Ubercross Abecedaria U


U1. Firm finish?

U4. “Are you for real?!”

U8. ___ Girl (Betty Grable film title, and Betty Grable title)

U13. “Diamonds are a Girl’s ___ Friend”

U17. “America’s Cowboy” radio host

U21. A Summer Place actor Richard

U25. “I’m leavin’ on ___ plane…”

U29. A.U.S. noncom

U33. Baby, so to speak

U37. “American Top 40” deejay Casey

U42. More disgusting

U48. Apocrypha bk.

U52. ‘02 Saturn SUV

U53. Burst of activity

U59. “Table d’___” (“prix fixe”)

U60. Billboard employees, for short

U63. “I’d do ___ New York minute!”

U64. “To write is human, to ___ divine” (Stephen King)

U68. “Lonely” square in a crossword

U69. “I don’t care ___”

U73. Anika ___ Rose of Dreamgirls

U74. “Boy, this place is ___!”

U78. “Deck the Halls” end

U79. “Oh, go on!”

U83. 2021 film about sea monsters and autism

U84. Airmen’s homes (abbr.)

U88. “America’s FLAVORite Frozen Beverage since 1967”

U89. Accounting firm of much note

U93. Friends in high places, so to speak

U94. Steadily slackens

U98. Treat badly

U99. “Big Brown”

U102. Present at birth

U103. Aide

U106. “___ barrel roll!”

U109. Ad ___ voce (in unison)

U112. Philip known for war movie roles

U113. Australian sheepdog

U114. Champagne department

U115. A Christmas Carol comment

U116. U.S. Open champ who lost to Federer in the 2017 Wimbledon final

U117. “... on the ___ prairie”

U118. Dark Side of the Moon/Wizard of Oz cue

U119. “Khaki” source

U120. “A City for All Seasons,” for short

U121. Fantasia frames

U122. “... and to ___ good night!”

U123. Commedia dell’___

U124. “All right already!”

U125. “Bics” header

U126. “…Health…is a ___ best Wealth” (Franklin)

U127. British “oo-la-la”

U128. ___ Gift to Be Simple

U129. “...___ like Christmas”

U130. “Distasteful” desert plant?

U131. 1970s German band heard on the Kill Bill soundtrack

U132. “Age ___ beauty”

U133. Desperate measures

U135. “Absolument pas!”

U136. Like Oreos if they were more about protein-packed legumes

U139. Place to get some color

U142. Amphibian named for its bright, sometimes orange and black coloring

U145. Shrugs and head-shakes, e.g.

U150. Active Philippine volcano

U151. Fashion Police panelist Leakes

U152. B.J. and the ___

U153. They can clarify an author’s text

U156. Cartoon set at the turn of the 31st century

U159. It’s joked that their nation is so polite because these birds absorbed all the aggression into themselves

U162. Power, Pasta, & Politics author

U164. Seamless transition in film

U166. 1980 feet

U167. Attacked eagerly

U168. Count

U169. Bounty landfall

U170. It typically lasts less than three microseconds

U171. To a relative few

U172. At least five in six Muslims are this

U174. Inhibited

U177. “For example…”

U178. Driving Miss Daisy Pulitzer-winning dramatist Alfred, 1988

U179. Epithet for a computer whiz

U180. Group of football blockers, in brief

U181. “Alice” singer Lavigne

U182. Odysseus’ comrade-in-arms

U183. Not any, at any time

U184. “Nonvirtual” initialism added to the OED in 2016

U185. Fantastic Four co-creator

U186. Border; fringe

U187. Alpha male, e.g.

U188. What Tom Cruise still insists on doing

U189. Baptists’ benches

U190. “Drink” for the overly critical

U191. “A ___ full of cigars…”

U192. Beetle seen in hieroglyphs

U194. “If your enemy is hungry, give him food to ___” (Prov 25:21)

U196. 300-mile river of France

U197. Cute kitty, or its cute widdle face

U198. Snowbirds’ destination

U199. Add pitch to a roof?

U200. “Clear everything” button

U201. Cryptographers

U202. “Gimme ___!” (Elon cheer’s start, possibly)

U203. Prince Valiant character

U204. She tells her kid not to worry about those ads comparing him to a Mac

U207. “Fi” front

U209. ‘50s Davis Cup player

U210. 1,000 bucks

U212. “Let___then, you and I” (T.S. Eliot)

U213. “... or not ___”

U214. “Sure, go ahead”

U217. Back in the day, it published Dungeon Master’s Guide

U218. Classic Beetles, e.g.

U221. Clue choices

U222. Inarguable base-clearer in between the first and last one

U246. “Should we refer to the tear informally rather than use more scientific terminology?”

U258. “...___ handsome does”

U261. Acerbated

U263. “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it” plan, briefly

U264. Ready to kill

U266. High-tech designer, for short

U267. “One man’s ___ is another man’s Persian”

U268. Attachment on an obi

U270. Alluvial deposits that care only for their own interests

U282. Strings player in a band that’s all about the vocals and drums

U305. “15 minutes could save you 15 percent” company

U307. “... as old as yonder ___” (James Joyce)

U308. Country that don’t talk so good

U309. “Chicago will permit its transit riders to have a quick shared drink in honor of a single event...but no more than that; two is over the line”

U310. Cigar factory dryer

U311. “... and a ___ giveth ear to a naughty tongue” (Pr 17:4)

U312. Area outside the city, briefly

U314. Characters in several Shakespeare plays, by city of origin

U315. ““The ___ the limit!”

