Ubercross Abecedaria A


A1. Football call

A5. General Wingate

A9. Site of the Bocca Nuova crater

A13. Bruvs

A17. Feature of a Norman Rockwell self-portrait

A21. “___ Muppet, or ___ man?” (The Muppets)

A25. Buster’s sister or love interest, depending on the version of Tiny Toons

A29. Tennyson, e.g.

A33. “Snakes, why did it have to be snakes?” snakes

A37. Binary in a car

A41. Spaghetti, e.g.

A45. Charitable donation

A49. Stops in one’s tracks

A54. Some lap dogs

A58. Winner of the first gift-giving contest

A62. Rani’s dress?

A66. Columned walkway

A70. Suffix for tap or tip

A74. Psychedelic, say

A78. “It’s beginning to look ___ like Christmas…”

A82. Rounds for arms

A86. Lasting pain

A90. ___ patriae

A94. Dieting figures, for short

A98. Initialism on a bank door

A102. Not ___: No way!

A103. Weather svc. agcy.

A104. Be a drifter

A105. Casual “bonjour”

A106. Big name in theaters

A107. Cue ball target

A108. Reconciler in Genesis 33

A109. Party with a mosh pit

A110. Intuitive push past logic

A111. ___ santo (plant)

A112. Old telephone keypad abbr.

A113. Old Web “code” that’s sort of slang

A114. In a friendly manner

A115. Swinger

A116. Bluetooth- devices-for-motorcycles maker

A117. 20 fins

A118. Factory seconds (abbr.)

A119. Stark with a kill list

A120. Name seen in classic film history and Game of Thrones credits

A121. Zurich-based sports org.

A122. One of the first measurements you learn in sch.

A123. Cold-weather wear

A124. Hereditary character marker

A125. Neil Diamond’s “___ Said”

A126. Bad news for Florida in 2017

A127. Divorce parties, perhaps

A129. Benefits of teamwork

A131. Love of exotica

A133. Cause of sink stains

A135. It often catches an infection

A137. Legendary Chicagoan

A139. Knuckle-cracking or nail-biting

A140. “It’ll be fine”

A142. Implicit meaning

A144. Trains one’s long-term attention (on)

A146. Smiles and says “hi” to, for a start

A148. With no tags

A150. Amateur’s aspiration, often

A152. With a low frequency?

A153. It means “four”

A154. Ark passenger groupings

A156. Separate, as one to many

A157. Sawtooth Mountains state

A159. Marvell-ous work?

A160. Popular fruit-and-bread breakfast, often with butter

A162. Wisconsin city where a kids’ clothing line was founded

A163. Cry of exasperation

A165. Reagan-era missile prog.

A167. First-rate, in British slang

A168. Increases homeowner levies, say

A170. In fine fettle

A171. Japanese training spaces

A173. Mentally exhausted

A174. Inflatable transport

A175. Chilly time in Chihuahua

A176. Least flustered

A177. Animal named for its absence in a Christmas carol

A179. French cathedral city

A181. Word following pigeon or web

A183. Fender bender, e.g.

A185. Watchmen writer

A188. Like a bootleg play

A189. Cry from the accused

A191. Thinnish middle?

A192. Interstate posts

A197. Battering beam

A198. Evening up, as a score

A200. Available to sire

A201. Locale of a famous hanging

A203. They’ve got the Sun, the Moon, and the Star

A204. Rigatoni’s kin

A205. Currency for some tribes in history

A206. Osteoporosis issue

A207. Junk character in a coded message

A208. Meet ___: have a place in the marketplace

A210. Common straight-pour order

A213. Born micromanager

A215. Resort area souvenirs

A218. Title of the most reprinted editorial in the English language

A225. Negotiate to completion

A228. In bits

A230. Shakespeare said there were seven

A232. Proofreader’s target

A233. Price the consumer pays

A235. Mr. Miyagi portrayer

A237. Greek who believed “the best physician is also a philosopher”

A239. False chameleon (as if chameleons aren’t all about fooling you already)

A240. Practically colorless

A242. Radon, formerly

A243. Full of laughs and thrills

A245. Be convincing

A246. Prove boundaries porous

A247. Provides libations

A248. Bart’s burnt-out teacher until 2013

A249. ml, medically

A250. They’re read in the middle of OT?

A251. “Good one!”

A253. Label for cishet who supports non-cishets that I’m a little uneasy with, to be honest, because some people apply it to anyone who’s just a basically decent person whereas others are considerably stricter

A254. 142-volume chronicler of ancient Rome

A255. Kind of movie, informally

A256. Shield or breastplate which, in The Iliad, roared like a dragon

A257. Pane servicer’s add-on

A258. Dove or pigeon, auditorily

A259. Sparkling with decorations

A260. Catalog section husbands should note

A262. Own up to one’s sins

A264. Philanthropist

A266. Standing up straight

A268. Pony’s pace

A270. Pats with a hanky

A273. Suffix with home and farm

A275. Nicolas in “Stars We Lost” lists of 2018

A277. It causes degradation

A279. Is, possibly

A280. Losing it makes what’s said sad?

A281. “Ruh-___, Raggy!”

A283. Optometrist’s interest

A285. “Am ___ your way?”

A287. “Like a ___ a string”

A288. Holiday radio fare

A290. Sweethearts

A291. “And ___ it off…” (As if that wasn’t enough…)

A292. Swerved quickly

A294. Moves the camera over

A295. Puts in the post office

A296. Nipponese noodles

A297. Where a novel begins, generally

A298. Used a caret

A300. King or Queen book, e.g.

A302. Language that gives us “kiwi”

A304. Eldest Baldwin brother

A306. City near Pompeii

A308. Father Junipero

A310. Org. that fills bowls?

A312. Well-guarded Israeli port

A314. Shoulder-baring underthing

A317. What someone who looks at Medusa does

A320. Automaton

A321. Whence come some cones

A322. “The ___ get, the ___ want”

A323. Brings one’s lunch

A324. Exuded moisture, in a way

A325. The Sultan of Insult, to Don Rickles

A326. Gp. that developed the earliest internet

A327. Wireless setups between octets and smaller groups of computers

A328. “The Brand More Dentists Use Themselves”

A330. Asian gambling mecca

A332. “If a tree falls in the forest and ___…”

A334. Apply paint crudely

A336. Hilaire who wrote Cautionary Tales for Children and The Bad Child’s Book of Beasts

A338. Garb for Atia

A340. Movies that made it

A342. They’re found on gift tags

A344. Name that’s a distance reversed

A345. “No prob here”

A346. Native of Vientiane, e.g.

A347. Comb crazily?

A348. Cheap shots

A349. Spirited cry

A350. Popular author who wrote in anapestic tetrameter

A351. Jumped up and down, perhaps

A352. Frequent props for Marlene Dietrich

A353. “No ___!” (emphatic denial)

A354. Documentarian Ken

A355. Houston campus

A356. Occasion for cards from many relatives

A361. Movie with a sextet of fighters and a training montage involving chopsticks…that is not Kill Bill

A364. Alternative to a tanning salon

A367. Like schemes to RUUUUULE the WORRRRLD

A370. Scorpion product

A372. 2004 Cole Porter biopic

A375. Wizard of Oz sound effect

A378. One-on-one auto sport

A381. Misspelling on Pooh’s pot

A382. Period of altered consciousness

A384. Prosperous

A386. Orator who overcame his stutter by rehearsing with stones in his mouth

A388. Catchphrase for Clark Kent and Doc Brown

A393. Wife of Zeus

A394. Officiously intermeddle

A396. Pass twice in a race

A397. “___ to me…” (AFAIK)

A399. Emulate a hot spring

A400. “Relax, I got this”

A402. Little jerkass

A403. Still-life subject

A405. Driverless racer, casually

A407. Plays the wrong suit

A408. ___-locka, Fla.

A409. Be superior to, as in the military

A410. Gala affairs

A411. Knotted neckwear

A412. Romeo’s love

A413. Several works of Michelangelo

A414. Prefix often meaning “self-activating”

A415. Gives an edge to

A416. Martin’s second wife on Frasier

A417. Play groups?

A418. Big book of oil

A419. Rear sections

A421. Actor Rob of 90210

A423. Spinal parts

A425. ___ blank

A427. Equipment for a water sport or a frozen-water sport

A429. Nonbinding Islamic resolution

A431. Dessert label that signals it’ll make you bigger

A433. Twosome

A435. Military hopeful

A437. Relevant, in court

A438. Pop-up window on Windows, sometimes

A440. A great deal

A441. Young sows

A442. Like hard-to-eat fish

A443. Events that please ski resort owners

A444. One who saves on new clothes with a needle and thread

A445. Kind of table on a plane

A446. Henchman material

A447. What limnologists study

A448. Ferngully hip-hop artist voiced by Robin Williams

A449. Subject of a Cubist Microsoft icon

A450. Archaeologists, at times

A452. Graph theorist W.T.

A454. Throat infection, in brief

A456. Opposite of mild

A458. 30 for 30 channel

A460. Most of most scripts

A462. ___ Lane (where the Muffin Man lives)

A464. Stage bigwig

A466. Lips, in Latin

A468. “New World Coming” singer

A469. “Aw, dat’s a ___ hooey!”

A470. “Moderate air quality”

A471. Hits the spot

A472. “___ tricks?”

A473. Oleta Adams and Annie Lennox, on the mic

A474. Search for provisions

A475. “Voulez-vous coucher ___ moi?”

A476. Bar used as a pry

A477. Prone to leaking

A478. Ultra-busy sort

A479. With no sense of propriety

A480. The W. in W.H. Auden

A482. First part in a duet

A484. Astronaut’s work environment, for short

A486. Gimlet orderer’s spec

A488. Aunts, in Acapulco

A490. Anti-allergy drug

A492. Nine, in combinations

A494. Tori who sang “Silent All These Years”

A496. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, officer, this is a perfectly legitimate business” “business”

A498. Some T sizes

A499. Football squad mems.

