Ubercross Abecedaria B

B1. Military muckamucks
B6. Trump crony
B10. MTV’s ___ My Ride
B14. Europe’s largest isl.
B18. Places for a soak
B22. Synthetic fuel (abbr.)
B26. Spring-ish Jewish holidays
B32. “___ Tea-Party” (Alice in Wonderland, Chapter 7)
B36. Aussie’s “earbud”
B40. Seattle art museum
B44. Lion’s feet
B48. Cast aside
B52. Sounds of merriment
B56. Pass over again
B57. Funko Pop alternative
B63. Present as
B69. Coup de grace
B74. Birthplace of the ice cream cone
B79. Wheel that’s better for hauling
B83. Really detest
B86. Irish moonshine whiskeys
B90. Cria’s mother
B92. Defeated in a humiliating way on the web
B96. Robot “servants” who occasionally leak your bathroom photos online, apparently
B100. Diamond heist?
B106. Their patterns can be orb, sheet, funnel, irregular, single line, and horizontal dome
B112. “Just couldn’t control myself”
B116. “Singing Cowboy” Gene
B117. Excruciating
B118. This may decide a Seles match
B119. Parenthetically
B120. It may be on a roll
B121. Totally expected
B122. It’s often felt on Halloween
B123. Daughter of Tethys
B124. Of a torso part
B125. “It’ll take more than this to bring me down”
B127. Sitting duck
B128. Somatic receptor
B129. Canal-side trail
B130. $100 mark
B131. Words spoken in a huff, perhaps
B132. Hydrated magnesium sulfate
B134. Virtue of the proverbial beaver
B136. School of thought
B138. Cottonwood relatives
B140. Sign of burnout?
B141. Truncation indications (abbr.)
B142. Forcible impact (abbr.)
B143. Achievements that sometimes get rested on
B144. Be ___-hard: believe with all one’s heart
B145. Some are unwelcome
B147. Taking a noon break
B149. Elocutionist’s concern
B151. Put into visuals
B153. Sch. in Manhattan
B154. Right fielder Mel
B155. Ladder components
B157. Tina Fey’s style
B159. Character-building unit?
B160. Things worth forgetting
B161. McCarran airport, briefly
B162. Pres. Carter gave the longest in 1981
B163. Overturn
B164. Dairy-aisle date type
B165. Bellies
B167. Christmas star, e.g.
B169. Free-floating
B172. Variety-show and Mulan star Osmond
B173. Big name in outdoor art
B174. Merry party
B175. Emulates Master P
B176. “___ Bully” (‘65 hit)
B178. Aggressive remarks
B179. Sci. with maps
B180. Move over
B182. Left-hand pages
B183. ___ Friday’s (Applebee’s rival)
B185. Now, in the ICU
B186. Where Barney the dinosaur roams
B188. Nonprofit gp. that works with the Defense Department
B189. Dynamic intro?
B190. Kid’s game
B191. Watershed week in Israeli military history
B193. “Baby, baby, baby!”
B194. King Arthur’s successor
B195. Turner of Peyton Place
B196. Arouses testiness
B197. Memento director
B198. Obtains in exchange for services
B199. Japanese alcoholic beverage
B200. Colonial legislators
B202. They’re found in most cars’ window seats
B210. Campaign rewards
B215. Cowboys, e.g.
B218. Leafy and shady
B224. Brad, to Angelina
B230. ___-les-Moulineaux (Paris suburb)
B234. Brand mascot with an earring
B238. Photoshop interface, once
B241. Long, long, long ago
B245. Packs up
B247. Subscriber’s gift
B248. Alberta ski town
B249. Favorite sandwich filler in The Importance of Being Earnest, for short
B250. Young Sheldon network
B251. Stamp collector’s abbr.
B253. Future D.A.’s exam
B254. Use as a name
B255. RSVPer
B256. Old skills venue now Upwork(.com)
B257. ___ facias (judicial writ)
B258. Places for emergency printing and mailing
B260. Disney princess and Tempest character resembling a genie
B261. Site of Alexander’s first battle
B263. Other in Spanish
B264. South Korean leader Tae Woo
B265. Prickly-stemmed plant
B269. Neighbors of brakes
B270. Utilize, as one’s strengths
B272. First weapon in 2001
B273. Kathy in Titanic, Fried Green Tomatoes, and Dolores Claiborne
B274. Made cookies
B275. Mention, when others would rather not
B278. Out of business
B280. Robotic vacuum cleaner
B285. Guy walks into a bar and orders six whiskeys. He lines them up, then pours the two on either side of the line into the trash. When the bartender asks why, he says…
B293. Skeleton walks into a bar and says, “I’ll have…
B298. Deion’s younger son
B299. “The monster’s right behind us, gang!”
B300. Madonna’s record label
B301. Most decorated American gymnast
B302. Diamond points
B303. Small set of ivories
B304. Pong producer
B306. Prufrock’s creator
B307. Palindromic billionaire
B308. Role for Shirley or Marie
B309. They’re used in cider and desserts
B310. “Pore Jud Is ___” (song from Oklahoma!)
B311. Some are raw
B312. They feel sorry
B313. Eponymous sitcom whose heroine got advice from ALF, Mr. T, and Hugh Hefner
B314. They wear bow ties, shirt cuffs, collars, and nothing else up top
B319. Act cautious, as of dog
B321. Stocking stuffer for solvers
B323. Foreshadowed
B324. Witchery venue of 1692, some said
B325. Big name in television
B326. Sit-ups develop them
B327. Hang (around) as friends
B328. One of 165 for Manny Ramirez in 1999
B330. Like rain forests
B331. Tell a bigger fib than?
B333. Fareed Zakaria’s station
B334. Lady of Spain (abbr.)
B335. Baggage tags for many flights into the UK
B336. Pipe that sees use in inclement weather
B338. The Terminator in The Terminator, e.g.
B339. Broom-count
B340. Suffix with manor or director
B341. Long vehicle with many seats
B342. Durango dwellings
B343. Philbin, familiarly
B344. Computer peripheral
B348. Superpower with which Clark Kent shaves himself
B350. Sorcerers
B351. Like Yes songs
B352. Certain Asian holidays
B353. Tech review website
B354. Osso ___ (veal entree)
B356. Fertility clinic inventory
B358. Between great and terrible
B359. Part of AMPAS
B362. Workout unit
B363. They’re removed by pumps
B365. Actress Bell now heard as Poison Ivy
B366. SE part of New England
B367. “Sorry I broke your priceless Ming vase”
B368. Start of a count to start up the band
B369. Bindings on some injuries
B370. They come in Cool Ranch and Poppin’ Jalapeño
B372. They showed off their endurance in a 1924 fad
B374. Where you might invite an afternoon date so they feel fancy and vaguely British
B375. Digital version, perhaps
B378. “Everyone knows”
B380. Noted 1976 Olympics name
B381. Rogues’ gallery members
B382. Douche, e.g.
B383. Food lines?
B386. OED offering
B387. Sometime foe of Bugs
B388. Modestly sized batteries
B389. French good?
B390. Network rival
B391. Hackman of Runaway Jury
B392. Was a tattler
B393. Results of printing mishaps, say
B395. Liqueurs often served with lamb
B396. Actor Sizemore
B397. Approves
B398. Jeune Amie or Marie
B399. Measure of the atomic age?
B400. They’re attached at the spine
B401. Late Commerce Secretary Brown
B402. Prefab shelters first used in World War I
B406. Like Krackel and Mr. Goodbar
B407. Sculptor Auguste
B408. Non-kosher sammies
B409. ___ lo tanto (therefore, in Spain)
B410. Eye, to a poet
B412. Here and there, to Pierre
B415. “…a man ___ mouse?”
B417. “___ with a little help from my friends”
B419. Word cried before “on it” or “lost”
B420. Former believer
B422. Response to a good explanation
B424. Absolutely annihilates, in gamerspeak
B425. Free, as cows
B426. “How could you even ASK that?”
B428. Hubert’s wife, in the funnies
B429. Senate President pro tempore in 2022
B431. 1 kg⁻¹
m⁻²sA², in Standard International units
B432. They show off abs of stone
B434. Eavesdropper’s organ
B435. San ___: Texas city, slangily
B438. Payback
B440. Mil. mail areas
B441. Lugosi seen In Ed Wood
B442. Sch. with a Brooklyn campus
B443. Tackles
B444. Beyond unacceptable
B448. Goosebump-raising
B449. Intel-gathering gp.
B450. Common bake-sale sponsor
B451. Donuts in math class
B452. Iago’s forte
B453. Army crawlers?
B454. ___ currency
B455. Do a bakery job
B456. Romano source, usually
B457. Christmas contraction
B458. “If only it were possible!”
B459. Invitation Alice accepted
B460. Hank with 755 homers
B461. .035 of an ounce, in standard gravity
B462. Usage stat for linguists
B465. Battle space shaping is part of it
B468. Apple tablet download
B469. Feature of a bad air day
B470. Year the original Linus was born
B471. Christian ___ (old gold coin)
B472. Words with whirl or word
B473. Rounded
B475. Moccasins
B476. A pair of jumper cables walk into a bar. Bartender says, “I’ll serve you…
B481. Kangaroo walks into a bar, orders a beer, and pays $10. Bartender thinks, I bet kangaroos don’t know how much beer costs, and gives her $1 in change. Trying to make conversation, he says, “We don’t get many kangaroos in here.” She replies…
B486. Gal walks into a bar and sees a musician tickling the ivories. The musician plays remarkably well considering he’s only one foot tall. Gal turns to the bartender and says, “What’s that guy’s story?” The bartender, he sighs and says, “It’s a long one, but it starts with this magic lamp.” Gal’s seen a movie or two, so she rubs the lamp and what do you know, out pops a genie. Genie says, “You have one wish, use it or lose it.” Thinking quickly, gal goes, “I wish for a million bucks.” Genie vanishes. Gal has just enough time to say, “What about my wish?” before she hears an odd fluttering at the door, followed by a quack. A mallard enters the bar, followed by a second, then a third. The quacking from outside is quickly growing louder. Before it drowns her out, our gal says, “I didn’t wish for a million ducks!” Bartender, he replies, “Do you really think I wished for a…
B489. Horse walks into a bar. Bartender says “Hey.” Horse replies…
B492. Cat walks into a bar and the bartender says, “We don’t serve your kind here.” Cat says that’s discrimination. Bartender says, “I don’t disagree, but my staff insists. One of my waiters is a bird and the other is a dog.” Cat says, “Well, can I at least get something to go from your kitchen?” Bartender gestures wordlessly to the kitchen, where dozens of rodents are hard at work, and the cat frowns and says…
B495. Something worn by each of the Blues Brothers
B497. “___ dinner?”
B498. Monica Seles, by birth
B499. Cheap commodity?
B501. Teacher’s deg.
B502. Ghana’s capital
B503. Multi-octave Sumac
B505. Pigsty dweller
B506. Cause of a price increase
B507. Remedy for a shortage
B509. Sitar kin
B510. Olympic superpower, for short
B511. Check out in the afternoon
B512. Fros and mohawks
B513. Underwater hazard
B514. Highest mountains outside Asia
B515. One-point Scrabble piece
B516. Link between two names
B517. Unrestrained outburst
B518. Role that reignited Anthony Hopkins’ interest in acting
B519. Communicated from camp, perhaps
B522. Reaction to a tragedy
B523. Remain for the nonce
B524. Dumping crates
B525. Faulty follicle
B527. “@#$!” from Deputy Dawg
B529. Mangle
B531. Port in the Punic Wars
B533. Strong right hand
B534. Cupbearer of the gods
B535. Copy of a bond, in law
B536. “Dancing Queen” singers
B537. Bold command?
B538. Employee’s security pass
B540. “I couldn’t sleep ___”
B541. Corn granaries
B542. ___ down (drops pounds)
B543. Beat the tar out of
B544. Sean of Stranger Things
B545. High-priced furs
B547. When “et tu” was uttered
B548. Outmoded genetic abbreviation
B551. Zoo keeper?
B553. Work or energy unit
B554. Military Arnold
B556. Thimbleful
B557. Gets too high
B558. Arab lady’s headpiece
B560. Uses a smoking area?
B562. “Hey, that’s okay ___” (I agree)
B563. Some handhelds (abbr.)
B564. Insect-resistant corn and potatoes, e.g.
B565. Premier Johnson
B566. Phys. degree
B567. “You can’t park here,” in Mexican signage
B568. Colleague of Siskel and Roeper
B569. Prone to using words as metaphorical claws
B570. A contemporary of The Bard
B571. Bullyboy
B572. Actors James and Scott
B573. Scrabble has twelve
B574. “___ it!” (child’s cry of accomplishment)
B575. Site for performative reading, sometimes
B578. Virtual dog or cat, perhaps
B579. Weather-changing currents
B583. Ready for growth
B586. Manhattan shopping district
B588. Axiomatically
B590. Cut performed by a mohel
B591. Kind of the opposite of a lunar eclipse
B593. Ale or coffee
B594. Unexpected extra
B595. Decepticon’s enemy
B597. They can break your buns
B599. Like some raises
B600. What it takes, in a saying about the mutuality of relationships
B602. Pitfalls
B603. Classes that’ll make a soldier out of you
B604. Vassal’s venue
B605. Power indicators
B607. Makes a face
B609. Sea-
B610. Menservants
B612. Pot portions that go to the casino
B615. Strong
B616. “Identical to itself” principle
B617. Gorillaz song or Transformers: The Movie song (that is the first title word of another Transformers: The Movie song)
B618. Sweetums
B619. Lunchtime, usually
B620. Practice eutierria: ___ with the Earth
B621. Hiemal sound in comics
B622. US indoor football gp.
B623. Have ___ one’s words: Are clearly wrongity-wrong-wrong
B624. Like some outdoor canopies
B625. Cure again, as leather
B626. What I like to fill my cup to
B627. Mark from Madrid
B628. Clay pigments
B629. Pack leaders
B631. Bits of pastry with fruit
B633. How people dress for an ugly sweater party
B635. Actor Cariou
B636. Intellectually stimulating
B638. Prosaic cargoes for Latin
B639. Potsdam pronoun
B640. Low score, casually
B641. July’s stone
B642. Drooling devotees
B644. Hibachi glowers
B645. It belongs in the barn
B647. “Divine” moniker for entertainer Bette
B648. Kathie Lee’s co-host, once
B649. Potentially offensive, informally
B650. Not genuine, as Swiss meringue
B651. Monument marker
B652. Some in the Balkans
B653. “Personal” prefix
B654. Video gaming giant
B655. Take out of play
B656. Dangerous grenade, to a GI
B658. Courvoisier and Hennessy
B659. Data point “holder” for region queries
B660. “Ah, okay, okay”
B662. Cape Town’s nation (abbr.)
B663. Ferrante’s partner
B665. Stabilizing part
B666. Like some cheeks or futures
B667. Word in many French family mottoes
B668. “___thing every day that scares you” (Eleanor Roosevelt)
B669. It disclosed that “run” eclipsed “set” as the most-defined word in 2022, for short
B670. Post-ER area
B671. Fathered-eth
B672. Calyx component
B673. Rallying cry against Cobra, perhaps
B674. Paris picnic site
B675. Musketeer named for a mountain
B676. Spiny cactus part
B677. Uses an exit visa, perhaps
B679. Senator William who opposed the League of Nations
B680. Povich of TV
B681. Common molecule, to a chemist
B682. Skin art, slangily
B683. Year in the reign of the emperor Augustus
B685. Gadhafi ruled it, once
B688. Scaled-down calendar
B690. A piece of toast and hard-boiled egg walk into a bar. Bartender says, “Sorry, we don’t serve…
B693. A piece of tarmac with bike treads on it walks into a bar. Bartender’s friend said, “Don’t give that guy any sass, or he’ll get violent. He’s a freakin’ ___”
B695. Panda walks into a bar, orders some bamboo, scarfs it down, takes out a gun, fires a round out the window, and walks out the door. The bartender’s like, “What the HELL?”, and as the panda reaches the threshold, it says, “I’m a panda. Look it up!” So the bartender does, and under the description of “panda,” they see the phrase…
B699. Two guys are at a bar. One says to the other, “That’s a New York accent, isn’t it? You’re from New York?” Second one says, “I am.” First one says, “So am I! Where in New York’re ya from?” Second one says “Queens.” First one says, “Me too! Where in Queens?” First one says “Oh, 70th Street, just off 495.” “Whoa! Small world, so did I! So what school’d y’go to?” The other guy answers, “Oh, Maspeth, of course.” The first guy gets really excited, and says, “And so did I. Tell me, what year did you graduate?” The other guy answers, “Well, I graduated in 1984.” The first guy exclaims, “Mind blown. What a coincidence this is. Can you believe it? I graduated from Maspeth in 1984, myself.” Bartender turns to one of their patrons and says, “It’s going to be a long night…
B704. Mama Bear walks into a bar and says, “I’ll have some…” Seconds pass. After half a minute or so, she adds, “Mead.” Bartender says, “No problem, ma’am, but, uh…why the big pause?” Bear replies…
B706. A man in a suit walks into a bar. He orders a Yuengling lager, and the bartender serves it and leaves him alone. Even so, the man hears a little voice saying, “Excellent choice!” He looks around and doesn’t see anybody, so he goes back to his drink, munching a nut or two to go with it. Little voice pipes up again, “That’s a nice suit.” Man looks all around the room, even peeks behind the bar, doesn’t see anybody. Little voice goes, “Oh, I’m sure you’ll figure this out in a second. You look too smart not to!” Man finally asks the bartender where the little voice is coming from, and the bartender says “It’s the peanuts. They’re…
B709. It often involves a p-value
B711. Touched
B712. Early tie
B714. Part of the Volkswagen Group
B715. Last word in the title of an Irish lullaby
B716. Stitch’s adopter, in a Disney film
B717. String tie
B718. Suspended tracks
B720. Turns red, perhaps
B721. Marge Simpson, ___ Bouvier
B722. “Skyfall” singer
B723. To be, to Binoche
B724. Cruz of “Dynamite”
B725. Sunburn soother
B726. CeraVe competitor
B727. Band acts
B728. Unusually tilted
B729. Lard on a hog
B730. Word fragment meaning “bull”
B731. Cups’ contents
B732. Naked lead-in
B733. ___-tze
B734. Bumbling sort
B735. Casting director?
B736. Rescue squad mem.
B737. Nicotine partner
B739. Rank for CWO J. (Jeff) Johnston, CD, in the Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada
B743. With very few words
B745. Tlingit feature of Seattle’s Pioneer Square
B747. You don’t want too many of these, unless you’re the Hulk
B748. Some Spanish titles (abbr.)
B749. Intense attraction, with ‘the’
B750. Garnish a garden
B751. Former stock-regulating org.
B752. “So now you’re on the kill-Caesar bandwagon? Guess it’s a trend”
B753. Appropriate acronym for the Star Wars film about decay and collapse
B754. Manner of walking
B756. Metal strip
B757. Giving teeth, in a way
B759. One-sided tilts
B760. Coddled items
B761. Unborn offspring
B763. “Unbelievable” rock band
B764. George Eliot said it was “like fire” because it made “even light rubbish deadly”
B765. On the side of
B767. Rowdy bunch
B769. One of Chopin’s twenty-seven
B770. Some American Indian homes
B771. Slugger Ruth
B772. Thank-you-___
B773. Animations since 1987
B774. Bridge out?
B775. Hack writer’s output
B776. Disney animated release of 1959
B778. Fortitude
B779. Jamboree enclosure
B780. Story book Penny
B781. D.C. old-timers
B782. Like Silas Marner
B783. The “so few” to whom “so much” was owed (abbr.)
B784. Getting ___ belly (spending too much time at the bar)
B785. Tide variety
B787. Places to crash, in promos
B789. Law gp. that doesn’t know where Carmen is, either
B790. “___ not the time!”
B791. Auto loan default result
B792. “Or…and come to think of it, I like this even more…”
B794. “Is that ___?”
B795. Guy at the grocery is asking around about venues in town to find that special someone or at least have some fun, if you know what we mean. He gets handed a pastrylike cookie. He should’ve picked his words more carefully instead of asking about a…
B799. Like a glove
B803. Bakeware brand
B807. Westminster, for one
B814. Starter stand-in
B822. Businesses with lots and lots of branches
B823. Able to plan well in advance
B825. Petaled pan
B826. Skeletal
B827. News comedienne Samantha
B828. The, in Austria
B829. ___ Perpetua (Idaho’s motto)
B831. Native minerals
B832. Hole-punchers in a tool kit
B835. Blondie’s hubby, informally
B836. Booker T. & the ___
B837. Muttonchops
B839. Makes leather
B840. Stable elevator?
B842. Punishment, metaphorically
B843. Namesakes of a judge that delivered Israel from the Moabites
B844. The U.S., to much of Central and South America
B845. “Sunday Puzzle” airer
B846. Common Market area (abbr.)
B847. Holster location
B848. Pep rally cry
B849. Traffic jam sound
B853. “Versos Libres” poet
B854. Brief concern that turns out to be nothing
B855. Skating area
B856. Protestors’ deprivations
B857. Prots. who insist on immersion
B858. Japanese lunch
B860. One of twenty pack items, informally
B862. Of a musical key
B864. Thai measure
B865. ___ Veneta handbags
B867. Word before “second,” “hour” or “mile”
B868. ___ up (come clean)
B869. Place where people weigh in
B870. In the zone
B871. Without reserve
B872. Architect’s add-ons
B873. Botanical balm
B874. Subj. of early Amendments
B875. ___ arms (outraged)
B876. Madonna’s “Sooner or ___”
B877. Siren inciter
B878. Julia Roberts/Hugh Grant film
B882. Dune-surfing
B885. Quinoa and oranges, surprisingly
B886. Word following candy and sugar
B887. Aesthetically pleasing
B888. Acid in many puzzles
B890. Courtroom cry
B894. Field of mascot design and slogan composition, for short
B896. It may be charged for books?
B897. What pasties conceal
B899. Features of some courses
B901. Over-full
B902. Possible follow-up to “OMG!”
B903. Guy walks into a ___ bar, and the pointy chocolate hurts his foot before it breaks.
B904. Guy walks into a ___ bar, and yells when he stubs his toe, but hell, he can afford a doctor, he’s rich now.
B905. Guy walks into an ___ bar, sees people paying to breathe, and wonders just where we went wrong as a society.
