Ubercross Abecedaria F


1. Some significant others, in IMs

4. Dressed up

8. Trick, in Scotland

12. Attracted to, with “of”

16. Ices, so to speak

20. Many unedited photos online

24. Ponzi scheme mastermind Bernard

30. Give a beatin’ to

34. Brookings, for one (abbr.)

38. Addressee in “Bohemian Rhapsody”

42. Apply a stroke

46. Keep ___ on: stay mum about

50. “One ___ land…”

54. Citation specifier

56. Cardio workout choice

61. Prepare for a bodybuilding contest, maybe

63. Marrakesh morsel

66. Monster’s hangout, or so it’s said

67. Air traffic control gp.

70. Rafer of the NBA and streetball

72. Capital of Japan, to Commodore Perry

75. Counterpart of jour

76. Wee, in Glasgow

79. They’re worth 100 ore each

81. They have dreams for their lives

83. Pfizer drug

85. Through, on some airline itineraries

88. Had a little something

91. Like “boob tube toons”

95. Flows like Flo Rida

98. Medium-dark blue

100. Site of North Africa’s largest medina

103. Infuriated

105. Bon mot

108. Take to the airport, say

111. Football team leader

112. Smoker’s lung cancer or asbestos-related tumor

116. Death Star or Infinity Gauntlet, e.g.

119. ___’acte (between-acts performance)

120. “Apparently not” or “Apparently not…”

123. So fast you may’ve missed it

126. Where you might see a giant Snoopy

129. 2022’s cites four eclipses

133. Without authorities’ approval

135. Dessert/breakfast baked with overripe fruit

136. Puts together from pieces

138. Weapons in The Princess Bride

140. Error-free performance goal

142. Its patron is St. Hallvard

143. Samuel Taylor who wrote, “In Xanadu did Kubla Khan a stately pleasure dome decree”

145. Snail or slug

146. Barnacles’ class

148. Takes off some weight

149. In need of food and sleep, moodwise

151. Passed responsibility for

152. Lebanon-born, Oxford-educated Clooney

154. Cars that aren’t gas guzzlers

155. Blocks that interlock

156. “Jes’ think….”

157. Like indigo and no other color of the rainbow

158. Sommer of And Then There Were None

159. How to set a thermostat in winter

160. Dirty trick

161. Standard

162. Chocolate and creme cookies

163. West, Largo, and such

164. Lack of any sense

165. Clerics who confer

166. They refreshed early football players

167. Brevity

168. Crew member doubling as an ocean activist

169. Certain NCOs

170. Weapon available at the Sharper Image

172. “___ go, not toward or away” (Fiona Apple song “___ Go”)

173. Upstate NY engineering sch.

174. Otherworldly

176. Makes shiny and smooth

178. Bouvier ___ Flandres

179. Pumper’s pride, perhaps

180. Leibniz’s differential variables

181. Prove wrong

183. Fun fight

186. Sunscreen stats

190. IBM product of 1983

194. Least numerically impressive

200. Brand near the Sanka

204. Opera for the masses

208. Purple-mohawked pig-man

213. Pre-work before the ambulance arrives

217. Nameberry calls this “a perfect name…for a French poodle”

221. Blossom, in Barcelona

225. Least functional

231. Body part where some hairstyles end

235. Great Lakes hunting boat

239. Working well

245. Column-lined pedestrian way

249. Inexorable end

253. Clean up a speech?

255. Contents of a closet

259. Twelve-hour

263. The Bulldog of Yale

266. Stalin’s real first name

267. ___ Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium (1969 film)

268. What it’d fetch in a fair market

270. Request at a ticket window

272. Threaded metal fastener

273. In ___: doing boring work

274. Orthodox Church official

276. Make to order, slangily

277. Line 551 in The Aeneid?

278. TV actress Mireille of Hanna

279. Skye of The Homeless Billionaire

280. Goal for many aspiring pickers

281. David who played Rhoda’s husband Joe on Rhoda

282. He seduces Tess in Tess of the d’Urbervilles

283. Quote as an authority

284. Be boastful

285. Lovey-dovey murmur

286. Quaker leader

287. “Take ___ song and make it better” (The Beatles)

288. Like much argument for Palestine

290. The younger Gilmore Girl

291. Am obliged to

292. Mixed martial-arts co.

293. Former The View co-host O’Donnell

294. We were on a train ride back to Paris from Istanbul, even though it was hailing, and frozen weather hitting its tracks is ___. (continued in F297-Across)

297. (From F294-Across) My traveling companion was a Frenchwoman, Eleanor Tiber, who specialized in identifying monarch and swallowtail wings; they called her ____. (cont. in F300-Across)

300. (From F297-Across) ___ the other riders with tales of our difficulties cataloguing a caterpillar colony in old Mesopotamia. (cont. at F303-Across)

303. (From F300-Across) One of them got a funny look and slurred, “___ must’ve been catamoguing GOD’S caterpimmars!” (cont. at F304-Across)

304. (From F303-Across) When we asked him to clarify, he explained his theory that we’d rediscovered ___ of Eden. (cont. at F307-Across)

307. (From F304-Across) His drunk tongue was heavy, making her name sound like “___,” so I thought we’d have a little fun with him. (cont. at F308-Acrpss)

308. (From F307-Across) “That would explain ____ the entrance,” I joked.”Not a lot of wooded areas have giant tommy-guns at their thresholds. Perhaps the angels use them to ward off intruders, but somehow they let us pass.” (cont. at F311-Across)

311. (From F308-Across) My companion was not amused. “No matter how respected in the field of lepidopterology ___, ___ and myth are not things I want spread about me.”  (cont. at F312-Across)

312. (From F311-Across) You might feel differently when we’re in the ___ of our careers, I thought, but said nothing. Perhaps it was my imagination, but the hailstones looked to me like fluttering wings in the gathering dusk.

314. You may thank God for it (abbr.)

315. Homer described her as “rosy-fingered”

316. Staked

317. “Blue ___” (Berlin classic)

318. Californie and Nouveau-Mexique

319. Murder mystery suspects, often

320. John Wick, Jack Bauer, and Dirty Harry, e.g.

321. Green building rating system

322. One under 18, in legalese

323. Reddish-brown color

324. Took to one’s heels

326. Italian tubes

327. Adjust a telescope

328. How Matthew Perry once flirted with Julia Roberts

329. Marina del ___, California

330. Noodlehead

331. When the Capulets and Montagues make peace

332. Everything falling apart

333. Invite the internet to tell you why your opinions make you garbage

334. Civil War reenactor’s hat

336. Got there

337. Fungal spore sacs

339. Grab a plate

341. Teaching German?

342. Sweetie pies

343. Argentinian arm

344. Roughly, datewise

345. St. Louis hockey players

346. About 0.88 trillion mi.

347. You might use an SSN to fill one out

348. Ermines in summertime

349. “To repeat…”

350. ___ dire (court examination)

351. “___ or it didn’t happen”

352. ____ invidia: “No offense”

353. Be a coquette

354. Gizmo used by truckers

355. Fruits from Turkey

356. The A-Team weapons

357. Traditional filling for le hamburger

358. Marriage announcement

359. NFL ball carriers

361. Long-term kind of customer service

363. Mother of Artemis

364. College lecturers

367. Praiseful poem

368. Your Silence Will Not Protect You author Lorde

369. Curmudgeonly comment

370. Not pickled

371. Ovens for roasting clay pigeons?

372. Hearing impaired, at the least

373. Police lead

374. Phishing, for instance

375. Initial state

376. Sulu’s superior

377. Musical genre featuring slap bass

378. Smidgens

379. Iranian nomads of old

380. It may require milk to be pasteurized

381. Roman goddess

382. Pacific outrigger

383. Untameable

384. Protestant denom.

385. Progressive character?

386. “Bombs bursting ___…”

387. “Like ___ rag to a bull” (yes, they’re color blind, it’s still an expression)

388. Been recumbent

389. “A prompt, generous letter of thanks can ___ commitment which otherwise might disappear when the going gets rough” (Morton Blackwell)

390. Charles ___, so he’s throwing a million-dollar party at his warren for his wedding into winter royalty. (cont. at F393-Across)

393. (From F390-Across) ___ has made a frozen altar for her new son-in-law’s nuptials. He’s a snowshoe hare, so that suits him fine. (cont. at F395-Across)

395. (Fron F393-Across) ___, Eira, is ready to settle down after a bit of serial dating in Heaven and Hell. (cont. at F398-Across)

398. (Fron F395-Across) The ____ in the audience remember her fondly and promise to put off their holy war until after the reception. (cont. at F401-Across…and for more on their conflict resolution, see F1946-Across!)

401. (Fron F398-Across) ___ they’ll play before then will be charades, and its only stakes will be fudge from the groom’s manufacturing business. (cont.at F405-Across)

405. (Fron F401-Across) Even his normally frosty mother-in-law had to admit that ___ were alike: both were the source of much sweetness.

