Ubercross Abecedaria N


The “substitutions” in this puzzle can be either alphabetic or phonetic. Two symbols can be read either as letters or as substitutions.



N1. Walter who Walter Alston worked for, for 23 seasons

N8. Museum displays

N15. Arctic herd

N22. Gary’s place

N29. Hammer home

N36. Many’s the time

N41. Roberto Duran’s plea

N46. Limestone-reef builder

N53. Greek site of famed figurines

N60. Arm muscle

N67. Have finished filming

N74. Deprives of energy

N81. Lunchroom, for short

N84. Simple sandwiches, simply

N88. Demand in response to “oh, there are lots of them”

N89. Basic Instinct star

N93. Figures of speech?

N94. Befriending to win favor

N98. Restless in the dark?

N101. Easily flimflammed

N102. Insulation material

N105. Calendar for the illiterate that sounds like it predicts plumbing problems

N109. Wormlike creature that can control the minds of grasshoppers and crickets

N110. Finally gets the stains out of that carpet, say

N114. Responsible

N115. Fruity liqueurs

N118. Nutritional info on a cereal box

N119. Think you hung the moon

N122. Speak the same language, so to speak

N124. Break a Commandment or two

N125. Gender-specific endings slowly passing out of usage

N126. “Doesn’t that adjective describe us when you get down to it?”

N127. Where jacks, queens, and kings are worth 11-13

N128. Lynn Truss book subtitled, The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation

N130. Change of faith

N133. Second largest bird

N134. Strike from the record

N135. South Pacific child

N136. Jungian intellects

N137. Ringers

N138. Diamond ___ (C&W group)

N139. Required

N140. Maxi or mini

N141. Cause a big stink?

N143. Mr. Peanut’s prop

N144. Character on the You Eediot! album cover

N146. Source of the word “avatar”

N148. Shape name with a more widely-used rhyming synonym

N150. Desktop item

N152. Spinning

N153. Payroll deduction, perhaps

N154. Slipping frequencies

N156. Give them ___ for their money

N157. Just a little battery

N158. Gave the skinny to

N160. Trade, as places

N161. Suffix with maison or kitchen

N162. “Hey…buddy”

N163. Thin fish eaten as sushi

N164. Lighten up

N166. Fight-for-life front-liners

N167. Break down into elements

N168. Hardly leisurely

N170. Relentlessly harasses, as bill collectors might

N172. One of the sisters on Braxton Family Values

N174. Libertarian socialist Chomsky

N175. Rainbowy, as a prefix

N176. Sam who played Merlin in Merlin

N178. Spanish chicken and rice dish

N179. Apartment next to the super’s, maybe

N180. WWII Normandy lander

N181. NBA whistle blowers

N182. Longing for something better

N183. Napkin, e.g.

N184. Stoli competitor

N185. Lowering one’s sail

N186. Wallach who played the “ugly” in The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

N187. Maiden-name designation

N188. Acclaimed 2017 biography subtitled “The Man, the Dictator, and the Master of Terror”

N190. Interconnection of nerves

N192. Measure of company performance with an acronym that now sounds like a deadly disease

N198. Washington, for one

N200. Vile smile

N201. ___-night (like some doubleheaders)

N202. Homes made of sticks

N203. They started allowing multiple helmet designs in 2022

N209. Age of an older tween

N215. Shakespeare title woman

N220. Like a waltz

N223. Higher-risk, according to Moody’s

N226. Goldie who was a Banger Sister

N230. Year with an overture

N234. Waffles in a box

N236. Does emcee work

N238. Like a lively number (abbr.)

N239. London goodbyes

N241. Children’s author Madeleine L’___

N243. Nautical direction

N247. Alternative airport to DCA or BWI

N250. Like wind turbines and many propellers

N256. Dismisses from the workforce

N264. A quarter thou

N267. Tongue or tail action

N270. Like a low-fat dessert

N271. Choice for a bed made in the kitchen

N272. Victorian, in a way

N273. Higher calling?

N274. Rips a new one

N276. Chef Boyardee, but for dogs

N277. European bowling variant

N279. Informal studio, say

N281. Egyptian mythical creator

N282. Beyond merely forgetful

N284. Mounted

N286. Philosopher Georges, or buck of a certain age

N288. In charge

N290. Swinger allowing access to some neighborhoods?

N292. Unsuitable for tots

N293. Christopher Nolan movie where the protagonist is literally called “the protagonist” through the movie and, Chris, you’re overall one of the best directors of the century but that’s a bit much

N294. Unceremoniously hurled

N295. Shirt or blouse

N296. Cause for a food recall

N298. Photo/vid app, slangily

N302. “___ there yet?”

N303. Sturluson saga

N304. Place to explore in depth?

N306. Double and lop off a decimal point

N307. It’s useful for now, but long-term, you don’t care about it

N310. Limited-episode TV programs

N313. Forward, e.g.

N315. ___ under (trap wintrily)

N317. Mayor in the Katrina spotlight

N319. Buyers

N320. First family to be First Family a second time

N321. Lay one’s trust (upon)

N322. Bar seat

N323. Rasputin, to his family

N324. On American soil

N326. Lauren of Supernatural and The Walking Dead

N327. Chairman Arafat

N328. 1958 musical that won Best Picture (and, uh, hasn’t held up)

N330. ___ for Immigrants (Selina Alko)

N331. Geometric prefix

N332. Characters not found in this puzzle

N334. Cognac grade (abbr.)

N335. Words found under a torch, branches, and E PLURIBUS UNUM

N337. Cranny’s partner

N338. Record-keeper, for short

N340. Warm alpine wind (anagram of NO, HEF)

N341. Console that included Super Mario World, for short

N343. Actress Barbara Bel ___

N345. “Bejabbers!”

N347. Noi Bai International Airport site

N349. Old truck maker

N350. The way of the East

N351. ___ one’s knee: have a minor mishap

N353. “I have ___ receive payment…”

N355. Some roulette bets

N356. Storybook brute

N358. “Am ___ to the task?”

N359. Kauai, e.g. (abbr.)

N360. Massively ripped

N361. Librarian’s quick requests

N364. “Go on to dinner, don’t worry about us…”

N365. Jabba the ___

N367. Hyperbolic function

N368. Mag’s salesperson

N369. No longer changing

N370. Hypocrite

N371. Iraq War hazards, briefly

N372. Somebody else’s favorite, I imagine

N374. Baggins of mountaineering

N376. Manager once hired by George Steinbrenner

N379. Having a crisp picture, say

N381. Iranian industrial city

N383. Smitten to death

N387. Cartoonist who skewered Tammany Hall

N389. Cause (oneself) to go

N390. Tiny drinks

N391. How old the Earth is, if you count the Precambrian

N392. Point of revolution

N393. Grasshopper’s critic

N394. Brown finisher, on the web

N396. Exercise pace

N397. Two noted Chaplins

N399. 2 × 409

N400. Verb for thou

N401. Often-covered 1970s Spanish hit

N402. Girl’s pronoun

N403. Spectator turnout

N404. Gets a crop going

N405. Our group in Paris

N406. “Wow, that’s the ___ Wonder of the World!”

N408. Dueling weapon

N410. Veto word in the UN

N411. Overseas train system

N413. ___’n you (whimsically named café in my area)

N415. Homeric setting

N417. Projectiles in reserve

N418. Have ___ to pick: have complaints

N419. “Quite a hot day out” response

N420. Jackie on The Conners

N421. An unfair expanse of time

N422. Letting the memory fade

N424. “___ momenta…”

N425. Household rival

N427. Either “bold” or “brave” in The Brave and the Bold

N429. “Je vous en ___”

N431. ___ honors

N432. Women, in a dated phrase

N434. Imprecate

N435. It may be run up at Christmastime

N436. Spreadsheet program option

N437. None of the above, on a survey

N439. Zapped, microwave-style

N441. Pixy ___

N443. Attendant to Poseidon

N445. Delhi titles

N447. Planner’s specialty

N449. Hindu sacred words

N450. Part of a parade float on New Year’s Day

N452. SOS first responders

N453. Anticipate

N454. Refusing responses

N455. Mind-expander of a sort

N456. Popular surf-n-turf sandwich

N458. Taking all the chips of

N460. “___ le roi!”

N461. Bareilles and Ramirez

N462. Deli loaf

N465. 1971 top 20 hit with no English lyrics

N467. Related to the word of god, in a way

N469. Actor Pegg

N471. 1984 Swedish speed skating medalist Gustafson

N473. Pulling from the depths of one’s being

N476. It’s hit with a pinky

N478. Widely recognized variety, as of a species of animal

N479. “The Cylons have found us!”

N480. Leave utterly useless

N481. 6 × 178

N482. “32 Flavors” singer DiFranco

N483. Kind of person you are?

N484. Coastline feature

N485. Call that can be played with just C’s, E’s, and G’s

N488. Whack-___

N489. Time when, according to experts, you should be asleep

N490. Three, to Beethoven

N491. Greek island in the Aegean

N492. Hoped-for rolls in Risk

N493. Fatty salts

N494. Because of

N495. Polynesian island

N496. Graceless golf finish

N497. Name in sugar-replenishing cookies I indulge in after blood donations

N499. Businesslike

N502. French city

N503. One squared plus two squared plus three squared plus four squared plus five squared plus six squared

N505. “I can read you like___”

N506. “Too bad, but this is how it is”

N507. The House at Pooh Corner author

N508. Ninety by ninety

N509. Before, to Dickinson

N510. 3 × 4 × 5 × 9

N511. Gulp (down)

N512. Zoological name suffix

N513. They’re usually cut thin at the deli

N514. Greenwich Village campus, briefly

N515. Midway to 21

N517. The opposite of popular

N518. Franchise that made Michael Bay a household name

N520. Spot for an awards collection

N522. Steely Dan song about a guy starting to become a dirty old man

N524. Casual-dress phrase

N525. Prefix with “futurism” for Black Panther

N527. Cause to be invalid

N529. Brand that’s a verb

N530. White Witch’s home

N534. Large intestines

N536. Biodegrades, say

N537. “Probably kid-safe but think about it a little”

N538. Gaming rig GTX ___, or 110 × 15

N539. When Augustus made Tiberius his heir

N540. Old length limit for text messages and tweets

N541. Japanese restaurant soup

N542. Aft locations

N544. “The best ___ to be” (Browning)

N545. Digestion blocker

N547. Roger who invented the term “idiot plot”

N548. “Samesies”

N549. Outline

N550. They woo ewes

N551. Rhyming drink

N552. Earned an E

N553. Oldest age to which any human has ever been documented to live

N554. 4 × 181

N556. Harmless but quick snake, and thus aptly named

N558. Big imbiber

N560. Twisted pasta

N562. Dungeons & Dragons fan, stereotypically

N564. Mends by reweaving

N565. Wrestlers’ repertoires

N566. Likely at odds with conservatism

N567. The Lost Boys actor Feldman

N568. Year the Depression hit

N569. 4 × 227

N570. 19 x 8

N571. Debtors’ letters

N572. Au ___ (up to date)

N573. Boston Pops section (abbr.)

N574. ___ percentile: as good as or better than four-fifths

N575. Longtime Masters airer

N577. Hussein Farrah, Desert Storm soldier and son of a warlord who relinquished power and brought some peace to Somalia

N578. Spanish spout

N579. Empath created to show the importance of mental health in the future

N581. Drug-trade novel and TV miniseries that takes its name from the purity of “flour”

N582. Number of days in a century

N584. Popular break hr.

N586. Cause to swoon

N588. Poison compounds produced by snakes

N590. Husk that was once a building or monument

N592. Shows recognition

N593. ___ Downsy (toy line)

N594. Dab hands

N595. Sorely needed rest spots

N596. Year the Vietnam War ended

N597. “1, 1” follower in the Fibonacci sequence

N598. 865 ÷ 5

N599. Letters before a phone no., maybe

N600. A Doll’s House and Our Town, e.g.

N601. Titular teen in a Nickelodeon series

N604. Finales of many sonatas

N606. “___ with flowers”

N607. Crescent-shapes, as pastries or jewels

N609. Longtime TV commentator Andy

N610. Common chemo med

N611. ___ a pig

N612. (101)(1+1)(1+1)

N613. “The things you ___ love”

N614. “___ the master of my fate”

N616. 2019 Wimbledon champion Djokovic

N618. 51 of much speculation

N620. Adjust, like a batter, say

N622. Flatbread of India

N624. Word before Pan, Man or can

N625. Post-Q queue

N626. Stir vigorously

N627. Casually used the horn

N628. Year of Sputnik and cars growing fins

N629. 2 × 389

N630. 2 × 1 × 1 × 211

N631. Morse or ZIP

N632. “Sit, ___, sit. Good dog” (Family Ties sign-off)

N633. What turns “adverb” into an adjective?

N634. Mitch, writer of The Five People You Meet in Heaven

N635. “You know ___ to do it to ’em”

N636. Nautical spar

N637. Alternative to octal

N638. Certain bags

N639. 8,766,000,000,000 hours

N640. Take up a collection

N642. 9 × 103

N643. Lionlike

N644. I-90 in Mass., e.g.

N646. “Ain’t ___ Fun”

N648. Toward the dawn

N650. Duplicated precisely

N652. Bulletin board attachments

N654. Old-fashioned cleaning bar

N656. Enjoying the nightlife

N657. Jimi Hendrix song sung fifteen years before the time it describes

N658. 22 × 12

N659. 18 × 17

N660. 63 × 127

N661. Northernmost African capital

N662. Curvaceous, in a way, in architecture

N665. Descriptor of a certain eagle or wolf

N666. Garmin stat

N667. With only a single percentage chance of success

N668. Adjective for Scotty on Star Trek--well, in the sense that he might use the word, but not for himself; he was a big fellow

N669. Oregon Trail transport

N670. “___ do” (“That’s...fine”)

N671. Classic TV “left it” to him

N672. Cast of characters in The Big Bang Theory

N673. Depression-dominated period

N674. Shih Tzu bites

N675. Acknowledges briefly

N677. “We peons just can’t catch a break”

N681. Job-seeker’s ID

N682. Great, in early ‘90s slang

N683. It’s a little back from the center of the track

N684. Year Walt Disney shared plans for an “experimental prototype community” in Florida, then passed away

N685. 29 × 29

N686. 529 - 38

N687. Made aware of an e-mail, in a way

N688. Insinuating, as a remark

N689. Character in Ally McBeal

N690. Cloister sister

N691. Not act too much the drill sergeant with

N693. Study group (abbr.)

N694. Will Smith hit ___ Black

N695. Year of “hope and change”

N696. New Year’s figure

N698. The era of Beatlemania

N699. Forest greenery

N700. Wailuku site

N701. Small Japanese coin

N703. Hard, garlic-flavored salami

N704. It ensures public access to government info

N705. ___ The Year (honor won by Kobe Buffalomeat in 2017)

N707. Family name on Married…with Children

N711. About to have a rough time

N713. Postmortem investigator

N714. Year US rationing began and Italy surrendered

N715. 11 x 16

N716. 4 × 163

N717. Keith Urban’s “Whenever ___”

N718. Rapper Flavor ___

N719. Brit. medal

N720. Figure, in British slang

N721. Pool-hall-inspired decoration that could mess with your car radio’s reception

N723. Task taken care of

N725. “I’m f-f-f-freezing!”

N726. Shows for all to see

N727. Number of homers Babe Ruth hit (found in the start of 5/7)

N728. Kools or ‘Boros

N729. Baker’s dozen of cartoons probably you’ve never seen because they were too racist for Sixties TV, let alone modern times

N732. Like lemon juice

N734. Delivery org.

N736. More innocent

N738. Remove, as a fruit peel

N739. Where Matisses hang in NYC

N740. Capabilities

N741. Witless

N742. 11 × 37

N743. 16 × 29

N744. Landed like a bird

N745. Looked that way

N748. Expanse north of Akron

N750. Plane pathfinder, for short

N751. Troup group

N752. Where sea meets sand

N754. Whence the militants in the recent Algerian hostage crisis

N755. Convenience on the way out

N757. 6 cubed

N758. How many Deadly Sins there are, depending on your source

N759. Acronymic anxiety felt while seeing people’s cool lives on social media

N760. Geezer’s cry to a young ‘un

N762. His website says, “Wyatt is a comedy person. He tells jokes for money. Or free drinks. If he’s lucky, money and free drinks. He’s usually not that lucky”

N764. Laughter units

N766. Cakewalk and frug

N768. Parisian denial

N769. ___ glance: instantly

N770. Made more exact

N771. Book subtitled “Inside the Secret World of the Supreme Court”

N772. 8 × 47

N773. 27 × 29

N774. Test for future docs

N775. Typical dose for minor ailments

N776. ___ in Xanax

N777. Powders for bathers

N780. It limits your interest?

N783. RM and V’s group

N784. Neural fibers

N785. Tomboys sport them, often

N787. They’ll protect your steed from icy terrain

N788. The ___ Club, Pat Robertson’s show

N789. Are, when added together

N790. Personal space

N793. Oscilloscope feature

N795. Record again

N797. Like par-5 holes

N799. Yarmulke and beanie

N801. Singer of “Feeling Good” and “I Put a Spell on You”

N803. It needs reeds

N804. 5 × 65

N805. x^2, if x = BOTH the area AND the perimeter of the same equilateral triangle

N806. Stones’ “Start ___”

N807. Frustrating moment on the green

N808. Engineers’ assoc.

N809. Their males are short-lived, but their queens can live a hundred years

N811. Month when it’s warm in Chile

N812. “She ___” (not how those pronouns are usually ordered)

N813. Dolphins can use them

N814. Name prompt in a FedEx form to fill out

N815. T-shaped crosses

N816. Sessions with a chiropractor

N818. 625 + 196

N819. Fumble follower

N820. Ignore the qualifications of

N821. Aussie jumpers, for short

N822. Utopian novel focused on “macro society”

N824. Continued sans interruption

N826. Contemptuously

N828. “Offers ___ purchases” (disclaimer from some iPhone downloads)

N829. Receive warmth

N830. 17 × 20

N831. 38 × 23

N832. Loudly belittle

N833. Fonts that are hard to miss

N834. Word in some ship names

N835. Circular object that can reflect in a rainbow

N837. “Au revoir!” relative

N838. The Sun and one true god, for a bit

N839. Anglo-Saxon war god

N840. Italian farewells

N841. Lefts and rights, in Cockney English (as if driving on the other side isn’t confusing enough)

N842. Popular lunches unless you’re one of the literal billion-plus people who don’t eat pork products

N843. Dwells, in Merrie Olde

N844. Half-price kind of deal

N845. Does a little better than, often smugly

N846. Think of no others

N848. Year of the first TV US presidential debate…and seventeen African nations acquiring independence

N849. Tan’s denominator

N851. Natatorium

N853. Fictional code name?

N857. An Inconvenient Truth veep

N859. Helping make a mess, perhaps?

N860. 1, 2, 4, 8, 61, 221, ___, 884…

N861. 1136 ÷ 8 (number of sailors who tow the coffin at royal funerals)

N862. The first Mrs. Copperfield

N863. Part of a cassette

N864. Item to watch at the dermatologist’s

N865. “If I Had a Hammer” singer Lopez

N866. Some shoe necessities

N867. Drill press, lathe, and bandsaw

N870. Year the world was supposed to end if you misread the Mayans

N871. Smaller than what a resident gets

N873. 4 × 7 × 9

N874. Day of February, sometimes

N875. Stinging rebuke

N876. First name in twentieth-century humor

N877. Phony cancer cure illegal in the US

N878. Cower in the shadows

N880. Typical bureaucratic botch-up

N881. Ribs unit

N883. Badmouth

N884. They have cleanup positions

N885. Three will give you 4.5 volts

N886. 2 × 293

N887. 5 × 53

N888. “I’ll go along with that”

N889. Detached porticos

N890. Capture

N891. Bank statement fig.

N892. Japan’s second-largest city

N893. Muffin morsel

N894. Kiosk to purchase e-currency

N896. Drawing 101 alternative

N897. Didn’t sit still

N898. 3 × 5 × 7

N899. Like hindsight, they say

N900. Give the new name of

N902. 193 × 27

N903. More grassy-tasting

N905. Native of Muscat

N907. Name chosen to honor a dead twin

N909. Depends (on)

N910. Wrath, in Latin hymns

N911. Trendy tech toy of the 2010s

N912. 600/7, roughly

N913. 32 × 21

N914. Cast into flame

N915. Dumb luck

N916. “Memories” and “Girls Like You” singers

N919. Perspicacious

N921. First X, potentially

N922. Immersion therapy

N924. Psalmic word of pause

N925. Name in computers since 1996

N926. Mamet film named for a common road intersection (Official description: “A movie crew invades a small town whose residents are all too ready to give up their values for showbiz glitz”)

N928. 2 × 3^5

N929. 1982 bestseller using Milne characters, with “The”

N931. QB’s misthrows

N932. Skirt length

N933. Food budget on a Rachael Ray program

N935. Dirty dishes often collect in them

N937. It may come easily to hand

N939. What a raised hand signifies

N940. Japanese honorific

N941. Important D.C. speech

N942. This number’s digits are A, B, C, and it = A + B^C

N943. Square number following “Nikei” and “Nokia”

N944. Ardent request

N945. Calyx helmet

N946. (The) Queer Eye guys

N947. “That’s ___ funny!”

N948. “___ there!”

N949. Kind of farmer

N952. 2010 legal measure

N953. Deep thinker Kierkegaard

N954. Assign the value of, as “stun” or “6 AM”

N955. Neighbor of Rom.

N956. They smooth things over

N958. Year of the insurrection

N959. Don’t finish

N961. Number of musicians

N962. Gp. in charge

N963. Wall Street Gang author

N964. Mo. of National Grandparents’ Day

N966. Of a certain organ

N968. Good, decent people in Yiddish

N970. Series seen on many a planner or pill container

N972. 9 × 47

N973. Number of member states in the United Nations

N974. Compete to get

N975. Parabolic

N976. Super Mario Galaxy systems

N977. Roman foe

N978. Refused to repast on

N979. Broadway star turned singer Linda

N980. With “the,” bad-faith talk about color bias (though there’s plenty of real reasons to talk about it)

N982. Everybody in Germany

N983. Grave in disposition

N985. Bat material

N986. What unsigned band gets paid

N987. (The) masses, to snobs

N988. Perjures oneself

N989. Yesterday, in Sorrento

N990. Study to measure gravity and seismic waves

N992. Old-fashioned warming devices

N994. Grow a replacement tail, say

N996. Bread amount

N997. 27 × 14

N998. 3 × 3 × 5 × 7

N999. Ordinal Justin Bieber mistakenly used to describe a chapel

N1000. Crossword creator, at times

N1001. Likely to stay strong, as currency

N1002. Inveigles

N1003. “But you ain’t got no legs, ___”

N1004. Inspiring others to watch themselves

N1006. 10/30, for me (but you don’t have to get me anything)

N1007. Number for two

N1008. Seemingly meant for each other

N1009. Goes to extremes with being

N1010. Year “on or about December” of which, according to Virginia Woolf, “human character changed”

N1011. Range herd

N1013. Radio signoffs

N1014. Thrice daily, in pharm.

N1015. Abner’s radio partner

N1016. Duck-billed mammals who lay eggs

N1018. Oasis offering

N1019. Mole hole

N1023. Costing two coppers and a nickel

N1025. 11 × 79

N1026. 78 divided by one-half, plus 11

N1027. Duct tape’s many

N1028. Scottish lowlands

N1029. Fr. miss

N1030. The C’s on scoreboards

N1031. Some printers, initially

N1032. Decoration on a costume

N1035. Racer’s “rear wing,” for short

N1036. Lean, tough, and sinewy

N1037. Should soon be a mom

N1039. Word, in Lyon

N1040. Year of the Sony Walkman and the SALT II treaties

N1041. Bennett who wrote The Vanishing Half

N1042. Copier cartridges

N1043. Year that introduced Hercule Poirot and R.U.R.

N1044. Gets water into

N1046. Verbs applied to waste management

N1047. Incisors’ neighbors

N1049. Attack like a puppy

N1051. “…I’d rather see than ___”

N1052. Jai ___, sport barely hanging on in the US

N1053. 5 × 79

N1054. 4 × 167

N1055. Sounds you’d hear often if crossword tournaments weren’t silent

N1056. Greek restaurant staples

N1057. Knight music

N1058. Written record

N1062. Fail to adhere to proper standards

N1063. Beyond words

N1067. Gather fruits

N1068. “Never trust ___ in a raincoat” (Hunter S. Thompson)

N1069. Actor Paul and journalist Hughes

N1070. 157 + 163 + 167

N1071. 257 × 4

N1072. Comedy flops?

