Ubercross Abecedaria P



P1. “Great. Just…great”

P6. Very large fish

P10. CIA or FBI, e.g.

P13. American football org., but not American-football org.

P16. Goodyear abbr.

P19. Spoiled, as food

P22. Dominate, as a noob

P25. Bath bathrooms

P28. Small, ratlike kangaroo

P35. Rotten and writhing

P42. Financial limit of a kind

P49. Imprint again

P56. Daughter of Minos who married Theseus

P63. Game that’s tapped?

P70. Penta plus two

P75. Error reaction

P79. “Oh, baby, baby, how ___ supposed to know?” (Britney Spears)

P83. Kitchen basins

P86. “Take ___ your leader!” (space aliens’ request)

P87. Picture with a lot of gunplay

P90. It transmits air brakes when traveling by rail

P93. Yellow Sea gulf

P95. Self-help book genre

P98. Heloise’s lover

P99. Glanced when one shouldn’t

P102. Big risks for Type As

P105. Perth’s province

P106. Rap moniker on 2013’s top-selling reggae album

P108. Strange Way of Life and Parallel Mothers filmmaker Pedro

P110. Oud, to European perfumers

P114. Trading medium in America’s early days

P117. Abandons, as a bad habit

P118. Honor most recently given to Rosalia for Motomami

P123. Unwilling to grow into an independent adult

P126. Onetime rival of Bord—of Waldenboo—uh, onetime book chain

P127. Material that extends the magnetic circuit

P128. Prong pocket

P129. When hundreds of seats go up for grabs

P131. [I’m getting absolutely milked here]

P132. ___ Chi

P133. Title akin to Mme.

P134. Expelled

P135. Sweat-free

P136. Having poor sound quality, slangily

P137. Fairy-tale villain

P138. Item marked pd.

P140. German turndown

P141. Give an alias

P142. Heracles, Orpheus, or Theseus in some sources

P143. “Dunno why not”

P144. Protruding belly button, slangily

P145. Hardest to make out

P147. Watchwords

P149. Watched while others played

P151. Revive the spirits of

P152. Barely beats

P153. Hotel extra

P154. Lighting and writing, e.g.

P156. Wile E. Coyote buy

P159. Sharp curves

P160. “Sir,” for example

P161. La Tosca sculptor

P162. Squishy

P163. Drenched

P164. Without distinctive irises, as birds

P166. Buddha’s discourses

P167. Fresh arrivals

P168. Hawthorne novel stigma

P169. African insects

P171. Sun deck or solarium

P172. Div. with Braves

P173. Tither, for example

P174. Tin compounds

P175. Great little thing

P177. Drop ___: imply

P179. ___Neill (“All politics is local” speaker)

P180. Unit of astronomical distance.

P182. Chat room abbr.

P183. Verbal uncertainties

P184. Ghostlike projections magicians may use

P187. Chopin’s fifth etude is in it

P188. Sound made by a clapper

P189. “___ close to schedule” (transit report words)

P190. Turnpike talkers

P191. Check pattern, e.g.

P192. Inquire again

P193. Rio de la ___, Argentina

P195. Game with multiple-sided dice, for short

P198. Yankee Stadium-to-Coors Field dir.*

P201. Popular operating system

P210. Clean after a boating trip

P217. Main vein

P223. It’s banned in baby bottles

P225. Construct, with “up”

P228. Often-scandalous, countryside family epic*

P235. Pulitzer-winning playwright Alfred with an “Atlanta trilogy”

P239. It’s only skin-deep

P245. Historical novels*

P249. “…but that’s just the asking price”

P253. Appearance that hints at character or mood

P254. “Life is rather like ___ of sardines--we’re all of us looking for the key” (Alan Bennett)

P255. Macbeth, Macduff, or Banquo

P256. Angel’s affliction

P258. Eagerly become a member

P259. Winery prefix

P260. Form an edge

P261. They’re embedded in temporal bones

P262. “Plus, y’know, her and her and that other one”

P263. Early game score, maybe

P264. Multistep process starter

P266. Came due

P267. No respectable fellow, he

P268. Where whales roam

P269. Drought-ridden

P270. Devout or divine

P274. Legal outs

P275. WWE champion through 2012

P278. Teeny-tiny time unit (abbr.)

P279. Donahue and Esposito

P280. “For ___ sake!”

P281. Catching rays for days, say

P285. Not all that young

P286. The Rock arguing dining advice with a physician?*

P294. “Need money, can’t work…what’re my options”?*

P296. “Brown, smelly yard waste…they have pets, don’t’ they? Oh, Lord”?*

P301. To such extent

P302. Composer of Ionisation Edgard

P303. Mouse-sighting squeals

P304. It’s in your blood

P305. Skateboard with skill

P306. “My turn”

P307. Like Tim Gunn or Cait Jenner, orientation-wise

P308. Ben Franklin effect or cryptomnesia

P309. ___ even keel

P310. Solo or dynasty

P311. Late January or early February festival*

P312. Meddlesome

P313. He’s a little too sarcastic to be liked, rudely

P314. Trifle, in France

P315. Harold Ramis role

P316. Weapon-steadying flange on a breastplate

P317. Word before “to go”

P319. “Father knows least”*

P320. “___ is an island…”

P322. “That…gets grosser the more I think about it”*

P323. Latin American cornmeal pancakes

P327. They’ll check what you checked

P329. Cato’s foot

P330. Body snatcher

P331. What-I’ll-do-next lists

P332. Self-help program part

P333. Additional, in ads

P334. Royal Navy letters

P337. Snickered at

P339. Year of the first Roosevelt inauguration

P340. Spots in la mer

P341. Bro kin*

P342. 13th director DuVernay*

P343. Statement to help you review spending

P346. Sticks in the water?

P347. Game in which kids hit each other

P349. Spot order?

P350. Lysol target

P351. Satchel of Cooperstown

P352. Repeating another’s message on one’s own channel, e.g.

P357. Had kittens?

P358. Social justice org.

P360. Campus girls, as no campus girl has called them for decades

P361. Began to face the day

P362. Comfy footwear, for short

P363. Famous New York City department store

P364. Hatch ___: scheme

P366. Applies sparingly, as perfume

P367. Cylinder-maker on a farm

P368. Tin Pan Alley gal

P369. Are unused

P371. “___ a Lady” (Tom Jones song)

P372. Bridge losses

P373. Size for a big foot?*

P374. MacLachlan of Twin Peaks

P375. Sarge’s boss

P376. Animated film whose star ad-libbed at least 15 hours of never-aired usable material

P378. “Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there some day” writer

P379. Martial artist in Lethal Weapon 4

P380. 1975 Oscar nominee Blakley

P381. Grateful Dead’s most experimental album*

P384. Repeated line that let you know the little alien dude was okay

P386. Right-of-the-register item

P387. Like a deluxe suite

P388. Take a quick vacay from husbandly duties

P389. Pitt role in a baseball film

P390. Asp gasp*

P391. Cayenne-rich cuisine

P392. Chapati alternative*

P393. Young dog, for short*

P394. Nonexistent

P395. Handled handily

P396. They can be mirabiles or horribiles

P397. Commonplace

P399. Secondary proposition, in logic.

P400. Would-be host of a Loretta Sanchez fund-raiser

P401. Dawn of Greek civilization?

P402. Wild, disorganized fight

P403. Yugoslavian-born winner of nine Grand Slam tournaments*

P404. Some whiskeys

P405. Charisse of classic Hollywood

P406. Wheeling, Cincinnati and Louisville are in it

P410. It’s a man of endurance

P411. Fills to capacity

P412. Cops, in slang

P413. Drop off with a truck

P414. Cruiser

P415. “Pays the rent, at least”

P417. Card game with knocking

P418. Air bag, briefly*

P419. Koppel or Kennedy

P420. “P.U.” elicitor

P421. Person of letters?

