Ubecross Abecedaria H


H1. Intimidate

H6. “___ they do that?”

H10. Ring like church bells

H14. Setting for the very end of Aida

H18. “The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical”

H22. Lucifer’s realm

H26. Gambling and boozing

H31. Latin girlfriend

H36. In the past

H40. Orange or lime drinks

H44. Called the tunes

H48. Landing data

H52. Years and years and years and…

H56. Relaxing place for drinks

H60. People working in pastures

H65. It’s full of cars

H70. Crams for an endurance test?

H76. Legendary spirit

H77. Device for the deaf, acronymed

H81. Toys-to-life platform

H84. Shakespearean stooges

H86. Antidepressant advertised with an unhappy lump

H88. Title for a male mayor

H92. Prelude to getting payback

H97. Toon first called Stinky

H102. With two billion pounds of force

H107. Poisoned item in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

H111. John Turturro film

H114. Description of this puzzle’s theme entries that’s apt…if you split a multisyllable word, as those theme entries don’t (call this the exception that proves the rule)*

H120. Including tax and other sums

H121. Neither walking nor running

H122. Blood density issue

H123. Single ___ (“Wanna boink,” e.g.)

H124. What cord-cutting threatens

H126. Remote global business

H128. “I ___ Rock” (Neil Simon)

H129. Actor-reality star Rose on TV’s Relation___

H130. Fruit also called “Asian,” “zodiac,” and “three-halves”

H131. Ship markings

H132. Cold chocolatey brew

H133. Put forth support

H134. Religious leader who wrote Peace With God

H135. Most desiccated

H136. Southeast Asian temple

H137. Magazine that ran the column “Jay Leno’s Garage”

H140. Queen’s domain?

H142. Meme where a popular actor feeds pigeons

H143. Crocodile, for instance

H145. Bonds that come from having had a talk or two

H147. Gassy prefix

H148. Smooths over

H149. Bad place to find skirts

H150. “I really like her warm personality”

H151. Musical breaks

H152. Willowy maiden

H155. Dial rival

H156. Pedro’s leader?

H157. Modern candy heart phrase

H159. Not spontaneous

H160. “The potted physician”

H161. Its curriculum includes The Aeneid and Julius Caesar

H163. Soup or pod

H164. Mathematics and biology

H165. He “lov’d not wisely but too well”

H166. Sunroof alternatives

H167. Unpretentious

H168. Nice August?

H169. Head of Thermopylae?

H172. Those things, in Tijuana

H174. Take on the duties of, e.g., chairwoman

H176. Duval’s org.

H178. E. Coast highway

H179. Deal to allow you to start Photoshopping or eBaying that almost nobody actually reads

H180. Boxing seg.

H181. Crumbling via atmospheric exposure

H183. Right, on a German compass

H184. “Suffice ___ say…”

H185. Burly men, in some personals

H186. Singer Tom whose music wasn’t

H191. Bring home a fuzzball to feed

H200. President Bashar

H205. It merged with Chevron in 2005

H211. L’amour est un oiseau rebelle,” e.g.

H215. Recessed ceiling lights

H218. Montreal is part of it (abbr.)

H220. Youth org. active in the ‘60s

H222. There’ve been 20 since JC’s birth

H224. Parisian’s airport

H225. Bricklayer’s item

H226. Green Day drummer Cool

H227. Boxer on season four of “Dancing With the Stars”

H230. Prefix with “phobia” or “bat”

H234. Close-cropped pants

H240. Pop singer Cassidy

H244. Patriotic periods, traditionally

H252. General idea

H258. Double-edged dagger

H259. Bad kind of throat infection, for short

H260. Milo of film

H261. Unsolicited manuscripts

H262. Davis who played Obama in 2022

H263. Smooth over

H264. Earthquake

H266. They can signify acceptance, delight, or uncertainty

H267. The Springfield Cardinals or the Erie SeaWolves

H270. Signs indicating cost rates in accounting

H272. Forerunner to state communism

H274. Anticlimax

H275. Lowbrow trinkets

H278. Prefix pointing to the best of one’s recollection

H279. Transitional phrase in conversation

H281. Claim without (yet) being verified in a court of law

H282. Not chatty

H283. Trapped

H284. Rich, as soup

H285. May of Marvel’s title

H286. Horse’s movement

H287. Urging not to trust in computer-guided systems, which is hilarious when you realize that Lucas’ later films are CGI’d to within an inch of their lives

H289. Tribute to the recently departed (abbr.)

H290. Spark joy

H291. Canary island

H292. Bleaches

H294. Game in another’s stadium

H297. $

H298. Answer to “Know any really good undiscovered songs?”

H301. Person who may ask for “the usual”

H303. Eskimo’s fishing place

H304. Crown jewels crown

H305. Lewwwser

H306. Era of which it’s said, “If you remember them, you weren’t there”

H308. Part of a brake

H309. Drake’s Golden ___

H310. Hansoms for hire

H311. Some businesses (abbr.)

H312. Is perfectly suitable

H314. The Bonnie ___ Band

H315. Poet’s stresses

H316. Mission: Impossible assignment, maybe

H318. King’s fool

H319. “Can you believe that!”

H321. Like some plumbing

H322. “Tax” on an energy grid

H323. Hypotheses with initial support

H325. Descended from the same mother

H327. Online VIP

H329. Succinctness

H330. Cold war gp.

H331. What the A. stands for, in dates

H332. Western scene painter Peter

H333. Shipping container wts.

H334. Punxsutawney fellow

H335. Loc. of Pierre

H336. Likely to evoke an “Awww!”

H337. Inner, anatomically

H338. Common time for services

H340. Trigger and others

H343. Letters on a pump, maybe

H344. Hose stuff

H345. Scrabble unit (abbr.)

H346. Usher’s job

H349. Bedlam, e.g.

H352. Alley Oop’s mate

H354. Instant (abbr.)

H356. Major modification?

H358. Going on and on and on and on and on and on

H360. “Decorates” on Halloween, say

H362. Musical group of eight

H364. Outta here,” as a well-hit ball

H365. Getting grandfathered in, say

H367. Hurled unceremoniously

H368. Longtime Kenyan president

H371. Push you into some course of action

H374. Philip Drummond, to Arnold and Willis Jackson

H375. Tie ___ (carouse)

H376. Disease once called dementia pugilistica

H377. They’re sometimes called headhunters or body snatchers

H381. Scornful sound

H384. Star near Venus?

H385. Looking into permanent accommodations

H388. Kind of love felt with the gonads

H390. Alda and Ladd of film

H392. State-run game

H395. Appeared on someone else’s show

H399. Paris romance?

H400. “Don’t Look Back in Anger” Britpop band

H401. When people say, “we’ll see what’s in the cards,” this is the deck

H402. Upon death, as a funeral

H403. Menu choice for e-mail

H404. “Is he the one you mean?”

H405. “…if I thought ___ help”

H406. Bar-code reader (abbr.)