412. Pou ___: vantage point

413. High (like Weeds characters)

414. Quietly insert

416. Horse utterance

417. Hardly noticeable

418. One who may dress like an anthropomorphic animal

419. You can barely pass with them

420. Printers’ items

421. Single-colored textiles

422. Takes flight

423. Captain Picard’s confidante

424. Many land sales?

425. Name in dental hygiene

426. ___ acid (used to standardize solutions)

427. Eighty-six

428. ___ iron

429. Prepare to strike

430. “___ home is his castle”

431. Military levels

432. Brown who now goes by Jamil Abdullah al-Amin

433. Ancient people of Great Britain

434. Langley, for one (abbr.)

438. Domiciles that can be closed with a zip

441. Language whose name means “normal”

442. King in Macbeth

443. Musial, Lee, and Getz

444. Swiss misses (abbr.)

445. Their number increases every May

446. Solve a word search

447. Rollins of wrestling

448. Warmer in Tijuana

449. Aspirin units

450. L1k3 t415 t3xt

451. Narcs’ unit

452. “Would you accept ___ of exchange?”

453. Up and at ‘em

454. Vitamin amt.

455. Brief second

456. Fencing sword

457. Two hours and change that can make a big difference in eleventh grade

458. The Sun Also___

459. Blitzing goal

460. Browsing history entries

461. Keyless?

462. Gluck opera ___ ed Euridice

463. “…her kerchief and ___ my cap…”

464. Cut gem feature

465. Resort features

466. Renders unclean

467. Revolution supporters in ‘76

468. Turn from ice to water

469. ___ time: never

470. Maximally meanspirited

471. Abundant sources

472. Dramatically different reinterpretation

474. ___ a kind (a match)

475. Canape toppings, often

476. Futbol announcer’s shout

477. ___ Buy Me Love

478. Temple teacher, briefly

479. Tough pears

480. Hits high into the air

481. Lounger’s perch

482. Opera with star-crossed lovers from opposing houses

483. Most music stations

484. Its genus comes from the Greek words for “beard” and “mane”

485. Judge Lance

486. Studio mascot brought to life by the Ink Machine

488. Brings charges against

489. Large crowds

490. “Blind Alley” singers (one of the first all-female rock bands)

491. Retrieves, as balls

492. Staff, as a position

493. Made a case for

494. Annoy with constant complaining

495. Baseball practice

496. Farthingale part

497. “Shit,” much more politely

498. Bios unread by their honorees

499. Get closer with a camera

500. Egg ___: Chinese omelet

502. Diabetic Michaels revealed as Banana on The Masked Singer

503. Noted Six Feet Under transitions

504. Haydn symphony La ___ (The Hen)

505. Severe prison sentence

506. 3-D shape important in topology

507. Mexicali Mrs.

508. Former UN chief Annan

509. Shoe-tying aid

511. Utah ski area

512. Passed an oral exam?

514. Not std.

515. Yours, to King James

516. Raised area on a neck?

517. Russian or Czech

518. Ancestor of a foundation garment

519. Song’s partner

520. Water conduit

521. It may follow “ye”

522. Winning by a small margin

523. Cool head?

524. Slavic version of “Xander”

525. Disco ___, Simpsons character

526. Exercised a legal option

527. 2019 NHL Rookie of the Year Pettersson

528. Dom Perignon holder

529. Wild talk

530. Up to this time

531. Military hospital org.

532. “___ lost! Hope is DEAD!”

533. Triple-time dance in Tijuana

534. Perch from which to rule

536. Okay, I need you to keep this story from ___. If any of my Hollywood sources see it on TMZ, I’ll never live it down. (cont. at F540-Across)

540. (From F536-Across) They’re making a movie that starts with one of ___ invaders from War of the Worlds. (cont. at F542-Across)

542. (From F540-Across) ___ soldier is coming home, having survived that “War” by quarantining. (cont. at F544-Across)

544. (From F542-Across) They’re calling her ____, because her heat ray burned her enemies to ash, but the “feminine” suffix makes it sound cute. (cont. at F546-Across)

546. (From F544-Across) ___ stars twinkle over her head as she brings back her bounty: several Earth fruit seeds. (cont. at F548-Across)

548. (From F546-Across) She settles down near the town of ___ (Latin and Greek for “intrinsically a city”) and begins her garden. (cont. at F550-Across)

550. (From F548-Across) I forget who ___-up comedian is that they’re getting to play her: could be Amy Schumer, could be Wanda Sykes. (cont. at F552-Across)

552. (From F550-Across) Anyway, one of her fruits grows and grows so big it makes her dwelling look no bigger than ____. (cont. at F554-Across)

554. (From F552-Across) Cameron is attached to direct. Now remember, mum’s the word. Say nothing about ____.

558. “…___ quit!” (ultimatum)

559. L

560. Do-nothing tendency

561. Proclaims, in the Bible

562. Afrikaner ancestors

563. “When you put it like that, makes sense”

564. Like some cheap jewelry

565. Unnatural, as a performance

566. Springfield who released “I Only Want to Be with You”

567. Beck’s partner

568. Plain of Jars setting

569. “Just a means to ___”

570. Bit of snow

571. Vye who drives men crazy

573. Cone holders

574. Concluding words

575. Michael J. Fox’s biggest box-office role

576. Pluckiness

577. Exhilarating

578. British booze-centered comic strip

579. Driving-course marker

581. Dory tool

582. Pocket fill, in a children’s rhyme

583. One-horned beast, for short

584. ___ toilette

585. “___ the East, and Juliet…”

586. Pasta/rice brand word

587. Not as gloomy

588. Certain print

589. Fuss over, with “on”

590. Pay, with “over”

591. Make ___ on: make a pass at

592. Knightley of Anna Karenina

593. “___ take arms against a sea…” (Hamlet)

594. “I ___ wondering...”

595. Bean mentioned in The Silence of the Lambs

596. Certain pious Jew

597. Chain with a cat/dog logo

598. Revelation comes after it

599. Does some pre-laundry work

600. “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage” Nin

601. Has the privilege of

605. Post-lunch periods, for short

606. Give ___ (heed)

608. Bud service

609. Surge

610. How beer at a cookout might be kept

611. Some, in Spanish

612. Sunnis or Shiites, e.g.

613. Weird Al’s “___ Be Stupid”

614. In conclusion, in Cannes

615. Spade and Snead

616. Problems for lighthouses

617. Greek peace goddess

618. Like a no-see-um

619. Line often spoken in yellowface

620. Bush’s group

621. Food in a shell

622. Kid around with

623. Small weight

624. Caught with a pot

625. Accusatory gp. during the McCarthy era

626. Top-priority recruits

627. Org. of Eagles

628. One of the Ewings on Dallas

629. Roald who wrote The Fantastic Mr. Fox

630. Junctures

631. You’ve heard how he conquered the known world, but have you heard about ___ he fell through a wormhole to Stilltime Isle? (cont. at F640-Across)

640. (From F631-Across) The “still time” kept him young, but he was trapped alone there for a century. _____ with nothing to eat but salmon and bluefin! (cont. at F645-Across)

645. (From F640-Across) When he finally found another wormhole near enough to the ground that he could escape, Al bid a fond farewell to the island: “____!” (cont. at F650-Across)

650. (From F645-Across) And there was “still time” to get back to conquering new lands. Too simple a tale? Not enough twists? Well, not every narrative can be a ___ Henry.

652. Corrida sound

653. Luau accompaniment, briefly

654. What-___

656. “I am the Ruler of the Queen’s ___” (Gilbert and Sullivan)

657. Freestanding curved structures in Spanish countries

658. One-named soccer star

659. Turf’s menu partner

660. Canvas frame

661. Bore that’s not tiresome

662. Rhinitis-treating docs

663. Work hard

664. US oil hub

665. Bands rolled by children

666. Balding man’s fashion choice

667. Cereal box stat

668. “___ in Chuck E. Cheese stands for ‘Entertainment’”

669. Starbucks order, briefly

670. Abides by

671. Torments

672. Master film editor Allen (whose name uses two letters and sounds like it uses one)

673. Irishman O’Flaherty

674. Interfering with

675. Epically awful

678. Scheduling commitment

682. Coastal formation

683. Refrigeration fluid

684. “Come va?” answer

685. Features of Boolean logic and Hollywood life

688. “Yo, buddy, over here”

689. Links gp.

690. Start to a Cameroonian conclusion

691. “I’ll take your word ___”

692. Bertolli alternative

693. Simple sugars

695. Democratic Illinois congressman Emanuel

696. Issa and Addison

697. “___ pray…”

698. Full of feminine signifiers

699. Some flatbreads (var.)

700. Form found more in cartoon magnets than in real ones

703. Most ears start to hurt at 12 or 13

704. Lean-fleshed fish

705. Breakfast bar bit

706. Bulgarian money

707. Place to roost

708. Alan who plays a divorce lawyer in Marriage Story

709. Era that closes out classical Japanese history

710. Interpret stretchily and maybe forget for a bit, as rules

711. ___ Field (New York vaccination hotspot)