U316. Very hard turns

U317. “Ammunition” for a carpenter’s gun

U318. Ongoing subplot focusing on the main character’s early development

U319. Adds to simmering, separate soups for French cheese-lovers (groups A, B, and C)

U320. Bridge positions

U321. “Aka” kin

U324. Imagined a time of unquestioned government support for the church

U326. Sound of comprehension

U328. Bleak House girl and others

U330. Tongue-poking-slightly-out expression, especially on a cat

U332. Blends

U333. Prefix meaning “complete”

U334. Saint of Kyiv

U335. 60 Minutes home

U336. “This ‘study’ of Chron’s disease is EMBARRASSING!! I question your very MEMBERSHIP in this field of medicine, clown!”

U338. Knoxville campus

U339. “Pearl of the South” city

U340. Arafura Sea island with its letters hiding in order (but not consecutively) in “Arafura”

U341. ND, or “charred” without the e’s

U342. Sucesfuly pedle

U343. “C’est excitant!”

U344. Mysteries more disturbing

U345. “Big deal!”

U346. Comix Zone publisher

U347. A6, A7, and A8

U349. “A Queens Story” rapper

U350. Have for lunch

U351. Advanced degrees?

U352. “___ fratres” (pray, brethren, in Latin)

U353. What your spouse tells you when you can’t figure out why her secondary avatar is singing “Unstoppable” and releasing an album called Reasonable Woman

U354. The second anonymous creator of a draft

U355. Carmakers’ union Joe Biden stood with

U356. Million-year peak

U357. “You look ___-velous! Let’s play ___ jongg!”

U358. “... a thousand ___ no!”

U359. “Aw, ___ lost!”

U360. Start of a stepquote that begins the back half of the alphabet (see U361-Down)

U362. Instruction in a robot’s programming if it ever concludes that it has broken the law

U365. ___ lance: spearhead (literally, “iron in the lance,” in France)

U366. Obnoxious brat’s aircraft tracker

U367. Immortalized vessel of rhyme

U368. Actor Wong and a Doonesbury veteran

U370. “Blame It on the Bossa ___”

U372. Three Sisters character

U374. Decide one will

U375. Feng ___ for Dummies (how-to guide)

U376. “Angle” or “cycle” opening

U377. “Not ___ the answers inside the U are wacky”

U378. The lever over there

U380. Extravaganzaa

U381. “Air rushing out the FLOWER container? Uh...that not good”

U383. Slumdog Millionaire costume part

U384. “Well, at least I know there’s ___ in ‘grammar’“

U385. “... and so do ___” (Twelfth Night)

U386. Guy who makes disgusted noises (possibly at having to clue “antique pitcher” again)

U387. She’ll let you borrow her 5-7-5 verse

U388. Emulates the birds and the bees

U389. “The movie’s main characters were badly injured and scattered, last we saw them...they must be in ___ are the only words they keep hearing! That word means ‘ASAP’ in a hospital”

U390. Logical opening?

U391. Arranged in whorls

U394. “Everybody’s ___ It Now”

U395. “I’ve had enough of your big talk”

U399. Atomic particle

U400. Barely there phone signal

U404. “Don’t make assum___ons!”

U405. Get in one of the giant flying shoes and take off

U406. Humong

U407. Life story that’s caved in under pressure from questioning

U408. High-performing server?

U409. “Nine” starter

U411. “Eggless eggs” ingredient

U412. Lightweight wood used for models

U414. Declaration of maleness to a Prozac pill

U416. Don Quix add-on

U417. Elfin buddy

U418. Some representation

U419. “They made him aware”

U421. “Lymph” attachment

U423. Booze unit invoked in a pirate shanty

U424. “Die ___ ohne Schatten” (Strauss opera)

U425. Fill, as with light

U426. SNL’s Davidson

U428. Period where every major city and some minor ones had broadcasting HQs that got attention, before YouTube was a thing

U430. ___-Therese, QC

U431. Burglar-alarm siren from Toyota hybrids

U432. Reason none of you suspect I’m mostly bald, ha ha ha!

U433. “…egregiously an ___: (Iago)

U434. Bookstore section, briefly

U435. With “c,” look after a museum and plan displays

U436. Ended the reign of security-cam surveillance

U437. esroh dlO

U438. One who took care of the composer of Bolero, or a demand that a goat untangle its wool?

U439. Civ__ __rvant

U440. “___ youth, I...”

U441. “Black” day in the stock market crash of ‘29

U442. “Kama” follower

U444. NCIS: Los Angeles actress

U445. Applications for a painting job?

U446. “... provoked with raging ___” (Shakespeare)

U447. “That’s enough out of you!”

U448. Female the/male the, in Mexico

U449. Count Evillo’s structure that brings hydroelectric power to his people...and hydroelectric PAIN to his PRISONERS, nyahahahaha!

U450. Thrt-sx nchs

U451. Announcement of my thespian career to Nevis’ sister island

U452. 5280 feet as measured online

U453. “Beyond the ___ lies Italy”

U454. Sign of fall

U455. Come back for the sequel

U457. Male progeny’s fellow millennials

U459. Territory of superspy Jason

U460. Clip the edges off the twenty-second letter, as when designing a logo

U461. “Morning in America” pres.

U462. “Buy It Now” Web site

U464. A cold, old style.

U466. Buttons, thread, etc.

U467. Champion figure skater Yuzuru

U468. ___ pro quo

U469. A Gabor, when doubled

U470. The U.S. capital, as Dorothy’s aunt remembers it

U472. With “the,” what happens after everyone hears the cock-a-doodle-doo

U474. Radically de-beautifies

U475. “___ you coming home?”

