Ubercross Abecedaria C



C1. Part of overarching narrative trajectory! (3)

C4. Quick movie numbers (3)

C7. Pakistani leader part of reversal of archaization (3)

C10. TV police have notes (3)

C13. Educational inst. lost in mischief (3.)

C16. Edenic stops at organizer of liberal gatherings (3)

C19. Current musicianís need! (3)

C22. Acceptance surrounds class-related society (3)

C25. Greek soldiers in Rome loop in here (3)

C28. Mortgage loanerís getting out of hand (3)

C31. French novelist ends with youngest Hanson brother (3)

C36. Crazy, fab mark of knowledge (3)

C39. Resistance sounds deeply thoughtful (3)

C42. Eleven singers take five, subtract sixth (3)

C45. Silly, inexperienced types cross off ďN/AĒ for conditions (3)

C48. Army noncomís Star Wars genre copyright (3)

C51. Leukocyte on limbís end in loo (3)

C54. St. of weight (3.)

C57. Mail item shortened in Greenville (3.)

C60. A&E content oddly by code? (3)

C63. Even atomism leads to branding (3)

C66. Attacks, produces yell (3)

C69. Pope bathing in vegetable oil (3,1)

C71. Truffaut film in incinerator (4)

C72. Not even insults reach them on water (abbr.) (4.)

C74. Two identical gods uncommon in the Vatican (4)

C75. Pale, disturbed ďMercy me!Ē, for instance (4)

C77. Sweet choreography as cover (4)

C78. Regularly saw farmerís need (4)

C80. King soundalike Mort (4)

C81. Aloha Bowl players wedged in into a huddle (4)

C83. Alien Christian (4)

C84. Mobilized local armada too late, host (4,7)

C92. Drink and drink cognac to the bottom, embrace a loveable tough guy (4-1-3)

C96. Numberless droids as Navy personnel (4)

C97. Choices for us in shorthand (4)

C99. Pot of dollars (4)

C100. Smart guy has drink, starts on champagne (4)

C102. Metric opener for trapezoidal solid and ring (4-)

C103. Section of copy on tennis player (4)

C105. Öplus seven in complex illuminatiís outermost edges (4)

C106. Piece of art hist. from sculptor I get (4.)

C108. Bolivian women among gorgeous raspberries (4.)

C109. Lifespan ending, started a family business (4)

C111. Got follower with only half a dance (3)

C114. Knocks out with frozen chicken (4-5)

C116. Rapper ham acts as drug pusher (6,3)

C118. Are pregnant with great Fort Worth resident (3,3,3)

C120. Cryptoís deference to dollar (9)

C122. Surround you with mesh, burying harpooned wound (5,4,4,4,4)

C125. Controlling a perpetrator of mayhem with blades in unexpected motion (6-8,9)

C129. Baseball legend ran a nylon tear-up (5,4)

C131. Simpson watering holeís illusions to amuse the drinkers (3,6)

C133. Toady, contorting, acts phony (9)

C135. Odd loser reassembled minimalist toons (8)

C137. Sketch with tail added in front is dog (6)

C138. Alien in extragalactic face paint (8)

C140. Allied, as I deduced openly (5)

C142. Shriek from pompom girl! (3)

C143. Played winter sport, rose into air (5)

C145. Short bus or SUV in relative humidity (3.)

C146. Subtle troop disguised in point of potential unrest (7,4)

C148. Have origins in firm prongsí breakage (6,4)

C149. Troubled Kent cannot rid undiscovered land of past (4,9)

C151. We donors renege (5,4,5)

C153. Hoity-toity over messy nosh bibs (8)

C155. Not-so-oddly elucidative home-entertainment device (3-2)

C156. Prepare for athletics with ďheadless snakeĒ-like move (3,2)

C158. Exercise to be attended back inside (3,2)

C159. Slather backsides for exploitable success (9)

C160. /backwarditeration (3)

C161. Wealthy Spanish African Americanís intricate repetition (4)

C163. Wurtzbach stirs IPA (3)

C164. Cased bank, got inside (8)

C166. ďMo-o-om! Romneyís yelling!Ē (3)

C167. Magazine and newspaper outreach international (5)

C168. Outran timid agitator for common implant (8,3)

C170. Conclusions from dataóis that so concerning (2,2)

C171. Common gift-giver credit Susan takes out (5)

C173. From within, scent out quotations making up poem (5)

C174. Gourmet enjoys fashionable period surrounded by stimulus that calls for speech (7)

C175. He has 2.0 times (2,2,5)

C177. Arctic dwellers get flash of insight, taking no time (5)

C179. Eye up assistant (4)

C180. Make creditor of Michelangelo Antonini (4,2)

C182. Musical swell in ridiculous cord scene (9)

C184. Rate of turn into escarpment (3)

C185. Smallest simple amount in my investment (5)

C187. Vies for sitcom Pete Sampras highlights (8)

C190. Swirling micron cloud becomes solid support (5,6)

C192. Evenhanded jewelersí wide measurements (4)

C193. Fred and two guys play with keyboardist (7,4)

C195. Inside nicest cafť in France, itís true (1í3,2)

C197. Katharineís cool insult (7)

C199. Middle English letter spelled out by Tokyo ghost (4)

C200. Group fee in twos (4)

C201. Sang hip-hop nickname for Theo (6)

C203. 30-point arthritis med (7)

C205. Joke routine setting a brain twitching (2,1,3)

C207. Oddly, ascetism leads to deeds (4)

C208. Where Gloria is in hideout (3)

C209. Belief systems scored, reordered (6)

C211. Back of hammer in V-type engine (4)

C212. Cut to first to line oneís pockets (3)

C214. French wave leaves French world scatterbrained (4)

C215. Fence border on soggy ground (3)

C216. Grimaceís bright purple computer (4)

C218. Aunt interacts with niece: ďSpeak upĒ (9)

C231. Fuel source in microprocessor (4)

C232. Punishers decapitate killers (7)

C234. Vicary stops only for old movie player (3)

C235. Fainting, for instance, probíly (7)

C237. Clown at edge of California town (5)

C239. Corleone sounds chipper (5)

C241. FaÁadeís underhang is unexpected lace lid (7)

C243. Not on strongmanís club (3í1)

C245. Thought-provoking areas can air discord (6)

C247. Grayish, salty sludge (5)

C249. Taking the risk of undoing giant cinch (8,2)

C251. Image attachment in justification (3)

C253. Snack for comic Margaret with soda; iPhone and Echo coo disruptively for dead set of circuits with browser data (9,9,4,6)

C254. Heading up kinky Het Hamlet (2,3,4)

C255. Food is tempting around Keats (5)

C258. Each mast broken in diagrams (8)

C260. Provide weapon to hurt urban Londoner (3)

C262. Start to dance with 1100 followers of hip-hop run? (3)

C263. Dishonest source of rocky performances (3)

C265. Quick connection for Desilu evens out (3)

C266. Octet is reunited with dog (7)

C268. Cap an anomalous activist movement (5)

C270. King sick of slaughter (4)

C272. Formerly twisted cone (4)

C273. Designer Annaís almost finished outfit (3)

C274. I pilot jet through turbulence for Shiloh of Hollywood royalty (5-4)

C280. Armchairs for Ms. Pocketsí important papers (3,5)

C282. Seats, outward cloth, and pretentions to superiority (6)

C285. Okay here in Monaco, in local time (5)

C287. Partial, pro-forma amount to address to honored woman (2í2)

C288. Plenipotentiaryís got big day for investing (3)

C289. Odd, po-face officer (3)

C292. Year Augustus consolidated power the world over by creating instigations (3,2)

C294. Reindeer in basilica rib? Outrageous (7)

C296. Snatch back grand epic in street buffets, making noise (5,7)

C298. Per recent events, good grades, optimal top on uniform sign of excellence (2,2,4)

C301. Off-kilter oil amount in bottle (9)

C302. Ray of hope grim elm refracted (7)

C303. Data within? Donít ask Steve Jobs (5)

C305. Second to muscular quality (4)

C306. Drainpipe HiltTMís reliability: tricky business (7,9,11)

C308. Each 12:00 makes decay wait (5,1,3)

C310. Middliní, obsolescent! (3)

C312. Nail down identification (3)

C313. Irrelevant if unsophisticated (4)

C314. Beesí pursuers make oceansí sounds (4)

C315. Seasonal goddesses of Greek wine jugs without amp (5)

C317. Brahman welcomes Emanuel (4)

C319. Spanish for Spainís neighbor lang. (3)

C320. Betcha tell idiot to do the impossible (4,3,3)

C323. Says, ďDisallow containmentĒ (2,3)

C324. Beer, sis, wrecked old Mazdas (1-6)

C326. Around jumbled collapse or bid (4,3)

C328. Extravagantly dines on judgesí off days (4,3)

C330. UVA, Duke and the Tar Heels: one tops, two tied for third (3)

C332. Part of speech in protest of international community (4)

C335. Compositions equate left with zero-tolerance stance, initially (6)

C336. Mixed media: The Odd Golf Ball I Almost Pierce, Poorly Categorize as Mid-Range Weapon (12-5,9,7)

C339. Sends message by voice for dudes (5)

C341. Refined sip (8)

C342. Paint roller contains lead (5)

C343. Networkís support is traversed haphazardly (11)

C344. Could the shapeshifter be Nobel refuser (2,3,3)

C348. Bored for slightly less time in the backs of some pubsí potties? (2,4í,4) [NoteÖthis is a modified answer I didnít realize was modified until cluing time! Just pretend itís normal]

C350. Rationalist name in solar energy (4)

C351. Or, uh, nim! (6)

C355. Come to terms with loss of balletgoers (3,2)

C356. Operator code confused with programmerís conclusion (2,3)

C358. Moldovan city church is inauthentic at heart (8)

C360. Google service, inverted, is online nuisance (4)

C363. Swung weapons at vegetable (7)

C364. Fashionable wang, on average (4)

C365. Map path for success with over/under in factory (4,3)

C366. Fake black private plane (4,3)

C368. Basic meat-and-potatoes plan (3)

C370. Military group in back-to-front living areas (5)

C373. Overweight Disney hero at resistance affair that wonít end quietly (5,10)

C377. Blankets on beds now sheets (5)

C378. Swell resort town (4)

C379. Supervillain on benzodiazepine (3)

C380. Band with musical vegetable (4)

C381. Life story with Obama as author, I hear (3)

C382. Paradise in salvation (3)

C383. Sammich for Níawlins lad who canít afford much (2í3)

C385. 1950s Dem. was an endangered species, in short (3)

C386. Plainer pause disrupted axis of sensation (8-4)

C388. Humanity meets machine, blends to be cool thing, yo (13)

C390. Heated kilnís melting similar items (3,3,4)

C392. Wrongly edit in lies about cards (15)

C395. Points of Survey Monkey about ďtotalitarians into gunsĒ (13,8)

C396. Heretofore in heretofore! (3)

C397. Price in music rises, then holds position (3)

C398. Lad had ballplayer Matthew (4)

C400. Fluff left in tailís point (4)

C401. Magic follower McKellen (3)

C402. ďOĒ as in ďopticsĒ (3)

C403. Ekes out living on leftovers surrounding energy bankruptcy at borders (7,2)

C406. Uses gentle stroke with mixed paints (4,2)

C407. Spoonerís pretzel chesspiece tries to deceive (4,2)

C409. Attorney who scored Win, Loose, or Draw (6)

C411. Granary even offers time off (1í1í1)

C412. Spade Allieís ally (4)

C413. Compact inset oven melts batteries, transistors (6,10)

C416. Handwrote letters for classic whodunit (3,4,5,4,4)

C418. 1950s war romanceís strange theory of retirement (4,4,2,8)

C420. Truncated cry: ďItís physicist GeorgĒ (3)

C422. ďI find pattern in the irrational conception system, absinthe-etherised, disturbedĒ: actorís mindset engaged and competitive (6,4,2,7,3,5,2,6,2,2)

C425. ďGo for another tourĒ in trooper euphemism! (2-2)

C426. Oil unfortunately too scented (10)

C429. Stares blankly at Jupiterís companions (5)

C430. Turn and duck, making head invisible (3)

C431. Address with as toy Transformer (3,2)

C433. Chapel service includes alternative (4)

C434. ďT___ť!Ē (4)

C436. Museum town without a hobbit (5)

C438. Field of action taking street after first sigh (5)

C439. Was first in digital display (3)

C441. Detectors heard those who keep things from us (7)

C444. Signal comparison unit leads into air (3)

C445. Adventurous, entrenched hit-toy backer/founder coaches youth, offers advice on investment (3í1,5,4,8,6,4,3,7)

C447. Ape much-mocked Trump feature in EU conversion (9)

C448. Give rise to erect fiercely, hotly erotic model with shocking parts (8,6,2,11)

C449. Saluted awkward, inept potheads (6,3í1,3)

C450. Afterlife victim on rocky slope lost tan on rocky slope (5)

C452. Merrily escort us to prepare for romance (3,5)

C454. Everglades swimmer to stay in a shirt (7)

C457. Forbidden acts in Mansion on O Street (2-3)

C460. Thunderstruck quintetís energy flowing in both directions (2/2)

C464. Majority of Muslims more optimistic out of ER (5)

C466. Pie chart feature in news story (7)

C467. After that, Soviet Army gets cybersecurity experts (3,3)

C468. Drew mulligan (5)

C469. North Carolina is reliable franchise (4)

C473. Sleep easy around items associated with insomnia (4)

C476. Shot at William Morris (4)

C479. One who dwells in upper range is diced meal to Al (4,4)

C483. OzoneÖAND hydrogenÖ?!?!?!Ö (4)

C487. Distorted refractive presentation of map scale (14,8)

C489. Fireball sounds more savory (6)

C491. Be sorry for kangaís cry (3)

C492. Dictator: ďBeheading for online laughterĒ (3)

C493. Notorious producer in workouts (3)

C495. Bag up sources of public keys (3)

C496. Georgeís shared verse (8)

C497. Touch stairs, navigating without instruments (7,6)

C498. Crudely sever sac with deep fissure (8)

C506. Hear, observe cries for soft mud on ocean floor (3,4)

C508. Brought into this world as beatnik or neatnik (4)

C510. AA began here, with an infiltration from Robin Williamsí imaginary planet in opposition (5)

C512. Aimeeís signoff excludes ďYouíre to get possessive,Ē as Aimee would put it (5)

C513. Spoonerís done ink with no argument (4,4)

C519. Holy beginning of feudal aid (5)

C524. Sermonís grace twisted by those appealing to fear (12)

C529. Conga again in pattern for sketchpad discards (5,5)

C533. In brief, bank drafts capital values of Chiang Kai-Shek (3.)

C536. People who save her roads in disrepair (8)

C537. Tyrant in temper, ornery (7)

C538. Madam communicates with e-connectivity unit (4)

C539. Pledge to charity enough (1,4)

C540. Tyler Perry character: ďI see no difference between stigmas and stigmataĒ (5)

C541. Cam-wearer shaped nearly white pottery (9)

C542. Old-school magazine mixer in mum gala (6,3)

C547. Chess pop song from crazy honking bong intake (3,8,2,7)

C549. Talk to beast (3)

C550. Hemiphobic writer (3)

C551. Influence reactionary girl (2,2)

C552. Talk show host gets ďP.O.ídĒ with officer? Hell yeah (2-3)

C553. Pauses in life-or-death arenas (3)

C554. Manners in airport area (7)

C555. Typical of sightseers: ďMake it citrousĒ (9)

C556. Counselor lies, so crash in approaching disaster (9,6)

C560. Corrupt, learn to broadcast make-believe (3,4)

C561. An online signal boostís song and dance (4)

C562. Not be irrational in refusal to risk cash (2,3)

C563. Town of 545 (3)

C564. Madness of a sort as can shift (5)

C566. Gimme catalogís price spread for religious journeys (11,2,5)

C572. Further prepares food from even green crop of KISS (7)

C575. Record train of year Attila makes his move (3)

C576. Riotous roast of early tycoon (5)

C577. Slide down in sheepskin (3)

C579. Coder abandons boa for mountain environment (8,3)

C582. Sharpen alert state into that man (4)

C583. Refugeeís land (3)

C585. Deserve (so I hear) breakfast-buffet vessel (3)

C586. Hybrids bred in togs (6)

C588. Coloring intersection within intersection (4)

C589. Frasierís construction vehicle (5)

C590. H-coil materials for Mars fanatic (10)

C593. Motion from position noisier than quiet leave (4,10)

C594. Medical proís procedure yields bit of blood (4)

C595. Avant-garde random-number generator for salacious film (5)

C597. Portent includes failure for follower of children? (2,3)

C598. Radio shock jock heard as front of queue (4)

C599. Cardinal or prelate Iíd catch hurrying excitedly (6,9)

C600. Small sharkís push to dominate around lake (10)

C602. Network monitoring for bona fides (3)

C604. Balm in Gileadís secret of dynasty (4)

C606. Efficient sub-program in economic specialty (5)

C608. State without a river remains state (6)

C614. Speedy action scenes superior in detective stories (3,6)

C623. Juvenile escapeeís quote about showing up (4)

C624. Impales family of Ď90s politics (5)

C625. Slice is front-to-back measurement (6)

C627. Subtitled ďslopeĒ (3)

C628. Smith blocks ear bones (6)

C630. Cable channel, in short, is sure Southern (3)

C631. Chaos: ARISE, GODS (5)

C632. Sheltering at-risk YA heroine (4)

C633. Signifies resources (5)

C634. Heard asset destruction, weeps (5,1,4)

C635. In unmistakable disguise (3)

C637. Brusque in intersection (5)

C639. Greek element held by faerie (3)

C640. Soccer celebration consumed salt (6)

C641. Some bad actor (not me, clearly) showed point where puzzle theme clicked (3,6)

C642. Exit key hidden repeatedly in scarlet alfresco crescent (3)

C643. American Horror Story mainstay OíHare is after shelter (5)

C644. Bird with longer scream becomes new bird (3,5)

C646. Stupid, lame menu (God!) (8)

C648. From the sound of it, stitch payout for Turner (6)

C649. Get back for early-eve nuptials (4,2)

C651. Treesí heartless competition (4)

C653. Doc shifts in uncontrollable habit (3)

C655. Chaps. list in upended bed (3)

C656. Two of clubs electronically signaled from behind (5)

C657. Amusing fellow singing on shrooms (5)

C658. Prosper, discomfiting irate kin (4,2,2)

C659. Talia of Nottingham (5)

C660. Earth gossip (4)

C661. Ballplayersí glitchy animation (7)

C665. Erstwhile German president in sauerkraut (3)

C666. With pursed lips, be late for lunch (3)

C667. Try to make out urine on animal (4,2)

C668. Change valuation of pattern of mythology (9)

C669. In few words: like dunce cap following Angeleno (7)

C671. 199-head person, but shorter (3)

C674. Scrumptious pulpís a blend (4,2)

C675. One full of alcohol stuttered, ďImaginary elephant!Ē (5)

C676. Second area to sop up (4)

C678. Awakened, Carter turns into center, Bart gets bent, and Harry starts going by Henry (6)

C681. In brief, Hollywood baseballers stretched note (3)

C683. Vatican brief is pursuant of regressive action (6)

C684. Hear two worry: ďAck! Everyoneís ought to get meĒ type (9)

C686. Canít clue mess to be respectable (5-3)

C688. Tear off German info about rotation speed (6)

C690. Guiliani or Christie caught in complex dance (2-2)

C691. Perfume in Rome, done as the Romans do (5)

C693. Viewable in Destination Nowhere (2,3)

C694. Audit a license, internally (6)

C695. As I was saying, little dog, get dry (3,2)

C697. Defib team for injured Mets (4)

C698. Refuse to oven-stir (4,2)


C700. Dedicate first riff to macroeconomic inequalities (5,6)

C701. Heistmeisterís done a canny swap! (5,5)

C703. Chocolate sources blended into taco crease (5,5)

C707. Code of iPad deadened on holiday (4,8)

C709. Restless realist, tenacious fighter (3)

C710. Hayek in Richardís Almanack (5)

C712. Hoopsters in pinball (3)

C713. Mus. recap (3,2)

C715. More slapstick, thoroughly backwardÖbrainier? Not by half (6)

C717. Castle tries to stay updated (5,4)

C719. Clearly French modern family woman (6)

C720. Innocent IIIís spanís hundredth beginning (5-)

C721. Keynes studies a late acrobat, gives up barely halfway through (2,5)

C723. Enjoys shade from it in break (3,5)

C725. Two guys really blew (6)

C727. ďCone headĒ in misnomer (3)

C728. Lessons for one: playing set due (6)

C729. Flow diesóBOOMóin closed ecosystems (8)

C730. Impetuous dancer extended her neck (6)

C733. Shed in Leeds: under-asylum, do you call it? (5)

C735. Knitting story (4)

C737. Garbage as lists (5)

C739. Embarrassing affectation founded on mistake (5)

C740. Pitches weapons (8)

C741. Fought with lance and hook, threw offstage (7)

C742. Bob, bathtub bombís feature is flexible (5)

C743. Stuttering, that girl would become refuge (3,4)

C744. Swerve vehicle even further into the past (6)

C745. Corporate fund observation sources, initially! (4)

C747. Three Italians in retreat (3)

C748. Spoonerís fencing in steps, just being there (6,2,5)

C749. Change after copper siding it may be charged (6)

C751. On the outside, cheerer annoys: ďMost well done!Ē (8)

C752. Is tomorrow any different, sister (8,5)

C753. From death, Iíd emerge: ďI request asylumĒ (4,2)

C754. Brown agent of destruction (6)

C756. Scaliest wriggly stretchers (8)

C759. Disney girl in soliloquy (4)

C760. First degreeís kind of relief (3)

C761. Ivesí lump (4)

C762. In lab, as always, just keeping things running (5)

C763. Corporate leader in Cretaceous (3)

C764. I nearly glimpse Japanese shrine site (3)

C765. Tic followers frantically run back (4)

C766. Rigs drama dishonestly for big party (5,4)

C768. Snappy vitamin drink (4)

C769. Pope sounds like believer (4,1)

C773. Tree-herderís rowdy ten (3)

C774. Dissident armed in ute, for one (7)

C776. Actresses Lane and Keaton in media nest (6)

C778. Gather unraveling rag (4)

C779. Escape for love, enveloped hearts! (5)

C781. Frank with direction to assassinate God (5)

C784. Sculptorís Instrument in Yorkshire (3)

C785. Cram for big opening advantage (4,2)

C787. God inside out inside out (3)

C788. Gumshoe persistently infiltrating Monte Carloís white-collar haute couture (3)

C790. Howl heard in South Seas Island (3)

C791. Prez of western US territory (3)

C792. Iím in pacifistís metaphor for kindness (4)

C793. Smash mercy, scribe, with invitations to suicide and publication of addresses (11)

C795. Ballplayers using Lin as base (6)

C796. Sailor follows pattern of ďavastsĒ (6)

C797. Housing gp. in Manhattan (3)

C799. Scolds for unvoiced jobs (4)

C800. Puts cash on thoracic and lumbar regions (5)

C804. Anxious, lost head and relapsed into sugary reward (7)

C806. Brown bear on your side (5)

C807. Wine rating of simulacrum (3)

C808. Stupidly loses blackthorn pickings (5)

C810. Phoned for ďPop PeacockĒ in Snap-Crackle Land (5-6)

C813. Last out, leaving City of Angels behind, is portly (5)

C815. Say, wow, hey, get money for found gift (8)

C818. Martial artist McGregor at disadvantage at medical facility (5)

C819. Claimed enterprising duck was officer, for short (5)

C822. Smashed a mess of tables (5)

C824. Maligned dog who sings ďTimber!Ē (3,4)

C826. Talks to baby executives (4)

C827. Motorcycle on London Street with doctors (6)

C828. Cobra twists into one of three (1,1,2,1)

C829. Spirits sing merrily (4)

C831. Exceptional spellings of ďgefrorenes WasserĒ (3)

C832. Stretching reef into livestock pen (6)

C833. Goatsucker swallows feed (4)

C835. Writer makes list of least stale tales (5)

C837. Naughty rascal of great magnitude without direction (6)

C838. Came down to earth again and again in qualitatively totalitarian reality (4)

C840. Seat belt holds up bits and pieces (5)

C842. Listen, make half-cut in donuts for party food (6)

C843. Wants, strainsÖcould not be (4í1)

C844. Gift-box material (9)

C846. Crown prince has source of on-point broadcasts (3)

C848. Channeler Edgar hears first signs in Kansas City (5)

C849. Princess active one who sings, overjoyed (4)

C850. Counted and deceived again (6)

C851. Craving secondary-educator gossip (5)

C852. Revised my atlas even as badasses employed by US military (4,4,5)

C853. Crying to internal listeners (3,4)

C855. Iím true x-amalgamation! (7)

C856. Tore doll, catch piecesÖYouíre sick (4,3,6)

C857. One adorable stabbing (5)

C859. In spirited dash, gods hurl themselves into final battle here (5)

C861. Classical classic is heartless sex stuff (6)

C863. Spelling variations for aberrance, petulancy, and relevance in olden times (4)

C865. Achier in torso, rerespirated (5)

C867. Homeownerís catty sound (4)

C868. Toy soldierís fighting outfit with coffee (1.1.,3)

C869. Kids making 78 with eye candyÖin pennies (1,8)

C870. Not cutting edge of street with helpful program (5)

C872. ďHalf an hour to start? Told ya!Ē (3)

C873. Dogs and cats backstep (4)

C874. Oozy creatures in caterpillar vassalage (6)

C875. Artworks in desert sand (5)

C877. Water spirits suffuse patina I adsorb (6)

C878. Please disentangle physical exercises from war site (3)

C879. Trump quote got prosecutors turned around (3)

C880. Cast Ďem crudely into subs below subs (1-5)

C882. Untouchables, for instance, among podcasters (5)

C884. Orange triangle enclosed in trapezoid, or it opens (6)

C886. Two partners are just okay (2-2)

C888. Holy wriggler of metal (5)

C890. Agitating, ďBAN TRUMP, FAMOUS LIARĒ (1.1.,6)

C892. Sonny who sang ďWith or Without YouĒ (4)

C893. ďAmo, amas, amatĒ process in worldwide classics (abbr.) (4.)

