Ubercross Abecedaria K



K1. Book category (abbr.)

K5. Make like, for a while

K9. Crowdsourced navigation app

K13. Bardic caste

K17. Daily routines, boringly

K21. Problems for sitters

K25. Swaps between accts.

K29. Douay prophet

K33. Sports cars advertised with the slogan “Domesticated. Not declawed.”

K37. “Down to Gehenna ___ to the Throne, he travels the fastest who travels alone” (Kipling)

K41. Some exposed-beam homes

K47. “Say it ___ so!”

K51. Recurring themes

K57. Style of architecture

K58. Clark’s wife

K62. Prefix meaning “image”

K64. Repressed

K69. Starting to have an effect

K74. Ology kin

K77. Game, to Guglielmo

K79. Down-ballot incumbent

K83. 1983 IBM offering

K87. Beet benefits

K92. Limited intake

K94. Investment for a baseball fan

K100. Holding dear

K104. Fill chock full

K107. Still-technically-Duchess Meghan

K113. Gunther’s second continental survey

K114. Newscaster who’s gone from CNN to Fox to MSNBC to Newsmax, hosting three separate shows with The Record in their names

K117. “You COULD put it that way”

K119. Blue point in Perseus, with “the”

K121. It listens for what’s said between the lines

K122. Drove like crazy

K123. Having life

K124. “You better BELIEVE the answer’s yes!”

K126. Stirring up painful issues

K128. Swivel like an apartment door

K129. Rabin and Remini

K130. Politico who wrote The Truth (With Jokes)

K132. Trailing interest on your credit card

K133. Esau’s mom

K134. Spanish filler word or album title

K135. This bestselling song’s English version is about the Mexican Revolution

K137. Post-Ford years

K139. Sign at a B’way hit

K140. “Put yourself in someone ___ shoes!”

K142. 1 followed by 27 zeros

K144. Dating or decking

K145. Sushi bar mushroom

K146. Teletubbies’ head decorations

K147. “Some of us are becoming the men we wanted to marry” speaker

K148. Folic acid

K150. Kitchen’s end?

K151. Region east of Alaska

K152. Arthur of tennis

K153. Altair or Atlas

K154. Multigenerational Indy surname

K155. Headed for a hangover

K156. Disappears gradually

K159. Get grime out, as with detergent

K161. Clumsy fools

K162. Minimal poker draw

K164. 1970s Savalas role

K166. 2001 author who said “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”

K167. Tie-___ (promos)

K168. “Be silent,” in musical scores

K169. Sports jersey material

K170. Prefix with “phone” or “byte”

K171. Pentagon VIPs (abbr.)

K172. Sea mist

K173. Hunting firearms

K175. “You’re invited to ___ party”

K176. Cut ___ (dance well)

K178. Indian tourist haven

K180. Is blessed with, as talent

K182. Low-cost home loan org.

K184. Cat’s plaint

K185. 2003 Nick Lachey hit “___ Swear”

K187. Insurance agreements for no-fault auto accidents

K190. Revealed completely

K192. What the dog says

K194. ___-punk (hybrid musical genre)

K196. One celebrated in June

K197. Muchachas (abbr.)

K198. Users can give them hearts or hugs, for short

K204. Not yet pinpointed

K212. One way to present your present

K217. Commuter’s expense

K221. Samuel Gompers org.

K224. Discolors by cooking, as salmon

K228. VPs answer to them

K230. Actress Ekberg

K232. 1950s hot spot

K233. “Hi Diddly-Dee, A Sailor’s Life For Me” or “Whiskey Johnny”

K235. Deals (out)

K237. Ending of just three common English words

K238. D, for one

K245. Make big changes to

K251. “All’s well” messages

K254. Triple Crown stat

K258. Mearth’s dad

K262. Walk-up feature

K265. ___ Island (site of a New York prison)

K266. Prefix with secretory that you see in crosswords far less often than the similar-looking cookie

K269. Getting dragged along

K270. Amundsen’s quest

K271. Henry, in Hermosillo

K272. Once-popular Don

K273. Dripping more

K275. Question asked 12 times in Matthew

K277. Indian “sirs,” loosely

K279. Breakfast cereal with a propeller-headed alien on the front of the box

K281. Marathon warm-up races

K283. People who outline

K285. Dr. Shepherd portrayer, on Grey’s Anatomy

K287. Learn some by example

K288. Hostility

K289. Word before hand or boot

K290. Home to Ho

K291. Outfielder Tommie of the Miracle Mets

K292. “___ Dimittis” (canticle in the Book of Luke)

K293. Lifter’s rippler

K294. When doubled, “Wat U Mean” singer

K295. (The) worst

K296. Orator with online courses or products to promote

K298. Versants

K299. First of two words meaning “artistically experimental”

K300. Weasley and Potter’s ally

K301. Least cantankerous

K303. Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee Around a Pomegranate a Second Before Awakening artist

K305. Conferred about

K307. Stands in line, maybe

K309. Eskimo boots

K311. One practicing self-help, informally

K312. Extravagant way to live

K313. Acting like strangers

K315. Lake Superior native

K316. Israeli martial art

K318. City known as the “capital of Iraqi culture”

K320. Long board

K321. Medieval circuit court or Bronte heroine

K322. “Go ahead!”