B906. Guy walks into a ___ bar , a n d . . . h e y ! G e t y o u r f o o t o f f m y k e y b o a r d !
B909. Guy walks into a bar to celebrate becoming a lawyer, and confuses everyone by saying “I ___ the bar!” They’re all like, “Then how are you here?”
B911. Guy walks into a bar, so the party host ___ it back up for the next game of limbo.
B914. Horse collarer?
B915. Makes angry
B916. Lion king
B917. Sanskrit “song”
B918. Fabio’s farewell
B919. Place for kids’ drawings
B920. Secluded retreat
B921. Army chow
B922. Price of updating plate stickers
B924. Uber app display
B925. Killer of Albus Dumbledore
B927. “You’ve got to be kidding”
B929. Tic-tac-toe line of victory
B930. Can’t pay
B933. Eternally, in poems
B934. Lose water
B938. “Shea Butter Baby” singer Lennox
B939. Hits the sauce
B940. “Present,” to a cockney
B941. What you used to be?
B942. Chew on persistently
B944. Kind of hybrid flowers
B946. Senior citizen’s tub
B948. Alleyway yowlers, often
B949. Registered owners
B950. ___ Economic Union, established 2014
B952. JFK hub
B953. School days initials
B955. “By all ___!”
B959. Hebrew deliverer
B960. Not get a single laugh onstage
B961. Wassily’s contemporary
B962. Lasso’s loop
B963. Reprehensible
B967. Obviously embarrassed
B971. Prolonged campaign
B972. Take a ride?
B975. Title characters in a two-letter show and a show with three variations of one name
B976. Having a high concentration of
B977. Small fraction of a joule
B978. Distant beginning?
B979. 1960s TV sign-off, straight from the horse’s mouth
B980. “Honest”
B981. “___ nice” (“Ease up on the sarcasm”)
B982. Trombonists’ troupes
B984. Celtic oral historians
B985. Completely unthinking
B988. Boring one
B989. Surface ___
B990. Miss the opportunity for
B992. Common error-message options
B994. Skiers’ patron
B996. Get an ___: pass with flying colors
B997. Mother’s brother, e.g.
B998. Blog and Instagram posts
B1000. Vietnamese celebrations
B1002. Neither oui nor non
B1006. Sounds from a Siamese
B1007. Seoul’s location
B1008. Quans.
B1009. Hearts, for example
B1010. “Slogan” donor tongue
B1011. Shampoo with coal tar extract as the active ingredient
B1015. Santa Claus-tracking org.
B1018. Name for a streaming device Apple eventually decided not to use
B1020. Subdues stallion qualities
B1021. Badminton blasts
B1023. Zsa Zsa’s sister
B1024. Unschooled, as an artist
B1026. Difference between white and wheat bread
B1027. Emphatic ending with yes or no
B1028. Minds someone else’s business
B1029. Old auto inits.
B1030. In subjugation
B1032. Don’t take seriously
B1033. Flare gun
B1038. Phantasmal image
B1040. Witcher village that means “Earth”
B1041. Job applicant’s concern
B1042. Caustic fluids
B1043. Piece of sugar
B1044. Watch spot
B1045. Like hard-to-find tracks
B1046. Check-cashing necessity (abbr.)
B1047. Three-syllable fruit (you may be saying it wrong)
B1048. ___ 60 (acceleration standard)
B1049. Baker’s mixture
B1052. Overseer of a sort
B1055. Collectible discs popular in the 1990s
B1056. Outing announcement
B1057. Stoppers
B1058. Dark, to D’artagnan
B1059. Basketballer Thurmond
B1062. Objective
B1065. New Wall St. listing
B1067. Tobacco kiln
B1069. Balkan War participant, informally
B1071. Do a plus operation
B1072. Gun-shy
B1073. Online feed letters
B1074. Villain to “avoid” in 1980s Domino’s Pizza ads, with “the”
B1075. Tool shaper
B1076. Incrimination
B1077. Wail like a banshee
B1078. Boyfs, e.g.
B1079. Get absolutely right
B1080. Hits with, as a pickup line
B1082. SARS monitor, for short
B1083. Shoe type
B1084. Untouchables chief
B1086. Candy named for a sports strategy
B1087. Flow measurer
B1089. Warm dry wind
B1090. Brand with highlights in highlighters
B1091. Not clergy
B1092. Wrist motion
B1093. What secures your credit card online
B1097. Bold and impulsive
B1098. Far from shore
B1099. Badger
B1102. Liszt’s “Transcendental” twelve
B1105. They eat carbon-minimal diets
B1108. Dems’ opposite
B1109. Wheelchair-friendly part of a curb
B1110. “We’re better off without them, really”
B1111. Refreshing caffeine-free beverage
B1113. Note in the E major scale not found in A major
B1115. “___ chicken walks into a bar…”
B1116. Thomas and Parker
B1117. Lome’s land
B1118. Was victorious in
B1119. Chuy’s “___ Yo’ Face” Burrito
B1120. Complain, in a way
B1123. Street near Maple, often
B1124. Sow’s counterpart
B1125. Schemer at Crab Key fortress
B1126. Delivery center of a sort
B1129. “Heh…shucks”
B1131. Landon Donovan’s org.
B1133. Giving rise to
B1134. One a baby may cry out to
B1135. Sporty neckwear
B1136. What you get when a bat walks into a bar?
B1137. Take to heart
B1138. Indian dress
B1139. Exceeded the speed limit?
B1141. Vigor go-with
B1142. Fedora-like hats with slightly smaller brims
B1143. Set ___: begin an accomplishment
B1145. Hardware store items that should be between S-hooks and U-bolts?
B1149. Morales of My Family
B1150. Pet food brand with a paw print in its logo
B1151. Less lavish
B1152. Add to, then stir
B1153. Anvil or stirrup
B1154. Some Nazis walk into some BARs and die instantly, because the BARs are…
B1164. Fantastic fighter pilot
B1165. Left with more assets, on balance
B1167. Kind of mustard Fox used as scandal fodder against Obama
B1168. Overnight party garb, for short
B1169. “___ Got Tonight” (Seger tune)
B1170. Hall of Fame NFL owner Wellington
B1171. Commission recipient
B1174. Double or triple, possibly
B1175. Czar Ivan’s sobriquet
B1177. MTA fleet
B1178. Clinton’s nickname
B1179. Use a napkin on
B1180. Edge of a cup
B1181. Make eye contact with?
B1185. Army service call used by Al Pacino in all his movies (not just Scent of a Woman)
B1186. Internet-freedom org.
B1188. Wife of Charlie Chaplin
B1189. Hard-to-please type
B1190. Warning next to an internet link
B1193. Doctors Without Borders, for ex.
B1194. Crate digger’s discoveries, e.g.
B1196. Cinnamon breakfast
B1198. Erstwhile BlackBerry rival
B1199. Moneyed Brits
B1200. Only Presidential pet with a statue
B1201. Sch. measures
B1203. Toile or cambric
B1204. Britney Spears’ bad-boy ode
B1208. Word form for wing
B1209. English breakfast, for example
B1211. Work like a dog
B1212. Mourns audibly
B1213. ___ Lunn (tea cake)
B1214. Word before souci
B1215. Wine town near Turin
B1216. ___ Man (1992 film with Brendan Fraser as a Neanderthal)
B1217. Frau’s “forget it”
B1218. Coy one
B1220. Brief way?
B1221. Louis XIV, e.g.
B1223. Beakerism heard on The Muppet Show
B1224. Last item in an indefinitely long sequence
B1225. Writer Henrik
B1228. Smelly smoke
B1229. Home prov. of Paul Shaffer
B1230. Parisian pea
B1231. Dollar doler-outers
B1232. “Remembrance” or “the week” preceder
B1233. Symmetrical-in-lower-case word for “try”
B1234. Los : Spanish :: ___ : Italian
B1235. First name in old horror films
B1236. Nero’s 202
B1237. “Why so sad ___?” (John Keats)
B1239. Noted gold certifier
B1240. Show up to
B1243. Fixed
B1245. Block, as a nominee
B1246. Webpage quality check
B1247. Old nutrient no.
B1248. Buzz Aldrin, on his birth certificate
B1250. The slammer
B1251. “The world’s best music blog,” since 2002
B1254. It clashes with stripes
B1255. Arterial and fast-moving
B1256. Like a regular pentagon’s angles
B1258. Oooh, it’s ripped
B1259. Futon frame part
B1260. Liver juice
B1261. Source of moos or baas
B1262. “Monsieur Verdoux” actress
B1264. Least attentive
B1268. Period when the Clean Power Plan went into effect
B1270. Key of Beethoven’s Fifth
B1272. Words before “friends” or “careful out there”
B1276. Airport gates’ rates
B1277. Somber toll
B1278. Indefinite article in Ingelfingen
B1279. Remains after shucking husks
B1280. Word that appears twice in the name of Johnny Rzeznik’s band
B1281. Mapping-tech co. that offers ArcGIS
B1282. Heartfelt desires
B1284. Normans’ enemies
B1286. Official at Ohio State, say
B1287. Sport for Ronda Rousey, for short
B1288. ___ Tin Tin (TV dog of old)
B1289. Milquetoast
B1291. Locale of Akbar the Great’s tomb
B1292. What McIlroy breaks
B1294. Eliminated
B1296. Bloodcurdlingly bloody
B1297. Extreme lethargy
B1298. You might see it before long?
B1299. Show that begins with “We Won’t Get Fooled Again”
B1300. Gain access to
B1301. Coll. senior’s test
B1303. Positive response to “How ya doin’?”
B1305. Divided into districts
B1306. Arabian gulf or sultanate
B1307. Doomed tower
B1308. “Counting down the hits” guy Casey
B1309. Family heads?
B1310. Mr. ___ (classic candy)
B1314. Soap star Linda
B1317. Alternative to .com, .net, or .edu
B1318. She sang the opening line “Hast Du etwas Zeit fuer mich?”
B1320. Very attentive
B1323. Depth-of-field setting
B1324. Lift Every Voice author Guinier
B1325. Good time to get the goods
B1326. Cable option
B1328. Engineers of the soul, some say
B1330. Poet in “Il Postino”
B1331. Really close friends, but like, not in a gay way or anything, jeah?
B1332. Can of beer, in Australian slang
B1333. Fig. in many Hitchcock works
B1335. Fast-growing plant used for making floats
B1336. “Absolutely not!”
B1338. O.J.’s alma mater
B1339. Gamer hero of an Orson Scott Card series
B1341. Portnoy’s creator Philip
B1342. Odd News distributor
B1343. Google Docs default font
B1344. Feminists’ goal
B1346. Fight starter
B1347. Eyeball-searing
B1349. Alborg native
B1350. 16th century painter Veronese
B1351. Navigation instrument on a submarine
B1355. Field that has many sources
B1358. State-of-mind missions, in military slang
B1359. Where Homer usually finds “the cause of and solution to all of life’s problems”
B1360. Add, as an extra
B1361. Tokyo stage shows
B1362. Nobelist couple of 1903
B1363. Workshop
B1364. Diary of a Crossword Fiend or Boing Boing
B1366. Dwell and dally
B1367. Certain code tones
B1369. Curved blade
B1371. Ex-NBAer Unseld
B1372. Superboy’s girlfriend
B1374. Hazardous events for the elderly
B1375. Reaction to a revelation
B1376. She’s clumsy but immune to vampires’ mental powers
B1377. Architectural niche
B1378. Good eggs?
B1379. Awkward goodbye
B1381. Whopper base
B1382. Style of music running through Garden State
B1383. Suffix with fiend or fifty
B1386. Personal guide
B1388. They’re anywhere Cockneys ‘ang their ‘ats
B1389. Good writers make them thicken
B1390. 14.69595 psi (abbr.)
B1391. 1,000 or 1,000,000
B1392. Man Ray’s style
B1393. Hockey feint
B1395. Place to hear a klezmer, once
B1396. Banks of daytime TV
B1397. Town SE of Sacramento
B1398. Inventor of a vertical-use steam engine
B1399. Crusader’s targets
B1401. He married Daphne, on Frasier
B1403. Admaker’s concern
B1404. Susan whose “I Dreamed a Dream” was once the most-seen YouTube video
B1405. Dictator’s opening
B1406. Showing ill humor
B1407. Voided smash
B1408. Some tiny robots walk into bar ____ and have to stop walking until they’re freed.
B1411. Person walks into a ___ bar, making them sad and their foot cold and sticky.
B1414. Some people walk into a ___ and leave with grilled food sticking to their ribs.
B1415. A group of distracted people walk into ___ bars, making a gymnast fall over.
B1416. A person walks and walks until there are no ___ bars left, which makes calling for a ride impossible, so they’ll have a long walk home…but at least they’ll get a break from their Facebook notifications and enjoy some goddamn peace and quiet.
B1417. Geometric calculations
B1418. Like sides of pyramids
B1420. Ft. parts
B1421. Chuckling sound
B1422. From the other side
B1423. Trailer-park parkers, for short
B1424. Apple aimed at the student market
B1425. Thousand-square-foot calculating machine
B1427. Kelly Services assignment
B1431. Subject for a town board
B1433. Most sacred building in Islam
B1434. Sees in sleep
B1436. Program that stays in RAM
B1437. Gallbladder contents
B1439. Morsel in a stable
B1441. Mic-making Samsung subsidiary
B1442. He did a Moor good, then harm
B1443. Long rectangle with implied “click here”
B1447. Bone by the brachialis
B1449. Soften, as a distinction
B1450. ___ Pie: frozen food after a 2020 name change
B1451. Say yes
B1452. Big, hairy man, to some
B1453. Scanty top, briefly
B1454. Eclipse sight
B1456. Suck-up
B1457. French sociologist
B1458. Pres. who launched the space race
B1459. Thread on the Thames
B1460. Mark of a rifle’s laser sight
B1462. Major car manufacturer
B1463. Star Wars casualty who knew Luke when
B1464. None too clearly
B1465. Worms, at times
B1466. Sound of hard knocks
B1467. “Big ___” (“Who cares?”)
B1469. Divinely inspired
B1470. Peron of Argentina
B1471. Little ___ (Marjorie Henderson Buell cartoon)
B1472. Dishonest quantity?
B1473. Cab cash
B1474. Terra cotta product
B1475. Wind-driven
B1477. “Born From Jets” automaker
B1478. Stat for a reliever
B1479. Pres. before RBH
B1480. The Kid’s real surname
B1481. Some Japanese-Americans (var.)
B1482. Purse that can go for nearly three thousand bucks
B1484. Welsh emblem
B1486. Loren’s spouse
B1487. Dark Angel’s Jessica
B1488. Where Dorothy Gale and Clark Kent grew up
B1489. Says “never” to
B1490. Part of a Mary Johnston title
B1491. Efrem Zimbalist Jr. TV series
B1492. Potential for diffusion
B1493. Bad place to (be) hit
B1494. Trend in a specific direction
B1497. Blue birds that aren’t bluebirds
B1498. Carbon copy, for short
B1499. Forceful blow
B1501. “Make-your-momma-sad type, make-your-girlfriend-mad-tight, might-seduce-your-dad type” of song
B1502. Famous Jada’s middle name
B1503. Panel’s production
B1507. July ‘44 battle site
B1510. DC ballplayer
B1512. Made a sound like the end of a gerund (I know, this one’s a bit of a stretch)
B1513. 1920 sci-fi play
B1514. Retire from the RAF
B1515. Little moistenings
B1516. Show sound judgment
B1517. “Unstoppable” singer
B1518. Knights of ___ (Star Wars villains)
B1519. Early McDonald’s rival
B1522. Babe Ruth’s got lighter over the course of his career
B1523. Kentucky-based zero-tuition college
B1524. Jacuzzi entry sound
B1525. Indigent
B1526. Coins for Cato
B1527. Dept. of drinks, smokes, and smokemakers
B1528. Distance, as from reality
B1529. Idiot, in Britspeak
B1530. Shortly after
B1532. Carell’s Despicable Me role
B1533. Shooting game popular in the ‘80s
B1536. They’re nothing of consequence
B1539. Truckers, perhaps
B1544. Black feature in many racial discussions
B1552. Stage direction meaning “slight pause”
B1557. Color a bit
B1563. Freestyle competitions
B1564. Coatrack items
B1565. Only tennis player to win the “Golden Slam” (four Grand Slam singles titles and Olympic Gold in the same calendar year)
B1566. Writing collabs
B1568. “What’s happening?”
B1569. Apt rhyme for “four” implying the singer has lost count
B1570. Upper (prefix)
B1571. Hit like a Stooge, say
B1573. Baseball summary inits.
B1574. Track tipster
B1575. Kissing ___
B1577. Also-___ (runners-up)
B1578. Facial feature for Mao or Madonna
B1579. Some divers’ booty
B1580. Ralph’s Avengers costar
B1581. Boomer on the road?
B1582. Show off one’s tight five
B1583. She might do a life-saving head-to-toe assessment
B1584. General Motors CEO Mary
B1585. Postgraduates
B1586. Peacocklike
B1587. Runs out of juice
B1588. Blizzard consequence
B1589. Working just fine
B1590. Combat zone
B1591. Kilderkin
B1592. Poet’s pitch?
B1593. Blue ___ food delivery
B1594. Hip-hop’s Salt-___
B1596. Goes underground
B1598. “I don’t want to be just another piece in their game” speaker in The Hunger Games
B1602. Costello’s straight man
B1605. Technique that measures brain activity (abbr.)
B1606. I love, to Luis
B1607. Death Cab for Cutie of the Plain White T’s
B1609. “Yew betcher sweet patootie!”
B1611. How Rome actually was built
B1613. Him, in Heidelberg
B1614. Salsa choice
B1615. Pilot and spade, for a drill
B1616. Madonna 1989 hit
B1617. Service break?
B1619. Come back to consciousness
B1620. Comedian Cook
B1621. ID represented by a barcode
B1622. An impossible declaration
B1623. 1961 hit, “___ and Turnin’”
B1624. Keg attachments
B1625. Word after can or letter
B1626. Cook in a certain way
B1627. Grammy-nominated Macy Gray song of 2000
B1628. Once-divided Eur. nation
B1629. Paint and clay class
B1632. Drumstick at dinner
B1633. John McCain’s sch.
B1634. “___ Johnny!”
B1635. Sound of a clock
B1636. Partiality
B1638. Printer handle
B1639. Spherical bodies
B1641. Moon of Saturn with thousand-foot-high ice walls
B1643. Twenty-first-century film collection
B1644. Song that swells with “big like an ocean or important like a mountain or tall like a tree”
B1646. Contrived
B1647. Shark attack!
B1648. Animated lead singer of the Pussycats
B1649. Attack time
B1650. “Perfect Circle” band
B1651. “I Was There” contributor on pgatour.com
B1652. Precursor to a memorable Boston party
B1653. Kills, as a female character to support someone else’s story
B1654. Keeps going
B1655. Org. that exposed waterboarding to the public
B1656. Last period where Earth was united, geologically speaking
B1658. Femmes ___
B1660. Provide pages for notes
B1662. Open, as an envelope
B1663. Style of T that’s not U
B1664. Steven Bochco TV series
B1665. Month roughly corresponding to March
B1666. Ranch pals
B1667. Vivacity, to Mozart
B1668. Small endings
B1669. Setting of Jane Smiley’s Pulitzer-winning novel A Thousand Acres
B1670. Second look of a sort
B1671. “Wanna ___?!”
B1672. Quartet x 2
B1673. Gas that naturally glows red
B1674. Lacking expressiveness
B1676. Follower of wonder or miracle
B1677. (The) tendency of cops to stick together, for good or ill
B1678. “The cow is of the bovine ___” (Nash)
B1679. Astonish
B1681. Not-quite-gulf
B1682. Where Eliot Spitzer was gov.
B1683. Tree-trunk protuberance
B1684. Concentration in chem class
B1685. Singular stain
B1686. March 14, to mathematicians
B1687. First appearance
B1688. Wind science
B1690. Anger or fervor
B1691. Writing technique you wouldn’t expect
B1692. Securing rope
B1693. Hooper’s concern
B1694. ___ Zedong
B1695. Levy on booze, butts, etc.
B1697. Folk’s Baez
B1698. The Tempest wizard
B1699. Pacific island half?
B1701. Baby formula element, in its less common non-”ium” spelling
B1702. Like a move to a similar job
B1704. Permed with peroxide
B1707. Makes out to be near-perfect
B1709. Most golfers’ goals
B1710. Bird in a covey
B1711. They once ruled the Earth, for short
B1712. Bumbler
B1713. Its flag has a large red dragon
B1714. Cartoon quitting-time shout
B1717. Old Mazda pickup line
B1719. Real bargain for a winery?
B1721. Grafters’ needs
B1722. LSU awards
B1723. Airline code for many an Ariz. trip
B1724. Metric for first-person shooter games
B1728. Soft & ___ Deodorant
B1729. Word heard before and after “say”
B1730. Profess without proof
B1731. Bar abbr.
B1732. IQ recordholder Marilyn ___ Savant
B1733. Kind of Semite
B1734. Gp. that got off the ground in the ‘60s
B1735. Acknowledges the empress
B1736. Overdone in the oven
B1737. Black ___
B1738. Clustering effect or “bike-shedding”
B1739. Nostalgically named stops
B1740. Aromatic plant
B1741. It precedes hertz and bucks
B1742. Helping with lines
B1744. Koteas of Crash
B1745. Votes Senate aides saved on 1/6
B1746. Connect them to see the big picture
B1747. I Am ___ (2001 film)
B1748. “Snow Bunny” singer Collins
B1751. Feature of the Kansas scenes of The Wizard of Oz
B1752. Berlusconi’s bone
B1753. Gave a flirtatious look up and down, as to one’s boyfriend (it’s all about context)
B1754. Biscuit brand launched in 1898
B1755. Having round protuberances
B1757. Lavish wear for a chilly theater
B1759. Capable of atrocities
B1761. Kitten kind
B1762. Lovers in Lourdes
B1763. Squirt and cap, for two
B1764. Enjoying quarters on wheels
B1765. James Bond cars, sometimes
B1766. The ones in Yellowstone have lived there since prehistory
B1767. “Thx” alternative
B1768. Yarn suppliers?
B1771. “That’s a joke, ___!”
B1772. Goes across
B1774. Variant of John
B1775. Gallery market’s go-between
B1777. Famed fountain of Rome
B1778. Neighborhood to get kimchi and bibimbap, informally
B1780. Didn’t recover from a trip?
