Ubercross Abecedaria O


O1. Arm or leg

O5. “Decorated” as a prank

O9. Flanged girder

O13. “Look what I found!” cries

O17. Southwestern art mecca

O21. Ouster, so to speak

O25. Multisexual

O29. Hostess snack product

O33. Casual conversation starter

O37. Ayn Rand…”hero,” I guess

O41. “A hall of fame is…___ to the longevity of our accomplishment” (Chuck D)

O45. Hammer-hurling god

O49. Brahe contemporary

O52. Fleet bigwig, for short

O55. Ferraris and Porsches

O57. Region of Western Sahara

O61. Early-TV clown Barnett

O65. At the Drive-in’s “___ Minor”

O66. Name that left the freezer in the last decade

O71. Often-frosty Frost of the X-Men

O75. It’ll be taken in January 2025

O76. Manitoba neighbor (abbr.)

O80. Scoreless football game, perhaps

O81. Banjo cousins

O85. They have access tokens

O86. Popular Danish shoe brand

O90. Hard to ignore

O95. Greek “guard” found in stereotypical

O96. Minute pasta

O100. NYC area above Houston Street

O101. Basketball’s Lamar

O105. Sticks figure?

O106. Batterylike

O112. Artful speechmaking

O113. Detestable

O115. Hydrating cleanser, e.g.

O116. Name shared by two Iliad fighters

O117. Sarcophagus setting

O118. 20,040,000,463,008

O127. Rovio locale in Northern Europe

O128. Have the look of being

O129. Takeout menu possessive

O130. Wolfe, the sleuth

O131. Venetian arch shape

O132. Opening scale syllables

O133. Host of How to Get Away with Murder

O134. Suspects are found in these

O136. “Ever hear of Google?”

O138. The Price Is Right fixture Osborne

O141. Sisters’ grp.

O142. Furniture woods

O143. Unhoped-for reply to “How are you?”

O144. Words of admission

O145. “Personal opinion…”

O146. Flinched

O147. Hartsfield-Jackson and Heathrow

O149. Arterial investigation

O152. Somewhere in that vicinity

O155. Represented

O157. Mr., in an Orton title

O160. Sleeping quarters with large aquaria as walls

O163. It’s versus evil

O164. Keats wrote one to autumn

O166. Got off one’s desk

O167. Based on self-interest

O170. [segment]

O171. Do-it-yourself mover’s rental

O172. Chloride, for one

O173. Golden-bodied fish

O175. Bread vis-à-vis gravy

O176. Plane seen at the Museum of Flight outside Seattle

O177. “What’s the ___?” (“Howzit hangin’?”)

O178. Supergrass

O180. She played Lois in Superman

O181. ___ miss (spotty)

O182. Hold lovingly

O184. Ross Banner, Cooper, and Brant of comics

O187. Glossy fabrics

O189. Monsters, ___

O190. “Help the ___ wee bit”: those Irish folks could use some guidance

O191. Cigar tips?

O192. Widely used pronunciation std.

O193. Father of Methuselah

O195. Capital in the Andes

O197. One working in shifts?

O200. Same, in Paris

O202. Sports debacle of 2001 that may finally get profit in 2024

O203. Hernando’s hair

O204. Sets in the right direction

O206. Diner freebie

O207. Child of Nyx, the spirit of impending doom (whose name sounds doom-focused too)

O208. Protection for site servers

O209. Aerodynamics tester

O211. Court proceeding

O212. [segment]

O245. Italian gardens?

O246. “The alternative just doesn’t make SENSE” argument

O252. Cut off

O254. Penalized, monetarily

O255. Alternatives to Kenmores

O256. Caught or escaped

O259. Hubby of Pocahontas

O261. Breezier

O262. Who, in Bonn

O263. ___ m’s (oft-cartooned candy)

O267. Queen ___ of zydeco music fame

O268. General embarrassment DeSantis

O269. President with the same first and last name as his father

O270. Ivies climb them

O271. Lisa, to Patty and Selma on The Simpsons

O272. Cause to stir

O273. Must repay

O274. North ___, Nebraska

O279. Lattice Semiconductor’s industry, for short

O280. Divinely favor

O281. Miyazaki movie

O282. Algerian port

O284. Grandiloquent

O286. “My goal wasn’t to make ___ of money” (Steve Wozniak)

O288. Vase variety

O289. Musical group

O290. With a death grip on

O292. Waitress on Alice

O293. Give a face lift to

O296. Yuletide purchase, perhaps

O297. Mariner’s aid

O299. John Blake’s real name, revealed at the end of The Dark Knight Rises

O300. Key of Eroica

O301. They often play mixed sets

O302. Instrument of the church?

