Ubercross Abecedaria IJ



IJ1. Competent, smartass-ishly

IJ4. Court recitals

IJ9. Bully’s gait

IJ16. Carrier for homemade ice cream, back in the day

IJ23. Lays a claim (on)

IJ30. Tries a sample, as a mini-brownie

IJ36. Their clones were once commonly kept in labs

IJ39. “To ___ their golden eyes” (Shakespeare)

IJ42. Graphics in texts

IJ48. Filmmaker Moore

IJ55. Bit of truth-stretching

IJ58. Ethan’s ex

IJ61. Drop a bit

IJ64. Army officer below col.

IJ67. NBA scoring stat

IJ70. Tolkien fiend

IJ73. Guffawing sound

IJ76. ___ poke: tuna dish

IJ79. A kind of rule

IJ82. Former Ontario premier Bob

IJ83. Day or night

IJ85. Tahoe or Malibu

IJ87. Bit of raw film footage

IJ89. Likely Globe reader

IJ91. What European peasants often did when they couldn’t get fresh meat

IJ94. Art ___ (outsider style)

IJ95. ___ platter: Chinese menu choice

IJ97. Breed detection kits, for instance

IJ99. Precarious

IJ102. True, to Truffaut

IJ103. Vertex, e.g.

IJ105. Truck door word

IJ106. Cousin of a heron

IJ108. Big name in vapes

IJ109. Thirtieth-anniversary gift

IJ112. Boomer on The NFL Today (or “‘Tis the season,” in Tours)

IJ114. Paths or methods

IJ115. Confidentiality doc

IJ116. Own what you do

IJ119. Course for those who love records

IJ120. Temple on Athens’s Acropolis

IJ121. Fixed routine

IJ122. Broad clothes container

IJ124. Apple specialist

IJ125. Bearings

IJ126. Revenuers, e.g.

IJ127. Has ___ for: craves

IJ128. Language or cognition, for a child

IJ131. IHOP order

IJ132. “Oh, man, I ___ fired”

IJ133. Meds to make you feel better?

IJ135. Minimal ante

IJ136. “Just spitballing here…”

IJ137. “Common sense” philosopher Thomas

IJ138. Dispense sound advice

IJ140. Follower of Venus?

IJ142. “Aloha nui ___” (“Much love,” in Hawaii)

IJ143. Happy-hour handouts

IJ146. Turn out to be genuine

IJ147. Infection with 3 million US cases per year

IJ149. Stuffed animal with powers derived from his chest emblem

IJ152. Amazon.com fig.

IJ154. Uncles, in Aragon

IJ156. Fencing Academy blade

IJ157. Shooter of Achilles

IJ158. Had thirds and fourths

IJ161. Deep trouble in Deep Impact

IJ162. Be a brown-noser

IJ163. Lack of ornamentation

IJ164. Affected by wind or water, say

IJ166. Touches the heart of

IJ168. City with “holy”

IJ170. By area, the third-largest country in the E.U.

IJ172. Panama (abbr.)

IJ173. Junk sculptor Richard Stankiewicz and heart painter Jim Dine, for instance

IJ175. Eponym in the frozen food aisle

IJ176. “Arms of a Woman” singer Lee

IJ177. The Thinker and The Kiss, e.g.

IJ178. Place for district do-over

IJ181. Jeanne et Julie, e.g. (abbr.)

IJ182. Grab a bite

IJ183. Fruit-store treats

IJ184. Not single (sorry, ladies!)

IJ185. “When ___ Your Name” by Vince Gill

IJ187. Citizen of Kolkata

IJ189. French Upper House

IJ191. Most tenors

IJ192. “C’est la vie,” as an internet initialism

IJ195. Study of cell scrapings

IJ197. Once ___ time

IJ199. Place holders

IJ201. “…___o’clock scholar” (Mother Goose)

IJ202. Dummy

IJ203. Statistics method for checking means

IJ204. Big boot

IJ205. Beijing-to-Hanoi dir.

IJ206. Use as a plate

IJ210. Puck-players’ org.

IJ211. Sheep flocks

IJ216. “Baby, it’s cold outside”

IJ220. Unforgotten

IJ226. Greeted informally, with “to”

IJ231. Oreck product, briefly

IJ233. “Gate of Europe” on Iran’s north coast

IJ235. English dynasty or choreographer

IJ237. ___ blanche (basically wasted year)

IJ238. Kafka biographer Max

IJ239. Sch. paper

IJ242. Talked above one’s own knowledge level

IJ244. Originated

IJ245. Relating to a son or daughter

IJ246. Hired thugs

IJ247. Event for shopaholics

IJ248. Band material

IJ255. Plans to get married, say

IJ262. Milk and honey avoiders

IJ267. Gov’t-backed news source since 1942

IJ268. Sings like Vaughan

IJ270. Mutual fund of a sort (abbr.)

IJ271. Fixed charge

IJ272. Lunch hour meeting, e.g.

IJ273. ___ pedis: athlete’s foot

IJ274. Call a “@$%*!”

IJ278. Doomsayer’s slogan

IJ282. Voice restrainer

IJ283. Most glum

IJ285. George Eliot was one

IJ287. Hurled away carelessly

IJ290. Not taking things seriously

IJ292. It sends opponents to the floor

IJ295. Nissan since ‘92

IJ296. Graph of the equation y = ax2 + bx + c

IJ297. Rant and rave

IJ298. “News related to your interests has occurred,” e.g.

IJ300. Unusual art piece

IJ301. Dug a small river into

IJ303. Aid in high-end shipping

IJ305. Male makeup portmanteau

IJ307. Like ___ in the woods (unsuspecting)

IJ308. Identified with onscreen

IJ310. Home in a dome

IJ312. Ones making sacrifices

IJ314. Peter Pan place

IJ315. Sea greens

IJ316. Manatee relative

IJ317. Canadian unit of length

IJ318. Save from a second threat

IJ319. Do-nothing

IJ320. Quarantiner

IJ321. Thin and pointy

IJ322. Della ___ (St. Peter’s architect)

IJ323. Outer souls

IJ324. High-profile Marvel hero

IJ325. Methane and carbon dioxide, primarily

IJ327. “How bizarre”

IJ328. Imam title, briefly

IJ329. Schnozz ending

IJ331. Fish akin to the carp

IJ333. They’ll help you to the top of the mountain

IJ335. Cries of pain

IJ337. Half a sestet, in an Italian sonnet

IJ338. Places to ’ang your ’at

IJ340. Painful peeing problem (abbr.)

IJ341. Sausage container

IJ342. ___ Lama

IJ343. Hydronium, e.g.

IJ344. Chinese name pronounced like an English pronoun

IJ345. Completely in the moment

IJ348. Word on a vintage gas pump

IJ349. Film critic, often

IJ350. Fish nets

IJ351. Tushy

IJ352. Event that led to San Francisco’s Summer of Love

IJ353. “___ Loser” (Beatles)

IJ354. Vehicles like the Eagle

IJ356. It’s like an Avengers for sports

IJ359. Way to quantify things like need or performance

IJ362. Person during a fireworks show, perhaps

IJ363. Choice chocolates

IJ365. “Praying” preyers

IJ366. Place to learn a triangle choke

IJ369. Plant diseases

IJ370. Camera part

IJ371. Eye, in Limoges

IJ372. Like a basso profundo

IJ373. Given away

IJ374. Rocky Rockies ridge

IJ375. Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep pit

IJ376. Les Etats ___

IJ377. Considerate

IJ378. Prop for a belly dancer

IJ379. “What slackers call us detail-oriented people”

IJ380. Fifth-century pope who was sainted

IJ381. Spasmic, medically speaking

IJ382. Strongly green

IJ384. “Look, I meant someone ELSE”

IJ385. Classic garb for senators

IJ387. Superdome home, briefly

IJ388. Newspaper’s traditional revenue source

IJ389. Wolf, jackal, and fox, for three

IJ390. Wheel of Fortune or the Hanged Man, e.g.

IJ391. Marketable gov’t securities

IJ392. Playing extra minutes, for short

IJ393. Nickname for men or women that’s a man’s name backward

IJ394. Prepare laundry

IJ395. “Sugar Lips” trumpeter

IJ396. Make a new preliminary sketch, e.g.

IJ399. Cloud computing giant, for short

IJ400. “Buster,” palindromically

IJ401. Channel for Cash Pad and Biz Fix

IJ402. Sequel, maybe

IJ403. Central Chinese tourist city

IJ404. Davis of Spike Lee films

IJ405. Not punish just yet

IJ406. Overhauls

IJ408. Last idol-worshipper in Abraham’s line

IJ410. Pickled, in a way

IJ412. Gifted Jewish scholar of the Middle Ages who democratized Talmudic scholarship

IJ414. Ryan Gosling role in Barbie

IJ415. 1980s Mideast envoy Philip, or Arabic name meaning “beloved”

IJ416. Playing around for laughs

IJ417. Amman money

IJ418. Drum sound after a one-liner

IJ419. Brooklynese article

IJ420. Fresh hairstyle

IJ422. Saks section

IJ423. Word before panel or system

IJ424. Beginning for cosmic

IJ425. “As we have therefore opportunity, let ___ good to all men” (Galatians)

IJ427. “I ___ Song Go…”

IJ430. Brown extension

IJ431. Continually remembered

IJ433. Fit for the dinner table

IJ434. Wash. neighbor

IJ435. They may result in contacts

IJ437. Ganja

IJ439. Chapel Hill campus, for short

IJ441. Plummeting in the rankings, say

IJ443. Obsolescent skier’s lift with a curved lower part

IJ444. Real-life person with more film portrayals by a single actor than any other (Mikheil Gelovani)

IJ446. Top-drawer

IJ447. “Joyful Girl” singer DiFranco

IJ448. Creed-Miles or Bianco of TV

IJ450. Molten rocks

IJ452. Ginsbergian style of poetry

IJ453. Bend out of shape

IJ454. They’re like corps.