N1074. Year World War II began

N1075. Brew type that sometimes comes in “double”

N1076. Crispy cookie brand

N1077. 2^3 + 3^3 + 6^3

N1078. Chicago song about “waiting for the break of day”

N1081. Babysitters, often

N1083. Thing Anakin Skywalker hated most consistently, probably because it reminded him of home

N1084. Democrats’ opponents (abbr.)

N1085. Crossing-the-plate stat

N1086. 2000 - 1110

N1087. “Back ___” (flashback ends)

N1088. The one where Saruman dies, but only in the extended edition

N1090. (The) NCAA tourney

N1091. Johns of London

N1093. “No such agency” agency

N1094. Put notches into

N1095. Brief glory, in an Andy Warhol reference

N1098. t.A.T.u. single, or 11 × 20

N1099. 13 × 79

N1100. “Father of American Anthropology” Franz

N1101. Some hoppy brews, for short

N1102. Year of the “Summer of Love”

N1103. Ex-Christian Jews or ex-Jewish Christians, e.g.

N1105. 12 × 7 × 7

N1106. Y-shaped

N1108. Catchall covering many sexual identities

N1110. Batman and Robin, the Dynamic ___

N1111. Compels observance of

N1113. 2 × 359

N1114. Like the position of the last letter in this clue (how quickly can you count them all?)

N1115. Triceratops, literally

N1116. Insignificant bit

N1117. Serious compensation

N1118. Side or aspect

N1120. Almost on the hour

N1123. Tropical-vacation souvenir

N1124. Nintendo gaming console whose name sounds like two pronouns

N1125. For each one

N1126. Spa offering

N1127. 2 x 7 x 7

N1128. Viscous, sticky substances

N1129. Oppressive difficulty

N1131. Year the internet was privatized and the Information Age began

N1132. Oom-pah-pah maker

N1133. “___ give you the shirt off his back!”

N1134. 9 × 31

N1135. Small wing in architecture

N1136. Virtuoso rock guitarist Steve

N1138. Avoids a tag, perhaps

N1140. Flagged discussion?

N1141. 6 × 131

N1142. Subject of the 19th, 24th, and 26th Amendments

N1143. Indivisibility

N1144. I.M. Pei’s “I”

N1145. Duration of the Flood

N1146. Super G curve, in the Olympics

N1147. Influence

N1148. Enjoy room service

N1149. Period before the break in football (“They had us in the ___, not gonna lie”)

N1151. In garlic, mushrooms, olive oil, onion, and wine sauce

N1153. Up to the present

N1154. Oprah’s snake-oil-hawking buddy

N1155. Biblical shepherd

N1156. Atomic reactor part

N1157. Cars that often get their catalytic converters stolen

N1158. Fine and all, but not as great as people say

N1160. Rey Mysterio’s finishing move, named for his San Diego area code

N1161. Maker of turkey-flavored candy corn

N1162. Legal to drink and, you know, do anything else

N1165. Sufficient, in a sonnet

N1166. Warn about

N1168. Birthday that marks middle age for most

N1169. Nurnberg or Neu-Ulm

N1170. Having aged out

N1171. Kind of bathing suit

N1172. “___-oo!” (Later!)

N1173. George Smiley, e.g.

N1174. Two or more in some ménages à trois

N1175. Copulatory

N1176. “Heaven...___ heaven…”

N1177. Serve, as booyah

N1178. Twice the gravity

N1179. Cargo loads

N1180. Like many an unwieldy shotgun

N1182. Year the housing bubble burst

N1183. Citizen X co-star

N1184. US Army’s 1942 priority

N1185. Haunted room in The Shining

N1186. Secondary name

N1187. Double offer

N1188. Hither’s partner

N1190. Steakhouse options

N1194. ___ Saud (Saudi Arabia’s founder)

N1196. Harvard Univ., e.g.

N1197. Composer father of four musicians

N1198. Turn to a toon

N1199. 24 hours = ___

N1200. Spells on the job

N1201. Cloister denizen

N1202. Twitter handle preceders

N1204. Stop on the tracks (abbr.)

N1205. World-weary initialism

N1206. Place for King Arthur’s knights

N1208. “She’s ___-show, bring out the understudy”

N1209. Ecstatic

N1210. High on catnip, e.g.

N1211. Talked like Marc Antony over Caesar’s corpse, say

N1212. Stygian

N1213. Seemingly redundant name in celeb gossip

N1215. 227529 - 226576

N1216. Stick to a tight budget

N1218. Use the carrot

N1219. Swan star

N1221. Dog breed given a memorial statue at Tokyo’s railroad station

N1222. Carpenters’ boxes

N1224. “If I ___ a rich man…”

N1225. “Gruesome” pair

N1226. Good time for brunch

N1227. Good Samaritan types

N1228. Glen Gray’s ___ Loma Orchestra

N1229. Oft-pressed dress item

N1232. Alternate ending that improves what it means to be urban and human?

N1234. Hugo-winning Gateway novelist Frederik

N1236. “___ Plan” (song by Drake)

N1237. Biodegradable

N1239. Like gem arrangements in some bracelets

N1240. Could kill

N1242. Where esnes slaved

N1243. Task-related, as a list

N1244. Pro who may tend to an ailing boxer

N1245. Without a break, ever

N1246. Accepted there’d be no recouping on investment

N1247. Source of a sacred shroud

N1248. Lost in

N1250. WWII British firearm

N1251. Unpleasant feelings

N1252. Like some musical “wonders”

N1253. Extent covered

N1254. Ordinal number that sounds like “half-minute”

N1255. Readiness

N1256. Early-rising time

N1257. Watched

N1260. “Toking ___?” (restaurant option I hope I never hear)

N1261. Partners of wts.

N1262. There, to Tacitus

N1263. Realty sign

N1265. Encyc. book

N1266. Support when doing the flamingo exercise

N1267. Joe Biden’s late eldest son

N1268. Grier and Anderson

N1269. German for the number “one”

N1270. Like a dromedary

N1272. 27 × 26, “Where My Girls At?” hip-hop soul group

N1273. Song about mining for an exploitative boss

N1274. What stars stand for in America

N1275. “( ) 1 ( ) 2 ( ) 3” alternative

N1276. Surly hounds

N1278. Interoffice no.

N1279. Wyndham alternative

N1280. Michael J. Fox’s ___ City

N1281. Pear, apple, and quince

N1282. Year of the moon landing

N1283. Raging waters

N1284. 23 × 23

N1285. Bridge support

N1286. Ghostbuster Spengler

N1287. Chewed portions

N1288. Rainy day money.

N1290. Cries equal parts pitiable and annoying (“I’m OPENING the cat food, darn it!”)

N1291. “‘Dance, then, wherever you may ___ am the Lord of the Dance,’ said he”

N1292. Small flash drive capacity

N1293. Parts of cross-shaped churches

N1295. Enviable salary, or huffy answer from a not-quite-teenager who’s been asked his age

N1296. “Stand at my side!”

N1297. Dropped for a 10-count, for short

N1298. 550 - 111

N1299. Faiyaz and Spiner

N1300. Complexion woes

N1301. Common mall anchor store, in the 1980s

N1302. Sampling of salad

N1304. Rolled to a runway

N1306. Louisiana, to Louis

N1307. Where Doha is

N1308. Give ___ (chastise)

N1309. End the kingship of

N1310. 5 × 43

N1311. Within one’s predictive powers

N1314. Fiddler on the Roof hero

N1315. “Where” TNT blows things

N1317. When Jesus was one, they say

N1318. Break sharply

N1319. One who might come into a house

N1320. Scrabble unit

N1321. Hi’s wife, on the funnies page

N1322. Distance supposed to be covered in duels as seen on TV

N1324. 8 × 29

N1325. Was depressed, say?

N1326. 18-wheeler

N1327. Non-Hispanic, in America

N1328. Officer and dog team

N1330. Want badly

N1331. Iditarod transport

N1332. Started one’s meal

N1333. The silver anniversary

N1334. “Bedroom” guitarist Lloyd

N1335. Square patterns on 9X9 shogi boards

N1336. Movie in which Jack Nicholson plays an erstwhile piano prodigy

N1339. ___ fixes

N1340. Core nature, from the Latin

N1341. Like Ogden Nash verse

N1342. In support

N1343. Cotton harvesting machines

N1344. From start to finish, in sports

N1346. Crossword creeks

N1347. Elvis Presley’s Viva ___ Vegas

N1348. Unassisted

N1349. 13 × 71

N1350. Like the original Star Wars

N1351. Fourth in a series of documentaries tracing lives from childhood

N1352. Spare the rod

N1353. Island site of the Cyclone

N1354. “Not to speak for anyone else…”

N1356. Pet that turns green

N1357. To the ___ (extravagantly)

N1358. Adidas and Calvin Klein owner

N1359. Like early comics printing

N1360. 101 × 2

N1361. Pillowy

N1362. Bellini opus

N1363. Ripple near the nipple

N1364. Narrow mini-bays

N1366. My ___-Lb. Life

N1367. Clothes, informally

N1368. Cool, collected, and controlled

N1369. Back-breaking Bat-villain

N1370. Helped serve food

N1371. Treat well

N1373. 3 × 13 × 23

N1374. Get the music started

N1375. Kisses in the park, e.g. (abbr.)

N1376. Ultimate object, to Aristotle

N1377. Utterly shreds

N1380. Cop sitcom NBC snapped up less than 24 hours after FOX cancelled it

N1382. Exclamation

N1383. “Mourning son shown a way” for “morning sun shone away,” e.g.

N1384. Line in a pencil game

N1385. Notably ugly film vampire

N1389. Ashley’s C&W mom

N1391. Go fast, in the Globe

N1394. Test to get into business school

N1397. Khayyam and Epps

N1398. 27 × 37

N1399. Indicate, as a crossword clue

N1400. Running smack into each other

N1402. Wished one couldn’t

N1403. Pt. of the USSR?

N1404. The Pentagon is its HQ

N1405. Female spy in the American Revolution

N1406. Where baby Moses was found

N1407. Decision maker, sometimes

N1408. Man-cave hanging

N1409. Glutinous

N1410. Not toweled off

N1411. What comes before a king at dinnertime?

N1412. Argued, as a case

N1413. Some TVs

N1414. Year same-sex marriage became legal

N1415. Corresponded with

N1416. Like most blues music

N1417. Certain family mem.

N1418. Get goods via googling

N1419. Graeco-Roman entrance features

N1420. Taffrail’s locale

N1422. Months of dawn-to-dusk fasting

N1424. 16,000 is videophone quality

N1425. Conjecture

N1427. King Cole and Turner

N1428. (Put) into practice

N1429. Like a fox seen in myth and Naruto

N1431. 2 × 223

N1432. Practice rhabdomancy

N1433. “THAT GIRL” singer Runway

N1434. Some tomatoes

N1435. China’s ___-tzu

N1436. Joint protection?

N1438. 2001 Will Smith film

N1439. Ruined instantly

N1440. Dillon and McCoy

N1441. Henge components

N1442. Pac-Man pack

N1443. Among the first things you learn, proverbially

N1444. Office of Paris police chief

N1446. Early American “money”

N1447. Kind of resistance

N1448. Gaming company behind Assassin’s Creed and Just Dance

N1449. “It Must Be ___” (‘67 tune)

N1450. His Yankee number was #13

N1451. Water striders

N1453. Stat from which one can guess age, for short

N1454. 2 × 109

N1455. Not so much

N1456. Twin prime with 281

N1457. B.A. Baracus’ group

N1458. Shakespearean lament

N1459. Military supply station

N1460. “You can take that to the bank!”

N1462. Like Adam

N1464. Declarer in bridge columns

N1465. Gallery-filled Manhattan neighborhood

N1466. Minecraft swamp monsters

N1467. Catch-___: illogical contrivances

N1468. Name or fund

N1469. Much of bacon

N1470. If abbreviations actually made things smaller, this would be a hill

N1471. Sch. in Norfolk, VA

N1472. Ridley of Ophelia

N1473. Mississippi lighthouse and casino site

N1474. Insurance variable

N1475. Screen image or screen idol

N1476. Kind of hole on a boar

N1477. How some NBA games are won

N1478. Essential info

N1479. Stripped the pride from

N1482. 529 + 441 + 1

N1483. Confine snugly

N1484. What my cat Thor uses to get my attention, gently

N1485. Family driver’s choice

N1486. ___-a-Wee

N1487. Numbers used for “lower” states and laws of power

N1488. Pedal on the right

N1489. Spock’s distinguishing feature among humans

N1490. Tabletop surfacer

N1491. Back and forth

N1492. Heckles

N1493. Exxon’s double shot?

N1494. Mulan setting you can’t actually see from space

N1496. Put ___ on (outlaw)

N1497. Round hand script

N1499. Chills champagne

N1500. Neighbor of Lyra and Pegasus

N1502. First Civil War regiment of Black soldiers

N1503. Phenomenologist Martin who said, “Language speaks” (but whose history with Nazism was troubling at best)

N1505. Film hero who says, “We seem to be made to suffer. It’s our lot in life”

N1506. “602 in progress! Repeat, 602 in progress!”

N1507. PV=nRTPol. label for the label-free

N1508. 199 × 3

N1509. Green features on a Hawthorne house

N1510. Rightmost key on a typical piano

N1511. Gasoline purchase option

N1512. Unoriginal ones

N1514. Without moving parts, as electronics

N1516. Realtor’s document

N1517. “Was that joke over the line?”

N1518. Pullover raincoat

N1519. Scarcely

N1520. Aspiring actress Reynolds in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

N1521. Donate, in Dundee

N1522. Oniony near-bagel

N1523. Political unit in Bonn

N1524. PEI hrs.

N1525. No-wait, in brand names

N1528. In right now

N1529. 25 × 41

N1530. Cut off gradually

N1531. One of the Three Wise Men

N1532. Unusual feature of “barrier reef,” “arrest warrant,” and “hurry-scurry”

N1533. Genie’s offer

N1535. Radium’s atomic weight, rounded off

N1536. More minute

N1537. 11 × 202

N1538. A little too concerned

N1539. It keeps food fresh and is FDA-approved…. so far

N1540. Word before “Century Studios”

N1541. Pen pal?

N1542. “Here’s to you!,” for example

N1543. Penn senator Pat

N1544. Made the arrangements

N1545. 3 × 4 × 79

N1546. Tries to keep civil

N1548. Committee pro ___

N1549. Swedish wheels

N1550. Ballet position

N1551. Gp. putting on shows for the Army

N1552. “Be honest, now… is ___ much?”

N1553. Year of Avengers: Infinity War

N1554. Clay, sandy, silty, peaty, and chalky, e.g.

N1556. Where retiring people go

N1557. Mallorca Mrs.

N1558. Shingles sealer

N1559. 2^3 × 3^4

N1560. After-wedding offerings

N1561. 54 × 56

N1562. Comparatively misdirected

N1563. “Goal posts” in bowling

N1565. “Jesus,” in my granddad’s thick accent

N1566. Two words that begin most sentences from Grouchy Smurf

N1567. Herb like spinach

N1568. Muse with awe

N1569. Negative cash flow

N1570. Possible values in a byte

N1571. Salt Lake setting (abbr.)

N1572. “B’bye!” or night-owl shifts

N1573. Hastily donned

N1577. Barber’s symbol

N1578. Tasteless

N1579. Gets alone

N1581. Coin-flip odds

N1582. Honey-lover

N1583. “Merry Christmas ___…”

N1584. Do some fancy flying

N1585. Question from an unsure competitor

N1587. 11 × 59

N1588. Captain America’s pal Bucky

N1589. X-Files production company named for Chris Carter’s birthday

N1590. Do splits with pom-poms

N1591. Roadies get into these for free

N1592. Middle of Flint

N1593. NFL’s Blount

N1594. Rep., Sen., Gov., etc.

N1596. Percentage point

N1597. Tribe of Judah emblem

N1598. Ranked, as for a tournament

N1599. Losing tic-tac-toe line

N1600. Popular vlogger, probably

N1602. Art of publ. speaking

N1603. AWB was his VP

N1604. Cathedral city in Cambridgeshire

N1605. Not robust

N1606. Montreal affirmative

N1607. Intro courses

N1608. Romance-themed board game sold since 1965

N1610. Swim team’s event

N1611. Comical bit

N1612. They’re ready for war, or as ready as anyone is

N1613. 2023 - 1866

N1614. “Empty hand” fighting skill, literally

N1615. Dated slang once popular with script kiddies

N1616. Showtime at NASA

N1617. In twos

N1619. Try to pacify

N1621. Commonest speed limit

N1622. Calligraphers’ choices

N1623. Help revise

N1624. 18 × 29

N1625. 3 × 107

N1626. Palme ___ (prize at Cannes)

N1627. Almost midnight, with the big hand on the 11

N1628. Minute meadow mammal

N1629. Johnny known for weirdo performances

N1631. Dancing with the Stars’ Carrie Ann

N1634. Ukraine city near the Polish border

N1636. Career comeback

N1637. Case of wrongdoing

N1638. “Want to ___ dead body?”

N1639. Peer group?

N1640. Logo on a red bottle in my fridge

N1642. Spherical assistant of film

N1643. Trusted guide

N1644. Acid type

N1645. Paltry grid gain

N1646. Super suffix

N1647. Library collections

N1648. Representatives’ areas

N1649. Having seen something jaw-dropping

N1650. Almost too calm

N1651. Not flat, as hair

N1652. Count heard in “Chandelier”

N1653. Splotch a pocket protector prevents

N1655. Very young guys

N1656. Birds on New Zealand dollar coins

N1657. 1952 POTUS candidate

N1659. Foreign atty.’s degree

N1660. Former antipoverty agcy.

N1661. They’re graded in geology class

N1662. Forms droplets

N1664. Palm type

N1665. “Easy! Nothing ___!”

N1666. Want ad’s fairness pledge

N1667. Time of night you’re most likely to sense something weird

N1668. Tintype tints

N1669. Actor Beery

N1670. Nitpick annoyingly

N1671. Lied a little

N1673. With “p,” number for HDTV resolution

N1674. Escorted a tour

N1675. Creamer who won the 2010 US Women’s Open

N1676. Language group including Swahili

N1677. Ford and Fonda

N1678. Skateboarding trick involving two-and-a-half revolutions in midair

N1679. Parlophone’s owner, once

N1680. Exam for bias analysis

N1681. QI airer

N1682. Virtuoso

N1683. Gaiety

N1685. Eyelid woes

N1687. Balladeer

N1689. Spelling of Beverly Hills, 90210

N1690. Contents of a Paris grid

N1691. “Haven’t heard anything”

N1692. Punk rockers named for their Queens neighborhood

N1694. Starting score

N1695. Key with one sharp

N1696. “Thank you, Captain Obvious” variant

N1697. Donut-loving “D’oh!” nut?

N1698. “THIS! IS! SPARTA!!!” movie

N1699. They besieged Saruman

N1700. Grand ___ (wine classification)

N1701. Gets on people’s (okay, my) nerves

N1703. Leather substitute

N1704. Grass around a home

N1705. Kick oneself for

N1706. Cannibalistic punchline to a kids’ joke

N1707. The “Her” in “I’m With Her”

N1709. Incentive

N1710. The New Yorker cartoonist Ed

N1711. Light ___: waftable

N1712. Did not exist

N1713. Where many saw Game of Thrones

N1714. Makes applicable to the past

N1716. Easy plot for a soap-opera actor

N1717. Tuna buy

N1718. 12 × 67

N1719. Song Jim Morrison performed just before his arrest

N1720. Covered, as a house with paint

N1721. Qom locale

N1722. Sluggo’s pal

N1723. Weight of the heaviest standard bowling ball

N1725. Standard prices

N1727. Unstraighten

N1728. ___ in (interfere)

N1729. Small bill

N1730. The Number of the Beast

N1731. Gerund letters

N1732. Yeses in Germany

N1733. Bars of Avon

N1734. Pretend to be a member of

N1737. Treaty signed by the US and the USSR

N1738. Vacation starters, often

N1740. Playing in a loop

N1742. Greek resistance coalition of WW2

N1743. Unfaithful types

N1744. Filled up and got back on the road

N1746. “I’m sorry; that sucks” sounds

N1747. Jesters, when jesters were a thing

N1748. Doubled, a Carrey comedy

N1749. With money for one’s inheritors

N1750. Melville’s Typee sequel

N1751. “I spit on you!”

N1752. Comics-character surname that hints at poor social standing

N1753. Winner of seven batting titles

N1754. Unleashes (on)

N1755. Off the disabled list

N1756. 21 × 17

N1757. Instrument heard in “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life” from Dirty Dancing

N1759. Guitar relative

N1760. One ___: kids’ ball game

N1761. Morales who plays Slade, alias Deathstroke

N1762. Song with “Take me to the other side” chorus

N1763. Davis in Grumpy Old Men

N1764. Try to persuade

N1765. Tears loose

N1767. Lightweight, stiff netting

N1768. One of five in NYC

N1769. Joking pluralization among, and referring to, sci-fi geeks

N1770. Golfers’ cries

N1771. Displease the eyes

N1772. “That’s correct!”

N1773. Pronunciation

N1774. Triumphant cry

N1775. Like a lot of IKEA furniture assembly

N1777. Like a cold war

N1778. Clock-changing time

N1779. Oscar Mayer offering

N1780. Enter a nonfeeding stage

N1781. Pekingese or Shih Tzu

N1782. Seventeenth to mid-nineteenth centuries, in the East

N1783. Game with Dante the demon hunter, for short

N1784. X-files subjects, for short

N1785. Model-kit item

N1786. Question at the McDonald’s counter

N1788. The Old Maid dramatist Akins

N1789. First name in Indian politics

N1791. Act when the other player finishes

N1792. Urth or Skuld

N1793. “No Blood ___” (Iraq War protest)

N1794. Peanuts, colloquially

N1796. Address of respect

N1797. More than enough

N1798. Guitar legend’s forename

N1799. Camera company that will soon provide live action footage for NHL games

N1800. Penalty for acting up in class

N1802. Bagel topper, often

N1803. Hustle and bustle

N1805. “Don’t let this initiative pass!”

N1806. Stately display

N1807. Put one’s feet up

N1808. Snuff-film-themed mystery starring Nicolas Cage

N1809. Reproduce, as a quality

N1811. Intravenous nutrition

N1812. “Quiet, you’ll scare everyone!”

N1813. Beginner, in video game lingo

N1814. Double curve on a road

N1816. Granary and wastebasket

N1818. “What was that ___?” (late-night alert)

N1820. Do a search on

N1839. Be untruthful with

N1842. Lib. references

N1843. Compete

N1844. Destinations of bicuspid valves

N1845. “Desert Fox” Rommel

N1846. Year the Battle of the Bulge began

N1847. Corresponding request?

N1848. Regulatory org. for 32 teams

N1849. Where Mozart’s “Don Giovanni” premiered

N1850. God whose one eye is the sun

N1851. Gasket variety

N1852. Informal phrase referring to a previously mentioned group, as in “Aw, we got plenty ___”

N1853. Berry or Olin

N1854. Lose composure and start berating

N1855. You or a gorilla

N1856. “Going down ___?”

N1857. ___! It’s The Irwins

N1858. Wax records (abbr.)

N1859. Exonerate

N1860. Party disciplinarian

N1861. USCG woman of WWII

N1862. Shearer of The Home Edit

N1864. Preventing mildew

N1866. In ___: anxious

N1869. Agemates

N1870. Farmer’s locale?

N1871. ___-wop music

N1872. Quoth the raven

N1873. Globe to Shakespeare

N1874. Blink-___ (“What’s My Age Again” singers)

N1875. Chip off the old block?

N1876. “An ounce of action is worth ___ of theory” (Emerson)

N1877. Involved with

N1878. Invisible area of energy

N1879. Henchmen

N1881. Two-sentence “I respect your refusal”

N1882. Inflict on

N1883. Clues, to a cop

N1884. Bubbly brand

N1885. Long, narrow ranges of hills

N1886. Project wrap-up?