H407. East Coast rte.

H408. Jean who was Marilyn

H409. Undesirable ink color

H410. Notable feature in “crack’d

H411. Suffix with depart

H412. Cry from one who just got the joke

H413. High office

H415. Franklin’s middle name

H417. Disentangle

H418. They’ve got estates coming

H420. Cheese paired with Pinot noir

H422. Jan Brady portrayer

H425. Point where many connections are made

H427. Prepares for a birthday party, say

H428. Rock bottom

H429. Autos’ squawkboxes

H431. Aussie English, to Aussies

H432. Uses Amazon

H433. Command heard with a pair of clubs…or in Fight Club?

H434. Ending for a hydrocarbon

H435. “The Girl You Lost to Cocaine” singer

H436. Dog with a black tongue

H438. “___ up!” (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel catchphrase)

H440. One of the four kinds of humor

H441. Moral philosopher Immanuel

H442. Subjs. for Barron’s

H443. Iron man race, for short

H444. Prepares pears

H446. Metal-masked villain whose line goes back to the 1600s

H448. Swallows, as the Savior’s flesh

H450. Professional seer of old

H453. Cherokees’ kin

H454. ___-five lowball poker

H456. Possessed, to Shakespeare

H457. Yours, in Giverny

H458. Schedule uncertainties

H459. Not ___: no trace

H460. Lengthy campaigns

H461. Ovid’s audience

H462. Howard portrayed in The Aviator

H463. Afternoon beverage

H464. Presenters’ presenters, informally

H465. Head for the stratosphere

H466. With jangling noises

H472. They allow computers to respond to gestures (abbr.)

H473. Krazy critter of silent shorts

H474. With it, ‘40s-style

H475. ID card datum

H477. Amino acid synthesized from glucose

H479. Not ready for prime time?

H481. Bite, as the heels

H482. Blow out of the water

H484. Follower of “flim

H485. Werewolves do it

H486. First big music label to get online

H487. Flag carrier

H488. Guttural dissent

H489. Zombie film produced by Quentin Tarantino

H491. Untype

H492. Boondocks possessive

H493. Train stop (abbr.)

H494. Forum 401

H495. When things aren’t so crazy

H496. Robin Hood’s bow wood

H497. Two-time Dem nominee who’s probably gotten more people to fill in his initials in a crossword than ever voted for him

H498. Baseball statistic

H500. Party nut?

H502. Solar beam

H504. Like some World War II strategy

H506. Cunning hunter, per Genesis

H508. VII x VIII

H509. Keep ___ to the ground: listen for trends

H510. The ___ Movie: Widely panned film whose hero is a “Meh”

H513. Dirk Dastardly’s dog who rasp-laughs at all their evil plots

H515. Pull out all the stops

H516. Heartier than the rest

H517. Compulsive fanatic

H518. “Gee whiz”

H519. Its 2019 champs were the Charlotte Checkers

H522. Templeton, in Charlotte’s Web

H523. Some regular dates, informally

H526. What this definitely isn’t

H527. Had for ages

H528. Fleischer and Onassis

H530. Adhere (to)

H533. World Cafe broadcaster

H534. Big name in IT

H537. Putin’s decline?

H539. Musical flowers?

H541. Puts aside for later

H543. Put ___: employ

H545. Star who’s out?

H547. Post-jrs.

H548. The Fed’s concern, informally

H549. Guardian of the Pyramids

H550. Certain central Asian

H551. Determining gender zoologist-style

H552. Makes like Marty McFly

H554. Words of noncommitment

H555. Prefix with -morphic

H556. Ultimate ship

H557. Mischievous titter

H558. Sounder director

H559. I, to Einstein

H560. Prince Andrew’s ex Stark

H561. Big pictures (abbr.)

H563. Middle-class or lower

H566. Made easy to find, as pets or cows

H568. Rotate the lever of

H570. Monk’s “Well, You ___”

H571. ___ Sticks: drain-cleaning aid

H573. Soldiers of Seoul

H574. Vocab section, in schools today?

H575. Give the nod

H576. Proper speech

H578. Zola tale of Paris

H579. Committee examinations

H580. High-speed coupes, briefly

H581. Be under obligation

H582. Ridiculous shoe widths

H583. Following a schedule

H596. Increase, old style

H597. Trio after F

H598. “Uh-huh”

H599. Boise state

H601. Room between rooms

H602. Compared

H605. Consumed, biblically

H607. Camptown ladies sing this song, doo-__, doo-___…”

H608. Rumpuses

H609. Do a tonsorial task

H610. Spigot attachment

H612. Treeless high spot

H614. Ripped hunks off

H615. Most recent Roman-numeral year that could be hidden smoothly within a single word

H616. Strand, maybe

H617. Examined judicially

H619. Allows to see

H621. Attract considerable notice

H622. “Broadway Joe” of football

H624. Oddsmaker’s last words?

H626. Team that won its first Super Bowl (under this name) in 2022

H628. ___ scale of hardness

H630. Bath alternative

H631. Noted Roman structure in England

H634. Viva ___ (aloud)

H637. [Kiss]

H638. Formula One racer Fabi

H639. Not in the bk.

H640. Skirt sector

H641. Activities

H642. Indecisive line

H643. 12

H644. ___ out (gives substance to)

H645. Test the worth of

H646. Texas city with an annual Jalapeño Festival

H647. RV add-on

H648. Asks Jesu to aid

H649. Israeli prime ministers Barak and Olmert

H650. It may get upset

H652. Okinawan seaport

H654. Water added to the tank, e.g.

H656. Precursor of a 1773 revolt

H657. Amusingly overwhelms

H659. LOL or WTF, e.g.

H660. 0.08 will make you legally intoxicated (abbr.)

H661. Before, to Barrett Browning

H662. Alternatives to licenses

H664. Apple cutter?

H665. Tacitus’ successor

H666. Source of doorbell footage

H667. Avenging anger

H668. Detective played by Peter Lorre

H670. Holy inscription

H671. Hewlett-Packard CEO Antonio

H672. Escalator parts

H674. Small sprout

H676. Gawd, to Suthunuhs

H678. Gannets

H680. Power sources

H682. Where you poke your hands in the bedroom most mornings

H684. Upside-down U

H686. Bends and hitches

H687. Longs (for)

H688. Screenplay units

H689. Accusation to beat?

H690. Pachyderm whose horn confers no health benefits, despite legends

H692. Sea-going initials

H695. Canine scraps

H698. Inherently similar

H702. Super ___ (Switch granddaddy)

H703. Dictionary measurement

H708. Governor Richards portrayed in a solo play

H709. Cloth used in the shower

H712. “This can’t be good”

H716. Mrs. Clinton, e.g.

H719. Low to mark somber times

H722. Nervous type

H724. Lyric forgetter’s syllables

H726. Naming things for people

H727. Home to Hyundai’s headquarters

H729. Ga. cap.

