Ubercross Abecedaria N


N1. Walter who Walter Alston worked for, for 23 seasons

N8. Museum displays

N15. Arctic herd

N22. Gary’s place

N29. Hammer home

N36. Many’s the time

N41. Roberto Duran’s plea

N46. Limestone-reef builder

N53. Greek site of famed figurines

N60. Arm muscle

N67. Have finished filming

N74. Deprives of energy

N81. Lunchroom, for short

N84. Simple sandwiches, simply

N88. Demand in response to “oh, there are lots of them”

N89. Basic Instinct star

N93. Figures of speech?

N94. Befriending to win favor

N98. Restless in the dark?

N101. Easily flimflammed

N102. Insulation material

N105. Calendar for the illiterate that sounds like it predicts plumbing problems

N109. Wormlike creature that can control the minds of grasshoppers and crickets

N110. Finally gets the stains out of that carpet, say

N114. Responsible

N115. Fruity liqueurs

N118. Nutritional info on a cereal box

N119. Think you hung the moon

N122. Speak the same language, so to speak

N124. Break a Commandment or two

N125. Gender-specific endings slowly passing out of usage

N126. “Doesn’t that adjective describe us when you get down to it?”

N127. Where jacks, queens, and kings are worth 11-13

N128. Lynn Truss book subtitled, The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation

N130. Change of faith

N133. Second largest bird

N134. Strike from the record

N135. South Pacific child

N136. Jungian intellects

N137. Ringers

N138. Diamond ___ (C&W group)

N139. Required

N140. Maxi or mini

N141. Cause a big stink?

N143. Mr. Peanut’s prop

N144. Character on the You Eediot! album cover

N146. Source of the word “avatar”

N148. Shape name with a more widely-used rhyming synonym

N150. Desktop item

N152. Spinning

N153. Payroll deduction, perhaps

N154. Slipping frequencies

N156. Give them ___ for their money

N157. Just a little battery

N158. Gave the skinny to

N160. Trade, as places

N161. Suffix with maison or kitchen

N162. “Hey…buddy”

N163. Thin fish eaten as sushi

N164. Lighten up

N166. Fight-for-life front-liners

N167. Break down into elements

N168. Hardly leisurely

N170. Relentlessly harasses, as bill collectors might

N172. One of the sisters on Braxton Family Values

N174. Libertarian socialist Chomsky

N175. Rainbowy, as a prefix

N176. Sam who played Merlin in Merlin

N178. Spanish chicken and rice dish

N179. Apartment next to the super’s, maybe

N180. WWII Normandy lander

N181. NBA whistle blowers

N182. Longing for something better

N183. Napkin, e.g.

N184. Stoli competitor

N185. Lowering one’s sail

N186. Wallach who played the “ugly” in The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

N187. Maiden-name designation

N188. Acclaimed 2017 biography subtitled “The Man, the Dictator, and the Master of Terror”

N190. Interconnection of nerves

N192. Measure of company performance with an acronym that now sounds like a deadly disease

N198. Washington, for one

N200. Vile smile

N201. ___-night (like some doubleheaders)

N202. Homes made of sticks

N203. They started allowing multiple helmet designs in 2022

N209. Age of an older tween

N215. Shakespeare title woman

N220. Like a waltz

N223. Higher-risk, according to Moody’s

N226. Goldie who was a Banger Sister

N230. Year with an overture

N234. Waffles in a box

N236. Does emcee work

N238. Like a lively number (abbr.)

N239. London goodbyes

N241. Children’s author Madeleine L’___

N243. Nautical direction

N247. Alternative airport to DCA or BWI

N250. Like wind turbines and many propellers

N256. Dismisses from the workforce

N264. A quarter thou

N267. Tongue or tail action

N270. Like a low-fat dessert

N271. Choice for a bed made in the kitchen

N272. Victorian, in a way

N273. Higher calling?

N274. Rips a new one

N276. Chef Boyardee, but for dogs

N277. European bowling variant

N279. Informal studio, say

N281. Egyptian mythical creator

N282. Beyond merely forgetful

N284. Mounted

N286. Philosopher Georges, or buck of a certain age

N288. In charge

N290. Swinger allowing access to some neighborhoods?

N292. Unsuitable for tots

N293. Christopher Nolan movie where the protagonist is literally called “the protagonist” through the movie and, Chris, you’re overall one of the best directors of the century but that’s a bit much

N294. Unceremoniously hurled

N295. Shirt or blouse

N296. Cause for a food recall

N298. Photo/vid app, slangily

N302. “___ there yet?”

