Ubercross Abecedaria Q


Q1. Where to find veejays

Q4. Like a rect.

Q8. Short on pizzazz

Q12. Suffix for top or typ

Q16. Large amount?

Q20. Iranian ruler ousted in 1979

Q24. Feldspar and Kryptonite

Q28. Hurt singer Johnny

Q32. King of drama?

Q36. Mmes., in Mexicali

Q40. Trawlers haul

Q44. Nearly cyan

Q48. Word stated before we forget

Q52. Smoke more weed, Turtle speaker

Q53. Parisians stocking

Q56. Hamburg unit

Q57. Bldg. size unit

Q61. Branagh, in 1995s Othello

Q62. Steven Wrights I intend to live forever. So far, so good, e.g.

Q66. Pacific sea

Q67. . in :.-(

Q71. Put on a hook

Q72. Horse mackerel

Q76. Front to space

Q77. Bikers bike, informally

Q81. Letting only a little blood back through

Q85. [shrug]

Q87. [several poo emoji]

Q91. Bibliophiles suffix

Q92. Sorry, VenkmanIm terrified beyond the capacity for rational thought speaker

Q96. Beverage store buy

Q97. Le monde ___ vie (the world and life)

Q101. McKellen and Somerhalder

Q102. Modern spelling?

Q107. Make haste for

Q110. Without holding back

Q114. Pea package

Q115. Detached, as from a bulletin board

Q117. Equipped so as to prevent capsizing

Q119. Despite difficulties, to use a topographical figure of speech

Q121. Not currently pieced together

Q123. Tied at the halfway point, in tennis

Q125. 2x4, in Mexico

Q126. Independent genetic material

Q127. Composer who wrote The Miraculous Mandarin ballet

Q128. Head lines?

Q130. Luann DeGroots love for years

Q132. Without any other choice

Q134. Peace ___ time

Q135. Unsuccessful liquor buyers

Q136. Directors cry thats said with a pause

Q137. Toy in a water fight

Q139. Get approval from

Q141. Readiest to go

Q143. A good number

Q145. Not correct

Q147. Flip-flop feature

Q149. Put out fresh light with

Q150. George and George W., e.g.

Q151. Honor thy promises

Q153. It knows what the morning has never suspected, per Jonathan Grimwood

Q155. Hails and praise

Q157. Men of war

Q158. Captured an image

Q160. Getaway from the home and office

Q162. Ranch worker

Q163. OHare or Newark Liberty

Q164. Objectors words

Q165. Kids pains

Q166. Ive got the ___ to die. What I want to know is, do you have the ___ to live? (Cat on a Hot Tin Roof)

Q168. Life-guiding ambition

Q169. Speech about half the room usually sits through resentfully, for short

Q172. Antony or Connelly

Q173. Busy hands

Q176. Oasis and Pulps genre

Q178. Designer for Nancy Reagan

Q180. Diane Nyugen portrayer (to her regret, as shes not Vietnamese)

Q182. Wax Ready-Strips brand

Q183. Enzymes ends

Q184. Language of Zimbabwe

Q185. Many mail-order beauty products

Q187. Intentional-foul basketball strategy

Q189. Dumas trio

Q191. ID assigned to over 453 million people so far

Q193. I am an unpopular electric ___ in a pool of catfish (Edith Stillwell)

Q194. Bean used in perfume making

Q195. Sends via postage

Q197. Its barely audible

Q199. Beep boop bop bleep boop speaker, informally

Q201. Approaching despite motion

Q204. Lip-flapping woman

Q206. Distinct flavors

Q208. Fife with a clear, bright tone

Q210. Latin phrase usually shortened

Q211. One of five, for short

Q212. They wear and file suits (abbr.)

Q213. Sacred introduction?

Q214. Where you might schedule shopping for a new Android phone, for short

Q215. With Los, birthplace of the Bomb

Q217. Cole Porters Indiana birthplace

Q218. I want to see her legs news producer Ailes

Q219. Orders for supplies (abbr.)

Q220. Sandy who sings, You better shape up

Q221. Game resembling horseshoes

Q224. Landless

Q226. It shows the principal action of a sentence

Q228. Layer of cake

Q230. Sell down the river

Q232. Paragraph-breakers?

Q234. Festival formed in response to another, monogrammatic festival

Q236. Boggy area

Q237. She controls it all behind the scenes

Q239. Petty soul

Q241. ___ about (approximately)

Q242. Brand immortalized in song by Paul Simon

Q243. Classic Nestle brand

Q244. Ash and friends, as Team Rocket insults them

Q245. Smallest change numbered on most protractors

Q247. Alien neighbor

Q249. Slightly slanted

Q250. Stylists touchup

Q252. Toy name from the Danish for play well

Q253. Comforting letters

Q255. Kardashian ex Lamar

Q257. Pharmaceutical-company div.

