G1. P2#yIS1

G5. P3#yIS1

G8. P4#yIS1

G11. 🕵️, for short

G14. St. leader

G17. Network with a Now Playing magazine

G20. 🪀 🐶breed

G23. Alcoh and menth endings

G26. Auditors org.

G29. Mackerel variety on Hawaiian menus

G32. Terrain 🥾🥾are designed to handle

G35. Name that went “Xtra” in 2001

G39. As meek as ___

G44. Generation separator

G47. Heart, body temp., and digestion regulator

G50. 1983 Mr. T 🎞️ 🚖

G55. Dungeon Masters Guide publisher

G58. The Immoralist 🏽️ André

G62. Stand-up bit

G65. P21#yIS1

G68. House loan (abbr.)

G71. 🐔General?

G74. Quartet after F

G78. Frogner 🏞️ 🏙️

G79. “I do not love ___, Dr. Fell…”

G80. Neighborhood that overlaps part of Greenwich Village

G82. Sample of a sort

G83. P29#yIS1

G85. Fluffy, as cake

G86. Aoki of the PGA

G88. Marcia’s role on Desperate Housewives

G89. “I have not,” in Honduras

G90. Conditional phrase

G92. P35#yIS1

G94. 🏊🏽️assignment, perhaps

G97. “Don’t play me for a dummy

G100. P38#yIS1

G101. Refuses to

G105. Pertaining to your biggest artery

G107. Flap on a perch

G108. Specialized investment orgs.

G110. With “Alto,” a city in California

G111. NYSE debuts

G113. Kind of 🐆 or 🐅

G114. bend

G115. 🍚

G116. P48#yIS1

G118. Pinched and nasal

G120. Linguistic strings

G122. With a lot of petals, as 🌼🌼

G124. ___-e Yummies (Coke’s kids’-drinks brand)

G125. 👩🏿💚🌳

G127. Like a cartoon shipwreck victim on shore

G128. Word forskinflintsthat makes me think “maybe I should cut that from my database”

G129. End goal

G131. _ due to others’ awful behavior

G133. P58#yIS1

G135. Telegraphed

G137. Like the strongest bonds

G139. 🦵🏻 to old-timey gangsters

G140. Renting out, as an apartment

G142. $, e.g.

G143. They, in Marseille

G145. Derek Jeter, until the end of 2014, for short

G146. Smaller 🐖

G147. Device that helped players cheat through their Nintendo 🎮

G150. Self-description after a makeover

G151. Didn’t waste a bit

G154. Some 💃🏽 ⏺️⏺️, for short

G156. Sitting position facing the back of one’s 🪑

G157. P72#yIS1

G158. Aircraft unlike the Red Baron’s

G160. 🐛, to a 🐟

G161. Huge 👩🏻

G163. Cindy Crawford trademark

G165. Pioneering conservationist John

G167. Door-to-door commerce or sending service reps to a business 💲🤝

G171. “There’s not a ___ can do at this point

G172. Gripper in a 🧰

G174. One with a reserved 💺

G176. 😨

G177. Fenny tract

G178. Going around the escutcheon

G179. 📺

G181. Putting together after seeing a working model of

G184. 🍑

G185. 💦👃🏽

G188. P89#yIS1

G189. Part of a closing act?

G190. Among (abbr.)

G191. Far from certain

G194. The Alienist 🏽️ Caleb

G195. P94#yIS1

G197. Partakes of

G199. Drive around Manhattan?

G200. P97#yIS1

G202. Hit from the 1960s? 💊

G203. “I don’t know” lead-in

G204. Cookbook item (abbr.)

G205. P101#yIS1

G207. Father of France?

G208. “Check this out

G210. 🗣️ 👎🏽️ of

G211. P105#yIS1

G213. 👶🏽 🐻🐻🐻

G214. In the know about

G216. Actresses Clarke and West

G218. Oozes from outside

G220. 🦧🦧🦧

G222. The NYPD observed people based on “___ of interest

G224. 👩‍⚕️👩‍⚕️ in training

G231. Associated

G234. Roman and Stronanch

G238. Barely manages to show up

G243. Maintains, as a schedule

G250. 🧂

G253. Make a show of submission 😙👣

G255. 🙋s

G256. 👠

G257. 🍽️🍽️🍽️ at an altar

G258. 💃🏽

G260. Grunting 🎾 great

G262. A 🚣🏽 concern

G264. Lumber-to-be

G266. Well in ✋🏽

G268. Friendliness 💛

G270. 💡

G274. Gotten out of 🛏️

G275. Going (for)

G276. AMA concerns

G277. Is 🤕

G278. P133#yIS1

G279. Player for 💵💵

G280. 🔂

G284. Its like a minor, but for post-collegiate life

G286. Attractive

G288. With The, 1953 film about the Battle of the Atlantic (based on an even grimmer novel)

G289. Disbelief in evolution

G292. Numbskull, to a Brit

G294. Sang, “So long, you dumpster fire of a year!”, e.g. 🧨🎆 🍾🥳

G296. Scooping up

G300. (○)✊✊✊

G302. Makes 🤢

G305. Sister, in Paris

G306. 🐧 who takes their food with 🧂

G308. “I’ll drink to that!”

G313. Light and airy 👻

G314. You Can’t Do That on Television mainstay

G315. Full range

G316. 🐝🐝🐝

G317. Reporting to a sr. staffer

G318. It covers all the bases

G319. P154#yIS1

G321. Joined (together) 🧩

G323. P156#yIS1

G324. P157#yIS1

G328. Characteristic of these emoji 🧒👶🏻🧓

G329. Emoji or other visual symbol

G330. P160#yIS1

G332. Cropping up again

G334. “Notes on ‘Camp’” writer Susan

G335. P163#yIS1

G339. 👤📖 impaired

G341. Old doll with long, adjustable hair

G342. Dad-gummed

G344. Sign of solid penmanship

G348. Seeks restitution from 🧑‍⚖️‍📝💸

G350. Simplicity of direction

G352. Whatever you want, who you know, or that kittens are cute, e.g.

G354. Grabbing a 🍔

G356. P172#yIS1

G358. Girls born in the late 1970s with film-inspired names

G360. Glengarry Glen Ross playwright

G362. Biblical wife in a sort of 2-for-1 special

G363. So funny theyre 🤣 in the aisles

G365. 👱🏻‍♀️ when one’s usually 👱🏼‍♀️

G366. P178#yIS1

G368. Professional national subversive

G372. Army officer, somewhat abbreviated

G375. love jones actress Long

G376. Pandemonia

G377. Transition from 👩 to 👩‍🦳

G381. Corrosive acid, symbolically

G382. Come ___ of the rain

G384. Short 🚆 🛑🛑🛑?

G386. Least lit

G387. P188#yIS1

G390. Upper-left keys

G392. 👃🏼 openings

G393. “You fell for it!”

G395. 🏜️ along the Sinai Peninsula

G397. ___-week calendar

G399. § of the knave’s 💰️

G401. Port-du-___: 🇫🇷 🧀

G403. Metal in a 🥫

G405. Biblical father

G407. 🛒

G408. Brackets of viral risk

G412. P200#yIS1

G414. Recessive (also, a city name in a great movie)

G416. Occur because of

G417. 🛣️😈👨🏻‍🎤👨🏻‍🎤🎸 👨🏻‍🎤🎸👨🏻‍🎤🎸👨🏻‍🎤🥁

G419. “Get ___!” (“Settle DOWN!”)

G421. 🌊 collector

G423. 💸 on a 🐴, e.g.

G424. P207#yIS1

G427. Losing tic-tac-toe string

G428. Target of some surgery (we could show pix, but lets…not)

G429. Mamas’ mates

G430. “Truth” alternative

G431. P212#yIS1

G433. Glaringly vivid and graphic

G435. P214#yIS1

G437. What the other side in World War II would’ve called ✌🏻️

G439. 🏜️ from which an African nation gets its 📛

G441. Albanian dictator deposed by Mussolini

G444. 🐸

G446. Technically, it could be an ocular scan or voiceprint

G449. NBA star Evans

G451. Dairy-case buy

G452. Roots around

G453. What a 🎬 keeps count of

G455. Go 😬

G457. Mexican state

G459. P226#yIS1

G461. Feels all the feels 😩

G463. Eel’s cousin

G464. Kind of piper?