N303. Sturluson saga

N304. Place to explore in depth?

N306. Double and lop off a decimal point

N307. It’s useful for now, but long-term, you don’t care about it

N310. Limited-episode TV programs

N313. Forward, e.g.

N315. ___ under (trap wintrily)

N317. Mayor in the Katrina spotlight

N319. Buyers

N320. First family to be First Family a second time

N321. Lay one’s trust (upon)

N322. Bar seat

N323. Rasputin, to his family

N324. On American soil

N326. Lauren of Supernatural and The Walking Dead

N327. Chairman Arafat

N328. 1958 musical that won Best Picture (and, uh, hasn’t held up)

N330. ___ for Immigrants (Selina Alko)

N331. Geometric prefix

N332. Characters not found in this puzzle

N334. Cognac grade (abbr.)

N335. Words found under a torch, branches, and E PLURIBUS UNUM

N337. Cranny’s partner

N338. Record-keeper, for short

N340. Warm alpine wind (anagram of NO, HEF)

N341. Console that included Super Mario World, for short

N343. Actress Barbara Bel ___

N345. "Ugh, so frustrating!"

N347. Noi Bai International Airport site

N349. Old truck maker

N350. The way of the East

N351. ___ one’s knee: have a minor mishap

N353. “I have ___ receive payment…”

N355. Some roulette bets

N356. Storybook brute

N358. “Am ___ to the task?”

N359. Kauai, e.g. (abbr.)

N360. Massively ripped

N361. Librarian’s quick requests

N364. “Go on to dinner, don’t worry about us…”

N365. Jabba the ___

N367. Hyperbolic function

N368. Mag’s salesperson

N369. No longer changing

N370. Hypocrite

N371. Iraq War hazards, briefly

N372. Somebody else’s favorite, I imagine

N374. Baggins of mountaineering

N376. Manager once hired by George Steinbrenner

N379. Having a crisp picture, say

N381. Iranian industrial city

N383. Smitten to death

N387. Cartoonist who skewered Tammany Hall

N389. Cause (oneself) to go

N390. Tiny drinks

N391. How old the Earth is, if you count the Precambrian

N392. Point of revolution

N393. Grasshopper’s critic

N394. Brown finisher, on the web

N396. Exercise pace

N397. Two noted Chaplins

N399. 2 × 409

N400. Verb for thou

N401. Often-covered 1970s Spanish hit

N402. Girl’s pronoun

N403. Spectator turnout

N404. Gets a crop going

N405. Our group in Paris

N406. “Wow, that’s the ___ Wonder of the World!”

N408. Dueling weapon

N410. Veto word in the UN

N411. Overseas train system

N413. ___’n you (whimsically named café in my area)

N415. Homeric setting

N417. Projectiles in reserve

N418. Have ___ to pick: have complaints

N419. “Quite a hot day out” response

N420. Jackie on The Conners

N421. An unfair expanse of time

N422. Letting the memory fade

N424. “___ momenta…”

N425. Household rival

N427. Either “bold” or “brave” in The Brave and the Bold

N429. “Je vous en ___”

N431. ___ honors

N432. Women, in a dated phrase

N434. Imprecate

N435. It may be run up at Christmastime

N436. Spreadsheet program option

N437. None of the above, on a survey

N439. Zapped, microwave-style

N441. Pixy ___

N443. Attendant to Poseidon

N445. Delhi titles

N447. Planner’s specialty

N449. Hindu sacred words

N450. Part of a parade float on New Year’s Day

N452. SOS first responders

N453. Prepare a response to

N454. Refusing responses

N455. Mind-expander of a sort

N456. Popular surf-n-turf sandwich

N458. Taking all the chips of

N460. “___ le roi!”

N461. Bareilles and Ramirez

N462. Deli loaf

N465. 1971 top 20 hit with no English lyrics

N467. Related to the word of god, in a way

N469. Actor Pegg

N471. 1984 Swedish speed skating medalist Gustafson

N473. Pulling from the depths of one’s being

N476. It’s hit with a pinky

N478. Widely recognized variety, as of a species of animal

N479. “The Cylons have found us!”

N480. Leave utterly useless

N481. 6 × 178

N482. “32 Flavors” singer DiFranco

N483. Kind of person you are?

