Ubercross Abecedaria A


A1. Football call

A5. General Wingate

A9. Site of the Bocca Nuova crater

A13. Bruvs

A17. Feature of a Norman Rockwell self-portrait

A21. “___ Muppet, or ___ man?” (The Muppets)

A25. Buster’s sister or love interest, depending on the version of Tiny Toons

A29. Tennyson, e.g.

A33. “Snakes, why did it have to be snakes?” snakes

A37. Binary in a car

A41. Spaghetti, e.g.

A45. Charitable donation

A49. Stops in one’s tracks

A54. Some lap dogs

A58. Winner of the first gift-giving contest

A62. Rani’s dress?

A66. Columned walkway

A70. Suffix for tap or tip

A74. Psychedelic, say

A78. “It’s beginning to look ___ like Christmas…”

A82. Rounds for arms

A86. Lasting pain

A90. ___ patriae

A94. Dieting figures, for short

A98. Initialism on a bank door

A102. Not ___: No way!

A103. Weather svc. agcy.

A104. Be a drifter

A105. Casual “bonjour”

A106. Big name in theaters

A107. Cue ball target

A108. Reconciler in Genesis 33

A109. Party with a mosh pit

A110. Intuitive push past logic

A111. ___ santo (plant)

A112. Old telephone keypad abbr.

A113. Old Web “code” that’s sort of slang

A114. In a friendly manner

A115. Swinger

A116. Bluetooth- devices-for-motorcycles maker

A117. 20 fins

A118. Factory seconds (abbr.)

A119. Stark with a kill list

A120. Name seen in classic film history and Game of Thrones credits

A121. Zurich-based sports org.

A122. One of the first measurements you learn in sch.

A123. Cold-weather wear

A124. Hereditary character marker

A125. Neil Diamond’s “___ Said”

A126. Bad news for Florida in 2017

A127. Divorce parties, perhaps

A129. Benefits of teamwork

A131. Love of exotica

A133. Cause of sink stains

A135. It often catches an infection

A137. Legendary Chicagoan

A139. Knuckle-cracking or nail-biting

A140. “It’ll be fine”

A142. Implicit meaning

A144. Trains one’s long-term attention (on)

A146. Smiles and says “hi” to, for a start

A148. With no tags

A150. Amateur’s aspiration, often

A152. With a low frequency?

A153. It means “four”

A154. Ark passenger groupings

A156. Separate, as one to many

A157. Sawtooth Mountains state

A159. Marvell-ous work?

A160. Popular fruit-and-bread breakfast, often with butter

A162. Wisconsin city where a kids’ clothing line was founded

A163. Cry of exasperation

A165. Reagan-era missile prog.

A167. First-rate, in British slang

A168. Increases homeowner levies, say

A170. In fine fettle

A171. Japanese training spaces

A173. Mentally exhausted

A174. Inflatable transport

A175. Chilly time in Chihuahua

A176. Least flustered

A177. Animal named for its absence in a Christmas carol

A179. French cathedral city

A181. Word following pigeon or web

A183. Fender bender, e.g.

A185. Watchmen writer

A188. Like a bootleg play

A189. Cry from the accused

A191. Thinnish middle?

A192. Interstate posts

A197. Battering beam

A198. Evening up, as a score

A200. Available to sire

A201. Locale of a famous hanging

A203. They’ve got the Sun, the Moon, and the Star

A204. Rigatoni’s kin

A205. Currency for some tribes in history

A206. Osteoporosis issue

A207. Junk character in a coded message

A208. Meet ___: have a place in the marketplace

A210. Common straight-pour order

A213. Born micromanager

A215. Resort area souvenirs

A218. Title of the most reprinted editorial in the English language

A225. Negotiate to completion

A228. In bits

A230. Shakespeare said there were seven

A232. Proofreader’s target

A233. Price the consumer pays

A235. Mr. Miyagi portrayer

A237. Greek who believed “the best physician is also a philosopher”

A239. False chameleon (as if chameleons aren’t all about fooling you already)

A240. Practically colorless

A242. Radon, formerly

A243. Full of laughs and thrills

A245. Be convincing

A246. Prove boundaries porous

A247. Provides libations

A248. Bart’s burnt-out teacher until 2013

A249. ml, medically

A250. They’re read in the middle of OT?