H730. Clemency

H731. Fuzzy yarn

H732. Tap-danced, slangily

H733. Lukas of Inception

H734. Like some lattices

H735. Sept, ___, neuf

H736. “You don’t say”

H737. Tell what one wants to hear

H738. Built to Spill’s state (abbr.)

H739. Obligations, to Ovid

H740. Ian’s “I think not!”

H741. Accursed

H743. Chapel vow

H744. What ego is

H746. As yet

H747. Jewish Community Ctr. forerunner

H749. Candidate lists

H751. Most conniving

H753. World Series of Poker game

H754. Quentin’s muse, he says

H755. Giveaways

H758. “___ old for this!”

H759. Declaim

H760. No reinvention of the wheel or anything

H761. Fare way

H762. Modules

H763. Disney heroine who befriends two divine beings

H764. Recurring melody

H766. Prior mo.

H767. One on the force

H768. Brotherhood ___ (Britpop group unintentionally name-checked in “Imagine”)

H769. MLB injured reserves, briefly

H770. Beings H.G. Wells used to satirize the upper crust

H771. Helsinki suburb

H773. Sauce for braised meat

H775. Wine also known as Shiraz

H777. Unspecialized exam for would-be college students

H779. It revolves around the capital

H781. Part of an electric motor

H783. View from Lyons

H784. “When you play the Game of Thrones, you ___ you die”

H786. Dunked cookies

H787. Slangy denials

H788. French Oscars

H789. It’s kind of a clip show of the three books preceding it

H791. Some gov’t gps.

H792. Prone to unfair complaints

H793. Like a shuttle’s path

H796. Move to and ___

H797. “You going to kick ___ fuss about it?”

H799. Chaney of silents

H800. Camping spray

H801. Sheepskin boot name

H802. Aquatinting solution

H804. Ocean bottoms

H806. Race invoked by white supremacists

H808. Satellite TV attachments

H811. Intrinsically

H813. Female leadership org.

H814. Coastal opening

H815. West Coast G-funk figure

H816. Telecom giant of yore

H817. Luna, Diana, and Hecate, among others

H819. Tractor-trailers

H820. Hoarder who hears a hobbit

H821. Actor Brolin

H822. Ammonia-derived compound

H823. Catchphrase retired since ‘81 but still used to market Chinese-style sauces

H825. Certain degrees

H826. Pt. of Q & A


H829. Esau’s first wife

H830. Christopher or Lloyd of Hollywood

H831. Jorge ___ Borges of poetry

H833. COVID crash caregiver

H835. Small-screen honor

H836. Embarrassing Freudian slip

H838. ___ ease (stressed)

H840. Gotham paper, for short


H842. Woodrow Wilson was the only US prez to have one

H843. Kind of cushionPBPPPPPT! Hee hee

H845. More incensed

H846. Sheryl Swoopes’ org.

H847. Add to the soundtrack

H848. Ending for beaut

H849. Simple formula you should put in you every day

H852. Shakira or Frida Kahlo

H854. US’s most abundant energy source, despite everything

H855. Who elevated the elevator

H856. Emeril’s meas.

H857. ROFL alternative

H858. Enclosed

H859. Crustacean used in Cajun cuisine

H862. John, to Lennon

H865. Stealth plane

H867. ___ move: making progress

H869. Certain Dover fish dish

H871. Peruse again

H872. Kinda boring

H874. “North” and “south” suffixes

H875. Not blow up in anyone’s face

H877. Church spires

H879. Loves lots

H880. Zingers

H881. Approve

H883. Neighborhood next to NYC’s East Village

H884. Word between two last names

H885. Jaws sighting

H886. Planet’s center

H888. Got some nutrients

H889. Journeyed for

H891. Statue outside Boston’s TD Garden

H892. Cadiz uncle

H893. Poorly written name on a cartoon boot

H895. Emotionally charged topics

H898. Jockey’s blouse material

H900. He plays a patriarch in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

H902. One versed in disputation

H905. Mil. unit below a division

H906. Opening for Romeo?

H907. Legalese adverb

H908. Soft drink first sold in 1905

H909. Like reading the dictionary

H910. Liquid-___ (Drano rival)

H911. Take creases out of clothes

H912. George Harrison, for one

H913. Personally bring

H915. “Are you crazy? No!”

H916. “Boy, it’s cold!”

H917. Officer who evaluated a town’s bread and booze

H918. Rude fellow at the dinner table

H920. Olympian’s hardware

H922. Scientology creator ___ Hubbard

H923. Bright fish

H925. Cross shapes

H927. ___-oriented (popular term on a resume)

H929. Bland quality

H930. Graceless ones

H931. Follower of Adler, Freud, or Jung?

H932. News bulletin

H933. Make another Xerox of

H934. Setting in National Lampoon’s first movie

H936. “Electric Feel” band

H937. Make disgusted

H938. Look Back in Anger playwright

H939. Decency deficiency

H940. Syllables sung by Figaro

H941. Current controllers

H942. Includes in its process

H943. Striker

H945. Track figures

H947. When, in Act IV, Juliet drinks the potion

H950. Auto race with a French spelling

H952. Flat bread container?

H953. Once-Minister of Finance Taro

H954. Some hallucinogens, for short

H955. Places for muckety-mucks?

H956. In an understated way

H957. Communication

H958. Star of North Dallas Forty, 1979

H959. Capital with a former pearl-diving center

H960. Cause of a bad hair day, perhaps

H961. ___ out (obviously juicing)

H962. D-Day setting

H963. Excitement manifestation

H964. Flirts with unconsciousness

H966. Hephaestus’s home, in myth

H968. Vibrato

H969. Pitch black

H971. Hitting high in the air

H973. Transparent

H974. Goldblum’s Jurassic Park costar

H976. Turtle-like enemy of Super Mario games

H977. Em relatives

H978. Full of fun

H979. Goodbye, Columbus writer Philip

H980. He has a direct line to the Banker

H981. Williams’s successor on NBC Nightly News

H982. Feature of Spanish and Scottish pronunciation

H983. Item on a well-known roadshow

H985. Neat freak’s bane

H994. Max’s opposite

H995. Dish of lima beans and corn

H1004. What Tarzan said when he stepped on the beach in summer [not sure what I was thinking with this one]

H1005. Wh-where am I? Who am I?” speaker, in cartoons

H1007. Main ethnic group of Burundi

H1009. Religious recesses

H1011. Motion of the ocean result, for some

H1013. The Killing Fields Oscar-winning actor Haing S.

H1015. Uttar Pradesh attraction

H1016. Alternative to a moonroof

H1018. Put back in the cage

H1019. One-liner

H1020. Big-time gamblers

H1022. License plate words

H1023. A Mrs. Trump

H1025. “Nut” opener?