U476. “In ___ of flowers”

U477. “General” of Chinese cuisine

U478. Happy a la Heloise

U479. 21 ___ (Shaquille O’Neal’s shoe size)

U481. Frank Abagnale, Jr. as imagined by the director of Catch Me If You Can

U485. Noise from a tiny dog

U486. “I Was Made For Dancin’“ singer Garrett

U488. “Glob” or “nod” ending

U489. Cassia plants

U491. “A Thing ___” (Beach Boys song)

U492. A great number

U493. “Big ‘___” (Al Bundy’s favorite magazine)

U494. They can be high or low in cards

U495. Business abbr. for 10:00, 11:00, 12:00 etc.

U497. Gru’s crew’s small video-game console that loosely echoes their name

U501. Little isle

U502. Merkel’s one

U503. “About when” inits.

U504. Treat as not “one of us”

U506. With “The,” flattering nickname for the Bruins’ school that implies it teaches future “Hollywood royalty”

U509. Sudden bulletin about Easy-Off

U510. Cool egg shape, as seen in trendy glasses and earrings

U514. An Inconvenient Truth subj.

U515. Part of ASAP (abbr.)

U517. Zero evidence

U520. Circuit for long drives?

U522. “... who only stand and ___” (Milton)

U523. Jeopardy! ans.

U524. Tree in space, like a cosmelm or galactash

U528. Is too far out in th’sticks to attract great basketball players, I reckon

U529. Dead bird once capable of speech, as described on Monty Python

U531. “At Large” Wanda

U534. “(___ Was a) Hotel Detective” (They Might Be Giants)

U535. ___ red light: went when you shouldn’t have

U536. Everybody, in Dusseldorf

U538. Capable of walking unnoticed to a second-story window without stairs, say

U539. Without natural ebb or flow

U540. Fantasia reveler

U542. “Deutschland ___ Alles”

U544. Steve Martin catch phrase

U548. I Am ___ (Jenner’s E! show)

U549. “Aww” evoker

U550. With “the,” what the villain team Double Trouble might rename themselves if they got a third member

U552. Buck from a barber/braider

U553. Butte, canne, hinde ende

U554. What you yuth to thee

U555. “I Will ___ You a New Life” (Everclear)

U556. Chain of Command author

U559. 72, at the Masters

U561. Fumbling magician sometimes helpful to He-Man

U564. Informally, one who keeps trusted news programmes trustworthy in London

U565. Lyricist Sammy and wife Tita

U567. P ___ (Charmin maker)

U568. “You can do it” genre

U569. Accurately pitched

U571. They’re strangely one-sided

U572. Cager Malone and actor Malden

U573. Baking chambers

U574. Casa compartment

U575. “‘s’Lane of the Daily Planet”

U578. Really stupid finback whale

U579. Key that lowers the volume on my keyboard

U581. Not fancifu or hypothetica

U583. Court adversaries

U585. “Battle it out” quintet

U586. Answer to the question “What’s the organization that went to war with Israel in 2023?”

U590. “Mr. Danson, this is Ms. de Armas,” in Hollywood

U594. Concubines’ confines, in classical Arabia

U595. Concept of a Morse-code bit to go with “dah”

U598. Part of a task before the IInd or IIIrd

U599. Banned weatherproofer (abbr.)

U601. Delivers a shock to

U603. Continued to tap the ball until it went in the hole

U604. “Mea ___”

U605. AOL is one

U606. Shuperpower where Shou En-Lai sherved

U608. Surprised-sounding casual greetings

U612. Fermentation dregs

U613. Act like the Tin Man trying to fit in at a wine tasting

U616. Titanic tussle ‘tween transmitting truckers

U620. Downton Abbey neckwear

U621. “Cogito, ego ___”

U622. So much arable soil you could write an Iliad about it

U624. Not quite a stench or odor

U628. “Land of Milk and Honey” as rendered pointillistically with spherical vegetables

U631. Cover your head with a sweater attachment, in slang I just made up

U632. Potts in Marvel movies

U635. Changed one’s mind, in printing

U638. 1870 surrender site

U639. Hybrid fruit

U641. “I’m with ___” (T-shirt phrase)

U645. Would be considered a borderline case

U647. Pro beautician’s powder-flattening tool

U651. Afflicted lung cells

U654. Our opinion-gathering exercise

U655. Be Cool actress Thurman

U656. “Touche” elicitor

U657. Kubla Khan’s (or Charles Foster Kane’s) fuel company

U659. Isn’t always off work right at 5 PM

U664. _outh _tlantic _cean

U665. Containing water

U667. Auditory canal termini

U670. Chic shop

U672. Aida, for one

U673. _ndangered _pecies _ct

U675. Burst of hayfever in which a hydrogen isotope expels all its neutrons

U680. Honey-producing aisle in a clothing superstore (buy your honey-based earrings here!)

U681. All stretched out

U683. “18 Days” band Saving ___

U684. Movers and shakers among a South African Bantu group

U686. Confused...and that’s an understatement!

U687. Home theater component made of cheap material

U692. Morning sight over the Atlantic, to East Coasters

U693. “Lanka” front

U694. Dress to the nines

U697. Reversals of position

U699. 1805 Napoleonic victory site

U700. Deutsch marks?