A251. “Good one!”

A253. Label for cishet who supports non-cishets that I’m a little uneasy with, to be honest, because some people apply it to anyone who’s just a basically decent person whereas others are considerably stricter

A254. 142-volume chronicler of ancient Rome

A255. Kind of movie, informally

A256. Shield or breastplate which, in The Iliad, roared like a dragon

A257. Pane servicer’s add-on

A258. Dove or pigeon, auditorily

A259. Sparkling with decorations

A260. Catalog section husbands should note

A262. Own up to one’s sins

A264. Philanthropist

A266. Standing up straight

A268. Pony’s pace

A270. Pats with a hanky

A273. Suffix with home and farm

A275. Nicolas in “Stars We Lost” lists of 2018

A277. It causes degradation

A279. Is, possibly

A280. Losing it makes what’s said sad?

A281. “Ruh-___, Raggy!”

A283. Optometrist’s interest

A285. “Am ___ your way?”

A287. “Like a ___ a string”

A288. Holiday radio fare

A290. Sweethearts

A291. “And ___ it off…” (As if that wasn’t enough…)

A292. Swerved quickly

A294. Moves the camera over

A295. Puts in the post office

A296. Nipponese noodles

A297. Where a novel begins, generally

A298. Used a caret

A300. King or Queen book, e.g.

A302. Language that gives us “kiwi”

A304. Eldest Baldwin brother

A306. City near Pompeii

A308. Father Junipero

A310. Org. that fills bowls?

A312. Well-guarded Israeli port

A314. Shoulder-baring underthing

A317. What someone who looks at Medusa does

A320. Automaton

A321. Whence come some cones

A322. “The ___ get, the ___ want”

A323. Brings one’s lunch

A324. Exuded moisture, in a way

A325. The Sultan of Insult, to Don Rickles

A326. Gp. that developed the earliest internet

A327. Wireless setups between octets and smaller groups of computers

A328. “The Brand More Dentists Use Themselves”

A330. Asian gambling mecca

A332. “If a tree falls in the forest and ___…”

A334. Apply paint crudely

A336. Hilaire who wrote Cautionary Tales for Children and The Bad Child’s Book of Beasts

A338. Garb for Atia

A340. Movies that made it

A342. They’re found on gift tags

A344. Name that’s a distance reversed

A345. “No prob here”

A346. Native of Vientiane, e.g.

A347. Comb crazily?

A348. Cheap shots

A349. Spirited cry

A350. Popular author who wrote in anapestic tetrameter

A351. Jumped up and down, perhaps

A352. Frequent props for Marlene Dietrich

A353. “No ___!” (emphatic denial)

A354. Documentarian Ken

A355. Houston campus

A356. Occasion for cards from many relatives

A361. Movie with a sextet of fighters and a training montage involving chopsticks…that is not Kill Bill

A364. Alternative to a tanning salon

A367. Like schemes to RUUUUULE the WORRRRLD

A370. Scorpion product

A372. 2004 Cole Porter biopic

A375. Wizard of Oz sound effect

A378. One-on-one auto sport

A381. Misspelling on Pooh’s pot

A382. Period of altered consciousness

A384. Prosperous

A386. Orator who overcame his stutter by rehearsing with stones in his mouth

A388. Catchphrase for Clark Kent and Doc Brown

A393. Wife of Zeus

A394. Officiously intermeddle

A396. Pass twice in a race

A397. “___ to me…” (AFAIK)

A399. Emulate a hot spring

A400. “Relax, I got this”

A402. Little jerkass

A403. Still-life subject

A405. Driverless racer, casually

A407. Plays the wrong suit

A408. ___-locka, Fla.