H1026. Orlando suburb ___ Springs (meaning “high mountain”)

H1027. Old Hollywood’s Gardner

H1028. It has just 16 rules of grammar

H1029. The point ___ return

H1030. Upscale Japanese import

H1033. Chrysler 300, for one

H1035. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend channel

H1036. Receive

H1038. Mellow Alice in Chains EP

H1039. Part of a lunar cycle

H1040. Singers Jones and James

H1041. Seth Curry, since 2016

H1042. Tim whose best-known character might use his namesake wrench

H1043. Barks like a fox

H1044. Repeated cry in the Ramones’ “Blitzkrieg Bop”

H1045. Road warning

H1046. Crab’s claw

H1047. …___ a jolly good fellow

H1050. Takes care of a toy?

H1053. Orderly sequencing

H1054. Abbr. on a form

H1055. Power brick

H1056. Indolent

H1060. Medical grant issuer (abbr.)

H1063. Make a new sketch of

H1064. Talkative cylinder in our home

H1066. “Oh, you thought ___? Guess we’re both surprised, then”

H1068. Sodium hydroxide, on a chem test

H1069. Encls. with mss.

H1070. Arrive ___ conclusion

H1071. Inclusive…but not THAT inclusive...pronoun

H1072. The Sinner producer-star Jessica

H1073. Assess to be

H1075. Half faffing off?

H1076. Pixar film set in the future

H1077. Mooring place

H1078. River countercurrents

H1079. Writer and sometime culture warrior Weiss

H1080. Hamburger’s “I hate this”

H1081. Dog star’s first name

H1082. Read, as a QR code

H1083. Common prayer opening

H1084. Explosive first used as a yellow dye

H1085. Main trunk of a tree

H1086. Marketing database of a sort, for short

H1087. Big lug

H1088. SSgt, e.g.

H1089. Exclamations of surprise

H1091. Seth Rogen’s physique

H1093. Rope fiber source

H1095. Hobbling gaits

H1097. In a ___ (irritable)

H1099. Moggan mass-producer

H1102. Hollywood doctor’s patient?

H1104. Lightly hued

H1105. Actor Andrew or Elisabeth

H1106. Shoulder-baring garments

H1108. Support, as a motion

H1109. Removed the middle from

H1110. “___ you been? We looked everywhere for you!”

H1112. 1.0079 for H

H1113. Men in blue

H1114. Salt formation, in India

H1115. Ghost World heroine

H1116. Weapon with a bell-shaped guard

H1117. Tear into, as packaging

H1119. Georg who won more Grammys than anyone else

H1121. The Queen star

H1123. Earmarked

H1126. Honorary deg. (in the U.S.)

H1128. Notes in major chords

H1129. Is a leadfoot

H1130. Rats’ home of kidlit

H1132. Scoldedeth

H1133. Dan of Mike’s Murder

H1134. E-ZPass charges

H1135. Feng ___: decorating philosophy

H1136. Monsieur de Balzac

H1137. Giant get-together

H1138. Guy not even worth mentioning

H1139. GoPro perspectives, briefly

H1140. Coin of Western Samoa

H1141. Suffix with Siam

H1142. Noted construction union

H1143. “___ go there!”

H1144. Italian ice alternative

H1145. At a higher elevation

H1147. Lana del Rey forgiveness ballad

H1149. Avatar race

H1150. Stops along the Information Superhighway

H1152. Those, in Badajoz

H1154. Pitchblende and cassiterite

H1155. Richard’s successor as mayor of Chicago

H1156. College near Windsor Castle

H1158. Perform well at

H1160. Comically incompetent

H1162. Masked Singer season winner named for an instrument

H1163. Pope after Clement XIV

H1164. “WHOA!”

H1165. y over x

H1166. Malay craft

H1167. Shout near the ears?

H1168. Abbr. on old maps

H1169. Trust from the hip

H1171. Alan who fretted his most famous role would trivialize war with comedy, and didn’t sign on until six hours before filming began

H1172. TV actress Chabert

H1173. Nursery rhyme lad

H1175. “I have ___” (King)

H1177. Defeat waterproofing

H1179. “Teacup” dogs

H1182. Frayed and ragged

H1184. Omar seen in Juice and Resurrection

H1187. Drag racing org.

H1188. Coin aperture

H1189. Betook oneself apace

H1190. Further clarification after “That may not have been entirely accurate…”

H1191. With “The,” Ralph Fiennes horror hit of 2022

H1192. Powerful German dog, informally

H1193. Palindromic baby food

H1194. Actress Washbourne

H1195. Part of HRH, until 2022

H1196. Really disgust

H1200. Mudskippers

H1202. Owl-keeping goddess

H1204. Island nation in the Pacific

H1208. Wins a fight decisively

H1209. “___ forgive those who trespass against us”

H1210. “Let me ___ pray thee…” (Ex. 4:18)

H1212. Reassure that one’s joking, in a way

H1214. Fats Domino’s “It’s ___ Love”

H1216. Endorse on a Web site, maybe

H1217. Mandy Moore’s skincare brand

H1219. Swimmer Torres or architect Huang

H1220. Soda on M*A*S*H

H1221. 30-year New Yorker writer Mehta

H1222. Playboy creator’s nickname

H1223. Old tavern beverage

H1224. Spinoff featuring Sela Ward

H1225. Sculpt

H1226. Core power?

H1229. CIA precursor

H1230. Mean trouble for

H1231. She’s loved warmly and well

H1232. ___ v. Ferguson: 1896 segregation case

H1233. Tied to the Earth’s big picture

H1234. First aunt in Disney

H1235. Treatment that helps a car’s longevity

H1239. Spinning wheel stat

H1241. Mah-jongg patterns

H1243. Raven in Maryland

H1245. “And ___ my cap…”

H1246. Mediterranean seaport

H1247. The G, W, or B in GWB

H1249. His co-pilot was a Wookiee

H1251. Bangkok bank contents

H1252. Cerebrum and cerebellum divisions

H1254. House of the Dragon predecessor, for short

H1255. Judge’s concern

H1256. Niche area

H1257. Discalced

H1258. Jeter and Carr of sports

H1259. Affirmations

H1260. Is granted influence

H1261. Texas or Georgia follower

H1263. Web protocol letters

H1264. All-vowel avowal

H1265. Clinique seller

H1268. Abs exercise

H1270. Type of triangle

H1272. Catcher’s face protection

H1273. City of slots

H1274. How a throw to the plate may arrive

H1275. Jabs the Joker

H1276. GOPponents

H1277. “Not now ___!”