P423. Immaterial essence

P424. Makes more appealing, with “up”*

P425. Match Gandhi’s political achievements*

P427. Herbal Essence’s owner, briefly

P428. Ruth Ginsburg’s maiden name

P429. Monica’s was 20 for most of Friends (abbr.)

P430. Intensifier

P432. Musical pair

P433. Those who sniggle

P436. Monsters-versus-mechs movie with a kickass music score

P438. Nylon legwear

P439. Hippocratic phrase usually read as “art lasts”

P441. Pakistani moolah

P442. Architect and bird

P445. Mideast chief (var.)

P446. Motormouth

P448. City council enactment (abbr.)

P449. Awkward sort

P450. Inexplicably unfindable

P451. Structural member

P452. Opt for another hitch

P453. Chide severely

P454. ___alai

P455. Heavy measure

P456. District

P457. Christianity, e.g. (abbr.)

P458. “___ I tell you?”

P459. French ___-China

P460. Break up

P463. Denim magnate Strauss

P464. Sportswear giant with NBA sponsors

P467. Hot Pockets kin

P468. River through Berne

P469. What human moles are

P470. Deal or No Deal channel

P471. Enemy of the Pueblo, once

P472. Reaction to the unexpected

P474. Personal slant (abbr.)

P475. Adept triagist

P477. Saw or ax

P478. Post-exam exultation

P480. Movable fashion lines

P481. He co-stars with Ana in 2024’s Ballerina

P482. Festive wear with straws pointing to its underside

P484. Bird’s “thumb” on the wing*

P485. Clay creature in Jewish folklore.

P486. With Geoffrey, designer brand less expensive than Calvin Klein

P487. What streptococcal bacteria cause

P489. Medieval stringed instruments.

P490. Excursionist

P493. “Static on the Radio” singer who played Opal in Steven Universe

P495. Made tracks indoors?

P496. Currency based on 15 grams of silver

P497. Type of jazz piano playing

P501. Garfield’s instructions as he teaches his buddy to hunt mice*

P504. “Democracy matters, my good man!”*

P507. Keep away from Bautista in the ring?*

P509. Confident reply to “That won’t work”*

P511. “You can keep your German cuisine; Italian food for me!”*

P516. Maximillian I’s claim to fame*

P521. When driving down the highway

P522. Do-mi-so, for one

P523. You’ll read it at the stock car races

P524. One of the highest authority

P525. Sondheim’s “___ the Clowns”

P526. Tough kid to handle

P527. King Fahd ___ Abdul Aziz

P528. ___ dauber (wasp)

P529. Scorer of 1,281 goals in 1,363 games

P530. Small ship relief that can ensure symmetry when used in design

P532. Elephant eaters of legend

P533. Terns and cormorants

P534. “Model-judge Klum, you say…”*

P536. 20/20 creator Arledge

P537. Hall of Fame football coach Greasy

P538. Was a dad

P539. Marx subj.

P540. Buddhist sacred spot

P541. Heavy-faced type styles

P542. Absolutely no money

P545. Film with Charlize Theron as Megyn Kelly

P547. Minecraft, e.g.

P548. Unable to tarry

P549. Sham locks

P550. Incite to action

P552. Shows base-running skill

P555. Bread for falafel

P556. Fish hawks (var.)

P557. Proceed well enough

P558. Rock Star: Supernova’s Rossi

P559. Curse of illness

P560. Spider-Man artist Buscema

P561. Former Chicago mayor Jane

P562. Lobster and sail

P563. Range rover?

P564. Teutonic rural dialect (abbr.)

P565. ___-told tales

P566. In readiness

P567. Apple Store sights

P568. Embodiment of evil

P571. What you’re trained for

P572. Some viewers thought its pixelated intro was a broadcast error

P574. Where hot dogs may be warmed up

P575. Kennedy has two

P576. Ender for deca or hexa

P577. Has the leading role of

P578. Dominican-born baseball player

P579. Think of something

P581. Forty square rods

P582. ___-law

P583. Comment from Wayne or Garth

P585. Miniature goat or chimp

P586. Makes a royal flush?

P587. Frere’s sister

P588. Tape type

P590. Prepares, as paint

P591. WTF With ___ Maron (popular podcast)

P592. Snake or snail, e.g.

P593. IRT has ruined a Hoffman/Beatty movie

P595. Indigenous American fruit

P597. Food sometimes served “al pastor”

P598. Nutritionist’s no.

P599. King “hewed in pieces” by Samuel in revenge for his cruelties

P601. Trilogy unit

P602. Whom empty seats signify

P604. Precision marchers

P606. Pooh’s mom friend

P607. Its customer service was ranked worst out of 24 insurance cos. by a 2019 JD Power survey

P608. “God created the integers; all the rest is the work of ___” (Kronecker

P609. Little letters?

P610. Mythic figure who killed her kids

P611. Facing left, nautically

P612. Dom Pedro’s ill-fated wife

P613. Dick Dastardly exclamations

P614. Actress Diamond or novelist Lagerlof

P615. Real estate in the Bay State?

P617. Places for bells

P619. Undo a purse

P621. Salon request for prom night

P625. 2012 Nobel Peace Prize recipient, informally

P627. Facial hair

P630. Seasoned

P631. Batsman’s clout.

P632. Flapjack franchise, briefly

P633. What the lilies don’t do

P634. States of hurt defiance

P635. Maker of Michael Jordan’s underwear

P636. Moderate amounts*

P638. “It’s ___ in the right direction”

P639. “Leave Before You Love Me” band’s shared last name

P640. Dignified manners

P641. NYC sports-radio station

P642. Spenser: For Hire star

P643. Cuisine with much cabbage

P644. Talk dirty

P645. It may be a cake or bar

P646. Closes down

P647. High points in Eurotourism

P649. Lift from beneath

P650. Reproaches oneself for

P651. Feels like heaven in mid-July

P652. “I ___ much I feel pregnant”

P653. Bone that looks like streamlining on a fish’s propulsion

P654. “Never atone, damsel, as sales made ___ even” (Martin Clear)

P656. Doc’s recommendation

P657. Diamond and Abner

P658. Paris’s “Rue de la ___”

P659. Mtge. provider, often

P660. Birth control option, for short

P661. Like BLTs, ham and cheese, and most sandwiches not specially prepared

P663. Further from a commitment?

P664. Canceled*

P665. Embarcadero

P666. Create a whole?

P667. Country or cookie

P668. Sport with mallets

P669. Army choppers, en masse

P671. Attorney chaser?

P672. Tiny legume

P673. To this point

P674. Creation god of Egypt

P675. Ship part spelled with two apostrophes

P676. First words ever spoken by a human, in one version of the story*

P678. The Hope Diamond, e.g.*

P680. Period highlighted by the Trojan War, although this god didn’t do too well in that conflict*

P682. Self-deifier’s chant?*

P686. First introductory badge you might see on your way in*

P689. What I answered about the 1960s Supreme Court that doesn’t apply today?*

P696. What to call your enemy*

P699. Kind of proof for short

P701. Last name that sounds hurtful

P702. Post a question

P703. “The hour ___ hand”

P704. Sailor man’s anchor site?

P705. Titled rapper

P706. “Look, there she goes, that girl is strange, no question / Dazed and distracted, can’t you tell?”

P708. Celtic voice of the divine

P710. Memory principle

P711. Embrown

P712. Land in water, in Italy

P713. The Last Jedi director Johnson

P714. One of 28 in Monopoly*

P715. Mamma Mia! inspiration*

P716. Frequent soccer score

P717. Dilbert’s co-worker who came out as gay to protest Indian law (just before Scott Adams started to…tack right)

P718. Soprano Mitchell and hotelier Helmsley, e.g.