A409. Be superior to, as in the military

A410. Gala affairs

A411. Knotted neckwear

A412. Romeo’s love

A413. Several works of Michelangelo

A414. Prefix often meaning “self-activating”

A415. Gives an edge to

A416. Martin’s second wife on Frasier

A417. Play groups?

A418. Big book of oil

A419. Rear sections

A421. Actor Rob of 90210

A423. Spinal parts

A425. ___ blank

A427. Equipment for a water sport or a frozen-water sport

A429. Nonbinding Islamic resolution

A431. Dessert label that signals it’ll make you bigger

A433. Twosome

A435. Military hopeful

A437. Relevant, in court

A438. Pop-up window on Windows, sometimes

A440. A great deal

A441. Young sows

A442. Like hard-to-eat fish

A443. Events that please ski resort owners

A444. One who saves on new clothes with a needle and thread

A445. Kind of table on a plane

A446. Henchman material

A447. What limnologists study

A448. Ferngully hip-hop artist voiced by Robin Williams

A449. Subject of a Cubist Microsoft icon

A450. Archaeologists, at times

A452. Graph theorist W.T.

A454. Throat infection, in brief

A456. Opposite of mild

A458. 30 for 30 channel

A460. Most of most scripts

A462. ___ Lane (where the Muffin Man lives)

A464. Stage bigwig

A466. Lips, in Latin

A468. “New World Coming” singer

A469. “Aw, dat’s a ___ hooey!”

A470. “Moderate air quality”

A471. Hits the spot

A472. “___ tricks?”

A473. Oleta Adams and Annie Lennox, on the mic

A474. Search for provisions

A475. “Voulez-vous coucher ___ moi?”

A476. Bar used as a pry

A477. Prone to leaking

A478. Ultra-busy sort

A479. With no sense of propriety

A480. The W. in W.H. Auden

A482. First part in a duet

A484. Astronaut’s work environment, for short

A486. Gimlet orderer’s spec

A488. Aunts, in Acapulco

A490. Anti-allergy drug

A492. Nine, in combinations

A494. Tori who sang “Silent All These Years”

A496. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, officer, this is a perfectly legitimate business” “business”

A498. Some T sizes

A499. Football squad mems.

A501. Big name in automotive products

A503. Onetime Press Secretary Spicer

A504. Ensure victory, slangily

A505. Comparison, literarily

A506. Fruity alcoholic brand

A507. Election Day freebies from party workers

A508. Goes from glory to a shadow of its former self

A509. Things inspiring distaste

A510. Your spouse

A511. Popular type of vinegar

A513. Competing with the goal of victory

A516. Very, very well

A519. Something many claim to have lost in pandemic-induced isolation


A524. Some book ends

A525. Meat- or fish-filled pastry

A527. Big-billed sea bird

A528. Fire Island hues

A529. Word balloon

A531. Oceanfront disasters

A533. Swims while keeping one’s eye on shore, maybe

A535. They hang around carpenters

A537. Polite offer-to-help query

A538. Bit of dirty politics

A540. Dusk, didactically

A541. It often precedes a bass line

A543. Mexican warrior

A544. Fireplace blackener

A546. Like streets of Victorian London

A547. Untouchable Ness

A549. Mammals’ protections

A551. Dinky dump truck maker

A552. Central Texas city

A554. iPhone predecessors

A555. A whole lot

A556. Verb in Exodus

A557. Name for a big wheel

A558. Gimlet options

A559. Revive

A560. Mexican sauces

A561. Renders docile

A562. Helps steer through the waterways

A563. ___ Meets World

A565. Make ecstatic

A567. Coffee brand

A569. Place proximately to

A571. “___ Song” (“La la la la, la la la la, ___ song / He wrote the music, he wrote the words, that’s ___ song”)

A573. Classic hero Quatermain

A575. Sunbathing risk

A577. Savanna beasts

A579. Place to get teased

A581. Nations’ handshake

A583. Last section my wife and I visit on an IKEA trip

A584. Dust protectors

A585. Financial guru Orman

A586. Name kept when she married Kent

A587. Clicking language of Africa

A588. Kind of mariner

A589. Dandy’s accoutrement

A590. Mnemosyne was one

A591. Signs away, as territory

A592. Finishes a dishwashing cycle

A593. We has one

A594. “I’m the Last of the Red Hot ___”