Q259. Mystery-crafter Stanley Gardner

Q260. Quiz, e.g.

Q262. Medical man (abbr.)

Q264. Wool source

Q266. Colorful

Q267. Like le mot juste

Q270. Way of the Cosmos (var.)

Q272. Not allowed in church

Q275. in days of ___ lang syne

Q276. Soviet labor camps

Q277. Be bothered by

Q278. Beer, casually

Q279. Partner, in 2021

Q280. Brewers dryer

Q281. Emotionally rattled

Q282. Henri or Pierre

Q284. Envelope shape (abbr.)

Q286. Subj. for a future MBA

Q288. Million ___ March (anti-gun group)

Q290. Word after East or West

Q292. Locale of French Indochina?

Q294. Extracts carefully

Q297. Strict sergeants, say

Q299. Emptier in a vessel

Q302. Experian alternative

Q306. Appetizer like the contents of an Italian sub

Q307. Pffft, doubt it!

Q308. Just to start

Q309. With bibulous boisterosity

Q311. Be the first to use

Q313. It seems a bit friendlier than the similar signoff that ends in L

Q314. Taiwans setting

Q315. Rotting

Q318. Do some yard work

Q320. Tackles moguls

Q322. On-screen avatar

Q324. Shipping weight deductions

Q326. Anti-skid systs.

Q328. Puerto Ricos best-known rum

Q329. Evaluating parts of the software before the whole

Q332. Does knee bends

Q335. Cheap thieves

Q337. Like babies pinkie nails, informally

Q340. Ad phrase carrying less weight in the streaming era

Q342. Big structural changes

Q343. Pepys or Adams, briefly

Q344. Just ___, skip and

Q345. Public humiliations

Q347. Early German and Austrian coins

Q348. They ___ my path, they set forward my calamity (Job 30:1)

Q351. More out of ones gourd

Q353. Thrown entangler

Q355. Org. for a large party

Q356. Cotton swab

Q358. Its in your jeans

Q360. Very funny thing

Q362. King of Israel who fell on his sword

Q364. Coats with Crisco, e.g.

Q365. Respect is what we ___, love, what we give (Philip James Bailey)

Q368. Train network Estonia and Latvia joined in 2020

Q369. Nobel biochemist Severo

Q370. Upswings

Q374. Toscanini and Iturbi, for two

Q375. Deadly skeeter

Q376. Box letters

Q378. 1953 Pulitzer winner for Picnic

Q379. Letter carriers gp.

Q380. Eponymous Grateful Dead breakup song

Q381. Hurry up and reach

Q383. Canadian phone greeting

Q384. Gadget with tunes

Q386. Air-conditioning unit?

Q388. Indian sage

Q390. Hypothetical missile- zapper, for short

Q392. The College Dropout West

Q394. Liberty or Victory

Q396. Hotel room door feature

Q398. Reach back across

Q401. Philly team

Q402. If thou ___ ought amiss, mend it in thyself (Proverb)

Q403. Human, or usually yellow-green crystal

Q404. Keepers of jewels

Q408. Haloed by nature

Q410. Body part guarded in soccer

Q411. Knuckleballer Wilhelm

Q412. Whiners

Q414. Stereotypical diner name

Q415. If you liked it then you shouldve put a ring on it singer, formally

Q417. Ang or Spike

Q418. Variable determining the false discovery rate

Q420. ...a man who was so pigheaded that he could be served at a ___ (Katie MacAlister)

Q422. Imitatio ___ (Biblical principle)

Q423. Aw, go cry about it, in gamer slang (because its letters resemble crying eyes)

Q425. Rainbow flag letters

Q427. Norse saint

Q429. Verne captain and others

Q430. ___ (The Princess Bride)

Q434. Mai ___ (kind of drink)

Q435. ___ (KFC)

Q440. Chucked

Q441. Low proportions

Q443. Grammy-winning bossa nova musician Gilberto

Q444. Figure (out)

Q445. Os longum or metatarsal

Q446. Echoes

Q448. With back, starting over

Q451. Shyeah...right!

Q453. Classic words of disbelief

Q455. ___ (Among Us)

Q457. Noted god of war

Q459. Releases reviewed by The Source

Q461. Unsettle

Q463. Asked someone to stop talking

Q467. In some systems it means cancel, not copy

Q469. Liszts Piano Sonata ___ Minor

Q470. Important move toward keeping the Cold War cold

Q471. Nuances of meaning

Q474. Facial piercing thats relatively out of the way

Q476. Theres always room for improvement Ono (___ Dreams of Sushi)

Q477. Cryptozoologists quarry

Q479. Alison who stars as Ruth Wilder in GLOW

Q480. Skippy alternative

Q481. Sts.? No. Blvds.? Try again

Q482. Following consequently

Q483. Wyo. neighbor

Q485. Toddlers piggies

Q487. Cry of discovery

Q488. Carrie Chapman who said, In the adjustment of the new order of things, we women demand an equal voice; we shall accept nothing less

Q490. A likely story

Q493. ___ so!