K323. Radiolab producer, with a call sign that speaks to Manhattanites

K324. Toby Keith’s “___ in Mexico”

K325. Inactive

K327. The Time Machine creatures

K328. Popular Honda engine for more than twenty years

K330. Heavy odor

K332. Vegetable dish

K334. Altogether

K336. Resting (on)

K338. Baseball’s Red ___

K339. Cause of harm

K340. “Are You Normal?” (___ Atomic Dustbin)

K341. What an ellipse’s major axis passes through

K342. Animal also called a Nittany lion

K343. Office holder?

K345. Long fish

K346. Surgery spots, briefly

K347. Prior to this point

K350. “Kitchen tools and gadgets” brand

K352. Road to nowhere?

K353. Sotto ___ (spoken softly)

K354. Roy Rogers’s birthplace

K355. Sailor’s apprentice

K356. Sexual obsessive (more than most of us, that is)

K358. Italian white wines or evaporating tools

K360. San Jose, Costa ___

K362. Femoral muscle or less-well-known brachial muscle

K364. Helped with the dishes

K366. Weighty and intrinsic

K368. Big name in sneaks

K369. Ewes are there

K370. “Uh, dude?”, skeptically

K371. Jon of Chicago P.D. and La Brea

K372. Visibly closer to sunset

K373. What’s filled up in a fill-up

K375. “___ I quote…”

K376. High-tech map subject

K377. Torch type

K378. Protagonist of The Fountainhead

K380. Of a Pindar work

K381. Container for stir-fried vegetables?

K382. Thumb drive predecessor

K383. “No guts, no glory” types

K387. Abstract Expressionist who said, “any style of painting—to be painting at all, in fact—is a way of living, a style of living”

K391. 1979 Fleetwood Mac album/song

K393. Disregard, with “off”

K395. Chrysler models

K397. Extreme but apparently necessary

K398. Shook out of dreamland

K399. Get through work

K400. “I worked in ___ store and people asked how big I would get” (Rodney Dangerfield)

K401. ___ death (over-expose)

K402. Its logo is a goateed man in an apron

K403. On high, in poesy

K404. Where WWI began

K405. Hi-pH

K406. Ernie Banks nickname

K408. Potato holders

K409. Pi ___, Life of Pi hero

K410. Ominous peals

K412. The New ___ in Cincinnati

K413. Last word on magazine content, often

K415. Screen innovation of the 1920s

K416. Demon as Pirate painter

K417. Obama’s community building gp.

K418. Grown-up who’s not quite grown up

K420. Fen fuel

K422. Sci-fi home planet

K424. Coffee maker maker

K426. Narrow ridge of gravel

K427. Toy that relies on aerodynamic forces

K428. What may help you hang in there?

K430. Narrow light

K431. 2010 film about an amateur superhero

K433. Anecdotal tragedy

K435. Melancholia star Dunst

K437. Trick-taking game with thirty-two cards

K438. Some biog. sketches

K439. St. ___-Roosevelt (New York City hospital)

K440. Special Olympics qualifiers

K442. Movie theater chain

K443. Oscar-winning Aladdin composer Alan

K444. A Whisker Away or Dragonball

K445. Get some shut-eye

K447. “Hurts ___” (Mellencamp hit)

K449. Answer to the riddle: What do many people take in the office that can never be returned?

K451. Mall outlet

K453. Network that plays High Tops

K455. Main antagonist in Toy Story

K456. Ten, in combinations

K457. Diving, small-winged birds

K458. President Syngman of Korea

K459. Big name in soy sauce

K461. I, in Frankfurt

K462. Flyer to Seoul, for short

K463. Three before L

K464. Big shark

K465. “Kobe!” is for accuracy, “___!” is for distance

K467. Hebrew Bible reading (var.)

K468. Certain Asian soldier

K469. Coffeemakers

K470. Crazy, in a Ricky Martin song

K471. Enthusiastic flamenco cry

K472. To make Parisian?

K473. Rang out the hour

K474. Drooping eyelid, medically

K475. Scholarship

K477. Sort of gabfest

K479. Wee pest

K481. Some sharks

K483. Stove-top vessel

K485. What underlined text may signify

K487. Create suds

K488. In danger of extinction, perhaps

K489. It’s got a great view and a famous butt in it

K491. Puzzles named for the Japanese word for “cleverness”

K493. Mr. T hairstyle

K495. Bond between Dalton and Craig

K497. Tough-guy Duke of video games

K500. UK mil. award

K501. Report card disclosure

K502. Michigan cheer

K503. One with no prospects

K505. Nile swimmer, for short

K506. Itty-bitty (var.)

K508. “I’m quoting here…”

K510. Peter Jackson, by birth, for example

K512. Mole, for one

K514. “The ___ a veil between humans and God. In prayer all are equal” (Rumi)

K515. Modern reading medium

K516. Hepburn, familiarly

K517. Flier with a super annoying call

K519. Word after “open,” in store signs

K520. Pet name that can be affectionate and/or slightly annoyed

K521. Path or route

K522. Cinch-___ (Hefty product)

K523. What Men Want star Erykah

K524. AMEX, for one

K526. Approximately

K527. ___ the hat

K528. Beatles’ advice to Jojo

K530. Sesame ___

K531. Holder of emergency supplies

K532. Many, many

K533. Movie Kevin Smith made to reward his friend for staying clean

K537. Not so rarely

K539. Easygoing reply to “Nice out”

K541. Shaving cut

K543. Slender traces

K545. Big time movie studio of old

K546. Pinnacle of success

K547. “I conquered,” from Caesar

K548. Stalin’s empire

K549. Keiko, for one

K550. Many a Klingon speaker

K552. Of Immanuel’s manuals?

