Ubercross Abecedaria T



T1. Give a hoot?

T5. Anatomical holders

T9. Painter’s professional opportunity

T16. Pentagon brass exercise

T23. Outing for the Bucks or the Bulls

T30. Kickback for good publicity

T37. What the Guinness Book of World Records was created to settle

T44. Those in a mess?

T50. Publication with the inside dope

T58. Start of an invitation

T64. Chia Pet, perhaps

T71. Surfing phrase

T78. Rejuvenation station

T81. “Bama Boogie Woogie” player Cleveland

T86. Autumn ___ York

T88. Takes turns?

T91. “It’s been real but…places to be, things to do!”

T93. One who insists on formalities

T95. Gross image meaning “alertness”

T97. Route to the giant

T99. Binary, like a muscle fiber’s response to a stimulus

T101. Ellipses, e.g.

T104. Set in direct opposition to

T106. Ex-Speaker of the House and veep nominee of 2012

T108. Stopped merely thinking through the chess game

T110. Instrument with pipes

T112. Surprise ending, as in “The Gift of the Magi”

T115. “Forget You” singer Green

T116. Raid device

T117. Large supply

T118. Without saying a word

T119. Don Draper, Tony Soprano, Gabrielle Solis, Peter Florrick, or Fitzgerald Grant III

T120. Like Daffy or Donald, in terms of temperament

T121. Machine-gun sound

T122. Refreshments on a cold British afternoon

T123. Cornering technique for racecar drivers (invoking two parts of the anatomy)

T124. Settles on, as terms

T125. Crystal was one nine times

T126. It usually comes after 37 weeks instead of the usual 40

T127. Risibility

T128. Piece of fruit?

T130. “My treat”

T132. Cry of apprehension

T133. Actor Wilson in 2023’s Geography of Happiness

T135. Green sign on some interstates

T137. Glam up

T138. “I’m happy” in Siamese?

T140. Rustic settings

T141. Monk or Mars of TV

T143. Dashing style

T145. Like Spenser’s Queene

T147. Sitcom role for Bea

T148. Like a cliched speech

T150. Consult with

T152. “Eat ___ eaten”

T153. The Natural History of Religion philosopher

T155. Something you and Columbo do

T156. Look follower?

T158. Hindquarters

T159. “Yes! Me!”

T160. Puffer or parka

T161. Tiger tot

T162. Like the U.S.S. Cerritos

T163. Food-container info

T164. UV-absorbing enzyme

T165. County of northern Ohio

T166. Ink, on the body

T167. Suck on it!

T168. Tablet for FaceTime

T169. Linchpin location

T170. Member of the ruling class under apartheid

T171. Oil field safety gear

T172. NYC ride known as the “Homeless Express”

T173. Walkway definer

T174. Little disagreements

T175. More farcical

T176. Word part meaning “feather”

T177. Go crazy with, in a way

T178. “___ never enough”

T179. With “The,” noted rock guitarist

T180. “What a piece of work ___” (Hamlet)

T182. “Oh, shut up!”

T185. Marie or Anne (abbr.)

T186. Suffix with Manhattan or Boulder

T187. “I have blamed you, and lectured you, and you have borne it ___ other woman in England would have borne it” (Emma)

T188. Physician Sir William

T189. Fear the Walking ___

T190. Retiree-paying program (abbr.)

T191. Gamblers’ concern

T192. “Let’s continue this chat tomorrow”

T193. Some votes

T194. Bear kids

T195. Shouts of hundreds?

T196. Owners of an infamous cow

T197. Not to such a degree

T198. Gary Cooper/Adam Sandler role

T199. “This ___ treat”

T200. C sharps, enharmonically

T201. Time long past

T202. What ___ in the Shadows

T203. “…I say, ___ I do”

T204. Clarinet mouthpiece

T205. More miserly

T209. Male disposal specialists

T210. Area once known as Belvedere Gardens

T211. Unclose

T212. Aplenty

T219. Menu item once known as “The Aristocrat”

T225. Cookies with a Double Stuf variety

T230. Forsyte, for one

T234. Furious partner?

T238. ___ the Merciless (Flash Gordon’s foe)

T242. Bankbook notation (abbr.)

T245. Many OCS grads

T248. Martin Van or Abigail Van

T253. Big, narrow shoe size

T257. Plumbing fitting

T262. Villainous Disney movie sidekick redeemed for the TV series

T266. Ta’en the life of

T271. Shako or dicer

T274. Michele of Glee

T277. “___ happens…”

T281. Park-bench strip

T285. In two words, likely to win a beauty contest

T289. Scroll in the ark

T294. Like Romeo and Juliet

T300. Hair-texturizing tool

T306. Desert Storm was a quick one

T307. ___ City (historic section of Tampa)

T310. Animator’s rendering program

T311. “___ customer”

T312. Wine variety

T313. Crucial computer parts (abbr.)

T314. Quadrennial college

T316. Stooped shoulders, e.g.

T318. Sunset Boulevard’s Whisky ___

T319. “___ seated at the right hand of the Father”

T320. Like a ram or lamb

T321. McGwire or Maddux, for short

T322. Large string

T323. Democritus or any modern physicist

T325. Applegate from Married…with Children and Friends

T327. Mexico munchie

T328. ___ Mountain (Vermont ski resort)

T329. Response to a childish dare

T330. Formal proposal

T331. ___ ‘70s Show

T333. 1970s cause still active in 2021

T334. This title (shortened or otherwise) lost all its meaning when the series’ lead actor died, but the show still went on for another two seasons

T340. Critically-acclaimed comedy based on the making of another critically-acclaimed comedy

T342. It had the first lesbian kiss on American mainstream TV

T343. Its cast loved the show but wanted to end it with everyone dying in a plane crash

T345. This episode names a character never mentioned again on the show but introduced in a spinoff seven years later

T351. Ending for humor or hazard

T352. [You over there!]

T353. Hunter’s guide

T354. Fight-sanctioning gp.

T355. Stop posting on social media, say

T356. Emulate a pitcher

T357. Hurricane-tracking org.

T358. Canned food, if you’re canine or just desperate

T359. Used a dais

T360. Sees if one can

T362. Novelist Daniel who’s second only to the Bible in number of translations

T363. Amazon, for one

T366. Question when nobody laughs

T367. Godless and proud

T369. Johnny, in Jutland

T370. Salad plant

T371. Better writing

T372. Poke’s pal

T373. Vitamin B3

T374. Food caught on Deadliest Catch

T375. Song like “Jack and Diane,” according to “Jack and Diane”

T376. Brings in, after taxes

T378. Head parts

T379. Giants in their field

T382. Tranquil

T384. Boiler that may whistle

T387. What frugal people make do with

T389. Advanced lit. degrees

T391. Common port type

T392. “Now, wait a minute…”

T394. Infatuated (with)

T396. Get out of a seat?