A501. Big name in automotive products

A503. Onetime Press Secretary Spicer

A504. Ensure victory, slangily

A505. Comparison, literarily

A506. Fruity alcoholic brand

A507. Election Day freebies from party workers

A508. Goes from glory to a shadow of its former self

A509. Things inspiring distaste

A510. Your spouse

A511. Popular type of vinegar

A513. Competing with the goal of victory

A516. Very, very well

A519. Something many claim to have lost in pandemic-induced isolation


A524. Some book ends

A525. Meat- or fish-filled pastry

A527. Big-billed sea bird

A528. Fire Island hues

A529. Word balloon

A531. Oceanfront disasters

A533. Swims while keeping one’s eye on shore, maybe

A535. They hang around carpenters

A537. Polite offer-to-help query

A538. Bit of dirty politics

A540. Dusk, didactically

A541. It often precedes a bass line

A543. Mexican warrior

A544. Fireplace blackener

A546. Like streets of Victorian London

A547. Untouchable Ness

A549. Mammals’ protections

A551. Dinky dump truck maker

A552. Central Texas city

A554. iPhone predecessors

A555. A whole lot

A556. Verb in Exodus

A557. Name for a big wheel

A558. Gimlet options

A559. Revive

A560. Mexican sauces

A561. Renders docile

A562. Helps steer through the waterways

A563. ___ Meets World

A565. Make ecstatic

A567. Coffee brand

A569. Place proximately to

A571. “___ Song” (“La la la la, la la la la, ___ song / He wrote the music, he wrote the words, that’s ___ song”)

A573. Classic hero Quatermain

A575. Sunbathing risk

A577. Savanna beasts

A579. Place to get teased

A581. Nations’ handshake

A583. Last section my wife and I visit on an IKEA trip

A584. Dust protectors

A585. Financial guru Orman

A586. Name kept when she married Kent

A587. Clicking language of Africa

A588. Kind of mariner

A589. Dandy’s accoutrement

A590. Mnemosyne was one

A591. Signs away, as territory

A592. Finishes a dishwashing cycle

A593. We has one

A594. “I’m the Last of the Red Hot ___”

A595. Like Seattle vis-à-vis Phoenix

A597. Bereaved wife

A599. The Girl Who Played with Fire author Larsson

A601. Messy sound effect

A603. She seeks vengeance in The Last of Us Part II

A605. Bought the farm

A607. Unprecedented

A609. ___ through (rehearsed)

A611. Kind of roll

A613. Contribute to the Tomatometer

A614. Like music you might rip

A616. “Told you!”

A618. Net profits

A619. Phaedrus products

A620. Prepare to ship, archaically

A621. Daytime

A622. Winning so far

A623. 1929 movie phenom

A624. “Boxcars”

A625. Abhor

A626. Pepsi-Cola and Nike, structurewise

A628. First satellite to “see” the Earth from space

A630. The ___ (dysfunctional-family comedy based on Shakespeare)

A632. Records for later

A634. Adams who sang “Get Here”

A636. Word before foot, bones, and faced

A638. Wonder’s output, maybe

A640. Pharma giant that made Accutane

A642. Prepares for a game

A643. Israeli statesman Barak

A644. Former Chinese Communist military leader Lin

A645. Opposite of dethrone

A646. Gift-getter

A647. Latin quarter

A648. Voice actor Harnell of Animaniacs

A649. Pronoun neglecting enbies and mostly displaced by “they”

A650. Helps a friend achieve their schemes

A651. “It ___ be you”

A652. Came to a decision

A653. Done, in Verdun

A654. Spot for a garden

A658. “Ver-r-ry ___!”

A661. They’re worth about $8.5K in annual salary

A664. Mission Impossible star

A667. Usually prefixed word meaning “engulf”

A669. Team for mate, e.g. (abbr.)

A670. Shapeless mass

A671. Gp. with balls and strikes

A674. ___ Digest (monthly Pakistani magazine)

A676. Scottish river or loch near Perth

A677. 52 pick-up projectiles

A678. Annoyed moviegoer’s shout

A680. Zoo favorites

A682. Teddy Roosevelt’s regiment

A684. Tub-based, repeated relaxation ritual

A688. Union pledges?

A689. Devil’s buy

A691. America’s Funniest Videos host Bob

A692. What Oprah “gave up panties” for

A694. Aptly named old novelist Charles

A695. “____ wunderschönen guten Morgen”

A697. Nana, on the other side of the family

A698. They have tines and scoops

A700. Forceful proclamation

A702. Texter’s “sweet dreams” abbreviation

A703. Modern Hibernia

A704. Volkswagen sport compact until 2016

A705. End of a children’s song’s second verse

A706. It’s in grog

A707. Grimy-looking

A708. African fox

A709. Motion carriers

A710. Young’s corporate partner

A711. Eventually become

A712. Legendary Bagger

A713. It’s often cooked in the woods

A714. Spiked hair holders

A715. They may be in black-and-white

A716. They vary based on the fullness of the glass you tap

A718. Increase dramatically

A720. What’s often paid on a private resale

A722. Chilly day accessory

A724. Furtive lurker

A726. Kin of mauve

A728. Goddess of strife

A730. Less natural-seeming

A732. English king succeeded by William of Orange

A734. Salukis, e.g.

A735. Mild maledictions

A737. “He spent years developing a giant crossword puzzle. He is survived by his wife and four cats,” e.g.

A739. Film magazine (var.)

A741. Like many who suffer hypothermia

A742. Honored org. post-9/11

A743. Website whose current homepage features the line “Mazel tov for finding love”

A744. Expressive

A745. Like crap that just don’t work right

A746. Power to please

A747. Robert who was so retro on civil rights he made Scalia look like Ginsburg

A748. Phylum or genus

A749. Ness and Lomond

A751. Country Anna visited

A753. Dictator before Caesar

A755. Wurst topping

A757. Jazz vocalist legend Vaughan

A759. Bugs’s nemesis

A761. 1939 Bolger costar

A763. ___ Gray effect: personality’s effect on physicality

A765. Year Augustus named his heir

A766. Bachelor bachelor Luyendyk Jr.

A767. Lose ___: slow down

A768. Meyer or Merrill of screen

A769. Confine, in a way

A770. Provided capital

A771. Filly at five

A772. Buffalo Bill’s family

A773. Like some linings

A774. Exploits, in a sense

A775. Distinctive walks

A776. Weeding implements

A777. Old-fashioned cup

A778. Brown eyes or red hair, e.g.

A780. Novelty pet

A782. Continue to treat, as a sprain

A784. Material for bicycle shorts

A786. Six trillion mi. increments, roughly

A788. Stud horses

A790. Titanic chanteuse

A792. Blitzes

A794. Coast-to-coast, perhaps (abbr.)

A795. “This Too Shall Pass” singers

A796. Showed disdain

A798. Groundbreaking invention?

A800. Mass booklet

A801. With wings

A802. Safe place for a boat

A803. Ancient Greek city-state

A804. 1960s activist Bobby

A805. Roots of ruin

A806. Literary Doone

A807. Participates in a curtain call

A808. Lubricate a second time

A809. Comic character in whiteface

A811. Luxurious yet undistinguished residences

A814. Skimpy summer garments

A817. They’re falling below 2.1, which could end overpopulation

A820. Alternative to AOL or CompuServe, back in the day

A822. Tours season?

A823. Good, as a companion

A824. Gateway item

A825. ___ Scott Decision praised by Mitch McConnell

A826. Hoagie, by another name

A827. Sign of pressure?

A828. “Wait, already!”

A830. Weather report stat

A832. Aerial spinning maneuver

A834. Libya’s neighbor

A836. Middle-age-marking birthdays

A838. Intention

A839. Miniscule amounts

A841. “Does your movie ___ big name?”

A842. Moves very slowly (into or out of)

A844. Angel markers

A845. Did the vocals

A847. Sea named for its seaweed

A849. Ice planet of ‘80s sci-fi

A850. Abridgement used to describe a mooning prank

A851. The germ of an ___

A853. Necromancer

A855. Fantasy-sports variation

A857. Sound of the wind, perhaps

A858. Put it to ___: let the group decide

A859. Droves

A860. Onomatopoeic rhyme for “duds”

A861. Gary of Point Break and Lethal Weapon

A862. Like greasy food

A863. Wises up

A865. Pizarro’s booty

A866. Dann of TV’s SVU

A868. Cocktail hour assortment

A870. ___-eaters (Odyssey druggies)

A872. Soviet ballistic missiles

A874. Panem’s Mellark

A876. Acknowledge tacitly

A878. Aussie animals

A880. Tarot user, allegedly

A881. What Matthew’s Jesus says is in your eye

A882. Speak agitatedly

A883. Flycasts delicately

A884. Work as iambic pentameter

A885. Fully gratify

A886. Web-footed creature

A887. Character issues

A888. Seoul site

A889. Old lady you don’t like

A890. Subject of many poems

A891. HS practice exam

A892. Nasal partition

A893. Animated picture with the voice of will.i.am

A894. Four-star off.

A896. One of 18 on a disc golf course

A898. Tasha’s daughter, on Star Trek

A900. British subject?

A902. Celeb gossip program

A904. Buddies on the range

A906. Oleanna playwright David

A908. Thrills

A910. Modality

A911. Worf portrayer

A912. Golfer Stewart

A913. Role for Jude Law or Michael Caine

A915. PC address book listing

A917. Is overall likely (to)

A918. Two spots on a two-spot

A919. Diamond and Armstrong

A920. “Your beloved life partner--that’s me--is home!”

A921. Common ancestry

A922. “Apollo flying through the Clouds” and “The Elephant Fountain,” e.g.

A923. On a grand scale

A924. Fine young things

A925. Pt. of SSS

A926. Headwear for a cockney angel

A928. “Nothing to it!”

A930. Planking target

A932. Hip-hop star who often works with Trick Daddy

A934. Two-time Best Supporting Actor Michael

A936. Architectural remnants

A938. Octave plus a second

A940. Partner of Gramps

A942. In great shape

A943. Ominous day

A944. Made into strings, in the kitchen

A945. Peruvian novelist Mario Vargas

A946. Director Kazan

A947. “I ___ little silhouetto of a man…”

A948. Sex ed topics

A949. “Didn’t ask”

A950. Subtitle preceder, often

A951. Moves around

A952. 900 and 9000 on the road, once

A953. Greg Norman’s game

A954. Le Petit Prince, e.g.

A955. 18-20 in a series

A957. Iron Age Celt

A960. Gives a scolding

A963. Direct marketer’s shout in old commercials

A966. Leaving for work?

A969. Hawaii Rainbow Warriors’ conference

A971. Worldwide relief org.

A972. Submarine bane

A973. Apologies, in Apulia

A975. This, in Mexico City

A977. “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not” writer

A979. Maintenance, heating, and pest control, for homes

A981. Ones with low class standards?

A983. Electricity, beef, and orange juice, economically

A985. Sells virtually

A989. Dog that seems to think she’s a cat

A991. Ricotta ___ (cheese)

A992. Negligible amount

A994. Lingo

A995. Fictional vet who inspired a USO band

A997. Amusing satire, like a Wayans film

A998. 7-10, in bowling

A1000. Start of many Latin American place names

A1001. Amazon Fire alternative

A1002. Idi of horribleness

A1003. Soda, in the Midwest

A1006. Serena Williams’ org.

A1007. Bibliographic abbr. after a name or names

A1008. Sanctified

A1009. Looks carefully (over)

A1010. Impressive blows?

A1011. Notorious Brexiter

A1012. Lab fluid

A1013. Shawshank Redemption extras

A1014. Adoree and Zellweger

A1015. There’s providence in the fall of one

A1016. 1976 Hall & Oates breakup song

A1018. “Er, well…how can I put this ___?”

