Ubercross Abecedaria D


D1. West ___ (modern furniture company)

D4. Neglected-looking sort

D8. It depends on what the definition of ___

D12. Fried chicken or firewood

D16. Hang on, I have to make ___ stop

D20. Steamy resorts

D24. Useful rhyme scheme for simple, direct ideas

D28. 1958 Oscar winner

D32. Dusseldorf trio

D36. Corp. brass

D40. Aint gonna happen!

D44. Back of a syringe

D48. Like snails and sloths

D52. ___-a-terre

D54. Adversity

D59. Folk-remedy staple

D64. Leg-behind-you twirl

D69. The mighty to the meek, historically

D74. Easily angered

D79. Melissa Agretti portrayer

D84. Parchment

D86. Assurance that a deal is as its stated

D93. ___ several minds about it

D97. Seize the day hashtag

D98. Pentomino also called a P

D102. Take two director?

D103. Once dial-based tech interface

D108. Ships mast

D112. She played Felicity

D113. Definition misattributed to Einstein, likely coming from addiction intervention groups

D121. Millennia, or so it seems

D122. Properly, a luminous ring encircling an astronomical body, but not infrequently confounded with aureola or nimbus, a somewhat similar phenomenon worn as a head-dress by divinities and saints. [It] is a purely optical illusion, produced by moisture in the air, in the manner of a rainbow; but the aureola is conferred as a sign of superior sanctity, in the same way as a bishops mitre, or the Popes tiara. In the painting of the Nativity, by Szedgkin, a pious artist of Pesth, not only do the Virgin and the Child wear the nimbus, but an ass nibbling hay from the sacred manger is similarly decorated and, to his lasting honor be it said, appears to bear his unaccustomed dignity with a truly saintly grace

D123. Champagne socialist of Paris

D124. Soccer supervisor

D125. Japanese waist pouch

D126. Fictional journal that can kill anyone whose name and face are known (which I think about way too often when I contemplate certain political leaders)

D127. Bent knee movement

D128. Words before Ideas and Around in song titles

D129. Didnt make up

D130. Dark parts of oneself

D131. Made pardon

D132. Blind hero whose relationships rarely end well

D133. Very capable

D134. Hogwarts soul-suckers

D135. As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live German author

D136. It leaves fewer tan lines

D138. Studied fast

D141. Sunshine State school

D144. Statistical frequency graph

D145. Classic novel featuring a bear, a pig, an owl, and a donkey

D148. Crumbles up

D149. AAA and NRA

D150. Discourage with a little intimidation

D151. Fish in a John Cleese comedy

D152. Milkers fistful

D153. Idina Menzels most-heard role

D154. From the same stock

D155. Huck Finns polite assent

D156. Cartoon conspiracy theorist from Texas

D157. Back lot sights

D158. Hubbub and shanty source

D159. Young woman of the Yucatn, for short

D160. Without wheels

D161. Deteriorate over time

D162. What Apple phones run on

D163. Complete, as hopelessness

D165. Random

D166. Spanish newspaper El ___

D167. Health-plan outgo

D168. Quaint plaint

D169. Done, in Dundee

D171. Time period

D172. Crash sites?

D173. First group to start repping sports stars

D175. Lt. Col. : Army :: ___ : Navy

D176. Pacific Ocean Areas alternative assignment, for short

D177. Bankruptcy follow-up, briefly

D178. Onetime co-host of Kathie Lee

D179. Alex Trebeks earliest employer

D180. Life of little privilege

D182. Hes got his kinks

D183. Bores and slogs, e.g.

D184. Well on either side of the Pyrenees

D185. Demonds costar

D186. Like major generals

D188. Pioneering stereo headphone brand

D189. Tots spot

D191. Does business

D196. Pro ___: for now

D199. Carne ___: grilled Mexican roast

D204. Genetic materials

D208. Lamented

D212. Move the yard markers

D216. Cadabra lead-in

D220. ___ II (Gillette brand)

D224. Dallas b-ball team

D228. Pilgrimage for a Muslim (var.)

