Ubercross Abecedaria R


R1. They’ll get all your refs*

R5. Hairstyle that’s firm*

R9. Trucker’s competitions

R16. Better source of directions than your barman*

R22. Place to spend the day with purrs and pekoe*

R29. Brings about

R36. Though formless, it has mass*

R39. “___! What is it good for?”*

R42. Construction from a spinneret’s flow and ebb*

R45. Briefly, suggestions on boxes of maize*

R49. Café in Space writer Anais*

R52. Suffix with cook

R55. Initiate

R63. Pulls apart, creating a need for repairs*

R68. Hoda who ate an Oreo with mustard on live TV

R72. Office staples with keys*

R75. The US tied them in the first round of the 2006 World Cup (abbr.)

R79. Liable to fall apart*

R82. Cookie with a century-long story, yo*

R83. Not quite enough of the Supreme Court

R86. George Washington Carver birthplace

R88. Money lost in manufacture and/or acquisition*

R91. Certain milk mixtures

R92. Emulated Bo-Peep

R99. Spelling the King discarded later in life

R101. Small figurine*

R102. A “straight” set is a good sleep*

R104. Partner of wine?*

R105. Truth, to Shakespeare*

R108. Attainment of ministry*

R111. Be a host*

R112. Batgirl portrayer Silverstone

R114. Hoped-for words from a beaut*

R117. Put past losses aside*

R118. Rater of other devices’ responsivity*

R120. Polling church attendance by age, gender, and race, say*

R122. Principle that “I didn’t know” can’t shield one from responsibility for an abuse*

R124. Shaped like half an A-frame roof

R127. Suffix with buoy and dorm

R128. “___ for applause”*

R129. With them, the music goes up to seventy-five miles per hour*

R130. “What ___!” (comment a World Cup commentator gave)*

R131. Fivefold lead-ins

R132. Taking a view that’s wide?*

R133. Gift containers with tags*

R134. Get shaken from slumber*

R136. “___ Extinction” (Thousand Foot Krutch song)

R137. ___ and terminer (hearing or trial)*

R138. In dorm palates, it’s common*

R140. The Ps a classical scholar knows*

R141. Go there instead of here*

R142. Making one chary*

R143. Wrist-to-elbow bone

R145. “Femme Fatale” singers*

R146. Is planned by the fates*

R147. Chickenhearted bastard*

R149. Vice that begins by confusing want with need*

R150. ___ TURN (road sign)

R151. Cite sources for your sociology paper using its way*

R152. Cuts cattle “thorns”*

R154. Sax accompaniment, sometimes*

R156. Dukas ballet

R157. Batman screenwriter Sam*

R159. Quick works for English majors*

R161. Reads and follows*

R162. Dir. from Kauai to Waikiki*

R163. Sarah McLachlan hit song

R164. Loglike lie-in-wait-ers*

R165. Reaction to a near-sideswipe*

R166. “Endoderm,” e.g.*

R167. Vying for a win against*

R168. Source of eruption footage

R169. Bovary, for one (abbr.)

R170. Football’s Spikes

R171. Strap to restrain*

R172. Stop words with which one spurs speech*

R173. Make fast for a new voyage, say*

R174. Looking as if one had ne’er seen such sights*

R175. Earns an A*

R176. Worked at a salon

R178. Pic in front of the Mojave*

R179. HIV drug of old*

R180. Voting cheaters*

R182. Sometimes pinkish, sometimes brown

R185. Suit the specific needs of

R187. Directing or playing parts, e.g.*

R188. “___ his main hope” (Macbeth)*

R189. Cubic ___ = kiloliter*

R190. ___ numeros: uno, dos...*

R191. “Back in the ___...you don’t know how lucky you are...”*

R193. Beleaguered assistant at sea*

R195. Make workers into faceless mobs*

R199. Phone-data compilers*

R200. Pet that is 99.99% likely to be female*

R201. Sprays for muggers’ faces*

R203. Just over half a pound

R205. Lock (down) and flatten, as hatches*

R207. Physical contact is their love language

R215. Golgotha inscription

R219. (Lady Gaga) “Baby, I’d rather die without you ___…”*

R221. Start of the era of the steel cage?*

R228. Bit on TV saying, “Vote for my dad,” e.g.*

R234. Take so much of as to light up one’s veins like neon*

R236. Lawbreaker, to cops, as varmint, to Earp*

R240. Nonclerics

R246. “Ran like ___ out of hell”

R250. Erupt into bright light*

R254. Protects, as one’s heart from flattering charmers*

R258. Hindu princesses

R260. “___-la-la!”*

R261. Complain with a tongue that’s sharp*

R262. Athlete on a pre-planned route (abbr.)

R263. Fibonacci’s one

R264. Walter who wrote The Hustler and The Color of Money

R265. It should go a little more than half a week between feedings*

R266. Not upset anymore

R267. Per Ella Fitzgerald, “She had a most immoral eye”*

R268. With inflated pride*

R270. “Close, but ___” (still too far)*

R271. Cavalcade, e.g.*

R272. We know of them via Chichén-Itzá*

R273. Swear up and down*

R274. Georgia rep who’s dumb and mean*

R275. Eminem sampled her “Thank You”

R276. Tennis player (or fisher)

R277. Word on a Japanese ship

R278. He’s a Mexican family tree’s toppy*

R281. What “the meek’s inheritance” is worth*

R283. Like a night you can see Alpha Centauri*

R286. Low-key golf star*

R287. Cooperative, in capitalistic jargon*

R289. Sways one’s hips in tight skirts, say*

R292. Swampy mass*

R293. CNN and MSNBC divisions following cartoon pawprints?

R296. “The largest ticket marketplace carries on a tradition begun with cave paintings,” e.g.?

R298. The future I imagine where sexuality is less constrained?*

R300. Make everything about you, as a publicity hound

R303. Taser for giants?

R309. Smile style showing broad cheer*

R312. Ovid’s “Oh, wow…”

R313. Flexor of legs in sprays of dirt*

R314. Lasso or a ranch name in Giant

R315. Word after film or opera

R316. Ma’am to his sir*

R318. Flowed red*

R319. Finds her own body assails her*

R320. Small bit to snip*

R321. “___ la guerra!” (Spanish antiwar chant)*

R322. Dunces in life’s schools*

R323. Get sad or mad*

R324. Result of painters’ toils*

R325. Capture the attention of*

R327. If your usage of internet’s too high, this might make you trim it*

R329. French note before couture*

R330. Result from

R331. Blunt sound of disapproval*

R333. More like a well-made s’more (a poorly made one is chewier)*

R334. High-ranking Redditor*

R338. “I’m knowledge-free!”*

R339. What Mel Gibson, despite acting in Braveheart, is not*

R340. Paybacks on what you subsidize*

R341. Three-time NFL MVP

R342. Common collective word*

R343. Unit designed by an international bureau*

R344. Keats’s “___ Psyche”

R347. Caches*

R349. Type of pronoun (abbr.)

R350. Bills for candy-bar runs*

R351. Scar*

R352. Pals of the main characters in Quantum Leap and Home Improvement*

R353. LCDs’ alternatives

R354. Razor that’s discontinued its “Plus” model

R355. Hint at the road ahead*

R356. Nan*

R357. Breakdown, as of food or a question*

R359. Timecard figure (abbr.)

R360. Brung all moisture out by twisting*

R361. Dunderheads

R362. They might have names like Danger Lock, Puzzle Breakout, and The Ancients’ Tombs*

R367. Propellers in river tours*

R368. Turns to empty spaces*

R370. It flows far through nearly half of all Switzerland*

R371. Wanders from deserts to groves*

R372. Robespierre era’s alleged theme, not often applied to its definition of treason*

R374. Challenged with an equal bet*

R375. Heartier about “experimentation with the medium”*

R376. Meet and ___*

R377. Did divest*

R378. Straightening a vesture, e.g.*

R380. Male pets whose sleep calms*

R381. “Lady Gaga / What a saga! / She lost her meat tutu / But where is Lord Goo Goo?” and “Terry Crews / attracts views. / When he shouts, “NINE NINE!” / Our hearts say, “HE FINE!”*

R383. Described what was to be done*

R385. Son of Aphrodite

R387. Darker peer of Ariel and Anna*

R388. Paper left in the mailbox of a potential buyer*

R389. Mentally shaky*

R390. Condiment

R393. Film with sex and violence in juvie, e.g.*

R395. Steerer of the world’s oldest papyrus narrative*

R396. Priests’ jurisdictions

R397. Actor Gustin who can’t be sorry he wasn’t cast for the Flash movie*

R399. “There was an old woman of ___, who spent all her time in good deeds” (Mother Goose)*

R400. Questionable choirs*

R401. Maker of the Yukon SUV*

R402. One feeling oneself bog down into being a mere piece of the whole*

R403. “___ time to call it quits”*

R404. Via her efforts, Zeus survived childhood*

R405. Far yonder, at sea*

R406. 12:03, if it’s noon*

R407. Leon who wrote Topaz

R408. Locale for Persephone, Eurydice, and all dead ladies*

R409. They’ll be running VR scenarios for aircraft manufacturers*

R410. “Oh, blah blah blah, ___-di-dah”*

R411. Broken arms, e.g.*

R412. They’ve got two or more colors on the covering of their bones*

R413. In minority-rights cases, this judge is a likely veto*

R414. Deo ___ (“My God,” in Latin)

R415. Work, work, work chase*

R419. Golfer’s “butter knife”

R420. Acts like balms*

R421. Kid’s racer that’s tough to catch up to after a head start*

R422. Minecraft elevation where you find ores or diamonds, not the devil*

R426. Direction of the water’s force*

R427. That on which thegamer.com reports*

R429. East Slavic lang.