A1020. Eminently draftable

A1022. Belted Forum garment

A1024. Unaided efforts

A1026. Gulliver’s creator

A1028. Shark relative

A1030. ___ Domini

A1031. Bow to the ship?

A1032. Congregational closers

A1033. Calpurnia’s watchman?

A1034. Hard fats

A1036. Means’ justifiers?

A1038. Yemeni city known for coffee production

A1039. Sudden outbursts

A1040. Capitol events

A1041. Lottery collectives

A1042. Drifted, as in a current

A1043. Synth inventor

A1044. Most affectedly dainty, to a Brit

A1045. Dinky drink, to an innkeeper

A1046. Basketball two-handers

A1048. High “houses”

A1050. Olaf’s pal

A1052. Grifted, e.g.

A1054. ___ I (grammar book by Patricia T. O’Conner)

A1056. Where Saul saw a soothsayer

A1058. Monument of ancient Greece

A1060. Thrice, in a prescription

A1061. Big name on runways

A1062. Hagrid’s hound at Hogwarts

A1063. Argo skipper

A1065. Pin ___ on: incriminate

A1066. Despite its name, it used to be squarish with a hole in it

A1067. Comprehensive set of bks.

A1068. Auto-body shop concerns

A1069. Hatcher and Garr

A1070. Driller’s projects

A1071. Dispatched

A1072. Classic Disneyana

A1073. Claymation dog

A1074. Aviary talk

A1075. Armando who created Veep

A1077. At marked-down prices

A1079. Letters seen on some caps

A1081. Carrie Ann of Dancing with the Stars

A1083. Medicare’s covers inpatient hospital care

A1085. Rubbernecked

A1087. 90s, to stereotypical perfectionists

A1089. Liquid’s sluggish flow

A1090. Film director Ephron and funnywoman Dunn

A1091. Conglomerate

A1092. Prince Caspian writer

A1094. Walkout walk-in

A1096. They make up artificial tissues

A1098. “What do you ___ him, anyway?” “He makes me laugh”

A1099. Cousteau concern

A1100. Kravitz’s ex and Momoa’s wife

A1101. Destiny’s Child or Foo Fighters

A1102. Orléans department

A1103. Jai alai arenas

A1104. Texas ballplayer, for short

A1105. “Um, uh…uh-oh”

A1108. Hardly any

A1111. Nonscripted program

A1114. Magnetic inductivity units

A1115. Follower of mother or father

A1116. Tough to farm

A1117. Enormous and imposing

A1119. Mexico City kitty

A1120. Pledge drive gift, often

A1121. Jon’s secretly not-biological father, on Game of Thrones

A1122. Six-time Super Bowl winners (so far)

A1124. Like Hail Mary passes

A1126. Put dreams aside

A1128. Butch’s Our Gang pal

A1130. Suppressed, as feelings

A1132. Bottom of the aquatic food chain, or close to

A1133. Controlled exclusively

A1135. Raw spot on the skin

A1136. Stock car model

A1138. Ivan or Viktor in the Rocky/Creed franchise

A1139. Tibetan creatures

A1141. Corrosive cleaners

A1142. One might be req. by a promotion

A1143. Abruptly rising hill

A1144. Part of a kid’s colony

A1145. Half of a yr.

A1146. Street cart sandwiches

A1148. Monopoly outlay

A1150. “Lucky Number” singer Lovich

A1151. Asian titles

A1152. Mr. Potter, per Snape

A1153. “The ___ on you!”

A1154. What ballplayers call a “laugher”

A1155. Atlantic Owls’ Florida rivals

A1156. Ladies’ titles

A1157. Currency

A1159. Massage target, at times

A1160. Movie character voiced by Seth MacFarlane

A1162. Piddle around

A1164. On a tight leash

A1166. Olivia Rodrigo’s “All I ___”

A1168. Furnishings scheme

A1170. Soup-in-an-envelope brand

A1172. Bacchante (var.)

A1174. ___ cheese (cheddar)

A1175. “The End…___ It?”

A1176. Largest, yet shortest continent?

A1177. State with area codes 216, 440, and 614

A1178. Ho (Jeong) of Dr. Ken and Stand up to Cancer

A1180. Top rating

A1181. Great Lake bordering four states

A1182. Children’s advocate LeShan

A1183. Contraband cans in college

A1184. Delight (in)

A1185. Sounded like Elsie

A1186. Same-sex household?

A1187. Gals who seem a few months away from a twelve-step program, at best

A1188. Shaped like sycamore leaves

A1189. Cover with graffiti, e.g.

A1190. Nonflying feathered fellow

A1191. Toon deputy

A1193. Moral taboo

A1195. Noted patriarch’s patriarch

A1197. All gung-ho

A1199. Direction from Child

A1201. Otolaryngologist’s concern

A1203. Pocket or pocketbook containers

A1205. Is germane

A1207. Sailing worry

A1208. Common situation near the start of an inning

A1209. Actor Wolff of The Fault in Our Stars

A1210. 1/3 profile?

A1211. Actor George with 3.4 million Twitter followers

A1213. Part of the USMA

A1215. Killer collection?

A1217. Oohed, but with more of an open mouth

A1218. What makes one legendary

A1219. Hand out, as cards

A1220. Cleared, as a winter windshield

A1221. Commoners

A1222. Texter’s nod

A1223. Clairvoyant’s opener

A1224. Usain Bolt or Tiger Woods, e.g.

A1227. Small Florida coll.

A1229. It was destroyed in The Last Battle

A1231. State for the record

 A1233. טטט

A1235. Snack brand since 1967

A1237. Vituperate

A1238. Suffix for an illness

A1239. Jack of old TV

A1240. They use black stripes to indicate intermediate levels

A1245. Impudent tyke

A1246. Hypochondriac of The Amazing World of Gumball

A1247. Light-skinned and blond, say

A1248. Procyon or Polaris

A1249. Buttery-voiced Jeremy of The Lion King

A1250. Hit firmly, as a nail

A1251. Trapped under one’s opponent

A1252. Ranch in a Ferber novel

A1253. Mixologist’s tools

A1255. John who dueted with Eminem

A1258. Genetic disorder Queen Victoria had

A1261. Certain veins

A1264. Animated movie with a lot of parallels to The Northman and Hamlet

A1267. Tossed out of the game, informally

A1268. The fourth man

A1269. “___ a stinker?” (Bugs Bunny)

A1270. Ja, across the border

A1271. Chicago’s “What Kind of Man Would ___”

A1272. Drain-cleaning chemical

A1273. Farnham fops

A1275. Puts on clothes

A1277. Benchwarmers

A1278. Stopped protesting

A1280. Lenders’ lures

A1282. Why you shouldn’t juggle chainsaws

A1284. Car partly conceived by Adolf Hitler (the commercials tend not to mention that)

A1288. Firms’ transformations

A1290. Large wooden face

A1291. Rickman villain in Die Hard

A1293. Began to cry (with “up”)

A1294. Sinbad sailed them

A1296. Spots, old-style

A1297. Powerful figures in the House of Al-Sabah

A1299. Amer. boat letters

A1300. Catch in the corner of one’s eye

A1301. Part of qq.v. (which see)

A1302. Tea times, for short

A1303. Villain in Man of Steel

A1304. Atoms in electrolytes

A1306. Official order

A1307. Astronomer Jan who discovered a cloud

A1308. Title for John Gielgud

A1309. Debt securities, German style

A1310. Where the blood of conquerors runs

A1311. Pre-reunification capital

A1312. Floating island in The Odyssey

A1313. King of the Bible

A1314. “From this, it follows that…”

A1315. Cherished by

A1316. Chewy candies

A1318. I as in Icarus

A1320. Places for pumps

A1322. Stoppage

A1324. Thoroughly stomp

A1326. Like many TV movies (abbr.)

A1328. Give a smug look

A1330. O. Henry’s “The Gift of the ___”

A1331. Wrestling heavyweights

A1332. Yellow, body-sized PPE

A1335. Canceled missions

A1337. Madam, in Dogpatch

A1339. Maritime tree

A1341. Leg of lamb

A1342. Makes haste, a la Shakespeare

A1343. Pokémon love interest whose name is a one-letter-shorter homophone of a Poe love interest

A1344. Finds a new home

A1345. Seemingly lacking emotion

A1346. The brainy bunch

A1347. “Fine, tell me”

A1349. Dodge Shadow or Plymouth Sundance

A1351. Sounds from a belfry

A1353. Poem parts

A1355. “Sea” that was more of a lake even at its best

A1357. Less upfront

A1359. ___ List: fundraising organization

A1360. Net reading

A1361. With “known,” lead-in words to the title of “How to Save a Life”

A1362. Sunshine St.

A1363. Moot question at a museum (you’re at the museum!)

A1364. Places for scrubs (abbr.)

A1366. Cogitate hard (over)

A1367. Battle of the Falklands casualty

A1368. Without effort

A1369. Pick up the tab for everyone

A1370. Hamburger holders

A1371. Legendary turncoat (var.)

A1372. Desert with Abraham’s Well

A1373. Root beer bottler Edward

A1374. Permit to be issued

A1375. City near Amsterdam with courtyard gardens

A1377. Act the teamster

A1379. Liquid Plumr alternative

A1381. Magical brew

A1383. Jackson 5 features

A1385. Kicked in for the game

A1387. 29-day summer month

A1388. French in Britain?

A1389. Marlon Brando role in space

A1390. “In days of auld ___ syne”

A1392. “They couldn’t keep him out”

A1393. “___ could give him that parting kiss…” (Cymbeline)

A1394. City and Lake and tribe

A1396. Takes up

A1398. “The ability to describe others as they see themselves” (Lincoln)

A1399. Chain with popcorn

A1400. Mild complaint

A1401. Bone decay

A1402. Hindu instrument

A1403. Sorrowful comment

A1404. The Berenstain Bears ___ Allowed

A1405. Oslo Accords org.

A1406. Clay-pigeon game

A1408. Out of port

A1410. “Who ___ what evil lurks…”

A1412. “I’ve just found 10,000 ways that don’t work” speaker

A1414. “___ a bear poop in the woods?”

A1416. Provide stimulus for

A1418. Lemon or lime drink

A1419. Casserole fish

A1420. Multivitamin element

A1421. They’ve got aspirations, but maybe not inspiration

A1423. Like the best topsoil

A1426. Audrey Hepburn’s real first name

A1427. Put safely away

A1428. The 33rd US President

A1429. Lawn game using lobbed missiles

A1430. Pageant contestant’s title (or half of it)

A1431. Flogged a lot at once

A1432. This Is the End star Seth

A1433. Chaucer piece

A1434. Folk dances in Bucharest

A1435. Muppet with a boomerang fish

A1437. Hunk’s asset

A1439. Units of a humane group (abbr.)