P719. It’s only skin deep

P720. Rolling Stone co-founder Wenner

P721. Children’s dance in The Nutcracker

P722. M*A*S*H mess server

P723. Slo-__ fuse

P724. Fruit in tart jellies

P725. Stomach lining, materially

P726. Irish poet Heaney, who graduated from Queen’s University in Belfast

P730. “___ girl!” (“Way to go!”)*

P731. “‘Is Don Adams mad?’ (___) ‘Si!’“

P732. This clue’s answer may be over your head

P733. She wrote two versions of her erotic trilogy from different points of view

P735. “You” in Montreal

P736. They’re like wetter roller coasters

P738. Hair colorers

P739. Full of lather

P740. Overthrows, maybe

P741. Sharks make them fighting mad

P742. Jazzman Kenton

P743. Looks at.

P745. Complain over

P746. Try one’s hand

P748. Jason who makes a great Fast movie villain

P749. Essential issue

P750. Italian scientist after whom an electrical unit is named

P752. Tape player spec.

P753. Language written in the Persian alphabet

P754. Fourth down alternative

P755. Gossip-column word

P756. Award candidacy, for short

P757. Liven up the greens, say

P759. Uranus or Neptune

P761. Thickening mixture

P762. Inheritance carriers

P763. Data’s android daughter*

P764. “Jerry, my face is my livelihood, my allure…my twinkle! Everything I have I owe to this face,” e.g.*

P766. Navigation hazard

P767. Greenhorn (var.)

P768. Pave over

P769. DA’s assignment

P770. Caboose

P771. Pile-driver head

P772. Emphatic yes

P775. Texas town that shifted the gun debate

P777. Author Harper once Katarina of Katarina and the Waves

P779. Place to keep socks or administrators

P780. ___ Day, Jan. celebration

P781. Test figure between 120 and 180

P783. Classic text

P784. Gets off the point

P791. Propels a javelin

P796. Australia’s national gemstones

P801. Second and last word of John 11:35

P805. Toronto TV station*

P808. Accountants, at tax time

P809. Consistent payments

P811. Religious branch

P812. Homer’s son

P813. Discriminatory leader?*

P814. Compass pt.*

P815. Current issue (abbr.)

P817. Old lenses ___ frames

P818. Rail-car employee

P819. “Yi-i-ikes!”

P822. “It’s all over for me!”

P824. Paper OED units (abbr.)

P825. Vienna transport

P826. Like most tests scored 100

P828. California/Arizona border town

P829. Saturated

P830. Map’s scale, e.g.

P831. Sharp bark

P832. Words cried before “No hands!”

P836. “Ha! I stole it!”

P837. Sir’s analog*

P838. D’back, for one

P839. Era of mass production

P842. It’ll rock your world

P844. Nondiscrimination hiring letters*

P846. “Tell me more, dear”

P848. The Food Network’s ___ Can Cook

P849. It’s sometimes served

P850. Uncreatively similar

P851. Most okay with whatever

P852. Chem. or phys.

P853. Calypso derivative

P854. Benny & ___

P855. Czechs and Bulgarians

P856. “Power” rapper

P857. Down at the diner?

P858. Unobstructed touchability

P860. Don’t drink it in Tijuana

P861. Something thrilling to see

P865. It’s proportional to the cube of the outermost electrons’ radius

P868. Chocolate-covered caramel candies

P869. Convincing sale word

P870. Name-inheritors, sometimes

P871. Car brand since 1982 that’s widened into a sedan

P873. Noise maker in 1975

P875. Ramallah-based org.

P876. Dietary amts. once on vitamin bottles

P877. In a judicious manner

P878. Gloater’s exclamation*

P879. Little refreshers

P881. Breakfast sometimes garnished with caviar

P882. Genre that gets people fired up

P883. Delta, for one (abbr.)

P884. Drug manufacturers’ liaisons

P886. Give a break from the game

P888. Lower layer of Earth’s crust

P890. Inanimate

P893. Complement on a diamond?

P894. X-rays are measured in them

P895. One of the Ursas

P896. Elder’s assistant

P897. Return of the Jedi casualty

P898. Clear record holder

P899. Firebird’s feature

P900. Temptation said to be in one’s heart but really in other organs

P901. Indian weights

P903. Has no time to dawdle

P905. Meat tenderizer

P907. “There’s a little rain”

P910. Fastidious dresser

P912. Edible pomegranate parts

P913. Bottom lines

P915. Destination of a simple itinerary

P917. Cheers accountant

P919. Frequent Bart Simpson antic

P922. Compose together

P924. Changes to one’s life, e.g.

P926. eBay rival

P927. Backs off

P928. More substantial

P930. Pierre’s yesterday

P931. Meds for bleeding and not places where diggers might find Pepsis

P932. Where Chapter Two begins in many paperbacks

P933. Up to speed about

P934. “To ___ phrase…”

P935. McCartney hit about his relatives

P939. Elizabeth of Marvel movies

P941. Power source for early locomotives

P943. Give a thumpin’

P945. Inattentive, metaphorically

P947. Insect in transition

P949. When Odin killed him, it created the earth

P950. What one can be knocked or thrown for

P952. Take possession of

P953. Balancing devices, for short

P954. “Descendants of,” less literally translated

P955. “Lesser doxology” (hymn meaning “Praise the Father”)

P957. Blows off steam

P960. Frasier’s portrayer

P962. 9 AM service

P963. Woman in a habit*

P964. Decide what to call an Eternian superhero (and clearly don’t put a lot of thought into it)*

P966. Paranoid city dweller’s item

P967. Bottled water or tea

P968. Trench-digger or energy-drainer

P970. Nokia’s Finnish HQ

P972. “If I asked for ___ of coffee, someone would search for the double meaning” (Mae West)

P974. Learn in passing

P976. Prefix with meter

P978. Casino fuel

P980. Spanish “small plates”

P982. It’s often blocked

P983. Make very slow progress

P984. It’s mostly talc

P986. New Haven haven

P987. Blew hot air

P990. Variant kind of ponytail

P993. Variation on the sixth note

P994. Gov’t lawyer executing another’s wishes

P995. Radar-invisibility

P998. “Yeah, I’ll get in on that action!”

P1000. “Don’t stop now!”

P1001. Massless subatomic particle believed to bind quarks together

P1002. Ruthless

P1003. Gift of ___

P1004. Toothpicked

P1006. Kept for later

P1008. Black Power’s Brown now known as Jamil Al-Amin

P1010. Nonsensical writings

P1012. Increase, as prices

P1014. Lt.-to-be’s program

P1016. Greeting in Indiana Jones movies

P1017. Briefcase alternative

P1019. Jobs and Gates, once

P1020. Kauaʻi ʻōʻō

P1021. Use a rubber

P1022. “___ sow, so shall…”

P1023. Shoot forth

P1024. Street-corner shout

P1025. Berry Gordy’s hit factory

P1026. Household head, perhaps

P1027. “___ Only Just Begun”

P1028. “Now ___ seen it all”

P1029. Hero who designed his own wheelchair

P1031. Liquid-___

P1032. “That ___ not fair!”

P1033. Letters seen near a tilde

P1034. Verb associated with mileage

P1036. Shows generosity

P1038. Med. library books

P1040. Bumbling bobby

P1042. Deanna who counseled Data

P1044. Embarrassingly one-sided victory

P1046. Low-blow weapon

P1048. Some peaceful demonstrations

P1049. Nursery program, briefly

P1050. Sched. feature

P1051. Heady brews

P1052. Informal carriers

P1054. Blue day (abbr.)

P1055. At a central point

P1056. Arctic outerwear

P1057. Milk overseas

P1058. Storage unit

P1060. ___ Timberlane (Lewis novel)

P1061. Go ___ (decline)*

P1062. Welcome, in a phrase

P1063. Houston hrs.