B1781. Sense and Sensibility director Lee
B1782. Faiths, to Fidel
B1783. Ability to hit pitches?
B1784. ___ ride
B1785. Makes silent
B1786. Word with “chin” or “head”
B1787. Acting as if one expected no different
B1788. The Von ___ Family Singers
B1789. Cheney portrayer
B1790. Maguire of Spider-Man
B1791. Nice little windfall
B1792. Now, 2000 years ago
B1793. “It finally all makes sense”
B1795. Mover’s essentials
B1796. Ian McKellen/Michael Fassbender role
B1799. Internettism for the place where internettisms are never said
B1800. “Saul reigned in the eleventh century ___”
B1801. Childish assertion
B1802. ___ sanctum (secluded place)
B1803. Steered clear of
B1807. Test for a sr.
B1808. Metric prefix for “thousandth”
B1810. Swings and a slide
B1812. Sipped
B1814. Grass unit
B1815. Cuban rhythm
B1816. Give up, as a right
B1817. Tommy Lee Jones baseball biopic
B1818. Skewered dish
B1819. Aura of majesty
B1820. Icelanders’ ancestors
B1821. Rock star Nugent
B1822. Getting a move on
B1823. Committee sched. listing
B1824. Crazy drinking party
B1829. Without context
B1831. Sculptor Polasek with a museum in Florida
B1832. It may have 100 lashes
B1833. Reaction to une belle femme
B1834. Debugger on one’s way outdoors?
B1836. Betty Boop and Olive Oyl voicer Questel
B1837. Song by Kesha, or very different song from The SpongeBob Musical
B1838. Actress Ryan of Boston Public
B1839. Bar stock
B1842. Termite walks in, bellies up to the counter, and asks…
B1846. Woman walks into a bar, eyeing the bartender appreciatively, looking over the curve of his bicep, his facial hair, and the little piece of his chest visible over his V-neck collar. Becoming aware of this attention, the bartender asked, “What’ll it be, ma’am?” With a smile that she hoped communicated her intentions for the evening, she replied, “I’ll have a double entendre…”
B1849. Susana Martinez was its gov.
B1851. Feel like grinning
B1852. Place for slanted columns
B1853. Covers up the gray
B1854. Rep’s opponent, maybe
B1855. Jumping-off point
B1858. Winged insect
B1860. “Assuming Murphy’s Law takes a holiday…”
B1863. Love, Actually actor
B1866. Melville’s Shakespearean tragic hero
B1868. Neighbor of Pisces and Taurus
B1869. In ___: steamed
B1870. Film villain who’s one letter different from the lead actor’s last name
B1871. Spotting on adolescent faces
B1872. Unnecessary fuss
B1873. Hunting call.
B1874. ___ Racist, singers of “Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell Remix”
B1875. One making one’s way upstream
B1876. Teacher in a temple
B1881. A Promised Land and The Vanishing Half, e.g.
B1885. ___ Chinmoy (noted meditation teacher)
B1886. Becomes one
B1889. Form a gully
B1891. Mellow woodwinds
B1892. International firms?
B1893. Crew’s control?
B1894. “___ Man” (‘60s hit)
B1895. Piddling point to pick
B1896. Nicknamed state capital or letter capital
B1897. ___ sea: lost
B1898. Campfire treat
B1899. Give a darn
B1900. First of three procedural spinoffs
B1901. LSU rival
B1902. Three-time Snipes role
B1903. Minute, informally
B1904. Business abbreviation
B1905. Largest USA steel producer
B1907. It’s stocked in an adult shop
B1908. Cartridge holder
B1910. Harsh bosses
B1912. Steve Martin’s “King ___”
B1914. Shatner sci-fi drug
B1915. Reddish, in Spain
B1916. Broadway hit of yore, with “The”
B1918. Sanitization target
B1922. Main event preceder, briefly
B1925. Extra that presents itself while you’re folding
B1927. Believe in
B1929. Warhead, briefly
B1930. Big name in burritos
B1932. Baldwin and Lightwood
B1933. Fens, e.g.
B1934. Obama failed to close it, for short
B1935. ACL’s place, legwise
B1936. Goddess who supported an existential threat to all gods
B1937. Spore-collecting Ghostbuster
B1938. Repressed, as rage
B1939. He blunders around like he just created his character yesterday
B1941. Miami Beach’s Eden ___ resort
B1944. Borders on
B1946. Cosmo or GQ
B1948. Say “au revoir” to
B1950. What most people believe
B1952. Weigh station wts.
B1953. USSR founder
B1954. It’s before kue
B1955. Maupassant’s ___ Vie
B1956. Exam for future MDs
B1957. “Curiouser and curiouser!” speaker
B1958. Experts on forms
B1959. Real smooth
B1960. Intensely interested
B1961. Huggy family?
B1962. Units of distance
B1963. Beneficiary of a will
B1964. Fig. for exchanging money when returning to the States
B1965. You can visit its Education Center without anybody saying “Now we’ve told you, so we have to kill you”
B1967. Sonic summer job
B1968. David Cassidy’s “How Can I Be ___”
B1969. Psychoactive and antiemetic agents in weed
B1974. 100 satang (and what ฿ stands for)
B1976. With everything as it should be
B1978. Apocryphal bk. in two parts
B1979. “Are we alone?” prog.
B1980. Zero Dark Thirty target
B1982. They may be audiovisual
B1983. Lie, in court
B1985. It’s supportive
B1987. Carbon particles
B1988. “Take it one day at ___”
B1989. Andes creature
B1990. Ill-mannered fellow
B1991. One who might roll a 12-sided die
B1992. What Women ___ (Mel Gibson movie)
B1993. Comic Johnson of Laugh-in
B1994. Uncles, etc. (abbr.)
B1995. Excellent
B1996. Chicago/LA rock band famous for viral videos
B1997. iPod with a 0.5-inch Multi-Touch color screen
B1998. Stockpiles
B2001. Dusting needs
B2003. Become heavy
B2005. Percuss musically
B2009. Topped
B2011. Miss.-to-Mich. dir.
B2012. We’re in the Phanerozoic one
B2013. Total potential salary, for short
B2014. PGA’s Isao
B2015. Send by stages
B2016. Benedictine titles
B2017. Extraterrestrial
B2018. “Blackstar” singer whose music charms our cats
B2019. “I didn’t do it” kid
B2020. Vehicle seen in the first few seconds of each Batman: The Animated Series episode
B2021. The “M” of MSG
B2022. Pass (off) as genuine
B2023. Work on, as a creaky hinge
B2025. More rigid
B2026. 1950s TV’s ___ Is Your Life
B2027. ___ eBay buyer: refuse bids forever
B2028. Chamomile and green for me, rose petals and black for my wife
B2030. Morning TV cohost
B2032. Shower head?
B2036. First name in clowning for burgers
B2039. Throttle
B2040. Just like [snaps fingers] that
B2044. “I’ve ___ Everywhere” (Johnny Cash)
B2045. “That’s…never gonna happen”
B2046. Legally binding decision
B2047. #3 nation in natural gas reserves
B2048. Crew foreman
B2049. Victim in The Undoing
B2050. Raised cattle
B2051. Tehrani bulletin source
B2052. Phineas or Ferb
B2053. “It’s one blade better” razor
B2054. Spillway settings
B2055. Personal ones can be milestones
B2056. Cartoon series about a cave boy
B2057. Thole thing
B2058. Part of the head that may be congested
B2060. Retired auto racer Teo
B2062. The Enterprise, e.g.
B2063. Feature of good observational comedy
B2065. Straight Time director Grosbard
B2066. Rabbits
B2067. Pranked with rolls, for short
B2068. St. ___ (London site)
B2070. Prepares for dragging
B2071. Precipice
B2072. Appealing to squirrels, probably
B2073. Neocon, e.g.
B2074. Subtle show of emotion in the eyes
B2075. HS senior’s exam, once
B2076. Pacific mackerel
B2077. English poet Tate
B2079. Its flag features a snarling dragon
B2080. Enfeebles
B2081. Syntax-challenged sidekick
B2082. It keeps people grounded
B2084. Mastery
B2086. Accident-probing org. featured in Sully
B2088. Fed. financial assistance
B2089. GRF’s party
B2090. Win over by persistence
B2092. Earthy clay
B2096. They’re dumb as the tomb and found in “dumb as the tomb”
B2099. They’re often used in suspension-based play…for kids
B2101. Fisher-Price products
B2102. Wedding VIP
B2104. Begins bugging
B2107. So-called “smoking alternative”
B2109. Show indifference
B2111. God who sounds like an unrelated constellation
B2112. Van ___’s Land (Tasmania, once)
B2113. Roadside bombs, for short
B2114. Bright and cheering, on the brae
B2115. Tween adventurer Shah
B2116. Juin, juillet, et août
B2117. Democrat-favoring
B2118. Logical leader?
B2119. Marks, as some ballots
B2121. Red suit
B2123. Hardly energetic
B2124. “Apparently.”
B2126. Liking them young, e.g.
B2127. Philosopher Descartes
B2128. Blake and Wordsworth
B2129. Pledgets
B2130. Pipe type
B2131. Mother of Donald Jr. and Eric
B2132. Small antelope
B2133. Poison ___ frog
B2134. ___ account: not under any circumstances
B2135. Pratt and Day roles, for shot
B2137. Reporter who uses shoe leather
B2138. They’re supposed to be supportive
B2139. “The ___ Pokey”
B2140. Peanut butter and jelly, e.g.
B2142. “___ too much” (glutton’s admission)
B2143. Unnoticed by the palate
B2145. Spell a tired player with
B2147. I-95 predecessor
B2148. Wds. like “chaussette” and “tristesse” in French
B2150. Old theaters once owned by Howard Hughes
B2151. Make the cut?
B2152. Between intermissions, say
B2153. Hippopotamus, literally
B2155. Death can come by a thousand of them
B2156. Some toy trucks
B2157. Foolish person
B2158. Betty or Nightingale
B2159. Totally
B2160. Sales-goosing acronym
B2161. Slate or Salon, for short
B2162. Stylist
B2164. Lesage’s picaresque hero
B2165. People from Copenhagen
B2166. Rose, e.g.
B2167. Spartan statesman
B2169. Name on a property deed, maybe
B2170. Violator of common-sense pinballing
B2172. Kind of lights used with firearms, for short
B2173. Phrase used to advertise some mixers
B2175. “We can ___ great things, only small things with great love” (controversies aside, Mother Teresa knew how to turn a phrase)
B2176. Seven rivers in England
B2177. The Statue actress Virna
B2178. The Secret History writer Donna
B2179. Makes an arrest of
B2180. Ice-T’s Rap School airer
B2181. Campaign from town to town
B2182. Greek Cupid
B2183. Offer to buy
B2184. Adventurer accompanied by Panza
B2186. Row at Shea
B2187. Sacrament
B2188. Fool’s errands
B2190. Soaks to soften
B2191. Flies, maybe
B2192. Divide dramatically
B2193. Crowdfunds on a certain site
B2195. Multiple-choice equivalent to a true-false question
B2196. Places you can submerge yourself standing
B2199. R&B singer known for his use of Auto-Tune
B2204. The White Lotus or Doom Patrol
B2211. Crescent or new moon
B2216. How Shakespearean sonnets generally begin
B2220. Old quarter of Algiers
B2226. Like many of Spider-Man’s fights
B2228. Penalties for illegal parking
B2229. Quiet place (abbr.)
B2230. Comedian Schumer
B2231. Hillside in the Highlands
B2232. The top tier
B2233. Three times a day, to an MD
B2235. Neck swelling
B2236. Selena’s musical genre
B2239. Congresswoman Blackburn
B2240. Marinated
B2242. Lilylike plants
B2243. They’re free if you find them on the links
B2245. Wagon wheel track
B2246. Shortz of Wordplay
B2247. Eagle’s nest
B2248. Total heat of a system
B2249. Actress Arcieri of A Perfect Fit
B2250. Employed some subterfuge
B2255. Unamusing
B2256. Draws the line
B2257. Booby-trapped ride
B2259. Transferred to a different job
B2261. Median strip adjoiner
B2262. Southwest institution (abbr.)
B2263. Contract negotiator for an actor or house buyer
B2267. Beginning of a response to “Eh?”
B2268. “His ___” (Michael Jordan nickname)
B2269. Thick pile on the floor you pay to be there
B2273. Where Frodo and Sam journey first
B2274. Cocoon creator
B2275. Plumber’s concern
B2276. “These all continued with ___ accord in prayer” (Acts 1:14)
B2277. Certain media constraints
B2278. Star used to symbolize the number of tribes, disciples, and Olympians
B2279. “Girlfriend” singer Lavigne
B2280. 1985 Reagan appointee
B2284. A wad of dough
B2286. Sphygmomanometric stats
B2287. Shift-2’s
B2288. Cause for an “Excuse me!”
B2289. Draft raisers
B2290. Honduran aborigine
B2291. ___ Island (storied site of buried treasure)
B2292. Edible bulbs
B2293. Some Audi models
B2294. Sizzler servings
B2296. Reach-ruling clan in Game of Thrones
B2297. Brown’s group
B2298. San ___ Obispo
B2299. Gretzky’s record, if Ovechkin keeps going the way he has
B2301. A guy walks into ___ Eden and says, “Can you grant me a wish?” She replies, “Um, that was just a TV show.”
B2302. A woman walks into a ____ bar. Everyone starts yelling and there’s lettuce and croutons everywhere.
B2304. A genderqueer person walks into a ___ bar, squishing the milk chocolate so that it leaks out of the brown wrapper.
B2307. A woman walks into a bar ____ and IIIIII III II II.
B2308. A guy walks up to a ___ bar, pays a couple of quarters, and keeps going. “You know,” the cashier says, “you don’t really have to pay if you’re not in a car.”
B2309. A woman walks onto a ___ bar, which helps save her from drowning.
B2310. A woman walks into a ____, which is bad news, because walking means she absentmindedly left her skis at the lodge.
B2313. Attain, as great heights
B2314. Alcohol accounts
B2316. Bug that bugs you
B2317. Like some rugs
B2318. Photographer
B2320. Bethesda, MD, complex
B2322. Sailors’ cries for help
B2324. Fire sign
B2326. Alquimistas’ quest
B2327. Busy bother
B2330. What follows Power?
B2331. Loungers’ wear
B2333. One getting the message?
B2334. Beast with hollow fangs
B2335. Kind of muscle
B2336. Fixed, as a squeak
B2339. Likable candidate, according to buttons
B2341. Ending with hard or soft
B2343. ___ through (persisted)
B2346. Pastoral cry
B2348. Aunts and others
B2351. Doubtful interjections
B2352. Westerns actress Joanne
B2355. Playwright Wilson
B2357. Liveliness
B2359. Forearm fundament
B2360. Masseuse’s stuff
B2361. Shreveport sch.
B2362. Sit still for
B2363. $1,000 machines, circa 1988
B2364. Eroded road hazard
B2365. Breaking a tie, for short
B2367. Balkan bigwig
B2368. Wintertime sentiment
B2370. Hotel founder Cesar
B2371. Sp. homemakers
B2373. Expensive accessories
B2374. Column tops
B2375. The ____ (Tom Hanks, Carrie Fisher)
B2376. Spun records at a party, say
B2377. “___ know you?”
B2378. ___-Note (Name That Tune contest)
B2380. Put limits on
B2381. AT&T Stadium team, on scoreboards
B2382. Ground defense (abbr.)
B2383. One of The Two Coreys
B2384. No longer burdened by
B2386. One who knows where all the tissues are?
B2389. Torpedo tip, slangily
B2390. Hot mushroom preparer?
B2393. Sounds like a mistake, but they’re really an exposer of other people’s mistakes
B2394. Umpires’ wear
B2395. Uncouth
B2397. Feed, for short
B2398. Government bureaus
B2399. Knock their socks off, colloquially
B2400. Dairy farm grazers
B2402. Gives zero stars to
B2403. Potty opening?
B2404. Russian citadels
B2408. Majorca or Mallorca
B2409. “Love, all alike, no season knows ___ clime” (John Donne)
B2410. Collective, abbreviated
B2411. Holmes garb
B2412. Pacific landing handout
B2413. Big name in cinematic universes
B2414. Dessert often baked in a ramekin
B2415. Apple bits
B2416. Carry awkwardly
B2417. Takeoff guess
B2419. Amy Schumer specialty
B2421. He had “great expectations”
B2422. She’s worshipped in Black Panther
B2423. Acts morose
B2424. Tips the waiters of
B2425. Close enough for modern tech
B2427. Private headquarters?
B2428. Ricky’s nightclub
B2430. Piper of Covert Affairs
B2431. Appetizer spread
B2432. (The) “Gay Nineties”
B2434. Sank into the sofa
B2435. Having immense implications
B2437. Carpe ___
B2439. Reopen, as a wound
B2442. Unaware
B2446. He’s unlikely to be typecast
B2449. “Butcher of Uganda”
B2450. Repeated, a small antelope
B2451. They’re hailed on city streets
B2452. Big bags
B2453. Berlin number
B2454. Trigraphic fly
B2458. Currently, General Keith B. Alexander
B2461. Stick in a box
B2463. Oft-rescued comics heroine
B2464. Philippine people
B2466. “Buy high, sell low” type…wait, no, other way around, hopefully
B2467. Goddess whose story loosely inspires Sleeping Beauty
B2468. Like some toads
B2469. Taste besides sweet, sour, bitter and salty
B2470. Man’s genus
B2471. Got lung cancer the old-fashioned way
B2475. Sweetie, especially when you’re worried about him
B2476. Locale of the talus
B2478. Midshipwoman, e.g.
B2479. Got into the starship
B2481. Prime Cuts brand
B2482. Palindromic bike-sharing company that didn’t survive the pandemic
B2484. “My goof!”
B2486. Dole and Woodward of Washington
B2487. Where campers spend the night?
B2488. Clifford, von Neumann, and topological, e.g.
B2490. Giant in a 2000 merger
B2491. Young rooster
B2492. Birthplace of Zeno
B2493. Cream color
B2494. “I didn’t mean that” key
B2497. Emulated stylist
B2500. Steals, in British slang
B2501. Bk. and LOL, e.g.
B2502. Sounder in one’s body
B2503. Educational TV spots, perhaps
B2505. Knitting material
B2506. Campaigner’s concern
B2509. Halt legally
B2510. Talking horse or Dionysian poet of ancient Greece
B2511. Name of an upper body agility test
B2514. Get outta Dodge
B2516. Web-based finance company
B2517. Star Trek character who finally got a command in the sixth movie
B2518. Makes a lot of?
B2519. Small scope
B2520. Sound effects on a cold day
B2521. Where big bags go on some airplanes
B2522. 1944 Nobel physicist
B2523. Ocean-going vessel
B2525. Leave them rolling in the aisles
B2526. Valium drug company
B2527. Weed ‘em and ___: A Weed Eater Reader (2006 Roger Welsch book)
B2528. Banquet supplies
B2529. PC acronym
B2530. Streaming-service row
B2531. Former Delaware senator William
B2533. Rihanna song featuring Drake
B2535. Manifest end?
B2536. Fortuitous, the way people usually mean “fortuitous”
B2537. Maker of the fragrance Opium
B2539. Rapa ___ (1994 Easter Island film)
B2540. Authority
B2541. “Shady ___” (Pavement single)
B2545. Coil in a shed
B2546. Basic watercraft
B2547. Movie where a guy walks away from a bar
B2549. Huge gulp
B2550. Peroxide, to would-be blondes
B2551. Monument Valley sight
B2552. “What are you looking ___ what goal are you straining?” (Seneca)
B2554. Two-fingered eye poker of comedy
B2555. British PM during the Suez crisis
B2556. Goldilocks’ victims
B2557. Quite a while
B2558. Traveler’s option (abbr.)
B2559. Result of a coder’s mistake
B2561. Prep for exams
B2562. A guy walks into a bar…and he was just fine, because although ___ sounds like a lot of pressure, it’s barely more than one standard atmosphere.
B2572. Archie Bunker’s late wife
B2574. Elegant elephant king
B2575. Baaer’s relief
B2577. Mexican fiber
B2578. Noted composers who could’ve been a theme of this section
B2580. Tried to get that apple
B2583. First Jackson song with “mass choreography”
B2584. ___-mo
B2585. “Who ___ that?!”
B2586. Feminizing suffixes
B2587. Muslim princely title
B2588. Many-episode plot line
B2592. The Evil One
B2595. Fleet St. product
B2597. Ways to tell if you’re making a difference to the public
B2599. Greasy spoon order
B2601. Sightseeing services in D.C. and Portland
B2604. Told all about
B2606. “Ya think so too?”
B2609. Top tier
B2610. Secret identity
B2611. Marriage or graduation, e.g.
B2612. Loiterer of a sort
B2615. Old textile factory employee
B2616. Michelin rival
B2617. Gordian tangle
B2618. In the ___ (likely to happen)
B2620. Foaming at the mouth
B2621. Went, “Also…”
B2622. Shepherd’s concern
B2623. “…love but only ___!” (Byron)
B2624. Saxophonist Moore
B2625. Broadway flier
B2626. You can wear the snake version too, if it’s tame
B2627. Bottom of a 1040’s p. 1
B2629. Fund-raiser’s verb
B2631. Frozen dew
B2632. House in Germany
B2633. Beatle drummer before Ringo
B2634. Like fish
B2636. Passionate devotee
B2637. Looking sharply
B2638. Determinations of fighter class
B2640. Ankle-length teen wear in the ‘40s
B2641. Psychic’s talent
B2642. Syrian simoleons
B2646. Emulates John R. Neill
B2648. Turn of the last century
B2650. Prized instrument, for short
B2651. Cornfield stem
B2652. Brain part
B2653. Plenty, in poetry
B2655. Piteous
B2656. Library vol. ID
B2657. DIY law book publisher
B2658. Apt rhyme for “Hurray!”
B2660. Lauder of skin
B2661. “___ idea!”
B2663. Cyan’s cousin
B2666. Musician who’s a relative of Herman Melville
B2668. ___ de coeur
B2669. Babysitter
B2670. Scientific discovery nominated for Time’s 2012 person of the year
B2672. It uncovered info about the V-2
B2673. Four mean a walk
B2674. Studio class
B2675. Those in Madrid
B2677. Sanitaryware brand
B2678. Bitter plums
B2679. “Sure, whatever!”
