Ubercross Abecedaria D


1. West ___ (modern furniture company)

4. Neglected-looking sort

8. "It depends on what the definition of ___"

12. Fried chicken or firewood

16. "Hang on, I have to make ___ stop"

20. Steamy resorts

24. Useful rhyme scheme for simple, direct ideas

28. 1958 Oscar winner

32. Dusseldorf trio

36. Corp. brass

40. "Ain't gonna happen!"

44. Back of a syringe

48. Like snails and sloths

52. ___-a-terre

54. Adversity

59. Folk-remedy staple

64. Leg-behind-you twirl

69. The mighty to the meek, historically

74. Easily angered

79. Melissa Agretti portrayer

84. Parchment

86. Assurance that a deal is as it's stated

93. "___ several minds about it"

97. "Seize the day" hashtag

98. Pentomino also called a "P"

102. "Take two" director?

103. Once dial-based tech interface

108. Ship's mast

112. She played Felicity

113. Definition misattributed to Einstein, likely coming from addiction intervention groups

121. Millennia, or so it seems

122. "Properly, a luminous ring encircling an astronomical body, but not infrequently confounded with 'aureola' or 'nimbus,' a somewhat similar phenomenon worn as a head-dress by divinities and saints. [It] is a purely optical illusion, produced by moisture in the air, in the manner of a rainbow; but the aureola is conferred as a sign of superior sanctity, in the same way as a bishop's mitre, or the Pope's tiara. In the painting of the Nativity, by Szedgkin, a pious artist of Pesth, not only do the Virgin and the Child wear the nimbus, but an ass nibbling hay from the sacred manger is similarly decorated and, to his lasting honor be it said, appears to bear his unaccustomed dignity with a truly saintly grace"

123. “Champagne socialist” of Paris

124. Soccer supervisor

125. Japanese waist pouch

126. Fictional journal that can kill anyone whose name and face are known (which I think about way too often when I contemplate certain political leaders)

127. Bent knee movement

128. Words before "Ideas" and "Around" in song titles

129. Didn't make up

130. Dark parts of oneself

131. Made pardon

132. Blind hero whose relationships rarely end well

133. Very capable

134. Hogwarts’ soul-suckers

135. "As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live" German author

136. It leaves fewer tan lines

138. Studied fast

141. Sunshine State school

144. Statistical frequency graph

145. Classic novel featuring a bear, a pig, an owl, and a donkey

148. Crumbles up

149. AAA and NRA

150. Discourage with a little intimidation

151. Fish in a John Cleese comedy

152. Milker's fistful

153. Idina Menzel’s most-heard role

154. From the same stock

155. Huck Finn's polite assent

156. Cartoon conspiracy theorist from Texas

157. Back lot sights

158. “Hubbub” and “shanty” source

159. Young woman of the Yucatán, for short

160. Without wheels

161. Deteriorate over time

162. What Apple phones run on

163. Complete, as hopelessness

165. Random

166. Spanish newspaper El ___

167. Health-plan outgo

168. Quaint plaint

169. Done, in Dundee

171. Time period

172. Crash sites?

173. First group to start repping sports stars

175. Lt. Col. : Army :: ___ : Navy

176. Pacific Ocean Areas’ alternative assignment, for short

177. Bankruptcy follow-up, briefly

178. Onetime co-host of Kathie Lee

179. Alex Trebek’s earliest employer

180. Life of little privilege

182. He's got his kinks

183. Bores and slogs, e.g.

184. Well on either side of the Pyrenees

185. Demond's costar

186. Like major generals

188. Pioneering stereo headphone brand

189. Tot's spot

191. Does business

196. Pro ___: for now

199. Carne ___: grilled Mexican roast

204. Genetic materials

208. Lamented

212. Move the yard markers

216. "Cadabra" lead-in

220. ___ II (Gillette brand)

224. Dallas b-ball team

228. Pilgrimage for a Muslim (var.)

232. Gemini of Drag Race

236. Fizzles out

238. "But getting back to the main point…"

239. A horse of a different feather

241. Used a rush-hour technique on

243. Pal on the range

244. "Jerkin’ Back and Forth" new wavers

245. ___ for Breathe: The ABCs of Coping with Fussy and Frustrating Feelings

246. Golden lead-in?

247. Unstable electrons

248. Scottie who teamed with Michael Jordan

249. No less open and grassy

251. Showed again, as a video

252. Wine lover

254. Way over the line

256. Approximately 0.2 lbs.

257. "Jumpin on ___" (Future)

258. Street fair snack that's deep-fried

259. Penguin of old comics

260. Warrant officer's superior (abbr.)

261. Yield advantage

266. La Cage ___ Folles

268. Good for basketweaving

269. Needing quarters, perhaps

270. "A staff of office signifying authority. Its form, that of a heavy club, indicates its original purpose and use in dissuading from dissent"

271. Hot pastrami seller

272. Becoming solid

274. Was operational

275. Eggy beginning?

276. "BEG"

295. Very wide shoe sizes

296. Brilliant Chilean pianist

297. Mounds’ surface

300. Paramedic’s pal

301. Dinosaur of early cartoons

302. Archaeologist David who found the lost Roman city of Kourion

304. ___-?zn (“AEIOU Sometimes Y” pop duo)

305. Prefix with heater or lab

306. "Bye for now" in a text

307. Intellective

308. Put at the right time

309. "Why ___ making this giant crossword?" (question for which I have no real answer, honestly)

310. No manly man

311. Type of chip

312. US leader acquitted of treason

313. Boone, briefly

314. Rodrigo ___ de Vivar (El Cid)

315. Meet expectations at age six

316. Competing with

317. Yank down one’s trousers

321. Where one may find naphthalene

323. It comes in a kit

324. Like a Band-Aid solution

326. “That’s a hell yep from me”

327. Sci-fi drama starring LeVar Burton

328. "There are ___ crosswordmaker can trust with their answer key" (me)

330. It's a little over an hour flying time from LAX

332. Fed follower?

334. Comes out with

336. Dennis Mitchell's neighbors (with "the")

339. Likely cut from an NPR interview

342. Sandhill

343. Dukes of Hazzard spin-off

345. Actress Verdon of Cocoon

347. With the accompaniment of

349. Speaks poetically?

350. Ending for differ

351. She joined Jason’s quest, in some accounts

352. "Leaving ___ to be desired"

353. WWI unit of Brits

357. Ripley's museum of the strange

359. Hillary Clinton and John Edwards, e.g.

360. "There's a mouse in our house!"

361. Day, in Roma

362. Unconventional poet Ogden

363. Knows the score, to a cool cat

365. VCR accessories

367. Science for a dr.

369. Big name in athletic footwear

371. Glee villainess

372. 1960s Pontiac

374. Sont is a form of it

375. Three-___ (third consecutive championship)

377. PR releases

379. ___ scratch

381. Journey's "Hold ___ That Feeling"

383. Dr. Dre group, once

385. 1991 video game debut, briefly

387. Landing plane (abbr.)

388. All the characters in Sleuth, e.g.

389. Like a diet that prohibits bread and pasta

391. Year of Ovid’s banishment

395. Make into a bower

396. Prefabbed images

398. Bell sounds

401. One tending to servers, briefly

403. "EDIBLE"

427. "The fat ___ the fire"

428. They deal in markets

429. "Habits (Stay High)" singer

430. NHL goal

431. ___ Mulan (Chinese legend that the Disney film was based on)

432. Clear kitchen brand

433. Common word ending

434. Takei's Star Trek role

435. Stuff thrown away

436. Words in a cocktail recipe

437. She went by Ginger on stage

438. Left keys on the desktop?

439. Follow closely behind

440. Bit of imitation meat

441. Antibody tests

442. Space science

443. Christmas wish, say

444. Wingless

445. Potato gun

448. ___ with Music: Berlin

450. Golden ___ Golf (bar video game)

451. Call it a day

452. Kind of snack a hard-boiled egg or pork rind is

453. "Nature ___ a vacuum"

456. Taken for

458. Sticky

460. Lee Nolin of Baywatch and Sheena

462. Somebody ___ Problem Field (next best thing to invisibility in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy books)

464. ___ Schwarz (company featured in Big)