C894. Singing Johnny done messed uniform for mail-order fulfillment (4,2,8)

C897. Bankrupt of new-waver credentials (6)

C898. Fake backing for computers (4)

C902. Speech for significant other and you in Rome (4)

C903. Energy field as mother? Thatís chromosomal mix-up (7)

C904. Lower-Ęased Ęapital (5)

C905. Even AC/DC bluesfest indicates esoteric signs of musical knowledge (1,5)

C907. Diddleyís church has painter of Hell (5)

C909. Wow, militia oddly lead to end of all conflict (5)

C910. Young, mediocre athlete (7)

C912. Writer Silverstein almost fills row of books (4)

C913. Heat a mote, stir, and swallow in the kitchen (3,2,4)

C916. Brainless potheads powdered inks (6)

C918. List for curious business (2-2)

C920. Barely manage move in hockey, match in boxing without lead-ins (3,3)

C922. Group of stars or charged particle (5)

C923. Hollywood grant to revoice psychic-teen film (4)

C924. Fix musical group (4)

C925. Superheroís clipped catchphrase (5)

C926. Teacherís back to Clooney (4)

C927. Shape with pointy end front to back for century (3,1)

C928. Employ during impromptu Seinfeld (3,2)

C929. Great market for Mike (4)

C930. Class calendar feature in theology school (abbr.) (3)

C931. Letter from Latinx is threat to humanity (3)

C932. Consume common ingredients of meat, wheat, treats! (3)

C934. Yipes! Look out for decapitation (3)

C936. Romeoís above bank in error (1í2)

C937. Cal Ripken Jr. or Heraclesí romantic pursuit (6)

C938. Agreement to pick and choose their leaders (4)

C940. ďLike youíre ___ talk!Ē (Daffy E-toon) (3,2)

C942. Alert is redundant end of nap (4)

C944. Bazaar prices donít exclude seniors (4)

C945. Horse attendants in greasy cesspool (5)

C946. Economist Mary heard every morning (4)

C947. Muscle in spec script (4)

C948. Getaway to Virginia coral reef (5)

C949. Ran like CD in alphabetic sequence (4)

C950. Timepiecesí lock: US materials (6,6)

C953. Latin spirit of dialectical materialism (4)

C954. Muppet going through puberty (4)

C955. Procure absent, wild outliers (13)

C956. Disrupted sad isle on oneís own (7)

C958. Tűiled desperately (1,5)

C961. Spock polished illogical cut (7,6)

C962. Lick scamp lawlessly poaching eyeballs (5,4)

C964. Baseball teamís redesign has cubic cog (7,4)

C968. Kitchen personality trashes ďbitchy fleecerĒ (9,4)

C971. Spyís connection (4)

C972. Shout, ďK!Ē (4)

C973. Captain requests port barrels (5)

C974. Prepare to fire for pack of lies (4)

C975. Spike, come in third without leader (4)

C976. Big name in running makes America popular (5)

C977. Relax with music in floral fashion (4)

C979. Pays gold carelessly, builds Jurassic Park, or rewrites someoneís memories (5,3)

C982. Cherubim toss apples around Greek landmark (2.,4)

C983. Entered avant-garde cinema (4,2)

C984. Dog, green, looked after eagle (8)

C985. Autumn chore sorted (5)

C986. Hank not surprised about stomachaches (5)

C988. Make up oneís mind about bias in Fox (3,2)

C989. I exhort you, look over story of Echo (5)

C990. Long tree (4)

C991. Do company conditional (4)

C992. Closes off small dwellings (5)

C993. Car makes sheep noises backing up (4)

C994. Bludgeon in Brussels with advanced math (4)

C995. Maternal governing body needs leader (5)

C996. Functioned as spellerís contest with no consonant (4)

C997. Edie almost gets to kestrel (5)

C998. Coy follow-up to ďIdeal salary?Ē (3)

C999. Like Nordic leaderís food in ice package (6)

C1004. Canít deny take (5)

C1008. Men with song of newly released dogs beginning to bark, I have discovered them (4)

C1009. ďIntends one will, in potentia?Ē ÖIím stoked (4,2)

C1010. Heavens made from hogsí parts (2,4)

C1011. Recorded ďI VotedĒ dance (6)

C1012. Cling to hot clan feud (7)

C1013. Bridge site license with a purpose (5)

C1018. Jiujitsu in gi outfitsÖappealing (5)

C1020. Unfortunately, inept toss intrudes (5,4)

C1022. Smell of jingling penny (5)

C1023. Shift down a little to make it BN vocational training (4)

C1024. Social capital in magic redemonstrations (4)

C1025. Jerks in elevator shoes (5)

C1026. Shout obscenities, stubborn sort (4)

C1027. Auto-tweeter has first two (4)

C1028. Frickiní hid lake (5)

C1029. French-friesóbad luck, cretin (7,3)

C1031. Voiced for all, without borders (4)

C1032. Turn on Shift + E to twist (6)

C1033. Structure from parts 18-21 (5)

C1034. Voids obligation for ex-temps with tiny opening move (7)

C1038. Asleep and not safe (3)

C1039. Numbered cross-country path goes into infinite numbers (1-3)

C1040. Dos once were diverseóyou excepted (7)

C1042. Dorm authority in cross with hydrophobe of sorts (4-1)

C1044. Things to do with Ayn in med facilities (7)

C1045. He says you send him crockpot without closing lid (5)

C1046. Hidden in tub, unseen backside (4)

C1047. Rant against fraud (4)

C1048. Without laughter, hesitate to occupy (3,2)

C1049. Peace symbol took plunge (4)

C1050. Legs on either side of Al (4)

C1051. Mature giants captured ancient palace (5)

C1052. Color in microanalysis (4)

C1053. From behind, wrestle with holds, leaving marks of injury (5)

C1054. Serviceable aid in getting rid of Q10 (5)

C1055. Artistic plagiarist of Overwatch hero (6)

C1056. Code-talking Miami Native American (5)

C1057. Oregon editor for UK pub (3)

C1058. Robot once from the future goes back in time to create Di-dahís beginning (3)

C1059. Pin-upís minor, barely-discussed surgery (3)

C1061. Runny omelets detract from security measures (5,9)

C1063. Toxic pricing margin reduction (5)

C1065. Like wrestling menís moot, heroic struggle (10)

C1067. Chew on these noseless missiles (4)

C1069. ďOneĒ means ďIncludes first of twelveĒ (5)

C1070. Beast of swamp and area surrounding (5)

C1071. Like champagne, idioó (4)

C1072. Section in dimension (3í1)

C1073. Lick repeatedly, like cozy feline, without a hint of coyness (3,2)

C1074. Messes up speech with snotty attitude (4)

C1075. Hard or soft-shelled creature or grump (4)

C1076. Mercedes are on top of chattering (5)

C1077. Cold War enemy at disadvantage, finally stumbling (4)

C1078. Loses interest, samples more fish (5)

C1079. PsstÖthe ugly evaluations of baseness (2,5)

C1081. Folding into behavior I gamify (7)

C1083. Trained rescue in HBO series (8)

C1085. Who are Median Frostyleaves (4)

C1086. Style Guide: A Style Guide (3)

C1087. What? Itís overkill to use a sledgehammer to crack fish swimming upstream (1,3)

C1088. In FranceÖthe, theÖriverÖI forget (5)

C1090. Location of sense of hearing (4)

C1092. Edís animated spark (3)

C1093. Endonym in Sweden or Germany (5)

C1094. Try, Roker, for objective (4)

C1095. Snatch bank by any means necessary (5-2-5-3)

C1098. Whatís here is part of ancient history (4)

C1099. Wants, yet shanít arrange (4í1)

C1100. Exaggerated guyís prepositions (4)

C1101. Handles quick greeting, quick flashes (5)

C1102. Casino games consumed by chickenosaurus (5)

C1103. Platform in symbiosis (3)

C1105. Actiní, e.g., as Sharon on Cagney and Lacey and Burn Notice (5)

C1106. Act One: Fluctuating Gas Stat (6)

C1109. Likewise was lost on every other point (4)

C1110. French townís petty worker with in-out (5)

C1111. Tine from parts store for wave gauge (14)

C1113. Babiesí Barbies (5)

C1116. Dictator dissolves casual juries (6,6)

C1120. Prayer place for confessed scoundrel (4)

C1122. Power sources within, allís excellent (2,5)

C1124. Pose as aggressive fish (2,2)

C1125. Abilities to ignore open mouths for entrees (4)

C1126. Oh, singer of Phoenicia radio (5)

C1127. Pierreís eye on Poe illustration (4)

C1128. Biz. process interrupted and reversed (4.)

C1129. Dance, laugh at Morgan Freeman film (5)

C1130. TomTomó (4)

C1131. Ringers for Alexander, Graham, and Vanessa (5)

C1132. Decapod-shelled crime boss (4)

C1133. Why we mooch outlandishly (3,4)

C1135. Barracuda chews chewed thing (3)

C1137. Chi Minh of shoe-fitting (4)

C1138. Clever-sounding guys: ďSo long, you stupid startupsĒ (4)

C1139. Attention-getting statement in addresses for places to find syrup (5)

C1140. Neutral spot to fish (6)

C1142. Cool, itís coal-burning (7)

C1143. Getting out from underground up (4)

C1145. UK TV truncates Bibi speech (4)

C1147. Distressed sounds from osprey, owl, sparrow (5)

C1148. 2016 champs: good mark in resumes (4)

C1149. Paint clothing (4)

C1150. Retraction: reversal about playing card (5)

C1151. Palms and gropes (4)

C1152. Lesbian love story with Russian name (4)

C1153. Drink derived from ingredients of tonic (10)

C1155. Pokes fun at sound from casual shoes (5)

C1156. Nav. officersí figures following dots (4)

C1157. Quick look in Tuscany (4)

C1159. Hardass about nutritional information (4)

C1160. Backed away, mindlessly hurried off (4)

C1162. It was you, emeritus, hiding it (3,2)

C1164. Alien-watching police with 1,048,576 storage units (3)

C1166. Hops and hops on disc, hollow circles (5)

C1167. Fire if ugliness becomes likelier to end poorly (6)

C1168. Pot, weed, crack in a bit more than one row (3,4)

C1170. Whenever amenity is worked out (7)

C1172. Strangely, rents to cartoon dog (5)

C1173. Sub rosa, Rey outlasts othersí question of ďWhether I am or notĒ (3,3)

C1175. Turn bad in Missouri (4)

C1177. Muddled mid-beginning around Middle Agesí end (3)

C1178. Young animalís gun (4)

C1179. German city sounds good to France (4)

C1180. Hearts of co-residents (5)

C1181. Gave a signal and heartlessly eliminated (4)

C1182. No-stigma mixers to clear the air (4-4)

C1184. Tax to make shirts, reportedly (6)

C1185. Store of information about pain (5)

C1186. Put cameraís eye on Peter (3)

C1187. Clinch the game in Venice, Italy (3,2)

C1189. Juju I need shows in Benin at start of summer (4)

C1190. Mashed taters in multiple media (3,3)

C1192. Swanson in earlier times was one tough to ride (5)

C1194. Philosophy almost finishes off philosopher (3)

C1196. Martinique, for one, mentioned in boilerplate (3)

C1197. Guess at letter (3)

C1198. State number of years old on platform (5)

C1200. Do move unevenly at site of long wait (3)

C1201. Probing questions asked for prov. (4.)

C1203. Thrashing, ill orca clanís cry for action (7,4)

C1206. Peddle goods to warmonger (4)

C1207. Holdups in dynamic lot sizing (5)

C1208. Admission of error in troopship (4)

C1209. Joy in musical show (4)

C1210. What the Temptations werenít too proud for, back in Oxbridge Botanical Center (2,3)

C1212. Best of the lot in autopsies (4)

C1213. Bit of pizza and soda (5)

C1214. Brillo promo?? How awful (2,3)

C1216. Bacterium in broken bone area (8)

C1218. My ascent begins with clatter, expanded circle against darkness (6,2)

C1220. Relicís frequency in nanosecond (8)

C1222. Korean boy band hit (3)

C1224. Bouncer thrashes us; oaf is easily provoked (3,1,5,4)

C1225. Curve on curve results in offspring (4)

C1227. Robe for disheveled altos (5)

C1229. Discomfiting a rich moderate (5)

C1231. Push pencil point (4)

C1233. Top student to part hair to the left (4)

C1234. Vertiginous setting for Italian (4)

C1235. You and I improvise with the truth of duckís feet (4)

C1236. Ask no confusing, deep questions (5)

C1237. Shines without you ďlifelong friendsĒ (4)

C1238. Nate Cameron (4)

C1239. Shaking up any Euro-theater, in promotional phrase (4,3)

C1241. Rattled, overawed at argument worth reinstating (3,1.,4)

C1243. Alternately, act as up to roguish alert (8)

C1245. Shadowiest concealment of boo-boos (5)

C1246. Lane from replowed soil (4)

C1247. Sports team in sports vehicles (4)

C1249. Speechy reactions to vocal Siamese attacks (7)

C1250. Thatís ITís hashtag: ďAlternatingĒ (3)

C1251. Reimagine opera as soap on followers? (1,4)

C1253. Sneak up on plant body (5)

C1255. Profitable talentís tender scare (4,3)

C1257. Explorer among blood oranges (4)

C1259. Trillionth Argentine mount (4)

C1261. Gate in manorship (3)

C1262. Trains golfer (3)

C1263. Deaconessí store of party hats and such (5)

C1264. Beat and restrain, as a perp (4)

C1265. Simply put, Papa/Nana in sexually explicit story (4)

C1266. Middle time span, abbreviated (3.)

C1267. Insurance covers volcano with first of annuities (5)

C1269. Sounds of insect and drink cubes overlap for Heidi (6)

C1270. Group Zoom with Connie, Opie, Ned, Frank, Edie, Rita, Edward, Nora, Charlie, Evan, Chris, Alex, Leo, Leonora booting up (10,4)

C1272. Building interpretation around Connecticut (12)

C1276. Is hard, more or less (3)

C1277. Sense hand of Swedish politician (5)

C1280. Peewee fish (6)

C1281. Beverage to do puzzle author in, I hear (6)

C1282. Design with flying animal, olive branch, you, me, aquatic animal (6)

C1284. Clique of businessí fourth row (2-5)

C1286. Remini and Lewis crumble shale (5)

C1288. Act together in Titanic action radio drama (4)

C1290. Capital in pseudohallucination (4)

C1292. CIA target hidden back in subtle difference (5)

C1294. Sunspotsí surprise attacks (5)

C1295. Keep nothingÖthen put a 100 on top of both sides (phew!) (5,4)

C1297. Rock is unending god (5)

C1299. ďA little ___ do ya,Ē says toy (3í2)

C1301. P.O. contents from Shaky Sven (4.)

C1302. Loving touch begins to soothe after worries (6)

C1303. Headless fossil in lime (6)

C1304. Stupid app is bullshit (3)

C1305. Tower sounds like quite a sight (6)

C1306. Gathering up DC team to edges of city shows steadfastness (9)

C1311. Concept of myself as one-man busting organization (4)

C1312. Long way to run in the Bible Belt? (5-7)

C1315. Will forge (5)

C1317. Social climber corrects newsroom with new broom (4)

C1319. Turn around for love bites (4)

C1321. Not one juvenile member (3)

C1322. And yet one mixed-up nut is surrounded by sweat stink (3,2)

C1323. Someone at workout center (4)

C1324. Lord Grantham promptly interrupted (4)

C1325. Activist surrounds one with treacly talk (7)

C1327. Burning in chemical I entered (8)

C1329. Hippocratic violation in pharmaceuticals (4)

C1330. Univ. staffersí social media (abbr.) (3.)

C1331. Oh, no! Reception roomís topsy-turvy (4)

C1332. Refashion poem after entertainment (6)

C1333. Part of fiasco, I lurch into tailspin shape (4)

C1334. Heartless villain is lech (4)

C1335. Studentís extension due for revision (3)

C1336. Stephen Hawking and Newt Scamander needed midyear break (5,8)

C1338. Top crews straightening out lateral masts (3-4,5)

C1341. People, never stopping, attempt to end discrimination (3)

C1343. Toast demolished by small predator (5)

C1345. Purchase with unmarked bill slipped under for porters (4)

C1347. Source of oil and oxygen on muscle (4)

C1349. Armor bulge with pile of messages (7)

C1351. Vigor of bet on Brazilian city (4)

C1352. Action hero Joe caved, lost breath (4)

C1353. Overly shy, voiceless Gentile (3)

C1354. Hammered, led nowhere, collapsed (4)

C1356. Slave camp Caligula gave housing (5)

C1357. Moderates lose so badly (6)

C1359. Whoa, look! Site building materials expanded (1,3,2)

C1365. Ridiculous ďvenom chocolateĒ trap overturned (4,2)

C1367. KD got a first magic word for second magic word (7)

C1369. Locator in perfidy (4)

C1370. Olympic gold medalist just missed being coed (3)

C1371. Alleged saviorís got some ego! (3)

C1372. Write in prison (3)

C1374. United Nations A-1 in Azcapotzalco (3)

C1376. Peruvian bills underfeet (5)

C1378. Restraint lost small second choice (4)

C1380. Number of touchdowns right now (4)

C1382. ďRight, Iíd rot badlyĒ (5)

C1383. Finish solviní (2,2)

C1384. Nu-German ďSubmarine U Edit OutĒ (4)

C1385. Checked IDs not tossed aside (6)

C1388. Hatcher of bacteria (4)

C1390. Outdoor property in occupation (5)

C1392. Air passage sounds like congestive disease (4)

C1393. Prime minister no longer ill in place of worship (6)

C1394. Help? The help started late (3)

C1395. Sandwich generationís representatives use AmEx (3.)

C1398. Cleaner song by Coulton (7)

C1405. Unchallenging work for rapper who suffered greatly (5)

C1406. In ďBravo,Ē I certainly include speaker (5)

C1407. Depopulating rooms to naughtily pet in sensitive areas (9,7,3)

C1413. Seed of masterís in dissertation on game (3,4)

C1416. Burnt peach unsatisfactory for tiny hunter (7,3)

C1419. Overconfident mugs get messed up (4)

C1421. Crazy mofoís failure to see sound comfort food (4,4)

C1423. Pager noise (@#%%!) (4)

C1424. Butt is capable (3)

C1425. Haitian food in machine pistol (4)

C1427. Six misspellings, each marked okay! (4)

C1429. Wild fun buried in cocaine powder, discarding electronics in a-place-for-everything kind of philosophy (9)

C1431. Mindless student becomes servant to wages (6)

C1432. Devoted to admit peopleís choice (4)

C1434. Those Scotsí twisted hate (4)

C1435. Irredeemable to veil Peru in confusion (4,4)

C1437. Nogoodnik transcribing pi (3)

C1438. Polyphonic Electronic Music: Quasi-Completions 301 (4)

C1440. Past without ordinal signifier is not easy (5)

C1441. Transport Capone and Pacino to criminal enterprises (6)

C1447. More theatrical in expressing its rage (7)

C1449. Beat up skeletal guy in London (5)

C1450. Dress sounds bad (4)

C1452. King of hip-hop, she is (4)

C1454. Friend in front of gate (6)

C1455. Test for 22 points (4)

C1456. Rolls back in distraction (5)

C1458. Casual wear in trusteeship (4)

C1460. Alcohol bath for salmon (4)

C1462. Trade org. between the Koreas and Japan would be super great (5)

C1463. The foreign Paul (3)

C1465. Crucifix-shaped e-sports stick (6)

C1466. Overturning tuna, smashing pumpkin (3)

C1467. Ham it up with cheesy crew, then run wild (4,3,7)

C1469. Awesome piles of hay, yo (2,3)

C1472. Into risking oneís own hide (4)

C1474. Idiots truncating value (5)

C1475. All together via SASE to collection (2,1,3)

C1476. Zombielike without toothpaste (7)

C1478. Data translator for poem between carbons (5)

C1480. Just missed, crashed Mecca. FAIL (4,5)

C1483. Numerical value of one-third of seven in eight (4)

C1484. Consider hairstyle for a beat (4)

C1485. Nail con violently with pastry (7)

C1487. Ward drinks upside down (4)

C1489. Whistleblower of monarchy (4)

C1491. Exercise in transit upriver (3-2)

C1493. Awkward prude painter Jules (5)

C1495. Frontierís no-win situation (3)

C1496. Knowledge-bringing messenger of magic (3)

C1497. Folded container edges, used gentle motion (7)

C1498. Cali area, to eye of logician (5)

C1500. Government group all over specialist commercial association (3)

C1501. Have visions of holy group (3)

C1502. Shaky-cam flux, eccentric coverage of French role (10,6)

C1504. Jiggling halter leads to agitation (6)

C1505. Handheld covered in update (3)

C1506. Otherwise move past sports greats (4)

C1508. Nautical greeting heard as musical extreme (4,1)

C1510. Not very believable while high (4)

C1511. Invisible wing upends Shakespeareís life in the theater, I hear (1-3)

C1513. Hide in Cadillac once alone (7)

C1515. Shipped a little grain, you could say, to hockey spot (6,3)

C1517. Dainty drinks of heartless, unloved flatterers (4)

C1519. Thomís mobile is quite capable (4)

C1521. Once more take from overturned drill (5)

C1523. Rolls molds, sets acid in motion (3-5)

C1525. Foreign law of grassland (3)

C1526. Superhero with future-sight (6)

C1527. Voice cloak diminished him? (4.)

C1531. Romantically linked Arthur Rimbaud, initially, with Dracula heroine at small gathering place (3,2,3)

C1533. Almost recorded brief cancer study (3.)

C1534. Tech item for unadorned IP address (4)

C1538. Made him one quarantined (2-4)

C1539. Authority from above made it your residence (5)

C1541. Snake Eyesí radical afterthought (4)

C1543. Three-person groups together at frontiers of jobs invention (5)

C1545. Affections for cartoon pub (4)

C1547. Hawaii detective with Otoe, Hamlet (3-1)

C1549. Spell out ďMississippiĒ (5)

C1550. CO is positive (3-2)

C1551. Gia found on escalator (5)

C1553. Shortened count in headrace (4)

C1555. Bonus items in workerís wages (4)

C1557. Pet sourceís diced carps (5)

C1559. Wit is one of the pack (4)

C1560. Voices in real time (4)

C1562. Hear about fake Sinn follower (4)

C1563. Expansion of arc ends with big kickers (3-3,7)

C1565. Crooked, erect thumb: ďBig improvement!Ē (4,6)

C1566. I handicap it a little in some parts (7,1)

C1567. Scatology overwhelmed censor (4)

C1568. 2000 filmís actors all start with Method (4,4)

C1570. Ends of decades: they may cause sudden deaths (4)

C1572. Thievery? Lose your head or duck (4)

C1574. Overly optimistic types give parrot for Freud and others (5)

C1576. Rests up all the way across (4)

C1578. Popeís recent pronunciation, parts 4-7 (4)

C1580. Bildungsroman draws in biggest possible audience (3)

C1581. Leaves editing (7)

C1583. Hebrew land before topaz borders (5)

C1585. Messy womanís kind of ice (4)

C1587. Horse to king (4)

C1589. ďSwordsĒ afterword comes with more ease than not, from the sound of it (5)

C1591. Makes change with ďMr. ShopĒ sort (6)

C1595. | mark in transliteration (4)

C1596. Asian paper for you in Europe (3)

C1597. Site of paleoanthropological research via loud vibration (7)

C1598. Almost admire fashionista (5)

C1599. Rope in commodity exchange (3)

C1600. Near center of Etta James memorial (3)

C1601. Kyrgyz city pilaf (3)

C1602. Slyly coded thumbs-ups (5)

C1604. Talk about beer limit to Andy at the pub (4)

C1606. Centuries-spanning film classic loud at last showing (5,5)

C1609. Caro subject (4)

C1611. Crazy prep for kind of walk (4)

C1613. Diet on crab salad (2-4)

C1615. Mareís leader found in traditional yodeling (2,2)

C1617. Harry of 538N10 (5)

C1619. Flee from coruscations (4)

C1621. Back in kaffeeklatsch (4)

C1623. Al G. speech on underpinnings of life on Earth (5)

C1625. Blend the uncontaminated with meth (5)

C1626. Old govít agícy freezing diocese, say (3)

C1627. Texts for selfless belief systems (3)

C1628. Wrecked diaper, sir, shows need of care (9)

C1630. Happy clamís valve with Butterfield? (2,1)

C1631. Unmoved from siroccos to ice-storms (5)

C1632. Singing groups sing about leaves (6)

C1633. Sheep in the web (3)

C1634. Leander and his beloved (4)

C1635. Tumbling lice from sky over Haiti (4)

C1637. Slathered toilet paper up on goalposts, finding true meaning in life (5)

C1639. Find fulfillment as a teenage bridge-builder (4)

C1641. Health food from potato fungus (4)

C1642. Dug up groovy material? (5)

C1644. Razor brand word upends carrier (4)

C1646. En follower among disregarded? (5)

C1648. Receiver grad I obliviously covered (5)

C1650. Accomplisḥetḥ.h (4)

C1652. Audibly made a mistake and vented (5)

C1654. Vesselsí sequences of stories told orally (4)

C1656. Formal kidís game (4)

C1658. Actress Birdsellís straight lines (5)

C1660. Land formation same when rotated (4)

C1661. Scrawl ďmore than I care to recount,Ē hinting at hyperbole (4)

C1662. Tissue in Waste Land (4)

C1664. Twisted brain crease causes unusual actions (11)

C1666. Pair of hearty partiers have style and flair (3)

C1668. Scratched/damaged robot with constant hiss (2,2)

C1669. Media industry contested bid within from start to finish (2,3)

C1671. Vacillations or oscillations consume investor (5)

C1673. Drat! Lead actor regresses (4)

C1675. Creature hopping to a different introduction (4)

C1677. The gatheringís irresistible (5)

C1679. Stoker of candelabra melter (4)

C1681. TV detective to swap places with king (6)

C1683. Rossí riotous sellouts (4)

C1685. Vodkas remove stutter, create fresh perspectives (4)

C1687. Follow this direction to communicate yourself (4,6)

C1690. Vanilla Iceís soul not spiritual (4)

C1692. Is a little too into Sendejo, starter on Browns (5)

C1694. Momís more Mexican (3)

C1695. Uninterested in lovers: one whoís straight, from the sound of it (3)

C1696. Salonsí makeovers for geese (6)

C1698. Chop suey gets people coming back (4)

C1699. Quaver, give up around holy one (4,4)

C1703. Dir. of half a tunnel (3)

C1704. Liar Roseanne (6)

C1706. Keeps broken switch kits (6,4)

C1708. Excites, elates prickly Herb (6)

C1710. Sprint with others in pastel colors (5)

C1712. Special event in Jerusalem (4)

C1714. Megafan of Asian country (4)

C1716. Try to hit robot mop (3,2)

C1718. Wished health in decaying, dank rot (5,2)

C1720. Covert activities from shop steward (3)

C1722. In Winterís Shades is Shakespeare gone wrong (4)

C1724. Form an unimpressive package for soccer club (3,1)

C1726. Start making real money with camera (5)

C1727. Static from managers? No wonder (4)

C1729. Drab rich entangle four economies (4)

C1731. Visiting Kenya with active browser (2,6)

C1733. Game with drinks (3)

C1734. Natters rambling Starbucks orders (7)

C1736. Giant peach developer without a delivery option (3)

C1737. Ashen river floats hank from France (5)

C1738. Market value surrounding electric utility (3)

C1740. War godís territory (4)

C1744. Popular name in backward letters (4)

C1746. New strategy for computing team in lead (4,1)

C1748. Figure in binary based on us (4)

C1750. Made-up item in our fridge (4)

C1752. Deceivers shift right, left for money (5)

C1754. Thunderhead utter defeat for fish (5)

C1755. Best band (5)

C1757. Great wolf swallows the likes of llamas, fillets, Phillip (3-1)

C1759. Fish and complain (4)

C1761. Archeological find sounds post-Iron Age (5)

C1763. C.S. Lewis contains multitude (4)

C1765. Whitish canvas he named Contents (5)

C1767. Armored pedestrian has muscle (6)

C1768. Briefly floating coin (3)

C1769. Simply having stopped working on turret decks (3í1.)