N1887. Stuntwoman Kitty

N1888. [Thumbs up]

N1889. Upset state

N1890. Pressed flowers, perhaps

N1892. Outdoor recreation

N1895. Plated type of saurus

N1896. Site offering handmade crafts

N1897. Prickly seedcases

N1898. PGA player Aoki

N1900. Reactions to losses, maybe

N1902. Enough Abes to make a Hamilton

N1903. Puzzling problem

N1904. It makes 40 feel like 60

N1905. Court recorder

N1906. Free-flowing, as hair

N1908. Franklin

N1909. Year Pac-Man was released

N1911. Flings with force

N1912. When William II died

N1913. Arm-guard

N1914. “The dog ___ homework”

N1915. Recipe phrase

N1917. Birthplace of seven Presidents

N1918. “You can do it, my Renaissance-era horse!”

N1919. She’ll help you to see things clearly

N1921. These, overseas

N1922. Furry Jesus of kidlit

N1923. Like Voldemort

N1925. Mooner’s kind of nudity

N1926. Gangsta gun

N1927. The ___ (1994 Denis Leary movie)

N1928. 3 + 5 + 7 + 11 + 13 + 17 + 19 + 23 + 29 + 31 + 37

N1929. Omnicidal gem collector

N1930. Like no film since 1990

N1931. Bach’s “___ the G String”

N1932. Certain window opener

N1933. Academics sometimes better prepared for life’s bumps than high achievers

N1935. Official emissaries for the Pope

N1936. Life-threateningly cold

N1937. What honey-eaters eat

N1938. 2010/3

N1939. Buster Bunny and Roger Rabbit

N1940. Peaks on a graph

N1941. Hanger-on of 2000

N1942. Without variation

N1944. Paralyzing balls

N1945. November sunrise time

N1946. Panthers center Niedermayer

N1948. Silents actress Nita

N1949. Make fine, in a way

N1950. Tax return

N1951. Financially speaking

N1953. 181 × ((3 + 1)/(3 - 1))

N1954. Where the Riksdag sits

N1955. Little pains

N1956. “Oh, yeah, you got it”

N1957. Film spoofing Liam Neeson actioners

N1958. Ganem in In Other Words and Free Dead or Alive

N1959. Kieffer or Seckel

N1960. Bridge between two vowels

N1961. Like the fish near Homer Simpson’s nuclear power plant

N1962. “You can go to the next person”

N1963. Rental principal

N1964. 9 × 89

N1965. Don’t spend summer break at home, say

N1967. Kind of race without potato sacks

N1968. Sufficient, nonstandardly

N1969. Ratite also known as nandu

N1970. Proscribed

N1972. “___ man with seven wives”

N1974. “___ in ease, knowing there are others out there, whispering themselves to sleep, just like me” (Charlotte Eriksson)

N1975. It’s precious, or at least semiprecious

N1978. Like challenging pushups

N1979. Number of chapters in the Quran

N1980. Is for two?

N1981. Feared counts?

N1982. So-called “Me Decade”

N1983. Dumbfounds

N1984. Clear of impurities

N1985. Unexpected outpouring

N1986. Try to ensure one will

N1988. “That webpage doesn’t exist”

N1990. Minims, to a teaspoon

N1991. Holiday event, often

N1992. Indirect objects, in some languages

N1993. Year Mohammed completed his hegira (“migration”)

N1994. Venture

N1995. 6.24 × 10^18 electrons per second

N1996. Year Charlie Sheen went off the rails

N1997. Make some noise

N1999. Out-to-launch group

N2000. Oshawa’s prov.

N2001. Gives quite a shock

N2002. Neighbor of Hond.

N2003. “Labor ___ vincit” (Oklahoma’s motto)

N2004. Flunk the test or class

N2005. Solidify, as blood

N2007. 11 × 11 × (1 + 1)

N2008. Somewhere ‘round 45 (or a Spin Doctors tune)

N2009. Tom Wolfe’s ___ in Full

N2010. Dairy product that sounds like a people

N2011. “0% to start,” e.g.

N2013. Sulky horse’s stride

N2014. Suffix with infer or super

N2015. “___ go!” (“You did it!”)

N2016. What any “penta” musical scale has

N2017. Of the inconceivably large universe

N2018. First three digits (after 0.) you get from dividing one by six

N2019. As if handling something delicate and precious

N2021. “He’s firmly mine by oath, ___ by vow” (Francis Quarles poem of mutual love)

N2022. Insurance or parts preceder

N2023. Shirt sizes (abbr.)

N2024. Day of the Dead-set movie

N2025. Tigger’s pal

N2026. Wig components

N2027. Air conditioner units

N2030. Rutabaga or sweet potato

N2031. ___ be tied (furious)

N2032. Con leader?

N2033. Red or white tree

N2034. 4 × 9 × 23

N2035. At least makes back what’s spent

N2036. Like an intersection with maximum stop signs

N2037. Biggest tax bracket

N2038. Covering a wide spread

N2039. Jumps together into a heap atop

N2041. April 15 payments

N2042. Kirk’s century

N2043. Chocoffees

N2044. 44 × 8

N2045. Snapfish product, for short

N2046. NYC’s Madison, e.g.

N2047. 1 + 6 + 36 + 216 + 1296 + 216 + 36 + 6 + 1

N2048. Tycoon found in more lavish surroundings

N2050. I as in ore

N2051. 17^2 + 4^2 + 2^2 + 1^2

N2052. Berliner’s refusal

N2053. A, as in Alsace

N2054. “The One I Love” band

N2055. Like the proverbially final hour

N2056. Sit to be photographed by

N2058. 15 × 19, number of Ferengi Rules of Acquisition

N2059. Yields

N2060. Strengths of skill

N2061. Whopper topper

N2062. Two to the tenth

N2063. Military sch.

N2064. Alternative to the pill

N2065. “Hold your horses”

N2066. Vatican’s administrative organ

N2067. Word of dismissal

N2068. Forwarded

N2069. 8 × 61

N2070. Calabooses

N2072. When one lowers it, the kid gloves are off

N2073. Teletubbies and hula hoops

N2074. Mischievous deity

N2075. Already there without being cultivated

N2076. 1997 action-thriller with Nic Cage attempting an Alabama accent

N2079. Adjusts soundtracks

N2081. Earnhardt or Earnhardt Jr. of NASCAR

N2082. Lead-in for impress, kill, and the nines

N2084. Turkish Angora, e.g.

N2085. Until now, in a CPA’s note

N2086. 6 × 6 × 13

N2087. Quatermain and Lane

N2088. Started a voice chat with

N2089. Some Renaissance faire garments

N2090. Welsh valley

N2091. Harper and Stan

N2093. Weight of a three-month bag of dog food

N2095. They’re not directly involved

N2097. The Two Cultures author

N2098. 18 × 19

N2099. Calls one’s own

N2100. Photo ___ (shoots)

N2101. 411 × 11

N2102. Comparing with variables controlled

N2104. Tense and ready to jump

N2105. Next, to Solti

N2106. “If I’d known you were coming ___ baked a cake!”

N2107. ___ knot (act the Boy Scout?)

N2108. It might receive a thumping

N2109. 2 × 107

N2110. Not nearly enough

N2112. 12 × 19

N2113. Famous London junction where Agatha Christie set a mystery

N2114. Brings to a boil?

N2115. Dieted simply

N2116. They may be taken by the careful

N2118. Door-to-door December ditty

N2119. Anne of Beaupre

N2120. The Police and the Lumineers, for example

N2121. Burn a meaty surface

N2122. Naval nod

N2123. 3545/5

N2124. Seance holders

N2126. Year that Disney Studios, Warner Brothers, and the Hollywood(land) sign all came to be

N2127. Involving or requiring precision

N2128. Get ready for a selfie

N2129. Won’t be on time

N2130. “Hearts don’t come when Reason whistles ___” (Margaret Deland)

N2131. Hubbard who created possibly the world’s scammiest “religion”

N2132. Brit. reference

N2133. Source of many adoptions

N2134. “Life is ___; float on it” (Prem Rawat)

N2137. Word before band or dance

N2138. With ___ breath

N2139. Anagram for “unworthy intended”

N2140. Prophetic cards

N2141. Erstwhile

N2142. Post of good behavior

N2143. Stanning in anime

N2144. Was foreordained

N2145. Peter, Paul, and Mary song about a train, or Pretenders song about one heck of a hiker

N2147. Bill add-on

N2148. Went by water

N2149. More than needed

N2150. 2 × 239

N2151. Saw along the grain

N2152. Walther ___: James Bond’s pistol

N2153. Phyllis’s TV husband

N2154. Become stuck

N2156. Actress McGrath of Jurassic World and Supergirl

N2157. Netherlands feature that resembles colored bands from a bird’s-eye view

N2159. Line above the eq.

N2161. Actor Douglas and role James

N2162. “Oui, oui,” across the Pyrenees

N2163. 8,000 years after the first COVID case

N2165. 397 + 456

N2166. Sarandon and Sontag

N2167. Beauty product line with the slogan “Ageless”

N2168. Spindly cigs

N2169. Back end of a time estimate

N2170. First UN head

N2171. Physique

N2172. “Lo,” to Lucan

N2173. Makes well

N2174. It’s in stitches

N2175. Capital of Ger., once?

N2176. 12 × 71

N2177. Unqueens

N2179. Dreamboats

N2180. “Two to go” situation

N2181. Hatcheted

N2182. Biz Markie song, or start of a mic check for many songs

N2183. Shark’s instrument in Jaws

N2184. Kareem’s pro team, on scoreboards

N2185. “Psychic” Cayce

N2187. Id’s companion

N2188. Fat-burning

N2190. Won the chess game

N2191. Number of known elements

N2192. Marks of high rank

N2193. Apartment unit

N2194. Make high-pitched throat music

N2195. Toiletry bought more often in the desert states

N2197. Set apart

N2199. Fastball’s “This Is ___ Life”

N2200. Website suffix trendy in the mid-2010s

N2201. “I have no ___ complain”

N2202. 4 × 3 ^5

N2203. ___ hub (tech device with many ports)

N2204. “This is a test” org. until 1997

N2205. Bread sometimes shawarma-stuffed

N2206. Important outer layer

N2208. East End salutation

N2209. Year Horace died

N2210. Jade green, as pottery

N2214. Orange tree

N2215. Remove, as a nametag

N2218. Lost signifiers?

N2220. 14 × 17

N2221. Disparage

N2222. High voice for an adult male

N2223. Sign in an old car’s window

N2224. Deck crew’s boss

N2225. Kind of tape player

N2226. Last day of September, April, June, or November

N2227. ACLU’s concerns

N2228. Teen drama franchise set in Beverly Hills

N2229. ___ concours (unrivaled, in France)

N2230. “The Fox and the Grapes” and “The Tortoise and the Hare”

N2231. 3 × 73

N2232. Eroding away

N2234. Units of electrical conductance

N2235. Sixty-and-eleven hundreds, as the French say

N2236. Landing

N2238. 2 + 3 + 5 + 7 + 11 + 13 + 17 + 19 + 23 + 29 + 31 + 37 + 41 + 43 + 47

N2239. Where hit records are?

N2240. “Who’s calling?” response

N2241. Italian for “country”

N2242. Number of kids in the U.S. with notable autism

N2243. Kind of bacteria (defined by their cell-wall-less, “crooked” shape)

N2244. 16 × 17

N2245. Lunar goddess

N2246. Shakespearean play named for a no-longer-observed holiday

N2248. Exactly right?

N2250. “Love milk again” drinks, or second subtopics

N2251. Trails off

N2253. C’est ___ (that is to say)

N2254. Like some comedy-variety shows

N2255. Louisa May of literature

N2256. 2 × 499

N2257. Lute kin

N2258. Reaches “middle childhood”

N2259. Sums of cash

N2260. Psychological manipulation

N2262. Hip-hop’s Tha ___ Pound with “What Would You Do?”

N2263. 22^2

N2264. Leonardo’s home

N2265. Hillbilly negative

N2266. Chaney of old Hollywood

N2267. Proverbial reason for a break?

N2268. “Aviv” opener

N2269. Spouts off

N2271. 16 × 13

N2272. Globetrotter’s malady

N2273. Year of Monicagate and Google’s launch

N2274. A buncha bull

N2275. Budget alternative

N2276. Convened

N2279. “It wasn’t from ___ of effort” (“We TRIED!”)

N2280. “This gun’s for___”

N2281. Construction girders

N2282. 22 × 13

N2283. Like some babies, after IVF advances in 2016

N2285. Roll-of-the-die chance

N2286. Asthma-causing compounds in California air

N2287. Lessened in intensity

N2288. A little wine to start?

N2289. Square of 28

N2290. As tight as possible?

N2292. No-frills carrier (abbr.)

N2295. Fraternity letters or cockpit guesses

N2296. Casablanca visitor and namesakes

N2298. 3^5

N2299. Repeat mechanically

N2300. Year of the Macarena and Dolly the cloned sheep

N2301. Toddlers’ taboos

N2302. Spotify selections

N2303. Things carved into the crust

N2304. Dusk, to Donne

N2305. Kind of sunflower

N2306. Gets sick

N2307. Rub elbows (with)

N2308. 28 × 31

N2309. Fortnights and lines in a sonnet

N2310. Worth of the most valuable bill the US of A ever produced

N2311. Best-of-nine percentile

N2312. Incapacitates, illegally

N2314. Beats consistently, in sports lingo

N2315. 5 × 5 × 5 × 5

N2316. “You’re the Only One” singer Eric

N2317. Came ___ surprise: shocked nobody

N2320. Walk on stage

N2322. “Hook King” Payne

N2323. “Don’t you agree?”

N2325. Punsters claim this number is overly repulsive, because it’s too gr--

N2326. Vidyagames (to people who don’t really play video games)

N2327. Year Nixon resigned

N2328. “…you…MORON”

N2329. Largest ordinal number to use only one (repeated) vowel, until “googolth”

N2330. Auctioneer’s word

N2331. Home brewers

N2334. Dimensions, etc.

N2335. Kajagoogoo song starting “Tongue-tied or short of breath...”

N2336. Uninflected

N2337. 3 × 17 × 17

N2338. Tobacco urns

N2340. Party or concert that goes wrong (this might be a tricky one, but it’s a word I really love and making it a theme entry here is just a bonus)

N2341. Numbskull

N2342. Scot’s uncles

N2343. Holmgren of basketball

N2344. Square number that is another square when its digits are reversed, but a nonsquare when flipped upside down

N2345. Award Spielberg was denied, some say, for two decades

N2348. Patch a roof

N2349. Mimics Porky Pig

N2351. BASIC program command that’s also a Shakespearean curse

N2352. It’s hard to live down

N2353. Half of 55 × 56

N2354. Perfectionist’s personality

N2355. 14 pounds

N2356. Duochrome

N2358. Like warm months, in oyster folklore

N2359. French lookers?

N2360. Aesthetic favoring amethyst, turquoise, and jade

N2361. Musical passage

N2362. 12 × 31

N2363. “This ___ recording”

N2364. Set of notes in the major or minor scale

N2365. CSI stuff

N2366. Ready to go on forever

N2368. Directs (toward)

N2369. Hydronium or a sports drink

N2370. City once called “Oil Capital of the World”

N2371. Mass of the soul, some say

N2372. Like hummingbird wings

N2373. Word with “fancy” or “imagine”

N2376. Streaming predecessor

N2377. Silicon monoxide, for short

N2378. Periods of service

N2379. 3 × 379

N2380. Royal governors in the Middle Ages

N2381. Hole filled with bottles

N2382. Deserting, possibly, but not yet assumed to be

N2383. Answer to the Sphinx’s riddle

N2385. Common Core standard for problem-solving, briefly

N2386. Where you try to look just the right amount of sexually available

N2387. 1 value in a binary conditional

N2388. Dreams, perchance

N2389. 151 × 3

N2390. Concern for Columbo

N2392. Frequently do

N2393. Cafe option

N2394. Phishing targets (abbr.)

N2395. Wear out at the edges

N2396. Brain container in a thought experiment

N2397. Bag ID

N2399. TV costar of Coleman and Plato

N2400. Noisy impact

N2401. Not homo-

N2403. In repose

N2407. As lucky as a cat

N2408. Year Pluto was discovered and the World Cup began

N2409. “Makes sense, unfortunately”

N2410. Year The Scarlet Letter was published

N2411. It’s good for a few bucks at a cowboy show

N2412. Not oblivious to

N2414. Gets out of country

N2416. Like primitive computer graphics

N2417. How often to say names like “Candyman” or “Beetlejuice” to summon them

N2418. 6 × 83

N2419. It falls away when you rise

N2420. _ppro_ria_e

N2421. Year of German reunification

N2422. Aural attention-attractors

N2424. Nebraska State Capitol style

N2425. Movie based on the mountain-climber memoir Between a Rock and a Hard Place

N2427. First name in the Motorcycle Hall of Fame

N2428. Sight from the Ionian Sea

N2429. Ending for Jacob

N2430. Nora of romcom screenplays

N2431. Something you can encode 1,000 times before it needs replacing

N2432. French fatheads

N2433. Year of the hula hoop

N2434. Bopper’s claim

N2435. Musical one could call “the Hamilton of the sixties”

N2436. It’s in four UN members’ names

N2437. Indie mags

N2439. Lend ___: let make one’s case

N2440. Four-part healthy-living plan, or a modest sentence

N2441. Holds back

N2442. 36 × 17

N2443. David Ortiz, to baseball fans

N2445. Year of the Emu War

N2446. Reaction to a bad pun, maybe

N2447. Competed (for)

N2448. Pride and prejudice, e.g.

N2449. Enjoys an oral back-and-forth?

N2450. Simple way to get toddlers to laugh

N2453. $80,000 status symbol in Glengarry Glen Ross

N2454. “Be prepared” org.

N2456. Horse of a different color

N2457. Person who’s from the Leaning Tower’s city, like Galileo

N2458. Skin flicks

N2459. 53 × 53

N2460. It followed the Gay Nineties

N2461. Book subtitled “New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus”

N2462. Poehler’s Golden Globes co-host

N2463. Clock std.

N2464. Puzzling person

N2466. Masc. counterpart

N2467. Round of cards

N2468. Pubescent ones, usually

N2469. 5 × 107

N2470. Italian term of address (abbr.)

N2471. Measure of webpage responsiveness (_nteraction to _ext _aint)

N2472. Steven Spielberg war comedy

N2473. Big fish for law enforcement

N2475. Fighting units

N2476. A perfect number is the sum of all its divisors except itself. The first two are 6 and 28, because 6 = 1 + 2 + 3 and 28 = 1+ 2 + 4 + 7 + 14. Name the only three-digit perfect number

N2477. ___ California (old state that contained what’s now Nevada and Utah)

N2478. ___ a Male War Bride

N2479. Some claimed they made wicker men

N2482. Like some custody or tax returns

N2484. Accounting acronym for an expense

N2485. Pipe materials

N2486. Accessible

N2487. Boualem Sansal’s dystopian novel, set a century after that other dystopian novel

N2488. People who work NORMAL business hours, so stop letting your boss tell you EVERYONE takes it home on weekends

N2489. Year of Jay Leno’s debut

N2490. Clever imitation

N2492. Cheese coating

N2494. Lay in a one-way embrace

N2496. Where you come at a red light

N2497. 26 × 13

N2498. Result of many a bite

N2500. Year of the Falklands War

N2501. Golf’s Mickelson

N2502. With deep pockets

N2503. Tom Lehrer anti-censorship song

N2504. 14 × 53

N2505. Rug or carpet, technically

N2508. One for whom glasses are clinked

N2509. Montreal Monday

N2510. Kermit’s pursuer

N2513. Normal level

N2514. All of humanity

N2515. Binary number that would equal itself in decimal if you changed its first digit

N2516. “We Got the Beat” band, with “The”

N2517. Year Rosalind Franklin gave the world its first look at DNA

N2518. 2^3 * 23

N2519. WWII threat

N2522. Groups of insects living together

N2526. Menhaden’s cousin

N2527. Hearth tools

N2528. 11111/41

N2529. “O death, where is thy sting?” bk.

N2530. Rating for most PBS Kids shows

N2531. It’s B26 in hexadecimal

N2532. Stopped existing

N2534. Like a well-pitched game

N2535. 25 + 676

N2536. “…and so say ___ us!”

N2537. Metric land measures

N2538. Put the kibosh on

N2539. Half a laugh?

N2540. ___ the Jebusite (Biblical figure who sold his threshing floor to David)

N2541. What a musical-comedy star must know

N2542. Keeps alive, e.g.

N2544. Year Dada was founded

N2545. Fizzes up

N2546. Year Hitler spent in prison

N2547. “Peaches and Cream” singers

N2548. Like a couch potato

N2549. ___ corda (music marking)

N2550. Pompeo who plays a doctor on TV

N2552. Non-recurring payments

N2554. 16 × 23

N2555. Info from NPR, e.g.

N2557. Evenly split

N2558. Seat of power

N2559. Certain cage’s bars

N2560. Breakdancer, more correctly

N2561. Albums by George Michael, A-ha, Adele, and Blues Traveler

N2562. US Steel financier

N2565. An AC unit may use 9

N2566. Movie effects co. for the pre-Disney Star Wars series

N2567. Many miles away

N2568. “Blackfoot” European who lived in colonial Algeria

N2569. Year of Roosevelt’s “Fear Itself” speech

N2570. Negative numbers?

N2571. “In ___, a crack commando unit…” (lead-in for The A-Team)

N2572. 9 × 29

N2573. Old-fashioned educational fundamentals

N2574. Some videotapes, by brand

N2575. Check socials instead of being social to

N2577. Wolverine’s alias in X-Men

N2579. Digital filer’s target

N2580. 13 × 23

N2581. PBS documentary series since 1988

N2582. Junk in your trunk, maybe

N2583. Even-numbered year the British East India Company was chartered, which is really convenient for historians discussing colonialism

N2584. Australian shrub (no relation to the wild veggie, which is perfectly safe to eat)

N2586. Feature shared by Leela and Mike Wazowski

N2587. Numbers that figure often into Jewish tradition, such as the total number of candles lit over eight days on the menorah

N2588. ___ Cantor, German mathematician who invented set theory

N2589. Customizable tops

N2590. Setting for many an English romantic novel

N2591. “I see dead people” movie

N2595. Degrees in biol.

N2596. Stain fighter from Clorox

N2597. Year the “Great War” began

N2598. Binary digits

N2599. Year the AIDS virus was identified

N2600. 19 × 28

N2601. 4 × 97

N2602. Stimulate, as one’s appetite

N2603. March 14th, to mathematicians

N2605. Tyra Banks’s portmanteau for a happy expression involving one’s peepers

N2607. Official timekeeper of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics

N2608. It’s gross!

N2609. Den denizens

N2611. Year of the global oil crisis

N2612. Iran’s Bani-___

N2613. Masseur’s stock

N2614. Find on the radio

N2615. Jokerless decks, e.g.

N2616. With “The,” last feature Walt Disney signed off on

N2618. Significance

N2619. Nanki-___ (The Mikado son)

N2620. 1954-1976 national capital

N2621. Letters sometimes implied by ns

N2622. Crest rival

N2623. Year the atomic age began

N2624. Genesis character who despairs of her poor childbearing odds

N2625. Year of Titanic and Hale-Bopp

N2626. 11 × 23

N2627. 15 × 59

N2628. Make a destination

N2629. Treated like sushi

N2631. Verb on a campaign poster

N2633. Fish in a Japanese pond

N2634. Lyte and Hammer, e.g.

N2635. Greek letter spelled out at the start of a Beatles title?

N2636. Blackjack and street basketball

N2637. Year of Iran-Contra indictments and A Brief History of Time

N2638. Do unto others as they’ve done unto you

N2640. How bad news usually comes, it’s said

N2641. Bush-era decade

N2642. Amok, old-style

N2643. Cheerful

N2644. Command on a door

N2645. Tries to delay

N2649. One-for-one trades

N2651. Having a lusterless surface

N2654. Year of “Steamboat Willie,” Earhart crossing the Atlantic, and the invention of (pre-)sliced bread

N2655. Prestige that’s paid

N2656. Year Michael Jackson died

N2657. 23 x 6

N2658. 70 × 14

N2659. Evita’s husband Peron

N2660. Leafy course

N2663. Delight in

N2665. Principe’s neighbor

N2667. Year Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat

N2668. Seedcracker

N2669. Tequila brand and lead-in to many toll-free numbers

N2670. Student debt forgiveness, e.g.