A1441. Little amounts

A1443. “Pride ___ before destruction” (Proverbs)

A1445. Worldly goods

A1447. Set of outlets

A1449. Visual work allegedly in one’s room in a classic pickup line

A1451. They get paid to play

A1452. Like some New Yawkahs’ speech pattahns

A1453. Get away from it all

A1454. Self-conscious giggle

A1455. Words before golf clubs or silverware

A1457. Forbidden, in a way

A1459. The Urals divide it

A1461. Scoop site

A1462. Paul Simon’s “___ Last”

A1463. Some students, for short

A1464. Anglican headgear

A1465. Dough state

A1466. Had the courage

A1468. Jon of Pod Save America

A1470. “I don’t know” motion

A1472. Dips in liquid

A1474. Get ready for an engagement?

A1476. Gorgon with venomous locks

A1478. Pirates’ pelf

A1480. Deserving of contempt

A1481. Undistracted

A1482. Fitzgerald whose band would tune their instruments to her perfect-pitch voice

A1483. I, to Kraftwerk

A1484. Noted nightclub of the 1970s and ‘80s

A1487. Evangeline of Lost

A1489. “That ain’t it”

A1491. Sweet opening?

A1492. Observer

A1493. Sherman Act’s targets

A1494. Gunshot sound

A1495. Corleone and Jurgensen

A1496. Neat and tidy in appearance

A1497. “___ in Boots” (classic fairy tale)

A1498. Duke of video games

A1499. Upscale chocolatier

A1500. “Don’t WORRY, be HAPPY! Woo-woo-woo-woo-woo-woo-woo-woo-woo-woo-woo” [gets punched]

A1502. Dum ___ spero (SC motto)

A1504. What barbs can damage

A1507. Kind of fudge in an ice cream store

A1509. Sixth consort of Henry VIII

A1511. Mex. miss

A1512. Midler who was Johnny Carson’s final guest

A1513. Name that sounds like a snippet from the alphabet

A1514. Coarse hominy variant

A1516. Escapes

A1518. “Well, look at you bein’ all sexy!”

A1519. Cat feature, usually

A1520. Wed site?

A1522. “___ ojos” (“Those eyes…”)

A1523. Reserved parking, for one

A1524. Flocks of herons

A1525. Directors’ eye-openers

A1527. Nautical table listing

A1528. Stop wasting energy, say

A1529. Experienced fortune

A1531. When people say it’s likely, they mean it’s unlikely

A1533. Christian in France

A1534. Beef units

A1536. Daughter of King Pelles

A1538. Rudolph or Bambi

A1540. Only word used in the theme song to a Sheen sitcom

A1541. Two similar oddballs

A1542. Road workers may create one

A1543. Went by dugout

A1545. Often-dry channels

A1546. Mary Magdalene, e.g.

A1548. Grand Hotel at Las Vegas

A1549. First name in exploration

A1550. Grand Central, e.g. (abbr.)

A1551. Xmas for JC, in theory

A1552. Milk-immersed foodstuff

A1553. Plucky

A1554. Cowpoke’s mount

A1555. Supports that often have curved tops

A1556. Delete from a DVR

A1557. What makes a dad sad?

A1561. Fiber for twine

A1563. Musician’s plectra, e.g.

A1565. Attire for Mr. Peanut

A1567. Settle down temporarily

A1569. Kind of band or army

A1571. Whom Khaleesi calls her “sun and stars”

A1572. Killer ending?

A1573. High-fiber cereal ingredient

A1575. Apply, as salve

A1576. How chefs salt

A1577. Are just awful

A1579. Like some cigarettes

A1581. Proudly villainous song in Popeye

A1583. Stops traffic?

A1584. Goes (one’s way)

A1585. It may precede old age

A1586. Noted dreamer, initially

A1587. Suspect foul play

A1591. Comes down hard, in a way

A1592. Contemptible sort

A1594. Ninth day, in Rome

A1596. Supreme Court case involving agencies’ right to say what their rules mean

A1598. If they’re clear, they’re blue

A1600. They’re getting a targeting lock

A1602. 1960s paint designs

A1603. He played Jones in Barnaby Jones

A1604. Brest brayer

A1605. Utah’s NCAA div.

A1606. Its players bow

A1608. Eatery, casually

A1609. Certain chits

A1610. The ___-King: he kills with a touch

A1612. Samuel’s predecessor

A1613. Cut off, as a final vowel

A1614. Pubic problem

A1615. “Here’s how experts handle this”

A1616. Prefix meaning ancient

A1617. Sports officials, for short

A1618. Circe’s all-vowel island

A1619. Exclamation of amused surprise

A1620. Like Pledge

A1621. “We <Heart> Logistics” co.

A1622. Some photography equipment

A1625. Simple

A1627. Causes of bigheadedness

A1629. Addition column

A1631. Radio reception booster

A1633. Tip jar insert

A1634. Suffix with proto-

A1635. Only D&D roller that’s not a platonic solid

A1636. Lucy’s best pal

A1639. Disney never releases these under its own brand

A1642. “___ you!” (challenger’s words)

A1644. Speak imperfectly

A1646. The ___ Prayer

A1648. Body spray brand

A1649. ASAP section

A1650. Pullman and Nighy of film

A1651. Guest-conscious woman

A1652. Grain by-products

A1653. Shaped like a sphere

A1655. Greek gp.

A1656. Wagerers’ mecca (abbr.)

A1658. Crew member’s item

A1659. David Lean-Alec Guiness blockbuster that isn’t The Bridge on the River Kwai or Ben Hur

A1662. Much-used pencil

A1664. Works with a needle

A1666. Does some pre-workout stretches

A1668. Traditional wisdoms

A1669. Microchips, for short

A1670. Rock levels

A1671. Toys on a string

A1672. Substance splashed at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards

A1673. Party punch?

A1675. Spot that may be on the environment, briefly

A1676. Horrible’s hound

A1677. Nullifies

A1679. Storefront-filled structures

A1680. Daughter and defender of Ra

A1681. Heart-healthy red-and-green side

A1683. Prince Valiant’s son

A1684. Acid for trips

A1685. Co-founder of Beats Electronics

A1687. Small, in marketing doublespeak

A1689. Number of pawns you get

A1691. Satya Nadella and Jack Dorsey, e.g.

A1693. Skip off to the altar

A1695. Chemical analysis

A1696. They’re calculated by meters

A1697. You love, in Latin

A1698. Doesn’t let on under pressure

A1700. Holds a benefit, say

A1702. Dregs of society

A1704. “I don’t want to hear ___ out of you!”

A1706. 50 mythical sea nymphs

A1707. “You can’t beat me!”

A1708. Warcraft, StarCraft and Diablo crossover series, for short

A1709. Lines with balls on each end

A1710. Two, in a proverb

A1712. Wearer of blue

A1713. Walk heavily

A1715. Clean (up)

A1716. Swerve into the other diagonal

A1718. The Home Depot rival

A1720. Plunder

A1722. Kind of evidence

A1724. Stood the test of time

A1725. Cambodian capital

A1726. Nickname of two Spice Girls

A1727. TV producer and personality Edmonds

A1728. Portraitist George

A1730. Trickery to mislead

A1731. Flytrap’s flytraps, e.g.

A1733. Where the Confederate flag was first flown (abbr.)

A1734. Hard-light weapon

A1735. Has being

A1736. Where many recordings are found

A1737. Indecent sorts

A1738. Where goats are milked from

A1739. Letters seen near an 8

A1740. Diviner’s aid

A1741. Traveled far and wide

A1743. Prepared to fire

A1745. Bacardi competitor

A1748. Replacement parts for a cobbler

A1750. Snoop Dogg’s cousin and Kim Kardashian’s onetime liaison

A1752. Digital art you can text

A1754. General ___ tofu

A1755. Like a certain vein

A1756. One of those gods you’re not supposed to have before God

A1757. Zamboni tracks

A1758. Veer, as a ship in a storm

A1759. A in a deck

A1761. Hand on deck

A1763. Epic musical with revolutionary class politics that isn’t Les Misérables

A1764. ___ of Orleans

A1766. Yacht stop, perhaps

A1768. Driver’s lic. stats

A1769. Professor Dumbledore, before he was Professor Dumbledore

A1770. Steak sources

A1771. Breathes heavy

A1772. Gets a toothhold around

A1774. Unremarkable, as a film

A1776. Gadget creator

A1778. Day before a “TGIF!” cry

A1779. Dada “daddy”

A1781. Sometimes medicinal herbs

A1783. Rhythm keeper

A1785. They have runners

A1787. “That’s ___ in excellent!”

A1788. One place to call for added insurance

A1789. USN supplies

A1790. They may battle onstage

A1791. Question usually asked with raised eyebrows

A1792. It divides into Language and Literature

A1798. With spoon, toddler’s percussion instrument

A1800. Having ___ day: not feelin’ it

A1802. Even one

A1803. Latch again

A1804. “OH that’s the spot…”

A1805. Mystery Machine dog, familiarly

A1806. Athletes Ripken and Hubbard

A1807. Blokes

A1808. Resident in a hexagonal home

A1809. “___ but a scratch” (Monty Python and the Holy Grail)

A1810. Sooner rival

A1811. Calorie-conscious quaffs

A1813. Interpret without hearing

A1816. Was deeply hurtful

A1818. Handel’s ___ and Galatea

A1820. Eaves droppers?

A1822. Houston baseball team, briefly

A1823. Situation after a leadoff single

A1824. Future hawk?

A1825. Tuning indicator

A1826. Uses as a mic

A1827. Large part of some herds

A1829. Grassland

A1830. Onomatopoeic funk album

A1832. Rock garden herb

A1834. Unidentified guy

A1836. Unresponsive condition

A1837. Things you worry about

A1838. Car cleaner, often

A1840. Gets together on a newly countrywide scale

A1841. Foreshadows

A1843. California ball club, briefly

A1844. Number of cards at Caesar’s palace?

A1846. Princess on She-Ra

A1848. Dept. of Labor investigatory agcy.