O303. Fail to perform

O304. Five-to-two, e.g.

O305. Beseeched

O308. Fewest people workable, in a business acronym

O309. 1979 Mel Gibson role

O310. “This book is now over”

O311. Seagoing ears

O313. Pharyngitis

O316. Union units

O318. Violent protests

O319. Develop, as a habit

O320. Between B and F

O321. Codemaker’s tool

O323. Cartoon hero generally accepted to be a stoner

O325. Jamb closings?

O326. Man who loved only numbers in The Man Who Loved Only Numbers

O328. Extremely unpleasant

O330. Hawaiian non-native

O332. Amidala, with the makeup off

O334. Wrestler Pete or novelist John Gregory

O336. Seeks one partner after another

O338. Cannabis in Cape Town

O341. “Stay fifty feet away” injunction, for short

O342. It may be pasteurise

O343. How some cars are acquired

O345. Musical composition.

O347. Brief yardstick

O349. Web site, familiarly

O350. Notorious camp in 2000s headlines

O351. Robust

O352. Vane reading (abbr.)

O353. Skatepark fixture

O354. Does better than expected

O357. Fix a leaky joint

O358. Passageways for heat or air

O359. Gets wearisome

O360. Inserts on skirts

O361. Church song

O362. Thanksgiving veggies that rhyme with Thanksgiving meats

O364. Bilinguismo subject

O367. Truck’s carrying area

O369. “___ doubt that…”

O370. “Long-running” suffix

O372. Chemically analyze

O374. Unwatered

O375. Get behind, cash-wise

O376. UNC-Duke, for one

O378. Serving many customers

O379. Paris-based fashion house

O380. Test some tea

O381. Luggage attachments

O384. “Check,” in poker

O386. Once the world’s fourth largest lake

O387. They may be trimmed in December

O388. Sphagnous

O389. Milk intro

O390. Building usually without a 13th floor

O391. Helvetica and Garamond

O392. Moves like pudding

O393. Anthony’s female counterpart

O394. Designer fragrance

O398. What bathroom mirrors may do

O400. Creative endeavors

O403. Hawaiian food

O404. Laura Petrie’s plaint

O407. They may need massaging

O409. Used cars, say

O411. Makes the onscreen form official

O412. New Directions’ show

O413. Purple-logoed web hub

O415. Polka figure

O416. Green card issuer (abbr.)

O418. Agent in an infectious disease thriller film

O421. ___-law (certain relative)

O423. Tom Brady’s mates

O424. Edging loop on lace, ribbon, etc.

O425. After those events

O426. Let fly

O427. Kill Bill protagonist

O428. Fed. lending corp.

O429. Ineffably weird, in a TV theme

O430. Chitchat

O431. “Padre”‘s beads

O433. Violin Playing as I Teach It author Leopold

O435. Unproductive pessimism

O438. Member of Bruce’s band

O439. Tries to outwit a seeker

O440. Voulez-___ (1979 ABBA album)

O441. Put to a show of hands

O442. Treatment reserved for the most serious depression and bipolarity, for short

O443. Fountain drink containing grape juice and vanilla ice cream

O445. Man in the ‘hood

O446. Work on

O447. Parachute material

O448. Lake of daytime TV

O449. Utah’s state snack food

O450. Presses in the bathroom

O451. Chore wheel

O452. Fruit stand fruit

O454. Tool to repair certain holes by making them bigger

O455. Cinematic auteur Welles

O456. Struggle with hopelessness?

O458. Through, on airline itineraries

O460. Show stoppers?

O461. Making with difficulty

O465. Wkrs. benefit

O466. Fencing units

O467. Brother in silly shorts

O468. Double-O sort

O470. Set off at ___: moved forth fast

O472. Establishes as law

O473. Roddick’s org.

O474. Square one?

O475. Hyundai headquarters

O476. Roberts who was a “Founding Mother” of NPR

O477. Words following “one” in a scale or “five” in an estimated sentence

O478. Picking out of a lineup

O479. Cut ___ ways

O480. Periods of rapid growth

O481. Teacher of a kind

O482. Rookie, variantly (or Cicero’s scribe)

O483. Dips water

O484. What might stop a stream?

