What a tough-looking guy who gets knocked out easily is said to have

U1834. Best in a one-on-one

U1835. “100 years of journalistic excellence” org.

U1836. Apple rival in phones

U1837. Postharvest food contaminant that can ruin your home (despite its name, it’s sometimes grey)

U1839. Illegal movie the whole team worked on

U1843. Plants used to make Pepsis

U1845. “Sacre ___!”

U1846. Badger’s burrow

U1848. A certain sweater

U1849. Retinal shots used for ID purposes

U1851. 911 pro’s descent into poor physical and mental health

U1853. Scream shrilly into my ear

U1855. “Get outta here! This ain’t no place for holy people!”

U1856. Allow the use of an oceanfront window, e.g.

U1860. “...all that wealth ___ gave” (Gray)

U1864. “Flick my ___” (‘70s slogan)

U1867. American Idol judge Abdul, nurturing others’ creativity

U1868. Urban out-of-control growth, AD 2052

U1870. Billion-year era out of...(chuckle) many such

U1871. Robberies of collectible comics, rare Funko Pops, and exotically flavored Pocky

U1872. Surfaced, in a way

U1873. Aida and Norma, notably

U1876. “When will these items be reaching the Gulf of Sidra?”

U1881. Transport in Super Mario World, bad habit in old Sherlock Holmes films, or passageway in surfer movies

U1883. Recruit for a convent

U1884. Banquets

U1886. “...and touched the ___ of his garment” (Matt. 9:20)

U1888. “___ in ‘apple’“

U1889. A.L. East rival of the D-Rays, O’s, Sox, and Yanks

U1890. Kingdom in the African desert

U1892. Icons for Game of Thrones creatures, or features of Bhutanese flags

U1897. Be appropriate for nautical vessels

U1906. “Oh, wow, eating utensil!”

U1908. Avengers: Endgame hero

U1910. ‘Great’ bird

U1912. “Colorful” Vietnam seaport

U1913. A coming in of the tide.

U1915. Fabric named for the state it comes from and what’s used to treat it (rhymes with Ex-Lax) (this one’s real)

U1927. Planking and situps in a suburb of New Orleans

U1932. “... what the meaning of ___” (Clinton)

U1934. 1/2 of a Kenyan tribesman

U1935. The Simpsons disco guy et al.

U1939. Actress Fawcett, plenty

U1944. 92 High-hat

U1947. Open it and walk through to take a life-defining HS test

U1949. How to describe the tense “would have been” using a soda metaphor

U1954. Be ___ (help)

U1956. Hunters in the Snow painter

U1961. Once-great rappers who now can’t hear their own lyrics

U1963. Recycled untruth

U1966. Chinese menu possessive

U1969. What Crocodile Dundee II has relative to Crocodile Dundee, in terms of setting

U1971. Last contestant in an hour-long cooking show where everyone gets ten minutes (minus commercials, credits, meet-the-judges scenes, et cetera)

U1972. “None whatsoever?...That raises eyebrows,” in modern gaming-inspired slang

U1974. Elaborate plan to hook us up with someone to promote our work

U1976. Tight speech-blocking cloth or strap

U1978. Bygone theaters

U1980. “... crafty seer, with ___ wand” (Pope)

U1982. 1/100th of a 1-up, in the Magic Kingdom

U1983. A line in baseball

U1984. Adjustment to the video game that turns enemies a blue-green shade

U1985. Wagashi, a cow’s-dairy product found in Accra

U1987. ___ others as they to me (that’s the Silver Rule!)

U1988. “Just looking at those torso muscles exposed to the elements...makes me think how cold he must be without a shirt on”

U1989. Important but inevitable-feeling election news in 2020...and probably 2024

U1995. Free t-to drink, but-t not-t in a bott-ttle

U1996. USAR structure named for geography that some defend

U1997. Quick text to Senator Sanders followed by a heart emoji (leaving off the “i” as implied)

U1998. Technique for penning up pigs known to only a few

U2002. “Adult” literature

U2004. “That’s exactly it”

U2005. “Negative”

U2006. 1986 Art Spiegelman book

U2009. They’ve stolen your Canyon and Sierra! If you want to get them back, you’ve got to pay

U2010. Collective include France and Germany but made up entirely of sea eagles

U2011. One way to abbreviate “obstretician-gynecologist doctors”

U2012. Sates one’s huuuuuunger

U2018. Clean little pieces off bathwear

U2019. “That car you’re talking about with the ‘1’ marking? That was me”

U2023. How Tubman works under white people’s radar in her self-titled movie

U2025. “Be Prepared!” group (abbr.)