N2671. 250 + 360, or conductor Ehrling

N2672. Give ___: call on one’s phone like it’s 2002 or something

N2673. Article with “Frau”

N2674. “Well, would you look at that!”

N2675. Puts into English

N2676. Underground coal source

N2679. Wait for ___ in the conversation

N2680. “I hate this”

N2681. Year celebrated on Juneteenth

N2682. Edison’s birthplace in Ohio

N2683. Road ___ (Hope/Crosby classic film)

N2684. 500 - 271

N2685. The Boeing Dreamliner

N2686. Assassin, euphemistically

N2689. One devoted to “the radical proposition that women are people”

N2692. Like a banquet table

N2694. Part of two letters

N2695. Golf variant, briefly

N2696. 16 oz.

N2697. “___ was the year of my birth…the year Kennedy made his announcement” (Obama at NASA)

N2698. Spider-Man, Robin Hood, and Sherlock Holmes, often, but never James Bond

N2700. Penny ingredient

N2702. Cartoon with a lot of spots on the cels?

N2705. Getup

N2706. Philodendron, botanically…or if you prefer, in ___ rage: freaking out on performance enhancers

N2707. Its 2019-2020 season had 1,150 games scheduled

N2708. The “cetera” of “et cetera”

N2709. Genesis hit “___ Deep”

N2710. Activist group named for its goal to abolish slavery in this century

N2711. Operawire notes it “stands out for its complexity of emotion,” going from fury to nostalgic melancholy

N2712. Having a beanpole physique

N2713. Year “My very easy method shows us just nine planets” went out of date

N2714. 47 * 4

N2715. 257 + 626

N2716. They’re tops in organized crime

N2717. Held court

N2718. ___ open road

N2719. Means of shipping

N2721. Exercise portmanteau

N2723. Uppermost military group?

N2726. Year of Superman’s first appearance

N2727. First Dog of the 1940s

N2728. Felt like one wasn’t really there

N2730. 9 × 33

N2731. Joslyn of The Eve Arden Show

N2732. Like Zach Galifianakis and Ava Gardner

N2736. “Realism” and “skepticism” prefix

N2737. Arrestee’s face

N2739. WWII battle site in the Philippines

N2740. Handy guy

N2742. Organism’s “blueprints”

N2743. Artery treatment

N2744. 33 × 17

N2745. This number’s digits are A, B, B, and it equals B * BA

N2746. Stitches, as a cap

N2747. Final foot in the length of an NBA court

N2748. ___ Din

N2750. Pizza chain since 1943, informally

N2752. It’s played

N2754. Frasier and Fawlty Towers

N2755. Year the first Baby Boomers were born

N2756. Unit used for gas fireplaces

N2758. Je ne sais quoi

N2759. 13 × 47

N2760. One way to play the piano

N2761. Bank (on)

N2762. Like tar pits

N2763. Tightens the wording in

N2764. Doomscroller’s emotion

N2765. Endangered ungulate, briefly

N2767. Japanese closer

N2768. Stood behind something

N2769. Old hits still finding their mark

N2770. Simple way to split?

N2771. 11 × 53

N2772. 11 × 71

N2773. They’re neither face cards nor numbers

N2774. Tiring type of therapy

N2775. Parts of inner thighs

N2777. Style, to a Parisienne

N2779. Warning from the steamed

N2781. Some soft balls

N2782. Consumed

N2783. Cheer loudly

N2784. Hitchhiker’s hope

N2785. Certain inventions

N2786. “Amber” rockers

N2787. Deforms

N2789. Vehicle with a glass case

N2791. Sell aggressively

N2792. Common ground cover

N2793. Signal flare

N2796. Snake eye?

N2799. Martin in L.A.’s Finest and Real Husbands of Hollywood (two years before his divorce)

N2800. Zany sort

N2801. 401 × 2

N2802. 100π, roughly

N2803. Any bump on your body could be one, if you’re paranoid enough

N2804. No longer in doubt

N2805. One who gives simple answers

N2807. Actor associated with sets of six connections

N2810. Weapon used by Daredevil’s frenemy before the Ninja Turtles made it all popular

N2811. Announcement when rushing to a class…or more important announcement to your partner

N2812. Get out in the public, as an entrepreneur

N2814. Suffixes with “cloth” and “cash”

N2815. Blog known for predicting presidential races

N2816. Towers over some fields

N2817. Held Up actress Long

N2818. Automobile roofs with removable panels

N2820. They each measure 6,272,640 square inches

N2821. Number of leagues Nemo went under the sea, for short

N2822. Chi preceder

N2825. Web commerce

N2826. Signals to stop

N2827. Flight member

N2828. A possibly suspicious link with

N2829. Resistance, they will inform you, is futile

N2830. 15 × 27

N2831. 1000 -777

N2832. Going-out sound

N2833. Non-native, to a Hawaiian

N2834. Testifying

N2836. Alfred Bernhard ___

N2838. They’re often said to heave in romance novels

N2840. “Do ___ once!”

N2841. Exister, en France

N2842. What benzoyl peroxide treats

N2843. 7 × 9 × 13

N2844. Digitus medius

N2846. Cries of discovery

N2847. Await with trepidation

N2848. Cleaner’s tool

N2849. Spots on vine

N2850. Process a hide again

N2851. What is the darkest kind of plane?

N2852. Important time, historically

N2853. They often stand near the altos

N2854. Unpleasant fracas

N2855. 2 × 439

N2856. 9 × 5 × 13

N2857. Look (like)

N2858. Date-night order

N2861. Iguana relative best not kept as a pet

N2864. It can combine with another to give 1-100 variables

N2866. “Maul those malefactors, my main mutt!”

N2868. ``I never ___ Moor” (Dickinson)

N2869. “Always a bridesmaid” Katherine Heigl romcom

N2871. Ate too much

N2872. 4 × 137

N2873. Superiors of sarges

N2874. “I admit you’re right in this case, but…”

N2875. “We’ve barely got enough to go around”

N2876. Ticket again

N2877. Nordic flyers’ letters

N2878. Gap-toothed Ernest

N2879. Strike with lightning, perhaps

N2880. Verb addition?

N2881. Night owls, often

N2883. Make the attempt

N2884. Daily crosswords, to puzzle pros

N2885. 11111110, in binary

N2886. Relieved cry

N2887. Thick-skulled

N2888. “Ow!”, from a chow

N2889. Improv ending

N2890. Trusted advisor

N2892. Some Wall St. acquisitions

N2894. Arp contemporary

N2896. System in which this clue’s number is N1810-Across

N2898. Old hymn, “Te ___”

N2899. Street-smart Thénardier of stage

N2900. Approximate value that keeps showing up in particle physics, or 62 + 75

N2901. Liar’s combustible?

N2902. Ultra-

N2904. World’s most popular shoulder rifle, unless you’re on the wrong end of it

N2905. Unit in a walkway

N2907. Secret, when kept in the proverbial bag

N2908. Final Four souvenir

N2909. Word form meaning “cell”

N2910. Noted bird whisperers since medieval times

N2911. ___ Your Daddy? (TV show)

N2912. Smallest whole number with divisors ending in every digit

N2913. 21 × 11

N2914. Tegrin or Zetar alternative

N2915. Orphan’s “Arf!” utterer

N2916. Where British businesspeople might invite each other

N2917. Docking spot

N2919. Cross a second time, as the Channel

N2921. Fastener used in some furniture

N2923. Titus, the conspirator

N2925. Good night’s sleep

N2926. Human chicken

N2927. Explosive sticks

N2928. Song title by the Judds and the 1975, or 17 x 6

N2929. Psycho actress Janet

N2930. Ingredients that must be labeled in the EU

N2931. She’s kept for the sake of future generations

N2933. Antiwar folk hit by The Original Caste

N2938. Voicemail items (abbr.)

N2940. Shrine for the NHL or NBA

N2941. Old Testament book that used to include Neh.

N2942. Seeks a partner online

N2943. 2 × 419

N2944. 20 × 43

N2945. Go belly up

N2946. Becomes choked with sediment

N2947. Architect Frank

N2948. Seventh of March

N2950. Luster, maybe

N2952. Batch in season

N2954. Its NavSat foreshadowed GPS

N2956. “Neither team’s leading”

N2957. Receiver Jerry

N2958. Harmful to

N2959. 26 × 37

N2960. Place for kids to learn juggling and trapeze

N2962. Often-central street name

N2963. Hawked items

N2964. Safari sight, sometimes

N2965. “Sorry to interrupt…”

N2966. Like some stocks

N2967. Bedeck

N2970. Virginia home of the Army Women’s Museum

N2973. Old wine jug

N2974. 26 × 19

N2975. “Hey, Tatie” soundalike

N2976. Cal Arts classroom referenced in every Pixar film

N2977. Give off, as heat or light

N2978. “___ missed?” (question at the end of a listicle)

N2979. Cold and misty

N2981. Nothing you need to worry about

N2985. Epoch in the middle of the Paleogene era

N2987. Who’s left?

N2988. Their screens are 3.5 feet wide, diagonally

N2990. “If this is love, then how it torments” lead-in (Gabriel Garcia-Marquez)

N2991. Credit card offerer

N2992. Basketball’s Karl and Moses

N2993. Show some slack

N2994. Prized medals

N2995. “The Uncola”

N2996. Nursery noises

N2998. Start of a devil’s advocate’s comment

N2999. Waikiki neckwear

N3000. At a high frequency?

N3001. 16 × 53

N3002. 28 × 29

N3003. Puts on the schedule

N3004. “See you with my own ___”

N3005. It’s like “Ode to,” but for the recently dead

N3008. One always picking things up

N3012. Certain political pundit

N3013. Mongolian “red”

N3014. Fannish abbr. for Picard and Riker’s adventures

N3016. Henley team

N3017. Gluttons

N3018. Big-league gaming cons

N3019. Dealio, more specifically

N3020. Anecdotal urge to stray after some time married, especially if you meet Marilyn Monroe

N3022. Control mechanism, informally

N3023. Any singer with Gladys Knight

N3024. Japanese diplomat

N3025. City southwest of Bayeux

N3026. Of a bone

N3028. Dir. for a skipper or Arabic middle name

N3029. Horror writer’s initials

N3030. DJ, VJ, and personality Carson

N3031. 4 × 157…or poppy song by Europe (but not “The Final Countdown” Europe)

N3032. 3 × 97

N3033. Boxer’s bowlful

N3034. Sister of Arya, Bran, Rickon, and Robb Stark

N3035. Absolute, as aqua

N3036. Alternative to TIFF or JPEG

N3037. Early Start station

N3038. Kin of -trix

N3040. Quick drinks at the bar

N3042. Fractional suffixes with 1/20, 1/30, etc.

N3044. Used, as a chair

N3046. Principle of repetition in comedy

N3048. .mov alternative

N3049. “Bed of Roses” singer Pineda

N3050. Show subservience

N3051. Pan for fried rice

N3052. Seer’s reading material

N3054. Cat Stevens tune “Can’t Keep ___”

N3055. Previously unattainable goals

N3057. Mother of Tiberius

N3058. Flash foe Clifford

N3060. It’s often 10%-20%

N3062. 37 × 6

N3063. 8 × 109

N3064. Flatware company named for a New York tribe

N3065. Sought out

N3066. Send via UPS

N3067. Maybe 15° open

N3068. Letters before an exec’s name over a company addr.

N3070. Jab with a cattle prod, say

N3072. Shone dazzlingly

N3074. Japanese prime minister from 1964-1972

N3076. Sweep’s tool

N3078. “Sweet” ancestor

N3079. “The law of the land,” as speaker Paul Ryan admitted

N3080. Whipped nougat bar

N3082. Hodges who managed the 1969 Miracle Mets

N3083. Some tavern orders

N3084. Decorations

N3087. “TFW you’re disappointed and also kind of amazed”

N3088. Office item (abbr.)

N3089. Words before fill or words

N3091. Amendment involving “equal protection of the laws”

N3092. “Where Is the Life That ___ Led?” (Cole Porter)

N3093. 4 × 59

N3094. Birthday that leaves one eligible for Social Security

N3095. Option given when saving an image on your phone

N3096. Singing group The Four ___

N3097. Valley Girl’s affirmative

N3098. Queen’s rule

N3100. Brown bird

N3102. Vampire-repelling spreads

N3104. “___ Feel Like a Woman” (Shania Twain song)

N3106. Zhou of China

N3108. Feature Mendel studied

N3109. Contained herein (abbr.)

N3110. Marco of note

N3111. Possessive in ___ Declassified Survival Guide

N3112. Friday Night Fights presenter

N3114. Cries in mourning

N3115. Drill sgt., e.g.

N3116. Some files

N3117. Disney World ride “with Nemo and friends”

N3121. Wagner role

N3123. Listening, in times of yore

N3124. Radio producer on Frasier

N3125. Forbes’ best-known A-list

N3126. 26 × 17

N3127. Year we rolled out Monopoly, the driving test, and Social Security

N3128. Takes care of, with an eye toward logistics

N3129. There are far more than seven

N3130. Pillars

N3131. Rough up badly

N3133. Don’t merely want

N3135. Big name in semiconductors

N3137. ___ Bush (shoemaker)

N3139. Works, as an investment

N3141. Roughly, number of minutes at a four-year high school (see? It doesn’t just feel like forever)

N3143. Not stateside

N3145. Professional figurers

N3146. What octopi have

N3147. Canvas on a pole, basically

N3148. Sorely underestimate as a thinker

N3150. It sometimes acts like a 1, sometimes like a 14

N3151. Recess classic requiring an extensive knowledge of shows

N3152. Independent charities

N3154. Dove’s call

N3155. 5 × 41

N3156. Sexually fixated on

N3157. Diversify

N3158. Baker Street address home to cocaine and violins

N3159. Mideast motel

N3160. Uninterrupted

N3163. Prerequisite for a weightlifter’s gain?

N3165. It’s big in Bordeaux

N3167. The ayes

N3170. Indian address

N3171. Not necessary

N3173. “I’m Not in Love” band

N3174. Wormwood’s companion

N3175. Pharmacological mishaps, briefly

N3176. Square that’s the number of holes in a Chinese checkers board

N3177. Pianist Jorge

N3178. Pretty heavy for a newborn (abbr.)

N3179. Ryan and Benjamin (abbr.)

N3180. The Age of Reason writer Thomas

N3181. “Awake, arise ___ forever fallen!” (Milton)

N3184. Columbus school developed by Rutherford B. Hayes

N3188. Letters on the beach

N3189. Abbreviation that means “hyperbolic sine,” this one’s a gimme

N3190. “Man Behind the Monster” Karloff

N3191. “Push It” rapper

N3192. Unprocessed form of the world’s most popular food

N3195. “This is getting old!”

N3197. Small dogs

N3200. “___ top of the world!”

N3201. Hollywood’s Hayes, Astin, and Connery

N3203. Faithfully viewing

N3205. Coffeehouse music genre

N3206. Home of a famous listing

N3207. Anxiolytic, e.g., for short

N3209. Like June or Adar

N3210. Told stale jokes

N3211. Each Dawn ___ (James Cagney film)

N3212. Doo-wop band or hotel chain

N3214. Subatomic bit

N3215. Restarted and refinished

N3216. MTV counterpart

N3217. Lennon’s “___ Tired”

N3218. Thin the intensity of

N3219. Rock musician Benjamin and hockey player Bobby

N3220. Dubbing and sound adjustment, in vid production

N3221. Genesis escapee

N3222. Follow quickly

N3224. Cardinal, cerise, and maroon

N3225. Tempt into wrongdoing

N3227. Cuddly Return of the Jedi primitive

N3229. Maker of Dual Force Foamer

N3231. “Wasting my goddamn breath here!”

N3238. Prescribe

N3240. First-aid kit supply

N3241. Fauvist Matisse

N3242. Candy served in dispensers

N3243. They’re like counter girls, but more mobile

N3245. “Oh, well…who ___?”

N3246. Elizabeth I’s family name

N3247. Brazilian port known for coffee

N3248. Appropriate for Earth Day

N3249. Rare item

N3251. 2010 Davis Cup champs

N3253. Marked, as a questionnaire box

N3255. Signor Versace

N3257. First grandchild?

N3259. Incantation, perhaps

N3261. Tool for rowing

N3262. Cribbage pieces

N3263. Neck or shoe connection

N3264. They get high

N3265. Curtailed exclamation of frustration

N3266. Had words

N3267. Largest Japanese lake

N3268. Mullis who worked with polymerase chains

N3269. 2020s cleanliness guru Marie

N3270. Opera phantom’s instrument

N3271. With “Ku Klux,” real-life hate group whose secrets got exposed on the Superman radio show

N3273. Faux ___ (boo-boo)

N3274. Sheep shelter

N3275. Was priced at

N3276. “Tough boogers”

N3277. Reflect on

N3278. “That stings, that stings!”

N3279. “___ from Dunsinane away and clear, profit again should hardly draw me here” (Macbeth)

N3281. Would serve as an example

N3283. Trendy “Yeah!” in the 2020s heard on Madonna’s 1990 “Vogue”

N3285. Methheads

N3288. “___ wisdom cut off from fellowship” (melancholy Elizabeth Barrett Browning simile)

N3290. Magic words

N3292. To-do list’s thing to do

N3293. Dullea whose 2010 credit is listed before his 2001 one on Google, which…is a choice

N3294. Coll. dorm VIPs

N3295. ___ di polo (chicken breasts)

N3296. Vehicle for downwardly mobile folks?

N3297. Burgundy or Bordeaux

N3298. Unholy noise

N3299. Texter’s “I’m game”

N3302. Timor-___ (UN member since 2002)

N3303. Some notes or email preceders

N3304. Flattens, for short

N3305. “And Jacob said, ___ me this day thy birthright” (Gen 25:3)

N3306. Dermatologist’s cases

N3307. Of the 50 sts.

N3308. Author Hugo

N3309. First half of the alphabet

N3310. Community school gp.

N3312. Organic compounds

N3314. What HAL could read

N3316. Woe, so to speak

N3317. 1920s leading lady ___ Naldi

N3319. Land of Obama’s father

N3321. Prehistorical author Jean M.

N3322. Rapper Ma

N3323. Regarding

N3324. Source of a bodybuilder’s rage, briefly

N3326. Like more complex dinghies

N3327. “A straight factor is important in any comedy, because you need something to ___ it up and also to ground it” (Jason Bateman)

N3328. Flexible cooling-system component

N3329. Ishmael, to Abraham

N3330. Plato’s P

N3332. Big-Board initials

N3333. Temporary encampments

N3336. Matisse, for one

N3338. ___ Dhabi

N3339. Actress Bell or actress who played Bella

N3341. Big shiner?

N3345. As yet undeciphered system of writing found at Minoan sites

N3349. Dinosaur character in Nintendo games

N3351. One of a vampire’s pair

N3353. Countdown term

N3355. Distinction

N3358. Start of a film trilogy themed around the French flag

N3361. Center of the vessel

N3364. Boxes likely to be meowing and unlikely to be purring

N3367. Basis of fries

N3369. Chi Cygni, for one

N3371. Became stagnant, as water

N3374. Prolong

N3375. Hentoff or Cole

N3376. Wandering directionlessly

N3377. Economic power in the Midwest (abbr.)

N3378. With “The,” 1949 noir masterpiece starring Orson Welles

N3379. “À bientôt,” across the Channel

N3380. Bygone medical ventilator

N3382. The Princess and the Frog princess

N3384. Elihu’s U.

N3386. God who’s partially wrapped like a mummy

N3388. Like a cupcake, vis-à-vis a cake

N3389. Pederson or Williams of football coaching

N3391. Panasonic portable audio line

N3392. Russell and Costner played him less than a year apart

N3393. Former Spanish Sahara territory that is neither a river nor has any gold

N3394. Talking Straight author

N3395. Why a Brit likely walks into a pub

N3396. Hela portrayer

N3398. Staffing

N3400. Words preceding “extent” or “inch”

N3401. “All your base are belong ___”

N3402. “I took a deep breath and listened to the old brag of my heart. I am, I am, I am” poet

N3404. Jackson Holliday, for one

N3405. Senators Cruz and Kennedy

N3406. Take into the priesthood

N3408. Agora spending money

N3410. Vessels whose inside curves get wet

N3412. Chewy Hershey treat

N3414. They’re seen spread on the back of a quarter

N3417. Tired-looking

N3419. Teasdale or Gilbert

N3420. Reality show where a quartet of singers defend themselves against challengers

N3421. Dino-killing meteor or climate crisis

N3423. Important fractions in photography

N3424. Always anticipating the next move

N3425. Don’t clock any

N3426. Academic aides, briefly

N3428. UK group “to promote and encourage marksmanship”

N3429. Saratoga chips, in Scotland

N3431. Mitchell who got halfway to an EGOT in 2020

N3433. Problem with “They like to cook, jog, and solving puzzles”

N3436. When the day’s done, to Denis

N3438. Foreign

N3440. Some Greek consonants

N3441. Little teapot preceder

N3442. Permissive-sounding Latvian?

N3444. Theme of the overall Ubercross Abecedaria, as if you could forget

N3449. Quick drinks at Oxford around 4 PM

N3456. Cry before disappearing

N3460. Climate change monitoring gp.

N3463. Years old, in Tijuana

N3467. Meditation station

N3469. They’re in the first draft

N3471. Sends off

N3472. Mr. ___: Dr Pepper rival

N3473. Intensity

N3475. Rel. of sing.

N3477. Crooked crooked-E company

N3479. Home of the OC

N3484. HS class that covers limits and continuity

N3490. New ball of fur

N3493. Word with boss or bull

N3496. Features of some teeth

N3501. Garbage boat

N3505. “What Part of No” singer Morgan

N3509. Popularizer of Arabic numerals

N3512. Sleuth Holmes in a 2020 film

N3513. Temporary alliances

N3514. “Pretty please with sugar ___!”

N3515. Variety sideshow type

N3517. Highly influential

N3519. Like some freshly pressed duds

N3521. Small red invertebrate that lays toxic eggs

N3525. 1960s battle zone

N3527. TV oldie, ___ Three Lives

N3529. Area crossed by Marco Polo

N3530. “There ___ coincidences”

N3531. Winery worker

N3532. Rhinology expert, for short

N3533. Solar halo

N3535. Upfront card-game payments

N3536. East African river

N3537. Knock it off

N3538. “Left!,” to a plow horse

N3539. It’ll vent steam

N3542. All hours of the day

N3546. Third-party advisor, in law

N3548. Greenhorn

N3550. Judging colleague of Howard, Howie, and Mel B

N3552. Little houses on the prairie

N3555. “Please stay with me, my darling”

N3559. Emerson and Longfellow’s school

N3563. Card game with a pre-victory warning

N3564. “The LORD shall reward the doer of evil according to his ___”

N3565. Pope of 655 who tried not to start anything with the Empire

N3566. Bed-hopped

N3567. Part of an act

N3568. Home of the Rijksmuseum

N3569. It’s given in pixels, not percentage

N3570. Charlie/”Citizen” portrayer

N3571. “The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain,” e.g.

N3572. Non sequiturs that turn into segues

N3573. Difference between Central and Eastern Standard Times

N3574. Romantically fixated on

N3575. Unimpressive number

N3576. Cappuccino topping

N3577. Outlook, Office, and Bing, among others

N3578. Part of a rugged range

N3579. According to the internet, he didn’t kill himself

N3580. Xerostomia symptom

N3581. IBM/Apple product starting in the early ‘90s

N3582. Joined forces?

N3583. Mineral from dried lake basins

N3584. Extends across

N3585. Bowing down.

N3586. Post-Weimar period

N3587. Solemn ending?

N3588. Took shelter

N3589. Turn harsh

N3590. Investment option for homeowners (abbr.)



N1. 0-0

N2. Fairy queen mentioned by Shakespeare

N3. Walk ___ in someone else’s shoes

N4. Not phony

N5. Skim, maybe

N6. i-memo

N7. “___ darn tootin’!”

N8. Produce producers

N9. Travel like Skylab

N10. Title for Mexican nun and philosopher Juana Ines de la Cruz

N11. Prey in a bird hunt

N12. “Now ___ time…”

N13. Blake’s rank on M*A*S*H

N14. Boy with a vater

N15. 18 holes

N16. Schwarzenegger’s less popular nickname

N17. Threat to homeowners

N18. Mineral ender

N19. Taken on as one’s own

N20. Olympic skater Brian

N21. Yucatan “you”

N22. Verbal ending?