K554. Winnebagos’ windpipes

K557. Frère du père

K560. Big natural resource in Malaysia

K561. Stage when an animal is in heat

K562. Bridge between buildings

K563. To the ___ born

K564. The Aran Islands essayist

K565. Strong ___

K567. Word spoken during pouring

K568. Gallerist designation

K569. Spin, in a way

K571. Written

K573. Bright and colorful

K575. Spiritual centers, in yoga

K577. Gets under the skin of

K578. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy advice

K580. Merle Haggard, self-descriptively

K581. “Tippecanoe and Tyler ___”

K582. Clean the floor

K583. GE and GM, e.g.

K584. Pursuit of beauty, some say

K585. ___ jacket

K586. Go

K587. Abbreviation found on Canadian highway signs

K589. Programmer’s chart, in brief

K590. Unbridled anger

K591. “___ for igloo”

K592. Send from abroad

K593. Sushi, tofu, and tempura, e.g.

K595. Dweeb’s kin

K596. “Friends ___ all things” (Pythagoras)

K597. Wayne’s World words

K599. Victory, to Viktor

K601. The Chattanooga Lookouts or the Biloxi Shuckers

K603. Messy person

K605. Crocuses

K606. Legislation government reporters often invoke

K607. Grab, as ice cubes

K608. Big, flat-bottomed boats

K609. Lunatic notion

K612. Knowing neither friend nor foe

K614. Answers skillfully

K616. Students with personal guides

K619. Chewer

K620. “Climb ___ Mountain”

K621. ___ point: not once

K623. Couturière Coco

K624. Murderer in Oliver Twist

K625. Role players

K626. South Park kid in a poof-ball hat

K627. Doomed Tom hanging down his head

K628. Basra resident (var.)

K630. Not up to speed

K632. Dr. Seuss creation

K634. Guinness who did a lot of movies, actually, do we have to talk about…okay, fine, “Use the force, Luke,” he’s that guy

K636. Military drudges, for short

K637. Renaissance instrument of limited range

K639. Morales of Bad Boys

K640. “Aren’t you just ___ of sunshine?”

K641. Seance communication

K642. Bela of Hungary

K643. Wing requiring a sharp turn

K644. Contacts online, for short

K645. Three-course military supplies

K647. Aim an angry tirade toward

K648. She-bear, in Barcelona

K649. Largest carmaker in Italy

K650. Krivoi ___, Ukraine (also “Rih”)

K651. Secluded places

K652. Soothed

K654. Military muddles

K655. Moore contraction

K656. Alley in Hollywood

K657. Far from indulgent

K659. Lollygag

K661. Strikes from the record

K663. Where pants go in the potty

K665. Poking sticks

K666. Abounding in certain trees

K667. Not wearing a stitch

K669. The cost of being a female consumer

K671. Andy Griffith show

K673. Michelle of figure skating

K674. ___ Kilpatrick, ex-Detroit mayor who served time on several federal felony charges

K676. One-down four-up card game

K678. Celebrate salaciously

K681. Franklin tender

K682. Evening prayer

K683. UPC substitutes

K684. Shot of liquor

K685. Doorstep rendition

K687. Forward part of a boat

K689. Skin-related

K691. Acceptable

K692. “Funny meeting you here!”

K693. Use a certain fork

K694. “She’s ___ Ever Had” (Ricky Martin)

K695. Tenfold lead-in

K696. Named periods of time (abbr.)

K697. What “y” often becomes when pluralized

K698. On fire, as a party

K699. Parrot’s punctuation

K700. Variant of “tut tut” or “tsk tsk” that I personally like much better, but the crossword market has spoken

K702. Bohr the Nobelist

K704. Newport News-to-Hampton dir.

K705. Like a former gen., likely

K706. ___ port

K709. Tyrion’s house

K710. Giggly noises

K711. Herman of movies and TV

K712. Annual puzzle event that begins this year on 1/15/10

K717. Reason to avoid the stairs

K721. Ready for an operation

K723. Remote Russians

K725. Esquire in Henry VI, Part 2

K726. Thinks up something

K728. They’re separated out by centrifuges

K729. Animal’s hiking gear?

K731. Tracts reclaimed by dams or dikes

K733. NYC subdivision

K734. Emblem on government documents, often

K736. Endures the rigors of time

K738. Site of Cretan ruins

K740. First-ever celebrity-endorsed shoes

K742. Director Stanley and children

K743. Hanukkah treats

K744. Some Apples

K745. Nasal openings

K746. The Mahābhārata, e.g.

K747. 2011 animated film about a macaw named Blu

K748. Sound of Wolverine’s claws popping out, in the comics

K750. Wine press residue

K752. Vegged out

K753. Collectible Camaro

K754. The so-called “Wicked Wasp of Twickenham”

K755. Revisable (up to a point) circular file-storage format

K756. “My parents are gonna kill me…”

K758. Species

K759. The Jazz Singer and every recent movie

K760. Religious subdiv.

K762. Kindle-friendly format

K764. Big nonprofit that operates the Department of Defense Safe Helpline

K766. A .08% reading may lead to it

K767. Garden varieties?

K768. Spanish street

K769. Short with jokes

K770. Peanut-loving President

K771. Green word on street corners

K772. Of harmonic sounds

K773. Bullfrog comment

K774. Part of NEA

K776. “___ me?” (“Whadja say?”)