U701. Text God sent Eve shortly before Cain was conceived

U705. Magical princess headwear that clears smog and decontaminates water

U706. Employed someone with a degree

U707. “Plaid” and “spunk” derive from it

U708. Monk whose name could be a transcription of Porky Pig’s stutter

U709. Situation resulting in fragmented dreams, maybe

U710. Realize the water’s overflowing all over outdoors

U711. Sandwich cookie made from wine-stopping material

U712. “Cul-de-” closer

U713. The PowerScore ___ Logic Games Bible (prep book)

U715. 3-mvm. musical piece

U717. “... hopes and fears of all the ___”

U718. “Sorry, I’ve got ___ in the matter”

U719. Heart & Soul one-hit wonder T’___

U720. Bad thing to drop in public

U721. “___ what I mean?”

U722. Adjusted loan for an Alpine sled

U724. Plot of a movie where Holland as Spider-Man puts one over on Gwyneth Paltrow’s Pepper Potts in her super-suit

U725. Sign you got a single call while you were out

U726. “Chatt’ring” birds in Shakespeare

U727. “Check your ___ at the door” (Quincy Jones’ instruction)

U728. Boss to toss

U729. Queasiness, but not from eating out

U730. Sphinx or pyramids as rendered by surrealist Jean

U731. Abbr. for the most extreme

U732. “And ___ precious crown upon thy head” (Shakespeare)

U733. “Hollywood Blacklist” org.

U735. Airport NNW of JFK

U736. “By yesterday!”

U737. Acronymic sandwiches

U738. “___ Transform Entertainment” (Celebrate the Century stamp for the 1970s)

U739. Chicago Hope work areas, briefly

U740. One of the world’s most influential sinners

U741. Question to measure your behavior against that of a fruity frozen treat

U742. Tw__ __ers: near-doubles, sometimes

U743. A Bug’s Life bugs

U744. $ from a bank

U745. Very quick boxing match between Muhammad and Jim, who used his famous puppets as gloves

U750. Sportscaster Gowdy notices the “crossed-out” red circle on my shirt

U751. Financial penalty for being nosey

U752. “___ generis” (one of a kind)

U754. Be dark and threatening, as the weather or sky

U756. Airport-to-hotel minibuses

U759. Alternative to quinoa

U762. Aka “The Miners”

U763. “Son of” in Arabic

U764. Rehearse for Anna Karenina and practice enunciating a challenging character name

U766. Three things that get overheated as you transform into a werewolf

U767. Spotting some spot to parallel park

U772. Bib. book

U773. Don’t do it!

U775. H-Hamas r-rival

U776. Curved top that can help your telescope _uto_ocus

U777. Suspend relaxing areas between two treetops

U778. Chestnut-colored gem

U779. “I Feel for You” singer

U780. Fills fully

U782. Bear, in old Rome

U783. 100-cent coins

U784. 60 Minutes part-time correspondent, once

U785. Bemoans

U787. Mineral element in small stringed instrument

U788. Potato-and-pea pastries enjoyed by an ex-prisoner

U789. “Moos” channel that airs programs like Steak of the Union and competes with Chicken MSNBC and Bear Fox

U790. Scoreless score

U791. Tarzan monogram

U794. Focus, as on a cinematic detail

U797. Rgulation ppearing n sme crporate chrters

U798. Beverage at the end of the spect___?

U799. Homophone of the section’s theme letter

U801. Oaty cereal shaped like percussion instruments

U802. Continuing story with mitochondrial characters

U803. “Ad hoc,” e.g.

U805. About to bloom

U807. “Out of many, one”

U813. Cigars

U814. “Cooked” in Italian

U815. Lamb and beef, rabbit, pigeon, chicken, duck, and offal...no sphinx haunch or pyramid tritips, though

U817. Simpsons dialogue where a Christian woman named for a saintly virtue introduces herself to neighbor Ned

U818. Slvt lk Pvlv’s dg

U819. Missing vowels in “Mxcn” and “dcml”

U820. Sea creature hiding in “sea a___ne”

U821. “How ___ do?”

U823. “Adios ___!”

U824. Guns, see?

U825. Add on to “Han,” “can,” “nee” and “bun”

U826. Jewish word found in “au___ccination”

U828. Headline stating that “Of all the Klingon actors, Michael has the most notable forehead protrusions”

U829. Nickname in both Back to the Future and Space Jam

U830. _erm _f _ffice

U831. Tapere candl par

U832. “Hitchin’ ___” (1970 hit song)

U833. Award for cartoonists

U835. Appraises

U836. Attach again, as a poster that’s falling off the wall

U837. Remove ID from, as a Facebook picture

U838. Os___porosis

U839. Consol___tion: getting it all together

U840. Australian address pt. that looks like some confusing directions

U842. Worker insects that work for the cigarette industry

U843. Blue or bird

U844. Batch of songs

U845. A light blue, pink and white one represents the trans community

U846. “Can we get some air conditioning in here?”

U847. “Shake to Shuffle” devices

U848. Consumed the pavement...probably not literally

U850. “After eating that apple, I suddenly realize how COLD Eden is!”

U852. Burst of speed reminiscent of skiing great Hermann

U853. Quite revealing skirt

U854. Fashionable Taylor

U855. “Dido and ___” (Purcell opera)

U857. Action preceders

U860. “A blessing that is of no advantage to us excepting when we part with it,” according to Ambrose Bierce

U861. “___ Porgie”

U863. Any main character in 1939’s Calling All Curs

U864. Cooch

U865. Victory you may have a hard time accepting (or “taking”), for short

U867. What the answer always is if you see “Norwegian city” in the clue, idiot

U868. Gangsters, slangily, addressing “gangsta,” briefly

U870. Backside blemishes

U871. ___Vice

U872. “Gee.” “No, ___” (1970s-1980s ad slogan…didn’t have to work too hard back then, did they?)