Q495. ___ the finish (competitive throughout)

Q496. Acrobat file

Q497. Ring holder

Q498. Famous childrens Dr.

Q499. T-shirt spec

Q500. Avoid detection

Q502. Hyundai or Renault

Q505. Biblical matriarch

Q506. ___ Ono

Q507. Comparatively solid

Q508. Itinerary abbrs.

Q509. Scornfully avoid

Q510. Curvy ones are smart, straight ones are dumb

Q514. Detailed map

Q516. What, to Dumas

Q518. Remains at a steel mill

Q520. Houston MLBer, for short

Q522. Likely singleton

Q524. Recommended safety limit

Q525. Furthest off the wall

Q527. Car of yore

Q528. Rotating blades

Q530. Something to doff

Q531. Tuition add-ons

Q533. Round a corner in Monopoly

Q536. Large studio lamp

Q539. Redundant furthermore

Q541. Beach battles

Q543. Kissy sound

Q544. Briefs inits.

Q545. Fraternal group

Q546. Lead singers backup

Q548. Reality show

Q551. Garnish for a Moscow Mule

Q553. Where Lux. Is

Q554. Frankfurter, slangily

Q557. Seven-Eleven treats

Q559. Go up on the Saffir- Simpson scale

Q561. Have a fancy (for)

Q562. If ___ is strong, the oceans tides do not bother it (Matshona Dhliwayo)

Q565. *scratches head*

Q568. Five-carbon sugar

Q569. Objectives among gal pals

Q573. Tough alloy

Q574. Farm femme

Q575. Frisbee field, perhaps

Q576. Some say the happiest two days in its owners life are the day they buy it and the day they sell it

Q577. Chain offering burritos

Q580. Were getting off track, in texting

Q581. Indias ___ Pradesh

Q583. Shes too good to work for free

Q584. Old Chrysler

Q586. This day we fight! franchise, for short

Q588. Lock up, as a jury

Q590. Eye inspired by Shaker barns hex symbols to ward off evil spirits

Q592. Himalayan escort

Q596. Able was ___ I saw Elba

Q597. Puts on the line?

Q599. Horned critter

Q600. Line former

Q601. Find ___ footing: get ones balance

Q602. ___ regia

Q603. [gestures proudly at ones own handiwork]

Q606. Choose the group wholl evaluate the case

Q609. Group that delivers a verdict

Q610. No Westminster contender

Q611. Big name in the freezer section

Q612. Building blocks

Q613. Emulated Groucho Marx

Q615. Chattering vibrantly

Q618. Knit goods problem

Q620. Enclosed securely

Q621. Spielbergs passion

Q623. ___ an arrow

Q624. Mt. Hoods state

Q625. Slender and graceful

Q626. Hard one

Q627. Breastbones

Q628. Cherokee ___, Georgias flower

Q629. Business as ___

Q630. Makes poor use of

Q632. Comic strip featuring Thirsty Thurston

Q633. Take out for dinner, say

Q634. Hair extensions?

Q637. Like some early learning, for short

Q638. Crucial hour, informally

Q639. Its ___ real, but

Q640. [eye roll] That explains ___

Q642. Quebecois comrades

Q644. Smelting byproduct

Q645. De-intensifying shades

Q647. It can be neither created nor destroyed (abbr.)

Q648. Harriet Beecher, hubby, and son

Q650. Exodus subj.

Q651. Loathe

Q652. Surfing or curling

Q653. Command posts (abbr.)

Q654. Cyrus the Great defeated them

Q655. River fish

Q656. Rodgers product

Q657. City Hall bigwig

Q660. Saint-___

Q661. Wingdings, for one

Q662. Gravy, on a French menu

Q663. Curators deg.

Q664. Data document

Q667. Closes, in days gone by

Q669. Backwards glance on a ship?

Q672. Apartment stat

Q674. EMT hookups

Q675. Exaggerate ones achievements

Q677. XIV L

Q679. Logistical mgr. for the Dept. of State

Q680. Up to date

Q681. In the center of

Q683. Sport-___ (multiterrain vehicle)

Q684. 2012 Nintendo debut

Q685. But, in Aachen

Q686. Borage and tansy

Q687. Beatles tune Things We ___ Today

Q688. Sex advisor Savage

Q690. La ___ (Italian opera house)

Q693. Overseas mail room still considered US terr.