P1064. Prairie homes with flaps

P1067. Peremptory orders

P1069. Tag word

P1071. Robbed at gunpoint

P1073. Soil deposit

P1075. “Interviewer” who last appeared at the 2016 Academy Awards

P1077. Drink from a bag?

P1078. Words from a glass elevator?

P1079. August 1 babies

P1080. Party offerings

P1081. Major search engine prone to government censorship

P1082. What a suspicious sleeper may open

P1083. Get ready so one can

P1085. Bile sources

P1086. AL West team, on scoreboards

P1087. Lady from Lisbon

P1088. Get excited over?

P1090. Actor Herbert in Pink Panther films

P1091. “Things are different than they were in peacetime”

P1095. “Spring ___ the air”

P1097. Done dozing

P1099. Spout on July 4

P1101. Paint thinner, for short

P1103. “It is better to ___ own duty, however defective it may be, than to follow the duty of another…” (Lao Tzu)

P1105. Exchange, as lunches

P1107. ___-Caps (cinema candy)

P1108. Almost all the Friends ones’ titles begin “The One…”

P1109. New faces on bases

P1111. The Edge’s bandmate

P1112. Local disaster response unit

P1113. “___ a fool not to!”

P1115. Charge for services

P1116. Hot beverage server

P1117. Bobsled run surface

P1118. “___ I Kissed You” (Everly Brothers hit)

P1119. Centennial silver dollars and state quarters, e.g.

P1121. Pod holder

P1122. Look ___ horse in the mouth: question good fortune

P1125. Mandela’s native tongue

P1126. Start illegally

P1127. Anti-procrastination mantra

P1135. Onsets of alien weather*

P1137. Sad fact that isolated Ben-Hur’s family until the movie’s end*

P1140. Newsletter and site that report misleading campaigns

P1144. Mystery writer Dine

P1148. Rescheduled

P1150. HS proficiency test

P1151. Microsoft browser

P1152. Massey of old films

P1153. “Did ___ anything?”

P1154. Neiman Marcus competitor

P1155. South or cat’s ___

P1156. Worrywart

P1157. Converse converse sides

P1158. “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” writer

P1159. Ouchiness

P1160. Not at all rough with

P1161. Object that inspires many street names

P1162. “Let’s get crackin’!”

P1163. Museum material

P1166. Alec Baldwin role ___ Baby

P1167. Tablet available in Air and Pro models

P1169. Put in the “circular file”

P1170. Stefan and Damon are her Jacob and Edward

P1173. Fuji remnant

P1175. Prefix for terrorist or tourist

P1176. Supplemented with flow, as power

P1177. Backup for Dick Tracy

P1179. Name for a pooch

P1180. Like a truck climbing a steep hill

P1181. Ceremonial serving tray on wheels

P1182. Tree farm plantings

P1183. Do-___: moolah

P1184. Anna Karenina author

P1186. Closing device

P1188. They include a Best Play category

P1190. Brussels subway destination

P1192. Giraffe voiced by David Schwimmer in Madagascar

P1194. Arc intersection

P1196. Lower-class, in London

P1197. His worship spread to Libya and Nubia

P1198. Harness gait

P1199. ___ Zagora (Bulgarian city)

P1200. Mob follower?

P1201. Brought up

P1202. Bk.

P1203. Cutter cousin

P1204. Hite of sexuality

P1206. Handles online

P1208. Starch plant

P1209. Pulled ahead*

P1211. Natural history museum exhibit, informally

P1212. Singer Boyle

P1213. “At ___ rate…”

P1214. “___ bleeds...” (journalistic rule)

P1216. Spring beauty

P1218. Animal with a long snout

P1220. 2016 animated film ___ and the Two Strings

P1222. Vessel used in varnish making.

P1224. It may be related to you

P1226. What “-” means in a search query

P1227. Greek island near Paros

P1228. “Aaaa! It wasn’t a rock; it was a HIVE!”

P1229. Rack’s companion

P1230. Unenforceable

P1232. Enters quickly

P1233. Single-episode role

P1235. Debunking site of note

P1236. Steady Eddie of pitching fame

P1237. Like typhoid bacteria, often

P1239. Sign a new contract

P1240. Hushed up

P1242. Three-line poems

P1244. Cubes in a bowl

P1246. Fasten a tent again

P1248. Gladys Knight’s companions

P1250. Letterman list, e.g.

P1252. Exercise that gets the heart pumping

P1254. Disbeliever in Allah

P1255. Be in limbo

P1256. Hunter’s support

P1257. Socialist named after his own “bro”-like interjections

P1258. Sinking sailor’s salvation

P1259. Missouri city where Eminem was born, commonly

P1260. GPs’ gp.*

P1261. Wi-___ (connection aids)

P1262. Put a lit match onto wood, for instance

P1266. Floppy-___ puppies

P1267. Points that put a game out of balance

P1268. Feeling picked up from one’s surroundings

P1269. ___ omission: failure to record a transaction

P1273. Bluster

P1276. Year of the Chinese crossbow ban

P1278. Old plume source

P1280. ___ Gyra (jazz group)

P1282. Scorch on the grill

P1284. Caused a real mess

P1286. “___, we various passions find…” (Pope

P1287. “Was ___ inside job?”

P1288. Not well grounded

P1289. A week of dusks*

P1291. Knew somebody

P1292. Bygone Mideast bloc

P1293. ___ Swifty (bit of wordplay)

P1294. Really REALLY quiet, in notation*

P1298. West Indies natives

P1299. Senior Smurf

P1300. One might feed you a line at the hospital

P1301. Cribs at the foot of a parent’s bed, say

P1303. 2015 Literature Nobelist Alexievich

P1304. Reveals itself

P1306. Water-polo team

P1308. Palm trees

P1310. LPGA seasons, more or less

P1312. Stalagmite starter

P1314. Sudden revelations

P1316. Go for a swim on a whim

P1318. Antares or Proxima Centauri

P1319. Legal thing?

P1320. ___ over (act superior)

P1321. Naked ___ jaybird*

P1324. Edinburgh ankle-biter

P1326. Amino-acid ending

P1327. Name of Tennessee’s streetcar

P1328. Borrow ___ from: use for inspiration

P1329. Phrase said with a sigh

P1330. Things that often knock

P1331. Cries at revelations

P1332. Spots for stethoscopes

P1333. Checks in on

P1334. Mel C’s other name (for her tomboyish look)

P1336. Warm-up singing, in a way

P1338. “___ say it?”

P1340. Design notes

P1342. Cards’ tend to range between 10-25%

P1344. Sent thence

P1345. Voguish

P1346. Certain military hazards, for short

P1347. Laceration

P1348. Sundown, informally

P1350. It separates countries

P1351. Key of Mahler’s 1st

P1352. Some PC keys

P1353. With the pixels beaten off

P1354. NSC’s advisor

P1355. Outlet for une riviere

P1356. Dip ___ in the water

P1357. Turku people

P1358. Fable’s ending

P1359. Sideways

P1360. Tries to provoke

P1361. “I don’t make ___ rules!”

P1362. Long-running Today weather anchor who just became a granddad

P1364. Be a fashion icon

P1367. Switch catalogue

P1369. Laptop weight

P1371. Lukas of Midnight on the Switchgrass

P1372. Neural transmitter

P1373. Chip accompaniment

P1374. Bear, in Baleares*

P1375. Jeremy of Tag*

P1376. Threes, in cards lingo

P1377. Coy ending?

P1378. Name that means “born again”

P1379. Emergency vehicle

P1382. Beseeches, in a way

P1385. David who sang “Space Oddity”

P1386. Moms who rule?