C1770. Berry meal pudding bread (6,3)

C1775. Truncated sayings from Preminger and Graham (5)

C1776. Cheap bombóit could end cop, creating derivative (3)

C1777. Suitable little residence (3)

C1778. Burns bread, honors bride (5,1,5)

C1781. Hansí self found in tai chi (3)

C1782. Anguished abettersí weapons (8)

C1786. After he leaves, doctors become World Series contenders (5)

C1788. Sport of the peerage! (4)

C1790. Little progress in first episode (4)

C1792. Battery from copter materials (6,3)

C1794. Note on obscure, disconcerting, and forthcoming feature (6,1)

C1796. Take it off wings of fly or dragonfly for brief span (4.)

C1798. Heidi nearly made film professor (4)

C1800. Unnerving in sports car yard (5)

C1802. T.L. who created Everlasting Gobstoppers (4)

C1804. Tree almost burning (3)

C1805. Rocky but vie for hospital care (6)

C1806. Barbara or Anthonyís heaven on Earth (4)

C1808. Footwear becomes totes obsolete (5-3,5)

C1810. Wellness risk surrounding popular pills (5)

C1811. Made super (3)

C1812. Fashion maven in certain circles, broken and unbroken (4)

C1813. Drink from apple without peas, as itís called (3)

C1814. 99th-generation photo follower? (-5)

C1816. Davisís pharma partner describes public space (5)

C1818. Swerves with backward undulation (4)

C1820. Alas! Lost in internetspeakÖhad too much (4)

C1822. Little or major player puts fever in sea god (7)

C1823. Failure consumed destiny (4)

C1824. The merest bit of contrary information (1,3)

C1826. Chewing some tacos, giving Spanish greetings (4,5)

C1829. Back 40 in free-for-all races (5)

C1831. In on two variations of refusal (2,1,3í1)

C1833. ďThere are rules,Ē expresses parental figure (6)

C1834. Degradation in protocol (3)

C1836. Gaelic language in urban London carriage (4)

C1837. Drinking areas at intersection with heavier greens (7)

C1838. Articles about North Dakota onscreen (3)

C1839. Center of satellite has perpendicular add-on (3)

C1841. Standing on letters in onomatopoeia (4)

C1842. Make scatter from Charybdis pell-mell (6)

C1844. Google product supervisor of time-traveling car (3)

C1846. Shoesí eaters in the water (5)

C1848. Later bks. about Scamander (4)

C1850. Difficulty recalculating logs (4)

C1852. Squiggles surrounding can be X-rays or ultrasounds (5)

C1853. Agent banks on Buffalo Bill (4)

C1854. Incentive for vehicle? Nonsense

C1856. Marquis performer (4)

C1857. Pine or oak in street (4)

C1859. Healthy diet excluding big chains (5)

C1861. Concerned at metal arm edging belly (7)

C1863. Dead carsí stirred diesels had no spark of ignition (6)

C1864. Bestir, bestir mean dogs (6)

C1867. God of games (3)

C1868. So slim, wiggly, willowy (var.) (6)

C1869. Horse hoofís issue on treacherous paving (6)

C1872. Small team in esophagogastroduodenoscopy (3)

C1873. Cake mix, cones (5)

C1874. Obsessing over line on card game with squashed frog (7,3)

C1878. Rhythm + Flowís state of obscurity performing in large continent (6)

C1879. She sounds deep improvising total corn (9)

C1882. Sidner hits a raw area (4)

C1884. Tail-to-fore geometric form is practical math (4)

C1886. Kind of milkshake (3)

C1887. Get by casino policeís bumpers (4)

C1888. Invitation to Ross interrupted Seinfeld, say (8)

C1890. WellÖwhy a sukiyaki sauce (4)

C1892. Haul (sic) resources for edgy mix of formal and informal styles (6,4)

C1895. Redistribution accrues to plaintiff (7)

C1897. Chrome red, it has interior grey (8)

C1899. Kylo in Mos Eisley and other cantinas, where growth is impossible (7)

C1900. World Bks. in the mail (4.)

C1902. Enthused to ďhearĒ odor (4)

C1906. Most ensconced in Mitsubishi Estate (6)

C1907. Tribe in council in photo-essay (4)

C1908. Turns pages for Toronto NHLers (5)

C1910. Charles into mandarin oranges (4)

C1912. Bandages wound with jellied aspics (6)

C1914. Samurai action film feature (4)

C1915. Fighterís dogs (4)

C1916. Pass cool house (3,2)

C1918. Regarding afterthought about lifterís count (4)

C1920. Turnaround speeds of adult phenomenon thatís more or less monthly (4)

C1921. Clicked X on banner for ďFatherís Day WishĒ (2,3)

C1923. Souls in kangaroosí antecessors (3)

C1924. Avant-garde ďTailless SalamanderĒ (3)

C1926. Bosín or eruption flanking loud sleeper (6)

C1928. Dalmachshund and Puggleís X sexes (11)

C1937. Ink edge smudge shows hockey play (7)

C1938. I trek unsteadily with kidís transport (5)

C1939. ď___ out!Ē to somersaulting film heroine (3)

C1940. Let USA rowdies show respect (6)

C1941. Muscular underwater figures in megatorsion (6)

C1943. Takes a dump on bad roll (5)

C1945. 800-superhero publisher with repetitious message (4)

C1947. Fin in muscular structure (3)

C1948. Only formal tops for contrary operators (4)

C1949. Taxis through fundamentals, third point first (4)

C1950. Flying beast upends hero headquarters (4,3)

C1952. Immersion reverses old disorder (4)

C1954. Upward, as an astronautís group (4)

C1956. ďPoison pills,Ē in Lebanese (5)

C1958. Horton repeats himself in stimulating multimedia testimony (3)

C1960. Dummiesí big moments disrupt exams (5,5)

C1964. Echo it in repeated fragments: ďYouíre so cuuuuute!Ē (8-8-3)

C1966. More sound in prenasal backup (5)

C1967. Shri[n]k-wrap, say (6)

C1968. Grab tail of Jabberwock-like creature (6)

C1969. Wild, wild flare (5)

C1971. Gotta perform omni-directionally (1í1,2)

C1972. React with more of the same to kitty feeder (3,5)

C1975. Slugabed who communicates with colleagues online (7)

C1978. Entertainer on Missouri River (4)

C1979. Musical, improvised scat (4)

C1980. Promising youngster in income range (5)

C1981. Cage often in panic, in iconic histrionics! (3)

C1983. Outer brainís covered by endurance (4)

C1985. Parousiamaniacís ďOld KingdomĒ (4)

C1987. Artifact of memory called back in pencil erotica (5)

C1989. Hammering out an agreement in obscure, ďgauntĒ dialect (7,1,4)

C1991. Ballplayer Turner (3)

C1992. Verifying the comfort of monarch in chic neon patchwork (8,2,2)

C1993. Has risen #HavingDinner (2,2)

C1995. Greatest-ever soul traveling around (5)

C1996. Codger shivering, too cold (3,4)

C1999. Bleu in dťcor binge (6)

C2002. Anderson tames lion (4)

C2003. Dromedary has super-eye of Supermanís family (5)

C2005. You and me give exposure to old carrier (5)

C2006. Shivery attractions during telemarketersí contacts (4,5)

C2008. Confused vaper who smells fresh asphalt (5)

C2009. Even trick chair is outside toy (2,3)

C2011. Cut greeting, according to the trend (4)

C2013. Loudly beat killer (4)

C2015. Help! Iím turning into flavorings (5)

C2017. Crooked lies not results of pride (7)

C2018. Antique phone user again set back (6)

C2020. Grows on resequencingóNOT cool (but kinda funny) (2,5)

C2021. Teen detective pulled out pistol (4)

C2022. Pseudo-remodels! (4,2)

C2024. Key in telescope (3)

C2025. What bus driver says to saint is competent to alternative audience (4,2,3,4)

C2026. Corrupt ex-balerís correct in thinking ďareaĒ (8,6)

C2029. Lightness, topmost bitty bit of weight (6)

C2031. War site in rock or earth (5)

C2033. Almost strike kidnappers (3)

C2034. Headland found in landscapes and seascapes! (4)

C2035. Deals with brainless inspirations (4)

C2036. Caesarís dogs with curvy sticks (5)

C2037. Stand on whispered gossip (3)

C2038. Bit of a workout for street cred (3)

C2040. Filming team for musical oenophilesí label (4)

C2042. Boat on southern company gathering Western capital (4)

C2044. Nerdsí special multiples (7)

C2046. Oliver Twist playiní Fortnite (5)

C2048. Navigatorís tobacco (ďbaccyĒ) has a substitute for ashtray stub (9)

C2050. Taste of lager, taste of olive, thick beer failed (4,3)

C2052. Web view stat for spotted cat (3)

C2053. Quickly size up young lady with iodine deficiency (3.)

C2054. Like some dols.í saving account number (3.)

C2056. Leave that connection to one ink drawing? (2,2)

C2057. Squiggly dry ocean like kindergarten art (8)

C2058. Shares carry weight of Western civilizations (8)

C2060. Circa, ah, like, 1123 to 1231Öno longer used (7)

C2062. Hear and understand imitation (4)

C2063. Runs back to front for homer (4)

C2064. Protocoling around all red in Congress (5)

C2065. Mold for a sandcastle turret messes up a lip (4)

C2066. Keep talking with instrument (4)

C2068. Course of study is center of intrigue (4)

C2070. Nutjob: ďevorppa IÖI APPROVE!Ē (4)

C2072. Omnicides half-effective, recorded nineties-style (2,3)

C2073. Detection in both directions (5)

C2075. Downsizing in cluster I fortify (3)

C2076. Birdcall in unfinished chicken house (3)

C2077. Block-stacker in prototype (3)

C2078. Near-wish for dance (3)

C2079. Pet sounds annoyed in vocal highway warning (3í1,4)

C2081. Back-stab by revealing secrets and cigarette description (2,3)

C2084. Get married in state (7)

C2086. Invitation to battle a gnome unfairly (4,2)

C2087. Senora soapís outrageous (5)

C2089. Awards for promotions of four elements (5)

C2090. Lets fly into brainless brutes (5)

C2091. Elba I address with respect in Japan (4)

C2093. Diable lead-in riled up without boundaries? (3,2)

C2094. Napoleonís conclusions: motif to majuscule masculine sculpture (4)

C2095. Show approval of third runaround (4)

C2096. Additional self-starterís conventions (5)

C2097. Neutral marker following code-green area (4)

C2098. Bias programming of danger-determination system (5-6)

C2101. Understood novel music (4)

C2103. ďThis part not yet writtenĒ marks in headers of The Kama Sutra (3.)

C2104. Dances to hook four outer extremities (5)

C2106. Injured racer has grip on nurse (9)

C2109. Elton John in movies I recorded (3)

C2110. Parking in fish years (6)

C2111. Yeahhh, ďstraightĒ (2,3)

C2112. Oedipus complex about moonwalkerís alma mater (3)

C2114. On the lacking masculine pronoun, transitioning to male (2,1)

C2115. Like the agony of da feetÖget it? GET it? (5)

C2116. Encyclopedia cut essay incorporating foreign escalations (6)

C2118. Skips the microwave when working out deal cost (4,4)

C2120. Summary, without ending the way it began, is unfocused mess (4)

C2121. Hits footwear (5)

C2122. Grasps at straws about exams (4)

C2123. Tries to hook with middle of Nike sign (4)

C2124. Renaissanceís mechanical minds (3)

C2125. Whatís blue and black? (4)

C2127. In the end, it furthers flirtation (6)

C2129. Sought-after smoke that kills in tragic reversal (5)

C2134. Rent wheels for expanded batch (5,1,3)

C2136. Bloody bastard in episodes 4-6 (3)

C2137. My French-Jamaican man (3)

C2138. Hook or America, for short, in third-level apartment, for short (4.)

C2139. Triceratops embodies source of sapphic art (5)

C2143. Starts to look rough in Mandelbrot set (4)

C2144. Published ink to critique harshly (4,2)

C2145. Kind of closet gates or junk (7)

C2146. Incomplete circle of witches finds place to moor (4)

C2149. Put up with to spend time together (4)

C2151. Apparent hint of idiocy in visage (5)

C2152. Dismiss an ugly tune with key replacement (6,4)

C2154. Lucy Stoneís pouch (4)

C2155. Gush into over-the-top ouroboros (4)

C2156. Hesitate while blackened and gooey (5)

C2157. Three are what keeps one well (4)

C2158. Generous sort (4)

C2159. Georges holding together tape recorder (5)

C2161. Abracadabra! Free of obstructions, cylinder of power (4)

C2163. Hollywood staffing for 1939 actor (4)

C2164. From Georgia to Maine, small footprint of Xbox controller (7)

C2166. Interior regalia of dynasty (4)

C2167. In megalopolis, same, as in, ďniceĒ (4)

C2169. Claim to oneís own past authority did nothing (5)

C2171. Awkwardly rims out many statesí business (7)

C2173. Kidding in annotation (3)

C2174. Goddessí allergy (3)

C2175. News source awake before me (3)

C2176. Immortal beings go to edges of dimensions (4)

C2177. Tesla portrayerís bird call (5)

C2178. TV countess among decorations (4)

C2179. Copy uneven, cute relics (4-1)

C2180. ďCrate pieceĒ in translation (4)

C2181. Carrot-and-stick treatment provides leadership for performers (4)

C2182. Recouped investment in two-door car (5)

C2183. Time to evolve chameleonsí tails (4)

C2184. Father in hyperextension (4)

C2185. Wolf whistleís basically heartless, in any case (7)

C2187. USSR conversion for 300p (4)

C2189. 1969 movie farce cuts low montage (6,6)

C2192. Gore wrong way to conclude argument (4)

C2194. EEEEEE(martyr AKA Agnes)EEEEEEE (4)

C2196. Musical remix of insular echo (1,6,4)

C2198. Electric eyes for sewing machine parts (4)

C2199. 1111 hypnotic cartoon python 1111 trust in meee 1111 just in meeeeee 1111 (3)

C2200. Organized sťance for long-dead satirist (6)

C2201. Fashion source for Carthaginian fleet (3,4)

C2203. Sir Colt attacked Roman officials (7)

C2205. Clouds from tarmac escapes (5)

C2206. Illegal traffic of soft drink (4)

C2207. Plot weaknesses in 2003 movie (5)

C2208. Cain leader of university (4)

C2209. Agnes awkwardly follows five Swiss in Bowie chorus (2-2-2-2-7)

C2212. Blanchett into music at expo (4)

C2213. Smallville girl planted in rich loess (5)

C2214. Coding techs: ď. . ...Ē (3)

C2216. Khayyam bathes in oleomargarine (4)

C2218. Futuristic Arab city to provide voices for Siri (5)

C2219. Stockholderís meeting liaison is flunky in piracy (4)

C2220. ďGreatĒ & state & prate (10)

C2223. Art of War textual overlap creates blemish (4)

C2224. Say ďThere, there, Atari 2600Ē (7)

C2226. Cries out names (5)

C2228. Toxic to place void (6)

C2229. Watched The English Patient, say, in Oscar edition (5)

C2230. Drank loudly with jeers (4)

C2231. Rod with bat bludgeons a crew (5)

C2232. Spritz out thoughtlessly, ďAsk the Almightyís helpĒ (4)

C2233. Audibly pulls along with feetís appendages (4)

C2234. Lethal eyes surveying Joel Osment (5)

C2235. Pulls at ugly guts (4)

C2236. Break code for avant-garde style (4)

C2237. Going into relative retirement in Hobbit countyÖuntil twist ending (5)

C2238. Drinkís classically great once you take stick out (5)

C2240. Depict parts 2-5 of The Odyssey (4)

C2242. Last sinner strays into pretty aristocrats (10)

C2245. Weird, dense paradises (5)

C2247. Parrish, King back Guatemalans (5)

C2248. Embarrassingly, owe pint for opened trade (4,3)

C2250. Send pings my way, goofball team (2,2)

C2251. With access at end of Mason-Dixon line (6)

C2253. Like too many cooks, make mistake and damage both heliports (5,3,5)

C2254. Heroine who jumps into the water feet first is having ___ (griping) (1,4)

C2255. Impacts in Port Hudson (5)

C2256. Co-singer in musical arena (4)

C2257. One-breath inhaler for athlete (5)

C2258. Going to sleep around classic cars (4)

C2259. Locked-room mystery writerís career has no ease, I hear (4)

C2260. Not so bold in fleshy eroticism (5)

C2261. Rabbit Island chattering (4)

C2262. ďCrazy MamaĒ J.J. sings ďLeaf CabbageĒ (4)

C2263. Havoc! Ouch! features return of actress Kaley (5)

C2264. Flocksí crimes (7)

C2266. Military correspondence center alien is who ďthey should have sent,Ē according to Contact (1,4)

C2268. Red Cloud and Crazy Horse led to early hip-hop artistsí music (7)

C2269. Bagsí strap rad, assuring containment (6)

C2270. Grab tailfeathers and bust a move (3,4)

C2272. Like a certain body part, alternately pulling air (5)

C2273. Machine-neutralizersí dominions (4)

C2275. Any dot at random represents alleged origin point of flight (6)

C2276. Made breathless by dream in abbreviated sleeping area (4.)

C2277. Choice talc powdered in ore (10)

C2279. Hastily assembled lairs for birds (5)

C2280. Penelope who follows Santa (4)

C2281. Funny Bob in orthopedics (4)

C2282. Unfortunately, he fit description of Robin Hood (5)

C2283. Forbids chocolate (4)

C2284. Crushesí way of doing things: say nothing of consequence (4)

C2285. Vivid pattern for superhero portrayer (5)

C2286. Submissive has trouble with AI switch (9)

C2288. Cattleís butt stuffed with helping of gravy (5)

C2290. Berners-Lee types out ďdangerous weatherĒ (5)

C2291. Sam went gallivanting with protest of innocence (4í1,2)

C2292. Words to sway one excited! (4,3)

C2293. Start with unvoiced edge of square-round hole connector? (3,2)

C2294. No post-expressionism, right (4,2)

C2296. Athletic record-keepers of mediocrity (3)

C2297. Chopped up body parts twice in merry, deranged, grander ďremedyĒ (13)

C2298. Command to set down necklace (3)

C2299. Leg parts in flesh, in skeleton! (5)

C2300. Freestyle rhymesí openings turn to abstract artworks (4)

C2301. Insurer rendered in strange iconography (5)

C2302. Orangeís what turquoise conceals (4)

C2303. Back to front, look over containers (4)

C2304. Undirected torsi in wild activities (5)

C2305. Representations of neuters without patriarchal leaders (4)

C2306. Ugly lot as DC goes wild (4)

C2307. Wrestler, chef, beginning comedian (5)

C2308. In base pi, add #704214 (5)

C2309. Become adults weightlessly in aggregation (5)

C2311. Car lane mostly filled by nurse in scrubs (5)

C2313. Horse-drawn carriages carry Coolidge remains (8)

C2314. Boy, what a wind (2,4)

C2315. Yes, Zen reforms dwarf (6)

C2318. Making legal space theater (8)

C2320. Skip, skip, go up, music(!) (4)

C2321. Tea category from Yahoo Pakistan (5)

C2322. Lackluster backing brings frown (4)

C2323. Periods of sexual activity are dull routines (4)

C2324. Directors infuse falsehoods with energy (5)

C2325. Darkens, leatherizes (4)

C2326. Vocally state lionís feature (4)

C2327. Disruptive tech led thence to angry emoji (8,5)

C2330. Cried a river: awkward farewell (11)

C2333. Let Senate act on early-voting period (4,5)

C2334. Near dramaís end, love reverses; I sing in Latin, ďMy Eruptions Come Anytime" (6,7)

C2340. Vocal rooster attacks bone (6)

C2341. Study to be Doctor in TARDIS section (7)

C2343. Tries to smack two orbiting bodies, one showing hint of weakness (5,2)

C2346. Coats of arms protected until now (2,3)

C2348. Snooze on downy surface (3)

C2349. Headgear in snake pit (4)

C2351. By chance, find a name for ad client whimsically (12)

C2354. Gospel singer in intelligence cell (4)

C2355. Grade on a curve around capsized boat (5)

C2356. Law enforcement in unbounded thicket (4)

C2357. Musical mama found in videocassette (4)

C2358. Odd project is for versifiers (5)

C2359. Animal from the Atlantic or California (4)

C2360. Big bird goddess (4)

C2362. Drunkard is twist on trope (5)

C2363. Chance of drink (4)

C2365. A greater number of topaz highlights for Chloe Grace (6)

C2366. Heroineís title, briefly, in homestead (3.)

C2367. Astronomical observer of cosmogony (3)

C2368. Monster manufacturing components (3)

C2369. Almost screw upÖitís a sickness (3)

C2370. Frazzled cat pose (3)

C2371. Pays court to Richards and Sylvester (4)

C2372. Oedipusí uncle screws up recon (5)

C2373. Sushi? Me neither (4)

C2374. Kindle material from protein kinase (1-3)

C2375. Suze orÖ(sigh) (5)

C2376. Bash bashed hockey players (4)

C2377. Nothingís all you need (4)

C2378. (Chuckle) Legal bigwig with collared top was prepared for hot one (3,2)

C2379. So tie up loose ends as comfort in anguish (6)

C2381. Scoundrel ending prayer for peace (4)

C2383. Attacked wet ant energetically (4,2)

C2386. Evidence of plagiarism or talents? Uncertain! (6,3)

C2388. Grasp a decisionmaker, hide advisor (4)

C2389. Haughtiness makes it smile! (7)

C2390. ďHey, tattooÖgot it!Ē (5)

C2391. Update software documentation section (4)

C2395. Quietly enter checkered metalsí designs (4,2)

C2397. Baldness and wrinkle cream in sludgy, fertile mishmash (9,4)

C2399. Companion in body of water (4)

C2401. Chooses to stop potís fellow mixer (4)

C2402. Originates in Paris essay (6)

C2403. ďGentlemenĒ accommodate brainless, wild, alcoholic temper beginning to chafe at obstacles to getting drugs (10,4)

C2406. Sergeant-at-arms serves so long (4)

C2407. Awareness of typesetting settings (4)

C2408. Unicorn or such from wilder, cuter era (8)

C2410. Stand excited (5)

C2412. Whup upside noggin (4)

C2414. Potent mix of prominent examples (3,3)

C2416. Within, be form above a thousand (5)

C2417. Bombshell from deconstructionist poets conceals mark of anonymity (6)

C2419. Compared with thumbs-up to Flanders (7)

C2422. Pisan from George Lucasí school in Brown (6)

C2424. Memo: cheese unsuccessful (5)

C2426. Scheduled at this late date (6)

C2427. Contiguous sequential string with duplication? Naw (4)

C2428. Advisors in conscience (3)

C2429. Go beyond obvious haircut (5)

C2430. Spooner to interrupt police coffee dates (4,5)

C2432. Gloomy rasp about Breckinridge and Hess (5)

C2433. Verbally imply Souchong and Darjeeling (4)

C2435. Leads rogue to valleys (5)

C2437. Powder in digital camera (4)

C2439. In semiotics, 33% reduction is hard on pupils (6)

C2441. South African president (2,1?) (5)

C2443. Pact made in Universal Time (4,1)

C2444. Milk, they say, of resolved, unshaken minds (5,8)

C2445. Fish still fish without head (3)

C2446. Kind of talk from guy who met your mother (3)

C2447. Penny is for multiple centimeters, numbering ten thousand (7)

C2448. Spinning prop hiding ant, sending signal (8,1,4)

C2450. Crisp casing around protective centers (5)

C2452. Moved to epic, as heightened language (6)

C2453. Dog food (4)

C2454. Halo applied retroactively around 90 Day Fiancťís Mayfield (5)

C2456. Beast of Gťvaudan in formaldehyde (3)

C2457. Transportation cab clears, surprisingly (5,4)

C2458. Wail left in spoonerism (5)

C2459. Closer loses herself in curvilinear erotica (6)

C2461. Keeping on at Chinese course (5)

C2463. Hurricane alerter says not any rough lava flows (4)

C2465. Altered roosts are museum pieces (6)

C2467. 1000 ballad-style lines about a holy site (5)

C2469. Sealed cylinder of fossil oil (4)

C2470. Candy-assed Noel (6)

C2472. Fly pouch (3)

C2473. Oslo walk-about taking some time (4)

C2474. Distant, popped head may go too far onstage (5)

C2475. Sea ilk morphingÖwhat comes after? Look for doubles (-6)

C2476. Covering in altarpiece (4)

C2477. Heís most disorganized! (3,4)

C2479. Go soft in seaside Caymans (5)

C2481. Environmentally friendly: 51 bacteria (1.,4)

C2482. Absorbed ETA (3,2)

C2483. They have a hard time reading Andyís, Lex Ichabodís cases (8)

C2485. Pulse erotically in bathrobe (5)

C2487. Film with fervent few followers: Heavenís Gate? Hilarious (4,7)

C2490. Balanced sort, they say, in recalibration (5)

C2492. Cheap material all over Quentin Tarantinoís blasting gelatin (3)

C2493. Car handler with Veterans Affairs permit (5)

C2494. Eclectic tangents to subject in inappropriate places (7)

C2495. Thorny to keep twirling secondary variable (5)

C2496. Leaning boot (abbr.) (4.)