R430. It could hit Mach 3*

R431. “Oh, no…he swallowed my ___”*

R432. More than one will make you say, “Two? ‘E’s got no idea where ‘e’s goin’”*

R433. Slangily, any tome with a weighty look*

R435. Move ___ the bracket: win*

R436. Freest-thinking kind of believer in God*

R437. Dermatological sign of drinking too much gin*

R439. Sounds when breathing ails you*

R440. Get ready for another big sail trip*

R441. Particles more negative than gluons*

R442. Dance opening?

R444. What a sleeping kitty may trap*

R445. Establish a fruit-bearing foundation*

R448. The Gospels

R450. Innermore section*

R451. Sick days, e.g., when precipitated by a cough*

R453. Bonker during a headbutt*

R454. Blow up, e.g.*

R457. Olive family members?

R458. “It’s ___ day!”*

R459. Goal of the game*

R460. Luis von, creator of CAPTCHA*

R461. How does the middle part of a logical answer go?*

R462. Penetrate slow and deep*

R463. Button under the name of a Facebook friend*

R464. Subject of some cheeky British farce?*

R465. ___ fool (would know better)*

R466. TV spinoff that becomes an auto if you switch the last two letters*

R467. Where Dungeons and Dragons tales often begin*

R468. Saves roads from decline*

R469. Provide consistent aerial cover*

R470. Converge on the road*

R471. Bad, in Guatemala*

R472. Wriggly not-quite-word meaning “on a yuge scale”*

R475. Prefix with plasm

R476. Way to play movies on TVs*

R479. Badlands National Park loc.

R480. A demotion means this shrank*

R481. More alike (disclaimer: slang)*

R482. It’s her business to know where the business’s money is*

R483. Big name in home security*

R484. River contests

R486. Where you’ll see an autopsied body on the slab*

R487. Its calf is already long-necked*


R490. “Aw shucks” and “Gee whillikers,” e.g.

R492. “O.G.” rapper*

R493. Spot of scrub vegetation*

R494. “You know what you’re gonna get from me now”*

R496. Ex-governor Spitzer

R497. Those who might offer their lady a rose*

R498. Turkish tender of recent eras*

R499. Too cozy with your business, perhaps*

R500. Patriarch with twelve sons

R501. Symphonic, e.g.*

R502. Mountain wolves of Southeast Asia

R505. Part of well-established history*

R507. Breakfast stops*

R508. ___ in “Chaz”*

R509. Druggie loner*

R513. “I’m looking at a lotta amateur umpires sayin’ that wasn’t no strike…”?

R516. Money owed by the ostentatious?

R519. Darn fine old-style dance?

R523. Fugue state induced from a Grand Theft Auto shimmy?

R527. Super Mario Bros. movie promo kids might wear to school?

R530. Flashy lettering expertise?

R533. Chocolaty Post cereal

R534. First name in erotic diaries*

R535. May 21, 1952, for Mr. T*

R536. The White House and network TV were among this Bill’s employers*

R537. Williams who played it “crazy” in The New Mutants*

R538. Hobbit foe that looks like spoiled pork*

R539. “Love ___ Many-Splendored Thing”

R540. Animal named in Mary Poppins’ music-education flow*

R541. Where that hospital bill goes*

R542. Lydia you can’t defy in The Handmaid’s Tale*

R543. What a celebrity interviewer must soothe wherever she goes*

R544. Squeaks (by)*

R545. His career was fuel for many post-Gettysburg military debates*

R546. It crushes cottonseed or soybeans on its grill*

R548. Calvin whose jeans are fine*

R549. Addams butler who’s big as a birch*

R550. They waft around tombs*

R551. Jeeps and Jaguars*

R552. Chanteuses with many believahs*

R553. Places for derrieres*

R554. Start of a valentine often said aloud*

R557. Lengths to which one is willing to go, persistence, good cheer, e.g.*

R559. Study all need-to-know items (var.)

R561. Fora’s predecessors*

R562. Washington or Whitney (abbr.)

R563. Dunk alternative

R565. Norm for clocks (can’t think of a rhyme…oh, wait)*

R568. She’ll administer an oath

R570. Hearts, abbreviated

R571. One-time supermarket goliath that got its start selling tea*

R572. Biggest success in K-pop music*

R573. “I’m gonna get ___ train and go down to New Orleans…”*

R574. “Don’t!” response*

R575. “Gee!”*

R576. Then: She’s pretty and all, but her brain’s in limbo. Now: She likes being pretty and rejects your capitalist evaluations*

R577. Carry to the grave*

R578. Grab and move some indents*

R579. Did some ski-related maneuvers*

R580. Golfer’s little butt?*

R581. Comic strips show us their marriage every day*

R584. Popular model-railroading stage*

R585. Covered with dirt, as a hippie pad*

R588. Vocally proud*

R589. They’ll crack the safe and then leg it, see?*

R591. Acronymic fat*

R592. Guide for a pencil*

R593. Polynesian island word, or a wind*

R594. ___ bat (ready to hit)*

R595. Flexible flow of electricity*

R596. They better wear a chute*

R597. Little piggies with the littlest grunts*

R598. Pout over lost opportunities*

R600. Nasal, close-mouthed retort*

R601. The prof tells them about torts*

R602. What’s left with no one in a million?

R603. Last closes one’s eyes*

R604. Guides at dining venues*

R605. Felt like a hothead*

R606. Coin Ayn’d be glad to share a name with*

R607. Lots of bills*

R608. Sinuous swimmer that’s not a real cat*

R610. Bart, Brenda, and Ringo on drums (not guitars)*

R612. Time and a half’s a great one*

R613. Five-star Bollywood film of 2022*

R616. ___-steven*

R618. Like shoes in which runners competed*

R619. “Not sure the way to put it, but…”*

R621. Feel like running those last four miles was a mistake*

R622. Folktales and more*

R623. “The best is ___ come”

R624. “Bien ___” (“Why, sure!”)*

R625. NATO turf

R626. Armless creature looking like a chalk-white, mustached sack of goo*

R627. What a sentry guards*

R628. Defer, as a patient to another doctor*

R629. They tend spars*

R630. Overemote with

R631. Labor camps

R632. Proton-neutron combos

R634. Bright, bright film tool*

R636. “Don’t waste your money on a new set of speakers / You get more mileage from a cheap pair of ___”*

R638. “___ Tú” (song meaning “It’s You”)

R639. “Change my litter! Now!”*

R641. Sounds off

R644. “___ you getting here, Renner?”*

R645. ___ de Marco Aurelio: Roman arch in Tripoli, to Spanish tourists*

R646. Words whose use jazzes up similes (“like” can get monotonous)*

R647. A fan of, through and through

R648. Bart, in The Simpsons, e.g.*

R649. Pronoun we rarely use now*

R650. Most compassionate

R652. Place where hair is viewed*

R653. Buzzi and Hussey whose performances revealed truths*

R654. Earned praise in the classroom*

R655. He rules by his vassals’ accord*

R656. Cloth partially protective against rattlesnakes’ venom*

R657. Commons a Brit may enter*

R658. Ring that’s not worn but still real*

R659. Giving ___ (embracing)

R660. Making one testy*

R661. Trail food

R663. Musical exercise that entails few complications*

R664. Daly with many a line*

R665. Movie-palace feature

R666. Tanzanian talenti*

R667. Comedic duo (it has two of these)?*

R668. Cartoon sticker that “means no! Stay away!” when stuck*

R670. “This env. is for…”

R671. Andys after they come out as trans, sometimes*

R672. Yearn (for)*

R673. Loggers’ contest

R674. It has one snake eye*

R675. What correlation does not imply*

R677. Fourth in the line of some Scots hero*

R678. Dietetic

R679. Fill-in at the office

R680. Briefly lower oneself from one’s exalted plane*

R681. Deserved, as far as capitalism is concerned*

R682. Large town, to a Dutch dad*

R683. Vocal blur*

R684. Zero stars, from a grader*

R685. Bikes’ sometimes collect briars*

R686. NYC setting*

R687. Time to work and play*

R688. Suffix with luncheon or poster

R689. Health insurers’ banes, sometimes*

R690. Reason for my top-bunk-bed preference?

R692. Underground gum with unshakable loyalty?

R695. Flirtatious, young woman’s so-bad-it’s-good lower back tattoo?

R699. Auto parts center where the mechanics look like the Beatles?

R702. Loss of geniuses who don’t care much about their appearance?

R706. Small wish-granting misanthropist?

R711. Spoiler for the Bruins in a 2023 game*

R713. Exceed the limit*

R714. ___-2023*

R715. One-seventh the age of the Earth’s oldest known neon*

R716. Opening for an anchor cable

R717. Writes “I want this one” notes*

R718. Others, in Oaxaca

R719. Kind of explosive causing ocean debris*

R721. Ancient city in Egypt

R722. Bus. “pay me” notice

R723. Play hard ___: let them work for it*

R724. “Just ___ little thing, no bigger than a flea”*

R725. Soup, sometime after you eat it*

R726. Roadside-filming locale for a YouTuber*

R727. ___ the rail: busted [someone] out

R728. Old radio host Don

R729. Dinners celebrating survival from rulers and raiders*

R730. “Bullish” name for a game or scooter*

R731. Ft. Bragg setting

R732. Picks that one saves above others*

R733. Ruler long ago in a country far, far away from the US*


R735. Campsite visitor going from there to here*

R736. Falls to pieces*

R737. Makes into desk-bangers*

R741. k.d. who sang*

R742. Walker that Luke defeats*

R743. Fix after being trod*

R744. Front wheel alignment for cars

R745. Nat. known for red wine

R746. Busy situations that confuse*

R747. Last word in the fencing yard*

R748. Texter’s “Au revoir and God bless!”*

R749. “…the nun who ___ dainty with her fingers she never dripped any grease on herself” (Helene Hanff)

R750. Hawaii or Alas., once

R751. You may bend one to make a plea*

R752. Plea resulting from a YOLO gone wrong, maybe*

R753. Red-handed

R755. My reaction when the hero died*

R756. Use persuasion about

R758. America’s largest firearm manufacturer (no relation to the Luger)*

R759. “I’ve ___ in Love Before”*

R760. Loose card in most decks*

R762. They’re kind of the opposite of Humvees*

R763. Walking states*

R764. 1997 film character who keeps many a bee*

R765. Obsolete term for weight-offset*

R766. “Uh, EVERYONE knows that”*

R767. Bags of fluid, per se*

R768. Self, in a Latin phrase

R769. Burp sound*

R770. Drop and roll preceder*

R771. Visibly sparked*

R772. “Maa” alternative*

R773. Never die

R775. One thousand calories, for short

R776. Hiss sound*

R777. It can be brighter or duller*

R778. Have a scent that isn’t weak*

R779. Genre Fred Rogers did*

R780. Driver’s card (abbr.)