N23. Third-largest lake in Africa

N24. Tricky Nixon and trickier Cheney

N25. Vonda Shepard’s “It’s ___ Kiss”

N26. Where many Greeks shopped

N27. Like Almond Joy

N28. Get ___ D: become a recognized expert

N29. Scraps

N30. Japanese Beatle?

N31. Armed Forces branch (abbr.)

N32. Restless one

N33. Key of Bach’s “The Art of Fugue”

N34. What the n stands for, in chemistry

N35. “___ for Neville who died of ennui”

N36. 1989 Bee Gees album originally intended to include Andy as a permanent member of the group

N37. Celebrity-tracking blogs

N38. Bob’s oldest daughter on Bob’s Burgers

N39. “No, no, not ___ a little bit”

N40. Judas Priest’s “Loch___”

N41. What the n stands for, in texting, except when it stands for a word one letter shorter in texting

N42. Ring centerpiece, often

N43. Low-level workers?

N44. Believer you can reduce feelings and/or matter to key elements

N45. Inflexible mind’s contents

N46. California congressman Ed and family

N47. One of a French trio

N48. Valley area pluralized in Dungeons and Dragons

N49. ___ 13.5% BY VOL (wine label)

N50. Initialism suggesting an anatomical impossibility

N51. Ready the roadster

N52. Baker and Hill

N53. Words before “Billions” or “Coming!” in survival games

N54. Motel-rating org.

N55. What the N stands for, in explosives

N56. Flaming offense

N57. Beau ___ (noble act)

N58. Back-to-health treatment

N59. Many bushels

N60. Afternoon serving

N61. Purpose of most vacations

N62. “My luck’s about to change!”

N63. Sign on a staff

N64. Excluding the commonest letter

N65. Green hue

N66. Redeemed

N67. One-wheeled vehicles

N68. Symbol of love

N69. Key associated with death and judgment

N70. John who hit #1 with “Missing You”

N71. Baltic island

N72. Forbes 400, e.g.

N73. Abbreviation for page-turners

N74. Bookie’s need

N75. Sothern of Lady Be Good

N76. Volcanic discharges

N77. Make one’s mind known

N78. Start of a supplication

N79. English composition

N80. “Gott ___ Dank!”

N81. Final line of a movie?

N82. Server overseers, briefly

N83. Rural Roman god

N84. Shoots a 72 on, perhaps

N85. Prepare, as pekoe

N86. One with the Force

N87. What a trooper enforces

N89. Company parties?

N90. Sartre’s ___ Clos

N91. Portraitist Alice

N92. Self-described Black women’s lifestyle guide

N94. Fast Money channel

N95. Some praising works

N96. The T of NWT, abbreviated

N97. Cosmetics giant, L’___

N99. It’s about 78% nitrogen

N100. Site Red Ventures acquired from CBS, which replaced it with CBS Interactive

N102. Comic Marc who hosts the podcast WTF

N103. “7 Rings” singer Grande

N104. Thanksgiving offering at many restaurants

N105. Dernier ___

N106. Sad end to love?

N107. Bug feelers

N108. Michael, Fredo, or Sonny

N110. D.C.’s Union et al.

N111. Noncom in the Air Force, abbreviated

N112. Saint associated with the first oratorios

N113. They broke up in ‘91

N115. Pill I’d recommend to Vincent van Gogh, were he alive today

N116. “It was a sad day when I had to retire the ___ bra to the underwear drawer” (Renee Zellweger)

N117. Words from another volunteer

N120. Cause to become closed

N121. Be a chatterbox

N123. Word after “without further”

N129. Squeak silencer

N131. Motor City org.

N132. What the N stands for, in this section

N142. Athletic sticker?

N145. Boston’s Little Italy

N147. “…and the tree of ___ of good and evil” (Gen 2:9)

N149. Old King of the South?

N151. Early warnings

N155. Eightsome

N159. “Let’s take it down a notch”

N165. “Let me explain…”

N169. Honey Smacks mascot

N171. More than great

N173. Bible bk. abbr. that sounds like me when I’m asked if I want to think up any more Bible bk. clues

N177. No. 2 in the statehouse

N189. “___ I can help it”

N191. ___’acte (fake commercial break, e.g.)

N193. ___-friendly

N194. Like the blood type of “universal donors”

N195. Unwanted sounds

N196. They come to those who wait

N197. Brightman who was Christine in The Phantom of the Opera

N199. Fudd who apparently doesn’t know that rabbit and duck seasons overlap

N203. Grammy org.

N204. Add details to, with “out”

N205. Vexed feeling

N206. What most papers have on their border

N207. Be a peacemaker

N208. Hose run

N209. 981 / 9, or number of duels Andrew Jackson fought

N210. Bug holy hell out of

N211. Rumor on the Rhone

N212. X-ray dosage units

N213. What some people prefer to play on a strat (seven letters)

N214. Longest version of -, indicating missing letters

N215. Noon food

N216. “___-daisy!” (cry to a baby)

N217. Tai follower

N218. Arranges differently

N219. Acute-onset symptom treater

N220. About 160 zeptojoules

N221. Not so savvy about the ways of the world

N222. Where you’ll find the Bradbury Bldg. and the Writer’s Guild of America

N223. Soup splashguard

N224. “Is there a brain in there?”

N225. What this is, in N

N226. Prone to mugging, say

N227. Not windward

N228. Program from FDR

N229. Like custard, blood, and toothpaste, in terms of fluidity

N230. Decade that “roared”

N231. “Two-by-four” they used to sell cereal in (it sounds like ab muscles you’d never get from cereal, but that’s spelled with a “c”)

N232. Interpol’s “No ___ Threesome”

N233. Stops listening to

N235. “Be the ___ your solar system”

N237. Old Egyptian capital

N240. Thimble Theatre creator

N242. A number, in Nuremberg

N244. Palindromic Turkish title

N245. No longer hungry

N246. Armstrong’s words as the race was won

N247. “Not ___ many words…”

N248. One hopes for a golden one

N249. Eating tool for after the meal

N250. Untouchable issue or track part

N251. First shots in billiards

N252. Frances Moore ___, author of the best-selling Diet for a Small Planet

N253. To ___: in every way

N254. Place for speakers, perhaps

N255. In a vortex

N256. Plot summaries

N257. Number ABCC that is also C^AB - C

N258. What MPH measures

N259. They have estates’ rights

N260. Treatments for seizure protection

N261. ___ Z: the works

N262. Makes more of

N263. Like 89 integers

N264. Like a field-goal attempt if down by three

N265. Beginning of several Enid Blyton titles

N266. Making a choice

N267. Display dolor

N268. They keep us at 72 degrees

N269. Communicated correctly

N270. Ticket request for a mild acrophobe

N271. Interjection sometimes redundantly followed with “That gives me an idea…”

N274. “My country, ___ of…”

N275. Skill to attract browsers, for short

N278. Swivets

N280. Xanth series creator Anthony

N283. Gridiron maneuver.

N285. Seaweed is a source of it

N287. Top-form entry?

N289. City in Zambia’s Copperbelt region

N291. “While ___ it…”

N297. Cutting-edge

N299. Dojo divider

N300. Kite’s weapon

N301. “Go suck ___!”

N305. Head doctor?

N306. Withdrawal’s opposite (abbr.)

N308. Does groundskeeping work

N309. “Ask not what your country can ___ you…”

N311. Exhibited for buyers, as a house

N312. John Lennon’s youngest

N314. Some mowers

N316. “I ___ My MTV”

N318. Long time follower?

N323. Keep living in the name of

N325. Quarterback’s call

N329. Complaint heard after a sarcastic “thanks”

N333. Schmoozed

N336. Senator Sanders of VT, on ballots

N339. Rectangular array that’s full of nothing

N342. ___ wife, Jennifer Flavin

N344. Ocean-to-river-traveling, like salmon

N346. Site of the “Creation of Adam” painting

N348. “Can’t stay, sorry”

N352. Dribblers with room to grow

N354. Parents-to-be brand

N355. She’s got a lot to learn

N357. They’re given in the Wheel of Fortune bonus round

N362. Where Puff frolicked

N363. When to do crucial tasks

N364. Growing pale

N366. Slangy road reversal

N367. Purse alternative

N368. Don Giovanni parts

N369. Estrogen and testosterone

N370. Asks God to intervene from the sky

N371. Date that’s also a “good for home fires” rating on an extinguisher

N372. Lauren Bacall’s Key Largo role

N373. Joel Coen’s bro

N375. Big name in pest control

N377. “Time to put on my thinking cap”

N378. ___-Marcus (department store)

N380. Fix by sewing

N382. Hard to see

N384. (Run) riot

N385. “Send a Discord”

N386. Prying

N387. Snitch, some say

N388. “Peek-___! I seeee you!”

N389. Like your dias, I hope

N390. Draw off

N391. Narrow for a road

N392. When kids may start to pun, developmentally

N393. Additive conjunction

N394. Bit of forensic data

N395. Mint apparatus

N398. Rapa ___

N400. Subtract the sum of even digits from the sum of odd digits to find out if you can do this

N401. ___ rice emoji

N402. Ganders, e.g.

N403. Bank investing stats

N404. Address the immediate needs of

N405. Longish stories

N407. Egg warmer

N409. Paranormal Activity creature

N412. Painter of portraits

N414. Speak with your hands

N416. No Country for Old Men’s coin-flipper Chigurrh

N419. Some golf clubs

N420. “Babushka Boi” rapper Rocky

N421. Ornamentation on leather

N422. Highest score in tennis shown only as numbers

N423. Goddess-inspired Dylan song?

N424. Ampersand in Aachen

N426. Where the big headlines go

N427. 98%, say

N428. Lifeplan medium?

N429. City or town

N430. Caribbean quaff

N431. City of the schnitzel

N432. Refuse to get

N433. “___ your old man!”

N435. Adds highlights

N436. Bouillon or bisque

N437. Part of an ovipositor

N438. Reach by train or Lyft

N440. Arts supporter

N442. Warrior princess played by Lucy Lawless

N444. End of a WhiteHouse address?

N446. Men’s Wearhouse buy

N448. Year then known as 763 AVC

N451. Typify

N452. Web addresses

N453. Unapologetically into cheap thrills and simple plots

N454. Stretched-out denial now in some dictionaries

N456. ___ purpose (ineffectively or aimlessly)

N457. Hawaii’s ___ Bay

N458. Flockhart who played lawyer Ally

N459. The Third of May painter

N460. True, in St. Lo

N461. A little high

N463. Oxlike antelope

N464. Overreactive cartoon chihuahua or overreactive neo-fascist Dark Lord

N465. Like community property

N466. Tells untruths to

N467. US-born Japanese educated in Japan

N468. Affectedly reluctant

N470. Absent from

N472. Warning letters next to a link

N474. More terrific

N475. Nabokov’s professor

N477. Played it again

N479. Have a dinner for, say

N480. Fair fun

N481. Almost noon

N482. 63 degrees of a circle, say

N483. Minutes in half a typical workday, a good unit of time for productivity-watchers

N486. Ability to see color, depth, motion, and shape all at once, for instance

N487. Medicinal plant

N490. “The lady ___ protest too much, methinks” (Gertrude in Hamlet)

N491. Bodybuilder’s expanse

N492. 22 × 31

N494. Sale item, sometimes

N496. Green workers?

N498. Seven by seven by seven by seven by seven by seven

N500. Make more welcoming

N501. Harmonia’s opposite in Greek myth

N504. Green leader?

N506. Taipan frypans

N507. Headwaiter

N508. 345 × 25

N509. Refund over the internet

N510. 2 × 271

N511. Study on a deadline

N515. Devotees

N516. “___ omen” (“Perish forbid”)

N517. Hamlet’s problem

N518. Coastal phenomena

N519. 50 Cent’s “___ Men”

N520. Infohubs in Islington

N521. Impressively varied number

N522. Water

N523. 25 × 37

N526. ___ Day (vitamin brand)

N528. Place apart

N531. Program for midshipmen and marines, for short

N532. Hardly a major

N533. Homeowners may have them, for short

N534. Rude sort

N535. Bumbler’s utterance

N536. Poke (around)

N537. Colored like a big blush

N538. Year that Star Wars and the Atari 2600 came to big and small screens

N539. 5 × 181

N540. 17 x 9

N541. Pass onward

N542. Pt. of USSR

N543. Wilbur’s whereabouts, in Charlotte’s Web

N546. Washerful

N548. She played Laura Petrie, initially

N549. Bedsheet fabric

N551. “I’d never join a group that would have ___ a member” (Groucho Marx)

N553. CBer’s signoff

N555. Coincidental in one’s favor

N557. Bird in a Poe classic

N559. How some attorneys are paid

N561. Performing locally

N563. Fossey who did gorilla research

N566. Finish, filmwise

N567. Summon for

N568. Year of Elizabeth II’s (solo) coronation

N569. 14 × 67

N570. This Cessna is the longest-lived and most popular aircraft ever produced

N571. Has been completed

N572. Effect producer

N575. Adams and Addams, e.g.

N576. “Maybe I could be the…dominant predator!” speaker in the first Pixar film

N577. Uncontrolled

N578. Common autumn forecast

N579. Crankshaft connectors

N580. Home of 60 Days In and The First 48

N581. He died in his 25th film

N582. Perfect bowling scores

N583. Dollar Tree ancestor

N585. Famous London statue

N587. Like Quasimodo in the book, though often not in adaptations

N589. Singer O’ Connor

N591. Temple part

N594. Coal, originally

N595. It eats lying down (just like me!)

N596. Year of the Chernobyl disaster

N597. 2 × 137

N598. 9 x 14

N599. Large crucifix

N600. Open to all contractors

N602. Foreign to me (I’m an American)

N603. Creeds’ conclusions

N604. The Plame affair

N605. Laura Petrie catchphrase

N606. Utensil in a cocoa mug

N608. Method of reasoning

N609. See others in oneself

N610. Music to a masseur’s ears

N612. Jackie Robinson drama and the Answer to the Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything

N613. Abbr. in many a mail-order address

N615. British VIPs

N617. Only divided country in the world today

N619. From, timewise

N621. Squeezed the juice out of

N623. It may delve into a derailment (abbr.)

N626. Gig or tender

N627. Duplex

N628. Year of the last presidential assassination

N629. 20^2 + 19^2

N630. With “(k),” important number for retirement planning

N631. Fargo director Joel

N632. Someone always good for a few pints?

N636. Some bean plants (var.)

N637. Bottom seam

N639. “___ de même” (“Same to you” on samedi)

N640. Gave back after taking, as territory

N641. Game designer Sid

N642. “Only ___ Kids Will Remember…”

N643. They go their own way

N645. Hoop legend ___ Abdul-Jabbar

N647. Measurement equal to one centiliter

N649. Pants, in some old-fashioned phrasing

N651. Was paid, and not by the hour

N653. ___ to his ears

N655. Branch of Islam that predominates in Iran and Iraq

N656. Fitted for rowing

N657. Year “postwar” car styles were introduced…setting up an auto-dominated decade

N658. Start of a lead-in to “eight…Who do we appreciate?”

N659. 14 × 14 × 2

N660. Like small, simple diamonds

N661. American anime portmanteau

N663. “Nothing ___ Matters” (Metallica)

N664. To God, in a hymn

N667. Long Island’s ___ MacArthur Airport

N668. Seemingly can do no wrong

N669. Removes dependency

N670. Film based on a Christie thriller

N671. One of Bush 41’s attorneys general

N673. 16 × 19

N674. Nullify

N675. November, to aspiring authors

N676. Antimacassar, named for how clean it keeps the couch, probably

N678. More distressed

N679. Addams family spouse, affectionately

N680. Swipes with unplanned finesse

N683. Take a hit but stay in the game

N684. Year in which the League of Nations was formed

N685. “CASH NOW” preceder

N686. 2 × 227

N687. Dramatic move in RPGs

N688. Siestaed, e.g.

N692. Latin for “seaweed”

N693. Prefix with cone

N694. Kind of chess puzzle where you have to win in a couple of moves

N695. Hardier kind of toilet paper

N696. Numb with cold

N697. Hierarchical positions

N698. 7 × 8 × 11, or Marvel Comics’ home universe

N699. Expertise in the fine arts

N700. Note on a Post-it, maybe

N702. Mötley Crüe bassist and songwriter

N706. Productive, fertile

N708. Beloved family member

N709. What you wait for the other shoe to do

N710. Deep desires

N711. One-named actress in No Way Out

N712. Answer from the unwilling

N713. Group of trees

N714. “So that’s it”

N715. 2 × 53

N716. 3 × 13 × 17

N717. Down and back in the pool

N718. Jazz events

N720. Make way for

N722. Brand with a Honey Graham variety

N723. Lays an egg

N724. Pontiac Le ___

N725. South American cattle-capturer

N727. 485 + 225

N728. Dot-___ (online concerns)

N729. Style of pavement

N730. Frat jacket P’s

N731. Two percent, but not milk

N733. Part of a monk’s title

N735. Television auteur

N737. Take the reins again

N740. Discolored and mushy, as fruit

N741. “Oh, I thought you meant…well, sure, I’ll agree to THAT”

N742. 25 × 19

N743. 2 × 241

N744. Sharply pointed

N745. User of riyals

N746. Anne Frank account

N747. Adjust the carburetor and tighten the hubcaps, say

N748. Duplicate or figure preceder

N749. Break to catch up on some Zs

N750. Carbo loaded, e.g.

N753. Sparing no effort

N755. Modern metalworker

N756. Having glass sections

N757. 3 × 67

N758. Alternatives to Sprites

N759. Chimney channel

N761. “Zip-a-Dee-___ -Dah”

N763. Guides a flight plan

N765. Make short cuts

N767. Advanced exam in Oxford

N770. Strongmen of old

N771. Three tsps.

N772. 64 × 5

N773. 2 × 367

N774. Amber Heard superhero role

N775. Limited lists, in mathematics

N778. Alabama native

N779. Man of many marches

N780. Travel far and wide

N781. Open areas in hotels

N782. Klondike novelty

N783. My wife’s favorite fruit (hey, if you’re married, this stuff should be on the surface of your mind too)

N785. “Move the camera in the direction of…”

N786. The A in MMA

N788. 7 × 103

N789. After frosh

N790. Cherishes

N791. Santa ___ (county in Florida)

N792. “How pretty!”

N794. CLEARANCES Act (Commonsense Legislation Ensuring Accountability by Reporting Access of Non-Cleared Employees to Secrets), e.g.

N796. “Please tell me that’s not true”

N798. They were called “Goats” in the 1960s

N800. Prints’ place

N802. It’s negative in a battery

N803. Longtime country/gospel band’s nickname, with “The”

N804. 12 × 37

N805. 8 × 59

N806. Nothing more than

N807. Length of many notices to vacate

N810. Light classical pieces

N813. “A bug in the code is worth ___ the documentation”

N814. “Haven’t cleaned the cat litter in three days” smell

N815. Physically fit

N817. Support on a stern (var.)

N818. 2 × 421

N819. Completely unexpected

N820. Informal word following “study” or “cuddle”

N822. 17 × 173

N823. Roll of twelve

N825. Authors Chomsky and Scheiber

N827. “Hi, amigo”

N829. “Israel” preceder in several religious establishments

N830. 2 × 173

N831. 5 × 13 × 13

N832. ___ yesterday (gullible)

N833. Local ecosystem

N834. Like old recordings

N836. Unit of shipping (var.: often the weight measurement is put before the distant measurement)

N839. Thick-plumed songbird

N840. Cos/sin

N841. Year that sparked debates over when the millennium was

N842. “‘Tis ___ flesh wound”

N844. 17 × 15

N845. Year Prohibition passed and women got the vote in America

N846. Reality stars paradoxically seeking wives

N847. End-of-wk. times

N848. IV alternative

N850. In a cunning way (var.)

N852. Puff ___ (slight wind)

N854. “___blue-bell or streamer” (Poe poem start)

N855. Kayak or birch-bark

N856. Examiners (abbr.)

N857. Faultily

N858. Pro who returned to the NFL in Sept. 2016

N859. Honolulu site

N860. 7 × 41

N861. 2 x 9 x 9

N862. Commercial prefix meaning “long-lasting”

N863. Penned a pig

N864. Like a hard hole

N868. “Like I believe that!”

N869. Installed, as mosaic flooring

N870. Birth of a New Day vaporwave duo

N871. Direct ancestor who might live just long enough to meet you

N872. Barista injury

N873. Number of bones in the typical adult body

N874. Movie whose director voiced over all the spacesuit breathing

N875. Byzantine emperor known as “the Armenian”

N877. What a point is to an inch

N878. “___ libera nos a malo”

N879. World’s tallest island mountain

N882. Smoothly curves and reverses course

N885. 1-A and 3-G, at the same addr.

N886. 4 × 139

N887. Rounded down, the freezing point on the Kelvin scale

N888. Try to get in court

N889. Simple seat

N890. Pharmaceutical workplaces

N895. 1970s Padres all-star Colbert

N896. Old tree name that anagrams a color and a story

N898. Birthdays that bring voting privileges, in the US

N899. Repetitively named New Zealand clam

N900. Book that illustrates Interstates

N901. Polit. wild cards

N902. Like a pentathlon

N903. They work with frying pans

N904. “All aboard!” bldg.

N906. “It was obvious”

N908. Manhattanite, for short

N911. It’s not intended as part of a series

N912. 49 × 17

N913. 7 × 89

N914. “I’m not interested”

N915. Strong hand

N916. Injure

N917. Quick reminder

N918. Bourbon units

N919. “…You’re ___ and a confidant…”

N920. Dog-eat-dog

N922. Cartoon chalkboard composer

N923. Flavoring in Cedilla liqueur

N924. Goes way, way up

N926. Artifice

N927. “Ha! Cross that goal off the list!”

N928. “This is the ___?” (Jefferson’s last words)

N929. ___v. Weezer: who did the better “Africa”? Discuss

N930. Broadway showing (abbr.)

N932. Son of Juno

N933. Do without

N934. R.E.M.’s “Letter Never ___”

N936. Cosmos host Carl

N938. “I Left Something Turned ___ Home” (Trace Adkins song)

N941. Pronto, in the OR

N942. 8 × 7 × 13

N943. 5 × 59

N944. Indy service areas

N945. Stomach-churningly

N946. Kind of sale or door

N950. Split the deck again

N951. Hazel eyes, e.g.

N953. Sudden alarm

N954. Greatly amuse

N955. South African revolutionary, once

N957. In connection with

N958. Year the pandemic began

N960. Turnarounds, informally

N961. When a lot of go-getters are done with lunch

N962. Emptied one’s mind

N965. Avoid debt via accounting

N967. Granted access to

N969. Squash down, as a cigarette or toe

N971. Broke a losing streak

N972. 600 - 121

N973. Highest break in snooker without a free ball, or 300 ÷ 2 - 3

N974. Engines with three cylinders on each side

N975. Count out

N976. Self-determination

N977. King of Sweden

N981. Run over allotted time

N982. Hormone for when things are hot and heavy (var.)

N983. Assumer’s adverb

N984. Hammett’s hard-boiled sleuth

N986. Year that debuted Lego people, Garfield, and Reese’s Pieces

N987. Eight, in Marseilles

N989. 3 × 7^3

N990. They’re doomed

N991. Bohemian reformer

N992. About half of all tell-alls?

N993. Hardly packed

N995. Landlocked high land

N997. ___ Days (steamy Netflix hit depicting a year)

N998. 2 × 22 × 22

N999. What “vidi” means in “Veni, vidi, vici”

N1000. Visual exaggeration

N1001. Seasonal threats

N1002. Both, in Bolivia

N1005. 1s, oui?

N1006. Sometime small-L lookalike

N1007. Extrasolar thing, for short

N1009. Smallest number to be read in six syllables (assuming you read the “and”)

N1010. Year Lindbergh crossed the Atlantic, Babe Ruth set his home-run record, and Hollywood started making talkies

N1011. Shiny, yellow, and usually zinc or steel underneath

N1012. Baby and Sister of music

N1013. Year of SPAM, The Hobbit, and Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

N1014. EDM artist with “Icarus” and “At teh Disko”

N1016. Position you may achieve after a lot of hard work?

N1017. Year the Beatles came to America

N1020. Remarkable feature in a three-hour YouTube video ad

N1021. What boring lives induce

N1022. Toyed with

N1023. “Man” has these, according to Shakespeare

N1024. Feat of genetic engineering

N1025. 9 × 99

N1026. Standard SMS length limit

N1027. “My error!”