U873. Momentary fantasy about Abel or Babel

U878. Tuber planted in the AD period

U879. They’re proud and male at Brown and Yale

U880. Critic Ebert, to friends, maybe? I dunno, we never got that close

U881. Cmnchs, Wrnglrs, r Chrks

U884. 1982 title role for R. Williams

U885. “Empire Builder” stop, briefly

U886. “Poison” plant

U889. Does blanket stitches

U891. “Arizona” letters

U892. 1,000-kilogram weights

U893. Literally just the answer for U839-Across, because this is the crazy section and we do whatever we want here

U896. Homophone for a letter that’s the opposite of a homophone of this section’s theme letter

U897. Tenth in a series of tech versions

U899. Alien version of golfer Ernie

U900. Reasoner who’s reached the limits of his patience

U904. #10, e.g. (abbr.)

U905. Annie Oakleys (abbr.)

U906. Disney short where a princess compensates for her lack of powers by training to be a marine

U909. Strap for a bit on a classic shirt’s alligator

U912. Bedroom piece

U914. Agassi shot

U916. AWACS landing sight

U918. Detroit’s contribution to mag. revenues

U921. 15th cen. pope

U923. “Ain’t that interesting!”

U924. “... and Mary ___ Retton as Tiny Tim!” (Scrooged line)

U925. Hip-length tops

U928. Measure of weight supported by twine

U931. Mistake-prone creature like Kuzco in The Emperor’s New Groove

U933. “Nay” and “uh-uh”

U935. “Aisle” or “window” selection

U936. Splendor, to Mary Poppins

U948. “Adios”

U951. Bee elements

U953. “The ___ Sea”

U954. Certain intl. delegate

U955. Acronym for stockbrokers

U956. “Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness,” per Keats

U960. Cold War update of Matthew 26:52

U973. “Bounce”

U974. “Darkest” country from which Paddington Bear comes

U975. Recomb___t DNA

U976. They’re unbiased in their assessment of odors

U977. Metal leavings on a campus dating back to 1440

U978. The horny mood that drives some Marvel characters to “make more mutants”

U979. “Closed captioned for the hearing im___red”

U980. Like some dollars on currency exch. boards

U981. “Billy the ___”

U983. A step up

U985. Coll. in Houston

U986. ‘Micro’ symbols

U987. “Aloha” accompaniments

U988. “... ‘twas ___ a dream of thee” (Donne)

U989. “A ___ tardi” (“See you later,” in Italy)

U990. Ti syas “EMOCLEW”

U991. Plot twist that might lead the American military to invade the land of Genesis 1

U992. “Hhhhmmmmmmmmmmmm,” onscreen

U993. Talk radio reformatted to FM or SiriusXM

U994. Windows and Android, e.g.

U995. Abbr. on a bottle of Courvoisier

U996. “Baked” side dish, slangily

U997. Nt mch t ll

U998. Long-necked animal emoji, briefly

U999. Promos for heart-healthy exercises

U1000. “We don’t yet know who’s filling that jail cell bed,” briefly

U1001. Every, to a pharmacist

U1002. “___ I but known!”

U1003. “Oops” preceder

U1005. Bangalore belief

U1008. Franco- ___ War

U1011. Actions on heartstrings

U1012. “Echoes” singer Williams

U1013. _ast _os _ngeles

U1014. Quirky government group

U1015. First and last letter in a word for “boob” (but it’s not B)

U1016. Creepy ob/gyn, e.g.

U1017. Pi___ple slices

U1018. “‘Neath the ___” (Yale song)

U1019. Green card org.

U1020. N___y-gr___y: l___le stuff

U1021. Give a big British kiss to would-be lawyers’ tests

U1022. Penultimate letter that looks like it’s up to something

U1023. Stinky way felines communicate their anxiety to their owners

U1024. Deoxyribonuc___c acid

U1025. 120-pound Australians

U1027. “Diga Diga Doo” trio

U1029. xkcd cartoonist Randall

U1030. “Fix” what your dog will tell you wasn’t broken

U1031. Rogen who played the other Steve in 2015's Steve Jobs

U1032. “All Things Must ___” (George Harrison)

U1033. Crossword remarker Parker

U1034. Get a certain food preservative ready before having food to preserve

U1035. Piece of advice for surviving Capitol Hill

U1036. Ursines chorused, as when talking about Goldilocks

U1037. “Com” ending

U1038. Fight Club agent

U1039. 60 Minutes producer Hewitt

U1041. Brezhnev’s nation, once

U1044. Slow periods in COVID-protection production

U1045. Eight-point star on a U.S./Russ./Jap./Eur./Can. orbiter

U1050. Place to exercise heels and toes

U1051. L___ while you ___: do on-the-job training

U1052. Badtz-___ (Sanrio character)

U1053. Almost boil

U1055. “I’d advise against it, but hey, I don’t have to deal with the consequences”

U1059. Balls fielded by the catcher, perhaps

U1060. “...my baby smiles ___”

U1061. Boston and Cambridge cops, briefly

U1063. Regulate student athletics among about 1,100 schools in the U.S. and Canada

U1064. Oak or elm reborn

U1069. Bad way to pay raffle organizers

U1070. GO T_ __L (Monopoly directive)

U1072. “... more, ___ merrier!”