465. Feel poorly

467. Boring, colorwise

469. Go in a sloop

471. Hoda once of The Ellen Degeneres Show

472. Snakelike lizard

475. Like some powerful illnesses

478. ___ gow poker

479. Time Renfaire invokes

481. Hanukkah fare

483. City with an NBA team, but no NFL, MLB, or NHL club (abbr.)

484. Letters on pay stubs

486. Physical research group (abbr.)

487. Digital detritus

490. Underworld filmmaker Wiseman

491. Toy Story heavy

492. Certain priests

493. Olympics site that introduced snowboarding

495. Offers help subtly

497. The Tough-Minded Optimist author

499. Soak in water, as hemp

501. Assistant who's an okay listener…could be better

503. Hardly inclined (to)

505. Little locator

508. With a single stroke

511. "A yellow metal greatly prized for its convenience in the various kinds of robbery known as trade. The word was formerly spelled [differently]--the L was inserted to distinguish it from the name of another and inferior deity"

513. One-time estate

515. Completely lose it

516. "Purple People Eater" singer Wooley

518. Some PD officers

520. Moves done on non-busy streets

522. Went up, up and away

524. "The essential principle of all such liquids as give a man a black eye"

527. ___ in "easy"

529. Man of wisdom

531. Reach by addition

533. Appropriate for all audiences

534. Adjusted an engine

535. Product of North Dakota

536. Inspector Gadget’s antagonist

538. Bad attitudes

540. Day after so-called "hump day" (abbr.)

542. Time by which you should be into the groove at work, usually

544. Bear down on

546. "A person instigated by his wicked nature to deny one's merits or exhibit superior merits of his own"

547. Spanish lady, abbreviated

549. Deity with wings

550. Greener cleaner?

552. Rob ___ (Scotch manhattans)

554. Chicago daily, for short

556. Embattled D-Day city

558. White house (var.)

560. A thousand millennia

562. Wallach of The Magnificent Seven

564. What "time is on" in a 1964 Rolling Stones hit

566. Ben-Hur was chained to one

567. Past perfect word

569. "…and ___ a good-night"

571. Caesar's other

573. Help see

575. Governmental go-getter

576. Equipment from a century-old manufacturer

577. Quick glance

578. Debtor's initials

580. Coco rival

582. Ctrl-shift-___: open the Task Manager

584. Anatomist's bones

585. Keeps separate in the office

587. What to Expect When You’re Expecting reader who’s expectant but not expecting

590. Grape or orange

592. His theories are ridiculous

594. Shown, as in a museum

597. Hillmaker

599. Trump’s energy investment

601. Norse work

603. Other, in Lima

605. 19th Greek letter

607. You might pick one up in a bar

609. ___ Matthews, either of an NBA father-and-son duo

611. German's love

613. Stretched out

615. Some hybrid flowers

616. Berry originally from the midwestern United States

617. One with the whip hand in certain consensual games

618. Comic hero Dare

619. "KING"

642. Covered with dirt and soil

643. Edward the macabre

644. ___ esprit

645. The Destroyer

647. Online cousin of "just saying"

648. Superbad star Michael

649. "Hit the road!"

650. Mini-skirt introducer Mary

651. Course reservation

652. Former Indiana senator and pre-Trump Fox commentator

653. Conversation starter

654. Franklin Delano Roosevelt's mom

655. Work together

656. “This sucks”

657. Cal. dozen

658. Head or tooth follower

659. County bordering Suffolk

660. Class for aspiring bilinguals (abbr.)

661. Band accessory

662. My, to a monarch

663. "One of the Creator's lamentable mistakes, repented in sashcloth and axes. Being instated as an archangel, [he] made himself multifariously objectionable and was finally expelled from Heaven. Half-way in his descent he paused, bent his head in thought a moment and at last went back. 'There is one favor that I should like to ask,' said he. / 'Name it.' / 'Man, I understand, is about to be created. He will need laws.' / 'What, wretch! you his appointed adversary, charged from the dawn of eternity with hatred of his soul — you ask for the right to make his laws?' / 'Pardon; what I have to ask is that he be permitted to make them himself.' / It was so ordered"

664. Cams still popular with connoisseurs

666. Soho fellows

667. Fast-growing edible herb

668. Course completer

669. Critic Pauline

670. Standard of behavior

672. Post-climactic music

674. Stops equivocating

676. Like some MOMA art

677. Nation in longstanding conflict with Azerbaijan

678. Atmo- alternative

679. Becky of Fuller House

680. Often-rummy holiday drinks

681. Mental header?

682. "I've never seen its like before!"

684. Ticket marking

686. Funny in a PG-13 way

688. Pollster's concern

691. Outer ear

693. Subpoena ad testificandum, e.g.

695. Charcoal sack wt., perhaps

697. Sq.'s corner-to-corner line

699. Blue shade

701. Author of a red book

702. Shared principles

704. Thirstier

706. Campbell of the Scream films (no relation)

708. Rush-hour subway action

710. Apartment residents

711. Swabbed

712. Expressionist Emil

714. Actress whom Quentin described as "my muse"

717. ___ Enlightenment: Age of Reason

719. Mini-racer

721. Y'all's and mine

723. The Honeydrippers' "___ Love"

725. Princess of Frell Enchanted to do what she’s told

727. Leafy dishes

728. Mr. ___ of The Karate Kid

731. Use a loom

732. In the lower forty-eight

735. "One ranking next above a king. An ace, as it were" (abbr.)

736. Ordinary shape

742. Young chicken

747. Base coward

754. .00001 newtons

758. Characteristic

766. Ascetic

767. In a metal shell

770. Bird with a showy mate

772. Sudden pang

774. Shape, as Play-Doh

776. Redbox offerings

779. Suffix with cash and cart

780. Decided judicially

781. Southwest stream

782. Unbalanced because one will

784. Agassi foe

786. Morgan Stanley acquisition of 2020

787. Actress Téa

788. Under Jinping

789. Carpentry raw material

790. Not stay neutral

793. Pilsen product

797. "The issue will be clearer in the morning"

799. Burn with an iron

801. 2Pac song released in 1999 "___ Don't Know Us"

803. TV doctor who consistently put entertainment over facts in his 2009-2022 run

805. "Get ___ of yourself!"

806. What cartoon characters used to say so we'd know they were stupid

807. LeBron's league

808. Suffered attrition

809. It was founded by antislavery activists, if you can believe that

810. Intricate

813. "A tormenting vehicle in which a pirate jolts you through devious ways to the wrong place, where he robs you"

814. "A spiritual entity concerning which there hath been brave disputation. Plato held that those…which in a previous state of existence (antedating Athens) had obtained the clearest glimpses of eternal truth entered into the bodies of persons who became philosophers. Plato himself was a philosopher. [Those] that had least contemplated divine truth animated the bodies of usurpers and despots. Dionysius I, who had threatened to decapitate the broad-browed philosopher, was a usurper and despot. Plato, doubtless, was not the first to construct a system of philosophy that could be quoted against his enemies; certainly he was not the last"

816. Venus de ___

817. Recruitment slogan appealing to would-be parents

821. Opening theme of Dragnet

822. Leftover assortment

828. 3:2, e.g.

830. Pt. of ETO

832. Princess from Alderaan

834. Have no cause to worry

836. "___ You So" (Anka)

838. It means "bad"

840. Modern payment option

842. Sequence, in Séquoia Parc

844. One way to give change for a $100 bill

845. Robert of I Spy and The Greatest American Hero

847. Letters before omegas

849. Make alterations

852. Fencing jackets

853. QB's protection, in football lingo

854. Catwoman's first name

855. Bout enders

856. Terpsichore/her sisters

857. Melodically

858. Castle adjunct

859. Qualifier to a statement that may have sounded too definitive otherwise

865. Lava and Kirk's in the shower

867. Altogether number

869. Same as yesterday, on the stock pages

871. Sutherland of the CAA

873. Hawaiian fish, when doubled

874. Wichita-to-Duluth dir.

875. Starts to move

876. Took one’s leave

877. Howard Shore scored this film trilogy

878. Put one's hands together

881. One-time student

883. Pimples

884. Santa followers, in climate

885. Leaning

886. Ager in modern life

887. Attract, as luck

888. Ltrs. of recommendation, e.g.

889. Feeling remorseful about

890. Egg-making organ

892. Ascended rapidly

893. Where there's no will, she's the beneficiary

898. A-frame crosser

901. New Zealand predators of sheep

903. Org. that approves trailers

905. It aims to reduce defective products to 0.00034%

908. Previous to, poetically

909. Major speech, as at a convention

910. MLB's Halos, on scoreboards

911. Physicians, for short

912. "Da-da-da-DA-da-DAAA! PUPPY…POWER!" speaker

915. Longest river wholly inside Switzerland (var.)

916. LA clock setting for May

917. Plodding journeys

918. Group with something in common

919. Nope director

920. "Reverence for the Supreme Being, based upon His supposed resemblance to man"

921. It's water, in a Jamaican proverb about self-reliance

922. Embarrassing moment

923. Pistil complement

924. They are gathered here in the sight of God

928. Early brand of decaf coffee

929. Sum, some time ago

931. Cheapass

934. Jim Bakker's org.

935. In the same orientation as this ans.

936. Pool table site, maybe

938. A wet one, it's said, is really mad

939. Parting phrase

941. Intensify

942. Ridicule by imitation

944. Just burning fuel for no apparent reason

946. Cracked-lip remedy

947. 2005 Coldplay album

948. Maya Angelou works

949. Chemical suffixes

950. Lennon and millions more

951. Eliot's weaver Silas

952. Young dog

953. Box office stars

956. "Shh! It's a secret!"