IJ455. Mo. with Talk Like a Pirate Day

IJ456. Everybody does it

IJ457. Made small talk

IJ459. Member of a noted quintet

IJ460. Hillbilly ___

IJ461. Bout units (abbr.)

IJ462. Carried out

IJ463. Rope for rancheros

IJ465. Walk pretentiously

IJ466. Kind of scraping plow

IJ469. Celtics manager Danny

IJ470. Steve Case’s co., in the ‘90s

IJ471. Hot and humid, or hot and dangerous

IJ472. Missing actor Julian

IJ473. Like a thrown Frisbee or leaping balletist, for that one graceful moment

IJ474. Supermarket chain with a red-and-white logo

IJ475. Take ___ at: criticize

IJ476. Diaper, in Devon

IJ477. Setting for much of Apocalypse Now

IJ479. Adorable toddler

IJ480. Painter Chagall

IJ482. Suffix with deferent

IJ483. Close to optimal

IJ484. R.E.M.’s “The ___ Love”

IJ485. Harriet Tubman was one

IJ488. Sign in the zodiac

IJ489. Org. for Cardinals and Ravens

IJ491. Rather than

IJ494. Aspen’s aspiration

IJ495. Some commuter planes

IJ497. Bad for Cuba?

IJ498. They’re like pilasters but more wall-supportive

IJ499. Illinois representative since 1995

IJ502. “Same Time, Next Year” playwright Bernard

IJ503. Giant robots piloted by Shinji, Asuka, and Rei

IJ504. Prefix with bit or hit

IJ505. Smudge-proof, like mascara

IJ506. Jabbar specialties

IJ507. Hawaiian “hasta la vista”

IJ509. The elder (abbr.)

IJ510. Caron and Nielsen

IJ511. Tosses the shot

IJ512. Gibson feature

IJ513. It comes before “haw”

IJ514. Mötley Crüe hit

IJ519. Putter, ideally

IJ520. Painter Schiele and composer Wellesz

IJ522. Getting charity from local authorities

IJ524. Opposite of ‘neath

IJ525. Mad feeling

IJ526. F in music class?

IJ527. “Buy ___ regular price, get another for half!”

IJ528. President who warned against unchecked military spending

IJ531. Edith’s companion?

IJ532. Lincoln and Vigoda

IJ533. Try to shred

IJ534. Middle schooler, maybe

IJ535. Seventh Muslim month

IJ536. First principle

IJ538. Sea god of Irish myth

IJ539. Catchall abbr.

IJ540. Key of Beethoven’s Fourth

IJ541. In need of patching

IJ542. 1960 British Open champ Nagle

IJ543. Queen’s inferior

IJ545. Seek laboriously

IJ547. Mother’s sister, e.g.

IJ549. Disney princess, for example

IJ550. Some bottles of water

IJ551. Cause of tripping?

IJ552. “Look what ___!” (“Yay me!”)

IJ553. Off to ___ start (lagging)

IJ554. Obsolescent film holder

IJ555. Seek charity

IJ556. Comportment

IJ557. Old World bird also called the bobolink

IJ559. “Of dog” in Latin “Beware of Dog”

IJ560. Twenty-second letter of the alphabet

IJ561. Sch. founded in 1877 to open studio work up to women

IJ564. Proof it’s you (abbr.)

IJ565. “Crazy” singer Davis

IJ566. Sp. lasses

IJ569. Like a ham’s performance

IJ571. Fuzzy-skinned fruits

IJ572. It fosters fondness, they say

IJ576. Mendacious scumbag

IJ579. Tough, slow jobs

IJ581. “___ as good a time…”

IJ583. ___ for Lawless (Grafton)

IJ584. Prefix with economics

IJ585. Caesar’s weapons

IJ586. Post-deuce points

IJ587. Danced-around squares

IJ589. African dog that yodels

IJ593. Water nymphs of mythology

IJ594. Democrats’ 1840 foes

IJ595. Precipitation that might strand you inside

IJ597. Maker of sweet wafers

IJ598. Kind of bag

IJ599. Impressed responses

IJ600. It’s in the can, sometimes

IJ601. Problem for a grain farmer

IJ602. LBJ-era pooch

IJ603. Tuck’s partner

IJ604. Toronto skyline landmark

IJ607. Messenger of God

IJ609. Destroy utterly

IJ612. An indefinitely long period of time

IJ613. She heard “voices”

IJ615. Italian listing

IJ616. Dangerous

IJ618. Aid in balancing

IJ619. “___ Kick Out of You”

IJ620. Baker and Donnelly

IJ621. Inconclusive end

IJ622. Smaller restaurant that doesn’t stress ambiance

IJ623. Downed, as vegetables

IJ624. They can play books from Audible

IJ625. Practice

IJ626. Son of Bani, in the Bible

IJ627. Attenborough who’s not mad about our environmental policies, just disappointed

IJ628. Began an occupation

IJ632. States of confusion

IJ634. Chicken pox reminder

IJ635. Sufferer’s suffix

IJ637. Yore-ic?

IJ639. Make feel entitled, as a child

IJ640. Secure deposit boxes

IJ644. Cash or credit, e.g.

IJ645. He wrote, “Do not meddle in the affairs of wizards”

IJ647. Hr. divisions

IJ648. Navigation app once called FreeMap Israel

IJ650. At home, to Hadrian

IJ651. Pool opening?

IJ652. Use a block and tackle

IJ653. Slightly redundant term for “hostile environment”

IJ655. Skitter

IJ656. Shine, in some brand names

IJ657. Shot given after stepping on a rusty nail (learned this one the hard way)

IJ659. Wedding gown fabric

IJ660. Big Apple subway div.

IJ661. Wells who joined the BBC as its youngest political correspondent

IJ662. Underling of the 11th century

IJ663. Greenwood or Drinkwitz

IJ665. High sch. test that mostly dropped its essay

IJ667. End of a song about animals

IJ669. Inscription on a June greeting card

IJ671. Oil sources

IJ672. Whupped but good, in gamer slang

IJ673. Unstable subatomic particle

IJ674. Football Hall of Famer Bobby

IJ675. Clowder’s contents

IJ676. ___ rima

IJ677. Does, in performance

IJ678. Celts and Spurs

IJ680. Remote-control letters

IJ681. Letters after Senator Judd Gregg’s name

IJ682. Winter Palace monarch, once

IJ683. To hear, in Hispaniola

IJ684. Regional “Turkey Bowls,” e.g.

IJ687. React to with loud laughter

IJ688. A ___ the bank: Depression-like phenomenon

IJ689. It has a thorny issue?

IJ690. Director Martin

IJ691. Hindu tune

IJ692. ___ Island, delicacy-named locale called “the place where the Sixties began”

IJ694. Told a falsehood

IJ696. Judge who acts as executioner in Mega City One

IJ698. Of a more recent vintage

IJ700. According to the nation’s rules

IJ701. Work well together

IJ702. Hasbro tops, for short

IJ703. Cuttings from plants

IJ704. Russell Sage College site

IJ705. Look-alikes of Ho Hos

IJ706. “No more words, darling”

IJ707. Firm Team Edward and Team Jacob members

IJ710. Reinforce knowledge of the script

IJ713. ___ a clue (is at sea)

IJ716. “Guess we’ll have to see what happens now, WON’T WE”

IJ717. ___ the sky (illusory prospect)

IJ718. “But that may not last forever”

IJ719. Freud, to himself

IJ720. Response to “Get cracking!”

IJ722. The Szczecin Lagoon is an extension of its mouth

IJ723. “It ___” (Answer to “Who’s there?”)

IJ724. Quint, to another quint

IJ726. Storm forerunner

IJ728. Progeny, or tree branch used in grafting

IJ730. Madrilenian ma’ams

IJ732. Tony Bennett and Bill Evans, e.g.

IJ734. Cleveland hoopsters

IJ735. 8-pointer in Scrabble

IJ736. Actor Cobb

IJ737. Word in many Dutch surnames

IJ738. Scarcely seeable

IJ739. ESPN football analyst Merril

IJ740. Happy Days hangout, or workout I use to keep my arms in shape

IJ741. The US joined it in 1917

IJ742. Bossie’s chew

IJ743. Where to see seaside sunrises

IJ747. Gourmand

IJ749. Musical London

IJ750. Cato’s 2,002

IJ751. Demand for additional powers, in a game

IJ752. Gerber interceptors

IJ753. Novelist Anaïs

IJ754. Tougher to deal with

IJ757. Newish money on the continent

IJ759. Hawaii ___

IJ761. Cover with turf again

IJ762. Eastern version of a dividing curtain

IJ764. Guam’s Hagåtña, once

IJ765. Line or outline that never crosses itself

IJ767. Hall once with Jay

IJ768. “What ___!” (“That price is great!”)

