Ubercross Abecedaria S


S1. In vain

S5. American Bandstand and New Year’s host of many years

S10. Big enchilada

S14. There are four in a deck of cards

S18. Turn to mush

S22. ___ pat of butter on

S26. Store-bought neurotransmitters

S31. Carry, as something heavy

S35. Add this to “Bat” to get Batman’s sidekick’s old profession

S39. Half a handball match

S43. Bonnie Raitt album Luck of the ___

S47. In ___: booooored

S51. Burst (with)

S52. In comparable shape

S57. Six-Day War peninsula

S58. Org. with Danielle Collins, Madison Keys, Claire Liu, Alycia Parks, Jessica Pegula and Shelby Rogers

S61. “Thank U, Next” singer Grande

S64. Begin step by step

S68. “Hangin’ Around with You” lyricist

S75. Shetland sweater style

S79. Orbital vertices

S81. Slips away

S84. Ancient beverage of fermented honey

S88. Hothouse collection

S90. E-ddress symbols

S93. Sluggish

S94. Video game avatars

S98. You could use it to play scales at La Scala

S99. Haydn and Biden, e.g.

S102. Green lights

S105. Like some Carvel ice cream

S109. Comedian André

S110. Part 1 of instructions

S114. Instructions, part 2

S115. Instructions, part 3

S116. Instructions, part 4

S117. Instructions, part 5

S119. Instructions, part 6 (continued near the bottom)

S125. Disowns

S128. First section to get airline pretzels, usually

S129. Youskevitch of ballet

S130. Poirot’s epithet

S132. Line of Swanson meals

S133. With the most fight in her

S135. Lorgnette’s relative

S137. Oxford final

S139. Clouds the mind of

S141. She likes things pretty

S142. Juice suppliers

S144. Soap writer hatches a plot about an Iranian coin?

S145. Bothers

S146. Guide to a website

S148. Anakin’s last words as Anakin

S150. TV ally of Hercules

S151. McSorley’s product

S154. Lateen or jib

S155. Napoleon or Holy Roman (abbr.)

S156. Advancement aid

S157. Tried out with

S159. “Can’t hit the broad side of ___!”

S160. Great Barrier Island

S163. Brown shade

S164. 1960s United Nations leader

S166. Goal for many a HS dropout

S167. Perfect

S168. Makes seawater potable

S169. Material in shopping carts, barbed wire, and nails

S170. “10-4!”

S171. Sweet wines

S172. Word with a meaning about which many people are puzzled: it means “puzzles”

S173. New Hampshire town on a lake

S174. Film the rehearsals on Dancing With the Stars

S175. Disreputable, slangily

S177. Cause to go

S179. Sign of an idea?

S181. Blue-green alga

S184. Buckminster Fuller structures

S186. They cross the blind

S188. Bigger pic (abbr.)

S189. Corrida rah

S190. YouTube genre [whispers] heard like this

S192. Securely fixed in place

S194. Handles OK

S195. Horizon, to a skipper

S196. Reasons for a cap screw? (abbr.)

S197. Give up

S198. Youngest French Open champ

S200. Pensioner’s status (abbr.)

S201. Score a point in wrestling

S202. Selfie, e.g.

S203. Simple signatures

S205. The Great Depression or the Great Recession

S206. Like a fly-by-night vendor’s wares

S207. Pro who works with Nurse Jackie

S209. Greek goddess with a month named for her

S211. The street where elles live

S212. Conclude, with up

S214. ___ in years (age)

S216. Address akin to monsieur

S217. Where to see trots and slots

S219. Aren’t any more

S220. “Fire and Desire” singer Marie

S221. Forgets to put in

S226. Going wild for an extended period

S233. Part of iOS (abbr.)

S234. Forehead-nose-chin region

S235. Once-descriptive term for online hookups; nowadays, most hookups implicitly

S237. Petco brand

S238. In its defense, this insurance co. did repay the gov’t its bailout money

S239. Form check box option

S240. Sticky bug trap

S244. Goes to a warmer place, perhaps

S246. Say, “Come here, it’s okay, no one’s gonna hurt you,” e.g.

S248. Assailed aurally

S251. Doberman command

S253. “___ creature was stirring...”

S255. Reason for action

S256. They gave you a nine-digit ID

S257. Schwann cells, e.g.

S261. Bones main character’s real first name

S266. As the light fades

S268. Convenient breakfast fare

S273. Forged licenses, e.g.

S280. Fleet, Wall, etc. (abbr.)

S281. Sweetsop

S283. WWIII-averting program revived in 2019

S284. Atlas stats

S285. Drinks like a kitten

S286. ___ diem (feature of regular full- or part-time work)

S288. Villainess in The Little Mermaid

S290. Alternate name for a Kazakhstan-Uzbekistan body of water

S292. “Go on now!”

S294. Cut away

S296. “All in favor, say aye” procedures

S298. Reposting to a million followers, e.g.

S305. At full speed, in poesy

S306. Dept. of Educ. concern

S307. Formal phone call response

S308. “I’ve Just ___ Face” (Beatles song)

S309. Chowderheads

S312. “I’m sorry?” interjections

S315. Synesthetic experience

S317. Tahoe or Sequoia

S318. Ben & Jerry’s receptacle

S319. Spot for system-restoration files

S320. Are recognized

S322. “Shoot to Thrill” singers

S323. Really book it

S326. Superstitions


S331. Unpracticed pioneer

S332. It has a sweet smell

S334. Answers on Jeopardy?

S336. Former draft gp.

S337. Hazardous sacrament in COVID times

S340. Formal order recipient

S346. Makes some calculations

S349. 2004-2006 CIA director Porter ___

S350. Words with “TV” in an old NBC slogan

S351. ð

S352. Absolute worst, with “the”

S354. De falsis ___: Sermon “On False Gods”

S356. Clutches

S358. Recruit by force

S359. Penguin who shares a name with an Antarctic coast

S362. Treatment plant input

S363. Have a nostalgic feeling

S365. City in Syria

S366. Got out of the saddle

S367. Where Oscar Wilde was in 1896

S368. Drag-racing org.

S369. Fix with the aid of a time machine, say

S370. Headliner for over a decade with the Yankees

S371. “___ didn’t!” (player’s plea to a ref)

S372. Shoulder decorations

S373. Auto performance brand

S376. Scent or substance

S377. Electrolytic particles

S378. Paper prepped for smoking

S379. Pronounced   kind   of   distance

S382. Pkg. no.

S384. Promulgates

S385. Create a new home, in a way

S387. Doesn’t flunk

S391. Affects one directly

S394. “Mr. Mojo ___” (repeated words in The Doors’ “LA Woman”

S395. Notorious nose candy

S396. Land of Brian Boru

S397. TMZ’s stock-in-trade

S399. Light ___ under: motivate

S401. Chest test’s printout, briefly

S403. Rain repeller

S405. Miss ___ (ruin the rhythm)

S406. Best on stage, say

S410. Pulitzer Prize novelist Toni

S412. Get out of the way of, well in advance

S413. Near, poetically

S415. Freshness

S417. It may be warped

S419. Afternoon prayer, in Islam

S420. Playground gear

S422. Preferential plane seating

S425. Move in an almost liquid fashion

S428. 1950s invention featured prominently in the 1960 film ‘The Apartment’

S429. Like wet cement

S430. ___-war

S431. Some Brit Lit readings

S432. Gather through litigation

S433. Tabulae ___: clean slates

S434. Important point in a financial calendar

S436. Singer Lehmann or Lenya

S437. Bass drum

S441. Agreeable words

S442. Full of innocent wonder

S443. Sagan’s science series

S445. Move nomadically

S447. One concerned with feet and rhythm

S449. Lidocaine brand

S451. Score direction

S453. Ludwig Mies van der ___

S455. Goddess invoked in the war of the Seven against Thebes

S456. Observing Yom Kippur, say

S457. Autos since 1989

S458. Complete stranger

S459. Alliance’s need

S460. Legislation that makes everyone breathe easier

S461. ×

S463. Enter quickly

S466. Olympic no-nos

S468. Alien race in Avatar

S469. College admissions exam

S470. “Text u again in a bit!”

S472. Nonprofits’ ads, e.g. (abbr.)

S474. Class that covers Reconstruction and Prohibition

S477. Emcee’s concluding segue

S479. Huang He tributary

S481. Hammered powerfully

S483. Australian state briefly

S484. “Will this be adequate?”

S490. Protestant pastor

S496. International relations smoothers

S498. In need of paving, maybe

S499. Summer and fall mo.

S500. Cantillates

S503. Show mercy toward

S504. 1980s “Ladies” singer

S505. Busy season worker

S507. Chart toppers

S510. Buffalo-hide domiciles

S511. Salary hike

S513. Muscle shirt, e.g.