712. Hoists again, as sails

713. Dublin-born actor Milo

714. Part of a Shakespearean parting shot

715. Gershon of P.S. I Love You

716. Archival medium, for short

717. Like most of Hamilton

718. Home loan org.

719. Contemptible

720. You, to you

721. Analyzes critically

722. Aqua ___: corrosive acid

723. Facebook endorsement mechanism

725. Crimewave director Sam

727. Online TV giant

728. Illogical

731. Greeting via the internet

733. Through word of mouth

736. There’s been a riot and a bombing at Greyhold, the prison for criminal colors! Violent Violet is loose, and so are Murky Murder, Blood Red, and Laser Lemon…in all, there’ve been ____! (cont. at F740-Across)

740. (From F736-Across) Khaki the Kult Leader has set himself up as some kind of ____, a supposed savior on an obscure desert hill! (cont. at F742-Across)

742. (From F740-Across) Gold and Silver, those roots of all evil, have chartered a boat to their hideout on ____, a skerry of semi-precious stones! (cont. at F745-Across)

745. (From F742-Across) Such panchromatic perfidy! If each of these hues commits just one evil act per day, and counting the prison break as just one, then after forty days and forty nights we’ll reach Color Crime #___! (cont. at F749-Across)

749. (From F745-Across) Beware the Off-White Offenders! Few things go together as naturally as larceny and AlaBASTARD…except for ____, a poisonous tool from a poisonous soul! (cont. at F753-Across)

753. (From F749-Across) ___, Villain Veridian! There are so many dark recesses of depravity your kind won’t fail to enter! (cont. at F756-Across)

756. (From F753-Across) Only one “character” can stop you, one whose hue will defend what’s true! A world of coloremetric chaos demands a representative of alphanumeric order! Evildoers beware…____!

759. Cine closing

760. They don’t produce lava, but their steam can still cook you

762. Caravan campsite

763. Dining table expander

764. Iris’s cousin

765. Short breath

766. “I sometimes think I was born to live up to my name…I would either have ended up ___ or this” (Madonna)

767. HS math class

768. Like a pancake

769. Jimmy Carter’s middle name

770. Some frozen treats

771. Cabinet dept. formed in response to the 1973 oil crisis

772. Unreliable musical instrument?

773. Went down the Chattahoochee, parhaps

774. Frequent classical guitar setting

775. Chute racers

776. Good ___ (Gaiman-Pratchett collab that’ll produce its seventh episode…any day now)

777. With no strings attached

778. Represented the full range of possibility

779. Start of a few choice words?

780. Like products advertised on Saturday Night Live

781. Return of the Jedi forest moon

782. Colorful fish

783. Alternative to Flonase

784. Work out with barbells

785. Like some classy restaurants

786. Second and third characters in WoW-like RPGs

787. Depp role

788. New Ager with four Grammys

789. “...___ speak”: “I mean, you could put it that way”

790. Historic invasion date

791. Full frontal pair?

792. Admissions office honcho

793. Lower in rank

794. Belgian locale reconstructed after World War I

795. Quaking poplars

796. Practically dead, emotionally speaking

797. In and of itself

798. The - ends, usually

799. [Eye roll] “Don’t ___ innocent”

800. Short shorthand writer?

801. Awards for RAF pilots

802. Young Scottish woman

803. Engraved marker

804. “Just two names,” for short

805. Seldom’s antithesis

806. Crucial points

807. Pill or injection

808. Participate in a war?

809. Period of veinticuatro horas

810. 1440

812. Pinch of fluff

813. Living entity

814. “Time ___ the essence!”

818. Chkng. or svngs.

822. 440 or 10K

826. Model Kate

830. Preceder of E or W

834. Uber competitor

838. Informal dining spot

842. “___ among men”

846. British dandy

850. Gut feeling

855. Furniture wood

861. Freeze-___

866. It indicates pitches below middle C

871. MDX, ILX, TLX, and NSX, on the dealer’s lot

877. Schools for would-be engrs.

882. Speech balloon for a character who’s trying not to cry

887. Board game with pegs

893. “I think we got ___ the wrong foot”

895. Like a prune

896. Suffix with Edward

897. Saturday, to Sartre

898. Disney’s Dwayne-voiced demigod

899. Way to charge that changes with the time of year, for short

900. Not home, as a game

901. How many sit-___ day do you do? I’ve decided to write “fifty” here in hopes that writing this clue will motivate me to make it true

902. Its members have included FDR, DDE, and JFK

903. Sigh of contentment

904. Clubs without turkey

905. Apply blacktop

906. Author of Verite

907. 2010s health scare

908. Horrid creature of magick

909. Kidney related

910. Farmer’s refrain

911. Where Wood Buffalo Park is

912. You say this to untag yourself?

913. Naval tracker

914. Blaster with invisible ammunition

915. Brock or Boudreau

916. C.J. the circusmaster, the modern descendant of P.T. Barnum, ____, directed his faithful crew. (continued in F1134-Across)

919. “Advantage: server”

920. Get in the way

922. Weapon deployed in The Incredibles

926. Grant favor

928. Disqualifying

930. Be after all’s said and done

931. Designer von Furstenburg and movie exorcist

932. Separation of a compound word

933. She’s ruthless, she’s trouble, and you really need to stop thinking about sleeping with her

935. Time of Purim

936. “text u later”

937. “___ My Wallet in El Segundo” (A Tribe Called Quest)

940. Go rapidly

942. Menswear selections

943. They might go for big bucks

944. Semi-colon?

945. Jotted down

947. Puts points on a graph

949. Makes precious

950. Historic Atlantic crosser

951. Peers through a window

952. Giraffe’s head?

954. Oath invoked by Pope

955. Chipotle competitor

957. The Buddha’s main attendant

959. Kafka’s conclusion?

961. Lethal Weapon 2 actor

963. Bullring figure

964. Ozarkian possessive

965. Fix, as a cue

967. Ludacris hit song?

969. Mexican revolutionary Pancho

970. Begrudge, maybe

971. Where to find F-16s, for short

972. “I’ve never heard of her, so she can’t be important,” e.g.

973. Venus and Mars, for two

974. Thrusts

975. Symbol on the Argentine flag

976. Stereo setup

977. Resistant to light over time

979. Vessel of WWII

980. Dashboard choice

983. Soul mate?

985. More interesting to a collector

987. Holidays

989. Vatsyayana’s “Teachings on Desire”

992. Take ___ (lose lots of money)

994. Coat with an alloy of lead and tin

996. “Better luck ___ time”

998. Battleship guess that’s a piece in other games

1000. Second chances, casually

1002. Memphis-to-Nashville dir.

1003. Join the cast of

1004. Tao Lin novel Eeeee ___ Eeee (maybe I should’ve included this one in its entirety in the E section)

1005. Ziegfeld and Mrs. Andy Capp

1006. Show of strength?

1007. “Oh, my!” exclamation I usually heard on Danger Mouse

1008. TV attorney Stone prone to hallucinations

1010. Lightened up on

1012. We thought it’d be like what COVID became

1013. Some women have a vocal one

1015. Bad influences

1018. Badass villain in Rogue One

1020. Lots of business?

1022. The West Wing actress Kelly

1023. In a position of authority

1025. Cutter’s next of kin

1027. Churns up

1029. Safety elevator pioneer

1031. “Here ___, there ___” (kids’ song refrain)

1033. McQueen or Versace

1035. Latin diphthongs

1036. Hero with a hand out

1038. Glassmaking material

1039. Drone regulation grp.

1042. Unsubtle

1046. Finicky scholar

1047. Proponent of “mitigated skepticism”

1048. “If you want something, don’t give up!”

1055. One begins “Rhapsody in Blue”

1056. Godawful

1059. Ancient malls

1061. Fake, on the field

1063. Nevada base teaching combat aviation

1065. Sweeping stories

1067. Steps over a fence

1069. Checking for accuracy

1072. Pick another book name

1073. Coughing or spasming attacks

1075. “___ partner” (clue for EITHER)

1076. Slicing, dicing, etc.

1077. Explodes

1078. Pond one feeds in one’s backyard

1080. Short-tailed field rodent

1081. Rust-fungi spores

1082. Others, in Orense

1083. ___-humanité

1084. Carved slab

1085. Person making a bid

1088. Enneads

1090. Guard dog warnings

1092. Watch for another time

1094. Site of Syrian strife in the mid-2010s

1096. Envisioning naughty romantic scenarios

1099. Top, as of a moth

1100. Cars introduced in 1904

1102. Tony, first Black coach to win a Super Bowl title

1103. Golfer Lauren

1105. Senate Majority Leader before Reid

1108. Prohibition and Victorian periods

1109. Tops at wisecracking

1110. First principle for Objectivism, or so it’s claimed

1111. Succumb to microbial action

1113. Threat to climbers on the Alps

1114. Campaigner from Illinois

1115. “Clair de ___” (Debussy work)

1116. Master of getting plastered

1117. Help out like a good girlfriend

1119. Carry a ___ weight

1121. Thing all good stories, unfortunately for Game of Thrones, must have

1123. Be totally thorough

1126. Hollywood investor

1128. Scissors stroke

1130. First letter in Israel (var.)

1132. Field of fields? (abbr.)

1133. ICU sounds

1134. (From F916-Across) “Now remember,” he said, “four clowns will try to get into the cannon, but three lack the acrobatic training to land safely. So ____.” (cont. in F1327-Across)