959. Balder's destroyer

960. "A lawyer with a roving commission"

962. Partners' phrase

965. Mideast capital whose name means "the big tree"

966. Make the first bid

968. Authoritative statements

970. Error in Excel

973. Branded beds

975. What shareholders may have earned

981. Fran's pal

982. Suit fabric

984. Turned crops to blocks

985. Clerical gatherings

986. Enter two-person competition

988. When Juliet meets Romeo on the balcony

991. Lineage-based women’s org.

992. Doubleplusungood

994. Dancer Kelly

996. Many a male-female love song

998. ___ myself on: considered something I could be a bit smug about

999. Hut over a mine shaft

1000. Tapestry in Hamlet

1001. Diner order, with "the"

1002. ___-pah (certain horn sound)

1003. barnesandnoble.com realm

1005. Showery

1006. You're unsure if you have it

1007. Explosive

1008. Certain gases

1009. Summer treat, casually

1010. View from Geneva

1011. Looked for shells, perhaps

1012. Riffs in scripted acting

1013. Seasonal periods

1014. Allonge

1015. Word now on cigarette packs

1016. Agree to unite

1019. Strips bare, as trees

1022. Shy estuarine bird

1024. Gaming debut of 2001

1026. Site of Einsteinhaus (var.)

1027. Jerusalem writer

1029. Top of overalls

1030. The hidden part of “p****”

1032. Oliver Twist burglar

1034. Enter through the bullpen door

1035. Comparable to a lobster, colorwise

1036. Witherspoon of Mud

1037. John of ER

1038. Will of the Saints or Gordon of NYPD Blue

1039. Productive folks

1040. Propelled, as a raft

1041. Six-armed goddess

1042. Officer below cap, and a homophone for D1042-Down

1043. Stand in good ___ (be useful)

1044. Performs at home

1045. Kind of rock

1047. When repeated, bullet or butthead

1048. Diminutive in Dundee

1050. Bit of bad behavior

1052. Pale green

1054. Big ATM maker

1056. Subspecialties of it include maxillofacial surgery and dizziness treatment

1057. Former Met Rusty

1060. “Please,” in Potsdam

1062. Paving stones

1064. Starship letters

1065. The Ebro and the Orinoco

1066. Resembling galena

1067. Mylanta rival

1068. Items of interest

1069. Loved excessively (on)

1070. King in the Gospels

1071. Where 1071 is 10000101111

1072. Sniffles causes

1073. How a prince is born

1074. Communication trademark since '99

1075. Main lower artery, informally

1076. Periods of importance

1078. Kitchen spreader

1081. Peeling potatoes, perhaps

1083. Key part of DNA

1084. Org. where fur doesn't fly?

1086. Financial backers

1090. Word with both "more" and "merrier"

1091. Kryptonite

1094. Larry King's milieu, for decades

1095. A little too smooth

1096. Fill-in-the-blanks story

1097. Physicist Ohm

1098. Jolie video game role

1099. Willing words

1100. Phony Nigerian princes, e.g.

1101. Stubborn as ___

1102. Colors some perceive around a spirit

1103. Did some private product-testing on

1105. "A fine and costly residence, particularly that of a great official. The residence of a high dignitary of the Christian Church is called a palace; that of the Founder of his religion was known as a field, or wayside. There is progress"

1107. Dollar-coin monogram

1108. Threefold prefix

1110. Of farm management

1113. Man, to Cato

1114. Big Harleys

1115. Saucer occupant

1116. Muscle set on the outside of the thigh

1119. Parlor or den

1120. Between stops

1124. Nursery rhyme opening

1127. Song that leads kids to learn the history of the word "macaroni"

1130. Not at all clouded

1131. Pearl Jam's frontman

1133. Terminated with no exit, as a street

1134. Animal whose fate led us to understand how we could endanger species

1136. Wins anew

1139. River near Chantilly

1140. Eastern city sometimes compared to San Diego, CA

1142. Violin sec.

1143. Japanese rice dish

1145. What a hippie lives in?

1146. Brewing receptacle

1149. Winter holiday

1151. Exciting thing

1152. Creator of an online list

1153. In a weird way

1154. Cools one's heels

1155. Disposed to be happy

1156. Johannesburg coins

1157. Swarmed

1158. “Nuthin’ but a ‘G’ Thang” singer

1159. They're 95.5% safer than smoking, which is still unhealthy, but if you had to choose…

1160. Very swank

1161. Goodbye in Roma

1162. Cooks, at times

1163. VCR button (abbr.)

1165. Washroom (abbr.)

1166. Down off the tip of Gibraltar?

1168. Primal Fear star

1170. Unexpected results

1172. It could be fallow or verdant

1174. Linger in the tub

1175. "Six weeks married"

1178. Massage target

1180. Docs had to pass on them

1181. Good scoring opportunity, in hockey

1184. "You're makin' me blush"

1185. Petty quarrel

1186. Large wall painting

1187. Get under one's skin

1188. Discontinued (with "out")

1189. Morrison and Braxton

1190. Low-risk IRA investment

1191. "Sensible, madam, to the worth of this present writer. Alive, sir, to the advantages of letting him alone"

1192. Radio choices (abbr.)

1193. Flattened with fisticuffs

1194. Massenet opera set in Burgos, Spain

1196. Makeshift handcuffs, often

1199. Wrapped wear

1201. Certain contemporary pagan

1202. Bordeaux besties

1203. On the ___ (escaping)

1204. Opposite of safe, sometimes

1205. School board

1207. Caesar's robe

1209. Modern "-ism" go-with, when discussing rights of the handicapped

1210. Benedictine address

1211. Doubleday who fired the first shot in the Civil War

1212. Prescription data

1213. Gets thinner

1214. Scoring site

1215. More cutting

1216. Fail to give 100%

1217. Capital ___

1218. Cold war, e.g.

1220. More adroit

1221. Puzzle usually involving a 9x9 grid

1222. "___ like" (words for similes)

1223. Two on a date, for short

1225. Problem for solder in cool climates

1227. 1960 debate monogram

1228. Southwestern Queso brand

1229. Shakespearean feet

1230. Folk-rock supergroup, for short, whose head died in 2023

1232. Unicycle part

1234. "Mahalo nui ___" ("Thank you very much," in Hilo)

1235. Eye surgery tool

1236. Off the ground

1237. Butcher-shop buys

1238. Some flaky stones

1239. Corn chip since 1966

1240. Witnessed in the vicinity

1241. “To leap about to the sound of tittering music, preferably with arms about your neighbor’s wife or daughter”

1242. [horrified] "Why would you even ASK that?"

1243. Swamp

1244. "Labor ___" (Woody Guthrie pro-union tune)

1245. Execute a routine perfectly

1246. Cop or pit ender

1247. LP, for instance

1249. Time a city expects visitors

1252. Ending with gang or mob

1253. Makeup item

1255. “Dziekuje,” across the Oder

1257. Seafood best enjoyed in moderation, unless you like mercury

1260. Farrah of the feather-cut hair

1262. "I ___ big red candle" (Anchorman)

1263. Thumb ___: hitchhike

1264. M*A*S*H vehicles

1265. DSC receiver

1266. No longer bogged down by

1267. Over-eager beaver

1268. "A food miraculously given to the Israelites in the wilderness. When it was no longer supplied to them, they settled down and tilled the soil, fertilizing it, as a rule, with the bodies of the original occupants"

1269. Emergency kit of sorts

1270. Long-established history

1272. Large Malaysian island

1273. Consumer protection org.

1274. Digestive aid, casually

1275. Erivan native (abbr.)

1276. 180 on the road

1277. Arrogance, informally

1279. Believer at the end?

1280. Book lover's portable device

1281. Harder to explain

1282. Armageddon actress Tyler

1283. Danceable tunes

1285. Its juice colors some impossible burgers

1286. Mystery investigator in a 2022 Netflix series

1289. Ellington and Jordan

1290. Without focus

1292. Good business for romantic restaurants

1294. Big Apple MTA-owned commuter line

1295. White-tailed coastal birds (var.)

1296. Public intoxication

1300. "The author of all our woes and proprietor of all the good things of this world. He was made by the Almighty, but brought into the world by a woman"