IJ769. Julie, voice of Marge Simpson

IJ770. Singer Ty, or town where my wife works

IJ772. Preceder of man, girl, and woman, but not boy, in superherodom

IJ773. With a chance of working or yielding data that justifies the effort

IJ776. Impressive (sarcastic or sincerely)

IJ778. Software banes

IJ781. Paranormal power, for short

IJ782. Pheasant flocks

IJ784. Danger in postwar Iraq

IJ785. “We hire regardless of creed or color,” for short

IJ786. Kurdish chieftain (var.)

IJ788. Some conjunctions

IJ789. “___ just leaving!”

IJ791. Long solstices

IJ794. Fruit-flavored hard candies

IJ797. Mata ___ (spy)

IJ798. Still at Disney?

IJ799. _igh-_ensity _ipoprotein

IJ801. Yours, once

IJ802. They have bell guards

IJ803. Person behind bars, for short

IJ804. Former E! series focusing on Ms. Jenner’s life after transition

IJ806. Harvest time (abbr.)

IJ807. Chat room persona non grata

IJ809. John who wrote The World According to Garp

IJ810. They’re not available in Spain

IJ811. Small parasite

IJ812. Kind o’cousins

IJ814. Hopeful’s offering to a publication

IJ818. Tries to cut in two with grinding teeth

IJ820. “The ___ falling, the wind is calling” (Kendrick Lamar)

IJ822. Screenplay directive

IJ823. Line of poetry

IJ824. Brownish-gray color

IJ825. Pleasing, to a Parisian

IJ826. “Uh-oh…this does not ___ well”

IJ827. Commuter’s road (abbr.)

IJ828. Sugary snack you sometimes guess the number of

IJ831. ___ & co. (low-cost beauty brand)

IJ832. Finishing some letters?

IJ834. Predominance

IJ836. Take for ___: trick

IJ837. “Cinco + cinco”

IJ838. Welcoming at the front door

IJ840. ___-Saud

IJ841. Breathing-related (abbr.)

IJ843. Luggage label

IJ846. Lacking in substance

IJ848. Gettin’ recorded

IJ850. “Stop shaking me!”

IJ852. Shopping places

IJ854. Moving in the morning

IJ856. Write a limerick

IJ857. “Prize” man

IJ858. Month for matrimony

IJ859. Says “You’ll be hearing from my lawyer” and makes good on that

IJ860. Org. for RV families

IJ861. Small, thin battery type

IJ862. Pea ender

IJ863. With “off,” protecting against

IJ864. About plane design

IJ866. “John Brown’s Body” poet Stephen Vincent

IJ867. Cardio test

IJ869. Edward Gorey’s The Gashlycrumb ___

IJ870. Enemies of the Navajo

IJ871. “Why ___ negative in high demand?” (question relevant to blood donorship)

IJ872. Big freakin’ deal

IJ873. Sushi bar option

IJ876. Little butt?

IJ878. Fifth column abbr.?

IJ880. Twittering nincompoops

IJ883. Vacation

IJ885. Solemn-sounding bit of piano practice

IJ887. Citadel

IJ888. Cornhusker’s state (abbr.)

IJ889. Warm but not close

IJ893. Web-spinning superhero, for short

IJ895. Drugs causing a crisis today

IJ897. Homer’s aggravator

IJ898. Purse monogram

IJ899. Japanese vegetables

IJ900. Musical disk

IJ901. Rear for rear?

IJ902. Politically powerful group

IJ903. ___ Girl Lay Lay

IJ905. Six-time All-Star Jose

IJ906. It may hold water

IJ907. KGB agent’s foe

IJ910. Disease that can last a few weeks…or a lifetime

IJ912. Cookbook directive

IJ914. Metal bar in ship construction

IJ915. Of an insect stage

IJ916. Amateur golfer who co-founded the Masters tournament

IJ918. Blue flame on an older stove

IJ920. Opening for mary, mate and sons

IJ921. Lego toy line with a martial arts theme

IJ923. Like a judge after work

IJ925. Focus on and remember

IJ926. Fluffs

IJ928. Sunoco rival

IJ929. “Last one ___ a rotten egg!”

IJ930. “___ monster?” (Question most parents ask themselves now and then)

IJ931. Subj. taught in Japanese schools

IJ932. ___ ed

IJ933. Wanna-___ (those with thwarted ambition)

IJ934. “Thus with a kiss ___” (Romeo’s last words in Romeo and Juliet)

IJ936. “AAUGH” alternative

IJ937. “Every day we stray further from God’s light,” acronymically

IJ939. Artoo-___

IJ940. Pinged, in a way

IJ942. Zero, in Ancient Rome

IJ944. Muscle-bone connection

IJ945. They’ve been to Mecca

IJ946. Traffic headaches

IJ947. Biblical ancestor of the Hebrews

IJ948. Votes from antis

IJ949. Resort near Ventura

IJ951. Syllogism words

IJ952. Government buildings

IJ954. Derricks at docks

IJ955. Rugrat retort

IJ956. Building ___: homemaking, figuratively

IJ957. Hitter of 511 career home runs

IJ958. Nelson Rockefeller was its gov.

IJ959. “Ad” addition

IJ960. Tattoo setting

IJ962. Enthusiastic word to a queen

IJ963. Shed features

IJ964. Plural suffix with beat or neat

IJ965. D’backs, e.g.

IJ967. Role Takei took

IJ969. Med. center

IJ971. Decline

IJ973. Word on a soda bottle label

IJ975. Rugged ride

IJ976. Ship’s navigation system

IJ977. Would-be iPod killer (time took care of that, instead)

IJ978. Vasco da ___, first European to sail to India

IJ979. Corp. takeovers

IJ981. Stimulates

IJ982. What the recruiters want and then some

IJ983. Bear, to Gilberto

IJ984. Place within the surroundings of

IJ986. Whence Andre Agassi (abbr.)

IJ987. Pitkanen of the NHL

IJ988. Geologist’s time frame

IJ989. Rows or paddles

IJ992. “We choose to be good because of our bonds with other people and our innate desire to treat them with dignity. Simply put, we are not in this alone” speaker

IJ994. Hydronium, e.g.

IJ995. Elsa’s home, in the middle of Frozen

IJ996. “___ Be In My Heart” (song that helped get me through some tough times)

IJ997. Nursery items

IJ998. You can lean on them

IJ1000. It’s not far from fa

IJ1001. Went down a slippery slope

IJ1003. Simon’s mother

IJ1005. Musician’s better half?

IJ1007. Texas Fort?

IJ1008. Scottish-born pirate

IJ1009. Story’s point

IJ1010. Galley mover

IJ1011. Ball State University city

IJ1012. Takes care of, gangster-style

IJ1013. Celtics head coach before Rick Pitino

IJ1015. Overly close

IJ1017. “You wouldn’t want me to SPOIL the puzzle for you, would you?”

IJ1020. Impose ___ on (make illegal)

IJ1022. Many charitable groups, briefly

IJ1023. Shoot the breeze, e.g.

IJ1025. Mauna Kea site

IJ1028. Very small

IJ1029. “Am ___ bad guy here?”

IJ1030. Adornment

IJ1032. Finish, with “through”

IJ1034. Syrian president

IJ1036. Morpheus’s resisters

IJ1039. Coloring the skin, or biasing, as about coloring of the skin

IJ1041. Foot bones in astir?

IJ1042. Scottish folk hero Roy

IJ1043. R.J. Reynolds brand

IJ1044. Housekeeper

IJ1045. What to do when there is no path to success

IJ1047. Completely destroy

IJ1048. Orange-roofed establishment, in brief

IJ1049. Kimono collar

IJ1050. O.T. book after Isa.

IJ1051. Org. to foster entrepreneurship

IJ1052. Hedren of The Birds

IJ1053. Tourist establishment

IJ1054. “___ a card, any card...”

IJ1055. Pac-Man’s predator or prey

IJ1056. Shark’s offering?

IJ1057. Sporty Volkswagen

IJ1058. QuizUp or Family Feud Live, on a phone

IJ1061. Ricci who played Wednesday

IJ1063. Radical pessimists

IJ1065. Express happiness with rhythm

IJ1067. Children’s board game

IJ1070. Fed up with Ds’ and Rs’ bullshit

IJ1071. Licinius’s “Look at this!”

IJ1072. Resentments

IJ1073. OK

IJ1075. Matronalia honoree

IJ1076. But in Bonn

IJ1077. Cleanser brand

IJ1079. Conseil d’___

IJ1080. Somebody Up There Likes Me actor Mineo

IJ1081. Lift, as ice or oysters

IJ1083. Titled lady

IJ1084. He played Quint in Jaws

IJ1085. Running back’s stat.

IJ1088. Ah fors’ ___ : Verdi aria

IJ1089. Ugandan with abandon

IJ1091. Amtrak stops (abbr.)

IJ1092. Popeye’s Swee’___

IJ1093. Knighted Newton

IJ1094. Staged beginning?

IJ1096. Takes in a new tenant

IJ1097. Like an out-of-play baseball

IJ1098. 10,000,000 ergs

IJ1099. Goodwill VIP

IJ1100. Mark for demolition

IJ1102. Two hours to noon

IJ1103. NCO on a drill

IJ1104. Property recipient

IJ1105. Risk, e.g.

IJ1106. Family Ties mom

IJ1107. Horror, for one

IJ1109. Periods to sing “How Old Are You Now,” for short

IJ1110. Support for package tracking, say

IJ1111. Decomposing terrain

IJ1112. Golfer’s alert

IJ1113. “Eat my dust!”

IJ1114. When repeated, “Hurry!”

