Ubercross Abecedaria L



L1. Music-competition-show group

L6. Revolutionary?

L13. The ___-King’s daughter, whose touch is also poisonous

L16. Univ. or coll.

L19. Ostrich’s Aussie auntie?

L22. Inc. cousin

L25. It’s hot in Hanoi

L28. Ruler units (abbr.)

L31. Motion City Soundtrack (abbr.)

L34. Sgt.’s charge

L37. Network that merged with the WB

L40. Mother of stars and winds

L43. Breaks off

L49. ___ City (Maxis game)

L52. RAF award

L55. Erin, on EU license plates

L58. Day-care break

L61. USSR’s successor

L64. Rusty dusty

L67. Gore and Quayle, once (abbr.)

L70. Cato’s 250

L73. Russian chess master Mikhail

L76. Every tragic character has one

L80. What to check if you smell gas

L82. “___ aussi!” (“You too!” in Toulouse)

L83. Marge’s relative in a tub?

L85. One of the most influential superhero writers, whether he likes it or not

L88. Low blow, according to the ump

L89. “Now ___ me down…”

L91. Chicago mayor ___ Emanuel

L92. He stopped to nap

L94. She sings “I’m A Mess,” “F.F.F.,” and “I’m Good”

L96. Neutrogena product

L98. Like some gestures or logic

L100. Commanding great respect

L103. Home at

L104. Email opinion letters

L106. Spew forth

L107. Let slip

L109. Programming language that sounds like a gem

L110. Some GPS suggestions, informally

L112. Member of Indian royalty

L113. One reason for the teacher shortage

L114. Horror film with a shapeshifting monster whose first word is another famous filmed horror story with a shapeshifting monster

L115. “That ___ no concern to you”

L116. As a freelance wage

L119. Home guy Bob

L120. Robert who surrendered at Gettysburg

L121. Lower torso parts

L122. “Came up short…”

L123. God of mindless aggression, but also great bravery

L124. “Not to be pedantic, but…”

L125. Scenic walkway

L126. Start to get going

L127. Sets in geometry

L128. CD alternatives

L130. “Whose woods these ___ think…” (Robert Frost)

L131. Inexperienced mind, e.g.

L134. “I’m…I’m at ___ for words”

L135. “Shall ___?” (“There are more examples, trust me”)

L137. Cries of disgust

L138. 1/8 of a fluid ounce

L140. Conductor of “The Three Tenors”

L142. Persona non grata

L143. Device that might be deployed after an angiogram

L144. Light lead-in

L146. Put a fence around

L148. Lasciviously desires

L150. Former rival of Jimmy and Björn

L152. Rome has seven

L154. Infamous Judean governor

L156. Worms greeting

L157. Cinematic technique, for short

L159. Bobby Fischer, as of 2005

L162. Oven setting

L163. Indian vegetable dishes

L165. God of fertile land eventually merged with Pluto

L167. The ___ King (2019 remake)

L168. E-mail aside intro

L169. Denmark city

L170. Santa Fe-to-Denver dir.

L171. Pre-retirement briefing?

L175. Parting words from the Terminator

L177. Caspian and Aegean

L178. Throw too high, e.g.

L179. Sword or bayonet, poetically

L181. Reels of yarn

L182. Cavaliers’ trigram

L183. Luncheon meat purveyor

L184. Houseplant need

L185. Paw, in Pau

L186. Some field goals from close range

L187. Once-New Yorker critic Pauline

L188. Popeye’s dad Poopdeck ___

L189. Harry Potter’s lightning bolt, for one

L190. Snacks “To Be Eaten. Not Thrown.”

L192. The Impaler and namesakes

L193. Mod Squad dude

L194. Preceder of “day,” “minute,” or “second”

L195. Word with “book” or “pillow”

L196. Rolling Stones first name

L198. Like many a bathroom

L199. Squeal sounds

L201. Give a sly glance

L202. Archipelago makeup (abbr.)

L203. One of a standard group of five

L204. Boy ___

L205. Quannet or rattail

L206. Magnifier

L207. By accident, old-style

L208. Think, You could cut the tension in this room with a knife

L210. Sylvester’s series co-star

L211. Business arrangement

L212. On the briny

L213. Jennifer Lien’s role on Star Trek: Voyager

L214. The Lincoln catafalque (built post-assassination), “the Kaiser’s Funeral,” Beck’s, Krombacher, Susanne of Bird Box

L215. Alliterative role for Kristin Kreuk

L217. Silent authority?

L218. Letters for Out readers

L219. Lint catcher

L220. Flying chatterbox

L221. Fashion letters

L222. Decided what was in and what was out

L227. Ostentatious show

L233. Writer of Metaphysics and Politics

L238. Ninth Hebrew letter

L239. Sick-day reason

L240. He appeared alongside Will in the Simpsons episode “Homer and Lisa Exchange Cross Words”

L241. Syllables after “tra” or “ooh”

L242. Superman’s birth father

L243. Queen Elizabeth and Stephen King’s pets

L244. Mork or Mindy

L245. German people

L246. Foe in Batman v Superman

L248. Whistle-wetter, for short

L249. Disgusted and not taking it anymore

L250. Cut wood

L251. Secular

L252. Cigarette manufacturer’s claim

L255. Copped ___ (did a deal with a DA)

L257. Ear parts

L258. Propounder of Taoism

L259. Storefront sign abbr.

L261. “The iconic taste in a smaller size”

L262. One with amped-up back?

L263. Double order, perhaps

L264. Take public

L265. Unbranded Sprite alternative

L266. Lunges from a hiding place

L268. Verboten

L270. Marine mammal with tusks

L271. Repeated musical passage

L272. Flies off the shelves

L273. Charlie Brown’s critic

L274. “…that would have ___ a member” (Groucho Marx)

L275. Stew, so to speak

L277. Landing craft (abbr.)

L278. Particular printing (abbr.)

L279. Set straight again

L280. Father of Cordelia

L281. Sobs and wails

L282. Often used

L283. Clear finish?