A1850. Sign of availability

A1851. Shaq’s sneakers, widthwise

A1852. Creative Artists Agency founder Michael

A1853. Oil-measuring devices

A1856. To ___: precisely

A1857. Actress Petty of Orange Is the New Black

A1858. Non-oneness

A1861. Is guilty

A1863. Cannes chum

A1864. Like buhl work

A1865. Reindeer relatives

A1866. Some invaders of Britain

A1867. OH city near Erie, abbreviated

A1868. Caroline Islands group

A1869. Plays the heckler to

A1870. Precious information

A1873. Where Link Hogthrob and Miss Piggy have adventures

A1876. Respectably unadventurous

A1878. Breezy farewell

A1880. Hawaiian honeycreeper

A1881. Dogpatch’s Hawkins

A1882. Shred of clothing

A1884. Miguel of the Tigers

A1885. Mark placed over short vowels

A1886. McAfee alternative

A1888. Have opportunity to argue

A1889. Capital of Bavaria

A1890. “Blackberry Molasses” band with a name like “Suh”

A1892. Traditional Hanukkah gift

A1893. Turn tail

A1894. Cat with two faces

A1895. Fungicide base

A1897. Groups with special functions

A1900. Tiny photosynthesizer

A1901. Ralph who wrote The Good Fight

A1902. Some woodworkers

A1904. Neighbor of Lebanon

A1906. Draper portrayer

A1908. Hanoi Hilton “guest”

A1909. Film in which a rage-filled protagonist and his goodhearted companion struggle to complete a Yuletide journey; (spoiler) on the verge of success, the protagonist lets go of his anger and his perspective shifts, leading to a holiday dinner with an unexpected guest

A1913. See A1909-Across

A1917. Title boy of song whose “fist got hard” and “wits got keen”

A1918. “Stack banana ‘til the morning come” song

A1919. What a surly server may get

A1920. Haywire

A1921. 30-ton military brain

A1922. Stargazers’ bear

A1923. It freezes your flippers

A1924. Capital near the port of Callao

A1925. Muumuu go-with

A1926. Actor Sitka of Three Stooges

A1927. Right the heck now

A1928. The Protectors star

A1930. It’s drunk to get drunk

A1931. Camping gear co.

A1932. Season opener?

A1933. Admin. ctrs.

A1934. Crunchy noodle snack

A1935. Sweetiepie

A1936. “A spider!!”

A1937. “[I’ll expand this passage later]” notes

A1939. “Blastoff will be in…”

A1941. Power of the pull we all feel almost all the time

A1942. Winnie ___ Pu (Latin translation of Milne work)

A1943. Last quarter of the year, briefly

A1944. Iraqi politician Muqtada al-___

A1945. “That sounds like a capital idea”

A1946. Lou’s La Bamba co-star

A1947. Boxes of boxes

A1948. Cutely small

A1950. Corned beef solution

A1951. Peculiar talk in different groups

A1952. White-knucklers after dark

A1957. Obviously angry

A1962. Often-replaced joint

A1963. Unlisted vote-getter

A1970. Roadside bomb, briefly

A1972. They’re quite secure until you leave, when you can just take any bag you want

A1977. Doesn’t toss or turn

A1981. Tippled

A1983. Eva or Zsa Zsa

A1985. Spying, as at a window

A1988. Old Br. coins

A1990. “Ah, this cursed existence”

A1991. Joyless

A1993. Flour may be made with it

A1994. Labors away

A1995. Starve-them-out battle tactic

A1996. Don’t feed this to your cat, no matter what the comic strips say

A1997. Was good and mad

A1998. [whispers] “Let’s see if we can make this go viral”

A2000. Actually thinking

A2003. Prankishly sabotaged (a bed)

A2005. Ship’s support system

A2007. Scotties, e.g.

A2009. Site of a sarcastically named “Hilton”

A2011. Uses a come-on

A2012. Bad boyfriend

A2014. Common career choice (with “the”)

A2016. Like many winter days

A2017. Mine vehicle

A2019. DeGrasse Tyson predecessor

A2020. Creator of Tik-Tok

A2021. “Ya got that right”

A2022. Gets too high, briefly

A2023. Chicken in a Mexican restaurant

A2025. Pooh’s rhyming pal

A2026. “Cherry Bomb” rocker Ford

A2027. Receives unfriendly signals from a stare

A2028. “___ Shanter” (Burns poem)

A2029. Frequent honor for Garth Brooks

A2030. “Sir, you ___ gentleman” (Scarlett)

A2032. Texter’s version of the “I’m Made of Rubber” song

A2033. NH July hours

A2034. Year Michelangelo’s David was completed

A2036. Give a rude awakening to

A2038. Without injury

A2041. Cry at recess

A2042. Cancel, as a law

A2045. Internet artifact with a controversial pronunciation

A2046. They’re known for causing rage…and impotence, which causes more rage, familiarly

A2047. Touches down

A2048. Daybreak, to Dickinson

A2049. USN leader

A2050. ___-Foy, PQ

A2051. Containerful of tartar sauce

A2052. “I guess the moment has finally arrived”

A2056. “For ___ jolly…”

A2057. Mississippi quartet

A2058. Word in many font names

A2059. “You failed to convince me”

A2063. Early Japan dynasty

A2065. Alternative to watching live, nowadays

A2067. SAT takers (abbr.)

A2069. Astronauts’ leg-stretching exercises

A2071. Is garbed in

A2073. Bello

A2074. Ajit Pai once chaired it

A2076. Response to a bell

A2080. “If you say so”

A2081. Start performing in, as a mode or gear

A2083. Change of locks?

A2084. “Alakazam!”

A2087. With volume turned down

A2088. Coulomb per second

A2089. Org. founded in 1889

A2090. Ending for invent

A2091. South American monkeys

A2092. Half a Latin drill

A2096. Spinnakers, e.g.

A2098. Film set around 73 B.C.

A2101. Computer-sent chicken-scratch

A2102. Hasbro toy you twist, press, and pull

A2103. “Aren’t ___ pair?”

A2104. Part of ancient Turkey

A2105. He made me do it

A2106. Refinery refuse

A2107. Spencer’s Boom Town co-star

A2108. In this sequel (Part Two), a thawed-out national icon from an earlier era has his last moments with his love interest from the previous film before her mind fails; he then foils a world-domination scheme using a doomsday weapon firing down from above

A2128. See A2108-Across

A2148. Night in Paris

A2149. Buggy, in Bristol

A2151. Turn your focus to

A2153. Electric meter inventor Thomson

A2154. Super cool and amazing

A2156. Trap for an animal

A2157. Part of ITT

A2158. Joined, as at a bar

A2160. Aragorn’s wife (oops, spoilers)

A2161. Alphabet soup bits that double as ens

A2162. “___ moi, le déluge”

A2163. iPhone alternative

A2164. Works with heroic themes

A2165. Get one’s smug on

A2166. 1966 Rolling Stones hit

A2167. “Someone here is a dirty, stinking liar”

A2168. Aggies’ university

A2169. Death Row Records cofounder

A2171. Angler’s headache

A2173. Religious title starter

A2175. Outer disturbance

A2178. Chung ___-kyun of South Korean politics

A2179. Bozoian of golf

A2181. ___ Irish Rose

A2182. “Then ___ well it was done quickly” (Macbeth)

A2183. Bar sign

A2184. Waldorf who’s an obsession of the Gossip Girl

A2185. Thinks about it

A2186. Unbroken

A2187. Puts in (between)

A2188. Movie following a teenage Rolling Stone reporter on tour with a band

A2189. Small stature

A2190. Tile art, say

A2192. Windshield decoration in an enterprising neighborhood

A2194. Some aperitifs

A2196. Small bookbag?

A2198. Claiming allegiances other than

A2199. Glutinous rice cake

A2201. Commentary

A2203. Brief instant

A2204. NASA nods

A2205. Hindu writings

A2206. Immigrant- education acronym now preferred to the one with “S” for “second” in it

A2207. The Equality St.

A2208. Steak chef, at times

A2210. Frequent word in ads

A2212. Progenitor’s opposite

A2214. Design of park land requiring minimal water

A2217. The White Lotus streamer

A2218. Edible cannabis variant

A2219. Director known for simple heroes fighting corruption

A2221. Small Jewish village

A2222. Course of a sort

A2226. Initials on Boris Mikhailov’s jersey

A2230. Like the sound holes of a cello

A2237. Do some water-witching

A2242. A lot of humid air?

A2247. Odometer division

A2252. Kind of living (abbr.)

A2257. “Have I made myself clear?”

A2264. Antiaircraft projectiles

A2268. “Those Magic Changes” singers

A2272. More disparaging

A2274. Stay out of jail

A2277. Sadness

A2278. Class for a high schooler eyeing a medical career

A2280. It can predict higher prices, in econ.

A2281. Cacodemon

A2282. Demanding payment, in a way

A2283. Deceitful gambit

A2284. Composers Shostakovich and Kabalevsky

A2285. Brand with pluses and minuses

A2286. Kylo ___

A2287. “Watch out!”

A2288. Word that means the same with a redundant “re-”

A2289. Dodge with a stargazing-inspired name

A2290. Jointly

A2291. ___ laminado (Latin American laminated gold)

A2292. Prefix with grade or rocket

A2293. Release, as a tied-up horse

A2294. Do copy desk work

A2295. Sam or Legend preceder in film titles

A2296. Dept. store inventory

A2297. Naps under sombreros

A2299. She played King Kong’s captive

A2300. Sly tricks

A2302. Dragon faced by Bilbo

A2304. “___ needs food, badly” (Gauntlet)

A2305. Apologies that take responsibility

A2308. Overseas parents

A2309. Microsoft MP3 player discontinued in 2012

A2310. Let’s Make a Deal choice

A2311. Big game in January

A2313. L’Egee et le Mediterranee

A2314. Token movement

A2315. Real-time source of hot takes, accurate and otherwise

A2317. “Aaand when he walked me home…” doo-wop song

A2319. Fugue finales

A2320. Wagnerian wisdom goddess

A2321. Least flowery

A2324. Waste materials in smelting

A2326. Petition

A2328. Eclipse cycle

A2330. Dissed with a smile

A2333. “…THAT’S right”

A2334. Some Celts

A2335. “Hold that thought!”

A2336. Southwestern saloons

A2337. U.S. maritime info-gathering unit

A2338. Wee hrs.

A2339. Vehicle with a roll bar

A2340. Film in which a brilliant, imprisoned monster plays psychological games with a relative innocent; he ultimately helps her at a high price before disappearing (you’re better off ignoring the sequel where they become lovers, yeccch)

A2342. See A2340-Across

A2345. Italian cathedral town named for Hadrian

A2347. Ultra ___ Detergent

A2348. Red giant?

A2349. Official state dog of Alaska

A2351. Mammoth in Kentucky, e.g.

A2353. Big name in cameras

A2355. “That ___ I ask”

A2356. Yellowfin

A2359. Walkman and Blu-Ray

A2360. Rupee hundredth

A2361. Mackerel catcher

A2362. Console with a Kinect motion sensor

A2364. Gnats and ants

A2365. FYI Daily and On Assignment broadcaster, overseas

A2366. “___ boom baa” (per Carson, “the sound made when a sheep explodes”)

A2367. Frankie Ballard album that all starts with “It All Started with a Beer”

A2368. Big red buttons on videocameras, for short

A2369. “More info later”

A2371. County ___

A2372. A

A2373. Though it seemeth strange

A2374. Widely envied frequent cause of back issues, for short

A2375. Do all right, but not exactly well

A2377. Musical with the song “Schadenfreude”

A2380. Honeysuckles

A2382. Robinson’s Little Caesar

A2384. Large group of people

A2386. “Shoot over your response”

A2390. Hold in check

A2391. Words with Friends maker

A2392. Blue amnesiac of film

A2393. Siren sound

A2394. Crosswordese Dutch city

A2395. Speech with platitudes (abbr.)