G465. NASA garment

G467. P231#yIS1

G469. Equip anew

G471. Law enforcement nickname purportedly coined by Machine Gun Kelly (the original, not the rapper)

G473. 💪🏽

G475. P235#yIS1

G476. Left-hand fellow here 👪

G478. Place for 🇬🇷 👤 to 🤝👤 🇬🇷


G481. Inquisition’s iron collar

G484. Sonnet, e.g.

G486. Openly bear arms

G487. Bothers big-time

G489. Blond hair, for one

G491. P244#yIS1

G492. 🐘📐📺

G494. Earharts last known landing spot

G495. Crime lab clues

G496. P248#yIS1

G497. Electronic 🎮️ biggie

G498. 🍼🍾

G500. It’ll make you itch

G502. P252#yIS1

G504. ___-a-porter (ready to wear)

G506. P254#yIS1

G508. 📝

G511. Homestyle 🧇🧇 brand

G513. Sounded like a 🐦️

G515. Add value to

G517. Uses a 🔪 on, in battle

G518. Soft spot in a 👶🏽s 💀

G519. Tijuana tots 👧🏽 👧🏽

G521. α

G523. Prefix with day or night

G524. Gave bad directions

G525. Tolkien 🌲 titans

G526. Tall 🌲 of the Pacific coast

G528. 💃🕺💃 🕺💃🕺💃🕺💃🕺💃🕺💃🕺

G529. as a planetary symbol

G530. It usually comes on the side

G531. Bridal gown trim

G533. ¢

G535. Starting with little prep

G538. Ocular problems 👁️

G540. Attribute of a certain 🕷️

G542. 🌆, at La Scala

G544. ➡️🚪

G546. 😏

G549. Analysis of an investments outcome

G551. 🦾 or 💪

G554. Acronym that now sometimes includes “PK” for pansexual and kink

G556. 👜 for 📬

G558. 🧄

G559. Q-V connection

G560. 🧑🏿‍⚕️network with a local service area

G561. “Ehhh” [pinches the air]

G562. Summer forecast

G563. Goddess with a 📿 of 💀💀💀

G564. Intl. org. formed in 1954

G565. Showing as the 🕰️ reaches 🕘, maybe

G568. P290#yIS1

G570. Parkinson’s medication

G572. P292#yIS1

G574. FDR and HST, for two

G576. Three or so

G578. Buzzard talk or Karenting, at this writing

G581. O

G582. ¯\_()_/¯

G584. Got under the bed, say

G585. Saucy girl

G587. Kind of beef 🐂

G588. P301#yIS1

G589. You, said nicely in Nice

G590. Mothers stand-in

G592. Four-time Wimbledon winner

G593. Hulu-era couch potato

G596. Designed for

G597. “Thank you, Hayao Miyazaki”

G598. P308#yIS1

G601. Gray who didn’t gray

G603. Home to many a New York gallery

G605. Kind of wind that helps a ✈️ arrive early

G607. 👨🏻 🚫 🧑🏻‍🤝‍🧑🏻, for short

G608. “Just-in-case” 🎒 in our 🚘️s trunk

G610. Theyre perfect

G611. Form of door-to-door promotion

G612. 😂 is the most popular one

G615. Went from 👶🏾 to 👧🏾

G617. Village of tsarist Russia

G618. Hacking output

G619. Doctor in Tristram Shandy

G620. Strive

G621. 1,051, to Nero

G622. Byzantine emperor known asthe Isaurian”

G624. P324#yIS1

G625. Rare statement from Green Arrow

G626. Like Richard III’s 🤺

G627. 👓️

G628. The first Christmas villain

G629. 🍊🍊🍊

G631. Designer Oxman working in “material ecology

G633. Public uproar

G635. Seasoned with an 🌿

G637. Standing in ___

G639. Prefix with cardium

G640. Sympathy seekers

G641. Reverence thats “paid”

G643. Monopoly site? 🎲

G646. To do it around is not too serious, but to do it up can be

G647. P339#yIS1

G650. P340#yIS1

G651. 🐚 starter

G652. Stocks of weapons

G653. 😛 (or gossiping)

G656. Cattle prod, maybe

G658. Det. Wojciehowiczs employer 👮🏻

G660. Country lowland

G662. P347#yIS1

G664. Word for “appearance” that means much the same thing with a “dis-” in front of it

G667. P349#yIS1

G668. P350#yIS1

G669. Getting ➡️

G671. P352#yIS1

672. P353#yIS1

G673. Footwear surname

G677. Foundation foundation

G681. Targets for a delivery

G688. 🎞️ 🎙️that put out many Bond movies

G691. Army rank, casually

G696. Specialized coffeehouses ☕️

G698. ♂️ 🦌

G700. Biblical kingdom or its Utah namesake

G702. The otherway”?

G703. Recurring 😜

G707. Obama’s CIA director

G710. Piece of land, with or without a “P” at the start

G711. Some TVs and VCRs

G712. Drives toward the

G713. P368#yIS1

G715. Cousin of a weasel

G720. Mentally adapt for

G725. P371#yIS1

G728. Utopia or Eden

G734. P373#yIS1

G739. Theyre not going anywhere

G741. Microsoft : Cortana :: Apple : ___

G743. Would rather

G746. Receptors key to embryo development

G747. P378#yIS1

G748. ___ Luis (Brazilian seaport)

G749. Danish composer Carl

G751. Sounds of disappointment

G752. Gets on the🎣

G753. Auric wand in the garden?

G754. Facing real challenges

G758. P385#yIS1

G759. Drivers electric convenience

G760. Eco-friendlyish⛽️

G761. P388#yIS1

G766. Hsiao-ping’s predecessor (var.)

G768. Quiet “alas

G770. Very young 👶🏽

G771. Self-descriptive abbr.

G772. Coordinate

G773. “___ to be the king”

G775. 🔴 👿product

G776. Holbrook et al.

G777. 🧺Pulitzer winner William

G778. Dynasty of Democrats

G779. Volcanic “cluster-balls

G782. P400#yIS1

G783. One sharing an apartment

G785. Pied-___: temporary lodging

G787. Enraptures

G788. Danced as in “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go”

G792. Plant anew

G794. Big name in synthetic 🎹🎹

G796. P407#yIS1

G798. Like sketchbook paper

G800. With dogs protected

G801. 2/22/2022, aptly (abbr.)

G802. 🧬

G803. P412#yIS1

G804. Roundabout 🛣️

G805. Connectors in a lighting system

G808. P415#yIS1

G810. P416#yIS1

G812. Corals, to biologists

G813. Properly nourished 🍎🍄🥪🍘

G820. 🧅🥯

G822. P420#yIS1

G824. P421#yIS1

G827. ☕☕

G829. Kind of hour or job

G831. P424#yIS1

G832. Thousand-year-old Polish city

G833. Shooty side of a gun

G836. Some advise against sparing it

G837. PNG alternatives people argue over how to spell, not how to pronounce

G838. Laughs at the punchline

G839. P430#yIS1

G841. Nick of 📺️s Hunter Hunter and Carnivàle

G843. Like a notorious flu

G845. Salad-bowl 🥗wood

G847. Form a team

G848. P435#yIS1

G850. Relative of a skillet

G851. Site of the Burj Islam 🏖️

G852. Routines

G853. Hatfieldsrivals

G855. Heavy footfalls

G857. 🥽 for ⛷️

G860. 📐🦐

G862. 🖼️

G864. Get a 🖼️ bordered with wood

G866. Succumbed to entropy

G867. Obtains a lead about 🎣

G869. P447#yIS1

G871. Impossibly

G874. 🥣🥣🥣

G876. US mortgage org.

G877. Prefix for 👺

G880. They get things rolling 📐📐

G882. 🕌 Religious founder

G884. Anxiety-free

G886. Style of 👗

G887. Went like 🚁

G889. Fellow sort

G891. 👂️🏽

G892. P459#yIS1

G893. Ridiculous activity?