U1075. “___ We Trust”

U1078. _hronology _f the _ncient _ear _ast

U1079. Gp. that used to be about responsible lightsaber ownership, but these days I suspect they’re secretly Sith

U1080. Whitewater special prosecutor not interested

U1081. Purebred chocolate dog (no ersatz breed)

U1082. Deep-fat ___r

U1083. “I’m with you, Reverend!” shouts

U1085. Accroaches

U1088. 1996 Tom Arnold movie, with “The”

U1089. “Absolutely!”

U1091. “It ain’t got a backseat or ___ window” (“Surf City” lyric)

U1092. Oenophile’s classification

U1093. Heartbreaking backstory, especially for Jim, for The Office Reunion Special

U1094. Mocking headstone marker (“LOL, you’re dead”)

U1095. Gulf War missiles making out in public, ew

U1096. “Meatballs” on a circuit diagram

U1098. “Applesauce!”

U1100. “Do ___ alarmed”

U1101. URL ender for the Kremlin, URL ender for the White House

U1102. “Don’t talk about Star Wars” contracts, for short

U1103. Uncertain answer to “Hey, T-Bob, what do you think the mornin’ sun’s doin’?”

U1104. What to assume if you see Einstein’s equation written as B = yp2 and the second law of thermodynamics written as X = yz

U1105. Vassal’s venue

U1106. More of stepquote

U1107. Agonies

U1110. “Power” break

U1111. Hunt for, as game

U1113. Characterized by clutter

U1114. The Commitments’ “___ Little Tenderness”

U1115. Old “-80” computer owned by building manager

U1116. Single item placed inside manuscript gap

U1117. “The wedding cake was falling apart, it was so upsetting, I was shedding tiers,” e.g.

U1118. “You sa_ ___ _ friend, but I think you’re cheating with him!”

U1119. Advantageous

U1120. “Aw, mom!” sound

U1121. Francis of Ass___ ___hed for followers, and got them!

U1123. Goalpost-shaped letters created by Elsa

U1124. Bi___gradable

U1125. Do some of a colorist’s job on, without a colorist’s tools

U1126. Te___sterone

U1128. Holy snake who blessed Cleopatra while killing her, briefly

U1129. Pal at the Native American stomping grounds

U1131. Gets lubed

U1133. Blunt

U1136. Casually plays, in a way

U1138. The Bourne Identity author

U1140. Lit-up letters for the northwestmost of the U.S. lower 48

U1142. Notes after doses but before mises, fases, and soses

U1143. Utter disappointment

U1144. “Come on come on, move!”

U1145. C___lytic converter

U1147. American IM service from back in the day

U1148. Charged particle, just FYI

U1149. “Whistle While You Work,” et al.

U1150. “Frankenfood” item, for short

U1151. Note hit by old plane’s sonic boom

U1152. A___ity: emotion motivating Gero___ attacks

U1153. Exclamation from Roxanne after realizing what her truest love has done (it’s set in France, remember)

U1156. “___ me, Mario!”

U1157. Fusion of two words meaning “tenet” that could become one or the other if you deleted one letter

U1158. “If you don’t like the effects, don’t produce the ___” (Funkadelic)

U1160. “The ___ With No Beer”

U1162. The ___ of Black Folk (iconic W.E.B. Du Bois work)

U1164. Dross

U1165. “...hop off the bus, ___”

U1166. A Dandy in ___

U1169. He wrote Discourse on the Existence of God

U1170. Moisture descriptor sometimes jokingly added to “Zona”

U1171. Immune system agents nobody thinks about

U1174. Shouted instruction when moving a sofa in an old sitcom

U1175. Casual greeting to a theater greeter

U1176. ST: ___ (1990s sci-fi series, to fans)

U1177. Carafe ___ (French restaurant order)

U1178. Cold War news org. run by American spies in Russia (think ITAR-___)

U1180. Dis while playing mind games

U1181. He came between GWB and DJT

U1182. Gender-swapped heroine who rescues Prince Peach

U1183. They’re between New Yorks and New Hampshires (abbr.)

U1185. “110-44” mmedium

U1186. Vi_-_-_is

U1187. _merald _reen _nail

U1188. Army HQ bigwig

U1190. “Apostle to the Gentiles”

U1193. A Boy Named ___

U1194. Biol. suffix meaning ‘little’

U1195. “Ditat ___” (Arizona’s motto)

U1197. A DDS may tie one on

U1198. Prefix for “man” used irrespective of gender

U1199. Add-on to cord or part

U1201. W___d Wide Web

U1202. Intellec___l property

U1203. American wind-powered canvas

U1204. _enovo _ystem _ (server brand)

U1206. Consonantless crosswordese cookie

U1207. Stat comparing *b*ankroll to *e*arnings

U1208. Tom Hanks title character

U1210. “...words of wisdom, let ___”

U1211. Headline covering what pranksters did to the now-HOLLYWOD sign

U1212. Medical assts. fresh out of school

U1213. De rig___r: standard

U1214. Answer to “What Linux predecessor sounds ‘novel’ and uses an animal name?”

U1215. ___n-___q War

U1216. ___ Was Pretty (TV series)

U1217. To ___ (somewhat)

U1219. 62 Natural Ways to Beat Jet ___ (advice book)

U1220. “...est ___ la table”

U1222. Name for the Mediterranean in the Bible, or large body of water in Legend of Zelda

U1225. Gautama follower.

U1228. “Bean limousine”

U1229. “Les ___”

U1230. Show covering the music scene of its eponymous capital

U1232. “Where’s ___?” (comment on the curious omission of a Star Wars main character from early toy marketing, thanks to Disney “sci-fi is for boys” logic)

U1233. Aiming for a Ph.D.