U2027. “And so to bed” writer

U2028. “... Prufrock” poet

U2029. 2010: Odyssey Two computer

U2030. Princely party that’s kind of meh compared to the one where he met Cinderella

U2034. Mexican sandwich named for the Iroquois Confederacy cofounder

U2035. “The latest psych ‘bible’ should be here any minute,” as said in 2013, before it arrived

U2040. Short “sans” signs (w/slashes)

U2041. Poem of praiseful cinders

U2042. Extremely inefficent pickpockets

U2045. She’s brownish gray

U2047. Small aggressive move from Ash’s favorite Pokemon

U2049. “Aye!” sayer

U2051.  ___ Haw

U2052. Oldest wind instrument combined with some contemporary brass

U2053. Start writing a song about evil headquarters (hmmm...”stairs”? “Who dares?” “Millionaires”? “Snares”?)

U2055. Person whose works now bear your page numbers

U2056. Relevant interrogatives (abbr. in the second part)

U2057. Typist’s stat

U2060. “___ Little Love in Your Heart”

U2061. “(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay” singer Redding

U2062. Bizarre

U2063. Feature I would appreciate when a missed call leaves their number for me to write down and call back

U2066. Says, “Snakes...why did it have to be snakes?”

U2069. “Not resources A-H, J, or K”

U2072. ROT13 for PQYTM

U2075. Power or orange suffix

U2077. Officejet just fished out of the lake

U2079. Short-o bits of advice

U2081. When Gru’s people will probably get out of the house to start their journey

U2084. Dungeon masters and their dice-rollers, e.g.

U2086. Home of William Cullen Bryant.

U2088. Cabinet-level agency responsible for highways (abbr.)

U2089. “... flotsam? I’ve gotsam” poet

U2091. Account inspection

U2092. The Avengers had to stop another invasion, but all Bruce Banner had on him was his mobile phone. How did he get there in time?

U2093. Coax out a recital of Hindu texts

U2094. Crime boss whose motives are hard to figure

U2095. Unclined un a thurty-five degree angle, e.g.

U2097. “Did that quote come from Sir McKellen himself? Was it instead Lawrence of Arabia, whom he played in 1970?”

U2099. Little Esther figurine

U2101. 1200

U2103. Blimp front

U2104. Already, in Avignon

U2105. “Is ___ bad ding? I don’t dink so”

U2106. Astonished response to the performance of the world’s first supercomputer

U2108. Online game where you have to guess the five-letter word used by satirist Mort

U2110. Detectior

U2111. Mathematicians’ mental meanderings involving circles and constants

U2112. Throw nutritional info every which way

U2113. Casual throw that I could see happening

U2115. “___ him who believes in nothing” (Victor Hugo)

U2118. Began to play.

U2119. Sum of all high school grades that relates to its subject in some weird way, like 4.0 for Alvin the Chipmunk or 3.5 for someone with AB blood

U2121. Young fire-sword wielders, trained to defend the Really Holy Land from Adam and Eve’s return

U2122. Prefer dates who’ve investigated their own sexually-transmitted disease status

U2123. Home-based stays motivated by rage

U2124. “Festival of the First Morning of the First Day”

U2126. What kind of time your girlfriend’s been having since Jan.

U2127. Self-driving vehicle’s “brain” designed to counsel people at a funeral or give them sex ed advice at a prom

U2129. 1970s-style carpet that hasn’t been cleaned since the 1970s

U2131. In our direction

U2132. Online info sources

U2134. Mark from a blow

U2135. Rds. without traffic lights

U2136. Pen tip used to take the census of the Underworld

U2138. Pope after Adrian I

U2139. “I won’t deceive you about how many there are,” using an internet initialism

U2141. Drive a wrecker

U2142. Farm flier belonging to a break in the action

U2143. Dow-Jones counterpart that’s a puddle of stupid nonsense

U2144. Alliterative holiday celebration with eggs hidden inside surrealist Max’s artwork

U2146. Where an annoyance is a pain in, if you’re not in mixed company

U2148. Billow

U2152. Machine used to press cookie sides together until stuf spreads through the middle

U2153. Monochromatic

U2154. Gets regular visits from a home care pro

U2155. Ultra___ane (abnormal, even though it sounds like “super boring”)

U2156. _es _ndeed, _xclamation _oint!

U2157. Letter and number indicating a second thing one speaks

U2158. Looked after propane, in short

U2160. “He’s Madre, ___...it’s their way of subverting el binario de género”

U2162. Former breakfast chain, assuming you stopped getting your news in 2018 and took its marketing too seriously

U2163. Already so much of an Apple digital assistant that their days of life as a human are numbered

U2165. Website being preserved for CSI purposes

U2166. “How Blue” singer McEntire

U2167. Eighteenth star in a constellation named for Rebel heroine Jyn

U2168. “That’s good insemination!” in Italy (I’m sure they say that in the Vatican all the time)

U2169. Attachment that makes Mac the knife?

U2170. _ttenion _eficit _yperactive _arcolepsy (see? Things could be worse. You could have that!)