K778. Secluded spot

K780. Poet’s feet

K781. Intimidating absence of detail

K783. Liver near the Louvre

K784. Go-round

K785. “Uh…heh heh…oops”

K787. Missing the mark

K788. Snoop’s occasional collaborator

K789. Netherlandish Jan who painted the Arnolfini Portrait

K791. Arctic seabird

K793. Rapper Dogg

K795. Moved stealthily, with “up”

K799. Oft-reflected image

K800. Kathryn of Law & Order: Criminal Intent

K801. Historical Scottish county that sounds like linked computers and Noah’s boat

K802. Really exhausted

K804. Like the Missouri River’s waters

K805. Places to start fights

K806. Sitar accompaniment

K808. Site of some bracelets

K810. DoD downsizing

K812. Capital of Colombia?

K813. Lord & Taylor rival, informally

K814. “Just the Way You Are” Grammy winner Bruno

K815. Something to adjust on the undercarriage

K817. Tongue or tail motion

K818. Mil. aviation base

K819. Had to retire from sports, e.g.

K821. Specialty chef

K823. Bk. before Daniel

K825. Did averagely, grade-wise

K827. DOL agcy.

K828. Short bout causes

K830. “I hate” that starts off a well-known Latin poem

K831. Last recipe in some bakers’ cookbooks

K833. Temple image

K834. Ghazi Stadium’s city

K835. Spill the beans

K836. Playroom piece

K838. Order likely to get stuck in the kitchen

K840. Christmas with the ___ (2004, called “the worst Yuletide film ever made”)

K842. VFW part

K843. Salsa singer Anthony

K844. Tree of life location

K845. Feels crappy

K846. Mombasa masses

K848. Tall song collection

K849. Syrup for pecan pie, perhaps

K850. Extracts with a solvent

K852. Actresses Perry and Winters

K854. Marx and Malden

K856. Criticize, with “down”

K857. Gov. branch

K858. 1980s cartoon, with The

K860. Gets called into play

K861. Genes’ constituents

K862. Eponymous jinx

K863. Sanctions target

K867. Satirical spelling signaling a dystopian view of the U.S., like “the Untied States”

K870. Given a sedative, e.g.

K872. Singers Grant and Winehouse

K873. Dry white wine

K874. It has maple leaves on its tails

K876. Nevadan city on the Humboldt

K877. Titleist position

K878. Suffix indicating bribery

K879. Matt Stone and Trey Parker, e.g.

K880. Fonzie’s interjections

K881. Stops in to see

K883. Begins in a committed manner

K885. Opposite of far

K887. Is loyal to

K889. Prepare in a pan

K890. What most clothes should come in

K892. HOG (Harley ___ Group)

K893. Inappropriately inquisitive

K894. Spot to anchor a line through

K896. Singer Bayes

K897. Pouty pose

K899. Becomes threadbare

K901. Use of a corporate jet, say

K902. QB Michael suspended for participating in dogfighting

K903. Young trout

K904. Duran Duran 007 theme

K907. Pop group?

K909. A “Giddy-Up, Daddy” plaque is dedicated to this cartoonist

K911. Div. for the Mets

K913. Kind of plane

K915. Hungarian philosopher Lakatos

K916. Top of the head

K917. Mc___ (that’s what they’re actually called; Vincent Vega was wrong)

K918. Fixate fanatically (on)

K919. Best-known parallelogram (abbr.)

K920. Sighed in satisfaction

K921. Like the tide in Blondie’s song

K922. Not so bitey

K923. XXIII × XXV × II

K924. Knot working?

K926. Salisbury and Swiss

K927. Dylan Dreyer and Craig Melvin, on Weekend Today

K929. Cubist pioneer

K930. “I give it ___!” (judge’s ringing endorsement)

K931. Street cleaning day event

K932. Van___: mutual fund tracking stocks hyped online

K933. Place to get hired

K934. Boat-bottom part

K935. Helmet-sporting comics hound

K937. Finger-shaped pastry

K939. Members of the family

K941. She’s only as old as she feels

K945. The king, in Italian

K946. The original Olympics, e.g.

K947. ___ Drive (street where Harry Potter grew up)

K948. Where one might pass the puck

K950. Kellogg’s toaster waffle

K951. Like the equation x = 2y

K952. “Not serious!”

K954. Bergen woodenhead

K956. Rhythm of a run

K957. Jonathan Davis’s group

K958. Sumptuousness

K959. Kind of urban plots

K961. Break ___: win all the money

K963. Caesar’s but

K964. Whiz ___

K965. Larger-than-life figures

K967. Estranged dad of sci-fi

K969. App with a widely discussed possible ban in 2023

K971. Penal code entries

K973. Finnish monetary unit

K974. Farmer’s Almanac adjective

K975. Displeased looks

K976. Competed at Henley

K977. Nutcase

K978. Procedural-drama binge-watch channel

K979. “About the Author” sections

K980. Nonsense, to Biden (variant spelling)

K981. Scouting mission, briefly

K983. Soy and corn, usually

K985. Go-___

K986. Bath & Body Works purchase

K987. Whatever she wants, she gets

K988. Word after cream or crumb

K989. Of Mice and Men wife

K990. Cool, in an Eighties skate park

K991. Sounds the hour

K993. Course finish

K995. Australian animal

K997. Seal, as in a crate

K999. Polio fighter

K1001. English professor’s deg.

K1002. Like this ans.

K1003. 1 or 66 (abbr.)