U1234. Opponent with patches or spots

U1235. Vowels missing from “pñts”

U1236. Tra___ormers: Revenge of the Fallen

U1237. Puts more in the tank

U1238. Built well, as a body

U1239. A leveler

U1240. “‘It was me, esteemed superior,’ said yours truly, wagging my head to indicate agreement,” after edits

U1242. Attending physician of a TV prison named for a fantasyland (Gloria Nathan was the one viewers saw most)

U1243. Shipped over accomplished tough guys, for short

U1244. Animated Nickelodeon series featuring a boy in a green sweater vest

U1246. “Actually, that is true about me!”

U1247. “Down under” fowl

U1248. “Boola Boola” belters

U1250. “All clear”

U1251. Left the field behind

U1252. Defendant at law

U1253. “Buckle Up, Dummies” ad, e.g.

U1254. “Can ___ ‘what what’?”

U1256. “Collapsed in Sunbeams” singer Parks or “City of New Orleans” singer Guthrie

U1257. Chihuahua noises from a big brass instrument

U1258. Russian republic known for “throat singing” and starting with a three-letter alphabet string

U1260. Where desert track racers stop to get their mounts watered and oiled by their crew

U1261. “His air ___ broke...” (“Rock Lobster” line)

U1262. Abandon.

U1263. “Wow, that’s fast fast fast FAST!”

U1268. End of “ccoocckkeerr ssppaanni”

U1269. Changes the distribution of plastic wallet-fillers for bank customers

U1276. “... when the lights ___ out?”

U1278. “Bejabbers!”

U1280. Nafea Faa Ipoipo painter

U1282. All My Children, for one

U1283. Baseball biggie Bowie

U1284. Enjoys his imaginary good fortune

U1291. First word in classic Star Trek intros

U1292. Trope that a genre work can’t do without

U1296. “Amo, ___, I Love a Lass”

U1297. “Asthma-hound” chihuahua of animation

U1298. Million-year period’s balloon pilots as rendered by artist Jean (or is it Hans?)

U1299. Word that, despite appearances, is not short for “neurodivergent-y”

U1300. Anglers banging their pots as loud as they can

U1301. “___ happy for you!”

U1302. Cold liquid?

U1305. Found inner strength (3,4)

U1306. Ab exercises

U1308. “Let ___” (song written by Paul McCartney - no, not that one)

U1309. Cheap-beer periods that honor those who gave their all for a cause

U1310. TV’s Dillon and LeBlanc

U1311. Varying a lot from installment to installment, as a TV series

U1312. “... Queen o’ the ___”

U1313. “1 see your ___”

U1315. “Don’t forgive, Circe! Or...Cersei? Sersi? Oh, heck, there are a SERIES of three fantasy characters whose names are pronounced the same, so I’ll just spell your name to anagram SERIES! And if that annoys you, you SHOULD be annoyed!”

U1316. “Boo-o-o-o-o!”

U1317. George Harrison and John Lennon, who both learned the art of riding on wheeled boards (Paul tried it once and fell over, and Ringo never tried it as far as anyone knows)

U1318. Circu___ar: orbiting the moon

U1319. ‘Taint souf

U1321. Fortune seller

U1324. “___ yer old man!”

U1325. A good while back

U1327. A Momentary ___ of Reason (1987 Pink Floyd album)

U1328. “_ ___inate the Ubercross Abecedaria for the Nobel Prize for Literature”: Voter expressing a good and correct opinion

U1329. Flying fish, e.g.

U1331. 28 and 38, initially

U1332. Blood clots found on Acela trains

U1333. “In conclusion,” in France

U1336. “Er” relatives

U1337. Correcting the spelling on a battlefield identification attached to an underskirt

U1342. Water-surrounded territory owned by Homer’s peer who wrote the Theogony (this is fictional: actually, we know he hated sea travel and only visited one such territory, Euboea, in his entire life)

U1343. Down-up-down-up squiggle on a brain scan

U1345. “... and pulled ___ plum”

U1346. Fails to notice

U1349. Stabilized

U1351. “Ad ___ omnes” (“All to a man”)

U1352. Palindromic snippet found in bl___ __cré (French pearl white)

U1353. “Greenskeeper consumed those greens,” in response to “What happened to that salad you were making near your garden?”

U1355. One who facilitates communication between the witch doctor and new employees

U1360. Stargate ___ (sci-fi show starring Richard Dean Anderson)

U1361. Bird calls.

U1364. Starting letters for noble gas element 54

U1365. “Type A, B, ___ AB?”

U1366. Near cranky codgers, if not actually atop them

U1370. “Every time I see a photograph of ___ wonder how a man who spent his whole life tête-à-tête with sex can look that gloomy” (Raymond Loewy)

U1371. Small sample

U1372. ‘40s Bikini blast

U1374. Outdoor entry locale

U1376. Events with steak-holders?

U1377. Dirty films

U1378. Athena’s mom, Jupiter’s moon, and a personal pronoun followed by a quaint contraction

U1379. If I’m being ent___ _onest, this answer’s letters are in reverese

U1380. Bigoted juror’s removal

U1384. ___onv___ible: impossibly stubborn

U1385. _icked _p _n: detected

U1386. “Brook” fish

U1388. 28 Walk proudly

U1389. Sesqui___alian

U1390. Operatio__ _esearch

U1391. Instruction to the Shakespearean Fairy Queen to blacken and humiliate a Shakespearean Duke

U1392. “Oh, ___ety-___-___-___” (too much talk)

U1395. Broadcast channel for canoe racing

U1396. Crucial part that distinguishes the 18th letter from a “K”

U1397. “A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kick boxing” comedian Philips

U1399. Valve stem that keeps you from getting flats (though it sounds like a racing-inspired musical genre…)

U1400. Certain starlets

U1401. “Are those chocolate-covered ants?”