G894. Make drinkable

G895. Domain suffix

G896. Fragment from

G898. Abram’s wife

G900. Musclehead

G901. Ultra-secretive org.

G902. P467#yIS1

G903. 👥⬅️

G904. 🥜

G905. Sheeran and Sullivan

G906. Certain kind of arthritic

G911. Comforter material 🛏️

G912. Decorousness

G913. Terry, only American member of Monty Python

G914. Winglike structures

G915. Smoothly mobile

G916. Scoring out

G919. Has many regrets about

G921. Body part used for finding coffee tables in the dark

G922. Strips, as a 🚢

G923. Tearjerker

G924. Navy enlistee (abbr.)

G925. In not much more ⏱️

G927. Nervous laugh 😅

G929. Losing one’s grip

G932. Make 😨

G936. Not spec.

G938. Opera referenced in Watchmen 🤡

G941. 🌙😘😘

G943. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::

G944. “For the person who ___ everything…”

G945. Was busy at a bee?

G946. P493#yIS1

G947. Most shocking episode of the Vietnam War, to many

G948. #1 Jennifer Lopez hit of 2001

G949. “Think I’ll go for ___” 🏊🏾️

G951. Cluck of condescension

G952. “In the Hall of the Mountain King” composer

G953. P499#yIS1

G954. Fix, as a faux pas

G956. Trendy portmanteau for the place to be at the fashion show

G958. Borrower

G960. How some theatrical 👥 may burst out 🎶

G961. P504#yIS1

G963. Reordered the border of

G965. Proceedings

G966. Pregnant, as a sow 🐷

G967. Prone to pleasant jokes

G968. Bit of a rotter 🥚 🗑️

G969. P510#yIS1

G971. P511#yIS1

G972. Phrase used in intradocumental citation 👀 📃📃📃

G974. P513#yIS1

G975. They often get responses

G976. 💘 💘 🧠 🧠” activities, in 🎖️slang

G978. They vote first

G980. One of these 🍜

G982. Black Sea nat.

G983. P519#yIS1

G986. Google-friendliness

G987. Lying around unused

G989. Differ

G991. Breathing ailment

G994. Like some stuff on Craigslist

G995. Composer Jacques

G1000. DePaul and Georgetown’s conference

G1007. Doing this to your text

G1015. Acquisition before becoming a resident

G1016. Lumber (through)

G1017. Tack-on-with fever or soap

G1018. P531#yIS1

G1019. Making a mess of

G1021. Deep drink of 🍺

G1023. P534#yIS1

G1024. 🧓🏽

G1025. P536#yIS1

G1026. 👜👜👜

G1027. Display convincingly

G1029. Mario Paint 🎮, initially

G1031. Vault feature

G1032. 📞 🏡 from the 🏢

G1033. Spectra and Sedona

G1034. At a reputedly terrible stage

G1035. P544#yIS1

G1036. “We saved your keisters in World War II, so shaddap with that fancy talk, Francoisspeaker in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower

G1037. 🛸

G1038. Monthly 💸, for many

G1039. P548#yIS1

G1040. 👧🏽

G1041. Paul who directed Spy and A Simple Favor

G1042. Most regularly

G1044. 💖, to Virgil

G1046. Repetitively named Amalekite 👑🧔🏽

G1047. 2000s 🏌🏽️phenom Michelle

G1048. Site for tech 🗞

G1049. Precursor to the 💶

G1051. Every time they meet, it turns into an argument with an audience

G1057. Marine flyers (var.)

G1059. 👎, from Thor

G1060. 👉👌🎞️

G1061. P561#yIS1

G1062. “You can do it, champs!”

G1063. Gone into hiding

G1064. 🍲

G1065. Separate with a 🔪

G1066. Figure at right here: 👩‍👦

G1067. 🧊🧊Like an environment that makes you go 🥶🧊🧊

G1068. 🖊️

G1069. 🕳️

G1070. Given one’s start

G1071. 😳🙈

G1072. Worked its way (into), as ooze

G1074. Main story

G1076. Holy folks! (abbr.)

G1077. P575#yIS1

G1078. Pharmacists wax

G1079. P577#yIS1

G1083. Dangerous subst. in some walls

G1084. Coronator, e.g.

G1085. P580#yIS1

G1089. Pictorial pun puzzles

G1092. Discount department store defunct in 2002

G1093. Roll up and tie

G1094. Comedian Esparza

G1095. Uris book, ___ Pass

G1097. Chew noisily

G1099. # that took off in 2017

G1100. Earliest gender-neutral pronoun

G1101. P589#yIS1

G1103. Brick sculpture with a pixelated look

G1105. Stalin-era prison

G1106. Seth MacFarlane and James Franco alma mater

G1108. 👷🐝🐝🐝

G1110. P594#yIS1

G1112. Can move the needle

G1115. Often dart-shaped planes

G1116. Connect with, as a dock post

G1117. ⚽🥎️🏀📻

G1119. Coming to

G1121. “Old Time Rock & Roll” 👨🏽‍🎤

G1122. Some tax-deferred accts.

G1123. 🥿, compared to 👠 or even 👡

G1124. 🚨🚨🚨

G1125. Billie Eilish 2017 track

G1126. Did 🔪 🥕

G1127. “___ a good note”

G1128. Lead to one’s 💺

G1129. Chichén ___: Mayan ruins

G1130. Small push, metaphorically 🦵🏿

G1131. Emu or rhea

G1132. ___ in the face: stinging rebuke 👋

G1134. P612#yIS1

G1136. Allen and Horton

G1138. P614#yIS1

G1140. Long-running PBS documentary film series

G1141. “Dies ___” (noted 🎵)

G1143. 🚍 🚍 🚍 🚍, in Alsace-Lorraine

G1144. 🔴 (abbr.)

G1145. Jumbo lead-in

G1146. P620#yIS1

G1147. Key for when youre done reading a screen

G1148. Mass-ive unit?

G1149. P623#yIS1

G1150. ⚠️ 🔉

G1151. What 🙃isn’t

G1153. P626#yIS1

G1155. “I second” person

G1157. 👤🎭️ Conrad of early 🎥

G1158. What the wavy lines represent in ♨️

G1159. 💊💊 peddler

G1161. Uses 🍽️ voraciously

G1163. 😰

G1165. Heavyset

G1166. Interior decorator who works with a realtor

G1169. Former states that I always visualize Putin singing “You’ll Be Back” to

G1171. More at harmony with the world

G1172. Tries to win the 😘 of

G1173. Yellow snow, probably

G1174. P639#yIS1

G1176. ♂️

G1177. Place to put mutineers 🚢⚖️⛓️

G1178. Shows grief

G1179. Title character in a Beckett play [photo not found]

G1180. Not reserved 😍

G1181. Job for a thpeech therapitht (I had one, I can say this) 👅

G1182. Makes a fireball

G1184. P647#yIS1

G1185. Model 🚂 scale

G1187. “Sorry, I have work waiting for me”

G1188. Branch of languages including English

G1190. Call out of left field, perhaps

G1192. The Silent Passage author Sheehy

G1194. German “I”

G1195. “Like a patient ___ upon a table” (Eliot)

G1198. “Your guess ___ good as mine”

G1200. 🌽

G1201. Scroll through fashion

G1202. Ding-___

G1203. Annual presidential 💬, for short

G1204. Greek goddess of the 🌐

G1205. 🔱 competitor

G1206. Sized ___ (custom-made)

G1207. Trace of 🎨

G1208. Some 🌡️ 🥪🥪🥪

G1210. Prizms, originally

G1211. Manhattan end?

G1212. Cord for jumping

G1216. Municipal laws (abbr.)