N484. Coastline feature

N485. Call that can be played with just C’s, E’s, and G’s

N488. Whack-___

N489. Time when, according to experts, you should be asleep

N490. Three, to Beethoven

N491. Greek island in the Aegean

N492. Hoped-for rolls in Risk

N493. Fatty salts

N494. Because of

N495. Polynesian island

N496. Graceless golf finish

N497. Name in sugar-replenishing cookies I indulge in after blood donations

N499. Businesslike

N502. French city

N503. One squared plus two squared plus three squared plus four squared plus five squared plus six squared

N505. “I can read you like___”

N506. “Too bad, but this is how it is”

N507. The House at Pooh Corner author

N508. Ninety by ninety

N509. Before, to Dickinson

N510. 3 × 4 × 5 × 9

N511. Gulp (down)

N512. Zoological name suffix

N513. They’re usually cut thin at the deli

N514. Greenwich Village campus, briefly

N515. Midway to 21

N517. The opposite of popular

N518. Franchise that made Michael Bay a household name

N520. Spot for an awards collection

N522. Steely Dan song about a guy starting to become a dirty old man

N524. Casual-dress phrase

N525. Prefix with “futurism” for Black Panther

N527. Cause to be invalid

N529. Brand that’s a verb

N530. White Witch’s home

N534. Large intestines

N536. Biodegrades, say

N537. “Probably kid-safe but think about it a little”

N538. Gaming rig GTX ___, or 110 × 15

N539. When Augustus made Tiberius his heir

N540. Old length limit for text messages and tweets

N541. Japanese restaurant soup

N542. Aft locations

N544. “The best ___ to be” (Browning)

N545. Digestion blocker

N547. Roger who invented the term “idiot plot”

N548. “Samesies”

N549. Outline

N550. They woo ewes

N551. Rhyming drink

N552. Earned an E

N553. Oldest age to which any human has ever been documented to live

N554. 4 × 181

N556. Harmless but quick snake, and thus aptly named

N558. Big imbiber

N560. Twisted pasta

N562. Dungeons & Dragons fan, stereotypically

N564. Mends by reweaving

N565. Wrestlers’ repertoires

N566. Likely at odds with conservatism

N567. The Lost Boys actor Feldman

N568. Year the Depression hit

N569. 4 × 227

N570. 19 x 8

N571. Debtors’ letters

N572. Au ___ (up to date)

N573. Boston Pops section (abbr.)

N574. ___ percentile: as good as or better than four-fifths

N575. Longtime Masters airer

N577. Hussein Farrah, Desert Storm soldier and son of a warlord who relinquished power and brought some peace to Somalia

N578. Spanish spout

N579. Empath created to show the importance of mental health in the future

N581. Drug-trade novel and TV miniseries that takes its name from the purity of “flour”

N582. Number of days in a century

N584. Popular break hr.

N586. Cause to swoon

N588. Poison compounds produced by snakes

N590. Husk that was once a building or monument

N592. Shows recognition

N593. ___ Downsy (toy line)

N594. Dab hands

N595. Sorely needed rest spots

N596. Year the Vietnam War ended

N597. “1, 1” follower in the Fibonacci sequence

N598. 865 ÷ 5

N599. Letters before a phone no., maybe

N600. A Doll’s House and Our Town, e.g.

N601. Titular teen in a Nickelodeon series

N604. Finales of many sonatas

N606. “___ with flowers”

N607. Crescent-shapes, as pastries or jewels

N609. Longtime TV commentator Andy

N610. Common chemo med

N611. ___ a pig

N612. (101)(1+1)(1+1)

N613. “The things you ___ love”

N614. “___ the master of my fate”

N616. 2019 Wimbledon champion Djokovic

N618. 51 of much speculation

N620. Adjust, like a batter, say

N622. Flatbread of India

N624. Word before Pan, Man or can

N625. Post-Q queue

N626. Stir vigorously

N627. Casually used the horn

N628. Year of Sputnik and cars growing fins

N629. 2 × 389

N630. 2 × 1 × 1 × 211

N631. Morse or ZIP

N632. “Sit, ___, sit. Good dog” (Family Ties sign-off)

N633. What turns “adverb” into an adjective?

N634. Mitch, writer of The Five People You Meet in Heaven

N635. “You know ___ to do it to ’em”

N636. Nautical spar

N637. Alternative to octal

N638. Certain bags

N639. 8,766,000,000,000 hours

N640. Take up a collection

N642. 9 × 103

N643. Lionlike

N644. I-90 in Mass., e.g.