H1278. He tried to bring Eurydice back from Hades

H1280. “I’m ___ Missouri, you have to show me”

H1283. Quotable Evan

H1286. Home of the WNBA’s Storm

H1289. Bane of an off-key tenor

H1290. First software to run on a PC at bootup

H1292. Tear to bits

H1294. 1976 Greatest Hits album that includes “Evil Woman”

H1295. Summers abroad

H1296. Comedian Dan

H1297. Spanish counterpart of the French “vous

H1298. Japanese Prime Minister Fukuda

H1299. “So glad that isn’t me” feeling

H1300. Ham Hamlet

H1301. It works backward from one (there’s no year zero)

H1302. Humorist Shriner

H1303. Actor who won lightweight and welterweight boxing titles while in prison

H1309. Feature of Kansas and North Dakota quarters

H1314. Marvel superhero who’s actually public domain

H1318. “___ loaf is better…”

H1323. Financial pg. topics

H1327. Thesaurus creator

H1332. European saline lake

H1338. An X could represent it

H1339. Way out of a dialogue box

H1341. ___ State (Connecticut’s nickname)

H1343. Union in D.C. and others

H1345. Like many a pitcher

H1347. CVIII x XXV

H1348. X-rated film genre

H1350. Works on a grand scale

H1351. Subordinate, as a chef

H1352. Goods locations

H1354. Surgeons’ insertions

H1355. Fyre Festival site

H1357. Outsider to your faith

H1358. Boy or Dome lead-in

H1359. Like the line, “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife” (love you, Jane, but it’s true)

H1362. Early kind of vaccination

H1363. Three over two?

H1365. Certain urban areas

H1368. Shortening of ___nsylvania ___kee that got an extra “n” when it became a milling village

H1370. Green, bike-friendly capital

H1373. Ruler until 1979

H1374. “Mourning Becomes Electra” brother and namesakes

H1375. Classic record material

H1376. Portugal’s cont.

H1377. Riker’s rank, for short

H1378. “___ is not a test!”

H1379. Reached by air

H1380. In-law or bro

H1381. KJV pronoun

H1382. Rushes, quaintly

H1383. Material pattern

H1385. Where not to put all your eggs

H1386. Sight at the border

H1388. Play the private eye

H1390. NCAA pt.

H1391. Drill sergeant’s “one”

H1393. Warn from behind the wheel

H1395. Enamored

H1396. Unpaid babysitters, maybe

H1398. Suffix with final

H1399. What cowbirds don’t build

H1400. Future fetus, sometimes

H1401. Underhand

H1403. “Dear, dear, dear, dear, dear”

H1404. Audiophile’s pride

H1405. Ended a solo run?

H1407. Tramp’s attire

H1408. John of Three’s Company

H1409. It’ll wear you out

H1410. Paris preposition

H1412. Moderately

H1413. Suffix with auction and (more or less) engine

H1414. Gush over a show

H1416. 1970s-’90s film company

H1417. Breathless star Jean

H1419. St. Paul’s architect and bird

H1421. Viola’s alter ego in Twelfth Night

H1424. Made to resemble nappy leather

H1426. What some people do when they’re in the pits

H1428. Tour Paris

H1430. Miler Sebastian

H1431. ___ Angeleno

H1434. Ancestral groups

H1435. Ones trying to increase circulation, for short?

H1436. She cut John Wayne from an important part

H1437. Wildcats on scoreboards

H1438. A marzo date

H1439. Social group

H1440. William Wordsworth’s “Nice night!”*

H1449. “Book of Days” singer

H1451. Rubber ducky’s spot

H1452. Autobahn speed meas.

H1454. Bill of Mad magazine fame

H1456. Nordic toast (var.)

H1458. Hip-hopper Blige

H1459. Needle-toothed swimmer

H1461. Land for the looney?

H1462. Potter’s job after glazing

H1464. Deity featured in Aida

H1465. Catalina, Big Sur, and Ventura, for three

H1469. Civic organization member

H1470. Battle cry

H1471. Track activity

H1472. Letter used as a symbol for Dogecoin

H1473. Peer Gynt Suite composer

H1474. 1/7 of a semana

H1475. Fey with many Emmys

H1476. Source of the “last problem” of the Alps

H1477. Song beginning “A-weh-uh-heh-uh-ell…”

H1479. Let the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the you

H1484. Stamp of approval?

H1486. Hide homes

H1489. Gallic agreements

H1491. 1980s movie hero, informally

H1492. Say it with me: “Hello. My name is ___ Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.”

H1493. Prayer to the Virgin

H1495. Eight in front?

H1496. Abbr. for a British monarch

H1497. Rolaids competitor

H1498. Sewing machine attachment

H1499. Like Rudolph’s nose

H1500. Use a dust rag on

H1501. Southeast Asian holiday

H1502. Zookeepers with larger animals, usually

H1504. Show to a seat

H1506. Frosty’s button, to Frosty

H1508. Julia portrayer

H1510. Instructive example

H1512. Eland’s cousin

H1513. Strong weed has a lot of it (abbr.)

H1514. Cloud-chamber particle

H1515. Caravansary

H1516. He used to work for the Bureau

H1518. Margaret who painted big-eyed, waifish kids

H1519. Suffix for many a webpage (especially early webpages)

H1520. Old-English letters replaced by þ, which was then replaced by “th

H1521. Dodge Ram engine

H1522. Couple’s Journal: ___ and Hers Year Long Planner

H1523. Stick-drawn bit of cartography

H1524. Pacifist

H1526. Lock section

H1527. Stingrays, for example, briefly

H1528. Game of kings and castles

H1529. Frat member

H1530. Saturday morning cartoon character who was also a real-life prime-time actor

H1531. “2 funny!!!”

H1532. Anti-piracy org.

H1534. Driveway coating

H1536. Common tax form, spelled out

H1538. Alliance dissolved in 1977

H1540. Choice loin cuts

H1542. Goalie glove

H1544. Japanese chiefs of old

H1547. Gunner, in a car

H1549. Apartment next to a super, maybe

H1551. GPO purchases

H1552. Columbus is there

H1553. Dutch painter Steen

H1554. “Speak up” requests

H1555. Borodin opera prince

H1556. Relating to a cranial point

H1557. Londoner’s day off

H1558. Bon ___ (witty saying)

H1559. Fit of ill humor

H1560. Community mainstay

H1561. Noted culinary maximalist

H1562. Important financing data, for short

H1563. “Like I could believe THAT!”

H1565. “(sigh)…It’s true”

H1568. Antidiscrimination agcy.

H1570. Whippersnapper

H1572. Addresses shrilly

H1574. Use ‘baccy

H1576. Granite St. campus

H1577. Philip who played Master Kan on Kung Fu

H1579. No-___ (gnats)

H1581. Hospital fluids

H1583. Close female relative

H1584. Treasure St.

H1585. Shot taken at a party

H1587. What some shots prevent

H1589. Polar bear locator

H1590. The Pope’s office

H1592. French chalk

H1593. Haunted house outburst

H1594. Job bios

H1595. Small nail

H1596. Fuegian cape

H1597. Gun regulators, for short

H1598. Sarcastic response

H1601. “My 1 & only”

H1602. 14 years before the Magna Carta

H1604. In order

H1606. Duke or Duck

H1608. Dos follow

H1610. Self-righteous person

H1612. Italy, figuratively

H1615. Former NASCAR Cup sponsor

H1617. Like Poe stories

H1619. She inspires love poets

H1621. Singer Rawls

H1622. Question of self-doubt

H1623. Truman and others

H1624. It’s not right to say on a farm

H1625. Companion of ahs

H1626. Passing on

H1628. More healthy

H1629. “Sending my best wishes!”