IJ1115. Getting (somewhere)

IJ1120. JFK arrivals

IJ1122. Letters for Johnnie Cochran

IJ1124. “No man ___ island” (Donne)

IJ1126. The board (abbr.)

IJ1128. Grasslike perennial

IJ1129. Either Burn After Reading director

IJ1130. Shyamalan’s only recurring hero David, or Brooks’s co-singer

IJ1131. Desk globe filler?

IJ1132. Reagan’s Alexander

IJ1133. Powerful punch

IJ1136. Two-gender pronoun

IJ1138. They’re not fingernails

IJ1140. Tickle pink

IJ1141. Matriarch of the Edomites

IJ1142. Ending for “capital” or “social”

IJ1143. Alley unit

IJ1145. TV detective with mental problems

IJ1146. Some say it’s one with Europe

IJ1147. Actuality

IJ1148. “Comprehend, maaan

IJ1149. Outflow

IJ1152. Eat lightly

IJ1155. Ball field covering

IJ1157. Bank increasingly leaving “Bank” out of its name

IJ1159. “___ gratias”

IJ1160. “___ the torpedoes…”

IJ1161. Run-of-the-mill (abbr.)

IJ1162. Google Messages, e.g.

IJ1165. Kinds of pipes

IJ1167. Moscato Bianco grape product

IJ1168. Broadway hit about fifty years of marriage

IJ1170. Butterfingers’ bleat

IJ1171. Do upholstering

IJ1172. Sly maneuvers

IJ1173. Jail’s boss, for short

IJ1176. “___ you!” (“Roger!”)

IJ1177. Nashville November ceremony

IJ1178. “___ it!” (“Love that!”)

IJ1179. Folk musician Buffy ___-Marie

IJ1180. Fortune seller, a few mergers ago

IJ1184. Their fate is unknown

IJ1185. In one’s togs

IJ1187. “I don’t know which way ___”

IJ1188. Less than solid

IJ1190. Catches

IJ1192. ___-plie (ballet movement)

IJ1193. Know ___: have an in

IJ1194. One-third of a 1970 movie

IJ1195. Girlish “OMIGOD THAT’S GREAT!”

IJ1196. It’s not this, it’s the humidity

IJ1197. How architects draw plans

IJ1201. They’ve learned to love themselves

IJ1204. Hillbilly band instruments

IJ1205. Online record collections?

IJ1208. Mask that covers half the face

IJ1209. “Many a man who falls in love with a dimple makes the mistake of marrying the whole girl” writer Evan

IJ1210. The Roman they?

IJ1211. “___ to please!”

IJ1212. Reason for an oil-price drop

IJ1213. Corrupting influence

IJ1214. Ending with liter

IJ1215. Like Spider-Man, or so I hear

IJ1218. Causing convulsions

IJ1221. Way to draw cubes and cylinders

IJ1227. Mad Money and Squawk on the Street personality

IJ1229. Hepburn and Mika

IJ1231. Suffix with two or three

IJ1232. Flames of romance?

IJ1233. Fashionable first name

IJ1234. Halakha or the Holiness Code

IJ1235. Beyond the fringe

IJ1237. Intermediate, legally

IJ1238. La Brea airer

IJ1240. Shock, as a perp

IJ1241. “One more song!”

IJ1242. Cure preceder?

IJ1243. Englishman’s outrage

IJ1245. Extra protection for some seeds

IJ1246. Actresses Charlotte and Issa

IJ1248. “History is ___ of lies agreed upon” (Napoleon)

IJ1249. Making like

IJ1251. Angular meas. unit

IJ1252. Where you’re likely to see public fights and Baidu searches

IJ1253. Symbol for Jesus

IJ1254. Kardashian who marries NBA players

IJ1256. Assoc. or soc.

IJ1257. xxx-xx-xxxx nos.

IJ1258. Letters for cadets

IJ1260. “Piano Man” artist

IJ1261. Piglet’s pal

IJ1262. Credit alternative

IJ1263. Try to reach before anyone else, or before something else happens

IJ1264. Bitter beer, briefly

IJ1265. Metro station, in Boston

IJ1266. Catullus’ muse

IJ1267. “It’s pretty, but ___?” (Kipling)

IJ1270. “Brava!” bait

IJ1271. Bound by courtly ethics

IJ1273. Dress material for a ball

IJ1274. 7,321-year-old film character of 1963

IJ1276. Climber’s asset

IJ1278. Month, in Metz

IJ1280. Brickell with the album Shooting Rubberbands at the Stars

IJ1281. Parthenon, e.g.

IJ1283. Expedition hiree

IJ1284. Bassist whose real name is Michael Balzary

IJ1285. Norris whose Breaking Bad role represents an organization that’s the first three letters of his name

IJ1286. Brest milk?

IJ1287. Kristen of Downsizing

IJ1288. Prize for mystery writers

IJ1289. “It’s him ___” (relationship ultimatum)

IJ1290. “You ___” (“We identify with you”)

IJ1291. Censures

IJ1292. Velvet bean that looks like a hyphenated word for a shared salary

IJ1293. Wood fastener

IJ1294. Santa ha’s

IJ1295. Time and Money, for short

IJ1296. Yen for snacking

IJ1297. Odd opposite

IJ1298. Unit of acceleration

IJ1299. French “here”

IJ1300. Biol. and bot.

IJ1301. Hibiscus, e.g.

IJ1303. Essential

IJ1306. “We learned a lot about loyalty today, I guess” (sarcastic eye roll)

IJ1308. Overlook for an Oscar nomination, say

IJ1310. Park and Peyton (abbr.)

IJ1311. “___ trabajo” (“Nice job”)

IJ1312. Duran Duran’s “A ___ to A Kill”

IJ1313. The Fresh Prince’s partner DJ

IJ1315. Demi Moore military movie

IJ1316. Delta listing

IJ1317. Battery unit?

IJ1318. Vent about minor inconveniences

IJ1319. Send a crack through the air

IJ1320. Gets ready, quickly

IJ1321. Short in Chateauroux

IJ1323. Brand introduced by the Chero-Cola Company

IJ1325. The skin is one

IJ1326. Justice Ginsburg’s appointer

IJ1332. Place for certain combs

IJ1333. Brainstorming chart

IJ1335. Rainbow composition

IJ1336. Put one foot in front of the other

IJ1338. Rory Storm and the Hurricanes drummer

IJ1340. High ball

IJ1342. You don’t mess around with him, in song

IJ1343. Let’s Make ___ (TV show)

IJ1345. It can be practical

IJ1346. “Ils ___” (they are, in Thierry)

IJ1347. “Lost Explorer” of cartoons

IJ1348. Orgs. concerned with beats

IJ1349. Part of Oceania

IJ1351. Passing note?

IJ1352. Part of a doorframe

IJ1353. Have unified

IJ1354. Sra., in Soissons

IJ1355. Job equality bureau (abbr.)

IJ1356. Whirling toon

IJ1357. “Once ___ a time…”

IJ1358. It may be permed

IJ1359. After all deductions

IJ1360. WALL·E’s crush

IJ1361. Fit of shivering, in dialect (though it’s usually suffixed with -some)

IJ1362. DiFranco and Skywalker

IJ1363. Sold(i)er material

IJ1364. Spanish shovel

IJ1366. Should that be true

IJ1368. Marian Anderson offering

IJ1370. Stitch’s pal in a Disney film

IJ1372. Concert receipts

IJ1373. April or May, say

IJ1375. Hit hard as leather

IJ1376. Turbulent, as straits

IJ1377. WWII group

IJ1378. Maneuverability

IJ1379. Glee club members

IJ1381. What you must have plenty of to have gotten this far in the puzzle

IJ1382. Name of a hieroglyphic stone

IJ1386. “I.e.,” e.g.

IJ1388. Have a hit

IJ1389. Start for “athlete” or “focals”

IJ1390. Marshy milieux

IJ1391. “We’re looking for an assistant who’s a bit more…centennial,” e.g.

IJ1393. Snowboarders’ lifts

IJ1394. Make it restore net neutrality already

IJ1395. Enjoying a wilderness vacation, maybe

IJ1398. Puts in stitches

IJ1400. It’s synonymously followed by yet and now

IJ1401. Flow in slowly

IJ1403. Hangs extrajudicially, as in “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge”

IJ1405. Gangster guns

IJ1406. Designer Rabanne

IJ1407. Singer Joan of rock

IJ1408. Women’s sportswear

IJ1410. Puffs of smoke in the air?

IJ1411. Specialization

IJ1412. Imperturbable ones

IJ1413. Blinds support

IJ1414. Male sibs

IJ1415. Jewish orgs.

IJ1417. Vocalist Marvin

IJ1418. Language of los Estados Unidos

IJ1420. “Where Do___,” from Hair

IJ1421. Horror film franchise street name

IJ1422. Put back on eBay, say

IJ1423. George Frideric Handel oratorio

IJ1427. Leave ___ Beaver

IJ1429. “Buenos ___!” (Spanish for “Good day!”)

IJ1431. Slinky, essentially

IJ1433. Golden beginning?

IJ1435. It’s proportionate to the price of a “market basket”

IJ1436. 1998 Judi D. role

IJ1437. Dip, as a donut

IJ1438. Earth has seven, in theory

IJ1439. Apartment boss, slangily

IJ1440. Follower of Wesley

IJ1443. French Oscar

IJ1445. Blended star Bella

IJ1446. 1950s teen hangout

IJ1448. Utterly exhausted

IJ1449. Highlanders, e.g.