Q694. Flatten a building

Q695. Hawaiian pair?

Q698. Marmalade component

Q699. Brandy label letters

Q700. Intelligence-seeking plants?

Q702. What Apple names after cats and geography

Q703. Change color, as leaves

Q705. Blood test expense

Q707. Margins of victory, in horse races

Q709. December syllables

Q711. Czech martyr

Q713. Gelatin capsules

Q715. Kabuki costume adornment

Q716. Like some lager

Q721. There is no ___ a fart (Ernest Hemingway)

Q723. Some website posted this article...

Q725. French kings

Q726. Some Spanish medals

Q727. Keep ___: continue

Q728. Target coupon type

Q729. Some voices

Q731. Small sound

Q734. Humorous remark.

Q735. Airport shuttle, often

Q736. Vaccine visionary

Q737. Penetrate, with through

Q738. Commoner

Q742. City NNE of San Francisco

Q744. Fought

Q747. Que ___-je? (What do I know?, in France)

Q748. Bring up into the world

Q749. Natural seasoning

Q751. ___ part: pretend

Q753. Wheat used in health food

Q754. First word of a two-word holiday

Q756. Largest lake in Wales

Q757. Convened in

Q758. ___cotta

Q759. Thou, in Tours

Q760. Long, heroic poem

Q761. Words before instant or emergency

Q762. Sources of materials

Q763. Bits of folk wisdom

Q765. Time for some local newscasts

Q766. Overclouded

Q769. Former Atlanta arena

Q770. What hands are made of

Q771. Comics antiheroine known for having (and ultimately leaving) a toxic boyfriend

Q775. Engage, as gearwheel teeth

Q776. Narrative (abbr.)

Q777. Suffix with real

Q778. ___ (Seinfeld)

Q780. ___ (Scooby-Doo)

Q781. ___ (Anchorman)

Q785. Letters after Kelly Ayottes name

Q786. ___ (South Park)

Q790. ___ (Game of Thrones)

Q791. ___ (The Terminator)

Q793. Too focused, for short

Q794. 2022 film about a canceled musical wunderkind

Q795. Early internet pioneer

Q796. Superman sports one

Q798. Its okay, we wont fall

Q799. Vaya con ___ (Go with God)

Q801. Group at a demonstration

Q804. Gunman?

Q805. Carbon black

Q807. Like an emotionally compromised voice

Q809. Ideals to follow

Q810. Deborah of films

Q811. Dynasty founded by Kublai Khan

Q812. It comes in Schokolade, Vanille, und Erdbeere flavors

Q813. Worried

Q816. Shame on you! sounds

Q819. Decade divisions (abbr.)

Q820. Mine alternative?

Q821. Pugilist using the art of eight limbs

Q823. Number in Nurnberg

Q824. Church-money- gathering-related

Q826. Like A Musical Joke

Q830. Consisting of flaky layers

Q831. Bye-ee!

Q834. Word with Alamos or Angeles

Q835. One with powers over nature

Q838. It goes from private to sergeant major

Q839. Some city bonds, for short

Q841. Iraq War vets condition, for short

Q843. ___ Park, city SE of San Francisco

Q844. Be very agitated

Q846. Dutch landscape painter

Q848. Acronym for website responsivity

Q849. NCO rank (abbr.)

Q850. Pixar villain who says, Im a piranha!

Q851. Shade of color

Q852. Inits. of 1950s politician who said, Lets talk sense to the American people. Lets tell them the truth, that there are no gains without pains, that we are now on the eve of great decisions, not easy decisions

Q853. Dosimeters measure them

Q854. Acronym for Adobe Illustrator layout discipline

Q855. Like some situations

Q856. Pekoe and oolong

Q857. Beer brand

Q859. Penelopes husband

Q860. Main and spanker, for two

Q861. Sports team

Q862. One who does voice-overs

Q864. -place to buy food

Q866. Putting up embankments

Q867. Without putting any thought into it

Q869. As you get older it is harder to have heroes, but it is ___ of necessary (Ernest Hemingway)

Q871. I ___ reason not to!

Q873. Sharpen a second time

Q875. Gp. with some crack staff

Q876. Jungian concern

Q877. AriZona offering

Q878. Become dangerously slippery, in a way

Q879. ___ terrible: shes a shocker

Q881. What a roller-coaster ___!

Q882. Their days are numbered (abbr.)

Q883. Green Days Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life), e.g.

Q884. Intimidates

Q885. Tech company it was once claimed that nobody ever got fired for buying

Q886. Will & Grace actress Mullally

Q888. Bench with a back

Q889. 4,840 ___ = 1 A.