H1630. Channel where Queen Latifah has hawked her Queen Collection

H1631. 12-time Pro Bowl pick Junior

H1633. A Bar at the Folies-Bergere painter, 1882

H1635. Brobdingnagian building block

H1638. Ritz cracker competitor

H1640. Duke who last appeared in Ready Player One

H1642. Timer part

H1645. “Hula Hoop” singer

H1646. Lusterless

H1648. Photo collage

H1650. Brit’s greeting

H1651. Pro ___ (in the meantime)

H1652. California’s Jesse

H1655. Vague

H1656. Arthur Honegger’s ___ David

H1657. Combination of pitches

H1659. Drone “eyes”

H1660. Grandma in Grenada

H1661. Wished (for)

H1662. Great Lake St.

H1663. Singer Marley, Dylan, or Seger

H1664. Potluck dinner unit

H1665. Diamond or heart

H1667. One of rock’s Dees

H1668. It may be part of a bank

H1670. Sound when a shop door opens, perhaps

H1672. “The Heart of Georgia”

H1674. Start a journey

H1675. Informal hello

H1677. Waldorf’s heckling buddy

H1680. Creature-aiding divs.

H1682. Bounce-back strategy

H1684. Less-played half of a 45

H1686. Intelligent bunch

H1687. Ambulatory oaks, or so they appear

H1688. Trader of grains, not the dad-joke quotient

H1691. It’s above us and we don’t know what it is, for short

H1692. Gift ___

H1693. (2, 7, 4, 3, 7), e.g.

H1694. Toaster opening

H1695. Military-school demerits

H1696. Small-time hackers?

H1698. Al-___, Saudi Arabian province

H1699. Nonpastoral

H1701. Miss in a cantina

H1704. Simple travel route

H1706. Kid’s electronic wheels, for short

H1708. Playing with the fullest deck

H1710. It’s rolled out during rain delays

H1712. “Christians, get along!” bk.

H1713. Healthy hors-d’oeuvres

H1717. Rocket vendor of desert cartoons

H1718. “Another ___, Another Show” (Kiss Me, Kate song)

H1719. Coffeemaker brand

H1720. Hollywood technology, briefly

H1721. Meteorological probe

H1722. Major Tom’s correspondent

H1725. Blue-flowered plant

H1726. PLO rival

H1727. Mugger’s weapon, in Britain

H1728. Robert De Niro film

H1729. Llama’s abundance?

H1730. Howard and Perlman

H1731. Grad’s event

H1733. It may be written in stone

H1734. Promise attendance, briefly

H1736. Clinging greenery

H1738. Brought to one’s second-story room, say

H1740. Like “jeans,” by origin

H1742. Sweatshirt part

H1744. Fiery chili pepper

H1746. Sign often coincident with Easter

H1748. Tapped item

H1749. Yard objects, at election time

H1750. Tom or Huck, e.g.

H1751. Nonpareil

H1753. Snaky critter

H1754. Ordinal ender

H1755. Big apple pitcher

H1756. Heart, essentially

H1757. Mythical underworld

H1758. Whur does she blow?” reply

H1759. Costar of Coleman

H1760. Prefix with business

H1762. Gourmet

H1764. Red wine choice

H1766. Former Wall St. inits.

H1768. “The Oblong Box” author’s initials

H1770. Da ___ (Vietnam port)

H1772. Short-lived Christina Ricci television series

H1774. Kaluuya of Get Out, Black Panther, and Black Mirror

H1776. Ransom payoff

H1778. Three times a day (abbr.)

H1779. Famous moon visitor?

H1780. A cabal

H1782. Title for a “mujer” (abbr.)

H1783. Ring, as a bell in a steeple

H1784. Primed to notice

H1785. How to sell garage sale items

H1787. Juniors’ exams

H1788. Jazzed

H1789. Cry, The Beloved Country author

H1790. Inception, as explained in Inception*

H1799. One may be over your shoulder

H1801. Honor like a troubadour

H1803. Start-of-spring event

H1805. Castro cast him out

H1808. Fastest of a historical trio

H1809. Trochee’s counterpart

H1811. Winchester, for one

H1812. Ripens

H1813. More info later (abbr.)

H1814. 1040 issuers

H1815. Start raking in the pounds

H1816. Seagram Building architect Ludwig Mies van der ___

H1817. Resurrected, as Christ

H1818. Jay-Z offerings

H1819. Cat on a sportswear logo

H1820. Dream letters

H1821. “___ would do me” (self-loving bit from The Prom)

H1822. Prussian cavalryman

H1823. Hair product Preference by L’___

H1824. Ending akin to -ist

H1825. Farm youngling

H1826. Be on standby

H1828. 14th-century logician who used the principle of parsimony

H1830. Checks for null hypotheses

H1832. Try to kill with a knife

H1834. He doesn’t get too cute with language

H1836. Brigadier general decoration

H1837. Brown-tinted photo

H1839. They used to have a “Best Continuing Performance in a Series by a Comedienne, Singer, Hostess, Dancer, M.C., Announcer, Narrator, Panelist, or Any Person Who Essentially Plays Herself”

H1840. Genteel

H1841. Sikh wear

H1843. Beautifully blonde

H1845. ___’acte (play break)

H1846. Flame holder

H1847. Flight stat

H1848. Pros offering IRA advice

H1850. Like some dames

H1851. Symbolic riveter of WWII

H1852. Spoonful, say

H1854. Part of a window thrown up in “A Visit From St. Nicholas”

H1856. ___ update (Apple annoyance, to some)

H1858. Medical pressure meas.

H1860. Girl Scout cookies also called Caramel deLites

H1862. Motor scooter maker

H1864. First Chinese dynasty

H1866. Venn visual

H1868. With impish sarcasm

H1869. Shopping centers

H1870. Almost-O shape

H1871. Palindromic energy

H1872. German answer for “whom?”

H1873. Olympics racer

H1874. “___ would that men should do to you…”

H1875. Decorated with signs of wealth

H1876. Those (lads and lassies)

H1877. “Sounds fine to me”

H1878. ___ circus (novelty show)

H1879. Oldest school quiz competition in the US (now run through Delaware)

H1880. TV drama sites

H1881. Midpt.

H1882. Inundates with junk

H1883. Hoppy beer, initially

H1884. Nervous speaker’s syllables

H1886. Magnetic flux symbol

H1887. Remus title

H1889. War of the Pacific loser, 1879-83

H1891. Sudden increase in air flow

H1893. Robert who wrote Uhuru

H1895. Fixer Upper broadcaster

H1897. Morally condescended (to)

H1899. Face on many college bedroom walls

H1900. They, in Nantes

H1901. “___ a rose is she” (Coleridge)

H1904. Cries of insight

H1906. Apprehensive, in Appalachia

H1908. Liberal

H1910. “This ___” (“How strange”)

H1911. “Back in the USSR” airline

H1912. Like a sob story

H1913. Citizen of Wiesbaden

H1915. “And God said, ___ there be light”

H1916. Presidential also-ran from Minn.