1137. Alter ego

1139. Makes a fool out of

1141. Student debtors’ reprieves

1143. Speed, bird, or singer

1145. What follows directions?

1146. I have also (experienced sexual harrassment)

1148. Nothing, in Napoli

1150. Third note in a B-major scale

1152. Anti-human-trafficking lawyer Ashe married to Seth Meyers

1153. “Oh, man, I wish I could be her”

1154. Sticks with sticks

1156. Subdivision in taxonomy

1158. Catch the wind

1160. Inflatable armbands

1163. “Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason ___ engage in it” (Henry Ford)

1164. “___ registered to vote” (commonly Googled question)

1165. It may be single in a knockout

1166. As a joke

1167. Oaxaca wife’s title (abbr.)

1170. Rake alternative

1172. Last month (abbr.)

1173. Death Row Records cofounder Knight

1174. Smash letters?

1175. Claustrophobe’s nightmare, for short

1176. We ___ Heroes (film title inspired by Bowie lyric)

1177. Grounded supersonic jets

1179. Funk singer Marie

1181. Scrapple (Depression food)

1183. Curved metal piece in suspended ceilings

1185. Get on the dais and speak

1187. Visionworks alternative

1189. Le Carre left it for Scribner

1191. Protected Scottish lakes

1193. “But in the hero ___ forget the man” (Warren)

1195. Shows up

1196. Concerning sheep

1197. Eateries that often serve wine

1199. Interrogator who may be exaggerating her temper

1200. Wished you could take back

1201. Bug you may find around your fruit bowl

1203. Puts in royal colors, e.g.

1205. Like hormones synthesized from amino acids

1212. Mr. Rubinstein, whose name was sometimes spelled with an H

1213. 8/

1215. British guns

1217. Get word to

1219. Rearmost

1221. “This is…the dawn of a new ___ transportation” (Shervin Pishevar, Executive Chairman and Co-founder of Hyperloop One)

1223. “Oh, say ___ so!”

1225. “With a cool and confident kind ___” (Rodgers & Hammerstein line)

1227. 1990s Europop’s ___ Base

1229. ___-Land (TV series in the Lost/Prisoner vein)

1231. Put oil on

1232. In favor of, in Dogpatch

1233. Savannah-based chef Anthony Bourdain described as “The worst, most dangerous person to America…she’s proud of the fact that her food is f@#$ing bad for you”

1234. Piece of land enclosed by dikes

1235. Yield the floor

1236. Good, but not great

1237. Unit of heat

1238. Most corn and rice crops, these days

1239. Territory, metonymically

1240. Start of many a tribute

1241. ___ time flat

1242. The Wizard of Oz actor and family

1243. Theogony poet

1246. Like plasma TVs

1248. James who delivered the line, “I cannae change the laws of physics!”

1250. “___ intended!” (rarely believable statement from a crossword-maker)

1252. Red-lin’d

1255. It means no overtime

1258. Rude, and then some

1260. More uninhibited

1263. Long ago

1265. Ride and Brown

1266. Drag through the mud

1267. Fitting final answer for this puzzle?

1268. Swiss skyline sight

1269. Touchpad site

1271. Tell ___: lie a little

1273. Item checked by security

1274. “Don’t open in the office” letters

1275. Eschewed, as fat or lean

1276. Queen or her servant

1277. Human finisher

1279. How The Breakfast Club and Thelma and Louise ended

1282. Chihuahua bites

1284. Place to run aground

1285. Chests’ places

1287. Greek city celebrated by Pindar

1288. Lead prosecutor on the anti-Mafia “Pizza Connection” case

1290. “Oh, ___ mention…”

1291. Have a chair by, as a table

1295. Muslim headdresses

1297. Opposite of piano

1298. Prefix meaning “billion”

1299. 2000 Bell Atlantic acquisition

1300. Of good cheer

1302. End for market or auction

1303. Yiddish insult used for a character name on Sesame Street

1305. ___ about (date designation)

1307. Fish appendage

1308. Early dinosaur period

1311. Helped out

1312. With “down,” get calm; without “down,” stay mad

1314. Certain Crimean

1316. Security measure on a roller coaster

1318. Hardly “little” four-time NBA All-Star Game MVP Bob

1320. Muppet dog

1322. Bristly

1324. French thinker?

1326. Counter action

1327. (From F1134-Across) “I mean, I always think it’s a huge hassle to write a ____ for the obits,” he tried to joke. Nobody laughed. (cont. in F1330-Across)

1330. (From F1327-Across) “Moving on…” he began, but Aerial Annie, the teenage tightrope-walking ____. (cont. in F1485-Across)

1336. Fiji neighbor

1339. Pick over methodically

1340. Outward

1342. Sports score seen in a cop-show title

1344. Kirsten of Spider-Man and Interview with the Vampire

1346. Not the best place to park

1348. Elton John song about an astronaut

1350. Perpendicular-hockey-boot trick

1352. Was taken aback

1354. Ben, in Hebrew names

1356. They’re stuck into steaks

1358. Island group off Taiwan

1360. Revolutionary War portraitist

1362. “Why, ___ the north we are bounded by the Aurora Borealis…” (Neil Gaiman, American Gods)

1364. “Boy!” or “girl!” preceder

1366. Blowtube projectile

1367. Compels

1368. Chain smoker’s buy

1369. Do some male gazing to

1370. Time for Halloween

1371. A mere handful

1373. It’s hardly A-1 sauce

1375. Put against one another

1377. John Legend was the first black man to win one

1379. Records of beats (abbr.)

1380. Sub-brands such as Giulia and 4C Spider

1382. Sao ___ (Brazil’s largest city)

1384. Barn owl’s roost

1386. Illegal deal where the manufacturer sets the retail price

1390. Letter-marked insect often called “silver”

1392. Tell the secret about

1394. Disco hit of 1978

1396. JFK stat

1397. A Shot in the Dark co-star

1398. Hinges on humans

1399. Count with fangs, briefly

1400. “I’m not ___” (diplomatic expression of dislike)

1401. “Frying bacon? Take off your shirt so you don’t get grease on it,” e.g.

1403. Drops displaying a well-loved page, as a book

1405. Astaire/Hepburn musical

1408. Pen, e.g.

1410. Heel’s opponent

1412. Famed archer

1414. Virtual animal

1416. Marie Osmond’s ___ Belle dolls (pun alert)

1417. Like some humor

1418. Does an after-( or before-)dinner chore

1421. Annual Christmas party group

1423. Does nothing

1426. Where critical things come

1428. Authoritative texts

1429. Agency with many advances in GUIs

1430. Kind of investment bond, briefly

1431. Yankee suspended through 2014

1432. “Neither ___ ll” (multiple-choice answer often placed fourth)

1433. Icy sheet asea

1434. Publicize

1435. Res ___ Ioquitur

1436. PGA golfer Aoki

1437. Belgian composer Guillaume

1438. Everest and St. Helens (abbr.)

1439. Lone chime time

1441. Entice

1443. Prison that took Cash

1445. Powder taken through the nose

1447. Come to ___ in the road: find the journey getting a bit more challenging

1449. Position on an issue

1450. They often hit the ground running

1452. Counselor-___

1453. Have a bug

1454. In an artful, clever way (var.)

1455. Note in an F minor scale

1456. Theme, in art

1457. Stop sign?

1458. Word following meal, battle, or floor

1459. Mad about something

1460. Alternatives to Krogers and Safeways

1461. Relatives

1462. With “the,” “the holy land of the English”

1463. Bridge positions (abbr.)

1464. Meat, when offered along with fish

1465. Printer part that melts toner onto the paper

1466. Ore. setting

1467. Stink like

1469. Insulting term for one who changes their mind

1472. Make transparent, in a way

1474. Spend time visiting, as an area

1476. Close to perfect, as a guess

1478. Mother Goose character

1480. Craft for the loaded

1482. Pittance, colloquially

1484. Mandalorian Djarin

1485. (From F1330-Across) “Clowns can move quickly or slowly, and both can be funny,” Annie said. “Could Joanna B., Jeanie M., and Jenny N. move slowly and awkwardly, and give Rebecca a clear chance to get ahead?” “You’re right. Crisis averted,” the circusmaster agreed, and tersely commanded the three, “___.” (cont. in F1488-Across)

1488. (From 1485-Across) “Alternately, I could get the firehose and start spraying Jenny N. and Joanna B. with it,” Jeanie M. suggested. “No,” said C.J., “Annie’s idea is better, M. If you only knocked down one of the other two, that would still leave ___.”