A2396. Co. owned by Howard Hughes

A2397. Word after work, play, or rest

A2398. Wartime fear (abbr.)

A2399. Teen Wolf network

A2400. Like most MCU leads, when they get the job

A2401. Catching equipment

A2402. Tappable tree

A2404. Place to find a shovel

A2406. Faucet faults

A2408. Queue after R

A2410. Rows on calendars (abbr.)

A2412. Award-winning tale of a 1970s domestic worker

A2413. Character actor Lesser on Seinfeld

A2414. Tigers’ col.

A2415. Ones doing intros

A2416. Some turnpike ramps

A2418. “To the last I grapple with thee” speaker

A2420. Uncle Tom’s creator

A2422. Curator’s workplace

A2423. Second word in Ethiopia’s capital

A2424. Longtime Bat-writer O’Neil

A2425. Circus wagon

A2426. Boisterous

A2427. ___ Ghraib

A2428. Some repair shops

A2430. Harry and Meghan interviewer

A2431. Cyclists’ battery-powered rides

A2433. Inexpensively bejeweled

A2434. NBA team in New Orleans, informally

A2435. Vehicles discussed surprisingly often in Loki

A2437. Mt. Rushmore’s locale

A2439. More than misgivings

A2441. Seep slowly

A2443. Alley wanderers

A2445. Whence the phrase “Blessed are the poor in spirit”

A2448. Uncertain utterances

A2450. Immune system fighter

A2452. Mucilaginous pods

A2454. ___ Affair (Civil War incident of 1861)

A2456. Birthplace of Pythagoras

A2457. Letters on Carlos Beltran’s cap

A2458. “Bitch goddess” Kane of All My Children

A2459. Tumor-detecting tests

A2460. How to overcome a fear of giant crosswords ;-)

A2461. Sack opening?

A2462. Prov. bordering Quebec

A2463. Athlete who got onto the world stage, for short

A2464. Charles and Romano

A2465. Old word of contempt (that I used to think was a term of respect, whoops)

A2466. Don’t disturb

A2467. Its CEO is Kenichiro Yoshida

A2468. Like puppies

A2469. Stereotypical socialite

A2471. Bread and whiskey

A2473. Iconic green poison symbol

A2475. Way to a freeway

A2477. Elementary and dull

A2478. Preparatory to, in poetry

A2479. Ben Nevis cry

A2480. Twelve-point measure

A2482. Precipitates, in a way

A2484. In the ground, in a way

A2486. Star named for appearing to be a bird’s tail

A2488. Band ___ Iver

A2489. Long, ribbon-shaped swimmer

A2491. Style of cooking scallops

A2492. WWII labor camp

A2493. ‘Boys’ base

A2494. Son of Laius and Jocasta

A2496. Keep score

A2497. Justice Kavanaugh

A2498. Pronunciamenti

A2499. Echolocators in caves

A2500. Ruhr rodent

A2501. It’ll open doors for you

A2503. Use a bayonet on

A2505. Was in agreement (with)

A2507. Iran-Contra colonel, informally

A2508. Palindromic collection of similarly named people in my life

A2510. Responded to opportunity’s knock

A2513. Deli-scale word

A2515. Exams you might wear scrubs to, but most people think that’s a little extra

A2517. It’s got ewe covered?

A2519. Practice-pitch place

A2521. Doesn’t recognize

A2522. Welcome comment at lunch

A2524. Martial arts champion-turned-movie star

A2525. “DADDY” K-pop singer

A2526. Reveal, to a poet

A2527. “You’ve Really Got a Hold ___”

A2528. To the extreme

A2529. Citizen of Toy Town

A2530. “Best buds”

A2531. Cinderella’s goal

A2532. Org. whose nation-destabilizing tactics are depicted in Black Panther

A2535. Be lost, as a moment

A2537. Our job

A2539. Huguenots’ heads

A2541. Baloney ponies

A2543. Muralist Jose Maria

A2544. Muddy barnyard digs

A2545. What trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole treats, for short

A2546. Incredulous texted word

A2548. It’s like saying “hello, future customers” with an online bazooka

A2551. All over France?

A2553. Archaeologist’s dredge

A2554. Nursing and sports followers

A2555. Rock carved into a wedgelike shape

A2556. Sew for a moist meal

A2557. Gets down

A2559. Ancient wraps

A2560. River from the same spot as the Euphrates

A2561. Grouper predator

A2562. Falls back

A2563. “I couldn’t have said it better myself”

A2564. Swedish-based clothing giant

A2566. Eric of Dirty John

A2568. Sometime Fox News “health” pundit

A2570. Capital that got its first smog tower in 2020

A2572. Samoan cash

A2573. “Don’t play”

A2575. Stays put

A2578. “Bitter” or “tail” follower

A2580. Tony’s pal and server

A2581. Mischief

A2583. Close to home, in a way

A2585. Twice, Robert Kennedy’s assassin

A2586. Perhaps a closet sadist

A2587. Stage, as a play

A2588. One being trained

A2589. Mandela’s nat.

A2590. Haircut found in a dessert name

A2591. Isle instruments

A2592. Lower-left keyboard key

A2593. Genghis Khan was originally named after one

A2594. Felix and Sylvester

A2595. Lang of Smallville

A2596. Frying medium

A2598. Goes “Waaaaaah!”

A2600. With “the,” it “creeps / And leaps and glides and slides / Across the floor / Right through the door / And all around the wall / A splotch, a blotch”

A2602. Plain in the Southwest

A2604. “___ smile be your umbrella…”

A2606. “Take ___ Train” (Duke Ellington classic)

A2607. Bubble Bath and Big Apple Red are its most popular colors

A2608. “By the by, here’s the scoop”

A2609. Type of fin

A2611. Date sometimes given for Jesus’ visit to Herod’s Temple

A2613. Reds, e.g.

A2615. Post-2016 election feeling, for many

A2616. On ___: trying to slim down

A2617. Pics on biceps

A2618. Striper, for short

A2619. Toward the wake

A2620. Subject of many Arab Spring protests

A2622. Mouse hazards

A2623. Space program until 1972

A2624. “Everything’s clear”

A2625. Rowers work them, briefly

A2626. End the hunger of

A2627. Lake Mead construction

A2629. Affairs with crumpets

A2631. Spot for a mail slot

A2633. Jazz legend born on Saturn (or so he said)

A2635. Athlete’s place

A2636. Transparent sea creature

A2638. Veteran sailor

A2641. Figure of loveliness

A2643. Stop from approaching

A2645. Coleridge’s Kubla

A2647. Central idea

A2648. Game of falling pieces

A2650. Gives as an example

A2651. No ritzy neighborhoods

A2652. One in Paris

A2653. Sickly pale

A2654. Together, in Toulouse

A2655. Handel’s ___, Galatea e Polifemo (same characters as A1818-Across, different spelling)

A2656. Vocal cords, casually

A2657. Canute, for one

A2658. Greedy mouths

A2659. Strange actor?

A2661. Scalp-care brand

A2663. Entrail-reader, allegedly

A2665. Remain behind

A2667. One whistling at athletes?

A2669. Homecoming hits?

A2670. Plato’s T

A2671. Bk. about building a big, beautiful wall

A2672. Under discussion

A2674. Had a lame-duck session, say

A2676. As a substitute

A2678. Country music legend Atkins

A2681. Sleep clinic study

A2682. Money expert Suze

A2683. Tell apart from others

A2684. Like a mama’s boy?

A2686. “What’s in ___? That which we call a rose…”

A2687. “Cornflake Girl” singer

A2689. Players in the Tex capital

A2690. Fisherperson’s prize catch

A2691. Don Juans

A2692. Big honkin’ honker

A2694. Mack with a secret world

A2696. Commando’s action

A2698. “Plastic” of teen comedy

A2700. Two OK Corral lawmen

A2702. Surprisingly, no one ever said “Just the facts, ma’am” on it

A2705. Last Rocky movie before 2023

A2707. Site of the First Labor

A2709. Modicum of energy

A2710. Where you can find hammers and anvils

A2714. Its latest version is Big Sur

A2715. Haberdasher’s item

A2716. Statues vied for on Mad Men

A2717. Poor boy or grinder

A2718. W&M award

A2719. Engineering sch. on the Hudson River

A2720. Trains quickly?

A2721. “Gay apparel” follower

A2724. Noted marriers in 2015

A2725. Split villain and Professor X portrayer

A2726. Clip at a business meeting

A2728. Togo’s chief port

A2730. Jan’s cry in The Brady Bunch Movie (and one single episode of the TV show)

A2733. “For sure!”

A2734. Flow of the Universe

A2735. ___ Prince Charles

A2736. Only chimpanzee to achieve Earth orbit

A2738. Soulful musical “bag”

A2740. Archery equipment

A2742. Legendary mummy

A2743. Secrets of the Museum and A Teacher channel

A2745. Being from an undiscovered race

A2746. Await judgment

A2747. Transportation for the A-Team

A2748. Like nuts, often

A2750. In the process of happening

A2751. Super Bowl party staple

A2752. Lincoln Center unit

A2753. Take a coat off

A2754. “Er, I’d rather not”

A2755. Infertile, in the Bible

A2756. Hour, in Italy

A2759. Grazes with fire

A2761. Swedish streetcar

A2763. Paneer cheese go-with

A2764. Farm-song end

A2765. Signal to start acting

A2766. Breathing it can get on your nerves?

A2768. eBay commerce

A2771. “You look hungry!”

A2773. Ikea’s nat. of origin

A2775. Sea anemone

A2777. Decayed

A2779. One-fifth of DXV

A2780. Brats’ targets

A2781. Individual numbers

A2782. They whipped it

A2783. Nat. cont.

A2784. Area of S.F., Pacific ___

A2785. Partner of needles

A2786. City’s outskirts

A2788. Kit Carson’s house is here

A2789. Preppy, stonerish jock dudes

A2790. A parking garage may have special pricing for it

A2791. “You have three options! Pick one!”

A2793. Domineer (over)

A2795. Bit of progress

A2797. “Jabberwocky” opener

A2799. “The Way We Make a Broken Heart” singer Cash

A2802. Symphonie Espagnole composer

A2803. Mineo of Exodus

A2804. It’ll make you see things

A2805. “Oh, man, did I___!”

A2807. Large yard, or many yards

A2809. Presses through a sieve

A2811. They accompany aahs

A2812. Blue-screen moment?