S515. Sable maker, for short

S519. Castle Rock Entertainment logo

S523. Body’s bullseyes

S525. Leo Getz portrayer in the Lethal Weapon sequels

S530. Turn into lumber

S533. Voice disapproval of

S534. Militarily fit

S535. Condescending front

S536. Pesky things

S539. Slumbered noisily

S541. 1917 marked their end

S543. Rama’s wife

S544. Star Trek role, John-___Picard

S545. “Love,” most likely

S546. Ability to pick up songs easily

S548. The Nazis, Henry Ford, and a depressing number of early 20th-century figures, if you do enough research into it

S551. Krazy Kartoon Karacter

S554. Chicago columnist Mike

S555. Convenience

S556. Zip, nada, nil

S557. “Yon Cassius has ___ and hungry look” (Julius Caesar)

S558. Home theater component

S562. 160-char. message

S563. Sports cars seen in Kill Bill and Xbox and PlayStation games

S565. Moment in time, in astronomy

S566. Some Japanese-Americans

S568. Unfashionable

S573. Belgian seaport

S575. Shows a modest decline

S577. File-renaming command, at times

S579. Musketeer played by Charlie Sheen

S580. Hiding places for tommy-guns, in the Roaring Twenties

S583. Come up again

S586. Situation right after a leadoff double

S587. Put some teeth into

S588. German wives

S589. “Took a ___ the worse”

S590. Movers and shakers

S591. Gothic novelist Victoria

S592. Words on a package’s mailing label

S596. Gold-and-ivory Olympian

S598. Vigorous clash, in West Virginia

S599. Place alone

S601. Line judge’s call

S603. Has a nice little meal

S605. Like an optimist’s point of view

S606. Indicate ominously

S608. Ultimate, informally

S609. Sure things

S612. Passed on

S613. “Well, of course I don’t resent attacks, and my family doesn’t resent attacks, but ___ does resent them” (FDR)

S615. Prelim. remarks

S617. Was in contact (with)

S619. Jamaican fare

S622. Big kitchen investments

S629. Traps in a tangle

S630. Bluefin alternative

S631. Chummy couple?

S632. When the kids’ school year ends

S635. Uses as a roost

S637. Fries in a bit of butter, e.g.

S639. City named for a French king

S640. Chicago’s “in the Park” time

S641. Uses for all it’s worth

S645. Mixed martial artist Ronda

S647. 16-season NHLer Fleury

S648. Showy funnel-shaped growths

S649. With heels elevated, in ballet

S650. Copies of legal petitions

S651. Goo-yielding plants

S652. Disadvantaged, or given an advantage

S656. Drink for Shakespeare with not much alcohol content

S658. “Help ___ hand!”

S659. Member of House Stark

S660. Burj Khalifa’s country (abbr.)

S661. Assn. or org.

S662. Bout of barhopping

S664. Savors the Grand Marnier

S665. Its members are in order

S667. Beyond that

S668. Tableware storage area

S670. Ascend

S671. Get hung up (on)

S672. Letters before an email summary

S673. Talk about without naming

S674. Domingo, notably

S675. Adjective for an antique store

S676. Pricier Redbox format

S678. Something curated by a bard

S682. Ache or pain, e.g.

S684. Self-defense, for one

S685. Some Isle of Man residents

S687. Nonspeaking part in Antony and Cleopatra

S689. Sends up en masse

S691. Intergalactic bridge worker

S692. SUV part (abbr.)

S693. Loading places

S694. Microbial cleaner

S697. Bakery item from Austria

S700. What some hoods cop

S701. Bandicoots

S702. Hero cop Eliot

S703. Big breakfast?

S704. Saying nothing

S706. Not micromanaging

S710. “True”

S714. Bible-based msg.

S715. Separates out

S716. Rapper Rhymes

S718. Emulates the Titanic

S719. Thinks vile

S721. Mammoth growths

S722. A Prairie Home Companion state

S724. In happy observance

S726. ___ got

S729. Ballroom dances

S735. Creatures

S740. Edinburgh “Uh-uh”

S741. Apostle born in present-day Turkey

S744. Fast Spanish dance

S747. Mary’s husband

S748. Sculpted trunks

S750. Matched precisely

S752. Produce eggs

S753. Badger’s home

S754. Point for Pirates

S755. Drops in the standings, perhaps

S756. One who paddles

S757. Actor Dullea of 2001 films

S759. Make a faulty sight

S760. Cowboy’s gun maker?

S767. Similarly simple

S768. Black man and single biggest sitcom star of the 1980s [yes, I know, I know, but this fact shouldn’t be forgotten]

S773. What walls might hide

S778. Popular stuffing recipe

S781. 1980s audiophile’s treasure

S784. Train for a match

S785. Like Szechuan cuisine

S787. Monthly check sender, for many (abbr.)

S790. Start of a famous soliloquy

S791. Distress calls

S793. Walked showily

S795. In bad shape

S796. Sailors

S798. Modern sort of Noah’s Ark

S800. The Hulk and Thor can lift one hundred of them, officially (abbr.)

S803. Encourage optimism

S804. Kramden’s namesakes

S805. “The show must go on” attitude

S807. Tan shade

S811. One of the only twelve-letter words that typists can produce with just the left hand on a standard keyboard

S814. Introduced, as hardware

S817. Mrs., in Mexico

S818. Poor Yorick lead-in

S819. Practicing mixed-sex education

S820. Like ___ of salts: quickly

S822. Court team

S823. “Scots Wha ___” (Burns)

S824. Chats online with, briefly

S825. None too quick on the uptake

S826. Put one’s money where one’s mouth is

S827. 1912 Nobelist Root

S829. Go for ___: get some morning air

S830. Warning to Fred and Velma

S833. Relatives that get a bad rap in fairy tales

S835. Ancient year

S837. Brain part that “sees” and “hears”

S838. Where you might put intended gift recipients

S843. Pushed into one’s mind

S846. Builder of air castles

S848. Armored fish dating back to the Jurassic

S849. Corp. source for new material

S850. “___ in xylophone”

S851. Half-___: just barely does

S853. Rebooted Ford vehicle released in 1995

S855. A dispersive one is commonly triangular

S856. Clubs with heavy bass

S859. Tiniest amount

S861. Process

S864. Seven-time NFL Pro Bowler Warren

S865. Marker on a green

S869. Has emerged unscathed

S870. Draft ponies

S871. Share premium

S877. Winding complexity

S879. Influences behind the scenes

S880. Sea yea

S882. Butler in Auntie Mame

S883. Duty for a docent

S884. DeLuise of Blazing Saddles and The Cannonball Run

S885. British military decorations

S886. March reasons

S887. Painfully shy

S889. Like well-pitched baseball games

S890. The Met, e.g.

S891. Bellowing a growl

S896. Tom Hanks kid-as-adult comedy

S897. US News’ “best US city to live” 2017-2019

S899. Ready to fall over

S905. Singer King Cole

S906. Title planet in a 2001 Kevin Spacey movie

S907. Illusion seen when flying between cloud layers

S911. Some shifts

S913. Casual okay

S914. Emotional effervescence

S915. Scale topper, perhaps

S917. Older radios

S919. They, in Calais

S920. Minsk moolah

S922. In place of

S923. Zap, in a way

S924. Overcharge

S927. TV Tarzan portrayer

S928. Digital ___ (high-tech camera, informally)

S929. Scoreboard trio

S930. Proceeds

S932. Cohort of Fagin

S933. Low draw

S934. Guy’s guy friend

S935. Tax form no.

S936. Ford innovation

S940. Perfect Sleepers, e.g.

S942. Figure (out), in slang

S946. Place with files

S948. “Under Chuck Norris’ beard, there is another ___”

S949. TV series about Oceanic Flight 815

S951. Boxers seek them

S952. Instruction to a woman in labor

S956. Earlier than when we thought Christ was born

S957. Liver or thyroid

S958. VW hatchback

S959. Fi’s leader?

S960. Audibly astonished

S964. “My previous comment was not for the record”

S967. “___ the weather?”

S971. Uses effectively

S972. ___ at Tib, Tunisian peninsula

S973. Italian direction

S975. More than fills

S976. Youth-oriented Conde Nast publication

S980. Brown photo pigment

S982. Dodger great ___ Wee Reese

S983. “Hey, I’ve got a secret…”

S984. Splash about

S985. “Boss of Me” and “Where Everybody Knows Your Name”

S987. “…fairest ___ daughters Eve” (Milton)

S988. Bridge

S989. 2001 nutjob

S990. “And this affects me…how?”

S992. Orange exteriors

S993. Foolishness

S994. Paper that gives out a Book Prize, for short

S995. Constantine was one

S998. Wind, over time, e.g.

S999. Tulsa resident

S1004. Read Across America sponsor (abbr.)

S1005. Russia’s is the largest in the world

S1007. One in the family

S1010. “Oops!,” from a shooter

S1012. Not even cracked

S1016. Affirm

S1019. Cruise stops, often

S1021. Calgary-to-Moose Jaw dir.

S1022. Assigned tasks

S1023. More than fubsy

S1024. Gyro wrappers

S1025. They look better when they’re on the mink and seal

S1026. Karen of the House

S1027. Klingons and Vulcans

S1029. Just say no

S1030. Cal. units

S1031. Portuguese wine

S1032. Takes a big loss

S1035. A few (abbr.)

S1036. Cyberstore

S1037. Some contraception choices, for short

S1038. Portraitists’ buys

S1039. Cousin of shouldn’t

S1041. Trouble for seeing

S1044. Negotiate

S1045. Dalai Lama’s traditional gift to foreign diplomats

S1047. Political party acting more like an apocalyptic cult at this point

S1048. B, C, or F, but not A, D, or E

S1049. Gift from Prometheus

S1050. Lancelot’s was Sir

S1051. 2001 Robert Rodriguez film

S1054. Baby bouncer?