U1402. Short name for a co. that makes networked speakers

U1403. Calculator readout that’s good, but not great, for short

U1404. Writers Ellis and Snow, or gp. that monitors parental abuse

U1407. Advocate for the common masses

U1408. Monkey noise found in b___mark

U1409. Pronoun used after trademarking myself

U1410. Advances

U1411. “L’___ del Cairo” (Mozart opera)

U1412. “Plop myself into a chair”

U1414. Well-admired neighborhood housing the United Nations

U1415. Somnam___sm (sleepwalking)

U1416. Penny Arcade protagonist Tycho named for an astronomer

U1417. “Is it spelled ‘bourgeoisie’? ‘Bourgeoise’?”

U1418. “Twinkle, twinkle, little star”

U1422. Nation with blue, black, and white stripes for its flag

U1423. Fights the glare

U1424. “History has rendered its verdict”

U1428. First hopping amphibian in the experiment, before B and C

U1429. Car___gist: heart doctor

U1430. Studi_ ___rtment

U1432. Blurts out the name of the Skipper’s “little buddy”

U1434. Jyn, memorable p___nality of Rogue One

U1435. ‘eadgear

U1436. Coyote ___ (2000 Piper Perabo film)

U1437. Wheelchair-friendly areas for gourmet coffee

U1441. Fashion style fusing artsy New York chic and Victorian-cum-Japanese dresses

U1443. U___tainty principle

U1444. Showng concern

U1445. “Any fool knows that!”

U1446. ___ Dimittis (hymn)

U1448. Artful nicknames

U1450. A seminomadic Muslim

U1451. Stretch of rd. with many an exit

U1452. Outreach from the “Wasted on the Way Band,” for short

U1453. Letters found m___y through “m___y”

U1454. Traps, like a spider’s prey

U1456. Increased shakes (this one’s kind of a medical downer, sorry)

U1460. “Forbidden” cologne brand

U1462. Three Men and a Baby prop

U1463. Render a classic boy band in body ink

U1464. Amb___lent

U1465. Birdcall-o

U1466. Single Atlanta-based film channel

U1467. NYC trains

U1468. Attachment that makes “foot” and “toot” into synonyms

U1469. For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is ___

U1471. A Passage to India title

U1474. Baywatch undertakings

U1475. Say impetuously

U1477. Primatologist Fossey

U1478. Ov__ _nd ov__ _gain: repeatedly

U1479. “Waas iiist ___?”

U1480. Mil. base named for German “true”

U1481. Pla’d the market, provi’d with capital

U1482. Bo__ _utters (or maj.’s superior)

U1483. Traditional still-life subject, fashioned in three dimensions

U1484. “Thus weary of the world, away she ___” (Shakespeare)

U1485. “There has never yet been a man in our history who ___ life of ease whose name is worth remembering” (Teddy Roosevelt

U1486. “Fashion mogul Tahari, here’s the US media watchdog”

U1487. “America’s longest-lasting car” that sounds like a river

U1488. Ext. lead-in

U1489. Young ewe found in “ca___orical imperative”

U1490. Greeting heard in Honolulu health and fitness centers

U1492. (Lack of) feature in a “tires only” offer

U1494. Convert’d to a blog feed

U1497. Act the harpist

U1499. Chrome extension

U1502. “Elevator” for Norman

U1503. ‘58-’60 Thunderbird nickname, ___ Bird

U1505. Eye-roll-inducing

U1506. |Cassette successor|

U1508. Missing letters in “b_rning _he candle at _oth e_d_”

U1509. Made one’s pal’s diet

U1511. Internet initialism for “_ou’re _idding _e” (Wait, it’s not? _ou’re _idding _e)

U1512. Yppahnu

U1513. Dekoocnu

U1514. “Actress Dennings: a British conservative?” [This headline is false]

U1515. Auntie’s mates

U1516. “Be there in ___”

U1517. Forbids the 2022 Cate Blanchett film

U1518. Suffix denoting a collection, except when attached to “Louis”

U1520. Obviously and completely the thing being discussed

U1521. “Chicks are all grown up now! Anyone who wants this old shelter we raised ‘em in, have at it!”

U1522. Boloper or msistep, like acicdentlaly breaking up double lteters within a word

U1523. Clear-thinking

U1525. Aunt ___ Cope Book

U1527. Searches for anew

U1530. Afflict severely

U1532. Float ___ (finance)

U1533. Bruins athlete, e.g.

U1534. State island?

U1535. Sound of alarm from a telepath (that’s not a good sign, right?)

U1536. Standing atop an old “off-color” directory, for short

U1538. “Al-TERRR-natively..”

U1539. “Not much, Arsenal, Liverpool, and Chelsea”

U1540. “...neither ___ you up a standing image” (Lev. 26:1)

U1541. Attached to “Steel,” it’s a Hefty trash bag

U1542. “Does ___ss confusing?” (simple question about life to which there isn’t a simple answer)

U1543. Remove the purple monster from McDonald’s ad photos

U1547. Elaborate plan to increase use of the Latin “was” in casual conversation

U1549. Answer to “You’re crazy, no one would ever write that many weird clues for a puzzle”

U1550. Ic___n: twenty-sided die

U1551. “... or ___ she?”

U1553. Diarrhea, euphemistically

U1555. Brunei bigwigs

U1556. Italian family