P1388. Game craze of the late 1980s and ‘90s

P1389. Chinese philosophy

P1390. It looks like a three-dimensional pixelation

P1392. They measure speed and direction of heat loss or gain

P1395. It’s not a pretty picture

P1397. Exhale in a stream

P1398. Legislation under which private sector inquiries lead to declassification of govt. docs.

P1399. Gossip Girl’s Gevinson

P1401. Borrower’s opposite, in a Hamlet speech

P1402. Claims on property

P1403. Benz finish*

P1404. Saint Stephen was one

P1405. So overly “proper” that it’s improper

P1406. Half a paper bundle

P1407. Performance-based advancements

P1409. Scout’s pledge word

P1410. Raving sort

P1411. László and Rubik

P1413. Followers’ endings

P1414. Explains

P1415. Gazelles, elands, and impalas

P1416. Source of campaign financing

P1417. Immune system defenders

P1419. Certain rural godling

P1420. ___ pack (useful item, but give women pockets already)

P1421. Flood source?

P1423. Plumlike fruit

P1424. Clooney Oscar film

P1426. Available to the public

P1427. Hoist into the air

P1430. They’re collected to benefit the homeless in winter

P1431. Change

P1432. Comic and Google follower

P1433. Unrequired oath

P1436. Tubman and Nelson

P1437. Lack of pity

P1438. TV show about police: 197374

P1439. Sperm whale

P1442. Pioneering puppeteer Tony

P1443. Ethiopian slave-princess

P1444. Grapelike superfood

P1446. ___ Sea (arm of the Mediterranean)

P1447. Toasting words

P1448. “Oh, blooming hell!”

P1452. “Over here!”

P1456. Basically figures out

P1457. Petco Park ballplayer

P1458. Knighted Canadian physician William

P1459. Word with “fire” or “white”

P1460. Kiln operators

P1461. Bread for a ham sandwich, perhaps

P1462. Ubangi River tributary

P1463. Where some washers are kept

P1466. “Go cry, losers” in online chat (because the letters resemble crying eyes)*

P1467. Sausage served with kraut

P1468. Minstrel’s ballad

P1469. Majestic and commanding

P1470. Blue period painter

P1471. Mu ___ pork

P1472. Sophie Taeuber-___ (Dadaist married to the artist who usually gets this clue)

P1473. Player’s outfit, informally

P1474. “Now I understand!”

P1475. Wallace or Kedrova

P1476. Zeroed in

P1477. Inquisitor de Torquemada

P1478. Dominic ___, director of Gone in 60 Seconds

P1479. Words with “and the same”

P1480. With the slightest verbal command

P1482. Pizzeria of film

P1486. Flintstones frames

P1490. TV friend of Gabrielle

P1494. New Orleans hoopla word

P1499. Main releases on a record

P1505. What Gollum calls the Ring in The Lord of the Rings

P1506. Square dance partners

P1507. Poison, usually metaphorically

P1508. Roman alternative (abbr.)

P1510. Having bristles

P1511. “___ be of service?”

P1512. Benign bump

P1513. Italian beer brand

P1515. “Okay” from Tom Sawyer

P1516. Plant ___: have a good Arbor Day

P1518. Computer decoration that looks cool?

P1520. “Not if you paid me”*

P1521. Flat-package furniture stores

P1522. One that goes marching in, in song

P1523. Put two and two together

P1524. Bard’s time of day

P1525. Equally rotund

P1526. Accumulation

P1527. Tina’s 30 Rock foil

P1528. Word found in science fiction and real estate

P1529. Shipmate of Capt. Kirk and Mr. Spock

P1530. Duplicated mockingly

P1531. Sofer of soaps

P1532. How one might feel after being taken for a ride

P1533. Santo Domingo domiciles

P1534. Miss Saigon setting, briefly

P1535. Starlet with sex appeal

P1536. Veal ___ buco*

P1537. Agonize

P1538. “___ Miss Clawdy” (#1 R&B hit of 1952)

P1539. It comes after a “long time”

P1540. One who catches

P1541. “These lunch liaisons are really taking it out of me”*

P1543. Audiophile’s wish*

P1545. Napoleon’s epitaph*

P1549. Debauched, boozy evenings*

P1552. Twentysomething housecats*

P1555. Topper that Paul Gauguin painted himself in, after his trip to the islands*

P1557. Made it clear that the dinner couldn’t end with the main course*

P1560. Fillable flatbreads

P1561. Crude fleet

P1562. Like almost immediately

P1563. Not dull

P1564. Big cat hybrid

P1565. ___trump: bridge bid*

P1566. Subject to double jeopardy

P1567. Abbreviated sizes*

P1568. Wax manufacturer

P1569. Okla., once

P1570. Typical postcard attractions

P1571. Chomsky of linguistic theory

P1573. “___ It That Way” (Backstreet Boys)

P1574. Inseparably

P1575. Hairy bunch

P1577. Airborne pests

P1578. It might produce a run

P1579. Alternating current carriers

P1580. Vox ___ (prevailing opinion)

P1581. Kept in view

P1582. How seafood is shipped

P1583. “You watch most kids; if they don’t have ___, they’ll pick up a stick and make ___ out of it” (Clint Eastwood)

P1584. Parakeet’s cry

P1585. Gamer’s “self-image,” for short

P1586. Ready for

P1587. Calm, cool and collected

P1590. Slippery one

P1591. Older maternal types

P1592. Noted philanthropist*

P1593. Parts of military positions

P1595. Sorely regrets

P1597. Celtic tongue of old

P1598. Move smoothly

P1599. Tolkien dragon

P1600. Turner who sang “What’s Love Got to Do With It”

P1601. Carpentry is one

P1602. Expressions of disdain

P1603. Admiral of World War I

P1604. “…crimson or cherry are very cheerful and youthful. There is certainly ___ for everyone” (Christian Dior)

P1605. Goes a-wooing

P1606. Airstream owner

P1607. Survivor of the Bounty

P1608. Arc on a music score

P1609. Enters unnoticed

P1611. Went ballistic

P1612. Looking left and right, say

P1613. Groove for a sliding door

P1614. Responsible citizen, in November

P1615. Recognized in the stream of

P1616. Financial org. that initially included Belgium and West Germany

P1617. “Oooooh!”*

P1618. Logic gates meaning “no to A, also no to B”

P1619. Hazard, in a way

P1620. Purina sub-brand

P1621. Like some microbrews

P1622. Ring used in a horseshoe-like game

P1623. Get snotty

P1625. ___ Tzu (dog)

P1626. Usually fairly priced

P1627. Midmorning time

P1628. Former Geo models

P1629. Garden store purchase

P1630. Entries in observatory logs

P1631. Sadie Hawkins creator

P1632. Everybody hates him, according to NBC (and Will Smith)

P1633. Good Eats host Brown

P1634. Stringy

P1635. “Who’d-a thunk?”

P1636. Made corvine sounds

P1637. Breakfast times for Burns

P1638. Dopapod album, or put out chronal energy?*

P1640. Language finish*

P1641. Up-to-date speed detector

P1642. Wire thickness units

P1643. Guitarist J.J. and producer Boyer

P1644. “Cheers” in Chihuahua

P1645. Show on an island

P1646. Indicate indirectly

P1647. Space for the spine

P1650. From the Italian, “under” notes seen in some stage directions*

P1651. Antitank weapons, for short

P1652. In trig, the reciprocal of sin

P1653. They often elicit groans

P1654. Taro-root food

P1655. Strong strings

P1656. “No mortal could ___ with Zeus” (Homer)

P1657. Former first name in coaching*

P1658. Melamine sponge

P1660. Start of Lhamo Thondup’s title

P1661. Screen org.?

P1662. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang creator Fleming

P1663. Eeyore call

P1665. Dominant U.S. locomotives until WWII

P1666. Goose liver spread

P1667. Informal farewells

P1668. “___ pray” (pastor’s words)

P1669. Resolved

P1670. Gutsy?