D232. Gemini of Drag Race

D236. Fizzles out

D238. But getting back to the main point

D239. A horse of a different feather

D241. Used a rush-hour technique on

D243. Pal on the range

D244. Jerkin Back and Forth new wavers

D245. ___ for Breathe: The ABCs of Coping with Fussy and Frustrating Feelings

D246. Golden lead-in?

D247. Unstable electrons

D248. Scottie who teamed with Michael Jordan

D249. No less open and grassy

D251. Showed again, as a video

D252. Wine lover

D254. Way over the line

D256. Approximately 0.2 lbs.

D257. Jumpin on ___ (Future)

D258. Street fair snack thats deep-fried

D259. Penguin of old comics

D260. Warrant officers superior (abbr.)

D261. Yield advantage

D266. La Cage ___ Folles

D268. Good for basketweaving

D269. Needing quarters, perhaps

D270. A staff of office signifying authority. Its form, that of a heavy club, indicates its original purpose and use in dissuading from dissent

D271. Hot pastrami seller

D272. Becoming solid

D274. Was operational

D275. Eggy beginning?

D276. BEG

D295. Very wide shoe sizes

D296. Brilliant Chilean pianist

D297. Mounds surface

D300. Paramedics pal

D301. Dinosaur of early cartoons

D302. Archaeologist David who found the lost Roman city of Kourion

D304. ___-?zn (AEIOU Sometimes Y pop duo)

D305. Prefix with heater or lab

D306. Bye for now in a text

D307. Intellective

D308. Put at the right time

D309. Why ___ making this giant crossword? (question for which I have no real answer, honestly)

D310. No manly man

D311. Type of chip

D312. US leader acquitted of treason

D313. Boone, briefly

D314. Rodrigo ___ de Vivar (El Cid)

D315. Meet expectations at age six

D316. Competing with

D317. Yank down ones trousers

D321. Where one may find naphthalene

D323. It comes in a kit

D324. Like a Band-Aid solution

D326. Thats a hell yep from me

D327. Sci-fi drama starring LeVar Burton

D328. There are ___ crosswordmaker can trust with their answer key (me)

D330. Its a little over an hour flying time from LAX

D332. Fed follower?

D334. Comes out with

D336. Dennis Mitchells neighbors (with the)

D339. Likely cut from an NPR interview

D342. Sandhill

D343. Dukes of Hazzard spin-off

D345. Actress Verdon of Cocoon

D347. With the accompaniment of

D349. Speaks poetically?

D350. Ending for differ

D351. She joined Jasons quest, in some accounts

D352. Leaving ___ to be desired

D353. WWI unit of Brits

D357. Ripleys museum of the strange

D359. Hillary Clinton and John Edwards, e.g.

D360. Theres a mouse in our house!

D361. Day, in Roma

D362. Unconventional poet Ogden

D363. Knows the score, to a cool cat

D365. VCR accessories

D367. Science for a dr.

D369. Big name in athletic footwear

D371. Glee villainess

D372. 1960s Pontiac

D374. Sont is a form of it

D375. Three-___ (third consecutive championship)

D377. PR releases

D379. ___ scratch

D381. Journeys Hold ___ That Feeling

D383. Dr. Dre group, once

D385. 1991 video game debut, briefly

D387. Landing plane (abbr.)

D388. All the characters in Sleuth, e.g.

D389. Like a diet that prohibits bread and pasta

D391. Year of Ovids banishment

D395. Make into a bower

D396. Prefabbed images

D398. Bell sounds

D401. One tending to servers, briefly


D427. The fat ___ the fire

D428. They deal in markets

D429. Habits (Stay High) singer

D430. NHL goal

D431. ___ Mulan (Chinese legend that the Disney film was based on)

D432. Clear kitchen brand

D433. Common word ending

D434. Takeis Star Trek role

D435. Stuff thrown away

D436. Words in a cocktail recipe

D437. She went by Ginger on stage

D438. Left keys on the desktop?