B2680. Photo ___ (White House events)
B2683. France’s second-largest city
B2684. He knows what you did last summer, but no one else has to, if you’re willing to make an arrangement
B2686. Back-of-the-book copy
B2687. Get upset
B2688. Cry softly
B2690. ___ card (mobile phone device)
B2691. Aspects of color we have the most language for
B2693. Suspect in Clue
B2697. “Raindrops” composer
B2699. Did part of writing a crossword
B2700. Nation whose largest island is Babelthuap
B2701. Projectile banned by the Consumer Product Safety Commission
B2703. Cover in its own juice
B2704. Reveals the orientation of
B2705. Composer Weill
B2706. Lead-in to Vista or mortgage
B2707. Wood-splitting karate move
B2708. They fell out of currency during the French Revolution
B2709. Sound of frog removal?
B2710. “Rhymes” in DNA strands
B2711. End before the beginning
B2712. Of the intestines
B2713. Sedative, slangily
B2714. Word form for what’s different
B2715. Odin’s wife
B2716. White-and-tinged
B2717. Fates, to the Vikings
B2718. Org. for former Brownies
B2719. Military area in the 1940s
B2720. Late for the team meeting
B2723. Jungle vines
B2724. Investigator Wendy portrayed on Mindhunter
B2726. Lexicographer Flexner, to friends
B2727. Back to the Future bully
B2728. Something to blow
B2729. What a Katze catches
B2731. Hurricane-response acronym
B2732. Quo ___ (1951 film)
B2733. Open, in a way
B2734. Arrange in advance
B2736. Gaseous mix
B2737. The Moskva is one of its tributaries
B2738. It borders the Black Sea (abbr.)
B2739. Pictographic letter
B2740. Cry of alarm or city in Alaska
B2741. Surgical aid
B2742. Curls up
B2743. Audio products manufacturer founded by Dr. Dre
B2744. Knotty problem
B2745. Lowe’s products whose name got harder to sell after 2020
B2747. Sound output
B2748. Don’t seem quite right
B2750. Bar to open a door?
B2751. “Ain’t ___ Genius” (Jimmy Buffett song)
B2752. “Doesn’t that strike you ___?”
B2753. End of Waiting for Godot
B2754. Kind of request to count “That’s classified”
B2755. Sala holder
B2756. Move briskly
B2758. Fixes the grout, maybe
B2760. Shrouds
B2761. Marketers’ trade journal
B2762. Prattles pettily
B2764. Three’s Company couple
B2766. Promotions may require them, for short
B2767. Runner’s start and finish?
B2768. A la ___: piecemeal
B2769. Onetime New York mayor Abe
B2770. Hotel maids leave them behind
B2771. Moravian capital
B2772. Mobile Electronics giant
B2775. Something to settle
B2776. Almost unremarkably
B2777. Much-covered Marley tune
B2780. Browning piece
B2782. Propaganda, in CIA-speak
B2784. One on drugs
B2787. Religious image (var.)
B2788. Spitefully sourest
B2790. “The ___ of Venice”
B2792. “Yo!” follower, often
B2793. Bowlegged
B2794. 2000 Radiohead album
B2795. Spinal support
B2798. Spaniard’s nine
B2799. Theme binding a puzzle with marquee answers trade discount, half-serious, brazen it out, and Lake Manitou
B2800. Nellie who went around the world in 72 days
B2801. They start by learning customer needs
B2803. Ballroom dance
B2804. Shakes a leg
B2805. Lwaxana of multiple Star Trek series
B2806. A Jewish boy walks into a bar ____. A man walks out.
B2809. A guy walks out of a bar and into a car, drives into another bar…and soon ends up ___ bars
B2810. A guy clicks onto a ___ bar and orders beer online from home, because coronavirus
B2812. A guy walks through a set of bar ___until he ends up taking a fatal plunge off a skyscraper labeled “87%.”
B2813. A guy walks into the ___ Bars, and completely ignores it because, y’know, it’s not like it’s THAT “Confederate flag”
B2816. Sister Mary walked into the bar and everyone cheered. Of all its patrons, she was the most popular…bar ___.
B2817. Hibernation station
B2818. English weight
B2819. Roman 2010
B2820. A Fantasia 2000 format
B2822. The Bachelor scenes
B2823. Poem with a punch line
B2827. Some are radioactive
B2828. Make a counterattack
B2830. Charcoal chunk
B2832. From tip ___
B2833. Bubbles, as with rage
B2834. Avon calling?
B2835. Salivate
B2836. Armistice
B2839. Steiger’s Jesus of Nazareth role
B2842. “Joanne” singer who went on a “Dive Bar Tour”
B2844. Make big bucks
B2845. Analogy bit
B2848. Ovine’s overseer
B2849. Aperitif made with creme de cassis and white wine
B2850. Recreation center posting
B2851. Donald Duck’s declamation of delight
B2853. Jaegers in Pacific Rim, e.g.
B2854. “We gotta make it happen, y’all”
B2855. Site of a 1797 Napoleon victory
B2856. Cravensworth of What We Do in the Shadows
B2857. Lead-in for whiz or whillikers
B2858. Radiuses’ counterparts
B2859. Last place you walk to alone, one might say
B2860. They can change fast due to poor diet
B2861. Libidinous
B2862. Lead-in to some bar hookups
B2863. Post ___ (annual puzzle competition run by the Washington Post)
B2864. Clinton legal appointee
B2865. Request for seconds
B2866. Storm wind
B2867. “The one who will bring balance to the Force”
B2868. US communication system
B2869. Queen’s “Who ___ You?”
B2870. Shoot an air ball, say
B2871. Runs around the track
B2873. Some former race horses
B2874. “Come in and ___ spell”
B2875. Rocket repeller (abbr.)
B2876. Single performances
B2877. Dock boxes
B2878. Fictional opening?
B2879. Cats monogram
B2880. Here I thought this was a suffix with “ant,” considering what’s on their heads, but that etymology’s totally wrong, so call this an Italian city with the Rock of Ceres
B2883. Robert Louis Stevenson, e.g.
B2886. Fill-in, for short
B2887. “You go…”
B2888. Mireille of The Lie, The Catch, and The Killing
B2889. People movers
B2890. Mardi Gras souvenir
B2891. Hugo huge in fashion
B2892. Land in a musical
B2893. The newspaper columnists, rather than going into the main pub, prefer the…
B2895. “Juicy” and “Hypnotize” singer
B2896. Skipped nothing
B2897. Drink in
B2900. Some creepy-crawlies
B2901. USN top dog
B2902. Skid row denizen, stereotypically
B2904. “And has thou ___ the Jabberwock?”
B2905. Airs petty complaints
B2906. Plum throwaway
B2907. Pious frauds
B2909. Rent-___ (purchasing option)
B2911. Serious pipe problem
B2913. Sight from space
B2915. Niche religions
B2916. Carries awkwardly
B2917. Rarely seen swing
B2918. Biblical people
B2919. They feed on their home organisms
B2923. Secretly sent
B2924. Lionel Messi, to many fans
B2926. Pitches incredibly well against
B2928. Dragged on Facebook
B2929. Enjoy some inactivity
B2930. Tightens, perhaps
B2931. II x CCLVII
B2933. Monetary unit of Honduras
B2935. Consequence for failing a breathalyzer
B2936. Fertile Crescent locale
B2937. Guardian spirits of ancient Rome
B2938. Mean, lowdown sorts
B2939. Skedaddles
B2940. Lab animal
B2942. Popular snacks
B2947. Oscar Madison, for one
B2951. “Can you beat that?!”
B2956. What “V” means to a string player
B2961. Quite a tale
B2962. Yamahas or Kawasakis
B2963. Colatura’s big number
B2964. Ray who sold 1 billion burgers by 1963
B2966. “Top of the ___”
B2967. Martin Luther King’s seminary
B2968. “Cum grano ___”
B2969. Fictional defendant Boo
B2971. ___ kwon do (Korean karate)
B2972. “There you ___!”
B2973. ___ That Tune
B2975. Swedish port
B2979. Northwestern French department
B2980. Periphery
B2981. Point of land
B2982. Estee contemporary
B2983. Camilo José who wrote The Hive
B2984. “One ___ time, please”
B2985. 1991 Nicholson Baker book about his fascination with John Updike
B2986. Missy Elliot praised her and Salt
B2987. “___-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ral”
B2988. City southeast of Bombay
B2989. “Sure, go ahead!”
B2990. “Ain’t that the berries!”
B2991. Place to sit and feel the highway wind in your hair
B2993. Large lunch sandwiches
B2995. Noah, Noah Jr., and Wallace of classic film
B2996. G.O.P. birthplace
B2997. Eyelid trouble
B2998. Lambing
B3000. Longest river in Pakistan
B3002. Take unfair advantage of
B3004. Views (usually as a suffix)
B3007. Put an end to
B3008. Setback
B3009. Other side
B3010. Flinch into a cringe
B3011. Group under a col.
B3012. Ornamental dress panel
B3013. “And more than we have space to cite”
B3014. New wave band Jules & the ___ Bears
B3015. My brother in his devout adolescence, for one
B3017. Stories passed on through the ages
B3018. Athlete’s entourage
B3019. Mon Oncle star Jacques
B3020. Sink like Prospero’s boat?
B3021. Portable boat
B3022. Little-bitty (var.)
B3023. Plane’s “odometer”
B3024. Dark purplish brown
B3026. Take-___ (accompaniers)
B3027. Boxes on a calendar
B3028. ___ out: gives up the ship
B3029. Akkadian god of kings
B3030. Two chemists walk into a bar. One says, “Give me an H2O” and gets water. The other accidentally gets poisoned because they said…
B3033. A priest, a rabbi, and an imam walk into a bar, and the bartender says…
B3038. An interior designer, a gardener, an activist, a writer, a flight attendant, a party planner, and my mother walk into a bar…
B3042. A horse walks into a bar. The bartender says…
B3045. See B3038-Across. Then the horse says…
B3051. Powdered soap good for greasy hands
B3053. “And the…” to Alois
B3054. Fratty fella
B3056. Certain tighty-whities
B3057. Vegetable rich in calcium and vitamin K
B3058. Oyster hues
B3059. Zeus turned her into stone
B3061. Minion of Attila
B3062. Removed the rind
B3063. Some intro-level educators at a univ.
B3064. Debtors’ slips
B3065. ___ by (barely defeated)
B3066. Sharp pang
B3067. Secure with ropes
B3068. It’s often found near ancient “art”
B3069. Jerome Powell’s concern (abbr.)
B3070. Cooling system item, for short
B3072. Luau staple
B3073. Gal’s date, often
B3074. Takes on
B3075. Airer of Neil deGrasse Tyson’s StarTalk
B3076. Biblical valley
B3077. Out for coffee, say
B3079. Roth or Rice
B3080. Time-capsule ceremonies
B3081. Shmoopsy-poo
B3082. 7th-cent. political powerhouse
B3083. 1957 hit by The Bobbettes
B3084. Trollope’s Phineas
B3085. Finds a purpose for
B3087. Make less intense, or something that may make you less intense
B3088. Kind of pride?
B3089. Sure to vote down
B3090. Early 10th-century year
B3091. Floats for fallen Vikings
B3092. Brawn without much brain
B3093. Spector in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (and state prison)
B3094. Fix up, as a paper
B3095. Hindu priestess of opera
B3096. Cleaned, in a way
B3099. Jumble behind a computer desk
B3100. Actresses Rapp and Olstead
B3101. Did housework
B3102. Warmth rating for sleepwear
B3103. Seek patterns in numbers
B3105. Catholicism, cutely
B3106. Horse that’s seen better days
B3109. Visited tourist places
B3111. A melon grows on one
B3112. J.Lo’s ex-fiancé
B3113. Toga party hosts
B3114. Searches everywhere in, with no regard for cleanliness
B3116. Desert Storm dinners, for short
B3117. Western scenery
B3118. McEnroe rival
B3119. Elegy, e.g.
B3120. What was really to blame for Jack’s death in Titanic
B3121. “Lady” of 1932 song and 1945 film
B3122. Where the Lumieres invented their movie camera
B3123. Prankster
B3124. Hotties (male, female, or other)
B3125. Directory name
B3126. Went “ting”
B3127. The Millionairess star
B3129. HBO’s Game of ___
B3130. “Lord, give me ___”
B3131. ___ Locks (Great Lakes canals)
B3132. Words before shoestring or diet
B3133. Candy bar filling
B3134. Trilled, e.g.
B3135. Protest violently en masse
B3136. Alternative to purchase
B3137. Team Namath once led
B3138. Kind of Sep. sale
B3139. The Big Sleep genre
B3140. “Same speaker as before” script note
B3141. Joji Fukunaga who directed No Time to Die
B3142. “Shirt Front and Fork” and “Enak’s Tears (Terrestrial Forms)”
B3143. Weighted cord
B3144. Mud cyclist
B3145. Prepare to hit the road, perhaps
B3147. Straightened, as bookshelves
B3148. About 1.8 meters
B3149. More matter-of-fact
B3150. Make percussive mouth sounds
B3152. Sgt. Alternative
B3153. “The father of modern linguistics”
B3156. Niblet
B3157. February 21, 2021 or February 22, 2022
B3158. Young bucks
B3159. Hodgepodge
B3160. Krusty inspiration
B3161. Coke or booze
B3162. Fashion faux pas addressed by Spanx
B3164. Ask for proof of age
B3165. “___ like to live dangerously” (meme phrase)
B3166. Tries to take home
B3167. Puts one’s stamp on something
B3168. Purchase power
B3169. Migrated upstream, as salmon
B3170. Use a lever, in London
B3171. Musical matchmaker
B3172. Practically, or maybe actually, hissing
B3174. Pit-stop place
B3175. Does some closeups
B3177. Dismissive exclamation
B3180. Be happy with, like a hippie
B3182. Andric, 1961 Nobelist in Literature
B3183. High school subject
B3185. Hot ones can cause trouble
B3186. World Cup body
B3187. Inverted V
B3188. Day for a ser.
B3189. Third ___ (power source)
B3191. Spanish “Miss” (abbr.)
B3192. Counts (on)
B3193. Sometimes-mean word lovingly portmanteau’d with “adorable”
B3194. Coast Guardspeople at E-7
B3195. Some businesses; abbr.
B3196. 1955 Oscar-winning film
B3197. Allocate
B3198. “___ who?”
B3199. Moneyball protagonist
B3200. Frobe of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
B3201. Frequency ranges staked out in the 1920s
B3203. ___ World
B3206. They’re hard to sit for
B3208. iPods that record video
B3210. Grass bristle
B3211. Strong brews
B3213. “…than for ___ man to enter into the kingdom of God”
B3214. Bowling apparatus
B3215. Soap containing ground pumice
B3216. Family jewels, in juvenile slang
B3217. One small step
B3218. Gymnastics school supply
B3219. Land on the Ho Chi Minh Trail
B3220. Casts shadows of the future
B3221. Tuna sandwich type
B3222. False show
B3223. Mates to Macron
B3224. Erie and Huron, for example
B3225. Scouring pad brand
B3226. Cheers co-star’s first name
B3228. Forrest Gump’s boat…or girlfriend
B3229. Letters indicating a sellout
B3230. Whitman’s poem about the oversoul of all life
B3232. Old-timey travel guides
B3235. Plane flights and car rides
B3237. Office document
B3238. Translate, in a way
B3240. Preakness-winning jockey Nelson
B3241. Character who underwent a “metamorphosis”
B3242. Cannes tender
B3243. “___ you lost your mind?”
B3244. Not completely white anymore
B3245. Harbor boat
B3246. “Father of English History,” or Porky Pig stutter sound
B3247. Pair of pants?
B3248. Highchair features
B3249. Good source of protein
B3250. Wide-eyed
B3251. Atkinson onscreen
B3252. Rage Comics, Troll Face, and the like
B3253. Pompous, dull, and erudite
B3255. Wallet contents
B3256. Not mass-produced
B3258. Cinderella’s stepsisters, e.g.
B3260. The Almighty, in Acapulco
B3262. Word after Vanilla or Chocolate, at Dunkin’ Donuts
B3264. One drawn by Hayao Miyazaki
B3265. Valentine’s text, perhaps
B3266. Least besmirched
B3268. A guy walks into a bar, and immediately loses…
B3270. The past, present, and future walk into a bar…
B3272. A neutron walks into a bar and orders a drink. Bartender serves the neutron and it asks, “How much?” Bartender says, “For you…
B3274. Bartender looks over at Descartes and asks, “You want a drink?” Descartes says, “I think not” and…
B3276. Cowboy lion walks into a saloon and drawls, “I’m lookin’ for the man who…
B3278. Two vampires walk into a bar, and each orders a pint of plasma. Bartender says, “So that’s two…
B3280. Two guys are in a bar on top of a skyscraper. One says, “You know, there’s such an updraft here that I could jump off the balcony and it’d carry me back to the top.” Second guy says, “Aw, shut up, you’re drunk.” So the first guy goes out and jumps. He falls for a bit, then falls slower, then sort of hovers, then rises until he’s up to the top. Soon as he gets there, the second guy says, “I’ve GOT to try this,” and jumps too. He falls straight down to his death. Bartender looks up to the first guy and says, “You’re really nasty when you’re drunk, …
B3281. A rough-looking piece of string walks into a bar. Bartender offers him a drink, but he says…
B3283. Silver lining
B3286. “Don’t move a muzzle!”
B3288. Mary Stuart’s realm
B3290. “Against All Odds (Take a Look ___ Now)” (Phil Collins)
B3291. Comedian Chase
B3292. Pee problem, more seriously
B3293. RPG directors
B3294. Fast fliers
B3295. Mexican-American character actor Danny
B3296. Eliminates a debt
B3297. Doughboys’ successors
B3298. Margins on minis
B3299. Like the fur seal
B3300. Source of some carbs
B3301. Where some owls stay
B3302. Actor Scott of Hawaii Five-0
B3303. Really primitive building material
B3304. “So quiet…haven’t heard ___”
B3306. Freebaser’s high
B3307. Former GM line
B3308. Free to do stuff
B3309. Time trials winner at Indy
B3311. Is the lead in a movie
B3313. ___-sided (tall and slender)
B3315. Makes strong
B3316. Unsupported, in a way
B3318. L’s four followers
B3319. Westminster, e.g.
B3322. Take ___: spring back from an impact
B3323. Italian fashion label
B3324. Anjou’s kin
B3325. Heavy cup
B3326. Honorific in a pizza chain name (not “Caesar”)
B3327. Perfume root
B3328. Spectra 70 computers
B3329. Young animals of various species
B3330. ___ as (for example)
B3331. Shelter fan
B3333. Where Shelley was educated
B3335. Made taunting remarks
B3337. Online pop-up tailored to individual tastes
B3340. Rainwater pipe
B3342. Some fight outcomes
B3344. John McCain, for one
B3345. Commands from governing authorities
B3346. Chilean export to Britain
B3347. Spanish parlor
B3348. Campus VIP
B3349. Ex-___ (has-stars) (waaaiiit…other way around)
B3350. Kind of service that isn’t good for much
B3351. A real hip dance
B3353. In ___
B3354. Campfire fun
B3355. Wide shoes
B3356. Singer Elliot
B3357. Sworn promise
B3358. Oval Office honcho, acronymically
B3359. First baby picture, perhaps
B3361. Ran like a bat out of hell
B3362. Symbol of longevity
B3366. EA creations who looked horrifyingly uncanny-valley in their fourth appearance
B3368. Does some cobbling
B3370. Wash or short follower
B3372. Succumb to fatigue
B3373. Cold-weather jacket
B3374. Table part
B3375. WWE Hall of Famer Hart
B3376. Kill, as a bill
B3377. Spanish hearts
B3378. Sue Grafton’s ___ for Alibi
B3379. Cardamom or caraway, e.g.
B3380. Use untrue attack ads or bring a gun to a knife fight
B3382. Instruction book item
B3383. “Don’t worry, this time will ___ different”
B3384. “All I ___ Of You” (song from The Phantom of the Opera)
B3385. Comics’ version of the Oscar
B3387. “Most likely to succeed” yearbook subject, often
B3388. When needed
B3390. Purveyors
B3393. Telepath’s lengthier suffix
B3395. Hammock rests
B3397. Bulworth star
B3399. Inkatha supporter
B3401. Prefix for meter or tribe
B3402. Jain soul
B3403. Poll worker’s request
B3404. Three logicians walk into a bar. The bartender says, “You folks all want a drink?” and…
B3415. With B3413-Across…Caesar walks into a bar, says “martini,” and shows the bartender two fingers. The bartender gives him two martinis, and he says, “I ordered…
B3417. Continued from B3411-Across
B3418. High-risk moneymaking venture?
B3421. Where le president presides
B3423. Rhys who wrote
B3425. It’ll tell you where to go
B3427. Epigone
B3429. The Last Dance producer
B3430. Explorer Verrazzano
B3431. Spidey’s tentacled sparring partner
B3432. He addressed his sitcom audience as “America”
B3433. Litter littlest
B3434. The Pawnbroker director
B3435. “All She Wants to ___ Dance”
B3436. Most disproportionate
B3437. Just a bit
B3438. Tuscany rental
B3439. Head of cabbage?
B3440. Parts of the hip
B3441. “Hey, over here!” interjections
B3442. Cuban crop
B3445. Above or below preceder
B3447. Big Apple-boosting bags
B3449. Like Nash’s llama vis-a-vis lama
B3451. Thick novels
B3453. Wienerschnitzel staple
B3454. “Me me me me me” type
B3456. Rowlands of The Notebook and Gloria
B3457. Olsen or Judd
B3458. Exclamation of surprise
B3459. Mil. decorations
B3460. Unlisted on Wall St.
B3461. Ardent supporter
B3462. Stubborn ___ mule
B3463. Wine name with six exclamation points
B3464. Breakout role for George Clooney on ER
B3465. “___ In” (McCartney tune)
B3466. Go ashore
B3467. General of takeout
B3468. Like a projectile
B3471. Celebs often share a hot one
B3473. Site of a miracle in Exodus
B3475. Ex-froshes
B3477. Shut the eyes of
B3479. Seller of chew toys
B3481. Mark of infamy
B3485. Garland’s daughter
B3488. Film noir headwear
B3490. Bluegrass State sch.
B3491. “My ___ Best Friend” (Machine Gun Kelly)
B3493. Spanish queen and Disney deer
B3495. ___ Tamid (ever-burning synagogue lamp)
B3497. President between Harry and Jack
B3499. French ocean
B3500. 1914 or 1939 headline
B3501. USN officers
B3504. Local voice in national gov
B3506. Iowa State University home
B3508. Brawl in the sticks
B3510. Born to be wild?