R781. Broadcaster producing Mud Men*

R782. Conduit for acetylcysteine*

R784. It begins what may end with “.tv”*

R786. Picked up

R787. Baseball management stems from them*

R788. Game of Thrones family name

R791. Kepler contemporary

R792. Down-dressing*

R799. Instance of using “pound” over “kilogram,” e.g.*

R804. Beatles beat provider for each bar*

R809. ___ City (Baghdad area)

R813. Safety authority on the airway*

R816. Gave new meaning in our mind*

R817. Certain classifieds

R819. All of seven feet, say*

R820. What’ll buy a small candy in Tehran*

R821. Isolated land, to Emile*

R822. It can leave your pee dry*

R823. ___ barn: where knitting is taught*

R825. “With or Without You” band*

R828. Affectionate address to una esposa

R829. Director George who knew how to harrow*

R832. Seattle players

R833. Tea, after some time*

R834. Perimeter (abbr.)

R835. Hose output, informally*

R836. Nurses the social exchange*

R838. Staring down the gun barrel, maybe*

R839. East of Western poems, maybe*

R840. Universal flow?*

R841. Jai follower*

R842. Joni Mitchell album whose title means “journey”

R846. Musical venue that’s a chance for romance*

R847. Easily maneuvered by a tar*

R848. Chap who plays the field*

R849. Reason to lift yourself out of bed at sunrise*

R852. She’s let her appearance go into a slump*

R854. Slabs of stacked muscle, ideally*

R856. There is divinity, but this infinitive is human*

R858. Classic toon Grape ___*

R860. “___ or against?”*

R861. Make more able to endure*

R862. One in your mouth could garble your speech*

R863. Like that guy who drives over the median during traffic because some people JUST HAVE TO BE FIRST*

R865. Most ponds have some*

R866. Language that gives us gecko and orangutan

R867. Swipe all over*

R868. Back in the times almost none now know*

R869. What presidencies involve in the White House*

R871. Puppetry pioneer Tony

R872. Incentive to

R876. Non-heteronormative one (often but not always slender)*

R879. Harps on trivial concerns*

R880. Mame or Graeme*

R881. Damage the frame of*

R882. What a Russian boob’ll spend too quickly*

R884. “The Sage of Baltimore”

R886. Mammal whose mama is called a hembra*

R890. Primal Fear star Richard*

R891. Mailing label words

R892. Feeling aggressive and bad*

R893. “…even if you win, you’re still ___” (Lily Tomlin, on that well-known metaphor for petty competition)*

R894. Name to keep in mind if Amazon ever designs a more phallic home assistant*

R895. Actor Hall who did stunts with Humphrey Bogart*

R896. Ironic kind of toast*

R897. AEC, today*

R898. TV’s information-feeder*

R900. Kickoffs or initial stages

R902. “No hope of that!”*

R904. Rides you might pay for in dinars*

R907. Phone up, old-style*

R908. “I feel the ___...the ___ for SPEED!”*

R909. Exercise to make you feel like a ballet star*

R910. Metaphorically on fire*

R911. Rocky mountains formed by many downpours*

R912. Small stream

R913. Drinks traditionally favored by males*

R914. Riefenstahl with many propaganda film directing credits*

R915. Every twelve months

R916. Verbal buzz*

R917. Fire stokers*

R918. Where many begin a distant trip*

R920. At Home comedian who played Princess Carolyn

R922. Dot-___: CD-ROM info-sharing replacement*

R923. Donation or trade deal, e.g.*

R925. Look like a newer, once again darker, man*

R926. Wyatt chasing down any perp who killed Morgan*

R928. 4

R930. “Well, YOU’RE a sour puss-puss!”*

R932. Ranked as holiest of holies*

R935. Dancer’s rein-mate*

R937. Sick move to delight a crowd*

R939. “With ___ shall I room?” (life decision)*

R940. Woman as described in a bodice-ripper*

R941. Their actions reflect America’s safety-policy beliefs*

R943. Short text address?*

R944. They’ll prevent your tax errors*

R946. Hit bottom, but gently*

R947. Beach bottle inits.

R948. Birds in an Aquarium and Before My Birth, in an art museum

R949. Got back at it in the legislature*

R950. Ceiling on Medigap payment increases*

R954. Egg-producer

R956. Revolted throat-stretch*

R958. Meeting place on Zoom*

R960. “Neptune plant” that’s, er, actually an animal*

R962. Can’t excuse*

R964. Norse deity that decides your fate when you’re born*

R965. Aren’t sure about*

R967. In 1974, they agreed to put this Sam in the World Golf Hall of Fame*

R968. Brooks whose Magic of Christmas album could decorate a hearth*

R969. Dog’s “hark!”*

R970. Straight across, forward, or back are the only routes this chess piece ever took*

R971. Boss for J.E.B. Stuart*

R972. Make one’s face fall*

R973. Spongy, but not necessarily gross*

R976. Brody who starred with Leighton Meester and Sandler who starred with Rachel McAdams*

R977. Suffix employed for fact or planet*

R978. Favorite theme of Joss Whedon*

R980. “___ yuk to yum”*

R981. A peril to be around*

R982. Dressed and composed as one fair*

R983. Goes further ahead of, in a race, perhaps*

R985. After it’s off TV, put it back there*

R987. Outback creatures who’d need giant shoes*

R989. Trap for waste dishwater*

R991. Ability to bull one’s way through*

R993. Thang*

R995. Beef*

R997. Café Europa alternative*

R998. Orgs. advocating workplace inclusivity

R999. Hotheadedness

R1001. Mate of a mère*

R1002. Dust go-with in toolsheds*

R1006. Crumbly soils

R1009. Issa recruited to play President Barbie*

R1010. Corralled, as a hen*

R1011. Typically

R1014. Fusion genre with a street festival*

R1016. He restored some dignity to the office after Nixon*

R1017. It represented a new way in fabric manufacture*

R1018. More like a used diaper*

R1019. Stat seen on boxes of Special K*

R1020. It’s called “the North Korea of Africa”*

R1022. Horrors running through one’s head*

R1024. Kill, as an officer under the same flag*

R1026. Do with clothes what Silicon Valley promotion does to a startup*

R1028. Badge for a TV cop, e.g.*

R1030. One might be towed through it*

R1032. Slope for a Shay or McKay*

R1033. Compel the glance of*

R1035. Wags’ creations*

R1036. Disgraced mags, or disgraced flags*

R1037. Brothers who wrote about Rumpelstiltskin and the struggle to name him*

R1038. Knowledgeable

R1039. Winnebago nation member, once*

R1040. Wood in some helms*

R1041. Ancient Rome: ___ :: B-movie Tokyo : Godzilla*

R1042. SmartSurface mattresses

R1043. Handle opposite the shaft*

R1044. When to squeeze a win from a tie, in short*

R1045. They can’t detect the music of the spheres*

R1046. Crier in the night?*

R1047. Aid in a mechanical endeavor*

R1048. “I’d say, ‘___ artist, but I’m not really very good’” (Paul Simon)*

R1049. Dict. abbr.

R1050. “…voix ___ parole” (voice and speech)

R1052. Wipes moisture from, as eyes*

R1054. Cat that roams where a toucan might*

R1056. His rule spread over the East of the map*

R1058. Begin Wheel of Fortune*

R1060. Wheel on which fishing line is wound*

R1062. Like a gray slab, in terms of décor*

R1064. They’ll tell you what you’re seeing during bus rides*

R1065. Last survivor of the Arthurian wars*

R1066. Dignified sorts who aren’t thems or hers*

R1067. Where Monty Python members sat*

R1068. Start of a lament from Juliet

R1070. An adult one might be sold in a bag*

R1071. Oldest shoe company in America (try their thigh-high)*

R1072. Some small or large part of the total*

R1073. Novarro known for the silents before Ben Hur*

R1074. Iranis’ ancient versions*

R1076. God of wars*

R1077. History school as Polynesian dance*

R1078. Like a sagittarius bowman*

R1079. Greedy Amin*

R1080. Square in chess, or a mosaic piece*

R1083. Court nobleman in Hamlet

R1085. “Mateys, we’ll search for the booty near and far”*

R1087. Warner Bros.’ ___ Melodies

R1089. Mark of war*

R1091. Child of a dam*

R1093. The Hangover character who wakes up with a missing tooth*

R1094. Readiness to go harder*

R1095. First to learn what the Higgs boson looked like*

R1096. Can’t catch their breath*

R1097. Rhyme of l’academe*

R1098. Get out before someone gets hurt?*

R1099. Vehicle in a mountain

R1101. Writes a review, say

R1102. Belshazzar’s Feast painter Rembrandt van ___ (var.)