A2814. Facebook’s official drink

A2816. Music medium invented in 1933

A2818. Trades verbal jabs

A2819. Chin indentations

A2820. Hogg after them Duke boys

A2821. Sedge-filled wetlands

A2822. “Keep in touch,” nowadays

A2823. Having three shapes

A2825. Reveal despite your efforts

A2827. Calls on

A2829. Octagonal sign word

A2831. Seemingly pious bug

A2832. Mil. base until 1994

A2834. Snail without a shell

A2837. Providing bearings

A2840. Tackiness

A2842. Prescription for exhaustion

A2843. Loses solidity

A2844. Inquire

A2845. Forget oneself

A2846. Racehorse, slangily

A2847. Where stevedores toil

A2848. Crewmen

A2849. Earthly burdens

A2850. Drinks can be placed on it

A2851. NBC News anchor canceled (with good reason) in 2017

A2853. Lego set with Bruce Wayne, Aquaman, and Ocean Master figures

A2855. Flee responsibility

A2857. Giant ones are seen (and see?) in The Great Gatsby

A2859. Target area?

A2861. Scottish or Irish

A2862. Biblical assent

A2863. Coach Udoka

A2864. Passageways for pedestrians

A2866. Chatterstorm

A2868. Old Roman orator

A2869. Hematological divisions

A2870. Roadside distress signals

A2871. Dominican “duuude!”

A2872. Athlete’s protective gear

A2874. What ___ Glory (1952 James Cagney movie)

A2875. AIDS activist Herb

A2876. Watercraft

A2877. Containers for fireflies

A2878. Eggnog ingredient

A2879. Spanish snaps

A2880. Put on sale, perhaps

A2882. Pepto-____

A2884. Exclamation at the end of a tough week

A2886. Hit the seas

A2888. Diaz’s Sex Tape co-star

A2889. Like many skyscraper sides, to climbers

A2891. Commuter’s choice

A2894. Life energy molecule, for short

A2895. Make sudsy again

A2897. Texter’s “Yikes!”

A2898. Staple of Greek cuisine

A2900. Mushroom likeliest to kill you

A2902. More cunning

A2903. Where many suits are seen for the last time

A2904. Back end of a blog

A2905. City railroads

A2906. Magritte or Russo

A2907. Stengel of the diamond

A2908. Overwhelms, with “down”

A2909. Gazpacho veggie

A2910. John Oliver, e.g.

A2911. Tequila brand from Guy Fieri

A2912. Murdered rapper with many posthumous releases

A2914. Beach debris also known as rockweed

A2916. Goddess involved in Hercules’ labors

A2918. Popular side

A2920. Add once more to the public record

A2922. “Both” prefix

A2923. “Misery Business” genre

A2924. Natl. Muzzleloading Championship sponsor

A2925. Breads or elder matriarchs (both kinda var.)

A2927. Procedural starring Chris O’Donnell

A2929. Certain sand painters

A2931. Least strict

A2932. Traitor Benedict

A2933. “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!” series

A2934. New worker

A2936. Satyrs, partly

A2937. Tachometer reading meas.

A2938. Hentoff and Hiken

A2939. Like a certain pair of electrons

A2940. “Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you” writer’s true last name

A2941. Trivial, as a complaint

A2942. First-listed RPG stat, often

A2945. Former Delta rival

A2947. Regarding Dharmic teachers

A2949. Singer who sang, “Everyone’s a superhero, everyone is Captain Kirk”

A2951. [crying-laughing emoji]

A2953. Liqueur base

A2954. Boxer known for his “sucker munch”

A2956. Island sharing a government with Barbuda

A2959. Nicholas, e.g.

A2961. First clear signs

A2963. Puts (out), often callously

A2964. Provide opportunities

A2966. Toyota’s luxury brand

A2967. “In case the house burns down” policy, for short

A2968. Ex-Bruin Bobby

A2969. Crass or impolite

A2970. Spots of tea

A2971. Word with “road” or “screen”

A2972. One of a househusband’s roles

A2973. Made fast friends

A2974. Line (up)

A2975. It’s actually shaped more like a U, but that plumbing name was taken

A2977. Jets quarterback Tim

A2979. Fitzgerald and Williams

A2981. Tolkien tree-men

A2983. Proper name on aluminum cans

A2985. “He died like ___” (Trump quote that makes you actually glad he was the first president since Polk without pets)

A2987. “…bring back my Bonnie ___”

A2988. The Steel City, in brief

A2989. Takeoff hour, briefly

A2990. Parker portrayer in the Spider-Man films

A2992. Shipping lanes

A2994. Self-taught writer Martin created by Jack London

A2997. Vision problem during rapid flight deceleration

A2998. Tchaikovsky who wrote the “1812 Overture”

A2999. Citrus fruit used in pie filling

A3001. Billiards play

A3002. Water bottle confiscator

A3003. Sex-joke comeback that originated on The Office

A3006. Prefix for fold or graph

A3007. Gym hiree

A3009. Traveled by plane

A3011. Film that, like the Last of the Mohicans, seems to have its heart in the right place, but don’t ask Native Americans what they think of it unless you really want to know

A3015. B.O. warning

A3016. Ernst whose art was featured in the 1928 Olympics

A3018. Eager beaver’s demand

A3021. V-shaped cut in wood

A3023. Tristram Shandy writer

A3024. On a plane, for short

A3028. 10 or 509

A3029. 100-meter race

A3030. John who said, “Reality leaves a lot to the imagination”

A3031. Sign on many cars

A3032. Not exactly doing cartwheels

A3033. Run ___ the field (prepare to play)

A3034. Six-millimeter projectile

A3036. Ape studier Fossey

A3037. Mexican beer with a name that got unfortunate in 2020

A3038. Kids’ song vowels

A3039. “Better an egg today than ___ tomorrow”

A3040. Rebuff

A3042. Ill-fated sergeant from Platoon

A3044. Charlie Brown’s cry of defeat

A3045. Wind-protected, in a way

A3046. Benji stand-in

A3049. Type of task-focused list

A3050. The Yoko

A3051. ___Pen®

A3052. Press lightly, as the brakes

A3054. Parody’s cousin

A3056. Enshrouded

A3057. Tool for photographers who like to get close

A3059. Ballpoint part

A3060. Afraid to ask for a dance, maybe

A3062. “Creation of Man” sculptor

A3063. Stronghold

A3064. Anti-AIDS activist of classic rock

A3065. Intestines’ locale

A3066. Cylinders of straw

A3067. TV component that sounds like a sci-fi weapon

A3070. Savory dressing

A3072. Composer Cole

A3074. Skewers

A3076. Infant cupid

A3077. “Mississippi Phone Booth” singer John

A3079. Steve of Reservoir Dogs and Fargo

A3082. RCA Victor mascot

A3084. Get working together despite seeming conflict

A3086. Super into what they’re into

A3087. Patter’s patterns

A3088. Metamorph’s end?

A3089. WWII command

A3090. Soprano solo

A3091. Concentration amt.

A3092. White Hart, e.g.

A3093. These may be picked

A3094. Bullying seabird

A3095. Hexagonally divided land

A3096. Hungarian city that sounds up for anything

A3097. End of a shift?

A3098. “Mayor” of fellow students

A3100. Texting

A3102. Twin of

A3104. Salon request

A3106. Orphaned author raised by the Allans

A3107. French friend

A3109. Box-office need

A3110. Focus of Genesis 6-9

A3111. Nuclear age D.C. org.

A3112. Jumps at a bargain for

A3114. Sign of many snipers taking aim

A3115. Some standardized coll. exams for rule-researchers

A3116. Comes unglued

A3117. The Black Panther, to friends and family

A3119. Precursor of the cineplex

A3120. Was the agent of

A3122. Plays typically have one to five

A3123. Slang for a certain bill (“Hammy” never really caught on)

A3124. Type of cigar or sandwich

A3125. An aquarium sometimes has one

A3129. Not yet out of first

A3131. Jewish law book

A3133. “___ mio!”

A3135. Buncha guys you’ve never seen before

A3137. Building plots

A3139. Got giggling

A3142. Likely cover subject for People

A3144. This, in Thüringen

A3145. FNMA and GNMA

A3146. “False face must hide what the false heart doth ___” (Macbeth)

A3147. Some enlistees

A3148. Unbiased hirer, briefly

A3149. Racket attachment

A3150. Critical comment, of a sort

A3151. Toast words

A3152. Sheriff Taylor’s lad

A3153. Crises on Wall Street

A3154. Showed up for

A3155. Stiffly precise

A3156. Mogadishu residents

A3157. Asian border peak

A3159. Grilled dish

A3161. Hopping desert rodent

A3163. The Days of Our Lives, for one

A3165. Fabrics with wavy patterns

A3167. Batman’s doomed ally Harvey

A3168. “Good” cholesterol

A3169. Like classics for kids, sometimes, for short

A3170. Honorific used in The Karate Kid

A3171. “Who does that guy think ___?!”

A3173. D.C. baseballers

A3175. Formal affair wear

A3176. Single out for adulation

A3177. You can get one with the inscription, “It’s awfully dark in here”

A3178. “If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?”, e.g.

A3180. In ___: having troubles seemingly without end

A3181. Ceramists’ cookers

A3182. Tells a funnier joke than

A3183. Animal populations

A3184. Near-universal condemnation

A3185. “California Dreamin’“ folk rockers

A3189. Zaps, you might say

A3191. Carnival attraction

A3193. Make a trade

A3195. “Old MacDonald” line starter

A3196. Mary Kay competitor Lauder

A3198. Crude surplus

A3201. Not practical?

A3203. Walk with effort

A3205. Coming down in buckets

A3207. Piccolo ___

A3208. Train components

A3209. Fat, to Marat

A3210. Hoosiers’ home (abbr.)

A3211. Gov’t org. since 1930

A3212. Prynne’s monogram

A3213. Ricky Gervais series and lead role

A3214. Gullible folks

A3215. French film festival

A3216. Puts a belt around

A3217. Corporation that ran Toys R Us into the dirt [I mean, it’s true that the store’s business model was archaic, and some losses were inevitable, but it could’ve survived in some streamlined form if its owners had any priorities other than milking it to death]

A3218. Annaeus, in Lucius Annaeus Seneca

A3219. Get around somehow, as an issue

A3220. Noel’s brother in Oasis

A3222. Base in Cuba, in Navy slang

A3224. Jim Bob and Michelle of reality TV

A3226. “My good men…”

A3228. “And I know all the words to every ___ Tucker song!” (“Redneck Woman” lyric)

A3230. “___ what ___ and that’s all that ____” (cartoon catchphrase)

A3231. D.C. economics agcy.

A3232. “Grody to the max!”

A3233. She played Hermione

A3235. Will and Grace’s McCormack

A3237. Kenny G. buy

A3238. Scaly fish known for jumping when hooked

A3239. ___ milk (var.)