G1217. P669#yIS1

G1218. Author of many 🎞️💯 lists

G1219. P671#yIS1

G1220. Faithful

G1222. Remember

G1224. London botanic gardens site

G1226. Throws parties

G1227. Dangerous situations

G1232. Use a 🧻 on, as 💦

G1235. 🎂 time, for short

G1236. 🥧🥧🥧

G1237. P680#yIS1

G1238. 🌯 and 🧆 vegetable

G1239. 👨🏽‍⚖️👨🏽‍⚖️👨🏽‍⚖️

G1240. 💬💬💬

G1241. P684#yIS1

G1242. Its well above average

G1243. 🏦

G1244. Aussie “👋🏽

G1245. Old 🎦 🎦 🎦

G1246. Never in Germany

G1247. Italian word that becomes English after deleting its third, fourth, and fifth letters

G1248. Also-___

G1250. “Uh huh”

G1251. אהוב את שכנך כמו את עצמך” ↖️ device

G1252. Theyre ➡️💍in 🇲🇽 (abbr.)

G1254. In Morse, -----

G1256. Disconnect

G1258. 😧: 🦧🐯🐘!” (panicked response to chaos)

G1260. 🧞

G1261. 🌧️ 🕑 🕓

G1263. ➡️👂🏿

G1264. P701#yIS1

G1266. Was like the runner furthest to the right: 🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏿‍♂️………🏃🏼

G1267. Ostentatious item ✨💎✨

G1268. Winning moments in 🥍🥍!!

G1269. Infer, surmise

G1270. Third Reich police

G1272. Sacra Romana ___

G1273. P708#yIS1

G1275. Given the heave-ho

G1279. Hit song taken from one of Christopher Wallace’s nicknames

G1281. 😐️

G1283. Item used to build many of these clues

G1286. Bellybutton fluffballs

G1288. Muscle-bone connector

G1289. Outliers

G1291. “Continue 🗣️

G1292. 👁️👂🏽👃🏾👅👨‍⚕️

G1293. Dean’s list #s

G1294. Played (around) 🐎

G1295. (The) hard, seemingly endless work

G1296. Six Days of the Condor author James

G1297. 🐷 out

G1298. Devour

G1299. Spheres of life

G1303. Floor covering

G1306. Turn 18 in the Boy Scouts

G1308. Okinawa affirmative

G1309. Pope Nicholas III’s clan

G1310. Marceau persona

G1313. Gp. that publishes American Spirit

G1315. P731#yIS1

G1316. P732#yIS1

G1319. 👨‍🎤👩‍🎤 who sang “Steal My Sunshine 🌤️

G1320. 🤦🏽

G1323. P735#yIS1

G1325. Assault with a 💣, as a superior officer

G1326. 🤓

G1327. “___ blimey!” (Brits outburst)

G1328. Putting to 😴 with a 🥊

G1329. 🪤🪤

G1330. Rips apart

G1331. 🎭 Rudolph of Loot 🤑

G1332. In lumps, as metal

G1333. P744#yIS1

G1334. P745#yIS1

G1338. Q-U inserts

G1339. More or ___

G1340. Sexy nightwear (You don’t really need a picture of this one, do you? I wouldn’t be entirely comfortable with that)

G1343. Necessary (abbr.)

G1345. Jenner or Humphries of Kardashian lore

G1347. It may be scenic

G1348. P752#yIS1

G1350. Potpourri fragrance

G1351. 🟥

G1352. One hanging around the 🏘️

G1353. 😠 🐶s ⚠️

G1354. First Asian-American senator Hiram

G1355. Swapping out synonyms

G1360. What you soak a 🥒 in

G1361. One way to say “It isn’t

G1362. Attributes, as blame

G1363. Early German 🎞️ horror trilogy named for its monster

G1364. 🏡

G1365. Waze ways, for short

G1366. Combine, as 🔊 tracks 🎧

G1367. Coral segment

G1368. Certain OPEC minister

G1371. Woman’s name thats also a Greek archaeological site

G1372. 😒

G1374. California’s 🎅🏽 ___ ⛰️⛰️⛰️

G1376. Drain issue

G1378. Woodworking projection

G1379. “Misleading statements,” less diplomatically

G1380. Some 💻️ circuits

G1382. Firstly

G1386. Outside forces

G1387. P777#yIS1

G1388. 💍

G1389. Knightly adventure

G1390. Villain song from Moana that feels like it was written for David Bowie

G1391. P781#yIS1

G1392. 🧑‍🎤 Lewis of rockabilly

G1393. P783#yIS1

G1395. Mandible’s counterpart

G1397. 💰️👤♂️ escort

G1398. Where to pick up little 🐶🐶

G1399. 🎁➡️

G1400. ☠️😭

G1402. P789#yIS1

G1404. ___ rock (genre for Emerson, Lake & Palmer)

G1406. P791#yIS1

G1408. California’s ___ Valley, site of the Reagan Library

G1409. Give extra medication

G1410. (The parens are ___ the rest of this clue)

G1411. “Put ___ on it!”

G1412. Flat Indian staple

G1413. Following like a 🐶

G1414. Probed

G1415. Tried to make contact?

G1416. 📣 - “☎️

G1417. 😆 from the belly

G1418. Lowe of 🎬 and 📺

G1419. Apocopates

G1420. ♊️♊️

G1421. Dr. Jan ___ (Scrubs alias)


G1424. 🎼

G1426. Lead-in to Madison or Monroe

G1428. Direction in Paris

G1430. 🏙️ NNW of Pusan

G1432. Cash extender?

G1433. Largest Saudi 🏙️

G1434. 🦠

G1435. 👤🎭️ Zac

G1437. P815#yIS1

G1439. End of the first “Alphabet Song” stanza

G1440. P817#yIS1

G1442. Dissemble

G1443. Line pts.

G1444. 🚗🚗🚗

G1445. Attending a Lakers home game, briefly

G1449. It might be subprime (abbr.)

G1450. 999999

G1451. Like Leonardo da Vinci, by birth

G1452. “Hm, didn’t know that…” acronym

G1453. “___ kingdom come”

G1454. 🔫 your 🚗

G1455. 36 of these equals about a stone

G1457. Slangy 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾

G1459. ___ song (nearly free)

G1461. Sharp and no-nonsense

G1463. Breaking the Tenth Commandment

G1465. 😭😭😭

G1466. “I’m satisfied with my decision” 😌

G1468. Polloi leader

G1469. P836#yIS1

G1470. 🐑🔊

G1473. Problematic

G1474. 🎏🎏🎏

G1475. Loses energy, with “down”

G1476. ___ 💡 (arc 🪔 used in moviemaking)

G1477. Silly as ___

G1479. Loose-hanging, as with age

G1480. 🧨🧨🧨

G1481. Etching fluids

G1482. Some NFL linemen

G1483. Fraternal soc.

G1485. 🧨🧨🧨

G1487. The annus in Dryden’s “Annus Mirabilis

G1489. Malfunction

G1492. Under argument

G1494. Suitable for all audiences

G1495. P853#yIS1

G1497. 🇷🇺✈️✈️✈️

G1498. Destination for Turner fans

G1499. Purposeful annoyance

G1501. ⚕️co. in the DJIA

G1503. Nautical ⛓️

G1504. Runs aground

G1505. WHO and NOW, for two (abbr.)

G1506. Potted plant places

G1507. Real aficionado

G1508. Minstrel Allan

G1509. P864#yIS1

G1510. 👬🏽

G1511. 🛢️ 🥫 letters

G1512. Central African Republic capital

G1514. 😤

G1515. EU charter member

G1516. Polite country assent

G1518. P871#yIS1

G1519. “Opportunity is the great” one, per Benjamin Franklin

G1521. Suddenly quickening in tempo, as in Donna Summers “Last Dance” or Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now

G1523. With visions o’ the daggone future, Clem

G1528. Puccini matchmaker

G1529. PayPal’s was once 36,275 words long

G1530. Alter follower

G1532. “Its ___!” (cry from Frankenstein)

G1533. Stat finale, sometimes

G1534. It flows along La Rive Gauche

G1535. Curators’ degrees (abbr.)

