Ubercross Abecedaria M


M1. Running a little behind schedule?

M7. Netter Votavová

M11. Red-lettered theaters

M15. Actress Powers

M19. Jackie described as the heir of Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin, and Bruce Lee

M23. Official in a turban

M27. Youth-focused periodical

M34. D.C.-based loaner

M38. Ending with psych

M42. Meas. of a wide area

M46. Water or blood blister

M50. Rear parts

M54. Disparaging term on the Internet often spelled with zeroes

M58. Jamaican chanteuses who sang with Bob Marley

M59. Congressperson 24-7?

M64. Its captions are often in Impact

M68. Where Zeno taught?

M69. Elaborate shindig

M73. First superstar quarterback Johnny

M76. Gibson/Sawyer show, for short

M79. Sultan’s charge

M81. Noted interborough hwy.

M84. “Listen and attend with the ___ your heart” (Benedict)

M86. “You know the rules” follower in a rickroll

M88. Bad thing to be left on, in modern communication

M89. Middles (abbr.)

M93. “Let me think…huh-uh”

M94. State in which State Fair is set

M98. Insect sounds

M99. “___will not be believed, even when he speaks the truth” (Aesop)

M104. The Empire Strikes Back planet

M105. Extremifying suffix

M108. Clear breach

M109. Ritalin treats it

M113. Keeping the rhythm

M116. More than a hypothesis

M117. 2004 (!) proposal of a worldwide emergency broadcast system

M123. Beethoven honoree

M124. Treaded part of a bike tire

M126. Decepticon with an energon mace

M127. Gregg Allman’s “___ Angel”

M128. “Hors d’oeuvre: ___ sandwich cut into forty pieces” (Jack Benny)

M129. An eligible bachelor, according to June Valli (1959)

M134. Musician whose talents found military applications

M138. The year, in Paris

M139. One-named Latina singer

M141. Consider reliable

M142. The largest in the US was found in Oregon’s Willamette Valley in 1902

M143. Doing a hit on

M145. Plato, or Aristotle for many years

M147. As previously cited

M148. Tussaud’s title, briefly

M149. Venerable def. sources

M150. Not up in Scotland

M151. Old Nigerian capital

M153. Brief in nature

M154. Inconvenient, what with everything going on

M155. The King Yeti Super Burger, e.g., weightwise

M157. Transgress

M158. Where Athena buried Enceladus

M160. Stand firm

M161. Sacred Fr. women

M162. “Show me ___ man and I will cure him for you” (Carl Jung)

M163. Symbols of sovereignty

M164. On the inside of

M165. Abbey Theatre dramatist

M166. Number of legs on un insetto

M167. Koln or Nurnberg

M168. Mars marking

M170. Week components

M171. Brand introduced on Route 66 in 1954

M173. Penalty beyond fines for repeated traffic violations

M175. Finery

M177. One side in some chalk talks

M178. Bring up the rear

M179. Kind of band

M180. Word with facto or jure

M181. Hebrew letters

M182. Pre-___ care

M183. Beachgoer’s aid

M185. Welled (up)

M187. Blast furnace leftover

M191. Unable to decide what to do

M193. Goose at Waikiki, once

M194. “Walk” or “lead” finisher

M195. “Get your ___ worth!”

M197. Schools of thought

M198. Kept a shepherd up

M200. 2007 Heisman Trophy winner Tebow

M202. Très chic

M204. Nation east of Sudan with a three-triangle flag

M206. Quick candid

M214. Plasma port type

M218. Jamie Foxx’s rank in Jarhead (abbr.)

M222. Staffers, for short

M227. The meanings of “etui” and “Alou,” to non-crossword people

M233. Fast-rising star

M235. Escargot of the sea

M237. An, hun, and han attachment

M238. UFC fighting style

M241. Straddled watercraft

M243. Notoriously dirty-mouthed actor Joe

M245. Blockade

M250. Follower of a religion, literally and linguistically

M253. Phoebe from Friends, in terms of personal style

M257. Austin music festival, initially

M261. “Who Needs the Kwik-E-___?” (song from The Simpsons)

M264. Her best-known hit was a spelling lesson for some listeners

M270. Fairy tale giant’s fourth syllable

M273. Shiest of the Marches

M276. Jason’s vessel

M277. Developing threat?

M278. Gesture that covers for inaction by saying “I’m too important for the details”

M279. Confides in

M281. Got together (with)

M282. My cat when he sits on my hands to keep my fingers from reaching the keyboard, e.g.

M283. Jessie and Nicki’s co-singer on “Bang Bang”

M284. Indian symbols

M285. Visit a run-down neighborhood

M287. Soccer gold medalist Mia

M288. “Body on Me” singer Rita

M289. Ca++ or Cl-, e.g.