1490. “Queen ___” (Percy Bysshe Shelley poem)

1492. Rhyme scheme of Dylan Thomas’ “And you, my father, there on the sad height, / Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray. / Do not go gentle into that good night. / Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

1493. Told tales

1495. Streamlets

1497. Condiment sources mentioned in one of Jesus’ parables

1500. Yes or no emphasizer

1502. First and foremost

1504. Cracked ice

1506. What that is in Toledo

1507. Microscopic, informally

1508. Courtney Love’s group

1509. Life of Pi author Martel

1510. Proximal prefix

1513. Lady in an apron

1517. Woman’s name that acronyms a Thatcher slogan

1521. Priced (abbr.)

1525. DLII times II

1529. Goodbye, to Gaius

1533. Plushbottom’s expletive

1537. Some are out of it in January

1543. Harp, in Roma

1547. Words of warning on the top rung of a ladder

1550. Ari’s home in Florida

1552. Manx cat feature

1554. Bag man?

1556. Email back

1557. Laconophile’s love

1559. Electrician’s unit

1561. Italian sportswear name

1562. Stumblebums

1563. Frothy

1566. Auto company known by four linked rings

1567. Shore regions

1569. Stop securing to remove, as clasps or buttons

1570. Highly worked up

1571. Celebrity

1572. Mrs. Julius Dithers

1573. “When the frost ___…”

1574. Johnson, to Juan?

1575. Contort

1576. Collision

1578. Lingerie items

1581. Advanced by wriggling (with “into” or “out of”)

1583. Some upscale chain hotels

1585. Moves, in realtorspeak

1587. Italian liqueur

1589. Denoting a loss, as on a balance sheet

1591. Biblical fight site

1592. Anticipated an alarm

1594. The dig of fossilized feces was well underway. They were due to extract what Kallie crudely but euphemistically called “___.” (cont. in F1598-Across)

1598. (From F1594-Across) Her assistant, Dave, had failed to rouse her this morning. Kallie woke earlier than she had the last time this happened, but ____. (cont. in F1600-Across)

1600. (From F1598-Across) She chewed him out and ordered him to get his timepieces in order: “____!” (cont. in F1603-Across)

1603. (From F1600-Across) Kallie made excuses for her harshness, saying she grew up in a single-dad household…but so had her assistant, until his dad had married his newer dad when he was eighteen. Kallie and Dave were both ___. (cont. in F1606-Across)

1606. (From F1603-Across) But Kallie would never know this about Dave. As long as she clung to her hardass self-image, no one at work would ever be more than a professional ___. She fished her ___ lenses out of their tray and started the day.

1607. Crosswordese term given new life in France as a word for “iPhone case”

1608. Prefix with gram or matic

1610. Volunteer for those in crisis

1613. “That’ll ___ now” (“That’s enough”)

1615. Digits some people write with an extra slash

1617. Comfy furniture

1619. Mutually exclusive opening words?

1623. Spanish hands

1624. Traditionally clad Scots

1625. What some people are called for abandoning a sinking ship…but shouldn’t everyone abandon a sinking ship?

1626. Actress Chau in The Whale and Downsizing

1627. ___ vinct amor

1628. Reinforcement for lace

1630. Our hypothetical swimming ancestor

1631. Unnecessary worries

1632. Phone key

1633. Second largest Muslim ethnic group

1634. Stallone character somehow given a Saturday morning cartoon

1636. Wax-packed cheese

1638. ___ good (was in vain)

1639. Earn, as a large sum of money

1641. Peak performance

1644. Half a sawbuck

1646. Early Norwegian king

1647. Got wind of, old-style

1648. Price qualifier

1649. Friends and neighbors

1650. Part of a theme-park chorus, maybe

1651. Give ___ berth: avoid

1652. Clubs for fairways

1653. NBC theme, verbalized

1654. Piercing, as a sound

1655. Toulouse-Lautrec prostitution illustration series

1656. Comic section, formerly

1657. Comic Griffin

1659. Prime minister who quit his job, then regained it one day later

1660. Northumbrian monk, briefly

1662. Move with stealth

1664. Blotch

1666. “Hooray!”

1668. Take the helm

1669. Agitate

1671. Pinchable hairball

1673. It’ll cover some ground

1674. What you’ll do to another horizontal string of fill-in-the-blanks with the next across entry

1675. Much as I wanted to linger, I had business across state lines, so it was time to get ___. (cont. in F1677-Across)

1677. (From F1675-Across) Fish and guests stink after three days, and too much lingering in the colder months can make a ____. (cont. in F1679-Across)

1679. (From F1677-Across) On that day of January 23, 2001. J. ___ fire in the marketplace with her second album, the early internet bubble hadn’t fully burst, it was a brisk and clear day, and my love affair with the Good Warlock of the Southwest came to its official end. (cont. in F1680-Across)

1680. (From F1679-Across) As I left the dead trees behind and drove down ____ of pines before the expressway, my fingers traced the marks around my neck. (cont. in F1682-Across)

1682. (From F1680-Across) They were ___, nibbles of passion that would promote my health and prolong my life. (cont. in F1684-Across)

1684. (From F1682-Across) ___ Gautama, the Buddha, said the root of all suffering was attachment. He may have been right. But not all suffering is an evil.

1689. Nice but unnecessary feature

1691. None too warm

1693. “Pickin’ up what I’m layin’ down, here?”

1695. Italian capital or layered cookie

1697. Results from, with “to”

1699. Slices clean (through)

1701. Posted the address and phone number of

1702. WWII British flyers

1703. Alien’s ride

1705. Italian film director Leone

1707. Cow’s home

1708. All she wants for Christmas is you!

1709. Wave of paranoia sweeping through the culture

1710. Brown so-called superfood

1711. Reinforced, as a coastline (with “up”)

1712. Spider-Man portrayer Maguire

1713. Notably private Truman

1714. Not as plausible

1715. Pretty young things

1716. Old Greek coin

1717. ___ 27001 compliance (information security)

1719. Investment acronym

1721. “Menage a ___”

1723. Formal assumption

1725. Mythical sea god

1727. “The Metamorphosis” character Gregor

1729. In longstanding conflict

1731. Leave in an orderly way

1733. Grovel

1736. Comic-strip cry

1739. Mooncalf

1740. Remove, as clothing

1741. Less wobbly, say

1742. Big name in Ethiopian history

1743. Rugby restarts

1744. Agnew and others

1745. Actor Burton of Roots

1746. Consumes

1747. “Reading is the ___ which school success hangs” (Anon.)

1748. Less enlightened

1749. English architect Sir John

1750. Pressure unit

1752. Health food popularized in the mid-1990s

1754. Dimensions and tolerances, say

1756. Split, archaically

1758. 1993 Melissa Etheridge album and song

1760. Abalone lining

1762. Lighter

1764. Joyful exuberance

1765. Yorba or Loma follower

1766. Supervillain who makes decisions by flipping a coin

1768. Scandalous information

1769. Superior sorts

1770. Exal beyond mortality

1771. Pairing off in the animal kingdom

1772. Love and think often about

1773. Make allusions (to)

1774. Ermine and sable

1775. Return mail encs.

1776. Singer Mann and evangelist McPherson

1777. “That time works for me”

1778. Director Wright

1780. Wised-up about

1782. Let out ___: sound like the MGM mascot

1784. Comic actor Arnold

1786. Hexadecimally labeled hue

1788. City west of Boise

1790. “…brought forth on this continent a new ___…”

1792. “Forget” to pay

1795. Scandinavian gods

1796. Same old episodes

1797. Work as a model

1798. Lion or Bear, briefly

1799. Rasta pronoun

1800. Small rope for a gaff

1801. Xanax and Valium, slangily

1802. Give guns anew

1803. Taxi “tax”

1804. How popular videos “go”

1805. Baby eels

1806. Some have black eyes

1807. Hollywood’s Demi and Julianne

1809. Not solid

1811. Slew, in slang

1813. Mixed veggies, fries, and broccoli

1815. Beat at crew

1817. George Clooney’s Max and others

1819. Play prompts

1821. Greeting with a silent first letter

1822. Country comedy series, ___ -Haw

1823. Without a break

1824. Morsel of dinner

1825. Certain grinder

1826. “Button-down” garment

1827. Prefix with chrome

1828. View at the Tate Gallery

1829. “Rose-red” ruins of Jordan

1830. Moist, as morning lawns

1831. Idol runner-up Clay

1832. Ignorami

1833. Rope to a pier

1834. Green lentil stew

1837. Meant for just one place

1840. Ready to quit

1842. Whole slew of

1844. Moved between apps

1846. “The More You Know” ads and such

1847. Equal, to Brigitte

1849. One little piggy had it

1851. “This is the chance ___ lifetime!”

1853. One of Saturn’s moons is taking fire from an unknown enemy, and there’s nothing we can do about it. We’d rather spend the battle in a bar with Harry, who’s a little too affectionate with his drinks but who tells charming stories, like the one about the puppy who shredded and nested himself into a newsmagazine after dark. So ignore the ___… (cont. in F1856-Across)

1856. (From F1853-Across) …and watch ___ as he…  (cont. in F1858-Across)

1858. (From F1856-Across) …describes for us ___.

1865. “The mind-killer,” per Dune

1866. Ronald Reagan screen role

1867. “Boys in blue” by the bay

1868. Key in the middle of the top row

1869. Character meant to lampoon anti-Chinese racism, but not always read that way

1870. Suffix with nectar or elephant

1871. Coordinate in the game Battleship

1872. “Grow up, ya big baby!”