N1028. They may be keeping their no-longer-natural shades

N1029. In addition

N1030. With “the,” purposeful look you can’t ignore

N1032. Beverage brewed naturally

N1033. Sews up

N1034. Useful discipline in forensics

N1036. D.C.’s NPR station

N1037. Cold skating venues

N1038. Organic fertilizer

N1039. Heavily regulated firework

N1040. First courses that sometimes have pre-reqs

N1041. Oktoberfest serving

N1043. Year of the Selma March, Bob Dylan’s peak, and the beginnings of escalation in Vietnam

N1044. BusinessWeek topic (abbr.)

N1045. Microsoft founder

N1046. 18 × 31

N1048. Classic Honda named for its sporty style and two-liter displacement

N1050. Arthur’s was round

N1053. Group that includes Brahms or Berlioz, depending on who you ask

N1054. 2 × 349

N1055. Put one’s chips down

N1056. Stop responding to

N1057. Cain and Abel’s brother

N1058. Second word in a classic Whitman poem

N1059. Way to start a story that may necessitate a flashback later

N1060. Detective series with a boathouse location

N1061. One of the few English words from Icelandic

N1062. Barenaked Ladies’ “___ Lament” with the line “I make toys, but I’ve got aspirations”

N1064. Cathedral display

N1065. “We ___ excited!”

N1066. Taking the piss and being right proper chuffed, e.g.

N1067. Temp. at which paper burns

N1068. Elemental unit

N1070. 4 × 107

N1071. Like a hearty strip steak (abbr.)

N1072. Billiard parlors

N1073. Choir’s section

N1074. Year of the Gulf War

N1075. Like many households these days

N1077. If this number’s digits are A, B, and C, in order, then it = (B + C)^A

N1078. “Summing up:…”

N1079. Tuppennies, to a pound

N1080. Without end

N1082. Period served

N1085. Plants fresh trees into

N1086. 16 × 17 × 3

N1087. Day at the four-week mark

N1088. Save it for a wedding!

N1089. Termite’s meal

N1090. TUSHY products, e.g.

N1092. Pass through porous substances

N1095. Ed of Modern Family

N1096. Turbulent, as a boat or plane ride

N1097. Like a big palm

N1098. 2 × 149

N1099. Large greenbacks

N1100. Rabbit or Fox, “relatively” speaking?

N1102. Oscar-nominated war epic that looks like it was filmed in two takes

N1103. Fiver

N1104. Danson of Fargo

N1105. 3 × 193

N1106. Maintains as true

N1107. ___ Adul (F. Murray Abraham’s Homeland character)

N1109. Chain spun off from Jack in the Box

N1112. NFL Hall of Famer Hubbard

N1113. 17 × 46

N1114. Original highest level of World of Warcraft

N1115. Like Gaius Julius Caesar and William Jennings Bryan

N1117. Four-fifths

N1119. Take a bite of

N1121. Method of spot staining

N1122. Active settings

N1124. Sound from a baby monitor

N1127. Dog tags, for instance

N1128. Like garnishy cheese

N1129. It spoils the whole bunch, so it’s said

N1130. Low, in Liechtenstein

N1131. Appliance for smoothing cloth

N1132. Like many mollusk shells

N1134. 7 × 31

N1135. Seven-year sitcom about a superagent

N1137. Time Solomon Northrup remained a slave

N1139. Natives who brought down Empire soldiers despite vast technological inferiority, which some Warsies found implausible despite Vietnam

N1141. Word before “heaven” or “Day Adventists”

N1142. Sotto ___ (quietly)

N1143. Nonspecific lead-in to some reminiscing

N1144. Midmorning

N1145. A half-gallon

N1150. Code letters since the 1990s

N1151. Ways to pass the time

N1152. City of Morocco

N1153. Like curbside pickup

N1154. Dogfall

N1155. Rose’s lover in a 1922 play

N1157. Cry from David Copperfield

N1158. Prefix meaning “wine”

N1159. MapQuest suggestion (abbr.)

N1160. 3 × 211

N1161. Magna Carta’s drafters

N1162. “He was not ___ age, but for all time”

N1163. Frustrate and frustrate

N1164. Type of Greek architecture

N1167. Alternatives to Cokes

N1168. Why people make crazy things like this puzzle

N1169. Makes out, across the Pond

N1170. Father’s Day card opener

N1171. “Alea jacta est,” essentially

N1172. “Uh, that’s G-A-R-R-Y”

N1176. Looks after

N1178. Music you might “call”

N1179. Beat the skin off

N1180. What Leia got called by the guy who then blew up her planet, which might explain why it took her as long as it did to get with Han

N1181. “___ muy hermosa!” (“You’re gorgeous!”)

N1182. What the internet is supposedly a series of

N1183. Front desk request

N1185. 2^(2^3) + 1

N1187. “___ plenty” (campaign to lower speed limits)

N1189. Prefix for classical and liberal

N1191. Evening, informally

N1192. Download in the Hoopla app

N1193. “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” speaker George

N1194. Sized like many documents, including most academic papers and resumes

N1195. Consider the cause of

N1197. Influence current fashion

N1198. Onetime SAG president and veteran actor Ed

N1199. Roughly eleven percent

N1200. What MAD magazine called its parodies, presumably to borrow a little gravitas

N1201. Coterie, in modern parlance

N1202. Kyushu volcano

N1203. Like an adjustable hospital bed

N1206. Fauna with tiny pink flowers

N1207. Is effective

N1208. The lot

N1209. Norman, golf’s “Great White Shark”

N1210. Writer Eda Le ___

N1212. Samsung Atlas renders type in it

N1213. Com alternative

N1214. Iraq War hazard, for short

N1215. 6 × 157

N1216. GPS system

N1217. (Of the) clergy

N1218. Orange containers

N1219. Follower of Cagayan and Copa

N1220. Golfer’s latter half

N1223. With no need for a second try

N1224. Minuscule amount

N1225. With no dude dissenting

N1226. Skater’s three-and-a-half turn (count the angles)

N1227. Greasy gas getter

N1228. Doglike

N1230. Noted marsupial, for short

N1231. WWE Raw airer

N1233. Assisi trio?

N1234. Push inescapably against

N1235. Like Augustus Gloop

N1236. Vincent van ___

N1238. Avril Lavigne’s “Sk8r ___”

N1239. Flower that once sparked a craze

N1240. Shred beyond repair

N1241. “None for me, ___ already”

N1242. Planes used in the Vietnam War

N1243. Bicephalic

N1245. 11 × 19

N1246. Cut that item from the menu

N1247. ___-frutti (Aw rooty!)

N1248. It may have swishes and splashes

N1249. Li Po’s contemporary

N1252. Certain flat screen

N1253. Indian breads

N1254. Parallel that nearly bisects the United States

N1255. Plumb the depths of, literally or otherwise

N1256. 15 × 35

N1258. ___ Deucey

N1259. Sound of a fly swatter

N1261. Soft leather

N1263. Non-traditional beliefs

N1264. They fall between 12 and 20

N1266. Krogers and Safeways alternatives

N1267. Cheese treat

N1269. Mid-’70s BMWs

N1270. Mischievous World of Warcraft figure

N1271. +, for short

N1272. 6 × 2 × 61

N1273. Eye ailment

N1274. One who does way too much for one who gives back way too little

N1275. Chest armor

N1277. “They’ve found us! Flee, flee!”

N1280. A1, for one

N1281. Point at which your story should definitely start having dialogue, which you can remember because it rhymes with “stage line”

N1282. Really, really tiny

N1283. Don’t ignore in Gmail

N1284. Former name for the Las Vegas Aviators

N1285. To see what would happen

N1287. “The Ultimate Home and Beauty Tool”

N1289. “___ pageant to keep us in false gaze” (Othello)

N1291. Ballplayer’s club?

N1292. Tabard and Wayside

N1293. Murderbot

N1294. Home for Samuel Beckett

N1295. When Jesus got lost in Herod’s temple

N1296. Like the most commonly used D&D dice

N1298. John Cage composition of pure silence

N1299. Snapped like a drill sergeant

N1300. Greek god

N1301. Hip-hop legend Dogg, to his friends

N1302. Wanders

N1303. Branch

N1305. Gen ___ (forty-fiftysomethings)

N1306. Oliver’s love in a 2017 film

N1307. Antimalarial meds (don’t use them for leg cramps)

N1308. Ides of March date

N1309. Lorna ___ (Nabisco cookies)

N1310. NYC area code

N1311. To inspire a reaction

N1312. Recycling container

N1313. Hotelier Helmsley and others

N1316. A sorry lot

N1317. Product of the first four primes

N1318. Eight-ball’s affirmative

N1319. Not much of a mountain

N1321. Give the runaround

N1322. Cinema’s Carmichael

N1323. Isotope found in all life that’s the standard for all atomic weights

N1324. Show focused on sassy housewife Mary Jenkins, or number of rules for a monk

N1325. Algonquian chief

N1326. Name evoked often in heavy metal music

N1327. 100

N1328. Not quite nations

N1329. Juliet’s vengeful cousin

N1331. Pumped?

N1332. Luxury-brand “Minute” smartwatches, e.g.

N1333. Year of Hurricane Katrina

N1334. Highlands clan

N1335. First area code for toll-free numbers (e.g., 1-___-Flowers)

N1336. Grease setting

N1337. Nonresponsive

N1338. “Soul Man” duo

N1342. Mr. Clean alternative

N1343. Gazelles

N1344. Is nervous about possible offense

N1345. Blanches

N1346. Allegedly for everyone

N1347. Hovered with no visible means of support

N1349. 5 × 199

N1350. Show disrespect in liquid form

N1351. ___ for (so, so good)

N1352. French diet

N1353. Baker’s measure

N1355. Repressive nation

N1356. Road-paving team

N1357. Moog-made machine, for short

N1358. Letters after phis

N1359. Alternative to Booker’s Whisky

N1360. Common lumber unit

N1361. Delicate baked dish

N1365. Cage matches, in brief

N1366. Numbers that resemble an inverted yin-yang

N1367. Set up for a drive

N1368. Tie for a phone, once

N1370. Fitness accessories

N1371. Chase alternative, for short

N1372. Military game series, for short

N1373. 8 × 107

N1374. Iraqis’ neighbors

N1375. ___ Law: “Satires of extremism will always be mistaken for sincere expressions of it”

N1376. The Lion King bug eater

N1377. Maine ___ cats

N1378. Not just for fun, as play

N1379. Spin, for short

N1380. Drained of nutrients

N1381. “___ Lovin’“ (Gene Vincent song)

N1382. Binary two

N1383. Call from a balcony

N1384. Branch of the USN

N1385. Aye opposite, in Scotland

N1386. Cuban dance (var.)

N1387. About a blood line

N1388. Pretty cheap, in old England

N1390. Bestow upon officially

N1392. Widens the frame from a small circle

N1393. Formed a sac

N1394. London literary street

N1395. Physics Nobelist in ‘44

N1396. Hulk-like Hulk enemy Blonsky whose name backwards means “green”

N1398. When Seinfeld used to air

N1399. Negative particle

N1400. Think deeply on

N1401. Sometimes poison-tipped weapon

N1402. Atlanta, for Delta Airlines

N1403. With more gravitas

N1405. This number’s digits are A, B, A, and it equals (A + B)^A

N1406. Critic who was once a talk radio co-host

N1407. Body part where an annoying thing might get stuck

N1408. Start to look pregnant during, as a number of weeks

N1409. Numismatist’s find

N1412. Tectonic things

N1414. Showing off those choppers

N1415. Shakespeare’s “shush”

N1416. iPhone system

N1417. Sluice’s controls

N1420. Gardener’s need

N1421. It’s the talk of Bangkok

N1423. “Aw, put ___ in it!”

N1424. Spock and Kirk’s confidant

N1425. University of Virginia football coach Al

N1426. Bit of news

N1428. Year the Arab Spring began

N1429. “What’s your emergency?” number

N1430. Literary collie

N1431. 13 × 37

N1432. Fox fam

N1433. Like, whatever

N1434. Transformed

N1435. It has white-to-cream blooms edged with pink or red, which helps account for its “feminine” name

N1437. HMS part, sometimes

N1438. Change to fit in

N1439. Bully with words

N1440. A little damp

N1441. Fly in the clouds

N1442. Ice over

N1443. Dozens

N1444. Talk and talk and talk and talk and…

N1445. ‘elp get better, in the Midlands

N1449. Distastes or extremes, depending on how you read it

N1450. When the Shakespearean title character usually dies (Julius Caesar’s an exception)

N1452. Joint for a dummy

N1453. Nonthreatening barks

N1454. “RIP” markers

N1456. It’s 115 in hexadecimal

N1457. Way of being loved

N1458. Probably gonna

N1459. Artisan of arguments

N1460. Top off a DQ cone

N1461. Omega, of the Greek letters

N1462. Tie for two (in total)

N1463. Word of interest? (Note: this word and its crossing could be rendered with a number eight…but aren’t. Capricious!)

N1464. Ruin…or great success

N1465. Move like a hammock

N1466. Let others communicate on one’s behalf

N1467. Really big, as clothing

N1468. Cartoon short, e.g.

N1474. Rural road feature

N1475. 10,000 divided by seven, roughly

N1476. Sound of thunder or laughter

N1478. Dubya, e.g.

N1479. “Book ‘em, Dan-o” show

N1480. Press initials

N1481. Seat winners

N1482. Four less than a thou

N1483. Peter Cetera’s “Even a Fool ___”

N1484. 67 × 72

N1485. Gender determiner, as on a chicken farm

N1486. @TwoHeadlines, @wayback_exe, and @pentametron

N1488. Looking more valuable than it is, literally or metaphorically

N1490. “That’s individually, not collectively”

N1491. “Pay once for both” arrangement

N1492. Tool to fish for plankton

N1493. Not in time

N1494. HS dropout’s goal

N1495. Creatures that will probably build a larger crossword than this in a few more years

N1496. “Je t’___, ma chère”

N1497. Said “I’ll be there”

N1498. Lawrence of Arabia portrayer

N1501. Dangerous gas or common pencil

N1502. 28 × 179

N1503. Women left loaded?

N1504. Highlander or Celt

N1505. Bring into being

N1508. 16 × 33

N1509. NFL team

N1510. 3 × 2741

N1511. Mx. Fixit

N1512. Anakin Skywalker and Harry Potter, for two

N1513. Shingle abbr., sometimes

N1514. Follow a pattern, in a way

N1515. Partners of dits

N1516. Deeply reluctant (to)

N1517. “Good will” follower

N1518. Excused the crimes of

N1519. Number of spheres one can fit into a regular octahedron, six to a side…or 38 + 48 + 60

N1520. Popular books for kids

N1522. Paper-clip collector and avid reader of Boring Stories

N1525. “Star Wars” character ___-Gon Jinn

N1526. ___ Monitor (Civil War ironclad)

N1527. She’s comfortably well off

N1529. Plasma components

N1530. It redefines how awful something can even be, for short

N1532. Cheapjack

N1533. Last stop before going home

N1534. Chin follower

N1535. 183 + 66

N1536. Some sacred scrolls

N1537. Year #MeToo emerged

N1538. “___ would have a field day” (retort to calling someone a “hot mama,” for instance)

N1539. Group conveyances on rapids

N1541. Figures out mathematically

N1542. Genre staple

N1543. Excessive productions

N1544. Leathers with naps

N1545. If this number’s digits are A, B, and C, in order, then it’s the product of two numbers with digits 1A and BC

N1546. Home of the Div. I Spartans

N1547. GoodReads critic, usually

N1548. “Just ___ of Us” (Grover Washington Jr. feat. Bill Withers)

N1550. Intend (to)

N1552. 37 + 71 + 73, or approximate number of pennies that weigh one pound

N1553. 44 × 48

N1554. Money in Augustus’ treasury

N1555. When repeated, et cetera

N1556. Shawn of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

N1557. Authorized the delivery of

N1559. Diet bread from Schmidt’s Old Tyme

N1560. Dental calculus

N1561. Rifle cartridge deer hunters have favored since 1895

N1562. Fingerprint figure

N1563. Convenience store actually open 24 hours

N1564. Sign in math class

N1565. Optical instrument

N1567. Half a Wonka character

N1568. Number of Americans who’ve worked at McDonald’s

N1569. Short, tough top

N1570. Simpler kind of Rubik’s Cube than the popular one from the 1980s

N1571. Gets some fluid onto

N1573. “That” companion

N1574. Show with lifelines

N1575. “Come Next Monday” singer

N1576. Event monitored by the CIA

N1578. Baltimore’s airport

N1580. Word on a Valentine candy heart

N1581. Outdoor reception shelters

N1582. Polar explorer Admiral Richard

N1584. Prefix with “sol” or “bic”

N1585. Last Vietnamese emperor Bảo

N1586. Had gotten revenge

N1587. 14 × 47

N1588. Mix drinks

N1589. Floor often skipped by architects

N1590. Run, as a meeting

N1591. Spade or hoe

N1593. Identifying letters’ design

N1595. ___ for Outlaw (15th of the Kinsey Millhone series)

N1596. Early even score in tennis

N1597. Indirectly caused

N1598. More lemony

N1599. Female clone of Wolverine

N1600. “Problem” that came from not using enough digits

N1601. Bodiless disinformer on Twitter

N1602. Foul-mouthed character in a blockbuster series (if his best friend is to be believed)

N1607. De-___ (salt used in winter)

N1608. Nation that declared independence in 2006

N1609. Roger who won the Best Actor Tony for “Nicholas Nickleby”

N1610. Coffee or beer holders

N1611. Browns out?

N1613. Designer of the Broadway microprocessor for the Nintendo Wii

N1614. Small hills, to Mandela

N1615. Like many Bluetooth headsets

N1616. Yiddish yelp

N1617. Old campaigner

N1618. Apply with a cotton ball, say

N1619. Asylum applicant, identified by category number

N1620. Dots on French maps

N1621. Fastest-growing fast-food chain of the early 2000s

N1622. US Quaker leader

N1623. Lord Jim author

N1624. 26 × 20, meaning “I love you” in China

N1625. 1992 film with cartoon SFX added to its namesake kids’ fights

N1627. Like Shakespeare’s plays, structurally

N1628. One-time French acclamation

N1630. They need signatures

N1632. Assimilates

N1633. Casts no vote

N1634. Scottish ponds

N1635. Buy or sell

N1636. “Was there anything else?”

N1637. It’s almost the same as mmHg

N1639. Tatooine race in the Star Wars saga

N1640. Sweet that doesn’t spoil

N1641. Zippy start?

N1642. Filled, often-steamed roll

N1643. A la Felix Unger

N1644. Jonathan Davis and bandmates

N1645. Keeping Up with the Kardashians spin-off of sorts

N1646. Moby song that set a tempo world record

N1648. Do a simple calming exercise

N1649. Top brand in cream sodas

N1650. Cut, by a carpenter

N1651. Pete of Disney villainy

N1652. Science-fiction blog rolled in with Gizmodo

N1653. “And it’s been the ruin of many a poor boy, and God, I know ___”

N1654. “Chopped” utensil

N1655. Steaks that aren’t fileted

N1656. Matchett of The Night Agent

N1658. Preserved in a place of guaranteed respect

N1661. ___ off (switch choice)

N1662. Fryer in restaurants

N1663. Brazil and Areca

N1664. Virtual citizens

N1665. Pendulumwise

N1667. Countdown finale

N1668. With tiny pads, as a bat

N1669. Looming

N1670. Screenwriter’s frequent parenthetical

N1671. Veggie that might make you cry but won’t make you dig

N1672. “___will always love you” (Start of Whitney Houston chorus)

N1673. 2001 title role for Judi

N1675. Like a Maine woods

N1676. Soap installments

N1677. Tune from a musical based on The Matchmaker

N1678. Divided by 10, once-standard body temperature

N1679. Spanish-nicknamed Cretan artist

N1681. Proverbial innocent

N1682. Grow less adamant

N1683. One of the gens.

N1684. European river

N1685. Woman in a personal ad (abbr.)

N1686. Root in Hawaiian cuisine

N1688. Words before occasion or account

N1689. Brightly colored duck

N1691. Networking spot

N1692. Word associated with “travel” in 2017 and 2020

N1693. H+, for one

N1694. Breathable air molecules

N1695. (Making) flirty (eyes)

N1696. Aerodynamic lack

N1697. Lacks energy

N1698. Total number of directional degrees

N1700. Tells, “You know, I’m told I’m a generous lover,” e.g.

N1702. Assigned a simple value

N1703. Orangish-red popular in the nineteenth century

N1704. Find on a map

N1705. Competition for truckers

N1706. 13 × 59

N1707. Nimitz in ‘45

N1708. VAT, for one

N1709. Trunk part near the roots

N1710. Tree-trunk imperfection

N1714. Museum workers

N1715. Prone to mouth-breathing and snoring

N1716. Cab of music

N1717. What nearly kills Michael in The Godfather

N1719. With “how,” journalists’ key questions

N1720. Celebrity dachshund named for an explorer of literature

N1721. An amazing person

N1722. Transmitter starter?

N1723. “It’s got me addicted!”

N1724. Getting into mischief

N1725. Classic actor Schilling

N1726. Like bikes and old clocks

N1727. His model was reused for Little John

N1728. Boxes for moving behemoths?

N1729. Arrange for battle

N1730. 26 × 25

N1731. Where to put your left hand on a steering wheel

N1733. “The ___ a man is to love a woman” (lyric from the 1965 hit “Game of Love”)

N1734. Game for the Sharks

N1735. Tease, with “on”

N1736. 2 × 3^4 × 5

N1739. “Wasn’t I the best lover ___ ever met” (The Selkie)

N1741. Tinkerbell’s trail

N1743. Oscar : films :: ___ : ads

N1744. Everest, K2, and twelve other mountains, named for their height

N1745. Hits home

N1746. British flying machines

N1747. Arrow word

N1748. Oscar Night transportation

N1749. Lay of the land (abbr.)

N1750. Like many Quaker products

N1752. Food gift appropriate for a calendar-maker?

N1753. Join end to end

N1754. Heavyweight fight?

N1755. Circles of light

N1756. Cinematic experience that pops

N1757. Facing serious “performance issues”

N1758. Like some businesses that are natural monopolies

N1759. Elapse, as limited time

N1760. “___ ya wanna play rough, eh?”

N1764. E-mailed, say

N1766. Actress and showrunner Mackichan

N1767. Year Saddam Hussein went to court

N1768. Remove rudely

N1770. Three halves of 615

N1771. You may think flicking it around is funny, but I think it’s snot

N1772. “Runaround Sue” singer

N1773. Ching-ling or Mei-ling

N1774. Gentry’s subordinates

N1776. With N1829-Down, hex black

N1777. Feverish temp.

N1779. Marine spill containers

N1780. Inside info

N1781. Sightseer

N1782. Genre that saw an underground revival in the 2010s, even as its mainstream popularity declined

N1783. Himalayan cedars

N1785. Support (with “up”)

N1786. Heralds of the Apocalypse

N1787. Oop’s love

N1790. Where pigs may be kept

N1791. Irish hex

N1793. Hide-and-seek variant, or an album by Olivia Newton-John

N1794. Advance to the adjacent space, in a board game

N1795. Abbr. indicating a fair hirer

N1796. “Aero” finish

N1797. Slicer inserts

N1798. League

N1799. “Last chance to bid…”

N1800. Jane or John

N1801. ___ the line (obeys)

N1802. Trying to find

N1804. You, to Yvette

N1805. Makes noncashable

N1806. Protruded-lip expression

N1807. Hang around

N1808. The big-hair decade

N1809. President Reagan, for short

N1810. Number of names of Krishna (9 by 12)

N1811. “C’mon, I dare you!”

N1812. Daytime program

N1814. Lyricist

N1815. Sired, as Saul (var.)

N1816. Cracks up

N1817. Idea given legal status

N1819. Boot camp reply

N1821. Some hooters

N1822. Start of work hours at a military base

N1823. With possibly even direr consequences

N1824. Lesser-evils joiner

N1825. Prayer book selection

N1826. It may be pungent

N1827. Hunter seen in darkness

N1828. Cubicle neighbor

N1829. With N1776-Down, hex black

N1830. Cry from under a white sheet

N1831. They’re not written

N1832. Creme container

N1833. Freight-train unit

N1834. Unlatched, in poems

N1835. Crankcase attachment

N1836. Where Xenia is

N1837. Loosely spaced military formation

N1838. 2018 TV type

N1840. Stadium ticket specification

N1841. The Magic of the NBA

N1843. Knows somebody, e.g.