M291. Hercules captured her

M292. Easy to break

M293. Sworn enemy of the Smurfs

M295. “Are you sleeping?” response

M296. Jai ___ (“fastest sport on Earth”)

M297. Total or Life

M298. “Word” prefix with “poeia”

M300. “Old Town Road” won one for “Event of the Year”

M301. Silverstein of kidlit

M303. Toggle to pour or not pour an alcoholic beverage?

M305. Murdering someone while committing adultery with them, say?

M306. Fight with the Rebel alliance?

M310. Title Nehru held

M311. Chums in Chad

M312. Sequence demarkers

M314. Former nickname at the Pentagon

M316. “…dancin here / Wi’ great an’ ___” (Burns)

M317. Time when nothing makes sense and feelings are too exhausting?

M319. Roaring guardian of Hephaestus’ volcano forge?

M321. Coast near an island capital?

M323. 1980s PCs

M325. Sly Stone song with the line “A smile of pleasure, beautiful and kind”

M326. Gets to the bottom of

M327. “Swiper, no swiping!” speaker

M329. “…for there is nothing / either good ___, but thinking makes it so” (Hamlet)

M330. Brazilian actress Braga

M332. Affirmative originating in New York’s black trans/queer communities

M333. Nautical hazard

M334. Per Lifehacker, “the digital equivalent of pulling everyone aside separately at a party to tell them the same thing”

M335. One who’s often pickled

M336. Feeling down

M337. Superstar assembly

M340. Classic dog name, or what a young dog might leave on the carpet

M341. Do a hatchet job?

M342. “Holy” group in 17th-century literature

M343. Black hero with bulletproof skin

M344. Daisy lead-in

M345. Rounded letter

M346. Recording studio sound shields

M348. “…which is saying quite ___”

M349. “___ say it is good to fall” (Whitman, Song of Myself)

M350. “Surely God would not have created such a being ___, with an ability to grasp the infinite, to exist only for a day” (Lincoln)

M352. Ear opener?

M353. East German currency

M357. Clowns around

M359. Mint (condition)

M361. Place for a concert

M363. Rouen-to-Orleans dir.

M364. Beethoven’s “some”

M365. “With that said…”

M368. V Rising or Diablo Immortal, e.g.

M370. “Oy ___!” (facepalm)

M371. So-called “Capital of Latin America”

M372. Time zone sometimes put before “3K”

M373. 1040 entry (abbr.)

M374. Actor Wheaton of Stand by Me

M375. Heavy wts.

M376. Bodybuilder’s belly muscles

M377. When tripled, a 1970 war movie

M378. HDTV meas.

M379. Reasons to resurface

M381. Ivan the Terrible and Catherine the Great

M382. Aerial maneuver

M384. Athos, to Porthos

M385. Frequent contents of SASEs

M388. Bill spitter

M390. Units to measure antibodies

M392. Deliberate slight

M394. “When ___, do as the…”

M396. Ta-ta’s opposite

M398. Dock workers’ gp.

M400. Its scoring ranks “Marvelous” above “Perfect,” for short

M401. NWA name

M402. Military drill syllable

M403. MacDonald’s jingle?

M404. Kiosk item, for short

M405. Chatlike service discontinued in 2017

M407. She’s Sporty

M409. Legislation that protects medical patients’ information (abbr.)

M411. “Let me tell you a tall tale about ___ eruption in the Philippines…in fact, this story isn’t true at all!” (triple pun) (monovocalic answer) (may the crossword gods forgive me)

M413. “___ Como Va” (Santana hit)

M414. Round geom. shape

M415. Beastie Boys bandmate of Ad-Rock and Mike D

M416. Provides the crew

M417. Janet who returned her Pulitzer in disgrace

M418. Premier who deposed the Gang of Four

M419. Added, it makes “beat it” sound a lot better and “quiet” about the same

M420. 2002 Winter Olympics venue, briefly

M423. Chekhov known for a gun

M425. Metaphor for an introvert’s demeanor

M426. Twelve months with the auditory-organ parents?

M430. Composition of a building that mad-scientist Sanchez built out of his own body and mind?

M433. Arrangements?

M437. ___ Lock (key with an often-unclear function)

M438. Subject of the third pillar of Islam

M439. “This is gooood!”

M441. Aid for reviewing tough calls

M444. Sound from Beaker

M445. Marvin the Paranoid Android’s CPU?

M451. Robot aide to tennis players?

M453. Dancer-actress Rogers rambles like she’s in shock?

M457. Pretext

M458. Admin of the Navy (abbr.)