1873. The five of trumps

1876. Athens 2004 org.

1878. Donald, to Dewey

1879. Long-hanging cloak

1880. Former FBI director James

1881. Dutch-angled

1882. Second story jobs

1883. Convulsion

1884. Blows up, casually

1885. Romanian folk dances

1886. Some government securities, for short

1887. Cambridge figures

1888. Curses, as of your existence

1889. Bad sign in Independence Day

1893. A certain king or queen, e.g.

1894. Fender ___, wheel-arch adornment

1895. Takes exception to

1898. Rules (abbr.)

1899. Beer and ale

1900. Goes public with

1901. “Half ___ is better than none” (some bread is still some bread)

1902. Vacation souvenirs

1904. In a ___ pique

1905. Wave over the threshold, as fumes

1906. Eco- alternative

1907. Props for a child’s musical game

1908. Monkeyed (with)

1909. Big laughs, slangily

1910. BBs and bullets

1911. Mother of Achilles

1912. Flightless bird of New Zealand

1913. Centipede feeding

1914. Knows the plans of

1915. They test analytical writing, quantitative reasoning, and verbal reasoning

1916. 1960s symbol

1917. Quarters, for example

1918. Label for some of the Antilles

1919. They generate buzz on Wall Street

1921. DeSantis and Howard

1922. “Done with THAT email!”

1923. They can change from female to male and back, and they often eat their tankmates

1925. Mariner’s dir.

1926. Singers Hall and ___

1927. Fourth trig function introduced in most textbooks

1928. “Ugolino” and “Le Baiser”

1929. Existential writer

1930. “What did ___ do to you?”

1931. Zhivago’s mistress

1932. Short scissors cut

1933. ___ wait (prepares to ambush)

1934. “___ One Will Listen” (Kelly Clarkson song)

1935. Awakens

1936. Pats on the back

1937. Subsides gradually

1938. Pierre’s health

1939. Vague answer to “What’d you do today?”

1940. Go unnoticed, in older parlance

1941. Rod in concrete

1942. Planetary shadows

1944. Cinque e uno

1945. Midwest capital, informally

1946. Heaven and Hell’s agents play a simple game to resolve disputes. They draw one 360-degree line (Heaven’s creatures can only draw perfect shapes). Then two of them enter ___…and whoever pushes their rival out wins. (cont. at F1948-Across)

1948. (From F1946-Across) ___ the last match, so the Hellbeasts were cheering. (cont. at F1950-Across)

1950. (From F1948-Across) They waved simple flags and posters made of human flesh. One of the posters showed an ____, as if the loser, Gabriel, was to be immolated. (cont. at F1952-Across)

1952. (From F1950-Across) But really, the stakes of the game are never that high. All Gabriel had to do was eat a ___ at the Tree of Knowledge, and God’s rules against nudity don’t apply to his winged servants. (cont. at F1954-Across)

1954. (From F1952-Across) And sure, sometimes they play for souls, but never THAT many souls. Not a whole city’s or village’s worth. Maybe a ____.  (cont. at F1955-Across)

1955. (From F1954-Across) Such simple tension releases prevent apocalypses that’d really be in no one’s interest. ___ of God, which can think with the knowledge of all time, all space, and all realities, has once again proven Its wisdom.

1957. Posted pieces (abbr.)

1958. OED entries

1959. They dance in Disney’s Fantasia

1960. “Uncle Miltie”

1961. Picnic area sights

1962. Mexican spendables

1963. Plumb petrified

1964. In poor condition

1967. Neighbor of Croatia

1970. Bill surprise

1971. Quashes

1972. It has rods and cones

1973. Battlement feature

1974. Georgette who wrote romances in the Georgian era

1975. Assists, in volleyball

1976. Feel a sharp craving

1977. Go completely nuts

1978. The Q of QED

1979. “Bed Riddance” poet

1980. SFO list

1981. Not quite straight down, briefly

1982. Devoted, as friends

1983. Thorne of Shake It Up and Scream

1984. Emotional engagement

1985. Lengths of Leicester and Leeds

1986. Defamation in print

1987. Dragon of Norse myth

1988. Sea bordered by Australia and Indonesia

1989. Laid ___: flop

1990. Take without permission, or someone you don’t want to see you take without permission

1991. God in Guadalajara

1992. Like the Animaniacs (RIP?)

1993. George with the 1974 #1 hit “Rock Your Baby”

1994. Iraqi physicist and diplomat Yasseen

1995. Spending frenzy

1996. Lao’s neighbor

1997. Motion manga

1998. Provide a home for

1999. A little soggy

2000. To whom Alice said, “Why, they’re only a pack of cards”

2002. Joan ___ (French martyr)

2004. One of the Reagans

2005. Frankfurter or the Cat

2006. Let out an air biscuit

2007. Big name in coffeemakers

2008. Immediately, in music

2009. Thrown with oomph

2010. Sometimes-pale brew

2012. ___ Brewery Co. (Anheuser Busch rival)

2013. Attention-getting phrase

2016. Caesar’s cat

2017. Become disillusioned with

2018. Doing this is speeding

2019. Card worth a fortune?

2020. As if slumming it

2022. Informs the authorities about

2023. C.S.I. tasks

2024. Fries. Morgan, and Tyler

2025. Amelie star Audrey

2029. ___ Burger (fast-food chain featured in The Big Lebowski)

2031. For expensive tastes

2032. Redwood-filled st.

2033. Ludicrous comedies

2034. Death-dealing

2035. They look like front-capes

2036. Fueling policy for rental cars

2038. Dress style

2039. Natural transition zone

2040. Adjust pillows

2041. First data sheet

2042. Blu-ray player error message

2043. Pratt’s ex, Barrett’s wife, and host of Unqualified

2044. Designed to avoid wind resistance

2045. Population center?

2046. Arness-Whitmore sci-fi classic

2048. List shortener, for short

2049. Bought lunch for

2050. Comedic star Martha

2051. Business deals

2052. Completely joyless

2053. Scottish seacoast feature

2054. Patagonia locale

2055. World ___ (October event)

2056. Making empty claims

2058. Life in the lake and sea

2059. He wrote Kalki in 1978

2060. Pages (through)

2061. Scar and Ursula were forced to share accommodations at a Disney characters’ convention, along with the living armoire from Beauty and the Beast. Things got tense until the farsighted hotelier, a talking lawnmower, found two additional rooms to move them into. With this, the hotelier had proved to be ____… (cont. in F2065-Across)

2065. (From F2061-Across) …lead ___...  (cont. in F2075-Across)

2072. (From F2065-Across) …to ___.

2075. Two-screen cinema

2076. Artistic objects

2077. 2020 and 2032, in a certain zodiac

2079. Frequent foe of Wonder Woman (in the comics, not the movies…yet)

2080. Actively reproducing, as a plant

2081. Brazenly disobey

2082. Meredith Grey’s younger interest

2083. CD fig.

2084. Suffix for manor or baron

2085. Prolific Potterverse director David

2086. Malkovich-hijacks-Cusack film, as opposed to Being John Malkovich, in which Cusack hijacks Malkovich

2087. ___ wave (dangerous water)

2088. Clownshoes size

2089. March event for two of four

2090. Tabby’s call

2091. Elaborate do

2092. With “the,” Dick Clark creation

2093. Fulgencio’s successor

2094. Otitis-treating MD

2095. Mosque priest

2096. Extra durable, as clay or a brick

2098. Moody

2099. King of Greek legend

2100. 48 HRS actor Nick

2101. Office errand runners

2102. Color that’s “not a color,” to flamboyant designer Carlos Mota

2103. With assurance

2104. All but the signal, in radio

2107. Container Store items

2109. Later than

2110. One of Edison’s 1,000-plus

2111. Sister of Eos

2112. “___ è” (Italian “it is”)