R1103. Important kind of strength when doing a dip*

R1104. Old measure of how freely electrons flow*

R1105. Kind of ship with loading and unloading that’s none too slow*

R1106. Acquired as an employee*

R1107. Win against procrastination*

R1108. Evil org. in Bond novels

R1111. Ida. neighbor

R1113. Those who can do Don Drapers and Eddie Murphys*

R1115. Demi’s venue in 2020*

R1117. Where boaters may tell each other “Vaya con Dios”*

R1119. That which went into the mind to stay*

R1121. Nickname for “Thomas Roberts,” maybe

R1123. It’s now used to signify shear stress*

R1124. Stroke it to get a purr*

R1125. Need Lasik

R1127. Twelve-tone Romanticist in Austria

R1128. Marcus who knew how to give people a show*

R1129. Rolled-up marijuana leaf, for short*

R1131. RGs and LGs’ colleagues*

R1132. Aid for those who can’t rely on crops*

R1135. Let the truth slip by*

R1136. Screenwriter’s ms.

R1137. Some Michelangeloes*

R1139. Plaything for many a nineteenth-century girl*

R1140. Nodes of mineral richness

R1141. Roald Dahl’s “Fantastic” critter

R1142. Certify

R1143. Vow meaning “our love is purer than wealth”

R1147. Scary anthology film with Peter Cushing in the title role, Christopher Lee, and Donald Sutherland

R1152. Lubes’ containers

R1153. Swimmers shaped like cigars*

R1154. Style that crossed a waterway to reach the world from Jamaica*

R1155. One who worked for or used an old internet services seller*

R1157. Shakespeare’s shown a couple of plays set there*

R1159. This way, boss*

R1163. Sang something divinely inspired?*

R1165. The Romans meant it more as “craftsmanship” than painting or sculpture

R1166. Percent of some personal budgets*

R1167. Like a high-speed windshield wiper, if they were a person*

R1168. Lends one’s ears*

R1169. As it should be*

R1170. Payment for el toro, once*

R1171. Skin-care brand Jennifer Aniston promotes as rejuvenating (and wouldn’t she know?)*

R1172. It makes eyes look finer*

R1173. Clothesless dudes*

R1175. First guy in space, to Ike’s administration’s fury*

R1176. Becoming the favorite product of a TV star, e.g.*

R1177. Meg and ___ (book series)*

R1178. Fashion for visiting gay Paree

R1179. Apprised of the situation and paths to deal with it*

R1182. Starship captain who’s sometimes a jerk*

R1183. Put a new essay on a Web host*

R1184. Spots where a deodorant stick fits*

R1186. What you learn to follow at home and in schools*

R1190. Conflict through the end of FDR’s presidency*

R1193. Impressed with smart-sounding nonsense*

R1194. Fourth Arabic letter

R1195. “I ___ Walrus” (The Beatles)

R1196. “That’s my aim”*

R1198. Spin like a tire*

R1199. It looks like a hair, if you stare at a letterform with some imagination*

R1200. 1980s world leader, in headlines

R1201. Jerry Garcia collaborator and keyboardist Saunders

R1202. West Pacific Isle that sounds like a transport (must suck)*

R1203. Takes ten

R1205. Miss Morgendorffer of MTV

R1207. People holding a flower may do so by holding this*

R1209. Want to be healthier? Try it*

R1211. Day a Lent-observer may become a feaster*

R1213. Actress Teri of The Moonshine War*

R1215. Like promises to “fix the deficit in a jiffy”*

R1216. Leaves pools of enthusiasm*

R1217. Ideal, as surf*

R1218. Rude-ass*

R1219. Oft-homemade beverage*

R1220. Italian soprano Scotto

R1221. Canadian “yeahs”*

R1222. Full enough to be sedated*

R1223. Filled to the rim*

R1225. Act under duress

R1227. “You can ___ far…”

R1228. Suppliers of thoroughbreds, in a way*

R1229. Texter’s greeting

R1230. Literally, “wrath” or “dismay”*

R1231. MCs of roasts*

R1232. Original TV screen type*

R1233. The SOTU is what he sez*

R1235. Lead-car chaser*

R1237. Tom Selleck poster, e.g.*

R1239. Rough jag*

R1241. Rembrandt’s city of birth

R1243. Dissent that’s hardly quiet*

R1245. No : nein :: one : ___*

R1246. Knowing every nook and cranny*

R1247. “Can’t afford cable? Cut the ___”*

R1248. Swung but didn’t run

R1249. Nature’s spurs*

R1251. “Oh…NO”*

R1252. Shout, “WHYYY?”*

R1253. Intimidate to the max

R1255. Motivated until one strove*

R1256. Mindlessly orate*

R1257. “Any openings?” speakers*

R1259. One who’s supposedly wiser*

R1261. Weather in a bog*

R1262. What a good coach may foster*

R1264. Verve*

R1266. Device for accelerating particles

R1268. One crossing a Kosovo curb, likely*

R1270. Companionable

R1272. Like neuronen, for neural cell*

R1274. Drawing aids for kids, at times*

R1275. Stir*

R1276. Slips out slowly in liquid form*

R1277. Equiv. to Chile clock settings*

R1278. With that time they were working, maybe they’ll take up painting or diaries*

R1280. Germaine de ___, who dared assert that Napoleon could fail*

R1281. Like some mus. keys

R1282. Vita nova*

R1283. View from many suites*

R1286. Gem to be used on a tiara*

R1287. Unboxing One Item a Day and Training My Dogs, e.g.*

R1288. Rolls-Royce rods

R1289. Acronymed show that was a huge ratings success*

R1290. Like a small Quaker farm*

R1294. Question for the receptionist: “Is he ___?”*

R1297. Beaten in the food chain*

R1299. Alternative to guitar*

R1301. Storage device from the days of Saddam*

R1303. Parts for a bee*

R1305. More gray-tinged

R1307. Warning of potential harm*

R1308. Comedienne who plays opposite Tina*

R1309. A charge makes it go far*

R1310. Dnieper port city (as crosswords used to spell it)

R1311. Mai ___: rum drinks of modest size*

R1313. Italiano who can see a leaning tower*

R1314. Org. with a say in our planet’s future*

R1315. One found in a zebra crossing, for short

R1316. Handwriter

R1320. Skyrocketing medication prices, e.g.*

R1321. ___d’oeuvres or appetizers*

R1322. Creator of many a chocolate “piece”*

R1323. These tribe members are largely Canadian*

R1324. Map areas that aren’t terres*

R1325. “Years of office work gave her the tools / Then her MBA fine-tuned the rules / This student from ___ / Though quirkily clerkly / Now staffs secretarial pools” (Charles Sullivan)*

R1326. Clean the keep*

R1328. Blazes with concentrated light*

R1330. Dared and lost*

R1332. Likely to enter the fray*

R1334. Where to make a “HUNNY” pot, a la Milne*

R1336. Believers in the doctrines of grace and double predestination

R1338. Caviar eggs (yeah, those)*

R1339. Source of the “This is your brain on drugs” phrase*

R1340. Aqua ___: mixture of nitric and hydrochloric acids that dissolves gold or platinum

R1341. Kind of elf known for hunting boy and girl*

R1342. Body-odor ward*

R1346. “It’s ___ nothing!” (No smaller stakes here)*

R1348. Web feed address*

R1349. Scrape by, though insecure*

R1350. Modeled as an add-on, e.g.*

R1351. Judy Guliani’s ex*

R1352. “HULK SMASH!”

R1353. Can be heard very well from a distance*

R1354. Mud-filled.

R1355. Where Napoleon the Emperor became*

R1356. Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Van Zant, brother of Johnny*

R1358. Fencing position or parry

R1360. Red head?

R1362. Smith whose “Help Me Make It Through the Night” won her a Grammy*

R1364. Tel Aviv flier

R1366. Told, “YOU FAILED, RAT!”*

R1367. Covering on which to lay a carp*

R1368. Likely to end the workday sore*

R1369. Dining options for a given venue*

R1370. Walk in the park*

R1372. He’ll give Archie a wedgie*

R1373. When starting to make this puzzle, the first thing I did*

R1374. Chocolate-covered morsel often eaten at the movies

R1376. Outraged French call*

R1377. Puny word for a big school*

R1378. Gets damper than frogs*

R1379. Mariah whose every Christmas is merry*

R1380. Peace Nobelist Anwar who got shot*

R1381. Two octillion of them is a “weight” for suns*

R1382. Marketed to the ladies, as it were*

R1383. “Hey Jude”‘s “las”*

R1384. Llama cousins

R1386. For a movie, they might buzz islets*

R1389. Indicate with a finger joint*

R1391. Part of seasonally unaffected scenes*

R1393. Fixation for a brony*

R1394. It’ll drop a big harvest*

R1396. They’ll put you under the lens*

R1397. Move without pep*

R1398. Sends as merch on trips*

R1399. Choked up with cheer or fears*

R1400. Shunted responsibility to another*

R1401. “Y’all put it like that, I cain’t say no”*

R1404. Company for kahunas*

R1405. Newman whom the Toy Story films found handy*

R1406. Eating it is fun, getting it back off your hips is hard*

R1407. Nobelist Jules of bacteriology

R1408. Syst. to process space, time, and mass*

R1409. Leeds light (don’t worry, Americans, it won’t scorch you)*

R1411. Bendy-shapes science, more formally

R1414. Surveys say that people having them enjoy the companionship and attention more than gifts (abbr.)*

R1416. Feel like one’s chest has been in a clasp*

R1417. Give up, as the deed*

R1418. Ru-in*

R1420. Magically spied*

R1421. “___ Mom” (parental reassignment of a task)*

R1422. Tasked with answering*

R1423. ___ Kosh B’gosh*

R1425. This show had its last two letters rendered as “$$”*

R1426. Spirits’ fires*

R1427. She scored a hit with “Royals”*

R1428. Save for later

R1429. It’ll stretch your back*

R1430. Less prone to biased error*

R1431. Spiny succulents

R1433. Podium offering (abbr.)