Q890. Highly decorated

Q891. He formed MGM in 1924

Q892. Clock, essentially

Q895. Hi-___ image

Q896. ___ up: makes less authentic

Q897. Real-time chat notes

Q899. Boggy areas

Q901. Photos, informally

Q903. Citizen Kanes best friend

Q905. Artificial eloquence (abbr.)

Q907. Old standard issue army helmet, familiarly

Q910. Subject of a Peter Weiss play

Q913. Uncle with a serious point

Q914. ___-fartsy

Q915. Object on stage

Q916. Denzel Washington action film trilogy

Q920. Diana with a similar image to Marilyn Monroes

Q921. Get ___-up: fix any automotive issues

Q922. Oz. and lb.

Q923. Cyberspace address

Q924. Mental trouble

Q926. Spanish for room

Q927. Heraldic O

Q930. IRS customers

Q931. I Am ___ (Jenners reality show on E!)

Q933. Disordered agglomeration

Q935. Curry of the Golden State Warriors

Q937. Founder of Egypts 19th dynasty

Q939. Kind of agreement that may involve a conditional admission of guilt

Q941. As we speak

Q942. Refereed a battle with a dragon in a dungeon, e.g.

Q944. Modern expression of excitement

Q945. Final Cut Pro runners

Q946. Leader with a Little Red Book

Q947. ___ Constitution (a.k.a. Old Ironsides)

Q948. Musk maker

Q950. State of temp. inoperability

Q951. Group of atolls also known as Natūpe

Q952. Defends ones copyright, perhaps

Q953. Kabuki alternative

Q954. The Mick of baseball

Q956. Kidney removal

Q958. Style of thinking

Q960. Give new voice to?

Q962. Application blank, for one

Q964. Spooky-sounding tribe?

Q966. Frontman of the Sex Pistols

Q967. Sources of milk

Q968. Poetry movement promoted by Amy Lowell and Ezra Pound

Q974. High court, for short

Q975. Weasel mama

Q976. Provide the gear

Q977. Southwestern home

Q978. Ran wild

Q981. Money in Mexico

Q982. Bear great weight, as a burden

Q984. Once ___

Q985. Commence

Q988. Finishing in second

Q990. FYI circular

Q991. Aching

Q992. Frequently sarcastic reply

Q993. Aristotles Aurora

Q994. Amazons whole-home internet- connection system

Q996. Sort of security deposit on the accused

Q998. According to Homer, a hundred tassels of pure gold hang fluttering from it, tight-woven each of them, and each the worth of a hundred oxen

Q1000. Pelt with additional poultry

Q1001. Danger in Iraq, for short

Q1002. Chemical phenomenon seen when you touch a pencil to a diamond

Q1006. Time Warner subsidiary

Q1007. Cockles of the (male) heart

Q1009. Down stroke

Q1010. Toon dog of the 1990s

Q1011. Minute (abbr.)

Q1012. TV dimension, for short

Q1013. _denosine _ri_hosphate, in biology

Q1015. They help open drawers

Q1016. Device that may have a Smart Cover

Q1017. Plymouth colonists ally

Q1018. It may be caught in winter

Q1020. Runaway win

Q1022. Foot, in the Forum

Q1023. St. Franciss birthplace

Q1025. Denmates

Q1027. Place to play ponies, for short

Q1029. One time if you a bad bitch (one time) / Two times just for the savage (two time) song

Q1031. ___ Sportif

Q1033. Online shopping outlay

Q1035. Smackers

Q1038. Medina native

Q1039. One fixing flats?

Q1043. This ideas past saving

Q1044. Nineteenth Hebrew letter

Q1045. Streamlining undergarment

Q1048. Like some Olympic rings

Q1050. long ___ are together, I can face anything

Q1051. Peevish display

Q1052. Forme de zro

Q1053. Windsors home (abbr.)

Q1054. Domed area at the end of a long procession

Q1057. Babysitters related to the babies

Q1059. Fasten with a click, as a vacuum attachment

Q1061. Stop dramatically, as smoking

Q1063. Syllable after oom

Q1064. Can anyone stop this fugitive? messages

Q1066. Its ___-throat business

Q1068. Lower body protectors since 1968

Q1070. Gilt, perhaps

Q1074. ___-crowd (trendsetters)

Q1075. Knowledge for trivia night

Q1079. She supported Dionysuss war with India

Q1080. After-dinner faux pas

Q1081. Getaway

Q1082. German us

Q1083. ___ Danssen (Heidi Klums Parks and Recreation character)

Q1084. Medicine-spoon marking

Q1086. Didnt catch that sounds

Q1087. Dynasty during which much of the Great Wall of China was built

Q1088. Non-pro?

Q1089. God who, ironically, met more success as a lover than as a fighter

Q1090. Microsofts leads with Whats the difference between 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows?