1302. Pharmacies fill them, in brief

1304. "Great" Muppet daredevil

1306. Percy Jackson creator Rick

1307. "There Is ___…" (song by the Cure)

1308. Middle Eastern ruler (var.)

1310. Adorned mischievously

1312. IRS business designation

1315. British mil. honors

1316. ___ for Fears ("Everybody Wants to Rule the World")

1317. Straight, short blades

1318. Quaintly cozy

1319. Funny Dennis or Larry

1320. Mawkish

1321. T-Mobile, to AT&T

1322. Principia ___ (disruptive religious text first printed via Xerox)

1324. Boring browns

1325. "A nutritious substance supplied by a bountiful Providence for the fattening of the poor"

1326. "…run the gamut of emotions from ___ B" (Dorothy Parker, insulting Katherine Hepburn's performance)

1327. “Anything decorative for which the æsthetes know no better name”

1328. "I'm not ___ brag but…"

1329. Gave cause for a fine

1331. Tribe also known as the Huron

1335. "He makes no friends who never made ___" (Tennyson)

1336. Steamy chocolate

1338. Monster in old Jewish folktales

1340. King whom Saul spared to his regret

1342. Gen. Robt.

1343. Type of ring once found in cereal boxes

1347. Symbol for a plane angle, in geometry

1348. France's fancy mayo

1349. Part of HOMES

1350. Half-burnt coal

1351. Blinds with sparkles

1352. Compact Honda

1353. Adorn with aureate trim

1354. Makes a ___: succeeds or errs, depending on how you parse it!

1355. Romantic Conehead or navigational cast

1356. Telephone trio

1357. Popular business magazine

1358. Tunneling arcade game hero

1360. HBO series named for a New Orleans neighborhood

1362. CSI actor George

1364. About 8 to 10 inches on the shelf

1365. TD caller

1368. Weapons area (abbr.)

1369. “Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same” author

1372. Follower of Caesar?

1373. "Ironic" singer Morissette

1374. "The Jungle Book" tiger Khan

1375. Innocent moppet Lou Who

1376. Migrants' advocate Chavez

1377. Busybodies

1378. Ready to be played, say

1379. Early TV bishop

1380. 100 MHz, perhaps

1382. Purplish-red

1383. Shore, compared to the ocean

1385. Workout haven

1386. Sales rack abbr.

1387. Like most of Russia

1389. Classroom temp

1391. Krypto is his pet dog

1392. Troy, N.Y., campus

1393. Toon subtitled "The Last Airbender"

1396. Solution strength, in Surrey

1397. Blasted

1399. ___-d'Avray, France

1400. Salon workers

1401. Homer's wife

1402. Offering poor wind resistance

1403. "The ___ the most powerful entity on earth…Because they control the minds of the masses" (Malcolm X)

1404. White long-necked birds

1405. Film people

1406. It used to land in Heathrow

1407. Linking verbs writers rewrite to eliminate

1408. "Or (and perhaps this will clarify)"

1409. Sunlit breeze

1410. Source of airbending

1411. "This ___" (phone line)

1412. Vietnam memorial artist Maya

1413. Not likely to enjoy, to put it mildly

1415. She might have a marketing maj.

1417. Wasabi go-with in sushi meals

1418. Giving out

1422. Oodles and oodles

1423. Affecting mental preparedness, with "up" for benefiting it, "out" for harming it

1426. Drudges

1427. How doodles are generally drawn

1428. PlayStation and Discman

1429. Like some bad apples

1430. "___ it to you?"

1431. High-priority

1432. Musical instrument

1433. Melampus and Mopsus

1434. Wardrobes

1436. "You are waaay off, buddy!"

1437. Name for a 1970s TV squad

1438. Authorized

1439. Me, to Mimi

1440. Set to boil

1442. "Oh, also…," in text messages

1444. Sting and Paul McCartney

1447. Organ ending, in Oxford

1448. Water, water as far as the eye can see

1449. Eighteen-wheeler, e.g.

1450. Season of Glass artist

1451. Author of Foxfire and Dragonwyck

1453. Just sitting there, as a gas

1454. Fourth grade?

1455. Zool. branch

1456. [Crossing my fingers]

1457. 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea's Peter

1458. Apple PDA

1459. Olive family shrub

1460. The Who's "Did You ___ My Money"

1461. Kane's Rosebud, e.g.

1462. "There's only ___ amount…"

1463. A journalist may cite one

1464. Enforcer of the Controlled Substances Act

1465. Pre-PhD program test

1466. Has for supper

1468. Playing fig.

1469. Be in charge of

1471. American cartoonist

1472. List ending

1474. Take the top medal

1475. Compilation

1476. Playwright for Mistero Buffo and Can’t Pay? Won’t Pay!

1479. Prepared for frying, perhaps

1481. Manfred Mann chorus that seems to imply all a relationship really needs is for a couple to vibe off the right nonsense verse together

1486. 1963 farce so madcap that actors were given separate scripts for dialogue and physical comedy

1490. Ate for free, immorally

1493. "I can't be bothered with that"

1495. “Hey! Leggo my ___” (ad slogan)

1496. Fork-shaped

1498. "…lion and goes out like ___"

1499. Altar to Jupiter

1500. Show cool contempt for

1501. Brandy is said to be the drink of one, according to Bierce, because "only a ___ will venture to drink it"

1502. Natural fly traps

1504. "Gateway to the Great Southwest"

1505. Stuck-up star

1509. Fuel line

1511. Adjusts

1512. Imperfect, as goods (abbr.)

1513. Hair similar to locs

1514. Longest mountain range

1515. Opposite of fronts

1516. What Polly Flinders was warming

1517. German eye

1518. "Doesn't hurt our bottom line"

1519. Worldly

1520. "___ in kangaroo"

1521. Bus. intelligence hub

1522. Philosophical quest for balance

1524. Coach Curry

1526. Electronic music comfortably between 1 and 2 beats per second

1528. Spun-yarn cotton fabric

1530. Before this

1532. THX intro sound, e.g.

1535. Baking measure (abbr.)

1537. Nickname omitting "olas," "holas," or "kname"

1538. Organic compound used in polymers

1539. Old English area

1540. ___ the hole (hidden asset)

1541. Change from G to PG, say

1542. Big brass?

1543. Lego unit

1544. Got a move on

1546. Have gotten accustomed

1547. Start to sin?

1548. Cut down to size, in a way

1549. Young Sheldon and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

1551. Like most babies after age one

1552. Therapist

1554. Hawaiian serving

1555. Chug-___

1557. One of the Greys on Grey's Anatomy

1558. Predispositions

1560. Young hare

1562. CAPTCHA might catch one

1564. Company shuffle, for short

1565. Decorative garment fastener

1566. Notably gay-friendly Prot.

1567. Goddess of nature

1568. Mountaineering tool

1569. Wildly unhealthy iced-tea brand, or like a healthy walk

1570. Carol or ballad

1571. "Dim" and "half" follower for dummies?

1572. John Hancock writer

1573. Islands rhythm

1574. Remedy for a bad hair day

1575. 19th-century clothes-presser

1576. Most important, redundantly

1577. Where Samson thumped the Philistines

1578. Put to shame

1581. Suffix with meteor

1582. Take it out for ___: Test-drive

1583. “I’m not feeling so hot”

1584. Speaks volumes

1586. Pilfers

1587. Shaver's lotion by Mennen

1588. Visit from the Blue Angels, say

1589. Lyricist Sammy's family

1590. Procurers

1591. Kickers’ ward

1592. Writer of "A Letter to the Jacobins"

1593. Buy it by the glass

1595. City NNE of Toledo

1596. Clear speaking

1598. Was in command of

1599. "It doesn't thrill me"

1600. Attention-focusers

1601. Kids' Dr.

1603. Love-neighbor link

1604. Make significant progress

1606. Dakotan Indian

1607. Up to this juncture

1609. Drunks, in older puzzles (no, not SOTS)

1611. Attain the final form of

1612. Outsized (abbr.)

1613. Came up

1614. It's pushed by a trailer

1615. Round and tapering.

1616. Buzzi and Westheimer

1617. Market town

1618. German refusal

1619. Matted cotton sheet

1620. Ascribes to

1621. Frustrate to no end

1622. Having started, as a univ. course

1623. Suffer remorse

1625. "Cost me ___ and a leg"

1626. Early morning hour

1631. Pull over again

1633. Census entry

1635. Charger in safari movies

1636. Santa ___, Colombia

1639. "The Conqueror Worm" writer

1640. Edible spud part

1644. Records of transactions, in law

1645. Challenged again after a refusal

1648. Expression of scorn

1650. Test of speed

1653. Finder's query

1655. “You wouldn’t want to be more reckless than me, would you?”