M459. Guest columnist’s piece

M460. Pineda of Journey

M461. At liberty, in Bonn

M462. Part of Miss America’s ensemble

M464. “Oh, well” response

M465. Good times

M467. Sponsor of the Addy Awards

M468. Toilet, euphemistically

M469. Netflix’s only product, once

M470. Little boxer

M471. Juicing tool

M473. Clooney who did casework for the king of Bahrain

M474. Roman tax form?

M475. Helper in time of trouble

M476. “Oh, what’s the ___?” [gestures helplessly]

M477. Word in a Quaker vow

M478. Heston org.

M479. Rhetorical question to one who’s assessed your limits

M480. Some rechargeables

M481. His iconic catchphrase came from Rocky III

M482. Those in Tijuana

M483. Biggest artery

M484. Mad Men channel, once

M485. Kind of bio

M486. 1960s Opel model sold by Buick dealers

M489. Dennis of The Fighting Seabees

M492. Telecom giant headquartered in Denver

M495. Surfing hazard

M497. “Why ___ this to myself?”

M500. Total quagmire

M502. Serious coin…or old Israeli coin

M504. With one’s backside at rest

M506. Changed extensively

M508. “The way I see it…”

M510. Way out on the briny

M512. “___ sorry”

M513. Commences, as a journey

M516. Not online, for short

M517. Island known for meditation retreats

M518. You may not give one about your reputation

M520. They’re like smaller, stripey squirrels

M523. Greek goddess of the night

M524. He has nothing to say to you

M526. Concentration breakers

M527. Shout from the rooftops

M529. Camera memory chip

M531. Feudal laborer

M533. French female friend

M535. “Ya little shrimp”

M537. Like a soda lake

M540. Casino gratuity

M541. Makeup of la mer

M542. Mexican Manx

M543. Ways of thinking

M545. “I’m so smart and I so know it” energy

M546. Business bigshot

M547. Marshawn Lynch and O.J. Simpson, among others (abbr.)

M548. Abel figure in East of Eden

M549. HST follower

M550. Short promise?

M551. Hawkins of Li’l Abner

M553. Did a yard job

M554. Bane of Isengard

M555. Modern punk

M557. Chemicals still found in some inhalers

M561. Its capital is Riyadh

M562. Fantasy baseball datum

M563. Person cleaning up trees’ legume leavings?

M567. “If you say so” from Sonic?

M570. Stops eating the Thanksgiving leftovers?

M574. Adjust a picture of a movie monster who says, “HELP ME,” adding stenciled letters to say “HELP MEEEEEEE”?

M578. Arcade alternative

M581. A foot has 305 of these (abbr.)

M582. ___ the question (propose marriage)

M584. Wake-up times (abbr.)

M585. TV hosts who crap their pants?

M592. Patron of desert travelers, for short?

M594. Price in 1980s rubles?

M596. Store head (abbr.)

M597. Ballad that starts, “I do believe I’ve failed you”

M599. Bible suffix

M600. Xed

M602. Petty despots

M604. Level in an org.

M605. Shopping place

M606. Magi origin

M608. Bradley Baker of a thousand voices

M609. It agrees with neither, grammatically

M610. Lyon product

M611. Keeps the ship steady

M612. They get specialized lawyers

M615. Seine key

M616. My Boys network

M617. Band known for fusing “Beatlesque pop, classical arrangements, and futuristic iconography”

M618. Some Greek typesetter’s letters

M619. Source of a signal

M620. Laura of David Lynch roles

M621. Exotic massage technique

M622. Do agenting (for)

M623. Walter’s attorney on Breaking Bad

M624. Sepulcher

M625. Apothecary’s vessels

M626. Happy Days address

M627. Causing puckers

M629. Cubs, but not Bears, for short

M631. BBQ grill cleaners

M633. ___ day (pill amount)

M636. ___ ___ Architect ___ van der Rohe

M638. Got reassurance after a rip tide

M643. North-of-the-border fliers (abbr.)

M645. Rum ___ Tugger

M646. Cat with no tail

M647. Sopranos character with a crude nickname (this is his real name)

M648. She sang “Smooth Operator”

M650. __ de Jing (var.)

M651. The cheap seats of life

M655. Mars rival

M657. Program that mimics an old game console, e.g.

M659. Hose nozzle setting

M660. Those who persevere

M661. ___ good clip

M662. Canary Islands owner

M664. Thees and ___

M666. Comment after tripping

M668. Charlie ___, country singer

M670. Pro day traders

M672. Cold, in Cadiz

M674. Rootless one

M675. Orchestra VIP

M676. President pro ___

M678. Special kind of someone who’ll never seek “that special someone”

M679. Short tale? (abbr.)

M680. Critical-thinking skills div. in school

M681. Defarge’s title in A Tale of Two Cities, for short

M683. Where Noam Chomsky teaches

M684. Label in seconds

M685. ___-turn: road sign

M686. Unlike the director’s cut, usually (abbr.)