O487. Small weasel or its fur

O489. Streamlined quality

O492. Highway measure

O493. Group think?

O494. Sphere opening

O496. Not just noteworthy

O499. Prof’s URL ender

O500. Monique ou Veronique (abbr.)

O501. Hammer type

O502. Car registration datum

O503. Cafe concoction

O504. “Hold it right there!”

O506. “Exactly what he wanted to prevent was what he ended up CAUSING!”

O508. Mongolia/China desert

O509. Some art studios

O511. Spaces just under a bird’s eyes

O512. Tropical cocktails beloved by vacationers

O514. Cargoes

O516. Lets loose

O517. “I don’t want that”

O519. You ___ to Be in Pictures (Looney Tunes short)

O521. Like Kodiaks

O523. Surface of a step

O525. Not Meth. or Presby.

O528. Like Mama Bear’s porridge

O530. Near-eighteen-year period

O531. Order members

O532. Sultry Sophia

O533. “___ of joy…” (Psalm 95)

O534. Ring rulings, briefly

O535. Catalyzing enzyme, briefly

O536. Biz bigwigs

O537. Jason who’s the villain in Fast X

O538. Camera concern

O539. Montana and Frazier in sports

O540. Writer H.H.

O542. Take the blame

O544. Of lizards

O545. Defining feature of “My Generation”

O549. “After the Heat” musician

O550. Snape’s specialty, for short

O551. Shave, as Parmesan

O553. Start a Model T again

O555. When to fiddle with film fixes

O556. Rosacea and others

O557. Relative of “yum-yum!”

O558. Volumes

O559. That is, for Romans

O560. Field of scientific study

O561. Lorna mainly known for inspiring cookies

O562. The Man Who Fell to Earth director

O563. Emulate a copter

O564. Cry accompanying a high-five

O565. Directional sign, of a sort

O566. Petit chanteur

O568. “I’m Being Swallowed by a ___ Constrictor (And I Don’t Like It Very Much)”

O570. South American “superfruit”

O572. Vocalizes World War II-era jazz

O573. Affirmatives, in Arles

O574. Like London weather, often

O577. Trou-de-___ (military trap)

O579. Wrote online, briefly

O580. Food store chain

O581. Cable corp. that didn’t live to see cord-cutting

O582. Genus of trees

O583. Type of mobile phone plan

O585. Optimist’s words

O586. For ___ see: in plain view

O587. Perth lad

O588. REM member?

O589. 1983 Def Leppard hit whose title is taken from a traditional Chanukah song

O591. Workplace D&I promoter…or suppressor

O592. Dust unit

O593. Deep sea killers

O594. DVD error message

O596. Goosebumps author

O599. OT book about returning to Zion

O600. Midwestern tribe

O601. Cartoon figure.

O603. Speedometer reading, briefly

O605. Slatted sleep spot

O607. Milton’s Uganda successor

O608. Traditional girls’ toys

O610. Chopper precursors

O612. Greek legist

O613. Genethliacons, e.g.

O614. Change, sci-fi style

O615. Cavewoman diet

O616. Heckling chorus

O617. Make some mountain music

O618. Sport in which being fat helps

O619. Get ready for a Mr. Universe contest, say

O620. Some short-lived subatomic particles

O621. The Rookie characters

O622. Bondsman of Sparta

O623. Hybrid tennis attire

O625. Having much at stake

O627. We Jam ___: The Story of the Minutemen

O631. Person without a light?

O634. Pretends to be fine

O638. Ointment package words

O639. State bordering Arizona

O640. PC scrolling key

O641. Winning streaks

O642. Snapshots, humorously

O643. Ski shop with an icy name

O644. Layer on the wall

O645. ___ Brothers (boy band)

O646. Cubs slugger Sammy

O647. They study bubbly

O649. Sarajevo nat.