T397. Subject of an aria

T398. “Oh-bee-kay-bee

T399. MDX/X

T400. FAQs pt.

T401. Clue or cue

T402. Roddenberry of Star Trekkin

T403. Mom star

T405. Like seven parts of Rome

T406. Going to waste in the kitchen sink

T408. Has really caught on lately

T410. Olive ___

T411. Chinese peak

T414. India’s first city to run on 100% renewable energy

T415. “Mind if ___ first?” (opening hole question)

T417. Put on a new cassette

T419. Pavarotti piece

T420. Racy message

T422. Just manages (with “out”)

T424. Expressions of disgust

T426. Avalons, e.g.

T429. Scrub the floor again

T431. Something found in a sheet

T432. Evita’s nat.

T433. Becker of LA Law

T434. Makes a difference

T436. With a recorder on one’s lapel

T437. Jango of Star Wars

T438. Alpha’s sidekick, sometimes

T439. Some, in Sevilla

T440. Philippine fragments

T441. Financial services giant

T442. Three times daily, on an Rx

T443. Blue Book girl

T446. Organ in an orbit

T447. Spray ‘n Wash target

T450. Thomas ___ (cartoonist)

T452. Upper-cruster

T455. Parents’ date night feature

T457. Line of additives

T459. “It’s been real, dahling

T461. Kid’s bedtime complaint

T464. Need medical attention

T465. “Wha’___ doin’?”

T467. Pierce again

T469. Essential individuality

T471. Excessive verbiage

T472. “___, non verba

T473. ___ up (steamed)

T474. “Want to watch” areas on Apple TV and the iTunes Store

T476. Walter Scott and Thomas Malory

T477. “Too bad,” to the Bard

T478. Dismisses from the mind

T479. Add together

T481. Surrender, as land

T482. Leaves might drop from one

T484. Poetic pronoun

T485. Word before mine or mall

T487. Old-style movie theater that got a pandemic boost

T489. Be empathic

T491. Reach the worst possible state

T494. “_nfinite _iversity in _nfinite _ombinations” (Vulcan philosophy in Star Trek)

T495. Common cold cure?

T497. Vessels in WWII’s “mosquito fleet”

T500. Like argon and xenon

T502. Stock symbol

T503. Mission-critical

T504. Fashion choice that always seemed too long when Trump wore them

T506. Flooring trees

T507. Jodie Foster and Sigourney Weaver, alumnae-wise

T508. Knowledge beyond your mere science

T510. Cabooses

T511. Jipijapa leaf hats

T512. Hayek with stints on Ugly Betty and 30 Rock

T513. Word with “floor” or “current”

T514. Golfer’s selection

T515. Typeface with slanted letters

T517. 1973 plaintiff

T518. Prefix for “term” or “wife”

T520. Ethnic group known for its caravans

T522. Hired muscle

T523. De-tension centers?

T525. Lac ___, Ont.

T527. Fizz preceder

T529. Long, thick sandwich

T530. It takes “very” as a mod.

T532. Device activated at 88 miles per hour

T535. Pkg. lot vehicles

T536. Hinduist mantras

T537. Penny, at times, in poker

T538. Candy brand that comes in twos

T539. Flimsy, as a plot

T540. Paris runway site

T541. Handheld wicker devices in gaming

T542. O, at times

T543. Tuner on a viola

T544. More divine

T545. “Is this really necessary?”

T546. Market-value, in trading

T547. Run-down urban areas

T549. Kidman and others

T552. U. whence a “Ramblin’ Wreck” hails

T554. Holders of peas

T556. Mountain sporting equipment

T558. Word before or after dog

T560. Letters or schedule points

T562. Better dressed

T565. “___ babbino caro” (Puccini aria)

T566. Fraction-adding helps (abbr.)

T567. Makes smaller by division

T569. Small European barracuda

T570. Alison who (somewhat controversially) played Diane Nguyen

T571. Avis lead-in

T572. British money

T573. Likely diet on The Goldbergs or Curb Your Enthusiasm

T574. Toddlers’ banes, for a time

T576. Capsized

T577. This sitcom could’ve had Lindsay Lohan playing the daughter of its title star

T578. N. Car.’s capital

T579. Prefix for port or pad

T580. Yr. divisions

T582. “The Gray Lady”

T583. Models ___ (1990s TV series about the biz)

T585. Chancellor of Germany

T587. State that may have swings

T589. QED section

T591. Playless?

T593. Has something or other, but it’s probably nothing serious, don’t think about it too much

T595. Allegorical play by Karel Capek

T596. “And we’ll ___ a cup…” (Burns)

T598. His, in Haiti

T600. If this shoe was any thinner, it’d be a skate

T601. Term of endearment that can double one of its letters to become another term of endearment

T602. Prefix meaning “self,” or Mozart’s nat.

T603. Deer’s scut

T604. Mondrian the artist

T605. Featured role in a chorus

T606. Moon object?

T607. More lively

T608. Show decisiveness

T609. “Dolorous” Game of Thrones character not to be confused with its first-season hero

T610. Smoked Easter fare

T611. Soft life

T612. Finished, to a poet

T613. You might take one with a bad investment

T616. Its central mystery allegedly intrigued Reagan and Gorbachev at a summit

T619. Its actresses consumed over 100 cheesecakes for the show, though one of them hated the taste

T623. Frank Sinatra sang its theme song

T628. Show originally pitched as a cannibal family sitcom

T631. Its title character burned through 93 secretaries

T634. It inspired an award-winning Sims-like game

T638. Its many farewell parties for actors have been disguised as birthday parties to keep their departures secret

T641. WandaVision inspiration that featured special furniture to accommodate its male lead’s back problems

T643. Boon companions, today

T645. They were “Straight Outta Compton”

T646. Town on the Niger

T647. Outside start?

T649. Itching desire

T650. Deep neural networks, depending on who’s marketing them

T651. Phrase used as a tenet of improv comedy

T653. Pull for a team

T654. Old Roman houses

T655. Nashville setting (abbr.)

T656. Notable septet

T658. “TiK ___” (Kesha hit)

T659. ___ de Pompadour (figure in Fr. history)

T660. Per-diem staff

T662. Span. title

T663. Buffy’s old network

T664. He walked the line

T665. Nos. on business cards

T666. Movie house, abroad

T667. Sitcoms tend to make them not too bright

T668. Unification Church member, casually

T669. Seventeen peeps

T670. Owl creator inits.

T671. Words in praiseful titles

T672. “How did you not think of that?”

T673. Issued, as a book

T674. “___ real or ___ Memorex?”

T675. Crook’s escape

T678. Student’s concern

T681. Quadrennial occurrence

T684. Post again?

T686. Fuss and feathers

T688. Development site?