B3512. “Stop,” for one
B3514. Flyers with forked tails
B3516. Yield to kleptomania
B3517. Latin deep down?
B3518. “I really didn’t need to hear that!”
B3520. Superhero actor whose later films make fun of his earlier ones
B3527. Chokes
B3535. 7, for Alice
B3536. Pranks
B3542. “Great show!” in headlines
B3548. Without a gentle or sweet tone
B3552. Téa Leoni political drama
B3560. Vintage lounger
B3561. Film cause celebre Willy, for one
B3565. Scandinavian royal
B3567. Agree to less than you really want
B3569. Fodder storage units
B3571. “Take ___, you deserve it after that show!”
B3573. Cowardly politician who went from opposing Trump’s presidential run to licking his boots—right, not specific enough. His first name is Marco
B3575. Seashore fliers (var.)
B3576. “Who is ___? Why is he getting my money?” (Rachel Green, disappointed in her first paycheck)
B3577. In synergy with one another
B3580. Kicks lightly
B3581. Folding words
B3582. Mineral that filters impurities
B3583. Pediatrician?
B3585. Scores high on an assignment
B3586. Assistants in scrubs
B3587. Lubricating membrane
B3588. Misbehavior
B3590. Up till
B3593. Invisible but omnipresent
B3595. Brazilian
B3598. Tentative agreement pending further data
B3601. Class with phyla
B3602. Reply to “Why would you make such a crazy romantic gesture?” that leads into a proposal
B3605. Touches on some sore subject
B3607. “Now. Now!”
B3610. “Parsley/Is gharsley” poet
B3612. Gene-spliced porker
B3614. Pulls even
B3616. Truth teller’s protestation
B3618. Dish-drying cloths
B3620. “The Joke” singer Carlile
B3622. Crocus, for one
B3623. Rose count, perhaps
B3625. Seemingly everywhere
B3627. First fill-in on some IRS forms
B3629. Cognition
B3630. Slyly suggests
B3631. “Live Free or Die,” e.g.
B3632. Rejects
B3633. Snoop Dogg role in animated “family” film
B3634. Sauerbraten, essentially
B3635. Undulation
B3636. British baking pans
B3637. Pilgrims leave them
B3638. Silverstone of Clueless
B3639. Would-be successor app to Vine
B3640. Company announcement
B3641. About to give up
B3642. Incenses
B3643. Brief bad mood
B3644. “…___ a man who wasn’t there…”
B3645. It was also technically a coronavirus
B3646. Opposed to (abbr.)
B3647. Nation with a common enemy, in wartime
B3648. “Is your,” in Iberia
B3649. Utopia, literally
B3650. Baby’s poo-poo package
B3651. Dust devil, e.g.
B3652. No walk in the park
B3653. Frodo’s franchise, for short
B3654. Big workday for Saint Nick
B3655. Swampland

B1. Midback band
B2. Absorption of a secreted substance by the cell that originally produced and secreted it
B3. Soprano partner
B4. Existentialist of note
B5. Valerie Plame, e.g.
B6. Tricolor mountain dog
B7. “Caught ya with your hands in the cookie jar!”
B8. Violin precursors
B9. Green Nader
B10. First section of a tome
B11. “Ev’ry night before ___ my head / see those dollar bills…” (Patti Smith lyric)
B12. 1959 Kingston Trio tune
B13. Elbowed, perhaps
B14. Through the Looking-___, and What Alice Found There
B15. Network of the Braves
B16. Sounds like sonar
B17. Clown employer
B18. Fields of Hollywood
B19. Not settled, as battles
B20. Homeward follower
B21. Wall St. term
B22. Lith. and Lat., once
B23. Judge in The People vs. O.J. Simpson
B24. ___ World (animated series)
B25. ___ for the mill
B26. Glider setting
B27. Boston campus, for short
B28. Gradually diminishing, in mus.
B29. Far from adroit
B30. Controversial TV host Bill
B31. Unwavering look
B32. While indicating one’s regrets
B33. Film technique used extensively for Gollum
B34. Was an enthusiastic audience for
B35. The Wreck of the Mary ___ (1959 Cooper-Heston film)
B36. Half-bottles
B37. Greet wordlessly
B38. Largest grocery chain after Kroger, acronymed
B39. What the B stands for, in hip-hop
B40. DuPont brand
B41. Cox of Deliverance
B42. Excited expressions
B43. Label Panic! At The Disco rejects
B44. Like many a penthouse
B45. Gymnast Raisman
B46. Some basement features
B47. Lip-curling faces
B48. Computer graphics-file format
B49. Strand at a ski resort
B50. Mormon, briefly
B51. Started a hole
B52. Underworld figures
B53. Moisturizer additives
B54. “___ that happen?”
B55. Snake used in merciful executions
B57. What the B stood for, briefly, in 2018 restaurants
B58. Valet-parking tips
B59. Ammo for a weapon not considered a firearm unless you use it in a crime
B60. Khaki and coffee
B61. Beers that lumberjacks like the sound of?
B62. First name in comedy and conga lines
B63. Busy device at a con
B64. Stamen’s counterpart
B65. Fruit with a core
B66. Ancient city in present-day Syria
B67. Investment bank casualty of the 2008 financial crisis
B68. Why rye may die
B69. Mailing payment
B70. “Power suit” designer Taylor
B71. Former capital in China
B72. Handle on a Roman vase
B73. “Bird thou never ___” (Shelley)
B74. “Father of” in Arabic names
B75. Alison with 27 Grammys
B76. Vocal woe
B77. Pathways to the WWW
B78. County in Nebraska named for a well-known tribe
B79. Far-ranging chats
B80. Where Jack lives
B81. Like a room with no ceiling
B82. “I was not” and “He is, yes,” e.g.
B83. “…and a partridge in ___ tree”
B84. What the ₿ stands for
B85. “That sorta thing”
B87. Pt. of the theory of special relativity’s equation
B88. Zilch in some scores
B89. Alma mater for Gregory Peck and Raquel Welch
B90. Clear ___: move out of the way
B91. Jaedon of basketball
B92. Clothes colorer that sometimes works better with vinegar
B93. Polastri who tracks the killer Villanelle in Killing ___
B94. Japanese answer to paddleball
B95. Bad weather, in TV forecast shorthand
B97. Feather-legged fowls with divine names
B98. Out-of-body
B99. Name of three sultans
B100. Text message status
B101. Food pitched by a Chihuahua
B102. Tar, in Tijuana
B103. Khan IV who called pluralism “vital to our existence”
B104. Inalterable interest
B106. Precious personal info
B107. Muddies
B108. 1933 scream queen
B109. Unhatched platypus
B110. What the B stands for, in this section
B111. Poked along
B113. Care or risk follower
B114. “I’ll see you in the parking lot!”
B115. Hooligans
B126. Article for Nietzsche
B130. Campers’ items
B131. Slight, say
B133. Fall time
B135. That senorita
B137. Five-star
B139. Perfect introduction?
B146. Group with a common cause
B148. Home to most NHL teams
B150. Sam Adams brew
B152. Degrees of some CEOs
B156. City area
B158. Dramatic boxing results, briefly
B166. ___ school
B168. Mythical man of brass
B170. D. counterparts
B171. Handed back across the border to jail
B173. Island with colorful wooden churches
B174. Ball attire
B176. South African reds, say
B177. Rubs out, in mob slang
B179. Chevron or BP
B181. “Okay, listen up” and “Let’s bring it down a notch,” e.g.
B182. Killed, in a way
B184. Wings and nachos, stereotypically
B187. Minimal meal
B192. Toppiece
B193. Dental-floss brand
B194. “This performance displeases me!”
B195. Word for a TV Ranger
B196. Beat, in a way
B197. Cena video-game-to-film role announced at this writing
B198. Abba of Israeli diplomacy
B201. Long-snouted fish
B202. Pvts.’ bosses
B203. Sugary snack, or laugh from a famous sugary snack-lover
B204. Agency exec.
B205. Puts away, in a way
B206. Vacation in a Winnebago, say
B207. Environment some life’s adapted for
B208. Mountain whose name in Greek means “I burn”
B209. Director/NYU professor
B211. Feature of lasagna and hair
B212. Very quick, in brand names
B213. Prefix in stop sign shapes
B214. Certain aircraft
B215. Bonus round letters read by Sajak
B216. Summer refreshers
B217. Rap-battle attack
B218. Starts getting oneself tipsy
B219. Unpaired
B220. Deck-swabbers
B221. Stove attachment
B222. Scarlett’s third
B223. Mickey Rooney’s original surname
B225. Non-native Hawaiian, to Hawaiians
B226. Coffee-shop containers
B227. You, to Kraftwerk
B228. Make a difference in
B229. Charms
B231. Asian deer that could’ve been a theme entry in this section, but we decided it wasn’t “A” material
B232. Stable dads
B233. Fluxus artist Ono
B234. Hubby’s partner (with “the”)
B235. Soccer’s Sergio
B236. Probably metropolitan bishopric
B237. Some Finnish cell phones
B238. Barely functional, as a product
B239. First sci-fi author to break into the mainstream magazines
B240. Charity recipients
B242. Payout to stakeholders, for short
B243. “___ Lady,” T. N. Page short story
B244. Opposite of “amo”
B245. Patriotic men’s org.
B246. Next to worthless
B247. Debating two options, say
B248. Rollable hay
B249. Kasem of radio and voice of Shaggy
B250. Early mainframe maker
B252. Russian sable is the most expensive kind
B256. “Yuk! Blech!” cries
B258. Equip’d
B259. Forbes alternative
B261. Agreements on a brae
B262. Sappho’s birthplace
B265. Acts the blowhard
B266. Auscultative sound
B267. Brahms’s “Scherzo ___ Flat Minor”
B268. “When you’re number two, you try harder,” e.g.
B270. ___ mater (membrane)
B271. Onetime school subj.
B272. “Of course!,” in Côte d’Ivoire
B273. Freshening-up area, for some
B274. Quite light wood
B275. Disturbances of the peace
B276. Not obligated (to)
B277. Rump lumps
B279. Noble title
B281. Huzzahs for toreros
B282. A king of Crete
B283. Likely to give orders
B284. Used as a kitchen table
B286. Terre Haute coll.
B287. Festivities at work, often
B288. Wagon-wheel part
B289. Singer Saint or dwarf II Ironfoot
B290. Fireside yarn
B291. Altar in the sky
B292. Kind of pulse or band
B294. António Macedo Lopes ComM and Citadin Martins of international soccer
B295. Male lions have them
B296. Desirable to the army
B297. Narc’s find, for short
B299. Tiktoker Addison
B300. Track of a cat
B301. Mythical serial killer
B302. Washing-up pot
B303. Beer drinkers’ protuberances
B304. “Crooks at large!”
B305. 19th letter, to some
B306. TV watcher’s convenience
B315. It’s shaped like a trident
B316. Popup presenting a problem
B317. Place for a shite
B318. Elder (abbr.)
B320. Impatient person’s question
B322. The president’s mil. title
B323. Do a pub crawl
B324. “Married lady” in a “Funny Girl” song
B325. Takes a glance at
B329. Veggie burger brand
B332. Ice holder
B333. Worms’ tin
B336. Milk Dud rival
B337. ___ fun
B339. Coming-of-age comedy in which Matthew McConaughey says “Alright, alright, alright”
B340. Showy yellow insects
B342. Lacking compassion
B345. Late prime-time time
B346. Bulldog
B347. Stitch over
B349. Cap part
B350. Start of the 14th century
B351. Sore loser
B352. First graders, e.g.
B353. “Drivers Wanted” banner, e.g.
B355. Figure one may as well
B357. Clay building material
B359. “If you’re asking someone for money, wear ___” (Anon.)
B360. Biker’s slang term for a car
B361. Baku citizen
B363. Fetched
B364. Blood groups
B365. Everly Brothers tune
B366. Disadvantages
B368. 1965 Andy Williams hit with some passive-aggressive lyrics
B369. Rapper who died in 1996 and is “bigger in death than life,” per Reuters
B370. Worthless thing, in slang
B371. Incapacitation of a sort, for short
B372. He excommunicated Elizabeth
B373. Knight of the road
B374. It’s like if your horoscope were also a card trick
B376. Korra’s girlfriend
B377. Title for Criston Cole
B379. Pilothouse abbr.
B380. College tennis tourney champ, e.g.
B381. Punish by whipping
B382. Balls in Barcelona
B384. Piece of garlic
B385. Arch ending
B388. Helps out at a murder scene?
B389. Gets out of Dodge
B391. Hoosier city
B392. Back when things made sense, you know?
B393. Narrow land strip (abbr.)
B394. “Suppose they gave ___ and nobody came?”
B395. “___ so near…” ((Job 41:16)
B396. Rock guitarist born David Evans
B398. Bit of fancy finish?
B400. Analyze grammatically
B401. Much more than a snicker
B403. Predatory females of myth
B404. Robs of courage, in an old and slightly chauvinistic term
B405. Texting ta-ta
B407. Vans’ opposites
B408. Somewhat Mason-like gp.
B409. Mint product
B411. Outlying zones, for short
B412. “What ___ good for?”
B413. Comic Wyatt once of The Daily Show
B414. Home of espresso
B416. Source of heart-tugging ads showing loving big-eyed furballs
B418. English war god with a day named after him
B419. Card table call
B420. Serenity now
B421. Strengthen, as muscles
B422. Sound from a piggery
B423. Foreword (abbr.)
B425. Stop following, for short
B426. Be encumbered
B427. Needing assembly, for short
B428. Pinch in the nose
B429. What many people tie every day
B430. Suffixes found in Middle English
B431. Blows it
B432. ___ blue
B433. Short-tailed lemurs
B436. Wide-scale narrow escape
B437. Called back?
B439. Handholding, e.g., briefly
B440. “Where’s the lie?”
B441. Request for a Super Bowl host
B444. Casey’s turn
B445. Apple with a Force Touch trackpad
B446. Acidic
B447. Challenges for future counsel, in brief
B449. Bovine shelter
B450. Polite direction to readers (abbr.)
B452. Case for a vet
B454. Salonika cheese
B455. Some things between you and the sea
B456. “Lengua neolatina”
B458. “Go ahead, don’t mind me”
B459. Finish up at (a certain hour)
B460. What used to be called “Japanimation”
B461. It’s a mixed bag for hikers
B463. FBI guys, e.g.
B464. Tuna sandwich choice
B465. Gets turned around?
B466. Small bits
B467. “Uh-uh, lassie!”
B469. Selling points?
B470. “Whatever Gets You ___ the Night” (Lennon song)
B474. Induct into a Facebook group
B477. Scoobert’s surname
B478. More ragged
B479. Little folks
B480. Menswear houses
B481. Traditionally, children make and sell them
B482. They thrive on getting orders
B483. Evans or Hemsworth of onscreen Avenging
B484. Snatch up
B485. “For never was a story of more ___”
B486. I Don’t Know’s base
B487. Quick signatures, quickly
B488. Like a curious bird’s head
B489. Supportive shout
B490. Feature of many NYC addresses
B491. Bunch with titles
B493. Violent pangs
B494. Words with “a gun” or “Flubber”
B496. Bird with a song
B497. “Don’t go…back in a minute”
B498. Retweeter or plugger
B500. Buddha’s caste
B502. TV series showing the Rebellion’s beginnings
B503. Certain centers for youths.
B504. Williams of GoT
B508. Tom Clancy character
B513. Drudgery
B516. “___ up, Wesley!”
B519. River measure
B520. ___ Avenue: New Yorkese term
B521. Drum site
B523. Trunk attachments
B524. Cheese with Chablis
B526. Condiment once kept in the cellar
B528. Element 7, 8, or 10
B530. Color in four-color printing
B532. Metric ___
B534. Extravagant publicity
B536. “In Thy name we pray”
B537. Aaron’s alternative
B538. Novel add-on
B539. On the ___ (at the exact time)
B540. At right angles to a ship
B541. Hibernation zones
B542. Glacier pinnacle
B543. Pronoun after a preposition
B544. Storage Wars station
B545. Basic role-playing guides
B546. Gusts in Grenada
B549. In a quest for the truth
B550. Popular invasion target, in sci-fi
B552. “Pretty as ___”
B553. Become a vesicle
B555. First-year cadet
B559. New York Magazine and some academic journals
B561. “…___ I’m told”
B562. Immerse, as your head in your hands
B563. Sci. leader
B564. Big in Bordeaux
B565. They’re signified by
, , and ¬
B566. Noted “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” singer
B568. Top 10 Mocedades hit
B569. Intranational conflict
B570. Bugbear
B571. Candy packaged in pairs
B572. Stops by
B573. Cartoon as innocent, say
B574. Worth prioritizing
B575. Prefix with byte
B576. St. that replaced the New Sweden settlement
B577. Gwen of “The Voice”
B580. 4chan feline, once
B581. Odds of rolling a perfect square on a standard die
B582. Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Edna St. Vincent Millay, notably
B583. Stumptown airer
B584. Repentance
B585. Wasn’t right
B587. “Bali ___”
B589. Checks out
B591. Neiman Marcus purchase
B592. Eclectic techno musician
B593. Incentive to buy the album reissue
B594. Nuthin’
B595. Suffix with abolition and absolution
B596. Principal Joe Clark’s accessory
B597. Big or full follower
B598. Quietly torment
B599. It’s fully lit on the eighth night of Hanukkah
B600. Commercial conveyance
B601. Secure, as a line
B602. Fred and Daphne’s pal
B603. Harming, as cities or crops
B604. Bug bombs’ output
B606. Showy walk
B608. Form 1040 figure
B611. Capital facing a water crisis
B613. Shell alternative
B614. Long Jacuzzi sesh
B616. Flying without ___
B617. What starts things going wrong in Romeo and Juliet
B619. Highland refusals
B620. Buskins or hessians
B621. Lack of musical taste
B623. Princeton supporters
B625. Like red Spanish wine
B626. To a person
B628. “Is it esto ___?” (Spanish 101 query)
B629. Level-ish entrance to a mine
B630. Spencer who raps, “There Was Plenty Time Before Us”
B631. UMD athletes
B632. Wonderbra’s parent company
B634. “Props!”
B637. Odyssey fruit
B640. “It’s ___ Quiet” (Bjork hit)
B641. A written one can help a job search
B642. African weight
B643. What a tough puzzle can give you
B644. Migratory marsh birds
B645. Loki’s sister, in the movies
B646. 3M kitchen brand
B647. Conductor Zubin
B648. Strike thrice
B649. “Kissers” for Inuit and other cultures
B650. Beast rosters of different eras
B651. Florida’s is moonstone
B652. Out-of-the-way place
B653. Doing, so to speak
B655. Spheres with string fuses, in the cartoons
B657. Elvis did this
B661. Doorstop shape
B664. Young yak
B665. Rote of football fame
B666. Hurlyburly author David
B668. Clothe oneself in for the purpose of
B669. Golden Treasury pieces
B671. Bingo number or old monoplane
B672. Article of clothing fastened below the instep
B673. “JDI”
B674. Pantene rival
B675. Time to start taking steps?
B676. Sits up for
B677. Porcelain piece
B678. “I need ___!” (emotionally vulnerable admission)
B679. J. Lo-Pitbull body-positive tune
B680. Cholesterol or constipation controllers, compactly
B684. Robert, longest-serving senator in history
B685. Marcus of film theaters
B686. Being considered
B687. Improved
B689. Docking ropes wrap around them
B690. Georgia governor Kemp
B691. No indication of a systematic problem
B692. Mechanical toil
B693. Lamb’s pen
B694. Leaf shapes used decoratively
B695. Actor George of MacGyver
B696. Gets really angry
B697. End of some e-mail addresses
B698. Sugary fruit drink
B700. GPS path
B701. Human rights gp.
B702. Top 40 personality Rick
B703. On the move
B704. The Nine or Ten Guys Who Secretly Run Everything, e.g.
B705. Children’s rooms
B706. Info on a baseball scoreboard
B707. Emulates Red Skelton
B708. Final line in most Epic Rap Battles of History videos, after “Who won? Who’s next?”
B710. World’s highest-paid actress in 2017
B711. Top-on-a-string pastime
B713. Flight from the law
B717. Anime/manga hero with weaponized hair…a little obscure, but come on, how could I not include his name here?
B719. Spread on the wind, as a scent
B728. No-frills
B731. Connery and Craig
B735. Org. with bathroom requirements
B738. Senator from Virginia
B740. Dyed brown, as a football
B741. Perfumed paper in a magazine, e.g.
B742. Hoover who hoovered up secrets
B744. Box score column
B745. Reel-to-reel ___
B746. Affectionate gestures
B748. In and out of la-la land
B749. Beanie or baseball cap
B755. Mixed vaccine, briefly
B756. Venerable retailer
B757. Radiohead’s “No ___”
B758. Nearly 25% of a marathon
B759. Isn’t buying it?
B760. Basically forever
B761. Vexation
B762. Small hand pump for laving
B766. Pigtail, e.g.
B768. Line item of corruption
B771. Foundations of earth
B773. Ibsen hero
B774. Music to a bluffer’s ears
B775. Tremor condition
B777. My writing deg., e.g.
B778. Green Earth goddess
B780. Professional farmers
B781. Whom the Swiss Guard guards
B782. Millennials, for short
B786. Make a straw mat
B788. Charge the gates of
B791. Reject pettiness, even when treated pettily
B792. Poison frontman Michaels
B793. Healthy breakfast
B794. “Deutschland über ___,” Haydn composition from when his nation wasn’t unified
B795. “Dude! You’re gettin’ a ___!”
B796. Thrown wraparound weapon
B797. Its Flash was a fixture of the early internet
B798. Fishing rod spool
B799. “I let the first two slide, but this is too much”
B800. Violating convention
B801. Moisture-deflecting
B802. Slap-slap-kiss kind of story (or character)
B803. Hogan alternative
B804. Follower of the captain’s orders
B805. Exasperates
B806. Sit like a lounge lizard
B807. Pitt of Babel
B808. Hall of Fame QB Graham
B809. Add to again, as a lead in points
B810. Way to order ham
B811. In a difficult situation
B812. Famous Roosevelt
B813. Back problem, often
B814. Succumb to pressure?