O650. Up the auction price of

O651. “Do you know what happens to a toad when it’s struck by lightning?” speaker

O652. Safeway logo

O654. Animal hoarder’s condition

O657. Sound loud enough to drown out all else

O658. Charlemagne, to most Europeans and Americans

O660. Beaujolais’s department

O662. “Who’s out there?” acronym

O663. ___-Aztecan (Shoshone)

O664. Capital of Nidwalden

O665. Pitching game

O667. Shortened legal plea

O668. Soda-shop sipper

O669. “But if reason can be considered a basic belief, then ___, say the reformed epistemologists, can faith in God” (The New York Times)

O670. Cutlass or 88, in the auto world

O671. Lotharios

O672. “___ My Hand In” (Hello, Dolly! tune)

O673. Martha and family

O674. Hundred-___ shot (long odds)

O675. Robin Hood sets

O678. The Tin Woodsman’s quest

O679. Hawaii’s state flower

O681. Independent, in a song title

O682. Beauty chain with a salon inside each store

O683. Responds in any way (often following “and nobody…”)

O687. Evidence of work earnings

O689. “Oh yeah, I forgot there was another one”

O691. Coarse, stiff hairs

O692. Short ___ (winded)

O693. Fine and dandy, in old slang

O694. Better call him!

O695. Dark drinks

O696. Nauru’s capital

O697. Ski-___ (snow vehicles)

O698. O’Donnell mentioned in a presidential debate

O699. Highway features

O701. Verb often used with “thou”

O702. Escaped

O703. They’re short on social capital

O705. Dinner bought with denarii

O706. People who share initials with 45

O707. Takes students from all genders

O709. Nonelectric calculators

O710. Theater ad abbr.

O713. Detroit athlete named for its auto industry

O715. Georgia in the 1960s (abbr.)

O716. Ways to get ahead in HS

O718. Islam or Christianity (abbr.)

O719. Chug-a-lugs

O720. Capri or prom ending?

O721. Titular Russian professor of a Nabokov novel

O722. Manufacturer’s sticker

O723. Sutherland superspy

O724. Which, in Latin

O725. Paris’s captive

O726. Appear excited

O727. Wanders about

O728. Petty lawbreaker

O729. Slow as ___

O730. Edvard Munch subject

O732. Job hazard regulator (abbr.)

O734. Before IX

O737. “___ es la idea” (“You’re catching on”)

O738. Golden State, informally

O739. “My wife kisses the ___ the lips, but she won’t drink from my glass” (Rodney Dangerfield)

O740. Sucker

O742. Not ___ (pretty bad, understatedly)

O744. Would-be doctor’s test

O746. “Bonjour,” more casually

O748. Lead-in to apocalypse

O750. What FAQs offer

O751. Little Miss Sunshine or Bonnie and Clyde

O753. “Sit up straight”

O755. Broken

O757. Fighting company

O758. Copious source

O759. Spoke sweet nothings

O760. Waterfall or Hand with Reflecting Sphere artist

O762. Sentimental journalist

O765. Something that might build character over time?

O769. Google file-sharing system

O770. “___ your Halloween candy” (meme)

O771. Absolutely ridiculous

O772. “I’m gonna have to say ___ that” (important thing to learn to say)

O773. Surmount (redundantly)

O774. Numbers?

O775. “Fat ___ that’ll do ya!”

O777. All “How? Why?…HOW?”

O778. If it ain’t this, don’t fix it

O779. Cartoon dog that’s dumb but sprightly

O780. Diomedes’ domain

O781. Bodies of water

O782. Night noises

O783. Camcorder lenses

O784. Colorado Rockies owner

O785. “I hate it,” from Ignatius

O788. Most trusted news entity in America (according to a 2022 poll)

O791. Ancient city undone by a large wooden horse

O792. Russian river

O793. Forensic detection

O794. Gets full to bursting

O795. Park name in Chicago

O797. Sources of prints, for short

O799. World’s tallest building locale, 2004-2009

O801. Dubiously

O802. Online acronym for “It seems to me…”

O803. Unsubscribes, with “out”

O804. For for Fidel

O805. How to measure a galaxy’s age

O806. Poet’s cave

O807. Jostle rudely

O808. Hallowed

O809. Bath accessory (var.)

O810. Winter fabrics

O811. Goes belly-up

O812. Place for some canvassing

O814. Taken star, to fans

O816. Give off, as an odor

O817. Michael who costars with Jack Black in Year One

O818. “It’d be my pleasure”

O822. Chevy model with a big, low grille

O824. “___ man walks into…”

O825. Farriers

O826. LPGA supporter?