T690. However, in chat rooms

T692. Word before “Ooh, didn’t mean to make you cry” in Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”

T694. “Thong Song” rapper

T696. Fill a flat again

T697. Its major export is cacao

T699. “If it ___ broke, don’t fix it”

T700. “___ just have to do”

T701. Child’s offense

T702. Karaoke gear, for short

T703. Disney’s handsomest villain

T704. I Ching adherents

T706. Place to enter words

T708. Oklahoma clock setting

T711. Bruvs in Belgium

T713. Biscuit at teatime

T714. Fail to note

T716. Channel for film lovers

T717. Crusher on Star Trek, familiarly

T719. Slavered

T721. Spun stories, as an old salt might

T723. Term used in taste-testing for a product’s texture and reaction

T726. With the purpose (to)

T728. What dashes may represent in internet searches

T730. Sweater’s place?

T732. Astrologer to the rich and famous

T733. Pallbearers’ burdens

T734. “¿___ claro?” (“Understand?”)

T735. ___ Deucey: Yablon

T736. Works around town?

T738. Ben of literary note

T739. Gather dust

T740. Prof’s paper graders (abbr.)

T741. Pieces of ___ (TV series with a heroine investigating her mother’s past)

T742. Word after swinging or sliding

T743. What sirens do

T745. Honcho of Playboy

T746. Rolls along the tarmac

T748. “Just my effin’ luck”

T751. Like some sources

T753. Mr. Miyagi, to the Karate Kid

T755. Brutish dude

T756. Flying jib, for one

T758. They’re best when they’re salty, crisp, and fresh, respectively

T760. Like a hippodrome

T762. Body language?

T764. They’re last in place

T766. Mtg. org. pronounced like a Southern name

T767. Star in Saturday Night Live’s opening skit, often

T768. Lecherous fellow

T769. Build hype about

T770. Adjusts laces

T771. Cryptographer’s device

T772. From a, shall we say, unofficial source

T774. Fashion label for Meryl Streep, in a 2006 film

T775. Want-ad letters

T776. Amalgamate

T779. Pumping assistants

T781. Body of guardsmen (abbr.)

T782. Lille lily

T784. Paradisial

T786. Mechanism in a watch

T788. Takes legal action

T790. One trying to eliminate bad notes

T792. Good place to start a word ladder

T795. Plastic preceder

T797. Released, as lava

T798. Esthetic deficiency

T800. Bride’s pride

T801. Comparison words (with another word stuck between them)

T802. ___ acting

T803. “Fudge that!”

T804. Co. with a lot of connections?

T805. Flat-needled tree

T806. Aztec rain god

T807. Has someone over for dinner

T809. Obey Allen Funt

T810. NY Times movie critic through the 2010s

T812. It can be grand or petit mal

T816. Spock on Star Trek

T818. Bottommost area

T820. Considered a decision overnight

T823. The two of them

T824. Flash in the brainpan?

T826. Wall St.”500”

T827. Atheist activist Madalyn

T828. Periodontist’s concern

T829. Savings plans for the golden yrs.

T830. Gloves used to signify a challenge

T832. Strategic move

T833. Handles pressure poorly

T834. Alexander the Grape is one of its flavors

T837. “Oh, I got the answer!”

T838. Robertson of Under the Dome and The Rookie: Feds

T839. The sounds of time

T840. Hula hoop, for one

T842. Kind of silk from a domesticated worm

T843. Elite sportswomen

T846. Pictures of cats or celebrities saying things, often

T848. Shorten again

T849. Father of Abraham (nee Abram)

T850. Old Pontiac models

T852. Big city woe

T854. The Phantom of the Opera

T856. Left a trail of dust

T858. Regimen with “fat bombs”

T859. Palindromic ship deck

T860. Expenditure

T861. Actor Robert of The 39 Steps

T862. Pinch-hitting posse

T863. Fabric tears

T864. Others, over the border

T866. Train station stat

T867. They don’t pay for their license

T868. ___ Antica (Italian archaeological site)

T869. One-shot in tennis

T870. Characters on NCIS, The Fairly Oddparents, and The Sopranos

T873. Uses a lunch box or suitcase

T875. TV mogul known for colorizing movies

T878. Revolutionary hero Warner et al.

T880. Got second helpings?

T882. Choral platform

T884. Ticket piece

T886. Emulate Vanna

T888. Lit-Crit lecturer

T890. Situation that gets worse the more you engage with it, like trying to explain why there are “Uncle Remus” references in your word list

T891. Brad who acted on Bullet Train and Dave

T892. “___ us your questions!”

T893. Shawl, e.g.

T894. Actress Mazur of All American, or a well-known Impressionist

T895. URL introduction for a “locked” page

T896. Places at the table

T897. Curmudgeonish

T899. Words of agreement

T900. Rachel McAdams at York U

T903. In liquid form

T904. #, on scores

T907. Where pigeons perch

T909. ___ Believe It’s Not Butter

T911. Introductory course, sometimes

T912. Thing to drop when it’s hot?

T914. 2009 Disney princess

T916. Site of the “first recorded world power” (Karl Moore)

T917. Little despot

T919. Morales of NYPD Blue

T921. Family ___

T923. Mejico o Espana, por ejemplo

T925. Native New Zealander

T926. One-hundredth of a euro

T927. Suffix for Manhattan or Sodom

T928. Carpenter and mason, e.g.

T929. Hair-slicking shimmy

T930. Mangel-wurzel, e.g.

T931. Runaway recruits

T932. It might be found in a cafe

T933. Telfer, first transgender woman to win an NCAA title

T934. Native of Asia

T935. Kings and Senators, among others

T936. Thumbsucking, e.g.

T938. Afresh

T939. It was the first show to feature a proper series finale

T942. It was the first show to use three cameras and air reruns

T945. Longest-running show based on American comics

T948. Sound engineer Charles Douglass introduced these in 1950

T951. This term for a TV pundit can also mean one of a set of static close-ups

T954. Its trademark sound is meant to evoke both a gavel and a slamming door

T957. The lead character’s best friend in this series would’ve been written out by episode 9 if not for the 2008 writer’s strike

T959. An uncredited Kristen Bell played its title character

T961. Despite this show’s love of curses, the Tourette Syndrome Association singled it out for praise

T963. When auditioning for his most famous role, he had $11 to his name

T965. End-credits names

T966. Stevens of Downton Abbey

T967. 12:55, e.g.

T968. Dutch pressed cheeses

T970. Not worth ___ cent

T971. Pre-bar exam?

T973. Bears, in Latin

T974. Fancy without?