1659. Surly Stooge

1661. Old coin of France

1663. High-school class for money

1664. Noted chainsaw chassis-maker

1665. The World of Suzie Wong playwright Paul

1668. Get hold of, with "onto"

1669. Reacted to chopping onions

1671. British ref. set

1672. Big collection

1673. Made peevish

1674. Radcliffe or Craig who headlined film franchises

1675. Word with "city" or "workings"

1676. Skips the ceremony, say

1677. Unwanted plant or very-wanted plant

1678. Delta's buildup

1679. Smaller gator lookalikes

1680. Hispaniola resident

1682. Finished, in verse

1683. Labels under switches

1684. Traffic sounds

1685. "Unicorn of the sea" I used to think was made up

1686. Rises up the mountain

1690. Not much power

1692. Elton John's "Take ___ the Pilot"

1694. Diverged

1695. Aegean island once home to Pythagoras

1697. Retro lifestyle

1699. Simpsons character who uses a "diddly" infix

1700. Gold medalist skier Hermann

1701. Start to fume

1702. Early infant words

1703. Kathleen Turner's ___ Sue Got Married

1704. Of "a sacred rite of such efficacy that he who finds himself in heaven without having undergone it will be unhappy forever"

1706. Applebee’s alternative

1707. Bijou

1708. Cigarette powder

1709. Chinese vermilion

1711. Three-time Best Director winner

1712. Actress Moreno of West Side Story

1713. Big grocery store chain

1714. Having a row

1716. She makes what Atropos cuts

1717. Consumed Gollum-style

1719. Cash in You're the Worst

1720. One of the Little Women

1722. Big-haired James of seven-year-old Instagram fame

1724. Series of quick, light steps

1727. ___ Triomphe (Napoleonic monument)

1730. One beyond help

1731. The Wizard of Oz prop

1732. "A proponent of a new misrule who has failed to establish it"

1733. Wuthering Heights heroine (or villain? Oh, the papers we wrote about this)

1734. Axton of country

1735. Hebrew name meaning "sweetness," which its most famous bearer would probably find ironic

1736. Boot camp busyness

1737. Lump of gum

1738. Hypertension, briefly

1739. Stage presence

1740. Flat-necked snake

1741. Simple snoozing spots

1742. Cooler, old style

1743. They’ll turn your check to bills

1745. Mirador, to us

1746. Mrs. Tanqueray's creator

1747. Royal iris

1748. Promoters' prayers

1750. Kutcher's That '70s Show role

1751. 107,639 square feet

1752. Prefix like pre-

1753. Stops bleeding

1754. Charismatic guru

1755. Creator of Charlie and Willy

1756. “King of Torts” Melvin

1757. Its fronds thrive in the damp

1759. Blossom of silents

1760. Suzuki SUV named for a Japanese warrior

1762. Wholesale 144, for short

1763. A and B in D.C., e.g.

1764. Having European ancestors, in the Aloha State

1765. Seat backing on a plane

1766. For now, in Lat.

1767. Palm fruit discovered in rainforests

1768. Takes turns telling, as stories

1770. Name for a baby's reflex in response to lack of support

1771. Does not disturb

1772. Flight safety org.

1774. Provincial pronoun

1776. Nimble-fingered

1778. Buffed

1779. Lids for a fancy box?

1781. Say again

1782. ___ better (excel)

1783. Abe's boy

1785. ___-en-scène

1786. Signaled a traffic issue

1787. Gamers’ offensive power meas.

1788. Donald Trump's ex who bore his sanest child

1791. Anger turned inward, they say

1793. International arts agency

1794. Tubes at the table

1796. Jeremy of Suburgatory

1798. Creamy beverage

1799. Seventh planeta

1800. Syrian city known for pepper

1802. Part of a window blind

1804. "The time when men of reason go to bed. Certain old men prefer to rise at about that time, taking a cold bath and a long walk with an empty stomach, and otherwise mortifying the flesh. They then point with pride to these practices as the cause of their sturdy health and ripe years; the truth being that they are hearty and old, not because of their habits, but in spite of them. The reason we find only robust persons doing this thing is that it has killed all the others who have tried it"

1806. ___ a bone (with no water)

1807. Phys ed

1808. "An officer of certain governments, employed to suppress the works of genius. Among the Romans…an inspector of public morals, but the public morals of modern nations will not bear inspection"

1809. Casino supplies

1810. Type of artist

1811. Rustic dwellers

1813. Long curtains

1814. More, musically

1815. European speedometer reading (abbr.)

1816. Attending a lecture, say

1817. Future lumber

1818. Make a fuss

1819. F-train stop in Brooklyn that seems like an abbreviation for a video game system

1821. Totally unrighteous, dude

1823. Canada-United States defense org.

1825. Makes free of

1827. Powell's The Thin Man co-star

1828. H.G. Wells's vivisectionist

1829. Tailored joy Taylor-Joy of The Queen's Gambit

1831. Wilson of the Blue Jays

1833. Composer Menken and character Harper

1834. Fit gradually

1835. Corporal and captain

1836. Sci-fi author's creation

1837. They may use chain leashes

1838. US outpost everyone forgets we have

1839. So

1840. Um…let's pretend the first clue we thought of for this one was "Toy Story protagonist action figures"

1842. Small wts.

1843. Rugrats dad

1844. Cuffs about

1845. United pair

1846. Sounds like

1847. Bitcoin rival, for short

1848. Toyota model some call a "grandpa car"

1850. Verbal rubber stamp on the Enterprise

1852. Small rentals?

1853. Romantic hopeful

1854. Nice to look at

1856. Name parts that mean “of”

1859. Thespianism

1861. Spot for a floppy

1862. Accomplish without delay

1863. Technique that means actors have to look like that guy from Hellraiser

1864. Knot remover of a sort

1865. They're not too nimble and not too quick

1866. "In Christian countries, the day after the baseball game"

1867. Source of Rockefeller money

1868. The Chase airer

1869. Connecting device

1871. "That goes for yours truly, too"

1872. Raise a red flag, but not to a bull!

1873. Composer of The Nubians of Plutonia

1874. Worker safety gp.

1875. It numbers a competitor on the track

1877. Lessen dramatically

1878. Minions: The Rise of ___

1879. Gentry epic ___ to Billie Joe

1880. Hubbard in a book cupboard

1882. Memento maker

1883. World-conquering comics canine

1885. Strict time limit

1887. Cheesy pickup line that was a Grammy-nominated tune in 1979

1896. Plied with great food and drink

1899. Huge dinosaurs

1901. Darling child

1902. Theoretical choice

1904. Cornmeal flapjack

1906. Expediously, acronymically

1908. Not stick to a schedule

1909. Shell mates

1910. Percentage quoted by a financial institution

1911. 2008 Pixar film about a trash-compacting robot

1912. ___ of the trade

1913. Sufficiently advanced

1914. 1982 Disney sci-fi film

1915. Vaqueros' ropes

1916. Dumpster diver, often

1917. Call…or call on

1918. Here, in Arles

1919. They're fit to fight

1920. Goes soft

1921. Roller-skated on narrow wheels

1922. Marked for deletion

1926. "You could have kept that to yourself!"