R1434. Hear, to Heloise

R1435. “No emails about this, no recorders,” e.g.*

R1436. Small falcons

R1437. Offshorers?*

R1439. “Uh…friend, should I be concerned about you?”*

R1440. Likely to fail*

R1441. “I mean, it’s just a little dessert”*

R1443. Charlotte whose novel was hardly jaunty*

R1444. GPS calculations (abbr.)

R1445. Where pigs put on size*

R1447. Show sorrow deep*

R1448. Cognitive arts*

R1451. Tire protrusion

R1452. She finally left him, yay!*

R1453. Sound accompanying a charley-horse crouch*

R1454. Response to a professor*

R1455. Where skaters go to work out the kinks*

R1457. Their aim’s accurate as a Jedi’s*

R1458. Distance one can cover*

R1459. Desire to get physically close*

R1460. Brits studying Babylonians*

R1463. “From the mountains to the prairies, to the oceans white with ___...God bless America, my home sweet home”*

R1464. Tool*

R1465. Modernist design hero Saarinen*

R1467. Fast Phoenician floater with a two-sided oar team*

R1468. Routh who didn’t abandon the Superman role by choice*

R1469. Sisters’ gp.

R1470. Put another lozenge down, as a throat*

R1471. Expelled from the galley*

R1474. Think ___ and databanks*

R1475. “Yes, ___!” (“I super agree!”)*

R1476. Don’t defer*

R1477. Brother to Dewey and Louie*

R1478. Succumbs to NASA’s notorious zero-g simulators, AKA “comets”*

R1479. ___ Tin Tin*

R1480. Guthrie who wrote the official folk song of Massachusetts

R1481. Long-necked lamps

R1484. “We hope you lose!” shouts*

R1485. Have claim to, but not alone*

R1486. “Differing from the default” prefix*

R1487. Fix, as one’s hair back at home*

R1488. Short on any signs of life*

R1489. “Just a ___!” (“Hold on!”)

R1490. Co. that might claim new tires are a “modification” that voids the manufacturer’s warranty*

R1491. Gun org. I wish would just go away*

R1492. Program suffix on XP*

R1493. Dispatched on the court with haste*

R1494. He could eat no fat*

R1495. Knocks out

R1496. Source of paranoid rage, briefly*

R1497. They may buy Persian dolls*

R1498. Newer versions of well-known characters’ stories

R1500. They manage paths for your SUV*

R1504. Jrs.’ key moment*

R1508. Writer Kerouac*

R1512. ___-wip (whipped topping brand)

R1517. Year Augustus lost his son

R1523. Long cigars for the fellas*

R1524. Lowlife out and out*

R1525. Old enough to know better but still too young to care*

R1526. Stained-glass window area, perhaps*

R1528. La ___, town in Spain (“The sunny spot”)

R1529. Flood residue*

R1530. Bro or sis

R1531. Actor known for adjusting his shades on CSI Miami ooh so carefully*

R1533. In ___ (archaeologist’s phrase)

R1534. “___ little longer…” (Big Red slogan)

R1536. They help adjust lights, whether brights or flats*

R1538. “A ___, tearin’ hunter” (Old Yeller)

R1539. Rapper with “One Wish” and “Pray”*

R1540. Imperils oneself at a Scrooge’s doorstep*

R1541. Abbr. to express spin*

R1542. One of 58 billion in a head of iceberg lettuce*

R1543. Be alike*

R1544. With “mater,” Universidad Iberoamericana for Salma Hayek*

R1545. Blemishes often picked and popped

R1546. Term for online animation, soon to be forgotten*

R1547. Get ___: feel inspired

R1548. Stairmaster rep*

R1549. Old Irish tongue (var.)

R1550. Motorola cell phone

R1551. Kind of electronic*

R1552. Honourary title received on bended knee (abbr.)

R1553. Around the knee

R1554. Trajan’s home*

R1555. Wings of a rara avis, one might say*

R1556. Tongue-lash*

R1557. “Our spy has entered the enemy stronghold”

R1558. Supplanted normal intake, say*

R1559. Ballet costume made by Nguni South Africans?

R1560. Faultfinding over two films with identical titles?

R1563. The Notebook, 13 Going on 30, or Legally Blonde, selected almost at random?

R1567. “Memo to the Pearl River city: You should’ve played ‘Hail to the Chief’ for the visiting president, not ‘Happy Birthday’”?

R1570. What you might need to clean up when walking Clifford

R1575. Blanket with Wilma Flintstone, Jessica Rabbit, and Ariel’s heads*

R1578. Military prog. for high schoolers

R1579. Nose-clearing brand

R1580. Where a piece of oar may get washed*

R1581. Withdrawn*

R1582. Year of the Battle of White Wolf Mountain

R1583. Hubristic woman of Greek myth

R1584. Mexican mate

R1585. Where a crescent moon isn’t dim*

R1586. Food for a goat*

R1587. He got to play against Marlon in On the Waterfront*

R1588. “Zip, zip! Let ___!”*

R1589. Way to do a quick auction*

R1591. Flying machine that seems to move on its own*

R1592. ∩-shaped monuments, to Marcos*

R1593. What you haven’t paid yet*

R1595. Deliver to, as a pickup line

R1596. They let you emulate games like Them Bombs*

R1597. Cold ___: not at all nice*

R1598. Routines the PD knows*

R1599. Put a hand out and sway*

R1600. Auditioner’s goal*

R1601. Tatty*

R1602. Sources of the good French booze*

R1603. ___ de veau (sweetbreads)

R1604. Troubles that might make you dish*

R1605. Periods of quick motion (not THAT quick motion, perverts)*

R1606. Older term for Boing Boing or Texts from Dog*

R1609. ___ and the Dominos (Eric Clapton band)*

R1610. Mid-XVIth century year

R1611. “There ___ free lunches”

R1612. Interviewer Walters

R1614. Believer that Ukraine belongs to Putin due to cultural destiny, end of discussion*

R1616. Fizzled-out firecracker sound

R1617. Andrea who’s been elected MVP and Best Opposite in international volleyball*

R1618. George employed as a security guard until his murder*

R1619. Become less clear than they were*

R1620. Keep to a path that’s clear*

R1621. Clic Stics, e.g.*

R1622. Sounds after too much cider-champagne mix*

R1623. “Handle it NOW, see?!”*

R1625. Noel Coward play Post ___

R1626. Mishima, creator of Edens Zero*

R1627. Swiss unit for watches

R1628. Easton Ellis who’s likely to get millennials upset*

R1629. It let the government break up groupings of a dozen or more…true fact*

R1631. Least challenging

R1632. L’___: Because you’re worth it

R1633. Year 763 AVC*

R1634. Part of Orion’s foot

R1635. Are a contributing factor to*

R1636. Finger-food islanders enjoy*

R1637. Soldier Robert E.*

R1638. Audience for dad puns*

R1639. Ski wear that goes with boots*

R1640. Teach for a soph*

R1641. Go-with for burger, shake, and kids’ meal prize*

R1642. Beasts once hunted with spears*

R1643. Mated one’s actions to another’s desire*

R1645. Game bird considered to have good luck*

R1646. Book sometimes near a menorah*

R1647. PD ranks

R1648. Securely*

R1649. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s birthplace

R1650. Start of a survey*

R1651. Drop Dead ___*

R1652. Colder in demeanor*

R1653. Thing to pay into to avoid tax*

R1654. Spits rhyme that slaps*

R1655. Technique that dots actors’ faces in a map*

R1656. Bases for some Arizona nests*

R1657. Crime-solver’s hint*

R1658. Water can make her brushstrokes fainter*

R1660. Contact, but don’t ring*

R1661. Eve alternative?*

R1662. Stravinsky with “Four Seasons”*

R1663. Highest rock formation in Massachusetts, Mount ___*

R1664. Like the Art Deco sign for the Metro*

R1665. How you escape a marshmallow burial*

R1666. Had one’s health derailed*

R1667. His black paintings are said to express paranoia*

R1668. Required deodorant*

R1670. Not bright-and-gaily

R1671. Assassin’s tool for quiet work*

R1672. “A bulge at a TSA checkpoint? ___ be patted”*

R1673. Front of the scow*

R1674. Things with xings

R1675. Maya Angelou: “Does my sexiness upset you? / Does it come as a surprise/ That I dance like I’ve got diamonds / At the meeting of my thighs? /Out of the huts of history’s shame / ___”*

R1678. Kind of investments that are not paying dividends*

R1682. Copier paper size, for short

R1683. Ability to handle

R1685. Mold or landscape*

R1686. Oath for Eliza*

R1687. Vowels old poets used to express their woes*

R1688. Orpheus plucked its wire*

R1689. Group of rooms that’s complete*

R1690. From where a backbeat may come*

R1691. Go, “Hey, sure”*

R1692. “Because ___ a bonny lad...”*

R1693. Some is fair*

R1694. Where to find Doctor Who besides the BBC*

R1695. Holding one’s nose high and speaking about “dreadful affairs,” e.g.*

R1696. Cats on biceps, e.g.*

R1697. “Anger is the feeling that makes your mouth work faster than your mind” writer Evan

R1698. Boo whose community treated him badly*

R1699. On one’s own*

R1700. ___ at the mouth (looks rabid)

R1701. Undetermined days*

R1702. “A Farewell to Arms” subj.