U2171. Ne_ ___herlands

U2172. Doesn’t attend the Japanese theater

U2173. Get director Sam in a wrestling hold

U2174. Ancient Andean “Elite Eight” (Letter pattern: abcd bcdd)

U2180. Kigali version of Groucho

U2181. Find a way around antitrust concerns in America

U2182. JJaappaanneessee ssoouupp ppaassttee

U2183. Ominous beginning from the Old Gods, who add, “Now we hunger again”


U2185. One who sells data about corporate asset value over replacement cost

U2186. Most powerful piece in chess (odd letters only)

U2187. Heightened-language exercise from Cartman’s “friend” Broflovski

U2188. “Reps from America taking a meeting with yours truly” (I’m that important)

U2189. Herr Schindler with a list

U2190. Private chat on a mostly public network about a well-known firearm

U2191. Capital of Asia?

U2192. Addr. of a video game as if it’s a real place near Albany

U2193. Hit again, as a bank

U2194. Foyerlike

U2195. Binds up with a crafty grin

U2196. _nter _ _udgment

U2197. The days of Middle-Earth rule following Sauron’s defeat

U2198. Summarize, having transformed into a “wise”-looking bird for extra gravitas

U2199. This clue was supposed to be “Create alternate versions of the boxing art.” I thought I was doing something clever by taking the image of mixing up mai tais and combining it with the boxing-like martial art, but the standard spelling for that martial art starts with MUAY, not the “Delicious!” synonym spelled backward that I have here. So this clue remains within the grid, yet another monument to my own limitations, perhaps to be removed in a later revision or perhaps not

U2200. Hilary logo worn stretched across one’s butt

U2201. Picks up while watching the greatest grandmasters going head to head

U2202. Information-gathering about the enemy that’s as comprehensive as it gets

U2204. ___ up (energizes)

U2205. “Alternatively,” in a tweet

U2218. Better Call ___

U2219. “ ___ on Down the Road”

U2225. Amazement regarding med scan

U2226. Make that bold statement

U2228. Those whose sex toys include absorbent cleaners

U2229. Clutch of flowers that are ISU student liaisons

U2230. Unimaginative cartoonist Jim

U2231. Fantasy brute facing the pitcher

U2237. “Revolutionary” Chopin work

U2238. “R” in RFD

U2243. ATV’s license plate decals

U2245. Ancient Greek coin with the face of activist Parks

U2246. What to do when the lead actor’s voice just isn’t right, vowellessly

U2248. It’s a lot like a measle

U2249. In the topographical style of a staircase

U2250. Numerical value assigned to greenhouse gases

U2254. Lollapaloozas

U2255. “Angel of Light”

U2257. “Pain in the neck.”

U2259. Pileup of disinformation so thick no one can read it all

U2261. Diagnostic computer setting (I forgot this was a real phrase when I put it in here)

U2262. Former Laker Lamar

U2263. _nbroken _nd _nbowed!

U2264. _ou _eed _udgeting

U2265. Mv lk crbs mv

U2268. Open-minded response to the song “Dare to Be Stupid”

U2269. “Actress Anderson is playing revolutionary Guevara??”

U2271. Ma___al a___st (practiced fighter)

U2272. Curt requests for repetition

U2273. “Sknaht rof gnimoc ot ym ___ klat”

U2274. Btryl b Bndct Rnld

U2275. Aristocrat, or G.I. Joe villain

U2277. For a time, he didn’t prey on others and tried to be better. But now...he’s back at it

U2278. “... and here I am!”

U2283. Every color of amphetamines, arranged in rows

U2284. Lord of nothingness


U2287. “Priestly address now fashionable again”

U2290. Command to a dog named for director DuVernay

U2291. “That New York-to-Virginia storm did just what it looked like it would do”

U2292. Overweight lycanthrope

U2293. Quick summary of a film about a boy and his mother held captive for so long that the boy’s never known the world outside

U2297. “... and children of all ___!”

U2298. “Tsk” relatives

U2299. Lord of the Rings creatures

U2302. Snapping noises (which is ironic, considering Rice Krispies’ mascot names)

U2304. “Come back to life, tennis player Jo-Wilfried!”

U2305. Stanning for the husband on Bewitched

U2306. Using (the) intersection as an oratorical venue

U2308. “No issues with these worms and crickets! They’re squirming and jumping and ready to be lures!”

U2310. “Where ___?” (amnesiac’s quesion about their origins)

U2311. The Simpsons’ bar owner no longer has to worry about cash

U2312. Fishtail due to having no idea where one is going

U2313. Cover Mrs. Yeltsin with streamers

U2314. Believer in equality for all, any time and every time

U2315. “Figuring out where to add textual emphasis takes a creative ear”

U2316. Guidebooks for cure-alls

U2317. Like your double, except cooler, luckier, and more confident

U2319. Acting just like the end of the alphabet

U2321. Baby beetle

U2322. “Loverly” look

U2323. Alone, in Arles

U2325. ___-relief

U2331. Ability to perceive pluses (see entry above this one for a mini-theme)

U2333. Fiddleth (with)

U2336. “You’re seeing the last of me for a while, seabound landform”

U2338. Feeble con man Wright

U2339. Eggs that have been fertilised and are now in development

U2345. “A clue!”

U2348. “Yyes,” aat ssea

U2350. Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, and Stephen Hawking, e.g.