1928. Cow catcher

1930. Enters the joust

1933. Big name at the Louvre

1934. Today rival, briefly

1936. Creole seafood

1938. Those, to Tomas

1940. Fink out

1941. Likely date Rome went to war with Parthia

1942. Wanderers

1943. Deep ones are serious; food ones are not

1944. Stays away from

1945. Short comic act

1946. Hearty's companion

1947. Looked after

1948. Alien abduction vehicle

1949. WC Fields persona

1950. Winnie's description

1952. "Are not!" comeback

1953. Ricky Henderson asset

1954. Needed a bath badly

1955. Sicilian height

1956. The Son of Man painter Magritte

1958. Gimlet or screwdriver

1960. Food-package qty.

1961. Use TurboTax, maybe

1963. We, on a candy heart

1965. Poet Angelou et al.

1967. Tide lead-in

1969. Units of conductance

1970. Kind of policy covering letting others borrow

1972. Lots and lots (of)

1973. Third of three choices

1974. Capi di tutti capi

1976. Worked with so others could learn how to use it

1977. "To have (and to hold) a debt. The word formerly signified not indebtedness, but possession; it meant 'own,' and in the minds of debtors there is still a good deal of confusion between assets and liabilities"

1978. Part of a balance

1979. Discipline

1980. Destroyer or fastener, depending on if it's short for something

1981. Heartthrobs

1982. Pride and Prejudice author

1983. "Homo Creator's testimony to the sound construction and fine finish of Deus Creatus. A popular form of abjection, having an element of pride"

1984. A Wrinkle in Time author Madeleine L'___

1986. Cygnus' brightest

1988. Today co-host Kotb

1990. Overdraft letters

1991. "___ has fleas" (uke-tuning phrase)

1992. Parts of dramas in which single actors speak alone

1995. Catra's frenemy (until the finale)

1996. Author Jorge or drug lord Fuentes

1997. Pope John Paul II at baptism

1998. Collette of Knives Out

1999. Superlative ending for trick or stick

2000. Olympic debut sport of '88

2001. Editor of policy

2003. Papuan city

2004. Those guys in Paris

2005. Brazilian dance band

2006. Trotter stopper

2007. Allows

2008. Uses SodaStream

2009. Guidebooks

2011. Wager that's not very risky

2013. Go too slow in

2016. Repeat this animal’s name three times to get its subspecies name

2017. Lamb's lament

2020. French wine term

2021. Turnpike gate

2024. Killed two birds with one stone

2028. Looked over all relevant data

2031. State of being "less conspicuously admirable than one's ancestors"

2033. Hanna-Barbera dachshund who’d turn to the camera and say “Dat’s my boy who said dat!”

2036. "That was me!"

2038. Imaginary-friend comedy Gene Siskel called “the worst film of 1991”

2040. Clark Kent and Little Orphan Annie

2042. Avant-garde composer Gyorgy

2043. Companion of fears

2044. Physics particle

2045. What used to be called "retardation"

2046. Castaway's creation

2048. "Keep calm, it'll be fine"

2049. Storm surf, vis-à-vis a beachfront

2050. "All flesh"

2051. Bass violins

2052. City’s prison in a Stephen King story and The Simpsons Movie

2053. Colorful eye part

2054. Delete from the old memory banks

2055. Sporty Mitsubishi, for short

2056. Former warrior

2057. They're often seen on slides

2058. ___ show (street performance)

2059. Jokes that may be "running"

2060. Likely to be found at fault

2061. "___ exceeded": sign you may be overtaxing Twitter

2065. Casino game with tickets

2066. He wrote The Valachi Papers

2068. Make stronger, perhaps

2069. “___ contigo:” “To be with you”

2070. "The salt with which the American humorist spoils his intellectual cookery by leaving it out"

2071. Topic of discourse

2073. 1997 French Open winner Majoli

2075. Comparatively villainous

2076. Abuelas in the states

2077. Almost nobody

2078. Procrastinate

2079. Turned yellow, in a way

2081. Brown paints

2082. Be under a cloud

2084. Nintendo DS rival

2085. Lt. saluter

2086. First ___ the United States (title once held by Bo Obama)

2087. Unspeakable boors

2088. He's a little embarrassingly overenthusiastic

2089. Only You actress

2090. Something served in a shell

2091. Patsy's pal on Absolutely Fabulous

2093. Transportation out of town?

2095. Rightful

2096. Tennis tie

2097. Prior part of a play

2100. Addressing in the context of one's actions

2103. Scot's "since"

2104. Remain in a certain state

2105. Empty or drain

2106. Outfits that you’d think you’d always be losing

2107. Pup with no papers

2108. Cab company alternative

2109. More devout

2110. The L in UNLV

2111. That, way back when

2112. Inlays of tiles or stones

2114. City of abomination

2115. "The uniform of the poor, serving to distinguish these creatures from their creators"

2116. Not a single schmatte

2117. Actor Rutger of Blade Runner

2118. Drew to the wrong side of the rink

2119. Flunked

2121. College celeb

2123. City with a Lewis and Clark memorial, for short

2124. She played Jean in early X-movies

2125. Nautical deviation

2126. Hopkins film covering similar ground to Downton Abbey

2128. Phone interface, for short

2130. Avis rental

2131. Narrow sea beast

2132. Diploma word meaning "great"

2133. Reliable expert

2134. Trophies at the Stadium

2136. Noted family of painters

2137. Eloped, e.g.

2138. Largest and strongest players opposite offense, generally (abbr.)

2139. "Just try it"

2140. Andrews and Snyder of show business

2141. Ship-loading acronym

2142. Romance and documentary

2143. House plants

2144. Conk out

2145. What a slightly shy person may request

2147. "And what's your source?"

2149. "Son of," in Arab names

2150. They're taken from dictators

2152. Form with itemized deductions

2155. Device that…um…I don’t know what it does

2157. Like collectible records

2158. Ness, but not Eliot

2159. The first item sold on it was a broken laser pointer, to a collector of broken laser pointers

2160. Sneeze cause

2161. Hesitant question

2163. Org. that included Syria, once

2164. Babe's place

2165. Designer Donna

2166. Get finished on before

2167. Do a pinch-batting job

2168. Squirrel away because you never know when you might need it

2169. Comic's catty Arbuckle?

2170. Koop, Satcher, and Elders (abbr.)

2171. Beautify

2173. Obsessions

2174. The balloon-carried Fugo and the large BLU-82

2177. Until the present moment

2178. Four or larceny preceder

2180. "I knew ___, Horatio…"

2181. Gets around by fudging

2184. A + B's A and B

2186. "Va Va Voom" rapper Nicki

2187. Redundant deference in the military

2189. Made gaudy, with "up"

2190. Distracting disturbance

2191. "The Holly and the ___"

2192. Raid targets

2194. Hotel souvenir?

2195. Many comedy teams

2196. Raises a price, in a way

2197. Ballplayer Bonds

2198. One million dollars, to some

2200. "Well, yes…____other things"

2204. Oxfam and Save the Children

2206. "The revolution will ___ televised"

2207. Perrier rival that’s “green” in reverse

2208. Ultrasecret org.

2210. The duck in Disney's Peter and the Wolf

2212. Salty soup paste

2214. Morbid

2215. Keeps from readers’ eyes

2216. One of the beauties of Scotland

2218. Guy who hasn’t stepped up for his kids

2220. Old Saturn compact

2221. Period when few home runs were hit

2223. Sylvester Stallone role in 1995

2225. Thick as two short planks

2227. "Flowers for ___" (Short story about superintelligence gained and lost)

2228. Cocktail often garnished with lime

2231. God for whom a day of the week is named

2232. "___ Peace" (common grave sight)

2234. Certain staves

2236. "Read my lips, ___ taxes"

2238. Women ___ (nurses)

2240. "Can't talk now, I'm expecting ___"

2241. Embracing traditional masculinity

2242. "Brillig" or "toves"

2244. Dropbox competitor

2245. Original name of Badge 714

2247. Pokémon professor whose name is spoken in "Pokémon"

2248. Capone's nemesis, briefly

2249. Queens of Quetzalapa

2250. Union payment

2251. How recording studio time is priced, often

2252. Eighteen-wheelers have five

2253. CEO resume items

2254. Court ___ James

2255. Stationery store supply

2256. Combining form for Gandhi's land

2258. Bruce's birthplace

2260. Finger food at a fiesta

2261. Fall colour

2262. Pick 'em up kin?

2264. Phrase in Romans 8:24 that sounds bad, but it actually means "certainty"

2266. Syrup sources

2267. Stutterer in Looney Tunes sign-offs

2268. Unkind

2269. Calls the shots

2270. Battle maneuver

2271. Patel of Lion and Hotel Rwanda

2272. Serpent predator fearsome in the wild but easily tamed

2273. Skeeter barriers

2275. Managed

2276. Watering holes

2277. Gives a recap

2278. ___ button to abort malfunctioning missiles (and what a name for it)

2279. First school for some, briefly

2280. Square-mile fractions

2281. Dip bait lightly

2282. Got hitched

2286. Shows the effects of a workout…or of getting worked up

2289. Scatter's syllable

2290. "A place where ships taking shelter from storms are shattered by customs officers"

2292. Rorem and Ryun

2293. Retrieve

2294. “Ils ont ___ là” (“They’ve been there”)