S1055. Channel for Jeremy Vine

S1056. Captive of the sea nymph Calypso

S1058. “Now, ___ you…”

S1059. One Piece character named for boat propulsion

S1060. Barely make (with “out”)

S1061. Unease

S1063. Swedish soprano Birgit

S1067. Valley flowers

S1068. ___Cruces, New Mexico

S1069. Make clear

S1072. Oriente

S1073. Literature

S1074. Choice marble

S1077. Lighting the Olympic flame, e.g.

S1079. Moll Flanders author

S1080. Springsteen’s birthplace?

S1081. Octopuses’ cousins

S1083. Scribe god

S1086. Sound of Music song named for a flower

S1092. Omega preceders

S1094. “You recognize our voices, right?”

S1096. Squirmy animal

S1097. Bits of fiction

S1098. Big busyness

S1099. Unresolved

S1101. CA time

S1102. “If ___ Would Leave You” (Camelot song)

S1104. Matched group

S1105. Evening greeting in Grenoble

S1108. Spams’ alternatives

S1111. Like barely broiled meat

S1112. Directing a crew

S1113. English city where Guy Fawkes was born

S1114. It was 92 in my day

S1116. Robert Langdon’s field in The Da Vinci Code

S1121. Like Charlie Chan

S1122. Concerns about possible betrayal

S1127. Gore-Tex garments

S1134. Masterful musician

S1138. Business or coach

S1140. Baby carrier brand with an apt-sounding name

S1142. Premier alternative

S1146. “___ know that!” (self-owning dis)

S1148. Chemical suffix that’s also a city

S1150. Lightly brand

S1151. Creep out

S1152. Separation of church and church?

S1155. Architectural fronts

S1156. What Dec. 16 is the “Day of,” since 1995, in South Africa

S1162. Shrinks to a point onscreen

S1163. Three-note transcription

S1164. Unholy?

S1165. Practically at once

S1166. Equip with poison

S1167. “I pray you’re right!”

S1172. Air conditioner coolant

S1173. Hippie gatherings

S1175. Mil. Leader

S1177. Court plea, informally

S1179. Portraitist Alice

S1180. Where you might find a toga party?

S1181. Target deity of child sacrifice

S1182. Maintenance job for a plumber

S1183. Reply from Joe Friday

S1184. Famed chin of late-night TV

S1185. Trent Reznor’s band, in shorthand

S1186. Skating legend Henie

S1187. “Do you mind…?”

S1189. Pulls answers from imagination rather than pure reason and evidence

S1192. Arrived at by boat

S1193. Installed anew, as a carpet

S1194. Cargo weights

S1195. America’s best-known inventor

S1196. Broadcast network originally known as Pax

S1197. Zeno and Chrysippus, for two

S1198. Member of a 1969 MLB expansion team

S1200. ___ de acuerdo: to agree

S1202. Tkt. office locale

S1203. These guys, in Ibiza

S1204. Gaming critic Sarkeesian who faced multiple bomb threats

S1205. Poultry shelters

S1209. Farthest toward the sunset

S1212. She “gave her mother forty whacks,” according to the poem

S1214. Con’s opening

S1216. In a few

S1217. Purity

S1218. Rackstraw’s colleagues

S1219. Part of some costumes

S1221. Orange bow filler?

S1222. Porgs’ predecessors

S1223. Money-making business

S1224. Georgia, e.g.

S1225. Large scale

S1226. Little mouthless breather

S1227. Without change

S1229. Manipulated

S1232. NYC’s first subway

S1233. Expertly done

S1234. Over there, down on the farm

S1235. Mulling sound

S1236. “Let’s get pretending!”

S1237. Start of a marathon

S1238. Hang time

S1240. Order to a four-legged friend

S1241. Noninvasive med. tests

S1242. Evaluate aspects in depth

S1246. Cost-of-living measure

S1247. Hang around in a public place

S1248. Puzzle resembling Tetris

S1249. Suspend

S1250. ___-Globe: paperweight

S1251. Fixed a tax base (abbr.)

S1252. Canadian chowderhead

S1253. Women-only liberal-arts school affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania

S1255. Particular

S1257. “Haven’t the foggiest”

S1258. First three stops?

S1259. Blood drive quantity

S1261. Old boyfriend?

S1262. Sociopathic d-bag

S1263. Hue used as a base in printing

S1265. Movie format

S1267. Like the day of the winter solstice

S1272. Like some unwanted truths

S1277. Orly evening

S1278. High-level etiquette

S1280. Dead-___ (they love lost causes)

S1281. NHL postscripts

S1282. Made up (of)

S1285. Hula wreath

S1286. It’s been a democracy since 1994, for short

S1288. Gets at it

S1290. Alaskan gold mining city

S1292. ʃ

S1293. Not of the cloth

S1295. Salacious stories

S1298. Easels, e.g.

S1300. Cover with shadows

S1303. Cry from Esmeralda in The Hunchback of Notre Dame

S1307. Nonflammable fibrous mineral

S1309. Billings or Golden

S1310. Suckling site

S1312. Some feints

S1314. City in Russia

S1315. Triply misnamed political entity (abbr.)

S1316. Billycock, e.g.

S1317. Seat, in slang

S1320. MPAA pt.

S1321. Marketing mantra

S1327. “___ Like the Wind” (Patrick Swayze hit)

S1328. Half of OutKast

S1330. Short runner?

S1331. Approximating words

S1332. Converts to bone

S1333. Dan Rather’s signoff catchphrase

S1334. They were entitled to every “third penny” from their shires

S1335. “Know That You Are Loved” singer Sol

S1336. She plagues ladies’ lips with blisters, per Mercutio

S1338. Stays to the end

S1339. Uncloses, in verse

S1340. Mandatory

S1342. ___ Fideles (“O Come, All Ye Faithful”)

S1344. Poker table sight

S1348. “Woo-___!”

S1349. Towel wielder

S1352. Cute yellow character voiced by Ryan Reynolds (May 2019)

S1354. Tissue abnormality

S1355. Bid first

S1356. What keeps drones steady

S1359. Keurig alternative

S1362. Hot Pontiacs

S1363. Your first hard day on the job, metaphorically

S1364. Pros’ cams

S1365. Elevator for a Titleist

S1366. In a mood to complain

S1369. Cat named for its native isle

S1370. In a flutter

S1372. Red-and-white outfits rarely in small or medium

S1374. So-media communications we used to care a lot about

S1375. Indians and Indonesians

S1380. Cromwell’s earldom

S1381. ___ Ranger

S1382. Moves a finger, in a way

S1383. No liability

S1384. Sickle-cell is one type of it

S1385. Bar lineup

S1390. Glass, to Galba

S1391. Silent-cinema organist Baga

S1392. Ancient king of Persia

S1394. Directional abbr.

S1395. Hoops hoops

S1397. Actor Beatty of Charlie Wilson’s War

S1398. ___ gaw mein (Chinese dish)

S1399. “You’re through here, clean out your ___”

S1400. Charge against an account

S1401. Notoriously tear-jerking director Frank

S1403. Inspiration for stage productions

S1406. It has lots of household items

S1408. Word that’d be its own synonym without the letter S

S1409. Fad collectibles of the ‘90s

S1410. Supporter

S1411. Arranges by category

S1412. Pull out of bed

S1413. Believers in a clockwork universe set in motion by the divine

S1414. Bygone NFLer

S1415. Great white ___

S1416. Poetic “over there”

S1417. Carrier with a five-point harness, in Hampshire

S1418. Scores made by WRs and RBs

S1420. Johnny who played Edward Scissorhands

S1423. Grade-school book

S1426. Loud rumble?

S1429. The same amount

S1431. Gun type

S1432. Like a really bad check

S1433. Art in an annual report

S1434. Retweet, essentially

S1437. Kevin Bacon film about psychic links

S1440. Sandman character perpetually murdered by his brother

S1441. Nose expert

S1443. Sweets

S1445. Santa’s laughter

S1447. Scowling upon

S1448. Taint

S1450. Texters’ “OKs”

S1451. ___ fart

S1452. Groupings

S1454. Birmingham band, briefly

S1455. Wolf down

S1456. She-bears, south of the border

S1457. De ___ (overdone)

S1458. Whence dreams may come

S1463. Mil. weapons

S1464. What a good dancer may cut

S1465. Top-heavy toon villain in a sailor hat

S1466. Vaudeville performance, e.g.

S1469. Leave the back way, perhaps

S1471. Good ones are 12% for a card and 3.5% for a house

S1472. Partially mine

S1473. ___ tấm (Vietnamese dish)

S1474. Heroic deeds

S1478. Vowels or whirlwinds

S1480. Penultimate OT book

S1482. Slug relatives

S1483. Descartes’ donkey

S1484. Flood tide

S1486. Marsh pink

S1488. Hawaii, before 1959 (abbr.)

S1489. Boo targets, sometimes

S1490. Food chain

S1491. Giving group

S1492. Late July delivery

S1493. Some sodas, familiarly

S1494. Star Trek II: The ___ of Khan

S1495. One who leaves too many things out

S1496. Rectory figures

S1500. Couch therapy

S1505. Tousle affectionately

S1506. Fishing lines or upholstery trimming

S1508. Elegantly groomed

S1509. Emancipates

S1512. Talkth like thith

S1515. Noted Jessica Simpson wear

S1518. Satisfies, as thirst

S1520. Old-fashioned denial

S1521. Amazed shock

S1522. The US’s is currently about $27 trillion

S1524. Genius Mixes program

S1526. Letters following mus

S1527. Armpit-related

S1528. Bounce playfully

S1530. Ostracizes

S1531. Vatican name that feels like it’s missing an “o”

S1532. Is unable to tolerate

S1536. Temporary body art available at many body shops

S1537. Suffix with final or fatal

S1538. Motorist’s organization, familiarly

S1540. English teacher’s concern

S1541. Siouan speaker

S1542. Zero, to Manchester United

S1544. Tears off its hinges, maybe

S1546. Virtual person in video games

S1547. One tripping over his own feet

S1549. Building managers

S1551. Charred the surface of

S1553. Dissertation

S1554. Builder of kid’s TV

S1555. Sorts of diadems

S1557. “Yay ___!”