O827. One way to slug it out

O829. “I ___ Dance” (Kern tune)

O830. Tabloid fliers

O831. Brazen sounder

O832. Wrinkly fruit

O833. Sickly chill

O834. Topples

O835. Talks gibberish

O836. Word before “sapiens”

O837. Lottery with the largest jackpot in history

O838. Can’t stop eating

O841. Omega, to an electrician

O843. With sharp highs and lows

O845. Movie about lycanthropes, or its old-timey name for them

O847. Prefix with consumer

O849. Sign of boredom

O851. “Highway sign, for short,” says the clue database, and…no. No one has ever shortened a road sign to say “___.” This is just an ordinary road sign without its ending “w.” End the lies

O853. “All hat ___ cattle”

O854. Takes one’s turn

O858. Gambling site, briefly

O859. State sch. on the Pacific Coast

O860. Toronto’s province (abbr.)

O861. Nudge (into action)

O862. Gondolier gear

O863. Set of words for a set of people

O864. English statesman William

O865. Prohibited acts

O866. Nut in sticky buns

O867. Earring place

O868. “A miss is a miss, no matter how close”

O870. Former senator who’s on the board of directors at GE and Coke

O873. Open ___: start a relationship with a barkeeper

O874. As a friend, in French

O875. Coke Zero rival

O876. City in Tuscany

O879. Didn’t swing, in baseball

O881. “Ten more minutes, Tybalt”

O883. Dash device

O885. Many-stringed, lutelike instrument

O886. Housing agcy.

O887. Fourth letter of the Arabic alphabet (or mixed-up topper?)

O888. Programmer’s instruction

O889. Baseball’s Maris, for short

O890. Paisley, for one

O891. The mark “v” in string music

O892. Sex pest

O893. Tiny drum

O894. Like the wing of a bird to the arm of a man

O896. Meteors seen in early October

O897. Common protozoans

O900. Where to find churches on stilts

O902. Brain diagnostics

O903. Dished out

O907. Relatives of PhDs

O908. Church delivery, for short

O911. Alley Oop woman

O913. North side?

O914. Boston seafood

O915. “___ Distance” (Hercules song)

O916. Trial, for Henri

O917. It stops often

O919. Question before a name is repeated

O920. Town with its own gov’t

O921. E.U. alliance

O922. Oscar awarder

O923. Strives violently

O924. In small ones, it’s said, everyone knows each other

O925. The coppers, slangily

O926. Series of engagements

O927. Annie and Oliver Twist

O928. Hiccup cure, they say

O931. :56, timewise

O933. Pot for clams

O935. “___ bono?” (“Who profits?”)

O937. Counsel urgently

O940. Game piece

O942. Rider’s props

O943. Cooks in a crockpot

O944. Sporty wheels

O946. Party req.

O947. ___ cube (popular 1960s puzzle)

O948. Every, in Rx’s

O949. Get smart

O950. Early part of the day

O951. Metric weight unit

O952. Stride easily

O953. Open-___

O955. Adds to, as a bar bill

O956. Completely insignificant

O960. Sewing machine attachments

O961. It’s accessed via the Rainbow Bridge

O964. Bad thing to get off on

O966. Active suitor

O967. Donut shape

O969. Ob.-gyn. concern

O970. Like a tough row to hoe, literally

O971. Less, in music

O972. Actress Yeo-Jeong

O973. Fizzy candy made in Italy

O974. “Ugh, that is wrong ___ many levels”

O975. Rowlands of Hope Floats

O976. Not quite, or needed to reach

O977. Swampy sections

O978. “___ ever thus”

O979. HS class whose topics include genetic variation

O981. Like much Renaissance art

O983. “…camel through the eye of ___…”

O984. ___ Stark, Oona Chaplin’s Game of Thrones role

O987. Walked when one could’ve driven

O988. Puffy

O990. FDR measure

O991. Took a load off

O993. Lincoln Center benefactor

O995. Gesture-based entertainment, for short (omitting “mime” at the end)

O996. Airplane compartment

O997. Novelists Patchett and Rule

O998. Bread that sops up curry

O999. Driver’s license, for one

O1001. Erin in the nominative case

O1003. Acronym for a convertiplane

O1005. Drugged

O1007. “That’s ___ word!” (“You said a swear!”)

O1009. Get out fast

O1010. Uphill climb

O1011. Misnamed marsupial

O1014. Mag. readership

O1016. De Rivoli, de la Paix, etc.