C2498. Camera alternating as a lark (3)

C2499. Prepare to back up as rusted foundry collapses (10,3)

C2500. Cameos gotta disrupt garden feature (6,5)

C2502. Digimon heroine back in chiaroscuro (4)

C2503. Anger widespread over directorís semiretirement (3)

C2504. Right weight (3)

C2505. Article showing representation of plaintiffs (3)

C2506. Odd sight for York (3.)

C2507. Copper forbids cigars (6)

C2509. Ln. section in coarse grain (3.)

C2510. Bob Thomas (5)

C2512. Russian womanís eyes on Yankeeís emergence (5)

C2514. Vincent Vanís animation for early General Hospital (4)

C2515. Too much, sent back (2,4)

C2517. Boring ALF derivative Quarantined Flipper: bad sign (3,4)

C2519. Suppose your humble narrator went back and forth (2,1)

C2521. HolyÖ! One small carpet for gymnast (5)

C2523. Man of solidarity also pervert (4)

C2525. ďOptimistic, sentimental...P.U.!Ē (9)

C2526. Holy War cut yours truly handled earlier (1,3)

C2527. End cost-benefit analysis for Audis (3)

C2528. Made breakfast for agent (3)

C2529. Robin Goodfellowís gamepieces (5)

C2531. Travels, jeez! (4)

C2532. Tell untruth about solution (3)

C2533. Honolulu-authentic expression! (4)

C2535. Pays attention to little things in Godotís theism (4,3,1)

C2537. I ran an animated fantasy world (6)

C2539. Awkward phrase for six-winged figure (6)

C2540. Aloof timeline disrupted years of laughter and tears (9,4)

C2542. Dromedaries carrying college authority to milky-brown refreshments (8)

C2547. Ludacrisí corporate holdings in oil (6)

C2549. Resonant chant vibrates into mallís Nordstrom and Wal-Mart (6,7)

C2551. See lead-in in ellipsoid? (2,1)

C2552. Beat feet to fancy affair (4)

C2553. Boy on a return like a terminal (6)

C2555. Fictional kid flicks tail, mad (7)

C2557. Patrick in circle a hybrid (5)

C2558. Law governing assembly in river diplomacy (4,3)

C2562. Con dwelt in disguise, became untrackable (4,4)

C2567. Authorize onscreen haircut sketch (1-4)

C2569. Transplant misapplied trope (5)

C2570. For starters, turn sandwich into compact energy unit (2./2.)

C2574. Unusual angle for legendary actress (5)

C2575. Bite the head off negligent tan sap (4,2)

C2576. That is, in lead saint is strongest of spirits (8)

C2577. Break in wrong proportions on scouting missions (6)

C2580. Zombie ingredient in topless container (3)

C2582. Trials for Montaignes: undo Parcheesi assembly (6)

C2584. Grab on, my tumultuous torchbearers (5,3)

C2586. Prophetís particle charginí, for one (7)

C2587. Shout to a flower (5)

C2588. Using certain MO not relying on a single channel (6)

C2589. Minces, heats tail with baloney (4í1,1,3)

C2590. Spill earth, Goddess (4,2)

C2592. I as in inaccurate geography in Middle Eastern history (5)

C2594. Absorbed in two-edged worry (3)

C2595. Biblical kingís swarming horde (5)

C2597. Mt. Carmel site ill-kept, sir (3.)

C2598. Crook near restraining device avoids sound of hacky gadgetry (12)

C2599. Jiggling great asses stops riot (4,6)

C2601. Exaggerated cartoon reworks a racier cut (10)

C2603. Fail to pick up Abercrombie & Fitch stock (3,2,1)

C2605. thirtysomething actress getting soaked without netting head (6)

C2607. Give credit to reversal following diet? (-4)

C2608. Poetry crime boss applied (4,2)

C2610. Someone special is what makes Mary marry (4)

C2612. Itís sad to back out of muffin stand (5)

C2613. Performer of questionable animal testing for greater amount of gold (6)

C2614. Listen, uh, listened to ďmember of ___Ē for heifer (1,4)

C2615. Scam musicians (5)

C2616. Breathing defendant (abbr.) (4.)

C2617. Exposes inner flashiness! (6)

C2619. Fox reporter whoís earning badges (3,5)

C2621. Criminal rope at papal pact (9)

C2624. Knowing incest is twisted (6)

C2625. Messy area alphabetized after R (3)

C2626. Paths or yes/no options (6)

C2627. Desperate, rough ride (4)

C2628. Dry monologue: ďBan competitionĒ (5)

C2629. Fished leaning over (6)

C2631. Get broken in former telco (3)

C2632. I, detective broadcaster, try to seduce those on each side of you (5,2)

C2633. Troubles are portal to afternoon place of peace (9)

C2635. Pumpkin seed yields energy, essentially vital (6)

C2637. H&M brandís businesses (3)

C2638. Adapter of hertz, nearly 1100 (3)

C2640. Headgear has nuts? Wild (7)

C2641. Looked after a bus interface (4)

C2643. One unfindable Belgian city (5)

C2644. Broken-down inn cited regrettable occurrence (8)

C2646. Taboo answer for Nanette (2-2)

C2647. Guitarist is provider of a journey to hell thatís endless (5)

C2648. Soft-shoe in escapade (3)

C2651. Loutís loud lament (3)

C2653. Cominí back: followers in boatyard? (2,2)

C2654. Expressive Creole lingoes in four-year educational establishment (6,7)

C2656. Harried coachmen for Oklahoma tribe (8)

C2658. Natural mixed nuts from a good year

C2660. Pathetic game (5)

C2661. Fastidious coating for drug dosage (3)

C2663. Urban roar confused duelist (5,4)

C2664. Start to pen erratic entry (6)

C2665. One of 12-24 per second in acceleration (3)

C2666. Medium heard sounds of surrender (5)

C2668. ďWow, GRAVITY!Ē (3)

C2669. Understand, absent chief executive leaders ran inside to swallowsí destination (10)

C2671. Flakes of crushed basil (5)

C2672. Difficult days in Confederate States (4)

C2673. Ford familyís hired guns (5)

C2676. Mountain tops at low prices (3)

C2679. Tribeís vehicle driven back from Idahoís middle to its edge (6)

C2680. Quick text about flavoring (3)

C2681. ďThe true measure ___Ē: in-toto fam analysis (2,1,3)

C2683. Jackís exploded parts (5)

C2684. Short film at Hollywood intersection (4)

C2685. Zodiac feature in downtown LA (4,5)

C2686. Obvious license (6)

C2687. Charles Schulz has unproductive kind of month at oyster fishery (1-4)

C2689. Depilatory for mixed-up kid (4)

C2691. Chin motion from funny fella (3)

C2693. State in urgent circumstances, cutting through the bull (10)

C2694. Respond to brave soul re: Solís (sic) strange, unhealthy blockage (15)

C2696. Multiphonicsí thirds evoke caring figures (4)

C2697. Computational performance of baseball teams (5)

C2698. Marbles and bush (5)

C2699. Security camera maker who ate at Aliceís (4)

C2700. Managed possessive loverís awkwardness (7)

C2701. Sign of prank means fun at Met trailing off (4,2)

C2702. Extravagant ďexec rapidsĒ removed need for watering (10)

C2705. Maine town medic bubbles alternately (5)

C2706. Hammerís jerk (4)

C2707. I abhor unnatural golden bearsí creator (6)

C2709. Guide to church services for Psalm 3.14 (3)

C2710. Athlete heard alternative (3)

C2712. Joy of citrus (4)

C2714. Mix natural soy for athlete-turned-manager (4,7)

C2716. Anti-gravity sleep study (3)

C2717. Brother, I begin to act from obsession (5)

C2718. Stolen in the middle of streak (3)

C2719. Heroís love interest makes noise after gas in the pool (7)

C2722. Twist modern rack anyplace and act like itís normal (4,4,3,5,2)

C2725. Undefined stories of cultural importance (5)

C2726. Starship markings in transpacific fourth quadrants (3)

C2729. Radioactivity! Everyone but the twins, stand six or twelve paces apart (5)

C2734. Bogeyís dick (4)

C2738. Jimmyís rodomontade at watering hole (7)

C2741. Creatively campaign, sorta, as running mate (8,7)

C2744. Tap secret, exciting boxes that emit noise (3,6)

C2746. Rogue princesí military maneuver (7)

C2747. However, neíer-do-wellsí widowers keep bringing up what debtors do (3)

C2748. Trash alien IQ tester (5)

C2749. The love connection within Section Eight? (3,1)

C2751. One who finds things coolóit makes things cool (3)

C2752. Evil robot folds head into chest, transforming into stick-swinging dozens (3)

C2754. Parrots deceptions in code for source of much cyberespionage (7,10)

C2756. Turned on after the climax, ruining date (9)

C2757. Conscious and deliberate, as welfare reform (4-5)

C2759. Montage worth full length for a movie (abbr.) (3-2.)

C2761. Following someone in constant whitewater: leaderís lost (5)

C2762. Calculations in real estate are a ridiculously easy charade (4)

C2763. One hero set right! (7)

C2764. Healing agent in halo ever after (4,4)

C2765. Scheherazadeís room included in accommodations (3)

C2767. Disrupted lode access; no more need be said (4,6)

C2770. Sorceressís inner sanctum goes wild for event (12)

C2774. Discards workspaces (5)

C2775. Online quests for fuel safety standards (9)

C2776. In supposition, I am piece of old turkey (5)

C2777. Enticing in octastyle structure (5)

C2778. Tamed California with first of lawn mowers (4)

C2779. Reslots unruly horseís handlers (7)

C2780. Approved daisy-oak hybridization (4,4)

C2781. I romp at bank, die in battle (3,6,4)

C2783. Horse can dance for one drink (2,6)

C2785. N. or S. st. rendered by Frida Kahlo (3.)

C2786. Theologianís softer idea of Hell with beheading (3)

C2787. Cap. in any case (3)

C2789. Cackling, future-destroying villain in breakup (3)

C2790. ďAwesomeĒÖ BATHROOM companies?!?! Back up (2,4)

C2792. Disturb Momís allegorical pieties, for things exist whether one believes in them or not (15,7)

C2796. Perceives inside-out, ancient being (4)

C2797. Do erotic mischief to fellow fact-checker (2-6)

C2799. Inept attempt to break into computer (4)

C2801. Netlike form of clay (4)

C2803. Motifs on bags in that case (2,2)

C2806. Fur lady in Israeli settlements (5)

C2808. Doctor, Iíve been replaced by alien water source (6)

C2811. Diet Beatles singers consumed (3,4)

C2815. Adjusts space for actor Huy Quanís caregivers (5)

C2821. Telepath heard sound of sorrow (4)

C2828. Lower into a military installation (5)

C2829. Volcanic basinís sculptor adjusts peak (7)

C2830. Crams all junk into compact unit (5,3)

C2832. Back out of carved-in-stone kind of remark (5)

C2834. Pigheaded, went crazy and reinforced inequalities (7,3,3)

C2836. Short presentation excites cheeping peons (7,6)

C2837. Tobacco popularizer made it halal, regrew (6,7)

C2842. It might lead to more money on active taximeter! (5,4)

C2845. Reply from fortune-telling device: whimsically screams, ďNOSY YOU!!!Ē (2,6,3,2)

C2848. Cultural critic stirred worried literati (9,6)

C2849. Green energy from martini ingredient (5,5)

C2850. Disco guyís string (3)

C2851. Looked for a phenomenon: ruffled, cute dos (7)

C2853. Kesha syllable to Kesha initially (3)

C2854. Waste land wanderer toiled going the wrong way (5)

C2856. Screw you in treatment (3,2)

C2858. Server and computer manufacturer (4)

C2859. Story of restraint in capital expenditure (4)

C2860. Chef Princess Celestia names to house (5)

C2862. Musical instrument in jukebox (3)

C2863. Autry and Roddenberryís legacy (5)

C2867. Woozy vole reeked, collapsed (6,4)

C2870. Poorly begun songs about bodies of water (4)

C2872. Clintonís no Eisenhower: his ďvaliant/modulatedĒ tax whatnot failed (1,3,3,4,6,9,4,4,5)

C2873. Dined at European capital (3)

C2874. Fast break a combined effort, son (10,4,4)

C2875. Practices riveterís tics, acting by stentorian ruleset (11,9)

C2876. Substantiate claims your faker, ah, fabricated with 5 Cís (5,3,8)

C2879. Bridge of least resistance: very French (4)

C2880. President McKinleyís showtime alternative (3)

C2881. Acidic, incorrect critic (6)

C2883. Modem connection between media, lupinology (4,2)

C2884. Beardless and not blowing cash, as Sean Connery would say (6)

C2885. Serpent skirt is unconventional coital cue (9)

C2886. European serpent pas mťlange (3)

C2887. Short sentence fragment for hirerís certificate (3.)

C2888. Singing pairsí sound moving in wrong direction without new hook (4)

C2889. Chewed lame corn (4)

C2890. Pulse rate at gas stations (3)

C2891. Masked teater (3)

C2893. See accepting promotion in mix-up of elemental proportions (10,11)

C2896. Flawless sermonized dialogue in place for tears (10,5)

C2898. Pollutes da boxes we got here (10)

C2900. Tortured, ancient pirate in hospitalization (9,4)

C2901. Yep, son, bank help to clarify the truth (4,3í1,4)

C2902. Non-e-currency bank (3)

C2903. German either in Seine river or in passive inertia (5)

C2904. Eliza Dushku role as Capote (3)

C2905. Shortened geezerís little accommodations (3)

C2906. Lawn length (4)

C2907. Contraceptive diffused in liquid (3)

C2908. Financial reward to spell ďdesertĒ properly (4)

C2910. Experts taking millions for peak achievements (5)

C2912. Tales of misfortune protracted since crash (8,7)

C2913. Old toy heads up to swamp (5)

C2915. Athletic org.ís in top game (3)

C2916. Health-related decimal error (7)

C2918. Mansion sorted bags (7)

C2920. Lab assistant Stravinsky (4)

C2921. Get ready to help with kind of plan for the financially confident (7)

C2926. Depend just a little without B.A. (4)

C2927. Arnaud or Truffaut stir orca fins (8)

C2930. Letís start trapping giant (1-4)

C2932. Really carries (5)

C2934. Qualified affirmative for ďCrushed bus yet?Ē (3,3)

C2935. Grad of Kuala Lumpur (4)

C2936. Oat cracker blend for dessert (6,4)

C2939. Weariest wandering, one might say (2,2,4)

C2940. Supreme leaderís missent ďhankieĒ email (3,8)

C2942. Rounded scoring reordered audio files (5,9)

C2944. Flavoring cause uncertain (5)

C2945. Surreal play, strangely, organized a transcendental surrender (11,3,12,3,4)

C2948. Take measured steps mindlessly and get lucky (3,3)

C2950. Wilcoís Cline adjusts lens (4)

C2952. ďNow now, KingÖĒ (3)

C2953. Two-tune medley died (4,3)

C2955. Do nothing about pair of falsehoods, the second twisted around hint of demagoguery (4,3)

C2957. Note lair near American environments (7)

C2958. Simoneís digestive aids (5)

C2961. Showing signs of ageís changes, Dad hale in bed (10)

C2965. Thatís better, boo, cut the corresponding numbers in half (3)

C2967. Facebook team dynamic (4)

C2969. Time after time, singer recalled: ďI had big appleĒ (5)

C2970. Blunt instrumentís spray (4)

C2973. Old Scottish enclosuresí visionary looks backward (4)

C2974. Nickelodeon character with a teacherís degree (3)

C2975. Identifier of crassness (3)

C2976. Sticker shock to block cure (9)

C2980. Mechanically reading letters of Habit in Mineraloid Silica, Integrity, Incognito Flounder (27)

C2981. Oreo filler gunk in furís tufts (4)

C2983. Sound of a familiar voice in troubled times (2í1,2)

C2985. Young Pope, erratically laud Jew (7)

C2987. Pool toy to thrill directors (9)

C2988. Evil sibling has connection (8)

C2990. In study, 2000s health law medically revolutionary (12)

C2994. Jostle you east in face-saving exit (4,3)

C2998. Divine in window seat (5)

C3000. Mailbox provider in indispensability (3)

C3001. Altar from 1181 (3)

C3002. You donít want too many of what Bradshaw has (4)

C3003. Empire, from start to finish, technically 3/11s its size (5)

C3005. Noted lenders make noise in tank (2,4)

C3007. Rooted out next rude dullardís properties (8)

C3010. Judge of color inflamed with time, hours turning to degrees of temperature (3,6)

C3012. Free crossword missing leftmost letter (3)

C3013. Shade in battle cruiser (4)

C3014. Watchdog head of officeís laughter (4)

C3016. A little crazy to be in human icosahedron (5)

C3018. Scalp cap recut sans pin topper as Turkish headwear (7)

C3020. Revival attempt for uneven caper (3)

C3021. Louisí reward for his efforts (3)

C3023. Second through fourth of averages include top value (3)

C3024. Brief moment of insectivore consumption (3)

C3026. While Iím thinking of it: broken node in online presence (4,4)

C3029. Season units with Gym replacing On Colorful Stories (5)

C3030. Got views about any íome on east (3,3,3)

C3031. Shoving, kneeing delight, I talked excitedly in seeming contradiction about transfer of power (3,4,2,4,4,4,3,4)

C3034. Look for back-path in Okefenookee Swamp (4)

C3035. Sound of record skips for multiplication shortcuts (10)

C3039. Ken is weaving yarn coil (5)

C3041. A lampís overturned in fiery state (6)

C3043. Gains access to cabbage feedbag (4)

C3045. Conserve fuel traveling from South Africa to the City of Second Chances (4,3)

C3049. Less important swelling does without emergency room (1-4)

C3050. Barbarian comic! (5)

C3052. Brown C (7)

C3055. Signs of coming to rest on turning pt. (3.)

C3057. Sort of fled back to college setting (7)

C3058. Random number generator: 4935 (4)

C3062. Movie crew approached noodles (9)

C3065. Tower site where PM and AM are equivalent (4)

C3067. Money from savings? Sorry, thatís incorrect (3)

C3068. Swollen stem? Hundred or thousand (4)

C3069. Aptly centered prayer-for-profit org. (3)

C3071. Meat problem (4)

C3073. I slope lazily for longtime leader (6)

C3074. 9 shuffled Zener cardsí subj. (3.)

C3075. Zap sloppy eats (4)

C3076. Biopicís that thing stuck to yer clothes (1,5)

C3078. Worked in experimental area with raw materials, did finish (7)

C3081. Abstract arts or speakerís platforms (6)

C3082. One about sign of body sci. (4.)

C3083. Nervous nellies have retreating perspective (4)

C3087. Hope aní pray woodsiness, goth oddball (4,2,8)

C3088. Gets, well, less concave crashing (11)

C3092. Gin flavoring sounds like it takes a while to kick in (4)

C3094. Colorful parallels of wrecked city and reps (5,6)

C3098. Let cases get organized as instruments (8)

C3101. Shells back into unconsciousness (5)

C3102. Zero was terrible (3)

C3103. No longer forbid rental taxi returning to family (9)

C3105. Clears fogged eye area (6)

C3107. Froze up tenth (4)

C3109. Between seconds, dog generates hunks of wood (5)

C3110. Paired off with stupid chump date (9)

C3112. Like Orion, Hercules, and Perseus, with not one second-stringer in the bunch (3-4)

C3119. Cookie-manufacturer shirt which leads into beautiful thing? (1,4)

C3124. Drag from road aiming for victory (3,2)

C3129. End of a sneeze in the middle of school (4)

C3133. Like older radio: staler, triter assortment without distinction between trap and rap (11)

C3134. Genre-busting example of pictorial narrative (5)

C3135. Ugh, awful display of affection (3)

C3136. Innermost focus to mercenary! (8)

C3138. Briefly state ďBack 75% of 50% upĒ (3.)

C3139. Smooth criminalís victim without electricity for years (4)

C3141. Setting of haze without information (3)

C3142. It follows that, transitioning, Iíll go lacy (9)

C3144. Before our species, cosmos began with alien sky whale (5)

C3146. Like pools drawing back boy, object (5)

C3147. Tasty seeds mimic pattern (5)

C3149. ABCsí mid-alphabet consonant string thatís empty (8)

C3151. ďCome out, peel my crazyĒólove line from the Joker quoting Jerry Maguire (3,8,2)

C3153. Inconsistency in Nicaraguan rebel tongue (13)

C3160. Corny coda: I break alignment (10)

C3165. Sprays arcane solos, remixed (7,4)

C3167. Open stock option for Keystone enforcer (3)

C3168. Carpenter is demanding sort (5)

C3169. Notes for test (3)

C3170. Well removed from present-day ridiculousness (5)

C3171. Nomadic or secret builders (8)

C3174. Awesome After Hustle author Joseph (6)

C3176. Showrunner one Ann C. in topsy-turvy ICU (8)

C3177. Pet name to befit luau dancer (9)

C3179. Loversí music as a Nova Scotian entry (9)

C3182. Running, no pausing, closes the gap with (9)

C3184. Viewing system for loud violsí eccentricities at play (6-7,10)

C3186. Make overtures to cafeterias, showily oust salad (9,8,4)

C3189. Cheap lit mined love, violently (4,5)

C3192. He advises crazy glue and paste (9)

C3195. He made Mother disinterested in relationships with covenants, at heart, of empty air (9)

C3197. Jumbled ďorb ten (sic)Ē, which mustíve meant something when I wrote it down? (4,5)

C3200. Every other sign-in adores profs with degs. (3.)

C3201. Go well in Abeokuta (2,2)

C3202. Super 88 or 90somethings (4)

C3203. If art lacks imaginary property, it becomes noxious cloud (4)

C3204. Pelt with acclaim (4)

C3205. Rudner failed Art I (4)

C3206. End of canon on calendar once (4)

C3207. Left-leaning, grim rhymer (4)

C3208. Electric sources even less uneven (4)

C3209. Rose to lamb shortening (4)

C3210. Promotion at back end (4)

C3211. Personís voice has weight (3,5)

C3212. Northeastern Europeans shun Italian discord (11)

C3213. Neat! Iíd thank you outside (4)

C3214. 1052 alternatives for multibit (4)

C3215. Student of straight lines (4)

C3216. Partly zipped-up symbol of film piracy (4)

C3217. Traditionally proper get-together (4)

C3218. Martin easing around point (4)

C3219. Snuggery in oneís tent (4)

C3220. Neither ahead nor behind in radical diet (4)

C3221. Beasts have superhero trappings without origins (4)

C3222. Liíl thousand over seven days (4)

C3223. Sorta downish in dissemination (3)

C3224. Even Explosm has promotional shirts (3)

C3225. Censorship for intercourse from behind (3)

C3226. Met ugly potential lifesaver (3)

C3227. Baseball position line-upsí competitors (3)

C3228. Han becomes Korean-American onscreen (3)

C3229. Tinkle with piggy sound (3)

C3230. Find fault with answer to ďWhatís next in this series?Ē (3)

C3231. They modify lang. with past-tense modifiers (3.)

C3232. Hiss for military org. (3)

C3233. 700 pesos digitally made into dollars (3)

C3234. See sound main (3)

C3235. Call for help in Sargasso Sea! (3)

C3236. Broke C3240-Across for doctorate (3)

C3237. Fix truck (3)

C3238. African nat. has KJV ending (-3)

C3239. Dama in Israel (3.)

C3240. Looka dis and dat, listener! Theyíre for music listeners (3)

C3241. Life-or-death warning docs can be read either way (3)

C3242. Small network in greasy spoon (3)

C3243. Cars in Hideo Kojima video game (3)

C3244. Health establishment in cyberspace (3)



C1. Vol. percentage found in calculations (3.)

C2. Privileged kind of baby reclined in straw, got back in business (8)

C3. Finished, as peanuts and oiled corn, messily (7,2)

C4. Speakeasy raider (4,3)

C5. Tattoos cool, sure (3)

C6. Wds. for later fam. mem. (4.)