M687. Collections of devotions

M689. River that Javert drowns in in Les Misérables

M690. Digital reading, for short

M691. Level the playing field?

M692. Race event

M693. Violinist Vivaldi or violent Diego

M694. Literary counterspy Rapp

M697. Like high-stakes negotiations to end conflict

M698. Lasses not too young to be married, just on the little side, aye?

M703. Make vowel-based progress on your British-accented rendition of “Oh, I don’t hope so, Mr. 007”?

M707. Bodysuit McGuffin?

M712. Comme un confidant

M714. Comparative ends?

M717. .22s and potatoes

M719. Real banger on the album Dungeons and Dragons: Rap Edition?

M724. Rare instruments with two crossing sets of strings?

M727. Financial analyst who tells accounting jokes she heard on Friends as a teenager?

M730. Without much amity

M731. What nannies push

M732. Make hard and strong

M733. Mouthpieces

M735. Install as king

M736. Hair-care product

M737. Of the west-facing highlands in South America

M738. New Guinea port of World War II

M739. English fashionista Bartley

M740. Croc-filled river

M741. Female friend from Florence

M743. Lady of the old school?

M744. Send (to another doctor)

M745. “The Beggar’s Opera” playwright

M746. Spoke Afghan?

M747. ___ yong, Chinese dish

M748. Back, at sea

M749. Listen, to Luca

M750. Anonymous poster, say

M751. Yellowstone’s ___ Faithful

M752. Punk and rock modifiers

M753. Lather again

M754. Write (down)

M755. Bayonets, say

M757. Movie title whose middle letter is replaced by another form of the title

M758. Guard’s duties

M760. Share legally

M762. Honor for John Legend or Audrey Hepburn

M764. St. Patrick’s Day fare

M766. Likely start of a website manager’s email address

M768. Then in Thermidor

M770. Protracted sound from the undecided

M771. 19th-century violinist/composer Louis

M772. Interview with users on “the front page of the Internet”

M773. Conjugation of esse

M774. Ruralscape photographer Adams

M777. “As you know, the boss thinks of his employees as family” rejoinder

M779. Author of the Shardlake thrillers

M781. Two-time role for Sidney Poitier

M783. It may get filed

M785. Great distresses

M787. Holy recess

M790. TV Science Guy

M791. “Stop. Talking. Stop.”

M794. Half a labor union org.

M797. Director of the funniest Ghostbusters, there, I said it, come at me, haters

M799. ___ double life: have two identities

M801. Writer ___ Hubbard

M802. Pitchers’ awards?

M804. Crossword-beloved bovid

M806. 2r

M807. Site of Israel-PLO Accords

M809. Volga tributary

M810. One of Curly’s brothers

M811. Full of modern gadgetry (var.)

M812. Sizing letters

M813. Follows back and eye

M814. ___ choy

M815. Public-works supervisor in Rome

M816. Attempted precognition

M817. The Bulldogs of the SEC

M819. “___ trap!” (Admiral Ackbar’s declaration)

M820. Pre-noon time, in poems

M821. Necklace choice

M822. Ms. co-founder Gloria

M825. Dissatisfied modifier for substitute or excuse

M826. Seek sophomore athletes’ perspectives?

M829. Preparing to serve a sour-cream pancake?

M833. Jack and Rose’s brief affair on the Titanic?

M837. Comic strip’s funny parts?

M841. Lab specimen

M843. Portuguese enclave in China

M845. Say “And now…he’s eating the pizza with a fork. Yes. Eating New York pizza with a fork. I can’t believe this guy was ever a New Yorker, much less President Trump. Oh, and now here come the cheeseburgers”? into the microphone?

M849. Image of the Messiah with the biggest grin?

M852. “This is where the giggling starts”?

M856. Arizona birthplace of Cesar Chavez

M859. Cleveland sight

M860. Call from the bush

M861. Valhalla boss

M862. Cette femme

M863. It shares its point value and frequency with H, V, W, and Y

M865. Baseball’s Nomo

M866. Tulip chair’s creator Saarinen

M867. Make progress

M869. U.S.

M870. Natalie Cole’s dad

M871. Earth, in Belgium

M872. “This is ___ fine cup of coffee!” (Twin Peaks)

M873. Coin in Tirana

M874. Like some D.C. committees

M875. Plum lookalikes

M876. Turnaround points, in volleyball

M877. ___ buffo

M878. Like England’s Coronation Chair

M879. Bully’s boast

M880. Cheesy town

M881. HMO employees

M882. Capital with a Temple of Augustus

M884. “Let’s ___ there”

M886. Tailors’ unions?