IJ1451. A peer in quality

IJ1452. 2016 Republican candidate Carly

IJ1454. Element whose length gives it something in common with carbon

IJ1455. Flatfoot

IJ1456. Ambitious mountain climbers

IJ1459. Film where a confession of indiscriminate killing leads to marriage

IJ1462. Subject of the movie Air

IJ1467. Ridiculously long Alan Moore novel that’s actually about Northampton, which seems like false advertising

IJ1469. Provider of early projections

IJ1472. At the center of

IJ1473. Scientist’s workspace, as she might call it

IJ1474. Function

IJ1475. Gadabout

IJ1476. Carousel feature, to a kid

IJ1477. Informal nos

IJ1478. Great-grandchild, in Glasgow

IJ1479. Exclude

IJ1480. Banned organochlorine

IJ1481. Burning determination

IJ1484. Conglomerate whose name means “rising sun”

IJ1488. Line on a to-do list

IJ1489. Drive-thru bankers’ slots

IJ1491. Bridge player’s goal

IJ1492. ___-Spray disinfectant

IJ1494. Airline predictions

IJ1495. Aficionados

IJ1496. Hot dog holders

IJ1497. Interrogate

IJ1498. Animal associated with March 31

IJ1499. Movie role for Chris Hemsworth

IJ1500. “Howdy, pardners!”

IJ1504. “The Man of a Thousand Faces” Chaney

IJ1505. The Count of Monte Christo, War and Peace, and The Time Machine, originally

IJ1508. Domestic taters

IJ1510. Obscure riddles

IJ1512. Shows embarrassment, in a way

IJ1514. Subjects of gossip

IJ1515. Nuptial footnote

IJ1516. Shakespeare suffix

IJ1517. Trawlers and rangers

IJ1521. Bit of a dustup

IJ1523. Failed Sony product called the “last best physical music format”

IJ1526. Seemingly friendly act of aggression

IJ1528. MIT Mystery ___ (annual puzzle event)

IJ1529. Stop being great

IJ1532. Early 11th-century year

IJ1533. With one move

IJ1535. Drink often sipped while decorating

IJ1536. Place to buy Teeny Tiny Avocados and Everything But The Leftovers Seasoning Blend, for short

IJ1537. Kind of decision

IJ1541. “…refuse thy name; ___ thou wilt not…” (Juliet)

IJ1544. Nations in two states

IJ1546. Warning on a sale item, maybe (abbr.)

IJ1547. “___ on a hill cannot be hidden” (Matt. 5:14)

IJ1548. Channel with a lot of house renovation shows

IJ1549. Bio class rooms

IJ1551. Common cause or deep understanding, e.g.

IJ1552. iPhone assistant

IJ1553. Recycled clothes

IJ1555. Victory, Viennese-style

IJ1557. Rodolfo’s love, in La Bohème

IJ1558. Casino bigwig

IJ1560. Stand up at the altar

IJ1561. Amazing action

IJ1562. Recipe result

IJ1563. Getz collaborator Gilberto

IJ1564. They’re often toasted

IJ1566. Lead character in the film subtitled The Last Wish

IJ1567. Calls incorrectly

IJ1568. Really interested in the proposed activity, informally

IJ1570. Sibilant summons

IJ1571. Needs no more nuking

IJ1572. Barrel next to a cask, maybe

IJ1574. Transversely

IJ1576. Kathy Griffin: My Life on the ___ (show that ironically made her more famous)

IJ1577. One-eyed Futurama captain

IJ1578. Preceder of “di” or “da” in a Beatles song

IJ1579. Surgeon, you might say

IJ1581. Impermissive control

IJ1584. Some holy alliances?

IJ1587. “How Do ___” (1997 LeAnn Rimes hit)

IJ1588. Personification of winter

IJ1590. Wind current that affects weather patterns

IJ1592. Hogwarts caretaker

IJ1593. “Put a rush on it” acronym

IJ1594. Sancho Panza of The Aeneid

IJ1595. Exuberant happiness

IJ1596. Singer-songwriter Priscilla with a Korean surname from her mom

IJ1597. Edward Murdstone, to David Copperfield

IJ1599. Dealers’ foe

IJ1600. Like some servants

IJ1601. Terrible Twos’ terrors

IJ1604. Man of rank in Great Britain (abbr.)

IJ1605. Helmsley who said, “Little people pay taxes”

IJ1606. Turn for home

IJ1607. Promising note?

IJ1608. Part of a Jedi’s name

IJ1610. “How to ___ Windsor Knot” (instructional video)

IJ1611. “…don’t know who you ___ don’t know what you want…” (start of Liam Neeson’s Taken speech)

IJ1613. Dick and Jane’s dog

IJ1614. Prepare to play

IJ1616. Clandestine nautical gp.

IJ1617. Sneak around

IJ1618. Alsatian assents

IJ1619. Digital camera feature

IJ1620. Philip or Lillian

IJ1621. Can’t take at all

IJ1622. Leader of the Holograms

IJ1623. Ebert’s review partner, once

IJ1624. Shrine commemorating a sacrifice

IJ1626. Passover story villain

IJ1627. Computer image-file format

IJ1629. Actual pizza chain in New England or fictional pizzeria in Do The Right Thing

IJ1630. Maine’s main plant

IJ1632. Exert maximum effort

IJ1633. Verbally decided before now

IJ1634. “It was a joke!”

IJ1635. Type of coal

IJ1637. Cinephiles’ parties

IJ1640. Big name in designer handbags

IJ1642. One of the Wright brothers, for short

IJ1644. One seen in a ring

IJ1645. Indulgence binge

IJ1647. First president to live in the White House

IJ1649. Martial

IJ1650. “He loves,” to Ovid

IJ1652. Lestrade and others (abbr.)

IJ1653. “Teach Your Children” band

IJ1654. Joker sound effects

IJ1655. Their caps have red leaves

IJ1656. Child-support acronym

IJ1657. “So that’s your game!”

IJ1658. It deepens slowly from mouth to head

IJ1659. Slight hint

IJ1660. Falls short of

IJ1661. Harold’s friend, in film

IJ1662. Part of Caesar’s boast

IJ1663. Nigerian people with elaborate dress

IJ1664. Sake base

IJ1666. Atoll formation

IJ1667. Heyerdahl’s Kon-___

IJ1669. “That’ll be the day”

IJ1670. Symptom of radial nerve issues

IJ1674. Cans, to Brits

IJ1675. First suspect?

IJ1676. Penultimate book of the Bible that subtweets fake Christians

IJ1677. Reddit predecessor

IJ1678. Sort of chi in Hunter × Hunter

IJ1679. Griffin of talk-show fame

IJ1680. Stickup line

IJ1683. Jezebel worshipped him…or “it”

IJ1684. Concave navel

IJ1685. Ty with batting titles

IJ1687. Gollum’s Precious

IJ1688. Proficiencies

IJ1689. Drinks greedily

IJ1690. Flavoring for Japanese soups

IJ1691. Country dissolved in 1991 (abbr.)

IJ1695. One out of ten quadrillion

IJ1696. Political belief system

IJ1699. You’ve got to learn to take it

IJ1702. Lanai loop

IJ1703. Potato alternative

IJ1704. ___ -Z: total

IJ1705. Blog with articles like “Amazing: This Woman Was Able To Turn Her Love Of Baking Pies Into A Thankless, Financially Ruinous Career” and “Reunion In The Works? Paul Simon And Art Garfunkel Are Driving Toward Each Other At 120 MPH On A Stretch Of Highway In The Desert”

IJ1707. Five-time Grammy Awards host

IJ1709. ___ Raymonde, player of Alex Rousseau on Lost

IJ1710. "Make Me Over" singer, or main character in On the Come Up (nickname that drops the -anna)

IJ1713. First man on the moon's initials, shared by a group of other fliers

IJ1714. Cheerio ingredient

IJ1715. What to do with your trash when there’s no bin around

IJ1717. Done to ___

IJ1719. Old enough

IJ1720. Like a julep

IJ1721. Sitcom spinoff of the ‘70s

IJ1722. Patel of Slumdog Millionaire

IJ1723. Bigelow or Tetley alternative

IJ1725. Charon’s workplace, with “the”

IJ1729. He fought Basil in Robin Hood

IJ1731. Short and detached, to W.A. Mozart

IJ1732. Still undelivered

IJ1734. Type of paper

IJ1735. Bad bargain

IJ1737. Professional bowling great Anthony

IJ1738. Reebok competitor

IJ1739. Swiped right for anybody, as a man

IJ1742. Antiquate

IJ1746. Pitchers’ rubbers

IJ1750. Paw undersides

IJ1751. Point of a pen

IJ1752. Where a lot of Monopoly-type games start

IJ1753. Passively torturing oneself, in a way

IJ1756. Talent for banter

IJ1757. Goddess who lost a son to Achilles

IJ1759. Coins for Castro

IJ1761. “No. Wrong.”

IJ1763. Ms., often

IJ1765. Speed-writes

IJ1767. Some Marines

IJ1769. Jane, in Spain

IJ1770. “Sadly, it looks like you’re right”

IJ1771. They go flying at the end of Terminator 3

IJ1772. Kit and caboodle

IJ1773. People tend to move counterclockwise in it

IJ1774. Performs amazingly

IJ1776. ___-Whirl (carnival ride)

IJ1777. In ___ situation: in trouble deep

IJ1780. Hi-tech special effects

IJ1781. Courteous

IJ1782. Tyler, the Creator’s “Who ___ Boy”

IJ1783. What’s often confused with lies?