N646. “Ain’t ___ Fun”

N648. Toward the dawn

N650. Duplicated precisely

N652. Bulletin board attachments

N654. Old-fashioned cleaning bar

N656. Enjoying the nightlife

N657. Jimi Hendrix song sung fifteen years before the time it describes

N658. 22 × 12

N659. 18 × 17

N660. 63 × 127

N661. Northernmost African capital

N662. Curvaceous, in a way, in architecture

N665. Descriptor of a certain eagle or wolf

N666. Garmin stat

N667. With only a single percentage chance of success

N668. Adjective for Scotty on Star Trek--well, in the sense that he might use the word, but not for himself; he was a big fellow

N669. Oregon Trail transport

N670. “___ do” (“That’s...fine”)

N671. Classic TV “left it” to him

N672. Cast of characters in The Big Bang Theory

N673. Depression-dominated period

N674. Shih Tzu bites

N675. Acknowledges briefly

N677. “We peons just can’t catch a break”

N681. Job-seeker’s ID

N682. Great, in early ‘90s slang

N683. It’s a little back from the center of the track

N684. Year Walt Disney shared plans for an “experimental prototype community” in Florida, then passed away

N685. 29 × 29

N686. 529 - 38

N687. Made aware of an e-mail, in a way

N688. Insinuating, as a remark

N689. Character in Ally McBeal

N690. Cloister sister

N691. Not act too much the drill sergeant with

N693. Study group (abbr.)

N694. Will Smith hit ___ Black

N695. Year of “hope and change”

N696. New Year’s figure

N698. The era of Beatlemania

N699. Forest greenery

N700. Wailuku site

N701. Small Japanese coin

N703. Hard, garlic-flavored salami

N704. It ensures public access to government info

N705. ___ The Year (honor won by Kobe Buffalomeat in 2017)

N707. Family name on Married…with Children

N711. About to have a rough time

N713. Postmortem investigator

N714. Year US rationing began and Italy surrendered

N715. 11 x 16

N716. 4 × 163

N717. Keith Urban’s “Whenever ___”

N718. Rapper Flavor ___

N719. Brit. medal

N720. Figure, in British slang

N721. Pool-hall-inspired decoration that could mess with your car radio’s reception

N723. Task taken care of

N725. “I’m f-f-f-freezing!”

N726. Shows for all to see

N727. Number of homers Babe Ruth hit (found in the start of 5/7)

N728. Kools or ‘Boros

N729. Baker’s dozen of cartoons probably you’ve never seen because they were too racist for Sixties TV, let alone modern times

N732. Like lemon juice

N734. Delivery org.

N736. More innocent

N738. Remove, as a fruit peel

N739. Where Matisses hang in NYC

N740. Capabilities

N741. Witless

N742. 11 × 37

N743. 16 × 29

N744. Landed like a bird

N745. Looked that way

N748. Expanse north of Akron

N750. Plane pathfinder, for short

N751. Troup group

N752. Where sea meets sand

N754. Whence the militants in the recent Algerian hostage crisis

N755. Convenience on the way out

N757. 6 cubed

N758. How many Deadly Sins there are, depending on your source

N759. Acronymic anxiety felt while seeing people’s cool lives on social media

N760. Geezer’s cry to a young ‘un

N762. His website says, “Wyatt is a comedy person. He tells jokes for money. Or free drinks. If he’s lucky, money and free drinks. He’s usually not that lucky”

N764. Laughter units

N766. Cakewalk and frug

N768. Parisian denial

N769. ___ glance: instantly

N770. Made more exact

N771. Book subtitled “Inside the Secret World of the Supreme Court”

N772. 8 × 47

N773. 27 × 29

N774. Test for future docs

N775. Typical dose for minor ailments

N776. ___ in Xanax

N777. Powders for bathers

N780. It limits your interest?

N783. RM and V’s group

N784. Neural fibers

N785. Tomboys sport them, often

N787. They’ll protect your steed from icy terrain

N788. The ___ Club, Pat Robertson’s show

N789. Are, when added together

N790. Personal space

N793. Oscilloscope feature

N795. Record again

N797. Like par-5 holes

N799. Yarmulke and beanie

N801. Singer of “Feeling Good” and “I Put a Spell on You”

N803. It needs reeds

N804. 5 × 65

N805. x^2, if x = BOTH the area AND the perimeter of the same equilateral triangle

N806. Stones’ “Start ___”

N807. Frustrating moment on the green

N808. Engineers’ assoc.