L284. Silicon ___ (New York tech hub)

L285. “Put Another Nickel In (Music, Music, Music)” singer Brewer

L286. Airplane walkway

L287. MC less XLV

L288. Search about

L290. Ilsa in Casablanca

L291. Axe sister brand

L292. Terre ___, Indiana

L293. Fasten again

L294. Somewhat smelly

L295. Formal footwear

L296. Rodriguez of Jane the Virgin

L297. Hawk restrainer

L298. Instrument with a solo during “Maneater”

L299. Vast grassy plain

L300. Has an eye to

L302. Patriot, often

L303. Inspiring disgruntled “hmmm” noises

L304. E or G, e.g. (abbr.)

L305. “Or ___ story goes”

L306. Xmastimes

L307. The Matterhorn, e.g.

L308. Former Connecticut governor Jodi

L309. Butterscotch, rocky road, moose tracks, vanilla, strawberry, mint chocolate chip, pistachio, cherry, chocolate chip cookie dough, rum raisin…

L312. Wallach in The Holiday and The Godfather, Part III

L313. Thin sheets of metal

L314. Iambic rhythm of the Gilligan’s Island theme song

L316. Not esto or eso

L317. Mailed, as a contest entry

L318. Not so great

L319. Love, hate, anxiety, fear, jealousy…

L320. 2001 Senate Majority Leader

L322. Green circle on the mountains

L324. Cubs and White Sox org.

L325. Laugh-out-loud type

L326. Release dates, male lead, female lead, tagline, most famous quote…

L329. Something subject to the Copyright Act

L332. Arthur Ashe Stadium gp.

L333. “___ vous plait”

L334. Knock the golf ball high

L335. Influential dark-skinned supermodel Wek

L336. Athletes at Williams

L340. 30 Rock network

L341. About when China started using paper money

L342. Lo-cal beer word

L343. Connect with, as a pier

L344. Hall-of-Famer Dawson or Ford

L345. Romantically rendezvous with in

L346. Hawaiian feast

L347. Mountain pack animal

L348. Bad guys’ organization in Get Smart

L349. Tough stretches of summer

L351. They may be locked or sealed

L352. Big Swedish manufacturer

L353. Pain in the ear

L355. Sole alternative?

L356. Former waitress Jennifer who played waitresses in four major roles

L357. ExCUSE me…!”

L358. The human cannonball, the trapeze, the part where Romeo and Juliet are introduced and fall in love, the “everything’s going to be all right” attitude we maintain in front of our kids, the lion tamer…

L359. Sibilations

L361. Listen and learn deeply

L365. Iced wine drink (var.)

L367. Spot for a golfer to put her peg

L370. “Time to get moving!”

L372. End of a process?

L373. 100 St. Pierre ou Miquelon

L374. Tool for some group communications

L375. Lightning lab devices

L377. Frisco’s state

L378. “Have mercy on me,” e.g.

L379. What festival spot Wight is on

L380. Business connections?

L381. Mouths

L383. Owner of 21 merit badges

L387. The Weaver of Raveloe

L389. Sports honchos, for short

L390. Nvm, just texting to myself, rly”

L391. Default audio format for Windows

L394. Lyon light giver

L396. How events may come

L397. “Deux” preceder

L398. Kwon, Franz, python, anaconda, financial institution…

L399. Potatoes au ___ (with a cheesy crust)

L401. From my apartment in Oxford: Liverpool, Sherwood Forest, Stonehenge, London, some apple fields (I do miss that freedom to travel)…

L403. ___ Tay, Scotland

L404. Chain with screws and bolts

L405. Knocking to the ground

L407. Don’t need a bra until 17, e.g.

L409. Get on the last nerve of

L410. Not well

L411. Justin Bieber, Nick Jonas, and Zac Efron feature

L412. Durocher or Delibes

L413. Pecan or almond

L415. US/Soviet pact

L416. “___ like a nut, so they call me Macadamia”

L417. Grasps firmly

L423. Bisiestos ones have 366 dias

L425. What the befuddled have

L427. Intended to, informally

L428. Give cheer to

L431. Are unfarmed

L433. 6, 23, Silver, of Reason, 99…

L436. Reaches

L437. Shipboard punishment

L438. Long distance units

L439. Aronnax’s host

L440. Menial employee

L441. Mushy mass

L442. Desperately arid

L443. Haw-haw

L444. Prefix for bar or gram

L445. “No, it doesn’t make you look fat,” maybe

L448. Card not quite part of a royal flush

L449. Sweet, to Scipio

L451. Peppery threesome?

L452. Class that needs dummies

L453. Water provider

L454. Hangs loosely

L456. Tricked

L458. Smallest in degree

L459. Mass of goo

L460. Highest point in Crete

L462. Part of a big lizard?

L463. Gives serious competition to

L464. Quaint sign starter

L465. Ways of seeing, for short

L466. It may be double-edged

L468. Hero-worshippers

L469. Nickname of Hall of Famer Durocher

L471. The ___ Angel

L473. Feeler, of a sort

L474. Crowbar, e.g.

L475. Celebrated 19th-century poet

L478. The largest free massively multiplayer online role-playing game

L480. “That’s how it’s going to be, is it?”

L481. Bobby Sherman song alternatively titled “If I Had You”

L483. Fun with verbs and nouns

L485. To ___: to the hilt

L486. “Revolving around the x ___ axis”

L487. Touchiness

L489. Show up at

L490. Lower extremity

L491. “Dress cut down to there” wearer of song

L492. Pot user

L493. It used to cost a dime

L495. “Changed” abbr. in stocks and religion

L496. Hoo-has

L497. Like some Sp. nouns

L498. Soothing semisolid

L499. Evo Morales’ nat.

L500. OK sign

L501. Detective Archer

L502. Use knowledge of established rules

L503. Shellac, for one

L504. Geometric calculation

L505. Pope who excommunicated Martin Luther

L506. Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Vulcan, 17744 Jodiefoster

L509. Unseld of NBA fame

L510. Explosive force

L511. First word of Moore’s famous poem

L512. Set, as bricks

L513. Neighbor of Victoria (abbr.)

L514. Jessica who was Jim Bakker’s downfall

L516. Classic contraception

L517. Machines that send you reeling?

L518. Anat. and ecol., among other disciplines

L519. Job-hunter req.