IJ1784. T-shirt abbr.

IJ1785. Many a Pesci role

IJ1789. Jay or em follower

IJ1791. Defunct Buffy the Vampire Slayer network

IJ1793. Take ___ at (taunt)

IJ1794. Kerry’s locale (abbr.)

IJ1796. Hero meat

IJ1800. “Summertime, Summertime” group, with “The”

IJ1803. Hurl an insult at

IJ1804. Lake west of Maggiore

IJ1805. Tales of Trail and Town author

IJ1806. Photo lab order (abbr.)

IJ1807. 1960s Harrier plane with vertical takeoff

IJ1811. Usually covered areas on any gender

IJ1813. Eccentric oldster

IJ1814. Former Iranian president Mahmoud

IJ1816. Lewis who played Ellen’s best friend

IJ1817. Notting Hill resident, e.g.

IJ1819. Eastern or Central, e.g.

IJ1821. Drained of resources

IJ1822. Inside (abbr.)

IJ1823. Christmas morning command

IJ1826. “And ___ the only girl…”

IJ1828. Counselor for a hospital administrator

IJ1831. Was parasitic to

IJ1832. They’re on Harald V’s family tree

IJ1833. Gourds for drinkers on the go

IJ1835. “All human wisdom is summed up in two words: wait and hope” author

IJ1836. Selena’s musical style

IJ1838. Gold, to a gaucho

IJ1839. Humorous intensifier put before some sound effects

IJ1840. Huuuge rm.

IJ1841. Arabian nation with a love of Mountain Dew and ornate doors

IJ1842. Far too long without a break

IJ1843. Letter adjunct (abbr.)

IJ1846. Sound of displeasure

IJ1847. Liquid to ease teething pains

IJ1848. Himmler’s him

IJ1849. Ton of bricks, e.g.

IJ1850. Daughter, to Cato

IJ1851. March Madness booster (abbr.)

IJ1853. Kenny G album

IJ1855. Authoritative declaration

IJ1857. The ___ Baltimore (Lanford Wilson play invoking a sign with a burned-out e)

IJ1858. Have a cold, maybe

IJ1860. File’s partner

IJ1861. Draft-animal contraption

IJ1862. Inspiration exclamation

IJ1863. Word in the Republic of Upper Volta’s current name

IJ1864. Musical array

IJ1865. Part of some cultural nights out

IJ1867. Via, for short (though, yes, it’s longer than “via”)

IJ1868. Make an expatriate

IJ1870. Strip under the bed?

IJ1871. Olivia in House of the Dragon

IJ1872. “This comedian is perceptive!”

IJ1875. Gp. managing a company’s network

IJ1877. Minute measures (abbr.)

IJ1878. Hollandaise, e.g.

IJ1880. Its name means “waterless place”

IJ1881. Have-___ (poor people)

IJ1882. Surreal ending?

IJ1883. Do a double take, e.g.

IJ1885. Sicker (in old hip-hop slang or out of it)

IJ1887. Defrocks

IJ1890. What’s bound in bks.

IJ1891. Hatchery supply

IJ1892. Substance falsely tied to food poisoning

IJ1894. Certain steps

IJ1895. Bard’s output

IJ1896. Garden’s foundation

IJ1897. ___ before (no later than)

IJ1898. “I have ___ to tell” (Madonna)

IJ1899. All-white-keys chord (abbr.)

IJ1900. Pepper that packs a punch

IJ1901. Goat-man of myth

IJ1903. Verdon and Williams

IJ1904. Ones with a burning desire?

IJ1905. Response from a greatly amused texter

IJ1907. Im-ho-___, Boris Karloff’s role in The Mummy

IJ1908. Coulter and Curry

IJ1909. Adams-Renner film about alien linguistics

IJ1912. Operatic dialogue

IJ1913. Bag, in commercialese

IJ1914. Something that may not be intended

IJ1915. Nickelodeon goo

IJ1916. Chase of Hollywood

IJ1917. Move in a diagonal pattern

IJ1918. Li’l kid

IJ1919. ___ Father’s Advice to His Son (Rudyard Kipling)

IJ1920. “Yoo-___!”

IJ1921. Rabbit’s secondary antagonist Wolf

IJ1922. Get running again, as a copier

IJ1923. Their name stands for “Bulletproof Boy Scouts” in Korean

IJ1924. Ulan ___, Russian city

IJ1925. Int’l Guitar Month

IJ1926. Insider lingo

IJ1927. Word used when a balloon bursts

IJ1928. Flower that saffron comes from

IJ1929. Phnom Penh monetary units

IJ1932. Commerce, e.g. (abbr.)

IJ1933. Starting

IJ1935. Poirot creator

IJ1937. Cognition meas.

IJ1938. Priority-revealing preposition

IJ1939. Pt. before Chap. 1


IJ1941. Minis, e.g.

IJ1943. Needing a girdle, maybe

IJ1944. Suggestions for girth reduction

IJ1946. Delphine in Rainbow Six

IJ1947. Low-income-housing section of the gov.

IJ1948. Conscience

IJ1950. Surgeon beginner?

IJ1951. Made like Betsy Ross

IJ1954. Abner’s intro

IJ1955. Mental

IJ1957. Abbreviated papal title hidden in “post-traumatic stress disorder”

IJ1958. Do gallery work

IJ1959. Tumble-down structures

IJ1960. Mistake marker

IJ1961. Producer of Bowie’s Berlin Trilogy

IJ1962. Like Claritin, for short

IJ1964. Kipling’s Rikki-Tikki-___

IJ1965. “Yeah, spare me the details…”

IJ1966. Barbecue feature

IJ1967. Sparks

IJ1968. Small birds.

IJ1969. Added, in ads

IJ1970. “That sounds tempting”

IJ1972. Pull ___ one: cheat

IJ1973. Bad fragment?

IJ1974. Pound or Pope, e.g.

IJ1975. Two-fifths of MV

IJ1976. Times of the past

IJ1978. Billion : giga :: trillion : ___

IJ1979. Constant hand-washer’s condition, for short

IJ1981. Has showers

IJ1983. Small, round sponge cake topped with fruit and whipped cream

IJ1985. Parisian currency

IJ1986. Merida’s story

IJ1988. French whites

IJ1989. Gets bested by

IJ1990. Crash-probing agcy.

IJ1992. Baroque instrument

IJ1994. Mongol Empire founder

IJ1997. Nook shading?

IJ1998. Slowly, in music

IJ1999. Kerry’s locale (abbr.)

IJ2000. Laughing uncontrollably

IJ2001. Selfish-sounding organic compound

IJ2002. Dolls’ digs

IJ2004. Pitchfork carrier

IJ2005. Flushed

IJ2007. Pop corn?

IJ2010. They’re always looking for deals

IJ2012. Bar patron’s request

IJ2013. Lace ender

IJ2014. Rapper with the hits “Mesmerize” and “Put It on Me”

IJ2016. Like W’s expression, some say

IJ2017. Leaving Ireland out, as in a survey, e.g.

IJ2018. Yang opposite

IJ2020. Able was I till I saw this Elba, he’s too handsome

IJ2021. Conductor who won a record 31 Grammy Awards

IJ2022. Ceramist’s need

IJ2023. In the same place (Lat.)

IJ2024. Renfaire girdle

IJ2025. Mark on a peacock’s tail

IJ2029. New age pianist Stein

IJ2030. Ideal brownie descriptor

IJ2031. Giant reed

IJ2032. Quaint address?

IJ2033. Defective cars

IJ2034. Difficult to read, in a way

IJ2036. Golf term

IJ2037. Sport competed in barefoot, in brief

IJ2039. Grant’s men

IJ2041. Pete Davidson’s debut show, for short

IJ2042. Germans, to British

IJ2044. Steinbeck extras

IJ2045. Abnormal wobbling

IJ2046. Medical co. in the DJIA

IJ2047. Brillo counterpart

IJ2048. Interior designer Stanley

IJ2049. Daedalus’s employer, in Greek myth

IJ2050. Film noir starring Deborah Harry

IJ2052. Copay firms

IJ2053. Like the Alhambra

IJ2054. Currant-flavored cocktail

IJ2055. Shaq’s school

IJ2056. Brown-bag contents

IJ2057. Exhaust outlet

IJ2059. Cylindrical bin

IJ2060. Senorita’s peepers

IJ2062. Stinger at the beach

IJ2065. 18th-century mathematician

IJ2067. Petrol or any pepper-upper

IJ2069. Zest, e.g.

IJ2070. Curtain raiser?

IJ2071. Parodies playfully

IJ2073. Lower oneself (to)

IJ2074. Turkish city that lent its name to a kebab

IJ2075. Pig’s enclosure

IJ2076. Slam-dance

IJ2077. Fountain find

IJ2078. Persuade

IJ2079. Considering it appropriate

IJ2083. Middle fingers

IJ2084. Please, with “favor”

IJ2085. Actors McShane and McKellen

IJ2086. ___ back and relax

IJ2087. Blind to

IJ2095. Speeding ticket letters

IJ2097. Procedure

IJ2098. “The” French?