H1917. MA capital

H1918. Rug texture

H1919. Stirs up, as to riot

H1921. Very minor point

H1922. “And yet, ___ same time…”

H1923. The drug ecstasy, alternately

H1924. Corporate fiscal execs

H1925. “Love ___” (The Beatles)

H1926. Boxes onstage

H1929. Cosa Nostra

H1931. Cat-tails center

H1932. Address for Paul McCartney

H1933. Makeshift Inuit raft

H1934. Without alteration

H1936. “For crying out loud!”

H1938. Infant, in Cadiz

H1939. “You shall not pass!” audience

H1941. “Don’t delete”

H1943. C ration replacer

H1944. Theater keepsake

H1946. “It’s nothing special”

H1947. Organ piece

H1948. Last two-digit year for eighteen years

H1953. Key you can use to get special characters

H1954. Scala in Don’t Go Near The Water

H1955. Formal email opening

H1956. Clock reading (abbr.)

H1957. Glamorous actress Turner

H1958. At the same time

H1959. Is a good dog, maybe

H1960. Impressive car, informally

H1961. Can’t stand about

H1964. Scoutmaster’s charges

H1965. What March comes in like

H1966. LA is there

H1967. Hrs. at Coors Field games

H1968. He may have a “Big Store”

H1970. The third estate, in France

H1973. With no chill

H1975. Certain break point

H1977. Biblical pervert

H1979. Vanna’s colleague

H1981. Family portrayed in a Family Circus

H1983. The gold of Goya

H1984. Wine taster, e.g.

H1986. Mr. Serling of TV

H1987. Chivalry awards (abbr.)

H1989. Charge tacked on to online purchases, for short

H1990. Sin City: __ To Kill For

H1991. Chop ___ (dish)

H1992. Team statistic

H1993. Afghani tongue

H1994. Frequent target of a paranoiac’s blame

H1997. Men’s business attire

H1998. Geraldine’s uncle

H1999. Way overcharges for

H2000. “Hodge” follower

H2001. Feet, according to Ovid

H2003. Prerevolutionary leader

H2004. Gets a return

H2006. “Coffee ___?” (flight attendant’s question)

H2008. Puente of Latin music

H2010. The Cubs, on scoreboards

H2012. Hulled grain

H2013. Gomorrah go-with

H2014. Stiff-upper-lip type

H2015. UN member since 1971

H2016. Truncated topic

H2017. Bit of provocation

H2018. Film in which Paul Newman plays Fast Eddie Felson

H2020. Saddam Hussein’s party, once

H2022. “Panic room” in a castle

H2023. The President of the United States, recently inaugurated as I write this, hallefreakinlujah

H2024. Back, as in a race

H2025. Garden guardian

H2027. Evian product, at its source

H2029. You almost never see them around any more

H2032. Homophone used poetically

H2034. Terry Pratchett’s definition of evil*

H2045. Was stricken with

H2046. Style of processing

H2047. Love author Buscaglia

H2048. IBM market piece

H2049. Wait on

H2050. Bygone Renaults

H2052. Tilt of a screw, say, in mechanical engineering

H2055. They’re better than deuces

H2056. ___ expected: predictably

H2058. Number after “fiddlers” and “Warriors”

H2059. 2 Minute Drill airer

H2061. It can be muted

H2062. It makes it harder to drive

H2063. Gay-coded gold robot, informally

H2064. Stretch marks, to a dermatologist

H2065. Not just shouldn’t

H2066. Name meaning “servant of God”

H2067. TV actress Jennie

H2068. Cheering like crazy

H2069. My Friend Leonard author

H2071. “Knock on wood…”

H2072. Coconut, e.g.

H2073. CXL/XX

H2074. “This is the story…of a man named ___”

H2075. Devil follower?

H2076. Westernmost point in America

H2079. Connecting strips of land

H2080. Go through a role

H2083. Forum wear

H2085. First-century-BCE Roman dictator

H2087. Auto gauge

H2089. Lists of options

H2091. Insecticidal acid type

H2093. Can’t shake a cough, say

H2094. ___ and the Swan

H2096. HS subject

H2097. Enjoys a loopy craft

H2098. Place in Paris?

H2099. NW African nat.

H2100. Make into baby food, maybe

H2101. Commandment word

H2102. Be too rich

H2103. “Signal caller” at the Bowl, for short

H2104. Weavers’ aids

H2107. Peugeot’s 208 or 308, e.g.

H2108. Madeline of funny films

H2109. Direct blows toward

H2112. Get the stankies out of

H2113. Kyle’s brother, on South Park

H2114. A Father’s Legacy ___ Daughters (tract refuted by Mary Wollstonecraft)

H2116. Knock on

H2118. ___ John Malkovich

H2120. Act the banshee

H2122. Hug tight

H2124. Good name for a botanist

H2126. Does the complicated addition of

H2129. “Sounds reasonable”

H2131. O’Rourke of politics

H2132. Feature on an ushanka-hat

H2134. Hides from wild animals

H2135. According ___ accounts

H2136. Heroine in a play by Will

H2137. Fashion plates

H2138. Real-estate note for those concerned about car theft

H2139. One making a delivery

H2140. Cab catcher

H2141. Child, famously

H2142. Missing the most common vowel

H2144. Centric lead-in

H2145. Mid-12th-century year

H2146. Model for a bust at the Musei Capitolini

H2148. “That’s what’s gonna happen”

H2151. VCR companion

H2153. Struggle (through), as mud

H2155. Aegean island, home of the despot Polycrates

H2157. Biblical name of two characters in Carousel

H2159. “Gotten” abbr. on invoices

H2160. Thea’s daughter

H2162. Distance fighters in The Lord of the Rings and The Avengers

H2164. “This Hour ___ Seven Days” (CBC oldie)

H2165. Regatta gear, perhaps

H2166. Pepsi and Coke, but not 7UP

H2167. The Island of Doctor Moreau writer

H2168. One making a row?

H2169. Jonathan, Martha, and Clark

H2170. Comic actress Amy

H2172. For 1, it’s 0.785398163 rad

H2173. Likely to favor abstraction

H2174. Business messaging platform

H2175. Brit’s verb ending

H2176. Much, much

H2178. ___ in elephant

H2180. Too wacky for words

H2181. Groupon results

H2183. Counting-off word

H2185. Snare or kettle

H2187. One who may treat carpal tunnel, for short

H2189. [wolf whistle]

H2191. Wishful

H2194. Bellow and Steinberg

H2195. At any time before now

H2197. Like some peignoirs

H2198. Prairie crop

H2199. “You don’t know the ___ of it!”

H2200. More rational

H2201. “___ did you do it?”