L520. Saluting like a wolf

L522. Fusilli alternative

L523. The terrible twos, e.g.

L524. Toe hold, inside heel hook, outside heel hook…

L527. Cattail locale

L531. Tiny breather

L532. Space built for the single life

L534. 5th century Pope known as “The Great”

L535. Messy spot

L537. Stand ___ (non-horror Stephen King opus)

L538. Go for money

L539. Gore, Hirt, Green, Davis, Bundy…

L540. High-volume “disagreement”

L542. Mikrokosmos composer Bartók

L543. Physical “Psst!”

L544. Hurrah, in Honduras

L545. Operated a loom

L546. “Oh, you’re on a first-name ___?”

L547. Like young Abe Lincoln

L548. Slightly scary devotee

L549. Mild insult, or mild anatomical reference

L550. Former senior, now

L551. Nutjobs

L553. Some merchandise pickups

L554. Air Force member

L555. Glimpse

L556. Malodorous

L557. “Why ___ man living in Paris be buried in the south of France?”

L558. Gleaming

L559. He was born in The Rugrats Movie

L560. Western wolf

L562. Teen challenge rarely mentioned in YA novels

L564. Where many nuts are housed

L568. “The ___-Rig” (Burns)

L569. Heads of the Sorbonne

L570. Demolish

L571. Form attachment?

L572. “This Side of Paradise” singer Ocasek

L573. Before, to Marlowe

L574. Paint the town red

L575. Some real estate business

L577. Coffee-fudge-ice-cream confections from Dairy Queen

L579. Adoptee, maybe

L580. Pointer’s shout

L581. Like Santa Claus

L582. Fig. to help you make connections

L583. Leftovers after hanging new paintings

L585. PD dispatches

L586. Like oil in water

L588. Grapple with, in the sticks

L591. Bolt the sprinter

L593. Capital currently under control of the Southern Transitional Council

L595. Wore jauntily

L596. Fragrant shrub

L599. Takes 10x the RDA

L600. Metric weights

L601. Conspiracy theorist Trump (I know, doesn’t really narrow it down)

L602. Catch from the pier

L604. Atropos, Clotho, Lachesis

L605. Cross, as a stream

L606. Robert who played Anthony Soprano Jr.

L607. Ones among the coop populace

L608. Lascivious look

L609. Words before “trap”

L610. Appliance buttons

L611. Torments with constant presence

L614. Cell user?

L615. Fresh

L616. Boulogne-sur-___, France

L617. Secondary prefix

L618. Summer Olympics item

L619. “For realz

L621. Relaxed

L623. Tiny piece

L625. Composer Jule and family

L626. Macy’s competitor

L628. Lead singer on “Christmas Don’t Be Late”

L629. Phonetician’s semicircle

L630. People as they really are

L632. Plumbing stop-up

L633. Ran off

L634. Martha and the ___

L636. Daily Planet employee

L638. Miner’s pneumatic tool

L639. Tiny creature that can trigger allergies

L641. 641, e.g.

L644. Proverbially busy creature

L645. Kringle

L649. Exercise equipment with a race-inspired name

L651. Bela Lugosi’s role in The Ghost of Frankenstein

L653. River joining the Rhone

L654. Late riser, colloquially

L657. Noise made by an extremely excited fangirl

L658. Bankrolled

L659. Stellaluna, Fidget, flying fox, the Louisville Slugger, Rouge…

L660. Samples

L661. Generous helpings

L663. Snakes’ renewal process

L664. Rocky subj.

L665. Food bank container

L666. Hairless head

L667. Start of the third qtr.

L668. Contemporary biographer

L670. Matrimony

L673. Query upon witnessing a hanging?

L674. Unit in electricity

L675. Cheer for a diva

L677. Pear-shaped instrument

L678. The House Bunny star Anna

L680. Gardening tools

L682. Target

L683. Suffix denoting nationality

L684. Signs of a really terrible theatrical experience

L686. Brown of the Food Network

L687. 4G ___ (standard for mobile devices)

L688. Scrooge McDuck’s word for his nephew

L689. Oversupply, as with sweetness

L690. Not hard

L691. It’s better than no bread

L693. Hometree dwellers of Avatar

L694. Short Line and Reading, in Monopoly (abbr.)

L695. Someone likely to hear, “Ever thought about the WNBA?”

L698. “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn” or “This is Ellen Ripley, last survivor of the Nostromo, signing off”

L700. Amounting to zip

L702. Navigation aid with round base and pointed top that, after research, I’m wondering if I misremembered as existing

L704. Casino fixtures

L705. 1998 McLachlan hit

L706. Orange, asparagus, lemon, fuchsia, amaranth, peach, mustard, hazel, apricot, maroon, olive, lime, saffron, violet, pink, indigo, cinnamon, rose…

L711. Warner Brothers collectible

L712. And other women

L713. Luminesce

L714. “U can’t b serious!”

L717. “If ___ again I meet him beard to beard, he’s mine or I am his” (Coriolanus)

L718. New York-born rapper

L719. Schulers, McDermotts, pechauers, “The Power of Love” in Back to the Future, “Stuck in the Middle with You” in Reservoir Dogs

L720. End for Joan of Arc

L721. Streaming device with its own service

L722. They’re sometimes put in front of a house numbered like candles on a birthday cake

L725. City north of Tijuana

L726. “From the Beginning” prog-rock supergroup

L727. Nose-rubbing quarters

L728. ___ out (popped up, in baseball)

L729. Southern cape

L730. Galway land

L731. Giants’ Maglie

L732. Tree now being bred to resist a Dutch-discovered disease

L733. Gates of Windows

L734. Russian river to the Caspian

L735. Cape Cod community

L736. Next-to-last year in Claudius’s reign

L737. Often-injured body part, for short

L738. Those who stand and wait

L739. Water vessel used in India

L740. “He thinks ___ much” (Caesar, describing Cassius)

L741. Unprintable outbursts

L743. She trades money for Monet

L745. Seven-column grids, often

L747. Beethoven’s A?