P1671. Charter OAS member

P1672. Where a coffin rests in state

P1673. ___ she (they, more quaintly and reductively)

P1674. “Keep partying!” or Buddy Holly song

P1675. Kind of fall?

P1676. Dynamo part*

P1677. Vatican election of 2005

P1678. Kardashians or Waltons

P1679. Langston Hughes poem with the lines “Besides, / they’ll see how beautiful I am / and be ashamed”

P1680. Black, in heraldry

P1684. Starts without a key, say

P1686. Hulu, e.g.

P1687. Great quintet


P1690. Bed designed to keep the warmth in

P1692. Flickr files

P1693. Popular misconceptions

P1694. Air-to-ground troops, for short

P1695. Feminine suffix*

P1696. Until now

P1697. Sexual Honesty, by Women, for Women author Shere

P1698. Vestments worn to some parties

P1699. Breakthroughs in therapy, say

P1701. “Getting close”

P1702. Hugs and kisses, in letters*

P1703. Swerves, at sea


P1705. Janitor’s closet item

P1709. Winker

P1710. Got together again with

P1711. Vitellius succeeded him

P1712. Made equal

P1714. Class for many int’l students

P1715. Brunch vessel

P1716. Sots’ spots

P1717. Dog : canis :: bear : ___

P1718. Little explosions

P1719. Pounds on an Underwood

P1720. Pursuer of snakelike fish

P1721. Gets old

P1722. “No need for a plumber” speaker

P1723. Tail movements

P1724. Bones who provided the character model for Gaston

P1725. Lagging lagomorph of fable

P1727. Moody’s-approved

P1728. Suffix seen in a lot of 2000s websites*

P1729. Manchurian Incident site

P1731. What scripts are written for

P1732. “Piece of the Rock” insurance company, familiarly

P1733. Jim Bakker’s club letters

P1734. “...face that would ___ clock”

P1735. “Faster ___ speeding bullet”

P1737. “Given the circumstances...”

P1739. Goddess watching over Xanthippe

P1740. Grants, as to a plaintiff

P1741. Made to feel like an outsider

P1743. Catastrophic

P1745. Wins at cards, perhaps

P1746. Hobbes was one, and NOT a stuffed toy. In this essay I will…

P1747. “Am I doing all right? Well ___ be expected”

P1748. Dumb as ___ of hammers

P1749. Chicago or Boston shout

P1750. Sushi-bar soup

P1751. Skinny as ___

P1752. “Am ___ brother’s keeper?”

P1753. “Hava ___” (traditional Jewish song)

P1754. ___ Dalmatians*

P1755. Peep shows

P1756. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc. (abbr.)

P1757. Arctic newborns

P1759. Micromanage

P1760. Caravan stopping points

P1761. “Two thumbs up, and yet more evidence that liberals are funnier than conservatives”*

P1765. Given a demotion*

P1767. What to say when people propose tau to measure circles?*

P1769. “We shoulda had President Gore, mac”?*

P1772. Instruction when moving a sofa*

P1775. “My butt medication’s gotten gross, gotta deal with that”*

P1780. Trust in

P1783. 15%, often

P1784. Abbr. on a windshield wiper control stick

P1785. “Said I Loved You…But I Lied” singer

P1786. Bhagavad-___ (Sanskrit text)

P1787. Rewards for putting money into businesses, for short

P1788. Stick alternative

P1789. Native of Canada’s capital

P1791. Atoll in French Polynesia

P1792. ___ -Saxon

P1794. Like black olives

P1795. About a drop*

P1796. Llama habitat

P1797. ___ of (in a way)

P1798. Prime minister Giuseppe

P1799. “I saw ___ kissing Kate...” (tongue twister)

P1800. “E lucevan le stelle” opera

P1801. Indication of tire trouble*

P1802. False appearance

P1803. They’re not repeated

P1804. Cause célèbre, nom de plume, or in silico, linguistically

P1806. Butterfly or moth

P1809. ___ Witch Way

P1811. “Have it your way, then”

P1812. Job created by the spread of the telephone

P1814. Doesn’t agree to

P1815. Rocky crag

P1816. Goth-looking, in a way

P1817. The ___ Altarpiece (Jan van Eyck)

P1818. Monotone lecturer, e.g.

P1819. Big biceps, slangily

P1820. First name in the 1976 Olympics

P1821. Random shot

P1822. “…and to ___ good night!”*

P1823. Forehead concealer

P1824. Black cuckoo kin

P1825. FDR’s pre-Pres. Title

P1826. Blunted blades

P1828. Norman of the Clinton and Bush cabinets

P1829. Pieces of meat

P1830. They vote with their dollars in favor of recyclable packaging

P1832. Get chummy

P1833. Refill, as a coffee mug

P1834. Flap one’s gums

P1835. Spayed or neutered

P1836. Indian fan

P1837. Damon Wayans movie

P1839. Adversaries

P1840. It flows SSW into the Rhone

P1842. Black Panther villain Killmonger

P1843. Kind of duty*

P1844. Seven-faced film character

P1845. Response to a funny tweet

P1846. Post-lecture back and forth

P1847. Once, once upon a time

P1848. Donegal river

P1849. ___ and the Real Girl

P1850. Castor’s place

P1851. Governator Schwarzenegger

P1852. Tibia’s neighbor

P1854. Special filet

P1856. One of its sub-labels was Virgin Records

P1857. Part of KPH

P1858. Began to like

P1860. “Make water”

P1861. “I hesitate to suggest this alternative, but…”

P1862. Ballistics test units (abbr.)

P1863. Milk, to Malle

P1864. ___ down (soft-pedaled)

P1865. Lobster cage

P1866. What the buffalo do, in song

P1867. Thirsts (for)

P1868. Compelling itch

P1869. “Isn’t ___ little old for her?”

P1870. Untrusting

P1872. Town with a tilting tower

P1873. Withdraw (from)

P1875. Corn, wheat, barley, or rye, e.g.

P1880. Football tactics involving throws

P1888. Decides one will

P1889. Always, in some mottos

P1893. Scented oil

P1896. Name of a gap between continents

P1897. Moving theatrical production?

P1899. Impose some order on others’ behavior

P1901. [You can’t mean that!]

P1902. Alphabetically last Arab League nation

P1903. Guiding set of principles

P1904. Deck on the stern superstructure of a ship*

P1905. Long form of V*

P1906. Logician’s conjunction

P1907. Chickens’ home

P1908. Throw as far and fast as one can

P1909. Surface for sawing

P1912. Cinema counter fixture

P1914. Viewers

P1915. Pound to a pulp

P1916. Come to the fore

P1917. COO to the captain’s CEO

P1919. Tom’s costar in You’ve Got Mail

P1920. Avocat’s concern

P1921. “Just ___ boy, born and raised in South Detroit”

P1923. Surfed or boogie boarded

P1925. Sacred Hindu text

P1926. Little ham?

P1927. Felled in a way

P1928. Be straight*

P1929. Lines to rotate around

P1930. Small warbler*

P1931. Goes from better to worse

P1933. Castoff

P1934. Kiowa-Tanoans and Zuni

P1936. Not victimless

P1939. Much-missed Reagle

P1940. Loyalists of ‘76

P1941. Overindulge

P1942. Stressful type (abbr.)?

P1943. Flat

P1946. About to drift off

P1947. Wide Sargasso Sea author

P1948. Solver’s help

P1949. Sudden, violent activity, feeling, etc.

P1950. Make cake

P1951. Item worn by Jamie Hyneman

P1952. Tune that’s sometimes sung, “The day is done. Gone the sun, from the hills, from the lakes, from the sky…all is well…safely rest…God is nigh”

P1953. “Is that a ___?”