M889. Environment-related regulation

M892. Bara contemporary

M894. Act the vagabond

M896. Keeps changing channels

M898. Teen wearing their best-ever outfit, perhaps

M901. A sibling of Cottontail

M903. “Well, I…that is…”

M904. Big ___ of California

M905. Roller coaster rider’s shout

M906. Competitor of Aquafina

M907. Captain Stubing portrayer Gavin

M910. Co-confessional start

M911. MD’s concerns

M912. Loser to Montgomery at El Alamein

M913. “Breaking ___ Hard to Do”

M914. “Why, ___ delighted!”

M915. TV oldie, Answer Yes ___

M916. Assign by design

M918. Fateful Triangle author Chomsky

M920. Author Brooks or McMillan

M922. “Phooey”

M924. “A nest of robins in her hair” poet

M926. Five-time Socialist Presidential candidate

M927. Inbox item

M929. Gdansk denizen

M930. Take advantage of

M931. Supporter, of sorts

M932. Trap music or electro house

M933. Eleven favorites

M935. Ft. Benning Army inst.

M936. End for super

M937. Buckminster Fuller’s “___ to Be a Verb”

M938. Adorn with beads

M939. Promos

M940. Deplaning gift in Maui

M942. Bygone big bird

M943. Horror and Middle-Earth actress Horvath

M944. Animator’s artwork

M945. Draft status to which Steve Rogers aspired

M946. Hospital gp.

M949. Time Cycle composer Lukas

M950. He played the “King” opposite Deborah’s Anna

M951. Peg pounded into pennies?

M955. End the movie silhouetted on a bucking bronco?

M960. Keep purchasing the sunniest months in a time-share?

M964. Plaintiff who lets the lawyer do all the talking?

M969. “Gateway” to the Cape Cod National Seashore

M971. Plane carrying capacities?

M974. Dark-feathered clones found in Warner Brothers’ Snow White parody?

M976. “This veggie’s extra healthy”?

M980. 1.5?

M983. Capet, e.g.

M984. 100 pfennigs, briefly

M986. Woody Allen film guest-starring Marshall McLuhan

M988. Dnepr feeder

M989. For rent, in London

M990. With the result being

M992. Links beginnings

M993. Conclude at

M995. Wolverine, for one

M996. Platforms

M997. Mixmistresses

M998. 911 response unit, briefly

M999. More than one can count

M1000. ___ point

M1001. Comically imitated

M1002. 2000 Nobel Peace Prize winner Kim ___-jung

M1003. Line of Canon cameras

M1004. Short person’s need?

M1005. Did laps, perhaps

M1006. Brahms’s A?

M1007. Texas college founded by church and civic leaders

M1008. Often-banned dye source

M1009. Mets and Nets

M1010. Pre-birth procedure

M1013. Kasparov coups

M1014. It was probed by NASA’s Dawn

M1015. Kilted one, traditionally

M1017. Stationery supplies

M1019. Strauss’ material

M1021. Get weepy

M1023. Twins, e.g.

M1025. Hot ___ a Stick (fast food)

M1027. Rusty on the diamond

M1030. Emulates Congress

M1032. Orchard Field, today

M1034. Drag Race host

M1035. Signature of a noted author

M1037. March or Roach

M1038. Cozy footwear, informally

M1039. Bag vendor with a lot of homophones

M1040. Frosty mug

M1041. “___ the night before Christmas”

M1042. It may be dispensed

M1043. “Here’s the World War I flying ___…” (start of Snoopy’s fantasies, often)

M1044. What German knights might say to invading Englishers?

M1045. “___ by moonlight, proud Titania” (Oberon)

M1046. Constrict, with “in”

M1047. CNN’s HQ

M1048. Dog days’ refreshment

M1049. Feminine end for Marl, Hel, and Sel

M1051. “I know, it’s a lot, the hair, the ___!—when you’re starin’ at a demigod”

M1053. Probably the easiest foreign language for English-speakers to learn

M1055. “___ the loneliest number…”

M1057. They drive others home a lot

M1059. Point-of-honor settler

M1061. Franklin is on it

M1063. Small boilers

M1065. Division of Germany

M1066. Sets up pool balls

M1067. More than brighten

M1068. Reduced to crumbs, perhaps

M1069. Pandemic-friendly fitness investment

M1071. Salmon route

M1073. The Foreigner star

M1074. Health plan prefix

M1075. Talk-show host Howie

M1077. Alive in classical notation

M1078. Actress Harrier or Linney

M1080. Work pants

M1083. Main mail drop (abbr.)

M1085. Movie fade type

M1088. Racetrack figures

M1090. Helped, briefly

M1092. Tierra del ___

M1094. Light punishment, as “on the wrist”

M1096. Ciardi’s ___ a Man

M1097. Factotums

M1099. Wit Bombeck and gospel singer Franklin

M1101. 21st letter in the Greek alphabet

M1102. Prefix with “vaginal”

M1103. Uber alternative?