L748. Unappetizing offering

L749. Million ___ March

L750. “Don’t Bring Me Down” band

L751. Like a mismanaged existence

L753. Supergirl/Yellowjackets actress and trans rights activist Nicole

L754. Single-entry label

L756. Letters before “mart”

L757. Part of the eye

L758. Tall wader

L759. Organa’s the most famous, but there’s also the singer formerly of Blackswan and Forman of That ‘90s Show

L761. “We’re ___ own with this one”

L763. Result of kittens playing with yarn, often

L767. Eastern truth

L768. Quick scissor strokes

L769. Heaven Can Wait, Dick Tracy, and Bugsy actor-producer Warren

L770. Passover’s ___ Hamoed

L771. Dress trimming

L773. The Red Baron, Top Gun’s Maverick, Baloo on Tale Spin…

L774. Hoer’s target

L775. Eponymous Arabian king

L776. Lightly pulls

L777. 2012 film the CIA was quite happy to help produce

L778. Conway Twitty’s “We ___ It All”

L779. Cut a fine figure, maybe

L782. Night Dallas was on when it was big (abbr.)

L783. Odes, in Oviedo

L784. Little Pigs’ foe

L785. Like a tightrope, more so than a slackline

L786. Early filmdom

L788. Shreveport coll.

L789. Neaten a bit

L791. Occupied, in a way

L793. Hardball home, once

L794. Richmond coll.

L795. One looking for clues (abbr.)

L796. 21st-century two-wheeler

L797. ___ fault (gripe)

L798. Blog passage

L799. Booth treater

L800. Pearl Harbor presence

L801. Picture hanger’s concern

L803. Common seaside winter dish

L805. English king called the Conqueror

L806. Giving fewer damns

L808. Like a Christmas tree

L812. Believer that small things make up all things

L816. “___ parole a été faite chair” (“And the Word was made flesh”)

L817. “___ fair in love and war”

L818. Down state?

L820. UN agency promoting workers’ rights

L821. Municipality (abbr.)

L823. Med dispenser

L825. Nickname on the Houston Rockets starting in 2004

L826. Takes up residence

L829. Alka-Seltzer’s active part

L830. Present moment, poetically

L831. Off-the-wall rebound

L832. “Yes, that’s the idea”

L834. Song on the Rubber Soul album

L835. Term used to shame women in the 19th century and also a dessert the Queen of Hearts made a big deal about in the 19th-century Alice in Wonderland (hmmm)

L836. Roll-on deodorant

L837. Like games that head into overtime

L838. Man or 12 preceder

L839. Kind of acids needed for life

L841. “Must have been something ___”

L842. It may follow a beaning

L843. “For Official ___ Only”

L844. Leap, like a leopard

L845. Arrangements for tots

L847. Meadow musing

L848. Twist around an axis

L850. March of the Penguins director Jacquet

L852. Kind of passages

L854. Were, now

L855. Science explainer Brian

L856. Nonsensicality

L857. Orchestra leader Billy

L858. NY Mets division

L859. Blade: Trinity and Limetown star Jessica

L860. Text bye line

L861. Durability

L863. Dredged material

L864. Rent drug

L865. Yellowfish, for one

L868. Loads software

L870. Embracing non-toxic masculinity

L871. Sweet ___ (substitute for sugar)

L872. Spanish others

L873. Put trust in, with “on”

L874. The Sifl and ___ Show (1990s MTV puppet show)

L875. Prehistoric toon boss

L879. Faked death, blind girl got tickets for life, met Madonna when she was 12, haunts his old home, had a secret tunnel, his favorite meal was squirrel…

L883. Mynas do it

L886. Unaided

L887. Nation with the same name as an American state

L888. Shoe parts

L890. Last queen of Egypt, for short

L891. Like some salsa and cigars

L892. 1996 campaign name

L893. Watering and wishing site

L895. Declines to follow orders

L896. It’s illegal to drop it

L897. Green-skinned dancing girl in Return of the Jedi

L898. Like beer

L899. Fontaine output

L900. Quick intake of breath

L901. Skids laterally

L903. Get ___ of (throw out)

L904. Scissor (out)

L905. Used a tuffet, e.g.

L906. “Well, ___-di-dah”

L907. Antennas

L911. Virgilian wrath

L912. Mercury alloy

L914. Genesis figure

L915. Barbary Coast loc. (abbr.)

L916. Where Padova is

L917. Eric the Red’s son

L918. Weather factor

L920. Come by or acquire

L921. Prepare for retirement

L922. Rotten band, initially?

L923. Shoe or shriek

L924. “Those cool reflections distract me from…what was I talking about?”

L926. Rich blue stone

L929. Palindromic Portuguese pronoun

L930. Fla. State athlete

L931. State south of Wyo.

L932. Show off

L933. Palo ___

L934. “Hilarious,” online

L937. With competent direction

L940. Lassie fan, often

L941. ___. pros.

L942. Loafed about

L943. Game of catch

L944. ___ supra (see above)

L945. Epic 1975 showdown, popularly

L948. Walt’s friend, and enemy, in Breaking Bad

L949. Apple assistant since 2011

L950. Memorable columnist

L951. Guidelines observed in sisterhood

L954. Alice waitress (and spinoff)

L955. Name in a 1973 landmark case

L956. “There you go!”

L957. Late-show time on TV

L958. Commemorations in early Novembers

L961. Logician George influential today

L962. Lighter-___-air (buoyant)

L963. Sermon subject, sometimes

L965. Tom or Vincente

L966. “Que ___?” (“How are you?” in Havana)

L968. Technique for viewing some slides?

L969. Publication read by execs, presumably

L970. Primetime, Daytime, Sports, News and Documentary, Engineering…

L971. Caresses gently

L972. Can material

L973. “___ entertain you”

L974. Like many prefixes and suffixes

L975. Grass roots stuff?

L976. Flower-flavored candy

L978. Practice leader?

L979. DeskJet printers and others

L980. Like a high-quality, uncorrupted digital file

L982. SNL exec Michaels

L983. “Everything’s fine!”

L984. Frequent tattoo honoree

L986. It goes to air without delay

L987. Backsplash makeup

L988. Started to droop

L989. ___ Sticks (drain deodorizer)

L990. Studio sight

L992. Good as gold, clear as mud, dead as a doornail, built like a brick, like a surgeon cutting for the very first time…

L995. Jacob’s Old Testament twin

L996. ___ Locks (Huron-Superior link)

L997. LA weather word

L998. Next gens.?