A595. Like Seattle vis-à-vis Phoenix

A597. Bereaved wife

A599. The Girl Who Played with Fire author Larsson

A601. Messy sound effect

A603. She seeks vengeance in The Last of Us Part II

A605. Bought the farm

A607. Unprecedented

A609. ___ through (rehearsed)

A611. Kind of roll

A613. Contribute to the Tomatometer

A614. Like music you might rip

A616. “Told you!”

A618. Net profits

A619. Phaedrus products

A620. Prepare to ship, archaically

A621. Daytime

A622. Winning so far

A623. 1929 movie phenom

A624. “Boxcars”

A625. Abhor

A626. Pepsi-Cola and Nike, structurewise

A628. First satellite to “see” the Earth from space

A630. The ___ (dysfunctional-family comedy based on Shakespeare)

A632. Records for later

A634. Adams who sang “Get Here”

A636. Word before foot, bones, and faced

A638. Wonder’s output, maybe

A640. Pharma giant that made Accutane

A642. Prepares for a game

A643. Israeli statesman Barak

A644. Former Chinese Communist military leader Lin

A645. Opposite of dethrone

A646. Gift-getter

A647. Latin quarter

A648. Voice actor Harnell of Animaniacs

A649. Pronoun neglecting enbies and mostly displaced by “they”

A650. Helps a friend achieve their schemes

A651. “It ___ be you”

A652. Came to a decision

A653. Done, in Verdun

A654. Spot for a garden

A658. “Ver-r-ry ___!”

A661. They’re worth about $8.5K in annual salary

A664. Mission Impossible star

A667. Usually prefixed word meaning “engulf”

A669. Team for mate, e.g. (abbr.)

A670. Shapeless mass

A671. Gp. with balls and strikes

A674. ___ Digest (monthly Pakistani magazine)

A676. Scottish river or loch near Perth

A677. 52 pick-up projectiles

A678. Annoyed moviegoer’s shout

A680. Zoo favorites

A682. Teddy Roosevelt’s regiment

A684. Tub-based, repeated relaxation ritual

A688. Union pledges?

A689. Devil’s buy

A691. America’s Funniest Videos host Bob

A692. What Oprah “gave up panties” for

A694. Aptly named old novelist Charles

A695. “____ wunderschönen guten Morgen”

A697. Nana, on the other side of the family

A698. They have tines and scoops

A700. Forceful proclamation

A702. Texter’s “sweet dreams” abbreviation

A703. Modern Hibernia

A704. Volkswagen sport compact until 2016

A705. End of a children’s song’s second verse

A706. It’s in grog

A707. Grimy-looking

A708. African fox

A709. Motion carriers

A710. Young’s corporate partner

A711. Eventually become

A712. Legendary Bagger

A713. It’s often cooked in the woods

A714. Spiked hair holders

A715. They may be in black-and-white

A716. They vary based on the fullness of the glass you tap

A718. Increase dramatically

A720. What’s often paid on a private resale

A722. Chilly day accessory

A724. Furtive lurker

A726. Kin of mauve

A728. Goddess of strife

A730. Less natural-seeming

A732. English king succeeded by William of Orange

A734. Salukis, e.g.

A735. Mild maledictions

A737. “He spent years developing a giant crossword puzzle. He is survived by his wife and four cats,” e.g.

A739. Film magazine (var.)

A741. Like many who suffer hypothermia

A742. Honored org. post-9/11

A743. Website whose current homepage features the line “Mazel tov for finding love”

A744. Expressive

A745. Like crap that just don’t work right

A746. Power to please

A747. Robert who was so retro on civil rights he made Scalia look like Ginsburg

A748. Phylum or genus

A749. Ness and Lomond

A751. Country Anna visited

A753. Dictator before Caesar

A755. Wurst topping

A757. Jazz vocalist legend Vaughan

A759. Bugs’s nemesis

A761. 1939 Bolger costar

A763. ___ Gray effect: personality’s effect on physicality

A765. Year Augustus named his heir

A766. Bachelor bachelor Luyendyk Jr.