G1536. Not iffy

G1537. P883#yIS1

G1538. P884#yIS1

G1539. Laying out on the line

G1541. P886#yIS1

G1542. “___ Necessarily So” (Gershwin)

G1543. “Don’t worry about it

G1544. Dakota du Nord et du Sud, par exemple

G1547. Tyro playing 🎮, say

G1549. 🚢s bow

G1551. 🥩 (or cause for complaint)

G1553. German philosopher who called beautythe sensuous appearing of the idea”

G1554. Compulsive on pain of lawsuit

G1556. P895#yIS1

G1557. Mission: Impossible genre

G1558. 👕 size gamut

G1559. Author of The 👿 & Daniel Webster

G1560. Tamping down

G1562. Draws a 🚫 over, so to speak

G1563. Try to 🏆️ at auction 👆🏾💲

G1564. Lead-in to masochism

G1565. “I’m ____ rn 🥴

G1566. All choked up? 🤢

G1567. P905#yIS1

G1568. Fragrant lavender 💐💐💐

G1569. P907#yIS1

G1570. “Actually…” 🤔

G1572. P909#yIS1

G1574. P910#yIS1

G1576. Siberian antelope

G1578. Old English bard

G1580. Reacted to the wedding invite

G1581. 😳 👎

G1582. Like 🧊

G1583. Articulated Apples

G1584. “The worst ___ to come!”

G1586. Half a sitcom send-off

G1588. Philbin, to Gifford

G1589. “___ the Beat” (1982 hit for The Go-Go’s)

G1590. “That didn’t escape me”

G1591. Screens or people placed to prevent combustion 🛡️🔥🛡️

G1597. 🧚🏽‍♀️ 👑👩🏽 described in Romeo and Juliet

G1598. Pressed a doorbell

G1599. 👶🐱

G1600. E-commerce marketer 🎊🌟

G1602. It might be spiked during the holidays

G1603. Style guide that favors in-text citations (abbr.)

G1604. “Sounds cool, Daddy-O”

G1606. P930#yIS1

G1609. Send some signals 😊😉 (🥰)

G1611. ½

G1613. Suffix with aunt or 🌔

G1614. He voiced Marty the 🦓 in the 🇲🇬 🎞️

G1616. The leftmost or rightmost part of 🪐

G1618. 🎸 ___ Boingo

G1620. What it takes to direct good movies, above all else

G1626. 5 (243), e.g.

G1629. Stravinsky and Siwanowicz

G1632. Playful or hip talk

G1634. P941#yIS1

G1635. French gender-neutral possessive

G1636. Has woken

G1638. “If ever, oh ever, a Wiz there was, the Wizard of Oz ___ because…”

G1640. Ethnic background

G1642. Cousin of the 🛶

G1644. P947#yIS1

G1646. Thingamabobs

G1649. Private pupil

G1650. All-clear indication?

G1651. ___ Matsuhisa, celebrity 🧑🏽‍🍳 and restaurateur

G1652. ➡️ 🔅

G1653. Drive (out)

G1654. 👨🏽‍🎨 championed by Zola

G1655. Authentic

G1656. Does one’s own GPA a favor

G1657. Intended length of many dramas (with commercials) 📺

G1658. Exodus high spot

G1659. P959#yIS1

G1660. P960#yIS1

G1661. Certain sale-closing words

G1666. Actor Auberjonois

G1667. Erstwhile indicter

G1670. Shoulder press target, briefly

G1672. Connection

G1674. Elision found under the sink, like the 👨🏿‍🔧 it alludes to sometimes is

G1675. P967#yIS1

G1676. Sanctions, so to speak

G1677. P969#yIS1

G1678. July awards show, with “the”

G1679. Widely disgraced 🚗🚗

G1680. 🦅

G1681. 📺 you might find in a bar

G1682. Return to an acceptable condition

G1684. Educators 🎓📜

G1685. Midpoint in Pope 😇 I’s reign

G1686. Former major-league pitcher Seo

G1687. Militia leader Muqtada al-___

G1688. Narrow gap

G1692. Letting the whip tell you what to do

G1696. Success metric of online ads, for short

G1697. Light ___ (rapid transit system) 🚆

G1698. “Really?” 🤔

G1701. 🦵🦴

G1703. Makes preparations

G1705. Google ___ Viewer (usage tracker)

G1707. 🔫🔫🔫

G1708. Point or time lead-in

G1709. P989#yIS1

G1710. Do follow-ups?

G1711. Photocopies

G1713. One bar to reaching the bar (abbr.) 🧑‍⚖️‍📝

G1714. Beneficial

G1715. 👨🏽‍🎤👨🏽‍🎤👨🏽‍🎤 on a riser

G1717. Reach for

G1718. Keeps from proceeding

G1725. Their training is tough even by military standards

G1736. Last of the planets

G1742. Organizer of Opens

G1746. P1000#yIS1

G1753. Some 👶 💬

G1762. Former comm giant

G1763. P1003#yIS1

G1765. Informal gathering?

G1766. 🤴🏽

G1767. Organismes multicellulaires who move themselves

G1768. ⏱️ of service on the job

G1770. La-la opener

G1773. Edda author ___ Sturluson

G1774. P1010#yIS1

G1775. Mr. ___ (peanut candy)

G1777. Ductlike

G1779. Get 🥰 for

G1780. Like the first line here, relative to the second line ⏸️

G1781. End bravely 1782. Settle into soil

G1783. Algia opener

G1784. “Wouldn’t ya say?”

G1785. P1018#yIS1

G1786. 🛵

G1790. “Spare ___…”

G1791. 😠🐩 🔉🔉🔉

G1792. In progress

G1793. Rapper who starred in the 1998 🎥 Belly

G1794. Toothache tree

G1795. March-command words

G1797. Appoint, but with liquid

G1799. Datum with a gate no.

G1800. Archaeology professor of 🎞️

G1802. Ornamental 💎💎💎🐯👀

G1804. Bit of obscenity?

G1805. Underwater 💥 triggered by 🚢🚢

G1806. 👨🏽‍🎤 with the debut solo album ❤️. 👼🏽. 🎼🎧️. 👶🏽.

G1808. 🧓🏽 🔭 of old

G1809. Bring back together

G1811. Atlanta 🚌 option

G1812. ✂️s to bits, as a 🥔

G1813. ___ War of 1899-1902

G1814. “Calm down!”

G1815. P1039#yIS1

G1816. P1040#yIS1

G1817. Notes like “PSYCHOTHERAPIST 8 PM” and “TEAM MEETING 2:30” (abbr.)

G1819. Mutant veggie? 🦸🌽

G1822. The 🔔 Jar author

G1824. Year Othello was introduced

G1826. Kind of caregiver

G1827. 🎨

G1828. Eucalyptus 🌴 known for where it thrives 🐊

G1830. Consumed 🍽️

G1831. 🧔🏽 who may 📖 about 🚼️🧷

G1833. Proceed slowly

G1834. P1051#yIS1

G1836. 🦍🦧

G1838. Problem affecting old lumber

G1839. P1054#yIS1

G1840. Helps to a 💺, slangily

G1841. “Notorious👩🏻‍⚖️, familiarly

G1842. 👩🏻‍⚖️ supposed to cause forgetfulness

G1843. Enero to diciembre

G1844. Where the Blues Brothers debuted (abbr.)

G1845. Global pugilists’ gp.

G1846. Like 🍪 dough

G1847. “___ a dream” (👑🧔🏽)

G1848. Former two-nation gp.

G1849. 🤔🖊🗺

G1852. 😈⭐

G1854. ___ to (end)

G1858. 👃🏽

G1860. Bottom sirloin cut of 🐂

G1861. Turn away

G1863. What a good editor has 👁

G1865. Grabby sorts, in a sense 👐

G1867. Eritrea’s capital

G1869. Scanning system in iPhones

G1870. Scrooge McDuck or David Tennant

G1871. Half (or a third) of a 💃🏽?

G1872. 🍵

G1873. Sasquatches

G1875. Gadgets rank (abbr.)

G1876. 3-D-ifying kind of animation

G1877. P1080#yIS1

G1879. Sasha’s sister once in the White House

G1880. “Inner” beginning

G1882. Its in “et ___” but not “___ jacta est

G1883. 🧙🏽 curses

G1885. One of the extended 👴👵👪👴🏻👵

G1887. 🚄 stop, for short

G1888. This transmits info to the cytoplasm

G1889. 📚️ titles appear in it (abbr.)