L999. Commander of Saul’s army, boy Yokum of Dogpatch, neighbor on Bewitched…

L1002. London suburb that sounds like an op artist

L1003. Like roast beef and Yorkshire pudding

L1004. Of signs and symbols

L1006. Warming measurement

L1010. You daft git”

L1011. Flotsam, Jetsam, Mark Oliver Everett, conger, moray…

L1012. Emasculates

L1013. Optimistic phrase

L1014. Federal law ensuring public access to records, for short

L1015. Peace that doesn’t feel peaceful

L1017. Tolkien elf played in film by Orlando Bloom

L1018. Janis with the 1975 hit “At Seventeen”

L1019. Coaches’ chalkboards

L1021. Canadian currency, for short

L1022. “In the,” in Italian

L1024. Course for new arrivals (abbr.)

L1025. Surfer’s entry, for short

L1026. Heaped up

L1028. Toy in resealable cans

L1029. Robin, judge on The Masked Singer

L1031. Sartre’s “Huh?”

L1032. ___ in Edward

L1033. Making invalid

L1034. Laissez-faire words

L1037. Check, as the horizon

L1038. “___ wanna be with you” (Hootie and the Blowfish)

L1039. Gov’t-issued aid

L1040. Old ___, Cromwell’s nickname

L1041. Mineral, olive, castor, palm, fuel…

L1042. Masters in verse

L1045. Groups of exercises, tennis matches, songs, positive integers, TVs…

L1047. Winter, spring, summer, autumn, basketball…

L1050. Make uncertain

L1053. Understands the humor of

L1054. Kind of game

L1055. Liechtensteiner garb

L1060. Put on guard

L1067. Other, in Toledo

L1068. Lizards with a lineage going back to the Triassic period

L1070. Having no value

L1071. Pitching professionally?

L1073. Popeye’s ___ Pea

L1074. Put something over on

L1075. Ship part represented by the constellation Carina

L1076. GOP promoter

L1077. Hydrochloric, citric, sulfuric…

L1079. Islamic leaders

L1081. Coveted medalla material

L1082. “___ in Sweden”

L1085. Make a decent living

L1087. Type of wine (Fr.)

L1088. Ma’s media

L1092. “Whiz” preceder

L1093. Prize-winning novelist

L1094. Twists

L1095. Alternate name for “A Walk to Caesarea” (phrase spoken by Jesus on the cross)

L1096. Often like

L1098. Jacqueline Kennedy, ___ Bouvier

L1099. Down for a nap

L1100. Solidifies

L1103. Remain in the future

L1105. Big rift

L1106. Adams, Knotts, Johnson, Cornelius, Corleone…

L1107. Part of an umpire’s count

L1111. Beseech

L1114. Fit to be food

L1115. Withdraws officially

L1119. ___ Stic (ballpoint)

L1121. Brave Men author, 1944

L1123. Recognizable

L1125. “Alright, Still” singer

L1128. Increases

L1129. Are breathtakingly pretty or handsome

L1132. Great overall exercise unless you’re acrophobic

L1134. Mother’s flower?

L1135. Brownish bevvy

L1136. Supporting the Kickstarter of, say

L1138. More monastic

L1139. R2-D2, BB-8, C3PO, K-2SO, my phone…

L1140. Really stinky

L1141. Phamous Pharaoh

L1143. Chicken cordon ___

L1144. Perceptive

L1146. “Simon ___...”

L1148. Taxi eschewer, for short

L1149. What if instead of his famous boast, Caesar said “Actually, I just stand around”?

L1150. Großmutter, casually

L1151. Fuse, as metal

L1152. Some victories for Ali

L1153. Tape-recorder abbr.

L1154. Practically snuggle at night

L1155. LeShan and namesakes

L1156. Get off the ground?

L1158. Almost nine trillion hours

L1159. Narnia, Fantastica, Earth-616, Earth-2, that world where you took that other career path…(abbr.)

L1160. 1521 visitor to Guam

L1162. Infection-fighting drug

L1163. Onetime drink of astronauts

L1164. Where you might go for a friend in need

L1165. Kipling python

L1166. “Holy guacamole!”

L1167. Like the vowels in “Start or work third car”

L1169. East, in Essen

L1170. ___ Bator (capital of Mongolia)

L1171. Bygone missile with a tribal name

L1173. Open materials

L1175. Accepts

L1177. Iraq War concern (abbr.)

L1178. Beast of burden, in Burgundy

L1179. Rich ice creams

L1180. Part of the 1964 Civil Rights Act concerned with employment discrimination

L1183. Resumed (abbr.)

L1184. 2% of all human blood

L1185. Hairspray actress Zadora

L1186. Some graphic files

L1187. Not grounded in reality

L1190. Moo goo ___ pan

L1191. One with regrets

L1192. Le ___ bourguignon

L1193. Yugoslavian leader Josip

L1194. Hung around casually?

L1196. “Is That All There Is?” singer

L1197. Oh follower

L1198. Locked horns

L1199. Mixture or medley

L1200. PC combo key

L1201. National force, informally

L1203. Temperate

L1205. Prometheus actress Rapace

L1206. Average first tracked in 1896, for short

L1207. Extensions of prior retirement plans

L1209. Old paperback imprint

L1210. Convex/concave molding

L1211. Lutes’ relatives

L1213. It might get the brush-off

L1214. “You’ve got mail” co.

L1215. Doesn’t challenge

L1216. Boiler room containers

L1218. Chewable portions

L1219. Cereal Mikey liked, in ads

L1220. Gazed fiercely

L1221. Part of HUD

L1222. Norse god of heroic glory

L1223. Field of dreams?

L1225. Mourn ___ opportunity

L1226. Charles Foster of film

L1227. Blue Velvet, Do the Right Thing, Rocky, My Cousin Vinny, Platoon, Scream 2, Crazy Rich Asians, The Social Network, Deep Impact, tick, tick…BOOM!, The Sound of Metal, Fatal Attraction…

L1230. GBS’s home

L1231. Limited in movement

L1232. Noel Coward song

L1234. Corduroy part

L1235. Singlehanded

L1236. Texas critter

L1238. Bergen’s home (abbr.)