M1104. Brkyln., e.g.

M1105. Romantic starter

M1106. Clothing chain

M1107. “Righto”

M1108. Raisin accompaniment

M1109. Moses’ oratorical stand-in

M1110. Expose to intense heat

M1111. Cheerless hue

M1112. At sea? Mais oui

M1113. “Man, my knee is killing me!”

M1114. “Yogi and Boo-Boo just have to accept whatever’s in what pic-a-nic baskets they can steal”?

M1118. “Every funeral, they have a trout…kinda weird”?

M1123. One who can’t get enough of Spielberg productions?

M1125. Poetic adverb

M1126. Pinches, teaspoons, and bellyfuls?

M1130. Keep harmonizing, even though I’m starting to think I was really rambling when I wrote these lyrics?

M1134. Gulp from a shot glass?

M1140. Law that required certain restaurants to give calorie counts

M1141. Prefix with cast or play

M1143. Coup d’inspiration

M1144. Goddess repopularized by Augustus

M1145. These, in Spain

M1147. Webpage or Kindle choice, e.g.

M1148. Axiomatic belief

M1149. When things start going wrong for Hamilton

M1150. Stuntman Cruise who doubles as an actor

M1152. Apply haphazardly

M1153. Laura with the album Eli and the Thirteenth Confession

M1155. Move capriciously

M1156. Foretell the future

M1157. Shedlike housing

M1158. 33 1/3 ___ LP

M1159. Muffin topper

M1160. Namesakes of a Chaplin

M1161. Twin telepathy and clairaudience

M1162. Virus’s need

M1163. Time pieces (abbr.)

M1164. “Done,” at the poker table

M1165. Fran Drescher’s TV role, to some

M1168. Reaction to a bad take, say

M1170. Heads toward an increase

M1173. Vitamin stat, briefly

M1174. Nostalgic #

M1177. Night light

M1179. ___ parade (reporters to a military medical officer)

M1180. Burned black

M1182. Dry-plaster painting

M1184. Walton who founded a warehouse club

M1186. Core component of bus. intelligence

M1187. AAA service

M1190. Many a South Slav

M1192. Management consultant Bill

M1193. “Manly, yes, but I like ___”

M1195. Disease of sheep

M1196. The dude’s

M1197. They take pix

M1198. Brother of Cain

M1199. “Get ___” (Fortnite taunt)

M1200. Like rice paddies

M1201. Hop or sing ending

M1203. Have no important disagreements

M1204. “Permission to enter?”

M1205. Alpha male, perhaps?

M1207. Little hideaway

M1209. Exhausting

M1212. Arboretum specimen

M1214. Fine, old-slangily

M1216. Abandon detente

M1218. Cul-de-___

M1220. Overall weakness

M1223. It may be pierced or plugged

M1224. EU article

M1225. “Yet you balanced ___ on the end of your nose…”

M1226. Sportscasting gadget

M1228. 1960s TV’s The Ghost and Mrs. ___

M1229. Not letting things slide, briefly

M1230. Kind of average

M1231. Cry under a pop fly

M1232. Within

M1233. Hist. or sci.

M1234. Element from when the periodic table was a square

M1235. Carlo or Cristo lead-in

M1236. “Comment ___?” (Haitian “How are you?”)

M1237. Posted a cartoon-color-filtered nature video, hashtag #BambiGrandson?

M1243. Capone after the syphilis set in?

M1248. Rule that you just don’t know how good an acting job Jesse will do: will it be a Mark Zuckerberg or a Lex Luthor kind of performance? It’s a mystery…?

M1257. Chasing away anxiety with a sauna trip?

M1260. “QUIET! This is a COVERT military invasion”?

M1262. Country love ballad about key moments in military planning?

M1267. Awful place to get stranded?

M1273. 5.879 billion mi.

M1274. French fire

M1275. “___ chance!”

M1276. Label for Ozzy Osbourne

M1277. Former traffic-watchdog org.

M1278. “The ___ Rules” (Black Sabbath song and album)

M1280. Beethoven heroine

M1281. Marshall’s alter ego

M1282. Obnubilate

M1283. Erases from the bases

M1284. Jet-speed unit

M1285. Kind of gas (abbr.)

M1286. Carpentry tools

M1287. Singer-songwriter Marina on many soundtracks

M1289. Many a bracelet-maker

M1290. Yonder lass

M1291. Not any, to the D.A.

M1292. Essential auto part

M1293. Jersey speak?

M1294. What a greedy person always wants

M1295. They show beaucoup de films

M1296. Biforn synonym in The Canterbury Tales

M1297. Of poor quality, in modern slang

M1298. Small dogs with small minds

M1299. Very, to Villa

M1300. Clock shift first tried in Ger.