C7. Gets quiet on barrel perch (4,2)

C8. Shipwreck survivor in hellish maelstrom (7)

C9. Wings dotting wallpaper (4)

C10. Contents inside of a record are great deal (3)

C11. Loverís sidecarís wrecked (8)

C12. Understand limit is last two millennia and change (7)

C13. What the c stands for, in physics (Öis underwear arc through air) (5,2,5)

C14. Costumed as unending biological ancestry (4)

C15. The twist: woman seeking man (3)

C16. Gynecologist guy with 5,000 fingers (2.,1)

C17. Novel twist on scrapesí summaries (4,6)

C18. What the C stands for, in childrenís television (Öis queen bee of TV empire) (6)

C19. Plus alphas-led grouping (5)

C20. Ask Civil War general for drink (4)

C21. Shirt stuffing in hope chest (3)

C22. Dadís foot (3)

C23. It rises and falls shipping with ET, Iíd estimate (3,4)

C24. Alert: old-fashioned is like sugar liquor (6)

C25. James of the Magnificent Seven and our man Flint ignite together (6)

C26. What the C stands for, in chemistry (Öis Autobahn noise) (6)

C27. What the C stands for, in clothing sizes (Öand Julia of the kitchen) (5)

C28. Loops material goes to and fro? (5)

C29. Stay right on chew toy with gnawed ends (3,2)

C30. Any weird name in science fiction (3)

C31. Frank shock to Dad (5)

C32. Head or neck shows grace (5)

C33. Could this thing shut up (3,2)

C34. Bama-style (3)

C35. Not many can get through this moving option, heck (5,5)

C36. Shelter Baracus, medical assistant (4)

C37. Apartment with no excitement (4)

C38. Gold owned by nouveau riche (5)

C39. Decide one will build from top (3,2)

C40. Yeah, me! Polloi leader! (3)

C41. Networkís 1:2 signal-to-noise ratio messy knot blocks (5)

C42. Builder among garimpeiros (1.,1.,3)

C43. Bradley and Farmiga at wild raves (5)

C44. Schoolhouse no kinda place for mushrooms (5)

C45. Concealing anthills, aye? You bet (1í2,3)

C46. Quickly reached second bout of influenza, reportedly (4,2)

C47. Groans uncomfortably in skirt (6)

C48. Five hundred, sandpapery without imitation (1,3,1)

C49. Insurance mascotís sweet-sounding rap (3)

C50. What the įC stands for (adjust sluices) (7)

C51. Signs of arrival of Spoonerís coastal bequests (8)

C52. Off-putting nerd recycled cabin air (8)

C53. Sulu abruptly pursuing conn (sounds like) on spacecraftóimportant position (10)

C54. Spy groupís mass of information (3)

C55. Body that became multiple bodies in parallel (4)

C56. Cops Scranton weightlessly floats up (5)

C57. ďGreatĒ mk. that used to be ďaverageĒ (3.)

C58. Big name in inventing for ďRoaring CageĒ soda (6)

C59. Loveliesí victory and independence has pluses and minuses (7)

C60. Petty officerís stink something to bask in (5)

C61. What the C stands for, in this puzzle [Sob quietly, shaking with anger, yo] (7,9)

C62. Cheney, after losing 1000, at 599 (3)

C63. Tennis playerís playing Ratbert (7)

C64. Hands of fate occupy operating system (5)

C65. Old plane from 19th and 20th (3)

C66. In business, donít expand (3,4)

C67. God possessing base men to ford streams, for example (3,3)

C68. All well around dog running back in Japanese city (5)

C70. Statement of everlasting love is universal language (1,2)

C71. Babyís crying would be funny if tummy moved down step (5)

C73. Unmarried lady of Spain challenges arts (4.)

C74. Kit can rub Coco impetuously (7,3)

C76. Frothing far from army alternates (5)

C77. Dot follower in forgery (3)

C79. Backward boor guzzled French wine with one Renaissance man (2,5)

C80. Emirís ďaha!Ē rang out into desert (6)

C82. Champagne article: ďUnpublicized PruneĒ (3)

C83. @#$% forgot to mention economic stats (4)

C85. Pet belonging to me uncategorizable (4)

C86. Worker lost in unrecognizability! (3)

C87. German on-off sound relay (3)

C88. Learn these basicsÖIím warning you (3)

C89. Iíve found inspiration in alcohol (3)

C90. Sci-fi writerís space vehicle (3)

C91. Start a math test in bad dream (3)

C92. Traveliní bandís ground-up quarter of choice morsel (3)

C93. Relative oí mine and school where he went (3) [Itís true! Hey, Jack!]

C94. Car got demolished (3)

C95. Walking on eggshells around departed (4)

C96. Sorry insincerity (4)

C98. Once-follower of anti-company coupon (4)

C99. Cheer what comes before miss in football (3)

C101. Nice neighbor is able to listen (6)

C102. It stings without a pause in texting (3)

C104. Army outpost 12-509 (2.,3)

C105. Polite accusatives for resolutions of grievances (5,5)

C107. Understood Daenerysí tale (3)

C108. Princess keeps her anxiety inside (3-2)

C110. Addict lost in esoterica (3)

C111. Bullets aimed at Bondís easily handled accessory (4-2,3)

C112. Pilotís overwhelming presence (4)

C113. End Mass without fully beginning (3)

C115. Every other piece of cedarís small storage container (2-1)

C117. Wired for communication among cosmic dust (3í1)

C119. Kleptomaniac takes Seeb resident (5)

C121. Bulk up, change clothes to match new body (3,3)

C123. Cookie-sellers at federal procurement gp. (3)

C124. Introduction to Georgia from within Russia (1.1.1.)

C126. Hottie Hamilton (3)

C127. Villain of Soviet intelligence (3)

C128. Direction to chemical modification (-3)

C130. Wrinkled snoot in denial (3,2)

C132. Cover tracks back around little cleric (2.3.)

C134. Truncated composer of Canonís old phone company (7)

C136. Ranted, ardent; without partner, lacks courage (5í1)

C139. Whatís overheard at a comedy club: ďNice mop, Sloppy!Ē (4,3)

C141. 4 + 5 + 3 = 12 (3.)

C144. Bug believer (6)

C147. From domain name of German grandma (3)

C150. Purpose-driven commercial loan a thousand less (2,3)

C152. Wrestling gp. during Prohibition (3)

C154. Smash success Spike Jonze film over here (6)

C157. Break from productivity with party necklaces, end of self-denial, excellent music (4,3)

C159. Lion backs into police car (5)

C160. Study sweat spot (4)

C162. Voting center names Sans leader (4)

C165. Democratic challenger gets haircut, becomes fun-loving roommate (5)

C166. Emcee has merry jaunt with deer (7)

C167. Showily courted bird begins playing eagle against hawk, entre nous (6)

C168. Annoying insect goes left into barbecue feature (4)

C169. Lowered-income trap (3)

C172. Declaring weed containers as bills of fare (6)

C176. Praise in moderation (3)

C178. Overflows into white em space (5)

C181. Idiosyncratic artist in monopoly (3)

C183. American stock link mayest be (5)

C185. 1200 for host with average grade (3)

C186. Indie rockers rocking only togae (2,2,5)

C188. Cry of annoyance on mountain (4)

C189. Integrated circuit from small-group psychology (3.)

C191. Grassland with incomplete grass blade (3)

C193. Brief civic portion at mock United Nations (3.)

C194. Loch acre swirls in spiral (8)

C195. Countering sounds of sports instructorís obstruction (5)

C196. Forelit badly (3)

C198. Majority of Earthís governments on daily walk, as government founders didnít intend (16)

C202. Outline recruitment (5)

C204. Name signed to famous fellowship was odd juror (1.1.1.)

C206. With advanced tests for hearing, simian urinates (3)

C208. Upbeat emotions for impending destruction (4)

C210. Diner offering: taste of slide rule (4)

C213. Brief concern from labor pains returns (4)

C217. Donaldís prequel/sequel, #1102 (4)

C219. Strauss in sanitation (4)

C220. Dreamily lost again in thoughts of past (9)

C221. Most unpleasant, riotous ousters (7)

C222. Hug healing any unnatural beast (8,5)

C223. See, see, um, Iím sayingÖleft alone, it might catch fire (6)

C224. Sentenceís little hook provoked dangerous secret (8,2,3,6)

C225. Time of nemeses? Wrong. I see no conflicts (5,4,2,2)

C226. Market dominators put art into animation unit (6)

C227. ďThere is ___ the affairs of men, which, taken at theĒ flood, I detain (1,4,2)

C228. Confusing edict: ďIrrigate with fruits and leafy greensĒ (9,4)

C229. Mr. Lee tops kebab showily on display furniture (8,6)

C230. Dress reformist is amiable, scatterbrained, overbearing one (6,7)

C233. Put away in directional shift (4)

C236. Two namesónever mind, itís first of two (3)

C238. Be overwhelmed in elder god (4)

C239. Roughly scald off platform (8)

C240. Dragonfly I personally grabbedóEEK! (4)

C242. ďCentral Albania or nothing!Ē begins nut (5)

C244. Friends who go way back offer negligible punishment (4)

C246. Mayo container is a hoop-shaped object (3)

C247. ďStrategist Got SHINER!!!Ē (Skimmed TMZ for ugly headline) (3,3)

C248. One gentile bending back in twisty exercise (4)

C250. Louse up container (3)

C251. Suing for crashing a tooting truck (6,2,5)

C252. Those flappers dancing? Beware them, saith the Bible (5,8)

C255. Jump on a staff to cave blindly (6)

C256. (terribly intense phrase) (13)

C257. Sculpture subjects in molded trios (5)

C259. In-camera Rio Grande (3)

C261. Fourteen-fifty for tartar topping on old burger (5)

C264. I espy trouble! (5)

C266. Lugís loud auction conclusion (4)

C267. Goddess missing godís scarlet heart (3)

C269. Keep back around sporting group (3)

C271. Individual ronin holds familiar name of religious figure (1.,3)

C273. Dip in dance (5)

C275. Muscleís long partner (3)

C276. Unforgettable event when Doris shredded penis (3,2,8)

C277. Her nifty stockpile for English king (5,3,5)

C278. She fronts new business, noting several variations (5,8)

C279. Wrocław discomfits Belarus (7)

C281. Middle-age date with old cellular (3)

C283. Cough drops items one sings about decking (5)

C284. We relapse embarrassingly into work-inappropriate fashions (9)

C286. Sounds like sister is still what she was assigned at birth (3)

C287. Heís almost all in me (4)

C289. Study of lymph ducts (3)

C290. While Iím trying to be serious, they make jokes in aluminum sheet (4)

C291. Alberta native and Ford slowly enter (5,4)

C293. Eliminate reuse of green diagram (5)

C295. Camaro says, ďIím so coolĒ (4)

C296. ďCURTAINS!Ē is insensitive (5)

C297. Their in-French search engine spam-filtered (3)

C299. Pares very tough sort of armor plate (5-8)

C300. Donít click ugly CalicoFont.net (4,2,7)

C303. Two machetes, chopping super (3,3í1,4)

C304. Leaves forks (6)

C307. Using 9 of the first 12? It seems poorly thought out (4-5,4)

C309. Yell for mapmaker (3)

C311. Crosswordese, birds, ainít exactly Hemingway (5)

C313. Gram-Gram mixes bread with two ingredients (4)

C314. Wrongly trick one news announcer (8)

C316. Without conservative leadership, Fidelís kind of turf (5)

C318. Fast-food stock at 1400 (3)

C321. Howe voyaged almost to the end and back (5)

C322. Ship number 18 (5)

C324. Explorerís gift announcement (5)

C325. I wouldíve been Eddie Cantorís wife (3)

C326. Now note, dude, mutant search engine (7)

C327. Singerís mouths (3)

C329. Error thatís following circular operations (6)

C331. Ooo, Mrs. C mingled in African nation (7)

C333. Even duchess pauses (3)

C334. Grabs internal intelligence in shadowy garb (6)

C336. Iím pissed by audio delay (6)

C337. Play judge, architect, tire juggler (7,6)

C338. Highway border discord: get feds, aye (6,4)

C339. Not intend offense with confused ďMenorah-ManĒ (4,2,4)

C340. Eliminate electric current in beer (5,3)

C345. Breezy, Iíd void forms, attempt the impossible (6,2,4)

C346. Name ďPennyĒ (4)

C347. Show off eighth ghost plot in farce (3,3,9)

C349. Positions of power for idiot son (3)

C350. Red button leads to noisy destruction (3)

C352. Only you are built from Noels (2,3,4)

C353. Yale University residency trumps beginnersí simple dwelling (4)

C354. Pt. of range of undreamt nation (3.)

C356. Reverse onboard direction to find fish (3)

C357. Hotel helpersí restaurants, yo, ban a bacon spread retroactively (6,4)

C359. You and us overthrown by Chinese edible (4)

C361. Ugly, cruel profanity: ďChicken-breeder!Ē (7,7)

C362. I accept your challenge, nearly finishing graphic novel (5,2)

C364. Perspective that is in beetle (4)

C365. Container rotationally symmetrical when small (3)

C367. Mouthy jock cues retaliation against abusers of power (1í6)

C369. Holy leader, I agree, is chicken (6í1)

C371. Bank on a vaccine! (Huh, want to upchuckÖ) (4,2,7,4)

C372. Outpatient care for ACL in ice bag (6)

C374. In refusal to consider alternative cypher, heíd ďateĒ ET (2í1,3,2)

C375. Self-styled avant-garde, he trips crack (7)

C376. Has deodorant in hand and waits (5,3)

C378. Sample no unusual growth (8)

C379. Anti-allergen is central to dizzying exertion, great success (6)

C381. Little morsel from albacore (4)

C383. Source of wild images in PowerPC platform (3)

C384. ďMoney on TimelineĒ musical (5)

C387. Got distracted by rambling, unrelated, watery notion (3,4,9,6)

C389. Add rye, stir as bound (6)

C391. Left an inheritance in bank of two successors to what you see here (6)

C393. Ready for school photocopy with grade lowered (3,2)

C394. Unimpressive bunch, as told to fixer (6)

C397. Result: fur it shakes (5)

C399. Airing Prov 5 (2,2)

C400. Large sun becomes beam of directed radiation (5,3)

C401. Bless cat treat as personal affirmation (3)

C402. Travis bets subprimes are remote targets (2,4)

C403. Reknit yarn, Ms. İzmir (6)

C404. Here I stand, Caesar at crossroads of history (3)

C405. Furrowing, persevere with crochet hook alternative (8,5)

C408. Todayís activities inside fractured self (12,8,8)

C410. Little traitor in cerebellum (3)

C412. Coach keen on truck repair (5,6)

C414. Machu Picchuan soda-style? (5)

C415. DOJ office heard in ďJungle LoveĒ (3)

C417. Weirdly, it peels letter (7)

C419. Shred whatís shed for dead (4)

C421. Face with part of frown upside down (3)

C423. Lindaís tear in bathroom roll (5)

C424. Alleged boozer the computer department directed (2-6)

C426. Dracula doesnít permit youths to play poker aggressively (5,5)

C427. Obligation weighing you and me down (4)

C428. Require left-leaning celebrichef (4)

C432. Rule of identity: harass (aye) wild hive! Themed unit, yea, with different vocals (2,4,6,2,3,5,4,4,2,4,3)

C435. Subverting barking facetiousness and getting it done! (6,4,2,8)

C437. Slow, sad sound exhaled: ďZĒ (6)

C440. Spring forward in stopped DeSoto (3)

C442. Unexpected, rare nap at 73 (4,3)

C443. Ices sorer injury with spells (9)

C446. Mutual amusement at what looks like misplaced colon (6)

C451. Contortionist harassed keen shoe fans (12)

C453. Some gas clouds end (5)

C454. Starts to make the most of production company (3)

C455. ďI found it, I found it! Itís in Tallahassee!Ē (4)

C456. Uncertain economics of everything, the way things are now (9)

C458. Looks bigger in nonlinear space (5)

C459. Stare down recycled leather hygienists took (4,8,2,3,4)

C461. Suspend activity around unchallenging period (5)

C462. Rose from Schittís Creek to be giant fighter (5)

C463. Tongue-tied moments since her cone melted (12)

C465. Follower to infer ten registered (-3)

C468. Moverís requirement in stagecoach (3)

C469. Sign of the future upended captain from below (4)

C470. Kidsí game: Careful, That Peg Wobbles (7,3,4)

C471. ďRetrogressive content!Ē judge reoils, showing inability to read (1/1,5)

C472. Kierkegaard very much like Star Wars villain (5)

C473. Computer language in hyperlink (4)

C474. Only first and second twosomes take a chance on me, performers (4)

C475. Reportedly hurt fly (4)

C476. Sift sand for additions (4)

C477. Pipe from ocean (4)

C478. Alt-rockers look good inside (2,2)

C479. Skim over key passage to change address (4)

C480. Fly without this, be reckless, lose the roof, Jackson (1,4)

C481. Bird flying only across two of three poles (3)

C482. Chopped up gin casserole for snack (6,6)

C484. Foreign ďothers,Ē kinda sorta (5)

C485. Magnetite, cassiterite, and alternatives to be mentioned (4)

C486. Zhouís successor in Lithuania (3)

C488. Harvested Smash game equipment (2,7)

C490. Probe ridiculous improvisation (5)

C494. Speed of food cleanup for sandwich leftover (3)

C498. Our class: endless drudgery for information (8)

C499. Politician Paul centrist on environment (3)

C500. Every shore eroding (4)

C501. Letís get going in intersection space (5)

C502. Banner for post-Augustan squad or battalion (2,4)

C503. More collected with layaway code (7)

C504. Scrambled RSS for elders (3.)

C505. Two-thirds-diesel mode of transport in Germany (4)

C506. Dispatched a heroine of the opera (5)

C507. Products of fertilized eggs, last egg first (3)

C509. Scrutinize brutal truths, often revealing boredom and disappointment (3)

C511. Rag and bone (3)

C514. Monarchist relier on experience (7)

C515. Strings time with drinks (6)

C516. Stops chopping laths (5)

C517. Wizards unite or Pokťmon go for pained cry outside hospital (3)

C518. Third monastic hour in reformed Crete (5)

C519. Property-related debts to mystic prosecutors (7)

C520. Skipper healthy after being anal, loosening up (4,4)

C521. Tease glum, fidgety athletes about to go down the tubes (9)

C522. Arrived without hat, releasing French spirit (3)

C523. Etched in Columbia (abbr.) (4.)

C525. Semi-opaque housing for foreign mine (3)

C526. Surrouded (9)

C527. Enjoy anotherís motion in iridescence (4)

C528. Tin Lizzie introduction for comedy show (3)

C530. Drills in unsorted store (5)

C531. Elvis follower was Awkwafina, looking back (4)

C532. Toy twists spineóeek (8)

C533. Get it in, Uncle Arthur (5)

C534. Captain is fourth child (4)

C535. Retirement org. in renaissance (3)

C541. Informal request in public an imposition (3,1)

C543. PC aid for autobiography of record (6)

C544. Big deer gloomy without rangerís cap (5)

C545. Gremlins and such cooking up scam (4)

C546. Change of location for old car (3)

C548. Pin ex-national, dubiously, ďto clear things upĒ (2,11)

C556. Loreena McKennittís genre blends animation element, twitch, and friction (really!) (6,5)

C557. Womanís overture with second fish (2,3)

C558. Rest in a tile mosaic (3,2)

C559. Me, myself, yours truly, and Juniorís kid (3)

C565. Joined together against Blanchett and Nate Dogg, at start (12)

C567. Eye flower (4)

C568. Room for amateur radio operatorís inner self (7)

C569. Racket owner in silicon manufacturing (3,3)

C570. ďFlow or LavaĒ singer Soler (6)

C571. Cry of betrayal from Harriet Tubman (2,2)

C573. Doritos flavor mixes char colon (4,5)

C574. Eyebrow-raising, pending beginning (3)

C576. Hair taking shape in permafrost (4)

C577. Most airheaded escapist romp (8)

C578. Collector of 25 pages or so in confused arc (8)

C579. Punishment at dawn for competitions (6)

C580. Tools for editing pix of Stanislavsky (3)

C581. Told a bedtime story, with verbal permission to include color (4,5)

C584. Whitman phrase for Ďouse (3)

C587. I got product tag? (1í2)

C588. Refreshing drink of intoxicant on ice (5)

C591. No team connection from two at networkís beginning? (1,2)

C592. Beat up Micro, attack disco soundtrack (4,5)

C596. Danteís divinity is fashion icon without heel (3)

C597. Mel in online entertainment (3)

C598. Overuse busy works (7)

C600. Mutt-portraying actor has faith (4)

C601. Cloaking paraphernalia? Ďtainít hisín (3í1)

C603. Films peels (5)

C605. GoodReads promotion for alumnus (4)

C607. Advanced math: ďif 99, having too many 20sĒ (8)

C608. Musical, mutual kissesÖfor money (6)

C609. Russian TV character who flipped: fighter overwhelming programís conclusion (6)

C610. Required den as bank (6)

C611. Girl at gym has shawl (var.) (6)

C612. Leading, advanced technology a loss leader? (2,1)

C613. Prepare to snare at repast treacherously (3,1,4)

C614. Chocolate substitute on wheels, obviously (6)

C615. Nonverbal signs that interrupt ending of Brahe manuscript (5)

C616. Tennis star escaped, after a fashion (4)

C617. Early 10th-century screen-based teaching (3)

C618. (Chuckle) Not anything especially frustrating in protected bay (8)

C619. Ranges from one guy to near hundreds (6)

C620. Governing body mentions hat material (6)

C621. Final number (6)

C622. Got angry drunk (6)

C624. Smartiesí avenues to wish fulfillment (5)

C626. Arguing a pitch is sort of feedback (6)

C629. Horseless carriageís champ (5)

C631. Ultimately, America has designs on leaner team? (3í1.)

C633. EMTís letters of invitation (4,2)

C634. Knights Templars got black eyes around start of rebellion (8)

C636. Right of priestís assistant to wear lacy shift (10)

C638. God runs upriver in canal (4)

C643. Idiots style lights (5)

C645. Touting as revolutionary taste sensation (9)

C646. Defeated, beheaded, destroyed (5)

C647. Itís lobster stew for exiles (4,6)

C650. Arranged panacea stores for recovering from difficult birth (4-9)

C652. Pursuing secondary interest in theremin or in gingerbread (8,2)

C654. Christineís back in undersea adventures (4)

C656. Backward-facing, pitiable deceased start to wilt (5)

C659. Lťgumes and other plants as lead changes (6)

C661. Odd Cockney school near Harlem (4)

C662. Scattered bale on island prison (4)

C663. Humorous poet on jet (4)

C664. Athletes are total nothings (5)

C666. Between-the-lines job analysis: unchallenging (5)

C670. Scan led indirectly to burners (7)

C671. Reveal disembodiment below the neck; profit (4,3,5)

C672. Drinks? I refuseÖalmost (4)

C673. Flamenco guitaristís catchphrase in garbled, incomplete hiccup pair (5,5)

C675. Galaxy near Earth has great portent (5)

C677. Inaccurately rename host as band (3,7)

C679. Surveyed back half! (4)

C680. Not address mark of bad customer (5)

C682. Short reply or mid-sized articles (3.)

C683. Big debut with promotions and cakeóyou messed it up immediately (3,5)

C684. Permit luau dance as kind of bet (4-6)

C685. One˘ two?Į (4)

C687. Opera ending in stutter (5)

C689. Name game (3)

C692. Attacks football team (4)

C695. Orbicular, scrambled ciphers (7)

C696. Tipsy repís drink for early order (3-4)

C698. Top artist lacking a yellow tip (1-4)

C702. Eliminate computer positions to meet expectations (3,2)

C703. Northern stationís fluid test (3)

C704. Frigid follower claims to be next in line? (-4)

C705. Business in fights to register feature (4,5)

C706. Putting in order whatís not in order: its zaniest gym (13)

C708. Eschews wheels, stews, fish too (5,2)

C711. Changes tune in church elevations (6)

C714. Angrily I slap containers (5)

C716. Again uncork no-peer bubbly (6)

C718. Makes a break with weapon (5)

C719. First off, evaluator is heart extractor (5)

C721. Group of artists into seascapes (5)

C722. Beckham in praiseful poem to hockey sticks (5)

C724. Topless paintings on mountain range (5)

C725. Ban alcohol from Divine Larynx, essentially (2,3)

C726. Flowers surprisingly erode stress (6,5)

C730. As usual, Will is jerk friend (18)

C731. Sends online messages without active headers to Kapaun and Wilbekin (5)

C732. Disturbed need to show the meaning of (6)

C734. Bridge twosome threaten a certain bridge (6)

C736. Carter sounds solemn bell (4)

C738. Motherless, sporting cartoon characters: Scrooge McDuck and Willie the Groundskeeper (5)

C741. Writer Diaz in Alaskaís capital, I hear (5)

C742. Stuffed roll back in cocoa butter (3)

C745. Fastens telegraphs (6)

C746. Let loose lower half ofÖof oboe (5)

C750. Mix each an ice for soothing application (9)

C755. FOX TV bailiff Spivey (6)

C757. Ha, a song (4)

C758. Sees exits from behind (5)

C761. Beautiful, as a French womanís slightly undone hat (5)

C762. Fierce to disobey on certain issue (7)

C766. Army Iíd mobilized uncountable (6)

C767. Ambiguous anatomist (4)

C768. Are not sexiest to ace, awkwardly (5,2,5)

C770. Service charges from fuser material (4í1,4)

C771. Gliders with Polish names (4)

C772. Mag installment is Sierra (3.)

C775. High-seas thriller silly? Add camel (4,4)

C777. Kiosk looters capture science writer (6)

C778. Core icing can melt like smoke in too much sun (12)

C780. Money at root of neurosis (5)

C782. Peregrinate to golf tourneyís second to fifth spots (4)

C783. Save audio take (6)

C784. Delighted noises Wizard voices (3)

C785. Sexually dimorphous feature in ribosome (5)

C786. Wrestler philosopheróa plot twist (5)

C787. Diamonds make one center of attention ever and ever (7)

C789. Donít know any cats wandering (3í1,3)

C792. Cattle calls for tailless, big cattle relative (4)

C793. Eccentric villain neck fashion that looks stylish (6,5)

C794. Tiger, Socrates battle in listing contest (13)

C796. Drink or two after parking (4,3)

C798. Disappointments in stunt attaching building wing to big screens (12)

C801. Did great on complete last-minute revision (7,2)

C802. Supergirl makes diamonds without treasury (4)

C803. Get down at Isle Dauphine (4)

C805. Filmed poses relaxed, unforced (4-7)

C807. Encourage Fitzgerald at music festival (9)

C809. Seated, settled, and quiet (6)

C811. Egyptian city announced Greek fraternity (5)

C812. Godís 501 ways of inhuman thinking (4)

C814. Cooked treat! (5)

C816. Whatís dropped in like potato, on streak? (1,3)

C817. Feline grabs rogue who grabs boy in Texas wear (6,3)

C818. Capture an echoic kind of folk music (5)

C820. Place for young believers in chorus (3)

C821. 15Ö3Ö1ÖLOOK OUT, WEIRDO (3,4)

C822. Husbands and wife (3.)