K1004. Hayes or Harding

K1005. Watermelon alternative

K1006. Nose held high, perhaps

K1007. Game with numbered cards

K1008. Reality show with the appropriate theme song “Sugar, Sugar”

K1009. NYC mayor who, after his retirement, came out as heterosexual

K1011. Bill and Hillary, once

K1012. “Put down your pencils”

K1013. Apres-ski drinks

K1015. Erotica author Leigh or erotica manufacturer DiCarlo

K1016. “So tell me…”

K1018. The “only g-g-g-girl that I adore,” according to a WWI-era song

K1019. Schoolroom sight

K1020. Tosca’s feeling

K1022. Eponym of a London insurer

K1024. 2010s dance craze

K1026. Elmy campus of note

K1028. Get all mushy

K1029. Interconnected operations (abbr.)

K1032. “Turn that A/C down”

K1033. Bike, ballplayer, or biter

K1035. Atlanta basketballers

K1036. Source of a remote ticket

K1038. Brown genre

K1040. Tammany Hall detractor

K1041. Western tribe

K1042. Sitz or mikvah

K1043. Great, in hip-hop slang

K1044. Surname in a Tolstoy title

K1046. Casual rejection

K1047. Like HGTV projects

K1048. Blesses

K1049. Pass on foot

K1051. “Toot That” and “Trip Out” singer Banks

K1053. Courtroom combatants

K1055. “Forget it, that’s impossible”

K1057. Capital mentioned in a Top 40 song about chess

K1059. Soccer star Guillermo

K1060. Forgivable fibs

K1062. Russian mining center

K1063. Jolt and Surge

K1064. Careless assemblage

K1065. Star of The King and I and The Ten Commandments

K1069. “Or” after a given name

K1072. Ascetic who lives on a pillar

K1074. City’s periphery

K1076. Baja bathroom?

K1077. Dawn, poetically

K1078. More stylish

K1080. All the time? (abbr.)

K1082. “Give me a break already!”

K1084. School of Paris

K1086. Kind of tandem drumming that’s big in Japan

K1088. Beach headwear

K1090. When repeated, a Stooge’s laugh

K1091. Like most taste tests

K1092. Cartoon inspired by the premise, “What if Lex Luthor defeated Superman?”

K1093. Mother of Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, and Rob

K1094. Cutely slow

K1095. Fashion designer Vera

K1096. Electronic control mechanisms, briefly

K1097. Super-duper

K1098. Not quite tight

K1100. Fat introduction?

K1101. Feeling I got when Game of Thrones, a show I’d always meant to binge-watch, turned into absolute crap before I got around to it, in short

K1102. God parentally abused in The Iliad

K1103. Brewski

K1105. Mowgli’s python

K1106. Billy’s mate

K1107. Hide in most men’s shoes

K1108. Truman-founded org.

K1109. Impatiently, urgently wanna

K1111. Critter that sleeps upside down

K1113. Rule over a kingdom

K1115. Kinsey star

K1117. Labor ___ vincit (Oklahoma motto)

K1120. Last part of a Greek lyric poem

K1122. Thinks likewise

K1123. Scarce blood type

K1124. Assesses one’s options carefully

K1126. Condition of balance

K1127. It’s worth 100 sawbucks

K1128. Panna ___ (Italian dessert)

K1130. “Minuet ___”

K1131. Solemn vigil

K1132. Princess in L. Frank Baum books

K1133. Brazilian stone fruit

K1134. Hebrew letter after zayin

K1135. Sycophants, slangily

K1137. Blouse or shirt

K1138. Constellation near Scorpius

K1139. Long-term tendencies

K1141. Hockey player, for one

K1143. Itty-bitty bits

K1145. German architect who spent 19 years in Spandau Prison

K1147. Trailer makeup

K1149. ___ souci

K1150. Crockpot part

K1152. “Zoo: An excellent place to study the habits of human beings” writer Evan

K1153. “Childhood Is the Kingdom Where Nobody Dies,” e.g.

K1154. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest creator Ken

K1155. Wistful lament

K1156. Disturbing director Aronofsky

K1157. Celestial

K1158. Drop a reference (to)

K1160. Like some furnace fuel

K1161. Bit of cattle-tax (in Scotland) or thievery (in the US)

K1163. The Art of Fugue writer

K1164. Kind of mill

K1165. “But wasn’t ___ most peculiar man?” (Simon & Garfunkel line)

K1166. “Well, this is uncomfortable”

K1168. Southeast Europe

K1170. Data on TV

K1172. Board game with stones

K1174. Flying flycatcher (it’s as small as it sounds)

K1176. 2004 biopic starring Liam Neeson

K1178. There are 2.54 in an in.

K1179. City along the old Oregon Trail

K1182. Tried for office

K1183. Important testimony provider

K1185. Ignore contemptuously

K1186. Football squad known for red outfits, for short

K1187. Understands, Biblically

K1188. “Gunga Din” studio, 1939

K1189. Nissan bumpers?

K1190. Sandal or moccasin

K1191. Yoga class cushions

K1192. Dec. 31 follower

K1193. Curb it

K1194. Trying time

K1196. Phone letters above 4

K1197. Some tag players

K1198. Make off-limits

K1199. Break the limit

K1201. Virtual Post-Its

K1203. Whole alternative, in Nottingham

K1206. Tied together, in a way

K1208. “Consider the alternative possibility that…”

K1209. Letters online?