S1558. Valdez and Marichal

S1559. Historical figure portrayed in Quills

S1560. Google or Word file

S1561. They stick out conspicuously

S1565. Arrive feet first

S1566. Oracle hub?

S1568. Choral sixes

S1570. Bacall, to Bogart, at times

S1571. Bar in a brown wrapper

S1577. Fatigue

S1578. Israeli president Weizman

S1580. Tom & ___ (1994 movie)

S1582. Lists of people

S1583. If they could speak, the females would say to the males, “Nice rack”

S1584. Forward part of the Pinta

S1585. High-tech detectors

S1587. With no emotion but distant contempt, as a stare

S1588. Upholstered item

S1589. “We’ll follow saints and angels all/And come ___ our King” (Jupiter Hammon)

S1590. Dropped items people pick up and put back in their mouths

S1591. It can be slipped or flung

S1592. John Malkovich horse movie

S1593. Sign of things to come?

S1596. Law and order gps.

S1597. “Ooh! There!”

S1598. Angel in Vegas

S1599. Friend of Jar Jar

S1603. Ceremonies near the end?

S1604. Ms. enclosures

S1605. Drink with an extended pinkie

S1606. Conference-related

S1609. “Hop ___!” (“get going!”)

S1610. One side of a coin (abbr.)

S1612. Work with lace

S1614. Suffix for a resident of Capri (and like one or two other places)

S1615. Voy’s meaning

S1616. Specialist teams in academics, for short

S1618. Its fights take place in The Octagon

S1620. Model seen in National Lampoon’s Vacation

S1622. It may go to blazes

S1623. Like many a Texas ranch

S1624. Sounds at the Amazon deliverywoman’s approach

S1625. Home to the world’s oldest university

S1626. Ellice island

S1627. ___ of the Navy: US rank so high it’s only been given once (abbr.)

S1630. Deviltry

S1631. “All, except their sun, ___” (Lord Byron)

S1632. Alternatives to reds and whites

S1633. Requires skill

S1637. No child

S1638. Six hours behind Greenwich Mean, for short

S1639. Lose crispiness

S1641. Cold War state (abbr.)

S1642. Dream state

S1644. “___ a boy!”

S1645. Way to organize publications

S1647. ___ squared (geometric formula)

S1648. Throw in the direction of

S1650. Comment to one trying on clothes

S1653. Try something

S1655. Elevator cages

S1656. Old geologic period named for flowers

S1657. ___ Deucey: In-between

S1658. Expresses reverence

S1660. Aparacio who stole 506 career bases

S1662. Teaching degree, or did something that should disqualify one from a teaching degree

S1666. Satire mag of old

S1667. Swillpot

S1668. Bands appearing after split-ups?

S1669. Vindictive Tyler Perry character

S1670. “___ hoppen?!”

S1671. “…grace of God, ___”

S1674. Goes without saying

S1678. Start of some picture books

S1680. Takes care

S1682. “___ Boy” (Tommy song)

S1683. Weapon to waste some dirty rats, see?

S1685. Area within

S1687. Three phases of getting manga ready for English-speaking audiences, for short

S1688. Jaden role in The Karate Kid

S1689. Letters from the family?

S1691. Nexus 7 rival

S1692. Q-U separator

S1693. Call off

S1694. Torah containers

S1695. Keeping food warm, as an oven

S1696. Word that brings a smile?

S1698. Modern speed-detection system

S1700. Unshackles

S1705. TD figs.

S1706. Abolitionist Tubman

S1707. ___ wrestling (rodeo event)

S1708. Nightfall, poetically

S1709. Environs

S1712. Buccaneer’s plunder (abbr.)

S1713. Sidewalk stand suffix

S1714. Seamstress’s creation

S1715. Evine and QVC rival

S1716. Stilbene-free cleaning products

S1717. Chewing addiction, for some

S1718. Old-time car

S1719. Judicial ruling

S1722. Chemical warfare agent

S1724. Make ___-ditch effort

S1725. Record player nos.

S1726. Cannes coterie

S1727. Orator’s pedestal

S1728. Kurosawa of film

S1729. Simple and carefree

S1732. ER network, once

S1735. Guyliner wearer’s genre

S1736. Compass letters

S1738. Common V.A. malady

S1739. What used to be blamed for a faint

S1740. Rock legend Snider who spoke to Congress

S1741. Mother of Wynonna and Ashley

S1744. Acted like

S1746. Used to catch food scraps

S1748. Singers on Pandora

S1750. Tyrant who arbitrarily rewrites half my clues or genius like me saving dumb writers from themselves, depending on which job I’m doing at the time

S1752. “Don’t you agree?,” in British lingo

S1755. Party crashers, e.g.

S1757. Plant with trumpet-shaped flowers

S1758. Sinise CBS series

S1759. Full of melting snow

S1760. “___ Really Goin’ Out With Him?”

S1762. Stupid or unconscious

S1764. UN agcy. for working people

S1765. Off-roader

S1768. SNL-based movie playing with gender identity in the 1990s

S1771. Milky Way radio

S1773. Talks

S1774. Omaha-to-Miami dir.

S1775. “How many guest [__] __ the party?”

S1776. Dig new furrows

S1778. Postal beats, briefly

S1780. From then

S1781. Jersey’s official flower

S1782. Emulates a scryer

S1786. Big part of the New World

S1788. Minnesota Fats stroke

S1789. Dizzying museum pieces

S1790. Holds, as a Hummer

S1791. “The thing of ___…”

S1792. District 12’s competitor

S1793. Theoretician Planck

S1794. Unknown influence

S1799. Pageant owned by Donald Trump until 2015

S1801. Acquired things?

S1806. XXIX × XIX

S1807. Home of the first UN secretary general

S1809. Modern channel changer

S1810. More dismal, Britishly

S1811. It’s split

S1812. Neighbors of the sopranos, perhaps

S1813. “Too rich for my blood”

S1814. “Not only that…”

S1815. Nary a bit

S1819. Commanders in chief

S1821. Retort to “You can’t!”

S1822. Shows shock

S1823. “I can also ___ impression of a toaster” (Google Home joke)

S1824. Meal, in Milan

S1825. Platform for some tablets

S1826. Info sent to inspire coverage of what’s happened

S1830. Unties

S1832. “Quiet, kitty!”

S1833. Hunt of Mad About You

S1835. “60 minuti”

S1837. Palindromic pitcher Robb (whose last name isn’t “Bor”)

S1838. “Lion Heart” singer, to fans

S1839. Football Night in America co-host Patrick

S1841. Goes steady with

S1843. Richie Cunningham’s love

S1844. Some cheap beers (init.)

S1845. Like ogres, they have layers

S1847. Bartenders often hear them

S1851. “One Hand In My Pocket” singer known for one-take recordings

S1853. Schools of religio

S1854. Ferrigno and Costello

S1855. Likely to wear a beret

S1856. Weed-whacker alternatives

S1858. Decides one should

S1860. About the height

S1862. Scoreless tie

S1863. What you may do, after I cleverly help you out

S1864. Cheaters

S1868. Mini-albums, informally

S1870. Lenore’s creator

S1872. Hitch in the best-laid plans

S1874. It’s not like he MEANT to do it, Freud! In fact, he blinded himself once he realized he had

S1876. Some sunbathers

S1877. Karl or Harpo

S1879. Eat “flesh” and drink “blood”

S1884. The privileged

S1885. Clicks one’s disapproval

S1886. Rockette launchers?

S1887. “Your ___ or mine?”

S1888. Seed benefit

S1889. “Disgusting!”

S1890. What chutney may top

S1891. Desktop discontinued in 2021

S1894. Cicero or Cato

S1896. Letter-shaped sink pipes

S1897. Oedipus composer

S1898. EDT equivalent

S1899. James McAvoy portrayed 23 in Split

S1901. “…have multiple personalities” follower on a T-shirt

S1904. Olive Oyl’s creator

S1905. Seed sites

S1906. Pinkett Smith of The Matrix Revolutions

S1907. Walking style

S1909. Surrounded and cut off from aid

S1914. Classman (abbr.)

S1915. Recent, in Bonn

S1916. British Royal Navy abbr.

S1917. Does anything for the Trump administration, probably

S1919. Evans or Hill of song

S1920. Picking up signals

S1922. President who oversaw the issuance of the first US postage stamp

S1923. Pull with the cool kids

S1924. Foreign bucks

S1927. Backbone components (var.)

S1931. Henry and McHenry (abbr.)

S1932. Toys ___

S1933. Peter Pan’s rival

S1935. Indent better

S1937. Sacra or Dolorosa

S1938. Handy rollouts at sleepovers

S1940. Military attacks

S1942. Sing a paean to

S1943. Beans that anagram one of the products you get from grinding them

S1944. Newcomer to the Hill

S1949. Car sticker acronym

S1950. Its website includes a guide to bias-free language

S1951. Heron’s milieu

S1952. Constitution class, for short?