M1301. Run ___ the mouth (gab)

M1303. Liquid Death or Brisk Lemon cylinder

M1306. Lunches for most of my life, briefly

M1308. It comes before ar

M1310. Caveman Alley

M1312. “That’s ADORABLE!”

M1313. Apple genius?

M1314. Like hawks and eagles

M1316. Byway

M1318. Not an imit.

M1320. Bris official

M1322. Blood-related (to)

M1323. Shine-tastic, in similar adspeak

M1324. Butchering of language, e.g.

M1326. Post or Sun alternative

M1328. Place to buy wax

M1330. Visayan isle

M1331. They have sister sizes

M1332. Fixing them short-term may call for special tape

M1333. Light palm-touches

M1334. Watches kids

M1335. Spider-Man and Mary Jane, to many fans, for short

M1338. Aparicio of Cooperstown

M1339. Like a chocolate-covered peanut

M1341. Lead-in to fide or scriptura

M1343. Modern tablet

M1346. Bear shelters

M1347. Sixteen-time world champion wrestler

M1349. Letter holders (abbr.)

M1350. Arrow’s title character

M1352. ___ in eye

M1354. The ___ (melancholy)

M1355. “Ooh, that was slick!”

M1356. Rave partner

M1357. Onscreen dancer Miller

M1358. Roman 1,105

M1359. Lacking height or depth, for short

M1360. Side order with tandoori chicken

M1361. Certain metal fastener

M1362. Third-largest paper in the States

M1363. Lit-___ (slangy course name)

M1364. Inquisitive one

M1365. Vocal quality for Tom Waits

M1366. Gamer “grrrr”

M1367. Super Bowl XXI MVP first to say, “I’m going to Disney World!”

M1369. Luke and Yoda’s foil

M1371. Poisoning insects in the 1970s as only I can?

M1373. Baby powder that fears nothing?

M1375. Generic title for a boy-focused hero’s journey?

M1381. Modest baker’s disclaimer?

M1385. Claim from a money expert when it comes to narrow horizontal territories?

M1390. “Skeletons in the…” or “I’m coming out of the…”?

M1393. There are three in your area now who can transform any vegetable you own into a coach and drive you to your destination?

M1395. Huge stone formation with Sylvester Stallone’s and Mr. T’s faces?

M1398. Udon ___, Thai city

M1399. Treats with disdain

M1401. ___ as a well

M1403. Internationally popular state-sponsored broadcaster, with “the”

M1404. Spot for a clamp on a workbench

M1406. Schusser’s need

M1407. Anatomical branches

M1408. NBC weekend sketch show

M1410. Sell the scene

M1411. Reddish wood (abbr.)

M1412. Is a potential ongoing worry

M1414. Bristlelike parts

M1415. Atlas info (abbr.)

M1416. Olympic skier Reinalter

M1417. San ___ on the Riviera

M1419. Spy plane shot down in 1960 or band formed in 1976

M1420. Grey’s Anatomy bit part

M1421. “Neato!”

M1422. ___ de plume (pen names)

M1423. “This image feels like it could be me” initialism

M1424. Jennifer and Angelina’s ex

M1425. Blows up, using traditional means

M1426. Winners of the second World Series

M1427. Flextimer’s workday start, perhaps

M1431. Edged sideways

M1433. Little batteries

M1435. Form or fume prefix

M1436. State until 1991 (abbr.)

M1438. ___ Game of Games (with host DeGeneres)

M1441. Thrill

M1443. Roll of wire

M1446. Irish queen of world music

M1447. “Blind as ___”

M1449. FB players who may or may not have firm butts (okay, most of them do)

M1450. 1978 Peace Nobelist Anwar

M1452. LIII × XVII

M1453. Dealer’s mdse.

M1454. Vehicle for Mr. T and a black van

M1455. Extra attention

M1456. Cap or prom ending?

M1457. Port that’s one train ride from Tokyo

M1458. Small one on a runway, briefly

M1459. Not fair

M1460. Colfer, Macken, or Morgan…all Irishmen of note

M1461. “___ but known…”

M1462. Tough guitar exercise

M1465. Intergenerational reality show

M1469. Hot milk/espresso drink

M1470. Pogo was one

M1472. Money in Riga

M1474. Nosh popular in India

M1476. Sound-minded?

M1478. Start a golf hole, with “off”

M1480. “The Bones” won two

M1482. “___ Sunday afternoon…”

M1484. Worker-protection org.

M1486. Spoiled

M1488. Unappreciated by

M1490. Stuck fast

M1492. Cocky Aesopian rival

M1494. Letter on a sorority house

M1495. Blondie’s hubby


M1497. No longer in use (abbr.)