K1211. Food served in its own shell

K1212. Irritate, with on

K1213. “Dad” or “odd” follower

K1214. Electronics-ad adjective

K1215. “Fee, ___, fo…”

K1216. Gram opening

K1217. Tumbleweeds cartoonist

K1219. Innovation introduced on April 3, 2010

K1220. Philippine rice cake

K1221. Poetic genealogist

K1222. Any stand-up comic needs a strategy to deal with them

K1224. Something to keep you safe from children

K1225. Toasted

K1227. Drug-yielding shrubs

K1229. Fourth-generation Falkirkian

K1231. Intuitive knowledge

K1233. Fancy hairnet

K1234. Initial month in Ibiza

K1236. Hydrate

K1237. Simba’s mate

K1238. Michele of The Mayor

K1239. Relentless studier

K1240. “___ person needs it…” (start of riddle about “nothing”)

K1241. They play ball together

K1242. Badly underweight

K1245. Fill ___: be of use

K1246. Way to get rid of flakes?

K1247. Cast selection

K1248. Cold, as agua

K1249. Icky stuff

K1250. Idea or sense

K1252. It crosses rds.

K1253. The ___-i-noor Diamond

K1254. Wasn’t altogether faithful to the text

K1257. Epoch when modern mammals arose

K1259. Neighborhood where kimchi might be found, informally

K1261. Is acquainted with

K1263. Banished from the body

K1267. Roofing material

K1268. Catalyst for genetic degradation, in older textbooks

K1270. Morale-crushing

K1271. Triple Crown record-holder in all three races

K1273. Latin admonitions to the reader (abbr.)

K1274. Gossip’s gift

K1275. Hair extension?

K1276. It can be balanced

K1278. Dental doings

K1280. Pug’s three min.

K1281. USA language

K1282. Event where many people see things

K1284. Word with “bore” or “wave”

K1285. Joe, vis-a-vis the military

K1286. Without a winner

K1288. On the Road newsman

K1290. Name in nuclear-strike history

K1292. Climactic Texas Hold ’em bet

K1294. Name shouted near the end of The Graduate

K1295. Found another chair for

K1296. Irredeemable evildoers

K1297. Queenly or kingly

K1298. Collide (into)

K1299. Silvery white

K1300. Sculptor

K1305. Excitebike platform

K1306. London cleaning woman

K1307. Sail a zigzag course

K1308. Heart of Earth, e.g. (abbr.)

K1309. Pandemic-endangered theaters (when I first wrote this cue)

K1310. Live-streaming app named after a desert animal

K1312. Yourself, in Ypres

K1313. Letter spelled differently in England

K1314. No dang good, as a rap or steer

K1315. Delighted

K1318. Chobani alternative

K1320. Differences between observed and actual values

K1322. Town whose palindromic bakery was replaced by the Yrella Gallery

K1324. Served as an usher

K1326. Iditarod vehicles

K1327. Sch. in Terre Haute, Ames, or Pocatello

K1328. Some printer hues

K1329. Used for a tryst

K1330. Canvasback or mallard

K1331. Like clocks with a circle of numbers

K1332. Sml., med., ___

K1333. Frequently overoptimistic ORD guess

K1334. Small swellings

K1336. Sharp as a tack

K1337. Degree of quality

K1338. Globe Theatre accusation

K1339. Unit of power consumption util. cos. will charge for

K1340. Horror movie about a day at the beach

K1341. “ANOTHER cockroach!?!”

K1342. “Universal grammar” proponent Noam

K1344. Gallic “grazie”

K1346. Old, slow ship

K1347. Punch-in-the-stomach exclamation

K1349. Sagan’s “pale blue dot”

K1351. Mountainous, more specifically

K1353. Krispy ___

K1355. “Mene, mene, ___…”

K1357. Russian VIP of old

K1358. Cartoonist’s accomplishment

K1361. Into the night

K1362. Town in some Stephen King novels

K1364. Push through the borders of, in large numbers

K1365. Devastating name in 2005 news

K1367. Kind of catfish named for catfish’s ability to “walk”

K1368. Often-striped candy

K1369. Michigan city

K1371. Trash-bag closers

K1372. Underwater defense reserves?

K1374. Colorful pond fish

K1375. “The Marry Month of ___” (O. Henry story)

K1376. Relations

K1378. Comics artist who created the Phantom

K1381. Admission of perjury

K1383. Coastal vegetation also known as bladder wrack or red fucus

K1385. Stitching lines

K1387. Knocked ‘em dead

K1389. Murder in the Cathedral monogram

K1390. Insect-resistant plant, e.g., briefly

K1391. Lengthen, old-style (yes, once upon a time, this word meant something without “out” added to it)

K1392. Kim Kardashian’s younger sis

K1393. Open-air marketplace

K1394. Multifaceted Stewart

K1395. Hotel desk handout

K1396. British medical syst.

K1397. Geometric or math problems shared at shrines

K1398. Comedian Carvey

K1399. 840 yards of cotton yarn

K1400. What Eliza called her prof

K1401. TV spots

K1402. Pre-AD

K1403. Water-___

K1404. Proverbial source of security

K1406. ___ in “kangaroo”

K1407. Scenes for women without accompaniment (like “Let It Go” and “The Next Right Thing”)

K1409. Moisture on a petal

K1410. Ref. unlikely to have another print edition (“Who would have thought free, instant technology would have killed a 130-pound, $1,165 set of reference books? Oh, right, everyone” --Megan Friedman, Time)

K1412. Charming children

K1414. They hang around the rain forest

K1416. Ludwig who designed the Seagram Building and Barcelona chairs

K1419. Indie singer Case

K1420. Merit badge since 1911

K1422. Cerumen remover

K1423. What your first-grade teacher is to you now

K1424. Diamond group, often

K1426. Club ___ Bing (The Sopranos night spot)

K1427. Microchip found in cameras, briefly

K1429. Metaphysics of Morals author

K1430. Captain Planet character voiced by Whoopi Goldberg

K1431. Coal processing waste

K1432. Freddie the Freeloader’s portrayer Red

K1434. Chiang ___-shek

K1435. Plunk lead-in

K1436. Farmer opposed to Soviet collectivization

K1438. κ

K1440. Sushi fish

K1443. Git one’s Jawja accent goin’

K1445. Surprised with, with “on”

K1447. Kind of horoscope

K1448. “___-dokey!”