S1953. Bummed smoke

S1954. Scots’ “Why not?”-s

S1955. Chows down on

S1956. Brings before the bench

S1957. Rink-ready

S1960. City Paul (or “Paul”) chastised for picking and mixing

S1962. DVR attachment

S1964. Mona Lisa look?

S1965. Slovenia adopted it in 2007

S1967. Johnny Cash and John Grisham

S1971. Dojo teacher

S1972. Foot-___ (large hot dog)

S1973. Animal that turned Kristen Bell into a puddle of joy onscreen

S1974. Augsburg abode

S1975. Diana couldn’t save it from a seventh-century-BC flood

S1979. Box set item

S1980. Butterfly “nose”

S1982. It moves a kayak

S1983. Belt-piercer

S1984. House Hunters network

S1985. Implants

S1986. Sugarpie

S1987. Treat icy roads again

S1990. Brazilian slums

S1992. Pitched one’s pitch

S1994. Perfect start?

S1995. Sites of plant management?

S1998. Catch-22 hero

S2000. Ship whose destruction helped spark the Spanish-American War

S2002. Kind of pepper or powder

S2003. Planet of dragonriders, in books by Anne McCaffrey

S2004. Tourney vets

S2005. Like “sulfgolad n’borate, when josc ploked blawsy”

S2009. Bulletins with first-person reporting

S2012. [gestures at 125x125 sub-grid]

S2013. Meat Puppets song covered by Nirvana on MTV Unplugged

S2014. Brighton bye-byes

S2015. Ancient natives of Mytilene

S2018. Like the era of the conquistadores

S2020. Puck and Tinkerbell

S2022. Goose, to Gregoire

S2023. “I need space”

S2025. Like some shoes

S2028. Not quite first

S2029. Medium’s messages

S2030. Longest sentence possible

S2031. Sean known for death scenes

S2032. Authority on diamonds?

S2034. Nipponese capital, once

S2035. Judgeable by appearances

S2037. ___ up (disclose the truth)

S2040. Starts a toast

S2043. Some Sp. women

S2044. It might go from 0 to 60 minutes

S2045. Co-star of Eva, Marcia, and Felicity

S2046. Labeling system from Brother

S2049. Skyfall director

S2051. Constructed, as a web

S2052. Red Rum, e.g.

S2054. Do the honors at dinner

S2055. Frozen drinks

S2058. Big brown Muppet

S2060. ___ Neuf: Paris bridge

S2061. Masonry wharf

S2062. 56

S2063. AJ’s singing sister, or Nelson on New Girl

S2064. End of a Latin boast

S2065. Really appreciate

S2066. Underhanded, duplicitous

S2067. E-tailing specifications

S2070. Responds with consummate smoothness

S2072. Stay-at-home

S2073. “It’s Getting Better” singer Elliot

S2074. What Ahab sold to pay for his quest

S2076. “SO EXCITED!”

S2077. Do some patchwork

S2079. Lilies with bell-shaped flowers

S2082. Six-point completion, informally

S2084. “I didn’t want to know that!”

S2085. Where to get a massage

S2088. Needing some air

S2091. “For Scentimental Reasons” star

S2092. Breakfast area

S2093. Long lunches

S2094. Ocean floor’s composition

S2096. Deli listing

S2097. Mexican-American

S2098. My neighbor’s lifespan (miss you Ethel…abbr.)

S2099. Dessert sometimes prepped with a “bird”

S2100. Lip’s worth of beverage

S2103. Airport line-jumping program

S2104. They look like penguins and act like penguins, and yet…

S2105. “Rock and Roll All Nite” Rockers

S2106. Nonstarters?

S2107. Mold or fashion

S2110. More snide

S2113. Gone in 60 Seconds director Dominic

S2114. Chorus sound

S2115. Low and near

S2117. Fail to notice

S2119. In ___ and out the other

S2122. News accounts

S2124. Cheers of a sort

S2125. Airport vehicle

S2126. Rumination readout, for short

S2127. He might ask “What’s your greatest weakness?”, for short

S2128. Holders of buried treasures

S2129. Pear that keeps its shape in cooking

S2130. Did, wrongly

S2136. They might have battery charges

S2138. Tackle the quarterback

S2139. Use a line, perhaps

S2140. They may create rings

S2142. Razor with MACH3 handle

S2143. Dome ___ Invalides (historic church)

S2145. Fraternity membership

S2146. Glass-half-empty types

S2148. Julie’s costar in Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, and Before Midnight

S2149. Added to a written exchange

S2152. Leave off

S2155. Flowering vines

S2157. Gaius Julius and Hadrian

S2159. Whittier’s feet

S2160. Alpha, e.g.

S2161. Casino moneymakers

S2163. Spielberg-produced book adaptation never shown in Mainland China

S2168. Bottom line

S2171. The Middle or CSI

S2173. Dance-A-___ (common fundraiser)

S2174. Entry point for some vans

S2176. Quench fully

S2178. What “brains” do well on

S2181. Tempe sch.

S2182. Dungeons & Dragons co., once

S2183. “Arrivederci, duder!”

S2184. The Old Religion novelist

S2186. Build-your-own-Mexican-food station

S2189. Do a slow fade

S2191. Name on a Slow Churned quart

S2192. Roy or Niger of CORE

S2193. She played Elizabeth in Elizabeth

S2194. “I was not an attractive child. When I didn’t use my Girl Scouts uniform as a uniform, I used it as ___” (Joan Rivers)

S2195. Pound critters, usually

S2196. Expert on hemispheres

S2201. Metal wedges on wood levers

S2203. Periods of typography

S2204. Pat once second only to Elvis Presley in music sales

S2205. More deceptive

S2207. Spare parts?

S2209. Tending toward slovenliness

S2210. ___ pareil

S2212. Hubby’s female sibs, say

S2215. Most-seen Ryan Gosling role

S2216. Neighbors of swing sets

S2218. Kind of melon or cat

S2220. FAO Schwarz operator

S2221. “I got ___” (proud moment for a struggling student)

S2222. Evasive or mendacious

S2223. Mexican mint

S2224. Letter worth slowing down for?

S2225. Hymns to Apollo

S2226. Land that’s not inland

S2227. Kind of bias, yes?

S2231. Post-éclair excitement

S2233. Manic time in a 1986 hit

S2234. Moment in time

S2235. It probably shouldn’t end “I’m taking the First Lady and moving to Sweden,” for short

S2236. Begin an offensive

S2237. Eyes roguishly

S2239. Blas or Hodges

S2240. Financial supporter

S2244. It’s from the Latin for “fissile stone”

S2246. Arranges, as a bouffant hairstyle

S2250. Mustache Hat artist

S2251. It may be set

S2252. Bickering, as is their habit

S2254. Fine dirt cemented by calcium carbonate

S2255. Harrison Jr. of Chevalier and Monster

S2256. Structure support

S2257. Hang ___ (Hong Kong stock index)

S2258. Egyptologist’s worry mostly explained by a fungal mold that thrives in tombs

S2262. Relative whose name sounds like a city in France

S2263. College address ending

S2264. Change makers?

S2266. Like an eyebrow-raising contract

S2268. Appeal at sea

S2269. Bellies up to

S2270. Ins. choice

S2271. Turns away

S2275. Younger ___ Springtime

S2276. Lead-in to roba or vacantia

S2277. Abscam creator

S2280. Takes too much LSD

S2281. Employment hot topic

S2282. Cookbook amts.

S2284. Down word, perhaps

S2286. Cartoonist Roz who wrote You Can Only Yell at Me for One Thing at a Time: Rules for Couples

S2287. Figures in D.C.

S2288. Guinea pig lookalikes

S2289. Achieving, as control or a reputation

S2293. Leaves without an answer

S2295. White-browed ___-warbler

S2296. Unit used in astronomy

S2297. Tech whiz

S2299. Online portal launched on the same day as Windows 95

S2300. Waiters waiting for an NBA return in 2023

S2302. ___-jongg (Chinese game)

S2303. “I’m posting this well after the fact”

S2304. Like some chocolate chips

S2305. ___ favor (please, in Spanish)

S2306. “Whoever ___ it, dealt it”

S2311. Lion’s share of Google’s revenue

S2313. Actor Daly or Ivey

S2316. Leek cousin

S2317. Namesakes of Adam’s third

S2318. Film that repopularized 3-D movies

S2319. The first US Millionaire host, to fans

S2320. Taking care of the issue

S2321. Named as legal precedent

S2322. River of eastern Wales

S2323. Kristen and John

S2326. November runner

S2327. Suffix for social or graph

S2328. Always Be My Maybe star Daniel ___ Kim

S2329. Separate with finality

S2330. Drill modifier

S2331. Metro stops (abbr.)

S2332. Dad or Granddad, nicknamed

S2334. Bible study sch.

S2335. Long migration

S2336. Andrea ___ Sarto

S2337. Up to the mark

S2338. Mississippi bank

S2339. Honey or sugar, e.g.

S2340. Israeli or Afghan

S2343. “Frankly, I’m ___ loss”

S2346. Caesar starting Hamlet’s speech?

S2347. Claiborne of Rhode Island

S2348. Parts or pasta

S2350. Speaker in the Hall of Fame

S2351. ___ from the Crypt

S2352. Division for the Orioles

S2353. Ballet turns

S2356. Prevention units?