2113. Retrieves

2114. Carry by putting one’s back into it

2115. Buck and stink ender

2116. Unkosher

2117. Left the room

2118. Encompasses everything

2119. Secure online protocol

2120. Bad news on the stock market

2122. Pointed out, as a perp

2123. Whirlybird

2124. Liquor bottle size

2125. Noisy cockatoo with a pink, punky “mohawk”

2126. Stop climbing and fly steady

2127. Goddesses of destiny

2128. Casual look

2129. Your-fortunes-rise-with-the-company’s plans

2130. Ending of some websites

2131. Casts off

2132. Apportioning

2133. Co. that makes arrangements

2134. Formerly to, formerly

2135. Cannabis-loving insects

2136. 1980 new wave classic

2137. Piebald pony

2138. Frequent activity of reporters on the government beat

2140. Clingy wrap brand

2141. Lose one’s grip

2143. Capitol Hill lawmakers

2145. Food item often cut into rings

2146. Artificial turf sites

2147. Strain felt in the chest

2148. Bosom pals, in brief

2152. Dog’s tail?

2156. King Lear’s interjections

2160. Fashionable

2164. Black Widow, say

2168. JKL;’s counterpart

2172. Alternative introducer

2176. 1960s White House resident, familiarly

2181. Toymaker Schwarz

2184. Sweated the details

2188. Language family including Ancient Egyptian

2190. He might provide assistance after a crash

2191. Hits hard, classic comics-style

2192. Silent film star Normand and others

2193. Start of a phrase meaning “I don’t want to hear any qualifiers”

2194. Polynesian kingdom

2195. Roasts’ hosts

2196. Where to find nets with creases

2197. Golf miscue

2198. Georges-Jacques who advocated Revolution

2199. Concise, in Cannes

2200. Petty in A League of Their Own

2201. Kind of tennis

2202. Visibly no longer young

2203. ___-mancy: wine magic

2204. MGM Vegas hotel

2205. Official plural of a popular Toyota hybrid

2206. He played Elliot on Mr. Robot

2207. Short-___ owl

2208. Prefix for “gold” and “hearing”

2209. How to read bedtime stories

2210. Overwhelm the audience

2211. Bust enhancer

2212. Ice masses

2213. Agra garments

2214. Discipline including forestry and lichenology

2215. Describing guards and tackles

2216. Ag club name

2217. Uriah ___ (rock band or Dickens character)

2218. Start of a show-off kid’s cry

2221. Cassette half

2222. Determined to finish

2223. Compendious

2224. Mideast land

2225. Panic attacks

2227. Ply the waves

2229. Java-preparation aid

2231. Happen

2233. Brand that gets rid of something it rhymes with

2234. Kernel holders

2235. Kin of savannas

2236. When you meet a big eel, and its teeth are like steel, that’s a ___

2237. Roman ___ (novel genre)

2238. Famous race site

2239. Backward backward

2240. Prepare to fund

2242. That thing hanging from your palate

2243. Texter’s “That is so funny!”

2244. Solar system teaching tool

2245. Bikes without pedaling

2246. Sequester for now

2248. E pluribus unum, like dishes

2250. Somewhat salty

2252. “Brights”

2254. Quitter’s declaration

2256. Name in Shameless and Shrek

2258. Type of steak

2259. Common cause of tonsillitis

2260. Increasingly rare in-person stock-exchange workers

2262. Campus midshipmen’s org.

2263. Person thought to bring bad luck

2264. Cowlicked member of Our Gang

2268. ___ out: didn’t participate

2269. Not esta or esa

2270. Golf champ Mark

2271. On ___ streak (winning)

2272. Edit menu choice

2273. Team finisher

2274. Key of Richard Strauss’ Metamorphosen

2275. Mag mogul with a mansion

2276. Waxlike membrane of a bird’s beak

2278. Breathing through gritted teeth

2279. Disapproves of, as a comment

2282. Slugger Sosa

2283. 55 minutes past the hour

2284. Bloody horror sequel of 2005

2285. “The ___ a man’s heart…”

2286. Man from Mocha

2287. Campus types

2288. Like guppies or goldfish

2289. Double ___ (Oreo product)

2290. Twenty pence sterling

2291. At 120 degrees

2292. ___ are threaded metal pins fixed together with adhesive sheets to form an alphabet. PLOT TWIST: they’re what each of these longer narratives is written in! (not continued)

2298. Racing stripes, et al.

2301. Went on an African hunting expedition

2303. That alumna

2304. Cruiser’s bane

2308. Healthful food claim

2309. Not yet better

2310. Attention-getting bulge area

2311. Charge, British-style

2312. Soda-shop offerings

2313. ___ cantante

2314. Tubing in the pool

2315. Naive sorts

2316. Opry star Red

2317. Brewer’s collection

2318. Look down on the clouds, perhaps

2319. Plays the bell

2320. Writer of Oedipus Rex and Antigone

2321. Twelve months in perfect health, or half a decade as an invalid, maybe

2322. Smart-sounding clarifiers

2323. Wheel nut

2325. Queens and kings

2326. Run away abruptly

2327. “To rephrase that…”

2328. “Middle” in the front?

2330. “___ a rip-off!”

2331. Idle drawings

2332. Side in the Iraq War?

2334. ___ Atonement (Yom Kippur)

2335. Drying ovens

2336. A-, to a tiger mom

2337. Olympian Johnson

2338. Pillow constructions

2339. Tootling instrument

2340. “___ to You” (Rick Nelson)

2341. Cranial rec.

2342. “…robins ___ hair”

2343. Returns to civvies

2345. Like a Spartan who comes back “on his shield,” for short

2346. Worldly rather than spiritual

2348. The Broken Shaker in Miami, e.g.

2350. It may be kept in a box in the basement

2351. 1995 comet finder Thomas

2352. Black superheroine with a short-lived TV series

2353. ___ the finish (having potential to win)

2354. Word sewn on a towel

2356. Muffs

2357. Pays, as the bill

2358. Broadway setting since 4/11/91

2359. “What color is the ___ your world?”

2360. Makes more than gets spent

2362. Sort of accordion-shaped potato dish

2364. Exhibition football games

2366. Scary sound for a balloonist

2369. The whole thing

2372. :51

2373. With “the,” low feeling

2374. Focus of an 1839-42 war

2377. Informal words of thanks

2379. “Impossible!”

2381. She’s swapped out for Bonnie

2383. Fair hirer, in a classified (abbr.)

2384. Request from one with a white flag

2385. Tissue type named for Achilles

2386. Protestor’s chorus

2387. They call him “Threepio,” but don’t call his companion this

2388. Red Devils, for short

2389. Diplomatic skills

2390. We mortals, according to Puck

2391. Emancipated, in Bonn

2392. March around camp, e.g.

2393. Stuck together, as twins

2395. Fudge in some song lyrics

2397. Italian trilogy

2398. ___ soda

2399. Questlove style

2401. Gift in “The Gift of the Magi”

2402. Eleventh-century date

2403. Taken back, as territory

2404. U.S. weapons export policy

2406. Hoy dia

2407. Schoolyard assertion

2408. Revealing term

2409. Fifty past

2410. Small formality

2411. Squeezes good stuff out of

2412. Seductive methods, or mathematician Andrew who solved Fermat’s last theorem

2413. Site of a 2007 surge

2414. Created a new waterway through

2416. Imitating thanks to inheritance

2419. Violas’ big brothers

2420. Plural name of Yahweh

2424. Halo hero

2429. One of Rhea Silvia’s twins

2431. Elaborate invites for seniors?

2438. Actor Wilson of The Office

2439. $150 gamer platform of old

2440. Give a ‘ard time to

2441. “Just as” clause follower

2442. Towers over

2444. Fascicle

2445. Sharp stone once thought to be an early tool

2446. Frightened states

2447. SALT part

2448. 1969 Kingsley Amis novel, with “The”

2449. Driest Spanish sherry

2450. Thailand people

2451. Short for a building

2452. Squelches

2453. Likely to make you feel like you can’t take it anymore

2454. River that emerges from the Pyramid

2455. Capper between a wig and a wiglet

2456. Express regret over

2458. US Grant’s foe

2459. Sol who sings “When I’m in Your Arms”

2460. Body-inspecting gov’t gp.

2461. Sell like hotcakes

2464. Grooming

2465. Gardening Express or Plant World

2467. Saturday Night Fever setting

2468. Simms and Silvers

2469. Give (up) information

2470. Chesterfield or duster

2471. Int’l governing body of soccer

2472. “Pooh!,” once

2473. ___ of war… (cont. in F2474-Across)

2474. (From F2473-Across) ___ into blur, until a few World War II soldiers who’d attacked Northeast China ended up invading their own borders. (cont. in F2667-Across)

2475. Totally slammed

2477. Gritty go-with

2478. Certain tribute

2480. Less predictable

2481. Model X or Model Y

2482. Human rights advocate Kennedy

2484. Doesn’t give up on

2485. On top of things

2486. Polite looks for a bad joke-teller

2488. Providing counterpoint to those oohing

2489. Farmer’s likely offering to God

2491. Ord, for one

2492. King-sized sandwich

2493. Unquestionably, briefly

2494. Michael Jackson’s song claim

2497. Quick trip to Starbucks

2501. Libertarian’s aim, for short

2502. Knox and Dix (abbr.)

2503. “I’m out of patience”

2504. Exorcism targets

2506. Jeanne d’Arc et al.

2507. Prime seating area at sporting events, maybe

2509. Keen onscreen

2510. About to happen

2511. New Balance rival

2512. Like a taskmaster

2513. Wide gaps

2514. Japanese detective of classic film

2515. One of dated ideology, with “old”

2516. Hotel offerings

2517. Boringly predictable, as a movie

2519. Filming techniques

2523. Starbucks orders

2524. Best self

2525. Common counting aid

2527. Prescription measure

2528. “___ in corpore sano”

2530. P. Hearst’s kidnappers

2531. “Look ___ “ (Vince Gill song)

2532. Undoes a cancellation

2533. “Eternal ___ impalpable out of the land…”: Whitman

2534. “La vie ___” (high cost of living)

2535. Booth or stand

2536. Australian girl

2537. Relig. sect

2538. Second-column listing

2539. Old Italian bread?

2540. Hint of fragrance

2541. Stupid one

2542. Gone into decline

2544. Accusation in a mirror in chat rooms

2545. Little salamander

2546. Crossword doers

2547. Edible part of a peach

2548. Small and strangely charming

2552. “___ Song Go Out of My Heart” (Duke Ellington)