G1891. 🎹 of Beethoven’s 9th

G1892. Any seconde now

G1894. Sudden transference, for short

G1895. Health-care giver, for short

G1897. P1093#yIS1

G1899. Zoey of Zoeys Extraordinary Playlist, essentially, e.g.

G1901. Kind of fly

G1902. Make 😁

G1903. Call for aid 🙋

G1905. Air ducts

G1908. P1099#yIS1

G1909. P1100#yIS1

G1910. Royal Navy initials


G1912. Natives of Tibets capital

G1914. P1104#yIS1

G1917. Turn-of-the-century period

G1920. Publication distributor

G1922. Former 🕍 community

G1924. Functioning well

G1926. ¯˘ ¯˘ ¯˘

G1928. It offers a lot of resistance

G1931. 🥬, e.g.

G1933. P1112#yIS1

G1935. “I’d like to have a look”

G1937. P1114#yIS1

G1938. Monogram for Jesus

G1939. 🚨🎒👜

G1942. Poetry Pulitzer-winning brothers

G1945. “!!!”

G1946. Like a Shelley tribute

G1947. Italian ✨🍷

G1948. Commonest form of commerce

G1951. 🏈 👥 with tackles and ends

G1953. Prefix of completion

G1954. Simply alternating rhyme scheme

G1956. Making a bubbling noise

G1958. Kind of 🍺

G1960. Driving hazard

G1961. Monogram for “The Raven” 🏽️

G1963. 551 at the Coliseum

G1964. Part of DMV (abbr.)

G1966. Bolstered (up)

G1968. ♦️ = ♾️sloganeer

G1969. Outlawed 🦟☠☠☠

G1970. Distance µ on ✋🏽-🖌️ 🗺️

G1972. Former name of

G1973. Likely Uber hater

G1974. Soviet city or Eastern demon

G1975. Ens’ followers

G1976. Some toe inflammations

G1977. Mama 🦞

G1978. “1+1=2” or “Try always to be kind,” e.g.

G1979. P1142#yIS1

G1980. Took turns

G1982. Junkyard’s security, maybe 🐕‍🦺

G1986. Using a 📃

G1987. 🍤 🟢 🍅 at the Whistle 🛑 Cafe novelist Fannie

G1989. A raw deal to study for the bar

G1992. Outward movement

G1994. Lehars “___ Land des Lächelns

G1996. Up to one’s 🧣

G1998. Mo. of “gunpowder, treason, and plot

G1999. Respect for 🎭️ 🏽️ Hagen

G2000. Build up bit by bit

G2001. Rears on a 🚢

G2002. ?”

G2003. Chaney who played against Abbott and Costello

G2004. Here,







G2007. Furious fellows

G2008. Site to 🔍️ for stomach remedies

G2009. UPS cargo (abbr.)

G2010. 👼🏽

G2011. Scientific suffix

G2012. Land whose name meanswest island”

G2013. Jodie Fosters alma mater

G2015. 🔟 🔟 🔟 🔟 🔟

G2016. Foursome from 👉🏽️👌🏽 the 🏙️, e.g.

G2018. Polar explorer John

G2019. 1974, for me (abbr.)

G2021. P1175#yIS1

G2024. They take a couple of lines in cursive

G2029. “When the Frost ___ the Punkin” (Riley)

G2030. Types of 🍙

G2031. Verbal ability

G2032. Future attys.’ hurdles

G2033. 👀

G2034. Some 📺📺📺

G2036. Quite a 👃🏽

G2037. “Bring me a bowl of coffee before I turn into ___” (Bach)

G2038. Often spiked

G2039. 🟢” band

G2040. P1187#yIS1

G2041. 🌳🌲

G2042. 🦹🏽‍♂️ alter ego, for short

G2043. Singer of 🎞️

G2044. Dome-shaped ☸️ shrine

G2046. Agent, for short

G2047. 🤩‼️

G2048. West Coast 👮‍♂️👮‍♂️👮‍♀️👮, for short

G2050. P1195#yIS1

G2053. Case ➡️ from one 😷 to another

G2054. 🦳 colors

G2055. P1198#yIS1

G2056. G, e.g. (abbr.)

G2057. Takes off weight

G2058. Common problems on the 🏈 field ⭐️🦵🏽⭐️

G2060. Peter, e.g.

G2061. Nikka with the album 🦋 🚀

G2063. Acquisitions, in Hollywoodese

G2064. Actress Laura of Rambling🌹

G2065. Open, in Cologne

G2066. Dead center of a famous palindrome

G2070. Iranian capital

G2072. Beavers home

G2073. Sudden scares

G2077. Arm immobilizer

G2079. Brightly colored 🐟

G2081. Cover of the Bible? 🍃

G2084. P1214#yIS1

G2087. Variable unit of groceries as you approach the house

G2088. Fell from grace 😈

G2089. One-week breaks 🏈👥

G2090. Heating lamps

G2093. “Tu m’___ moi!” (“You like me! You really, really like me!”)

G2094. Rodeo shouts

G2095. 🏠️🏠️, slangily

G2096. 😧 …!!!

G2098. Not worthy of a good grade

G2099. Long dists.

G2100. Staples 📦️, perhaps

G2101. Second son of Japheth

G2102. Honored 🧓🏽, old-style

G2103. Vigilant against attack 🛡

G2105. Demanded more 🎼🎧️

G2107. More meager

G2109. Alfredo’s 🍝

G2111. Fixed in the mind

G2113. Famed Italian physician with an apparatus

G2114. No idlers

G2115. Keep rhythm, in a way

G2116. 🍌

G2117. 🥘

G2118. Keeps from sinking 🚤

G2120. P1239#yIS1

G2124. Real tests of generosity

G2127. Does barbershop work?

G2128. 🥗 in ___

G2129. How some 👥 commute

G2130. Small trees with valuable leaves

G2131. Young louse

G2132. Disgusted-🔉 👢

G2133. “Grazie ___” (“Thank Heaven,” when in Rome)

G2134. Fuqua or Dodson seen here

G2135. Hitting “send” 📧

G2136. Tylenol, e.g.

G2137. Used a 🥄 and 🥫on

G2138. A way with one’s audience

G2139. Scottish portrait 🖌️👨‍🎨

G2140. Susie-shirts tongue-twister link

G2143. 🏌🏽️ ♣️ choices

G2144. Alleged feature of Uma Thurman and Paris Hilton 👣

G2145. Piece of 🎣 gear

G2146. 👍🏽️ amount of 💵💵💵

G2147. “One” on a dime?

G2148. Words before stew, pickle, or jam

G2150. These, in Ste.-Thérèse

G2151. Utter unclearly

G2152. Spartan king who met Pyrrhus on the battlefield

G2153. P1264#yIS1

G2154. Sonny and Cher album Look ___

G2155. Its govs. have included Mario and Andrew Cuomo

G2156. 🥣 aisle military rank

G2157. It may get stuck on your 🚘️

G2158. 🔐 position

G2159. Confused anxiety with hunger

G2160. Hercules, for one

G2161. P1272#yIS1

G2165. Crow or “cuuute!”