S2358. Goes after

S2360. Red Guards idol

S2362. Sixth, in Italy

S2364. Superfluously

S2365. Grand piano’s rel.

S2367. Unit of ___iation

S2369. “Can ___ least get ready first?”

S2372. PFC superior

S2373. “It’s ___. Let’s shake on it”

S2374. Title hero for Euripides

S2375. Positive, as an attitude

S2376. Notes on a paper

S2379. Facts, in casual conversation

S2383. Charlotte of Diff’rent Strokes

S2384. ___ generis: unique

S2385. 53rd Street comedy club, informally

S2387. Comparable to a beet

S2388. “Book ‘em, ___!” (misspelled catchphrase so popular in crosswords I had to include it once…the third letter should be doubled)

S2389. Ancient critter that tended to be either humongous or tiny

S2390. Language that gave us “ombudsman”

S2392. Our country, to Italians

S2393. Splinter group, briefly

S2395. Stop-___ (convenience store name)

S2396. “Wondering why I even bother TBH”

S2397. Carson Daly’s old MTV show, for short

S2398. In Aachen, aabsolutely naat

S2401. Problem that causes…um…you know, this is S2400-Across and “2400” is a weird number in military time, you can swap it out for 0000 and nobody cares, I guess military minds need a balance between flexibility and discipline

S2403. Free spirit

S2408. Soaked biscuit, e.g.

S2410. Many Food Network hosts

S2412. Crafts one’s body hair

S2414. Double curve, as in yarn

S2415. One might be a goodie

S2416. Lucy star, in tabloids

S2419. Neg.’s opp.

S2422. Silver screen rivals

S2423. Post-”Slow” sign

S2425. Powerful physical attraction

S2426. ___ away with (eliminates)

S2427. Dict. info

S2428. Sitcom interruption

S2430. DS9 forerunner

S2432. Perfect, sociologically

S2434. Yellow dog

S2436. Gut courses

S2438. Instruction to a violinist

S2440. “___ I known...!”

S2441. ___(2) = 3.62686040785

S2442. Airplane’s suitcase spot

S2444. Heart contractions

S2445. They can secure animals to posts

S2449. Nationalist authoritarian

S2451. Site of a death march

S2452. Make an honest effort

S2457. Some painters

S2458. Guitarist on Draconian Times and Icon

S2459. Sauron/Saruman story

S2460. Member of a Herzegovinian minority

S2461. Spy Mata

S2462. Walk with long steps

S2464. Longtime Guardian cartoonist Asquith

S2465. Mini calendars

S2466. Leaves at once

S2467. Met up with old friends

S2469. “___ Wiedersehen!”

S2471. Nautical heading (abbr.)

S2472. “Perhaps you’re right…”

S2474. Non-flat TV

S2475. Whiter shade of pale?

S2476. Your score after you get all these answers correct (you can do it, I believe in you!)

S2479. Poetic form

S2481. USA or UAE, e.g.

S2482. Concern for appearances

S2487. They express ownership

S2489. Double agent

S2490. Lee heroine

S2491. Unity despite individualities

S2493. Mentally healthy

S2494. Lead-in to vivant or voyage

S2495. Variety of M&M’s

S2496. Physical powers of Carrie White and Jean Grey, for short

S2497. Will, to Jaden

S2499. Televangelist Joel

S2501. ___ Academy (school in ancient Athens)

S2503. Prelude to reading aloud

S2504. “Yes, we’re OPEN” or “Sorry, we’re CLOSED” scene

S2510. Scuba divers’ lifelines

S2512. Whitney Houston’s label

S2514. Overhead smashers

S2515. Welsh-born I, Claudius actress Phillips

S2516. Attention-seeking in news

S2520. “That clarifies things”

S2521. Reducing program

S2522. Switchblades, slangily

S2523. It deorbited in 2001, ironically

S2524. Gay icon Arthur of Golden Girls

S2525. Swears (to)

S2527. Kill with jokes

S2528. Athos et Aramis

S2530. ___ sample of (taste)

S2531. The ___ Club (14-season televangelist show)

S2532. Stage dir. meaning “begins to speak”

S2534. Not according to plan

S2535. Prospects read by eds.

S2536. Counterparts of faunae

S2537. Undersized, in Ayr

S2538. “___ mein holder Abendstern,” Wagner aria

S2539. Gets angry

S2541. Word with two very different meanings in the stories of Noah and Moses

S2542. Not collectively

S2543. Spoken for and not mine

S2544. Robot graveyards

S2548. Made like many New York tourists

S2550. Boar or boor

S2551. Burkina ___

S2552. Gung-ho, when doubled

S2553. Cowardly

S2554. Just too much

S2555. Like some blue humor

S2556. Where Gauguin painted

S2558. Jackie Onassis’ sister

S2559. Designate

S2561. Much binary code

S2562. Name tag

S2563. Inspiration for Godzilla’s back spines

S2568. Bands for music?

S2571. “What’s it to ___?”

S2573. “You can observe a lot just by watching” and “Deja vu all over again,” e.g.

S2575. Yielding readily

S2577. Herr’s lady

S2581. Protests for better pay and worker protections

S2585. Wanda of comedy

S2586. Descartes and Hamlet’s preoccupation

S2587. Knuckle rapper

S2588. “Best speed you can manage!”

S2590. Some trunks

S2592. Lip stuff

S2593. Made the first bet

S2594. Town inland of the Ijsselmeer

S2596. WWII battle

S2597. Surname on an eclectic quarterly

S2598. Electronic eavesdropping org.

S2599. Fall in ___: collapse limply

S2600. English river that flows into the Humber

S2601. Didn’t cook

S2603. Sans deletions

S2607. Evenings, casually

S2608. Completely wrap one’s mind around

S2609. Well-organized

S2610. “Come get your Brunswick stew!”

S2612. Sharia

S2615. “There was a point here somewhere”

S2617. Vocally exposes

S2618. Actress Payton or fashion designer Rogers

S2619. Press Ctrl-Y

S2622. Part of Ryder Cup victory celebrations

S2623. Excited and merry, in the 1890s

S2624. Simpers

S2625. Broadcaster in 46 langs.

S2627. Russian political oddity

S2629. Union in D.C., e.g.

S2630. Exceptionally smart people

S2631. USAF E-6’s

S2632. Early U2 hit

S2633. Question mark’s key-mate

S2634. 1930s canine role

S2635. “Jes’ imagine, Jeb…”

S2636. “False as dicers’ ___”

S2638. Retracts, as a statement

S2639. Scott McNealy is its CEO

S2641. Overshoot

S2644. Outstanding, as a hit

S2645. Rush’s song off “Presto” that went long? (with “The”)

S2646. Rest period?

S2647. “Hang on half ___ there, guv!”

S2648. Lane at the Planet

S2649. Like a gymnast

S2653. Send out

S2654. Sent some love, in a way

S2657. Platform for early Zelda games, for short

S2658. Poet’s planet

S2659. Like a mature horse

S2661. Goes wild

S2662. “White & ___” (Weird Al Yankovic song)

S2663. Road reversal, slangily

S2664. Backup instruments in some bands

S2665. Like most churches

S2667. Adulterate

S2669. Brief moment of time (abbr.)

S2670. They help celebs keep public faces

S2673. “Yo!”

S2674. Macs’ MOs

S2675. “Lafayette, ___ here!”

S2677. What tyrants can’t tolerate

S2679. “Avatar” origin

S2680. Man in a big house?

S2681. Parisian’s possessive

S2682. Final Fantasy XIV or RuneScape

S2684. Russian city east of Kiev

S2685. Does something fatherly?

S2688. Army medals

S2690. UPC cousin

S2691. Fist-pumper’s cry

S2692. They have a fan ARMY

S2693. Five after one?

S2694. Like some brats

S2699. More conservative, investment-wise

S2700. Prefix for a trillion

S2701. Devil worship

S2703. Purest form of knowledge

S2705. Cooler pool

S2709. Fruit that doesn’t rhyme

S2710. Springsteen, notably

S2711. Tech grads (abbr.)

S2713. Very descriptive

S2716. Miscue

S2718. Plays the class clown

S2720. Encountered

S2721. Anticipated takeoff hour

S2722. Little Debbie treats

S2727. Autograph (abbr.)

S2728. Audio accessory

S2734. Praise uncontrollably

S2735. Woolly males

S2736. Like a box of chocolates (abbr.)

S2738. Cruel and oppressive (var.)

S2740. Actually, initially

S2741. Olympians’ dreams

S2742. North to Pierre

S2744. Totally amazed

S2745. Cremains, mostly

S2746. Numic dialect speaker

S2747. Have as a logical consequence

S2748. Despite all that

S2750. Doesn’t get hung up on

S2756. Roundup accessory

S2758. Luke’s cinematic sister

S2762. Photo ___ (times to take pics)

S2763. Mobile Justice app source

S2764. There’s two in a sch. year

S2765. Took part in a mob scene

S2766. Org. for Couples and Love

S2767. Rink item

S2768. In need of a massage

S2769. Variables

S2771. Slim bodies (abbr.)

S2773. “Go ahead, I’m listening”

S2776. Brit’s palindromic “See you later!”

S2778. Former linebacker Manti

S2779. Rebecca Black hit the internet loved…and loved to hate

S2780. Death notice, briefly

S2784. Painfully long?

S2785. Eavesdropper

S2789. Crocodile Dundee, e.g.