2295. Rory Gilmore hairstyle

2296. It may be suspended

2298. Large books

2299. Italian company?

2300. Blackguard

2301. Diverting defense

2302. Now You See Me genre

2303. Queen Anne's ___

2304. Diviners' cards

2305. Nowhere naval officers

2306. Power chord's setting

2307. Fully blacken

2308. Basic vocabulary level in Common Core programs

2310. Montgomery person, slangily

2311. Shrek's love

2312. Un-crush-able?

2313. [eyebrows rise]

2314. Ships' wheels

2317. In favor

2319. Gaming first-timer

2321. “Tax on tax” paid by some higher classes

2322. Green off-road vehicle

2324. Authoritative decision

2325. Peter of the Monkees

2326. Poisons

2327. Coffee-brewing device

2329. It funded Robert Mapplethorpe (abbr.)

2330. Say furthermore

2331. Won’t stop whining

2332. "To commit an indiscretion without temptation, from an impulse without purpose"

2333. Hateful humans

2334. Bluesy (but not bluegill) guitarist Walter

2335. Author of Trinity

2336. Alpine ridges

2337. Caucasus tribesmen

2339. Pinballer's default

2341. Alexander who wrote Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife

2342. Hindu trinity member

2344. Counterpart to "Ooh!"

2345. Rule for free samples

2347. Member of the NFL, NBA, and NHL

2349. Unlikely beauty queens

2350. Don delightedly

2352. Thick French soup

2353. Type of sauce

2354. Something Homer would like to be called without it being followed by "you're making a scene"

2355. The Butter Battle Book author

2357. King Cole's fiddlers, e.g.

2358. Flow sluggishly

2359. Little fingers

2360. Smells to high heaven

2361. Antislavery novel subtitled A Tale of the Great Dismal Swamp

2362. Mortal who won a contest with a goddess, which turned out to be a really really bad idea

2363. Shape with 135-degree angles

2365. Director Caro

2367. Water closet

2368. Rank below lieutenant junior grade

2369. God father of Egypt

2372. Despoiled

2374. Satellite of Mars

2378. Expire, technically speaking

2381. Number two

2382. Tendency to be believed

2384. Apothecary's container

2385. Wealth and willingness to spend

2387. Old man with two pairs?

2389. Takes apart, conceptually

2391. Like many Greek heroes, or a condensed Exodus 34:5?

2393. Camera initials

2394. Title film character whose last name is Patel

2396. What's in it

2398. Formerly archaic?

2399. Dal thing

2400. Opposite of "Too rich for my blood"

2401. Juul, e.g.

2403. "It's free: it won't cost ___"

2404. Move at a really slow pace

2405. Sommelier's supplier

2407. Ace the test, say

2408. Disturbed states

2410. Brief time, briefly

2411. Hwy. caution

2412. "A daily record of that part of one's life which he can relate to himself without blushing"

2413. Shoemaker Jimmy

2414. Coat section

2415. "___ Really Going Out with Him?"

2416. Japanese merchant ship

2417. Pregnant people, or their wives

2418. "The only exercise I excel ___ jumping to conclusions" (James Nathan Miller)

2420. Land with a red, white, and black striped flag

2422. Site of an 1862 Union victory

2423. City near San Antonio

2425. Suffix after sex or fetish

2426. Gatekeepers

2429. Famous cookiemaker

2431. Swiss abstract painter

2432. LeBron and Drummond

2433. Catalan Landscape (The Hunter) artist

2434. Early settlers' beef

2435. Making barnyard noises

2436. Concluding letters for a proof reader

2437. Simple joke

2438. Middles, in Middlesex

2440. Brand of dungarees

2441. Silently ill-humored

2442. These may change

2443. Does roids

2444. Pass aquarium fish

2445. Lumber-camp contest

2446. Thomas Mann's Der ___ in Venedig

2447. The Secret of ___ (1982 Don Bluth cartoon)

2448. Pimped-out ride feature

2450. Nose tackle's place, for short

2451. Iberian wine center

2454. What your true nature might be under

2456. Red stain in a lab

2458. Representative Haaland

2460. Quit, with "out"

2461. Soapmaking caustic

2462. Waterfront of Yakutsk

2464. It follows "On your mark"

2465. Proverbial source of big-eyed stares

2466. Academic bestowal

2467. Suddenly run to the street

2468. He held that intelligence was neither fixed nor simply quantifiable, but invented the IQ test anyway

2469. Door nick

2470. It's in the service

2471. Brings together

2472. Soprano or Stark

2473. Wind indicators

2474. Single-named Australian pop singer

2475. Indulge "our polite recognition of another's resemblance to ourselves"

2477. Japanese coats

2479. Salacious stare

2480. My ___ Vinny

2481. Severely hampered

2484. Kind of horn

2486. Containing NH2

2488. Wearing ___: being voluntarily recorded

2490. Brigitte's but

2491. Parts of a personality profile

2492. Holder of a tiny mirror

2494. Golden, to Gaston

2495. Circle of power?

2496. Some bonds

2497. Tone of a lyre's center string

2498. xkcd cartoonist Randall

2499. Original SNL cast member Radner

2500. Word with belt or hot

2501. Males "of the genus Hoodlum," to Bierce

2502. Eating and drinking binge

2503. Part of Act IV where Marc Antony resolves to kill Cleopatra

2505. Purify, as gasoline

2507. Is forced to

2508. Kind of con

2510. Prefix meaning "likeness"

2512. "Aim high…" org.

2514. Making to give as tribute

2517. Wilderness Road pioneer

2520. Legislator, constellation, and Hitler Youth-y magician

2521. Portland Timbers org.

2522. Fancy boy

2523. Deactivate, as autoplay

2525. Informal comment after tricking people

2526. Bedrock barker

2527. Angiogram images

2528. Subject of famous Titian paintings

2529. Prepared to hit a driver

2530. Paulsen who played Nurse Ratched

2531. Director Gus Van ___

2532. Punching gadget

2533. Rhett Butler's last onscreen words

2534. US birthplace of Ken Kesey

2537. No.

2538. Cuddly

2539. What you might walk out of the salon with

2540. "The Wizard of ___ Park"

2542. "Otherwise…"

2543. YA author LaCour

2544. Valli of The Third Man

2545. Onerous concern

2546. Like the oldest runic alphabet

2548. Forest bogeyman the ___-King

2549. Higher ketchup sales when French fries become more popular, for example

2551. They show who’s on night shift and kitchen patrol

2553. Traditional Valentine’s gift

2555. 2008 Streep-Hoffman-Adams-Davis movie

2556. Passive protest gatherings

2557. Mathematical extreme

2559. Conjurer, old-style

2561. New Mexico's capital

2562. Cell user's problem

2564. Antigone antagonist

2565. They can prevent flanking

2568. Shortest paths through ellipses

2570. Pay an unexpected visit to

2571. "Took you long enough!"

2573. It may be picked by the picky

2574. Former UN leader Hammarskjöld

2575. Brand used in pipes

2576. Vic's partner of radio fame

2577. Albeniz piano suite

2578. "___ nectar": finest food in poetry

2579. Stadium sounds

2580. Registers full of pounds

2581. Affected by mold or mildew

2582. "So?"

2585. Time saver?

2586. Deadpool, e.g.

2587. What's east of S. America

2588. Twinkled

2590. Let the “free market” take over

2591. Knocked the socks off

2592. Investigate anew, as a case

2593. Hashtag in some weekly, nostalgic Instagram posts

2594. Seoul soldier

2595. Got a new job

2597. Commercial allowances

2598. Best-loved, informally

2599. "I am the Great Cornholio, I need TP for my bunghole" speaker

2600. Slides down at lightning speed

2601. Too-tall tales

2602. Loeb and Kudrow

2603. Shot for the cup

2604. Hoops coach Kruger

2605. Monochrome terrain with craters

2607. Golf Hall-of-Famer Lorena

2608. Joseph who wrote Psycho

2609. It's passed at many a rap show

2612. ___ of Me (1993 PJ Harvey album)

2613. "Shepherd Moons" singer

2615. Colorful South African brew

2618. Desert evergreen trees

2621. Sportscast wrap-ups

2622. Golden rule ender

2623. Ochlocratic rulers

2624. "I Wanna Be Sedated" group

2625. Classics class readings

2626. Virginia, first English child born in America

2627. Long-range assassins, usually

2628. Brings great pleasure to an audience

2629. Homer’s weakness (well, his most acknowledged weakness)

2630. Caballero, e.g.

2631. Walk shakily

2632. Camera giant

2634. Nevada county containing Yucca Mountain

2635. Sporty car roofs

2637. Make a knight

2638. "Morning ___ Broken" (Cat Stevens)

2639. Hog home

2640. Medina Sidonia was its commander

2643. "Take ___ of celery" (recipe part)