Q1091. Senator Graham

Q1093. De Matteo of The Sopranos

Q1094. Beach burner?

Q1095. Really soak

Q1097. Mario! Help! speaker

Q1099. ___ in quintessence

Q1101. Seller of many shelves

Q1103. ___ business?

Q1104. Doggone it!

Q1105. ___ train is traveling north at 45 miles per hour and approaches two bikers going south at 10

Q1106. Cuuute!

Q1108. Interest-piquing promos

Q1110. Lightning of a Pixar trilogy

Q1113. Flap on medieval breeches

Q1116. Responded to Guilty or not guilty?

Q1117. Some European ladies (abbr.)

Q1119. Suffix with dot and wiz

Q1121. Fed-up persons cry

Q1123. Works to get loose

Q1125. Wayne of Wayne Manor

Q1127. Police vehicle

Q1129. Fastball, in baseball slang

Q1130. Biggest land animals that ever lived

Q1136. The Hatfields st.

Q1137. Senate and people of Rome (abbr.)

Q1139. Awesome trees

Q1142. Genealogical gp.

Q1144. Where pens or socks might be kept

Q1145. Early MTV hit, for short

Q1146. Command lev.

Q1147. One who recited really long poems

Q1148. Contest between gamers, for short

Q1151. Youd have to have four arms to do half the stuff they wanted me to do speaker, about his bandmates

Q1152. Certain three-mo. period

Q1153. NYCs ___ Bridge

Q1154. Fishermans hope

Q1155. Four-time Indy 500 victor

Q1156. Facetious howl

Q1157. James whos directed a lot of super-misfit movies

Q1158. Name before any of I-XII

Q1159. Anatomical roofs

Q1162. Cartoon villain who sails the Black Barnacle

Q1164. One with a trowel

Q1166. Mystery writer Grafton

Q1167. Jabbas race

Q1168. Restaurateur Tony who was famous for his ribs

Q1170. Descriptor for Adam Schiff as he left Law & Order

Q1172. 232-yr.-old land

Q1174. Jim Henson creation

Q1175. Annual ball drop locale

Q1177. Law and Order: SUV actor

Q1178. ___ Tzu (Chinese toy breed)

Q1180. Urns for the ashes of saints and the encasement of the Shroud of Turin

Q1183. Hands over

Q1187. You can stay there with all the boys, in song

Q1188. Lunch triple-deckers

Q1191. 2000 Home Run Derby winner

Q1192. Golden Arches sandwiches with barbecue sauce

Q1193. Treated ones cough, e.g.

Q1195. Bindis, usually

Q1196. Narcotic from the Middle East

Q1197. Almost spilling over

Q1199. ...out of a ___ ear

Q1201. Bird with a potent kick

Q1202. Result of touching poison ivy

Q1204. ___ well (Me too)

Q1205. Its gotten once all the ballots are in

Q1206. Magic man turned Laker

Q1207. Nos.

Q1209. Macbeth stage direction

Q1211. Edomites progenitor

Q1212. Repeated syllables

Q1213. Keen-eyed bird of prey

Q1214. Not any, to Timon of Athens

Q1215. Gross, say (abbr.)

Q1216. Given to long words

Q1219. Shooting hunters of old

Q1221. Theres no accounting for ___

Q1222. One who identifies with an animal

Q1224. Census start?

Q1226. My Heart Will ___

Q1228. Lasting mark

Q1230. Crazy bed cover

Q1232. Quiet time in the 2020s

Q1234. 1994 movie about Easter Island

Q1237. Sup, senor?

Q1240. Bye for now!

Q1243. First lesson, maybe

Q1246. Dopey types

Q1247. Fence-sitters phrase

Q1248. Mountebank

Q1250. Like some nouns (abbr.)

Q1251. Describe or draw

Q1252. Spanish Sup?

Q1253. Old MacDonald Had a Farm sound

Q1254. Take-a-number place

Q1256. Four times a day, in prescriptions

Q1257. Newly knotted

Q1259. Sailing vessel with a single mast

Q1261. Old soap ingredients

Q1263. Corny item?