L1239. Kind of license (abbr.)

L1240. Truth or hope ending

L1241. With excessive pride, you can be one of the walk

L1242. Common material in tutus

L1243. Calls on the dogs

L1244. Christian of Mr. Robot

L1245. German “you”

L1246. “Go ahead with your proposal”

L1248. Builds a third floor for, e.g.

L1249. They outrank the sgts.

L1250. Hershey Bears, Toronto Marlies, and Chicago Wolves’ org.

L1253. Slopes in Scotland

L1254. Zeno’s portico

L1255. Suffix for records

L1256. ___-de-Marne (department near Paris)

L1257. Make another blueprint

L1258. ___ generis (unique)

L1259. “___ my Annabel Lee” (Poe)

L1260. Pat Metheny Group keyboardist Mays

L1261. Trails behind

L1262. Novel by Kathleen Coyle

L1263. Grandma’s epithet

L1264. Had to pony up, say

L1267. Football player

L1269. Mountains surrounding Yekaterinburg

L1270. Clumsy guys

L1271. Lao-tzu follower

L1272. Recount

L1275. Use up cash

L1276. How-to basics

L1277. “Abraham” preceder in a noted synagogue

L1278. Wild eccentrics

L1281. Pringles alternative

L1283. Like an ice-covered road

L1285. It’s surrounded by white

L1287. Enchanted, Fitzgerald, Mae Morse, Cinder, Yelich-O’Connor…

L1290. PETA concern

L1291. Phineas Fogg’s conveyance, Macy’s sights, 99 red ones, water-filled ammunition, weather reporters…

L1293. Cult roster

L1295. Diner cousin

L1296. TV alien’s birthplace

L1297. Chain whose name derives from its original room rate

L1298. Boon companion

L1299. Small or back follower

L1300. Sudden rise in blood pressure or temperature

L1301. In need of a patch

L1302. Israeli violinist Mintz

L1303. Novelist Ahern who’s a soundalike for a Simon and Garfunkel song

L1304. “Are the rumors just rumors, or…?”

L1306. Neighbor of Daman

L1307. Golden-rule starters

L1310. Mars’ follower

L1312. Perry who designed clothes less than a decade but is still a brand today

L1314. Decolor

L1318. Save from peril

L1321. Fluid-filled container

L1322. Sweet, as a farewell

L1323. Top choice, for short

L1324. Gremlin

L1325. Facts, if you’re Trump

L1327. Shop-___

L1328. DOJ arm

L1329. Willy-nilly

L1331. “You can count on me!”

L1333. Last-resort subs

L1334. “Tite, bro!”

L1335. “___ of Pearls” (Glenn Miller)

L1336. “I’ll join your game”

L1338. Web-based catalog collection

L1342. Director of Ghosts of Mississippi

L1344. Southern site of an 1865 battle

L1346. Mello ___ (Coca-Cola brand)

L1347. Iconic landmark seen in Slumdog Millionaire

L1350. Have a long, passionate kiss

L1352. Kitchen floor piece, perhaps

L1353. Word before monster or woodpecker

L1354. London train syst.

L1355. Not at all nice

L1356. Many a teenager

L1360. Rancher’s expense

L1361. American-Cuban-French diarist Nin

L1362. Start to ski?

L1363. Noted short story writer

L1364. Some zoo areas

L1365. You lift them in reps, in brief

L1366. Is a bad actor?

L1367. “u up? i’m alone” and “Hey, I’m wearing the nightie you got me. Want to come tuck me in?”

L1369. Pokémon Sun and Moon hero

L1370. Ancient Greek kingdom

L1372. Criminal’s quarters?

L1374. Map of building lots

L1375. Bernard’s heart, genetically

L1376. Christmas tree, often

L1377. Amendments

L1378. Shell ridge

L1379. Drawing tablet

L1381. Egyptian cobra

L1382. Approached

L1383. Distorter of flight plans and storm trajectories

L1386. Self-satisfaction

L1388. Care Bears, My Little Ponies, Pound Puppies, Cabbage Patch Kids, Raggedy Ann

L1389. “Like ___’ll rise” (Maya Angelou)

L1390. Bashful companion

L1393. Chevy’s Express, e.g.

L1394. Pluralizing cypher

L1395. Sharp attack

L1396. Spanish deity

L1397. DSL co.

L1398. Rhyme scheme of William Ernest Henley’s “Still fair to see and good to smell / As in the quaintness of its prime, / A dainty thing’s the Villanelle, / It serves its purpose passing well”

L1400. Pakistani neighbor

L1402. Romney and Obama, professionally

L1403. Intend

L1404. Acquires knowledge

L1406. Palm-lined Atlantic capital

L1407. St. Augustine’s language

L1409. With the most vigor

L1411. Energy, in Feng Shui

L1412. Dumbo’s “wing”

L1413. Piece of a Chinese dish?

L1414. Prefix with apple

L1415. Took ___: left something to chance

L1416. Insect antenna

L1417. Old game with an eponymous discarding phase

L1418. Disinfectant spray brand

L1419. Like a vacant rental apartment

L1420. Pulls from the gene pool

L1421. Brecht of the theater

L1423. Nickname for Katherine

L1424. “Winning ___ everything”

L1425. Full House, Monk, Charmed, That’s So Raven, MythBusters, Titans, The Good Doctor, Westworld, The Terminal List, The Man in the High Castle…

L1429. “Tastes terrific!”

L1430. Big sticker?

L1432. Anna Kendrick song using a namesake game for its percussion

L1433. “Love is always a demonstration, not just ___ of words and a feeling” (Anonymous)

L1434. Pt. of a V-8

L1435. Toll rte.

L1436. Panic-button puncher

L1439. Indulge in gossip

L1441. Poor diet, genes, poor sleep, worrying…

L1442. Tropical crop

L1443. Un-friggin’-believable, some-other-where, zero-dark-thirty, what-thing-soever…

L1444. Stacks of stuff

L1445. Rickrolls’ Rick

L1446. Beth’s predecessor (var.)