A767. Lose ___: slow down

A768. Meyer or Merrill of screen

A769. Confine, in a way

A770. Provided capital

A771. Filly at five

A772. Buffalo Bill’s family

A773. Like some linings

A774. Exploits, in a sense

A775. Distinctive walks

A776. Weeding implements

A777. Old-fashioned cup

A778. Brown eyes or red hair, e.g.

A780. Novelty pet

A782. Continue to treat, as a sprain

A784. Material for bicycle shorts

A786. Six trillion mi. increments, roughly

A788. Stud horses

A790. Titanic chanteuse

A792. Blitzes

A794. Coast-to-coast, perhaps (abbr.)

A795. “This Too Shall Pass” singers

A796. Showed disdain

A798. Groundbreaking invention?

A800. Mass booklet

A801. With wings

A802. Safe place for a boat

A803. Ancient Greek city-state

A804. 1960s activist Bobby

A805. Roots of ruin

A806. Literary Doone

A807. Participates in a curtain call

A808. Lubricate a second time

A809. Comic character in whiteface

A811. Luxurious yet undistinguished residences

A814. Skimpy summer garments

A817. They’re falling below 2.1, which could end overpopulation

A820. Alternative to AOL or CompuServe, back in the day

A822. Tours season?

A823. Good, as a companion

A824. Gateway item

A825. ___ Scott Decision praised by Mitch McConnell

A826. Hoagie, by another name

A827. Sign of pressure?

A828. “Wait, already!”

A830. Weather report stat

A832. Aerial spinning maneuver

A834. Libya’s neighbor

A836. Middle-age-marking birthdays

A838. Intention

A839. Miniscule amounts

A841. “Does your movie ___ big name?”

A842. Moves very slowly (into or out of)

A844. Angel markers

A845. Did the vocals

A847. Sea named for its seaweed

A849. Ice planet of ‘80s sci-fi

A850. Abridgement used to describe a mooning prank

A851. The germ of an ___

A853. Necromancer

A855. Fantasy-sports variation

A857. Sound of the wind, perhaps

A858. Put it to ___: let the group decide

A859. Droves

A860. Onomatopoeic rhyme for “duds”

A861. Gary of Point Break and Lethal Weapon

A862. Like greasy food

A863. Wises up

A865. Pizarro’s booty

A866. Dann of TV’s SVU

A868. Cocktail hour assortment

A870. ___-eaters (Odyssey druggies)

A872. Soviet ballistic missiles

A874. Panem’s Mellark

A876. Acknowledge tacitly

A878. Aussie animals

A880. Tarot user, allegedly

A881. What Matthew’s Jesus says is in your eye

A882. Speak agitatedly

A883. Flycasts delicately

A884. Work as iambic pentameter

A885. Fully gratify

A886. Web-footed creature

A887. Character issues

A888. Seoul site

A889. Old lady you don’t like

A890. Subject of many poems

A891. HS practice exam

A892. Nasal partition

A893. Animated picture with the voice of will.i.am

A894. Four-star off.

A896. One of 18 on a disc golf course

A898. Tasha’s daughter, on Star Trek

A900. British subject?

A902. Celeb gossip program

A904. Buddies on the range

A906. Oleanna playwright David

A908. Thrills

A910. Modality

A911. Worf portrayer

A912. Golfer Stewart

A913. Role for Jude Law or Michael Caine

A915. PC address book listing

A917. Is overall likely (to)

A918. Two spots on a two-spot

A919. Diamond and Armstrong

A920. “Your beloved life partner--that’s me--is home!”

A921. Common ancestry

A922. “Apollo flying through the Clouds” and “The Elephant Fountain,” e.g.