C823. Happens to lack gym training, scrambling to ranch (5)

C825. Lay back between Cardi and Fiddy, among everyone (2,3)

C826. Officials in icy, occult confusion (4,7)

C827. Admirable, unconventional co-heir (6)

C830. Resolved it: broken, leashedÖelated (6,3,4)

C832. Farewell to spiesí circle (4)

C834. Meeting pt. within Resistance (3.)

C836. Whip is seductive tool (4)

C839. Warmup on astroturf! (4)

C841. Sound of babyís discovery is noise to annoy Aladdinís sidekick (4-1-3)

C843. Is now churning for low-functioning alkies (5)

C844. Cousin Ye stops from performing folk-rock tetragram (4)

C845. Capital in the ocean (abbr.) (3.)

C847. River bird of cartoon film (3)

C849. Bo snickered back in the second beat (5)

C850. Keep enjoying yourself, bird eating piece of oyster (4,2)

C854. Refreshment is help in throat! (3)

C855. HTML-based issue with running games.org (3)

C858. Straying, mines ore for bringing to surface (8)

C860. Bog down into dystopia (4)

C862. Didnít have 1100 (3,2)

C864. Fabulous fellow takes cut to give workers shares (4)

C866. Journeying nearer to fairly reacquire things lost (2-4)

C868. Irritate feeling of loss (5)

C869. Doctorow who writes ďLO_ALĒ meaning ďcloseĒ (4)

C870. Stories of Louis Agassiz (5)

C871. Area that may request sample hair (creatively put ďN/A: BaldĒ) (3,3)

C873. Vice-president of little value (5)

C874. Nielsen in The French Deception (6)

C876. Mutts also mishmashed in essences (3,6)

C881. Capital stabbing implement and cooking implement (6)

C883. Schoolteacherís apple got back (4)

C885. Vacuum shows energy in cracking rock (5)

C887. 57% modicum of praise (4)

C889. Singer trapped by colorism (4)

C891. Made C-shape, became concerned with C falling to center (5)

C892. Loudly cried without hair (4)

C894. Shouting boatman prepares to fire (5)

C895. Chatted online and ran an RPG (4)

C896. Give assurance of victory with pained cry (5)

C897. Coin I offer for Italian motorcycle (6)

C898. Ambassadorís degrees (4)

C899. Outmoded e-brand in backward bloat (3)

C900. Crushes cars (8)

C901. America in miniature: whatís used in ďunionĒ and ďunitedĒ (5,2)

C906. Snark about epee code (4)

C908. Elite collapse disrupted higher sphereís axis (9,4)

C909. Vanished doctor, so a few hangnails (3,4,2,1,5)

C911. Tobaccoless mess reeks of me (5-4)

C912. Hot area in entertainment: TikTok, SnapchatÖwithout Instagram (2-3)

C914. Autoantibody contents whatís found between means and end? (2,2)

C915. Environmentally friendly audio feedback (4)

C917. Leaves speechless in most unsuitable dress (5)

C919. Five-dollar bill a dye spattered when least expected (3,4,3)

C921. Insurgent outed cop according to local safety rules (2,2,4)

C923. As average surpasses extraordinary, teen problem becomes crutch (4)

C924. E-dad heard to use the web (4)

C925. Endures shoemakerís mounts (5)

C933. Itíll say, dump out your water bottle for fruit salad ingredients (3)

C935. Ball gameís taken over infield (4)

C937. Took the nightshirt out in that case (6)

C939. Tells of second markers, loudly (4)

C941. Robotechís Ugandan leader (5)

C943. Witch glad in disturbance (6)

C945. Unit of television watched, heard (5)

C946. Eschew Ginaís gift (2,2)

C947. Covered broken iPad (4)

C948. Safe jump (5)

C949. Wraps with staff marks of excellence (4)

C950. Whisper to squirrel away lettuce (4)

C951. Tiger also known as sports champ (5)

C952. Message received: 7 minus 5 (4)

C954. Silly boy, we wonít be providing any (3)

C957. Greeting morning on topsoil (4)

C958. Yam in apocalypse (3)

C959. Cruz twisted to AI (4)

C960. Susceptibility to illness? Make economical, limy fungicide (13,10)

C963. Spur sources around start of play (5)

C965. Arrange such ďserver chicĒ for masses (6,8)

C966. Victorious performer a showstopper (4)

C967. Back Howard (5)

C969. Ends of typed messages on phone lines, briefly (4.)

C970. Theyíre kaleidoscoping around northern California city (5)

C971. Sources of lighter fluid in limbic system (4)

C972. No mystery at heart of pugilist Orange Free Stater (4)

C973. Ways to get ahead in the game: unclench, eat cod, establish holdings (5,5)

C974. Zap with uncaring cut (4)

C975. Many housing units (4)

C978. Troubles kill news from writersí sources (8)

C980. Performance shows hints of a common thread (3)

C981. Omission: Diplomatic meeting excludes Georgia (8)

C987. Drunken peersí splurge (5)

C990. As desperate attempt, spun their web (4)

C991. ERsí wheeled conveyances chart scars in transit (5,5)

C992. Standardized to be rose tattooís inscription (3,2)

C993. Excursions to Santa Fe, always one or two spaces from T (4)

C994. Rifle through roosterís crest (4)

C995. Cube the G.I. blew up (5)

C996. Self-promote in second-rate excuse for journalism (4)

C997. Sorted files on popular pets (5)

C999. Belonging to treasury, usually (3)

C1000. ďU R right, computer department absolutely essentialĒ (3)

C1001. Kidman and Richie, dancing in close (7)

C1002. Beams before river (5)

C1003. Governor has richest bank (5,8)

C1004. Leader of boy or girl at forward and backward directions (4)

C1005. Passage between temples traversed by gynandromorph (5)

C1006. Spielberg project in much trouble (6)

C1007. ďLights out!Ē interjects general (3)

C1008. Unify in tribe on Earth (2,3)

C1011. Wild empathetic howls for doghouse that tends to go down in flames (3,7,5)

C1013. Karaoke ďCrack the CodeĒ leading to bar fights, for instance (7)

C1014. Online proposalÖit can make one smile or cry (7)

C1015. Wartime general out of the wind (3)

C1016. Like, give, or have payback on interest, in short (3.)

C1017. Distant tail-twitcher, hip-swinger (4,3)

C1019. Heard word about grazers (4)

C1021. Roach-man Bankman-Fried at risk of repeating himself (5)

C1022. Hymns and such from westward Christianityís Gnostics (5)

C1023. Vaping tool has capacity for heat, I hear (4)

C1024. Prez leaves easy task unfinished (1-2-1)

C1025. Privacy protection stewardship, AARP division (5)

C1026. Sarcastic or nasty about old-fashioned, well-meant humor (4)

C1027. In Cuba, a singer bleats (4)

C1028. Not career, sadly, to be false confederate (9)

C1029. NY neighborís nautical maneuvering (4)

C1030. Hits tip of chin off, splits in two (5)

C1031. Cartoon bus driver gives silly toot (4)

C1035. Big sled, zip us dangerously (4-5)

C1036. Bat around wrapped-up food (4)

C1037. Publisher puts out history of adventure (3)

C1040. Vaticanís ninth foreigner to the States (3-2)

C1041. Run for base, cheap item (5)

C1043. Marked by Godís kiss becoming His embrace (1í1,2)

C1045. Junior preceder Lewis and Sagan (5)

C1046. Rude noise at start of Blu-Ray (4)

C1047. Why donít we make net decisions (4)

C1048. Disturbed area like Notre Dame (5)

C1049. Call set up (4)

C1050. Propmasterís firm possession (4)

C1051. ďDA, DA, DA! HURRY!Ē (4,3)

C1052. Hoppers almost reach resting place (4)

C1054. Under her nose, obvious instigations? I barely consider before denying this (2,2)

C1060. Newspaper editor smoothed out suit (7)

C1062. 2004 song with satirical targetÖUS, FOOL! (8,5)

C1063. Temperature regulators for roughly trod areas (9)

C1064. Stock seller and son both rising, small players (4,5)

C1065. Martha Jane has lifetime journey to make (3)

C1066. Manhattan border central to writeup? (-3)

C1068. Backward, crazy, uninformed guess (4)

C1070. Asking questions, pursing long lip (7)

C1071. Robs in feints (4)

C1072. Marvel superhero Murdock blindly detects wrestling area (4)

C1073. Tests stragglers whose aces got turned around (5)

C1074. Opera hero with racist heart (4)

C1075. Naming musical ďBrown Score in GĒ (11)

C1076. Awesome, concealed computer is repository of music (3,2)

C1077. Sleazebag lawyerís audibly criminal (4)

C1078. Poet of finer ilk evaporates (5)

C1079. Escape psionics with energizing drink (5)

C1080. Plant pig (3)

C1082. Atlanta school and its Rocketeersí uniforms (1-5)

C1083. Feeble at law practice (6)

C1084. Hardy boy in treacly mystery (4)

C1085. Greeting from the mines at beach IHOP (2-2)

C1089. Depart a little late from projection (4)

C1091. Nights in life vests (4)

C1093. Liberally endow salon product (3,2)

C1094. Admin.: ďRah-rah, HokiesĒ (3í1.)

C1095. Feuding side in endless noise of striking metal (4)

C1096. Winds from Cancun arise in cyclone (5)

C1097. Noggin in toilet (4)

C1098. Spelling of ďgubernatorialĒ (4)

C1099. ďDear JudgeÖĒ (3)

C1100. Mixed oats in New Mexico area (4)

C1101. Checheniaís Anne in Hollywood (5)

C1102. Chancellor of football among Black Americans (3)

C1104. Cancels sitcom (6)

C1105. Praying mantis disguise for agent (1-3)

C1107. Pump tip of photoelectron (3)

C1108. In hindsight, too slow to make broad choice (1,2,1)

C1110. Big name in ovipositors (3)

C1112. Throughout hip effort, rodeo clowns (3,3,6,2)

C1114. Tetris-like game with gory slit (4)

C1115. Angers with little comments (5)

C1117. Reverse of course without stop! (3)

C1118. Film text on film viewer (abbr.) (3.)

C1119. Grunting, knock down football team (4)

C1121. Fair-hiring enforcers at three oíclock (4)

C1123. Joker against superhero hub (5-3)

C1124. Draw condemnation from vocal old Frenchwoman (4)

C1125. Climb on kiwi vine and hit oneís head (4)

C1128. Clever indication includes this puzzleís author (4)

C1129. Blinded by swamp, hit too many water traps (7)

C1130. Singled bank out for compression-ignition machines (6,7)

C1131. ďItís a ball to toss, dumb machine!Ē she shouts (5)

C1132. Cage film owned by siliconaires (3,3)

C1133. Masochistically view what cheat befouled (4-5)

C1134. Dog escapes, disembodied (4)

C1136. Not dose mixed seed (4)

C1138. Alumni sins reinterpreted as faith (5,5)

C1141. CEOís lieutenant at school opening for business test (5)

C1144. Fuel rocks halfway come together (4)

C1146. Slightly garbled underwater speech is sign of idea (4)

C1148. Add hues to interior of piccolo ring (5,2)

C1149. Milk-spurting bullies (4)

C1150. Late-night scavengersí business on seaís surface (5)

C1151. Doggies have stinky wee-wees, I hear (4)

C1152. Squeeze nylon back to reveal California valley name (4)

C1153. Snake shared underwear (5)

C1154. The hatís topper on the connector to my tongue? (3,2)

C1155. Cleaners with proofs of advanced college degrees (5)

C1156. Kshatriya and Shudra in musical troupes (6)

C1157. Short-lived politician opposes video-game platform (3.)

C1158. So long, mi amor: in beginnings of coitus interruptus, acting out cut it all off (4,4)

C1161. Came to understand and cued expansion (7)

C1163. Hornís warning to go into extra innings (4)

C1165. Been arranging Italian well (4)

C1169. Mascara I might contain with my hands, say (3,6)

C1171. Self-centered believer in media awards (7)

C1173. Liar encountering the Magi in a marketplace, so she says (5)

C1174. Not new to house detectiveís assumptions (4)

C1176. Hill puts baby carriage back-over-front (4)

C1178. Worms predecessor in volcano fires? (3,2)

C1179. Streisandís degrees (4)

C1180. Oldenburg with sculptures in crazy scale (5)

C1181. Hear cough? Uh-oh! Increase containment of stimulants (6,3)

C1182. One out of 2.5 men is out of balance (4)

C1183. Naomi brings back old bird (3)

C1185. Students with dignity (5)

C1186. Hairstyles reportedly like clouds (5)

C1188. Portland neighbor in Lucas County (5)

C1189. Piano manís Bible book (4)

C1190. Levitating agent is rare mixture (6)

C1191. Beginning to tattle with corner of iPhone (6)

C1193. Hexíd with broken crust (5)

C1195. Personal reminder for short about certain PCs (3)

C1197. Thesaurus listing for ďpatsyĒ (4)

C1199. Darting ballet movement for one-time online skills marketplace (6)

C1200. Baseballers who employed Miles Taylor (3)

C1202. Sop up pre-universal radiation (4)

C1204. Kind of rage at fashion label going down (4)

C1205. Reds Inc. reorg (3.)

C1206. ďDamn, dudeís gonna!Ē (4)

C1207. Dwelling in complex neíer-do-well party (5)

C1208. Ices short-lived captains and admirals (4)

C1209. Young lady has gravity in real life (4)

C1211. Finished this puzzle and did just OK (3,1,1)

C1213. Turn around and marry in S&L (6)

C1214. Keeps an eye out with sound judgment (4)

C1215. Animal in hors-díoeuvre (3)

C1217. Sacrileges include anger (4)

C1218. Saturn plasma (3)

C1219. Org. power-ful as any I heard? (3)

C1221. Iím here, Joe. Hi! Between these stops, only the best for prince (9)

C1222. Looped in four of the first five, one twice (5)

C1223. Swiss automaton makes hot beverage (4)

C1226. Shadesí dimensions (5)

C1228. Mix a cola for aluminum cannery (5)

C1229. Brute with respect to elite group (5)

C1230. Saunters to war-torn Mars, going around orbit first (5)

C1232. Doctor ďyesĒ answers for anti-booze activists (4)

C1235. We deal dishonestly with anklebiter (3,3)

C1236. Coldcocking covered by gecko in Geico (5)

C1237. Float in prior section you capsized (4)

C1238. Toy is 67 cents (4)

C1239. Emperor spendthrift in generosity (4)

C1240. Take out groceries: swirly bun, silver (5)

C1242. Kvetch through small car window (4)

C1243. Crocus rooters with rebellious co-Mrs. (5)

C1244. Pizza for one abroad (3)

C1246. Cuts one-eyed monsterís stressed part (4)

C1248. Sit-in org.ís essence easy-spoken (4)

C1252. Way to identify predator in sweetheart agreement (3,3)

C1254. Muddy up finale of tap dance (5)

C1255. Odd cow, it pounds a hundred times quickly (3.)

C1256. Funny women discussed particles (5)

C1258. Disney princess beclouded by cannabis (4)

C1260. State of friendly talk between well-rounded individuals (4)

C1263. Oblivious feline with a stimulant (9)

C1264. Wade into debacle obliviously (4)

C1265. Gun-slinginí buddy in jeopardy (4)

C1266. Comedian chooses schoolís choral motif (3)

C1268. Approaching defeat, pull a reversal (3,2)

C1270. Went out of control, in treatment at rec center with Stark (8)

C1271. Magical creatureís me, but shorter (3)

C1272. James in misery from smooth-talking con (4)

C1273. Nothing odd about preface to brief invitation of feedback (3)

C1274. Eau forte around saucer (3)

C1275. Babyís call to move fa-aster (3)

C1278. Disruptive tech is endemic in pharmacological source (8,5)

C1279. Segue to Cologneís bureau department, internally? (3,2)

C1283. Heard of single pawnshop offering (4)

C1285. Start to throw stone (5)

C1287. Lower oneself in sop to anarchist (5)

C1289. Actual degree log brandisher! (7,8)

C1291. Kickstarters for Airbnb, Pinterest, Pandora, Snapchat make more Airbnbs, Pinterests, Pandoras, Snapchats (4)

C1293. Start to sum without much intelligence? (3)

C1294. ďCrossing point has hitch,Ē I say deceptively (7)

C1295. Bar exercise (you need two for a toast) (4)

C1296. Hideout among scavengers (4)

C1297. Edwards-Helaire wading into muscly defense! (5)

C1298. Ass with spot in Congress (4)

C1300. Purple with agitation, I call (5)

C1302. ďNonmonogamous land of Hollywood Left: trap for upended America!!Ē (6)

C1304. Lumber within exploding (4)

C1307. Reverse relation to refuse follower? (-3)

C1308. Once byroads bend, everyone stops watching (6,5)

C1309. Concur Bermuda has garbage-laden area (4)

C1310. Excited ďAye-aye!Ē (3)

C1313. Respectful title anagrams respectful title (3)

C1314. Amen to talk about employment cut (3,4,2)

C1316. Chortle at notes for Mr. Everything (5)

C1318. Draft pick is one who exists (4)

C1320. Assists with ball as part of match (4)

C1322. Crap on either side of toilet bowl produces flower (5)

C1323. Crazy Riot 3 (4)

C1325. Blimey! Beginnings of Colossus of Rhodes (3)

C1326. Tanguy of paints in capillary vessels (4)

C1328. Make spread for video game manufacturer to nosh appetizer (3,2)

C1329. Hindu observation sounds religious (4)

C1331. Friend in Amiens! (4)

C1337. Practice evaluator replaces me with one believing in vote (10)

C1338. Actor (sic): ďAnagram! Giant anagram!Ē (8)

C1339. Area near American flower (5)

C1340. Directed electronics firm to brink (5)

C1342. Mysterious, magnetic forces pull me in (9)

C1344. Band at 20 C (3,2)

C1346. Bubbles bordering sea caves (4)

C1348. Confessed to spraying mace thoroughly (4,5)

C1350. Erinís nickname offline (3)

C1351. Robocall mentions kind of burger (4)

C1352. ďWhoa! I heard THOUSANDS!Ē (4)

C1353. Holy singersí chain to ogresí others (7)

C1355. Animated prince of America (4)

C1358. About appetizers or dessert, duh (2,6)

C1359. I yell loudly in good humor (2,6)

C1360. Re-carhop, motoring to farm for a bit (9)

C1361. Coin for devious roue (4)

C1362. Max and Lubitsch in pitching sterns (6)

C1363. Tends a sprain to look after cross-border enforcers (4,2)

C1364. Third, sixth, ninth, twelfth reestablishment has the answer (6)

C1366. Goofily, creatively contract with purifier (9,9)

C1368. Where Supermanís found among comedians in political center (8)

C1369. Plays like AC/DC with our stock dances (5,3)

C1373. Medical org. gp. of top-notch students (3)

C1375. Yellow dye is friend to Brigitte and Leonoraís brow (4)

C1377. Houston athlete calls for German brewer (5)

C1379. Accusatory group in TeotihuacŠn (4)

C1381. Prog rocker in opposition to pollution (4)

C1383. Museum workers include cake crusts in list of no-nos (7)

C1384. Go to oneís knees, coo for diamond (4)

C1385. Crane chewed meat in Mexico (5)

C1386. Able to do big Texas Hold-íem showdown (3)

C1387. Ascends to the gods! (4)

C1389. Program launcher everyone looks up to (4)

C1391. WowÖbeautiful, insubstantial (2,3)

C1395. Ole! Emceeís teeth chewed up hearty breakfast (6,8)

C1396. Laugh away internally at three lies about baseball team from way out west (6,9)

C1397. Hook child climbs atop (4,2)

C1398. Raced center of gas pedal! (4)

C1399. Martyr working odd hours (3)

C1400. Beast which follows AB (3)

C1401. Start to pass! (3)

C1402. Near-st.ís title in back of Silver St. (3.)

C1403. Leave out contents of Sonic predecessor (4)

C1404. Daily routineís about free hand: try him (9,6)

C1406. Investors in ďvoices without breathĒ (3)

C1408. Politely requested an itinerary for each dangerous job (5,10)

C1409. Half-hose canít offer reciprocation (6)

C1410. Green area in Paris bridging drop arch (4)

C1411. Option B: Some port (4)

C1412. Sounds of uncertainty at mangled note (3)

C1414. Record again, skipping intro, in storehouse (5)

C1415. Appear in greenhouse emissions (4)

C1417. Lost patience and got computer crew (3,2)

C1418. Little sociopath ended night with underwear on head (4)

C1420. Tube output of recut blog (4)

C1422. Father who put son in maze left son text (5)

C1423. Cows partner with lies (4)

C1424. Lost position to center, showing off in four corners (8)

C1426. Perceives old being turned inside out (4)

C1428. Lie quickly, ďItís meatĒ (4)

C1430. Butterfly has voice (5)

C1432. Instrumentsí arrangement is oval (6)

C1433. Broken, will heed riot in admission of defeat (2,4,1,5)

C1434. It trots fresh mixes into discount markets (6,6)

C1436. Holy crap! (hides clothing) (5)

C1439. Composer for The Gold of Pizarro is gassy to modest degree (8,2,4)

C1441. Coal and cacti recombined into black-patched creature (6,3)

C1442. Acting sea naiadís stage-whisper (2,2,5)

C1443. Woman seen bathing on a rooftop, sheís between bath and half-bath (9)

C1444. Take this in the dark for small chance to be equally attractive (2,3)

C1445. In upset, could stan first baseman (3,3)

C1446. Spread wrested wildly (7)

C1448. Reservation request for Rwandaís first senior vice-president (4)

C1451. Religious leaderís brief text: ďMorning :-)Ē (4)

C1453. Founded in Manifest Destiny (3í1)

C1455. Legal which is absorbed in aquaerobics (4)

C1456. Could achieve, and then achieved, honest (6)

C1457. Chunk out of driverís license (5)

C1459. Made a mistake leaving behind PPE, went into decline (4)

C1461. Illustrator CS finishes rendering monsters (4)

C1464. Bubble on French border (3)

C1467. Video surveillance without hint of trouble at early date (3)

C1468. How effortless, new beginnings for avian mother (3)

C1470. Important boundaryís goof-up, get it? Listen (3-3)

C1471. Crop could turn around (3)

C1473. Heard each noise of happiness (4)

C1477. Restaurant patronsí money left for meat preparer (4)

C1479. Powerful nation in deus-ex-machina ending (5)

C1481. Train on musk (4)

C1482. Obi-Wan on wane in war (4)

C1484. Welcome to our house: we have much in common (2,3)

C1485. Money in eccentricity (4)

C1486. ď99 are your troubles? Share them with meĒ (1,4)

C1488. Spar wildly for institutionsí interest (4)

C1490. Grabbing and cutting tools lack right angle, bird shouts (4)

C1492. Dadís at K-pop party (5)

C1494. Select audio for movie (3)

C1499. Jealous lover remains inconstant (7)

C1503. Outbreaks impede (sic) ďreorganisationingĒ (9)

C1507. Itís risky to build on flexed pecs (4)

C1509. Bilk bank (more) (4í1.)

C1512. Get finisher for James Brown: roundabout, reversed play on words? (2,2)

C1514. Passport for transport with profit! (6)

C1515. Enemy animalsí kind of seat (7)

C1516. Justiceís name in libel enactment (5)

C1518. Pizzeria in nasal septum (4)

C1520. Fingerís edge, hit with a spike (4)

C1522. In early history, parallels to immunity agent (5)

C1524. Idiomatic measure of tightness within quadrumvirate (1,4)

C1527. Country bums halfway into California city (6)

C1528. After wait, learn electrical engineerís genes inverted? (3,3)

C1529. Rush answer for ďWhass this Indian dish?Ē (6)

C1530. Woodworkers without doubles make figures down under (6)

C1532. Bank antes more than one can afford to lose (3,6)

C1535. Mashed salmonsí heads (5)

C1536. Pescatarian has eaten centipedeís incubator (5)

C1537. Studios of judo jostling! (5)

C1539. Do type edit, use palette alternative (3,3)

C1540. Eye a set including affirmatives (4)

C1542. Old sailorís sarcasm (4)

C1544. Malesí transformations in area known for witches (5)

C1546. Commercial area (4)

C1548. Thousands of valuable type of blood bag (1,3)

C1550. Dairy product fermented on Middle Easternersí advice (5)

C1552. Top story from @snappingwhilechatting, e.g. (5)

C1554. Drink with social elements (4-4,7)

C1556. Snatch rudderless vessel back (4)

C1558. Oddly are against protection (5)

C1561. Urge to throw mindlessly (4)

C1563. Story ending in aimless braggadocio (4)

C1564. Bonaparte drinks up wine hub (4)

C1566. Scold unruly idiots (5)

C1569. Roiling seas of prepositions (4)

C1571. Battle raps from the right (4)

C1573. Treasures useful item upturned (4)

C1575. Spain alternates with Japan in foreign capital (5)

C1577. Balkan trapped in laser beams (4)

C1579. Canít stop laughing at accident (5-2)

C1581. Talent scouts representing 311 (3)

C1582. Anglophile consumes terrible food (4)

C1584. Start to zigzag, flipping vice-president into weightlessness (4-1)

C1586. Trump administrationís attorney general in embarrassment (4)

C1588. Plucked flower part and others (2,2.)