M1498. “Need You Tonight” rock group

M1499. Canape topping

M1500. Applicability

M1503. Helicopter creator Sikorsky

M1504. “He may be father of a great nation someday, but right now he has NO IDEA where he’s going”?

M1506. Post-menage-a-trois ointment applications?

M1510. Cube resident who was never assimilated?

M1513. “Assuming it’s BoJack Horseman’s frenemy…”?

M1517. Place for Shaggy and Velma to finally learn how to fight?

M1519. Pulp heroes of the frontier fruit grove?

M1522. Headache with comedic timing?

M1527. Unflattering comment on CSI and 3022 actress’s bad hair day?

M1532. Coffee-table adornment

M1533. Pick up on

M1534. Reach from home?

M1535. Some Halloween decor

M1537. Fine china

M1538. On the plane

M1539. “Scout’s honor!”

M1540. Ewe’s sound

M1542. Moore in Indecent Proposal, Striptease, and The Scarlet Letter

M1543. Worked the Delaware Bay, perhaps

M1545. Binchy book-to-film ___ Road

M1546. Noisy rooters?

M1548. Portuguese mathematician Pedro

M1549. Head of the Class actor Howard

M1551. Go for the Oscar

M1552. Wall-cal. pages

M1553. Goodhearted

M1554. Opposite of sml.

M1555. Senor’s six

M1556. Indian rule from 1858 to 1947

M1557. Decent

M1558. Icy deposit on grass

M1559. ___-you-please (not tied down)

M1561. Midrange hotel chain, familiarly

M1564. Virtual people in a video game series

M1566. Don’t bring up anymore

M1568. “___ bono?” (The one with the most to gain should be a prime suspect)

M1569. RBI producers, often

M1572. Pharmacist’s filling, for short

M1574. Ovid’s 705

M1577. Stop on “moe!”

M1579. Tokugawa shogunate seat of power

M1580. Rapper born Mathangi Arulpragasam

M1581. Mumbai Mister

M1582. Follower of Stone or Ice

M1583. Quick app exchanges

M1584. “Imperial” furniture?

M1586. Intuitive ones

M1587. East Berlin’s land, initially

M1589. Billions and billions of years

M1591. Rembrandt’s medium

M1592. Brazilian saints

M1593. LA’s ___ Antonio Winery

M1594. Affirmative that drops the “you”

M1595. Canoeist

M1596. Literary works

M1597. Progressive spokeswoman with a team

M1598. Theatrical VIP (abbr.)

M1601. European apple

M1603. Places with animal enclosures

M1605. Core-building exercises

M1607. Sing. opposite

M1609. Poor result

M1611. Type of wagon

M1613. The only Hoda you know, I’m guessing

M1615. Part of a tree or a book

M1617. NH3

M1620. Gulls’ kin

M1622. Much-mentioned baseball pro

M1623. Wide range

M1624. Late-afternoon meal in Britain

M1626. Occupy space in the real world

M1628. Holds the deed on

M1629. Offend a bit

M1630. Undo a stet

M1631. “___ Es el Amor” (Spanish song hit)

M1632. Embellishes, figuratively

M1633. Inspiration for the Pres. in Dr. Strangelove

M1634. Thanks from Hollande

M1636. One-___ (old ball game)

M1638. The guy in the white hat, stereotypically

M1640. Bird or fruit

M1642. Getting unwelcomely (into)

M1644. “What you just said is what I’d say, too”

M1647. Kylie Minogue’s “I Believe ___”

M1649. Haunted house sound

M1651. Prozac, Lexapro, or Paxil, in brief

M1653. Help-wanted sign?

M1654. Inc., in Australia

M1656. Obedience school word

M1657. More, to Pablo

M1658. Small skirts

M1659. Magnet for visitors

M1660. College up the coast from LA

M1661. Kg over m high squared, basically

M1662. Where the Enterprise keeps captured foes

M1663. Oscar-winning film and song of 1958

M1664. Ending on drag or buff

M1665. In ___ (not moved)

M1666. Often-citrusy refreshments

M1667. Bellis perennis

M1670. “So it’s ___ the other” (“The Girl Is Mine” line)

M1671. “Both sides benefit…know what I mean? [eyebrow waggle]”?

M1675. Taking advantage of his stunned state to complete his transformation into a cake ornament?

M1678. “After it LOOKED like big things were going to happen…pfft!”

M1681. Check the progress of sorrow?

M1684. Actor Harington’s chimp pet…it’s just the two of them?

M1688. Sexual proclivities and exit strategies?

M1693. “That polecat’s nest is made from old junk”?

M1703. FDR’s help for homeowners

M1704. “___Call You Sweetheart”

M1705. Location of John McCain’s ranch

M1706. Thyme, for one