T976. Cool, giant sun

T977. Likely to offend, in brief

T979. Street, colloquially

T980. God seen in Egyptian homes

T981. ___ Virgo or ___ Big Girl Now

T983. Its breakup turned music’s “Big Four” to a “Big Three”

T984. Stride Rite brand

T985. Dirty water dog, say

T986. Ill-treats

T987. “Grandfather of environmentalism” William

T988. Gasket

T989. Circular shape

T990. Old Harper’s Bazaar artist

T991. Mulligan of The Dig

T992. Started liking

T993. Club alternative

T994. Iraq War no-shows

T995. Brooks of little consequence

T997. Heavens

T999. Capitol display

T1002. Draws, as a salary

T1004. Big-biz abbrs.

T1006. Wrangles with

T1008. TV characters Padilla and Wolfe

T1010. Sam’s store

T1012. Enthusiasm to spare

T1013. Turned off by

T1015. “Hoity” follower

T1016. Bibliophile of animation and live action

T1017. Medal deserver

T1018. Robot dog on the BBC

T1019. Mediterranean embankment

T1021. Sloppy lunches

T1022. Likeliest to survive

T1023. 90s English pop trio

T1025. Opt not to fold

T1026. Rewrite

T1028. “The way I ___…”

T1030. “Don’t change!” to a printer

T1031. Down-under runners

T1033. Ulan ___

T1035. Just for one

T1037. Supplies

T1039. Make money from, in the casino

T1041. Means ___ end

T1042. Needing bailing out, maybe

T1045. Ambitious rhyme

T1046. Moves at a brisk pace

T1047. Lasso alternatives

T1048. Reduce in intensity

T1049. Evening up

T1050. They Call ___ Accident (1982 movie)

T1051. Bergdorf rival

T1052. Leans one way or another

T1053. Shells that may hold fish

T1054. Gov’t watchdog founded by Nixon

T1056. Fifty after

T1059. Elec.-bill measure

T1062. Room-size computer deactivated in 1955

T1064. Shorten further, as hair

T1066. Windfall on some airplane flights

T1069. Web access need

T1071. “___ am the chosen one” (Harry Potter, in a rare smarmy moment)

T1073. Jai-alai basket

T1075. Show named for stand-up comic Christopher

T1077. All of a sudden

T1079. “I’m busy!”

T1081. Loudly advertises

T1082. Jazz/gospel outgrowth, familiarly

T1083. Quick path to some positions, briefly

T1084. Epigrammatic

T1085. Census question

T1087. Chips on the table

T1088. New Hampshire sales lure

T1089. Sch. once known as “Houston Colored Junior College”

T1092. “Never stop improving” advertiser

T1094. As no one else can

T1095. Potential pikes and perches

T1097. High-profile divorce

T1099. Devon ___ (big-eared cats)

T1101. Dark grayish blue

T1102. Blighted locale

T1104. Outlines

T1106. ___ Helens (noted volcano)

T1108. Hurdles for future attorneys (abbr.)

T1110. Ice Breakers alternative

T1112. Without any immediate worries

T1114. Is apt for

T1115. Car horn honks

T1116. Jason jilted her

T1117. Deserve zero stars

T1118. Do satisfactorily

T1119. Type of type (abbr.)

T1120. Ranch baby

T1121. They’re put away in bars

T1122. Syndrome related to sex-based differences in heart attacks

T1123. Lead-in to apple or berry

T1124. Shackles

T1125. First Family before the Wilsons

T1126. Khamenei: ___ supreme leader

T1128. Europe’s largest ethnic group

T1130. City non-Muslims may not enter

T1132. Speech therapy candidate

T1135. Hungry Holstein, perhaps

T1137. Neither birdies nor bogeys

T1139. The opposition

T1141. Be still but noisy

T1143. “I wouldn’t have given it the Oscar, but ___ subjective”

T1144. Goffered collars

T1145. Egyptian god with a baboon head

T1146. They can cause tears or laughter

T1147. Breath mints containers

T1148. Like yoga instructors

T1149. It might show business hours in the window

T1151. Cockamamie

T1152. YouTube-to-TV personality Neistat

T1153. 1970 Neil Diamond single

T1154. ___ the Greek

T1155. Many flatscreens

T1156. Rebecca who wrote The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

T1158. “Wass happenin’, bro”

T1160. Show indifference, in a way

T1162. Persian and Byzantine (abbr.)

T1163. The Flim-___ Man (1967)

T1165. Sights in Scotland

T1167. Indulge fully

T1169. Get a visual on

T1171. Mozart’s “all”

T1173. Sure about

T1175. Fragrant gift in the Bible

T1176. One of two OT books

T1177. “Aw”-inspiring

T1178. Jay ___ Garage

T1179. Gun that uses nine-millimeter ammo

T1180. Chest coverings

T1181. Rectangular paving stones

T1182. Bumps on a hog?

T1183. Increase the power of, as an engine

T1184. Going along with a house on fire

T1185. Seltzer’___ and Health-___ (newer players in the canned drinks market)

T1186. Tells tales

T1188. Peter Hartlaub called it “the Syriana of slasher films”

T1190. Second half of a record

T1192. Prepares to snare

T1195. Their top score is now 1520

T1197. Come out of one’s shell, say

T1199. Man without manners

T1201. Small sample

T1203. Admitted to the poker game

T1204. Supercompetitive

T1205. Christopher who produced Modern Family, not to be confused with the Christopher from Back to the Future

T1206. Hobby shop toy

T1207. Summer Olympics athlete

T1208. More sexually uninhibited, as a movie

T1210. Relieves oneself of watermelon seeds, perhaps

T1211. Cape Town coins

T1212. Reason Scooter Libby did time

T1213. Dress nice, with “out” or “up”

T1214. Attends to

T1217. “Well, now I just feel stupid”

T1218. Decahedron-shaped die, to a gamer

T1220. Frog who replaced the Smackin’ Brothers in TV commercials

T1222. Introduction to a book

T1224. Inspiring origin

T1225. Commodiousness

T1228. Stagecoach driver’s “Stop!”

T1230. Kettle’s whistle activator

T1232. Creates a kind of unity, for short

T1234. Judicial decree

T1235. Encomium recipient

T1236. Pope, circa 140-155

T1237. CNN show named for an annual speech, for short

T1238. Say “Enough is enough!”

T1240. “Woe is me,” less articulately

T1241. Mass quantities of paper

T1242. Camping gear

T1243. Point where you feel like you can’t bike another yard

T1244. Cancellation on YouTube

T1245. Tense and fail under pressure

T1247. Honor Alan Menken achieved in 2020

T1248. Ellipse pair

T1250. Enlist again

T1252. ___ Barbara or ___  Clarita Diet

T1254. General locations

T1256. Fed moves

T1258. Science of odors

T1260. Website with film and TV profiles

T1262. Transported

T1264. Defender of free speech since 1920

T1266. “But we can negotiate that price,” in three letters

T1267. “Here comes trouble”

T1268. Something you can believe

T1269. Somewhere else

T1270. Machine refill choices

T1271. Attacks, as on one’s life

T1273. Highly quotable baseballer Yogi

T1274. Part of a seal

T1275. Waterloo is here

T1276. Dali work

T1277. Responses to some gut punches

T1278. City ___ Hill

T1279. These shows each contained a character who makes verbal and sartorial references to the other program (so which is more imaginary?)