L1447. Designates

L1448. “No men allowed” area

L1449. Ice-T’s wife

L1450. “Good enough ___”

L1451. Make it through the mud

L1452. NYC hospital since 1858

L1455. ___ gow (casino option)

L1456. Take ___ (decline, hopefully short-term)

L1457. Strumpet

L1458. Influencer Carnegie

L1459. Dish often filled with sour cream and folded

L1460. Bindle stiff

L1461. Raid the fridge

L1462. Worf, Gowron, Kahless, Chang, B’Elenna Torres…

L1463. Harrison role

L1464. Battleship coordinate: eighth square, lowest row

L1465. “O come, ___…”

L1466. L Eco, LE, Limited, Nightshade, and XLE from Toyota

L1467. Between the World and Me author Ta-Nehisi

L1468. Crystal’s “mahvelous” inspiration

L1469. Caprica star Morales

L1470. “Waterfalls” singers

L1471. Penn of House and the White House

L1472. Batteries in mice

L1473. School closing?

L1474. Chaucerian taleteller

L1475. ___’s Basilica, in Venice

L1477. Volume 1, if Volume 2 is C-Ch

L1479. Catch-22, e.g.

L1480. Sartre’s summer

L1481. 1920s design house still influencing your house’s design

L1483. It may have only six slices

L1485. Sex worker by appointment

L1487. Service-related (abbr.)

L1488. Med. staff with a “Star of Life” logo

L1489. Library payments

L1491. Tops of birds’ heads

L1492. ___ stone (old French gem)

L1493. Surrealist born Emmanuel Radnitzky

L1494. Routine of fakery

L1495. Espresso option

L1498. Big audition

L1501. Smooth in phonetics

L1502. Doesn’t mess with

L1505. Elevator brakes, automatic locks, traffic lights blinking red, instant shutoff, redundant server…

L1508. Paris newspaper Le ___

L1509. Original Star Trek producer

L1512. NATO HQ

L1513. Formula One ban since 2006

L1514. Earthy mixture

L1515. Cheesecake leg

L1516. Like brilliantine

L1517. Claudius I followed him

L1520. OH city with rapid pop. decline

L1521. “Forsaken” word more often attached to “for” or “love” than truly on its own

L1522. Genus of meowing mammals

L1523. Amusement value, with “the”

L1524. Composer Thomson

L1525. Sports retiree of 2008

L1526. Conifer cones

L1527. Filled to the edge

L1528. Residents of uneven territory

L1530. Smoothly graceful, as an athlete or software development

L1532. Young miss

L1535. The pre-universe, essentially

L1536. Experience

L1538. Doctors Without Borders, Amnesty International, PETA, CURE, CARE…

L1539. Plank supporting a sleeper

L1541. Highly sought-after daddy, in more ways than one

L1542. Confidently

L1544. “___ blu, dipinto di…”

L1545. History and Discovery

L1546. Jack’s connection

L1548. Man’s man?

L1549. Symbol of holiness

L1550. Like part of the circulatory system

L1551. “Neato!” relative

L1552. Being pulled to the body shop

L1553. Immobilizes a chess piece

L1555. Common noun ending

L1556. Goop for hairstyling

L1557. Beauty chain

L1558. Lead-in to “Morturi te salutant

L1559. With smugness

L1563. Jessica who founded The Honest Company

L1565. ___ before (not later than)

L1567. Get ___ feeling: just know

L1569. Anything done, being done, or to be done

L1570. Wash against

L1573. Human appendage

L1574. Unbundled

L1575. Something made up for a movie

L1576. Workout garb

L1578. Menagerie

L1579. Animal every continent features except the one that sounds like it should

L1580. Suffix with art

L1581. Talk-show person

L1582. Perfectionist’s concern

L1584. Word with inner or winner’s

L1585. Emery board targets

L1586. Random House imprint

L1587. Amount to be taxed

L1588. Emulated Alex Trebek

L1590. Bygone dynast

L1591. Ballet, salt, mule, tire, mud…

L1593. Lascivious fellow

L1594. Bhutan, Wales, Malta, Moscow, Tuscany, Atlanta…

L1598. Fla. NBA team

L1599. Powder substance

L1601. Prohibited

L1603. ___ for the course (usual)

L1604. “No, I tell ___” (start of a self-correction)

L1605. Mischievous

L1608. Give 100%

L1610. Beantown team

L1611. Casaba’s coating

L1612. Island in the Aegean Sea

L1613. Breaks one’s back

L1614. Amulets

L1615. 1983 AL Rookie of the Year

L1616. “Dr.” of children’s books

L1617. Crier’s employer

L1618. Flowers’ color palette, to a bee

L1619. ASCAP and ASPCA

L1620. Dennis formerly of Law & Order

L1621. Improve from a fall

L1622. “Unsubscribe plz,” “Just a few jokes I thought you’d like,” “Fwd: Re: Fw:,” “We must ask for your support,” “Re: Unsubscribe plz”…

L1625. Actress Scala of The Guns of Navarone

L1626. 270 are required to win the WH

L1627. The Pearl of ___ Island (Stowe)

L1628. Strikeout sign

L1629. Pinball jostler’s reward

L1630. Keep reminding

L1631. Type of muscle

L1632. Suffix for Army sites

L1633. Auctioneer’s declaration

L1634. Czechs and Ukrainians

L1635. Designer in the US Figure Skating Hall of Fame

L1636. “Captain of the winds” who met Odysseus

L1637. Geologist who was a colleague of Darwin

L1638. Ultra-low-frequency sound that puzzled NOAA for years

L1639. “Of course it was me!”

L1640. Book balancer

L1641. Bearing, in heraldry

L1642. Bumpy reading experience?