R1703. “Does the work have heart?”*

R1705. Cold or worse (to)*

R1706. Gets through the day*

R1708. The Son’s “wives”*

R1709. Joey shown on Dancing with the Stars*

R1711. Worried she’ll be regretful*

R1713. Ending for share*

R1714. Exxon alternative

R1715. Put a cap on, as a show*

R1716. Tear up, as old crap*

R1717. Group plotting a downfall*

R1718. Sharp grandpa in One Piece*

R1719. Have the boss’s say-so*

R1720. A wiry old guy*

R1721. Author Michael whose Close to Home is about past trauma and breaking free*

R1722. “I suppose...”

R1723. Deliver by Aston Martin, say*

R1724. “___ digress…”

R1725. Post ___: be a responsible boss and admit failure to profit*

R1726. Where merchandise might have an escort*

R1727. Sea, to Pierre*

R1728. Look in case of

R1729. Src. of a G.I. show

R1730. Likelier to retire early*

R1731. Taj Mahal’s site

R1732. Made one’s pleasure heard*

R1733. It reclassified marijuana in 2016

R1734. Original subway operator for NYC*

R1735. Williams who played Brad Bellick*

R1736. “Ask and see”*

R1737. ___ Attaq*

R1738. Country, to Schott*

R1739. Ultimate building-closer*

R1740. Popular Halloween garb after Trolls: World Tour*

R1741. Pooh’s parent

R1742. Liable to blurt*

R1743. Of a knockoff make*

R1744. Agrees to date*

R1746. TV character John Boy or Jim Bob

R1747. Tyler who Jackson chose to give third being*

R1748. Leia’s birth name, rather than a title*

R1750. Wins in wrestling*

R1751. Platform for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3*

R1752. Headwear for Clan Graham*

R1753. Expensive instrument for a concerto by Menotti*

R1754. Detection system that uses a laser

R1756. Great deals*

R1758. 0-812-54809-4, for one

R1759. What a foul may put you in*

R1760. Sometime ally of Russia*

R1762. Apple feature making us smarter...in theory*

R1763. Doing the dishes or watering the plants*

R1764. “Made it through!”*

R1765. For businesses facing bankruptcy, it’s this or the morgue*

R1766. There’s two in “towel”*

R1767. “I could be beaten to a pulp!”*

R1768. Biological egg cell

R1769. Run and try to place*

R1770. His The Beach at Sainte-Adresse is full of gray*

R1771. Sports org. debuting in 1970 on NBC*

R1772. One whose whisper is a “whithper”*

R1773. Sigur ___ (Icelandic post-rock band)

R1774. Troupes, e.g.

R1775. They have eyes for men and women and maybe some in-between*

R1776. Attacks by flying brigades*

R1778. Historic term for “crowned with laurels”

R1779. Without letup

R1780. Rhyming game in Teletubbish?

R1784. Cop Rock?

R1788. “Satan’s defeat was swift”?

R1791. “My cowboy buddy keeps hooking up with his old girlfriend, even though he’s always a mess afterward”?

R1794. “This polycule revolves around her”?

R1799. Forgetful actors’ safeguards*

R1802. Grow grim*

R1803. “That makes me sick!”*

R1804. Balance the scales for

R1805. Scanty down payment at a game*

R1806. They’re denoted by ampersands*

R1807. Samples nutrient pastes*

R1808. C-34, 172, and other jets

R1810. Portions of les annees*

R1811. Princess of Power of cartoons

R1812. Small cylinders that aren’t that great for you, but #YOLO*

R1813. Fuel source carriable in a pail*

R1814. Sounded like God?*

R1815. Ewe-lamb, e.g.

R1816. Thorn-covered shrub that’s a metaphor for desire*

R1817. The ___ Dabba Honeymoon*

R1818. Levels out grass by rows*

R1819. Burning through potential fortunes burns their carbs*

R1820. Where to see ice-skating ballerinas*

R1821. Match, as expectations

R1822. Movie Jake Gyllenhaal plays in repeat mode?*

R1824. “Psych” and “sike” are this in sound and meaning*

R1827. Naught, to Caesar

R1829. Waver like a third rider in a two-seater*

R1830. “No!”*

R1832. Armed hoodlum

R1833. Sound-amplifier or the like*

R1834. King Cole of scat*

R1835. Area near the jaw*

R1836. Agreed to release*

R1837. “___ here!”*

R1838. Beer at most convenience stores*

R1839. “Seeing this film too early in life might leave a scar”*

R1840. Paddles near shore some more, I suppose*

R1841. Without fertility drugs, the chance of having them is million-to-one odds*

R1842. Inflammatory conclusion?

R1843. Do as doves do*

R1844. Cuts off

R1846. They end lives*

R1847. Crow relatives

R1848. Royal patience-testers*

R1850. Welcomed

R1851. Hazy in the brain*

R1852. Type of TV display*

R1853. One unversed in verse

R1854. She makes a mail carrier’s day shorter*

R1855. Roman justice

R1857. De ___-van Alphen effect

R1858. Get ___ of: get showed*

R1859. Groan alternative*

R1860. Porous shape*

R1861. Sounds of rings*

R1862. Gearshift type, ___ on the floor*

R1863. Hex, but worse*

R1864. Jags with remote keys*

R1865. One inclined to say, “Sod it,” on the telly*

R1866. “For you, it’s free”*

R1867. Person comparing costs and which one’s nicer*

R1868. Finds objects in a seemingly random pattern*

R1869. He never drew adults*

R1871. Savor again

R1873. Customary

R1877. Code for a Newark spot where you’d pick up a rental car*

R1878. Pelted*

R1879. Big ___*

R1880. Looked over as if to draw

R1881. With one’s attention trapped*

R1882. Pick up, as poop*

R1883. “Miss Leoni would...” [this one’s pretty awful, sorry!]*

R1884. A clear border between each category, say*

R1885. Group too big to ignore*

R1886. Brooks, Gibson, and Wells*

R1887. Material for a serving plate*

R1888. Property will pass into his care*

R1889. Short way?

R1890. Bull’s “thorns”*

R1892. One that an Italian relies on*

R1893. Capital that’s a woman’s name

R1894. Tracker’s pre-manure*

R1895. National Council ___ Raza: Hispanic civil rights group*

R1899. Looks like organs on nudes*

R1907. Tops in Moody’s survey*

R1908. “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down” syllables

R1909. Island near Molokai

R1912. Comics pictures divided by gutters, aka white-space channels*

R1913. Cassandra, for one

R1915. Art of subconscious imagery

R1917. Is not reduced?

R1918. Wets one’s eyes*

R1919. Customs you might need to know for safe forays*

R1920. Part of a ship often made of steel*

R1921. Song and pun followers

R1922. Fix, as a split end*

R1923. Star Wars scavenger

R1924. Candy who met a wayward Amazon early in her journey*

R1925. They help study chromaticisms*

R1926. Fishing hole for dad and son to bond*

R1927. Brand that goes well with bologna*

R1931. Land in a strait*

R1932. Fleeing defeat*

R1933. It might need a new moon boot*

R1936. County Kerry seaport*

R1937. Immunity from time’s knife*

R1939. Devonshire dipwad*

R1940. Ob-gyn’s treatment, for short*

R1941. Good Place philosopher whose choices aren’t speedy*

R1942. Foreign spies we joked we’d find under beds*

R1943. Snarl in which one gets caught*

R1944. Knowledge explorer*

R1945. Grain storage structures

R1946. These may require expert defusers*

R1947. Correct like a sneak*

R1948. Villanelle-ending scheme

R1949. One who follows like a madman*

R1950. Sexts, e.g.*

R1952. Says, “I’m ready to graze”*

R1953. Prose composition (abbr.)

R1954. They’re likely to think Republicans won debates*

R1956. Homer or Fry

R1960. Visually put to paper*

R1962. Enough for a free sample*

R1963. “Luff ___!” (command at sea)*

R1964. Renaissance poet Clément

R1965. Exhibit the patience of a saint*

R1968. Letters that bring tee-hees*

R1969. Anonymous crowd that dots so-media discourse*

R1970. Aimed at God and everybody*

R1971. Opera heroine or part of Street Fighter canon*

R1972. Sp. mujeres

R1973. “Although this may be a smear...”*

R1974. They are like small trout*

R1975. Their rise led to prohibition*

R1976. “Are you saying ___ blame?”

R1977. Let go a bit

R1978. It sells a cheek palette with stars*

R1979. Herbert of many a Hollywood hit and bomb*

R1980. She kisses her Mr. or Mx.

R1981. Guitar effect that can disturb glasses*

R1983. End of an ABC*

R1984. Kagan hearing cases

R1985. Introduction to this earth*

R1988. “I hate,” in a Latin love poem

R1990. “___ but known!...”

R1991. Brand in a high-end fashion store*

R1992. Word on tape?

R1993. Isn’t quaint?*

R1994. “Sail on, ___ of State!”

R1996. Second to none*

R1997. Beest in view of*

R1998. Foursome times two

R1999. Big fan*

R2000. Oddball or geek*

R2001. Good signs for shows?*

R2002. “That’s my row to ___”*

R2003. Group that may sing “Higher and Higher”*

R2005. “Heal” face?

R2006. Prior to, in days of yore*

R2008. “Do I need to explain again?”

R2010. Med. asst.

R2012. Game with a goalie as blocker*

R2014. To fans, Erving of the MBA*

R2016. Peron married this senorita*

R2018. Pacific-to-Urals artery*

R2019. How to serve vichyssoise in Valois

R2021. Great party?

R2024. Trivial details?

R2028. Oddball loser with oddball tics?

R2033. Keep precipitation high?

R2036. “My horse and I are in BIG TROUBLE”?