T1284. It was the subspecies of Scout, Rex, Sophie, Bunny, and Fury

T1285. TV genre that heated up at the turn of the century

T1287. First TV drama to react to 9/11

T1291. Thanks to digitally altered reruns airing just before the Super Bowl, she correctly guessed who would win it 4 times out of 4

T1294. Its second season was set more than 30 years after its first

T1297. First TV show to become a movie

T1298. Instrument of Charlie’s demise in Two and a Half Men

T1299. It was about a gang of outlaws, so perhaps it was appropriate that many of its writers were blacklisters

T1304. Sch. assignment

T1305. WWII support group

T1307. Freesia’s family

T1308. “Everything that exists has a specific nature, each entity exists as something in particular and has characteristics that are part of what it is” (Justice League Unlimited, riffing on Ayn Rand)

T1309. Frozen beverages

T1310. Successful candidate

T1311. Occupy, as a tanning bed

T1312. Like oysters as an appetizer, often

T1314. Parisian house of design

T1315. “Mistress of the Dark” Cassandra Peterson

T1317. Issuer of plates

T1318. Mountain crossed by Hannibal

T1319. Large dispenser for pekoe, e.g.

T1320. Bankruptcy

T1321. Blonde-to-be, perhaps

T1322. Network that began as Pax

T1323. Grateful response

T1324. Mass-emailing tool

T1325. ___ excess (get too much of)

T1326. Backup military org.

T1327. Shelled creature

T1329. Synagogue seat

T1330. Least square

T1332. Baseball’s Williams and Kluszewski

T1333. Some nuclear explosions

T1334. “Well, that’s weird”

T1335. Dawning

T1336. Spacewarps of an eponymous sci-fi series

T1338. Singles out

T1340. Bit of hanky-panky

T1342. Remote-control batteries

T1344. Conked

T1345. Reach, as an altitude

T1346. Butcher shop buy

T1347. Vexillographer of American legend

T1348. Biochemical enzyme, briefly

T1349. Marchioness

T1350. Garlicky green sauce

T1351. Craving a massage

T1352. All-over massage

T1354. Mall directory image

T1356. Shell implement

T1357. Open-mouthed “mmms”

T1358. Region that became the title of a TV series

T1360. Cluster

T1362. What a “no-strings-attached” relationship lacks

T1363. Seattle hours (abbr.)

T1364. Oviedo one

T1365. Reflects (over)

T1366. Proofreader’s direction

T1367. Starfleet Academy student

T1368. Charlottesville sch.

T1369. Lisper’s hurdle

T1370. Intimate interlude

T1372. Brat’s mood

T1376. Gem’s polished surface

T1381. Went like a heron

T1386. How anchovies are preserved

T1391. Lamb’s “help!”

T1396. Gp. with the Spingarn Medal

T1401. Become sparse

T1403. College transcript nos.

T1405. Track ___

T1407. Land bordering Nepal

T1409. Maturing egg cell

T1410. Popular Renaissance instrument

T1411. Part of an airplane often with one or more sockets

T1413. RC and Pepsi

T1418. Return to the single life

T1423. Ready-___

T1428. Garbage time players

T1433. Preliminary comment

T1438. Road Runner or Roger Rabbit

T1441. Filled with passion

T1443. Mouth, rudely

T1445. Acids like leucine, isoleucine, and valine

T1446. Doomed mission

T1447. Millennium actress Rapace

T1448. That certain sexy something

T1449. Division rivals of the Rays

T1451. Type of acid used as rocket fuel

T1453. Metal-stamping tools

T1455. Member of Islam’s largest branch

T1457. Shrunken head?

T1458. Checker move?

T1459. ___ one’s whistle (drinks)

T1460. Asimov book

T1461. Comment from one who’s just getting by

T1463. Count on them

T1464. Say “yes, I will…”

T1465. Y preceder

T1466. Attach, as with rope

T1467. Observations

T1469. Eight, to Augustus

T1472. Copier brand

T1473. Mega Millions, e.g.

T1474. Speak, to Shakespeare

T1475. “You can build a throne with bayonets, but it’s difficult ___ on it” (Boris Yeltsin quote)

T1476. “He’s going ___ a five-iron here…” (announcer’s phrase)

T1477. “Good night, and good luck,” e.g.

T1478. Small hole in most doors

T1480. “Bye 4 now!”

T1482. As things are usually done

T1485. ___ Is Us

T1486. Keep company in a quiet moment

T1487. Basked by the pool

T1488. Stride pianist Art

T1489. John Goodman series on HBO

T1490. Foe for Frodo

T1491. Bicycle part

T1492. Pleasingly voluptuous

T1493. Labor organizer Eugene V.

T1497. Used as a target

T1499. Hardened survivor in The Last of Us

T1501. Engrave

T1503. Knee-ankle connector

T1505. “Bio” or “nano” follower

T1507. Keeps the nest warm

T1509. My Name Is ___

T1510. “___ World,” segment on Sesame Street

T1512. Overlook rudely

T1514. Have ___ theory: speculate without much evidence

T1515. Scoffing comment

T1516. Off shore

T1517. Kept in a pen

T1518. Sticks pronoun

T1519. Tpkes., e.g.

T1521. Site with rules against selling souls and ghosts

T1523. Sports datum

T1525. Caddy choices

T1527. It joined the US in 1896

T1529. Gov’t securities

T1531. Tobacco smoke component

T1532. Motorcycle, slangily

T1534. “…___ to leap tall buildings”

T1535. Busy airports

T1537. Brain or flower part

T1538. Hippie-like, but not all, you know, political

T1540. Dance dangerously

T1541. Young trans man, in slang

T1542. Medicare’s agcy.

T1545. Artist’s outfit

T1547. Supercomputer brand now acquired by HP

T1549. Travel direction

T1551. Metal clasping piece.

T1552. Someplace ___ (away)

T1553. Bromfield

T1554. Chi. Cubs’ gp., formerly

T1557. Sleuth, briefly

T1558. Pol. middle-of-the-roaders

T1560. WWW document standard

T1561. “___ thou wilt needs marry…” (Shakespeare)

T1563. Motivations for a big project

T1564. Corrida chants

T1566. Old newsroom machine (abbr.)