U2351. How a towel should be placed when doing toe exercises

U2352. Popular poker game, no IOUs or collateral allowed

U2353. Vote in favor of Spanish gold

U2355. Give some feedback inspired by short compositions

U2356. Netherlands city near Rotterdam with all its limbs lashed together (metaphorically?)

U2357. Position once held by Lassie, then by Benji...now it’s Brian Griffin, I guess? Or maybe Bluey

U2359. Really cool novelty cookie flavor, or sugary “sandwich” that’s literally on fire

U2361. Pindaric or Keatsian

U2362. Short span of time, in shorthand

U2363. Hardly seemed like work, after a while

U2365. Little markings on the breast

U2366. Go into exile from our society

U2367. Brand of matroyshka featuring Russian animals, not ladies, and named for the Latin for the animals’ species

U2369. He takes all the fishing poles

U2370. Failure mark right at the start

U2371. “The first citizen of Athens takes away all anxiety!”

U2372. Conservative Tolkien monster pursuing a career in English theater

U2374. _ist _f _-book _eaders (Wikipedia)

U2377. Conviction... or what’s almost required for a conviction

U2378. Base security

U2379. “Gangway!”

U2381. Skype texts from Shakespeare’s first title character, including “@Lucius dost thou not perceive that Rome is but a wilderness of tigers” and “Die, die, @Lavinia”

U2383. Initiatives to get the Salk vaccine out

U2386. “Pfft, sweets? Like I’d believe that,” in Italy

U2388. J. Blige, listed by her first name and music genre

U2390. Fifteenth letters in a spooky font

U2391. She’s a broadband connection all by herself

U2394. Full of fossil fuels, which feels foreboding

U2396. One entertaining guests in Burundi, likely

U2397. Artful gossip

U2398. Builder of the Labyrinth of Minos

U2399. Actual

U2401. Broadway backups

U2403. Once-extant work permit

U2404. “Are You That Somebody” singer feeling resentful

U2408. Flying mammal in my prison

U2410. “Row another,” on the rio

U2414. Flirting and foreplay

U2415. Showing more response

U2416. Important times for many New Yorkers

U2417. Actress Lenska

U2418. “Me too” sort

U2419. Ad hoc gp.

U2421. Noble decline

U2422. More accessible immersion

U2423. Gesticulations

U2426. Rescue Chi Minh

U2428. How to represent the greatest comic-book hero with stacked icons


U2430. Early inclination to doubt

U2432. Paying a levy, redundantly

U2433. It’ll get you through the toll roads so you can concentrate on spending at the slot machines

U2434. Giant-size plush Garfield dog

U2435. “Our school’s athletic dept. is in debt”

U2438. Online discussion group often used for the office but now used to discuss signs of disease

U2439. Not be serious about sprinkling holy water

U2440. Childcare helper who handles the yard and trips to the store while the other one handles the home

U2442. “Crap, you tagged me”

U2443. “Trap House” artist Gucci

U2444. A Northeastern U. grad

U2449. “_uick, _omebody _everage _onetary _istributions!”

U2450. Version of a Vegas casino in the Norwegian capital

U2451. Shapeshift to stop being a sphere

U2453. “Neat! I’m impressed by your renditions of disease microorganisms”

U2454. “Korea,” “knickknack,” or “Koyaanisqatsi”

U2456. Types of rice that sound like Koran verses

U2457. Time away, in Tours

U2458. Snggls

U2459. Mostly-empty collectible featuring a song from the “James K. Polk” band, in brief

U2460. “Tll m th trth, nw”

U2468. DOJ head, right after getting the job

U2469. Back at the house no later than {gloss over this part}

U2470. Answer to “Can a coin keep spinning around the rim of a hole forever?”

U2471. Letters following messenger or transfer

U2472. Pregnancy supplement, after “Folic acid”

U2473. Concepts’ colorant

U2475. Prtnrshp n crckt

U2476. Departure from a prestige channel (name of the channel goes first, followed by a show you can now find on it)

U2477. ___-hoo (bottled chocolate drink)

U2478. Spoiler-free answer I give when my wife asks about something that’ll be revealed later in the movie

U2479. Said, “Hey, that’s the Do The Right Thing actor Davis!”

U2480. “Will It Be Coffee, ___ __ __?” (Time article about how religion is now a taste, using the old standard male pronoun for God)

U2486. Legal professor on MSNBC whose first name is a saint and whose last name is a self-effacing profession

U2492. Get fish and chips good and mad

U2493. Blind ma_’_ _luff

U2494. Highlandwoman Zeus turned into a heifer

U2495. One wise in the ways of planting

U2496. Cervica_ __ear

U2497. Cryptogram for “tut-tut!”

U2502. Reddit area to discuss parents who view their children as extensions of themselves

U2505. Lifeguards slather them on

U2511. Advanced deg. for one who’s still under a prof

U2513. Small landform so named because it’s to the rear of other such landforms named “Eagle” and “Beak”

U2514. Lead-in to Cross or Angel

U2515. Refugee from the bennies dept.