L1643. You get it by removing hydrogen

L1644. Knot up

L1646. Hip-hop wannabe who “interviewed” Madonna and Donald Trump

L1648. His was the first inaugural address to call out white supremacy

L1649. Pilot’s mph

L1650. Sweet cordial

L1652. Smoothly performed after preparation

L1655. These, in Oise

L1656. Claiborne with a fashion flair

L1657. One who may charge a flat fee

L1659. Not need a wedding planner

L1660. Bhagavad-___ (Hindu scripture)

L1661. Batman and Spider-Man composer Danny

L1662. Where bills are stored

L1663. Maker of Posturepedic mattresses

L1664. Where to store the escape vessels

L1665. Inspiration for a field geologist’s kit

L1667. Principle of refraction ratios

L1669. Narrow, narrow shoe size

L1670. Graph or vision starter

L1671. Onetime alternative to Facebook Messenger

L1673. Talk loudly

L1675. Brand for young builders

L1676. Setting in a minority of Floridian summers

L1677. Quintessentially

L1679. War is hell, and this food item is one reason why

L1680. Recentest

L1681. Magnificent

L1684. Choreographer Lubovitch

L1685. Music-store purchase

L1686. GRE relatives

L1687. Like some bonding

L1688. Primroses, e.g.

L1689. Dry-cooks

L1690. Promising clues

L1691. Hadean, Archean, Proterozoic, Phanerozoic (var.)…

L1692. It can turn over a lot

L1693. Alicia of Falcon Crest

L1694. Note code-setter

L1695. Particular Protestant (abbr.)

L1696. Results of cleanup work?

L1697. Borderline crosswordese landmass

L1698. Angel dust

L1701. 1950s service site

L1703. Explorer John, actress Charlotte, comedian Issa, duo Sremmud

L1705. Artoo’s one-time ally

L1706. Take ___: see one’s pay reduced

L1707. Impression, as in a bowling ball or coconut

L1708. Indochinese republic

L1709. Parks and Rec’s Perkins

L1710. Occasional position of the colors

L1711. Of the best quality

L1713. Bigfoot cousins

L1714. Action figure, really

L1715. Warmers for granny’s shoulders

L1716. One doing laundry, often

L1717. With all-too-evident anger

L1718. Animals in pods

L1719. Birthplace of the World Wide Web

L1720. Coiling strand

L1722. Some screens, for short

L1723. Like this

L1724. “Two thumbs WAY up”

L1726. Obi-Wan portrayer

L1728. Gives off fuzz

L1730. Video game players with built-in controllers

L1735. Cruelest speeches

L1738. Mom’s or pop’s bros

L1739. Palm Tungsten, e.g.

L1741. Church msg.

L1742. Foreshadowing

L1744. Celebrated figure

L1745. Millennium actress Gallagher

L1746. Mobster’s lady

L1747. One may attend a class on parenting

L1748. Defeats, as a bill

L1749. Not raw

L1750. “Top Ten and ___,” for when you have one list entry that only sorta counts

L1751. Brazilian soccer god

L1752. Stored

L1753. Sportage, Forte, Seltos, Sorento, K4, Rio, Soul, Carnival, Stinger, Telluride...

L1754. Dinner and a movie, traditionally

L1755. Facebook profile part

L1756. Character who brought the term “security blanket” into the language

L1758. He’s got the world on his shoulders

L1760. Soppressata, e.g.

L1761. Deflation indicator

L1762. Lodge letters

L1763. Star, essentially

L1764. “___ Rock” (1966 hit)

L1765. Division of a foot

L1768. Bibliophile’s likely spending spree

L1770. “Cheers!”

L1771. Touch down

L1772. Sailor’s inspiration?

L1773. Is a bad loser, say

L1774. They’re too proper to really have any fun

L1776. Touches

L1777. William of ___ who believed the simpler explanation was usually correct

L1778. To ___ a Mockingbird

L1779. Obedience-school command

L1780. Move that often ends a wrestling match

L1784. March, May

L1787. My dorm-room neighbor’s music, e.g.

L1790. Drying out spot

L1791. Real lady’s man?

L1792. Friend, slangily

L1793. Supergirl’s secret identity

L1794. Kobe’s team, on scoreboards, back in the day

L1795. Marker of the start of classtime

L1796. Not exactly calm

L1798. Like the name “Everest” if you don’t make it back down

L1799. Schoolhouse features of yore

L1801. Candid Camera successor of the oughts

L1802. Kind of cookie that goes great in banana pudding

L1803. Short-tailed rodent

L1804. Bonkers

L1805. STS, Escalade, XLR, Seville, Eldorado…

L1807. Army address

L1808. Persian carpet

L1809. He’s below a marquess

L1810. Cable company technician

L1811. Is active

L1812. Isn’, even less formally?

L1813. “As my final point…”

L1816. Coffee spoiler

L1818. Kipling classic

L1819. Ginza cash

L1820. If rhombi are “squashed squares,” these are “mangled rectangles”

L1823. Hoodwink a hawk

L1824. Bit of marital friction, e.g.

L1825. Cause of a stinging breakup?

L1826. Hollywood’s Mike Jr. and Thelma

L1827. Tylenol alternative

L1828. Barney’s kid

L1832. Influencer with presence in traditional media, in short

L1833. Zhivago’s paramour

L1834. Pascagoula pronoun

L1835. Or, deb, and mir ender

L1836. Rat tail?

L1837. Corrosive beginning?

L1840. Early Pierre Cardin employer

L1842. Points of juncture

L1844. It’s good advice, usually

L1845. Elongated runner

L1846. Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar

L1847. “Plus others” (abbr.)

L1848. Finely cut into sections

L1849. Jump to clear

L1852. Lean-___ (temporary shelters)

L1853. Novelist Herman

L1854. Events in battles of bands

L1855. Stinging statement

L1856. Date preceder

L1857. Stooge chuckle

L1858. 2000s Disney Channel star, to fans

L1859. Coiner of the term “spongeworthy

L1861. Tony winner Caldwell

L1862. Dead Sea find

L1864. Arrive purposefully

L1865. Over-the-shoulder garb

L1866. Birds that can jump seven feet straight up

L1867. They’re not yeahs

L1869. Kind of music

L1871. Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Cher, Aretha Franklin…

L1873. Sch. term

L1874. Armenia, Azerbaijan, Byelorussia, Tajikistan, Transcaucasia… (abbr., although, really, who ever said the unshortened version?)

L1875. “O mio babbino caro,” e.g.

L1876. Bi- halved