N1863. Paul Anka “kiss me mucho” song

N1865. Inventor’s starting point

N1867. “Rats!” old-style

N1868. Took first place, e.g.

N1872. Fashion showcase

N1874. 5 x 31

N1875. Bombardier’s personal-watercraft brand

N1876. Quartzlike gemstones

N1877. Mournful melody

N1878. Intertwines

N1880. One on foot, informally

N1881. Unruffled

N1883. One- or two-person vehicles in the Olympics

N1884. Marbles game

N1885. For 12, it’s 85.219808°

N1886. Online editorial clarification

N1887. Proportionately

N1889. Long-fiber rug

N1890. Sharp and cutting

N1891. Daryl Hannah role

N1892. Work unit in the Eng. system

N1893. Largely a victim if a morally ambiguous one

N1894. They’re not known by many

N1897. Have been meant by the stars to happen

N1898. Bring up to speed

N1899. Start for Paulo or Luis

N1900. ___ one down (bunt)

N1901. License cost

N1902. 4 × 73

N1903. Hampton Roads (area of my birth, which here looks like a reversed haiku)

N1904. Evocation of a Form: Human, Lunar, Spectral and Danger of Death

N1905. Joins the choir

N1906. Dubai’s land, briefly

N1907. Pay subtle tribute

N1908. Japanese golf great Aoki

N1910. With “the,” baseball heats up at the bottom of it

N1911. “___! Let’s go! ___! Let’s go!” (closing theme in Spider-Man: Homecoming)

N1912. “Madam, I swear ___ no art at all” (Shakespeare)

N1913. Butt-Head’s somewhat rebellious sidekick

N1914. 13 × 67

N1915. Undeceived by

N1916. Apple and Android purchase

N1917. Mx. Right

N1918. Disagreeable responsibility

N1920. Lady Grantham of Downton Abbey

N1924. ___ Grey, a Chaplin wife

N1925. Honor roll grade

N1926. Never coming back

N1928. “Sweet” birthdays

N1929. Butt-wiggles

N1930. Wolverine’s pack

N1931. When to watch

N1932. What you put on at the rink

N1933. Total faith

N1934. ___ Ecstasy (MDMA book by Nicholas Saunders)

N1935. Rigans, e.g.

N1936. Movie pizzeria where Radio Raheem ate

N1937. Artist LeRoy

N1938. 14 × 43

N1939. Score in a famous speech

N1941. Near-duplicates

N1942. Set of widely available materials

N1943. Some French wines

N1945. Platinum anniversary

N1947. Legendary Fender guitars

N1950. “That goes double for me”

N1951. Farrow of filmdom

N1952. Read to punch something, or someone

N1953. 4 × 83

N1954. Piglets

N1955. Black-and-white road sign

N1956. Tiny ass

N1957. All Eyez on Me’s Shakur

N1959. All in favor?

N1961. It began with throwing representatives out a window

N1962. Cancellation stamp

N1963. Stephen Colbert’s program, with The

N1964. 14 × 59

N1965. Frozen and Pixels actor Gad

N1966. TV neurobiologist Farrah Fowler

N1967. Year of the ice bucket challenge

N1968. “Do I dare to ___ peach?” (T.S. Eliot)

N1970. Leave and take most traces of one’s presence with one

N1971. Rescuer of Odysseus

N1973. Call from a kid

N1975. Heard through the grapevine

N1976. Last of the fire, perhaps

N1977. One of the three Muses, originally

N1978. Odometer increment

N1979. Like the Argus

N1981. Dunbar’s number (the hypothetical maximum of relationships humans can maintain), or 37 x 4

N1982. Auto-wheel alignments

N1983. #2 in a Latin series

N1984. Gets into the cocoon

N1985. Having made all the money one will ever need

N1987. Not over Zoom, say

N1988. It hasn’t been a “valid” unit since 1978, but try telling that to astronomers…or crossword constructors

N1989. WWII-contemporary, as fashion or music

N1990. Incoordination

N1991. Houston baseballer, casually

N1992. Pepper, e.g.

N1993. 2 × 331

N1994. Flower named because it opens in late afternoon

N1996. As far as he knows

N1997. Seeks the highest office

N1998. When one is likely to say one’s first word

N1999. “Exact schedule TBD”

N2004. Candy bar ___ Honey

N2005. Event where Hyundai and Uber announced a flying-taxi project

N2006. Old Egypt-Syria alliance, once

N2007. Number of squares in a NYT daily crossword

N2008. In earnest, slangily

N2009. Gasping and gaping

N2010. “There ___ a time in everyone’s life when…”

N2011. Fauxmosexual “All The Things She Said” duo

N2012. Greasy spoon come-on

N2013. Bit of commotion

N2015. Gets bent out of shape

N2016. Decade in which Germans figured out hops

N2017. Chung or Britton

N2018. 1896 ÷ 12

N2019. Tropical temperature

N2020. Vacation wheels (abbr.)

N2021. Year of the first peaceful transfer of power in the U.S.

N2022. White House worker bee

N2024. Dairy Queen container

N2025. Need in a donkey-tail game

N2028. Access, as a video game achievement

N2029. Appearing in the role of

N2031. Suited to

N2032. “Better than expected, really!”

N2034. Online poker powerhouse, for short

N2035. Notes in F major scales

N2036. Feature of Mandarin (high, rising moderately, dipping, and dropping)

N2037. Uncle Tom’s Cabin girl

N2038. Translator into machine language

N2039. Makes oneself equal to

N2040. 0.69314718056 and 1.09861228867 for 2 and 3

N2041. House of England

N2042. “Hymn ___” (The Pretenders)

N2043. Quaint letter header

N2044. 2 × 191

N2045. Reschedules for later

N2047. Largest “byte-sized” number?

N2048. Teri Dactyl, Allie Gater, and Aida Bugg, probably

N2049. Subject of the most effective Christmas spot of 2020, colloquially

N2050. Channel for molten metal

N2051. 7 × 43

N2055. Garment worn over a diaper

N2056. Secret-keeper, to the teller

N2057. “Not a good day today,” briefly

N2058. 4 × 67

N2059. Comedy about incompetent would-be jihadists

N2060. Marketed to women

N2061. Chinese weight units

N2062. “___ with bated breath”

N2064. Like apartments, but usually on the cheap side

N2066. Is teary

N2067. Neutral territory in the days of Asian colonialism

N2068. Engage in conversation

N2069. 5000 - 4551

N2070. ___ in “cat”

N2071. Some iTunes downloads, briefly

N2072. “Love Shack” and “Roam” singers

N2073. Done, in Deauville

N2075. Far from busy

N2076. Pointy figure with an elliptical base that looks like an obtuse triangle from the side

N2077. Part of a temple’s decor, maybe

N2078. Fan-dancer Sally

N2079. Noted anti-dehydrant used in embalming

N2080. Waits for, on the road

N2081. Kind of hitter or driver

N2083. Legendary New York nightclub considered the center of disco-era hedonism

N2084. Why-I-deserve-the-money document

N2086. Popular time for a…smoke break

N2087. The Super Bowl’s has been over $5 million

N2088. Wildebeests, vis-à-vis lions

N2089. Overall conditions

N2090. While flouting expectations

N2092. Family member on Mom’s side

N2093. Bill featuring William McKinley, of all people

N2094. Type of plaintiff

N2095. “And FURTHER furthermore…”

N2096. ___ up on: join in

N2097. French evergreen

N2098. 4 × 77

N2099. Join two words with a line

N2101. Gold hunters of old

N2102. Sister kitties

N2103. Musician’s forte?

N2104. “Woe ___” (popular grammar book)

N2105. Noted urban architect

N2108. Second chances in school

N2110. “Give it ___”

N2111. Destined

N2112. 1000 - 707

N2113. Variation of “football” (soccer, to Americans)

N2114. Important Meccan

N2115. Eminem’s semiautobiographical film

N2116. Ra and Geb

N2117. Saudi area, meaning “difficult country,” that’s actually where vacationers go

N2118. Plot twists, from the Latin for “knots”

N2120. Italian “I love you”

N2122. Like one, whatever their true number

N2123. 4 × 193

N2124. Where an engineer wants his kids to go to college, perhaps

N2125. Online ID numbers

N2126. Org. monitoring power problems in Ukraine

N2127. Internecine conflict

N2129. Year of the last unopposed presidential election

N2130. Start of an Irish lullaby sung by Bing Crosby

N2131. New Hampshire emblem

N2134. Invite trouble

N2135. Complete some old-fashioned office dress

N2136. Head of a queue

N2137. Lays as groundwork for a theory

N2139. 59 + 61 + 67 + 71

N2140. Computing pioneer Alan (who could’ve been a themer, but I wasn’t totally sure of the pronunciation, sources seem to vary)

N2141. Dying dreams

N2142. Tishri comes after it

N2143. Birdsong, often

N2145. Wildly profitable BDSM trilogy, for short

N2146. Type of TV screen, briefly

N2147. Tend to, as a loose lace

N2148. Accepts, at the card table

N2149. Mob noises

N2150. 4 × 113

N2151. Partly refunding

N2153. Pull-down beneficiaries

N2154. Started wedding planning

N2155. Stem-branch angle

N2156. Firing site

N2157. A century before 99 AD

N2158. Bra insert

N2160. Blog-post identifiers

N2163. 29 x 4

N2164. 2 × 491

N2165. Palindromic, rotationally symmetrical number not divisible by 4

N2166. Lingeringly upset with

N2167. “Now THAT’S tempting…”

N2168. Dark bluish-gray

N2169. Shed pounds

N2171. Tyler Perry’s TV hub

N2173. Welding or riveting, as defined by OSHA

N2174. Attracted to the other end of the gender spectrum

N2175. All that

N2176. 3 × 293

N2177. High-speed option

N2178. Notorious ___ (best seller about a member of the Supreme Court)

N2179. Many include pronouns, these days

N2180. Player with a click wheel

N2182. He asked Buzz Aldrin, “What do you say to all of those conspiracy theorists who come up to you and say, does the moon really exist?”

N2183. Like soda straws or water slides

N2186. King, in Portugal

N2189. Anatomical narrowing

N2191. Smallest number ABC that can be made by adding AB + AC + BA +BC + \CA + CB

N2192. Yo-Yo Ma’s instruments

N2193. Turn on an axis

N2194. Works in the aisles of a movie theater, slangily

N2195. Rockers’ rivals

N2196. Cat also called a jaguatirica

N2197. “What you just said? Make it happen”

N2198. On the right side of a < sign

N2199. Uncooled, or “Coo-oo-ool!”

N2200. Something to step on

N2201. Tropical evergreens

N2202. 18 × 51

N2203. Driving for a living, one way

N2205. Science that stops following common sense when things get really big or small

N2206. Geniuses, perhaps sarcastically

N2207. Donna Stone, really

N2208. Kellogg brand that also sells pancakes, French toast, and egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches

N2209. 2^3 × 103

N2210. Comprises

N2211. “No arguments from you!”

N2212. Man-mouse link

N2213. “That’s a wrinkle”: “That’s ___”

N2216. Internationally known violinist born 7/21/20

N2217. “How much for a ___ of tires?” (Google search)

N2219. The Count of Monte Cristo and a bawdy online “Rule”

N2220. 2 × 139

N2221. Enough and more than enough

N2222. Six to the fourth

N2223. Enduringly

N2224. Butch lesbians, in modern slang

N2226. 14 × 23, the number of Yale’s Skull and Bones

N2228. Week and change, or 2020 film about souls auditioning to be born

N2229. Antifans

N2230. Cut blubber from

N2231. 8 × 37

N2232. Richard Bachman, to Stephen King

N2233. German 101 verb

N2234. Ho Chi of Vietnam

N2235. 80 × 89

N2237. French negatives

N2238. 2^7 × 3

N2239. Kangaroo or ostrich

N2244. 7 × 29

N2245. Number of events in succession

N2246. Year Nelson Mandela first voted

N2247. Ancient Aegean land

N2248. Where God sent Jonah

N2249. Put out of order

N2250. Exchange of money for paper space or airtime

N2252. Stein whose money you could win, once

N2253. Heroes of The Black Stallion and Red Faction: Guerilla

N2254. Bell-shaped flower

N2255. Mother Superior

N2256. 26 × 38

N2257. Presumptuous success story

N2259. Baseball item

N2260. Corleones and Sopranos, e.g.

N2261. $5s

N2263. 97 × 5

N2264. 1957 Chevy or Model T

N2270. Word in a Cagney impersonation

N2271. Doubling sequence

N2272. Shook up

N2273. Year the floppy disk was invented

N2275. Not remotely for

N2277. Some is sustainable (abbr.)

N2278. Macerates flax

N2279. Toughest jumps in skating

N2280. Brand of Sunshine

N2281. Two-and-a-half miles on most tracks

N2282. 3 × 89

N2283. 11 × 31

N2284. Selene’s sister

N2285. Year of the Bicentennial

N2286. Sodium hydroxide, briefly

N2288. Has loans

N2289. 3 squared, then cubed

N2290. Championship ice dancer Virtue

N2291. Holy prefix, Batman!

N2293. “___ to serve you better” (customer-facing slogan)

N2294. “Blast, me hearties!”

N2297. Item in the mail (abbr.)

N2298. 6 × 47

N2299. Petco Park squad

N2300. Year of the Truman Doctrine

N2301. Mathematical sequence of unknown length

N2302. Most recent amendment, regarding Congressional pay raises

N2303. Daddy-o

N2305. Classical painkillers

N2306. 1975 Wimbledon singles winner

N2307. New staff

N2308. 2 × 431

N2309. Angry Birds starting in 2010, e.g.

N2311. Gradually corroded

N2312. Quietly

N2313. “Windows Are Rolled Down” singer Lee

N2314. “You naughty fellow!”

N2315. 22 × 30

N2316. Brussels nat.

N2318. “I am ___!” (Eowyn’s badass moment)

N2319. “From the land or sky ___” (Paula Cole line)

N2320. Remove chalk, in a way

N2321. Blair’s party

N2323. Love Island broadcaster

N2324. Violins worth more than Beyonce concert tickets

N2325. Smallest number that cannot be turned into a prime number just by changing one of its digits

N2326. Bluish purples

N2327. Number ABCD that is also BA × CD (and isn’t 1260 or 1435)

N2328. It’s poured at breakfast

N2329. Algebraic phrase

N2330. Bites at tea

N2332. Old World Cup star

N2333. Most hated man alive in late 2001

N2334. Less excitable

N2335. Dramatic situation in an inning

N2336. One’s wife, slangily

N2337. 9 × 97

N2338. Onetime political initials

N2339. 13 × 17

N2340. “Love ___” (Beatles)

N2341. Not fileted

N2343. Sign-off in Salerno

N2344. With The, we’re-all-in-a-simulation movie released the same year as The Matrix

N2345. Gangster Siegel portrayed by Warren Beatty

N2346. Qom currency

N2347. Unpictured Twitter user

N2350. Soba relative

N2351. “Scoot, critter!”

N2352. Like most pasta

N2353. 2 × 569

N2354. Counterweights

N2355. Year Elvis Presley became a household name (with three #1 hits, eleven TV appearances, and his first film)

N2356. Snipes-Swayze drag queen comedy

N2357. Put the collar on

N2359. Freeway entry lanes

N2360. Buoyant style

N2361. Easily bent

N2362. 2 × 179

N2363. Annoying attention-seeker’s habit

N2365. 2^12

N2366. Instrument developed for the Ring cycle

N2367. Having already had an owner

N2368. Fractions of an ellipse

N2369. “No one ___ begun to understand…”

N2370. Time to go, in a game

N2373. Knight crew?

N2374. Spring wildflower

N2375. Keats quote on nature’s eternal glory

N2377. Denver-to-Albuquerque dir.

N2378. Urbana-Champaign team

N2379. Year Barbie was introduced

N2380. Subcultural identity

N2381. Year of the Chicago Fire

N2382. Jackie’s second husband

N2384. Actress Anika ___ Rose of The Princess and the Frog and Dreamgirls

N2386. Arches in Gothic architecture

N2387. Hit in the side

N2388. Makes resolute

N2389. 4 × 3 × 41

N2390. Glossy pub

N2391. Glottis lead-in

N2392. Year the Empire State Building was finished

N2393. He played Oskar Schindler

N2395. Watery territories

N2396. First long-range guided ballistic missile

N2397. Rover’s adjective

N2398. Big-event thresholds

N2402. Cause of malodor, perhaps

N2404. It shows shows

N2405. Vitamin amts.

N2406. Directional suffix

N2407. Length of time K-1 immigrants have to get married, per a TLC reality show

N2408. Year of the Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine

N2409. Bad growths

N2410. Bourbon named for the year Kentucky became a state

N2411. They’re often leveraged

N2413. UNCF word

N2415. Like Beethoven’s Sixth Symphony

N2416. Noted “All-American” airborne division

N2417. Goldilocks’ foils

N2418. 83 × 5

N2419. One who can’t handle one’s liquor

N2421. Year daylight saving time was first used

N2422. Self-descriptive paragraph a company uses over and over

N2423. When workers usually come back from lunch

N2424. Usual food and drink

N2425. 14 squared

N2426. Not lining up

N2428. Ostrich’s cousins

N2432. Nazi leader

N2433. Last year of Billy the Kid’s life

N2434. Period that seems to be the focus of Republican nostalgia

N2435. Year “Columbus sailed the ocean blue”

N2436. Exact revenge on

N2438. World War II “Bouncing Betty” (or an elided claim of ownership)

N2440. Variety stores of old

N2441. All-terrain, as a vehicle

N2442. 22 × 29

N2443. Pen with which I’ve solved many a puzzle

N2444. Three-time Oscar-winner Lee

N2445. Book whose protagonist meets a doubleplusungood end

N2446. Kinds of scans

N2448. Rabbit’s tail

N2449. 4 × 173

N2451. 5,000,000

N2452. Superlatively

N2453. Near Dark novelist Thor

N2455. What’s more

N2457. Rare dynamic marking seen in Tchaikovsky’s Sixth Symphony

N2458. Words after “see,” “hear” or “speak”

N2459. Year of peak MAGA

N2460. Passages found in the penultimate chapter of the Bible

N2461. Year that saw the end of McCarthyism

N2462. Tomcat now found in Iran

N2465. “___-educated person behaves with arrogant impatience, whereas truly profound education breeds humility” (Alexander Solzhenitsyn)

N2467. “Have a Little Faith in Me” singer/guitarist John

N2468. Director’s shout when the crew looks tired

N2469. 3 × 197

N2470. Heated clashes

N2472. Midpoint of the prior century, as most would define it

N2473. “Ridin’” rapper

N2474. Apron tops

N2475. With fiscal motivation

N2476. Number of squares in most Sunday NYT crosswords

N2477. Herman Melville for obsession and death or Orwell for totalitarianism

N2479. “___ What Comes Natur’lly” (Irving Berlin)

N2480. Chuck overboard, figuratively or literally

N2481. “Thou ___ how sloth wastes the sluggish body” (Ovid)

N2482. “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” singer, familiarly

N2483. Barry Levinson film about guys who sell siding

N2486. Viewing area?

N2487. Year Netflix started producing original content

N2488. Like most fourth graders

N2489. Publishing debut for Ulysses, “The Waste Land,” and Virginia Woolf

N2490. “I ___ be pedantic…okay, that’s clearly not true”

N2491. J. Edgar Hoover’s gp.

N2493. Apollo’s birthplace

N2495. “___ get it!”

N2496. Like each other

N2497. 34 × 17

N2498. Keep going, as a fire

N2499. They get under your skin (abbr.)

N2500. On September 18 of this year, Congress passed the Fugitive Slave Act…and Harriet Tubman joined the Underground Railroad

N2501. Iran, once (abbr.)

N2503. Sock cover

N2504. That ___ Show

N2505. Olympic venues

N2506. Impossibilities, or so one may think

N2507. Edible flecks

N2508. Lift at Taos

N2511. Urban area reserved for green

N2512. Gen ___ (millennials)

N2514. Itsy-bitsy (var.)

N2515. Year Flash Gordon was introduced

N2516. Can be crossed off the list of objectives

N2517. Year marked by controversial films like Straw Dogs and A Clockwork Orange

N2518. Midafternoon, on grandfather clocks

N2520. Began an interview

N2521. Try to find with science

N2522. Brit’s tea serving

N2523. Whenever you land a strike, in video games

N2524. Honors word

N2525. Getting divisive?

N2527. C5H10 molecule (named for its five-based structure)

N2528. 362881/1349

N2529. Place of deep interment

N2531. Year the World Genome Project was completed

N2532. Most lively and talkative

N2533. Goes the way of all flesh

N2534. Paired like ark-borne beasts

N2535. Clusters of bingo balls, numerically

N2536. “Find ___ office near me”

N2538. Last word of “Remember, remember, the fifth of November…”

N2543. Shakespearean oath

N2544. Year continental drift was first proposed

N2545. Kendrick and Camp of Pitch Perfect

N2546. Year the first Simpsons cartoon came out and a notable supernova happened

N2547. Number of hours in a week

N2548. Speak grandly

N2551. Carpenters’ hits?

N2553. Lamblike

N2554. 2 × 197

N2555. Whom les Trois Mousquetaires served

N2556. Returns destination (abbr.)

N2557. Count heard often in dance class

N2558. Umbrian tourist town

N2560. Little honeymakers

N2561. Zs, in simple number code

N2562. Plane propellers?

N2563. Like Cheerios, say

N2564. Netizen’s “That’s hysterical!”

N2565. Shouts from remoter motorboaters

N2569. Year Gandhi was assassinated, the Kinsey report was released, and Israel was born

N2570. “___ Burr, Sir” (Hamilton number)

N2571. Year to party like it is, in song

N2572. Snoop Dogg’s old “So Fly” group

N2573. 5 × 7 × 11

N2576. Invading

N2578. Where LoTR got filmed

N2580. Kiefer Sutherland show and Lana Del Rey song

N2581. Kind of linguistics that helped me out in speech therapy

N2583. “Bruce Springsteen, Madonna / Way before Nirvana” song

N2584. Sent away

N2585. One-named singer for the 1960s Velvet Underground

N2586. Using depth-of-field illusions

N2587. Numbers of black squares, white squares, and pieces in chess

N2588. Radcliffe’s neighbor at Grauman’s

N2591. ___ fro

N2592. Chinese DJIA

N2593. Actress Emma

N2594. Kiddie-song refrain

N2597. Year The Great Gatsby was published

N2598. Dosage-inspired multivitamin brand name

N2599. De Niro-Depardieu class-struggle film released in theaters at 317 minutes

N2600. 2 × 229

N2601. 19 × 20

N2602. Last under use, or erode under use

N2604. It’s spun

N2606. Sheer brilliance

N2608. Like an unfriendly stare

N2609. General one can take out?

N2610. Eau de ___ (brandy)

N2611. Year of the first live TV broadcast

N2612. Word with “State” or “Great”

N2614. Top that’s not tucked in

N2615. 2009 romcom about dissecting a failed relationship

N2616. Suffix modifying vegetable, discipline, and liberty

N2617. Word before man or Edison

N2618. Talking about the pressure of maintaining a high-traffic site, say

N2619. Bagel type

N2621. Celestial object that takes its name from darkened “eyes” in its luminescence

N2623. Year John Glenn became first man to orbit the Earth

N2624. Is a sore loser, say

N2625. 8 × 127

N2626. Number that’s one shy of twenty years’ monthly publication

N2627. Gliese ___, a star of great interest to the hunt for extraterrestrial life

N2628. Rwandan natives

N2630. Creek barrier

N2632. Shouts of triumph

N2634. Some emperors

N2635. Hand beaten by any arrangement of face cards

N2637. Year in which we lost MLK and Bobby Kennedy…widely considered America’s worst, most fractious year until 2020

N2638. Mall merchants

N2639. Yelp contributors, e.g.

N2640. ___ You (popular play about teen life)

N2641. Three by twos?