T1567. Perfect score, at times

T1568. She’s all the rage right now

T1570. Commits piracy

T1572. Schrödinger’s co-Nobelist

T1573. Rashad of sportscasting, football, and Space Jam

T1575. Epithet for Alexander

T1576. Year-end seasons

T1578. Cockney greeting

T1579. Cordoban cloth

T1581. Filled to overflowing

T1583. Mess jacket

T1585. Watches carefully

T1587. Flood the market

T1588. Great composer from Roncole

T1589. ___ Pueblo, New Mexico

T1590. Louisiana in the Bayou?

T1592. Role Dan Castellaneta took from Robin Williams for TV

T1593. Some ‘maros

T1595. Source of T-bones

T1596. Nielsens, e.g.

T1598. App developer, e.g.

T1599. “That’s too much praise”

T1601. Detective’s dog of classic film

T1602. ___ bottom

T1603. “What a pain!”

T1604. ___-foot oil (leather dressing)

T1605. “I ___ do it” (Bart Simpson’s lesser-known catchphrase)

T1606. ___ down (intimidate)

T1607. “___ you have any doubts...”

T1608. Imperfectly

T1610. Fox News ex-president Roger

T1612. Tough slog

T1614. Puckster Kindrachuk

T1615. Oater title

T1616. Kunta of Roots

T1617. Symbols that look like little white guppies

T1618. Part of a U.N. address?

T1619. Become less sensitive (to)

T1620. Natives of Costa Rica

T1621. Fast-moving party

T1622. Pull with effort

T1623. Bully’s victim

T1624. Harold who happened upon heavy hydrogen

T1625. Toilet paper spec

T1627. Toys, spelled the classic way, discontinued in 2021 because of their incandescent bulbs

T1630. “Well, whaddaya know?!”

T1633. Obituary and Morbid Angel’s genre, aptly

T1636. One of its actors can burp on command, but not the one who needs to burp constantly

T1639. Its lead character’s name is an anagram of his nemesis’ name

T1642. Roommates whose rumored sexuality inspired a Broadway musical

T1644. Reminder, often

T1647. Hackneyed

T1650. Life purpose

T1653. Tide’s weak action

T1656. Part of Tommy Lee’s band?

T1657. River that’s a letter

T1658. It won’t hold water

T1659. Marceau’s refusal

T1660. “Hey!,” to Jorge

T1661. ___ Chinmoy

T1662. ZaSu of films

T1666. Deadly flies

T1667. Parts of a horse’s bloodline

T1669. Sit (around)

T1670. Long geologic stretches

T1671. Whiskey ___ Foxtrot (TV movie)

T1672. Certs alternative

T1673. Where Gerald Ford went to law sch.

T1676. Twilight Zone host Serling

T1677. JFK search party?

T1678. Have a balance to pay

T1679. 1998-2008 MTV show where VJs ranked the top ten music videos, for short

T1680. Illegal turn, maybe

T1681. “___ Goes…” (Taylor Swift)

T1683. Put a whammy on

T1684. Render in lines

T1687. R.R. rider’s purchase

T1689. Dawn of the seventh century

T1692. Pocket-size Sony game device

T1694. UV lead-in

T1697. “Dad’s gonna kill me”

T1699. George Burns film trilogy

T1701. ___-Whirl (amusement park ride)

T1703. Sail with difficulty

T1705. The “genu” in “genuflect”

T1706. Classic TV sidekick

T1707. Chosen few

T1708. Buoyant

T1711. “And knowing is half the battle” segment

T1713. Army noncom

T1716. Go one better than

T1718. Iranian desert, Dasht-e ___

T1721. Mom-and-pop sharers?

T1723. Côte-___ (appealing-sounding area near Dijon)

T1724. “…How can ___ this?”

T1726. “Add ___ of salt…” (my wife’s favorite recipe instruction)

T1727. Lincoln and Jersey

T1730. K

T1732. Remove information, as from a Facebook photo

T1735. Piece of French pastry

T1737. Something for baby to chomp on

T1738. Tech co. that casts a long shadow over Halt and Catch Fire

T1741. Episode with a moral

T1743. “Uh, there’s been ___-minute setback”

T1745. Degree letters?

T1746. ___ Always Sunny in Philadelphia

T1747. Leapers in a Christmas song

T1748. Man of the ___ (clergyman)

T1749. Locale of some hangings (abbr.)

T1752. Chips Ahoy! maker

T1753. Mouth

T1756. ___ Gyra of jazz

T1758. Nail-biting, e.g.

T1761. Side-to-side measurement

T1763. Employ for a purpose

T1765. “Gracious!”

T1766. “Voice of basketball” Albert

T1767. Led Zeppelin’s “Whole ___ Love”

T1768. Rope fastener

T1769. Champagne buckets

T1770. Ending with two-, three-, four-, etc.

T1771. Funnywoman Catherine who started on SCTV

T1772. Like some tuition at public universities

T1773. Audio brand

T1775. Puffs on an e-cig

T1777. Occupy, as a bar

T1779. Starfleet’s base

T1781. Los Angeles museum, with “the”

T1782. Cheerios

T1783. Byway or seaway

T1784. Where to watch jai alai

T1785. Treasure holder

T1786. Raquel Welch, e.g.

T1787. Her symbol was a lyre

T1788. Short cybermessage

T1789. Where on the ship to toss a rope

T1790. Kinds of cookers

T1791. Lovable Stonestreet of Modern Family

T1792. Like radon, say

T1793. “Do you ___ song playing?”

T1794. He’s known as Babbo Natale in Italy

T1795. Be mingy

T1796. Hambletonian entry

T1797. Former UK-to-US flier

T1798. Where Sydney is the cap.

T1799. German-born brewer Bernhard

T1801. Fender-bender consequences

T1803. “Heart Wants What It Wants” singer Bebe

T1805. Kind of pick or wit

T1806. “Drove my Chevy to the ___”

T1807. Tell to attack

T1808. Metrical romance

T1809. Word we share

T1810. Deposit fig.

T1811. Wrapper weights

T1812. Forbidden, by parents of the young

T1813. Unilever laundry soap brand

T1814. Verdana or Calibri alternative

T1815. Sound akin to “Harrumph!”

T1816. Car Masters: ___ to Riches

T1817. Delivery-entrance location

T1818. Guidance providers

T1819. Heavenly body of the very red type

T1820. “I’d rather ___ Wookie”

T1821. Bony prefix

T1822. Wintry downpour

T1823. Verb form

T1824. Pluralized y

T1825. Mover and shaker

T1827. Hotfoot it away

T1829. Avenger Emma

T1830. Senator Klobuchar

T1831. Young who broke the color barrier in Westerns

T1832. Whut’s bein’ spoke about

T1833. Person from Florence, e.g.

T1834. Kitchens and parlors (abbr.)

T1835. “Aye” cousin

T1836. “___ big deal”

T1837. Calendar heading

T1838. Wrap around?

T1839. From an earlier era

T1840. Up-___ (OK)

T1841. Wide-mouthed vessel

T1842. After darkness falls

T1844. South American monkey

T1846. 1/2 of a fl. oz.