B815. Coach Parseghian
B816. Collectible with seeds
B817. Make fun of
B818. Awakened state
B819. Good thing to buy if you live near a superhero headquarters
B820. Their country is a peninsula
B821. Controversial additive
B823. They’re often discounted
B824. No. 1 in Bonn
B825. Shane or Sia (both are models and animal rights activists)
B826. Hulk and Troy star
B827. “What could ___ blame?”
B830. “___ the Other” (Paula Abdul song)
B833. Komodo dragon, e.g.
B834. Boiling indication
B837. Line of pants
B838. ___-daisy
B840. “Roasted” ice-cream flavor
B841. Some CTA trains
B849. Carol’s introductory lyric
B850. Kind of musical wonder
B851. City near Salt Lake City
B852. Tissue descriptor
B854. Stateside channel for many David Attenborough documentaries
B856. Janssen of Goldeneye
B857. Shower alternative
B858. Modest tavern
B859. Did crew work
B861. “Anything ___” (Cole Porter musical)
B863. Potterverse Alcatraz
B866. Put on record
B867. Celebrity chef Lakshmi
B868. Ziegfeld and Capp
B870. Came to rest on a branch
B871. Notorious bargainer of literature
B879. “Fine by me!”
B880. Study covering Southern accents and place names
B881. Entrance exam taken by Scott Turow
B883. Cooked (up)
B884. Scott in 1857 headlines
B885. Protozoa propellers
B886. Officer’s verb
B887. Ambitions
B889. Word from Old French for “servant”
B891. Norse god of frost
B892. Destroy from stem to roots
B893. Periods of great mental clarity
B894. Collected slowly
B895. Result of a computer crash
B898. Sequel of 2007
B899. “You’ll be the death ___!”
B900. Te-Ping who wrote Flying Machine
B901. [Bo-o-oring!]
B902. Some stereos
B907. Meddles
B908. Homophone for seed
B910. Shi’ites, e.g.
B912. Bighorn breeder
B913. C. G. Norris novel
B916. Income source in the retail business
B917. Talks a lot
B918. Cat’s fur
B919. Makes tiny adjustments to
B923. Splinter
B926. Miss out on a prize
B928. Farm call
B929. They’re monstrous
B931. Switch from suckling
B932. Right upstairs
B935. Styled with style
B936. Bulk paper purchase
B937. Many years ___
B943. Doughnut-shaped
B945. “Either they ___ must lower lie” (Henry IV Part 1)
B946. Honey bunch?
B947. Autoposters, e.g.
B948. Exciting experience, in slang
B949. Aberdeen maiden
B951. Ballad of the ___ Café
B954. Contests
B956. “Stop” in a skyline
B957. Skin care giant
B958. Set off
B961. School org. units
B963. 1986 rock autobiography
B964. Tommy Lee Jones’ predecessor on The Fugitive
B965. (In) place (of)
B966. Dixie school
B968. Worked on a sentence?
B969. Types that can affect susceptibility to diseases
B970. Pull in
B972. Action movie plot device
B973. Doorframe’s vertical part
B974. Erstwhile maker of small planes
B980. ___ Rae, Field film
B982. Sponges, as a cigarette
B983. Soap-infused steel wool in many a sink
B985. Ortho’s “Weed” follower
B986. Pres. advisory gp.
B987. What chargers run up
B990. Person waiting in ambush
B991. Exhort
B992. “Cool…cool cool cool”
B993. Namesakes on South Park and That 70s Show
B995. Blocky jungle creature
B999. Dental exam feature
B1001. Org. of sisters
B1003. Rose Bowl pts.
B1004. Long time between dates?
B1005. Word following open or rear
B1007. “To Autumn” poet
B1008. All in favor
B1009. Goes a-courtin’?
B1012. Keeper of a flame?
B1013. Like waves on a shore
B1014. Photographers, old-style
B1015. Nuremberg negative
B1016. Less even?
B1017. Counteraccusations
B1019. Traveler’s need, sometimes
B1022. Clunky clog
B1025. “I just don’t know why they’re shooting ___” (Hawkeye, M*A*S*H)
B1027. Stain or smudge
B1030. Without inhibition
B1031. “Prepared. For life” group unprepared for its 2020 bankruptcy
B1033. Like some olive oil
B1034. Hanger-on?
B1035. Law enforcement orgs.
B1036. Martinique et Guadeloupe
B1037. Local news time, maybe
B1039. Outspoken to a fault
B1041. Money-making requirement
B1042. With kid gloves
B1043. Force that was the first to hire a female officer
B1044. Making a farewell gesture?
B1047. Human side to World of Warcraft?
B1050. Hairstyles for Dr. J and the Jackson 5
B1051. UN employee
B1052. RCA product
B1053. Angel player Della
B1054. Extract viscous material from
B1055. Prizefighters
B1056. Say Anything actress Skye et al.
B1057. ___ via (king’s highway)
B1058. Part of a roast
B1060. The whole crew
B1061. Unbleached
B1063. Spoiler-averting contract
B1064. Going JAX or LAX concern
B1066. Halle Berry Marvel role
B1068. Had the semblance of
B1070. Post-shift status quo
B1073. Took to the pen
B1076. Greg Brady, Steve Holt, and Zack Morris on TV
B1077. Pitching ace-turned-sportscaster Jim
B1078. Wendy’s is square
B1079. Emperor tutored by Seneca
B1081. Lawn in rolls
B1083. Make up
B1085. Petroleum distillate
B1088. Many a saga
B1089. Predictable, as a stretch of the future
B1090. Samsung’s Siri
B1091. Play the temptress
B1094. It may say “Kiss the cook”
B1095. Harry’s romantic interest for a hot minute, but c’mon, it was always gonna be Hermione or Ginny
B1096. Dinghy propellent
B1100. Type of batteries, bonds, or baseball teams
B1101. 1939 epic, for short
B1102. Minute Maid Park, formerly ___ Field
B1103. Casual day letters
B1104. Showing some cheek
B1106. “___ remember what happened in September”
B1107. “___ the Unknown” (Panic! At The Disco/Elsa ballad)
B1108. Frequent targets of fan heckling
B1109. Rubio’s Coastal Grill rival
B1112. Sound of fire?
B1114. 35-44, e.g.
B1118. ___ That a Time? (Weavers album)
B1119. Showrunner’s reference
B1120. Almanac illustrations
B1121. Rod and rad
B1122. Send in payment
B1127. “Love ___ to Stay” (Fitzgerald song)
B1128. Urban apartment
B1130. Star of the show, in their own mind
B1132. Played the siren
B1137. Gear cutting tools
B1138. Rural repository
B1140. Dance workers
B1144. Act the lech
B1146. Outlandish director Boll
B1147. Salon bed acquisition
B1148. Pt. of PST
B1150. Term paper abbr.
B1151. One-time Harley rival
B1152. Considers
B1153. “We make surfaces smarter” company
B1155. Toward the brig, matey
B1156. Branded shower heads that sound like shower sounds
B1157. Army post near Mt. Holly, NJ
B1158. “Surely we can negotiate?”
B1159. Great sorrow
B1160. Construction activity
B1161. Like a good debater’s arguments
B1162. Fully equip
B1163. Perimeter neateners
B1165. Welshwoman, e.g., for short
B1166. Where many Vespas buzz
B1167. Starts getting tipsy before five
B1169. Popular exergame Nintendo phased out in 2018
B1171. Compact, easily stored item
B1172. Redundancy in the hotel lobby
B1173. Beach plaything
B1176. Particles in a redox reaction
B1177. Omnipresent everything
B1178. Attractive type
B1179. Aggressive conflicts
B1182. Term used for Aries or Reliant model
B1183. “Farm” follower
B1184. Locked lips
B1185. Sergeant York was one
B1187. Call for a bellboy
B1191. Hindu wealth goddess
B1192. Looks perfect on
B1195. Negatives
B1196. He’ll get you if you misbehave, but sources vary on what’ll happen next
B1197. “Underwear that’s fun to wear”
B1198. Tailless amphibian
B1200. Game with a banker
B1202. Dessert or dinner, depending on its contents
B1203. Alpaca relatives
B1204. Obstruct
B1205. Wapner’s wrap
B1206. Pantomimed instrument
B1207. Bar game played for drinks and involving deception
B1210. “We Shall Overcome” singer Joan
B1212. Bend down
B1213. More balanced
B1214. Sounds unhappy
B1215. Feuding
B1219. Web portal from Windows
B1222. Host who had a “Favorite Things” segment on her show
B1226. Thai money
B1227. Cabbagy side
B1228. Boarding location
B1230. “Nolo,” for instance
B1231. What Mr. Darcy put on
B1232. Subject to outside variables
B1234. Dr. Seuss’s real name
B1238. Busy fast-food drive-thru hours
B1240. ___ of (at cross purposes with)
B1241. “Buccaneers” Bay
B1242. AAA support?
B1243. Remove from a sack
B1244. Gets more baked, say
B1245. Where to see Poppelsdorf Palace
B1246. Reagan speechwriter Peggy
B1249. What a Latino immigrant might learn
B1252. Designation for the nonbrowning Arctic Granny apple, briefly
B1253. Shortened baseball official
B1257. Some kitchen scrubbers
B1258. “Bueller? Buuuellerrr?” actor
B1259. Condoms lower the risk of them
B1260. “Welcome, visitors!” in the arena
B1261. Freight car hopper
B1263. Leading 20th-century sculptor
B1264. 2006 Nintendo release
B1265. Morning commute reading
B1266. Most messy, as makeup
B1267. Haberdashery rectangle
B1269. Champion of Hollywood
B1271. 1956 title monster
B1273. Word in a lot of December songs
B1274. Gallic Goofus
B1275. Signs for “th” sounds
B1277. NieR character or Senator Tim
B1279. Harvard Square fixture
B1280. Robert in Beetlejuice
B1283. Beginning of a conclusion
B1285. Likely substitute
B1290. Full of oomph
B1293. Forelegs
B1295. Takes courses?
B1296. Time-consuming environmental procedures
B1297. Chocolate overdose consequence
B1299. Go headlong at top speed
B1302. Giant feet, in the store
B1303. Angering Miss Manners
B1304. Card type from a bank
B1307. Apple cider brand or military “fort”
B1308. To ___ Clown (1972 Alan Alda film)
B1309. Kill piñata-style
B1310. The Lord of the Rings ring bearer
B1311. Chili dishes
B1312. Residents in your gastrointestinal tract
B1313. Cost of living, for many
B1315. Nannies
B1316. Evenings (abbr.)
B1318. Stooge syllable
B1319. Name shared by three separate New Testament figures, one who healed Paul, one who had him beaten, and one, struck dead by God, who never even met him
B1320. Inactive, in a way (abbr.)
B1321. Do a monkey-see, monkey-do
B1322. Sport featuring improvisational movement through an obstacle course
B1323. Balderdash
B1326. Install needed equipment
B1327. Quince, e.g.
B1329. Right on un mapa
B1331. Pearl milk tea
B1332. Words of accomplishment sung with upturned palms
B1334. ___ Valley (San Francisco neighborhood next to The Castro)
B1335. “Still, why be gloomy? After all…”
B1337. Word that gets “dropped”
B1340. Like an old apartment
B1343. Moore and Greenspan
B1344. Put aside
B1345. Reid of the Sharknado films
B1346. Photo session interruption
B1347. Plant mentioned in one of the theme clues
B1348. Commandment complement
B1351. Throw off track
B1352. Diplomats’ hdqrs.
B1353. Poet of Baltimore
B1354. Involuntary wink
B1356. Get new tenants
B1357. Foreign-policy note from Dubya
B1358. Bash, affectedly
B1359. Scottish naturalist John
B1360. Gets sassy
B1362. Liz, one of like three Washington Republicans with the spine to stand up to Trump
B1364. Gotham heroines, collectively
B1365. Jim who orbited the moon
B1368. Lost one’s footing
B1370. Swab the decks again
B1373. Computer with then-revolutionary graphics
B1374. Newborn horses
B1376. The Archies and the Monkees
B1380. Mid-Jan. honoree
B1384. Twilled fabric
B1385. O’clock, to Jacques
B1387. Touch, as with a paintbrush
B1391. Tamatoa from Moana, e.g.
B1392. Shore sight
B1394. Lang. of T.S. Eliot
B1395. As good as finished
B1396. Like the Godhead
B1400. Pitiful bunch
B1402. Watch slyly
B1404. Pebbles Flintstone’s boyfriend, eventually
B1405. Camera feature
B1406. Savory pastry
B1409. One of many genres that could be accurately applied to the music of David Bowie.
B1410. Ankle bones
B1412. In French?
B1413. Inuit abode (var.)
B1415. Snob’s victim
B1417. “Isn’t it ___?” (“Sad, eh?”)
B1418. Donovan song best after dinner?
B1419. Cared, angrily
B1421. ___ one’s gloves (retire)
B1422. Online market once known as RunMyErrand
B1424. Black ball in a pool hall
B1426. Army div concerned with military construction and civil works
B1428. Mah-___ (Chinese tile game)
B1429. “See how the ___ half lives” (ad for Virginia Aquarium)
B1430. Major international AI developer
B1431. Zigzagged pieces
B1432. Get ready for a Mr. Universe competition, say
B1433. Company for which Rudolf Nureyev once danced
B1434. Dojo skill markers
B1435. Madras masters
B1436. Most common word
B1438. Foucault’s Pendulum and Number Zero author Umberto
B1440. Tie accessory
B1441. “Crumpled Papers” artist
B1443. Nightcap for Capp
B1444. Phyte starter
B1445. Sydney is its capital (abbr.)
B1446. Buyable index-tracker
B1448. ___ in the Family
B1451. Spicy meat-and-veggie stews
B1452. Future lakes, perhaps
B1455. Ending meaning “sort of”
B1456. Hay and such for farm animals
B1457. Emmy winner Fey
B1458. 1984-esque
B1459. Happened
B1461. Lacking a sound basis
B1464. Really denounces
B1465. Barb alternative?
B1467. Ahab’s activity
B1468. ___ money (allowance)
B1475. Scored a hole in one, most likely
B1476. Shaped like a ball
B1477. HS test
B1478. See sites online
B1480. Youngest Trump son
B1481. Number of tails for a mythical fox
B1483. German-Swiss territory
B1485. Destroyed
B1488. Move designed to deceive
B1489. Unadorned
B1490. That screaming feeling
B1491. Make a bow in
B1494. A practice of David
B1495. Secures
B1496. Unimportant
B1497. Upscale British cars, for short
B1498. Heedless
B1500. /ɑː/ sounds
B1501. Lightly knocked, as off the table
B1502. Exec’s car, say
B1504. Virgil, Morgan, and Wyatt
B1505. Wants so, so much
B1506. 1993 film that garnered Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress Oscars
B1507. “I’m about to give it away”
B1508. Canadian V.I.P.
B1509. Reason for a safe call
B1511. Lean- ___ (shacks)
B1514. Falling out of fashion
B1515. Wrap maker
B1516. Chorus in the training montage from the animated Mulan, AKA Disney’s best musical sequence of all time (fight me)
B1517. Farm buildings
B1519. Eighteenth-century composing giant
B1520. Unfilled calendar squares
B1521. About 31 gal. for beer, 42 for oil
B1522. They’re won with words you’ve rarely heard of
B1523. “Them’s fighting words”
B1525. Bruise from a kiss
B1526. Medicine measure
B1527. Despoiler of Revelation
B1531. Least suited to beachwear
B1534. Smilers of the Nile
B1535. Found fish in a cartoon
B1536. “Are you calling ___ liar?!”
B1537. “Ti ___” <3
B1538. Preceded
B1539. Practiced liars
B1540. An orange one was discovered in 2021 in Guinea mine shafts
B1541. Lover of beauty
B1542. Puts before a new jury
B1543. Suffer a certain deprivation
B1544. Aides at camp?
B1545. German beef?
B1546. Some brick buildings
B1547. Highly enthused, informally
B1548. Drunk, in modern slang
B1549. Cut ___: dance up a storm
B1550. The last operational one floats in Evansville, IN
B1551. To blame
B1552. Monastery management
B1553. Israeli leader Ehud
B1554. Roberts with over 600 acting credits
B1555. )
B1556. “Credit is due to you”
B1557. Serenades in canine fashion
B1558. The radius extends from it
B1559. Rural “Rats!”
B1560. Canadian boyfriend
B1561. Having no zip
B1562. Form of hot yoga
B1563. Results from what you put in
B1564. Some produce centers?
B1565. Broad beam
B1567. Bass ending
B1568. Action star Steven
B1569. Giraffe feature
B1572. Capsule you can use to escape from a spacecraft
B1574. “___ be greaaat” (Office Space)
B1575. Believer that Christ was human and divine all at once
B1576. Cleopatra’s ___
B1579. “___ the thought!”
B1582. Eat like a gentleman
B1587. Roman mythical figure who probably should’ve gotten a prenup
B1588. She wears eponymous cutoffs
B1590. Low-lying tracts of land
B1591. Persian or Siamese
B1592. County on the Thames
B1594. “Phone battery at 5%” anxiety
B1595. Boleyn of church history
B1597. Anatomical case
B1599. Gold-plates
B1600. Group recently past 12
B1601. Hall of Coming 2 America
B1602. Month-named Bikirk of Sol Bianca (or just a month, if you’re not a ‘90s kid)
B1603. French-style eatery with a bread oven
B1604. Cashier customer representatives
B1605. Unit slightly larger than a joule (abbr.)
B1606. “___, anyone?” (bridge player’s call)
B1607. Have a hot dog
B1608. DDE’s challenger
B1609. Telescope user
B1610. Part of a golf course
B1612. 89, to many
B1615. Thiamine and niacin, e.g.
B1616. Simulated, as a crime
B1618. Nay offsetter
B1619. In this moment
B1620. Dah’s opposite, in Morse code
B1621. Micro-bits
B1622. “I Get ___,” 1951 song
B1623. Piece of green
B1625. Tulsa sch. named for an evangelist
B1627. Prophet or puritan ending
B1628. Flip (over)
B1630. Nonstick cookware name
B1631. Postpone
B1633. Motto word
B1637. “Clapping” aquatic animal
B1640. You might be willing to risk salmonella to lick its chocolatey goodness out of the cooking bowl and stirring spoon
B1642. Bargain bin finds (abbr.)
B1643. Lacking pizzazz
B1644. With “The,” classic movie amorph
B1645. Brooklyn Dodgers great Campanella
B1646. In a specific order
B1647. Have invested in (a winner)
B1648. RR crossings
B1650. Quintana ___ (state of Mexico)
B1653. Shows off, as wealth
B1655. Carcinogenic pesticide
B1656. At bay in a bay
B1657. Almost not, but…
B1659. Caustic solution
B1660. Precariously positioned
B1661. Judy’s kid
B1662. Cams common in the Carter era
B1663. Article of food
B1664. Big name in fine china
B1665. To us, in Spanish
B1666. Moby Dick captain
B1667. Neuwirth who played Lilith on Cheers and Frasier
B1668. City folk
B1670. Impatient (to go)
B1671. Benches for judges
B1672. “A ___ lama is a priest…”
B1673. Bids at Christie’s
B1674. Wifey (with “the”)
B1675. Pertaining to a manuscript
B1677. Shields of modeling
B1679. Durst of Limp Bizkit
B1680. World’s largest fashion magazine
B1681. Slow-cooked cow, for short
B1683. Mexico’s largest digital bank
B1685. Make noise like a hungry baby
B1686. Kind of soup
B1687. Got looking sharp
B1688. “How could this have gone so wrong?”
B1689. One of the Pep Boys
B1690. Cauldron stirrers
B1691. Roderigo’s killer in Othello
B1693. Have one’s tribe
B1694. Author of “Meeting at Potsdam,” 1975
B1695. Time for new growth (abbr.)
B1696. Rosemary’s Baby author Levin
B1697. Projects, with “out”
B1698. Grocery brand that’s also a girl’s name
B1699. Quickly, mailwise
B1700. Supreme Ct. convening mo.
B1703. Knievel on a motorcycle
B1705. Mil. decorations in Singapore
B1706. Buddy of Wynken and Blynken
B1707. Partner of meet
B1708. Former Austrian Chancellor
B1709. One known for fancy foot work
B1710. Fatalistic sentiment
B1711. Changing needs
B1712. Cannes festival focus
B1714. Hint to an unexciting speaker
B1715. Storm en masse
B1716. Grafton’s ___ for Outlaw
B1718. Duelist’s aide
B1719. Polite wd.
B1720. Opposite of hither
B1721. “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” lead singer
B1722. Permanently exclude
B1724. Loyalist to a popular, never-nominated Dem
B1725. Create an opportunity
B1726. Staged knockout
B1727. Highly developed region
B1730. Brokeback Mountain director
B1733. The size of ___: itty-bitty
B1735. Gets attention on the dance floor
B1736. Accolade for a soprano
B1737. Work at a loom
B1738. Flower-to-be
B1739. It holds the solution for many hospital patients?
B1740. Without a hitch
B1743. Journalist Horace
B1745. You might leave them in stitches, for short
B1746. Computer fodder
B1747. Like many bar snacks
B1748. Short, like time with mon cher
B1749. Mutualism
B1750. “Most certainly!”
B1751. ___ the Night (1982 Meryl Streep film)
B1752. 1970 hit “___ Bell to Answer”
B1753. Gift ___: chattiness
B1754. ___ otherwise specified
B1755. Mauna ___ Observatories
B1756. Bar for young women?
B1757. Under normal circumstances
B1758. “May I ___?”
B1759. Vineyard, to Voltaire
B1760. Bank job?
B1761. Has loose lips
B1762. She may trail a train
B1763. He said “Gee, Mr. Lincoln”
B1764. Boxers’ arena garb
B1765. Lightning unit
B1766. Tarzan’s creator
B1769. “___begins with making falsehood appear like truth and ends with making truth appear like falsehood” (William Shenstone)
B1770. Brand of boot that Tom Brady modeled for
B1772. TV show since 10/11/75
B1773. Charlottetown’s prov.
B1774. Metal named for the Greek goddess of the rainbow
B1775. Oft-torn knee part, briefly
B1776. Poetic form used by Chaucer
B1779. “Here lies One ___ Name was writ in Water” (words on Keats’s tombstone)
B1781. Military aviators, as a unit
B1782. Banquo’s son
B1784. Produce produce
B1787. Phlebotomize
B1788. Having a little kick
B1789. Yawn-inducer
B1790. Snicker sound
B1791. Jimmy of Vampire Weekend
B1792. Lois Lane player of early TV whose name is even more alliterative
B1794. One way to catch crabs
B1795. Circus
B1796. Played the goat?