N2642. Part of an elite ground force

N2644. One who likes to light things up

N2645. Malay sailing boats

N2646. Mass-murder

N2647. Eddie Murphy’s first film

N2648. Certain opening

N2649. Head for distant ports

N2650. ___ -eyed

N2651. Lady’s title

N2652. Representative Davis of Alabama (and in some translations, Camelot’s King)

N2653. Shout from a weary employee

N2654. Confession to make about the last pizza slice

N2655. Body language study

N2656. How unburied bodies are left

N2657. Number of fluid ounces in a gallon

N2658. Largest three-digit number that when divided by 6 leaves a remainder of 5 and when divided by 5 leaves a remainder of 3

N2659. NATO secretary general Stoltenberg

N2661. He’s called “the end of the world” in Esdras, but only because his brother would begin the world that followed

N2662. Owing heavily

N2664. Dot found in the lowercase version of this word

N2665. It’s prized for its claws, but it can grow new ones

N2666. Corrida crowd’s cry

N2667. Year of Jesse Owens’ Olympic glory

N2668. Murray of Groundhog Day and Ghostbusters

N2671. 9712/16

N2672. God depicted here: [image not found]

N2673. First name in elocution lessons

N2674. She played Peter Pan and Maria von Trapp

N2675. Unoriginal

N2677. Usual mid-leap-year event

N2678. Speaks clearly

N2681. Family of the crocus and gladiolus

N2682. Digs by a church, perhaps

N2683. Year the euro became a coin and replaced 12 countries’ currencies

N2684. 10^2 + 10^2 + 9^2

N2685. 4 × 197

N2686. Really dazzles

N2687. [flips the bird]

N2688. Title of respect (abbr.)

N2689. Like much London weather

N2690. Adjust (to)

N2691. Hands, to Jose

N2693. Certain WMD

N2695. Revolutionary War general

N2697. Year depicted in Dunkirk

N2698. Counts

N2699. Dagger grip

N2700. Those who may correct gerrymandering

N2701. Special Forces officer

N2702. Record number of runs batted in, or average between 243 and 139

N2703. It’s been selling utensils since 1921

N2704. “Hey, remember Web portals?” brand

N2705. Take a long look

N2706. Indigos

N2711. Word that’s red in the dark and white on green outdoors

N2712. Hastily assembled shelter

N2713. At this point, the pot starts to bubble

N2714. Top floor of the Burj Khalifa, or 240 - 77

N2715. Largest factor of 6167

N2716. Preserve denizen

N2720. Has contempt for

N2722. The Money Class author Suze

N2724. No. 1 in Berlin

N2725. Documents to fill out

N2726. Year in which a war ended on 11/11 at 11:00 pm

N2727. Meet, as a need

N2729. Li’l lions

N2730. Community services phone number

N2733. Some baskets

N2734. Docuseries cancelled in response to civil unrest and uncancelled after four months

N2735. “And then ___” (surprise ending to a story with a first-person narrator)

N2736. Not the longest dashes

N2738. Piece of soccer equipment

N2741. Breakfast-all-day chain, familiarly

N2742. See-through material

N2743. Cuddle and kiss, London-style

N2744. 6 × 97

N2745. 6 × 6 × 19

N2746. Boswell or Burns

N2747. Half-sized, for a golf course

N2749. Someone, but we don’t know who

N2751. Bird’s treat

N2753. Mexican sandwiches

N2755. Paper Moon costars

N2756. Drink diluter

N2757. Morally stomach-churning

N2759. 6 × 103

N2760. Brackish, boat-bottom water

N2761. Moon unit?

N2764. Black-and-white seabird

N2765. Winnebago owners, for short

N2766. Baseball advice: “___ where they ain’t”

N2769. Square dance callers

N2770. “Not many, but not none”

N2771. 5 × 101

N2772. 23 × 31

N2773. Two-band label

N2774. Third aspect of the Triple Goddess

N2776. English or Irish hunting dog

N2778. Super Bowl highlight

N2780. Gillis of ‘60s TV or grumpy wolf of Animal Crossing

N2782. La La Land lead

N2783. Junior or senior, e.g.

N2785. Look after (oneself), with “for”

N2786. 3 × 113

N2787. Autos available with “bonnet stripes”

N2788. Nursery-rhyme treats

N2789. Impecunious

N2790. Heistmeister Danny with 11, 12, and 13

N2791. Succumb to inflation?

N2794. Poo or pee, e.g.

N2795. Fragrance brand

N2796. Important person to believe in

N2797. Top grade every period

N2798. What “Margaret” means

N2799. The bar suit and the zig-zag skirt, e.g.

N2800. Have no choice, informally

N2801. Electronic drum machine name-checked by Britney Spears, Frank Ocean, and Future

N2802. 5 × 67

N2803. Insufficient numbers

N2804. Window-box bloom

N2806. Some French wines

N2808. Pt. of IMF

N2809. Prefix of the dead

N2811. Early Great Plains residents

N2812. Love sickness?

N2813. Something that may get tongue-tied?

N2814. Form of water in Kurt Vonnegut’s sci-fi

N2815. 14 × 37

N2816. Expert on the future

N2818. Radio format associated with Casey Kasem

N2819. “Heigh-Ho” singers

N2821. “Roaring” decade (or this one?)

N2823. 5’9” in US men’s height

N2824. 17 x 7

N2828. It is human, per a saying

N2829. Ottoman governors who share a name with a certain Queen

N2830. Prime numbers that show up often in Star Trek and JJ Abrams productions

N2831. 4 × 71

N2832. Orange cover

N2833. Red deer does

N2835. Orders takeout

N2837. Writer/director/star of Tiny Furniture

N2839. Day of rest (abbr.)

N2840. Dozen cubed

N2842. Dustups

N2843. 77 × 11

N2844. Yule sound

N2845. Pitchers Rich and Ryan or comic Louis and the “Science Guy’

N2847. Trump’s Secretary of Education

N2848. Core message

N2849. Be inappropriate

N2853. Not customizable, as clothing

N2854. Packed houses, in theater shorthand

N2855. Best possible FICO credit score

N2856. 19 × 29

N2857. Silverstein of kid-lit

N2858. Toothy species

N2859. Joseph who worked with curves and heat equations

N2860. “Gonna be hell ___”

N2861. Cletus the Slack-Jawed Yokel’s possessive (my Appalachia-loving sister-in-law’s not gonna be happy about this clue)

N2862. Capital west of Tallinn, Estonia

N2863. Controlling strap

N2865. Unlikely to spark debate, like “The sky is blue”, “We’re both speaking English now,” and little else in this fraught age

N2867. Many a red dwarf

N2869. 3^7 × (3 + 7) × (3 + 7)

N2870. Strewn with figures, in heraldry

N2871. Select from among other choices

N2872. 28 × 19

N2873. Flock members

N2875. Ricoh purchase of 2008

N2876. Steak orders

N2877. Hepatitis B, e.g.

N2878. Comes out on top?

N2882. Some frozen drinks

N2883. Angle symbol

N2884. 680 - 512

N2885. Punny time for a dentist’s appointment

N2886. In 1984, Red Dawn became the first movie to be this

N2887. Lobster Telephone and The Great Masturbator on display

N2891. Uses a washer cycle

N2893. Swell of the sea

N2895. Shorebirds

N2897. Romain de Tirtoff, initially

N2899. Culminates

N2900. Principle cited when picking food up off the floor

N2901. They’ve got dirty minds

N2903. Tune to get you dancing

N2904. Opera number

N2905. Defining legislation of the post-9/11 era

N2906. Actor-wrestler Bennett

N2907. POLICE LINE – DO NOT CROSS tape, e.g.

N2909. Musical outro

N2911. Lubricant sometimes used as insect repellent

N2912. Count after “hup”

N2913. Magic constant of the Franklin magic square

N2914. Mai ___ (faux-Polynesian drinks)

N2915. The hit, usually

N2916. “I’ll stare down that pirate, patch ___!”

N2918. Pixieish

N2920. Vietnam river

N2922. Vegan fare

N2924. Washday woes

N2926. Sense and Sensibility star

N2927. They might be kept or picked up

N2928. Antifascist identifier, or 7 x 23

N2929. East-coast seafood

N2930. Nasser’s first name

N2931. Blowout

N2932. Frowned upon

N2934. “S” on the dinner table

N2935. Overflowing with joy

N2936. Match or surpass by imitation

N2937. Seized items

N2938. Media big shot

N2939. Popular vodka, familiarly

N2940. “But Sarai was barren; She ___ no child” (Gen 11:30)

N2942. PayPal currency

N2943. 2 × 449

N2944. 2 × 1 × 21 × 21

N2945. Boeing’s Super Hornets

N2946. Indicates one should

N2947. Home-loan agcy.

N2949. Mentally well

N2951. Cough-drop name yodeled in ads

N2953. Gomer ___, U.S.M.C.

N2955. Took ___ at: gave it the old college try

N2957. Episode you don’t need to TiVo, maybe

N2958. GM, Ford, and Fiat Chrysler, though maybe not anymore

N2959. Proton and neutron numbers in uranium

N2960. Place to plant a wet one

N2961. Hors-d’oeuvres for the lactose tolerant

N2962. Bandmate of Keith, Bill, and Charlie

N2964. Owner of Athleta and Banana Republic

N2968. Reserve another room

N2969. Number that’s a Spanish-language collab for Selina Gomez

N2970. Start of some Animal Farm propaganda

N2971. ___ gas (riot police weapon)

N2972. Couple of electrons you’d think might get shared, but aren’t

N2973. “Oh, relax, he wouldn’t hurt ___!”

N2974. 28 × 16

N2975. Call-before-you-dig number

N2976. ___ mater

N2977. Make a tenant

N2978. Org. with the motto, “To serve, not be served”

N2980. Mr. Mister might have a broken one

N2982. Dry forecast

N2983. Feedbag’s fill

N2984. French for between

N2986. Blazer or Bronco

N2987. Accounting acronym

N2988. 225 + 206

N2989. Disapproving

N2991. Jump jet’s ability, in brief

N2992. Happens upon

N2993. Frank Ocean track named for a country

N2994. Contradicted

N2997. Grandmother of Jesus

N3000. “Egad” or “drat”

N3001. 6 × 137

N3002. 4 × 223

N3003. Org. that removed a beer bottle from its logo in 1997

N3004. Detectives put these together

N3005. Soccer star Suarez

N3006. Miss topper

N3007. Without cost

N3008. VA neighbor

N3009. Deutschland drake

N3010. Enterprise fuel

N3011. More than surmise

N3015. Have a faceoff

N3017. Horse with a veggie-inspired name also written as “Potoooooooo”

N3018. Daytime and nighttime soap star who broke in with The Young and the Restless

N3020. French mountain range written about by Robert Louis Stevenson

N3021. “Heads ___, tails you lose”

N3022. Is in a buying mood

N3023. One getting paid to play

N3024. Moral inventory, in Alcoholics Anonymous

N3025. Biggest group of Tinder users, demographically

N3027. Destroys violently

N3030. Airhead

N3031. 27 × 23

N3032. 12 × 23

N3033. Often-cited stat about US mental health issues

N3034. Like sounds and tastes

N3035. Treasured items in academia

N3039. Achieve

N3041. ___ Kyle (Catwoman’s alter ego)

N3043. ___ Lee, co-creator of Spider-Man

N3045. Ryan of mound fame

N3047. “Keep your ___ the ground”

N3048. Consider

N3049. Young MC urged you to bust this

N3050. PF Flyers’ rival

N3052. British Invasion band that launched Van Morrison’s career

N3053. Edible Japanese plant

N3054. “Got everything right here”

N3056. Deutschland donkey

N3058. “Well, lah-di-___”

N3059. Airport info

N3061. Cholesterol level at which it’s time to start worrying

N3062. Ideal gestation, in days

N3063. 16 × 52

N3064. Countoff that establishes a beat in many songs

N3065. Childer

N3066. SportCombi maker

N3067. ___ as 1-2-3

N3069. Disease tsetses cause

N3071. Bottomless, seemingly

N3073. Went away, in Wessex

N3075. Primal Scream’s “Movin’ ___”

N3077. Female nags

N3079. “Take out ___ 2 pencil…” (old SAT instructions)

N3080. Coin collector’s treasure featuring Queen Mary

N3081. Owner of TASCAM

N3082. Location identifier (abbr.)

N3083. Inspirational msg.

N3085. Longest-lived rodent

N3086. Unexpected affection, and an alternate title for this puzzle

N3090. Taping an interview or videorecording police activity, for short

N3092. Seat at Wimbledon?

N3093. Popular deal at burger chains

N3094. Numbered street I grew up on, whose sign was sometimes stolen by ribald pranksters

N3095. Arranged in sequence

N3096. “So, if Disney bought Lucasfilm, does that mean ___ is a Disney princess?”

N3097. Highly secure location

N3099. Poke lightly

N3101. Tide status

N3103. Stud’s work

N3105. Sign letters on the cross

N3107. Found a hotel

N3109. Term used for carnivals and conditioners to imply great deals

N3113. Baseball’s Bando

N3114. “That ___ microdose” (memed statement when the hallucinations kick in)

N3115. “___ can’t”

N3118. Goblin leader?

N3119. When Juliet fakes her death

N3120. Word with jam or joint

N3121. Legend has it that he used a shamrock to illustrate the concept of the Holy Trinity; informal

N3122. Equivocation

N3125. 24 × 17

N3126. Time ending in :56

N3127. Prefix with “sphere”

N3128. Raipur wraps

N3129. Where “yard sales” are done in Brooklyn

N3130. Military region

N3132. Quicken product

N3134. Christian of design

N3136. Four generations of instrument-stringers

N3138. Port on Norton Sound

N3140. Constellation elements

N3142. “For here ___ go?”

N3144. Featured vocalists’ selections

N3145. Temporary state of mind

N3146. Length of the Beatles’ “Week”

N3147. “Ephraim feeds on the wind” passage, in the chapter-book format

N3148. Very rich cake

N3149. Pate source

N3153. Imprisoned Chinese journalist Tao

N3154. Hdqrs.

N3155. Like more modest bikinis

N3156. Boo’s partner

N3157. Support democratically

N3158. Messing up, in an old quote

N3159. Beyoncé and Solange once had one

N3160. Not at full power

N3161. 0% of the population

N3162. Sansei’s parent

N3164. “Land of Enchantment” (abbr.)

N3166. Sitting still in fascination

N3168. Unexpected electrical variance

N3169. Goes berserk

N3172. Rugrat Pickles

N3174. Charity’s plea

N3175. Kittrie of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies

N3176. Lance in the Los Angeles judicial system

N3177. The Sorcerer’s Stone, in Harry Potter

N3179. Impostor in all things

N3181. Gilbert and Sullivan offerings

N3182. Donut-shaped Indian artifact

N3183. Sacha’s most successful alias

N3185. Time that’s barely afternoon

N3186. Roast setting

N3187. “___ who?” (informally)

N3188. One stk.

N3189. Pan pursuer

N3190. Hitchcock villains undefeated at the end credits

N3191. Try to provoke

N3192. Sonata finale

N3193. “___, ridente in cielo” (The Barber of Seville aria)

N3194. Vessel once seen on the Indian coast

N3196. Grey’s Anatomy staffer

N3198. Little whirlwind

N3199. Most sound

N3202. Quietly getting….closer…closerrrr...

N3204. Number of Psalms, or half a tricentennial

N3205. Gets hazy, with “up”

N3206. Finger little bits off

N3207. Letters before a summary

N3208. With respect to this, legally

N3209. 4 × 151

N3210. Certain string

N3211. Exists as a simple line

N3212. Ripped, as paper

N3213. Nearly infinite period

N3216. Tomato drinks I just can’t develop a taste for

N3217. President’s wife

N3218. Rochester was one

N3219. Movie about Osama bin Laden completely rewritten after his death

N3220. “Color of the Year” company

N3223. Tropical wood

N3226. Breathy intro?

N3228. “Has a dog Buddha-nature or not?”, e.g.

N3230. Of time long past

N3232. Mustard, lemon, and saffron

N3233. Really short odds

N3234. Three, binarily

N3235. Initials for Jesus

N3236. Film’s special effect

N3237. Qatar’s ruler (var.)

N3239. Agatha sleuth

N3241. Theory introduced by Jan Smuts

N3243. Really enjoyed thinking about

N3244. Singing practices

N3245. Roman emperor and saint who introduced a currency that lasted a thousand years

N3246. Life, as Hamlet phrased it

N3247. Tea, for one

N3250. Write over

N3252. Act hoity-toity

N3254. Wide-eyed child

N3256. British actor who broke out in The Wire

N3258. Gloss over

N3260. Like a superhighway

N3269. Arouse, as interest

N3271. Quarterback Dave

N3272. Pope known for reconstructing St. Peter’s Basilica

N3273. Soup vessel

N3275. Blade Runner, e.g.

N3276. A surfeit

N3277. ___ Beach (California resort)

N3278. Actors Peter and Annette

N3280. Italian politician Balbo

N3282. Elmer’s bovine companion

N3284. Fix, as a feline

N3286. Ornamental top

N3287. Intentionally bad argument

N3289. Gathering of ecclesiastics

N3291. Woody or Arlo of folk

N3292. Land that may be “incognita”

N3293. Hold onto in case it’s wanted by

N3294. No longer dead

N3295. Tire leak sound

N3296. Keanan of Step by Step

N3297. Sixers’ former guard Free

N3298. Reason for hesitating

N3300. “Would you like milk ___?”

N3301. “___ make sense, but no”

N3304. Take for ransom

N3305. Planes in the news

N3306. Spring month found in an Israeli city name

N3307. Slip the code to an embezzler, say

N3308. Middle of a classical trio

N3309. Got a 100 on

N3311. Blonde-beached island

N3313. Shoulder shielder

N3315. Gobbles quickly and without dignity

N3318. Top-grossing dance artist Steve

N3320. Car brand that may be returning to its sporty roots

N3322. Home-run accompaniment

N3323. Clear or sheer

N3324. Blast of colors

N3325. He just doesn’t fit in

N3326. Uie alternative

N3327. Stanley of The Hunger Games

N3328. When repeated, words of agreement

N3329. Outpourings

N3331. Food fragment

N3334. Winter garment insert

N3335. ___ de parfum

N3337. Cyber loc.

N3338. Shrink’s assn.

N3340. Indian 2022 film with a mind-blowing “flying circus” sequence

N3342. MLB stat trio

N3343. Milan “mine”

N3344. Paris butcher’s offering

N3345. Intercede

N3346. Yeats, for one

N3347. Like 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, and 12

N3348. Threw ___: struck out everyone

N3350. “…weed/That rots itself ___ on Lethe wharf” (Shakespeare)

N3352. Hardly Michelin-star fare

N3354. Place to dust

N3356. Gov. Pawlenty’s home

N3357. “Pas different”

N3359. Sheepish meadow

N3360. ___-de-dah (“fiddle-dee-dee”)

N3361. “You ___ Here” (map feature)

N3362. Associate (with)

N3363. NYC transit letters

N3365. Erev ___ (Hebrew good evening)

N3366. “XOXOXO,” in texts

N3367. ___-Arc (LA architecture school)

N3368. It runs in the forest

N3369. Chumps

N3370. Prunes decisively

N3372. Common deli meat order (abbr.)

N3373. Enjoy, as a meal

N3377. 11th-century Norwegian king

N3381. Little secreter

N3383. Antiquarian

N3385. Passed on the clock

N3387. Made important

N3390. Playground equipment

N3394. Cockroaches and cicadas, e.g.

N3397. Finalize

N3399. “Can’t you see I’m busy?”

N3403. Trypsin target

N3407. Take-no-prisoners

N3409. Many a Nevada resident

N3411. Noted American behaviorist

N3413. Position (oneself)

N3415. Dn. and a little to the rt. on a map

N3416. Material named before Valley or Alley

N3418. Claudius’ adoptive son

N3422. Inoperative

N3427. “___ Is a Punk Rocker” (1977 The Ramones single)

N3430. Soundness of judgment

N3432. “That’s life!,” e.g.

N3434. Interested in trying

N3435. Draw ___ (fill the tub)

N3437. Southern university with the Green Wave

N3439. Like a contract that’s not competitive

N3443. Well of Souls location in Raiders of the Lost Ark

N3444. “I’d like to buy the world ___”

N3445. Star Hathaway

N3446. Big cheese at work

N3447. William Taft and Bill Clinton

N3448. The girl from Ipanema had one

N3449. Have an ___ one’s sleeve

N3450. Products from Berlin

N3451. Debra of Hollywood

N3452. Important part of FB points-getting strategy

N3453. ___River, N.J.

N3454. Tautomeric form of vitamin C, e.g.

N3455. “___ blood cells age, membranes wear out…” (Biology factoid)

N3456. Hoity-___ (indie band with “Y’know”)

N3457. Early-21st-century leader with a 12212 pattern

N3458. Big cat, in Brittany

N3459. 5 and 6 above B and C

N3460. School that celebrates George III’s birthday

N3461. ___ Oreille (Idaho lake)

N3462. Got ___ on (aced)

N3463. “Et al.,” in business names

N3464. “___ taxes” (Bush Sr.)

N3465. Cat-___-tails (whip)

N3466. Rock singer Bob

N3468. Chuck Yeager goal?

N3470. Razorbelly ___ (tropical fish)

N3474. Singer’s syllables

N3476. Rod set in concrete

N3478. Santa-approved

N3479. Arabian Peninsula capital (var.)

N3480. David of the Red Sox

N3481. String-section members

N3482. Darling in the Franxx or My Hero Academia

N3483. What the suffix “phile” means

N3484. 14.0067 for N

N3485. Espana, por ejemplo

N3486. Tenn. hours?

N3487. One of the ones who’s “for all”

N3488. Tea of Jurassic Park III

N3489. Illegal kind of punishment

N3490. Defend with focus, in football

N3491. Hi-bye

N3492. George’s Cheers role

N3493. Bridge, in Bologna

N3494. MIT and RPI et al.

N3495. “Turn down the volume,” in notation

N3496. “___ talk?” (Joan Rivers catchphrase)

N3497. Disentangled

N3498. Printer’s reversal

N3499. Cambodia’s Phnom ___

N3500. USSR’s Tu-144, e.g.

N3501. Nov. 10th honoree

N3502. It’s a Wonderful Life filmmaker Frank

N3503. “Rings ___ Fingers” (Henry Fonda film)

N3504. Typical Horatio Alger heroes

N3506. Where Wis. students move swiftly forward

N3507. Jones of Big Band fame

N3508. Word’s prior versions

N3509. Fenway fillers

N3510. Rare cry from the slots

N3511. Fourth-century date

N3516. Clouseau’s rank (abbr.)

N3518. Lender’s claim

N3520. Guitar guru Paul

N3522. Hot soups in Saigon

N3523. Felon, to the fuzz

N3524. The smart one on the yellow bug-eyed cartoon

N3526. Black Star member with Talib

N3528. Fill up before bed

N3534. Al Roker prediction

N3538. Forget the lyrics, maybe

N3540. Classic musical arcade game, for short

N3541. “You sure got me”

N3543. Home of All Things Considered

N3544. Suffix meaning “full of”

N3545. Swinging

N3547. “Wow” or “Ow!”

N3549. Bush Sr. headed it

N3551. Access points

N3553. Atlanta sch. of over 30,000 students

N3554. ___-1701 (USS Enterprise registry)

N3556. WWE fixture Anderson

N3557. Anglican Spanish queen

N3558. “___ End”

N3560. Blowup at a copy shop (abbr.)

N3561. Killing Eve cable channel

N3562. Annabel of Poe’s poetry


Stitches Across

N298-O255. Not all at once

N1118-O1049. Eye-to-eye communication

N1388-O1354. Oops. Um…fictional woman I just made up whose first name means “pleasant,” whose last name means “is,” and who anagrams “to inseam”

N1656-O1743. Stories meant to illustrate a lesson

N1945-O2146. Leave destitute

N2183-O2468. Transcendental abstract artist known for wild colors

N2480-O2851. Arthritis, primarily

N2733-O3130. Full-face and profile in jail

N3022-O3418. Common victim of tennis elbow

N3327-O3687. The Beach Boys asked her for help

N3502-O3824. “Good as I Was to You” singer


Stitches Down

N3506-S1. TV-lover’s hypertext

N3507-S2. Start of some musing

N3538-S9. Binging on crack or, with “out,” binging on trivia

N3400-S10. Health nut’s snack

N3404-S18. Move that isn’t messing around

N3429-S22. Giving up in the face of hopeless odds

N3483-S42. Member of a Stargate: Atlantis race

N3531-S46. Flow down city streets

N3541-S14. Banishment

N3546-S26. Sydney Bristow, Solid Snake, and the Cigarette Smoking Man