N809. Their males are short-lived, but their queens can live a hundred years

N811. Month when it’s warm in Chile

N812. “She ___” (not how those pronouns are usually ordered)

N813. Dolphins can use them

N814. Name prompt in a FedEx form to fill out

N815. T-shaped crosses

N816. Sessions with a chiropractor

N818. 625 + 196

N819. Fumble follower

N820. Ignore the qualifications of

N821. Aussie jumpers, for short

N822. Utopian novel focused on “macro society”

N824. Continued sans interruption

N826. Contemptuously

N828. “Offers ___ purchases” (disclaimer from some iPhone downloads)

N829. Receive warmth

N830. 17 × 20

N831. 38 × 23

N832. Loudly belittle

N833. Fonts that are hard to miss

N834. Word in some ship names

N835. Circular object that can reflect in a rainbow

N835. Feature that stopped getting built into computers in the mid-2010s

N837. “Au revoir!” relative

N838. The Sun and one true god, for a bit

N839. Anglo-Saxon war god

N840. Italian farewells

N841. Lefts and rights, in Cockney English (as if driving on the other side isn’t confusing enough)

N842. Popular lunches unless you’re one of the literal billion-plus people who don’t eat pork products

N843. Dwells, in Merrie Olde

N844. Half-price kind of deal

N845. Does a little better than, often smugly

N846. Think of no others

N848. Year of the first TV US presidential debate…and seventeen African nations acquiring independence

N849. Tan’s denominator

N851. Natatorium

N853. Fictional code name?

N857. An Inconvenient Truth veep

N859. Helping make a mess, perhaps?

N860. 1, 2, 4, 8, 61, 221, ___, 884…

N861. 1136 ÷ 8 (number of sailors who tow the coffin at royal funerals)

N862. The first Mrs. Copperfield

N863. Part of a cassette

N864. Item to watch at the dermatologist’s

N865. “If I Had a Hammer” singer Lopez

N866. Some shoe necessities

N867. Drill press, lathe, and bandsaw

N870. Year the world was supposed to end if you misread the Mayans

N871. Smaller than what a resident gets

N873. 4 × 7 × 9

N874. Day of February, sometimes

N875. Stinging rebuke

N876. First name in twentieth-century humor

N877. Phony cancer cure illegal in the US

N878. Cower in the shadows

N880. Typical bureaucratic botch-up

N881. Ribs unit

N883. Badmouth

N884. They have cleanup positions

N885. Three will give you 4.5 volts

N886. 2 × 293

N887. 5 × 53

N888. “I’ll go along with that”

N889. Detached porticos

N890. Capture

N891. Bank statement fig.

N892. Japan’s second-largest city

N893. Muffin morsel

N894. Kiosk to purchase e-currency

N896. Drawing 101 alternative

N897. Didn’t sit still

N898. 3 × 5 × 7

N899. Like hindsight, they say

N900. Give the new name of

N902. 193 × 27

N903. More grassy-tasting

N905. Native of Muscat

N907. Name chosen to honor a dead twin

N909. Depends (on)

N910. Wrath, in Latin hymns

N911. Trendy tech toy of the 2010s

N912. 600/7, roughly

N913. 32 × 21

N914. Cast into flame

N915. Dumb luck

N916. “Memories” and “Girls Like You” singers

N919. Perspicacious

N921. First X, potentially

N922. Immersion therapy

N924. Psalmic word of pause

N925. Name in computers since 1996

N926. Mamet film named for a common road intersection (Official description: “A movie crew invades a small town whose residents are all too ready to give up their values for showbiz glitz”)

N928. 2 × 3^5

N929. 1982 bestseller using Milne characters, with “The”

N931. QB’s misthrows

N932. Skirt length

N933. Food budget on a Rachael Ray program

N935. Dirty dishes often collect in them

N937. It may come easily to hand

N939. What a raised hand signifies

N940. Japanese honorific

N941. Important D.C. speech

N942. This number’s digits are A, B, C, and it = A + B^C

N943. Square number following “Nikei” and “Nokia”

N944. Ardent request

N945. Calyx helmet

N946. (The) Queer Eye guys

N947. “That’s ___ funny!”

N948. “___ there!”

N949. Kind of farmer

N952. 2010 legal measure

N953. Deep thinker Kierkegaard

N954. Assign the value of, as “stun” or “6 AM”

N955. Neighbor of Rom.