A923. On a grand scale

A924. Fine young things

A925. Pt. of SSS

A926. Headwear for a cockney angel

A928. “Nothing to it!”

A930. Planking target

A932. Hip-hop star who often works with Trick Daddy

A934. Two-time Best Supporting Actor Michael

A936. Architectural remnants

A938. Octave plus a second

A940. Partner of Gramps

A942. In great shape

A943. Ominous day

A944. Made into strings, in the kitchen

A945. Peruvian novelist Mario Vargas

A946. Director Kazan

A947. “I ___ little silhouetto of a man…”

A948. Sex ed topics

A949. “Didn’t ask”

A950. Subtitle preceder, often

A951. Moves around

A952. 900 and 9000 on the road, once

A953. Greg Norman’s game

A954. Le Petit Prince, e.g.

A955. 18-20 in a series

A957. Iron Age Celt

A960. Gives a scolding

A963. Direct marketer’s shout in old commercials

A966. Leaving for work?

A969. Hawaii Rainbow Warriors’ conference

A971. Worldwide relief org.

A972. Submarine bane

A973. Apologies, in Apulia

A975. This, in Mexico City

A977. “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not” writer

A979. Maintenance, heating, and pest control, for homes

A981. Ones with low class standards?

A983. Electricity, beef, and orange juice, economically

A985. Sells virtually

A989. Dog that seems to think she’s a cat

A991. Ricotta ___ (cheese)

A992. Negligible amount

A994. Lingo

A995. Fictional vet who inspired a USO band

A997. Amusing satire, like a Wayans film

A998. 7-10, in bowling

A1000. Start of many Latin American place names

A1001. Amazon Fire alternative

A1002. Idi of horribleness

A1003. Soda, in the Midwest

A1006. Serena Williams’ org.

A1007. Bibliographic abbr. after a name or names

A1008. Sanctified

A1009. Looks carefully (over)

A1010. Impressive blows?

A1011. Notorious Brexiter

A1012. Lab fluid

A1013. Shawshank Redemption extras

A1014. Adoree and Zellweger

A1015. There’s providence in the fall of one

A1016. 1976 Hall & Oates breakup song

A1018. “Er, well…how can I put this ___?”

A1020. Eminently draftable

A1022. Belted Forum garment

A1024. Unaided efforts

A1026. Gulliver’s creator

A1028. Shark relative

A1030. ___ Domini

A1031. Bow to the ship?

A1032. Congregational closers

A1033. Calpurnia’s watchman?

A1034. Hard fats

A1036. Means’ justifiers?

A1038. Yemeni city known for coffee production

A1039. Sudden outbursts

A1040. Capitol events

A1041. Lottery collectives

A1042. Drifted, as in a current

A1043. Synth inventor

A1044. Most affectedly dainty, to a Brit

A1045. Dinky drink, to an innkeeper

A1046. Basketball two-handers

A1048. High “houses”

A1050. Olaf’s pal

A1052. Grifted, e.g.

A1054. ___ I (grammar book by Patricia T. O’Conner)

A1056. Where Saul saw a soothsayer

A1058. Monument of ancient Greece

A1060. Thrice, in a prescription

A1061. Big name on runways

A1062. Hagrid’s hound at Hogwarts

A1063. Argo skipper

A1065. Pin ___ on: incriminate

A1066. Despite its name, it used to be squarish with a hole in it

A1067. Comprehensive set of bks.

A1068. Auto-body shop concerns

A1069. Hatcher and Garr

A1070. Driller’s projects

A1071. Dispatched

A1072. Classic Disneyana

A1073. Claymation dog

A1074. Aviary talk

A1075. Armando who created Veep

A1077. At marked-down prices

A1079. Letters seen on some caps

A1081. Carrie Ann of Dancing with the Stars

A1083. Medicare’s covers inpatient hospital care

A1085. Rubbernecked

A1087. 90s, to stereotypical perfectionists

A1089. Liquid’s sluggish flow

A1090. Film director Ephron and funnywoman Dunn

A1091. Conglomerate

A1092. Prince Caspian writer

A1094. Walkout walk-in

A1096. They make up artificial tissues

A1098. “What do you ___ him, anyway?” “He makes me laugh”