P1954. Brazil map word

P1955. Fine, unwrinkled silk

P1957. College building dedicatees, no matter how ridiculously hard to pronounce their names are (ah, “Taliaferro Hall,” I remember you well)

P1959. “NonononoWAIT!”

P1962. Arcade disk

P1963. Some elimination rounds

P1964. Frolicking

P1967. Helena’s time, for short

P1968. “Don’t laugh ___ judge others”

P1969. Pee Wee’s Playhouse mail lady

P1970. Degrades

P1971. De___ (sic) County, Fla.

P1972. River originating in the Alps

P1974. Baffled exclamations

P1975. “___ second!”

P1976. Diarist with a palindromic last name

P1977. Patron of Alice

P1978. Kind host: “Would you like water ___?” Me, the unworthy guest: All too often, I can’t tell the difference.

P1979. Party-planning Real Housewife Manzo

P1980. Distinguished Indian’s title

P1981. Making the Band band that was, aptly, from Orlando

P1983. Meanings expressed by morphemes*

P1984. Says another way

P1987. Economize

P1991. Gaming console before the N64

P1993. Get saggy

P1995. Will-wisp tie

P1996. Orate senselessly

P1998. Operatic clip [not a perfect palindrome: if you added an “a” near the end to perfect it, it would be “Great operatic solo”]

P2001. “Church scares us”?*

P2004. Beer fit for a king*

P2006. “Everybody hated Edith, the demon yours truly brought to town”*

P2013. “My Sharona” genre

P2016. Sunscreen meas.

P2018. Goes over

P2021. Triumph toothbrush maker

P2023. “Ding dang it all to heck!”

P2025. Forerunner

P2029. “Plexus” preceder

P2030. Some G Series TVs

P2031. Abbr. often used by the self-employed

P2032. Teutonic, for short

P2033. Deli sandwiches

P2036. Attempts to contact

P2037. Like most movies

P2038. Piece par Villon

P2039. Jeweler’s measurement

P2040. “How did ___ thing like that happen?”

P2041. Prefix for sexual or god

P2042. Member of Judah’s tribe

P2043. “Well, absolutely!”

P2044. Heart meds

P2049. Letters in a financial report

P2051. Couples

P2053. Function sometimes hidden in the number “7”

P2055. In shreds

P2057. Ruins with 200 pyramids

P2058. Aunts of Antofagasta

P2059. Committee ___

P2062. Wacky morning radio team

P2064. “Res ___ loquitur”

P2065. Bull Ball

P2066. Expressed mutual admiration, in a way

P2068. Zulu king

P2069. Park a boat

P2070. ___ quam videri (North Carolina state motto)*

P2071. D.C. area, relative to most of the U.S.

P2072. Donkey of Shrek, in more ways than one

P2073. Paper towel thickness unit

P2074. Renoir showing lovers walking through greenery

P2079. Previously published or broadcast

P2081. Strip of fabric that holds a belt

P2083. OutKast and Mobb Deep

P2086. Scornfully self-satisfied

P2088. Have trouble with “this system”?

P2090. Smirky snark

P2091. Trade-in, often

P2094. Creates detente

P2095. Instrumental tune that plays like a song

P2096. 1971 cult classic with a May-December pairing

P2099. With “the,” TV and online news source*

P2100. Things that are custom made?

P2101. Williams College athletes

P2105. Account-to-account transfers of late-life funds

P2108. Trap for a long fish

P2110. Subj. written about by Tom Brokaw

P2112. Book of hymns

P2114. It may be reserved with a view of the clouds

P2117. Put money

P2118. Ochoa who won the 2007 Women’s British Open

P2119. “There oughta be ___!”

P2120. Mid-crisis hires

P2122. Cats and Starlight Express director Trevor

P2123. Come to an end

P2124. Relief in trying times

P2125. Oversupply, as a market

P2128. Triages, e.g.

P2133. Soldier’s togs

P2138. Secure into place, as when dressing

P2142. Full of froth

P2147. Am, as you view me

P2154. Anti-pigskin shield

P2156. GPS technology, for short

P2158. Home of Katmandu

P2160. After-tax income

P2162. Spring school dance

P2163. Gp. protested in Seattle

P2164. Where Tel Aviv is (abbr.)

P2165. Enforce equality in?

P2166. Rotation measure, for short

P2167. Scull crewman

P2168. Academic record, in brief

P2169. World War I flying ace’s plane, in Snoopy’s flight of fancy

P2171. Startup fuel

P2173. Mahvelous

P2174. Member of an Eastern church

P2175. DC-coupled part in many electronic devices

P2176. Miracle Mets member Tommie

P2177. Inexpensive vodka

P2178. Popeye’s father

P2179. “Didn’t mean to do THAT, ha ha”

P2183. Bicycle mishap

P2185. Repetitive British farewell*

P2187. More burned-up

P2189. Plays matchmaker to

P2191. Mild quarrel

P2193. Ciudad Juárez’s Texas neighbor

P2195. Get ready for Judgment Day

P2196. “Much appreciated”

P2199. “Tu-whit, tu-___!”

P2202. Give to one’s heirs

P2203. Aimed too high?

P2204. ___ out: wait for the aftermath

P2205. Cigarette filter targets

P2206. Jolt of energy

P2208. Art and ideas rooted in the present day

P2210. Unconvincing, as an excuse

P2211. Wind around

P2213. Close, as a jacket

P2215. Suffix with valid

P2217. It makes felines go nuts

P2219. Uncovered

P2221. Acted as an agent, informally

P2223. Magazin article

P2224. With eagerness

P2225. The Boys’ Cash*

P2226. Heroic poet of Gaelic legend

P2227. Entwine

P2228. Humphrey or Mondale

P2230. Ambrosian Library setting

P2231. Singer with the 2017 #1 album Melodrama

P2232. Widespread

P2233. Like Medusa’s hair

P2235. Fundraiser bag

P2236. Ancient rock city of Jordan

P2238. Really big shoe designation*

P2239. Its website shows you how to file discrimination charges

P2241. Titular professor in a Nabokov novel

P2243. Nabisco wafer brand

P2245. Accompanied on arrival

P2247. Came down and spoiled the picnic

P2249. Easy-to-park cars

P2251. Conical homes (var.)

P2253. Dice-game accessory

P2255. “I’m dying ___ it!”

P2256. “???”

P2260. Hat for a sahib

P2263. Observer of Earth’s magnetosphere in early space exploration*

P2264. Gymnastic revolutions

P2266. Like a cereal grass

P2267. Quantifiable slowdown

P2269. Like some sham “democracies”

P2271. Win without losing

P2273. Keen desires

P2275. Uses as a warehouse

P2277. Spectral type in the sky

P2279. Acad. values

P2281. Mall frequenters

P2283. Reason your employer doesn’t need to know about last year’s cancer scare

P2285. Top removed before signing

P2287. ___ a Woman? (Sojourner Truth)

P2289. Immersed briefly

P2291. Sunroof, for instance

P2293. Man of title

P2294. Braves’ field

P2295. Dangerous kind of wedding?

P2297. Film shoot

P2298. Creature Richard III offered his kingdom for

P2299. “___ take arms against…” (Hamlet)

P2300. Of somatic tissue

P2301. Personal computer brand

P2302. Pioneer house material

P2303. Color and direction for an arrow that might show an alarming increase

P2305. Be taught

P2307. Blackberries and Palm Pilots, e.g.

P2309. Just gets (by)

P2310. Kangaroo carrier

P2312. Points at dinner

P2314. In a ___ (out of sorts)

P2316. How does he eat all those cookies in one night, anyway?

P2318. Cereal with a propeller-headed mascot

P2320. Repair, as bootees

P2322. Partying more than any party should party

P2324. Eschew the microwave

P2326. Practiced swimming, perhaps

P2328. Church official’s vesture

P2329. Cooking fluid source

P2330. Narc’s seizure

P2331. Work in unison

P2332. Logical operators

P2333. Fixate (on)

P2334. Camping accessories

P2338. “An ___ shorter than an em”

P2340. Manuscript encs.