O1017. Use a letter-opener

O1018. Rent alternative

O1019. New Jersey pro

O1020. Zaps with an electroshock weapon

O1021. Neither kid- nor boss-friendly

O1023. Critical moments to gear up for

O1025. “An hour a day, that’s all I ___ you!” (workaholic’s spouse’s complaint)

O1027. Fertile soils

O1029. Prez who signed Medicare into law

O1031. Subway Series side, on scoreboards

O1032. Italian prime minister

O1033. Hieroglyphic stone discovery site

O1034. “Harvesting the Heart” author Picoult

O1035. Blind taste-test choice

O1036. John Keats’s “___ Melancholy”

O1037. Singer with lowercase initials

O1038. Courtroom abbr.

O1039. Girl in South Pacific

O1040. Avoid, redundantly

O1042. Far less trusting

O1046. ___-dieu (kneeling desk)

O1048. “Catch a tiger by ___”

O1049. “___ Mine” (George Harrison song)

O1050. ___ o Te Kahu (anti-cancer organization from New Zealand, THE OA anagram)

O1054. Bolivar who liberated six South American countries

O1056. Astronaut’s gear

O1058. Elec. co., e.g.

O1059. Never Give a Sucker an Even Break star

O1061. Damaging, as a relationship

O1062. Leader who called reactionaries “paper tigers”…and hey, he’s not normally a role model, but you know what? GREAT phrasing

O1063. [segment]

O1065. Circus getup

O1067. Climbs up

O1068. Spanish surrender

O1069. Gulf of Finland resident

O1071. Others, to Juan

O1076. What has casts of thousands?

O1078. Notebook marker

O1080. One of a pair of muscles

O1082. Bewitched witch who influenced TV’s Agatha Harkness

O1084. Rosy ingredient in perfume

O1086. Sold-out signs

O1087. Prefix with -rous or -gram

O1088. Sleazoid

O1089. The Emperor of The Emperor’s New Groove

O1090. Type of curiosity

O1091. Units of GIs

O1092. Like a katydid’s song

O1093. Makes a decision for

O1094. Grow pessimistic

O1096. Security software company

O1100. Prefix with cardial

O1103. Makes a lot of dough

O1105. :50

O1107. Abandon all self-control

O1109. Disturbance of the peace

O1111. Hang like a Fu Manchu

O1112. Unclose, in verse

O1113. KFC boycotter

O1114. [segment]

O1136. Horizons’ cousins

O1137. Place for boating supplies

O1142. Sasha’s big sister

O1147. Aerosmith’s first hit, expressing deep feeling

O1149. Swiss river that flows into the Rhine (var.)

O1151. Dylan “___ Me Babe”

O1152. South Africa’s ___ Paul

O1153. Platelets’ identifiers

O1155. After this, to a logician

O1157. Copy, for short

O1159. Stratford-upon-___

O1161. First taste of real authority in the Coast Guard

O1162. Lady in Spain

O1164. Rus. royals

O1165. Game cries

O1167. Remove tactfully

O1168. Just as

O1169. Crime bosses

O1171. Eme preceder

O1172. It has a Page Navigation menu option

O1173. Irish accent

O1175. Partner-shopping, perhaps

O1176. Paper with an Economie section

O1178. The Road Runner, for one

O1180. Sellout abbr.

O1181. Sixth of the trig functions one learns

O1182. Wulfenite or cinnabar

O1183. Feel of an old injury

O1185. Latino lover’s sentiment

O1187. “Is it ‘drive down’ ___?”

O1189. Poetic direction

O1191. Heraldic stripe

O1193. Newfoundland hrs.

O1195. Year divisions (abbr.)

O1196. Shed’s purpose

O1197. Sum as

O1198. Textbook year

O1199. What a streamer streams through

O1202. Certain PC storage area

O1203. Silly little mistake, ha ha ha!

O1206. Quarrels

O1208. Flits about

O1210. Prepare for a second set, perhaps

O1212. Rialto sign

O1213. “Paradise City” rocker Rose

O1214. Kimono accessory

O1215. Erotic novel of 1954

O1218. High degrees

O1220. ___ -pros: law

O1222. Construction sign

O1223. Ghana-native soccer star

O1225. Insurance grs.