H2202. Pull a water-skier

H2203. Dark purple fruit

H2204. Oil deposit problem

H2206. Desiccate

H2207. Assigned a star value, for example

H2210. Recruitment-and- retention incentives used by Publix and Amsted Industries

H2212. “It does not make one ___ of difference” (my dad, trying to explain to eight-year-old me that my efforts at fighting the tide by throwing mud into waves’ path was for naught)

H2214. Cheesy snack

H2216. Paths to fun with a hose when you’re young and nearly indestructible?

H2219. “My diapie is FULL!”

H2221. Old Testament otherworld

H2223. Land south of Mount Everest

H2225. Arithmetic total

H2226. Wall St. news items

H2228. Cape of Good Hope’s country (abbr.)

H2229. Goodly amount

H2230. Payment to a broker

H2231. Emotion no longer performed by most Republican officeholders

H2232. Climbs a rope

H2233. It means “straight”

H2234. Said just what needed saying, say

H2238. Dieter’s pee issue that sounds like an environmental threat

H2242. Squirrels away

H2244. Viral net phrase, say

H2245. Humbler version of an A-frame house

H2246. Played back of the plate

H2248. Takes advice from

H2250. ___ one’s feet

H2251. The so-called “blue marble”

H2253. Gross I-don’t-know-what

H2255. Doomed pantheon

H2257. Chicken plant worker

H2259. Sounds of hail or hearts

H2262. Prepare for later, in a way

H2264. Job nobody likes, but it needs doing, honey

H2265. With a kick

H2266. Start of a Christmas carol

H2267. Exhilarating moments

H2268. Thea’s daughter

H2269. Conglomerate letters

H2270. “Don’t beat ___ horse”

H2271. Start of a Dickensian request

H2272. Refreshed

H2273. Kind of sch.

H2274. Not on the net, on the net

H2275. Letters on religious icons

H2276. She got nominated for an Oscar as Benjamin

H2278. Moisture remover

H2280. Taboos, to tots

H2282. ___ poker (bar game)

H2284. Cheat by copying

H2286. Kweli with the 2007 record Eardrum

H2288. Word following East and West

H2290. Tropical staple

H2291. ___ favor (please, in Paraguay)

H2293. Heart disease risk-reducing acronym

H2294. Shorts supports

H2295. Barks and meows

H2296. Hide under the mattress, e.g.

H2297. Symbol of England Rugby

H2298. Forelimb bones

H2299. They make high-profile football calls

H2301. Taking no guff

H2302. Extreme

H2303. Ending with Ecuador

H2304. Actress Collette of Emma

H2305. Dry to the bone, as earth

H2306. Felix’s fetish

H2309. US weather agcy.

H2311. Baltic natives

H2313. Dark time in Durango

H2315. Made a poor estimate, say

H2317. Hawaiian “necklaces”

H2319. Grandson of Noah

H2321. Italian leaders

H2323. With “the,” place to get Sherlock and Torchwood

H2325. ___ Love (Pacino film)

H2327. “___ in the Money”

H2328. Horse feet

H2329. Remora’s host

H2330. “We have a problem!”

H2331. Philosophical idealist

H2332. ___ Hin: Thai resort

H2333. Dedicated poem of praise

H2334. Soccer star Rooney

H2335. God of pre-fight jitters

H2336. Pleisto finish

H2337. Ltr. routing ltrs.

H2338. Deceptive distortion

H2339. Decorates brilliantly

H2341. Video game series noted for its foggy settings

H2344. Crossbones’ companion

H2346. Change one’s focus

H2348. Where Bruins play

H2350. Skate lead-in

H2352. Some stuffed bears

H2354. Stick “ram” to the end of this abbr. to expand it, or put “ram” at the front of it to create an example of it

H2356. “The puppy’s licking my faaace!” <3

H2357. Believed, to Tweety

H2358. RenFest combat

H2359. Badgers

H2360. “You’re ___, you know that?” (Archie Bunker)

H2361. Soy foods

H2362. Calls out to

H2364. Bronze watchman of myth

H2365. Plaid fabric

H2366. British beans? (var.)

H2367. Ruffian

H2368. Atwitter, with “up”

H2369. Inside the Third Reich author Albert

H2370. Bandy and Howard

H2372. T’ang Dynasty bard

H2373. Miffed states

H2375. “Take me ___”

H2377. Responses to charges

H2379. Occurrences, old-style

H2381. Capital of Tunisia

H2383. Reaction to “Take my wife, please!”

H2385. Steve Miller’s “magical” hit

H2388. Disagreeable drinks

H2389. Ex-quarterback Brett

H2390. Pros’ gp.

H2391. Place for an eaglet

H2392. Mind-numbing work routine

H2393. On the ___ (hiding)

H2394. Where Estonia’s largest university is

H2395. Anti-smuggling checkpoint

H2397. Above, in a stanza

H2398. Little Joe’s big bro

H2399. Construction fastener

H2400. Kayla of The Bold and the Beautiful and The Vampire Diaries

H2402. RWR’s VP

H2404. No one else’s fault

H2407. Quote from Rachel of Friends on the joys of childbirth*

H2416. Stephenie Meyer clunker that was Roger Ebert’s last major film review

H2418. Grunts’ groceries

H2420. Spends

H2421. Ready, for French 101

H2423. Metal cylinder

H2424. Agnus ___: religious amulets

H2425. Kind of insurance bonus gotten through inaction

H2427. “___ real boy?” (Pinocchio)

H2429. Engine buildup

H2430. Word ending psalms

H2432. Obsolescent refrigerant

H2433. Cho’s Trek character

H2434. “Pardon” in Parma

H2435. Didn’t like leaving

H2436. Soothing agent

H2437. Takes out of the sheriff’s reach

H2438. Place seen in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

H2439. Actress Sevigny

H2440. A short while?

H2441. “Sing the Sorrow” band

H2442. “On Boxing” author

H2443. Egg-hunting time

H2444. Otic bones

H2446. “___-La-La” (Al Green song)

H2448. Development places?

H2451. Channel with the tagline “Something more”

H2452. Phnom ___ (Cambodian capital)

H2453. Coll. stats

H2455. Legally Blonde heroine

H2457. Cut back

H2459. Towers of food

H2461. On the air?

H2463. “___ blimey!”

H2464. Fraction of a kilocycle

H2465. “___ take arms against a sea of troubles…” (line from Hamlet)

H2466. Hand-fist connector

H2467. Great ___ (world’s tallest dog)

H2468. Car-loving late-night retiree Jay

H2469. “It’s ___ cause”

H2470. ___ favor (please, in Paraguay)

H2471. Mobster Lansky

H2472. Routing digits on the lower left of a personal check

H2475. Muppet maker Jim

H2476. Pops for Radar

H2477. Org. headed by Reince Priebus

H2478. Comic-strip coach Gil*

H2480. Well, it’s half done

H2481. Lead, as an attack

H2484. Sappily s