R2038. They don’t oppose*

R2040. Yak about stuff that does...not...matter*

R2042. Per Weird Al as Luke, “I met him in a swamp down in Dagobah / Where it bubbles all the time like a giant carbonated soda”*

R2044. “Air” that’s good for flora, bad for Gomorrah*

R2046. One who worships “the High Tower”*

R2047. Musical time for a lamento*

R2048. Grasslands with no trees*

R2049. Executed as a scan*

R2050. 63, e.g.*

R2051. “I’m innocent, let me go free,” e.g.*

R2052. Noises from angry boars*

R2053. Movie reviews*

R2054. Alternative to a Dorito*

R2055. Tool related to a trim-the-hedge-r* ;-)

R2056. The Philly version adds cheesesteak to the peppers and beans*

R2057. Not e’er*

R2058. Homemaker who gets paid*

R2059. Kiss off, lyrically*

R2060. Turns a profit*

R2061. It snaps

R2062. The TMNT without Leo, e.g.*

R2064. Don’t let them watch too many vids!*

R2065. JFK forecast*

R2067. Dieters with this blood type should avoid meat and egg products*

R2069. Where racecars get served without a tow*

R2071. Flash that could make you believe in Jehovah*

R2073. Make into a hostile*

R2075. Tiny eels that look like twigs*

R2076. Part of a Rhoda cocktail*

R2077. Reading matter to unroll*

R2080. More crafty

R2082. Sounds from those whom amusing things please*

R2083. Commie, in the Sixties

R2084. Singing group that sounds like powers that be*

R2085. Come back after renovation

R2086. Gambits a trickster uses*

R2087. French soldiers’ caps

R2088. He planted the seed of English history*

R2089. Revealing swimsuit

R2091. Talkative American Saddlebred*

R2092. Rel. figure many church names carry*

R2093. Drink with stew*

R2094. Guns the engine to be ready for whatevs*

R2095. Unique stunner*

R2096. Desirously burn*

R2098. It averages over $15 million; too damn high, I’d say*

R2100. Was sent*

R2102. Cleaner sometimes on a rope*

R2104. Starry ___ Night (fashion show)*

R2105. Rutabaga kin

R2108. Race that often dealt with the Sovs*

R2109. Say no one can*

R2110. Frigg and Odin’s handmaid/squire*

R2111. Plants that go with cheese*

R2112. Prima ___ (at first sight)

R2113. “It’s Pat” on SNL and “yada yada yada” on Seinfeld*

R2114. Latin horn

R2115. The Art of Love poet

R2116. Src. of Iraqi debris*

R2117. Eastern Church group

R2118. Kosher-unsafe*

R2119. Uncovered, except for hair*

R2120. Singer Josh who’s active on Twitter*

R2122. Like dashes that obscure the people we don’t want to name out loud...you know, them*

R2124. Onetime Ebert partner

R2126. People are making tracks for this*

R2129. Kind of mat, in India*

R2130. Frozen food brand beside a “57” bottle in Heinz’s offerings*

R2131. Gambit to confuse*

R2132. Baubles

R2134. Recreation place that may be in the shadow of un arc*

R2135. Cold wear

R2136. Animated pet we know from reruns*

R2137. Some is made with raw cabbage*

R2140. Like the largest polar regions we can see*

R2145. West Indian sorcery

R2150. Stock-minded TV*

R2154. “Betrayer!”

R2159. Cuisine with chili whole roast chicken*

R2160. Point of maximum flux*

R2161. Horizons near trims*

R2162. Soft and lumpen

R2163. Option a “File” submenu has*

R2165. Molded to cut through the wind, as a classic car*

R2167. Delph, to Delph*

R2168. Popular poker variety

R2170. Time for Armed Forces Day*

R2171. Medium through which a netizen condemns*

R2172. He may have a lad*

R2173. Lily, to a French guy*

R2174. Exemplifies, to given extents*

R2176. Some punk-rock feminists

R2178. French kiss recipient, maybe*

R2179. Tsar’s settling of a legal case*

R2180. Son of Jumbo*

R2181. Wrong way to greet the Messiah*

R2182. N/A pt.

R2183. Some are chocos*

R2184. Coke brand that’s not so much a water company as it is a plastic bottle company...Johnny*

R2185. Shutout*

R2186. Boolean alternatives to ors*

R2187. You see him as Holly in The Buddy Holly Story*

R2188. Way to see brainwaves*

R2190. Marsh hedges*

R2192. Got less indebted*

R2194. Make letters easier to discern*

R2196. That ‘70s Show guy with an Uncle Theo*

R2197. No more likely to be there*

R2198. Anime hero who’s a contest acer*

R2201. Like a bird only seen in Guadalajara*

R2202. Prefix for lateral

R2203. To some, they’re as attractive as lips*

R2204. Call forth memories of, like smoke to a campfire*

R2205. Where the Shawshank Redemption characters were*

R2206. Mad scientist’s prior internships at others’ laboratories, cowboy’s teenage years as a petty thief, poet’s childhood on the high seas, e.g.*

R2208. Pricewise, hardly astronomical*

R2211. ___ Nabisco (Sugar Rings and Wheat Thins are among its brands)*

R2212. Big name in cubics*

R2213. Animal that enjoys eating a pear*

R2214. “This is the ___ deal”*

R2215. Bored through, as a torero*

R2216. “It’s what you ___ me”

R2217. Scheduler that may have a banner*

R2219. Made one’s complaints loud and detailed*

R2221. [This position could be any of yours]*

R2222. “___ of wonder…” (“We Three Kings” lyric)

R2225. Cause of much dolor in Romeo and Juliet*

R2226. Controversialist

R2227. Bottom-drawer label, perhaps

R2228. Communicated oneself, perhaps with some signal loss*

R2230. Hatless deity nevertheless known for what he has overhead*

R2231. Explorer with a coon-skin cap*

R2232. It’ll twist at a high rate or low rate*

R2233. Siberian who went far*

R2235. “Don’t ___ do much at all” (pseudo-Buddhist quote)

R2236. Strain to a British guy*

R2237. US turtles

R2239. “That’s not yours, it’s mein!”*

R2240. Where late nights, wall posters, and hall frisbee are the norm*

R2241. Like a skier, compared to a water-skier*

R2242. Two-state region west of Minnesota*

R2244. Protein that keeps you from feeling cast in stone*

R2246. “___ yourself” (“explanation” that isn’t really one, but is briefer)*

R2248. 3 Days to Kill and Charlie’s Angels director*

R2250. Drew back (away from), or tried*

R2252. “Love that guy! ___ the bee’s knees”*

R2253. Material for an early belt*

R2256. News on a CNBC show*

R2257. Got the party going (shake a leg)*

R2259. “___, ___, so off to work I go”*

R2260. “Hubba-hubba! My breath just caught!”*

R2261. Ran back over roughshod*

R2262. Patriarch of two sitcoms with crass appeal*

R2264. Be once again as it once were*

R2266. “It’d be better if you flew!”*

R2268. DOJ appointees*

R2270. Where the text’s begun*

R2271. Stern Bruce of Nebraska and The Hateful Eight*

R2272. Alma mater for Talking Heads and Dale Chihuly*

R2273. Angrily stare*

R2274. State under the red star (abbr.)*

R2275. Esq., sometimes

R2276. Cheeses you shouldn’t eat in Sonatas*

R2278. What to smoke while making a bogey*

R2280. First word in a song by Lady Gaga*

R2282. Das Rheingold contralto

R2283. Compared to chamber pots, it’s newer*

R2287. Files to allow adoption of new programs with ease*

R2289. Steps (up)*

R2290. “...dwelt a miner, forty-___”*

R2291. 1974 film with Sutherland and Gould as CIA guys*

R2292. “Planet, schmanet, ___!”*

R2293. Paul who opposes wealthy protagonists in There Will Be Blood and The Batman, but plays a pal to AJ Soprano*

R2294. Platform with Battle Chess

R2295. Bargains may result in these*

R2297. Name on a Thanksgiving table*

R2299. “Oh, gawd, no WAY...”*

R2301. Beaux a young lady entertains*

R2302. “No glove, no ___”*

R2303. Gullible boob*

R2304. Kris ___, who won awards at 12 and 13 like a boss*

R2305. Foul attack?*

R2308. Nowhere near, brother*

R2310. Glitch deflector*

R2313. Why we go for fancy cars*

R2314. Cigarette sizes

R2315. Kick through the defenses’ hole*

R2316. It never moves, but gets you up and down from here to there*

R2317. Sounds that greet sheepdogs

R2318. Canoegoer*

R2319. Rural poem

R2323. Prone to act in a flash*

R2325. Kingdom ceded to Wessex*

R2327. It should equal your tricep in strength*

R2329. Fratty Silicon Valley pro*

R2331. Gaul’s Gujarat*

R2332. Get ready to retire*

R2333. Fear for Hobbes*

R2334. “G’wan, horsey!”

R2335. “Cash me outside, how ‘bout ___!”