D439. Follow closely behind

D440. Bit of imitation meat

D441. Antibody tests

D442. Space science

D443. Christmas wish, say

D444. Wingless

D445. Potato gun

D448. ___ with Music: Berlin

D450. Golden ___ Golf (bar video game)

D451. Call it a day

D452. Kind of snack a hard-boiled egg or pork rind is

D453. Nature ___ a vacuum

D456. Taken for

D458. Sticky

D460. Lee Nolin of Baywatch and Sheena

D462. Somebody ___ Problem Field (next best thing to invisibility in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy books)

D464. ___ Schwarz (company featured in Big)

D465. Feel poorly

D467. Boring, colorwise

D469. Go in a sloop

D471. Hoda once of The Ellen Degeneres Show

D472. Snakelike lizard

D475. Like some powerful illnesses

D478. ___ gow poker

D479. Time Renfaire invokes

D481. Hanukkah fare

D483. City with an NBA team, but no NFL, MLB, or NHL club (abbr.)

D484. Letters on pay stubs

D486. Physical research group (abbr.)

D487. Digital detritus

D490. Underworld filmmaker Wiseman

D491. Toy Story heavy

D492. Certain priests

D493. Olympics site that introduced snowboarding

D495. Offers help subtly

D497. The Tough-Minded Optimist author

D499. Soak in water, as hemp

D501. Assistant whos an okay listenercould be better

D503. Hardly inclined (to)

D505. Little locator

D508. With a single stroke

D511. A yellow metal greatly prized for its convenience in the various kinds of robbery known as trade. The word was formerly spelled [differently]--the L was inserted to distinguish it from the name of another and inferior deity

D513. One-time estate

D515. Completely lose it

D516. Purple People Eater singer Wooley

D518. Some PD officers

D520. Moves done on non-busy streets

D522. Went up, up and away

D524. The essential principle of all such liquids as give a man a black eye

D527. ___ in easy

D529. Man of wisdom

D531. Reach by addition

D533. Appropriate for all audiences

D534. Adjusted an engine

D535. Product of North Dakota

D536. Inspector Gadgets antagonist

D538. Bad attitudes

D540. Day after so-called hump day (abbr.)

D542. Time by which you should be into the groove at work, usually

D544. Bear down on

D546. A person instigated by his wicked nature to deny ones merits or exhibit superior merits of his own

D547. Spanish lady, abbreviated

D549. Deity with wings

D550. Greener cleaner?

D552. Rob ___ (Scotch manhattans)

D554. Chicago daily, for short

D556. Embattled D-Day city

D558. White house (var.)

D560. A thousand millennia

D562. Wallach of The Magnificent Seven

D564. What time is on in a 1964 Rolling Stones hit

D566. Ben-Hur was chained to one

D567. Past perfect word

D569. and ___ a good-night

D571. Caesars other

D573. Help see

D575. Governmental go-getter

D576. Equipment from a century-old manufacturer

D577. Quick glance

D578. Debtors initials

D580. Coco rival

D582. Ctrl-shift-___: open the Task Manager

D584. Anatomists bones

D585. Keeps separate in the office

D587. What to Expect When Youre Expecting reader whos expectant but not expecting

D590. Grape or orange

D592. His theories are ridiculous

D594. Shown, as in a museum

D597. Hillmaker

D599. Trumps energy investment

D601. Norse work

D603. Other, in Lima

D605. 19th Greek letter

D607. You might pick one up in a bar

D609. ___ Matthews, either of an NBA father-and-son duo

D611. Germans love

D613. Stretched out

D615. Some hybrid flowers

D616. Berry originally from the midwestern United States

D617. One with the whip hand in certain consensual games

D618. Comic hero Dare

D619. KING

D642. Covered with dirt and soil

D643. Edward the macabre

D644. ___ esprit

D645. The Destroyer

D647. Online cousin of just saying

D648. Superbad star Michael

D649. Hit the road!