K1449. Gritty crime films

K1451. “Mowgli belongs to my pack, Shere Khan” speaker

K1452. Rapper Millions

K1453. High-frequency colorant

K1454. Lima tender

K1455. Disintegrate over time

K1456. Mulling over the verdict

K1459. Nave furnishings

K1460. __ Yankees

K1461. The egg came first because they evolved from dinosaurs

K1463. Muesli tidbit

K1464. Close ones

K1466. Mocked

K1468. A Confederacy of Dunces author

K1470. Hoopster Smits

K1471. Borrower’s letters

K1473. It pays on a semiannual basis

K1475. “She just WON’T. STOP. TALKING”

K1477. Rambling, as a play

K1479. One who loves pain (yours)

K1483. Good sign on a highway

K1486. Michelle who’s the greatest action heroine of all time, per Rotten Tomatoes

K1487. Precisely when

K1491. Keys in music

K1492. High-school omega wolf

K1493. Cold, violent wind

K1494. With Online, MMORPG with mining, piracy, manufacturing, trading, exploration, and combat

K1495. Hidalgo hi

K1496. Bubble wrap sound

K1497. Year-end consultant

K1498. Alligator ___ (underwater menace)

K1499. Gray wolf

K1500. Apply, as plaster

K1502. (The) entirety

K1507. Halves of some measurements

K1509. Units for the copier

K1511. Huey, Dewey, and Louie’s mom

K1512. Developer’s site

K1513. Concert connoisseurs

K1515. Kids’ cereal

K1516. Item for a vase

K1517. Eurasian mountain range

K1518. Part of a Boy Scout’s uniform

K1521. Unidentified dead

K1523. Where cabernet is kept

K1525. Takes advantage of

K1527. No small favor

K1529. Don’t really read

K1531. Hands-on alternative medicine

K1532. Planet Mork hailed from

K1533. Pres. Zelenskyy’s nation

K1534. ___ visit to (saw)

K1536. Show to the door

K1538. Recent fad doll

K1540. Abadan cash

K1541. Have ___: fume

K1543. Slower, in music (abbr.)

K1544. Japanese deer

K1545. They’re complete

K1546. Musical exposure

K1548. ___ in arms (too young to walk unaided)

K1549. Fills a suitcase

K1550. How we walk

K1551. Southwest Arizona town

K1552. Like a PFC

K1553. Lear or Cole

K1554. Computer memory units (abbr.)

K1555. Ironically, it may be civil

K1556. Waiting time at the DMV, seemingly

K1557. Earn a lot of lettuce

K1559. Clowns’ shoe widths

K1561. Meat on a kabob

K1563. Fixed, as a model airplane

K1566. Ray ___, mayor of New Orleans during Katrina

K1568. Unearth

K1570. Statistical measure invented to study beer

K1572. About .62 mile (abbr.)

K1573. It needs good run-and-pass technique

K1574. Endorsed

K1575. X-ray doses

K1576. State cop

K1577. Skill for an EMT

K1578. Propel

K1579. Lords of film

K1580. Cads’ opposite

K1581. Different places

K1582. Source of film trivia

K1583. “Nyet!” sayers

K1585. Keeps in the e-loop

K1586. They sometimes create a scene

K1588. Cows, archaically

K1589. Enjoy a playground fixture

K1591. Gaiman who wrote American Gods and Coraline

K1593. Deprive of one’s courage

K1595. Hwy. or tpk. relative

K1596. “np”

K1598. Jason of How I Met Your Mother

K1600. “[I might’ve said no if I had more time to think about it]”

K1602. Listens up, quaintly

K1604. Honor cards

K1605. Period of the Cenozoic Era

K1607. Princesses of Wales and Themyscira

K1608. Tough bosses

K1610. Oft-shaken rear

K1611. Types of rice

K1612. 100 ore in Sweden

K1613. Captain Marvel Larson

K1614. Sign of poor housekeeping

K1615. Sent to Dreamland

K1616. First company to broadcast from the Empire State Building

K1617. What’s in a team, they say

K1618. Her sky-horses were Lampus and Phaëton

K1619. Destructive whelk

K1621. “And he made him ___ of many colors”

K1623. Dandling spot

K1625. Gal of Red Notice

K1627. Sai-wielding assassin of Marvel

K1630. Insult for the easily led

K1632. Repeat-and-fade song segments, informally

K1634. Onetime TV music vendor

K1635. Center for Cryptologic History org.

K1636. Arrow groove

K1637. Department store founder James Cash

K1638. Olympic runner Keino

K1639. ___ in “Isaac”

K1640. Trig’s mom

K1641. Response to an unrevealing revelation

K1642. Nonconformist

K1643. Duffel

K1644. The Zoom and Slack of the 1990s

K1645. Jumpers Down Under

K1647. Kitschy stuffed toys

K1650. Angry Birds or Tetris, e.g.

K1652. Coffee containers for single-serve brewing

K1654. TV host Hoda

K1656. A to G

K1658. Prior to, to a poet

K1659. Condensed, as a pocket dict.

K1661. “Deux” follower

K1663. Gran ___

K1665. Mountain top?