N956. They smooth things over

N958. Year of the insurrection

N959. Don’t finish

N961. Number of musicians

N962. Gp. in charge

N963. Wall Street Gang author

N964. Mo. of National Grandparents’ Day

N966. Of a certain organ

N968. Good, decent people in Yiddish

N970. Series seen on many a planner or pill container

N972. 9 × 47

N973. Number of member states in the United Nations

N974. Compete to get

N975. Parabolic

N976. Super Mario Galaxy systems

N977. Roman foe

N978. Refused to repast on

N979. Broadway star turned singer Linda

N980. With “the,” bad-faith talk about color bias (though there’s plenty of real reasons to talk about it)

N982. Everybody in Germany

N983. Grave in disposition

N985. Bat material

N986. What unsigned band gets paid

N987. (The) masses, to snobs

N988. Perjures oneself

N989. Yesterday, in Sorrento

N990. Study to measure gravity and seismic waves

N992. Old-fashioned warming devices

N994. Grow a replacement tail, say

N996. Bread amount

N997. 27 × 14

N998. 3 × 3 × 5 × 7

N999. Ordinal Justin Bieber mistakenly used to describe a chapel

N1000. Crossword creator, at times

N1001. Likely to stay strong, as currency

N1002. Inveigles

N1003. “But you ain’t got no legs, ___”

N1004. Inspiring others to watch themselves

N1006. 10/30, for me (but you don’t have to get me anything)

N1007. Number for two

N1008. Seemingly meant for each other

N1009. Goes to extremes with being

N1010. Year “on or about December” of which, according to Virginia Woolf, “human character changed”

N1011. Range herd

N1013. Radio signoffs

N1014. Thrice daily, in pharm.

N1015. Abner’s radio partner

N1016. Duck-billed mammals who lay eggs

N1018. Oasis offering

N1019. Mole hole

N1023. Costing two coppers and a nickel

N1025. 11 × 79

N1026. 78 divided by one-half, plus 11

N1027. Duct tape’s many

N1028. Scottish lowlands

N1029. Fr. miss

N1030. The C’s on scoreboards

N1031. Some printers, initially

N1032. Decoration on a costume

N1035. Racer’s “rear wing,” for short

N1036. Lean, tough, and sinewy

N1037. Should soon be a mom

N1039. Word, in Lyon

N1040. Year of the Sony Walkman and the SALT II treaties

N1041. Bennett who wrote The Vanishing Half

N1042. Copier cartridges

N1043. Year that introduced Hercule Poirot and R.U.R.

N1044. Gets water into

N1046. Verbs applied to waste management

N1047. Incisors’ neighbors

N1049. Attack like a puppy

N1051. “…I’d rather see than ___”

N1052. Jai ___, sport barely hanging on in the US

N1053. 5 × 79

N1054. 4 × 167

N1055. Sounds you’d hear often if crossword tournaments weren’t silent

N1056. Greek restaurant staples

N1057. Knight music

N1058. Written record

N1062. Fail to adhere to proper standards

N1063. Beyond words

N1067. Gather fruits

N1068. “Never trust ___ in a raincoat” (Hunter S. Thompson)

N1069. Actor Paul and journalist Hughes

N1070. 157 + 163 + 167

N1071. 257 × 4

N1072. Comedy flops?

N1074. Year World War II began

N1075. Brew type that sometimes comes in “double”

N1076. Crispy cookie brand

N1077. 2^3 + 3^3 + 6^3

N1078. Chicago song about “waiting for the break of day”

N1081. Babysitters, often

N1083. Thing Anakin Skywalker hated most consistently, probably because it reminded him of home

N1084. Democrats’ opponents (abbr.)

N1085. Crossing-the-plate stat

N1086. 2000 - 1110

N1087. “Back ___” (flashback ends)

N1088. The one where Saruman dies, but only in the extended edition

N1090. (The) NCAA tourney

N1091. Johns of London

N1093. “No such agency” agency

N1094. Put notches into

N1095. Brief glory, in an Andy Warhol reference

N1098. t.A.T.u. single, or 11 × 20

N1099. 13 × 79

N1100. “Father of American Anthropology” Franz

N1101. Some hoppy brews, for short

N1102. Year of the “Summer of Love”

N1103. Ex-Christian Jews or ex-Jewish Christians, e.g.

N1105. 12 × 7 × 7

N1106. Y-shaped

N1108. Catchall covering many sexual identities

N1110. Batman and Robin, the Dynamic ___

N1111. Compels observance of

N1113. 2 × 359

N1114. Like the position of the last letter in this clue (how quickly can you count them all?)

N1115. Triceratops, literally

N1116. Insignificant bit

N1117. Serious compensation

N1118. Side or aspect

N1120. Almost on the hour

N1123. Tropical-vacation souvenir

N1124. Nintendo gaming console whose name sounds like two pronouns

N1125. For each one

N1126. Spa offering

N1127. 2 x 7 x 7

N1128. Viscous, sticky substances

N1129. Oppressive difficulty

N1131. Year the internet was privatized and the Information Age began

N1132. Oom-pah-pah maker

N1133. “___ give you the shirt off his back!”