2645. Star Wars character who uses unusual syntax

2647. Like a chimney sweep

2648. Like Vichyssoise

2649. Mischievous girl

2650. Portrayer of Helene McCready in Gone Baby Gone

2652. Rare sign?

2653. Football blockers (abbr.)

2654. Embedded spy

2655. NYT columnist Maureen

2656. Dental problem

2657. Downhill run

2658. Chapel seating

2659. Wintrier

2660. Strafe

2661. Fabled steed of 1920

2663. "A tall vegetable intended by nature to serve as a penal apparatus, though through a miscarriage of justice most trees bear only a negligible fruit, or none at all…"

2665. Divided by

2668. When Harry ___ Sally

2669. 1994 deLillos album

2670. More fastidious

2671. Held, as breath

2673. Alfred who got close to an EGOT for Driving Miss Daisy

2675. Medical brain scan

2676. Song whose nonsense title was created by Sting’s eight-year-old son (“I’ve never paid him, so that’s another possible lawsuit”)

2679. Picasso’s postwar icon

2682. Pop singer Zayn

2683. Those of influence

2685. Swam facing one’s goal without breaststroking

2687. On crack or smack

2689. With, in Bonn

2690. Like milquetoasts

2692. Benchmarks (abbr.)

2694. Hindu holy men

2695. "Everyone saw me getting pantsed during the robbery," e.g.

2697. Boys' caps fly off during pitches

2698. Eeyore creator inits.

2700. 2004 Rock Hall of Fame inductee

2702. Lovato who’s "Sorry Not Sorry"

2704. Poet's contraction

2705. Hot under the collar

2706. Oversimplified

2707. It has one stable isotopo

2708. Warren Buffett, to Berkshire Hathaway

2709. Papal chapel

2710. ___ to go (gung-ho)

2711. Involuntary spasms

2712. Found necessary

2713. Components of happy faces

2714. Overly bright, perhaps

2715. End of us all

2716. Jazzist Garner who composed “Misty”

2717. Fuel company that sounds like two contradictory orders

2719. Room temperature

2721. Unorthodox religious group

2723. Ed of the Reagan cabinet

2724. French film fumbler

2728. Nits, eventually

2730. QB Newton

2732. Like Waldorf salad apples

2734. Send away, as a class

2736. Auditory attention

2737. Like a river raft, hopefully

2738. Treats disrespectfully

2740. Like warp drive, briefly

2741. U.K. mem.

2742. Features of some whales

2743. Text-displaying technology on e-readers

2744. Showed tiredness, as on a fence

2745. Mickey and mates

2746. Goodly number

2747. Confines

2748. Children's song character with a button nose

2749. Desirable place to raise eggs

2751. Tracks for buggies

2753. Trick out, as an auto

2755. Bombadier equiv.

2756. Dr. J, for 1980-1981

2757. HS class that covers differential equations

2760. Gave attention to

2762. Coral ridge

2763. Interview, train, and employ follower

2765. Palindromic text

2766. Place to sleep in math class?

2767. When, to Wordsworth

2768. Chevalier expression

2770. Queen Farah and others

2771. Addenda

2772. Hurriedly enter

2773. "Give ___: Don't Pollute!" (old campaign with Woodsy Owl)

2774. Eliciting a shrug, perhaps

2775. Belgian blue

2776. Searches

2777. Certain dogs

2778. Poster holder

2780. The Seventies through the Nineties, to many art historians

2784. Collectives, compressedly

2787. ___-ride (paratransit)

2789. Fish food, sometimes

2791. Otherwise than

2793. Red Bull rival

2795. One of the detectives was actually the killer, e.g.

2798. The world’s first antibacterial bar

2801. Commit career suicide

2804. Cartoon Network’s longest-running original series

2806. Acted the Boy Scout

2808. "First I've heard of it"

2810. Seem to be everywhere

2813. A ___ Two Cities

2815. Like the flock

2817. Knitter's buy

2818. Midday assignation, slangily

2819. DOJ surveillance department

2820. Olympic gold-medal sprinter Justin

2821. Thinks (over) carefully

2822. Noted athletic supporter (abbr.)

2824. Trauma treater, informally

2826. Hilum

2827. Mounts, as for cell phones

2828. Timespan-dependent payment

2829. Vater's refusal

2830. Show of initial astonishment?

2831. Worked at, as one's trade

2832. Examples of "an animal of South Africa, which in its domesticated state resembles a horse, a buffalo and a stag. In its wild condition it is something like a thunderbolt, an earthquake and a cyclone"

2833. Beating at chess

2834. "That 'gift and faculty divine' whose creative and controlling energy inspires Man's mind, guides his actions and adorns his life"

2835. Female antelopes

2836. Spelled out

2838. 33-day pope of 1978

2841. Fall back (on)

2843. Kosovo minority

2845. It reduces toilet paper use

2846. Response to a great retort

2848. Where the taffrail is

2849. Dairy counter assortment

2850. PC system of the past

2852. Awards show since 1993

2854. Islands in Arafura Sea

2855. Blues singer Nina

2856. "___ least tried; what did YOU do?"

2857. ___-over-teakettle

2858. Fruit with apple-like taste

2860. Ossifers

2861. Pig-Pen or Oscar Madison

2862. Affrays

2863. Singular of D2862-Down (which I didn't realize until right now. I…worry about what this project's doing to my brain, sometimes)

2864. Singularity

2866. Singer-songwriters Steve and Justin Townes

2868. Program that turns out ensigns, for short

2870. Clumsy oaf

2872. Isle of MacArthur's return

2874. Slangy "How are you?"

2875. Use for a swab

2876. Highest power?

2877. It's new in Latino music

2878. Hose buy

2881. Strip for Spot

2882. GI's break

2883. Volkswagen hatchback

2884. Ready for the SRO sign

2885. Life According ___ (Emmy-winning documentary)

2886. Boat part of UAE history

2887. Giant deities

2888. National rule?

2890. Looker-on

2891. Like Powerpuff Girl heads

2895. Sever ties to

2897. Burns slowly

2899. Q-tip target, often

2900. MV divided by V

2901. Not his'n nor her'n nor their'n nor mine

2903. Some government bonds

2904. Handles clumsily, as a pail

2905. Dracula miss

2907. Vote of gratitude for Mr. Roboto

2910. Mysteries in the film Arrival

2911. Does nothing much in North Manchester

2913. They were studied by John Nash, subject of A Beautiful Mind

2915. Be uncooperative

2916. Yokums' "Yes, indeed"

2917. Orlando Furioso author

2920. "A variously perforated hollow stick intended for the punishment of sin, the minister of retribution being commonly a young man with strawcolored eyes and lean hair"

2921. Sleepy coworker

2923. A caliph is chosen by people, but one of these is chosen by God

2925. Where a prickly pear prickles

2926. Reach by air

2927. Souphanousinphone from King of the Hill

2928. Quantifiable sign of age

2932. America’s first sneaker company

2934. Estimating words

2935. Coded cry for help

2939. French Revolution’s solution to many problems, which became a problem of its own

2940. Sao ___

2941. What those with baggage and low self-esteem often see themselves as

2946. Pitch ___: prepare to camp

2948. Stepford women of film

2950. Battered brutally

2952. What a milking machine connects to

2953. Ruler in the time of Babe

2954. Burnout

2955. Shelled out

2957. Nose abusers

2959. Final aim, to a philosopher

2962. Comfortable surrounded by

2963. “Rush is right” speaker

2964. Actress Clarke who survived two brain hemorrhages and founded a charity to let others do the same

2965. Queensryche song about finding yourself?

2966. Chop into tiny pieces

2967. They're practicing to practice

2968. Expressions of dismissal

2973. First, second, and third

2974. 1972 pact signed by Nixon and Brezhnev

2976. Food ___ (Anton Ego was one)

2978. Pond dwellers

2980. Rolling Stone rival

2981. Terrible twos' responses

2982. Tie ___ (party all night)

2983. Young male, as far as is known

2984. Millstones

2986. "Oh, you don't like that? ___ you just not like me?" (Adventure Time)

2989. Spews mucus from the nose

2991. Security figure, briefly

2992. "___, queen!" (slangy celebratory words)

2993. Old year?

2994. Franken and Yankovic

2995. In a crafty way

2996. Young salmons

2997. Certain skin bulge

2998. Acronym for straight up and straight down

2999. Where Mandarin Airlines is based

3004. British standard

3006. Drug cooked up in labs

3008. Blonde comic strip teenager

3010. Worldly side, per the Kabbalah