U2516. Engraving tool or medical probe

U2521. Productivity

U2522. “I was scared out of my ___”

U2523. “Got ___ feelin’“ (Devo lyric)

U2524. Warner Brothers toon introduced in the 1990s

U2525. “Tender” beef cut

U2534. “Think I’m just cynical, huh? Get out in the world and see what the school of hard knocks has to teach, kid”

U2536. Stir from a nap and find yourself so mired in tedium you’d rather go back to sleep

U2544. “Desire” rock group

U2545. 7th Heaven minister

U2546. Blockhead

U2547. “...___ in one basket”

U2549. They’re a person in the world of the RPG, but not represented by a person outside of it

U2552. Start putting together an over-fifty org.

U2554. “33% of this simple job is finished!”

U2555. Plasma screens in one section of an electronics store

U2557. They play long horns and display their long “horns” if you know what I mean

U2558. Feel unsure whether gratitude is called for

U2559. “Co-freakin’-ed” or “dorm-coed-itory,” maybe

U2566. Write a review of the key of “Love the Way You Lie”

U2567. Countercurrent in one’s expression

U2568. Start of the bible as rewritten by experimental author Virginia

U2570. Alchemize to end a plague

U2571. Contemplate some unreal terrain

U2573. Trail with a name ensuring it’s first to be listed in the local atlas

U2575. “... do re me fa ___...”

U2577. “Don’t leave anything out”

U2583. “Singer Woods did better than expected as curator; all classic paintings are accounted for”

U2584. Payment for guaranteeing a cheating kid aces the class

U2585. Flying prehistoric reptile (no tricks on this one! Just a normal answer, promise)

U2586. Block-fitting game too far away for one to hear the music

U2592. Design a multi-point shape for the frisbee you purchased

U2593. Constellation that won’t stop whining

U2594. Electric generator used to charge up Data’s evil “brother” on Star Trek: The Next Generation

U2595. “Everyone knows the NBA Countdown channel”

U2601. 1998 movie with three endings and a breakneck pace suggested by its title

U2604. In a way that brought loud laughter

U2620. Breakfast mascot with the slogan “I vant to eat your cereal!” [Start at 6]

U2623. Baltimore footballers

U2625. “Thing concerning the area of peace,” in brief legalese

U2627. Exhaust the crew of a ship (wait, why are you giggling? Oh...oh, it’s a naughty pun)

U2628. Precognitive upraised by my arms (can she see more of the future from up there?)

U2630. Retains azure field deities for the purpose of

U2631. Old-school home entertainment center set up so you can do crunches in front of it

U2633. In the form of blends

U2634. At least out of bed before most people’s first coffee break

U2636. Bold and brutal gang of girlfriends (without their guy)

U2637. Extended three-way intersection

U2638. Roused Luca from sleep, before he slept unrousably with the fishes

U2639. Fanciful, ornamental works inspired by The Lord of the Rings

U2641. Smith

U2642. Miss writer W.H. at his wake

U2644. Eclips

U2646. Style of cooking named for the unusual color that it turns fish

U2647. Dr Pepper rival, Mr. ___

U2648. Beneficiary

U2649. Laugh, in Spain

U2650. Child’s span at a piano, perhaps

U2659. Cadillac luxury model with its lubricant refreshened

U2660. “Boys’ love” story symbolized by a curvy Inuit knife

U2661. Blue, dim superhero’s repeat of someone else’s message, for short

U2662. “This is starting to make sense”

U2663. Revolving guy who can now pity fools in any direction

U2664. Put one letter that’s missing in “overt operations” back in so you reverse its meaning

U2665. Refusal more dramatic and time-consuming than it needed to be

U2674. Aerial shots

U2675. “Bonne ___!”

U2676. “Home away from home” sloganeer

U2677. “Then the beasts go into ___, and remain in their places”

U2680. ‘Brief’ time period

U2682. “For what possible reason, suckers???” via group text

U2684. That awkwardness when one partner says “I love you” more than the other

U2685. “Your fly is down” warning whispered to the smallest JLA member

U2687. “What time is it? Well, everything I care about has turned to crap, so it’s ___, that’s what time it is” (uses acronyms)

U2696. Why it’s funny that 25 letters are unrelated in appearance to a beast that might speak that letter repeatedly

U2698. Convert into metalwork, as a novel (this one uses a chemical symbol as a prefix)

U2699. Play on words about a pointy weapon (it could involve Britney or Hamlet)

U2701. Icicle anchors

U2702. Das Boot craft

U2727. “Being a ___” (Sean Connery book)

U2729. Where histories that start from BC usually go

U2730. Thing designated to be given to charity (the _alvation _rmy, specifically)

U2731. The vowel thought its downstairs neighbor consonant was really cool

U2732. _nterest _ate _isk

U2733. “Go ahead and mock, hipbones!” or “Go ahead and mock, Naples resort!”