A3240. Palindromic term of address

A3241. Employ at will

A3243. Mike Post wrote its famous theme song

A3244. “Don’t be perfect, just get better ___”

A3245. Partner of ifs and ands

A3246. Search engine devotee

A3247. L, in an elevator

A3248. Tutu wearers

A3250. Secure transport

A3253. Riverdale network

A3255. Provider of contacts, informally

A3257. Socially awkward type

A3259. OR site

A3260. “Yes, OBVIOUSLY”

A3262. Deck out in rubies and emeralds or such

A3265. Elevated beginning?

A3267. Modern comic-strip hubby

A3269. “Le coeur a ___ raisons…”

A3270. Wall Street events

A3271. Sacrificed sorts

A3272. “Summer Girls” boy band

A3273. ___ Line (railroad serving Minneapolis)

A3274. Like some proverbial ducklings

A3275. Mickey and Minnie

A3276. Middle iron

A3277. Impreza maker

A3278. Finger-bowl accessory

A3279. Sagan of Cosmos

A3280. Mostly X-ray-vision-proof

A3281. Disability payment, for short

A3284. They measure up

A3285. Canadian revolutionary Louis

A3287. Noted besieger of Moors

A3289. Throbs

A3291. Tinder self-promos

A3293. “Now hold on there!”

A3295. Site of some feluccas

A3296. Paolo’s front?

A3297. Improve like fine wine, hopefully

A3298. They get results

A3300. Novak Djoković, natively

A3302. The Little Mermaid lyricist Howard

A3305. Japanese poem in three parts

A3306. Desktop publisher’s designs

A3308. Devious moves

A3309. Army of Darkness zombie-fighter

A3310. Smallish batteries

A3311. Monty Python, the Kids in the Hall, or Asperger’s Are Us

A3313. “Increasing store with loss and loss with store,” e.g.

A3315. Winner of the first two Super Bowl MVPs

A3317. Sex addiction

A3320. Has an afternoon snooze

A3323. Payroll-dept. IDs

A3325. “___ be my pleasure”

A3326. Hi-tech greeting

A3328. Tiny organism

A3331. A lever-pull away

A3333. Counterintelligencer for the USA

A3337. Damson and bullace

A3338. Summer dress fabrics

A3339. Icon of the early dot-com boom…and bust

A3340. Daniel ___ Kim of Lost

A3341. Old Norse character

A3342. Aptly named skateboarder Brown (it’s what she skates into)

A3343. Shredded-pork dinners, for short

A3344. Anglican parish priests

A3345. Politico Marco

A3346. Pitcher’s attempted fakeout

A3347. They may be last, for the dying

A3348. Arrests the progress of

A3350. Hardest-to-find items for a collector

A3351. Economic agents?

A3353. Like instruments ready to record

A3354. Herb varieties notably from Thailand and Italy

A3356. Put into words

A3358. Part of a Battleship coordinate

A3360. Yours, in Tours

A3361. ___ Balls (snack choice)

A3362. Course with many unknowns (abbr.)

A3363. Bathers’ scrubbers

A3365. Search, leaving no stone unturned

A3366. Second and third degree in music?

A3367. Maleska’s predecessor

A3368. Vitamin you’d be anemic without

A3370. Begins divorce proceedings

A3371. Overly dry, perhaps

A3373. Reminders of long, long ago

A3374. Extremities

A3375. Printer inserts

A3377. West Indies instrument

A3379. Beverage you can get at Universal’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter

A3382. Bird-feeder bits

A3384. Pick, perhaps

A3386. Wedding date?

A3388. Forms Transformers transform into

A3390. Natural, as a performance

A3393. Stood out at stand-up?

A3395. Ambulance gp.

A3396. Groups of pals who shag together

A3398. It’s not quite a sweet potato

A3399. Sneeze and/or wheeze

A3400. They’re worth 1 or 11 in blackjack

A3401. “Take your time”

A3402. Sharapova and Shriver

A3403. Elapsed seemingly quickly

A3404. Burn After Reading star

A3405. Approvals (var.)

A3406. Approaches a red light

A3407. Kafka’s Gregor

A3409. Cape Verde capital

A3410. Actress de Matteo of Sons of Anarchy

A3412. ___ Marner

A3414. Pulsing

A3416. Cream quantity

A3418. The Plot Against America author Philip

A3419. One might be promoted to cpl.

A3420. Mil. figure with chevrons

A3421. Hearing aid of old

A3423. Drink that had a Wild Red variety

A3424. Word for “managers” more often found in French

A3426. Moon of Jupiter (remember?)

A3427. He’d be Vader someday later

A3428. First ___ (title for Napoleon)

A3429. Maritime republic for seven centuries

A3430. “Every great film should seem new every time you see it” speaker

A3432. Parts of a smaller bra

A3433. Peace Prize winner Murad

A3435. Designing Women and Young Sheldon star

A3438. Austin’s home

A3440. Got ready for a tongue depressor, say

A3442. Dead cellphones and the like

A3443. Total messes

A3445. New York Times’ critic at large

A3448. “The point is there is no point” speaker

A3449. Journalist Farrow

A3450. Entertainer famously bitten by a white tiger in 2003

A3451. Eighties presidential monogram

A3452. Imposing shoebox letters

A3453. “…a law ___ themselves” (Romans 2:14)

A3454. Double daggers, in printing

A3455. Confounded

A3456. Broth spoilers, they say

A3457. “Senora” alternative

A3458. Foreign representatives

A3460. RWR’s predecessor

A3463. Pro-independence writing of early American history

A3465. Maker of Dri-Tac grips

A3467. Object

A3469. ___ sense (danger-detecting ESP)

A3471. Edges (along)

A3473. Conference USA’s Miners

A3474. Its California variety includes avocado and basil mayonnaise

A3475. Stephen of FearDotCom

A3476. ___-Hulk

A3477. Hard-drive company, or woman’s name when parsed differently

A3479. Cafe serving group

A3481. Silly laughs

A3483. Bee-fitting?

A3484. Bed supports

A3485. Blender settings

A3486. Run out of ideas

A3487. She’s hardly a comedian

A3489. Fish pounds

A3490. Film heroine of 1998 and 2020

A3492. Wineglass sections

A3493. Rarely recognized burger flavoring

A3496. The RAF, in a Churchill quote

A3498. Roof worker

A3500. Biggest bill I’ve ever carried

A3501. Bone-to-muscle joiner

A3503. Collaborator with Selena Gomez, Cardi B, and Ozuna

A3506. “What-- WHY?? I can’t make any SENSE of your actions!”

A3509. Mess with the mind of

A3510. Not overly quick-spreading peanut butter brand

A3511. First part of a Western whoop

A3512. Snoopy, but not Woodstock

A3513. Moviemaking gp. that lent their name to a file format

A3514. Suffix meaning “eater”

A3515. Niblick sockets

A3516. “Let us, then, be up and ___”

A3517. “Look ___! I’m on top of the world!”

A3518. Cotton collector

A3519. Crystal-bearing rock

A3520. Emergency signal

A3522. Some footnote symbols

A3524. ___ aves (one-in-a-thousand finds)

A3525. Ineffable glow

A3527. “I gotchu”

A3529. Location of Manhattan and Ottawa

A3531. Needed Ibuprofen, maybe

A3533. French wing…or propeller blade

A3534. Cracker in soup, e.g.

A3535. Compass meas.

A3536. Woolly, young lamb

A3537. Pull (from)

A3538. Like a bright future

A3539. Org. for Titans and Texans

A3540. Gas amount

A3542. Recognizes as

A3543. “Mooing”

A3544. Shots for fellas?

A3545. “What do you mean he don’t ___ meat? Oh, that’s okay, I make lamb” (My Big Fat Greek Wedding)

A3546. Committee leaders

A3548. John Frank Stevens and his work, in a famous phrase

A3552. “Free sample? Well, then, sure!”

A3555. Wasn’t any good

A3557. Biblical or North Carolinian mount

A3559. Wine-lover’s lead-in

A3560. Biracial “princess knight” of animation

A3562. Kristian or Ribiero of television

A3565. “___ am your father” (classic film line)

A3567. June 6 ships

A3568. Death or destruction

A3569. “Obamacare”

A3570. Insulting follower of smart and dumb

A3571. The Ambracian Gulf, to some

A3572. Maggie and Lisa’s brother

A3573. Fantabulous

A3574. ___ a desert (without any moisture)

A3575. Joyful internet cry

A3576. The Sheriff of Nottingham, e.g., notoriously

A3577. Street map

A3578. Measures the depth of

A3579. Continental Airlines Arena team

A3580. Run the bar

A3582. Little miscues

A3583. People in Germany

A3585. Didn’t roll over

A3587. Lung part found in bird bones

A3589. Does research

A3591. “Eyes on the Prize” gp.

A3592. Lon of Cambodia

A3593. Cotton seed remover

A3594. Mah-jongg piece

A3596. Refrain heard in rock

A3600. Working away thanklessly

A3602. Payola or “incentive”

A3603. One known for calling people out

A3604. Ratty town of legend

A3605. She may order an op

A3606. Sancerre and Sylvaner

A3608. ___-tung

A3610. ___ thin air

A3611. Web extension?

A3612. Usher, e.g.

A3614. Giving a splash of color

A3617. Landing area

A3619. Scooby-Doo’s outburst

A3621. Amusing bird for a child, maybe

A3622. Amiens aunt

A3624. One adding things up

A3627. Record of affairs?

A3632. Pimpernel color

A3633. Woos, minstrel-style

A3634. “___ mouse!”

A3635. ___Nova (classic musical style)

A3636. Forest cover

A3637. Make ___ (use to one’s advantage)

A3638. Any day now

A3639. Revenue line

A3640. Lecturers, at times

A3641. Americans, casually, to people outside the US

A3643. 1.618034

A3646. “Bad mother” of song

A3648. One of the Leeward Islands

A3650. Civet’s kin

A3651. Modern zoo barrier

A3653. Car that represented a quarter-billion-dollar loss for its company (more than $2.5 billion in today’s dollars)

A3655. Platonic female partner

A3657. Leaves beverage

A3659. 1998 home run race participant

A3660. Luther’s close friend and portraitist

A3661. Educational mock-cop show with James Earl Jones

A3662. “Oh, finally!”

A3663. “Sequel” quote to “I’ll be back”

A3666. Five-line Japanese poems

A3667. Hick towns

A3668. Pronoun in “to marry ___ they choose” that honestly seems like a bit much

A3670. Ballyhoos

A3671. Trapper’s collection

A3672. Turing and Rickman

A3674. “Hey Bobby” country singer

A3676. Lot’s location, once

A3678. Unspeakable cruelties

A3681. Some teenagers’ ailments

A3683. Overly agreeable one

A3685. “Sorry, could you repeat that?”

A3689. Statements of belief

A3690. “We can dance ___ want to” (“The Safety Dance” line)

A3691. Shrink from