B1797. Private agenda
B1798. Isle of Man men, once
B1799. Like a dead weight
B1800. Harassed on all fronts
B1804. Wave’s airborne counterpart
B1805. Home addition
B1806. Shakespeare’s “Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer’s ___?”
B1808. Obama opponent of 2008
B1809. Some robberies
B1810. Turn a camera
B1811. UAL’s westernmost hub
B1812. Where new brides often sit
B1813. Do a content check
B1814. Bygone sovereign
B1815. Beijing locale
B1816. Accustoms gradually
B1817. “Superman” in the ring
B1818. “Tidying Up” star
B1819. Lamarr of pre-Bluetooth research
B1820. Ice sport org.
B1822. Warm, as leftovers
B1824. “Happy little accidents” painter Ross
B1825. George of the Jungle’s pal
B1826. Vegas tech trade show
B1827. May hrs. in Minneapolis
B1828. Some PCs or printers
B1829. April 15th letters
B1830. Make a mend, say
B1835. Vodka orders, for short
B1836. Carefully controlled way of speaking
B1838. Merry dances
B1840. Sonneteer’s feet
B1841. Footwear’s McAn
B1843. Choctaws, e.g.
B1844. In a ___
B1845. They don’t act well
B1846. They really are too good to be true
B1847. Say “aye” or “nay”
B1848. In a real estate crunch
B1850. Blemish the finish of
B1851. Sign you bought the product
B1856. Polite chap
B1857. Letts’ neighbors
B1858. Travel in the direction of
B1859. Not stopped
B1861. USAF unit
B1862. Former Indiana Pacer Smits
B1863. Trash tossers
B1864. Appoint democratically
B1865. Czech river
B1867. “Shut your pie hole”
B1871. Make other
B1875. Judah saved by Jesus
B1876. By the numbers
B1877. Suffix in the world of collectibles
B1878. Bellini and Rossini’s style
B1879. Cuckoo crazypants
B1880. Transfer
B1882. Green keepers? (abbr.)
B1883. Do some freebooting
B1884. Ticket’s end
B1887. We owe, we owe, so off to work we go
B1888. Warming athletic gear
B1889. Roger Clemens’ stat
B1890. Snakes’ intakes
B1896. It goes on, according to Sonny and Cher
B1898. Geddouddahere, as an unruly feline
B1900. Wordsworth’s weather
B1901. Male hog
B1902. Gun at the proverbial gun show
B1903. X on the dotted line
B1904. The world over
B1906. Chicken, on some menus
B1907. UFC heavyweight Pavlovich
B1908. Mower name
B1909. Sun.-Tue. Go-between
B1911. Top-billed one
B1913. WNBA’s McWilliams-Franklin
B1917. Author who inspired a Baltimore team’s nickname
B1919. Highest Phil. peak
B1920. Ignored, as needs
B1921. ص
B1922. Alternative course
B1923. Juana I, for one
B1924. Nipped in the bud
B1925. “___ my Castle silence reigned” (Shelley)
B1926. It contains four quarters
B1927. More parsimonious
B1928. Empire State city
B1929. New NASDAQ issuances
B1931. “You FINE!”
B1932. Get ___ shake
B1933. Italian shape
B1934. What comes after beta
B1935. Casino game with a huge house edge
B1936. St. Pete clock setting
B1938. Smoothly nears, in cinematography
B1939. Pulls (on)
B1940. Streisand with an effect
B1941. Surface irregularity
B1942. Far from versatile
B1943. She killed Marat
B1945. ___-pei
B1947. Kahn of Broadway
B1949. A, in a way
B1951. “Tsk, tsk…I could’ve made you happy”
B1954. Quill points
B1956. Bonito shark
B1958. Perry with a Christmas album
B1959. Inserts
B1960. Like a manic class clown, seemingly
B1961. Brought into existence
B1962. Car restorer’s task
B1963. Standing O, for instance
B1964. Crowded locale
B1966. Short-term hippie commune
B1967. Porter musical
B1968. They may be involved in a spill
B1970. Foci of affection
B1971. 2011 Best New Artist Grammy winner Bon
B1972. Ash Carter’s org.
B1973. Doesn’t play
B1975. Happy hour cry
B1977. Churchman’s deg.
B1981. Evergreen tree
B1983. Threaten, in a way
B1984. Acting coach Hagen
B1985. Graceful losers, e.g.
B1986. Scottish dances
B1987. Ben’s three, on Bonanza
B1988. Skirt style
B1989. City south of Waco
B1990. Takes (in), as a sauna or attention
B1991. Valley
B1992. “Life sucks!”
B1993. Very long time
B1995. Lacking spark
B1996. Measure of resistance?
B1997. Tough to solve
B1999. Roi’s mate
B2000. Old card game
B2002. Bodysuit brand
B2004. More macabre
B2005. Speak slowly
B2006. Demarcate, as a VIP section
B2007. Hardly looking forward to
B2008. Plea made on bended knee
B2010. Cologne quaff
B2012. African-American vernacular
B2014. What you may be busy as
B2016. License issuers
B2017. Nike rival
B2018. Giveaway at some old ballfields
B2019. Shape of the internet
B2020. Folded fruit or cheese container at breakfast
B2021. Costar of The A-Team
B2022. Soft serve alternative
B2024. Ending for gas
B2025. Potsdam Conference attendee
B2026. Tune also known as “Butterfield’s Lullaby”
B2027. Dora’s blundering bull buddy
B2029. “Sounds like fun!”
B2031. Comparisons between two webpage versions
B2033. Exasperated words
B2034. Living or once-living things
B2035. Mike of The Upshaws
B2037. Flat-panel TV
B2038. The Smothers Brothers and Abercrombie and Fitch
B2041. Wrap you wear after giving blood
B2042. Some appliances, shortly
B2043. Is relevant (to)
B2045. 180-degree turns, casually
B2046. Singer-actress-reality star Jayne
B2047. Actor Aidan
B2048. Ranch fence points
B2049. ___ de Hidalgo, Mexico
B2050. Jungle Book bear
B2051. ___ trouble (really up the creek)
B2053. ___ Kings Play Songs of Love (Hijuelos)
B2054. Some PTA members
B2055. Vertebrate’s key feature
B2056. SPCA member?
B2059. Declaration from one who won’t be outdone
B2061. Making richer with
B2064. Testified about
B2069. Get skin in the game
B2070. Things present at a fishing hole
B2071. Common injuries in contact sports
B2072. Bangalore bread
B2073. It may be worn down
B2074. Small buzzer
B2075. Caroled
B2076. Senora’s “other”
B2078. Thunderous
B2079. Song title meaning “gun” covered by Johnny Cash
B2080. Dolphin habitats
B2081. One-time subway fare
B2082. Sound from a boxer
B2083. “Don’t go in there!”
B2084. Basset horn (abbr.)
B2085. Nickname for Texas
B2087. Book-hoarding
B2091. Some sneaks
B2093. Legendary lover of Abelard
B2094. Times for oysters
B2095. Senores’ other halves, often
B2096. One of the Visayan Islands
B2097. “Stop, already!”
B2098. Gave false hopes to
B2099. Considering again in light of new information
B2100. Common medicinal herbs
B2101. Needle work of a sort
B2102. ___ Maman advent calendars and jams
B2103. 11th-century date
B2105. ___ Calling (Eliza Dushku show)
B2106. She’s sweet as apple cider in a song
B2108. Card game invented by Merle Robbins in 1971
B2110. “___ the Walrus” (The Beatles)
B2112. Interior design
B2113. Keogh plan counterparts
B2114. “I Got You, Babe” singers
B2115. Big tests graded 1-5
B2117. Drinkable cereal?
B2120. Hairsplitter’s activity
B2122. “Hey, you” letters on an envelope
B2125. Perch for a puma
B2127. Chance taken
B2129. Catchphrase in Rick and Morty that may have been a cry for help
B2130. Big earrings
B2136. “Start with Trust” agcy.
B2137. Diet product word
B2138. The EU or NATO, e.g.
B2139. Erebus neighbor
B2140. ___ juris (in one’s own right)
B2141. “Correct, cap’n”
B2142. Obsessions, Gallic style
B2143. Man in the afternoon, according to the riddle
B2144. Too trivial for the courtroom
B2146. Bygone Nair competitor
B2149. Eastern inn
B2153. Iona’s basketball coach
B2154. “Good” start
B2155. “Snapper” who was a semi-member of the Justice League in the very earliest comics—and has never joined them onscreen
B2156. Movie most likely to start wars among Star Wars fans
B2163. Gp. with X-ray machines
B2164. Make more visible, as your beautiful eyes
B2165. Light tennis shots that fall just over the net
B2166. Treat shredded to make Big League Chew
B2168. Island west of Sumatra
B2169. Road parts
B2171. American ostriches
B2174. Curves of road
B2175. Fixes a toe, perhaps
B2177. One not to trust
B2179. Repute
B2180. Aqua ___
B2182. iPod protectors, in France
B2183. Silvers’ sergeant
B2184. Iranian city once destroyed by a quake
B2185. Watchdog position in government (abbr.)
B2187. In deep doody
B2189. Primal impulses
B2191. “Good duck artist” Carl who inspired DuckTales
B2193. Furry folivores
B2194. Puts forth effort
B2195. Lays off
B2196. DoD R&D wing
B2197. Blocks for tots
B2198. Handle the wheel
B2199. Issue of mutual orbit, in astrophysics
B2200. “If you like ___ coladas…”
B2201. Tiger or Oriole
B2202. Schwarzenegger catchphrase
B2203. Water nymph of myth
B2204. Semitic language (abbr.)
B2205. Write a puzzle with 117,000+ clues, e.g. (I hope this is still true by the time I publish)
B2206. Many works at the Met
B2207. Harrison Ford’s Fugitive co-star
B2208. Do like Rasputin
B2209. Hymn inspired by II Timothy 2:3
B2210. Scale stats
B2211. Some grad students’ goals
B2212. Vietnamese money unit
B2213. Brand-name-averse supermarket chain
B2214. They’re featured in 12 Strong and G.I. Jane
B2215. Dutch artist Jan van
B2216. Wings in Rome?
B2217. Do a trick for a treat
B2218. Gets on the radio
B2219. Retail schedule’s peak
B2220. Clothing sometimes supplemented by face paint
B2221. ___-in-a-Costume (Disney knockoff Halloween garb)
B2222. Closer’s stat
B2223. Botticelli classic probably commissioned by the Medicis, with “The”
B2224. Pancho’s parting line
B2225. Carnegie, for one
B2227. Mil. landing site
B2228. Legal deeds
B2229. Final leg of a swimming race
B2231. Reality-TV host Kreischer of The Cabin
B2232. Fluish episodes
B2234. Get off at the pier
B2236. Contests for bragging rights
B2237. Liquidation of a life’s belongings
B2238. Blossom-scented beverage
B2239. Cat’s cry
B2241. Citizenship Schools org.
B2243. Lake on Michigan’s state quarter
B2244. Tom Arnold’s in-laws, once
B2251. K- ___ (music compilation producer)
B2252. Map routes (abbr.)
B2253. Popular online Q&A
B2254. Paper partner
B2256. Reddish brown
B2257. It’s a lifesaver
B2258. Tie followers, briefly
B2259. Tricky tactic
B2260. More under the weather
B2261. Expanse of solid ground
B2264. Four-award artist, initially
B2265. “Aw, heck naw!”
B2266. Chancre causers
B2268. Air-freshener holder
B2269. Hole away
B2270. Prefix with lysis and ponics
B2271. Remarkably cruel and/or untruthful
B2272. Rogers’ partner of TV, or Rogers’ portrayer of film
B2273. “Of course, you know, this means war” speaker
B2275. Kind of fiscal statement, for short
B2281. Name of a castle in the Japanese Imperial Palace
B2282. Barfly’s perch
B2283. Drop slowly
B2285. South Pacific show tune
B2286. PlayPlace staple, once
B2288. What many would say Jordan or Gretzky are
B2290. Bell-pianos
B2295. Pore treatment?
B2298. Swim-meet units
B2299. Kind, at the Sorbonne
B2300. “___, feel me, touch me, heal me”
B2303. Pass out on game night?
B2305. Disney lion
B2306. For Love of the Game director
B2311. Run ___: frolic
B2312. Carpe that diem
B2314. No. your financial inst. uses to get your money to you
B2315. Middle prayer in the Muslim day
B2316. Fence vertical
B2317. Urban oases
B2318. Item in an eyelet
B2319. Hugely popular home gaming console
B2321. Heavy motorcycle, in slang
B2323. Sammy with 609 homers
B2324. Loose weight
B2325. Truncation abbr.
B2327. Maker of audio equipment
B2328. Tank gun first produced by the Soviets in WWII
B2329. Heroine with a magical land (retroactively) named for her
B2332. Chattery airheads
B2333. What you might hear the rain beat against
B2334. Like treacherous roads
B2337. Its 16th edition brought personalized lock screens
B2338. “___ Marlene” (1941 tune)
B2339. Musical with the song “The Honeymoon is Over”
B2340. Med. recording
B2342. Looked like
B2343. Flounder
B2344. “Go ___ Juliet. Go and trim her up”
B2345. Incomparable
B2346. Snail follower?
B2347. Doctors’ org.
B2349. Male nickname
B2350. Word that helps explain some name changes
B2351. Ray-finned fish
B2352. Good works, in Hinduism
B2353. It’s between lather and repeat
B2354. Enforcer of the Fed. Meat Inspection Act
B2355. Tall and poised
B2356. Upshot of bad service, maybe
B2358. Bismarck of realpolitik
B2360. Wilder’s ___ Town
B2362. Head-’em-off site
B2363. Fish dish
B2364. Jessie J-Ari-Minaj track
B2366. What a king may win
B2369. Jedi foes
B2370. 1001 Arabian Nights fliers
B2372. Le Havre-to-Paris dir.
B2374. Abyssinians and Singapuras
B2375. Fights with hooks
B2376. Less than an ounce
B2379. Colts’ state (abbr.)
B2385. Treatment for dog bites, in a way
B2387. “I’m not listening!”
B2388. Good-looking, to Ricky Martin
B2390. “Oh, he’s making excuses, but she’s having ___ it”
B2391. Apartment-ad space-saver abbr.
B2392. Rats’ milieux, often
B2393. Traffic jam units
B2394. Small distinction
B2396. Start of a James Bond movie?
B2399. Switch predecessor
B2401. Big news on the sports page
B2402. Ace-high beater
B2403. Sitcom with multiple guest appearances by its heroine’s crush, Joe Biden
B2404. Dodge Aries and Plymouth Reliant
B2405. Sicilia e Sardegna
B2406. Mentioned
B2407. Package of agreed-upon lies
B2418. Get to the very edge of sleep
B2420. Ukrainian dress brand
B2423. Food fish, in scientific names
B2424. “King of Hooks” Nate
B2426. CIA’s flight fleet
B2429. Meat order
B2431. Kind of quietly snooty school
B2432. Harsh-voiced flapper in a cage
B2433. Make mired
B2436. Evenings
B2438. Easy undertaking
B2440. End of a belief
B2441. Body of writings
B2443. Smoke shop purchase for an e-cig user
B2444. “___ the fields we go…”
B2445. Certain Monopoly sq.
B2447. Type of extension
B2448. Dairy sight
B2450. ___-___: eaty time
B2451. Concession-stand purchase
B2452. 1990s hybrid in the living room
B2453. Mischievous expressions
B2455. Condiment with fish sandwiches
B2456. Separate and arrange
B2457. Alternatively
B2458. Org. involved with ESPN
B2459. Tendons, skin, and such
B2460. Match behavior to one’s role
B2462. Show centered on Carlo’s Bakery in Hoboken
B2464. Razors promoted as “the best a man can get”
B2465. Cavemen
B2467. Itinerary info
B2468. Shows a sign of dehydration
B2470. Moons Over My ___ (punny Denny’s breakfast combo)
B2472. Rustic pipe
B2473. “Oh, no, that’s what that stink is!”
B2474. Federal doc. producer
B2477. Small jewelry pieces
B2478. Const. st.
B2479. Setting of A Small Town in Germany
B2480. Craft store letters
B2483. ___ the bill
B2485. Aquatic mattress
B2486. Most recent repeated name in the White House
B2487. Went for
B2488. One whose workplace is abuzz?
B2489. Letters after Q
B2493. Follower of clear or cross
B2494. Bring happiness to
B2495. Indira Gandhi’s wardrobe
B2496. Vesicles
B2498. Brit. med. syst.
B2499. ___ off (began)
B2500. Like some checking accounts
B2501. No better
B2502. White-haired with age
B2504. “Stuff it!”
B2507. Base addr.
B2508. Classics IV lead singer Dennis
B2512. French department
B2513. Candy stored in plastic grenades
B2514. Indifferent
B2515. Like campus misfits
B2517. Make happy
B2518. Brand with the tagline “Established in Milwaukee 1844”
B2519. Its cap. is Stockholm
B2520. Nelson “Ha-ha” Muntz, for one
B2524. Virtuosic
B2525. Rock strata
B2528. Make impure
B2529. Made kittenish sounds
B2530. Barely speak
B2532. Small shoe size
B2534. Hold ‘em holding
B2536. “This is worse than I thought”
B2538. Be glaring
B2542. “You ___ Beautiful” (Joe Cocker)
B2543. Barber’s bellow
B2544. Roman or Ottoman (abbr.)
B2547. Chaplin’s ___ Lights
B2548. Burrows, e.g.
B2549. Type of hairdo
B2551. Fall planting
B2553. Old-time sea monster
B2556. Bring into existence
B2558. Strip of leather
B2559. Carroll creature
B2560. Interactive feature on weather.com
B2561. It’ll make text heavier
B2563. Service with a TrueMesh connection
B2564. Rapid-fire weapons
B2565. Declines slowly
B2566. Reno loc.
B2567. Those, to Juanita
B2568. “It’s not a race!”
B2569. Ulysses star
B2570. The sixth sense
B2571. One who frequently communes with spirits?
B2573. Firm for fashions and fragrances
B2575. Words for beauty
B2576. “___ no big deal!”
B2577. Pool-hall fixture
B2579. Slippery sort
B2580. Handheld to make you heard
B2581. Standing guard
B2582. Tech spec outline
B2583. Is utterly unfair
B2585. Sean Connery and Roger Moore
B2586. Like French bulldogs’ ears
B2588. Not at all glamorized
B2589. “Oh. give me ___ / where the buffalo roam”
B2590. Concrete add-in
B2591. “The show must go on” or “Carpe diem”
B2593. In a humble manner
B2594. Slandering
B2596. Maniac’s start
B2598. Boston subway system mocked in a Kingston Trio hit
B2600. It can get overprocessed or nappy
B2601. “Partner up; no one goes alone”
B2602. Org. of fleets
B2603. Group of four
B2605. Philanthropist and, er, slave-trader Yale
B2606. “100 Years…100 Movies,” e.g.
B2607. Spurious, as sentiment
B2608. Like some articles (abbr.)
B2609. Aquatic plant-ish organism
B2610. Futuristic MTV cartoon/film
B2612. Sheds skin
B2613. Where people’s blood speeds up
B2614. “Language” in which Gen 1:3 is “& God sed ‘lt ther b lite’ & ther wz lite”
B2615. Has a quick look
B2616. Brake part
B2617. Founder of India’s Mughal empire
B2619. Some CPU adjuncts
B2620. Where there are no mistakes, some say
B2621. Book MapQuest made obsolete
B2622. Bewilders
B2628. Misfortunes
B2629. A very large number
B2630. Conger fisherman
B2634. Setting of the Druze Mts.
B2635. For .5, it’s 26.565051°
B2637. Was totally sick, brah
B2638. Storm heading (abbr.)
B2639. Romanian round dance
B2640. Need-to-know ___
B2643. Outcome of all too many New Year’s resolutions
B2644. Poet and flower arranger
B2645. German river basin
B2647. Bar in B2546-Across
B2648. Detective who aids his police inspector father
B2649. “I thought they’d never leave!”
B2650. Ploy at Troy
B2651. Louver parts
B2652. Court replays
B2654. Fragrant oil
B2656. Merle Haggard’s “___ Beautiful Time”
B2659. Two pages
B2662. Maria Louise Ramé
B2664. Chem-class convectors
B2665. Ancient calculators
B2666. Turn-of-the-century year in King John’s reign
B2667. Disgorging
B2669. Ed who wrote the 87th Precinct novels
B2670. ___ made (prospers)
B2671. Old brewing equipment
B2673. Disadvantageously
B2676. Wouldn’t be shaken from
B2680. “That’s so sweet!”
B2681. ___ up (livens)
B2685. Old grads
B2686. Fashion-conscious teens in 2000s TV, film, and toy stores
B2687. “Why You Gotta ___ Rude?”
B2689. Proceed on, as one’s way
B2690. Enclosure for an ed.
B2692. Rallying cry of the oppressed
B2693. Do a little Elvis
B2694. Seneca dialect
B2695. Genoese gent
B2696. Inventive monogram
B2697. Fists’ strikes
B2698. Top arrangement?
B2700. Kind of strings
B2702. Times to take PJs off, normally
B2703. Loses hair
B2704. Start of a well-known hymn
B2708. “…of…OF COURSE!”
B2709. “Nothing wrong here”
B2711. Up ___: trapped
B2713. Revival gear
B2714. They make eggs
B2715. Square One on
B2717. Genesis 7 VIP
B2721. Chewing the fat
B2722. Aptly named speedster of the Incredibles
B2725. Device for streaming Netflix
B2728. US military planes
B2730. Incapable of catching feels
B2732. They show which way the wind is blowing
B2733. Raw milk containers
B2735. Tickets to freedom
B2739. Company with a spokeslizard
B2741. Seasonings in shakers
B2742. Man of la casa
B2743. Green wallet paper
B2744. Equine quipster
B2746. Woodshop tool (var.)
B2747. Court org. or old court org.
B2749. Notable socialist film of 1969
B2755. Certain radio operator
B2756. Math curves
B2757. Tube trophy
B2759. “Do as ___!”
B2760. “The ___ of glory…” (Gray
B2761. Actress Lou Wood and her Sex Education character Gibbs
B2763. Had longings
B2765. The Tethered in Us, e.g.