Q1264. Inside partner of the radius

Q1265. Where Western heroes might draw from

Q1266. Suffix with fair, short, or wire

Q1268. Opposite of excitement

Q1270. Hobbit-portraying Wood

Q1273. Designated time to excuse your absence from old English court

Q1275. Give permission

Q1276. Naughts

Q1277. Awesomely tough

Q1278. Plate-armor piece

Q1279. Windsor ___

Q1280. Daughter on Homeland

Q1281. Dwight Howards team, on the scoreboard

Q1282. ___s applesauce

Q1284. Compact RV brand named for a cute critter

Q1287. Nacho dunk

Q1289. Someone ___ Boy (Connie Francis)

Q1291. People run for it in Washington

Q1293. Some vintage prints

Q1295. Obtain judicially

Q1296. Drafted

Q1299. Impose (upon)

Q1301. She hit #3 in 1986 with Two of Hearts

Q1304. Hungers

Q1306. Gosling role of 2023

Q1307. Ancient toiler

Q1308. Pronunciation not heard in Sugar, Sugar

Q1309. Sooo-eee! sounds, often

Q1313. Hybrid youd expect to be striped and stubborn

Q1315. Be intellectually blind to

Q1318. Birthplace of raisin bran and the Reuben sandwich

Q1320. Coronets

Q1321. Pretzel brand

Q1322. ___ For (1995 Nicole Kidman film)

Q1324. Slangy agreements

Q1326. Key of Hallelujah in Handels Messiah

Q1328. Sure, Im up for it

Q1329. Does well in the market

Q1330. Pinkish silicate

Q1334. Ballet jump

Q1336. Bibliophiles prize

Q1340. Symbol seen on viola music

Q1342. Begins again

Q1344. It might follow an address

Q1345. Tap lever

Q1347. Gateway Arch city (abbr.)

Q1348. Mag published without paper or ink

Q1349. Com alternative in registration

Q1350. Einsteinian exclamation

Q1351. ___ Double Cash Card

Q1353. Eros, to the less colorful Romans

Q1354. They may come with strings attached

Q1356. Whenever I get depressed, I raise my hemlines. If things dont change, Im bound to be arrested TV lawyer

Q1359. Gets out from the past?

Q1361. Intl students test to enter U.S. college

Q1362. Let the invisible hand take over

Q1363. If one man can destroy everything, why cant one girl change it? activist Yousafzai

Q1365. Nespresso rival

Q1368. Traditional New Years Day procession

Q1372. Of the eye

Q1374. Its a deal!

Q1375. Cats of the Rockies

Q1376. Equips with better materiel

Q1377. ___ to you, New York, New York

Q1379. What a firefighter is usually certified as

Q1380. Diving position resembling the letter V

Q1381. Ones Nintendo avatar

Q1382. Proteins and fats only (in theory)

Q1386. Cockney residence

Q1387. I dont like my options

Q1390. Roller coaster maneuver

Q1391. Ancient Indian tribe known for carved stone heads

Q1393. A dead language, as dead as it can be; it killed the ancient Romans, and now is killing me (classic students chant)

Q1394. Hexahedra

Q1395. Dips for chips

Q1396. Flickering

Q1397. 720x90 and 468x60 rectangles reserved in a web layout, e.g.

Q1399. Per Fernando Pessoa, a man who plays with lives like the chess player with chess pieces

Q1401. Baseball play

Q1403. ___ Willie Keeler (early baseball star)

Q1404. Mideast currency

Q1405. Reveal to

Q1406. angels on the head of ___

Q1409. Peg of the LPGA?

Q1410. ___ Walkure

Q1411. Australian marsupial, for short

Q1412. Brain waves?

Q1413. Grocery chain since 1926

Q1414. Approach through the underbrush

Q1416. Src. of You know nothing, Jon Snow

Q1417. Oft-licked cookies

Q1419. Capital of Greenland

Q1421. 935 Penn Ave. NW in DC

Q1423. _ualified _ntegrator and _eseller (credit card specialist)

Q1424. Al-___, Cairo paper thats influenced all Arabic writing

Q1425. Coveted medal

Q1426. Microsoft Files Patent for Technology That Could Resurrect Dead Loved Ones as Chat ___ (real Mental Floss headline that I just read in the real world, what hath God wrought)

Q1427. Most easily sunburned, maybe

Q1428. Clothing behind which, said Mary Tyler Moore, is a bloody, barbaric story

Q1429. Relatives of lyces

Q1431. Academic division

Q1433. Smoking weed

Q1435. Washes and dries

Q1437. Building supports

Q1438. Block chain?

Q1439. Do what you love, and youll never work ___ in your life (Marc Anthony)

Q1441. If it was lost, you couldnt find Lost

Q1444. Tortilla creation

Q1446. Eat or drink

Q1447. That hurts!!!

Q1448. Subject to loud correction

Q1450. Early Chinese dynasty

Q1452. Name shared by MLBs first all-brother outfield

Q1453. Boundless (abbr.)

Q1454. ___ A (kind of session)

Q1455. Pass without confrontation

Q1456. Pianist Victor Borge, for example

Q1457. Some are clerical

Q1459. ___ the head of the table

Q1461. Startledly

Q1464. Some messages (abbr.)