IJ2100. Author Stephenie

IJ2102. Stop traffic, so to speak

IJ2106. Vehicle with tons of sports equipment

IJ2107. Car decoration

IJ2109. Amphibians in some terraria

IJ2113. Pianist Pogorelich

IJ2114. Untouchable lawman

IJ2115. ___ Law: anti-child-abuse statute

IJ2117. Boarded up

IJ2118. Lose sensation

IJ2119. Org. that announced “Science is back” in 2021

IJ2120. 2008 French Open winner Ana

IJ2122. “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” performer

IJ2124. Bridge, in Quebec

IJ2125. One end of the GW Bridge

IJ2126. Sea direction

IJ2128. Set of books?

IJ2131. Worry words

IJ2133. Remote control button label

IJ2134. Wild-haired stock character

IJ2136. Stravinsky and Vovkovinskiy

IJ2137. ___ Kringle, aka Santa Claus

IJ2138. Part in the middle

IJ2141. How you find it

IJ2143. Preparing chicken a la king

IJ2145. Nice “but”?

IJ2146. Less-is-more approach that these puzzles clearly don’t employ

IJ2150. Old comics dog

IJ2152. “Can we count on you?”

IJ2153. 2012 event for FB

IJ2154. News tidbit

IJ2155. At certain intervals

IJ2156. It generally includes the word “guilty”

IJ2157. Merriment

IJ2159. You can replace its second or third letter with a heart (but not both)

IJ2160. Kamoze of reggae

IJ2162. “Holy jumping catfish!,” e.g.

IJ2163. Score amts.

IJ2165. Event in Madrid

IJ2166. Got up

IJ2167. Leaks nasal mucus

IJ2168. Eleven-year-old, demographically

IJ2170. One of Potter’s professors

IJ2171. Chief Chono Ca Pe, e.g. (var.)

IJ2172. “That’s five shots in a row!”

IJ2173. “Fish yes, cow no” eater

IJ2175. Start from within?

IJ2176. Temporary capital of Yemen

IJ2177. A neighbor of Aus.

IJ2178. Miniver or Grundy

IJ2179. Snobbish sorts

IJ2181. Fastener for electrical cables

IJ2182. It’ll make a man moan

IJ2183. Food for dipping

IJ2184. Unaccented

IJ2186. Ringo’s is Richard

IJ2189. Habiliments

IJ2191. Practice the everyday grind?

IJ2192. Body of science?

IJ2195. River of southeastern France

IJ2196. Platform with many live gaming streams

IJ2197. Was in charge

IJ2198. Subject of the song “Reindeers Are Better Than People”

IJ2199. ___ of butter: 1-1.5 tablespoons

IJ2200. Perfume source

IJ2201. Eye parts (var.)

IJ2202. Cosecant reciprocals

IJ2203. Reg. or dist.

IJ2204. With male identity

IJ2206. Opp. of a landlocked territory

IJ2207. Spot for many less-than-$100-a-year home businesses

IJ2208. Popular cars along the E4

IJ2209. AMC’s high-end screen option

IJ2211. Part of HMV

IJ2214. He, er, helped Kim Kardashian get famous

IJ2216. Neighbor of Leyte

IJ2218. “America’s Most Affordable Vacation St.” (AAA)

IJ2219. A link between words?

IJ2221. “The local scuttlebutt suggests…”

IJ2222. Call someone by the wrong name, e.g.

IJ2223. Co

IJ2224. Mickey’s canine pal

IJ2225. Bad places to get your kicks

IJ2226. End a fast

IJ2229. Success at 21, often

IJ2231. Signal to begin

IJ2232. Despicable Me villain-hero

IJ2233. “The ball ___ your court”

IJ2234. More absurd

IJ2235. Furnishes with an income

IJ2236. Professor Rubik

IJ2237. Touchy one?

IJ2238. Quality the atom was once thought to have

IJ2241. Indicate via gestures

IJ2242. Sturm’s partner

IJ2244. Gas in a sign

IJ2246. Followers of Saint Ignatius

IJ2250. Culs ___

IJ2251. Precarious perch, perhaps

IJ2253. Salon creations

IJ2254. “The ___ the possible” (Politics, to Bismarck)

IJ2255. Dodge Viper engines or women’s shoes

IJ2256. Tech-news site launched in March 1994

IJ2257. Marble, e.g.

IJ2258. Product with “Extra Dry” brand

IJ2261. Harry Potter hero Longbottom

IJ2263. More comfortable

IJ2264. Aim rival

IJ2265. The last word in service?

IJ2266. “We got ___!!” (amateur musicians’ great news)

IJ2267. Anthropological notation

IJ2268. Sha ___ (doo-wop group)

IJ2269. Has left the office

IJ2270. Brand of foam toys

IJ2271. Lindbergh’s cargo in 1926

IJ2273. Pass up

IJ2275. Hong Kong neighbor

IJ2276. Blue-black berrylike fruit

IJ2277. Ex-hubby of Lisa Marie

IJ2279. Craig once of the NBA

IJ2280. Number of Heinz flavors in old Rome?

IJ2281. Denver’s loc., when founded

IJ2282. Jim-dandy

IJ2284. Leather-hued

IJ2285. Believer’s bracelet letters

IJ2287. “Pet” that angers

IJ2288. God of life, death, and fertility who underwent resurrection

IJ2289. Altercations

IJ2290. Evil Dead and Spider-Man director

IJ2293. Leia to Luke, as he never calls her

IJ2294. Ability to see things as they are

IJ2297. Certain address starter

IJ2298. Place for koi

IJ2299. Concerning unknown numbers

IJ2301. Library indexing abbr.

IJ2303. Often-fried vegetables

IJ2305. Presidents Taft, Ford, Clinton, and both Bushes

IJ2308. Guitarist Allman

IJ2309. Torte part that’s left over?

IJ2310. Has a harsh sound

IJ2311. Gentle reminder

IJ2312. Some genderqueer folks

IJ2313. What was Brexited from

IJ2315. “Lights” singer Goulding

IJ2316. Maxwell House decaf

IJ2317. Computer entries?

IJ2318. I’m not a ___ (captcha phrase)

IJ2319. Nice turndown?

IJ2320. Archaic Jewish sect

IJ2324. It has moles

IJ2325. ___ Tales (video game)

IJ2326. Flexible twig

IJ2327. “Bae,” about a hundred years back

IJ2328. Bell-shaped bloomer

IJ2329. Shipment, in Paris

IJ2331. The Office receptionist

IJ2333. Like some tempera paints

IJ2335. Makes indistinct

IJ2336. Represent an alternate route, maybe

IJ2339. Poem used in Beethoven’s “Choral Symphony”

IJ2341. “___ directed” (medicine alert)

IJ2342. Sword for Deadpool

IJ2343. Alto and tenor

IJ2344. Modern crime head?

IJ2345. Divergent narrator

IJ2346. Fell for a scam

IJ2347. Attires

IJ2348. Dakota Fanning’s role in Charlotte’s Web

IJ2349. Silence that’s sometimes “the word”

IJ2350. Types likely to create a “Hotties of Silicon Valley” ranking site

IJ2352. Title Uncle on stage

IJ2353. Physicist for whom a speed-of-sound ratio is named

IJ2354. Center of the Sator square

IJ2355. Earth-moving Teen Titans hero-villain

IJ2357. Novelist Hamsun

IJ2359. Apartment level

IJ2361. Words with a pat

IJ2363. Crime author Marklund

IJ2364. Snowboarding gold medalist White

IJ2365. Tough on the tummy

IJ2366. Nasty one

IJ2367. “The defense ___!”

IJ2369. Vet’s affliction

IJ2370. Performer who’s the descendant of a Japanese emperor

IJ2371. ___ for Innocent (novel featuring private investigator Kinsey Millhone)

IJ2372. Shoe with a wooden sole

IJ2373. Man of the house

IJ2374. Symposium author

IJ2375. Like well-worn wood

IJ2379. Visual prosthesis passing into reality these days

IJ2381. “You shouldn’t have posted this”

IJ2385. Pre-alcoholic

IJ2388. “And what thanks do I get??”

IJ2390. Bread et al.

IJ2395. Away from the stem

IJ2397. Over and not touching

IJ2398. Partly denudes

IJ2400. Old-time mouth wash

IJ2402. Widow’s share

IJ2405. Dos that are don’ts?

IJ2407. Macho machine-gun manhandler

IJ2408. Run around

IJ2409. It’s two after tau

IJ2410. Bides time while the heat is on

IJ2412. Soft speech sound

IJ2413. Talks endlessly

IJ2414. Asseverates

IJ2415. Like some jacket hoods

IJ2417. ___ Joe (Twain character)

IJ2418. Drummer in pancake makeup Carr

IJ2420. What Wilde sued the marquess of Queensberry for

IJ2421. It’s not to be missed

IJ2423. “The Next Episode” singer

IJ2424. Dungeon crawl equivalents in World of Warcraft

IJ2425. Italian director Sergio

IJ2426. “Will ___ will you?”

IJ2427. Blogger’s citation

IJ2429. Track star Griffith-Joyner, familiarly

IJ2433. Letter-shaped track

IJ2435. ___ keyboard (types)

IJ2436. Author of a paradox about extraterrestrial life

IJ2437. With regulated speed

IJ2438. Board game whose goal is Retirement

IJ2440. Royal dream producer

IJ2441. -resembling

IJ2442. Keep the place in order

IJ2443. A portion (of)

IJ2444. Crocus and freesia, e.g.