T1848. 300: Rise ___ Empire

T1850. Table salt, symbolically

T1852. When repeated, dismiss

T1854. Early ___: first Peacock viewer on the block, say

T1856. Gone, as goodies

T1858. Game shows?

T1861. Weak in the knees

T1862. Common cartoon ending

T1863. Prefix with “skirt” or “series”

T1865. Banned pesticide still used on flowers in the US

T1867. Calc prerequisite

T1869. Racing org.

T1871. Look over

T1873. Supplied fuel

T1875. 10th century emperor dubbed “the Great”

T1876. Careful handling

T1878. August in Paris

T1879. European economic bloc

T1881. Beyonce wore one inspired by Pam Grier in Goldmember

T1882. Chris of Parks and Recreation

T1885. They usually last 20 minutes to an hour, for short

T1888. Spotted

T1890. Performed satisfactorily

T1892. No-score situation

T1893. Thousandth of a femto-

T1894. Some attorneys’ clients

T1895. Letter opener

T1896. Not even close

T1899. Behind, in a way

T1901. Fiddle’s family

T1903. Much less snicker-worthy word replaced by “siemens”

T1904. Hemmed

T1906. “Like almost everyone who uses e-mail, I receive ___ of spam every day. Much of it offers to help me get out of debt or get rich quick” (Bill Gates)

T1907. Unstallions

T1908. Newsworthy pair

T1910. Oil made from flower petals

T1911. Kids’ game that requires no equipment

T1913. Pioneer Day celebrant

T1914. Brit’s petrol quantity

T1916. Piggy that went to market

T1917. Wash against, as waves

T1918. Big, tasty meal

T1920. “___ catch!”

T1921. Victoria and others (abbr.)

T1922. Mississippi Sen. Cochran

T1923. Lacks serious injury

T1924. Tapering toward each end

T1925. Classroom reading discipline, for short

T1926. ESPN anchor Storm

T1928. Peach ___ (Escoffier creation)

T1929. Insurer with “Hoops” and “Grandma” commercials

T1931. Herd orphan

T1932. Ninnies

T1934. Relieving stations in Stratford

T1935. Battery’s neighbor, in some cameras

T1937. Bride in My Big Fat Greek Wedding

T1938. Paris transportation.

T1939. Either/Or writer Kierkegaard

T1940. Ice packs

T1941. Spring back

T1942. Mesabi shipment

T1943. ___ An (city with a monthly Lantern Full Moon Festival)

T1946. Organ with a cervix

T1948. Betray sexually

T1950. Tough guy

T1952. In an ample way

T1953. Scoundrel

T1956. 90-degree angle

T1957. Close of a parental veto

T1958. Used as a feeding surface

T1959. Where an MD goes for take-out?

T1960. Life on Mars star Jason

T1961. Took the prize

T1962. Melodramatic confession

T1965. Malleability

T1967. Fast, wide roads

T1970. Exhibiting structural change, as some rocks

T1973. Its night is remembered

T1975. Game of Thrones earned the most of them for drama

T1978. Species of the first Muppet to make it big in TV

T1980. This actor got his start as a bodyguard for other stars

T1981. Show that outgrew the setting in its name decades ago

T1984. Word following afternoon and Turkish

T1986. Pleasing to cultured sorts

T1989. Punctiliously

T1992. Artifice and beauty

T1995. Horse chow bit

T1996. Conservative leader?

T1997. El hermano de la madre

T1998. Sessanta minuti

T1999. What to say to a dentist?

T2000. Pepsi ___

T2001. “Don’t recall right now”

T2002. Little map in the corner

T2003. Prey in a mock hunt

T2004. Cheerleader’s characteristic

T2005. Gives approval

T2006. CIA progenitor

T2007. Remove items from illegally

T2008. Don’t drive with ___ tire!

T2009. Andrea, designer of the “family” of violin, viola, and cello

T2010. Going-away request

T2011. Article written by Marx?

T2012. Casserole sphere

T2013. NY school letters

T2014. Loki raised her (in the actual myths)

T2015. To, to some old Scots

T2016. The beginning of time?

T2017. One may be made before giving up

T2019. Turkish statesman of the twentieth century

T2021. “What are ___ to?”

T2024. One of Peter Rabbit’s siblings

T2026. Lowly cadet

T2029. French auxiliary verbs

T2031. IRS mileage allowance, e.g.

T2032. Chocolate candy brand from Germany

T2034. Swarming with bacteria

T2036. Label for Alicia Keys

T2038. Onscreen course reading

T2040. Almond color

T2041. Teeny pests

T2042. Masonry and such

T2043. Discharged

T2044. Mentally undress

T2047. Command that sometimes saves to PDF

T2049. “The Best Is ___ Come”

T2052. Make a smoothie

T2054. His hips were famously censored for TV

T2057. Brick holders

T2058. “So ___ say”

T2059. Wall St. locale

T2060. Mil. supporter

T2061. Old TV part, for short…or insect with two of a similar part

T2062. Dame ___ Whitty

T2063. Mil. hospitals

T2064. “The great thing about rock and roll is that someone like me can be ___” (Elton John)

T2065. Swift’s specialties

T2067. Boxing ring sights

T2069. Joy of Painting subject

T2071. Tax calc.

T2072. Online address ending

T2073. Boneless breakfast

T2074. Most rainy

T2075. Choisy-___ (Paris suburb)

T2076. Old hoops gp.

T2077. “What a pleasant surprise!”

T2078. Accusative pronoun in Germany

T2079. Irish actor Stephen

T2080. Little pond dweller

T2081. Where to find Raymond Chandler Square, briefly

T2082. Slight hollow

T2083. Urgent words

T2086. Cool cat’s comment

T2088. Practice with a deadly mushroom?

T2091. Gem primarily of chalcedony and quartz

T2093. Exudate

T2096. Range excluding XS, XL, and XXL

T2098. Two-time US Open and Open Championship winner

T2099. TV series featuring Hondo Harrelson

T2101. Electrical wizard

T2103. Rushes, in a way

T2106. Aspired (to)

T2107. Like Tim

T2108. Rural kin of aves.

T2109. “#relatable:”

T2112. Preminger and Klemperer

T2114. Disc-shaped treat brand

T2117. Drag oneself

T2119. Carroll’s cake words

T2122. The Goonies and Stand by Me star Feldman

T2124. Baseball feature

T2125. Right’ starter

T2126. Relating to tissue

T2127. “No! No, and that’s ___!”

T2128. Aunt in France or Germany

T2129. Words on a check

T2130. “Doesn’t matter what you do”

T2131. Luau garb

T2132. Giants who lost their wives

T2136. Blood acid reducer

T2138. Set limits on

T2140. Ford portrayer in The First Lady

T2142. Slight amount

T2143. Tiny branch

T2147. “I don’ wanna!”