G2166. Go “phew😌

G2167. 🦯

G2168. Being 😓 or ☀️, sometimes

G2169. Spanish painter

G2170. Cockney SOS

G2171. Maliciously derogatory

G2173. P1280#yIS1

G2175. P1281#yIS1

G2176. Queequeg crewmate

G2178. City containing a capital

G2179. 🎥 🧑🏽‍🏭️ pioneer Marcus

G2180. African scavengers

G2181. Low in character

G2182. 👤🎭️ Daniel ___ Kim

G2183. It prompts tipping in a 🍾

G2188. Th’thing o’er thar

G2191. 🏛️ 🎼 battle

G2193. 💅🏽 💆🏽 offering, briefly

G2195. Carrying with difficulty

G2197. 🔉

G2198. Leaves the land

G2200. When Proctor rips up his confession in The Crucible

G2201. P1296#yIS1

G2206. Range thats also a border

G2211. P1298#yIS1

G2219. Reason for consistent electric supply 🔌💡⚡

G2230. Loeb and Simpson

G2234. City in West Yorkshire England

G2236. Small, as a 🕷

G2239. 👥 🇮🇹

G2240. Sirtis and Spiners co-star

G2242. Pulled hard

G2243. Reduce to rubble

G2244. No Oscar contender

G2246. P1308#yIS1

G2248. Mary Poppins, by profession

G2250. Yaks and yaks

G2251. Lake shown on 📺️

G2252. 👨🏽‍🎓️ progress, on a 📈

G2254. Hangzhou👋🏽

G2255. Studies secondarily 📚

G2256. Nondirectional transmitter of a usually constant signal 📻📡

G2257. Letterhead abbreviations

G2258. Products with the name of a people

G2261. Nite-spot greeters

G2262. Rested one’s rump

G2263. 🚘️ ♣️ inits.

G2265. Side of a ✂️ 💎

G2266. Slamming into the side of

G2269. Balders wife

G2270. Ames coll.

G2271. Centers of 🎡

G2272. ♟️ 🎾 in mathematical terms

G2275. 👋🏽👋🏽 between and 🛥

G2276. Not tan

G2277. Indian 🎼 improvisational spots

G2278. Frodo’s 🎞️ series, to fans

G2279. Where a pistol is fired 🏃‍🏃‍🏃‍

G2280. Inconstant

G2282. World War I-era innovation that sounds off?

G2283. P1334#yIS1

G2284. Div. that produced a World Series champ in its first year

G2285. 🤣🔊🔊

G2287. 2,055, to Nero

G2288. Chukka material

G2289. Plato had one of the Cave

G2291. Neighbor of an Estonian

G2292. “MOET WHITE STAR: $110 / VELIVE: $130 / DOM PERIGNON: $315,” etc.

G2294. Streisand movie, The Way We ___

G2295. Seriously drier

G2296. Maddox and Norman

G2297. 🏈s Sayers

G2298. Style of bedroom and kitchen

G2299. P1347#yIS1

G2301. 👿 Advocate actress Judith

G2302. ___ living (support oneself)

G2304. Logician’s Latin

G2305. Large aggregation

G2306. Measure o f   s p a c i n g

G2308. Poe poem

G2310. Haughty and acidic

G2311. “Refudiate”

G2313. 🍁

G2314. Tops of 🦶🦶

G2316. 😡

G2318. Dry as desert

G2320. Do nothing about something

G2322. “Last 🎄🎅, ___ you my ❤️…”

G2326. 💡🗯️❗️

G2327. Fallow periods

G2328. Parents known for corny 😜😜😜

G2329. “That compliment could be self-directed too, girl!”

G2332. 🏙️ near Ottumwa, Iowa

G2334. Neurosurgeonsreadouts, for short

G2336. 💪

G2338. ⌚️ company

G2340. Precipitated

G2341. Famous nickname in ⚾️

G2346. Pleads 😇 to

G2347. Sacred bird, to some

G2348. Note its 🕞, e.g.

G2349. Tip Harris 🎞️ thats an airport code

G2350. 🔊🔊🔊 of our neighbors building a deck 🔨

G2353. 🤗♂♂

G2355. Kind of cured salmon

G2357. “Gimme ___” (Emory cheer)

G2358. Victim one of murder one

G2359. P1381#yIS1

G2360. Some, in Potsdam

G2361. Remove 🧼 from, maybe

G2363. Takes out of the 🛒 and gives $ for

G2364. Utterly unyielding

G2365. Beginning bartenders’ blunders

G2368. Letter from Europe

G2370. Vitamin- 🍾 stats

G2372. Shun socially

G2374. “Okay, ___ the idea”

G2375. Feelings of antagonism

G2376. Spouted-wheat bread named for a kind of monk

G2377. One pt. above rightward on a navigators rose

G2378. 👨🏿‍🎤👨🏿‍🎤👨🏿‍🎤👨🏾‍🎤👨🏾‍🎤 with different #1 hits in the US and UK, with “The”

G2379. ❌️

G2380. Major chord

G2383. Done in a careless way

G2385. 1, for one

G2387. P1399#yIS1

G2389. Preceding month (abbr.)

G2390. “Think of ___ a vacation”

G2391. Vatican tribunals

G2392. A flats alter ego

G2393. Word after ⛪️ or 🎞️

G2394. Yeses, in Rouen

G2395. Every last one

G2396. 🐊🐊

G2398. 🪀🪀

G2400. Container for half a 🥩, perhaps

G2403. Feud feeders

G2405. Surround and wait out

G2407. Hang ___ (Hong Kong-based stock 👈🏽️)

G2408. ___ heure (🕐 in 🇫🇷)

G2409. Monster with 👀👀👀👀👁️👁️👀👀👀👀👁️👁️👀👀👀👀👁️👁️👀👀👀👀👁️👁️👀👀👀👀👁️👁️👀👀👀👀👁️👁️👀👀👀👀👁️👁️👀👀👀👀👁️👁️👀👀👀👀👁️👁️👀👀👀👀👁️👁️

G2410. Feature of Brooklyn (abbr.)

G2411. Turning device

G2412. Goes from seed to 🌱

G2414. Doesn’t stop bothering

G2416. Words to a red hen

G2417. Weapons suppliers in Red Dead Redemption

G2420. Not even diddly

G2421. “What the…?!”

G2423. Insurance corp. no longer considered “too big to fail”

G2424. What “Edison, the Man” replaced

G2426. “Mama” who sang “Make Your Own Kind of Music”

G2430. Explain an uncomfortable truth

G2432. Left-hand column entry $$$

G2434. 🎵 in the 🗣️

G2435. Kind of upper

G2437. 🍮🍮🍮

G2438. P1431#yIS1

G2439. Some NFL offensive linemen

G2440. Where to get 🍺🍷🍹🍸

G2441. Approached boldly

G2443. Le Louvre, e.g.

G2444. Army vets

G2445. Site of First Encounter Beach

G2447. Exurban

G2449. ▪️◼️◾⬛

G2452. P1440#yIS1

G2454. Gere title role

G2455. Gets in a 🥅

G2457. Crime boss John, aka “The Teflon Don”

G2458. Senator immune to bribes or lobbying (which, lets face it, is still remarkable today)

G2459. 👩🏿‍🎤 Warwick (“Thats What Friends Are For”)

G2460. 🚚 front

G2463. Haggadah- 👤📖 occasion

G2465. Bed covering?

G2467. Pen occupants

G2469. Works with 🧶

G2471. Unit of train travel 🚆

G2473. Fett seen in The Mandalorian

G2474. Breakfast holder 🥚🥚

G2475. Greek goddess of the hearth 🔥

G2476. Aspect

G2477. Bit of needlework

G2478. 1950 🎞️ that opens with a man reporting his own murder

G2480. Uncanny

G2482. Bowtie poker?

G2483. P1460#yIS1

G2484. Enjoyed gourmet dining 🍴👑

G2489. Secure, in a way

G2490. Bush-era ⚒️ Secretary Elaine

G2491. P1464#yIS1

G2493. Touch gently

G2494. Chaotically

G2496. French author Bazin and others

G2498. Sons of, in many 🛕 📛📛📛

G2500. P1469#yIS1

G2502. Pointedly avoids

G2504. 1999 Emmy winner, finally

G2505. Lighter wts. on some 🏋🏽️ 🏋🏽️

G2506. 🎞️ 🔞 (when alone)

G2507. 😼👀

G2508. 🤲🏽 between Dhuhr and Maghrib

G2509. Unaccompanied performances 🎭️🎭️🎭️

G2510. Like butterless toast

G2512. Canine in memes

G2514. Miami-Palm Beach dir.