IJ2445. Proverbial place of self-humbling

IJ2447. Tastes with bite

IJ2449. Gangland gal

IJ2451. Word on the Great Seal of the US

IJ2453. Scottish turndown

IJ2454. Videotape’s successor

IJ2456. Kaye of The George Burns Show

IJ2457. Paquin of True Blood and X-Men

IJ2458. Access a private account

IJ2459. Big name in cell service

IJ2461. “It’s not ___. On my world, it means hope” (Man of Steel)

IJ2462. ___ seven: 6:50

IJ2463. Bucs tackle Jason

IJ2465. 80s arcade sensation with an asterisk in its name

IJ2466. Fictional Swiss girl

IJ2467. Every twelve mos.

IJ2468. Please Satan

IJ2469. He played Gandolfini’s son

IJ2470. Anti-government radical

IJ2472. Sheer cloth

IJ2473. Like the first leg of a triathlon

IJ2474. Former Lone Justice singer Maria

IJ2475. Indie movies

IJ2477. Second-generation Japanese American

IJ2479. Wetness from sadness or happiness

IJ2481. Unpopular religious groups

IJ2483. SNL’s Biden impersonator

IJ2485. Important util.

IJ2486. Valentine, to Gen Z

IJ2487. Added restriction on some vegan recipes

IJ2488. “Can ___ least see my options?”

IJ2489. Blue ___ Carter, Beyonce and Jay-Z’s daughter

IJ2490. Dad’s namesake (abbr.)

IJ2491. Lunar calendar observance

IJ2492. Noticeable

IJ2495. When doubled, a pioneering blog

IJ2496. Belgrade denizen

IJ2497. Card game similar to Tarock and Schafkopf

IJ2498. Pinball ploy

IJ2499. Where mobile homes park

IJ2500. They have very thick skins

IJ2502. Rock music’s Better Than ___

IJ2504. Toyota model

IJ2506. “Lower your weapons, we need not fight!”

IJ2509. Bold-sounding schemes?

IJ2512. English sculptor

IJ2513. Main and Oak (abbr.)

IJ2514. “I’m sorry to say it, but you’re right”

IJ2516. Legally forbids

IJ2518. Crumple before tossing out

IJ2520. Ghostly-hued

IJ2522. Obama’s energy secretary

IJ2523. More coy

IJ2524. Make a name for oneself?

IJ2525. Jostles (for)

IJ2526. Christmas-carol gifts

IJ2527. “Four and twenty blackbirds baked in ___”

IJ2528. 503, in 503

IJ2529. Buckwheat breakfast

IJ2530. Memo to:

IJ2531. Denunciates

IJ2533. Art fan, perhaps

IJ2534. Morning shave brands

IJ2535. Perch precariously

IJ2536. Cup lip

IJ2537. Removes abruptly

IJ2539. Piece of metal

IJ2540. Essence or core

IJ2542. “Love Train” group member

IJ2543. Infielder Lowrie

IJ2544. Grazed on

IJ2545. ___ Peak (Massachusetts ski resort)

IJ2546. Seine moorage

IJ2547. Shipper’s postings

IJ2550. Your brothers to your father

IJ2551. “What are men even good for, anyway?” asker

IJ2553. Death ___ Funeral

IJ2554. Whitney’s inventions

IJ2555. Word with “a date”

IJ2556. Templeton and Waugh

IJ2557. Game that’s half-cardio, half-trivia

IJ2558. Catch phrase?

IJ2560. If-___: conditional statements

IJ2561. Justin Timberlake’s band

IJ2562. Not them

IJ2563. Upscale hotel room features

IJ2565. Works hard

IJ2567. Individual mag (abbr.)

IJ2568. Status symbol between your teeth

IJ2569. Pile of irritating nonsense

IJ2572. Most lacking in seriousness

IJ2574. Always just not get it

IJ2575. Word in a bailiff’s command

IJ2577. Comedy about a vengeful ex-philosophy professor

IJ2578. 13 turned binary turned Roman numeral

IJ2579. Pathetic parody of a civilized event

IJ2580. Watch four?

IJ2581. “My conclusions are the same as yours”

IJ2585. Turn often prohibited, slangily

IJ2586. Brief author?

IJ2589. Racers’ ibuprofen, slangily

IJ2591. Crazy-fast worker

IJ2594. “Can ___?” (statement from one needing to vent)

IJ2595. “Call on Me” singer Jackson

IJ2596. Stillmatic rapper, 2001

IJ2597. Put some feeling into the reading

IJ2598. Male foals

IJ2599. Handle day-to-day responsibilities, in slang

IJ2601. Snow on the way out

IJ2602. Particle accelerator emissions

IJ2604. Letters on paintings of the cross

IJ2605. Emphatic refusal

IJ2606. Words meaning “All good” that were George Washington’s last

IJ2610. Conjunctions with limited function

IJ2611. Mature on the vine

IJ2612. What may be powdered in the morning?

IJ2613. North by Northwest film studio

IJ2614. Facial expressions that are “the widest” in an old joke

IJ2620. Lets down

IJ2626. Web toon based on a Picasso drawing

IJ2629. ___ hand: skilled

IJ2633. Three min. of pro boxing

IJ2634. First name in Bonds

IJ2635. Basic spans, in music

IJ2637. Some cos. that want to let you know they're cos.

IJ2638. Colorful exhibition

IJ2640. Literally, “the Month of the Pilgrimage”

IJ2644. Make another offer

IJ2645. “___ stand” (Martin Luther)

IJ2646. Real scumbags

IJ2647. Mood med

IJ2648. ___ out (withdrew)

IJ2649. Preacher Turner

IJ2650. Gram. modifier for action

IJ2651. “Take a ___ at it!”

IJ2652. Nas X and Durk

IJ2653. Use again, as a resource

IJ2654. Green smoothie ingredient

IJ2655. “Oh for the love of…”

IJ2656. “And others,” to Cicero

IJ2657. It’s in the palm of your hand

IJ2659. “Back in Black” singers

IJ2661. Heat-and-serve, maybe

IJ2663. Spot in Ga. with really great architecture (having to rebuild after getting burned to the ground will do that)

IJ2664. Paper airplane, technically (but usually a drone, abbr.)

IJ2665. Banana cream or pizza

IJ2666. Tractors seen on many a road trip

IJ2667. “___ house, is a very, very, very fine house”

IJ2668. Magic spells

IJ2669. “___ surprise…obvious, really”

IJ2670. Gave lip

IJ2671. Goddess of creation and destruction

IJ2672. Jackie Robinson’s first pro team

IJ2673. River running through Italy

IJ2674. Pass up the mountain?

IJ2678. Phalanx, e.g.

IJ2679. One vertex of the Summer Triangle

IJ2680. Double star in Orion

IJ2681. Discipline including animatronics

IJ2684. “That was awesome of me!”

IJ2686. Goddess who’s literally part of another god

IJ2690. “There's no future for this”

IJ2694. Where Aswan Dam is

IJ2695. Garmin abbr.

IJ2696. Aerialist savers

IJ2697. Passages

IJ2698. Prone to spread, like laughter or a cold

IJ2700. Pillow décor in hotels

IJ2701. Give-shot link

IJ2702. Semi liquid

IJ2703. Mac Miller exclamation

IJ2704. Being surrounded by ignorance

IJ2706. Goal of Olympic competitors

IJ2707. “I’ll get right ___!”

IJ2708. Land-parcel measures

IJ2709. Deportation acronym

IJ2710. Writer in a family of real estate agents, e.g.

IJ2712. Kick and Zero colas

IJ2713. “This is only a test” letters

IJ2714. They’re ideal for service

IJ2715. Part of Monroe’s signature

IJ2716. Get any new-fallen leaves off

IJ2717. Masterless samurai

IJ2718. Condemn sharply

IJ2721. Points from pencils

IJ2723. Shots’ contents, maybe

IJ2724. Nutcracker movement

IJ2725. Handles for swordsmen

IJ2726. Informal word for a wife

IJ2727. Mark Harmon police series

IJ2729. Hypoallergenic, sapphire-eyed cat

IJ2731. North Pole “Mrs.”

IJ2732. Starburst flavor

IJ2733. Location of Olympus Mons

IJ2734. Tinsel time

IJ2735. Borg who retired at 26

IJ2736. Formation of bone

IJ2739. Times for pranks

IJ2741. Cadence call opener

IJ2743. Globe-shaped flowers

IJ2744. “Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life” position

IJ2747. They’re unreformably evil

IJ2748. Union member of old?

IJ2749. That bleepin’ droid

IJ2750. Peaty wetland

IJ2751. Opposite of great, to Burns

IJ2752. Slovenly woman

IJ2753. Forgetting ___ Marshall (you didn’t forget her name, did you?)

IJ2754. History with drugs

IJ2755. Wolfe character

IJ2756. Common cable format

IJ2757. Like autumn weather

IJ2758. Not over the plate

IJ2759. Spotted juvenile

IJ2762. My essentials

IJ2764. Destines, and not in a good way

IJ2765. What raised eyebrows signify

IJ2766. Poetic regions

IJ2767. Kind of cleaner or season

IJ2768. Kind of stochastic optimization methods, for short

IJ2769. “I ___ surgeon!” (The Good Doctor meme)

IJ2770. Texas int’l air code

IJ2771. It’s not made in the shade

IJ2772. Believer in love and redemptive feeling

IJ2774. VCR reset reading

IJ2775. Miscellany or collection

IJ2776. Book with reminiscences of Heinlein and Clarke

IJ2778. X-ray blocker

IJ2779. Powerful desire