Q1465. Stuff you can really dig

Q1467. First, ___ harm

Q1468. Yall know what Im talkin bout [points]

Q1469. Whimsical loungewear (my wifes are sharks)

Q1471. Star-Kist product

Q1472. NPR host Diane

Q1473. Square root of hecto-

Q1476. Dog tag, perhaps (abbr.)

Q1478. Vocalists James and Jones

Q1479. Auth. of The real measure of your wealth is how much youd be worth if you lost all your money

Q1481. Bouts of madness

Q1483. Red Cross letters

Q1485. Worlds largest peninsula

Q1487. Good sound or bad smell?

Q1488. Most old-fashionedly charming

Q1490. Chores for Junior

Q1491. Baloney!

Q1493. Sound systems

Q1495. Become mature and

Q1498. Subject of an opera by Handel.

Q1500. Dont bet on ___ wouldnt

Q1501. Sticks out on the sides

Q1502. Some ointments

Q1503. Apple Books file

Q1504. Mythical mortal who helped raise Dionysus

Q1505. Boxes that beat out Beta

Q1507. Care for, as a garden

Q1509. Get ___ to the Greek

Q1510. Not for soloists

Q1512. Letter closer

Q1514. Chest-compression technique

Q1516. Early chariot race

Q1517. Player deal

Q1518. Frankfurt link

Q1519. Sun and moon

Q1520. No longer useful, but still valuable

Q1521. City lying almost on the equator

Q1522. Samosa legume

Q1524. Rapidly

Q1526. Baywatch actress Gena Lee

Q1527. Somber and stylish, or just really hot

Q1530. Sign represented by two jagged squiggles

Q1532. Happened along (with)

Q1534. USA competitor

Q1536. Joint concern?

Q1538. Ask for the hand in marriage of

Q1540. Invasion of the Body Snatchers vessel

Q1542. Lacking punch

Q1544. Reservations

Q1546. With ill humor

Q1547. Nobles, unflatteringly

Q1549. First pres. with a pres. father, who said, I am a warrior, so that my son may be a merchant, so that his son may be a poet

Q1550. Openly gay or trans

Q1551. One that leaves a mark, maybe

Q1552. ER actor La Salle

Q1554. Give a right

Q1556. Nipple

Q1558. Silent Traveler Chiang, Chinese poet

Q1559. ___ sea (cruising)

Q1561. One of a kind

Q1562. Certain Sioux

Q1563. Words of adulation

Q1566. Took courses under pressure

Q1567. Signal callers in the wings

Q1568. A fake one might turn you orange

Q1569. Just a friendly reminder that you still ___ money (some ecards)

Q1572. Indians say this city belongs to the daring

Q1574. ___ wait (conceal oneself)

Q1575. Extremely

Q1576. Put (down)

Q1577. Disagree on particulars

Q1579. Steering system part

Q1580. Concern of the chair

Q1582. Glittery dress features

Q1584. Captivates

Q1586. Like Buffalo wings, eating-wise

Q1587. ___ bien? (You okay?)

Q1588. I found my thrill singer Fats

Q1589. Spanish side

Q1591. I am the blood of the dragon. I must be strong speaker

Q1592. Petticoat, e.g. (abbr.)

Q1593. Writer to the Romans

Q1594. Color Me ___ of I Wanna Sex You Up

Q1595. One who writes damaging lies about a person

Q1598. Hes led more Indy laps than any other driver

Q1600. Bowling lane feature

Q1601. Like a raccoons tail

Q1602. Word with house or fair

Q1603. Make a polygraph go nuts

Q1604. Appraiser, to a Brit

Q1605. MapQuest feature?

Q1607. Undergoes a metamorphosis, as an insect

Q1609. Script makeup

Q1610. Drama queen, e.g.

Q1612. Contributes to

Q1614. Throws paper money all over the air

Q1617. Sketch artists modern replacement

Q1618. Ones taking hikes (abbr.)

Q1621. 32-card game

Q1623. Name part in some alumni directories

Q1624. Uhh

Q1625. Prescription for lockjaw

Q1627. Diagonal chess capture

Q1628. Nooks, e.g.

Q1630. Land ___

Q1631. Condescended

Q1633. Took forty winks

Q1634. One whos often smashed

Q1635. Event for an enumerator

Q1637. Lunch add-on?

Q1638. Bad things to take when suffering senioritis

Q1640. Learners, hopefully

Q1642. $ down under

Q1643. Uh...___ questions?

Q1645. Sugar suffix

Q1646. Real-life don Vito

Q1649. Walk casual-like

Q1650. Pre-eens

Q1651. Avoid getting fired

Q1652. The most effective forms of birth control for men...have a similar result, but theres a ___ deferens (Stephen Colbert)

Q1654. No ___ luck!

Q1656. Massive Japanese caldera

Q1658. Life is very interesting. In the end, some of your greatest pains become your