C1590. Seawater ingredient on sea (6)

C1592. Chaos! Rapture me at wrong moment (9)

C1593. Crystalsí sensation: unconventional bare heels (2í1,1,5)

C1594. Coded testament to riviera set (9)

C1603. Pharyngitis evaluation with first part elided (5)

C1605. Educational groupsí sharp-tasting sandwiches (4)

C1607. Make of us airborne curiosities (4)

C1608. Quasi-Gilgamesh keeps identification (5)

C1610. Fat in muscular deltoid (4)

C1612. Marvel actor sounds like jerk (5)

C1614. Mediocre pedal feature like some boot soles (6)

C1616. Small part is key elements of a momma tattoo (4)

C1618. One most centered of those named for no one (5)

C1620. Eat kosher around fight-finishers (4)

C1622. Mislabel middle floor piece (4)

C1624. Joy in melancholy (4)

C1629. Not slick without PR? Funny (7)

C1632. Rebecca Romjin has bounce (5)

C1633. Aliens on College Board (3)

C1634. ďFront of houseÖ? Ohhh! I get it lolĒ (2,2)

C1636. Fabric material is leakproof container (5)

C1638. Shout-out for booze with end first, then beginning backward, forgetting the middle (5)

C1640. Fill up on schedule info (4)

C1643. Imitate several Roman numerals (5)

C1645. Runaway truck ran into area behind back bumper (3,5)

C1647. Mil. decoration for respreading sod (3)

C1649. Iím excited to share astronomical sight (4)

C1651. Breathing aid in cough vaccine (4)

C1653. Agts. packing starter pistols in agcy. units (5.)

C1655. Key digits to identify Essenes, as in original Hebrew (4)

C1657. Cost of broccoli raab (4)

C1659. Influence entrances to crematorium, itís said (7)

C1661. Go right in the hole, bird (5)

C1663. Adamís hardworking bug (3)

C1665. The S.O. subverted once-shared principles (5)

C1666. Are inflated crises intended to weaken Washington (4-7)

C1667. Blab alliteratively, ďNeon nun naughty!Ē (6,15)

C1670. Spirit of the age: geez, itísÖit broke (9)

C1672. Take advantage of supply and demand in fiscal policy (5)

C1674. Turn into Phalaenopsis lueddemanniana (4)

C1676. Gay parents of soft drink (4)

C1678. Lesbian love film song (5)

C1680. Neoclassicism art essay partly written Tuesday in Spanish class (6)

C1682. Singer of melodrama escapes natural order (5)

C1684. Cut wasnít mixed on one end of the line (the other end discarded) (4)

C1686. Sleazeball ogles pair (5,4)

C1688. Palm-holding nuts are about (5)

C1689. Got money for firm without me (4)

C1691. Traditional gender factor complicated in childís first feline image (1,2,3,3)

C1693. Applied balm, worked to exhaustion, with wing brought down (6)

C1696. Cello sectionís asset (abbr.) (3.)

C1697. Shakespearean rhyme for little fish (6)

C1700. Terrible, tyrannous, evil way to administer medicine (13)

C1701. Vault intersection in, in, in watery rum (8)

C1702. Rogues sans sin? Confusing (7)

C1705. Reattempt a monsoon dance with urgency (3,1,6,2,5)

C1707. Look at maintenance around national park (6)

C1709. Mix ale and latte in the wee hours, for a show (4,4)

C1711. Brief play for impulsive ace tenor (3-5)

C1713. Observe award (4)

C1715. Anatomy contains defense (4)

C1717. Bandsí recordings (5)

C1719. Queenís lack of alternative (4)

C1721. Slimís lacking independence, collecting AAA bows (7)

C1723. Fruit in proboscis (4)

C1725. Links in purl stitch (4)

C1728. You and I and two out of three get off the teat (4)

C1730. Chatter ancient Asian tunes (4,5)

C1732. Overstuffed like note for classroom helpers (3,2)

C1735. Was a territory concealing trial of youth (3)

C1736. Momoa role in Hydro-Goodguy (5)

C1739. Threats to web revenue from bad dust-up near dressing area (2,8)

C1741. Patriot ends with revolutionary strike (4)

C1742. Video-game dolphin shoes (4)

C1743. Busy, posh vendor (4)

C1745. Cripes, dude (3)

C1747. Iím cold barrier or with clenched teeth (5)

C1749. Young Connery (4)

C1751. Little pills in armed services (4)

C1753. Running rings back around spy organization, up, down, and all around (7)

C1755. Large town ending for state? (4)

C1756. Got together concerning feature of Shakespearean poetry (5)

C1758. August-borns Gallagher and Szilard (4)

C1760. Almost put to final shot (4)

C1762. Peter of old Hollywood backs Flynn of old Hollywood (5)

C1764. Question of identity, indefinite sentence openerÖhold up (4)

C1766. Deco designs in intertessellation (5)

C1771. Weight of parrotlet (4)

C1772. Gibberish including ďhalf a thiamine deficiencyĒ (4)

C1773. Slybootsí other acquisitions (4)

C1774. Follower of right on hero quest against the odds (-4)

C1779. Troubling theology: death stageís length kills ego to destroy productivity (4,3,5,4,4,3,6,4)

C1780. Excited to go gather half back (4)

C1782. Hardcore to blab D.A.ís secret connection (6)

C1783. Prophet in relishable script (6)

C1784. Add dirt to drilling target after resolution (6)

C1785. Fake IDs for science kid (3)

C1787. OKs LA mix, prompting bar patronsí shout (5)

C1789. Sources of outfits worn by Mae West (4)

C1791. Hopeless environment for soccer legend (4)

C1793. Robespierreís peers beheaded royal family (5)

C1794. Obliged to put together (4)

C1795. Caged rams disrupted hearts and patience (4,5)

C1797. Acoustic Mass gathers recognition for sound (4)

C1799. Pomace brandy in up-down-up-down curve (4)

C1801. ďThou and thou, Ďpounderí? DisgustingĒ (5)

C1803. Psycho protagonist comes from perverse Galileanism (4)

C1807. Refused to tweak node (4)

C1809. Direction to end of language? (-3)

C1812. Saturn and Mercury with battered scar (4)

C1815. Brown powder stirred into rococo ďAm I Xenophobic?Ē (5,3)

C1817. Cite law building blocks for witches with online presence (8,5)

C1819. White bird is pale (4)

C1821. MDsí papers (4)

C1823. Fancy-dressed guys backpedal from parody that leaves nothing out (4)

C1825. Die over trouble? True dat (2,1,4)

C1827. Commodore has certain air (4)

C1828. Darken in sparse area (4)

C1830. Irreverently, I bash term of respect (5)

C1832. Horrible sound of impact (4)

C1835. Fabric from electric otter (6)

C1840. Drunken Papaís earlier gamble on unfinished program (4,3)

C1843. Cheap neutralist about to tire of Louis (4)

C1845. Senator Tomís T-shirts (6)

C1847. Open Twitch (5)

C1849. Stepped on part of introduction (4)

C1851. Get out of here and urinate loudly for Trumpís enablers (3)

C1853. Scotswoman keeps modest accommodations (4)

C1854. Teeth of people who see the present (4)

C1855. Nosh in stateroom (5)

C1858. Red letters from messed-up pens (4)

C1860. Light viewing of racers in solidarity (5)

C1862. Groove yielding tabletop for living room (3)

C1864. Cowardly Lionís ďbigĒ entrance: stumble, grabbing, halt, in reversal (4,4)

C1865. One resolution, many angry responses (4)

C1866. Athlete rots lazily (4)

C1869. Quaffís behalf (4)

C1870. Gruesome pic: broken whatís truly valuable (8,3)

C1871. Songlike, backward, strangeÖso I ran out (6)

C1875. Aging white works out to put on muscle (4,6)

C1876. Exciting Noel, other merriness even (7,4,3,4)

C1877. Crosswords in troubled 2023 favored thigh-hoof hoofmark (6,7,4,3,4,4,3,4,4,2)

C1880. Only off at midday (4)

C1881. Joanís follower far within county of TV fame? (2,3)

C1883. Swings to skedaddle back, missing beginning of melee (4)

C1885. Balmier in volcanic eruption (5)

C1887. Riotous curia cult Under the Nails (9)

C1888. (Sometime) disturber of Bucs! (4)

C1889. Arrest for cannabis without dog (3)

C1891. One who has no feet from overindulgence after test (4)

C1893. Thurman and others in condominium association (4)

C1894. End of Latin warningóreversed threat with end omitted (5)

C1896. Chapterís starting point in hysterectomy (5)

C1897. Short periods counter-espionage organizationís stones put in order (6)

C1898. Cash to bank in winter warmers (3,6)

C1899. Protest to have its moment (2-2)

C1901. Turns around worries on icy peak (5)

C1903. See, we should get brass rings for fashion (7)

C1904. Songs like ďSecret Wars Part I,Ē ďMid-Corner DraperyĒ (4,3)

C1905. Identify as the author of wildcat rote (5,2)

C1909. Say ďitís anger,Ē quickly (5)

C1911. Defenders of equality hide in megacluster (4)

C1913. Mean dog bites end off end (3)

C1914. Sub-par grade for power line (4)

C1915. Grasp at straws about soft touches (4)

C1917. Shut down, fire animation division (6)

C1919. Crooked attorney in assault case (4)

C1922. Places for lunch tasty without heavy topping (5)

C1925. Twist to peal loudly (5)

C1926. Gonorrhea and such is, to be brief, norm (3)

C1927. In knee-deep poverty (4)

C1929. Uh, chewed-up chaws (5)

C1930. Author Barbara sounds certain (4)

C1931. Red and white ingredients of acerbic olorosos (7)

C1932. Put together old Granny or Kent after collapse (6)

C1933. Forget alternatives in fetchingest modern fashion accessories (1-4)

C1934. Seemingly forever for pigeon to get rid of glutton (3)

C1935. Low-level entrance shows inverted cross and the Lord (3,4)

C1936. Instigate purist revolution (4,2)

C1937. Use arms but no legsóoofófor build with low waist, larger bottom than top (4)

C1938. Open-heart surgery at school (3)

C1941. Ridiculed soldierís sleeping area (5)

C1942. Hepatitis C outset overwhelms youth group (6)

C1944. Cookie islands (5)

C1946. Ali who killed Caesar with brick (7,4)

C1948. Riverís crooked line (4)

C1949. Ripken Sr. and Jr. cut them to train, for short (4)

C1950. Witch group around witch-destroying device (5)

C1951. Twitch thatís found above a toe (3)

C1953. Stop up ray (4)

C1955. Power sources, 75% outstanding, start to spark (4)

C1957. Singer borrows sound from space station commander (5)

C1959. Yoke-pullers with fancy shoes (5)

C1961. Close, once, to Diane Arbusí center spread (5)

C1962. In odd reversal, Jean met agist officer (3.,3.)

C1963. Lubavitcher keeps Vulcan article of faith (7)

C1964. Second autoís air-fuel mixer (4)

C1965. Odd concept for a review site (4)

C1969. Central points, central points, halfway for circles, ellipse (4)

C1970. Shot of hemoglobin (3)

C1973. Year in Tyrannosaurusí belly (4)

C1974. Awkward trier to be singer Nunn (5)

C1976. Briefly, class about limit computation! (4)

C1977. Car lost during combat (3)

C1978. Stranded in macropyramid? (4)

C1979. Fuller in encirclement (4)

C1980. Star-dog maybe will be form (5)

C1982. Engine cover spooner: ďHaha! Is it possible thatÖ?Ē (3,4)

C1984. Missile fired down heard before CC (3-2-3)

C1986. Jagger gets lost in gimmickry (4)

C1988. One who values bacteria is challenge to norms (14)

C1990. Contraction of tissue to half size (3)

C1991. Recruit working dog wunderkind (3,4)

C1994. Holy follower of Simon (4)

C1997. Ocean jumpers arc so wildly (5)

C1998. Sailorís gunk (3)

C1999. Baby, talk about food preparation without soul (6)

C2000. Exploring pornotopia? Think again (5)

C2001. Shorter paths revealed out of courtesy (4.)

C2002. Deeply ordinary (5)

C2004. The clergy of France becomes in-law of Napoleon (7)

C2006. Crest closers and crests (4)

C2007. ďAccelerate swiftly, apace, promptly, in first instances!Ē (4)

C2008. Irregular lapse grows less exciting (5)

C2009. Harness is back to being cool (4)

C2010. Spanish coins in definite economic curve (5)

C2012. Outcast from Afrikanerdom (4)

C2014. Space reader (4)

C2016. Bags sound of musical instrument (5)

C2019. Camera angle I can conceal (5)

C2020. Puzzle authorís ancestor in butterscotch (4)

C2022. TV lieutenant commanderís input (4)

C2023. Ratings for masters (3)

C2027. Torn ACL in Lake Ontario? (3)

C2028. [Audible sigh] Chaneyís sci-fi baddies (6)

C2029. Endured in stubbornest territory (5)

C2030. Follow Evelynís excesses, Grafton (5)

C2032. A rough ride, a roadís endings, out in front (5)

C2034. Following empty credo, led heartlessly, without humanity (4)

C2036. Life Goes On character ruined in the wine cellar (5)

C2037. Square-dance partners are Muskhogeans on no-choc diet (4)

C2039. Moneymaker in support (3)

C2041. Audible pant from Nintendos that sometimes give workouts (4)

C2043. Refusal becomes habit (4)

C2045. Little paths measured on yardstick? (3)

C2047. Like battles on water in China valley (5)

C2049. Skillful musicians grow old, wrap aches in this (3,7)

C2051. Underfed but covered by health insurance (4)

C2052. Scratch metal circle, Al (7)

C2054. Reporting hub in center of focus, then edges of notation (3)

C2055. Passageway with wafting odor (4)

C2058. Panacea shields me from degree of radioactivity (5)

C2059. 400-1600 races, toss carelessly (3,6)

C2061. Lincoln with broken front is source of alarm (3)

C2062. Religious offshoot from among faculty (4)

C2063. Nasty word in musical notation (4)

C2064. Artistic partners make core actors jump (2-8)

C2065. Spread soap at exercise room (4)

C2067. Liberal prorate from old judge (7)

C2069. Lending org. gone MIA without even meetings (4)

C2071. ďCap-size boat!Ē with terrible Russian accent (sic) (4)

C2074. Secure again in sureties (5)

C2077. Cheers and Good Place star, drunk and stoned (3,6)

C2079. Sign of island crop (9)

C2080. Perpetually old-style sonnet attachment (1í2)

C2082. Factual, without falsehood, itís containing, that is, things that are real (11)

C2083. Downtime for remnant (4)

C2085. UhÖno throe in excitement when most non-streaming shows begin (2,3,4)

C2088. Medley? Take legal action (3)

C2090. Gets fast money for meats (5)

C2092. Peeping worm-eater resettles, relents (7)

C2094. Corticosteroids bring consequences (4)

C2095. Hold on to this desperately to make last-minute points (6,4)

C2096. Slowly change up in health promotion (5)

C2097. Swedish fellow crossing solar system (4)

C2098. Where ice cream is found in visual receptor (4)

C2099. Sorceressís sphere lacks Lebanese origins (5)

C2100. Green slime caught up, finally (4)

C2102. Owe odd balance even in war, British women (4)

C2105. Disney villain remade Cars (4)

C2107. Fuminí, lose oneís head to induct by force (5í)

C2108. Lay out one fish (3)

C2109. Clods have creditor trouble? Us too (2,2,2)

C2110. Old France in LeGaultís heart (4)

C2113. Harmonize musical string (5)

C2115. Quoth the raven, in brief: ďChristina Aguilera got marriedĒ (5)

C2116. Cordoned off borders of holy land (4)

C2117. Shortchange fastener (5)

C2119. Unhealthy blood color found in deficiency anemia (4)

C2120. ďApplesauce in the Garden of Earthly Delights,Ē visionary said (4)

C2121. Flip Santana (5)

C2122. Without being imprisoned by partisanship (4)

C2123. Now I really embrace tie to power (4)

C2126. Messy coat of Mexican food (4)

C2128. Quiet promo for fish (4)

C2129. California musically celebrates tire edges (7)

C2130. Trade protector participates in flimflammery (3)

C2131. Come together as goop (3)

C2132. Fervent supporter Malone drowned in drink (7)

C2133. Ate warm, diced carpaccio (3,4)

C2135. Played prima donna hotshot, egged plight irresponsibly (6,3,9)

C2137. Stitch up whatever (3)

C2138. Attack together, extracting a price (7)

C2140. Painkiller for lopping off ass-end of putrefying behind for butt stuff (9)

C2141. ďCome here, bookĒ (4)

C2142. Resolutions of deadlocks in set-tos (3)

C2146. Confusing cup labelís to blame (8)

C2147. SmokingArea vibrates in ďupĒ mode (5,3)

C2148. Middle manager battles activist coroner (9,6)

C2150. Sound increases bring promotions (3)

C2151. Nonsequential paces of a morning rinse (4,4)

C2152. Ring in, silly; ask for approvals (1-3)

C2153. Sharpton and DíAmato subject to challenge (3)

C2155. Boots up in Netscape (4)

C2156. Back in welfare hotel, from wifeís perspective (2,3)

C2157. Hollowed-out shapes are mine markers (4)

C2158. Make toffee part of diet (4)

C2159. Partly impale on caveman type (5)

C2160. Make way for rambunctious LA chapter (5,5)

C2162. Best of the best came second first (4)

C2164. Fertilizer in Nicaraguan orchard (5)

C2165. Herbivores are sweethearts braying (5)

C2168. Newman made all see (6)

C2170. Divisive number on TV (3)

C2171. Red-eared slider let rut perversely (6)

C2172. Dominic with false name to hide (4)

C2176. Enter popular after-game (2,2)

C2177. Mixed chardÖitís plentiful in characteristic concoction (4,1)

C2178. In loco loco (4)

C2180. Yell, ďGrab planetary resources!Ē (4)

C2181. Singer is witless video game protagonist (4)

C2182. Copy rude elf on staff note (1,4)

C2183. Like Benedict, showing off calves, covering head (4)

C2184. Walk around in windswept cape (4)

C2185. Windy city: ďGo away, young woman!Ē (5)

C2186. End between sharp turns for tennis player (5)

C2188. Keep apart around john (4)

C2190. Open slot in football (3)

C2191. Number of dots composing Platonic solid (3)

C2193. In new edition, annotate minor details (13)

C2195. ďLost at seaĒ encompasses multiple losses (5)

C2197. Developed a stocking problem and hurried to the next floor (3,2)

C2198. Once Mr. Diversified gets new educational standardsÖ (6,4)

C2199. Jackanape has style in writing (4)

C2202. Goalie initiation has advice for bedmakers (3,2,2)

C2204. Pastrami sandwich vehicle (4)

C2205. Paws disheveled alums (5)

C2206. J and King (4)

C2207. Attention-getter in apocryphal log (5)

C2208. Pseudoscience-peddler starts to dance round wizard impersonator (2.,2)

C2209. Twenty shaved off top for most essential part (4)

C2210. Presidentís voice indistinct fog (5)

C2211. Sect of mean, unsavory sisters (4)

C2212. Cartoon momentsí soundtrack goes like hotcakes (4)

C2213. Kids train company exec full of booze (4-4)

C2215. Ogre cartoonist of taste, I gather (5)

C2217. Death notice for a cohost (4)

C2221. Weighed Daeís extrapolation (8)

C2222. Warholís X sequel (4)

C2225. Fitbit for top legís motion (4,3)

C2226. Fish order type (3)

C2227. No fez tosses enlivened boring ordeals (11)

C2229. Cheap gun goes off in different pitch (6-2)

C2230. Backstab vampires (4)

C2231. Henhouseís fearful association (7,4)

C2232. Missing third piece: I put it up, I spit upon it (4)

C2233. Bugs with funeral medley (4)

C2236. Gets wet in dance gestures (4)

C2237. Itch source is reversed by stranger source (5)

C2238. Femur I broke is smelling worse (6)

C2239. Type of talking birds rise in Aeaea (5)

C2241. Agreement to throw out musical standard (7,5)

C2243. Essentially, my spirit, willís unsound (3)

C2244. Fraternityís no different without misogynistic leader (3)

C2245. Phony papers at zeppelin carriage (6)

C2246. Gavotte to wrecked sedan (5)

C2248. We never will begin in direction truncated (3)

C2249. FCC ex-chairman in despair (3)

C2252. Influential letters circulated from a cynicís cell (11)

C2253. Long storyís really fun read backwards (4)

C2255. Outline with inks on question of agreement (5,2)

C2256. Doctor River Horse is boxing (11)

C2257. Diana runs to nymph (5)

C2258. ďGross, understand? UNDERSTAND?Ē (4)

C2259. Prisoners running up against wall of conscience (4)

C2260. Native Americans, not to repeat oneself, were bright (5)

C2261. Much of the Bahamas are sound, kk (4)

C2262. -.-. .-. .- -.-. -.- / - .... .. Ö (4)

C2263. Navigates oral lies (5)

C2264. Show depression with poem collage (4)

C2265. Show disdain at compass north (5)

C2267. Unbelievable four-note theme (4)

C2269. Set of paints mixed at pestle (8)

C2271. Wintertime Moonbeams novel distorts historical push for equality (5í1,10,8)

C2274. Seller of PlayStations in crimson, yellow (4)

C2277. X-Force (3)

C2278. Feared carnivore shown in microcosm (4)

C2279. Upside-down targeter improves targeting at party while blindfolded (6)

C2280. Pick and choose among portcullises (4)

C2281. Not, like, into. Whatever (4)

C2282. Attach into e-torrent (3,2)

C2283. Forbids from urban sprawl (4)

C2284. Killer family without on crews (4)

C2285. Starts of romantic stories cut esteem, unfortunately (4,5)

C2286. Enact expansion of kind of surfacing behavior (8)

C2287. Authorís yelling to become canoeist (5)

C2289. Insults, ďForget you, cameras!Ē (4)

C2291. Maxineís still follower (6)

C2294. Hidden in Morse code like Tabernas (4)

C2295. Goddess of night whispers request for entry (3)

C2299. Race-car logo to stop without stopping (3)

C2301. ďStart admitting all gendersĒ (CEO changes in Godís embrace) (2,4)

C2302. Show fear of bird (5)

C2303. Bird bats (6)

C2304. Jaffe and Barrettís sonar scrambled (5)

C2305. Lamebrains went into pools and such backwards (4)

C2306. Plan to rob valise (4)

C2307. ďAll-terrainĒ grip in ďvehicleĒ (ATV) (5)

C2308. To start self-discipline, check the identification of memory (2,4)

C2310. Tube in pulp I petrified (5)

C2312. Dachshund lets out cries of German shepherd? (4)

C2313. Transport oneís beloved (4)

C2315. Dis stupid Star Wars (3)

C2316. Definitely content with casual evening? (4)

C2317. Station wagon races ET at autocross (6,3)

C2319. Prey-shaped drug stimulates opium ascent (6,5)

C2320. Lock lips with ex (4)

C2321. Hang on, overwhelmed by hormone secretion (6)

C2322. Plane landing area part of downtown LA (5)

C2323. Again refuse area of gambling and prostitution (4)

C2324. From within company, augment Spanish country (5)

C2325. Famous traveler set up business with cash crop (7)

C2326. Team in Alabama v Shelton (4)

C2327. Chief officer, district attorneyís conclusions (5)

C2328. Mystery name in interleaf (4)

C2329. Dang! Missing initial on payment (4)

C2331. Gave nomination with hidden malice (5)

C2332. Smidge of audiotape (4)

C2333. Hippie Samson MacGuffin (8)

C2335. In confusion, a calm teller got my number (4,2,5)

C2336. Rising, pitch into country, simple bird (10,7)

C2337. Yell at Italy on, off (3,4)

C2338. Titans, if set in arrangement, performing ideally (2,3,6)

C2339. Sign of strength in cloakroom (3)

C2342. Sushi all runs to battle (4,5)

C2344. ďOdd, donítícha think? Strange hued whirĒ (5,3)

C2345. Chapter on sorting is entry point (9)

C2347. Noted judge in TV colors (3)

C2350. Stroke animal (3)

C2352. Eye inflammation from split hair, yes (6)

C2353. Stage cry of pain? Not in any way (5)

C2354. Elton John songís ďMixed IceĒ cello riff (6,2,4)

C2355. Snuggled red-clad wriggler (7)

C2356. Invest feeling in muddled cachet at end (7)

C2357. Company lies are corny trash (4)

C2358. Pen AA regathering as poem of praise (5)

C2361. Shaven, thin family member (4)

C2364. Grave husband to Gisele B. (4)

C2365. Crazy guys and such in Tijuana (6)

C2370. Everyone, keep a lookout for scrapbook piece (3)

C2374. Keep someone concealed in bath (5)

C2375. Eight do act silly (5)

C2376. Melted glass he will keep (3,4)

C2377. Palsí messy zipper areas (4)

C2378. Without even her, preempt one administrating training (2,3)

C2379. Scorched ocean blood (6)

C2380. Grand display of errant tooth striking earth (5)

C2382. Wail at missing end of Disney film (4)

C2384. What ___ (stupid)! Awl or axe (1,4)

C2385. Four ratted wrigglers (6)

C2387. Fashion greeting nod (4)

C2388. Share a role in divorce (5,5)

C2392. Resent fey disruptors of barriers to joining (5,4)

C2393. Hollowly went through the motions at hockey: ďachievementĒ (4)

C2394. Quirky twist on pentagon (3)

C2396. Bask in microsystems service (3)

C2398. Shreds get hung in holiday tradition (3,4)

C2400. Anxious like a zombie (10)

C2402. Booze barrel takes Ramiís head off, for example (3,3)

C2404. Unexpectedly dating tens through genetic selection (3,7)

C2405. Fairy tale ownerís last word to little pests is to begin fumigating (3)

C2406. Charge for beer, pill (3)

C2407. Lifesaver-shaped in Puerto Rico (5)

C2408. Persian emperor Billy Ray (5)

C2409. Genuine freefalls, alternately (4)

C2411. Hebrew signs in ďcasteth stonesĒ (5)

C2413. Almost stop marriage of convenience (4)

C2415. Hut number is 1 of 100, in short (6)

C2418. In Xanadu, predecessor has instrument backward (3)

C2419. Tree resins on les eaux petites (4)

C2420. Rabbitís claim to breakfast area (4)

C2421. Berry bird (4)

C2423. Redundancy at boot camp (3,7)

C2425. If catís tail twitches with feeling, nothingís to be done (10)

C2426. Goes in, refashions as elegant (6)

C2427. Dragstersí org. defies odds on the road (4)

C2430. Canary ran back, taken away from small landform (3)

C2431. Lullabyís end in paralysis (3)

C2432. FaÁades of origami ensemble (5)

C2434. Attractive beginnings of self-esteem near biological male (4)

C2436. Food in knotted cords (5)

C2438. Giants I can code got chills (6,1,3)

C2440. Hurt Bert in the ribs (6)

C2442. Forms of existing in a rippling bellyÖMother (6)

C2444. Show ability to commit in feverish, animate, horny mob (4,4,5,2,3,4)

C2447. Suffragist DNA (4)

C2449. How one might prepare to sleepÖdepraved, utter hedonist (4,2,3,4)

C2451. Tenuous ties to group on a long hunt (4)

C2452. Make it lap tail (5)

C2453. Wandering nomad in trainsí spices (9)

C2454. Spoilsport also hid doorways (7)

C2455. Tried to get from hoed-up fake sod (5,2)

C2457. Articulates a radical, relaxed style (6,6)

C2458. Little frog in street of German town (5)

C2459. NFLers in Tiffany glass (3)

C2460. Lilter butchers ďWee StreamsĒ (6)

C2462. Pet name or praise (5)

C2464. Natural medicine ballooned, defying the odds (4)

C2466. Vice-president backs Shakespearean address (6)

C2468. Egyptian sun retreating from lionsí hangout in forest (5)

C2471. Darth Vapor, who says ďThe living Force is in all thingsĒ (7)

C2472. Family member isÖisÖ (3)

C2475. Indian division translates into French divisions (5)

C2476. Childrenís entertainment with commercial interruption from insincere flatterer (5)

C2477. Britney Spearsí statement: ďIíll take another cardĒ (3,2)

C2478. Car backing into lemonade stand (5)

C2480. Short garment for Juliet after U-turning to east (7)

C2482. Lawyersí company island (5)

C2483. Specs for insecticides (5)

C2484. See, Cuba? Less rec activity leads to big debates (6,8)

C2486. Megís million in baby tests (5)

C2488. Shake gift as time off work begins (4)

C2489. Tie I break with land of New London (11)

C2491. Sounds like a threadbare suture, unfortunately (6,2)

C2497. Susanís album Cyclic Evening (5)

C2501. Mix of face surgeries is alternative to staples (9)

C2502. Bareheaded with crooked horns (5)

C2506. Terrier barks to heavens (3)

C2508. Victoriaís neighbors mingle and nag us (8)

C2509. Kraftwerk and Alphaville surely begin and end with ultimate bang (5-3)

C2511. Board opening for a hellion nonconformist (4,4)

C2513. ďLikeĒ image of savory jelly (5)

C2516. Unconventional trio gasps at Hawaiian and Deep-South dishes (3,6)

C2518. Drinks in muscle, represses utterance for the communityís benefit (4,2)

C2520. German woman in civil service (4)

C2522. Grocer loses footing, stumbles in lead-in to Roman wrestling? (5-)

C2524. Placed racy Tudor in walled-in area (9)

C2526. Doing poorly from Heavenís perspective (2,3)

C2530. With regressive attitudes, I haunt civics liberal (12)

C2532. Thompson and Salonga in outdoor areas (4)

C2534. Odds-taker cudgels its fruits (5)

C2536. Muscle activity is weight to American (5)

C2538. Wrong directionÖno easy out for a billion years (4)

C2541. Awful ties on usÖI give up (2í1,2,3)

C2542. Chief irritation is, itís payday (3-5)

C2543. A serial variety showís receivers (7)

C2544. Parties of angry people (6)

C2545. Made-up town in Nevada novel (5)

C2546. Signs of ordination for simple, pure believers (3.)