U2735. Argue legally for exemption on religious grounds

U2736. “This crap novel calls itself The Purloined Raven, but ___”

U2740. Penultimate of four Bible books written by the originator of “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”

U2741. “Diablo, my friend”

U2743. Rouse an antelope (it may say its onomatopoeic name when you do)

U2744. _oviet _ussian _epublics

U2745. Fourth incarnation of a sketch comedy show that will probably exist after we’re all long dead (in brief)

U2746. Judiciary branch guesses (double abbr.)

U2747. Way around Beantown, to locals

U2748. “... gathers no ___”

U2751. “At ten paces” confrontation

U2753. “Say what?” responses

U2755. _otoscope-_enerated _magery (less popular filmmaking technique)

U2756. Soldier boy who helps out at college, for short

U2757. Promo featuring a resume

U2758. “What am ___ getting?”

U2759. Grsslnds

U2760. What Dan leaves out?

U2763. Title of a memo concerning vaccine molecules

U2765. “___ cost to you” (free)

U2766. Marching syllables

U2767. “I shoot him with a gun and he turns into the puzzle author”

U2770. Shoe size found within “eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”

U2771. “Full-size” record shrunk to the size of a raisin, compared to the kg EP, a “short” record blown up to more massive scale

U2772. Prem___ _ate

U2773. “LaserJet? It is to laugh”

U2774. Oalg ni a olfg oursec (ostm aveh ighteene)

U2775. 15-15 score, e.g.

U2776. “Let the wicked fall into their own ___” (Ps 141:10)

U2777. “Last Supper” picture

U2778. Ancient Syrian city

U2779. My Name Is ___ (short story collection featuring an anagram of “Mara”)

U2780. “Big” Bill Parcells’ nickname

U2781. Certain pols

U2782. “Backbone” of forces

U2784. A reel problem

U2785. “The Ballad of Todd Rundgren” credit

U2790. Person who’s a stickler for not going anywhere

U2792. “Will he stop biting the hand that feeds ___?”

U2793. Neg Z dneirfyob

U2794. M&Ms, Bttrfngr, 3 Msktrs nd thr trts

U2795. King of finance, in Kourou

U2799. Lord of the Rings character?

U2800. 19 Actress Schneider

U2802. Activist movement with events on February 14

U2803. Amphorae

U2804. Alternative to Rogaine

U2805. “Cherie femme”

U2806. “Those, Juan”

U2808. Big Mac’s sister, introduced in 1985

U2810. Talkative

U2812. Feed radio star Snider a pack of lies

U2813. Financial mascot with a yoke who was born at the end of Dec. 31

U2816. New element discovered near Cygnus’ brightest star

U2818. Hit points lost, e.g.

U2819. Medi__ __re

U2821. Turn off audio on one end of a Zoom call

U2822. Witnes--GOD’S MESSENGER--sed

U2824. Scultpure of a homicidal St. Bernard built out of cookies

U2826. _ission: _mpossible: _arn _ _iving!

U2827. “Lieutenant Corporal,” abbreviated as if it were a real rank

U2828. Obtain elsewhere, as parts or supplies

U2830. “...with my ___ flair” (“Send in the Clowns”)

U2833. “Good” name for a pope?

U2835. Back end of a hammer

U2838. Computer program’s version of Kurt Cobain’s old band, for short

U2839. Bbaadd-mmoouutthh

U2842. Completely filled up a fish-catcher

U2844. Baseball stats that shouldn’t have been counted

U2847. With “scar,” red topper

U2848. Version of actor KJ from the canine planet

U2851. Joke target

U2852. I.O.U.S.A. subject

U2855. Andean country

U2857. “...___ the alien corn” (Keats)

U2859. “The camera ___ 10 pounds”

U2860. Actor Sonny

U2862. _elf-_ulfilling _rophecy

U2863. Genoese good

U2864. Bassoon relative used to summon police from everywhere

U2865. “Artist Doolittle, meet Sherlock Holmes’ Adler”

U2866. Genetic capacity for joy

U2867. |What pirates often say in cartoons, though no one quite knows what it means|

U2868. Sixth time period

U2869. Sri Lankan jerk

U2870. Towerlike, pointy, and stony

U2871. Poyson smeling leike bihter allmonds

U2873. Younger male actor in the family-based TV series of

U2874. Corporate hea___nter

U2875. Between Two ___ with Zach Galifianakis

U2876. “Aqua ___,” scuba maker

U2877. Amazon Women on the Moon director Meyer

U2879. By good fortune

U2881. Hollywood Squares symbols

U2883. What the Spanish Armada sailed oer

U2885. “Dude...”

U2886. A shot in the arm, maybe

U2888. Zipper-shaped tear

U2889. Beginning seen in wine publications

U2890. Tr___b___ing

U2891. Imme___ you___lf

U2892. S’ybab tsrif deb

U2893. “Replace the point of my pen!” (Could you say please?)