O1227. First singers

O1228. Abruptly rupture

O1229. Ninth-inning pitcher

O1230. Sharply luminescent

O1233. Ending for glamour or vapour

O1234. Canned soup ingredient

O1237. Fork site

O1238. Preceding

O1240. ___ ball (game played by throwing a ball at stairs)

O1242. Plowless planting method

O1244. Damien: ___ (1978 sequel)

O1245. QB’s stats

O1246. Main soup ingredient, sometimes

O1247. Frond-bearing fixture

O1249. “I’m ___ deep now; the only way out is through”

O1250. Mlles., across the Pyrenees

O1252. ___ Married an Ax Murderer

O1253. Store below decks

O1255. Pressure washer’s extension

O1256. Diner entree

O1258. Cleaning the cat box, e.g.

O1259. Angelic attire

O1261. High-quality pearl

O1263. Shoot en masse simultaneously

O1266. Cincy’s state

O1268. Zigzag, e.g.

O1271. Combination punches

O1274. Linguist Chomsky

O1276. Like a pain in the back

O1277. Naughty one

O1278. Romantic introduction?

O1280. Rosy dye

O1282. Catastrophic fate

O1284. Portrait on a 1990s 10 Deutsche Mark note

O1286. Stranger than strange

O1288. Redbox alternative

O1290. Blacklisting org. of the 1950s

O1293. Wind quintet member

O1294. Presley hit that’s the first word of another Presley hit

O1295. Treats derisively

O1297. As well

O1299. Loud, sharp, and piping

O1301. Super Bowl XXXV year

O1303. Make magnificent

O1306. Reset, as a timer

O1308. Assent either to a family member or to someone overprotective

O1311. Everything is Illuminated director Schreiber

O1313. Like grass that’s wet in the morning

O1314. Wallet note

O1315. Lord of the Rings menace

O1316. Driver’s lic. stat

O1318. Minute part of a minute (abbr.)

O1320. Eight-time British Open host town

O1322. “Great job, dumbass!”

O1325. Infantry groups

O1328. Reversing lead-in

O1330. Kung fu star Bruce

O1331. Anxiety sometimes brought on by Instagram Stories, for short

O1332. First Family of the next decade

O1334. Nicks on a CD

O1336. Critics in the stands

O1338. “Make ___!” (Picard’s order)

O1340. R.’s ex

O1343. Vitamin vegans may need to supplement

O1345. Starts a conference call quickly

O1348. Ebert’s cohort

O1350. Daenerys’s first husband

O1352. Inits. on some dentists’ walls

O1354. Non ___ inventus: sheriff can’t find the defendant in their county

O1355. English electronic act since 1990

O1358. Winning line

O1360. “Ooh, naughty!”

O1363. Ninth, to Nero

O1364. Pet name for a male pet

O1366. Selene, to the Romans

O1367. Poison sci.

O1368. Definitive boxing wins, briefly

O1369. ACLU, HRC, and PFLAG, e.g.

O1370. Bigger Gap stack

O1371. “Already watched that film before”

O1372. Streaming service that, despite its name, is now past tense

O1374. Twins Mary-Kate and Ashley

O1376. Mutt’s meow

O1377. What mice often take

O1378. Newscaster Johnson, Kansas city, or name in the Hardy Boys series

O1380. Make things easier for

O1382. Fungal infection that makes some wood unsuitable for houses

O1384. Masterful musicians

O1388. Eye of ___ (Macbeth recipe item)

O1392. Auberjonois on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

O1394. Train station hr. and min.

O1395. Atari classic

O1397. Emulate Niobe

O1398. The NHL’s Šimon

O1400. Schizophrenia org.

O1401. Glass or Williams

O1403. Perfect place

O1405. Make out in Manchester

O1406. Proposition, should it please the court

O1407. Start of a Spanish greeting

O1408. Streisand classic

O1409. “Well, that’s show ___!”

O1411. Had a lupine vision (it’s said this is a divine reminder to trust your intuition)

O1414. Barely born

O1417. Jesse Jackson, e.g.

O1419. Extravagant style

O1421. Ball-shaped flowers

O1422. “That is not ___!” (white lie to the kids about the vibrator)

O1423. Part of the British arsenal until the Nineties

O1424. British teenagers of the ‘60s

O1426. Saint ___, French port

O1428. WWII town

O1430. Ancient violin

O1432. Obsidian

O1434. It is repeated in “it is”

O1435. Dismissive sound

O1436. ___ characters (basic means of writing Chinese)

O1437. This, to Anais

O1438. Working in a galley

O1439. James of the Lakers

O1440. Do a post-laundry job

O1441. Class work?