A1099. Cousteau concern

A1100. Kravitz’s ex and Momoa’s wife

A1101. Destiny’s Child or Foo Fighters

A1102. Orléans department

A1103. Jai alai arenas

A1104. Texas ballplayer, for short

A1105. “Um, uh…uh-oh”

A1108. Hardly any

A1111. Nonscripted program

A1114. Magnetic inductivity units

A1115. Follower of mother or father

A1116. Tough to farm

A1117. Enormous and imposing

A1119. Mexico City kitty

A1120. Pledge drive gift, often

A1121. Jon’s secretly not-biological father, on Game of Thrones

A1122. Six-time Super Bowl winners (so far)

A1124. Like Hail Mary passes

A1126. Put dreams aside

A1128. Butch’s Our Gang pal

A1130. Suppressed, as feelings

A1132. Bottom of the aquatic food chain, or close to

A1133. Controlled exclusively

A1135. Raw spot on the skin

A1136. Stock car model

A1138. Ivan or Viktor in the Rocky/Creed franchise

A1139. Tibetan creatures

A1141. Corrosive cleaners

A1142. One might be req. by a promotion

A1143. Abruptly rising hill

A1144. Part of a kid’s colony

A1145. Half of a yr.

A1146. Street cart sandwiches

A1148. Monopoly outlay

A1150. “Lucky Number” singer Lovich

A1151. Asian titles

A1152. Mr. Potter, per Snape

A1153. “The ___ on you!”

A1154. What ballplayers call a “laugher”

A1155. Atlantic Owls’ Florida rivals

A1156. Ladies’ titles

A1157. Currency

A1159. Massage target, at times

A1160. Movie character voiced by Seth MacFarlane

A1162. Piddle around

A1164. On a tight leash

A1166. Olivia Rodrigo’s “All I ___”

A1168. Furnishings scheme

A1170. Soup-in-an-envelope brand

A1172. Bacchante (var.)

A1174. ___ cheese (cheddar)

A1175. “The End…___ It?”

A1176. Largest, yet shortest continent?

A1177. State with area codes 216, 440, and 614

A1178. Ho (Jeong) of Dr. Ken and Stand up to Cancer

A1180. Top rating

A1181. Great Lake bordering four states

A1182. Children’s advocate LeShan

A1183. Contraband cans in college

A1184. Delight (in)

A1185. Sounded like Elsie

A1186. Same-sex household?

A1187. Gals who seem a few months away from a twelve-step program, at best

A1188. Shaped like sycamore leaves

A1189. Cover with graffiti, e.g.

A1190. Nonflying feathered fellow

A1191. Toon deputy

A1193. Moral taboo

A1195. Noted patriarch’s patriarch

A1197. All gung-ho

A1199. Direction from Child

A1201. Otolaryngologist’s concern

A1203. Pocket or pocketbook containers

A1205. Is germane

A1207. Sailing worry

A1208. Common situation near the start of an inning

A1209. Actor Wolff of The Fault in Our Stars

A1210. 1/3 profile?

A1211. Actor George with 3.4 million Twitter followers

A1213. Part of the USMA

A1215. Killer collection?

A1217. Oohed, but with more of an open mouth

A1218. What makes one legendary

A1219. Hand out, as cards

A1220. Cleared, as a winter windshield

A1221. Commoners

A1222. Texter’s nod

A1223. Clairvoyant’s opener

A1224. Usain Bolt or Tiger Woods, e.g.

A1227. Small Florida coll.

A1229. It was destroyed in The Last Battle

A1231. State for the record

A1233. טטט

A1235. Snack brand since 1967

A1237. Vituperate

A1238. Suffix for an illness

A1239. Jack of old TV

A1240. They use black stripes to indicate intermediate levels

A1245. Impudent tyke

A1246. Hypochondriac of The Amazing World of Gumball