U2894. Substitution theme where “soccer” becomes “sower”

U2895. Abbr. on a Latin tombstone for government workers (federales...that’s a hint)

U2896. “Stop eating all the sca___, ___es! Who knew Shrek’s kin loved fish so much?”

U2898. Apathetic punk subgenre

U2899. Passageway that just won’t open

U2900. Non-a articles

U2901. iPad “oracle” set up to replace the Wizard

U2902. “That goes for me too, Ms. Gardner”

U2903. What writer Wilson may have felt in his stomach before gettting some relief by publishing Confessions

U2904. “You could get an agreement from me”

U2906. Small sip at a wiretapping ctr.

U2907. Great turn of phrase that’s computer-transcribed (for short)

U2908. _perating _oom, _esterday, _oday, _omorrow

U2909. [Take the name of rapper Shakur and move its center letter up one place in the alphabet. Don’t ask, just do it]

U2910. A circumference multiplier, Roman-style

U2911. Magnetic resona___ imaging

U2912. Certain fish, or a never-used nickname for a certain cartoon cat

U2913. LOL or TLC

U2914. J__ __tisfaction

U2915. When some TV news begins

U2916. “Despacito” singer Fonsi

U2917. Admirers’ group

U2918. “Over There” cont.

U2919. A schussboomer uses them

U2920. ‘70s TV detective series

U2921. “Whoever You ___ Love You” (Burt Bacharach tune)

U2922. “...while I ___ of Yuletide treasure” (“Deck the Halls” lyric)

U2923. Be a leech

U2925. “And ___ a lightfoot lad” (Housman)

U2926. “And Joseph went ___ bury his father:...” (Gen. 50:7)

U2927. “Pipe down!”

U2933. A la king?

U2934. A case of pins and needles?

U2935. “Beat the skins”

U2936. “Which way do I go?” locale

U2937. Bohemian Rhapsody Oscar winner Malek

U2938. ___ Central Park

U2939. “Forty acres and a ___”

U2940. “Eglise” honorees (abbr.)

U2943. Ambassador from the Holy See

U2946. Game of Thrones actress Chaplin

U2947. “(If You’re Not in It for Love) I’m ___ Here”

U2948. Creme de ___ (strawberry liqueur)

U2954. Absolutely pristine

U2955. Armadillos

U2956. Class of antidepressants (abbr.)

U2958. Anaheim-based clothing retailer

U2961. Game of Thrones assassin whose name sounds like a song

U2963. Low footstool

U2965. Mork and Mindy neologism

U2967. “... syrops, ___ with cinnamon” (Keats)

U2968. Enzyme involved in the hydrolysis of genetic material

U2969. “A” in RIAA (Abbr.)

U2971. Place to lay an egg

U2972. Bursts, as a bubble

U2973. Engage in a joust

U2974. Lightning

U2976. 52 degrees, 56’, for Attu

U2977. “Me?” follower

U2978. “Joan ___” (Leonard Cohen song)

U2979. “Barbie Girl” band

U2980. Range in Utah

U2981. “Fat Farms”

U2983. Omoo, to Typee (abbr.)

U2984. “Don’t ___ on Me”

U2986. Ali actress Gaye

U2988. 0-198-61186-2, e.g.

U2989. Damned doctor

U2990. A Deadly Sin

U2992. O__ __ two (a few)

U2993. Martial arts level

U2994. Slpstick or crzy

U2997. Departe

U2998. Ackbar is one in Return of the Jedi (abbr.)

U2999. ‘re Army

U3000. A consort of Zeus

U3001. Duke Ellington and Jimmy Blanton or Bill Evans and Jim Hall, e.g.

U3002. “Don’t ___ didn’t warn you!”

U3004. “Loose Threads” singers Jonas ___ in Color

U3005. “For those in ___ on the sea.”

U3006. BloodRayne director Boll

U3009. End of an undercover operation, perhaps

U3011. “A Few Good Men” gp.

U3012. “... and a cast of ___”

U3015. Starting to feel the approach of winter (literally or metaphorically)

U3016. Cell’s outer covering

U3017. Computer displays

U3018. Backs financially

U3022. Advice to a hoarder, maybe

U3023. Migraine relief medicine

U3024. “Check out this doozy!”

U3025. Final episode of a Dancing with the Stars season

U3027. 1970s pills

U3028. “Anchors Aweigh” readiness gp.

U3029. “Ri-i-ight”

U3031. Peed cutely

U3032. “Don’t worry, I’ve got this”

U3033. “‘Twas ___ I was born” (Shakespeare)

U3034. Preemie’s place

U3036. David Soul TV oldie

U3037. “Giant” events

U3039. A Masked Ball aria

U3040. Back to back, in Bordeaux

U3044. “... and a time to ___” (Ecclesiastes)

U3045. “Yin was searching for his ___” (deep Spinal Tap lyric)

U3046. Secondary listing

U3047. Caprices

U3048. “... a big ___ hen”

U3052. Beavis and Butt-Head syllable

U3053. “In ___”

U3054. An A of A&E

U3055. Trente ___.