T2148. ___ all (nohow)

T2149. Cheap imitation

T2150. ___ dozen (bakery order)

T2151. “Complicated” singer Lavigne

T2152. “Don’t make ___ with the devil”

T2153. Convention giveaway

T2154. Old processing unit

T2155. Birthplace of the violin

T2156. Little Italy apology

T2157. As good as it gets

T2158. “I warn you, he’s ___ in sheep’s clothing”

T2159. Cat ___ tails

T2160. Has way more than enough, for short

T2161. Isl. near Corsica

T2164. Prescription giver

T2166. Aliases, for short

T2168. Between-commercials periods of a news show

T2170. Like some milk powder

T2171. Joins closely

T2172. Crackpot

T2173. Clock-setting standard (abbr.)

T2176. Zygote producers

T2177. “That’s just the way ___ am” (shrug)

T2178. Personification of Ireland in poetry

T2179. Shapes of ice rinks

T2180. River past Notre Dame

T2181. Lab dish

T2182. Loopholes, e.g.

T2183. Tree genus

T2185. Retaliation in kind

T2187. Assigned new meaning

T2190. “I’ve half a mind to!”

T2193. Video-viewing venue

T2195. Picked out from a lineup, say

T2197. Civil war soldier

T2198. M.A. entry test

T2199. “___ fancy you consult, consult your purse” (Benjamin Franklin)

T2200. Hers, to Henriette

T2201. Makes a memo

T2202. Doomed in a zombie film

T2203. They have seconds

T2206. Divorced, e.g.

T2209. Match game?

T2211. Type, in Calais

T2213. “Arbor” root limb?

T2214. Reveling scream

T2215. Creme/creme insert

T2217. Cousin of 2%

T2218. Edible herring

T2219. Salamander landlubbers

T2220. Caused to see red

T2221. Temper, for example

T2224. Unlace, perhaps

T2226. Three-sharps key

T2228. They may be ridden by the ambitious

T2230. Manipulative sort

T2231. Internet lingo that’s an anagram of TELE

T2232. Sights in many natural forests

T2233. Beginning of culture?

T2234. Alexa, e.g. (abbr.)

T2236. Computer-linked systs.

T2237. Scriptural pronoun

T2238. Times when action is required

T2240. “Land ___ alive!”

T2242. Eel variety

T2243. Makes docile

T2245. Dutch for “farmers”

T2246. Request at a checkup

T2248. Exceedingly

T2249. Twin, say

T2252. Lamb sandwich, perhaps

T2253. Key of Pachelbel’s Canon (abbr.)

T2255. Unwanted overhang

T2256. Nat. of Gal Gadot’s birth

T2258. Civic (abbr.)

T2259. Liverpudlian or Oxonian

T2260. TV title word with Fist and Chef

T2261. Climber’s prominence

T2264. Under one’s protection

T2266. Fabric named after a French town

T2267. First department

T2269. Very, to Vivaldi

T2270. Do injury to

T2272. Spare tire site?

T2273. Sound in the intros to Police Squad and Inspector Gadget

T2276. Riding, in Bonn

T2277. College URL conclusion

T2278. Warty amphibians

T2279. Warehouse

T2280. “To the rear, Admiral!”

T2281. Toyshop initials

T2282. ___ soi (among one’s own)

T2283. Blown away

T2285. Ownership pronoun

T2287. “School: getting ___ getting D’s…” (John Green)

T2289. Styles of dress in Paris

T2292. Hail Caesar’s Ethan or Joel

T2293. ER tests

T2294. Geometric function

T2295. A hard row ___

T2296. State-certification designation

T2297. “Mazel ___!” (“Congratulations!”)

T2298. “He’s ___ in the neck, I tell you what”

T2299. Turn a deaf ___ (refuse to hear)

T2300. Rembrandt van ___ (var.)

T2301. Benefit sometimes reserved for senior execs

T2303. Protection for fry cooks

T2306. The Story of ___ H, a 1975 film about Victor Hugo’s daughter’s descent into romantic obsession

T2308. The 5,000 Fingers of ___ (Dr. Seuss film)

T2309. Drift off for a while

T2310. “Not by ___ margin”

T2313. Katherine of Firefly Lane and Grey’s Anatomy

T2315. ___ Do Hard Things (Glennon Doyle podcast)

T2316. Never seen onscreen, she’s the sister-in-law, then ex-sister-in-law of the show’s title character

T2318. Household device often confused by the Netflix series Alexa and Katie

T2320. Its lead actress was cast because she appeared with the title actor on The Late Show with Johnny Carson and producers liked their vibe together

T2323. This hapless wizard was designed so animators could flip his cels over and use them twice

T2324. Real Vice-President who appeared as a TV character’s unrequited crush

T2325. Won the World Series in four games

T2326. En ___

T2329. Toward the goal in hockey

T2331. ___ Vegas

T2332. Alternative to cable broadcast (abbr.)

T2333. Answer to “Who’s there?”

T2336. Didn’t waver from

T2338. Unqualified

T2339. Archer of myth

T2340. Earn a LOL

T2343. Not on the level?

T2345. “He’s ___ a house!”

T2346. “The East ___,” song of the Chinese Cultural Revolution

T2347. “Eh-heh”

T2348. Quick court contest

T2350. Wealth stores in some mansions

T2352. INXS song about moving on

T2354. Search engine that ran on Inktomi

T2355. Cygnet’s mother

T2356. Bring ___ to one’s eye

T2357. Punster’s reward

T2358. Sensual desires

T2361. Goth tattoos, sometimes

T2363. Brand of a mildew-removing cleaner

T2364. Loses cloudiness

T2365. Settle ___: get even

T2366. Carry ___: sing

T2367. Nose parts

T2368. Throw ___ (talk smack)

T2369. Rough it: sleep in ___

T2370. Still might in the future

T2371. Big name in garden products

T2374. Disneylandtown

T2376. Wrestling event

T2377. April 11, a celebration of furry friends

T2379. Prom partner

T2380. Doesn’t photosynthesize

T2381. Commercial hair-grower

T2382. Name shared by “The Darkness” in Supernatural and figures in Once Upon a Time in Wonderland and The Vampire Diaries

T2384. Layers of a wedding cake

T2385. Fasting times

T2386. Sad poem

T2387. Obedient dog’s reward

T2388. Funeral speech

T2389. Grows calmer

T2390. Up to this point

T2391. Uses a computer keyboard

T2392. Took the loss

T2393. “A Moorside Suite” composer

T2394. Comparable to blood

T2395. “___ Lunch”

T2396. Did some theater work, casually

T2397. Pitching pro

T2399. Visionary

T2401. Gave off a glow

T2402. Grabs with a toothpick