C2548. River is a registered trademark (4)

C2550. Think youíre smart? Why use hoagie, idiot? (2,1,4,3,2)

C2553. MacDowellís connecting bridge, that is (5)

C2554. Wish one could too (4,2)

C2556. ďI take a seat and think, soÖĒ (2,2)

C2557. Bird king (5)

C2558. Criteria tastemakers hold: lassos (6)

C2559. Ready to start a family on mountain heath (2,4)

C2560. Mark or Meredith in some arabesque (6)

C2561. Lazy inertia from port or cocktail (6)

C2562. Humming sounds which cut off after 3 on train stations (6)

C2563. To Caesar: ďSeize blanket end in rugĒ (6)

C2564. On eel, I wriggle, fat (6)

C2565. Control is tenuous aroundóhey! HEY (6)

C2566. Get out of Newark County (6)

C2568. Wife of Christís Hebrew letter (3)

C2571. Second-row window seat to Dialogue opera finale (3-1)

C2572. Boorís early, look out (4)

C2573. Makes things interesting in alphabet soup (4)

C2577. Protocol for sodas (3)

C2578. Consumptive poet loses potassium, gets more consumptive (4)

C2579. Sniffle at remote, disturbing source of cold data (9)

C2581. Sell amnesiac poor deals involving economically unequal partners (12)

C2583. Use as station 1-26 (3,2)

C2584. Robot PP2.718 is source of oxygen (3,4)

C2585. Label a font expansion to show BlacKkKlansman star (9)

C2587. Woo at Wimbledon (5)

C2589. Regrowth/regrown (which one?) sharp end of rose (5)

C2591. Colon opening for truck (4)

C2593. Ugly swine hasnít aged (2,3)

C2596. Automobile surrounded by cocaine investigators near the capital (1.1.,4)

C2598. Target heretical clericís tic concern (10,7)

C2600. Theyíre newly out, clad in shoes, capeóessentials (8)

C2602. Placeholders for not-yet-known-or-organized tabs (4)

C2604. Nature deity is chaotic spitfire sort (6,6)

C2606. Here keg or mixer for Agamemnonís type (5,4)

C2608. Meeting of mechanical minds boat in Scottish county (6)

C2609. Teen comics are about life energy (6)

C2611. Thought of gender-bending clothes back in marsh grass (8)

C2613. Right palm or a left palm (5)

C2615. Ad stopper (4)

C2618. Indication of mixed drinks (4)

C2620. Act heady, wild in indulgent period (3,5)

C2622. Waves in arroyo of molasses (4)

C2623. Howard and Reagan fell into neutron star (4)

C2629. Pierís looking good without Charlie (6)

C2630. 2003 band promos for Ms. Coded Miscoded (4,3)

C2632. Beers and cigars (7)

C2634. Fix rib, stat (3)

C2636. Anti-pollutant divisionís white-paper department (3)

C2639. ďĎShameí? Whaó talking about my French villa?Ē (4,3)

C2641. Maker of wraps for actress Susan leaving Don (5)

C2642. Theyíre not original in agenda, per se (5)

C2645. Ceases upscale party, finding ways out of obligation (6,7)

C2648. Remorse for vice-president, stabbed by bent tine (9)

C2649. Aisleway one of two (4)

C2650. Shakes to clap back or clam up (3)

C2652. Has follower say ďUncleĒ to hero (3)

C2655. Order of ABC star features (4)

C2657. Shout out to Maria on short street (3)

C2658. Sat up crosswise, pending introduction (2,3.)

C2659. Backing a promo for TV skeptic concerned about Fox (4)

C2660. Parodies suntan lotion ratings with bug eyes in the middle (6)

C2662. Belle in unmade bed (3)

C2665. Exaggerate threat, make tears flow from right (3,4)

C2666. Earlier political state in grass roots (3)

C2667. Crazy Edís pee came through the wall (6)

C2669. Fluttering lashes in reconciliation (5)

C2670. Wts. that nobody saw initially (3.)

C2671. A silk webís spinner showed affection, if distantly (4,1,4)

C2672. Points sticking into emptiness (5)

C2674. Political org. ends rather than panic (3)

C2675. Young moose and oysters, itís said, produce leg strength (4,7)

C2677. Darn shut-in piglet lives here (10)

C2678. Foot-dragging and distraction ruined delicacy tasting (8,7)

C2680. OT team of rebels are cooler in rhymerís nickname (abbr.) (4.)

C2682. Wagner subject in minor second (5)

C2683. Unquiet trend-spotter for agents of grooviness (5)

C2684. Composer of MTV Ares Electronica bridge (6)

C2688. Roses mashed by walkerís rednesses (5)

C2690. Kenya river flows back into chiaroscuro vastness (5)

C2692. Leave a touristy Indian spot (3)

C2693. Twosome in chaotic day ending world (4)

C2695. About-face to seduce your wrestling nemesis (4,2,4,4)

C2697. Second opening come around soon (4)

C2698. Mitchell is humming soldier on one leg (4)

C2699. Stalks breathless relatives (5)

C2703. Audit pro around father (3)

C2704. Role-playersí authority against offices that control mobility (4)

C2707. Hard part of dilemma of gridlock noise (5)

C2708. Crawling from dank shoe material (2,3í1,5,3,5)

C2709. No forfeit for Pope Edoardo (5)

C2711. Inside, revolutionary massacred older sets (4)

C2713. Migration over 3000 (4)

C2715. Oxfam, for one, is no god of hints (3)

C2717. Comedy song: ďSheepskin Spooner of Kitchen FluidĒ (4,3)

C2718. Chock full of that Latin (3)

C2720. Unfit as a power source (3)

C2721. Sexually flexible clothing store pledges ďMore than half off!Ē in New York (3,5)

C2723. Cry of satisfaction from Angela a happy beginning (3)

C2724. Band in dream state (3)

C2725. So alone, turned around without one country (4)

C2727. Orchidistís philosophy teacher on TV (5)

C2728. Noted listmaker Daniel (5)

C2729. Foreign cat in purgatory (4)

C2730. Aladdinís enemy, unhooked and distant (4)

C2731. Treasure St.ís high pts. (3)

C2732. Something unpackaged, something cooked (4)

C2733. Princess Assassin in Documentary Awards (4)

C2734. Stretch triangle in game (4)

C2735. Gershwinís savings (3)

C2736. Prison room phone (4)

C2737. Love Joeís veep without looking at superficials (4)

C2738. End of Chinese cabbage in industry? Oh, Chinese reversal (4)

C2739. Operating margin for Star Wars VII (3)

C2740. Heard one way, unlikely to be in drag? (4)

C2742. Greeting with defizzed coke (3)

C2743. Time-span baseball stat (3)

C2744. Bird-transferred illness to carelessly radiate spores (6,7)

C2745. Navigational aid averts broader disruption (8,5)

C2747. Florida city local area network (5)

C2748. Quietly include in Arab Islamic Republic, finally (3)

C2750. ďHello? Roundís over!Ē (1,4)

C2753. Jersey town with arts community seen in Robot Christmas Migration (6)

C2755. Stir arcane powers for last-minute evasion (6,6)

C2758. Golfer who sounds like several of us (3)

C2760. Try to win (Yay!) (3)

C2766. Stomach-turning operations with some strategic changes (13)

C2768. BIIIG SHOOOE!!! :-D :-D :-D (3)

C2769. Actress Natalia is one going pink-haired (4)

C2771. Instruments (var.) going like A-B-C-D-C-D-C-E (8)

C2772. Putter transcends self, becomes optimal (1-2)

C2773. Irritated ďfun momĒ ate stew at critical juncture (7,6)

C2781. Dilettantes imitate strep sickness (6-7)

C2782. Creole lasagna mix for crowd (2,1,5,5)

C2784. The rear, indefinitely? Thatís one way to be taken (5)

C2785. MythBusters activities like nuking beds and binge-dunks (10)

C2788. ďWill administrator act crazy?Ē (3)

C2791. Alternately lose data to data extractions, creating events where unreality seems real (3,5)

C2793. Goofy ďrad ironyĒ is uninspired (8)

C2794. Statement of intent from one Shakespeare (1,4)

C2795. Disturbed, fled enigmatic zone of attraction (8,5)

C2798. Strongest hellion shaking some girlsí players (3,7,6)

C2800. Screen mice stirred area of evidence (5,5)

C2802. Chaos demon, cease to be a witness (4,3,3)

C2804. End of dynasty sadly ends ills in game of kings and queens (13)

C2805. Reformationist pair of athletes cross-examine hardworking carpenter (3-10)

C2807. Safe iPhone remedy (6)

C2809. Help in plague potpourri (1,3,2)

C2810. Milk source of involuntary twitch without quiet (5)

C2811. Superlative clockís setting (3)

C2812. Wasnít hurt rampaging (4)

C2813. Alternate with other players, Kate (4,5)

C2814. Dais wheelsí spoke (4)

C2816. Inarticulate state claptrap has iambic section (7)

C2817. Military honor for unbelievably foiling meteor (13)

C2818. I punch wildly to exercise (4-2)

C2819. ÖÖÖÖÖÖ. License (7,7)

C2820. Suspension part breakdown prompts flaring (8,6)

C2822. Navigates to caress Sue impetuously (4,1,6)

C2823. Speak from the heart about cruel email policy-setter (4,2)

C2824. Louis Leakey takes refuge (4)

C2825. Pry rich goofball from high-cost kind of victory (7)

C2826. Well-traveled seniorís drinks (13)

C2827. Ingredients to fudge split (3,3,2,5)

C2828. Misplaced capital all at once (2,1,4)

C2829. Anyway, accrued visual aid for speech (3,4)

C2831. Hundred Acre Wood character and stuffed bear tough to dislodge (6)

C2833. Puts out smash with coda and intro reversed (5)

C2835. Commit to email: ďWeed is finiteĒ (4,3)

C2838. Hammy no-name onscreen (5)

C2839. Bathroom browsing about promo, enjoy as part of melting stress (6í1,6)

C2840. Kerouacís birthplace has add-on thatís almost underground (6)

C2841. Mm, issuing loot carelessly to disease specialists (13)

C2843. Drug bender? Sounds like a good idea, Huey, Dewey, and Louie (8)

C2844. Low-cost way to stay hale and hearty: gnaw edges off cacao (3)

C2846. Start of Scoutsí ethical foundation (6)

C2847. Accompany grind and outrun whir (3,6,4)

C2850. Number of Colombians in machines, i.e., tech (5)

C2852. National parkís almost all right (3)

C2855. Every other stove meat is disturbingly bloody, say (2-2)

C2857. Listener in early years learning repetition (3)

C2860. Once-trendy article in right hand (3)

C2861. Faces at mixers for patriots, raiders, and such (3,4)

C2864. Emperor chops pale onion (9)

C2865. Really in Liechtenstein! (4)

C2866. Turk. neighbor in messy rubble (3.)

C2868. Going away in orange rod, I bleed (8)

C2869. Old-fashioned-style poem about electronic backup, ďUse SoullesslyĒ (7)

C2871. Most deeply felt after lie-down (9)

C2876. Chanel on silk wrap (6)

C2877. Courtís ďYour HonourĒ emphasizes belonging, to us (3)

C2878. Hear, look at awesome executive privilege (1-5)

C2881. Ham attending UC Berkeley (4)

C2882. Condom up? Bad break (8,8)

C2885. News channel ending in public-domain web traffic (4)

C2888. Mirren of acting thatís broad in Pulp Fiction (4)

C2889. Letters in brief tune (3)

C2892. Knock the block off those who donít play by rules in prelims (5)

C2894. Best-ever ibex (4)

C2895. Activated Apple gadget while supposedly looking at monitors (7)

C2897. Peak on first two days of work week, good times interrupted by first of job opening interviews (2.,4)

C2899. Short audio of firm cut (5,4)

C2902. Overseas bridge in Antwerp on television (5)

C2904. Thrice in administered nonsteroidal antibacterials! (3)

C2905. Snide like a were-tiger (5)

C2906. Near the end, then back to the beginning, then near the end again! Amazing (3)

C2907. Transformers tire, canít combine (8)

C2909. Pierre or Yves eat (3)

C2910. Architectural molding seems irrational inspected from behind (5)

C2911. ďGet ĎemÖbut leave THIS beĒ (3)

C2913. Tasteless, confused ad guy (5)

C2914. Link with formalwear (3)

C2916. Tangled up without double, found new partner (5)

C2917. Daydreams in attic, once Iíve slept (9)

C2919. Affirmative for French cry of unity (3)

C2920. Almost tops off meds for maladies (4)

C2921. Friend in hardship a lifesaver (3)

C2922. Apply discouragements to dog going in the wrong direction (3,2)

C2923. Before caresses and kisses, little in common between Steve and Olivia besides revealing style of shirt (1,5)

C2924. Awkward, poor cut exposed quartz (7)

C2925. Doomsayer disturbed like Zee (7)

C2927. Roaming feline, which Timberlake canít stop (6í)

C2928. Childís calorie-commercializing clown? No, noóchildís author, familiarly (5)

C2929. Crush it in enormous layer (4)

C2931. Soothing agent in costume (3)

C2933. Problem for dry-as-dust, topsy-turvy sub-zone (4)

C2935. Gets oneís feet wet withoutówith drinks in oneís stomach in summer (4)

C2936. Drink in pesticide residue (5)

C2937. Recoils from shoes (5)

C2938. Immanuel Kant consumes meat (3)

C2941. Water, eh, sort of tame (5)

C2943. Made changes to it between wards (6)

C2946. Experience again starts of ripple effect, like in volcanic eruption (6)

C2947. Containers for emergencies and (ď[sob, gag]Ē) breakdowns (2,4)

C2948. Cad breaks electronic tool (3)

C2949. Sarcastic ďHey, poor!Ē for the needy (7,5)

C2951. Get away from fisherwomanís hook (4)

C2953. Guitar pedals at gas stations (5)

C2954. End bonus payment (3)

C2956. Roadside explosives are ominous sign with central twist (4)

C2957. Dr. Tís hrs. (3)

C2959. Jolting to install Clair forcibly (10)

C2960. Touchy subject in cross-examination (3)

C2961. Gamble in place to view the oval (3)

C2962. Native Taiwanese are allies of New Caledonia (4)

C2963. Tongue-lashing for defeat (7)

C2964. Abrupt departure from unformed damp cement (10)

C2966. Covering for most of dog (4)

C2968. Petty cat! (3)

C2970. Computer pal (3)

C2971. Horse, stop a revolution (4)

C2972. Burbling gills in metal containers are station identifiers (4,5)

C2974. Pound, destroy, raze (4)

C2976. Complained and gave up around 49 (7)

C2977. Missing Alucardís leadership, vampires form band (3)

C2978. One who wrote exodus and redemption in flourish (4)

C2979. More caddish in guise of prudery (5)

C2980. Toothache diagonal to damage (10)

C2982. Tinsel font rendering old cartoon family name (10)

C2984. Time of availability for Poseidonís offspring (6)

C2986. Entreats big push, sending leader to rear (5)

C2989. Pink and golden (4)

C2990. Lawyer mentioned in brief has sick tat (3.)

C2991. NCIS: NO actress plays Doc Puncher (1.1.1.,7)

C2992. Marieís upset by Hobbit Five (6)

C2993. Treat rudely in Ph.D. treatise (4)

C2995. Ancient Roman stylistic signifiers! (3)

C2996. Refuse area for confused umps (4)

C2997. Breathe frantically, Ursa (3,4)

C2999. Selfie that killed half the universe (4)

C3002. Froggy voice? ďBerryĒ with no berry (4)

C3003. Paean stirs to breathlessness (5)

C3004. Food for Pixar film fanboy (7)

C3006. Science center raises debt, briefly (3)

C3008. ďGod of Fear,Ē without irony, beginning promos for band (5)

C3009. Denis Leary conceals trap (6)

C3011. Dryer in service around washer (6)

C3013. Role I play is Spanish-named river town (2,3)

C3015. One approval is many approvals (4)

C3017. In chaos, calm steel for prison pair (9)

C3019. Dessert container with spoonerís input (3,3)

C3020. Short-lived business ventures by disgraced comedian (5)

C3022. NIH bothered him in Germany (3)

C3025. Reconstructed economic recordís repeated indicator of health for everyone (3)

C3027. Spooner to forbid educator from sunbatherís roof (3,5)

C3028. Ageís half-bohemian humanist (8)

C3032. Concealed woofer (5)

C3033. PC setup for family without head (3)

C3035. Paul bit at sore point (6)

C3036. Family of killers road cop busted (4,3)

C3037. Highlands dweller in Saga Eleven (4)

C3038. Skywatching society begins at morning star (3)

C3040. Butt destroyer (3)

C3041. Brought in two wines with elderberry monogram (8)

C3042. Devious cat, director of birds (3)

C3044. Hair is lead-in for trap? (4)

C3046. Strikes edge pose, prepares for a Hail Mary (4,4)

C3047. Seat scrambled at time connector (1,3)

C3048. Insipid, with hardly any taste (3)

C3050. Nimble, I tackle rogue (7)

C3051. Is naked, excited with urgings to just do it (4,3)

C3053. Excitedly say ďYes, yes, yesĒ near Loch Ness (3)

C3054. Hairstyle, a ďRachel,Ē frames screechy voice (7)

C3056. Once more preserve nacre mixture (5)

C3058. Gives hell to block at nameless outskirts (5)

C3059. But Ani upended three menís seating (2,1,3)

C3060. Arranging pact was dupe (7)

C3061. Middle of stretcher and so forth (3.)

C3062. Space-probe replicasí sinister property (7)

C3063. Unconventional sign for Alfred, Lord Tennyson (3)

C3064. Stammer, ďKelly? WithÖAngela?Ē (6)

C3066. Reaches end, feels pain (5)

C3068. Diagnostics from scant CS materials (2,5)

C3070. Progressive tone for cause of backward motion (4,3)

C3072. Takes to whip up oceansí roar (7)

C3075. Talking giants in jumbled closet? (6)

C3077. Emperor even ate into USSR (5)

C3079. Repentant prophet adds one, then two approving marks to racial justice movement (6)

C3080. Wallpaper and platforming procedures include reversion (5)

C3083. Sign the lip (3)

C3084. Coaxed out, led to weakened position, lost head (6)

C3085. Centers in clue for a change (6)

C3086. Winds smash sloops (6)

C3088. Rebel in United Kingdomís culture flees: cancel ticket (6)

C3089. Dancing lady surgeon rebuked (6)

C3090. Gun lobby stuck on Ayn Rand (3)

C3091. Salesperson given dormitory home (6)

C3093. Wildly blames construction materials (1-5)

C3095. Investigate fraud iterations! (5)

C3096. Almost certain of big place in Cali (3)

C3097. Amazon acquisition of name in architecture (4)

C3099. Insurer of banks and bridges (5í1)

C3100. Symbolically, Superman offers no flattery to nose-in-the-air types (5)

C3102. Boa constrictorís last meal of pork (4)

C3103. Spikes on underwear fringes (5)

C3104. Battery frame stretched at ends (1,4)

C3106. Sings ďStill MovingĒ (5)

C3108. Artificial intelligence merges with recording medium, becoming masterpiece (5)

C3111. Pretender to the center lay in shaded refuge, ultimately (5)

C3112. Copy Amazonís price/earnings summary (3)

C3113. Alternately, all ladyís law degrees (4)

C3114. Double-check includes milk for tacos (5)

C3115. Penned Raging Tides (5)

C3116. Strep toppling athletes (5)

C3117. Alternate endings for Sia sim (sic) in theater (3)

C3118. Super-Metamorph gets back in uniform (5)

C3119. Subtract a square fraction to substitute forÖ (3,2)

C3120. Bottomís bottom-up bottom? Applesauce (4)

C3121. Something from numberless nothing (3)

C3122. Lost in confusion of WWII battle (2.,2)

C3123. Gain viewers for extremist terror and death (5)

C3124. Monkey turned it up twice (4)

C3125. Draftees in conservation easement (3-2)

C3126. Comics billionaire in decline, reportedly (5)

C3127. Twenty politicos sanction coverage (5-)

C3128. School patronizes company union (3)

C3129. Occasionally brought synthesizer (5)

C3130. The Ed Sullivan Show listens (5)

C3131. You say ďonline airportĒ (1,3)

C3132. Grunt stripped topmost top of building (3)

C3133. Works hard to investigate leaky sinks at first (5)

C3134. Get sick at name in fashion (5)

C3137. Pirated from secure FTP (4)

C3140. Stop river wanderer without initial (3)

C3142. Cap of 51-500 (3)

C3143. Little fox in incubator (3)

C3145. Goddess escapes classification (3)

C3148. Exclamation of mindless hate (4)

C3150. Bigger small pic of small recruit (3)

C3152. Independent womenís writings, for short (3.)

C3154. Chadís with Dave Chapelle on the inside (4)

C3155. Grading curve for frisbee (4)

C3156. Ending of ideal as hours pass in New Delhi? (3)

C3157. Voice holds return of old union (3)

C3158. Brilliant ending like Chopinís prelude (2,1)

C3159. Indoor footballers in penalty box (3)

C3160. Chicago schedule to abbreviate! (3)

C3161. Doohickey gathers reaction (3)

C3162. Eyepiece in focus? (3)

C3163. Inletís whatís blown up (3)

C3164. Savageís fighting proficiency (3)

C3166. Likely Tinder user outlining sex without marriage! (3)

C3168. Nourished, groomed soullessly (4)

C3169. Flee acquisition (3)

C3170. Manage (for oneself) iron near North Dakota (4)

C3172. Procedurals show tragic end to family member (4)

C3173. James Cameronís Secret Lies (4)

C3175. Propel squabble (3)

C3177. Have match in match container (3)

C3178. Transmitted page of overheard answer list (3)

C3180. Man of Steelís hope information technologies are inactive (3)

C3181. Teacher Khan improvises with ASL (3)

C3183. ďÖmineral or vegetable?Ē conclusion (3)

C3185. Concern on fifteenth and middle of first (3)

C3187. Sphere nine is three and three (3)

C3188. Amplifies online messages about ACLU matters, briefly (3)

C3190. Foster Ryan (3)

C3191. Hairpin turn in automotive engineering (3)

C3193. He and she are in heaven: thrice initializing traditional romantic end! (3)

C3194. $5.99 on morrow (3)

C3196. Spy group omnipresent in engrossing crossword dossier (3)

C3198. Weapon in multiplayer fantasy (3)

C3199. Genre of ďCheapskateĒ (3)


Across Stitches

C266-D248. Basketball legend whose daughterís dating the son of his ex-teammate Michael Jordan