N1134. 9 × 31

N1135. Small wing in architecture

N1136. Virtuoso rock guitarist Steve

N1138. Avoids a tag, perhaps

N1140. Flagged discussion?

N1141. 6 × 131

N1142. Subject of the 19th, 24th, and 26th Amendments

N1143. Indivisibility

N1144. I.M. Pei’s “I”

N1145. Duration of the Flood

N1146. Super G curve, in the Olympics

N1147. Influence

N1148. Enjoy room service

N1149. Period before the break in football (“They had us in the ___, not gonna lie”)

N1151. In garlic, mushrooms, olive oil, onion, and wine sauce

N1153. Up to the present

N1154. Oprah’s snake-oil-hawking buddy

N1155. Biblical shepherd

N1156. Atomic reactor part

N1157. Cars that often get their catalytic converters stolen

N1158. Fine and all, but not as great as people say

N1160. Rey Mysterio’s finishing move, named for his San Diego area code

N1161. Maker of turkey-flavored candy corn

N1162. Legal to drink and, you know, do anything else

N1165. Sufficient, in a sonnet

N1166. Warn about

N1168. Birthday that marks middle age for most

N1169. Nurnberg or Neu-Ulm

N1170. Having aged out

N1171. Kind of bathing suit

N1172. “___-oo!” (Later!)

N1173. George Smiley, e.g.

N1174. Two or more in some ménages à trois

N1175. Copulatory

N1176. “Heaven...___ heaven…”

N1177. Serve, as booyah

N1178. Twice the gravity

N1179. Cargo loads

N1180. Like many an unwieldy shotgun

N1182. Year the housing bubble burst

N1183. Citizen X co-star

N1184. US Army’s 1942 priority

N1185. Haunted room in The Shining

N1186. Secondary name

N1187. Double offer

N1188. Hither’s partner

N1190. Steakhouse options

N1194. ___ Saud (Saudi Arabia’s founder)

N1196. Harvard Univ., e.g.

N1197. Composer father of four musicians

N1198. Turn to a toon

N1199. 24 hours = ___

N1200. Spells on the job

N1201. Cloister denizen

N1202. Twitter handle preceders

N1204. Stop on the tracks (abbr.)

N1205. World-weary initialism

N1206. Place for King Arthur’s knights

N1208. “She’s ___-show, bring out the understudy”

N1209. Ecstatic

N1210. High on catnip, e.g.

N1211. Talked like Marc Antony over Caesar’s corpse, say

N1212. Stygian

N1213. Seemingly redundant name in celeb gossip

N1215. 227529 - 226576

N1216. Stick to a tight budget

N1218. Use the carrot

N1219. Swan star

N1221. Dog breed given a memorial statue at Tokyo’s railroad station

N1222. Carpenters’ boxes

N1224. “If I ___ a rich man…”

N1225. “Gruesome” pair

N1226. Good time for brunch

N1227. Good Samaritan types

N1228. Glen Gray’s ___ Loma Orchestra

N1229. Oft-pressed dress item

N1232. Alternate ending that improves what it means to be urban and human?

N1234. Hugo-winning Gateway novelist Frederik

N1236. “___ Plan” (song by Drake)

N1237. Biodegradable

N1239. Like gem arrangements in some bracelets

N1240. Could kill

N1242. Where esnes slaved

N1243. Task-related, as a list

N1244. Pro who may tend to an ailing boxer

N1245. Without a break, ever

N1246. Accepted there’d be no recouping on investment

N1247. Source of a sacred shroud

N1248. Lost in

N1250. WWII British firearm

N1251. Unpleasant feelings

N1252. Like some musical “wonders”

N1253. Extent covered

N1254. Ordinal number that sounds like “half-minute”

N1255. Readiness

N1256. Early-rising time

N1257. Watched

N1260. “Toking ___?” (restaurant option I hope I never hear)

N1261. Partners of wts.

N1262. There, to Tacitus

N1263. Realty sign

N1265. Encyc. book

N1266. Support when doing the flamingo exercise

N1267. Joe Biden’s late eldest son

N1268. Grier and Anderson

N1269. German for the number “one”

N1270. Like a dromedary

N1272. 27 × 26, “Where My Girls At?” hip-hop soul group

N1273. Song about mining for an exploitative boss

N1274. What stars stand for in America

N1275. “( ) 1 ( ) 2 ( ) 3” alternative

N1276. Surly hounds

N1278. Interoffice no.

N1279. Wyndham alternative

N1280. Michael J. Fox’s ___ City

N1281. Pear, apple, and quince

N1282. Year of the moon landing

N1283. Raging waters

N1284. 23 × 23

N1285. Bridge support

N1286. Ghostbuster Spengler

N1287. Chewed portions

N1288. Rainy day money.