U3056. “I don’t ___, I burn”

U3059. “Breakfast never tasted this good!” sloganeer

U3060. Abundant

U3061. Distasteful.

U3062. Hard, as a time

U3063. Game of Thrones actor McCann

U3064. “___ 13.5% BY VOL”: wine label phrase

U3065. “The Coolest Drink on Earth!”

U3066. Assisted with history, say

U3067. Dog breed Lhasa ___

U3068. Numerical word form

U3069. Symbol of the god Aten

U3071. Hot to ___ (1988 Goldthwait film)

U3073. Agate material

U3074. 50 before two

U3076. “From the east to western ___” (Shakespeare)

U3079. Baby room?

U3080. Arboreal African animals

U3081. Act peevishly toward

U3082. Ain’t Misbehavin’ star Carter

U3083. “Crying in the Chapel” combo, with “the”

U3084. Curve

U3087. Asylum seeker

U3088. “The House of the Rising Sun” band, with “The”

U3089. Black Swan attire

U3090. ‘72 Laurence Olivier mystery

U3091. Any apartment dweller

U3092. “Green” vehicle

U3095. American Idol contestant Toscano

U3097. 2nd Amendment advocate

U3098. Bad guy.

U3099. Alluvial deposit

U3100. “Zebra,” on the gridiron

U3102. Brawler.

U3103. Analogize

U3105. French nuns

U3107. Above-water torpedo craft of WWII

U3109. Densest metal

U3111. Became absorbed in thought

U3114. Absolutely minimal

U3115. Like peas ___ pod

U3116. Ancient European people.

U3117. “Cloud ___” (David Mitchell novel)

U3118. Hocus ___ (Vonnegut novel)

U3119. Browser’s reading, briefly

U3120. “History is ___ side” (Khrushchev)

U3121. Afreet

U3122. “...the best thing I could do ___ it all and leave forever” (Neon Genesis Evangelion lyric)

U3123. Channel chimers

U3124. “...___ one for the Gipper”

U3125. Best squads

U3129. Jurassic Park bug trapper

U3131. “Darn it!”

U3132. Article of female tennis attire

U3133. Addresses the court

U3135. 1896 decision ___ v. Ferguson

U3136. “Arrr!” shouter

U3139. “... anything ___ you can do?”

U3141. “Abort, Retry, Fail?” software

U3143. Ballot box, in Bologna

U3144. Are We Done Yet? actress Long

U3146. Ancient Mesopotamian civilization

U3149. Extra piece of track

U3151. Alternatives to the pill

U3153. “-y” equivalent

U3154. Bristol ___’ (‘61 hit)

U3155. “___ words were never spoken”

U3156. “___ voce” (quietly)

U3157. “... And I’ll be in Scotland ___ ye”

U3158. Madame Bovary setting

U3159. Becloud

U3160. “Bow wow!”

U3162. A Russian Gil ___ (1814 Narezhny novel)

U3164. “Esto Perpetua” state

U3167. Biggie and ___ (2002 documentary)

U3168. “Gimme a sec,” in chats

U3169. “Queen” of Zydeco and actress Lupino

U3170. “Cattle” or “Reddish” wader

U3171. Close Encounters of the Third Kind sightings

U3174. “English breakfast” drinks

U3176. “Clean Power Plan” org.

U3177. ___ in “queen”

U3179. “Major” animal

U3181. “___ approved” (hotel sign)

U3182. Here Come the ___ (They Might Be Giants kids’ album)

U3184. 2013 ___ Awards (event at which Brad Paisley dressed as Robin Thicke dressed as Beetlejuice)

U3188. ‘80s-’90s Compaq laptop model

U3189. “...___ one, think that...”

U3190. Friday Night Lights gains, for short

U3192. “Agreed!”

U3194. “Antigone” character?

U3195. “Up” positions

U3196. “Kubla Khan” river

U3198. “% Daily Value” precursor

U3201. “All Sides” Maryland band

U3203. La Cage aux Folles actor Tognazzi

U3206. “Am-scray!”

U3209. Battletoads platform, briefly

U3211. “Break a ___!”

U3213. “Bon” word

U3216. Blaise’s blaze

U3219. “Observatory” satellite.

U3221. 10-4’s

U3224. Advanced tests


Down Stitches

U3174-Z3. Refinements of a popular beverage

U3012-Z10. Fourth column from the decimal point

U3179-Z18. Where to see Polaris

U3146-Z19. Cuneiform reader

U3182-Z26. If its proprietor knows you by name, you might have a problem

U3083-Z34. Pandemic novelty items for Balti fans

U3154-Z41. Floor-level percussion instruments

U3159-Z42. Ice cream flavor with caramel, fudge, and brownie pieces

U3088-Z49. Places to follow the advice, “Adopt, don’t shop”

U3189-Z57. At the moment (and the moment may never come…)

U3192-Z65. “Whatever, you’re old”

U3133-Z73. Admits wrongdoing from the start

U3196-Z81. An obsession for the puzzle author, in case you couldn’t tell