2553. Install new hardware on

2554. Sang like a canary, so to speak

2556. Bowler’s ten

2558. “The fact that a book or publication is popular does not necessarily make ___ value” (Ezra Taft Benson)

2559. Shout after using an iron

2560. Abercrombie & Fitch, for one

2561. Mends hose

2562. Leafy crown material

2563. Hymn phrase followed by “Son and Holy Ghost”

2565. Ninesome

2566. Wall Street and Madison Avenue

2567. Italian-made auto

2568. “___ were up to me…”

2569. Blessed by luck

2571. Mayonnaise container

2573. Arizona’s motto, “Ditat ___”

2574. “___ minute…something’s off here…”

2575. Wine capital of Burgundy

2576. Planned killing

2580. Lacking hands

2584. Ending for Brooklyn

2585. Catcher in the Rhone?

2586. Barley bags

2587. “In actuality…”

2588. Seller of Craftsman tools

2589. Repetition savers

2590. Manages, as for oneself

2591. Hotel capacity

2592. Only Republican to hold a Senate seat from Hawaii

2593. Farmer’s buy

2594. Preposition of source

2595. Ariana Grande song with the line, “No more playin’ safe, let’s take it all the way”

2596. Stops in Hebrew (var.)

2599. It may be deposited at a bank

2601. Wassailers’ times

2602. Even as we speak

2603. Figure skater Harding

2604. Travel like joining a cruise underway

2606. Tea holder

2607. For a very long time

2609. Thin sheets of dough

2610. Frightened

2611. Prize pike

2612. Charles, Fritz, and Walter of films

2613. Tops in delicacy

2614. Hardly worth a second thought

2616. Marvin of recording fame

2617. Concerned parents’ org.

2618. Dumb goon

2619. Early 18th century year

2620. Pixar robot of 2008

2621. Boys in the brae

2622. Chickens and turkeys

2623. Zoologist’s foot

2624. Brad played her in The Incredibles

2625. Being good enough

2629. Most elegant

2631. City near Pont du Gard

2632. Schumann’s ___From Childhood

2633. “Reelin’ In the Years” singer Donald

2634. Journals on YouTube, say

2635. Bring to increase

2636. Modifier for the only kind of vegetarian I could realistically be

2637. Time for celebration

2638. Island that boasts Greece’s first university

2639. Losing feeling?

2640. Something real

2641. Negative conjunctions

2642. Long-lasting do

2643. Portrait sitter

2644. No thinner

2645. Back end for Spotify or Netflix

2646. Sleuth’s concern

2647. Sea predators

2649. Manipulate by fraud

2650. Pearly mussel

2651. Rye stalk part

2653. Former Giant pitcher Robb

2654. Add, perhaps

2655. Mollifying influences

2656. Does not pass

2657. Dishonestly motivated

2658. Twenty-seven divided by six

2660. Emma Watson and JFK Jr., to Brown

2661. Reform Party candidate Perot

2662. Place on the Web

2663. One of a French hen?

2664. Was decked out in

2665. Cover the surface of, as with a design

2667. (From F2474-Across) ____ for captaincy who’d been in that squad found himself demoted very quickly after that.

2672. City of a famous leaning tower

2673. Heedless of economic class, as love should be

2686. Renounce

2687. ___ sine qua non (requisite)

2688. ___ drugs (bacterial treatment largely replaced by antibiotics)

2689. “My love” in Lima

2690. Not get caught by

2691. 1937 DuPont invention

2692. It may be graven or spitting

2693. French rhymer

2694. Shoplifting, euphemistically

2698. Swiss Miss logo topper

2699. Remove calcium and magnesium from, at home

2702. Places for sci. experiments

2703. Like a sweep’s uniform

2704. It’s enforced by les gendarmes

2705. ___ by Olay (Procter & Gamble brand)

2706. “Buzz” or “hiss,” e.g.

2707. Had a bill, still

2708. Artist’s home, perhaps

2709. Bob of dance

2710. ___ the Worlds

2711. Amuse-bouche

2712. Garlic bulblet

2713. Waterproofing for wood

2715. “I’ll do more of that, if the ___ what you want”

2716. Formless element

2717. River flowing through Armenia

2718. Rich, in slang

2719. Letters above 0-0-0, before a baseball game begins

2720. Damascus, e.g.

2721. Sport with jabs

2722. Electricians on movie sets

2726. Spark source

2727. “I guess I messed up (tee-hee)”

2730. Beginning of many congregation names

2731. Second look

2732. Bad spot

2733. Cover more ground, as a search party

2734. Mint is one (not everyone knows that)

2736. Botched

2737. Bernie of the NFL

2738. Of greatest breadth

2739. Bug problem

2741. Sows and boars

2742. Animal tracker’s clue

2743. Modern brain-scanning procedure, for short

2744. Redundant name for an Ubercross format

2746. Trifles: Fr.

2748. “Get my ___?”

2749. Word form for “sacred”

2750. Running away from

2751. Steak sauce brand

2752. Kind of quick inheritance

2753. Krazy of comic strips

2754. Most popular Arabic title

2756. Remained undecided

2757. State events

2758. Footlong product

2759. Work on hooves

2760. Characteristic of the brain, heart, and lungs

2762. -trices, alternatively

2763. In His Image subject

2764. Plaice or dace

2765. Nyan and Grumpy, e.g.

2766. Ribs-to-rump beef cut

2767. Not yet decided, casually

2768. Old jazz great Kid

2769. P.D. person

2772. One not allowed to own a gun

2773. Curing kiln

2774. Learned mentors

2775. Fizzled

2776. Enlisted VIP

2777. Addresses now RRs

2778. Aqua ___: clean water

2780. Inferior.

2782. Are terrible

2783. Turin relic

2784. The Planets composer

2785. Company shunner

2786. They’ll attend your parties, but when the chips are down, they’ll stop returning your calls

2788. Feudal lords

2789. Infuriation

2790. They’re less than one

2793. Stomach streamliner

2794. 1994 literary autobiography

2796. Fairy-tale ending?

2798. That guy, to Guy

2799. Set burning

2800. It’s not a long shot

2801. ___ Well That Ends Well

2802. Khans’ kin

2803. Abbrev. for a noncom E-8

2804. Wasatch County resident

2806. Boxers and pugs

2808. “Yew gots ta pay, son”

2810. Sub tragedy

2811. Turf controllers

2812. Verbal fencing

2813. Steep rugged mountain feature

2814. Barflies

2815. Cooks in oil

2816. Hoodlike caps

2817. “Best in the decade, ___ all time?”

2818. Wellness centers

2819. Fish alternative

2820. Films, in Variety headlines

2821. Crooner “King” Cole

2822. Increase the value of

2823. John, Doris Day’s co-star in The Pajama Game

2825. Turn to the other side

2827. With F2827-Down, con game

2828. PC screen variety

2829. Letters from one who’s shy?

2830. Loafed (if one letter shorter, this would be “laughed”)

2832. Mythical troublemaker

2834. Bolted

2835. Actress Davis with eyes immortalized in a pop hit

2836. Tars who climb spars

2837. Smithy ovens

2838. Corleone who’s told “you’re nothing to me now”

2839. Game company employee

2840. Sunny forecast

2841. Painter Gustav

2842. Old 442 rivals

2843. “Great minds think alike, but…”

2847. Guides, in a way

2848. Type, derogatorily

2849. “Fiction” is just another word for ____, like the ones told by most alleged purveyors of ‘incredible facts.’” (cont. in F3028-Across)

2854. “___ Diary” (Twain short story)

2856. CIO partner

2857. Big camping inits.

2859. Displaying dexterity

2861. Annual NBA event

2862. Lee or Spencer

2863. Usain Bolt’s shoes

2864. Less lax

2865. Cost of credit card consolidation

2867. Celui qui parle cette langue

2869. Bridesmaids director Paul

2870. JPEG alternatives

2871. “Save Your Love for Me” chanteuse Jones

2872. Air Force woman

2873. “Neat-o

2874. Inits. sometimes added to “U” (for uncertain) to make “QUILTBAG”

2875. Spheres of operation

2878. Like jam

2880. Guinness record, maybe

2881. IRS money

2882. World-conquering game with Roman-numeral pieces

2883. Project

2886. Exclamations made by every family member but the baby in a famous sitcom

2888. Op. ___ (footnote)

2889. Loyal coterie

2891. Sixpence, slangily

2892. Book by Hartfeld about the USSR

2893. Clean, as a spill

2894. Jet off for

2895. Belshazzar doing

2896. Singer-songwriter Benjamin

2897. Cow’s kid

2898. Col. group

2899. Tiny paws that have toe beans but also pointy parts, beware

2901. T character

2902. Pessimists’ specialties

2903. “___ too short!”

2904. Get bubbly

2905. Printing choice

2906. Veep under GRF

2907. Info for a driver at an airport

2908. Not giving up on

2910. Rewrite the fictional history of

2912. Hourglass stuff

2913. Lighted sign at a radio station

2914. Anger, so to speak

2915. When a quick snap may occur?