G2515. Lynn in the Pro 🏈 Hall of Fame

G2518. Eyeing like a piece of meat

G2519. Rand protagonist

G2520. Inner ⚙️⚙️

G2521. P1484#yIS1

G2522. Breading substrate

G2524. Wire shield

G2525. 👿 With ___ 👗 On”

G2527. Spew forth, as a new 🛢️ well

G2529. ⌛️

G2531. Jane or Zane

G2532. Daily Bruin reader, familiarly

G2533. Land of the ☠️

G2534. P1493#yIS1

G2535. P1494#yIS1

G2536. Eastern Orthodox feature

G2537. Shredded

G2539. What you need for a shutout 🥎

G2541. A Visit from the Goon Squad 🏻 Jennifer

G2543. Went 🤷🏽

G2545. 10000

G2546. Doing the mannequin

G2547. Assn. of teams

G2548. Arcing tosses

G2549. Fireplace part 🔥

G2550. ___ Know (imaginary scapegoat, along with Not Me, in The Family Circus)

G2551. P1506#yIS1

G2553. P1507#yIS1

G2555. Nerve suffix

G2557. The ___ (“Believe” 👨🏻‍🎤s nickname)

G2559. Typesetters concerns

G2560. More penurious

G2562. Briscoe and Curtis, e.g. (abbr.)

G2563. Accutane target

G2564. 🟩

G2565. Words before a Momma’s Boy or Lucy

G2567. P1516#yIS1

G2568. It’ll keep you out of Mensa

G2570. Casse-___ (brainteaser)

G2571. Kennedy Center co.

G2572. Crabgrass of Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide

G2573. CIA ancestor

G2574. It goes on your 🍽️

G2575. P1523#yIS1

G2576. Orderly 🚦 pattern

G2581. How those meant to be are marked

G2582. 👤👨🏽⬅️ (with the understanding that pronounal adjectives are flexible these days and this is more of an abstract suggestion)

G2583. What Android’s fingerprint-scan tries to prevent 📱⛏️

G2586. Feeling down 😞🔵

G2588. 2/1/00 for Justin Blake

G2590. Colloquial sibling

G2591. 🏽️ Gail of Old Lovegood 👧🏼👧🏼

G2595. What you need to get blackjack ♠️

G2596. Dark Greek goddess 🧙🏻‍♀️🧹🏺

G2598. 2015 crime 🎞️ with Emily Blunt and Benicio del Toro

G2600. Makes an adjustment at the rifle range

G2601. Ready to be a stable father? 🐎

G2603. Prickling sensation

G2607. P1538#yIS1

G2609. “Yes” or “no,” depending on where you hyphenate it

G2613. ___ the lily: ornament to excess

G2614. Widely believed untruth

G2615. Hightails it

G2616. Have karma catch up to you

G2618. Occupies completely

G2620. They can carry a tune

G2621. Brackish coastal habitat

G2624. Place for an Indy crew

G2626. Most gangling

G2628. Problematically named Improved Order of ____, whose members included both President Roosevelts 🟥👨👨

G2630. Skyrocketing

G2634. “None so 🧑🏽‍🦯 as those that will ___” (John Heywood)

G2635. 🎉🥳 blasts

G2637. Nickname of the 👩🏾‍🎤 of 2007’s☂️

G2639. Humorous illustration online 🖥️

G2640. Hall-of-Fame Boston Celtic who literally passed away as I wrote this clue

G2641. No-no areas

G2642. Lack of emotional complications 🚫🛄

G2644. 🐀🐀🐀

G2645. 🧑s 🧔disguise

G2646. Where campers spend the 🌃?

G2648. Thingamabobbers

G2650. 🕌 militant group

G2652. 🏌🏽️___ Lee Classic

G2653. Chuck wagon production

G2655. F-J link

G2657. Hawaiian yellowfin

G2658. German 🦆

G2659. At least

G2661. Zhou En-___

G2662. P1570#yIS1

G2663. Oxymoronic 🎿 condition

G2666. Addressed

G2669. Settles comfortably

G2671. P1574#yIS1

G2672. “Lets suppose thats true”

G2673. Frontier items of trade

G2674. Actress Fonda

G2675. 🌆, in some financial names

G2676. P1579#yIS1

G2677. P1580#yIS1

G2678. Young called “spats

G2680. Try for 🎯

G2682. Defaces, as a yard on 🎃

G2684. P1584#yIS1

G2686. Said “uh-huh, sure” to while Facebooking

G2688. ⬆️ ⛵️ country (abbr.)

G2690. Ordinal add-ons

G2691. P1588#yIS1

G2694. 🥈-tongued

G2695. Playful knuckle-rub

G2699. Rotary printing press inventor R.

G2700. Brian, formerly of Roxy 🎼🎧️

G2701. Poor periodical

G2702. Martin’s 👧🏽💕, on Martin

G2704. Slick, as a 🛣️🛢️

G2705. Homeric work

G2706. Take part

G2707. Philosopher who asked, “What is enlightenment?”

G2708. Problem that all you people have, limited as you are by your experiences, whereas I’m perfectly rational

G2709. 🧪fiction author A. E. van ___

G2710. 👗huggers

G2711. Needle-like fish

G2712. Plankton collector

G2713. ✊👊🤛🤜✊🏿👊🏼 👊🏼🤛🏿🤛🏿✊🏾✊🏽👊🏻

G2716. Wagering loc.

G2718. DEER ___ (highway sign)

G2720. Hieroglyphic 🐞

G2721. Tasty part of a 🐢

G2723. P1609#yIS1

G2724. P1610#yIS1

G2725. Pay no mind

G2726. Of no importance

G2728. Border of a shield

G2730. Balkan Peninsula settler

G2732. P1615#yIS1

G2733. P1616#yIS1

G2734. Carpenters instrument

G2735. 📌📌📌

G2736. Separate forcefully

G2737. They each think theyre in charge here 🐩🐕

G2739. Be less than serious

G2740. 1974 top 10 Al Green hit subtitled “🛠️ 👤⬅️ 😀

G2747. Fatha’ Hines

G2749. Curacao 🍸️

G2750. P1625#yIS1

G2753. Gently invite

G2755. Witnessed in the area of

G2757. Place to fatten 🐴🐮 by limiting roughage

G2758. P1629#yIS1

G2759. P1630#yIS1

G2760. “Where ___? Who ___?” (amnesia-plot dialogue)

G2761. Rile up

G2762. Told to buzz off

G2765. One to hold your hair in the bathroom? 😀 -> 😀🦱

G2768. P1635#yIS1

G2770. 💥

G2771. Beloved crossword editor Will (the other one)

G2772. P1638#yIS1

G2773. P1639#yIS1

G2774. Do a 👨🏽‍⚖️s job

G2776. Yesterday, in Le Havre

G2778. P1642#yIS1

G2779. Women’s apartments, in India and Persia

G2781. South Africa’s president until 2018

G2783. Time for reflection 😢📆

G2785. P1646#yIS1

G2786. Hideous ones

G2787. Olympic 🏊‍♂️ ⭐️ Ryan

G2788. 🥓 (unusual plural)

G2790. One of Constantine’s bathroom attendants

G2792. “This is too much”

G2793. P1652#yIS1

G2794. Timecard nos.

G2796. Gospel

G2797. Its quite a catch 🐟

G2798. P1656#yIS1

G2799. P1657#yIS1

G2800. “So long,” in St. Lo


G2804. Once-formal name for the Land of the Rising Sun

G2806. Waist wrap

G2809. P1662#yIS1

G2811. “Real Girl”‘s boyf, in a movie title

G2813. X X X lover? 🎳

G2815. 👄

G2816. May-August

G2817. P1667#yIS1

G2818. P1668#yIS1

G2819. “But how do we make money making crosswords? Sell space for ___ in the black squares??”

G2820. Toulouse 👑🧔🏽

G2821. Communicates, often by action

G2824. P1672#yIS1

G2825. Disorderly bunches

G2826. Political created under 👑👩🏽 Anne (abbr.)

G2827. Five-carat units

G2828. Life Is Beautiful director-star

G2829. Word for 🕷 with mythological roots

G2830. Grenadian 👋🏽

G2831. 💬 💬 restrictor

G2832. 🐏🐏🐏

G2834. Get __ of: escort elsewhere

G2835. City second in size to Casablanca

G2837. Resort spots

G2839. </