P2342. Meeting to discuss a transition, perhaps

P2344. Pts. of Chicago residences

P2346. No-name?

P2349. Informal goodbyes

P2351. Name shared by two racing Luyendyks

P2353. “His eye ___ every precious thing” (Job 28:10)

P2355. Actress Jo Ann

P2357. Equalizer Washington also seen in Fences

P2359. Country highways

P2361. Bahá’í equivalent of Buddha or Mohammed

P2363. Hebrides refusal

P2364. Batter in a poem about overconfidence

P2366. JFK’s UN rep

P2367. On a lower floor

P2369. It sells female Road Runner costumes

P2370. Made of gold, in Madrid

P2371. Al or Peg in a 1990s sitcom

P2372. Avian sound

P2373. Political reformer Low and others

P2375. Hairy Himalayan humanoids

P2377. “This is one time I *want* you to bark, Buddy”

P2379. Hollywood Boulevard high spot

P2381. Lean-___ (simple huts)

P2382. Parallel Lives, e.g.

P2384. Raise the end of

P2386. “Speaking as a layman…”

P2389. Flavor producer

P2391. Nothing Records co-founder

P2393. Furball that’s young at heart, if not small in size

P2395. Dorm din

P2396. Quaint three-word contraction

P2400. Panels found in Apple laptops

P2401. Fringe star Anna

P2403. He has gold-tipped arrows

P2404. Woman too bold for the speaker’s liking

P2405. Periods of fallout

P2407. Listlessness

P2408. An apple on a computer, for one

P2409. Big name in ergonomic utensils*

P2411. Devoured

P2413. Move among the shadows

P2415. Ward and June’s younger boy

P2417. Little woofer with some wrinkles around his muzzle already

P2421. “Release the Stars” musician Wainwright

P2423. The 12 of the Pac-12 (abbr.)

P2424. Polygamous household group

P2426. Masters strokes

P2428. Knocks firmly on

P2430. Hemorrhoids, more diplomatically

P2432. Weirdly, neither of its A’s stand for “American” or “Awards”

P2434. Australian feminist author

P2435. Killer of many US troops in Iraq (abbr.)

P2436. Cursory examination

P2438. Valletta’s island country

P2439. Getting shared with the world via camera, pre-YouTube

P2440. Sixth sense, so to speak*

P2441. Woman’s name in Genesis or man’s name in comic strips

P2442. Diamond bottom

P2443. Ouster from office

P2447. Moved to a quieter table, say

P2449. Pry about

P2451. 3LW’s “Neva Get ___”

P2453. “___ favor” (please, in Cadiz)

P2454. “The Bells” monogram

P2456. Tiny amount

P2458. Areas for development

P2460. Cut a second time, as a green

P2462. KP item

P2464. Sees with compassion.

P2466. ___-Prayer (faith-based service)

P2468. This Is Us role for Susan Kelechi Watson

P2469. ___ message (made one’s point)

P2470. Reply to “Look at that!”

P2474. Got smarter, in a phrase that implies less pain than the singular

P2477. Atmosphere

P2478. An Olympic swimmer needs a big one

P2480. “Sweet Child of Mine” rocker Rose

P2481. “Oh, fan-friggin’-tastic”

P2484. A statue of him appears in Mystery Incorporated, prompting Fred to say, “Look away, Daphne! We all promised each other that we would never speak of him. Not ever”

P2487. Thanksgiving staple

P2491. “Dear ___ Madam…”

P2493. German leader Helmut

P2495. Popular wedding composition

P2499. “___ the breaks!”

P2501. Went kaput

P2503. Nickname for Dad

P2504. “I’m no chicken!”

P2505. Thirsty dog, say

P2506. Saintly trait

P2507. Movie theater admonitions*

P2508. Parts of some detours

P2510. Indian tribe with kachina dolls

P2511. Some fund-raising orgs.

P2513. Jamaican citrus

P2514. Middle reliever’s inning

P2516. Pelvic floor exercise

P2517. Potentially offensive, for short

P2519. Becomes wearisome

P2520. Company with a bucket list?

P2522. Karel who wrote The War with the Newts

P2524. Robert Browning, for one

P2526. Hinduism’s destroyer

P2527. Contrail contents

P2528. Linda Ronstadt’s insult

P2530. Third-quarter mos.

P2532. Make a goal for

P2534. Northwest France’s city known for woodcuts

P2535. Railroad accommodation

P2537. “We have met the enemy and ___ us”

P2538. Satyrs’ looks

P2539. Change colors again

P2540. Progressive rival

P2544. Use a lever on, as a floorboard

P2546. Easy-to-scam people

P2548. Romance novel awards

P2550. Supergroup that’s taken heavy casualties in Marvel movies with no resurrections afterward

P2552. Apollo’s pop

P2554. Made a volcano sacrifice for, e.g.

P2558. Compote ingredients, perhaps

P2560. NFL Hall-of-Famer Bryce

P2562. Words before bird or plane

P2564. Sell a $20 ticket for $200

P2566. Olympian’s quaff

P2568. Heartburn easer, casually

P2570. Neighbors of Shetland Islanders

P2571. “Just a person trapped inside a woman’s body” comedian Boosler

P2572. Canadian roadside sign

P2575. Infants, in Avila

P2576. 1970 Kinks song still sometimes considered a trans anthem

P2577. Make one get ready to proceed

P2578. Enjoys an e-cig

P2579. Caliph of 634 AD

P2580. Escuchar, involuntariamente

P2581. Twin babies, maybe

P2583. “Talk” at a concert

P2585. Walkers’ woes

P2587. Invite to the loft

P2589. Gaps between neurons

P2591. “You knucklehead” gesture

P2594. Poker-faced

P2596. Jerry Lewis film (with “The”)

P2598. “___ of Homecoming” (U2)

P2600. “Price be damned!”

P2602. Org. with an important abuse hotline

P2604. Receive earnings

P2605. All NBA players

P2606. Member of the local commercial sector

P2608. Game often involving a cart

P2609. Electronic coin counter, e.g.*

P2611. Capricious thoughts

P2612. SAS destination

P2613. Flight formation (abbr.)

P2614. Mo. in 1962 in which JFK gave his “We choose to go to the moon” speech

P2616. Rack parts

P2618. “The Gem State”

P2620. Skunk Pepe

P2622. Short stroke on a golf course

P2623. Admitted guilt concerning

P2626. 2019 Best Actor Rami

P2628. Made presentable

P2631. Early smartphones

P2633. Partisan self-publishers

P2636. Visor features

P2637. Easy ___: no sweat

P2641. Amount in an exhalation

P2642. Girders, often

P2644. Longtime sports commentator Rich

P2645. Jacket style worn by Dr. No

P2646. Keep clear of

P2647. Instruction to a cabbie

P2650. Apple or pear but not banana

P2652. Snailed

P2654. Bruno Mars, voicewise

P2656. Hiker’s supply

P2658. Droid, e.g., for short

P2659. Ndamukong of the NFL

P2661. Asian teachers

P2663. Not all heroes wear capes, but this Avenger does

P2664. Provincial

P2666. Tail, perhaps

P2668. Imitate

P2669. Large-minded

P2671. Portrayer of Carmela and Jackie

P2672. “Zuck,” to Facebook

P2673. “But it is not this day! This day, we fight!” speaker

P2674. Ignoramus*

P2675. Words on an Animal House cake float

P2676. Placed apart

P2677. Severe rap

P2679. Odd feature of the A, B, C, D, F grading system, when you think about it

P2680. Animals that, without their first letter, are a different species that many believe are actually the same species

P2683. Bolted when no one was watching