D650. Mini-skirt introducer Mary

D651. Course reservation

D652. Former Indiana senator and pre-Trump Fox commentator

D653. Conversation starter

D654. Franklin Delano Roosevelts mom

D655. Work together

D656. This sucks

D657. Cal. dozen

D658. Head or tooth follower

D659. County bordering Suffolk

D660. Class for aspiring bilinguals (abbr.)

D661. Band accessory

D662. My, to a monarch

D663. One of the Creators lamentable mistakes, repented in sashcloth and axes. Being instated as an archangel, [he] made himself multifariously objectionable and was finally expelled from Heaven. Half-way in his descent he paused, bent his head in thought a moment and at last went back. There is one favor that I should like to ask, said he. / Name it. / Man, I understand, is about to be created. He will need laws. / What, wretch! you his appointed adversary, charged from the dawn of eternity with hatred of his soul you ask for the right to make his laws? / Pardon; what I have to ask is that he be permitted to make them himself. / It was so ordered

D664. Cams still popular with connoisseurs

D666. Soho fellows

D667. Fast-growing edible herb

D668. Course completer

D669. Critic Pauline

D670. Standard of behavior

D672. Post-climactic music

D674. Stops equivocating

D676. Like some MOMA art

D677. Nation in longstanding conflict with Azerbaijan

D678. Atmo- alternative

D679. Becky of Fuller House

D680. Often-rummy holiday drinks

D681. Mental header?

D682. Ive never seen its like before!

D684. Ticket marking

D686. Funny in a PG-13 way

D688. Pollsters concern

D691. Outer ear

D693. Subpoena ad testificandum, e.g.

D695. Charcoal sack wt., perhaps

D697. Sq.s corner-to-corner line

D699. Blue shade

D701. Author of a red book

D702. Shared principles

D704. Thirstier

D706. Campbell of the Scream films (no relation)

D708. Rush-hour subway action

D710. Apartment residents

D711. Swabbed

D712. Expressionist Emil

D714. Actress whom Quentin described as my muse

D717. ___ Enlightenment: Age of Reason

D719. Mini-racer

D721. Yalls and mine

D723. The Honeydrippers ___ Love

D725. Princess of Frell Enchanted to do what shes told

D727. Leafy dishes

D728. Mr. ___ of The Karate Kid

D731. Use a loom

D732. In the lower forty-eight

D735. One ranking next above a king. An ace, as it were (abbr.)

D736. Ordinary shape

D742. Young chicken

D747. Base coward

D754. .00001 newtons

D758. Characteristic

D766. Ascetic

D767. In a metal shell

D770. Bird with a showy mate

D772. Sudden pang

D774. Shape, as Play-Doh

D776. Redbox offerings

D779. Suffix with cash and cart

D780. Decided judicially

D781. Southwest stream

D782. Unbalanced because one will

D784. Agassi foe

D786. Morgan Stanley acquisition of 2020

D787. Actress Ta

D788. Under Jinping

D789. Carpentry raw material

D790. Not stay neutral

D793. Pilsen product

D797. The issue will be clearer in the morning

D799. Burn with an iron

D801. 2Pac song released in 1999 ___ Dont Know Us

D803. TV doctor who consistently put entertainment over facts in his 2009-2022 run

D805. Get ___ of yourself!

D806. What cartoon characters used to say so wed know they were stupid

D807. LeBrons league

D808. Suffered attrition

D809. It was founded by antislavery activists, if you can believe that

D810. Intricate

D813. A tormenting vehicle in which a pirate jolts you through devious ways to the wrong place, where he robs you

D814. A spiritual entity concerning which there hath been brave disputation. Plato held that thosewhich in a previous state of existence (antedating Athens) had obtained the clearest glimpses of eternal truth entered into the bodies of persons who became philosophers. Plato himself was a philosopher. [Those] that had least contemplated divine truth animated the bodies of usurpers and despots. Dionysius I, who had threatened to decapitate the broad-browed philosopher, was a usurper and despot. Plato, doubtless, was not the first to construct a system of philosophy that could be quoted against his enemies; certainly he was not the last

D816. Venus de ___

D817. Recruitment slogan appealing to would-be parents

D821. Opening theme of Dragnet

D822. Leftover assortment

D828. 3:2, e.g.