S2791. Be an arm-twister

S2792. Run in The Alphabet Song

S2793. A 3 is passing

S2795. OS X runner

S2796. Feelers of insects and lobsters

S2797. Like some leaves

S2798. Sashimi staples

S2800. Spitting sound

S2801. Become one

S2807. They make good coffin material

S2811. Front matter list (abbr.)

S2812. Bald spot content?

S2813. Social climbers’ concerns

S2815. Small French bar

S2817. Wrong-number word

S2818. “May God reward you”

S2820. End- opposite

S2821. Drawn-out YouTube short?

S2822. Wooden-headed hammers

S2823. End, after all is said and done

S2824. Type of grain

S2825. Alluvial deposits

S2826. “___ 99 problems…”

S2827. Some watches

S2828. Rode one’s rump down a rime

S2830. Does poorly in a Congressional election

S2835. Attendance record demerits

S2836. Form of protest

S2838. Title for archaeologist Flinders Petrie or Leonard Woolley

S2840. Tailor-made?

S2841. How to buy DVDs for binge-watching

S2842. It goes from Tuscany to the Tyrrhenian

S2843. Maintenance cost

S2844. Prolific chess analyst and programmer

S2845. Faucet brand

S2847. “Send nudes ___ send nukes” (meme featuring Putin and Kim Jong Un)

S2848. Uracil-containing macromolecule

S2849. Words said with a shrug

S2850. A Wrinkle in Time co-star

S2851. Hallucinates

S2853. “Shaddup!”

S2854. Like some salamanders

S2855. Popular orange soda

S2856. Life story

S2857. Ford sobriquet

S2859. Tourist attractions in Mumbai, Bali, and Israel

S2864. Passed out

S2867. Cockatoos’ pride

S2868. President Lincoln wore one, now and then

S2869. Oliver Queen of TV

S2871. Dejected

S2872. Annoying insects

S2874. Stressless condition

S2875. Chew the fat

S2877. Kind of a fit

S2878. “Be careful out there”

S2879. Ways out

S2881. Diamonds and real estate, as opposed to stock prices and rental agreements

S2884. Commits brigandage

S2887. Restaurant list that includes tuna rolls and nigiri

S2888. Exams for sophs. and jrs.

S2889. Do ___: circle the track

S2890. Most successful supervillain ever, in terms of number of crimes accomplished

S2891. The Profit network

S2892. Short task

S2893. Ethno or con follower

S2895. Slang that elides “-picious”

S2898. Hottest stars, according to James Ulmer

S2900. Stewart on The Daily Show

S2901. Amazing triumph

S2906. Stomach area

S2907. From Eur.’s boot

S2908. As an adult, for short

S2910. Broke down cells

S2912. Home for some fish

S2913. Supports in a dispute

S2915. Passionate cravings

S2916. Drinks loudly

S2919. He’s never gonna give you up, let you down, run around, or desert you

S2921. Patch roads

S2922. Follows up on

S2926. They tow in Vail

S2927. Further repetitions

S2930. “Heat of the Moment” band

S2932. Resistance found in a 20-kilometer silicon wire that’s about one centimeter thick

S2935. Figs. on menus (actual costs may vary)

S2936. Like many classic movies

S2937. Affixes in a way

S2939. Gets off the proper path

S2948. Socially challenged

S2949. Garrulous equine

S2953. Loose hood

S2955. Run-D.M.C. would wear Adidas ones

S2960. You, to Johann

S2961. The man

S2962. He just can’t stop with the sarcastic remarks

S2964. Capek who wrote

S2965. Chimney sweep’s coat

S2966. “You ___ just whistling Dixie”

S2967. “The Waste Land” poet’s inits.

S2968. Trade places in the theater

S2970. Game in which the lowliest laborers can become royalty

S2972. Most tempestuous

S2975. Convinces to buy

S2976. Robin Burt

S2977. Myrmecologist’s expertise

S2978. Like an hour-long stretch for a training marathoner

S2979. With every meal, medically

S2980. She’ll help you find some merchandise

S2987. Open-flame cooker

S2988. Disgusted remarks

S2989. “In a couple of ___”

S2990. Bathroom cartridge

S2992. Redefines possibility for

S2993. ___ stick: incense

S2994. “It’s ___ to you now, you and your generation”

S2995. End of Morse code?

S2997. Words that follow Felix or bell

S2998. You, slangily, after a “t” sound

S2999. Works on pumps, maybe

S3002. Equal in quality

S3004. Objectionable

S3005. Tongue-clickings

S3008. Family-tree word

S3009. Halftime deliveries

S3010. Neon Genesis series, to fans

S3011. Southern sounds

S3012. The Silver Chair locale

S3013. Arsenic and ___

S3014. B.C. sound effect

S3015. 1948-1951 US org.

S3016. Dr. Alzheimer

S3017. Aspiration, as of the world

S3021. Nevertheless

S3022. Selene, to Ovid

S3023. Make a fool of

S3024. Allay grief

S3027. Fileted

S3028. Atkins who sang “Mr. Sandman”

S3029. Gallery contents

S3030. Pet name for Alexander, in Russia

S3033. When the redness starts rising over the Atlantic

S3035. Strong feelings of ill will

S3036. ___ bunt

S3038. 1994 comedy that was Jon Favreau’s big break

S3040. Billed to be

S3041. “___ help you?”

S3043. Four-dimensional cubes name-checked in A Wrinkle in Time and The Avengers

S3046. As prompted

S3047. Dialer’s trio

S3048. Pt. of RSVP

S3049. “___ my way!”

S3050. “Time for sleep”

S3051. Having a natural fragrance

S3053. Purges of rodents

S3054. Huawei and Sprint, for short

S3055. Election losers

S3056. Eastern potentates

S3057. Aspiring DA’s exam

S3059. Trek guide

S3062. Not be closed-minded

S3067. Looney Tunes toon, for short

S3069. Young women’s gp.

S3070. Variant found in a mutation

S3071. “Sic semper tyrannis” speaker

S3076. Moves limbs and torso wildly

S3077. Overawe

S3079. Dopamine fasting, for tech bros in 2021

S3080. Visit between whalers

S3081. ___ v. Ferguson (“separate but equal” case)

S3082. Jam containers

S3083. Forestland spokesfigure Woodsy

S3084. “Right away, madame!”

S3085. Souls, in ancient Egypt

S3086. Certain chess piece (abbr.)

S3087. Vegetarians may argue the “B” stands for “bread”

S3088. No Man ___ Island

S3089. Dodger Stadium decision

S3091. Biting wit

S3095. Predictable sway

S3097. Star with the Cosmos, once

S3098. Softly, in mus.

S3099. “Oy, vey!” cause

S3100. Soldier’s barked denial

S3103. Hothead’s emotion

S3104. Beach

S3105. Roll of the dice

S3110. Kuwaiti VIP (var.)

S3112. Sydneyites, e.g.

S3114. Caffeine-free drink

S3118. Abbr. in a resort’s name

S3119. Spam-cutting email feature

S3120. Trading post? (abbr.)

S3122. Abe Lincoln’s son

S3124. Fulfill a request

S3128. Movie about trying not to be transformed into a snake

S3132. Family in the fictional Five Families War

S3136. Conductor’s workplace

S3138. Piraeus portico

S3140. Thumb drive contents

S3141. “The ___ rim dips…” (Coleridge)

S3142. Chinese unit of weight

S3144. Feeling like a blessing from fate

S3145. Setting set

S3148. Certain 1960s paintings

S3149. Poet’s treasure

S3150. Allows to expire

S3152. Put a fresh layer on, after erosion

S3153. Author Chinua Achebe, by birth

S3154. Bowl game channel

S3155. “Anytime I don’t have to wear [one] is a good day” (Amanda Seales)

S3156. Soft talk

S3158. Soaps with a Hispanic influence

S3162. Don’t worry, they’re fine, they give your face character!

S3163. Unpaid positions for Clark, Lois, and Jimmy in My Adventures with Superman

S3170. Board used in seances

S3172. Some polygamous figures

S3178. Cattle identifier

S3179. Hub spots for snacks

S3180. Allocation

S3182. Threesome in Cincinnati?

S3183. Skein fliers

S3184. Just bask for it

S3185. ___ cit.: footnote abbr.

S3186. Loose-hipped dance

S3187. ___ Park, California (site of Facebook’s headquarters)

S3189. Take-back

S3190. Bit of gamesmanship

S3191. Floppy feature of a dachshund

S3192. Ironic and critical comedy

S3194. Cassette gadget

S3199. Side-channel, in Canada

S3200. Classic parlor game

S3202. Equipment for a Winter Paralympian

S3207. Don’t get too close, as during COVID

S3208. Nasdaq listing (abbr.)

S3209. Worked out ahead of time

S3212. Avoiding a pothole, perhaps

S3215. Pungent garnish

S3216. Hydrogen-ion activity measurements

S3218. All those against

S3220. Alaska’s ___ Glacier

S3221. Baseballer Bando

S3222. Keeps saying git, maybe

S3223. Peace Nobelist Wiesel

S3225. What Henry Ford said his car buyers could have, “as long as it’s black”

S3228. Unenlightening

S3233. Male red deer

S3234. Root beer source

S3235. Baking potatoes

S3236. The Battleship Potemkin director

S3238. Not too adept with

S3241. Bitter quarrel

S3243. Put ink to paper via iPad

S3244. Soccer highlights

S3245. Stage help

S3246. ___ bean (var.)