K1669. Burgundy river

K1672. Road kink requiring two swerves

K1674. 24/7 chain with a “Grand Slamwich”

K1675. Working harmoniously (with)

K1677. It’s useful in sailing and rock climbing

K1680. Dove’s domicile

K1681. Ortho doc’s worry

K1682. Fein leader in Eire

K1683. Subtly malign

K1684. Border guards check them

K1685. President of Zaire

K1686. Informal “See what I mean?”

K1688. Artist/musician Voormann

K1690. Mercantile event

K1692. Improper

K1694. Standing ovation cheers (var.)

K1697. Cookie box abbr.

K1699. Motion-sensitive Xbox accessory

K1701. Grass denizen

K1702. 700+-episode CBS franchise

K1703. Do some high-tech surgery on

K1704. One of the media (var.)

K1705. Like Beethoven’s Sonata Op. 109

K1706. Bellwether from Zootopia, e.g.

K1707. Sudden stabs, as of hunger or guilt

K1708. Miami Heat star who left Florida to protect his daughter

K1709. Start of the “flying down” song

K1710. Numbingly monotonous

K1711. “The Pearl of the Indian Ocean”

K1713. Actor Luckinbill

K1714. Guileful

K1716. “Would you be ___?” (“Please?”)

K1718. He disproved Fermat’s conjecture

K1720. Asia-to-Africa link

K1722. Be lousy

K1724. Beaming

K1726. Controversial 1980s plan (abbr.), recently revived

K1727. DNA’s natural couples

K1731. Rink wear

K1733. Beefy Laker?

K1734. Interjections from the elderly or Canadians, stereotypically

K1735. Old NYC subway division

K1736. Harmonic speed in atomic emissions

K1740. Has-___

K1741. Gull-like birds

K1742. Sixteen-time Gold Glove-winning pitcher Jim

K1743. Spoke with a forked tongue

K1744. Staple of slapstick humor

K1745. Noted sonneteer, as abbreviated in some crossword clues

K1746. Half a seafood order?

K1747. Popular citrus drink

K1748. Controllable appearance

K1750. “Me too,” sometimes more grammatically

K1752. Popped in the microwave

K1754. Classic theaters

K1756. Façade’s load-bearing statue

K1758. Patron saint of difficult marriages

K1760. Suzanne Vega song about abuse

K1762. Simple drawing

K1764. Criminal flight

K1765. Often-kicked comics canine

K1766. High-end designer

K1768. Zero longitude hr.

K1769. Instance, in France

K1770. Loosen, as laces

K1771. With lots of lather

K1772. Manages (for oneself)

K1773. Cropped photos?

K1774. First note of a tuba solo?

K1775. First four letters Aretha spells out

K1777. Like many stadia

K1779. “___ not clear?”

K1780. Play on the gridiron

K1782. Spring (for)

K1784. Man celebrated on Mar. 17

K1786. Turning point

K1788. Work that may have a number

K1790. Certain fabrics, or performance while hanging from fabric

K1792. Ringo’s drummer son

K1793. Once more (in textspeak)

K1794. Sardonic looks

K1796. Some pranksters, aptly enough

K1798. Nawlins B-ballers

K1799. Puts a border around

K1800. “No worries here!”

K1802. Afflicted

K1803. de Leon who sought the Fountain of Youth

K1804. Kind of transfers between financial institutions

K1805. Instrument for Duke Ellington’s “In a Sentimental Mood” and Kenny G’s “Forever in Love”

K1808. Youngest president

K1810. It’s often above the \

K1813. Piece for a quilt

K1815. Tarot users

K1817. Battlestar Galactica “Blast!”

K1819. Boxing-match conclusions, often

K1821. Wu-Tang Clan or A Tribe Called Quest

K1824. Attended to the end of

K1826. Public bathroom array

K1827. Grammatical starter?

K1828. Proven false

K1829. NYC subway initials

K1830. Terrier’s “BE TERRIFIED! FOR IT IS I!”

K1831. More contemptible

K1832. Nudist layabout who wore a jacket and hat as a pilot

K1833. Wyatt of Night Train

K1834. “That can’t be good!”

K1835. Avoided serious injury

K1836. Baseball playoffs mo.

K1837. Landmark affirmative-action case

K1838. “I did good!”

K1839. Actor David in The Pink Panther and A Matter of Life and Death

K1840. Setting of the sun

K1841. Indian intern in Dilbert

K1843. Future Valhallans

K1845. Driving around in a Winnebago, e.g.

K1847. Shorthand similar to “IMO”

K1849. Some Greenland dwellers

K1851. Legatee

K1853. Result of bad service

K1855. Speaker’s concern

K1859. Talk froggily

K1861. Keeps the car on the road

K1862. “___ tell a lie”

K1864. Fire-walking mystic

K1865. It’s a piece of work

K1866. Really tidy type

K1868. This minute

K1869. Very distant

K1870. Culinary artist

K1872. Having little trouble

K1873. De bene ___ (conditionally)

K1874. “Mr. November” for Derek Jeter, e.g.

K1876. Discontinued Swedish auto

K1878. It’s the write stuff?

K1880. Star once called Arided, “the follower”

K1882. ThinkPad alternative

K1884. Person who crosses the line

K1886. Triage performer, for short

K1888. Falstaff

K1890. News finish, perhaps

K1892. Tough to comb

K1893. Class for which you might buy your first charcoal

K1894. However, briefly

K1895. Home of the Huskers, for short

K1896. Toe woe

K1897. “A” as in Israel (var.)