O1445. Cereal that looks like tiny cages

O1446. Detroit group, for short

O1448. Schnozzolas

O1451. Sandbagger’s call

O1453. Spot for a town Hanukkah

O1455. Not much (good that’ll do ya), sarcastically

O1456. Report card entry

O1457. Rendezvous With ___ (Hugo-winning Arthur C. Clarke novel)

O1458. Teen crushes

O1460. With -core, awesome-sounding way to be ordinary

O1462. Coping devices

O1464. Roman dictator from 82-79 BCE

O1466. “Ooh-la-la,” across the pond

O1468. Model Ginger who shared the last few months of Elvis’ life

O1469. Antebellum

O1471. Library warning

O1472. Restraining with rope

O1473. Charon may have been the first

O1474. Became less ardent

O1476. Bestow abundantly

O1479. South Korean airline

O1482. “Let ___, I said!”

O1485. Crouched

O1488. Recent (as of 2023) golf investor, perhaps

O1490. Frowzy folks

O1492. MTV show where fan girls go “squeee!” over celebs

O1493. Aid for an emcee

O1494. Give ___ steer: misinform

O1495. “How I wish I could be like her!”

O1497. Japanese holiday roughly analogous to the Day of the Dead

O1499. Like a loan word, originally

O1502. Hammer or wrench

O1504. Old profs

O1505. Years of Spanish class

O1506. Smoky drags

O1507. Placates

O1508. Item loaded by runners?

O1509. Couldn’t stop thinking about

O1513. Second TV Star Trek sequel, for short

O1514. Dinner or wedding

O1517. Temporarily inactive, in baseball slang

O1519. News notices

O1521. African currency unit

O1523. Helpful position

O1525. T.N. Page’s “In ___ Virginia”

O1526. Ring bull

O1527. Old caller’s 6

O1528. Old Cretan king

O1530. East-Coast convenience stores

O1531. Exeunt ___ (end of a Shakespeare play)

O1533. Breakfast spot

O1535. Pitch on the diamond

O1537. Natl. economic figure

O1538. Words to a teaser

O1540. I-1s, spelled out (no tricks, this is a gimme)

O1541. Gobs and scads

O1542. Capital not to be confused with Pago Pago

O1544. Apply forcefully

O1546. Did so-so at school

O1549. Back biters?

O1551. Performed alone

O1553. Buck-___ “My Town” ska band worth a lot more than $1.09)

O1555. New car attraction

O1557. Video game abbreviation

O1558. Scoresheet marks

O1561. One who brings a legal action

O1562. Etched computer component

O1566. What this is in: [5 lines]

O1568. Tag, e.g.

O1570. 2016 animated Bill Murray role

O1572. Queen of Norway

O1574. Non-stick spray

O1576. WWI troop group

O1578. Goofus, compared to Gallant

O1579. Top ratings

O1580. Peter and successors

O1581. Gulpable soup

O1582. Heats under the windshield

O1587. Typee sequel

O1589. Alison who portrayed Trudy Campbell on Mad Men

O1590. Revelatory shout

O1593. Pretty much the only word now modified by the adjective “fell”

O1595. Store’s stock

O1597. They’re most likely to succeed

O1599. Prefix found in “prefix”

O1600. “Come on, make an effort”

O1601. Miscalculate or misspeak

O1602. Dietary data, in brief

O1604. Garr and Shields

O1606. Facebook’s started to restrict the display of it

O1608. Preferred option for proceeding

O1610. Kind of court or hall

O1611. Like some eds. of Shakespeare

O1612. ___-hoo (drink brand)

O1613. Cleaning up a mess in a mess, for short

O1614. Future dr.’s exam

O1615. Lemonlike fruit

O1616. Stop dilly-dallying

O1617. Cocktail type

O1621. Facebook user’s nudge

O1623. PC-to-printer port

O1624. But, to Cato

O1625. Desert the military

O1628. Mexican children

O1630. Show silent approval of

O1632. Fabled predators

O1633. Collection of writings, for short

O1634. Energy-bar piece

O1636. Look angry or sullen (rhymes with a gl- word that’s its synonym)

O1638. Student’s text

O1641. Discovered

O1643. Punxsutawney Phil’s shadow, walking under a ladder, et cetera

O1645. Argumentative thinking framework, for short

O1646. NFL analyst Tony

O1648. Many an ascot wearer

O1650. Deadliest part of a volcanic eruption