S3247. Hairy word fragment

S3248. Sappho’s home

S3250. Pop out of a jet

S3252. Fill with spackling compound

S3255. Second number in a periodic table’s square

S3258. Column-to-ceiling juncture

S3260. Somewhat fussy Nine-Nine cop

S3263. Méphistophélès in Faust, vocally

S3264. Shutout element

S3265. Nuge, to Oilers fans

S3266. Polishing

S3271. Gutter adjunct

S3273. Dental thread

S3274. Frenzied routines

S3276. “When I Take My Sugar ___,” 1931 song

S3278. Waterlogged to overflowing

S3279. Five-year-old’s “No, you are mistaken; the aspect we are discussing is indeed one of my qualities”

S3281. Word on most gift tags

S3284. Assent to a married mujer

S3287. Away from the sail wind

S3290. Mount a soapbox

S3291. South American monkey

S3292. Air quality alert prompter

S3296. Left-handed home keys

S3300. Dreaded person?

S3305. Lets borrow again

S3306. Wearing one’s age on one’s chin

S3308. Bridge groups

S3309. Above, poetically

S3310. December 24 and 31

S3311. Fight off

S3312. 72 for 18, often

S3313. Heavenward

S3314. Become clear

S3315. Japanese massage that uses acupressure

S3318. Nattily attired folks

S3321. Absorbs, as gravy on a plate

S3323. Wrestler John who has granted more Make-A-Wish wishes than anyone else

S3324. Featured artist on Flo Rida’s “Low”

S3326. Ghosts and skeletons, e.g.

S3333. Absurdist art movement

S3337. Audience addressed in “Baby Got Back”

S3338. “___’s best friend is his mother” (Psycho)

S3339. Troupe group

S3340. Tea kettle features

S3342. 1994 comedy with an oxymoronic title

S3344. Back to school mo.

S3345. Its top division is called makuuchi

S3347. Modest stream

S3350. Workplace where white is worn

S3351. Talk star O’Donnell

S3352. Winner of four show biz awards

S3355. Norton alternative

S3359. Higher-ranking lawyer

S3361. Actress Vardalos et al.

S3362. Specter who wrote Never Give In: Battling Cancer in the Senate

S3363. Krupa portrayer on film

S3364. Congenital cleft

S3365. Gardner and DuVernay

S3366. Some road atlas pgs.

S3367. They’ll go out of their way to help

S3370. Absolute rulers

S3373. Certain band instruments

S3374. Of lesser size, disparagingly

S3376. Dresden dwellers

S3378. “Sounds about right”

S3381. College officials (abbr.)

S3382. Donatello’s weapons

S3383. Christie creation

S3387. Joan Collins film, or take a break when flying from Asia to the Americas

S3389. Like mailed periodicals, once

S3391. Pig’s place, perhaps?

S3392. Troth binder

S3393. Amerada ___ (oil giant)

S3394. Screen siren Thurman

S3396. Mystery show spun off from a comedy

S3397. Consequence

S3399. Popular discount shoe store

S3400. Like carriage horses

S3402. Sediment speck in the bottle

S3404. Period of inactivity

S3405. Have the fun job of

S3406. Add zip to

S3408. Where Khufu was laid to rest

S3412. Not 100% sold

S3413. “Mexican Spitfire” Vélez of films

S3415. With a loner, savage nature

S3416. Floated downstream, in a way

S3418. “We will not host ___-person event this year due to coronavirus”

S3419. Pokémon once argued to be a version of Uri Geller

S3421. Updike’s Rabbit

S3423. With “Act,” proposed legislation of 2020 that has more to do with internet freedom than wages

S3424. Wear in E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial and Contagion

S3427. Results of food fights

S3428. Actor John of sitcoms

S3430. Morphine derivative, slangily

S3432. Phoebe, to Mnemosyne

S3434. Did better than

S3438. Arabian Peninsula republic

S3439. Lhasa apso, e.g.

S3440. Shallow-water vessel

S3442. Big Ben clock setting (abbr.)

S3445. Uses a battering ram on

S3447. Organs males usually lack

S3448. Immortal, barring any mishaps

S3450. Group of dishes for a new household, say

S3452. Thrusting weapons

S3453. Pro-prohibition

S3454. Emergency aid team

S3457. Services in the UK

S3459. Manufacture butter

S3461. Nickelodeon’s Kenan & ___

S3463. “Somewhere in the world there’s probably a woman with this name in a toxic relationship with a guy named Sam” (internet humor)

S3465. Notre Dame neighbor

S3466. Untold knowledge

S3468. Indian staple

S3470. Ladyfish’s cousins

S3471. Perform as ordered

S3472. Short-straw drawers

S3476. Erato, Clio, and Thalia are three

S3477. Bremen or Hamburg, locally

S3478. Little Leaguers’ field

S3479. They’re taken to become a priest

S3480. On-tap serving

S3481. “Keep an eye out for this kid” notices

S3484. Triage expert

S3487. Painterly painters who loved their color

S3488. Patriotic chant

S3491. Word after due or speed

S3492. Hide, in a way

S3496. Keeps freezing up

S3498. The first baseball cards of the season

S3499. Anaheim team on scoreboards

S3500. Coloring agent

S3501. Local tradition, e.g.

S3505. Cuts further, in shop

S3506. Signers, Variety-style

S3507. Isma’ilist title

S3510. Victory that may be booed

S3511. Certain ruminant

S3512. Discovers

S3514. Higgins or Moriarty

S3517. Russia and some stans, once

S3518. Book of the Cath. Bible

S3520. “Do better!”

S3521. Haute couture designer Rabanne

S3522. Wear for a friend’s wedding

S3525. Motion endorser

S3527. Heart urchin

S3529. Explanations

S3530. Attorney-to-be’s exams

S3535. “…far ___ goes farthest” (Julius Caesar)

S3540. New Mexico skiing destination

S3544. Sanders or Parker

S3548. Taco Tuesday libation, casually

S3549. “Almost anything is edible with ___ of French mustard on it” (Nigel Slater)

S3551. When you might name names

S3553. Serving no good purpose

S3555. Kind of poke or burn

S3557. Emulated Simon

S3559. Avenue crosser, sometimes

S3561. Polite sounds when passing

S3563. “I scoff at such trivial concerns!”

S3566. Undertakes

S3568. “How can ___ prepare?” (start of a self-help mantra)

S3569. Jerk who’s succeeding way beyond expectations, don’t they know their place?

S3570. Silas Marner’s adopted daughter

S3571. Ready to drop off

S3573. Web page basis

S3577. Flashy promotion

S3581. Petty little jerk?

S3582. Sounding off

S3583. Montana, secretly

S3585. Bob Hope and Carrot Top

S3587. Big name in wrestling?

S3589. Capote, on B’way

S3592. Musical work for Mr. Holland

S3594. Old tales

S3596. Rene in pictures

S3597. Places people go to go on base

S3598. Boston cut

S3601. Do the twist, say

S3602. In music, slow

S3603. Slate of names

S3604. [gestures at puzzle section]

S3606. Storytelling saw

S3607. Difficulty

S3608. Overseas agreements?

S3609. Peerage title

S3610. Olympian gymnast Strug

S3611. What some people do “once and for all”

S3613. Quotable denial from Richard Nixon

S3615. Applies to, as a lotion or a hairbrush

S3617. Makes smooth and plump

S3620. They’re sometimes aided by crystal balls, allegedly

S3622. Like some old basketball hoops

S3624. Déclassé

S3625. Mitt Romney’s denom.

S3626. Section of a tabletop

S3627. Mnemonic for communication that goes “clear, concise, concrete, correct, coherent, complete, and courteous”

S3631. Contrail creator of old

S3632. Like traditional Catholic Masses

S3634. Dreadful grades

S3636. “All the Things She Said” singing duo

S3638. ___ sci (field in which Obama has a B.A.)

S3640. Creates a reason to regret solving in pen

S3641. Romance in verse

S3642. Lazy, regressive post-humans

S3643. Durante song title word

S3644. Drake or ram

S3645. Part of an @ symbol

S3648. “Sure, whatever” sentiment

S3649. Football Friday network

S3652. Pull uncompromisingly out of reach of

S3654. Outwardly look

S3656. Answers before two rings

S3657. Road hazard near the Ruhr

S3660. Cartoon villain Whiplash

S3663. She sent Amtrak Joe a message across the pond as he was sworn in

S3664. Dance novelty of the 1960s

S3668. Thread in a book

S3669. Where the penis or vagina is

S3673. US Army award since 1918

S3674. Commoner, for short

S3675. Anti-obscenity crusader who influenced Reagan

S3677. Sorta-signing, quickly

S3680. By, in Latin

S3681. Indochina

S3686. System with a movement-sensing controller

S3687. Tibetan carrier

S3689. “Vesti la giubba” from Pagliacci

S3691. Title girl of a Stephen Foster song

S3693. Danish toasts

S3694. Actress Carrie-Anne

S3695. Paid bill (abbr.)

S3696. Ruth’s and Outback, for two

S3701. Banker’s Sallie ___

S3702. They may get tied up in knots

S3703. Cosmetics businesswoman Lauder

S3704. With “the,” what Lincoln and Darwin’s birthdays have

S3707. Hardly a gentleman

S3709. Seagirt spot

S3710. Resumes ownership of

S3712. Some powerful dogs

S3715. Moogs, e.g.

S3717. Sitcom about an interstellar castaway