B2766. Desperately
B2767. Baba who stumbles onto a den of thieves
B2768. Great misfortune
B2769. Game testers’ games, often
B2770. Contrary Mary’s lasses
B2771. Rhea or moa
B2772. ___ Curtain
B2773. “The helpers,” as Mr. Rogers called them
B2774. Spots for roughnecks
B2778. Of the palm or sole
B2779. Ruler whose friends are Naomi, Mateo, Skylar, and Gabe
B2780. Without frill
B2781. Canada’s official tree
B2783. First name in Chicago politics
B2785. Easily scammed sorts
B2786. December 31, to a year
B2789. Golf-course features
B2791. Odd line in tic-tac-toe (like, why would you do THAT when they already did THAT? Maybe the center part was put in last?)
B2793. Gift in The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special
B2794. Equipped, in England
B2795. My dad made one for Mom that said, “Happy 23rd ___!” Inside, it added (“Leave this lying around. You don’t have to tell anyone it’s the 23rd ____ I’ve made for you since we met”)
B2796. “To reiterate”
B2797. Insidiously
B2799. Lawyer, congresswoman, and women’s movement leader Bella depicted in Mrs. America
B2800. Time out for coffee
B2801. Lady of La Mancha
B2802. “I’m clueless!”
B2803. Boogie-Woogie man Mitch
B2804. Certain vocal sounds
B2805. Request to a barber
B2807. It can be on a roll
B2808. Subject follower
B2809. WordPress creation
B2811. Get on the phone
B2812. Itty-bitty biter
B2814. The one where Cartman goes through dog training
B2815. Outdoor gear chain
B2817. “New phone, who ___?”
B2819. Crack, with “bon”
B2821. Mother, when you’re young
B2822. Lunchtime destinations
B2823. Jumper
B2824. Charging, in a way
B2825. Large pieces of cabbage?
B2826. Doll introduced in 1961
B2829. Alpine road
B2830. “Interferon” follower
B2831. Inner arm bones
B2833. Canoe and cutter
B2834. Brits’ longest-reigning monarch
B2835. “Fiddlesticks!”
B2837. It may be done the wrong way?
B2838. Lincoln or Rockefeller (abbr.)
B2839. ___ Cobb Freed & Partners (architectural firm)
B2840. “What ___ supposed to think?”
B2841. Object of podiatric study
B2842. Diamond or pearl
B2843. Do-si-doer
B2846. Surroundings for an archipelago
B2847. Norfolk sch.
B2849. Putin’s former org.
B2850. Divine Liturgy and baptism
B2851. Life story, for short
B2852. Solo who loved Leia
B2853. Watery fences?
B2854. Tammy who won a Tony as “The Unsinkable Molly Brown”
B2857. Former Sprint competitor
B2859. Come up
B2860. Wild beaning aftermath
B2861. Captains’ journals
B2862. Some traps
B2871. Hot dog eating champ Chestnut
B2872. Hospital areas (abbr.)
B2873. Command to attack
B2874. Gets past quietly
B2876. Makes a (possibly revealing) mistake
B2877. Book by Richard Lederer
B2881. Prince William, since 2022
B2882. Quadrennial sports competition
B2883. Breastbones: Anat.
B2884. Laurel and Hardy and Cheech and Chong
B2885. Alley of the funnies
B2887. Pseudonym
B2889. Line crossing two others
B2890. Flourishing beyond expectation
B2891. Cannonball Run actor Reynolds
B2892. Weighty struggle?
B2894. They’re not the people they used to be
B2897. Behind, at sea
B2898. Becomes food and disappears
B2899. Houston pitcher, familiarly
B2900. Composer-poet Rod
B2901. Smart-looking
B2903. Judge who presided over 1995’s most celebrated trial
B2904. Silently urged to stop
B2905. Cuban-American singer Estefan
B2906. Punch-drunk type
B2907. Disquiet
B2908. “___ bad moon rising” (1969 song lyric): 3 wds.
B2910. Org. promoting hunter safety (and child endangerment)
B2912. Extra-large athletes
B2914. “___cow, there a cow…”
B2915. Pixar spy-fi caper
B2916. Video game character with a green hat
B2917. Shield behind a stove
B2918. Best Actor winner Rami
B2919. Cubes, pyramids, and such
B2920. Richard Allen’s church
B2921. Dole out anew
B2922. Part of ASAP
B2923. Sophomores or juniors in some sororities
B2924. Aligning
B2925. Florida’s largest lake
B2927. Actress Winfrey
B2928. Sistine Chapel painting
B2929. Arctic Circle region
B2932. Side dishes (abbr.)
B2933. ___ up (out of commission)
B2934. With a guileless smile
B2937. Laban’s daughter and Remini of show business
B2938. H&R Block thinker
B2939. Math points
B2940. Chopped down
B2941. Dirty traitors
B2942. “Absolument, Monsieur!”
B2943. Admiral and corporal
B2944. Start of Massachusetts’s slogan
B2945. Pindar opus
B2946. Winter Paralympians’ equipment
B2947. First word spoken by Lightning McQueen
B2948. Jared of Joker infamy
B2949. Vasarely and Bridget Riley, for two
B2950. Jean-Luc Picard look
B2951. Cybersecurity specialists
B2952. Like some translations
B2953. Falana or Montez
B2954. Ray in science fiction
B2955. To put one on someone else is the most socially acceptable form of stabbing
B2956. ___ about (stirring)
B2957. Tyler’s successor
B2958. Web spider, e.g.
B2959. Just for kicks
B2960. Creator of the 1966 underground film Chelsea Girls
B2961. “X” may mark one
B2962. Over the waves
B2963. Intro to drawing
B2965. Tries to tag
B2967. Perfumes
B2968. Blasted music from a car
B2970. Garry Trudeau’s alma mater
B2974. Islamic bigwigs
B2976. Search everywhere, and I mean everywhere
B2977. Moon, in Munich
B2978. “Mercy ___!”
B2980. Event locale
B2981. One pretending social importance
B2982. “Let It Snow” lyricist
B2983. Dinosaur-killer (if it wasn’t an asteroid)
B2990. European game a little like horseshoes
B2991. Language that gave us the word “tattoo”
B2992. “Auf Wiedersehen!”
B2994. Emoticons’ :
B2995. Any “Stayin’ Alive” singer
B2996. Ethylene gas, agriculturally
B2997.  TV toon with buck teeth
B2999. Locale of a Robin Hood nemesis
B3001. Seizing without authority
B3003. Arafat’s assn.
B3004. Punjab monotheists
B3005. Artie Shaw, for one
B3006. Like Animal Farm
B3007. Hall-of-Famer Rod
B3008. Not long
B3009. Heat units, for short
B3010. They’re close to calluses
B3016. The Cougars’ college
B3018. She who said, “So this is how liberty dies…with thunderous applause”
B3019. Vette option
B3021. About 13 million Turks
B3022. Worthy
B3023. Trembling
B3025. Permit for a leave of absence
B3028. “Child” of hollandaise sauce
B3031. Dazzling success
B3032. Fork sticker
B3034. Rid oneself of
B3035. Cooking term
B3036. Parliamentary faction
B3037. Writes quickly
B3039. Bad spelling?
B3040. Throws wild, for example
B3041. Cuttlefish ejection
B3043. Vice charged on a USB port
B3044. You might see him on a bed of nails
B3046. Agoraphobe’s anathema
B3047. Destroy by fire
B3048. Gave a showing
B3049. Sought out urgently
B3050. ___ -weenie
B3051. Retired libertarian voice Neal
B3052. Power moves in Deepwoken
B3055. Ice Age sabretooth
B3056. Good, sometimes
B3060. Lithuania began spending them in 2015
B3065. Nail-file alternative
B3068. Definite articles
B3071. College course, for short
B3078. Carpenter of music
B3080. ___-free plastic
B3081. June the sixteenth
B3083. Things at the heart of a 2008 financial crisis (abbr.)
B3084. “Okay with me!”
B3086. One likely to go “hic!”
B3087. Poinsettia petal
B3088. Big name in sports drinks
B3089. When Lady Macbeth says “Out, damned spot!”
B3090. Reviews, collectively
B3091. Seinfeld’s ex
B3092. Title concerning rings or flies in classic literature
B3093. Cops, in street slang
B3094. Unagi and anago, in Japanese cuisine
B3095. With insufficient strictness
B3097. Chinese chef’s pan
B3098. “Wow!” to a texter
B3099. Produce
B3100. Hud director
B3101. Aneurysm causes
B3102. “I’m losin’ ___ bird!” (The Hunchback of Notre Dame bit)
B3104. Lamebrain
B3106. Reaction to a fireworks burst
B3107. Symbols of life
B3108. Motown superstar
B3110. Premonition
B3111. Containers for fermentation
B3112. “The story / Of a love that flourished / In a time of hate,” in one version
B3113. Fraternity parties they’re not
B3114. Native American land, casually
B3115. The second born
B3116. Name in a da Vinci masterpiece
B3117. Monastery residents
B3118. Wooden “skin”
B3119. Arguments in favor of
B3120. Attractive figures that, if you use this word, you’re probably objectifying
B3121. Broadcasts
B3122. Light battle?
B3124. (The) sea, colloquially
B3125. Light source in old-timey train stations
B3126. Acceptability, for short
B3127. Did a bank job?
B3128. Flemish painter Adam van ___ (teacher of Rubens)
B3131. Like a game at its start
B3134. Biological “bags”
B3135. Affectionate name for a #1 tennis player
B3136. “My stars!”
B3137. Bon Jovi’s Bon Jovi
B3139. “Damn Yankees” team
B3140. French movie houses
B3141. Golf rental
B3142. Molecular unit
B3143. Afta alternatives
B3144. Makes public
B3145. Good way to get something down?
B3146. Australian directing wunderkind Luhrmann
B3147. Hands off
B3148. Not agin
B3149. Neighbor of N.J.
B3150. Mattress alternative?
B3151. Treasure map feature
B3154. Key figure in the stadium, for short
B3155. The Fall of the Roman Empire star James
B3156. Word in a Culture Club title
B3157. Giant lizard, to kids
B3158. Did a real-time broadcast
B3159. Mississippi floater
B3160. Objection opener
B3161. Arm-curl muscles, for short
B3162. State of getting better
B3163. ___ -slipper (orchid)
B3164. Birthplace of Wendy’s
B3165. Jobs rollout of 2010
B3166. Results of fix-ups
B3167. Succeeds despite the odds
B3168. His performance repopularized the Joker
B3170. Lavalieres, e.g.
B3171. Start of many a shoppe sign
B3173. ___ Tome (island in the Gulf of Guinea)
B3174. Old-school hand cleaners
B3176. Tends the stock
B3178. Diet soda claim
B3179. Clothing store department
B3180. Inhabited
B3181. Some successful runners
B3184. Barnyard sound
B3185. “Head of a Catalan Peasant” painter
B3186. Falafel bean
B3187. Little kid’s “You underestimate my power!”
B3188. World-weary bit
B3190. Snacked on
B3191. Homeric tale
B3193. Like jugglers
B3194. Enjoy some Wrigley’s
B3195. [crying while laughing emoji]
B3196. Broadway role.
B3197. Airplane ___ (phone setting)
B3198. Sixtieth of a min.
B3199. Flamboyant style of shorts
B3200. “Humoresker” composer Edvard
B3202. Change in a video game, briefly
B3203. Rockies manager Walt
B3204. Those with 10,000 hours of practice
B3205. Eastern “holies”
B3207. Glasses, or size and lens magnification of glasses
B3209. Was persuasive
B3210. Sarah McLachlan ballad
B3211. End of a coll. address
B3212. Figs. on mountains
B3214. Taunton taverns
B3215. They’re sometimes broken
B3216. Old Japanese mercenary
B3217. Pirates’ nickname
B3218. Computer drive capacity, in slang
B3219. What a haggler seeks to pay
B3220. Caledonian hillsides
B3221. Kind of lighting
B3222. Cob, e.g.
B3223. This is so long!
B3224. Cast off inhibitions
B3225. People who are not heavy drinkers?
B3227. Hebrew liquid measure
B3228. World’s fastest sport
B3229. Request by someone with a tongue depressor
B3231. Letters with a view?
B3232. Island kingdom that followed Mohammed in his lifetime
B3233. Amazon drone
B3234. They’re often lit
B3236. Clunked upside the head, biblically
B3239. Uses elevator shoes and talks too loud, e.g.
B3241. Working for money
B3242. Coveted statuette
B3243. Letters in many modern addresses
B3244. Action performed with intent
B3245. First organizer for many kids
B3246. Where you stay in Coast Guard custody
B3247. Capital south of Ecuador
B3248. Actress Polo and others
B3249. Accordingly
B3250. Ham radio channel
B3251. Disinterested
B3252. Gives a hoot
B3253. Having a projected date of
B3254. “Really? REALLY?!”
B3255. Kitchen utensil
B3256. Yard sale needs
B3257. Initialed a request
B3258. Cheese lovers
B3259. “Great heavens!”
B3261. Shake it out
B3263. Kindle material
B3266. Arrogance
B3267. General Schwarzkopf
B3269. Thought product
B3270. Belongs to
B3271. Well-remembered Firebirds
B3272. Rapper who made the 2012 album “Life Is Good”
B3273. Hydrophobe’s miedo
B3274. Prosecutor-to-be, perhaps
B3275. It rocks as it rolls
B3276. Hot and Warm Springs
B3277. Chats snappishly
B3278. Lived like a singleton again
B3279. Rolls-Royces and Bentleys
B3280. Prefix for an antitoxin
B3281. Gianni Schicchi role
B3282. Virusoid’s makeup
B3283. Cried like a calf
B3284. Considers again
B3285. Part of a cavalry regiment
B3287. Is a chatterbox
B3289. “Peace stone” with a lot of lithium
B3291. Not using
B3294. Pass quickly
B3296. Palindromic music genre
B3298. Branch of yoga
B3300. Victoria Regina’s royal rod
B3302. Film-set call
B3305. Puts (in) conditionally
B3307. German physicist
B3309. “Before,” when placed before
B3310. Stares at unsubtly
B3312. First Roman to seize power through force
B3314. Ruth’s husband, eventually
B3317. Sets in order, as flowers
B3318. Reimbursed expense for a commuter, maybe
B3319. “Law & Order” no. 2
B3320. Weird turn from drama to comedy
B3321. Roquefort, Gorgonzola, and Stilton
B3322. Severus teaches defense against the dark ones
B3323. Old “Hits the Spot” marketer
B3324. Cozy little restaurant
B3325. Finishing pitcher pro, for short
B3326. Where you’ll hear oinks
B3327. Southern side dishes
B3328. Handle a manuscript again
B3329. Show signs of exertion or emotion
B3330. Pen name of H.H. Munro
B3331. Notorious Harding
B3332. Psych. reference tome
B3334. Oldest Best Actress Oscar winner
B3335. Undertaking for an intern
B3336. Dreyer’s partner
B3337. Deflected
B3338. Brown-noser
B3339. What the Baroques called the “key of glory”
B3341. Sign of joy, maybe
B3343. Urban underbelly
B3345. de Chagny’s love of theater
B3346. Child’s punishment
B3348. Chipper
B3349. He’s pleasant and approachable
B3350. Word shouted after most “facts” in Fibbage
B3352. Mary of Sons and Lovers
B3353. East, West or in follower
B3354. Monkey
B3355. Lab vessels
B3356. Fragment of a leone
B3357. Worker protection agcy.
B3358. Biblical song
B3360. Earth goddess
B3361. Female turkey
B3362. Car sticker letters
B3363. Where David met Goliath
B3364. Italian river
B3365. Trial judge, e.g.
B3367. Little barracuda (or mixed-up animal friends)
B3369. Fastening in a hospital
B3371. Death Valley’s is the lowest in North Amer.
B3374. Crotchety sort
B3376. Anti-gambling or prostitution forces
B3377. “Seize,” to Caesar
B3378. Abecedaria
B3379. “It logically follows that…”
B3380. Gov’t-chartered mortgage investor
B3381. Honors first given by order of Q. Victoria
B3382. Lockbox
B3383. Compendia of animals, usually with moral lessons
B3384. LA Law chars.
B3386. Archipelago unit
B3387. Spun a web of lies
B3389. Not trans
B3390. Fed. loan group
B3391. Mountain chain in Utah
B3392. Lung problem
B3394. ___ worms
B3396. They may be pulled in two directions
B3398. Vince Gill’s “Tryin’ ___ Over You”
B3400. Sport vehicles, for short
B3403. Matter of hospital policy
B3405. Like Joan Baez songs
B3406. Humpback’s kin
B3407. African root
B3408. Simple home
B3409. Word with cold or loud
B3410. Sinusitis treater, for short
B3411. “___ got the whole world…”
B3412. Sunup personified
B3413. Campground user
B3414. Gloaming
B3416. Transgresses
B3418. Hamster alternative
B3419. “Horatio, ___ do forget myself” (Hamlet)
B3420. Loop in invisibly
B3422. It’s measured in points
B3424. Deal breakers
B3426. Site of Napoleon’s defeat
B3428. Some sow wild ones
B3430. Scott-Heron of “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”
B3442. Kind of 35mm camera
B3443. Slangy reversal
B3444. Topic at the Kinsey Institute
B3446. Something to feather
B3448. Fraternal order member
B3450. Princess whose brother is not a prince
B3452. Prepare for surgery
B3455. Arena cheer
B3461. Most indistinct
B3463. He’s known for tapering lines and simplified ornament
B3464. Received, in Rouen
B3465. “Conquest of Space” writer Willy
B3466. Wise and Buddhist
B3468. Sound of impact
B3469. Wore down
B3470. Mitigate
B3472. Waist accessory
B3474. Cartographer’s abbr.
B3476. Salty, as water
B3478. Its “B” is for “bisexual”
B3480. ___ percentage (official batting statistic since 1984)
B3482. Infant food company
B3483. Pokémon and pet rocks, e.g.
B3484. Moreover
B3485. Tee off
B3486. Back of the skull
B3487. Deathly prefix
B3488. Mesh with a group
B3489. The Portland Sea Dogs or the Akron RubberDucks
B3492. Work periods
B3494. Pelosi and Reagan
B3496. Number in a Verne title
B3498. Something you may do for kicks?
B3499. Los Angeles FC win in 2022
B3500. Isn’t any more
B3502. Hex- halved
B3503. Elec. keyboard
B3504. Muppet street?
B3505. Sipped, say
B3507. Master, in Madras
B3509. Frank Cox, the first Black math PhD
B3511. Word with Mass or Countries
B3513. Shutout feature
B3515. Kind of kin
B3519. When doubled, fish often grilled
B3521. Compass heading in Cadiz
B3522. Cover a wall with stone
B3523. Skip by
B3524. Mesa’s cousin
B3525. Four-handed piano piece
B3526. Pig pens
B3528. Hair metal band with Out of the Cellar and Infestation
B3529. Emperor for only three months
B3530. Big or little digit
B3531. Capone’s capturers, briefly
B3532. Astronaut Nowak in 2007 news
B3533. Its menu has a “Craft Supplies” section
B3534. ___ ghost (is spooked)
B3536. American whiskies
B3537. A language of India
B3538. Boat chains
B3539. Defunct sci-fi magazine
B3540. Norse goddess married to Balder
B3541. Sluggish type
B3543. Joke’s conclusion?
B3544. Come ___ surprise: meet expectations
B3545. ___ Nagila
B3546. Pasta suffixes
B3547. Like green apples
B3548. Roundup gear
B3549. Sauron’s soldiers
B3550. Bolt who bolts
B3551. ___ store by (distrust)
B3552. “What feelings sound like,” per Georgia Cates
B3553. Painfully obvious
B3554. Stupefied
B3555. Mushroom in Asian cuisine
B3556. Applied the hickory stick
B3557. Like a bad road
B3558. Ella accompanier
B3559. Hammett’s The ___ Man
B3562. Faulkner’s Rivers
B3563. ___ Jr.: burger franchise basically equivalent to Hardee’s
B3564. Shout from the Ancient Mariner
B3566. Often-overused intensifier
B3568. Goose down
B3570. David succeeded him, in the Bible
B3572. Bridesmaid and Ghostbuster Kristen
B3574. ___ oregano
B3577. Helper prof.
B3578. Independence Day baddies
B3579. “Unaccustomed ___ am to public speaking…”
B3584. The Outsiders faction
B3587. New Mexico landmark
B3589. Kind of HR investigator
B3591. High-level law deg.
B3592. “You bet your ___!”
B3593. “Copacetic, man”
B3594. River island
B3596. ___-i-noor: 106 carat diamond
B3597. ___ 360
B3599. Subj. of an ESPN profile
B3600. ___ by ___
B3603. QVC sister station
B3604. Clock numeral on the right
B3606. Rapa ___ (Easter Island)
B3608. Diminutive, in Glasgow
B3609. Won’t let one be
B3611. The Rams, on sports tickers
B3613. UK honor
B3615. Jan. 1 or Jul. 4
B3617. Father of mine
B3619. Once-used
B3621. Sgt. or corp.
B3623. Saw-whet, e.g.
B3624. New, from the start?
B3626. Belief, briefly
B3628. Starter like in-

Stitches Across
B198-C185. Is an asset
B498-C401. Source of vampire and cravat
B683-C597. Misandry
B1111-C855. Marshmallow root or dried rose hips
B1398-C1110. Site of a New York prison
B1674-C1406. Poor orator’s feature
B1801-C1565. “My health’s done a 180!!”
B1915-C1703. “Seven Year Ache” singer Cash
B2121-C1938. Shock to one’s core
B2425-C2226. They only needed seven digits, once
B2736-C2472. Pulmonary alveolus
B3026-C2718. Unlikely but maybe worth a try
B3288-C2906. The London fuzz
B3601-C3142. ____ immortal: unaging

Stitches Down
B3239-G4. Tries too hard to correct
B3461-G23. Half-alibi
B3492-G17. Gear lever
B3496-G29. Nine by nine
B3498-G35. Movie featuring six fighting styles modeled after their namesake animals
B3505-G49. Condiments first domesticated in India 5500 years ago
B3522-G11. Checked once more for suitability
B3553-G39. Intersection pointier than a square’s corner
B3563-G54. City with nationally known caverns
B3574-G73. Ponds competitor, once
B3597-G67. It has dual vibration motors and two analog triggers
B3617-G43. Average-guy look
B3624-G61. Little hooters
B3628-G74. Clean talk