D830. Pt. of ETO

D832. Princess from Alderaan

D834. Have no cause to worry

D836. ___ You So (Anka)

D838. It means bad

D840. Modern payment option

D842. Sequence, in Squoia Parc

D844. One way to give change for a $100 bill

D845. Robert of I Spy and The Greatest American Hero

D847. Letters before omegas

D849. Make alterations

D852. Fencing jackets

D853. QBs protection, in football lingo

D854. Catwomans first name

D855. Bout enders

D856. Terpsichore/her sisters

D857. Melodically

D858. Castle adjunct

D859. Qualifier to a statement that may have sounded too definitive otherwise

D865. Lava and Kirks in the shower

D867. Altogether number

D869. Same as yesterday, on the stock pages

D871. Sutherland of the CAA

D873. Hawaiian fish, when doubled

D874. Wichita-to-Duluth dir.

D875. Starts to move

D876. Took ones leave

D877. Howard Shore scored this film trilogy

D878. Put ones hands together

D881. One-time student

D883. Pimples

D884. Santa followers, in climate

D885. Leaning

D886. Ager in modern life

D887. Attract, as luck

D888. Ltrs. of recommendation, e.g.

D889. Feeling remorseful about

D890. Egg-making organ

D892. Ascended rapidly

D893. Where theres no will, shes the beneficiary

D898. A-frame crosser

D901. New Zealand predators of sheep

D903. Org. that approves trailers

D905. It aims to reduce defective products to 0.00034%

D908. Previous to, poetically

D909. Major speech, as at a convention

D910. MLBs Halos, on scoreboards

D911. Physicians, for short

D912. Da-da-da-DA-da-DAAA! PUPPYPOWER! speaker

D915. Longest river wholly inside Switzerland (var.)

D916. LA clock setting for May

D917. Plodding journeys

D918. Group with something in common

D919. Nope director

D920. Reverence for the Supreme Being, based upon His supposed resemblance to man

D921. Its water, in a Jamaican proverb about self-reliance

D922. Embarrassing moment

D923. Pistil complement

D924. They are gathered here in the sight of God

D928. Early brand of decaf coffee

D929. Sum, some time ago

D931. Cheapass

D934. Jim Bakkers org.

D935. In the same orientation as this ans.

D936. Pool table site, maybe

D938. A wet one, its said, is really mad

D939. Parting phrase

D941. Intensify

D942. Ridicule by imitation

D944. Just burning fuel for no apparent reason

D946. Cracked-lip remedy

D947. 2005 Coldplay album

D948. Maya Angelou works

D949. Chemical suffixes

D950. Lennon and millions more

D951. Eliots weaver Silas

D952. Young dog

D953. Box office stars

D956. Shh! Its a secret!

D959. Balders destroyer

D960. A lawyer with a roving commission

D962. Partners phrase

D965. Mideast capital whose name means the big tree

D966. Make the first bid

D968. Authoritative statements

D970. Error in Excel

D973. Branded beds

D975. What shareholders may have earned

D981. Frans pal

D982. Suit fabric

D984. Turned crops to blocks

D985. Clerical gatherings

D986. Enter two-person competition

D988. When Juliet meets Romeo on the balcony

D991. Lineage-based womens org.

D992. Doubleplusungood

D994. Dancer Kelly

D996. Many a male-female love song

D998. ___ myself on: considered something I could be a bit smug about

D999. Hut over a mine shaft

D1000. Tapestry in Hamlet

D1001. Diner order, with the

D1002. ___-pah (certain horn sound)

D1003. barnesandnoble.com realm

D1005. Showery

D1006. Youre unsure if you have it

D1007. Explosive

D1008. Certain gases

D1009. Summer treat, casually

D1010. View from Geneva

D1011. Looked for shells, perhaps