R2336. Address ender for those who pursue academics*

R2337. Apply yourself*

R2338. “Aw, don’t be mad, ___ booger!”*

R2340. Inability to speak

R2341. It’s found in methane deposits*

R2342. Touch it after getting one hot*

R2344. When you need a job, wear this to apply*

R2345. Written equivalent of battle scars*

R2347. Decked, online*

R2348. The Knave of Hearts stole them*

R2349. Seals for chips*

R2350. Leshan whose books were a voice for those who need a voice*

R2351. Rhone feeder

R2353. Robot boxing movie Real ___*

R2355. Title film character played by Tyler Perry

R2357. Detached from the main historic narrative*

R2358. On-___ (bit of gossip)*

R2359. Genre from which many unrealistic ideas are born*

R2360. Slats in cribs*

R2361. Mistake, like wearing your pants too tight? (Sorry, I know this one’s a groaner)*

R2362. Like some vows or discord

R2364. “___ ever so humble…”

R2366. It’s like CBD*

R2368. Crosswalk stoppers

R2370. Food of the gods that can be a resurrector*

R2372. “___ Coy Mistress” (...is an Andrew Marvell poem)*

R2373. Arrive at ahead of

R2374. “B ___ basin…”

R2376. Need for any COVID-era outdoor task*

R2377. Brand to lounge on freely*

R2378. Your SUV phase’s memento*

R2380. Force to house consciousness*

R2381. Her “Haunted” was eerie*

R2382. Tie for a ta-ta*

R2384. Stood (with) when the group was divided*

R2386. Lay aside

R2388. Dials up the charm*

R2390. Further away, as a denier*

R2392. “I’m Yours and I’m ___” (1969 Johnny Winter song)*

R2393. On Love Island, he was boyf and then ex to Sharon*

R2394. Opposition party since 2018

R2395. Hugo’s ___ Blas

R2396. TV detective with a painter’s name and a spirit you can’t squash*

R2397. Rhyme scheme of this section’s theme answers (yay!)*

R2399. “___, meenie…”*

R2401. It joins the Saone*

R2402. Too funny for anyone to stay quiet*

R2403. Transport to go over a fallen tree*

R2404. Place without a view of the upcoming street*

R2406. Enough filthy riches to make a duke a duker*

R2407. Opposite end from where you steer*

R2408. Angry displays of personal slants*

R2409. Micro-wormy*

R2410. Sight in an old-fashioned smoke-filled bar*

R2411. Not-so-fast connection provider*

R2415. Not stick out at a sit-in*

R2417. Emotionally loud*

R2419. Win that’s big and fat*

R2420. Toughs in saloons*

R2421. Response to a concert promo*

R2422. Tries to get wise*

R2423. City that had resources for car companies to exploit*

R2425. Locked onto in understanding*

R2427. “Don’t worry, ___ mean little”*

R2429. Grease role

R2431. Leon lass (abbr.)

R2432. Kind of musical notation, for short?

R2433. S, when you prepare a message for a soldier*

R2437. Science news*

R2439. Sound that comes before two tats?

R2440. Galatea, for one

R2441. Subjects of many grammarian harangues*

R2443. Demons with horns that are bony*

R2444. Where Hitler’s strategy started to look mad*

R2447. Like “come” and “go” (abbr.)

R2449. Alaskan peninsula

R2451. ___ Geo (video game platform)*

R2452. God of thrusts and parries*

R2453. Magical being sometimes shown as cute, sometimes scary*

R2454. Splash or plunk lead-in

R2455. Ltd., stateside

R2456. Cover completely, as a throat*

R2457. Mai ___*

R2458. On the track, create a larger gap with*

R2460. Weakens, as videogame robo-serfs*

R2462. The Irish pronounce it “Ira,” not “air”*

R2464. Fam who might give you a dis*

R2465. Provides to use*

R2466. County in Wales

R2467. Slimy vegetables

R2468. He loves fire, oh*

R2469. Sketchy, elementary*

R2471. “You call that a threat?!”*

R2472. Long and narrow*

R2474. Oil Market Report producer

R2475. Smother the humanity of, in one’s own mind*

R2477. “Undo” key combo*

R2479. Crosswalk, on a sign

R2480. Piece of needlework

R2482. Preserver for a pecan*

R2483. Their passenger load varies*

R2485. When day is born*

R2486. Their kind of sexuality gets on society’s nerves

R2488. Dog puppet who preceded ALF*

R2490. Fresher out of the drawer*

R2492. Word in cheesemaking*

R2494. Its Barbie did...well*

R2495. Dippier*

R2497. Tea ___*

R2498. Lap dogs with flat cheeks*

R2499. Architect whose designs are often contrary*

R2500. The opposite of horrible*

R2504. Edible twig*

R2506. Say this in the dentist’s chair

R2508. World’s fastest-growing city...a real hot spot*

R2510. “Y’all heard o’ sundowns? Well, P.M. is when y’all ___”*

R2512. Healthy-but-not-enormous size

R2514. Un-commit*

R2515. Shaving imperfections time will fix*

R2516. “The doors ___ ajar”*

R2517. Measure of Apple’s progress*

R2518. Staple that balances out heavy spice*

R2519. Come back together from the street*

R2520. Burning and aglare*

R2522. Plainer compared to irrational stuff

R2524. Flyer drops, e.g.*

R2528. Part of older actuarial formats*

R2529. Triangle side excluding point C*

R2532. Wooed with a tone of voice*

R2533. She ruined the wedding of Paris*

R2534. Where they dunked witches rather than im-pail ‘em*

R2535. Boats’ inland locale*

R2536. They’re miles out from a continent*

R2537. Bk. of the Bible featuring a prophet prone to despair*

R2538. Equip with machinery

R2540. Lag and sag*

R2542. “Stop acting like a boy-pup!”*

R2544. Names in which the number of “r’s” varies*

R2546. From wax, it should be clear*

R2547. Not “nay”*

R2548. Proceeds to give up*

R2549. She makes the unstable unstabler*

R2551. Conk with a blunt instrument*

R2552. Does more than say prayers*

R2554. They’re often paired with paters*

R2556. Source of courtiers’ employ...al*

R2558. Revenue-raising social contract*

R2560. Hours of slumber, e.g.*

R2562. Strategic items your opponent disregards*

R2564. Start of a hyphenate meaning “pick-and-mix collection”*

R2565. Genome’s units*

R2567. Flies on the wall*

R2568. Push down the road*

R2569. Car companies may waive it for 72 months*

R2570. It makes outdoor gear fab*

R2572. Fitch who partnered with Abercrombie

R2574. Key-related and sonal*

R2576. Change bit by bit from dwarf to wharf, e.g.*

R2578. “Neither for ___ against”*

R2580. Exponential outside our knowledge*

R2583. Neighborhood watch for a bourg, e.g.*

R2584. Park-Lincoln who was a Knots Landing and horror star*

R2585. Hit on the head for some tosh*

R2586. “Is it stop or go?”*

R2587. What to get from a maple tap*

R2588. Brit grad who, stereotypically, could write for Smithsonian*

R2590. Went back to the head*

R2592. Rio ___*

R2593. Educate but try not to preach*

R2594. Re-creates as moving pictures*

R2595. Blockades from harm*

R2597. Philosopher who asked why anyone should continue to live, given the absurdity of existence (he’s more uplifting than that sounds)*

R2598. ___ D’Arcy (Married…With Children role)*

R2599. Chest, but more so*

R2600. Brown flatfish swimming past a crab*

R2603. Rhyme scheme from an old-school rap MC*

R2605. Heroes (like Wolfe) and villains (like the emperor, to most)*

R2607. Primate of large shape

R2609. She’ll get the folks’ terrace*

R2610. What makes people tell awed stories*

R2612. Nucleus a cell may carry*

R2613. Italian autos

R2614. Like Poseidon’s idle movements*

R2616. Make angry and intense*

R2618. ___ and pray (style of first-person shooting)*

R2620. Cut with a sickle to keep*

R2621. Telecom giant, initially*

R2622. Endeavored to pry with*

R2623. Fighting on foreign shores*

R2624. Does an oenophile’s chores*

R2625. Get oil into it*

R2626. Hopefully, lawyers of future eras*

R2627. Carries on in monotones*

R2628. Anger that’s dire*

R2629. Rhyming Song of the South character full of hair*

R2632. Disease with a rep*

R2634. Herbivore Aesop would compare to a tortoise*

R2635. Abbr. in a letter

R2637. Throes of wretchedness

R2638. Toy Story’s bad kid*

R2639. Like second-quality mdse.

R2640. Act devil-may-care*

R2641. Maker of Mr. Smith Goes to Town and Mr. Deeds Goes to Washington

R2642. Language expert William (the FBI once tapped his wire)*

R2643. Org. involved with the 2014 Ebola crisis

R2644. Once the highest-paid actor in Hollywood, but tough to rep since 2018*

R2646. God synonymous with “falcon” in my personal thesaurus*

R2648. There are green suns on these*

R2649. It splits its famous namesake molecule at the base*

R2651. Sons with the same peres*

R2652. Ship on which each rig is square*

R2653. Get juiced*

R2654. Reciprocate an impact*

R2655. Eel neighbor for ray*

R2656. Small thing to purloin*

R2657. “You’ve got grounds for a complaint, hope you’re not mad”*

R2660. Animal known for freezing in fear*

R2662. State on the opposite side from Mexico*

R2664. Ex of state Tillerson*

R2665. Former South Korean president Tae-woo (never met Joe)*

R2666. It’s deaf outside 300-3,000 MHz*

R2667. Prepares bean pies*

R2669. Study (over) more and more*

R2670. Peter who made this and that good deal*

R2671. Lobe for thinking that’s societal*

R2673. It may have a flash bar*

R2675. Like an Airedale’s coat

R2677. Making one’s body, or at least body outline, a show*

R2679. One whom love will never thrill to the marrow*

R2680. Healers, for short

R2681. Castle in the air,  e.g.*

R2682. Opalescence, e.g.*

R2684. Desert-march, e.g.*

R2685. Clog one’s shoes with mud*

R2686. No longer a tyro*

R2689. Bern sight, to some (var. ...it does not rhyme with var.)

R2690. Star with an aureole*

R2691. “Better dead than ___” (Cold War saying)*

R2693. Underground part of a fruit*

R2695. Overdone “charm”*

R2697. Loose gowns

R2700. Song as widely played as “Whip It”*

R2703. It’ll tell you what handwritten words are*

R2704. Russell of Extraordinary Measures*

R2705. Tars with flame*