N1290. Cries equal parts pitiable and annoying (“I’m OPENING the cat food, darn it!”)

N1291. “‘Dance, then, wherever you may ___ am the Lord of the Dance,’ said he”

N1292. Small flash drive capacity

N1293. Parts of cross-shaped churches

N1295. Enviable salary, or huffy answer from a not-quite-teenager who’s been asked his age

N1296. “Stand at my side!”

N1297. Dropped for a 10-count, for short

N1298. 550 - 111

N1299. Faiyaz and Spiner

N1300. Complexion woes

N1301. Common mall anchor store, in the 1980s

N1302. Sampling of salad

N1304. Rolled to a runway

N1306. Louisiana, to Louis

N1307. Where Doha is

N1308. Give ___ (chastise)

N1309. End the kingship of

N1310. 5 × 43

N1311. Within one’s predictive powers

N1314. Fiddler on the Roof hero

N1315. “Where” TNT blows things

N1317. When Jesus was one, they say

N1318. Break sharply

N1319. One who might come into a house

N1320. Scrabble unit

N1321. Hi’s wife, on the funnies page

N1322. Distance supposed to be covered in duels as seen on TV

N1324. 8 × 29

N1325. Was depressed, say?

N1326. 18-wheeler

N1327. Non-Hispanic, in America

N1328. Officer and dog team

N1330. Want badly

N1331. Iditarod transport

N1332. Started one’s meal

N1333. The silver anniversary

N1334. “Bedroom” guitarist Lloyd

N1335. Square patterns on 9X9 shogi boards

N1336. Movie in which Jack Nicholson plays an erstwhile piano prodigy

N1339. ___ fixes

N1340. Core nature, from the Latin

N1341. Like Ogden Nash verse

N1342. In support

N1343. Cotton harvesting machines

N1344. From start to finish, in sports

N1346. Crossword creeks

N1347. Elvis Presley’s Viva ___ Vegas

N1348. Unassisted

N1349. 13 × 71

N1350. Like the original Star Wars

N1351. Fourth in a series of documentaries tracing lives from childhood

N1352. Spare the rod

N1353. Island site of the Cyclone

N1354. “Not to speak for anyone else…”

N1356. Pet that turns green

N1357. To the ___ (extravagantly)

N1358. Adidas and Calvin Klein owner

N1359. Like early comics printing

N1360. 101 × 2

N1361. Pillowy

N1362. Bellini opus

N1363. Ripple near the nipple

N1364. Narrow mini-bays

N1366. My ___-Lb. Life

N1367. Clothes, informally

N1368. Cool, collected, and controlled

N1369. Back-breaking Bat-villain

N1370. Helped serve food

N1371. Treat well

N1373. 3 × 13 × 23

N1374. Get the music started

N1375. Kisses in the park, e.g. (abbr.)

N1376. Ultimate object, to Aristotle

N1377. Utterly shreds

N1380. Cop sitcom NBC snapped up less than 24 hours after FOX cancelled it

N1382. Exclamation

N1383. “Mourning son shown a way” for “morning sun shone away,” e.g.

N1384. Line in a pencil game

N1385. Notably ugly film vampire

N1389. Ashley’s C&W mom

N1391. Go fast, in the Globe

N1394. Test to get into business school

N1397. Khayyam and Epps

N1398. 27 × 37

N1399. Indicate, as a crossword clue

N1400. Running smack into each other

N1402. Wished one couldn’t

N1403. Pt. of the USSR?

N1404. The Pentagon is its HQ

N1405. Female spy in the American Revolution

N1406. Where baby Moses was found

N1407. Decision maker, sometimes

N1408. Man-cave hanging

N1409. Glutinous

N1410. Not toweled off

N1411. What comes before a king at dinnertime?

N1412. Argued, as a case

N1413. Some TVs

N1414. Year same-sex marriage became legal

N1415. Corresponded with

N1416. Like most blues music

N1417. Certain family mem.

N1418. Get goods via googling

N1419. Graeco-Roman entrance features

N1420. Taffrail’s locale

N1422. Months of dawn-to-dusk fasting

N1424. 16,000 is videophone quality

N1425. Conjecture

N1427. King Cole and Turner

N1428. (Put) into practice

N1429. Like a fox seen in myth and Naruto

N1431. 2 × 223

N1432. Practice rhabdomancy

N1433. “THAT GIRL” singer Runway

N1434. Some tomatoes

N1435. China’s ___-tzu